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2023.05.30 06:16 Xanthn Sick of the capitalist mindset destroying what should be customer orientated businesses and services.

I see it all the time, it just gets to me. For example in my town there's a grocery store near me, foodland. It started out in the state to help independent grocers compete with the duopoly that is Coles/Woolworths, but was meant to serve the locals and tried to stock both local products and things people wanted but didn't always make much profit.
Over the years depending on the owners it either flourished or died. The original owner here was good and didn't make a fortune but lived better than most, paid the employees well and the workers seemed happy and not overworked. he eventually sold and someone else took over.
Unlike the previous owner the new one cared only about profit, to the point that when sales started dropping they actually stopped stocking the cheaper own brand items that had a lower profit margin like dog food. This made it worse and eventually it closed. The building ended up being used as an ice skating rink during the summer for a while. Eventually though it got bought back by someone who wanted to make money by providing to the community again.
Time went on, years passed and the foodland was great again, fully stocked, fully staffed with happy workers, management/owner that not only treated people right whether customer or staff, they also have back to the community groups. They had a pallet set up at the entrance with empty boxes for anyone to take, stocked things you couldn't get elsewhere in town that the people in the nearby streets wanted (myself was pickled octopus). But the good times weren't to last.
Recently someone came into town from either interstate or overseas with money and wanted in (the town's predicted to grow soon with upcoming works around the state). They wanted to buy the bigger foodland in the town but only if they could buy both. They gave the owner of the one near me an offer they said they couldn't refuse, and bought them both. Then they bought the newsagent in the same building complex and moved everything into the foodland, effectively removing everything but the lottos and scratchies. Obviously less staff needed too as the same person can serve on both grocery and scratchies counters.
Needless to say the profit over people attitude took effect, and the good staff left, the ones that are still there don't look happy, and it's mostly family of the owner now. The deli section is unmanned and the checkout operator now also does the deli serving during the day. They don't stock many of the specials in the catalogue that don't make much profit, they've removed the standalone chicken warmer to save money, half the freezers are broken and just not getting repaired since they "can't afford it" and now it seems to be they're looking to sell, if not it will likely close soon again.
Every item I bought there is now either not getting stocked or gone up in price no longer under managers specials to compete (was always more expensive than the duopoly but not this much). No more cheap dog food, no more pickled octopus. They don't seem to understand the only way this particular store survived here was by sacrificing a bit of the profit to keep the customers happy. And it sucks more cos there's an independent living facility nearby, and multiple blocks of flats where elderly people live who don't drive and can only walk across the road. Now they will need to get taxis to and from the shops when cost of living is already making it harder.
Thank you rant over.
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2023.05.30 06:11 junidelph AITAH for ghosting my friend?

AITA for ghosting my friend?
I (20NB) met my friend "Olivia" (20F) a few months ago through social media. we're both college students living in the same dorm building so we'd hang out quite a bit so got pretty close. for a while we didn't have issues, we'd hang out in her room with her dog "Lucy" and eat and watch TV.
we started having issues about a month ago. she had made a reservation for us to go to a nice dinner, and I was supposed to take us. long story short, we didn't end up going because Lucy got sick and Olivia had taken her to the emergency vet. Olivia had been there all day (she went in the morning) and didn't bother to text me that she couldn't make it until after our reservation time. I said it was okay, and that I hoped Lucy was okay.
another incident was Olivia going to get her laundry and Lucy pooping on the floor almost immediately after she left. I tried yelling at her to stop and it didn't work and we got a noise complaint. Olivia came back and cleaned it up and everything was fine. she texts me about a week later saying "don't go near my room ever again" and didn't provide an explanation for a few hours, and apparently it was because of the noise complaint (even though I told her the second she got back).
more problems happened within the past 2 weeks. I'm home for the summer but she's still on campus and has had me spend the night a few times. when I'm with her she'll constantly ask me to do stuff for her. she'll ask me to keep getting food for her and will get huffy when I say no. she also is a horrible texter and has even admitted to being a "bitchy texter" but won't do anything to try to resolve the problem. she's told me she's better at calling but when I do she won't answer or takes forever to answer.
another incident (about a week ago) was when she was on the phone when we were supposed to hang out. I pick her up to take her to the store, and she's on the phone. she finishes the call on the way there, but when we're in the store, she gets on the phone again while I talk to one of the employees. when we leave the store she's still on the phone, and at this point we're sitting in my car waiting (we were supposed to get food). she then gets out of my car and walks around the parking lot bc "we're just sitting there" and she shut the door before I could even explain why we were. she comes back and finally gets off tie phone, I tell her that I'm kinda upset about it and that I'll take her back to her place but that I'm going home. she immediately gets defensive and says "oh so I can't talk to people" and I said "you can, but it's rude to be on the phone almost the whole time we're hanging out." we argued for about 20 minutes then reached an agreement and it was over with.
the incident that caused me to ghost her was even worse. it started out with being woken up by Lucy stepping on my stomach and Olivia telling me I have to leave bc she has a doctors appointment. so I leave and go home, and about 2 hours after I get home she texts me asking if I'm gonna buy her a new pen. for context we both have thc pens and edibles. I ask her what she's talking about and apparently her pen fell into Lucy's cage and Lucy, being a dog, chewed it up. Olivia accused me of knocking it off the bedside table and into Lucy's kennel (the kennel is underneath the bed) and also accused me of trying to kill Lucy. I honestly don't like Lucy that much because she's not well behaved and also steps on me and hurts me everytime she's out of her kennel, but I'd never hurt an animal ever. apparently this is also the second time something like this has happened (Lucy got into Olivia's edibles and got thc poisoning). Olivia was pissed and kept insisting that I'm the one that did it. I was obviously pissed because I didn't do it.
our friendship ended when she called me nearly 15 times in a row and sent me a half assed "apology" message. I didn't bother responding but I can't help but feel kinda bad. AITA here or am I justified for not wanting to be treated like this?
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2023.05.30 06:08 Sweet_Author8515 My mom hands me a pasugo, here is my unnecessary detailed clapback

My mom hands me a pasugo, here is my unnecessary detailed clapback
My mom told me that complaining without knowing is an excuse. This was in response to me mentioning that Felix Manalo is not the “bird of prey” in Isaiah 46:11, but is rather King Cyrus II. So, she handed me a pasugo (an INC publication, aka waste of trees) telling me to read the article “Cyrus the Great and the ‘ravenous bird’”. Of course she handed me the pasugo rather than knowing how to respond to me. This stuff is not preached in INC. They just make articles and videos for all their members to point to, so they make sure they spread a controlled, constructed, and uniform message. Since she gave me this article, I’ve decided to break it down. This is the reason I left INC, since it is one of the few verses the INC uses to validate them as “the one true church”. If the idea that a prophesied Asian messenger (Manalo) is disproven, then it is enough to dismiss the INC as a prophesied true church.
TL;DR is at the bottom :)
[1] INC Article: (iglesianicristo. ws/My%20GM/GM-2021/GM-2021-08.pdf)
Cyrus the Great and the ‘ravenous bird’ By Jensen DG. Manebog
The author is primarily a writer, not a historian or Hebrew expert. First of all, the author of the article is an educated writer and teacher. He is not formally educated in the Bible, or in Hebrew, which is a large part of his following argument. Neither am I. But rather than cherry pick proofs to support an argument, I start with the evidence to come to a conclusion. Here are some of his writings if you’re interested:;
INC articles:
iglesianicristo. net/category/our-beliefs/page/2/ iglesianicristo. net/number-dont-make-a-religion-true/ pasugo.
[2] INC Article:
In the Book of Isaiah, one messenger of God was likened to a ravenous bird: “Calling a ravenous bird from the east, the man that executeth my counsel from a far country: yea, I have spoken it, I will also bring it to pass; I have purposed it, I will also do it” (Isa. 46:11 King James Version). The Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) is of firm conviction that the fulfillment of this prophecy of God is none other than Brother Felix Y. Manalo (1886-1963). Detractors of the Church, such as teachers and defenders of some other religions, expectedly refute it— claiming that the fulfillment of the prophesied “ravenous bird” is Cyrus the Great. Also called Cyrus II (590-529 BC), he was the Persian conqueror who “founded the Achaemenian empire, centred on Persia and comprising the Near East from the Aegean Sea eastward to the Indus River” (
Context! Context! Context! This entire section of Isaiah is about the prophesied defeat of Babylon (shown both before and after the Isaiah 46:11 verse). I didn’t think I would be telling other adults how to read a book, but here I am. Just like the story of Adam and Eve, we read it all the way through. In previous verses, like Isaiah 45:1, Cyrus is explicitly mentioned. This is in the surrounding context that he is prophesied to defeat Babylon and to bring salvation to the Jews, as they would be able to return to their homeland after Babylon is defeated (also mentioned in Ezra 8 1-32. Cyrus is in Ezra 1:1-6).
Before the 46:11 verse - Isaiah 45:1 KJV, about Cyrus:
1 This is what the Lord says to Cyrus, his anointed one, whose right hand he will empower. Before him, mighty kings will be paralyzed with fear. Their fortress gates will be opened, never to shut again. This is what the Lord says: "I will go before you, Cyrus, and level the mountains.
After the 46:11 verse - Isaiah 48:14 KJV, about Babylon:
14 All ye, assemble yourselves, and hear; which among them hath declared these things? The Lord hath loved him: he will do his pleasure on Babylon, and his arm shall be on the Chaldeans.
To think the Bible would be like, “Hey I’m talking about my man Cyrus and how I’m sending him. Oh and here’s a quick shoutout of one to three verses about an Asian man over 2000 years from now. Okay now back to Babylon!
[3] INC Article:
The argument Some of such teachers use the works of Bible scholars and commentators for their contention. One of these is Ellicott’s Commentary for English Readers ( which suggests that the “ravenous bird” in Isaiah 46:11 is Cyrus, explaining that the “sun-rising” or “east” from where the messenger would come “is, of course, Persia,” and “the ‘far country’ probably represents Media,” one of the kingdoms Cyrus has conquered.
Other Asian churches use this verse to say they are the true church. A vast majority of circles agree that 46:11 is uncontestedly referring to Persia. I can only find the several Asian “true churches” to suggest otherwise. Another one, for example, is a South Korean cult using this verse for their South Korean Jesus named Christ Ahnsahnghong, who also claims to be the only true church ( If they can use it, so can other Asian churches of this kind.
[4] INC Article:
Others further try to prove that the “ravenous bird” or “bird of prey” is King Cyrus by pointing to The Living Bible, which literally includes the name “Cyrus” in Isaiah 46:11, thus: “I will call that swift bird of prey from the east— that man Cyrus from far away. And he will come and do my bidding. I have said I would do it and I will.”
Historically, King Cyrus’ banner was a golden eagle (a bird of prey, ravenous bird ;), as used in the Achaemenid Empire (as noted by Persian archaeologist, A. Shapur Shahbazi, “DERAFŠ”; [Xenophon, Cyropaedia 7.1.4] Other translations use “eagle” in the 46:11 verse. In any case, an eagle is a bird of prey.

Golden Eagle Banner
There is a biblical pattern of other monarchs like Cyrus are compared to eagles or birds, because of how swiftly they act or attack. Why would Felix Manalo need to be portrayed that way? Could he even move that fast?
Some verses about these other monarchs:
Jeremiah 48:39-40 They shall howl, saying, How is it broken down! how hath Moab turned the back with shame! so shall Moab be a derision and a dismaying to all them about him. 40 For thus saith the Lord; Behold, he shall fly as an eagle, and shall spread his wings over Moab. Jeremiah 49:22 Behold, he shall come up and fly as the eagle, and spread his wings over Bozrah: and at that day shall the heart of the mighty men of Edom be as the heart of a woman in her pangs. Ezekiel 17:2-3 Son of man, put forth a riddle, and speak a parable unto the house of Israel; 3 And say, Thus saith the Lord God; A great eagle with great wings, longwinged, full of feathers, which had divers colours, came unto Lebanon, and took the highest branch of the cedar: Ezekiel 17:7 There was also another great eagle with great wings and many feathers: and, behold, this vine did bend her roots toward him, and shot forth her branches toward him, that he might water it by the furrows of her plantation. Hosea 8:1 Set the trumpet to thy mouth. He shall come as an eagle against the house of the Lord, because they have transgressed my covenant, and trespassed against my law.
[5] INC Article:
Others further try to prove that the “ravenous bird” or “bird of prey” is King Cyrus by pointing to The Living Bible, which literally includes the name “Cyrus” in Isaiah 46:11, thus: “I will call that swift bird of prey from the east— that man Cyrus from far away. And he will come and do my bidding. I have said I would do it and I will.” A paraphrase of the Bible The Living Bible is a paraphrase of the Bible by Kenneth Taylor. It must be noted that “a paraphrase attempts to tell the reader what the passage means” and thus is more of a commentary on the text of Scripture than it is an accurate rendering of what the text actually says” ( Indeed, to say that the “ravenous bird” in Isaiah 46:11 refers to King Cyrus is “more of a commentary,” for the name Cyrus (Koresh) cannot be found in Isaiah 46:11 in Hebrew manuscripts, such as the Westminster Leningrad Codex ( Even in the Orthodox Jewish Bible, the phrase that is supposed to read “that man Cyrus from faraway” (in The Living Bible) is simply rendered, “ish [the man] that executeth My etza (cousel, purpose, plan) from a far country”—that is, no mention of “Korest” (Cyrus). Those who use The Living Bible to jump to the conclusion that Cyrus is the prophesied messenger in Isaiah 46:11 commit a big mistake, for they did not heed the warning given by that version itself, in its preface: “There are dangers in paraphrases… For whenever the author’s exact words are not translated from the original languages, there is a possibility that the translator, however honest, may be giving the [is a possibility that the translator, however honest, may be giving the] English reader something that the original writer did not mean to say.”
The article misleads readers by claiming their source says “Cyrus” is more of a commentary, since he is only explicitly mentioned in The Living Bible**. But they are not just using TLB to “jump to the conclusion” that Cyrus is the subject; they are using THE BIBLE. People do not only point to TLB for evidence that Cyrus is the bird of prey. He is not mentioned by name but the context is enough. Cyrus will even be mentioned in footnotes, commentaries, and even other translations like the Message BIble, Amplified Bible, and The Voice (translations which INC uses).
And if they are dissing TLB as a source, why does INC use it on their website when discussing resurrection (iglesianicristo. net/sharing-in-christs-resurrection/) and the true church (iglesianicristo .net/tag/true-church/)? And seemingly attacking others who also would use a translation that is in their favor? Hippocrickkkk…
Even the source cites that the bird of prey in Isaiah 46:11 is figurative of an invader. What did Manalo invade? (our pockets)
Side note: in the last paragraph, a part is repeated in my printed copy, but not in the digital copy. Was no one proofreading this beforehand?
[6] INC Article:
The prophecies fulfilled in Cyrus In the Bible itself, Cyrus did not claim that he was the prophesied “ravenous bird.” Instead, he introduced himself as the fulfillment of other prophecies: “Thus says Cyrus the king of Persia: All the kingdoms of the earth the Lord God of heaven has given me. And He has commanded me to build Him a house at Jerusalem which is in Judah. Who is among you of all His people? May the Lord his God be with him, and let him go up!” (II Chr. 36:23 New King James Version ). Notice that Cyrus did not say that he was the “ravenous bird.” Rather, he said, “All the kingdoms of the earth the Lord God of heaven has given me”—a fulfillment of the prophecy in Isaiah 45:1: “Thus says the Lord to His anointed, To Cyrus, whose right hand I have held—To subdue nations before him” (NKJV). Cyrus also stated, “He [God] has commanded me to build Him a house at Jerusalem.” This, in turn, corresponds to the prophecy in Isaiah 44:28: “He is My shepherd, And he shall perform all My pleasure, Saying to Jerusalem, ‘You shall be built,’ And to the temple, ‘Your foundation shall be laid’”. (NKJV). These prophecies were fulfilled in Cyrus when he conquered kingdoms, such as Babylon. “After Cyrus freed the Jews from exile in Babylon in 538 B.C., they returned to Jerusalem to rebuild their temple” (
If the standard is that you have to claim to be the prophesied “ravenous bird”, where is Felix Manalo’s written claim that he is the “ravenous bird”?
Also notice that this section has the most complete Bible quotes, because Cyrus and his prophecies are biblical, whereas Felix can’t be as easily cited in the Bible (or at all).
[7] INC Article:
The place of origin of the ‘ravenous bird’ In Hebrew manuscripts such as the Westminster Leningrad Codex, the “east” in Isaiah 46:11 from which the “ravenous bird” will come is “mīzrāḥ” ( Concerning the term “east” in the Old Testament, the McClintock and Strong Biblical Cyclopedia explains: “...Kedem is used in a strictly geographical sense to describe a spot or country immediately before another in an easterly direction … on the other hand, mizrach is used of the far east with a less definite signification (Isa 41:2, 25; Isa 43:5; Isa 46:11).” (
The last part of the definition really contradicts INC’s point. “...mizrach is used of the far east with a less definite signification” means exactly that. It is just an unspecified east direction, not the modern version of the Far East. Just because the phrase “far east” is in there, they think they got us! The term “mizrach” that INC tries to relate to the far east and to the Philippines is used OVER 70 TIMES in the Bible. They never claim all of these verses are talking about the Philippines or even Asia.
Here are some examples of mizrach (from biblehub’s lexicon) used in context to refer to something that is clearly not Asia. For context, the actual language in Isaiah 46:11 in Hebrew is “mimmizrach” ( “Mizrach” is “east” and “mimmizrach” is “from the east” (mim is the masculine preposition “from”) (
Josh 17:10 - mimmizrach is used to describe Issachar, which is a place near the Mediterranean Sea (middle east today)
Southward it was Ephraim’s, northward it was Manasseh’s, and the sea was its border. Manasseh’s territory was adjoining Asher on the north and Issachar on the east (mimmizrach).
Psalm 107:3 - mimmizrach is used to say that the Lord delivers people from every direction
O give thanks unto the Lord, for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever. 2 Let the redeemed of the Lord say so, whom he hath redeemed from the hand of the enemy; 3 And gathered them out of the lands, from the east (mimmizrach), and from the west, from the north, and from the south.
Daniel 11:2,44 - mimmizrah is used to describe the prophecy of four kings of Persia
2 And now will I shew thee the truth. Behold, there shall stand up yet three kings in Persia; and the fourth shall be far richer than they all: and by his strength through his riches he shall stir up all against the realm of Grecia. 44 But tidings out of the east (mimmizrach) and out of the north shall trouble him: therefore he shall go forth with great fury to destroy, and utterly to make away many.
Exodus 27:13 - mizrachah (form of mizrach) discusses the east side of a court area
The width of the court on the east side (mizrachah) shall be fifty cubits.
2 Chronicles 5:12 - mizrah used to describe the east end of an altar
Also the Levites which were the singers, all of them of Asaph, of Heman, of Jeduthun, with their sons and their brethren, being arrayed in white linen, having cymbals and psalteries and harps, stood at the east end of the altar, and with them an hundred and twenty priests sounding with trumpets:)
Here are all the other occurrences of the word if you are crazier than I am:
Because mizrach is used in these other examples to not refer to Asia, as Asia wasn’t even a though in these biblical writers’ heads, the instances that mizrach appear are not referring to Asia.
And once a pick-and-choose church, always a pick-and-choose church, because after this definition provided, in the same source, the NEXT SENTENCE says kedem and mizrach are used without preference: “In describing aspect or direction, the terms are used indifferently (comp. kedem in Le 1:16, and Jos 7:2, with mizrach in 2Ch 5:12, and 1Ch 5:10). (
Here’s a graphic from this same reddit about this topic:
Here is where INC shoots itself in the foot. They mention Cyrus fulfilled his prophecy by conquering kingdoms and was given nations. In Isaiah 41:2 it mentions a person who is given nations and ruled over kings. This is in the context and fits the definition of what they think Cyrus fulfilled. BUT it uses the word “mizrach” as his origin. Cyrus and mizrach are compatible.
First, INC concedes that Isaiah 45:1 is about Cyrus (because his name is in the verse, duh):
“Thus says the Lord to His anointed, To Cyrus, whose right hand I have [a]held— To subdue nations before him And loose the armor of kings, To open before him the double doors, So that the gates will not be shut:
INC lists Isaiah 41:2 as one that includes the word “mizrach”. Let’s look at the verse:
“Who raised up one from the east? Who in righteousness called him to His feet? Who gave the nations before him, And made him rule over kings? Who gave them as the dust to his sword, As driven stubble to his bow?
Sounds a lot like Cyrus, huh? Even according to INC, “These prophecies were fulfilled in Cyrus when he conquered kingdoms, such as Babylon”. Especially since this is in the chapters about Babylon, this is clearly about Cyrus. The two verses both use the same Hebrew words for “subdue”, “nations” and “kings”. And they both use the same word for “east”—mizrach. Obviously Manalo wouldn’t fulfill this prophecy of ruling over kings or giving them dust to his sword, so it is referencing Cyrus. And in referencing Cyrus, it uses mizrach. So mizrach can be used in the context of Cyrus.
[8] INC Article:
Notice that the “mizrach is used of the far east.” Obviously, Cyrus did not come from the Far East—for his origin, Persia, and even Media, are in the ancient near east (; The Hebrew word used for the “east” to refer to Persia is not “mizrach” but “qedhem” (kedem) (Aid to Bible Understanding, pg. 478).
INC is misleading and comes to an incorrect conclusion when quoting Aid to Bible Understanding**.** The INC article states that the Hebrew word to refer to Persia is qedhem, not mizrach. The exact same source they cite ( says that mizrach means “rising” (as in the sun) and not any sense of “far east”, since Hebrews used the rising of the sun to determine their direction. Qedhem is generally east or east in relation to something else. The source lists examples of qedhem used with “the lands of Moab and Amon, the Arabian Desert, Babylonia, Persia, Assyria and Armenia. It does NOT say that mizrach was never used for these places as well. The same source in a later paragraph also says Isaiah 46:11 is a reference to Cyrus, who comes from the east, out of the sunrising. Clearly this source is not saying that mizrach was never used in reference to Persia, but INC makes it seem like they are saying this. If only INC would read all of their source material, like I dunno, the Bible.
[9] INC Article:
Pertinent prophecies also specify the place of origin in the Far East of the “ravenous bird” as the “islands of the sea” (Isa. 24:15 New International Version). Unlike Cyrus, Brother Felix Manalo is undoubtedly from an archipelago in the Far East. The Philippines, where he began preaching God’s words, is “almost at the geographical center of the Far East” (Asia and the Philippines, p. 169) consisting of 7,641 islands (
There are other “islands of the sea” than the Philippines and the Hebrew term also refers to “coastlands”. The INC deliberately uses a translation that says “islands” rather than “coastlands”, which would be an acceptable translation. The Hebrew word used here is “ ‘i ”. As Aid to Bible Understanding states, ‘i is “not restricted to a body of land smaller than a continent and completely surrounded by water … but also designates dry land or coastland(s)” ( So it’s not a perfect translation to English.
Here is Isaiah 24:15 NIV:
Therefore in the east give glory to the Lord; exalt the name of the Lord, the God of Israel, in the islands of the sea.
Like earlier, the “islands” or “coastlands” is likely Media, off the coast of the Persian Sea. Besides the obvious coastlands near the Mediterranean Sea, there are islands in the Bible, none of which are in Asia. Most of them with one exception are in the New Testament (in Greek). These are the islands of Cyprus (Acts 13:4-6), Cos, Rhodes (Acts 21:1), Crete (Acts 27:7), Cauda (Acts 27:16), Malta (Acts 28:1) and Patmos (Rev 1:9). The island in the Old Testament is Arvad in Ezekiel 27:8 and Genesis 10:18. This island city is now called Ruad and is off the coast of Syria ( So yes, the Philippines contains islands, but so do other places in the world.
[10] INC Article:
The mission The man likened to a “ravenous bird” was tasked to bring God’s righteousness near to the stubborn-hearted who are far from righteousness (Isa. 46:11-13). God’s righteousness is revealed in the gospel (Rom. 1:16-17) and to bring it near is to “preach the gospel” and “He who believes and is baptized will be saved” (Mark 16:15-16 NKJV).
INC tries to make “righteousness” the same thing as “the gospel” just so that Cyrus doesn’t fit the prophecy. If the definition doesn’t fit your narrative, change it! This part slams a bunch of verses together to try to connect the dots between the ravenous bird and the preaching of the gospel. The verses Isaiah 46:12-13 NKJV mention righteousness:
“Listen to Me, you stubborn-hearted, Who are far from righteousness: 13 I bring My righteousness near, it shall not be far off; My salvation shall not [a]linger. And I will place salvation in Zion, For Israel My glory.
INC goes all the way to the New Testament to cherry pick Romans 1:16:17 to manufacture a direct connection between righteousness and the gospel.
Romans 1:16-17 NKJV For I am not ashamed of the gospel [a]of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, for the Jew first and also for the Greek. 17 For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith; as it is written, “The just shall live by faith.”
Here, righteousness is IN the gospel, but righteousness is NOT the gospel itself. It is clearer in an INC video, where they state that God’s righteousness IS the gospel ( Instead, righteousness is justice, suggesting a standard or norm (Aid to Bible Understanding, And the last verse, Isaiah 46:13 means “my righteous judgment is approaching - that judgment which involves vengeance on my enemies, mercy and deliverance to my people” (Pulpit Commentary, ( Righteousness needed to be brought near because the people needed to be saved from Babylon. It does not necessarily include preaching the gospel. Thus, Cyrus still fits in. And that last random Mark verse? What is marky mark doing here?
[11] INC Article (the last part, I promise)****:
Notice the stark contrast: Whereas Cyrus’ God-given role was to subdue nations, the man likened to “ravenous bird” was commissioned to preach the gospel or God’s words for man’s salvation. In fulfillment, Brother Manalo did exactly that. Despite ferocious oppositions primarily form the dominant religions in his time, he devotedly taught the pristine gospel truths recorded in the Bible. For instance, he taught that the Father is the only true God (John 17:1, 3; I Cor. 8:6), showing in the process that the so-called Trinity is unscriptural. He preached that faith without good works is dead (James 2:17, 14, 22) and that man should enter Christ’s fold or flock, which is the Church Of Christ, in order to be saved (John 10:9 Revised English Bible; Acts 20:28 Lamsa Translation; Eph. 5:23). The legacy Against all odds, Brother Felix Manalo carried out his divine mission to teach God’s pure teachings for man’s salvation in these last days. This he devotedly fulfilled until he breathed his last on April 12, 1963, full of years and momentous accomplishments. The words that he had performed are the very proofs of his commissioning as God’s messenger. Both Cyrus the Great and the “ravenous bird” were entrusted with God-given mission. The Perisan king conquered earthly kingdoms for the Lord, while Brother Felix Manalo subdued false faiths by revealing God’s wisdom that leads to salvation.
Comments (I’ll make it short, I KNOW THIS IS ALREADY LONG. STOP JUDGING ME)****:
The rest of the article lists some teachings of Manalo’s that are beyond the scope of the Cyrus discussion, so will not be mentioned here. And in the end, they always make it about Manalo. Since there is no prophecy about Manalo that shows up randomly in verses about Babylon and Cyrus, or in any verses in general, Manalo can be dismissed as the messenger they make him out to be.
***************************************************************************************WTL;DR,BTPIAKOLSIS (Way Too Long; Didn’t Read, But This Part Is Also Kind Of Long So I’m Sorry)
Felix Manalo is most obviously not referenced in Isaiah 46:11, or Isaiah in general, simply because of the context. This entire section of Isaiah is about the prophesied defeat of Babylon (shown both before and after the Isaiah 46:11 verse), carried out by King Cyrus II. Other Asian churches also use this verse to say they are the true church from the far East, like followers of the South Korean Jesus, Christ Ahnsahnghong. “Bird of prey” or “ravenous bird” can also be translated as “eagle” from Hebrew. It is correlated with King Cyrus because his banner was a golden eagle, as used in the Achaemenid Empire. There is also a biblical pattern of monarchs like Cyrus being compared to eagles or birds because of how swiftly they act or attack. There is no reason that Manalo would need to act that way. As for the “far east” claim, the Hebrew word is “mizrach”, which in fact does not mean “far east”. The article even quotes that “mizrach is used of the far east with a less definite signification”. This means it is just an unspecified east direction, not the modern version of the Far East. The same word is used over 70 times in the Bible and in each case does not mean the Far East, even other places near the Mediterranean Sea. The word “kedem” that INC says means “immediate east” is used without preference with “mizrach”. INC would agree that Isaiah 41:2 is about Cyrus, because of how Cyrus subdued nations, but it uses the word “mizrach”. Lastly, they claim that Manalo fulfills the Isaiah 46:11 prophecy because the righteousness in the verse is the same thing as preaching the gospel. However, they incorrectly think that righteousness is the same thing as the gospel. Preaching the gospel isn’t necessary for there to be righteousness. Therefore, Cyrus fits the bill for this prophecy.
Isaiah 46:11 refers to King Cyrus II, and not to Felix Manalo.
Have a good day :)
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2023.05.30 06:05 Beautiful-Dance-3518 Sorry not sorry dry beggar Kelsey

Sorry not sorry dry beggar Kelsey
We knew you would use the fires as cry tactic to get more sympathy and for us to “stop”
Cry us a river girl You have been trying to dox people all day
FYI Your Facebook isn’t private - good try Doxxing would be not blacking out your name although previous posts on here have your full name 🙃 Fires didn’t displace you from going to the car meet yesterday did it? Or posting about your dog grooming
maybe if you weren’t a lying narcissistic scam artist this wouldn’t be happening 💅🏼💅🏼
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2023.05.30 06:03 n3ur0t1c1sm I feel sick

We had to put my childhood dog down on Friday. She was almost 14 years old and she couldn’t control her bladder anymore. It was the right decision to make, but I can’t stop thinking about something that the vet said as they walked us through the process. We’re getting her cremated, and they explained that it’ll take 1-2 weeks for her to come back, then the assistant said that the crematorium typically picks up on Wednesdays. All weekend I haven’t been able to stop thinking about how my sweet girl is in a refrigerator right now and I can’t do anything about it. Thankfully I’ve had our two other dogs to look after to distract me but this thought keeps invading my head and I feel so violently ill at the thought of it. I’m glad the vet was so transparent but I really wish they hadn’t said that. I miss her so much.
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2023.05.30 06:02 chibiArtist4sale Help my dog is draining my money!

Is there any treats that are high value that can be more than a thousand piece with variety of flavoring? I've been spending more than a 100$ a month on treats alone. He goes through six bags in less than a week, maybe I should try combining tricks as well but I'm trying to perfect some such as heel, staying in place, focusing holding . . . etc, and newer tricks I'm training him. He gets bored of the same treats over and over again, so I keep having to buy different variety of them. I also split them into pieces. I'm starting to think just using real meat itself, or cheese ( but cheese is to high value). Any tips for this?
Tricks he knows : sit, stand, stay, touch ( trying to advance it to target), leave it, ignore (for people/ animals) take, drop it, let go, on, off, jump, kisses, spin, speak, paw, wave, relax, recall, follow, focus, wait ( for curbs), let's go ( to go after curb stop). Heel ( working on indefinitely, he has mastered following me around at one side for a while.), forward ( release command from heel).
Tricks I want to teach: twist (spin the other way), ring bell (which requires target), whisper, hugs, bow, give me, hold, high five ( for this month or two months).
I want to pass the good canine citizenship, but I don't think I will be able to perfect it until he's at least a year old. He also still play bites, which I've been ignoring him. So I taught him relax/ settle (for laying down).
He won't lay down at all either, but I'm going to hire a private trainer for that.
Also been working on grooming him as well ( but been using kong filling).
Dog breed: blue heeler, Australian shepherd, and German shepherd mix.
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2023.05.30 05:49 portcullis357 (SPOILERS MAIN) People Misunderstand This Daenerys Prophecy

I know this has been talked about before, but I felt like most theories I've read about Daenerys' prophecies don't make sense to me. Especially the 333 prophecy.
Three fires must you light… one for life and one for death and one to love…
I believe these fires she lights refer to magical fires. The popular theory for the fire to light is the pyre that created the dragons. I agree with this.
The fire for death I believe will occur like in the show, in which Daenerys lights the khals and crones that do not submit to her afire to untie the hordes under her rule. It makes sense. It shows her dominance, which the Dothraki respect.
The fire for love I believe to be a fire sacrifice she will make to have a baby with Jon Snow. This could be any number of fires she sets when she invades Westeros. The reason for this is due to the other prophecy made in the first book:
When the sun rises in the West and sets in the East. When the seas go dry and mountains blow in the wind like leaves. When your womb quickens again, and you bear a living child. Then he will return and not before
So far this all seems pretty standard consensus in the fandom, and it that make sense to me. But now here's where I feel most people give confusing theories:
Three mounts must you ride… one to bed and one to dread and one to love…
The popular theory is that this refers to lovers, but that makes no sense for a variety of reasons. Daenerys has already had numerous lovers, and it all seems inconsequential for a prophecy to be like, here's some people you'll fuck or marry or whatever. She already fucks more than 3 people, and she didn't just marry Drogo to bed. She was forced into it. The mount to bed is Silver, but she's not fucking the horse. She mounts Silver and jumps over a fire in order to move on through the ceremony and bed Drogo afterwards. It's treated as a big moment in the books. It’s the first moment in the story in which Dany overcomes fear and begins to take control over her destiny. Silver becomes her spirit animal in many ways, and its death in book 2 is heartbreaking for her. This is her first mount, representing her first leap into adulthood.
The mount to dread is Drogon. She learns to ride Drogon at the end of DWD, and it's incredibly taxing, violent, and bloody. She abandons peace and compromise and has chosen Fire and Blood. Daenerys will ride Drogon to unite the Dothraki. Drogon is the Stallion Who Mounts the World. This is the scariest leap into adulthood, and it leads to pain, suffering, and filth. It relates to losing her innocence and desire for peace. It also calls back to the Black Dread.
The mount to love is the most unclear, since I think it hasn't happened yet, but she will have to mount another animal in order to love. This must have to do with Jon Snow. My guess is that she rides Ghost while Jon rides one of her dragons. But this will lead to her conceiving a living child with him no doubt and be the end to that quickening womb prophecy.
Three treasons will you know… once for blood and once for gold and once for love…
The popular belief is Daenerys will be betrayed, due to Daenerys herself thinking this in the books, but it really doesn't make sense.
“The Undying of Qarth had told her she would be thrice betrayed. Mirri Maz Duur had been the first, Ser Jorah the second. Would Reznak be the third? The Shavepate? Daario? Or will it be someone I would never suspect, Ser Barristan or Grey Worm or Missandei?” – (Daenerys I, ADWD)
The previous parts of the prophecy are about things Daenerys must do, so there's no reason for the third part to be any different. Plus, she's already been betrayed more than three times by multiple people. George is misdirecting for most of the book by using Daenerys' POV to steer readers into the wrong direction of thought. It seems clear that Daenerys will be the one doing the betraying. The clearest hint that its Daenerys being the betrayer is clearly spelled out in Daenerys X of DWD when she talks to a vision of Viserys.
"Only when you woke the dragon. I loved you."
“You sold me. You betrayed me.”
"No. You were the betrayer. You turned against me, against your own blood. They cheated me..."
I think George intended this to be a big reveal for readers paying attention. This is a fitting conclusion to Daenerys' arc in DWD. The whole book she is paranoid and thinking about how to achieve peace and avoid conflict, but in this chapter she realizes she must embrace her true nature of Fire and Blood, and that it really is herself that is the betrayer. Her whole arc is about starting as an indecisive innocent girl and becoming an assertive conqueror.
The treason she will know for blood was Viserys. What's interesting is that Viserys says that she turned against her own blood, meaning the treason was not to get blood, but the one betrayed was her blood.
The treason she will know for gold seems to have not happened yet. Daenerys will commit treason against someone that represents gold or where gold plays a significant role. She will need gold to go to Westeros. Gold wins wars. I suspect it could be Tyrion or whoever ends up being her Master of Coin. It could also be someone in Qarth such as Quaithe or Xaro.
The treason she will know for love means Daenerys will betray someone she loves or she will betray someone else for her love. It definitely relates to Jon. Many say what happened in the show could occur, in which Daenerys burns King's Landing. Maybe she promises Jon she won't, but she does anyways. Another possibility is Daenerys may willingly sacrifice herself to stop the whitewalkers. Maybe she knows she is Nissa Nissa and bares her chest for Jon. Maybe she promises Jon that she will not sacrifice herself, but she does anyways to save him and the realm.
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2023.05.30 05:49 jaykal001 Question about fences - Kind of an interesting one!

I'll try to be brief, but provide detail -
My wife and I have a little black whippet mix - about 6 years old now. He's a "climber" and a "jumper". He's got a lot of anxiety, and loves to run up to other dogs and start something he can't and shouldn't finish. We previously had a home with a 6 foot privacy fence that he'd jump at and clammer and climb his way over. Once he figured out he could do it - there was no stopping him. There was always a shorter 4 foot section of neighbors fence that we didn't cover or fence around - but he never once tried to get over that section of fence.
I'm thinking he might be smart enough to realize he needs to be able to "climb" the wooden fence, and he wouldn't be able to do that with a wire-based fence.

We are moving into a new home and I'm debating new fencing ideas, and I'm trying to find something to give him some freedom but also have the most realistic chance of keeping him in.
Curious on thoughts and/or experiences. Thanks, Jay
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2023.05.30 05:47 dinolord77 Billabong Junction, map concept

Howdy, you may know me from Volcano Coast my Hawaii map concept, and you may know this is my second time typing this! I had this half typed out and was tired, so I decided to finish it the next day, and I guess my laptop died overnight, which when close it goes into sleep mode, but it didn't for some reason. Away I am not going to type out the main story and side missions like I had planned so I'm going to just summarize them, sorry.
Introduction: G'day and welcome to the Northen territory! out here in the bush it's a hunter dream where you can hunt the same land that ancient aboriginals did 10,000 years ago. Stalk along the river or set up at one of the billabongs for thirsty feral donkeys, goats, and mean Ol' scrub bulls. Trek through the forests for warry bangteng and dangerous water buffalo, and if big game isn't your cup of tea, head up to the wetland to hunt some of Australia's beautiful waterfowl, but be careful around the water, for your not only apex predator in Billabong Junction!
Characters: William Bailey is the warden of the reserve. He's 43 years old and has been warden for 21 years. he's a jokester but is serious about the wellbeing of the reserve.
Ava Bailey is a ecologist studding the effects that invasive species have on native wildlife. She's 38 years old and is William's sister.
Robert Stevenson is a student studding under Ava, but his main research is on the crocodiles of the reserve. He's 24 and is Ava's assistant.
Bobby "Kaiya" Harris is a aboriginal man who lives on the reserve and is a big-time waterfowl hunter. He's 30 and is good friends with William.
Jack\Jacky Graham is the owner of an outfit that takes people hunting what he calls the big three bangtengs, scrub bulls, and water buffalo. he's 50 years old.
map layout: A river flows from the northeast, going south then winding west. The northeastern part of the map is a wetland with green vegetation. North of the river and west of the wetland is lust forest and fields. Five dried tributaries branch out from the river going south through dry scrub forests and prairies and in these tributaries are a total sixteen billabongs, the largest being in the southeast. Going south of the river the vegetation becomes less green and drier as it fades into a dry scrub like environment. In the dry rocky hills to the southwest discover the ancient signs of the aboriginals.
Main story: In the beginning of a drought, you have come to help William with the reserve. After you get settled William has you help his sister and then as you tear down a croc trap set up by poachers and as the story continues you find a torn shirt in the river near a busted croc trap, and a few people go missing, then after helping Jack Graham locate a missing target buffalo, after finding in dead you learn the culprit is a croc and after following the tracks you find blood and torn clothes that match a missing person, realizing you have a man-eating croc on the loose and you need to stop it. (The maneater will be a guaranteed diamond)
Side missions: Ava's missions will have you set up and collect trail cams, harvest certain species, and put hunting pressure in specific areas.
Roberts missions will have you find crocodile zones, photograph crocs, spot crocs, and harvest crocs.
Bobby's missions will have you hunt waterfowl in certain ways, with certain weapons, and harvest pacific ratings.
Jacky's missions will have you hunt the big three, photograph them, track them, spot them, and harvest pacific ratings.
animals and weapon:
pink-eared duck: class 1, level 1-3. These ducks are commonly found in the wetland parts of the river.
maned duck: class 1, level 1-3. These ducks are rarer and found only in the wetland.
magpie geese: class 1, level 1-5. These geese are found in the wetland and along the hole river.
feral goat: class 3, level 1-5. feral goats are found in herds in the regions south of the river.
feral pig: class 4, level 1-5. pigs can be found everywhere expect the southwestern region and most commonly in the northern regions.
feral donkey: class 6, level 1-5. feral donkey travel in small herds in the dryer regions of the reserve. they are very vocal and will warning can when attentive and alert. The highest population is in the central and southeast areas of the map.
saltwater crocodile: class 7, level 1-9. crocodiles are more aggressive and are most active at dusk and night, basking during the morning and evening. crocs are found in the river and the highest population is in the wetland.
bangteng; class 9, level 1-5. The bangteng are warry and quiet, staying in the denser forests along the river, venturing out during dawn and dusk. Bangteng do not go aggressive.
scrub bull: class 9, level 1-9. scrub bulls are found in the dryer regions south of the river, they travel in herds and are very vocal, bulls are rather aggressive and will charge if you get to close.
water buffalo: class 9, level 1-9. water buffalo can be found along the river and a little bit south of it, but the highest population is in the lush forest and wetland north of the river.
My weapon of choice is the Mauser M12 max 9.3x62 rifle. Irl this a common African game cartridge so I think it would be a great 5-9 gun.

Sorry if this seems rushed it kind of is sense emerald coast was announced and I wanted to hurry up and get this out there. so please tell me what you think, and I hope you all enjoyed Billabong Junction.
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2023.05.30 05:39 alurry [US] [Selling] Entire 4K SteelBook Collection (300+)

I am selling my entire personal collection. 95% of these were purchased new by me. Immediately after purchase I put them into the plastic protectors and haven't removed them since. None are heavily damaged (bending, major dents, multiple large scratches, etc.). There may be tiny dents, scratches, and the odd spine slash here and there. When you are ready to purchase I will let you know if I see any noticeable damage, however minor or major.
These are all used and opened and none contain the digital code or j-card. The vast majority contain all the original discs but a few might be missing the regular blu-ray. Most discs have never been played but I have watched a few once or twice. No issues while playing any of them.
I will ship for free via Media Mail. If you would prefer I ship using First Class or something else we can work out an extra fee. I would prefer to use PayPal F&F but will accept G&S if you insist. I will ship with the plastic protector (or with the slipcover that originally came with the SteelBook) and I will ship securely in a box with lots of bubble wrap (see picture below).
Prices are somewhat firm but it's hard to say what a lot of these are worth so feel free to make an offer. The more you buy the better deal I can give you. 10% off (possibly more) if you buy 2 and it only goes up from there. I would prefer to keep most of the collections together for now but could sell individually for the right price.
Proof ( If you want more assurance I have 224 transactions in DigitalCodeSELL (check my post history). I can also link you my eBay page if that is allowed. 3.6K items sold with 100% positive feedback.
Metal Tin SteelBook Collections (
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Game of Thrones Complete Collection (4K) SOLD
The Hobbit Trilogy (4K) Best Buy $100
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (4K) Best Buy $125
Mad Max Complete Collection (4K) Zavvi $100
Monsterverse 4 Film Collection (Empty Tin) SOLD
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Bad Boys 1-3 Best Buy 2 $45
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2023.05.30 05:37 ExcellusUltimus 5 Stacks in normal are boring.

Anyone else tired of queuing up for a normal game and have every single game be versus a 5 stack? I don't even try anymore. I did 7 normals with a friend today. Six of them were versus 5 stacks. By about the third time I stopped putting in any effort. It's so goddamn boring.
I swear this happens to me EVERY time I play normals too. So basically normals aren't even an option for fun, because they're sweatier than ranked games. My friend left because the games were so incredibly one-sided and boring. I queued up solo. Immediately got a five-stack opponent.
I can't be the only one who thinks this system is absolute dog shit.
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2023.05.30 05:37 DarcyMistwood Flying pets to safety from overcrowded kill shelters

Flying pets to safety from overcrowded kill shelters submitted by DarcyMistwood to OrphanCrushingMachine [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 05:35 jordanapolis Top 25 Busiest Intersections in Indy

As a response to a comment on my last post, "Top 10 Most Important Roads in Indy," I have created this latest countdown of the Top 25 Busiest Intersections in Indy. Note that these are the BUSIEST intersections in Indy, whereas the last post looked at roads most IMPORTANT to the city.

25.) Kessler Blvd and Michigan Rd
24.) 38th St and Dr.MLK Jr St/Michigan Rd
23.) 96th St and Meridian St
22.) Pendleton Pike and Sunnyside Rd
21.) Southport Rd and Emerson Av
20.) 38th St and Lafayette Rd
19.) 86th St and Michigan Rd
18.) 21st St and Shadeland Av
17.) County Line Rd and Emerson Av
16.) County Line Rd and Meridian St
15.) Washington St and Post Rd
14.) Kentucky Av and Mooresville Rd
13.) Kentucky Av and High School Rd
12.) Washington St and High School Rd
11.) County Line Rd and US 31
10.) Edgewood Av and US 31
9.) 82nd St and Allisonville Rd
8.) 71st St and Binford Blvd
7.) 38th St and High School Rd
6.) Pendleton Pike and Franklin Rd
5.) 86th St and Keystone Av
4.) Rockville Rd and High School Rd
3.) Fall Creek Pkwy and Keystone Av
2.) 96th St and Keystone Av

Washington St and West St; Fall Creek Rd. and Shadeland Av; 10th St and Dr.MLK Jr St/West St; 86th St and Meridian St

And the busiest intersection in Indianapolis is....

1.) Rockville Rd and Country Club Rd

How Were These Entries Selected?
Unlike the last post, which was simply based on my experience living in the city for 25 years, this countdown was made using measurable data. The data comes from the INDOT Traffic Count Database System. The data was measured mostly in 2022 or later, with a few readings coming from as early as 2020.
Traffic Count Database System (TCDS) (
To make this list I searched for reading locations in Marion County and then sorted the list by highest AADT (Annual Average Daily Traffic).
As one might guess, nearly all of the top 100 were located on interstate highways (I-465, I-65, I-70, etc.). However, for this countdown I excluded all locations situated on interstate highways. This means I even excluded locations situated on the interchange of an interstate highway and a non-interstate (eg., Keystone and I-465 on the northside,, 82nd and I-69, etc.). I only included reading locations situated near interstate highways if there was a non-minor intersection nearby (eg., I included Rockville and High School since both roads are non-minor but excluded US 31 and Elbert St. since Elbert is a minor road).
Using this criteria, I compiled a list of 48 intersections in Marion County, each with an annual average of over 30,000 hits per day.

From this list of 48 intersections, to avoid redundancies I grouped entries together where all of the intersections occurred within 1 mile of a single intersection and kept the highest reading, then named the entry after the central/largest intersection (eg., I combined US 31/Stop 11, US 31/Stop 12, US 31/ Stop 13, US 31/Co. Line, Co.Line/Airport and called it US 31/Co. Line)
Below are the 28 entries I got after grouping, with the AADT in parentheses to the side.

Kentucky Av and Mooresville Rd (36,267)
Kentucky Av and High School Rd (36,348)
Meridian St and County Line Rd (35,231)
US 31 and County Line Rd (37,374)
US 31 and Edgewood Av (38,034)
Emerson Av and Southport Rd (34,201)
Emerson Av and County Line Rd (34,979)

Washington St and High School Rd (36,707)
Rockville Rd and High School (43,558)
Rockville Rd and Country Club Rd (46,971)
38th St and High School Rd (40,746)

Washington St and Post Rd (36,090)
Pendleton Pike and Franklin Rd (42,892)
Pendleton Pike and Sunnyside Rd (33,867)
Shadeland Av and 21st St (34,809)
Shadeland Av and Fall Creek Rd. (30,101)

Allisonville Rd and 82nd St (39,468)
Michigan Rd and 86th St (34,386)
Keystone Av and 86th St (43,310)
Keystone Av and 96th St (46,929)
Meridian St and 86th St (31,421)
Meridian and 96th St (33,859)

Lafayette Rd and 38th St (34,220)
West St./MLK St. and 10th (31,103)
MLK St./Michigan Rd and 38th St (31,819)
Michigan Rd and Kessler Blvd (31,736)
Fall Creek Pkwy and Keystone Av (45,904)
Binford Blvd and 71st St (40,146)

Surprised at anything in this list? Wondering how any intersections didn't make this list? Please feel free to comment below.

Thank you for reading!
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2023.05.30 05:34 witcharithmetic Tell me who you are when no one else is looking. California artist seeking friends. 34m

Who needs coasts when you’re perfectly adrift?
I’m a dreamer on a hammock on a spring California night.
Professional photographer and amateur poet. I love scary movies and sad songs.
Let’s be sleeping dogs, let’s be cats in another life
Calling all weirdos. Say hello!
Our dreams play games in convincing ways.
Speak easy and sing slow and tell me who you are when no one else is looking.
I love the smell of coffee and haircuts, and snapdragons in the garden on a day when your allergies act up and you can stop crying even though you’re feeling just fine.
Introvert, dreamer, wanderer, faker.
We’re all just make believe people and none of it matters in the end.
Tell me your favorite scary movie. When was the last time you cried? What was the last thing that truly made you happy?
My favorite colors are teal and purple, my favorite drink is an appletini(made correctly please)
My favorite song is
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2023.05.30 05:31 A_Normal_Queen AITA for reporting a driver to their company?

on mobile, sorry
I (20F) was driving home late last night (8pm ish but dark out) on the high way. I was passing a vehicle in the passing lane when suddenly I notice a very bright light behind me, a vehicle that was so close to me that it would probably be unsafe when stationary. I couldn’t see anywhere behind me and so when safe, I moved back to the other lane as the vehicle speed past me. It was a company car and I managed to catch the license plate before it sped off but I shrugged it off, it’s getting late, what ever. About five minutes later as I was coming off the highway I came to a stop at a set of lights with the car a few spots ahead of me. When the light turns green we both turn in the residential neighbourhood and he again, speeds off. He was probably about 20km/h over the speed limit. This, is where I have a problem. I grew up in this neighbourhood and it’s rather safe, so family’s are comfortable with walking their dogs at night with no reflective gear and kids can be playing on the sidewalk even after dark. (Dark is like 5:30ish during daylight savings) If a child or a pet was on the road, even if he can see them, ge may not have been able to stop in time, it could have caused a serious accident!
So I contacted the company and gave them the licence plate and told them the above. They got back to me this afternoon and said for safety reasons, the driver can not drive for the company again and will only be driven.
I told a co worker about it, and she said I was TA because that may have been the only way they could have gotten to work and I may have cost them a performance review or something along those lines.
So, am I TA?
(The company was for heat pump instillation, not transportation)
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2023.05.30 05:30 _itsbunny fiction ya novel - can’t stop thinking about it

read it years ago a teen girl has a poor family and the town they live in is shitty and known for a tragedy of a horse and carriage falling in a lake and the whole family dying. her dad works in a factory and her sister has a shitty phone
the girl has a small white dog who ran away and she found it in a hole under a tree she falls down the hole with when trying to get the dog out
she’s wakes up in some weird place i don’t really know it’s so odd lmao and she goes with these people and they stop the tragedy from happening and when she wakes up she’s in hospital after being in a coma or something and everything’s different and she has a baby sister now and her family is more well off and her sister has an iphone now
now that i write it it doesn’t sound that great a book lmao but it’s bugging me
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2023.05.30 05:25 Ok-Grapefruit3808 31 [F4M] Minnesota/USA. HELP save me from tinder!

Oh hey there! Thanks for stopping by. So yes, it’s true. I’m on tinder and it’s not going well. At all. I’ll start by saying that I’m a plus size woman and make that very known on my profile cause I’m not here to catfish anyone or make you think I’m some skinny Minnie only to be v shocked if we meet in person. So maybe on an app as shallow as tinder it’s not a surprise I’m not having any luck. I have a killer personality tho - just sayin.
Anyways, a little bit about me: - live in Minneapolis, MN - 5’7” - love live music - 4/20 friendly - don’t drink but don’t mind if you do - am very good at Mario Kart - love dogs - usually lounging by or floating in the pool on the weekends - very left leaning. No time for trump supporters. - have quite a few tattoos - have my own apartment and car - full time job, usually working from home - v independent - v crafty - love naps & air conditioning - love traveling but doesn’t everyone say that?
Wow that was a lot about me. Tell me about you :)
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2023.05.30 05:20 BabyPunter3000v2 Behold! The Romance Novel Nobody Wanted (tw animal injury/death, gun violence)

Behold! The Romance Novel Nobody Wanted (tw animal injury/death, gun violence)
As Brittany Dawn pulled into the unpaved driveway, she couldn't help but catch her reflection in her open and recording phone screen. She smiled with her overbleached teeth at her orange complexion, batted her spider leg lashes, and twirled a strand of her treasured bronde hair around her chipped acrylic nails. She didn't speak, knowing she'd later add a caption about how Jesus had blessed her with the inspiration to move from her McMansion in Fort Worth, that it was His divine timing that led to the closure of She Lives Freed and not the hundreds of complaints that were not more than hateful trolls and bullies out to tear a self-made woman down.
"This is one of your parents' properties, right?" Zach, her husband, said. He stepped out of the car and squinted into the far distance where a different McMansion sat. "It sure was nice of them to let us move in after the lawsuit settlement."
Brittany whipped her botoxed face around and scowled. He already annoyed her when he chewed, or walked through the house, or breathed, or existed, she didn't need him to remind her of the L-word.
"Yeah, well," she scoffed, opening instagram, "just don't go stomping around like you own the place. Is the U-Haul here, yet?"
"Uh, yeah," Zach said, looking around. "They're parked a little ways away on the road. I guess they didn't see the driveway."
Brittany sighed in frustration. Oh, well, moving all the perfectly curated beige furniture and decor was a stupid and ugly man's job anyway.
She stepped out of the car and took a sip out of her Starbucks cup. She only ordered water, everything else was too Satanic. Sometimes she liked to think she was baptising the siren as the underpaid and overworked barista filled her cup. That made it okay and completely different.
"I'm gonna let Brodie out. Can you hold on to him while I go tell the movers that we're here?"
"Yeah, sure, whatever," Brittany said dismissively as she scrolled through her feed, liking posts about pyramid schemes and horse troughs. Zach opened the dog carrier and pressed the leash into her hand.
"You got this, right?"
"I already told you, I got it! Now go do something useful for once!" Brittany snapped, not looking up. She was sure this was abuse.
Zach sighed and took off, the post-post nut clarity strong and resentful.
Brittany immediately let go of the leash to scratch her finely-toned ass, cackling at a post of women crying in fear over Roe v. Wade being overturned.
Brodie took off running along the side of the road, straight for the moving truck that that was starting to actually move. Zach's eyes grew wide in panic and he tried to call out for the dog to stop, but nobody trained that dog before and he wasn't about to start listening now. Zach could only look on in horror and scream as the wheel of the truck rolled over his beloved pet.
"Omg, shut up!" Brittany yelled.
"Brittany, our dog just got run over!" Zach cried.
"Oh, shit," Brittany said. "Should we like, do something?"
Brittany's ears perked up. She had never heard such a beautiful voice before. She turned around and saw a lifted truck with those novelty testicles attached to the back bumper. There were bumper stickers about how the Messiah Trump is saving America and how you had to pay for a ride with gas or ass. What intriguing and alpha Chad male could possibly be behind the wheel?
"Oh, thank God!" Beta Chump Husband said. "He's still alive we just need to-"
But before he could finish, the mystery man jumped out of his truck with his sexy man gun, took aim and fired, killing the dog instantly.
"The FUCK?" Zach shouted, sprayed by his dog's blood. "What was that for?! There was an emergency vet a mile up the road! We passed it on the way here!"
Brittany barely heard what was going on, she was so enamoured by her hero's dreamy beady eyes, unkept grody beard and slovenly fashion.
"Hi," she managed to squeak out, wiggling her fingers.
The sexboat turned to her and smiled, a waterfall of dip juice dripping down his chin and onto his shirt, mixing with his sweat stains. "Got any nudes?"
And that's when she new she had to be his.
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2023.05.30 05:19 Shenzaniganz Alert Barking When I'm Gone

My 6 year old shepherd mix alert barks constantly when I'm not home. I've been marking and rewarding her when she hears any noise she might bark at, and as a result she doesn't bark at all when I'm home. She altogether ignores noises. But if I'm gone and she hears noises such as the neighbors talking or the sprinkler going she'll bark nonstop until several minutes after the noise disappears, meaning she'll bark for hours straight if the noise doesn't stop. When I'm gone I keep her in the bedroom with the TV on and no access to the windows, but she'll still bark at everything she hears that wouldn't phase her if I'm at home. I know this is a very common behavior in shepherd type dogs, but I'm not sure how to stop the barking if I'm not around to mark and reward. This is a new behavior since we moved and has been going on for about two months. Any ideas?
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2023.05.30 05:16 CorruptedStudiosEnt I just had to help my partner get committed to a facility.

Just context, you can skip this long ass read. Tl;dr, everything was okay, for several years of varying stress levels, until it VERY suddenly wasn't. If you can, at least just skim the important bits and advise me on how the fuck to cope with this.
Everything was okay around a month ago. Our situation hasn't been good, but we were handling it and excited for a growth opportunity like we've never had.
She has PTSD, but she's always managed herself well, aside from a brief period years back where some impending doom set in while confronting some of her trauma. She sought out therapy, and even just by the end of her first session she was improving a ton. It wasn't long before she was back to her normal self, but even better for it.
Problem is, we've been under tremendous stress for around two years.
Our rescue macaw passed away from a viral wasting disease, and he was the closest thing we'd had to a child. We had him for most of our ten years together.
We had our (rental) home sold out from under us in the middle of a rental crisis. Basically the only option we had left was to move in with her family 2,400 miles away, onto their ranch. She couldn't continue therapy when we moved.
They were contributors to her childhood traumas, but she was so sure they'd changed and were ready to be the people she needed them to be many years ago.
I was extremely skeptical that the people who hadn't extended a finger to us, let alone a hand, through several years of struggling through a lot of hard shit, suddenly wanted to give us a near-free ride. But I think her sheer optimism for it just made me feel like I was being an awful cynic, so I just shoved it down and bought into her fantasy. For her sake, as I thought at the time. Maybe she was right, after all.
She was wrong, and it went about as well as you'd expect. Honestly probably a lot worse. Her grandmother and father are manipulative, narcissistic assholes, whether or not they realize that's what they are. They bait and switched on us hard, whether they meant to or not.
The picture that was painted was that we'd live in the spare trailer on their property and pay our portion of the taxes and the insurance, and obviously just do our share of stuff like yard work. Maybe occasionally helping out with some cows and fences.
We spent most of our savings to get there, and after a four and a half day U-Haul trip, they started moving us in.. to her grandmother's house. In a tiny spare room. For two (at the time) 26 year old adults, a dog, a cat, and a snake. We had to get a storage unit for the vast majority of our stuff, since we'd had nearly ten years of building a life together in the back of that truck.
That spare trailer stayed empty for the whole year and a half of us being there, by the way.
All the responsibilities were then handed off to us. We were expected to cook the meals for everyone, clean the house, do all the ranch work, fix anything that broke, etc.. Her father and grandmother just sat in bed, collected their retirement/inheritance/disability, and popped their pills.
Then on top of it, we were also expected to pay "half" of the bills, so we had to find employment on top of all the other full-time responsibilities.
We weren't allowed to see the bills, they would just tell us what we owed, but I'll tell you right now that I'd never in twelve years of being out on my own now, in comparably sized homes, paid $800 for a month of electricity. But allegedly the "half" we were expected to pay was $400.
My grandfather passed away, and I soft inherited my grandparents' property. My grandfather and I never had a good relationship, so it was a huge surprise. But with what little we'd managed to save up in that time, it got us off her family's ranch, and it also got us out of the vicious poverty inducing rent cycle, so it seemed like we'd finally gotten a massive break.
Then the housing problems set in.
I've replaced about half of the plumbing myself, because new stuff just kept breaking down all the time.
I wasn't confident doing a new gas water heater myself, so we had to get work to save up for a new one. Until that indeterminate future date, we had to boil water on the stove and shower with a pitcher out of a cooler. We took it in humor as best as we could.
Then our vehicles started breaking down, and became unreliable enough we couldn't leave the small town we're living in. Our savings at that point weren't nearly enough to get new vehicles, or even to get the level of work required done in a shop, and I didn't have the means to do that level of work.
She's been in healthcare (a very desperate field) for her whole working life, and is a fantastic worker, so she found work right away, four minutes from our house.
I sat on Google refreshing the job listing probably forty times per day, looking for anything even marginally close enough that the car could make it to, and I could plausibly continue to find a way to work even if it suddenly couldn't. I've done remote work before and would've been happy to go that route again.. except the best we get here is 7mbps internet, and I couldn't find a single fucking place that would accept that.
We're an equal home. Bills, large purchases that benefit both of us, food, housework, everything except stuff like the vehicle/house maintenance which she wasn't comfortable doing (though even that she was interested in learning). This was killing me to feel like I was leaching off of her, and I know it was really stressing her out being the only source of income.
Then set in the job problems. Put simply, she'd wound up in a very toxic work environment. To make matters worse, one of the people there is almost like a 40 year younger version of her grandmother, whom we'd just escaped.
My S.O. started to lose her identity there, just trying to mask and mirror her way through the social dynamics, which were more like a cliquey high school than a workplace. She felt her job depended on it. Gossip, cruelty, passive aggression, all completely out of character for her, but she felt like she didn't have a choice but to participate in it.
The manager also didn't want to do her own job, and given my S.O.'s glowing experience, resume, and letter of recommendation from her previous job, started putting the job of managing people on her..
But without the title, authority, or pay of a manager. So naturally, nobody gave a shit what she had to say. It still all fell down onto her anyway, and she was treated like shit every time her attempts to lead didn't go as they should've.
But she felt she couldn't leave, because the way she (understandably) saw it, our survival depended on it.
I did finally find work as lower management in a small casino in town, but she never lost that survival mode mindset, and had no interest in quitting despite all the stress it was putting on her.
How we landed here, per the title. This is where my heart breaks down completely. Mostly for her, but quite honestly, also for myself
About three weeks ago, she came home from work one day. She started her normal "today's bullshit at work" vent session, like we've always done for each other every day.. but this was different. First she seemed a bit disconnected, but it quickly devolved into extreme emotional reactions.
All of a sudden she starts talking about how everyone's behavior is changing around her. Suddenly the girls at work were chipper and kind. Everyone was doing their job correctly. She became convinced there was some kind of investigation for a hostile work environment or something happening, and that was causing the change.
It didn't seem totally out of the realm of possibility, especially because they'd just finished berating a transgender coworker out of there. And my S.O. has always been pretty sound of mind (albeit occasionally a little prone to unlikely fantasies of optimism, but I personally love that about her despite what it had just resulted in with her family). I agreed that it did sound like a possibility.
Pretty quick, she started getting squinty-eyed, told me my behavior has been changing too, and started asking me what I knew about the investigation. Caught me completely off guard, and I guess she saw that in my body language, but misread it as me trying to hide something.
She asked me what I was hiding, and at this point I was just massively confused how this went from a normal vent session about work, like we've had for ten years, to an interrogation.
Before I could answer, suddenly she jumps to angrily asking if I'm cheating on her, a look of almost intense hatred in her widened eyes.
Every question just confusing me more in terms of where she's getting any of this from. We have great communication, loyalty, honesty, trust, the whole package. I had no idea what was happening.
She ran to the bedroom and started packing to leave, and I was begging her to slow down and stop so I could catch up on what the fuck was happening. She told me I was in on the investigation but wouldn't tell her anything, and I was cheating on her with one of her coworkers (who has a loose link to my boss at the casino.. small town shit), and that's all she needed to know.
It finally clicked for me that this was some kind of stress breakdown, and I suggested as much. She finally slowed down and thought about it. Suddenly she's calling her sister, who lives in a completely different state a thousand plus miles away, surrounded by ocean. "Do you know anything about an investigation? Have any of the girls from my work contacted you?"
Her sister was also caught off guard, but honestly responded much better than I did, and I'll always feel like my uncoordinated response did damage here. Maybe because they share a lot of the same traumatic experiences, and the diagnosis, so she understood what was happening much more quickly? I'm not sure.
My S.O. backed down, had a good long cry while we cuddled, and it seemed like that was it. She understood that it was some kind of mental snap, and her grip on reality had basically fully returned. She said she didn't think she could go back to work there, and I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agreed after what I'd just witnessed. WHOLE. FUCKING. HEARTEDLY. Scared the shit out of me, but after hours of it, I was just glad it was over.
The next day, "I just wish someone would be honest with me. There is FACTUALLY an investigation happening, you all know something about it, and I know you're cheating on me. I need to just get away from everyone." Cue an hours long conversation trying to talk her down again, but this time on my own, because she'd decided her sister "wasn't in the loop enough to see what was going on anyway."
It went on like this for about three weeks. Off and on. All day. All night. Moment of clarity, back down the rabbit hole 30 minutes later. Moment of clarity, back down the rabbit hole.
She started making all these "seeing god in the stars" types of connections. Suddenly everyone on Facebook knew something she didn't now too, evidenced by how these posts they're sharing relate back to it. My family was also allegedly talking about her mental breakdown on Facebook, which meant that I'd told them everything about it and taken away her choice to control that information.
Neither of us were sleeping, eating, drinking, basically neglecting all forms of self care to sit there and hash, rehash, and rehash this out again. I'd guess I was averaging 5 hours of sleep per week, right alongside her, while still having to go to work and pretend everything was fine.
I tried to suggest returning to therapy god knows how many times, or even something in-patient since this was SO much worse than her last episode years back, but initially she was convinced this was me trying to manipulate her. Gaslight her. Convince her she's crazy.
I tried to get her to just think it through, like what evidence does she actually have for any of it beyond her gut feeling? The evidence doesn't exist because we're all smart enough to get rid of it and keep it from her. She just kept repeating that she trusts her body, and that's all she needed.
During one of her moments of clarity, she finally booked a therapy appointment.. but unfortunately not through her old therapist, who had been fantastic with her. She no longer lives here. Instead, she went through that BetterHelp app.
Her first appointment, she starts going into the stuff she needs to get working through, and in response she gets, "Holy smokes!" Yeah. That's it. Holy smokes. To be clear here, this is evidently not a platform for people in crisis, this is a platform for people whose dad yelled at them that one time and it makes them sad to think about, because these people are clearly not equipped for anything more serious than that. What kind of fucking psychology professional responds like that?
Anyway, the therapist also went on to say about the job situation, "I would've quit too." Now, this seems innocent enough when you're dealing with someone who's with it, but my S.O.'s currently fractured mind took that as validation for everything, not just the general toxicity of the work environment like the therapist was speaking to. Again, a psychology professional should've known better. And it was back on full force for a while.
A massive divergence happened a few days after this. I'm not even sure how or why. We had our usual rehashing session, and suddenly.. she just accepted it. She accepted that she's in perpetual fight or flight mode right now, and her mind is looking for any explanation to grasp at, any possible danger imaginable. She just had to trust us, the people who've loved and supported her all along and have no reason to betray her, and keep with the therapy.
For three or four days, she was totally with it. I mean, almost fully back to normal. All apologies for what she put us through, all forgiveness and "just happy to have you back" from us. Then on the final night, she sees that my step mother is Facebook friends with one of her coworkers. And we're back on.
Fast forward to the past few days, and she's become very despondent about the way she's feeling. She's fairly consistently aware that something is happening to her internally, rather than externally with everyone else, basically just seeking regular reassurances that we're being as honest as possible about everything. But her fight or flight just.. Will. Not. Disengage.
We had a conversation about trying another therapist, and she agreed, but she still didn't feel she needed in-patient care. She booked an in person session with one who specializes in behavioral health and trauma.
Then she starts experiencing distortions in her perception. Shadows when she closes her eyes. Rooms appearing smaller than they should. The voice track on TV shows not appearing to line up with actors' lip movements. Just little distortions, but they scared the absolute living shit out of her.
That fear led to some horrific dissociation, where it's like she's losing context on everything. She doesn't know what's happening and feels like nothing is real anymore. Nothing makes sense.
She was still stuck on there being an investigation, but it was evolving. It wasn't her old job being investigated anymore, it was her father for child abuse from when she was young. Then it was us for neglecting our pets (because we don't take our snake out very often and occasionally forget a regular nail trimming for the dog, but they're otherwise very well cared for). Then it was her father again, but for elder abuse, because her grandmother (who insists on managing her own medications) accidentally overdosed one day.
She became even more despondent, frequently breaking out into panic attacks and crying fits, which I just continued to try and help her through. Ice packs, reassurances that she was safe, there was no threat, etc. Truth be told, I was terrified too.
Finally, two days before her appointment, she had a massive panic attack about it being Memorial Day weekend. She couldn't explain why, just that it didn't make sense. She finally says she thinks she needs a hospital, which she's been completely opposed to until this point.
I rushed her to the emergency room, and that was a mess because it was the middle of the night so they couldn't find a bed anywhere in a more appropriate facility that late. They didn't really have any mental health resources themselves, so all they could do was give her some medications to calm her nerves and help her sleep through the night until they could find a bed.
The hospital.. was not good for her either. After a while, she just kept begging me to take her home. She just wanted to sleep together in our own bed, but they'd decided that between the bouts of confusion, paranoia, and admitting that she has had thoughts of suicide in the past, she was a danger to herself and couldn't leave.
They took her phone, leaving her in a blank room, and thanks to her work and the fact the most recent retraumatizing came from a healthcare environment, constantly triggered by the sounds of call lights and such in the emergency room outside.
All I could do was hold her, and keep reminding her that she's safe, and that everyone there just wants to help, but they're just limited in the ways they can until they find a bed somewhere. She just kept repeating that she wasn't actually getting any treatment, and to be fair she basically wasn't, but I just had to keep asking her to hold out a little longer, because they were trying to find her a facility that had the ability to.
They did finally, this morning, but it was about 130 miles away. They let me take her there myself though, which was a huge plus to know we'd get that last bit of time together.
On the way, however, she starts telling me how horrible of a person she is. At one point, she asks if I'm taking her to prison. I asked her what she could possibly go to prison for, and she just says incredibly minor things from the past like downloading a movie, (very rarely) doing this or that drug, etc.
I just kept reassuring her that I'm taking her to a crisis center where they'll be able to help her figure out where this is coming from, and that in no way is she in trouble legally. Everyone involved in this just wants to help her.
It's at this point I realize.. they took her phone. All these little connections she was making via Facebook and such, suddenly unavailable. She'd also decided once and for all that I wasn't the problem. So now all she had left was herself. She was being held at the hospital against her will. The "investigation" was no longer into her work, it was into her, because that's all that was left.
She tells me she's going to go away (to prison) for a long time, but to just know how much she loves me. She wishes we could've just had a simple life together, but she ruined that for us. She was just so sorry. I just kept reassuring her that nothing was ruined, and we can and will still work towards that life together, she just needs help that's beyond what I can provide so we can get back to that.
Then finally, after a long goodbye.. I dropped her off.
The facility is very small (literally a regular house in a regular neighborhood, so only a few patients getting a lot of 1x1 care), and very soft spoken and compassionate staff. Practically everything is optional right down to the daily therapy, which made me really happy to hear given it seems like that should ease her mind on the prison train of thought. She's even allowed to leave for good whenever she wants, with the one caveat being that I or a family member would need to pick her up.
It doesn't have visiting hours though, and I couldn't even go in with her.. that kills me. They don't have HIPAA forms, so just walking through the door is a violation. But she gets to keep her phone at all times with the exception of bedtime, just to make sure she gets some sleep. She told me a bit ago that she's nervous coming into this new environment, but everyone there has been nothing but incredibly welcoming and empathetic towards her.
Not to make this situation about me, because it's so far from it, but my heart is just so broken.
I've never felt anything so horrible. Not even remotely close. I feel like I, myself, need therapy after this.
I'm still so confused. Did I just miss the cracks of this coming on? Or was it really that sudden? I swear I would've noticed her behavior change.
I'm so angry with her toxic fucking coworkers, who it seems like ultimately sent her into this downward spiral. I'm so angry with her family for being.. well, who they are.
I'm so angry with myself for not trying harder to get her to leave that job sooner, just because I didn't want to press the issue since she's her own person and capable of making her own decisions. But I saw the stress it was putting on her. I should've done more.
I'm so scared of what comes next. Will she ever normalize out and heal? If so, when? Days? Weeks? Months? How is this experience going to change her? Admittedly, given we live in the US, how in the fuck are we going to afford this (though as long as she's getting the help she needs, that's far from my primary concern, but still something I have to figure out)?
It feels like my whole world came crashing down around me. She is my person. She's one of the biggest reasons I get out of bed in the morning. My favorite parts of the day are crawling into bed together and waking up to each other, like we've been doing for ten fucking years.
Her absence in our home is utterly suffocating, knowing the hell she's going through while there's practically nothing I can do for her except be there for her when she wants to text or talk on the phone.
I doubt anyone is going to read this whole book I've written here, but just being able to type it all out sequentially like this has been a bit cathartic. But I still just have no idea how to feel. What to do. I'm so lost.
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2023.05.30 05:14 PopcornSutton_ I don’t care how Josh lives his life and spends his money and neither should you.

Do you think Josh cares about what you spend your money on? He doesn’t care at all, he actually has no clue of any of our existence and surely doesn’t care about our lives because in his mind he is a famous celebrity and we all are merely “NPC fans” in his eyes. Therefore he doesn’t care what we spend our own money on, whether your buying yourself a fancy tea/coffee or a cheap bottle of liquor. If you were a drunk or druggie on the street wearing the same couple sets of clothes for days like himself. Josh would walk past you and probably make a remark about you being an unemployed bitch and homeless. He doesn’t care who you are or what your life is, as he is a narcissist and only cares about himself. Josh has told Quinn in a live that he has no interest to stop drinking and went as far as refusing 50k to stop drinking for a month. It’s obvious he has no interest in putting down the bottle anytime soon. Josh definitely looks at this Reddit and gets thrilled off the posts and comments on tik tok of people wanting him to stop drinking and seek help. Any attention and all attention is good in Josh’s eyes, Im sure he has a hard time deciphering what these people mean in what they say because he is autistic and Im sure Quinn has influenced him to also recognize that we (the Reddit) is a bunch of trolls and that any attention is good attention as well because 99% of the views and likes he gets are from all of us hate watching him. That’s why Quinn has been saying that out of pocket shit that gets screen shotted and reposted in the sub, he doesn’t give a fuck what we all think because we are all “trolls” to him as we are “fans” to Josh. You all know how good it feels to intentionally piss someone off, Quinn is busting hella egg creams off of everyone complaining about him on here and in Joshuas comments. Quinn is most likely set for life off of the hot dog business and is intentionally “ruining” his reputation by having people sympathize for Josh because “Quinn is a creep” (he is no cap lmao). He doesn’t care, all he has to do to solve this problem is to leave tik tok, which he is apparently doing soon.
While Josh is a narcissist and doesn’t care about anyone, it is not a valid reason to troll him like Dan or Chris as he has done nothing morally wrong or illegal. He isn’t quitting alcohol anytime soon and isn’t going to no matter how many posts or comments you make. A comment encouraging him to not drink is no different than a comment encouraging him to drink because in the end they are just signs of engagement which boosts his popularity. In no way can we change the script in this story, we are the audience and we are just merely witnessing this madness of a live action play.
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2023.05.30 05:10 sowingszn My partner is making me dinner and also making me want to cry

So I have some kind of ARFID thing, idk. My therapist doesn't take it seriously but I have no appetite, get stressed about eating "healthy", restrict, and sometimes purge.
I'm working on getting myself to eat more and I'm currently staying with my bf for the week helping them house sit their parents' dogs. They said they wanted to cook for me. They have pretty bad anxiety around cooking (partially due to being autistic) and I have anxiety around food, so they thought it could help both of us.
Extremely sweet thought, and made me very happy. Until today. They have been dealing with bad chronic pain, woke up today feeling awful, so they're generally in a bad mood. When they got home from work I asked what we should do for dinner, suggested I could make pasta. They wanted to do a larger dish with more steps despite not really ever cooking.
I thought it sounded good, so I went and bought the groceries. Came back home, realized I forgot something. Ran back out and got it. Now bf is obviously hating every moment of cooking, saying it won't be ready until midnight. I keep offering help and they refuse it. They said they're never cooking again because the recipe "lied" to them because it's taking longer than it said (because they don't know how to cook).
Right now they're trying to dice an onion and doing it in a way that's making it harder and taking a long time. I offered to show them how to do it multiple times and they won't let me. They said they're sorry I won't get to eat until midnight. I tried to say that's not why I'm upset, I'm upset because I already hate food and eating and this is making me not want to eat. Because this was supposed to be doing something nice to help me and now it's making me feel like I'm a piece of shit. Started tearing up and walked out of the kitchen while they were saying it's fine if they're making it for nothing but they're gonna finish it anyway.
I went back in the kitchen and they said they'll just do the other half of the onion (they had agreed to let me do it so I could show them) since I hate food and they're making it worse. And I said I would do it anyway. And I tried to explain that I just have an eating disorder, and I can tell they're miserable while cooking and it makes me feel bad. They said "well no one is happy chopping an onion" and I started crying and said they're making me feel like I'm a piece of shit and I've ruined their day by prompting them to even want to cook. They said "please don't cry" but didn't even look away from the onion or stop to comfort me and just said they didn't mean to upset me. So I just left the room and I'm sobbing in the bathroom
I am really struggling to articulate why I'm upset to them. And they told me to never let them offer to cook for me again. Like I know they're upset and frustrated but I feel like they're taking it out on me and they know this is a sore spot for me. I don't want to go back out there rn.
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