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This subreddit was adopted and is now being repurposed. From now on this sub will be dedicated to all sorts of fans (hand fans, ceiling fans, table fans). As a rule of thumb, if it blows air, it's a fan. Memes about fans are also allowed. And yes pc enthusiasts, you can post your coolers.

2013.06.13 15:58 immortalsix sometimes life gives you lemons

Dropped your keys down a storm drain? Penis caught in the ceiling fan again? Thought so!

2021.03.10 19:31 Tijuano If you visit this subreddit, you must comment before you leave.

get in here and post something you commie fuck read the rules tho if you visit the sub comment on something before you leave

2023.05.30 07:40 AnimalFarm33 Congratz to all the Heat fans! I wish you luck in the finals.

Don't have a favorite team but I do have a favorite player!!! Mr. Jimmy Butler 🥰🥰
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2023.05.30 07:39 Spectral_Coen0 Resident Evil 5 Remake Idea

With the successful remakes of Resident Evil 2&4 showcasing what you can do with the RE Engine, and modernizing a true survival horror style game to modern audiences and long term fans a unique opportunity for Resident Evil 5 has potential now to do elements to the original game that's far more different and memorable than the original had done
This might be heated and divisive with my thoughts so hear me out first about the things a Resident Evil 5 remake needs to do for the modern remake style:
Getting rid of Quick Time Event Sequences, which is something Resident Evil 4 did brilliantly with only a few spots using them but never overstaying long
Giving the narrative a duo campaign choice for gamers. Have Chris and Sheva be their own choice of gameplay similar to RE2 where they both see a whole different side of the outbreak but eventually meet up at seperate branches of the same route.
Making atmospheric, suspenseful, tense, creepy, unrelenting gruesome horror the main focus over the overabundance of action combat all the time. Giving the players a sense of uneasiness to the environments before being bombarded would be a benefit to keep players anxious and nervous too.
Let Jill be the partner that Chris takes to finish off Wesker at the final climax instead of Sheva. This would give them proper closure and a proper final chance to see Wesker who's been a long term life problem for them gone. It would be even more so personal for Jill because of the torment he did to her and for Chris to finally get rid of the nemesis.
Instead of Chris using "his fists" to punch a builder, I think it would be smart if Wesker had infected Chris with one of the viral strains and have Chris fight off the infection and using the strength to punch the Boulder out of his way, and at the ending you could have Jill find a vaccine or cure to give to Chris so it can stop the infection and save his life.
Allowing Barry Burton to be involved with the story like he was suppose to be in the cut content from the art book. Originally Barry was suppose to be with Chris trying to find Jill, and Weskers location this could be a huge deal for gamers and those who know that Barry has a personal stake in it too.
Making side characters like Excella, Josh Stone, The Advisor[at the beginning], the female who gets abducted and infected by the viral strain, Alpha Teams death and even more expanded on to give them much larger roles in the expanded campaign.
As you shouldn't have a "merchant" selling you items and weapons in the game, I think you should be purchasing them and upgrading them from Barry and the B.S.A.A. resources that have been set up at specific targeted safe regions for the teams.
Giving more night time, heavy rainfall sequences, and fog moments in between the sunshine would be a beneficial aspect to make it more horrific too.
No breakable knives.
Reintroduce the "zombies" that were originally to be a part of the original game before they got cancelled in favor of the Las Plagas type enemies known as the Majini and other familiar types from Resident Evil 4. I think they should bring back the traditional zombies but make them more Crimson Heads to make them scarier and more aggressive as you deal with them and the Majini type enemies.
Fun unlockables such as a black and white filter, classic STARS outfits for Chris and Jill, the original outfits from the past Resident Evil 5, some new type of outfits from Village and 7, as well as the classic soundtrack swap out and some others.
Mercenaries mode should have Chris, Josh, Jill, Rebecca, Barry, Wesker, Excella, Irving, HUNK, Sheva, as playable characters throughout it.
Wesker needs to be played more seriously and a lot more dangerously intelligent than the cartoonish side that he was portraying in the original narrative. Given how he is personality and tone wise in the Resident Evil 4 Remake, he seems more heartless, intelligent, cold, manipulative, and dangerous too.
Make connections between Albert Wesker and Alex more frequent and prominent in diary notes, audio logs, DNA analysis files and more to connect back to Revelations II which was important to the world.
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2023.05.30 07:39 archon_lucien Ling vs. Greed v2

Okay, this has been on my mind for a bit.
Early on in the series, we see Ling evenly matching King Bradley blow for blow, WHILE carrying an injured Lan Fan. In fact, Gluttony had to come in with a cheap shot to even get one hit on Ling.
Then Greed v2 takes over Ling's body and gains not only the ultimate shield but Ling's athleticism and combat sense as well. The Greed v1 could hardly touch Bradley, but GreedLing is able to trade blows with the Fuhrer, although he is eventually outmatched and forced to back down/dodge. This happens twice, once in Bradley's house. The second time when they fight at Central HQ, Greedling is overwhelmed even after getting an assist from Fu, and only does lands a single hit after Buccaneer + Fu's sacrifice.
This makes me wonder if human Ling is stronger than GreedLing? Could Human Ling have made a bigger difference to the story than if he'd let Greed take over?
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2023.05.30 07:39 Fun_Raisin_5647 My RGB Fan is blinking/flickering light

My computer is 1 year and 4 months old. I always made sure to keep it clean from dust and debris. I'm always careful before I open my PC, following safety measures. All of a sudden, I'm experiencing the same phenomenon other PC users experiences/experienced, which is the blinking of RGB lights of the fan. The fan from the back of my PC starts to blink its led light. I noticed that it only happens on startup. After 2-5 mins, its light will be stable for hours until I get bored using my PC.
I scoured the internet to look for troubleshooting fixes such as replacing CMOS battery, checking the cables if loose (especially the RGB fan cables), etc. But I can't seem to diagnose where the problem is coming from. The spinning of the fan, however, is not affected when that said phenomenon happens. The spinning of the fan is stable as the RGB light blinks/flicker. I'm not an expert with hardware, so I'm here seeking for help. I appreciate your response. Thank you so much!
My specs:
AMD Ryzen 5 5600g Biostar B450mx Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 16gb 3200mhz Raidmax Vortex 700w 80+ Bronze RGB PC Cooler Sata 3.0 512gb SSD Seagate Barracuda 2tb HDD RTX 2060 Dark Flash C6ms RGB Fans
My issue is just like in this video.
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2023.05.30 07:36 TwistyBons Dani fan in the wild let’s go!

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2023.05.30 07:35 AffectionateGoth What career choices are good for someone interested in AI but not maths?

Hi I'm a fan of science and AI, I wanted to study computer science but realised that math was going to be a problem for me.
My strengths are in creative problem solving.
What else can I do that is in the AI field that can involve more creativity for someone like me?
Open to study free/paid courses as well.
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2023.05.30 07:35 Faithhal Top Sports Mobile Betting Apps in 2023

It can be hard to find the best sports betting sites online. As legitimate web-based sports wagering choices become more common, both committed bettors and regular fans are searching for the best games wagering destinations and best wagering applications around to wager on NBA, NHL, and that's just the beginning.
Over 200 online sports betting sites have been evaluated by us, and we have spent hundreds of hours determining the best places to bet on your favorite sporting events and tournaments, including the Stanley Cup playoffs, horse racing, and the Super Bowl. Professional gamblers and devoted fans who occasionally wager are among our reviewers. In order for you to be able to place bets on favorites or underdogs with confidence in 2023, our experienced team will continue to evaluate the most recent and best betting apps and update our existing reviews of sportsbooks with the most recent information and bonus offers.
Their experiences with each of these sports betting sites have revealed which ones offer the fastest payouts, the best odds, and the most lucrative bonuses. These details are provided for your perusal here.
For more>>
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2023.05.30 07:34 BeardedGlass My parent's birthday gift for me was letting me sleep with the A/C on.

In our house, using the airconditioner was such a luxury. Even if it's a warm night, we'd have to make do with open windows and a fan. And if it's hot? Wow, well then we can set the electric fan speed to "2".
The only time my parents would turn on the A/C had been on incredibly hot nights where even they can't sleep drowning in sweat... or if it's our birthday.
Our A/C was old and it was noisy. We love it. Hearing that rumbling hum felt so comfy because it's such a rare treat, even if the A/C couldn't really make the room cold anymore. I just know it would be the best sleep ever.
"Close the door! The cold would escape!" I sometimes had to hold in my pee because we'd get scolded if we let the cold escape.
We're not poor, but I'm from a third world country. Our house having an A/C was already a sign of wealth. When I told me classmates, they'd ask "Wow, bet that room is carpeted too." And they'd wow again when I tell them I had cereal with liquid milk that morning because it was my birthday.
Now, I live on my own after moving to Japan. I earn more and these luxuries have become a normal thing. Sometimes still feel unreal.
Recalling these childhood memories, those nights in our A/C cooled room, make me feel warm inside, funnily enough.
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2023.05.30 07:34 KrispyKuntt I understand Berleezy deleting his videos but...

I get that Berleezy deleted all the videos on the Berlin channel. And I saw some comments , that mentioned like he deleted them because of business and he's maturing and he's a different person.
But , I don't understand how the berleezy cooking videos, or some of his old skits, or The hip Hop Harry dancing videos portrayed Berlin in a bad or negative light. I don't understand how he couldn't have at least kept those up, it's literally so disappointing to have so many of those videos just gone .
I just wish that at least like he acknowledged that he was deleting many of the old videos prior to him deleting them so they could have been archived to some degree. He deleted all of the Berlin videos, he deleted the exposed videos before that. And then he recently deleted all of the heavy rain videos.
I wonder what else is going to be deleted or what else is going to be gone. I just wish he at least gives us some head up so we can archive them. I understand leaving those videos in the past or becoming a better person. But those videos gave so many of us for berleezy fans so much comfort or are major parts of our childhood, or memories.
So for some of them to be just easily deleted off the face of the Internet it's just so sad. As for the heavy rain videos, It's just lost media at this point, I wonder what else berleezy will delete.
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2023.05.30 07:34 aico752 28 [M4F] #South Bay - San Jose -Half White/Half Asian, 6'0" in height.

Hi there, I'm a 28-year-old Asian guy who's pursuing a career in business. Empathy, understanding, and compassion are core values of mine, and I believe in treating everyone with the kindness they deserve.
Recently, I've started going to the gym to improve my fitness and overall health. My focus is on building muscle mass through weightlifting and improving my cardio with swimming and running. While I'm still working on toning up my upper body and shedding some fat, I'm enjoying the process of taking care of my body and seeing the positive changes it brings.
In terms of personal hygiene, I believe in taking care of myself and making an effort to always look and feel my best. I use facial cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen regularly. It's the little things that make a big difference, and I think that taking care of oneself is key to living a happy and healthy life.
When it comes to my ideal partner, I'm looking for someone who shares my values and has a growth mindset. I'm attracted to people who are optimistic and believe that instead of being complacent, if they want something they will take steps towards getting it. I'm also looking for someone who is generous with their time and care, as I myself am naturally the type to put in a lot of effort and time into the person I am talking with. Communication is a two way street and if one person is carrying the conversation it just won't work. I'm not the type to chase if that's what they are expecting.
I'm starting to get into outdoor activities and would love to find someone who can motivate me to try new things and explore new places. I'm excited to see where life takes me, and I'm looking forward to meeting someone who can share that journey with me.
On a personal level, I am open to just friends, friends with benefits, and dating. Ideally dating, something just switched in me and I feel like it would be more fulfilling for me to pursue a real relationship with someone that I am happy with instead of bouncing around between people. Which isn't bad either but I want someone I can be loyal to and not be on the search for my next one. Basically I'm thinking long term now. If we do something casual, I cannot stress this enough that it should be communicated so both parties know what they are getting into.
I could go on and on but for now I think it's best I leave the personality things to getting to know one another. I prefer my communication over the phone (calling) or meeting up in person. Not the biggest fan of small talk and texting but will do if that's what you're comfortable with.
I should probably mention I have a type. I like fair skinned/light skinned mexicans/asians/whites.
If interested send a message/chat with your basic info. Such as name, location, age, number, what you're looking for, and a picture if you don't mind. I'd like to know who I'm talking to.
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2023.05.30 07:33 Bruh-momento10101 He looks so pissed (Daddy Dube)

He looks so pissed (Daddy Dube)
(I would be too if I procreated with someone and an Earl popped out)
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2023.05.30 07:33 Farenkdar_Zamek Roast My Homebrew! Presenting: The Osteomancer: My First Homebrew Subclass

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2023.05.30 07:33 jamescorrigann 34[M4F] Fl/Online - you’re still up? Hey! Me too.

I'm always a bit of a mess when I type one of these out. So hang in with me, hopefully it'll be worth it. I suppose it's always good to start with a bit about me. I'm a 34 year old married dad. Marriage is open to online play. Part of me just wants to say I'm a normal kind of guy, but I don't even know if that's true. I'm not a sports guy, I'm not into egos, I'm not competitive - I realize this is all stereotypes but I guess it is what it is. All that being said - I don't like to focus on the negatives to let's venture further? Do you like lists? I like lists. * bearded * glasses, way blind * 5'11.80904348' * I've been described as looking like a lumberjack who decided to abandon the tree game and become a barista. I'm still not sure whether that was a compliment or an insult - but it made me laugh and I've never forgotten it * While a massive comics fan, if you expect me to know much about the marvel universe - you may be disappointed. * I think I'm creative, chill, funny * 420 friendly and on that last note - it would be really great to chat with fellow cannabis enthusiasts. Let's be smoke buddies? Let's chat about our days and see what happens? Im cool with chatting on reddit first, but I'd like to move to something more snappy should we hit it off. Ill leave it at this so if you are intrigued, shoot me a message or chat ☮️
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2023.05.30 07:33 kwangcleanroom What Differentiates Sterile Rooms From Clean Rooms

Sterile rooms or clean rooms? Contrary to popular belief, the two terms are not interchangeable. Take a deep dive into the subject with Kwang Cleanroom, learning about where sterile manufacturing is used, what cleanroom classifications are applicable and find out about some best practices applied in sterile manufacturing.
Clean rooms are highly controlled indoor environments where the number of particles and contaminants in the air, the temperature, humidity and pressure are all restricted by predetermined standards, including the number of micron and tenth micron particles. In practice, air entering the clean environment is filtered and controlled to given denominators by the air handling unit equipped with HEPA filters or fan filter units in some cases.
Sterile environments, however, go a step further - they are completely bacteria and microorganism free. Sterile manufacturing is usually required for some very specific tasks such as filling of vaccines.
Among others, injections, infusions, organ transplant solutions, but also ophthalmic preparations require a sterile environment. For these processes, it is of vital importance that they are not contaminated with microbes during manufacturing, processing or storage. A sterile environment is a clean room where the possibility of this is entirely ruled out, since the system is closed, microorganism cannot be found.
Sterile environments are common in the pharmaceutical and medical field where the presence of microorganism would bear great risk.
We differentiate between two types of sterile manufacturing:
Terminal sterilization: the product is sterilized before or during packaging, but is not in fact manufactured in a sterile environment. Terminal sterilization can be performed with
Moist heat: air is removed from the final packaging before the sterilizing steam penetrates.
Dry heat: sterilized by air filtration during manufacturing, where air can only enter through a HEPA filter. The resulting overpressure in the chamber prevents non-sterile air from entering.
Aseptic manufacturing: if the product cannot be sterilized by air filtration or in the final phase by moist heat, it must be manufactured in an aseptic environment. The process involves some risk, as some viruses or microplasmas may pass through a filter with a nominal pore size of 0.2 μm (or less). The risk can be mitigated by combining filtration with heat treatment.
In sterile environments, equipment must also be sterile. This is why every item, from protective clothing to work equipment, requires special attention.
The use of “gray zones” between two clean or sterile rooms can be very beneficial if the classification of the zones is different. The role of these corridors is paramount in minimizing the chances of cross-contamination. Use of pressure cascades is a typical way, meaning that contaminants always flow from the cleanest environment to the least clean zone.
Material flow in these environments must also be designed keeping the sterile grades in mind. Pass boxes can facilitate material and equipment transfer between the cleanest zones without additional staff members having to enter the environment.
Cleanroom garments must be washed and filtered to 0.002 micron to be considered ready for use. They must be free of excess particles, therefore, must undergo at least three washes. Both inspection and packaging of garments is performed in a clean controlled environment They are then sealed in poly bags and double packaged. Following such a meticulous process is key for pharmaceutical and automotive applications.
Of course, not all fabrics are suitable for clean rooms Some materials shed more than others, emitting excess particulates into the environment. In the case of gloves, for instance, nylon and HPPE are used for this reason.
On the other hand, sterile garments must also be bacteria free. Microorganisms living with the fabric can be killed by radiation called gamma irradiation processing among others. Such sterilized garments are mainly used in surgical and medical fields.
Practically, any piece of garment can be sterilized without having to be manufactured in a special way. However, in many cases, sterilized garments may still have a high number of particulates on their surface that may not comply with given clean room standards.
Clean and sterile garments meet the requirements of both manufacturing processes. These pieces of clothing are manufactured in a highly controlled clean environment and also undergo sterilization, assuring that they won’t introduce foreign particulates into the controlled environment where they will be used.
All in all, we can conclude that sterility adds a whole new dimension to clean environments. In case of invasive procedures, certain strains must be protected from other strains. This is why aseptic techniques are essential in some industries such as the medical field or pharmaceutics. However, the required level of sterility may also differ, which can influence the clean room construction. While in certain cases a laminar flow must assure the highest level of sterility, the environment where final sterilization may take place has less strict requirements.
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2023.05.30 07:32 jamescorrigann 34[M4F] Fl/Online - you’re still up? Hey! Me too.

I'm always a bit of a mess when I type one of these out. So hang in with me, hopefully it'll be worth it. I suppose it's always good to start with a bit about me. I'm a 34 year old married dad. Marriage is open to online play. Part of me just wants to say I'm a normal kind of guy, but I don't even know if that's true. I'm not a sports guy, I'm not into egos, I'm not competitive - I realize this is all stereotypes but I guess it is what it is. All that being said - I don't like to focus on the negatives to let's venture further? Do you like lists? I like lists. * bearded * glasses, way blind * 5'11.80904348' * I've been described as looking like a lumberjack who decided to abandon the tree game and become a barista. I'm still not sure whether that was a compliment or an insult - but it made me laugh and I've never forgotten it * While a massive comics fan, if you expect me to know much about the marvel universe - you may be disappointed. * I think I'm creative, chill, funny * 420 friendly and on that last note - it would be really great to chat with fellow cannabis enthusiasts. Let's be smoke buddies? Let's chat about our days and see what happens? Im cool with chatting on reddit first, but I'd like to move to something more snappy should we hit it off. Ill leave it at this so if you are intrigued, shoot me a message or chat ☮️
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2023.05.30 07:32 Parade2thegrave Question: the Shining tony inspiration

Plenty of times I’ve read Stephen King is a fan of Shirley Jackson’s works. In Jackson’s book “Hangsaman” the main character, Natalie, has, and becomes borderline consumed, with an imaginary friend named Tony. Does anyone know if this had anything to do with the Shining’s Danny imaginary friend also being named Tony?
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2023.05.30 07:32 angryapplepanda In the midst of a playthrough of the early Ys games - would love direction on the more modern sequels - it's been such a joyride so far

A couple years ago, I started playing through the Ys series on various platforms. I think I've played nearly every single version of Ys I & II at this point, aside from the early aughts Windows Complete version and perhaps the earliest Japanese computer versions.
When I was a little kid, a friend of mine had a TurboDuo (PC Engine CD) console and Ys Book I & II, and I got to watch him blast through it a bit. Was very jealous, because I'm pretty sure all I had at the time was a hand-me-down NES.
A few years later, I played Ys III on the Sega Genesis, fleetingly, at another friend's place. I didn't remember much from the experience.

Ys I & II

Flash forward about twenty years: I didn't personally play through any version of Ys I & II until I played about halfway through the DS version. Something about it didn't really click with me, and it was only later that I found out that this version was somewhat bastardized compared to other versions, with superfluous added content that apparently lengthens the game unnecessarily. It did pique my interest, though, in the series on the whole.
Via emulation, I played the fan translation of the NES port, which was my first introduction to both bump combat and the rather delicate gameplay of said bump combat, leading to Adol getting pinballed around like a rag doll as his health drains away in seconds ("What happened? I turned my head for just a over!?") The graphics, for a NES game, are pretty nice, and the embellishment of Minea Town is gorgeous, what with all the canals and trees. I didn't play through that version too much, though. It did set the tone for me--and it made me learn to love the difficult gameplay of the early games, which reward practice.
The Sega Master System version seemed a bit more streamlined and closer to the PC Engine CD version, and maybe a bit less janky than the NES game. The soundtrack is a bit better, owing to the FM synth chip music. Nothing too special about this one--it's pretty much the game, no frills, nothing added.
And then, of course, there's the PC Engine CD version, which was the first version I played through start to finish. What a thrill ride. The soundtrack slaps so freaking hard. It was this version that made me fall in love with the bump combat system. The music is just pounding, and once you get into a rhythm with it all, downing enemies left and right as you drive Adol in squares across the screen--there's something real magical about the gameplay. I have really fond memories of busting into Darm Tower for the first time, with that absolutely jamming musical theme playing on my computer speakers with the bass on the subwoofer turned up, my head bobbing in sync. Just perfect blissful gameplay.
The bosses are all extremely, uniquely challenging without being unfair. If Adol repeatedly dies, you just have to sort out the proper technique, or you just need to grind more so you have better defenses. There's always a way forward. Nothing feels cheap.
I found Ys I to be a perfect gem of a game, and I found Ys II to be slightly lesser, with some areas that feel like a bit of a slog, or at least, unnecessarily convoluted. But the presentation and gameplay make up for it. As a whole, combined, Ys I & II feel like such an epic adventure.
Recently, I started playing the PSP version, which seemed to take the DS port and fix every problem with it. I really like this version, especially for the return of the bump combat, and definitely for the ability to switch between soundtracks, although it's a bummer that the PC Engine CD soundtrack isn't selectable.


This game, the Zelda II: Adventure of Link of the Ys series, I think I enjoyed way more than I expected to. I'm pretty sure a lot of that is due to nostalgia, having enjoyed what little of it I played on the Sega Genesis as a kid, but in spite of its flaws, there's a fun game to be found in between yeeting the controller in frustration from time to time.
I've found enjoyment with Ys III very much depending on which port I play. I don't think there is one perfect version of this one--it's absolutely an imperfect game that tried a bit too hard to be different.
The Genesis version is quite good, although missing the animated cutscenes of the PC Engine CD version. I think this might be my most preferred version of the game. Once you get the hang of how combat works, which is extremely frustrating at first (but at least it's not as bad as Exile), the game becomes an exercise in torment interspersed by just enough good times to be enjoyable. But certainly, I found Ys III to be the most irritating game of the series. The soundtrack more than makes up for it, though--this OST might be my favorite of all of the games, which features Yuzo Koshiro's work at its most heavy metal.
The SNES version is slightly worse in every way. I find it harder, for one, and the game does not need to be more difficult. The SNES sound chip makes the soundtrack sound worse, too.
The PC Engine CD version drives me crazy. It would be my preferred version of the game--it has the absolute best version of the OST, full stop. Unfortunately, it has a maddingly conspicuous, glaring fault in the absolute garbage parallax scrolling, which is so unprofessional looking, I'm shocked it was released in this state, especially given how great Falcom is at visual presentation in general. The animated cutscenes are, like the first PCE-CD game, phenomenal. It's just such a letdown to see what a visual mess the scrolling is, especially considering that other games on the console utilize parallax scrolling just fine. Very unfortunate...because if not for this, Ys I-IV on the PCE-CD would be a perfect quadrilogy.
I realize the game was remade as The Oath in Felgana...sadly, I have only played small bits of it, but it's absolutely on my list. I found it surprisingly rich and fun...not harrowing, difficult and enjoyable only through persistent struggle and pain, like the original game.
I will say one more thing about the original Ys III, and that the game, like all early Ys games, reward practice and pushing through failure. It's so incredibly satisfying to beat bosses in Ys III, because you barely believe that you could have ever done it.


I have played through the fan translation of the PC Engine CD game, as well as most of the (completely different) SNES game. Both are fantastic sequels that build upon the foundation begun by Ys I & II. Have either of these games been remade or remastered?
Talk about correcting the course set with Ys III. Ys IV in both versions takes the sparse storytelling of the original Ys I & II and sets the stage for later installments, giving us an exciting, action packed jRPG plot with interesting characters and all sorts of twists and turns. Both the SNES and the PCE-CD games are the first in the series that feel like a part of the modern era. And, of course, the soundtrack for both games are good, but maybe not quite as good as the first three.
I have less to say about these ones, if only because I just recently finished Ys IV for the PCE-CD (what an amazing fan translation, with actual, competent English dubbing--well done) and I haven't quite finished the SNES game yet.

Ys V

Here's the first hole in my playthrough. I haven't yet sat down to play Ys V for the SNES, at least properly. But I've been craving a more straightforward Zelda clone to blast through as of late, so maybe I'll give it a proper go soon.
I always found the name of the game mysterious and cool: Kefin, Lost City of Sand! Talk about conjuring up imagery. I know this game gets a bad rap, but having played about ten minutes of it so far, I found it at least promising. I miss the bumping, though.
If anything, this game certainly deserves a remake.
And that's where I've gotten so far! I'm really excited to start playing the more modern installments of the series. I got a small whiff of it all from Oath in Felgana, and if that's the quality I have to look forward to...well, I'm excited.
Any thoughts on the games I've played so far, or games coming up, are more than welcome!
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2023.05.30 07:31 ConsumersKnowBest Renting a Denver Billboard to Diss Jimmy

The Idea
I have an idea to help the Miami Heat win the 2023 NBA Finals. Two weeks ago, a local Denver put up this billboard trolling LeBron James:
I have made contact with this local business and would like to pay them to put up a billboard that says something like "Jimmy Butler isn't even an all-star." I am open to suggestions on the exact design and text of the billboard, but I believe that given Jimmy's response to Grant Williams and general response to being trash talked, if he were to see such a billboard, he would decimate the Nuggets in 4 games. Unfortunately, due to the time it would take to put up such a billboard, I don't believe it would be up until a potential game 7. As you can see from the date of LeBron's tweet and the date of this article (a 2 week gap), however, I do believe it could be up by a potential game 7.
What I Need from You
If enough Heat fans agree this is a good idea, I will edit this post with a GoFundMe link where we can raise the capital to put this billboard up. Anyone with design chops (or without) can send me potential designs for the billboard and I will post a poll where we can vote on the billboard that will ultimately be put up. Then, and perhaps most crucially given that Jimmy probably does not read local Denver newspapers, before game 7 we must all spam Jimmy on twitter, Instagram, everywhere we have any chance of getting him to see this billboard.
To ensure that I do not take your money, my current plan is to provide all the information that someone would need to doxx me to a moderator the community trusts. I plan on providing my license, my place of employment, and proof of address. I am open to ideas to ensure greater accountability.
Money will be refunded if it never changes hands, subject to GoFundMe's policies on refunds and its delay (I believe one week, but please do not take my word on that). If money does change hands, even if the billboard does not go up, (before game 7 or at all), you will only receive a refund if the business gives me the money back. I promise not to take your money; I do not make any such promise on behalf of the business I am attempting to rent this billboard from.
The Best Argument Against this Billboard
Heat in 4.
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2023.05.30 07:30 Ghamoria798 Go fund me for a Hair transplant for KD.

Hey guys if I start a gofundme for a hair transplant for KD would you guys donate? 🤣 I think as fans we really need to help big homie out. His hairline is always in my prayers 🙏🏽
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2023.05.30 07:30 Street-Accountant796 Post-Scarsity isn't Post-Suffering 46

Trigger warning: Mentions of abuse
First Previous [Next]()

POV: Milko

I didn't know how Mateo did it. Forgave so easily. I was not that good; not that benevolent.
The way I saw it, the galaxy was a cruel thing tenanted mostly by uncaring inhabitants who willfully caused pain and suffering to other beings, or at least felt no concern for the hurt they dealt or tolerated.
Whenever I thought about my father - the begetter of children he never saw as people but merely expendable commodities - I started to seethe and sulfuric, slender ringlets of smoke drifted menacingly from my nostrils.
It's not like I didn't try to be better, I really did. Those hours trying to get help from him to my mother bleeding to death in front of me spawned a darker me. The hours sitting in my mother's and siblings' blood with the quiet of their deaths screaming in my mind, those hours depleted something vital in me.
I am able to forgive if not forget. I forgave the commander when he intentionally hurt me with the gravity change. I forgave the IASO for her antics in our initial interview. But my sire? I didn't think so. Other Coltavalke? I didn't feel like being a member of that particular gang.
So how is Mateo ok with Ouer, the Eoan teenager?!? Her entire species was guilty of the most horrible acts against sentients and sapients. I understood not blaming the kid but how did he stay in the same room without being overwhelmed with disgust and fury?
Well, Mateo was befriending the monster lookalike and I was there to support him.
We were behind the door of the youth habitation unit belonging to Saša, Ouer's guardian for the moment. An almost breathtakingly handsome, young Deblom male opened the door.
Deblom male: Yes? Who're you here for?
Milko (after shaking his head slightly to clear her thoughts): I'm Milko, a Coltavalke, and this is Mateo, a human. We're here for Ouer.
Deblom male: Who?
Mateo: It's ok, we're on the list of approved visitors.
Deblom: Great for you.
His handsomeness was waning in my eyes. There's no beauty in the galaxy to make up for these manners. Still, I tried again, politely. I tried to keep smoke from escaping but keeping it in was making my eyes water.
Milko: This is Saša's habitation unit, isn't it?
Deblom: Maybe.
Mateo: Is Saša here?
Deblom: Don'tknow.
Or care, it seemed. He was leaning to the doorframe at an increasingly alarming angle. His eyes were half closed in a way he probably thought was sexy but came across as exhausted and dull. Suddenly I saw Ouer in the room behind the obtuse Deblom.
Ouer: Are you here to see me?
At the sudden sound of the low gurgling Eoan nightmare fuel of a voice, the Deblum guy exceeded his maximum lean angle and unceremoniously plonked on the floor. It was very satisfying to see him blinking several times like a confused Huuq.
I held Mateo's hand and we curtly stepped over him to our new friend.
Milko: Good...
Mateo: ...morning,...
Milko: ...Ouer!
Ouer: You came! You actually came! That guy kept telling me you didn't mean it as a promise. He said nobody would think twice betraying the likes of me!
Saša (stepping into the room from some smaller room in the back): Who said that?
It took him about half a human second to find the Deblom guy on the floor wearing an obnoxious smirk. He was lying in a weird pose on the floor, one leg bend up, opening his crotch area in a way that would be obscene if it weren't so utterly ridiculous. Saša sighed.
Mateo: Saša, we came to take Ouer to play in the private shore area. One of our friends is already there. If Ouer wants to come, of course.
Saša: This is just having some good-natured fun together, kids only?
Milko: "Young people", please, not "kids"! Sir.
Saša: Of course. It was just a slip of the tongue.
Mateo: Then yes, sir, just us. If we happen to start discussing some legal stuff, we'll inform everyone. It's not the idea, though.
Saša: Ouer, do you wish to go?
Ouer: Oh, yes, yes, please!
Saša: Use the lift at the end of the corridor. Tierpe, c'mon, let's go discuss this in my office. Up, up, up: other people need to use that threshold. It's not there purely as a background for your pin-up poses!
Mateo: We have a friend, Caleo. Please, be very careful with him. He very nearly died a few days ago. He is aquatic, small, and cute.
Milko: He used to be enslaved, his entire life until now. And his slavers directly caused his condition. He had never seen a bath, not to mention a beach. He wasn't taught anything. He didn't even have a name until Mateo gave him one.
Mateo: We were there when he woke up, and feel very protective towards him. He doesn't know how the real world works.
Milko: He has known no kindness.
Mateo: He has never had anything, not even the basics.
Milko: They didn't give the enslaved children even a glass or a mug to drink from. A bowl on the floor if they were really lucky, mostly just some used water was splashed on the floor for them to lick.
Mateo: I took a bath with him on our spaceship. He - an aquatic child - had never before been immersed in water!
Milko: Sorry to rant on you. It's not like you did anything to him.
Mateo: The injustice of it, the sheer agony these kids endured...
Milko: just gets us very riled up.
Mateo: Partly because of our own trauma and enslavement. Which was not that bad.
Ouer: Not as bad?! You almost died. Your sister did die. You were tortured and eaten for months until you rescued yourself!
Milko: Not to mention the slave work we were forced to do at the space station, Mateo.
Ouer: Aren't you still having physical problems you are here to fix? And the degree of enslavement and torture is not some competition! What one person might not even remember might be extremely traumatic to another. And it doesn't mean they're weaker or anything.
Mateo: Wow, Ouer! That was well put! Race you to the elevator!
Milko: No fair! My legs are short!
Ouer (whisking by Milko): Well I don't have legs at all, just one muscular foot!
Really wouldn't have thought it possible but despite Mateo's head start the legless mollusk won the race. Soon we were at the private shore. It was - of course - an artificial beach with one-third sand and two-thirds water. The HOTCHI-station had several of these as well as other environments to help with rehabilitation after surgeries or hospital stays.
It was perfect for our purposes. Ouer wasn't guilty in any way of the previous attack on the HOTCHI station. But his physical form would trigger horrendous memories in several patients and many of the staff here. We decided public areas were to be avoided, for now.

POV: Ouer

I couldn't believe it. All my life I had been hiding, knowing exposure to others would only bring suffering and death. Our species was hated for good reason and our form was disgusting.
And here I was, on the very station our hated warriors had desecrated in acts more vile than anywhere else. But I was allowed to move around and meet people! And now someone - two someones - wanted to do something incredibly nice to me!
Their friend had never been immersed in water in his life. Mateo and Milko seemed to find this especially condemning since the child was of an aquatic species. Like me.
I didn't know if I should tell them that I hadn't even ever seen enough water to submerge in. I wondered if it would make me look too pitiful.
"Shore." I knew what the word meant. I had seen a low-resolution picture of one. I almost hyperventilated thinking I'd get to see one in real life. It was artificial, I knew that. But most things in space are.
We stepped in the omnidirectional hover-lift. The lift had minimal friction as it hovered magnetically in the shaft. The ride was smooth, as were the transitions from vertical to horizontal.
But the best part was the interior of the lift. Even though the travel only took some minutes there was ample room and an abundance of seating options. This was a hospital and the convalescents were given every opportunity to do things and not just forlornly lie on a bed.
One side was for mammals with seats that conformed to different kinds of people. On the opposing side were perches and nests for avians. That section also had branches and caverns for insectoids.
And the back wall, directly where you looked when you entered, was the section for aquatic and amphibious species. With a push of a button, you could get either freshwater or saline water in different concentrations.
You could get totally underwater, sit in a seat partially underwater, or get water osmotically just by holding onto a bar with a partially permeable membrane. I used the last method. These humans, they think of everything. You could even add small molecules of nutrients of your choice to the solution. It was so refreshing after so long in the relatively dry spaces the Terrans preferred.
In truth, when the elevator ride was over I kinda wishes it had lasted longer. But the siren song of a shore was too enticing to ignore.
The elevator chauffeured us right outside our private shore. The door faded out to let us pass into a corridor. A small cephalopod child was impatiently waiting for us.
They were mostly diaphanous with a blue tint, possibly for sun protection. Some parts of them were darker blue, presumably for more protection against harmful UV and galactic cosmic radiation.
They had no hard external shell or internal bone, three hearts were visible, and their delicate tentacles were curling and uncurling with excitement.
Caleo: Mateo! Milko! Is the shore here? Right here? I feel weird but good weird. Is that normal? Who is that with you? Are they nice? I'm feeling sooo good weird!
Mateo: Slow down a tad, Caleo! Good weird is probably excitement. Excitement is a really good feeling, right?
Caleo: Yes, good, good! Good weird excitement! A good, new word!
Milko: Caleo, this is our new friend Ouer. She is an Eoan, of the good ones. Ouer, this is our friend Caleo. We don't know the species' name, though.
Ouer: Very good and exciting to meet you, Caleo. My parents taught me how to recognize many sapient, aquatic, and amphibian species. You know, not to... accidentally mistake them for a food source. Caleo is an Urtsas. They are masters in camouflage.
Mateo: Wow, thanks, Ouer! Did you hear that, Caleo? Your people are called Urtsas!
Milko: Later, it would be really great if you, Ouer, could tell us what else you know about the Urtsas. We hope to eventually contact Caleo's people, maybe even some relatives.
Mateo: But now, behold the shore!
The large door dissolved into the air and revealed the paradise within.
Warm airflow with tiny drops of salt water caressed me tantalizingly, practically propelling my body toward the shore. I felt directional warmth and light. It looked like the ceiling wasn't there. Instead, it looked like the sky, incredibly high above. And the warmth came from a light yellow ball in the sky. I looked at Mateo, incredibly. He lifted his shoulders for a moment.
Mateo: Our cradle has one white-colored yellow dwarf star. I'm told this is an approximation of how it looks seeing it through Earth's atmosphere. It looks yellow.
Ouer: You're told? You haven't been there?
Mateo: We were six when our detestable uncle decided to kill us slowly by selling us to an Eoan ship as food. The few years with him before that weren't any better. We weren't let outside much, and he had newspapers glued to cover the windows for some obscure reason. I must have seen the Sun, but don't recall.
Milko: I'm not even sure if there are beaches on our planet. The space station we grew up on definitely didn't. This will be our first time experiencing this as well! Let's go!
These two were candid when talking about their frankly horrible past. But they were not wallowing in the wretchedness of it all. They looked towards new, positive experiences with their heads held high. They had their severe trauma. I had seen that myself. They just seemed to grasp whatever positive experiences they encountered with all manipulation extremities. And then share it others.
The floor transitioned into fine sand. There was a rockier part but I wanted to feel the sand under my foot. It was so much finer than the coarse rubble my family had to acquiesce with. Rubble made from ground, non-metallic spaceship salvage.
I reveled in the sublime experience of the smooth sand, the sunshine, and the glorious breeze. Only it was cut short by excited, high-pitched squeals. I turned around at couldn't help but laugh.
Now I knew my form was monstrous. That was the day I found out my laugh was a sound causing instinctual, instantaneous horror in other beings. Had it only been Mateo - whose association with the sound was in all probability horrific. But no. Equal terror had engulfed also Caleo and Milko, who had never heard it before.
Mateo recovered first. He had stepped in front of Milko protectively and was extending a hand to yank Caleo to safety as well. Milko had dropped her head. Something was coming out of her nostrils, something gaseous, burning, and sulfuric. Also, some sort of chitin plates on her back were raised.
Caleo had frozen mid-squeal. Half of his tentacles were pointing up at varying angles, clearly just thrown sand up in the air. A few were digging sand out of his gelatinous body, and the rest had been threading the sand, making him half-sink inside the sand dune.
I couldn't help it. It was all so hilarious. I fell backward into the sand and roared in laughter. As I said, Mateo recovered first.
Mateo: That... that eldritch sound came from you?
Milko: Eldritch?
Mateo: Right. It's a handy word for something otherworldly, eerie, and unnatural that inspires immediate fear.
Milko: A good word working hard to convey a lot of meaning.
Mateo: Quite. Ouer, was that your laughter?
Ouer: Well, yes. Caleo looked so adorably funny, I couldn't help it!
Hardly had I said that when something sandy and sticky with way too many thin tentacles jumped on my unsuspecting and unprepared soft part. It was my turn to squeal shrilly. Except it came out more like a feeble yelp due to the tentacles pressing on my air-breathing organ.
I was stunned for a moment. A good thing I was. The child was obviously not attacking with menace but incredibly with joy. They were laughing in a way that distantly mimicked mine! Seeing that my other two friends' alarm converted into hilarity as well.
The sand was fun but the smell of salt water and the sound of the water moving rhythmically soon became irresistible. When we arrived at the point where the water started we all just looked at it in wonder. It was magical. It was soothing. Peaceful. Awe-inspiring. Home.
In the shallow, the water was turquoise and moved further into the sand and then back again in a gentle, slightly froth-edged movement. The water seemed to sparkle in the light of the sun. I was hypnotized.
Mateo: Those are waves! They're beautiful!
Ouer: Yes, that's the word I was looking for: waves!
Caleo: Ayeeeij!
We turned to look at Caleo who was waddling towards the water. He stopped at a place where the water was only a few centimeters deep.
Caleo: Ooooh, I like this moving water! And I like the water-sand that moves under me! C'mon, you slow people, come try this!
That was all the rest of us needed to join the kid. Mateo had quickly taken off most of his clothes and was wearing short pants. I had to fast intake a large amount of air when I saw the scars on his body.
I would never, ever, in any circumstance belittle anyone's trauma again like I did when we first met. How - just how - had he survived?
He joined Caleo in the shallow water, lifting his legs like a decapod crustacean, trying to bring wet sand up with his toes and throwing water on himself - and Caleo who happened to be near him. Caleo retaliated by sucking water in through their body and then squirting it on Mateo's face in a stream. A war ensued, one with water, wet sand, and laughter as weapons.
I looked at Milko. She stood timidly at the fringe of the water, just letting the very tips of her feet touch the water. She felt my gaze and looked a little embarrassed.
Milko: I don't think our planet has surface water in any meaningful quantities. We have mountains and meadows, valleys and small mountain brooks. And rocky desert galore. I'm also not sure if my form is compatible with floating.
Mateo: Neither is Ouer's. You could always dive and just come back up for short periods to take some air.
Milko: Brother, you don't swim either!
Mateo: No. But I can always stand and walk in shallow water. And I can sit in the water!
And that's when he plopped down to sit. The water splashed everywhere, even on Milko. I got some, too. That's when Milko charged right in front of Mateo, made herself as wide as possible, and splashed him really well when she plopped down to sit.
Mateo cleared the water from his face and laughed. But that was the moment the dragon girl had waited. She lifted and struck the water hard on her long, prehensile, and powerful tail. Mateo got a good spurt of salt water into his open mouth.
By then Milko had sprinted away. Mateo gave chase. But the two were laughing the entire time. It was just play.
I went to the shallow and let the waves wash my lower body. It was almost overwhelming. Caleo approached me and tapped my shell with one thin tentacle.
Caleo: I know. More water than you can understand. I had no words. I couldn't think, just feel.
We stood there together for several minutes, two aquatic beings, pondering things too big for our brains.
Caleo: Wanna go deeper?
Ouer: I'm afraid I go underwater completely and my gills won't work. I have never needed them before.
Caleo: Don't worry. Even if they don't work, you can hold your breath until you get up again.
Ouer: You are very smart.
Caleo: No, I'm dumb. No one says it here, but my owners did. All the time.
Ouer: They weren't your owners, Caleo. They were criminals, kidnappers, and slavers. Slavers of children, which makes them the worst of all slavers.
Caleo: What is kidnapping?
Ouer: Take a person away by force or by lying and not letting them go.
Caleo: They didn't do that. They bought my egg and made me. So I was theirs to do what they liked with.
Mateo: Is that what they said? They were lying to you. They didn't make you, Caleo. Your parents did.
Caleo: But maybe my parents gave ... sold...
Milko: That doesn't matter. Stolen, bought, kidnapped, cheated, found, incubated, whatever. You are a sapient being and sapient beings cannot be owned.
Mateo: Ouer was right: they didn't own you. They were illegally keeping you imprisoned, they hurt you and they forced you to work for them. They are scum.
Caleo: Scum?
Mateo: You know how trash comes to the surface of water? If you have really dirty, trashy, smelly, horrible water, what comes to the surface of that? The most horrible of the horrible? That is scum.
Caleo let out a peal of surprised laughter. We all joined. Then we all went a little deeper into the water. Caleo suddenly disappeared from view to our alarm. But soon I could see them swooshing here and there, propelled by their tentacles. I pointed them to Mateo and Milko.
I approached the deep carefully. The more of my body I got under water the better I felt. The buoyancy of the water made me feel a lot more graceful. A lot less monsterlike.
At some point, I realized I was getting oxygen from the water when my gills were still above it.
Ouer: Mateo and Milko, why am I breathing water without my gills?!
Milko: I read about this. Many beings like you can breathe through your skin. And your gills double as a sort of mouth.
Ouer: Mouth?!? You're not serious!
Mateo: It's true. If you are in a body of water that has food particles, your gills trap those small particles. You are quite remarkable, Ouer!
Ouer: Can you come with me to the deep water? I'm a little apprehensive still...
Mateo; I would love to ... but ... I don't know how to swim...
Ouer: Oh, I'm sorry I asked.
Mateo: It's nothing. I doesn't matter.
Caleo: Ouer! Ouer! Ouer! Come and swim with me!
Mateo: Go on, Ouer! Go have fun!
And fun I had! I started to feel like these people could be trusted. Mainly because they genuinely wanted to give me and Caleo a wonderful day. And they asked no questions or even hinted that I should now reciprocate somehow.
I slept so well after that day. I only wondered if our planet used to be like that. I also wondered if my parents experienced water like that.
And slowly I started to feel some hope for the future. Maybe my people could find a watery home. Live and not only exist.
First Previous [Next]()
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2023.05.30 07:30 Background_Drawer_80 PC won’t post anymore after applying thermal paste

Yesterday my CPU temps were high while doing nothing (60c) so I decided to reapply my thermal paste (without removing the cpu from the socket) and when I finished up and turned my PC back on the dram light on my motherboard was on and there was no display but my fans were still spinning.
I’ve tried reseating my ram and only trying one stick in each slot but still nothing, reseated the CPU and that did nothing, unplugged my cpu cable and 24 pin cable and plugged them back in and still nothing. Tried taking my cmos battery out for 20 mins and also shorting the pins and still NOTHING.
My motherboard is an Asus ROG Strix B550-F Gaming, and my CPU is a Ryzen 5 5600x. I have 32 gigs of Corsair Vengeance LPX. Graphics card is a RX 6650XT. Power supply is a FSP Hydro G PRO 750W.
Please help I’m so confused and don’t know what to do.
EDIT: To add to this my PC was working 5 minutes before this whole thing happened. Completely new build just built 2 days ago.
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2023.05.30 07:30 Big-Research-2875 PHYLUM SARCOMASTIGOPHORA


With over eighteen, delineate species, Sarcomastigophora (sar_komas- ti-gof_o-rah) (Gr. sarko, fleshy nine mastigo, whip nine phoros, to bear) is that the largest protozoan phylum and has the subsequent


  1. living thing or colonial
  2. Locomotion by flagella, pseudopodia, or both
  3. flora (self-nourishing), saprophagous (living in decaying organic matter), or heterotrophic (obtains energy from organic compounds)
  4. Single style of nucleus
  5. Amphimixis (usually)

SUBPHYLUM Mastigophora


Members of the taxonomic group Mastigophora (mas_ti-gof_o-rah) use flagella in locomotion. Flagella might manufacture two-dimensional, flagellated movements or whorled movements that push or pull the protozoan through its aquatic medium.


The taxonomic group Mastigophora has 2 categories.
Members of the category Phytomastigophorea (fi_to-mas-ti-go-for-ee_-ah) (Gr. phytos, plant) possess pigment and one or 2 flagella. Phytomastigophoreans manufacture an outsized portion of the food in marine food webs. abundant of the element utilized in aquatic habitats comes from chemical process by these marine organisms.

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