Burn the heretic kill the mutant


2013.08.19 22:29 thephotoman BURN THE HERETIC! PURGE THE UNCLEAN!

Do you think that Hyperdox Herman is a plot to discredit the Patriarch of Moscow? Do you get offended that history books call the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church as the "Catholic Church"? Do you detest the Gregorian calendar, but that hasn't stopped you from planning to be in Finland for Kyiropascha in 2035? Us too.

2018.06.08 02:39 TTTyrant Everything Khorne

Share pictures of your World Eaters collection, discuss units, tactics and army lists, quote your favorite bits of World Eaters lore and claim more skulls for the skull throne!

2017.01.17 15:41 bigmanmac14 Grimdank Memes from the 41st millenium

Your central hub for the dankest memes from the 41st millennium and the Mortal Realms

2023.05.30 06:28 Pattic0 How does Avada Kedavra kill?

Like I know it's a killing curse that Institutes kills anything it hits but but how does it kill? Does it stop the target's heart? does it Overwhelm their brain with so much fear that they instantly die? And how does a stack up against theoretical inhuman monsters ( Namely those who are not bound to the laws of biology Or incapable of Feeling feer or being fear, pain, ect incarnate) I guess one could sum up my question as what are the rules and limitations and deeper functionality of avada kedavra
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2023.05.30 06:28 dizztheteacher the only thing that has ever worked!

posting this here in hopes of helping someone.
compared to some, my eczema is pretty mild. I have it mostly on my inner elbow area on both arms, a small patch on my neck and some under my right armpit occasionally. even though it's not all over, this past year it's been the worst it's ever been.
I've tried changing my diet, topical creams, lotions, soaps, tinctures, probiotics—literally everything (except steroids because no thank you) and nothing has worked. Up until I discovered Tiger Balm
After first applying it, I'll be honest, the burn was excruciating. To the point where I wouldn't recommend it for everyone, or at least don't put it on too large an area at one time because it's very painful. Like debilitating. But, after the burn subsides the itch was completely gone! I could actually sleep peacefully for once and didn't scratch at all during the night.
It has given me so much relief I can't even describe how thankful I am. My skin has started to heal and peel and my arm actually feels like normal skin again. If you're brave I would recommend it. If you have a low pain tolerance you might want to take a Tylenol 30 minutes before applying. Yes, it's that bad. But the healing is worth it, I promise. And it burns less and less as your skin heals. After the 5th day it was more of a tingly discomfort. I hope this helps someone!
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2023.05.30 06:28 Perpayt I found this in a fanfiction and I wonder how everyone reacts to this slander of a beloved character.

"Iroh was one such variable, and one she had a particular distaste for. The fat old man had been given the best start in life imaginable in this world: born the prince and heir to the Fire Nation. He'd been dropped into the pinnacle of luxury without having to lift a finger. But what had he done with his opportunities? First he'd slain the last of the dragons, dooming a unique and likely majestic species to extinction purely for bragging rights. Then he laid siege to Ba Sing Se, only to give up on the eve of victory when his son was killed in battle. How did he think that had looked to his soldiers? Thousands of troops had given their lives during that seige, yet all their sacrifice was wasted at the last moment as soon as royal blood was spilled. And to top it all off, after returning home and having his time to grieve, Iroh had never taken another job. He'd become a tea-drinking freeloader mooching off the royal palace's income, rather than using his position as the new Firelord's brother to assist with political duties. In summary he was a prideful, lazy elitist, and as far as Tanya was concerned the Fire Nation was damn lucky Firelord Azulon had seen sense at the last minute and named Ozai heir to the throne."
-from Tanya the Firebender
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2023.05.30 06:28 sharkzfan95 I am a hero! I saved a life!

You all know that guy you run across who is being attacked by a wolf. You kill/chase off the wolf and the guy is sitting in a pool of his own blood. You can give him a health cure or whiskey. If you give him a health cure, he doesn’t want it. He knows he’s dying. He just wants the whiskey.
Then he drinks the whiskey and dies….
Well I saved his life. As he was dying, he laid back to take his last breath. I stood over him ready to loot. I guess I pushed it too soon, cause I started choking him. He got scared, and rather than die. Stood up and ran. He just needed an adrenaline rush.
Arthur is a life saver. If I can save 1,243 more lives, I will be even.
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2023.05.30 06:27 swordblazer8 Cathode Current - Fairweather Friend

For some reason I have noticed that Cathode Current doesn't work sometimes... ok... more than half of the time.
I will have both Cathode Grace and Rotorswell on, and be killing enemies by the literal dozen, but despite this I don't get any of the bonus time from the augment.
I've seen the issue dismissed before as "Cathode Grace wasn't on, make sure it is", and "You aren't killing enemies, get good, scrub", but both of these seem to be not only 'not the problem', but also somewhat... I don't know... condescending? In advance: I can tell when my abilities are active, and when I'm killing.
So my 3 is up, and I regularly get significantly more kills of the rest of my squad, even when the augment isn't working, but I will sit there the whole mission looking at my Rotorswell timer, and it only ever counts down from base - never up. Ever.
... until... mid-mission... it will randomly decide to start working, I'll finally see that number go up to max... and then get hit by a nullifier bubble from around a blind corner, lose it all, and next time I cast... it isn't working again. -.-
So I come here before considering it a bug in order to ask: Is there something fundamental about the way Cathode Grace, Rotorswell, and Cathode Current work with each other that I am missing that otherwise explains this problem?
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2023.05.30 06:27 Rymann_ Is hanzo harder to play than widow?

Just heard someone claim hanzo is hard to play than widow. I don't agree at all. He requires very little aim compared to widow. Along with relying on luck in hopes that his prediction was right on where the enemy's head was going to be when he fires. To me hanzo is much more laid back than a hero where you tell yourself "If I can't aim well, I will not get any kills and that is solely my fault." and it puts a lot of pressure on you. I can't tell you how many times I've bodied a widow in widow battles and they go to hanzo immediately. To me he's the kid friendly version of widow. Just wanted to know what you guys thought.
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2023.05.30 06:27 ben512k Based

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2023.05.30 06:27 Fun_Water_6960 Why did the "elites" put up model replicas of the Temple of Baal entrance in major cities around the world in 2016? The Temple of Baal is where they would burn kids alive to sacrifice to Baal. Also, why do the "elites" do mock ritual child burning sacrifices to Moloch at Bohemian Grove?

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2023.05.30 06:27 kak2m4 Am I just destined to be unhappy?

I beg for kindness. I've been in a dark place for a long time.
TL;DR: Promotions at work over the years + being an individual contributor on the team has led to my 3rd (and worst) burnout at the same company over the course of about 11 years. I feel unhappy with every role change for different reasons. What can I do to accept being overwhelmed at work with the volume of work expected and stress with what I'm doing? Will I just always be unhappy no matter what?
If youre still here, this is super long, so please bear with me. It all leads to my question at the end. I have an MSW. I graduated back in 2012 and couldn't find a job since I didn't have post grad work experience. I took the first job I was interviewed for and offered - at a temp healthcare staffing company. I started in August 2012 as a Recruiter...then less than a year later, all within 2 months of each other, 3 of the 5 of the team members left. I took on more work willingly, but my role changed since I was promoted, etc. Additional duties included a phone sales kind of role which I hated, since I'm an introvert, plus I was managing people while being an individual contributor on the team with screening and hiring temps. We had a huge project May-August 2014 where I worked all the time and was on-call for the Temps I'd hired 24/7. I was burnt out by August 2014. I got an opportunity to switch roles at the same company as a Contracts administrator in August 2014. I switched and have been in the same department since, save for a brief hiatus at the end of 2021. In this role, I put together our company contract template for clients, reviewed and negotiated terms to Client agreements, etc. It was more analytical and not at all sales-y which was perfect for me. As time went on, my original Manager left, and she was replaced by the Assistant Manager at the time (who is now over me and a bunch of other people). She's still my boss to this day, and you cannot find a better boss. She's wonderful, supportive, fights for her team, she's easy to talk to, great to work for. She and I are very close. She is also my opposite - she's very extroverted, outspoken, and quick to think on her feet. She handles things being thrown on her plate with grace, although she may complain to me privately. 😉 COVID hit our company HARD - but in a good way. We grew exponentially due to helping staff soooo many nurses throughout the country. Things also changed drastically. 3 of the 4 of our executives - who I was close to and worked closely with - left, and they were replaced by baby VPs so that our executive team dynamic changed a lot. Now, the days of being able to review and negotiate contracts are gone (the goal is to sign sign sign so the salespeople can close their sales), as is the support we received at the exec level. Since COVID, we've been so much more busy, to the point that I have been overwhelmed at my job since sometime in 2020. I would regularly work 8a-9p, weekends, holidays. I would break down in tears regularly also. I crashed and burned in Oct and Nov 2021. I decided I wanted a complete career change, so I landed a job at an ABA clinic working with autistic kids and studied for and obtained an RBT certification. I resigned from my job in Contracts, although they begged me to stay. They offered me a promotion and more money, and they offered for me to take the last couple of months of the year off paid, but I was tired of always being super stressed and having no support from the execs, who we work very closely with. When I say no support, I mean nonresponsive to emails, requests for help, lack of knowledge and accountability, never being available etc. (When COVID hit all the executives were allowed to work completely remotely, and most of them moved out of state.) After I resigned, I started working at the ABA clinic, BUT - within 2 weeks I realized I hated it. I liked the kids, but the job was so monotonous and did not challenge my brain enough to keep me interested. I had to be over the top enthusiastic and extroverted with the kids which was draining to me. I also had no flexibility whatsoever- if my kid was sick, my husband had to be the one to work at home and I realized I'd never be able to get off work to attend any of her school functions, which is very important to me. I let the ABA clinic know that I was sorry, but the job was not the right fit. I also asked my old boss if I could possibly come back. She told me in confidence that the executives had a meeting and agreed they needed to be more supportive to our department and be available, so that made it more positive to go back. I'd also have occasional remote work flexibility, able to attend kid's school stuff, and I could use my brain. It just seemed like the grass was greener on that side. I was welcomed back with the promotion and pay raise offered when I'd resigned. Well...since I returned at the beginning of 2022, I've managed a team of 5. I remain an individual contributor on the team as well, so I do the same job as several others + Manager duties, tons of meetings, etc. If COVID seemed bad, how I feel now is no comparison. I need about 16 hours in each workday to get done everything I need to do in between meetings now. I have started having to work most nights from about 10pm-1am just to keep up with my day to day stuff. As a disclaimer, I don't like working outside of work hours when my kid is around. I get too focused and I'm only half focused on her, and I get grouchy due to stress. I still break down in tears regularly, but usually on the way home from work. When I walk up to the building each morning, I feel like a heavy weight settles on my chest and I have to mentally prepare myself for the crap I'm going to have to deal with that day. I work with a lot of salespeople now, and I hate being a prime factor in them closing their sale (because they promise the client they'll get a contract over to them same day). When I can sleep at night, I've started having nightmares about work, where I freak out because I forgot something and wake up panicked. There are days I just want to get up from my desk chair, walk out, and never return. I also had something personal happen in my family in December that has affected my mental health drastically. I did seek therapy for a while for it, but I just didn't have the time to spend a couple of hours in session each week or text with my therapist....it became something else I fell behind on which made things worse for me, so I terminated the relationship. I did talk to my wonderful boss about how I feel overwhelmed all the time, and she wants to keep me, so we set a plan in motion to restructure duties in our department. It's been needed for a long time anyway. We'd talked about it in 2022 but didn't follow through with it. But now, I don't know if I'll be happy JUST managing people! OH MY GOODNESS....ALL of that to say...am I just destined to be unhappy, no matter what my job is? What in the heck is wrong with me? Why do I let the work stress get to me so badly? I know everyone has stress about work, how do you not want to leave your jobs and find something different? How can I do better?
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2023.05.30 06:26 Slimshadyfd 2003 Honda Civic. No heat and overheating

Hey all, hoping you can help a trans woman out! I have a 03 Honda Civic. I noticed last week that I didn't have heat in my car, , but was working from home so forgot about it.
Went out today and drove about 2 miles and my temperature light came on, and the needle was on hot. Immediately pulled over and shut it off. I smelled a slight burning smell, but no smoke or leaks. Popped the hood and the coolent was empty. I put a gallon of antifreeze in that I had in the trunk and headed home.
It is 20 degrees out, but I was overheating after about 1 mile, kept pulling over to cool it, but made it home.
Any ideas what it could be? My Dad was my mechanic and he passed, he would always explain these things to me. Also, should I be able to drive this to a garage 3 miles away, or should I get it towed?
Thanks a bunch!
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2023.05.30 06:26 PussycatTheWitch Were the shamans witches or were they subset species of witches like Siphoner, or heretics. Or were they they're on race.

So the shamans did a magic ritual to give Rayna Cruz her powers. They were doing magic of I'm not mistaken right. So were they witches, because they were never referred to as much. And if they aren't witches they could be interesting as a new supernatural species if another tvd show comes out.
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2023.05.30 06:26 BornOfTheVoid [Book Excerpt: Ruinstorm] Ultramarines erase some Word Bearers

**Context: The 'Nemesis Chapter' of the Ultramarines were a Chapter composed of Destroyer Units and specialized in using Chemical, Biological and Radiation based weaponry. As the Great Crusade was coming to a close, Guilliman was beginning to wind down their allowed operations, and began to prohibit the use of such weapons.
However after Calth, Guilliman completely lifted the ban on all kinds of prohibited weapons and the Nemesis Chapter was reinvigorated once more. They immediately began to use the most damaging viral agents and radiation bombs on the Word Bearer homeworlds during the Scouring, to great effect...**
Hierax lunged out of the ruined wall, guns in hand once more. The death of the monster had killed another Word Bearer, and the traitor's squad had retreated a few yards, laying down heavy suppressive fire. The forward doors of the fane burst open, and reinforcements poured in. The Destroyers had survived the ambush, but their advance was stymied.
'Venerable Brother Antalcidas, Hierax voxed, 'two missiles to the forwards doors. Destroyers, pull back and take cover.'
The rockets streaked from the Dreadnought's Aiolos launcher. Hierax grinned tightly as they roared across the fane and exploded just past the altar, blasting the eight-pointed star to shrapnel.
'Burn, Hierax muttered. 'Burn, you treacherous scum.'
The missile warheads were phosphex. A cloud of burning mist erupted at the far end of the fane. Currents roiled within it as streamers latched on to the movement of the Word Bearers. It crawled over them, covering them in the white-green flame. The cloud billowed down the central aisle and along the triforia. It moved like a living thing, leaping and crawling over its prey. It burned armour, stripping it away layer by layer until it devoured the flesh beneath. The Word Bearers' barrage faltered as the phosphex cloud moved down the forwards half of the fane, a grasping hand of agonised death. The traitors tried to escape. Many stumbled blindly, human torches of chemical fire, and spread the horror with them.
In the triforia and in the central aisle, the Destroyers formed a black wall. With bolter and plasma fire, they drove the Word Bearers back into the phosphex and cut down those who staggered out.
'Scorch this hall,' Hierax ordered.
Antalcidas advanced, rotating left and right, blanketing the fane with cannonade fire. Legionaries from all three squads fired rad missiles into the cloud. Nothing could live in the forwards half of the fane; Hierax's auto-senses tracked the spiking rad levels. The phosphex cloud flowed closer, swallowing the last of the Word Bearers, edging towards the Destroyers. When the leading edge was less than ten yards away, he spoke to the Dreadnought again.
'Time to cleanse the battlefield, venerable brother. We still have to reach the bridge. All squads, prepare for atmospheric voiding.'
Antalcidas aimed the cannonade towards the ceiling and opened fire, vaporising the armourglass. A gale shrieked upwards. Deprived of oxygen, the phosphex burned itself out. Flames extinguished and smoke rushed into the void. The space of the fane became clear and cold, an irradiated waste of incinerated corpses.
The doors to the bridge were still open. The Ultramarines advanced as an impassable wall of black death. 'Burn everything that moves,' Hierax said.
Word Bearers have embraced the horrors of the warp, but the Nemesis Brotherhood introduced them to the horrors of reality.
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2023.05.30 06:26 DirtyLeftBoot Friendlyish jumping spider

Friendlyish jumping spider
Hello all. I recently noticed a jumping spider that hangs around my apartment. It’s super active and seems to always be looking at me and watching what I’m doing. It’s still too nervous for me to hold or anything but I managed to feed it a small silverfish after I saw it hunting around my room. I’m moving in 3 days and I’m worried the next tenant will kill it. Should I catch it and keep it as a pet in the next place. My next home will have a dog and cat so I wouldn’t want it roaming around the house. I know they’re intelligent and can learn to recognize people. I’ve always wanted one. What do y’all think?
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2023.05.30 06:26 HomeschoolersSuck I just remembered something my mom said when drunk

She and my dad got pregnant once before me in the same year but had an abortion. Once when she was drunk she was crying and talking about how she never should have had the abortion. Although she never found out the gender she thinks it was a girl (although she has no way of knowing). She was sobbing and saying "I killed her. I fucking killed her" and saying she wanted a daughter instead of me because I'm an asshole. At first I was fucking terrifyed because I didn't know she was talking about an abortion and I had no clue who she was talking about. I asked and she explained, I already knew though so that wasn't how I found out or anything. Still a bit sad to hear.
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2023.05.30 06:26 Don-Trenbolone Most money possible in a single life? My basic strategy to maximize net worth in a single life

I have gotten a life to $1 billion before, it’s much easier now with stocks and bonds.
Would it be possible in theory to get a life to $1 trillion?
I think the way to maximize lifetime net worth is
  1. Begin with max stats and sports talent
  2. Commit burglaries starting at 10 years old you can usually get about 50k by the time you’re 18 doing this. Grand theft auto is a good option too but you’re more likely to get caught
  3. When you’re 11 join a middle school football team and practice every year
  4. When you’re 14 murder your sibling/s and then both your parents for the inheritance (this is very hard to get away with). Killing siblings avoids splitting inheritance with them.
  5. Join the high school football team at 14 and practice every year. Go to the gym every year as well.
6.Invest all or most of this into low risk government bonds. You should get 8-10% return. Ideally 8 years at most so you have access to the money when after college.
  1. You should be able to go to college on a football scholarship at 18. Do this, practice and go to the gym every year.
Continue to reinvest your money from bonds into new bonds and buying/ renting out houses. Buying houses can give a return on rent of 7-8% a year plus the appreciation of the house.
  1. The last year of college (21) you should practice and go to the gym many times. You should be eligible for the draft, take whatever is offered as you’re unlikely to negotiate your salary up just starting out.
  2. Practice basic “fitness” first and then skills for your position, do this every year multiple times for skills and until they’re maxed out. When you reach a reasonable level of performance it may be helpful to trade to higher ranked teams for better contracts. Every year you should do a commercial deal which can get up to ~2 million.
Continue to reinvest your money as mentioned before.
  1. After your football career is over keep investing money in bonds. They are safer than stocks in my experience. Some bonds will default but overall you will make money. Later in life you can even buy the riskier corporate bonds for very high returns. Eventually you will make enough money to buy all available bonds almost every year.
I would also suggest buying “futuristic homes” these give the best highest rent prices. Adding amenities to the house can also add more value to the house than it cost to install them.
Open to suggestions on any modifications to this plan I could make.
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2023.05.30 06:26 Dull-Maize7645 I was banned and kicked out of Brooklyn law school over Atwood’s poetry

I was banned and kicked out of Brooklyn law school over Atwood’s poetry
And there’s nothing I can do about it. Can you figure out why?
Today this tweet to musk was been removed from Twitter. For violating the rules. I’m tired.
Shakespeare said first kill all the lawyers.
Hippocrates said first do no harm.
The words First, it refers to intellectual property. First in time or first to file.💉
You don’t have to be a doctor😷to do harm, to do no harm. Hypocrite’s oath. The injury is already there.
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2023.05.30 06:26 trashacnt3443 My drinking needs to stop

I(28f) have been drinking pretty heavily ever since a traumatic event that took place this time last year. My whole life changed in the blink of an eye and I haven't handled it well at all. I think the longest sober stretch I've had in the past year was almost 2 weeks. It started as drinking at night after work but quickly turned to benders. My benders usually last around 2-5 days with a couple sober days after. When I'm on a bender I drink from the moment I wake up until I pass out. I will sometimes go through a pint of vodka plus around 4-6 shooters a day.
Last week, I went on vacation with my friend and his family for 5 days and we all drank exactly how I do on my usual benders. All day long. On our last day, I woke up about 7 hours after my last drink. I was shaky, nauseous, twitching, my heart was racing, I was freezing/burning up at the same time, and I kept having moments of feeling like I was going to pass out. Also experienced very heavy anxiety. We left before anyone else because of it. This lasted a whole 28 hours. I always feel like that the morning after after my benders, but this one felt worse, lasted way longer and had me concerned about seizures.
I struggled with alcohol a few years ago but was sober up until my relapse in May 2022. I know I need to stop before this gets worse. I've seen it get worse. It robbed me of the love of my life and I'm (not so) slowly giving myself the same fate. My last drink was sometime on Saturday night. I'm done living this way.
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2023.05.30 06:25 yomommawearsboots $90k budget 4 door what should I get?

What car should I get? Budget is around $80k-90k and needs to be 4 door for work. Looking for: -fast, sporty, good handling -very luxury -CarPlay. -mid sized sedan -manual preferred but good automatic is fine. -would prefer lightly used for best value but less than 5 years old. -not terrible depreciation. -good looking/timeless design. -responds well to mods, want to go crazy but simple bolt ons/tune.
Current cars: -2012 CTS-V sedan manual (DD) -2014 Porsche 911 (fun) -2001 Honda S2000 (fun) -2020 Lexus LX 570 (family/dogs).
Background: I have owned BMWs and I am comfortable DIY, I do all my own maintenance and repairs. I would be planning to sell my CTS-V even though it kind of kills me. I want something a little nicer and more modern inside. Massaging seats would be awesome.
I’m in the south so don’t need awd but I would appreciate being able to put the power down without crazy tires/drag radials.
I’m kind of leaning F90 M5 Comp, G80 M3, or the CT5-V Blackwing manual but the G80 is so ugly and the Blackwing is real hard to get in manual and seem like they are over $100k even used. Also kicking around used Panamera Turbo Sv(cross truismo is sweet), Mercedes E63s, Audi RS7, or RS5 (but never been a fan of Audi, they are boring styling IMO). I would love an RS6 avant but seem way too expensive for my budget.
I love the look of the F90 M5 but depreciation will proly be brutal knowing my previous BMWs.
If I didn’t need a 4 door for work reasons. If I didn’t I would order a Lotus Emira but they waitlist is insane I’ll proly never get one.
I only drive like 10k miles per year and love driving in the twisty mountain roads nearby.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.30 06:25 Then_I_Woke_Up The 3 simple changes I'd make to Nuka World.

  1. There's no content for being a 'good guy' - Solution: Instead of the Merchants telling you to get lost after killing the raiders, they'd ask you to explore Nuka World for specific components to enhance their radio station's signal range. Not only does this give you more than just the explorative objectives, but turning on the power for the park has more than its singular use of getting the Nuka PA. With the radio broadcast boost and the park's power turned back on, new and different traders from across the wastes with unique legendary items for sale would appear inside the park every week.
  2. RedEye sucks - Solution: Give RedEye more lines by having him stay as the Nuka World DJ when the raiders are killed. It's not that Andrew WK is bad with the role, but the amount of dialogue that's there gets more repetitive than Three Dog talking about the good fight. Him leaving with the other raiders always seemed strange too, because the impression he gives isn't that he's a raider, but someone who tags along with whoever won't kill him.
  3. Cito should be a companion - Solution: Make Cito a companion with a backstory that doesn't flesh out where he's from, but rather he'll tell you of the visitors that have came to Nuka World over the years since he's been there. All the while the over arching story would be gathering things from around the park that Cito thinks would make the mother gorilla who raised him feel better. Cito's quest would sadly end with his mother's passing of old age. His companion perk would be 'Jungle Gym' - Take 50% less damage from any fall damage.
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2023.05.30 06:25 Mrangeryboi Mr beast when he turn evil

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2023.05.30 06:25 Free-Ad-9501 Best VPN For Telegram In Qatar

Why Do We Need a VPN for Telegram in Qatar?

In Qatar, the use of a VPN for Telegram may be desired for the following reasons:
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  3. Circumventing Censorship: In Qatar, there may be concerns about censorship and content control. By using a VPN, individuals can circumvent censorship and freely access Telegram without restrictions, ensuring the freedom of expression and access to information.
  4. Overcoming Network Limitations: VPNs can help overcome network limitations, such as bandwidth throttling or congestion. If you experience slow or unreliable Telegram performance in Qatar due to network constraints, using a VPN may improve connection speeds and stability.
  5. Secure Messaging: Telegram offers end-to-end encryption for its messages, but using a VPN alongside it adds an extra layer of security. A VPN ensures that your internet connection is encrypted and protected, preventing potential interception or monitoring of your Telegram communications.

Best VPN For Telegram In Qatar

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2023.05.30 06:25 ODB95 Life’s so bleak rn, and I don’t think it’ll ever change

Been going through a bunch of financial shit these past few months with shitty landlords switching up on me with dates, evictions, stress with jobs, added bills from moving expenses for my next short notice move because again shitty landlord changing their minds randomly in a state where they can legally fuck around with their tenants, having to fuck my credit up with added loans to afford to pay these bills, parents unable to help because they’re also struggling with medical bills, new jobs having me go through orientation only to not give time the job at the last minute, yessir, I’m going through fucking hell rn.
Even taking my personal life out of the way the world overall just seems like it’s going to shit. People (celebs and civilians) dying off at a crazy rate, entertainment industry unapologetically going to shit, people having noticeably more shitty attitudes as of late, dating scene at its worst and loneliest.
There’s just nothing good to look forward to at this point. I’m 21 going on 22 with high blood pressure from all the stress in my personal life and life overall is just in a dark place. If my blood pressure doesn’t kill me off early I hope something else does. There’s just no light at the end of this bullshit.
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