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2023.06.03 16:41 Proletlariet Bill & Ted Saved

"Be excellent to each other... and party on dudes!"

He is Bill S. Preston, Esq.! And he is Ted "Theodore" Logan! And together, they are Wyld Stallyns!
To everyone else in late-80s/early-90s San Dimas, California, Wyld Stallyns may look like the impossible dream of two slackers with no skill in anything else. But in truth, the music of Wyld Stallyns is so bodacious, so non-heinous, so excellent that it brings about an era of prosperity, both across the earth and to the stars beyond, and technological advancement so advanced that even time can be accessed as freely as a 10-digit phone number from the nearest payphone. Because of this, agents from the future utopia have sent back a time-travelling phone booth as well as information about the future to make sure that Bill and Ted are able to continue having most excellent adventures and fulfill the destiny of Wyld Stallyns.


EA = Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
BJ = Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey
FtM - Bill & Ted Face the Music
CSxEy = Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures (DiC Animated Series); Season X Episode Y
LAEx = Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures (Fox Live Action Series); Episode X
M#X = Bill & Ted's Excellent Comic Book (Marvel Comics) Issue #X
BVx#y = Boom! Studios Comics; Volume X, Issue #Y
Vol. 1 = Bill & Ted's Triumphant Return
Vol. 2 = Bill & Ted Go To Hell
Vol. 3 = Bill & Ted Save the Universe
BV1#xS = Boom! Studios Comics; Side Story
DH#X = Dark Horse Comics (Face the Music Compliant) Issue #X
AL = Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (Atari Lynx)
NES = Bill & Ted's Excellent Video Game Adventure (NES)
WS = Wyld Stallyns (Mobile Game)
Live Show:
EHAyy = Bill & Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure; 19YY/20YY

Bill and Ted

Yes, really.
Ghost Bill and Ted





Good Robot Bill and Ted

Robots created by the most brilliant mind in the universe, Station, to combat the powerful Evil Robot Bill and Ted. BJ
They Run On Car Batteries

Mecha Bill & Ted

Mobile Suit Bill & Giganto-Ted

The Time Booth

Time Travel
The Squint System
An upgraded directory that allows the booth to travel to fictional settings, including books, CDs, movies, and games. CS2E2
Landing Strength
"Catch ya later Bill and Ted!"
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2023.06.03 16:41 Gist_it A woman is in custody after refusing tuberculosis treatment for more than a year

A Washington state woman has been taken into custody for refusing tuberculosis treatment for more than a year.
The situation: The Tacoma woman, identified as V.N., was booked into an isolation room at the Pierce County Jail, but can still choose whether to receive treatment. * She is not currently facing criminal charges and could be released in 45 days or earlier if determined no longer a threat to public health.
Legal background: A judge first issued a civil arrest warrant for V.N. in March, 14 months after approving a health department request for her voluntary detention. * Over 17 hearings, health officials persistently requested the court to uphold its order for her involuntary detention.
Tuberculosis context: Tuberculosis (TB) is a bacterial infection that can spread through the air and can be fatal without treatment. * In Pierce County, there are only about 20 active cases per year, and V.N.'s case is the third time in two decades that a court order has been necessary for treatment.
View original article on NPR
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2023.06.03 16:36 66abx Posted on our bulletin at work smh

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2023.06.03 16:31 PastaMasta09 Best deal i've ever seen

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2023.06.03 16:28 Useful-Moment-2537 Did the descendants of Indigenous and Scots-Irish/English settlers from the colonial period (1600-1780s) hide their mixed lineage after the Civil War?

Hi everyone. I was reading biographies and some genealogies on some early American scientists (born late 1700s) studying natural science disciplines (such as biology, botany, geology, zoology, or meteorology, usually in a philosophical "pure" science manner) and they exhibited some very peculiar and repetitive patterns.
The ones I checked typically ended up in academia of sorts, either school teacher, lecturer, tutor, or military academy. Here are some of the recurring themes in their genealogies/biographies, which were written after the 1860s, usually by their descendants:
For reference, I was digging deep on William C. Redfield, and less deep on some others such as Asa Gray, Amos Eaton, and John James Audubon. (here is general source I was checking).
For Redfield, I found a biography from 1900 and a family genealogy from mid-1800s that mentions all the different branches as "tribes" -- was that usual wording for this time..? They also both state that his first recorded ancestor changed names several times, Redson, Redfin, Redsyn...
Most of the above have come up so frequently that I was wondering if this was some kind of code... especially the oft mentioning of this long-hair don't care attitude + closeness to nature. What was this all about? If anyone has any information on this, I'd be keen to know.
Thank you!
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2023.06.03 16:27 Jeezir Issues looping through [EXCEL] data range when blank rows/cells are introduced. [VISIO]

I'm sure alot of users say this as well, but I do not mess with VBA/coding very much. I am writing code which will:
  1. Take entries from a spreadsheet and populate Visio Shapes in a specific x,y location
  2. Then connect the shapes with dynamic connectors based on info filled out by the user
The code that I have does accomplish this, however there is a specific scenario that seems to break it when I loop through the excel data.
After the shapes have been dropped into Visio, I then look at columns L (source connection) and B (destination connection) to see where I should glue the ends of the dynamic connector in Visio. This does work when the data is consistent (no gaps/blanks) between the start and end of the populated range. However, if there is a blank cell/row anywhere in the middle, I get an "Unexpected end of file" error.
Sub VisioNetworkAutomation() Dim ws As Worksheet Dim visApp As Visio.Application Dim visDoc As Visio.Document Dim visPage As Visio.Page Dim visStencil As Visio.Document Dim visShape As Visio.Shape Dim visConnector As Visio.Shape Dim boundingBox As Object Dim numberOfPages As Long Dim i As Long Dim deviceCountColumn As Long Dim lastDeviceRow As Long Dim endCell As Range Set ws = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Network Architecture") ' Set your worksheet and the column number you want to check numberOfPages = ws.Range("B9") ' Determines number of pages entered by user ' Create a new Visio document Set visApp = New Visio.Application Set visDoc = visApp.Documents.Open("C:\_EAA Network Automation\EAA Network_Blank.vsdm") For i = 1 To numberOfPages ' Create Visio pages, then sets the name and background Set visPage = visDoc.Pages.Add visPage.Name = "Page-" & i visPage.BackPage = "Background-1" Next i Set visStencil = visApp.Documents.OpenEx("EAA.VSSX", visOpenDocked) ' Open the Basic Shapes stencil deviceCountColumn = 10 ' Column to check = J, Change this to the desired column number (1 for Column A, 2 for Column B, etc.) lastDeviceRow = ws.Cells(ws.Rows.Count, deviceCountColumn).End(xlUp).Row ' Find the last non-empty row in the column Set endCell = ws.Cells(lastDeviceRow, deviceCountColumn) ' Set end cell ranges Dim dataRange As Range Dim cell As Range Dim xCoord As Variant Dim yCoord As Variant Dim connectionTemplate Dim idMatch As Range Set dataRange = ws.Range(Range("J12"), Range(endCell.Address(0, 0))) 'Sets the range from J12 to last populated cell in J column ' Loop through the range and store the cell values in the array For Each cell In dataRange connectionTemplate = cell.Value ' Grabs the Connection Template of the current cell row xCoord = cell.Offset(0, 4).Value ' Grabs the x-coordinate of the current cell row yCoord = cell.Offset(0, 5).Value ' Grabs the y-coordinate of the current cell row If IsEmpty(cell) = False Then Set visShape = visDoc.Pages("Page-" & cell.Offset(0, 3).Value).Drop(visStencil.Masters(connectionTemplate), xCoord, yCoord) ' Drops current shape on current page visShape.Name = cell.Offset(0, -8).Value ' Write into Shapesheet data of shape visShape.Cells("Prop.Name.Value").FormulaU = Chr(34) & cell.Offset(0, -6) & Chr(34) 'Writes C4 to shapedata visShape.Cells("Prop.Model.Value").FormulaU = Chr(34) & cell.Offset(0, -5) & Chr(34) 'Writes D4 to shapedata visShape.Cells("Prop.IP.Value").FormulaU = Chr(34) & cell.Offset(0, -4) & Chr(34) 'Writes E4 to shapedata visShape.Cells("Prop.Subnet.Value").FormulaU = Chr(34) & cell.Offset(0, -3) & Chr(34) 'Writes F4 to shapedata visShape.Cells("Prop.Gateway.Value").FormulaU = Chr(34) & cell.Offset(0, -2) & Chr(34) 'Writes G4 to shapedata End If Next cell Set idRange = Range("L12:L51") For Each cell In idRange.SpecialCells(Type:=xlCellTypeConstants, Value:=xlNumbers) Set visConnector = visDoc.Pages("Page-" & cell.Offset(0, 1).Value).Drop(visApp.ConnectorToolDataObject, 0, 0) ' Connect the shapes (ID to Source) visConnector.Cells("BeginX").GlueTo visDoc.Pages("Page-" & cell.Offset(0, 4).Value).Shapes(cell.Offset(0, -10).Value).Cells("Connections.Left") visConnector.Cells("EndX").GlueTo visDoc.Pages("Page-" & cell.Offset(0, 1).Value).Shapes(cell.Value).Cells("Connections.Right") Next cell End Sub 
The piece in question is the last For loop which checks all populated cells in idRange (column L).
 Set idRange = Range("L12:L51") For Each cell In idRange.SpecialCells(Type:=xlCellTypeConstants, Value:=xlNumbers) Set visConnector = visDoc.Pages("Page-" & cell.Offset(0, 1).Value).Drop(visApp.ConnectorToolDataObject, 0, 0) ' Connect the shapes (ID to Source) visConnector.Cells("BeginX").GlueTo visDoc.Pages("Page-" & cell.Offset(0, 4).Value).Shapes(cell.Offset(0, -10).Value).Cells("Connections.Left") visConnector.Cells("EndX").GlueTo visDoc.Pages("Page-" & cell.Offset(0, 1).Value).Shapes(cell.Value).Cells("Connections.Right") Next cell 
Again, when there are no breaks in data from cell to cell, the code runs fine. As soon as I introduce a blank, it fails.
I have added watches and troubleshot this extensively, and I can see after a blank cell, it cannot determine the id columns in excel (column L and B).
The files can be found here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1a_dJUVhRV8hTlQHQiDSxDoSd_pYYGiDU?usp=sharing
The current state of the files will error out, as I have left row 19 blank. To see the file work, simply copy the contents of row 18 or 20, to row 19. Thanks for any assistance here.
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2023.06.03 16:25 1poundbookingfee You took in two 50s right? The two 50s:

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2023.06.03 16:22 Carpana99 First build!

Hi everyone, I finally decided to build a new PC, I wanted to build something more or less "futureproof". Since it's my first build I wanted to be DEAD sure before buying anything and I want to know why and where it could go wrong.
Thanks in advance for your opinions!
PCPartPicker Part List: https://it.pcpartpicker.com/list/LgtPMb
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 7600X 4.7 GHz 6-Core Processor (€244.52 @ Amazon Italia)
CPU Cooler: Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240 Illusion Liquid CPU Cooler (€115.89 @ Amazon Italia)
Motherboard: Asus TUF GAMING B650-PLUS WIFI ATX AM5 Motherboard (€224.97 @ Amazon Italia)
Memory: Corsair Vengeance RGB 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR5-6000 CL40 Memory (€151.06 @ Amazon Italia)
Storage: Samsung 980 Pro 2 TB M.2-2280 PCIe 4.0 X4 NVME Solid State Drive (€147.63 @ Amazon Italia)
Video Card: XFX Speedster MERC 319 CORE Radeon RX 6800 XT 16 GB Video Card (€549.00 @ Amazon Italia)
Case: Corsair iCUE 4000X RGB ATX Mid Tower Case (€132.61 @ Amazon Italia)
Power Supply: MSI MPG A750GF 750 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply (€115.89 @ Amazon Italia)
Total: €1681.57
Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available Generated by PCPartPicker 2023-06-03 16:19 CEST+0200
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2023.06.03 16:21 1poundbookingfee Bet you guys haven't seen old-school raised notes before

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2023.06.03 16:20 Infamous-GoatThief How Did Your Exploration Style Affect Your Gameplay? (Spoilers for map and story progression)

SPOILERS about the map and progression. Honestly just don’t read unless you’re not worried about any spoilers. I’m gonna try as best I can with the spoiler text stuff because I loved discovering all of this on my own but fair warning, I’m not the best at it.
I am about 200 hours into the game now, and I have explored pretty much every inch of all of the maps- however, throughout the whole experience I was wondering how it would’ve been if I’d done things in a different order. It was the same way in BotW in that there were lots of different directions you could choose to travel in after leaving the Great Plateau; however, with the additions of the Depths and the Sky Islands, there was a ton of verticality to this game as well. I was extremely overwhelmed when I first jumped in.
Approaching launch, like most people, I was really excited about the Sky Islands, but ultimately I decided to explore the Depths first. I lit up every Lightroot before I even had half of the shrines, found every canyon mine and maxed my energy cell before I had max stamina. It felt like I was playing a completely different game than it did when I would occasionally return to the Surface or the Sky.
As a result of this, a few things happened (this is where things start to get kinda spoilery).
First and foremost, I found the Fire Temple and the Spirit Temple WAY before I was supposed to. I hadn’t even started any of the regional quests really, I was aware of the Wind Temple so I knew their significance but it was super weird to just stumble upon them. It definitely made things a lot quicker when I got to those particular quests.
Second, through lighting up lightroots like a madman, I discovered the pattern pretty much immediately that lightroots are always directly underneath Surface shrines. Given that there are 120 lightroots, I was very quickly able to figure out how many shrines I needed to look for on the surface and where they were. This made finding all of them a breeze, which turned what was one of the more monumental tasks in BotW into a pretty quick ordeal.
Third, I just had a ton of Zonaite, like all the time. It was unreal. I maxed my cell early and I’ve been rolling in it ever since. Once I realized that Zonaite canyon mines are located under almost every mountain on the surface that has a name it was like taking candy from a baby lol. This made it so I could always autobuild pretty much anything, whenever I wanted; and since I was all over the Depths, I got all of the schema stones and Yiga schematics pretty fast, and was basically Dr. Manhattan before I even touched a regional quest.
So, my emphasis on Depths exploration essentially shaped the way I’ve played the entire game. Everything I did after that was built on the foundation of what I learned while exploring the Depths, it was a very bottom-up approach to exploring the map as a whole. But I’ve found that a lot of people avoided the Depths like the plague, especially early in their playthrough; so I’m wondering, how did your exploration style affect your gameplay and progression as a whole? Did exploring the sky first shape it in a similar way? Did neglecting the Depths push you towards other things on the surface?
I’m interested to hear people’s experiences.
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2023.06.03 16:17 Rawfulsauce Thoughts on this build?

Looking to upgrade from my 4690k and r9 390. Out the door at microcenter this is $1170 vs Newegg at $1300
PCPartPicker Part List
Type Item Price
CPU AMD Ryzen 7 7700X 4.5 GHz 8-Core Processor $315.75 @ Amazon
CPU Cooler Cooler Master Hyper 212 Black Edition 42 CFM CPU Cooler $49.99 @ B&H
Motherboard MSI PRO B650-P WIFI ATX AM5 Motherboard $204.30 @ Amazon
Memory G.Skill Flare X5 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR5-6000 CL36 Memory $99.99 @ Newegg
Storage Samsung 980 Pro 1 TB M.2-2280 PCIe 4.0 X4 NVME Solid State Drive $79.98 @ Amazon
Video Card ASRock Challenger Pro OC Radeon RX 6750 XT 12 GB Video Card $359.99 @ Newegg
Case Lian Li LANCOOL 205 Mesh C ATX Mid Tower Case $106.20 @ Amazon
Power Supply Corsair RM750x (2021) 750 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply $119.99 @ Newegg
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total $1336.19
Generated by PCPartPicker 2023-06-03 10:08 EDT-0400
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2023.06.03 16:17 QuietWest3764 Chilling footage shows a boat rescue team in Florida finding a father, 31, & daughter, 13, lost at sea for over an hour after their jet ski sunk underwater. April 2023.

Chilling footage shows a boat rescue team in Florida finding a father, 31, & daughter, 13, lost at sea for over an hour after their jet ski sunk underwater. April 2023.
HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – A father and daughter were successfully rescued Saturday after the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office teamed up with local boaters to locate the missing pair after they didn’t return from taking their jetski out earlier in the evening.
According to HCSO, Christopher Snow, 31, and his 13-year-old daughter Alexis Snow went out on their jetski from Baker Creek Park in Thonotosassa around 6:50 p.m.
A short while later, around 8 p.m. Christopher Snow’s girlfriend, Carolyn Joyce, went to the dock after they hadn’t returned home or answered any of her calls. Officials said that’s where Joyce found HCSO Deputy Kevin Reich conducting routine surveillance and asked him for help.
After asking Deputy Reich for help, a local man and his family offered to take the deputy out on their boat to search while waiting for assistance from marine and aviation units.
HCSO said that around 40 minutes after meeting with Joyce, Deputy Reich was able to locate Christopher and his daughter. The sheriff’s office stated that the two had been treading water for nearly an hour.
After being rescued, Snow said he wanted to thank the boaters that helped and the deputy for “noticing something wasn’t right.”
“I want to thank both the boaters that helped and the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office for being on patrol and noticing something wasn’t right,” Christopher Snow said in a statement. “My life jacket wasn’t sized properly, so this is a good reminder to make sure yours is fitted correctly.”
Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister also stated that he’s relieved Christopher and his daughter Alexis were returned to shore safely and without any injuries.
“The swift response of our deputy and the assistance provided by the community played a crucial role in the successful rescue of Christopher and Alexis Snow,” Sheriff Chad Chronister said. “We are relieved that they were returned to shore safely and without any injuries. It is scary to imagine what could have happened had this father and daughter not been wearing their life jackets.”
HCSO urges residents to prioritize their safety while engaging in water sports and to always carry their cell phones in case of an emergency. Anyone interested in learning more about proper water safety protocols can contact the HCSO Marine Unit at 813-247-8200.
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2023.06.03 16:14 acrazypsychnurse Washington State Patrol, other agencies experiencing ‘historically’ massive staffing shortages

Washington State Patrol, other agencies experiencing ‘historically’ massive staffing shortages
IDK how that could have happened ...
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2023.06.03 16:14 ThrowAway7s2 "Girls sports putting crimp on gym facilities" from the January 20, 1976 Door County Advocate

Girls sports putting crimp on gym facilities

Girls sports putting crimp on gym facilities

"I kind of liken it to having a 10-person family and trying to fit them. into a two-bedroom house; you have to do things in shifts," said Sevastopol Athletic Director Eugene Waterstreet, referring to the problem of inadequate gym facilities for the growing number of sports in high school athletic programs.
It wasn't too many years ago that the problem was non-existent, but today, with the advent. of Title IX legislation, girls' programs are flourishing and because of this the number of teams in many high schools around the country have doubled. What has this meant to athletic programs?
The result is crowded gyms and shortened practices.
Possibly for the exception of Gibraltar, Door county high schools have felt the crunch to some degree and with girls' sports still not developed to their maximum, the situation could be worsening.
Probably the worst hit of the four schools is Southern Door. Athletic Director John Bowers said the school has had to do some juggling in order to accommodate the schools interscholastic sports program.
The Southern Door boys' and girls' varsity and junior varsity basketball teams get the use of the gym after school. One day the boys will practice from 3-4:30 p.m. while the girls go from 4:30 to 6 p.m. and the next day they will flip-flop. This takes up a pretty good chunk of the gym's free time considering the gym is used for numerous school and rec activities at night. So what about all the other interscholastic sports?
This is where Bowers turns into somewhat of a magician. The freshman basketball team practices the first three hours of the school day. According to Bowers, because the freshmen boys are too young to drive and must rely on parents for their transportation, it is not rational to have them practice at night or before school.
We still haven't covered wrestling or girls' gymnastics.
After all the meals are prepared and the mess cleaned up, the wrestlers roll out their mats in the cafeteria for their afternoon workouts. And. the girl gymnasts, contrary to popular opinion, don't get the library, they get the hallways.
That's right, they set up their equipment in the hallways in the afternoons.
An added problem for Bowers is the fact that there is no transportation for the group of basketball players practicing from 4:30-6 because the last bus leaves the school at 5:15.
"I think we have a little more of a problem out here," said Bowers, "because we are out in the country we have that problem with transportation."
Two things have helped ease the problem at Sturgeon Bay. First, the junior and senior high schools are separate, thereby relieving the problem caused by freshman sports. The second advantage that the Clippers own is in the layout of the high school. Sturgeon Bay has a balcony adjacent to the gym that allows for an area where wrestling practice can be conducted. It also has the added advantage of not having a girls' gymnastics program and in these times of added stress on facilities one less sport can make a lot of difference.
"So far we've been able to work things out," said Athletic Director Ron Casadont. "It's not the best system in the world, but at least everyone has time to work out."
As far as use of the gym is concerned, basketball uses up most of that time as it does at most schools; like at Southern Door, the Clippers boys and girls must share their time. One group goes from 2:30-5 while the other must come from 5-6:30.
"As more teams come in we'll have more problems," said Casadont. "But most of the coaches realize that we had better go on cooperating."
At Sevastopol, the Pioneers are engaged in the two-gym suffle. Wrestling, boys' basketball and girls' basketball are cooperating in sharing the elementary and high school gyms.
At present, Athletic Director Eugene Waterstreet is trying to keep things organized with a monthly schedule that directs each sport, when and where it is to practice.
"We haven't had any great problems," said Waterstreet. He has the junior high practicing from 2:15 to 3:05 each day with the high school teams taking over after school and at night. Because then are three teams for two gyms, one team often has to come back at night to practice. But as at the other schools, variables are involved, like interscholastic games at night or Rec League or a grade school game, all adding up to one big headache for Waterstreet.
One added problem that Waterstreet has is a Wednesday night ordinance that states that there will be no school activities after supper. This means one team is without practice time, but Waterstreet said that he has gotten around this with the cooperation of the girls' basketball team which has agreed not to practice on Wednesday nights.
The crowded conditions have forced many of the teams to move their practices to Saturday and there have been some on Sunday also.
A good example of a team feeling the crunch is the Sevastopol freshman team. The squad is scheduled with the varsity and junior varsity teams. But the priority that is given to the varsity and junior varsity often leaves the freshmen out in the cold, forcing them to search for spots of time when the gym is available. This means an inconvenience for parents who
must cart their boys to school at night or on a Saturday so the team can get in a decent practice.
Due to a decision by the Gibraltar school board, dropping athletics in the junior high, the Vikings. enjoy an escape from the "crowd." Add to this the fact that Gibraltar has no wrestling team and you have virtually no problem. The school has no problem in getting in both the boys' and girls' practices after school and still has plenty of time left over for intramurals.
"Our dropping the junior high program helped spacewise," said Principal Larry Lundell. "I don't know how it will eventually effect the team, though."
How does all this affect the performance of the athlete?
"I don't think it has that much effect on the athletes," said Bowers. "The kids go out because they enjoy the sport." As girls' sports grow so will the problems, "but, as Casadont said, the coaches will have to realize that for the sake of the survival of their own sport they will have to compromise on time. But, he said, as far as Sturgeon Bay is
concerned, the winter sports may not be the problem area. He feels that when the spring sports roll around the situation nay worsen for awhile as boys' track, girls' track, baseball and eventually girls' softball all must share the gym for a month or so while waiting for the thaw to arrive.
The more you think about it, 10 people in a two-bedroom house sounds kind of roomy.

Courtesy of the Door County Library Newspaper Archive

Previously posted:
Two articles by Jim Robertson, discussing girls' baseball
"Quotes his peers on Little League" from the April 9, 1974 Door County Advocate

"Problems start with tryouts" from the April 11, 1974 Door County Advocate

A series on girls' sports by Linda Adams
Part I of the series by Linda Adams was previously posted as
"Girls sports have come a long way, not far enough" from the December 27, 1973 Door County Advocate

Part II was previously posted as
"Inequities still show in girls sports programs" from the January 3, 1974 Door County Advocate

Part III was previously posted as
"Community acceptance still not part of girls' sports" from the January 10, 1974 Door County Advocate

Part IV was previously posted as
"Athletic directors take wide look at girls sports" from the January 17, 1974 Door County Advocate

Part V was previously posted as
"If past growth continues, girls sports will flourish" from the January 24, 1974 Door County Advocate

(a response to the five-part series) "Girls sports pose problem" from the February 12, 1974 Door County Advocate

Other articles and posts
"Washington Island's Kay Curtis becoming a legend in her time" on June 14, 1977 in the Door County Advocate

A grandmotherly perspective on eugenics from the June 2, 1915 Door County News

"Comments from council" editorial, a rebuke from alleged woman's sports militant Rev. Gary Straughan, and a conciliatory response from Chan Harris from the Door County Advocate on May 9th & 14th, 1974

"Provide equal programs" editorial from the April 30, 1974 Door County Advocate

Gibraltar's intended restroom design reduces students' safety

Gibraltar Area School District's proposed gender identity guidelines include a derogatory slur which disrespects most students.
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2023.06.03 16:10 YaaliAnnar NoP: Lost and Found (57)

First Previous
Memory Transcription Subject: Tresn, Arxur Defector
Date [Standard Human Reckoning]: 2136-10-22
After the encounter with the disdainful zurulian, Elangkasa led me to another section of the medical complex. We navigated through the makeshift path until we arrived at a building. The painted sign marked this as "Recovery Center".
Inside I found a hive of movement and noise. Humans filled the space and engaged in different activities meant to acclimate them to their prosthetic limbs. Sounds of encouragement and determination echoed in the room. A unique mix of scents filled the air, warm metal, the clinical smell of antiseptic, and the underlying current of human sweat.
One side of the room housed various forms of mobility training. Here, individuals learned to walk again, their new legs carrying them across varieties of terrains from flat platforms to uneven rocky surfaces, all designed to mimic real-world conditions. The patients stumbled, recovered, and started to find their footing.
In a separate section, people sat around tables with an array of tactile puzzles and dexterity tools strewn around. Their faces scrunched in concentration, brows furrowed and lips pursed as they manipulated small objects or practiced precise movements with their acquired hands. The mechanical digits moved with a jerky grace but grew more fluid with each passing moment. A chorus of patient encouragement followed the quiet clinks and clatters of dropped objects.
A human figure clad in the typical uniform of the facility came toward us. An intricate headgear on their head concealed their mane.
"Ah, is this the arxur?" My translator assigned her feminine voice. "Hi, I'm Ida."
"Hi Ida," Elangkasa shared a formal nod with the other human. "This is Tresn."
"Thanks, Coordinator," Ida responded with another nod. "I can handle it from here."
After a quick farewell, Elangkasa left me in the capable hands of Ida. I looked around the bustling hall, my gaze sweeping over the flurry of activity.
"So... this is where you train people to adapt to their new limbs?"
"Yeah. Do you have your prosthesis?" Ida inquired, her voice carrying a professional tone laced with underlying warmth.
"Sure," I responded, reaching for the bag slung over the back of my wheelchair. From its depths, I extracted the mechanical feet.
"Hmm, interesting. This doesn't resemble an arxur foot at all," Ida observed, her dark eyebrows arching as she scrutinized the unconventional prosthetic.
"Indeed, I drew inspiration from your planet's creatures," I replied, a hint of pride slipping into my tone. "You have a species related to your kind, yes? I believe they're referred to as monkeys?"
"I see..." Ida murmured, a thoughtful expression wrinkling her forehead. I felt a slight apprehension in her voice. "But can you control such a thing?"
"Watch this!" Excitement coursed through me as I manipulated the intricate prosthetic. With a flex of my thoughts, the prosthetic responded, the claws moving with surprising fluidity, much like an additional set of hand paws.
"Excellent!" Ida exclaimed, her face lighting up in a wide smile. She clapped her hands together.
With practiced ease, the human-assisted me in attaching the prostheses. She produced a sturdy belt, custom-made to secure the prostheses and ensure they stayed attached. As the weight of my body pressed onto the artificial limbs, I felt a dull throbbing at the ends of my stumps. The sensation felt odd, not quite pain, but rather, a constant reminder of the foreign appendages now attached to my body.
For starters, I had a simple exercise, designed to introduce my body to a new way of movement. I had to walk between two parallel bars. My arms took some of the weight as I grabbed the bar and attempted to maneuver my prosthetic feet. I tried to replicate my usual gait, letting the claws on my new limbs ripple and flex in what I hoped was a natural manner.
However, it became apparent that just manipulating the claws of my prostheses didn't suffice. I needed to master the motion of bending the wrist and ankle analogs, a detail I hadn't considered before. My first steps came out as awkward and clumsy, a far cry from the graceful movements I had imagined.
Our rehabilitation session continued until a sharp, persistent ache at the base of my stumps signaling me to stop. Back in my wheelchair again, I maneuvered my way to the comfort of my assigned habitation unit. With my friends engrossed in their volunteer duties, I only had myself. The silence in the room reminded me back when I had to stay hidden in the camp. In those quiet moments, my thoughts strayed to my predicament, wishing for a rapid recovery that would free me from my solitude and allow me to stand beside my companions, contributing to helping humans.
Amid my reflection, my mind wandered back to a previous interaction with a human acquaintance named Jagomerah. I remembered his offer to meet up if I ever found myself in Purwakarta, prompting me to revisit our old messages on social media.
"Hi there, Jagomerah," I initiated the conversation, my fingers tapping out the words on the screen. "I've made it to Purwakarta, Sector Twelve to be precise."
He sent a swift and enthusiastic response, "No way! Alright, meet me at Sector Ten's plaza at 16:00 then."
"Looking forward to it," I typed back, a flicker of anticipation sparking within me.
As the time neared the fifteenth hour, my human friends returned, their faces flush with the day's exertion. To pass the time while waiting for our remaining companions, we played a game of human cards.
Bolad and Vani appeared a half-hour later, their arrival completing our little circle. With everyone present, I proposed an expedition to Sector Ten and I was met with eager nods and enthusiastic agreement. Thus, our band of six ventured, weaving through the intricate maze of sectors within the camp. I met several arxur on my way, always giving me a look of disapproval. Upon reaching the bustling plaza of Sector Ten, I shot a quick message to Jagomerah, notifying him of our arrival. It didn't take long for our gaze to meet each other.
To my surprise, Snop already knew this Jagomerah person. She referred to him as a "scalie", an apparent misnomer given the absence of any discernible scales on his skin.
A sharp voice cut off our introduction. "Have you no shame?" The words came from the female arxur who had been standing behind Jagomerah. Her eyes glared at me with a chilling reproof. "Wasting resources like this, when others are clinging to life."
Jagomerah, the human with a mane of untamed curls, turned back to meet Lovaz's scathing gaze. "What are you talking about?" he asked. His voice was a gruff contrast to her icy disdain.
With an indignant huff, Lovaz gestured at me, her clawed hand sweeping in my direction. "Look at him! He's nothing more than a drain on society now."
"Lovaz," Jagomerah said in a stern voice. The curly-maned human squared his shoulders and met the arxur's gaze with unwavering defiance. "What do you do to an injured arxur?"
"We do nothing." She snapped, her tail lashing with irritation. "It is the responsibility of the impaired to stop being a burden to our society."
"In human society, it's the responsibility of the society to care for the impaired," Jagomerah retorted, his dark eyes never leaving Lovaz's.
"This weakness," Lovaz spat out the word with such venom, "is why all this happened to you, human."
Jagomerah's gaze hardened. With a swift movement of his left arm, he pulled his armband aside, revealing a metallic ring. His fingers moved over the surface of his arm, found a hidden latch, and with a quick twist, the arm detached. The purpose of his armband became clear to me in that instant. The fabric covered the prosthetic limb's attachment point.
"See this?" Jagomerah held up his detached arm. "This hand can crush your windpipe. Not so weak now, huh?"
Modern arxurs only understood the language of strength and violence. From what I had learned about humans, a display like Jagomerah's could escalate into a fight. Yet the arxur woman just chuckled, her sharp teeth gleaming in a predatory grin. "Okay… I see your point."
"Hey...Tresn wasn't it?" Jagomerah said, his voice had a note of regret in it. I inclined my head in response. "I must apologize for my earlier suspicion."
I looked at his arm, or rather, the empty space where they should have been. "So...uh, what happened to your arm?"
"Well, see, I'm a firefighter," Jagomerah began, his voice steady but tinged with a hint of long-held sadness. The metal arm detached from his body was held in his remaining hand. "When you're fighting a beast of fire, sometimes it bites back. Burning debris can fall, and sometimes it traps someone whose means of escape is for his comrade to make a tough call because the fire is spreading."
As Jagomerah talked, his fingers worked on his mechanical limb. The sight fascinated me, the gleaming metallic end, the intricate design, and the way the parts clicked into place with a satisfying sound. Each movement reflected countless repetitions and a depth of familiarity that looked almost second nature.
His gaze turned to me, a question hanging in the air between us. "What about you? How did it happen?"
"Grenade," I replied, the single word packed with echoes of a past I wasn't quite ready to delve into.
"My shift has started, but I have time before I have to go to Greater Jakarta for the next twenty hours. Maybe I can show you around?"
I looked at Lovaz's whose hard gaze still didn't escape me. I met her glare with a smile, feeling a touch of defiance rise in me.
"Why do you care so much about this defective one?" Lovaz spat.
Jagomerah shrugged "He seemed nice. You don't have to come along with me. Just…reconvene at the meeting point at 18:45"
The tension between us hung palpably in the air as Lovaz lingered, shooting one last look of contempt my way before she walked away, her tail slapped against Jagomerah's leg.
"Well… that was something," Johan murmured. "The arxurs aren't one for much for socialization, are they?"
Feeling an odd kinship with the human, I decided to explain, "The only necessary relationship in the Dominion is between you and the State. Some arxurs would take a mate, but it's always in the service of the State. A mate could keep an eye on you in the field and administer first aid if needed."
"If you have a mate," Vani began. "what would he do if the incident with the farsul happened?"
I looked down at my lap, my scales catching the low light. "He would leave me to die." My voice sounded heavy with a bitter truth.
Everyone fell silent for a moment.
"Let's not dawdle," Jagomerah interrupted, shifting the atmosphere with a few words. "Follow me."
As we moved, I found myself questioning the cyborg. "What are you doing here?"
Jagomerah stopped, turning back to me. "Wait... you do have the concept of disaster relief... right?"
I blinked, my mind racing. "Uh... the closest thing we have is asset recovery," I said, embarrassed. "Your description on social media says you fight the fire, right? Do you put out conflagration?"
"That's right," he walked away again, his mechanical limb gesturing for us to continue following him.
As we moved, Jagomerah began to explain his role. It went beyond just putting out raging fires but it also involved pulling out survivors or bodies, clearing away the debris, and ensuring the remaining structures had enough integrity for rebuilding to commence. Their dedicated work created the foundation on which the rest of the humans could begin reconstructing the city.
After navigating the winding alleys of Sector Ten, we arrived at a prefabricated building near a wide road that allowed for the movement of large vehicles. Indeed, several huge vehicles bordered the building. Jagomerah led us through one of the gates in the building into a cavernous room. Inside, we saw a massive vehicle with dimensions larger than Johan's already big van. Humans moved around it in coordinated chaos, packing the vehicle with an assortment of tools and supplies.
All sorts of rescue gear adorned the walls. Some of them looked familiar to me, hoses coiled, axes with their blades shining under the overhead lights, ladders arranged according to size, and sledgehammers. There were also some that looked more complicated, from the design, I guessed that it uses hydraulics to help prop something or force something to open.
Lockers, each personalized with a human name, added a touch of individuality to the otherwise functional room. The heavy scent of rubber and metal hung in the air. Dominating the far end of the room, a large digital display showcased a detailed map of Greater Jakarta. The multitude of markings and notes told a silent story of planning, strategic thinking, and past operations.
A human woman approached Jagomerah, her greeting a bark, "Hey, Agni!"
Agni? Perhaps that was his other name, just like Snop was also known as Kirani. I found myself a little puzzled, having to familiarize myself with the concept of people using multiple names for everyday social life, not for espionage.
The human's skin was a deeper shade of brown, her hair coiled and secured into a neat bun. Her gaze turned to me, her eyes widening in surprise. "Whoa… what happened to that guy?"
"Grenade," Jagomerah replied, the single-word explanation heavy with unspoken stories.
Her eyes narrowed, "You're not replacing Lovaz with them, are you?"
"No," he assured her, his tone calm and clear. "Lovaz should arrive after breaking the fast. I'm taking this arxur and his friend here to look around."
We introduced ourselves with Johan kicking off the process. When my turn arrived, I said to myself with a touch of embarrassment, "My name is Tresn, right now… I'm not able to contribute."
A man, his face marked by burn scars that halted the growth of facial fur, chimed in, "Of course, you can't. No one in the right mind would ask you to work. Focus on your healing first."
Jagomerah then guided us through the process of their preparation. He explained what each item in the stacks of supplies was for. Besides the collection of essentials like food and water, and medical kits it also featured an impressive array of construction tools. I watched as teams worked together, loading supplies into vehicles, and checking and double-checking their lists. I saw clusters of team members in huddled discussions, their focus on tablets displaying complex documents. I watched them practice procedures, going through the motions of first aid, victim search, debris clearing, and evacuation protocols.
At one point Jagomerah introduced us to one of the drones that would help them. It looked like a human if a human was made out of blocks. The drone excited Johan and Cynthio and the two humans began interrogating the machine.
The buzz of activity that had characterized this place began to fade as the time for meal approached. People moved away from their tasks, converging towards the dining halls, the scent of food replacing the scent of rubber and metal.
Jagomerah and his team brought me towards the carnivore dining hall, a part of the camp designed to accommodate species with diets like us. My roommates, meanwhile, wandered off towards the herbivore hall. There were many arxurs present, and though I could feel their glances on my scarred form, none approached me.
The dining area was divided into two queues. One led to a spread of raw meat where the arxurs could pile their trays high with a selection of proteins. The second queue catered to a more human palate, featuring cooked dishes.
When I joined the line for the human food, Jagomerah looked at me in surprise. But he nodded in approval after I explained that I prefer cooked meat now. He told me that the dish for the night was Rawon, a delicious black soup cooked with a special kind of plant that contains hydrogen cyanide.
"Yeah, but the plant has been processed to remove that toxin away. See... this is why we process food and cook them." He looked at the line of arxurs helping themselves to the blocks of meat. "I can't imagine eating them, so chewy and bland, even our raw meat dishes have seasoning in them."
That remark intrigued me. "Wait, you have raw meat dishes too?"
"Sure, we have-"
"Next!" The human server shouted. Our discussion had made a large gap between us and the last human.
"Okay, let's get this rawon first."
I noticed that the humans also have white plant matter called 'rice' to go with the rawon. For me, I would have just the soup, rich, aromatic, and packed with chunks of meat. To my delight, the meal also came with boiled eggs. Settling down with humans felt different from the stern, disapproving arxur tables back at the fleet. Here, Jagomerah and his team shared jokes, stories, and smiles as we ate. As we tucked into our meals, I shared my own tale, the official version of my crash landing.
Jagomerah listened, his gaze serious. When I finished, he took a moment before speaking. "When Lovaz says… I'm sorry… 'defective'… she's referring to more than just your physical condition, right?" He paused, recalling our earlier conversation. "You said the same to me when we chatted."
"Yeah... us Arxurs aren't supposed to be like... this." I gestured towards myself.
"I'm glad that you're like this," Jagomerah patted my shoulder. I didn't think he said that in pity, but rather understanding, and acceptance.
A soft chiming sound echoed from his wrist, drawing our attention. Jagomerah glanced down at the device strapped around his wrist, his eyes scanning over the display.
"Ah, duty calls," he sighed. I could feel a certain heaviness in his tone. "Our mission is about to start and we'll be in Greater Jakarta for the next twenty-four hours."
"Do what you need, human," I responded, a hint of a smile on my face.
"But feel free to message me, okay?" He proposed. Giving me a chance for us to continue our discussion. Perhaps it could lead to something more, I hoped.
After saying our goodbyes, I watched Jagomerah and his team depart. The herbivore dining didn't expect an Arxur like me and it would cause problems if I popped up there. Instead, I decided to wait in the plaza. I found a quiet corner and parked myself, my mind wandering back to Jagomerah and his team. The brief time I'd spent with them passed, unlike anything I'd experienced before. I felt a sense of acceptance and togetherness that felt...right.
For the first time, I felt like I belonged.
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2023.06.03 16:09 gweleif Thirteen game concepts

Today's games repulse me with their copycat, timid and shallow character. Though it seems like there is a variety of concepts flashing around, in practice games revolve around the same half-dozen tropes. Their hallmark sign is that it is nothing that is not seen on TV. If the game's idea is not a reflection of the modern world from someone who, by all appearances, has never read a real book or has experience to share, then it's Pirates in Some Carribean, or the Victorian Age When Jack the Ripper Roamed in a Black Cab, or the Middle Ages with Standard Treachery, or Abstract Space Exploration. I was sick and tired of this a few years ago, now I have all but given up on this art form. Even when the concept is interesting, it is rarely taken far or with force. Neutered developers are afraid to give offense and as a result make bland, short-breathing stuff, but I think the sharp edges are never there to begin with anymore. I don't know anybody who sets out to defy the world, stand apart from its simulations and blandishments and spit a good gob in its ugly square face.
I have never had an opportunity to make a game of my own (it takes a team besides everything else), but I have made mods for a very old RPG for years - new mechanics, plots, magic, quests, effects, scripts, writing and so on. I have more or less put that old engine on its head, though I know hardly anyone will ever find out about my efforts. This is to say that I am not a pure theorist. Some time in the winter, bored and exasperated, I decided to do a quick marathon of game ideas - for RPG, quests, simulations, something in-between - and see how many I can whip out on the run. I would like something from here picked up by a company, but I am not advertising. I realize that is probably not something that might happen. It was a good exercise for me, however. Here are the results for all to see. I did ten first, then three more occurred to me.
1) Circa Caotica
You play the role of Jabsh, a clown of a traveling circus, who suddenly discovers that he is no orphan but the son (Raka, daughter for female players) of the director, Maestro Leotardi. Minutes later after making the sobbing confession the boss is swallowed by the Crocodile Man in a suspicious accident. You have to own up to his legacy and step into the tight and tall boots of the director. Your responsibility is to keep the circus going by fine-tuning and inventing acts based on ideas solicited over regular all-troupe brainstorming sessions despite little starting respect from the others, who have decided to unionize as well (the mentalist takes notes). You must keep drawing in crowds to avert the bankruptcy, earn respect and manipulation points and find the truth behind Leotardi's death and the disappearance of the Big Green cashbox with everyone's last year salary and the medallion that supposedly bears the face of your mother the same evening. All the while you still have to perform in regular clown acts with your partner. You can play as a red clown or a white clown, and the other type will be your foil.
2) Nachtwaffe
"Ah, count. Decided to join me for a walk?" Vampires steal planes from the Nazi airforce to zoom through the dark skies over the Balkans and turn humans to make more of their own. You start out as a single nosferatu, converted from an arrogant German, and must find and raid small airports and landing strips across the forests and mountains of Roumania, impersonate a living officer to get supplies and fuel, avoid communist guerillas, find and build places to hide during the day and choose which humans to turn to expand your force. Naturally, it is all quite a dead end, as the war is bound to finish sooner or later, which radio broadcasts confirm, and what then will happen to the vampiric empire? But this is something that the gameplay begins to convey to the player gradually. Hopefully the fate of someone who has no future but still does his all will touch some dormant strings in players' hearts.
3) Yuck!
The sleepy Tibetan village of Dongtso is unaware of what lurks in the bushes and the mountains: you, the desperately lonely yak-man. Born with a big head and two horns, you have only one connection to civilization: the gold ring in your nose. Squinting cross-eyed, you can just make out some kind of symbols on it, and a banner over the village shrine features ones like them. This must be the key. You have to lurk about the supersititious hamlet, helping the folk at night and out of sight with small chores and evesdropping on their reactions and conversations until you can pick up a few words, including, at some point, "Hello." Since this is a game about Tibet and shaping up something rebellious, let the tongue be one of Tibet's many and accompanied by Tibetan script. You can train to pronounce the words when you dare show yourself to children, old people and widows, to improve from mooing to legible speech, but until then you have to dodge men's hunting parties and survive. With enough good deeds and a few friends, you might win the folk's confidence and stand before the village council so that someone might teach you to read. The quest becomes complicated, however, by the appearance of the army of People's Republic of China that establishes a base in the village in its push to subdue Tibet. The year is 1952. One of the newcomers is a local - a renegade llama who, the villagers say, has been on many supernatural journeys in the mountains, but is now wearing the uniform of Tibet's conquerors. The writing on the ring, deciphered, identifies him as your father.
4) Footlocker
This is a soccer-themed RPG, but you view the sport from the point of view of a bookie besieged on all sides by mafia. To pay back his debt he resolves on a colossal set-up: first get control of an underdog team, then bring them at least to the regional semi-finals and, with the bets in their favor, make them lose in a big way. The thugs are ready to provide cash handouts, leg-breaking, knuckle sandwiches, addictive opioids and more to get the right people on the team and stubborn elements out, but at the cost of increased control and cut of the profits. You must balance their appetities with placating sports authorities, the press, sponsors and police. In the final match a dilemma presents itself: go through with the plan and ruin the team or defy the gangsters and take your chances on the right side of the tracks?
5) And See It Again For the First Time
Starting out from your homeland on three caravels, you unfurl the sails and set out to circumnavigate the world. The globe is randomly generated every time and rolls away at the horizon, with the map, continents and straits unknown beforehand, in the manner of River Raid. Your characters are the three ships and their crews, condition and supplies are their stats. Dropping anchor at strange shores and dealing with natives will be necessary but dangerous as they fight with each other, shuffle and migrate like microbes. Loss of crew can't be repaired. At least one of the ships must find the passages and make it to the fabulous Gate of Makhamedi, enter it from the far side and begin the journey home.
6) The Person and the Essence
In the beginning chapter you play Sauqin, second-in-command to general Varziranga, head of the army of the Arcolan Empire sent to quash the rebellion of Panlaa, who has tried to bring his province to secede. The imperial army has crushed Panlaa'a troops a fortnight ago and has got him shut in the Ravine of the Gold Specks. Complete victory is near, but the commander has been acting strangely since the battle. On this decisive night his behavior spins out of control just as Panlaa makes a sudden sally from his trap, causing great confusion. As his lieutenant, it falls to you to maintain order in dealing with the various officers as well as the clerics of the One, who insist that Panlaa, a lapsed pagan, be given to them for execution once he is captured. The ending of the chapter will determine whether Panlaa ends in the emperor's prison in the capital, Hotharsoom, alive or dead at the clerics' hands, whether Varziranga will be simply demoted or disgraced.
Chapter two will take place in the capital city. You will have been promoted to a top military command for your performance, only to become embroiled in an intrigue involving the emperor's controlling mother, a consequential schism in the church of the One over whether the head of state is eternally the same person reincarnated or a series of persons, demagogues in the public and lurking pagans with unclear motives. Other chapters will follow, and the endings will determine who sits on the throne and who stands behind it, whether state policy is in principle subject to revision and criticism or not and whether the pagan faiths are crushed without mercy or adopted into the church of the One. The material here is Byzantium, Egypt with the notion of the pharaoh as incarnate Horus and the empires of southeast Asia. Some early Christian heresies also deserve to be revivified.
7) Of Rats and Men
You are a rat trapped in the gears of the Trumpet of Doom, the hugest, heaviest and most advanced steam ship ever to paddle the Grumuous Sea. This basin is famously salty enough to let even an iron float for a time, which, the public money finally gathered, made it the perfect road to carry the 25-inch-gunned ("24 + 1 for Paterland!") Trumpet to the shores of Festaly and at last give those Festalians what for! The citizenry is cheering with patriotic joy, the brass bands are blowing. The ship rats are less happy, especially you, who were captain Reissenpouf's pet before you managed to scramble through a porthole and below the desk as he was buttering a toast. You are nearly panicky with fright. Unlike the locals there, you have spent time locked with the diagrams in the captain's safe and know that the battleship is very weakly armored below the waterline. Someone must have made a good bit of business during the construction selling the metal. When the Trumpet comes up against the Festalians with their triton suicides or their rumored counterpart ship, the Rough Musician, not even the Grumuous Sea will keep it from ending up as a gigantic, barnacled wreck on the ocean floor.
To avoid this fate you only have so much time to organize the other rats for systematic sabotage. The game's world is the enormous ship below and above the deck. The humans of the crew are, of course, adamant in their resolve to get themselves killed, so they will repair the servos, the cables turning the massive gears, the ball bearings, the hydraulics and the rest almost as quickly as those are destroyed. This effort will be headed by the near-transparent, monochrome spindle of a man, Admiral Hel, the leader of the expedition, always of his private high deck, sipping his black milk and staring through his spectacles ahead to where TOD's fate awaits it. If all of you ratfolk together gnaw through and spoil enough of the ship's devices, however, the captain might just have the authority to radio Kaiser Walzer of the decision to turn back... though you personally may also have to sneak back into his cabin to sit on his pillow and intone suggestions as he sleeps. The fact that you are an albino rat and at first come across as a crazy visionary doesn't help, and neither does being a female rat and having to give birth to a litter every so often. The current mate can be deputied on tasks while lactating. Other ships may sometimes be encountered in the sea, with different results, and you may improve your reputation in the murine community by predicting these encounters, if you check the looking glass often enough. The length of the game, and hence the difficulty, depends on the distance to Festalian waters - from two weeks' journey to three months.
8) Cosmic Choir
You play as one of the planets of the solar system. The other actors and your partners are the thieving and scurrilous Mercury, the lusty and sly Venus, the militant braggart Mars and so on. And you are the meh-in-the-middle Earth, and in this group of strong personalities stand out with your unique ability of Rational Decision (it would be nice to get Woody Allen for the voice acting, were he younger). Other planets have other powers, and all of them certain characteristics and appetites (for tasty meteorites, for more intimate or more standoffish orbits and so on). The plot revolves around the announcement of the Sun that it has had enough of burning hydrogen and wants to retire, going immediately into the red giant phase, which would, of course, burn up all of the inner planets and kick the outer planets way out. For this the star has recruited a planet-sized asteroid, large enough to pull most of the star fuel away so that the moribund transformation may be set in motion. The euthanatic dark planet is whirring ever closer. Before it gets on a near enough orbit to disrupt the Sun the other planets must find out what caused this sudden depression and persuade their ruler and source of life otherwise. (The answer is that the Sun has always dreamt of going nova but lacks substance.) Playing as the only inhabited planet, you must also keep the life forms on you alive through all of the maneuvering. If you can get Mars to cooperate, however, you may shorten the distance enough for humanity and some of the ecosystems to make the leap and found Musk City there, and then you won't have to care about your surface anymore.
9) Paris, 1245 A.D.
A meticulously researched simulation of the criminal underworld of medieval Paris and the worlds that abutted on it: those of the church, guilds, city watch, the university, lepers, the court and so on. No shortcuts and simplifications for babies who can't tell a Benedictine from a Cistercian. A dynamically filled encyclopedia may be included, though, and remain permanently unlocked for later replays. The main character is a vagrant and a thief. This may be a persistent sandbox, possibly a multiplayer RPG, or it may have a plot, but strictly within historical realities.
10) The Last Supper
You play the role of Jesus, son of God, in the company of the twelve disciples. The game should probably be in first person. (The Sermon of the Mount and such may be shown in cutscenes, or they may be challenges in quiz form.) The time period is your wanderings in Judea after the baptism and until the last night before the arrest. The background is the Judaic society at the time and its Roman controllers, somewhat historically accurate. This is a detective story, a wholldoit where you need to figure out who is best suited to betray you in due time so that you may prep him for the job and finally give him the impetus to "do it quicker" at the Last Supper. For Christ certainly needed someone to betray him. It's not always Judas: the identity of the potential traitor, along with his motives, will vary randomly between playthroughs. Incidents and encounters along the road, both recorded in the Bible and invented, will liven up the experience and better inform you about the personalities of the disciples, building on but going beyond what is known (Peter with his short temper, the lofty John an so on).
11) Cuadrophobia
Ships and the sea again. This time you are a typical sailor with an atypically strong survival instinct on one of the vessels in a colossal game of Battleship between Our Guy and the Other Player. Accordingly, there are two grids firing at each other: your side's and the enemy's, though you only get to travel across your own. The ship you begin on is chosen at random: it may be anything in size from a single-squarer to a five-squarer. Smaller ships are less likely to be hit, of course, but when a ship is finished, it sinks, and you with it. The purpose of the game is to survive until Our Guy's victory, which programmatically is likely but not guaranteed and happens about 70% of the time. To do this you must desert on a regular basis, setting out in a dinghy to a ship more favored in the current situation. However, the dinghy only travels three squares per turn, and you can only spend two turns in the open sea before dying. You also need time on board ships to access their radio broadcasts, which, besides playing some inspirational propaganda, update the picture of the grid as the battle rages. Without it you are limited to paddling to vessels that you can directly see. The role-playing element comes from dealing with ship commanders, who all take their duties and titles - captain of Cruiser! captain of Battleship! - very seriously, from picking up supplies in floating debris and from acquiring special abilities that let you, for example, paddle an extra square farther. Is war evil? Is it to be hated, or is our side to be cheered on? After all, if Our Guy loses, this will all have been in vain.
12) Standardom
In this game of life, dedicated to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), you must pass through all of the Gates of Conformity to win your ultimate prize - death from old age, as opposed to suicide. The option to kill yourself is always available in the menu. Being the hero and chickenshit that you are, though, you are determined to submit to every humiliation just so you can press forward. The world of the game is a vertical platform that moves with you along the Y axis, which represents time from some random year forwards: you may begin at 100 B.C., 1824 A.D., 12749 j-Spec and so on. It is really all the same where on the timeline you are dropped off. As with other platformers, once the screen has moved, there is no going back. You can walk freely to the left and right, however, pick up bonuses, disarm threats and converse with characters. Going up, every so often the screen is intersected by a wall with a gate in it. Your character's silhouette must either match the cut of the gate or be smaller to pass through. You start out small as a baby, a little circle, but very soon handicaps such as Discovery of Talent, Unusual Upbringing, Independent Spirit or Love of Sex will begin to rush at you to complicate your silhouette with Г, & and other such protrusions. You will also grow in size until your late 20s. Luckily, opportunities will also present themselves to prune some of this exotica: Family, Steady Job, Political Engagement, Puppy, Human Interest and other bonuses can be found or obtained from conversations to simplify your puzzle to a manageable cut until such time as the years pile on and the worst is behind you. You will become smaller and smaller and able to rush through the checkpoints one after the other to the finish line.
13) Six Handshakes to Liberty
The country is suffering under a cruel dictatorship. Ar-Parason, the president-for-life, has wrung the last of resources from the nation and has now thrown it into a disastrous war. In his palace he is surrounded by guards armed to the teeth and without a shred of conscience to shoot the bastard. What can you, a humble microbiologist living in the suburbs, do about this? Nothing, it seems, until you discover a strain of bacteria that is absolutely deadly within weeks and immune to all known antibiotics except one, still not fully developed. The microbe is passed along by touch. Alas, you discover it when you become infected with it. You still have the resources to finish the research on the antibiotic and save yourself, but now you realize that you possess the perfect secret weapon to rid the country of the tyrant. Although you can't get so close to Ar-Parason in person, someone must enjoy that intimacy...
Every day you do your research at the computer, look through the press, then put on gloves and go out in search of people in contact with other people who will, you hope, ultimately carry the strain to its target. You have to follow news to figure out whose hands to shake and who to sleep with - secretaries, daughters of generals, corrupt officials - and many times the scheme will fall short of success. The chain of handshakes will terminate early somewhere, and these intermediaries will just die. But all those sacrifices are worth it, aren't they? You keep several intrigues going at once, determined to see one of them to the end. Meanwhile an epidemic is beginning in the country, Ar-Parason is starting to take precautions, and your own remaining time that could be spent on finishing the antibiotic is also running short. What is more important: life, revenge, justice, survival, honor? Your actions will be your decisions.
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2023.06.03 16:05 _crazyboyhere_ [OC] A map of when same sex marriage legalized in each US state.

[OC] A map of when same sex marriage legalized in each US state. submitted by _crazyboyhere_ to dataisbeautiful [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 15:59 highertraveler Ride the Winds Aetheric

The ability states the unit can be set up 1" from terrain features and objectives. Does this mean you have to be OFF of the objective 6" radius by 1", or simply 1" away from the point on the map that is the objective? Sorry if this has been posted already.
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2023.06.03 15:59 EurekaStockade 63--- 911 Hoax --By the Numbers

When they use numerology to stage their events then you know its FAKE

Globalist needed to stage another Pearl Harbour event as a pretext for Middle East Wars
Pearl Harbour itself was a staged event

Construction on the World Trade Centre began on 6 August 1968= 6/8/'68
Hiroshima anniv
33 years before it was destroyed
The US adopted 911 as their Emergency Call number the same year 1968

On the morning of the 911 attacks Bush was reading the book The Pet Goat to Children
Bush entered the classroom 9:03 am
Flight 175 hit the WTC tower at 9:03 am
Flight 11 crashed into 93rd floor of the North Tower
Flight 93 crashed into Somerset County Pennsylvania on the 39th parallel
Crashed at 10.03 am= 22:03
223--Skull & Bones signature

The World Trade Centre was first bombed in 1993
The bombing was blamed on the Blind Sheik

Osama Bin Laden's 'father' died-- coincidentally--in a plane crash on Sep 3 1967
Sep 3= 9/3
119 days remaining in the year
(Ronald Reagan died on Sep 3= 9/3 at age 93)

12 Oct 2000---The bombing of the USS Cole was staged to make Bin Laden a household name
Exactly 11 months before the 911 attacks
Bombed at 11:18 am= 11/9
The bomb supposedly created a 18 x 12 m gash on the ship's side
18 x 12= 216
216= 6x6x6= 666

Osama/Obama Hoax

99 months 9 days after USS Cole bombed--
President Obama's Inauguration
exactly 119 weeks later--
the Osama Bin Laden character was killed off
FAKE= 23
CIA= 23

Obama's Fake Birth Certificate was an Insider Joke
All high- profile Globalist Stooges have fake birth dates
Thats how they identify one another
Obama was supposedly born 4 August
216th Day of the Year
216= 6x6x6= 666
149 days left in the year

BIRTH CERTIFICATE is a code word for 911
911 = 156th prime number

The North Tower was the one that was hit first on 911

911= 9+1+1=11
Sept 11
254th day of the year
111 days left in the year
The first plane to hit the World Trade Centre was Flight 11
Flight 11 had 92 people on board---9+2=11
11 crew members
New York is the 11th state added to the Union
New York City has 11 letters
The Pentagon has 11 letters
Pentagon located 38 N 77W
Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon on the 77th meridian
Boeing 757-223
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2023.06.03 15:57 kayakero Fed's Creation & History

The Federal Reserve, often referred to as the Fed, is the central banking system of the United States. It was established in response to financial panics and the need for a more stable and flexible monetary system. The creation of the Federal Reserve involved a series of legislative efforts and reforms, culminating in the passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913.
Prior to the establishment of the Federal Reserve, the United States experienced frequent financial crises and banking panics. The country operated under a system where banks issued their own currency, which led to a lack of uniformity and stability. There was no central authority responsible for managing the money supply or providing a lender of last resort during times of crisis.
The first significant step towards the creation of the Federal Reserve came with the National Banking Act of 1863. This act established a system of nationally chartered banks and provided for the issuance of uniform national banknotes. However, the act did not create a central banking authority and did not fully address the need for a stable monetary system.
In 1907, the United States experienced a severe financial panic known as the Panic of 1907. The panic exposed the vulnerabilities of the existing banking system and highlighted the need for reform. In response, a group of prominent bankers, led by J.P. Morgan, intervened to stabilize the financial system. This event further galvanized the push for a central banking system.
The momentum for creating a central bank gained further traction during the presidency of Woodrow Wilson. In 1913, Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act into law, which established the Federal Reserve System as the central banking authority of the United States. The Federal Reserve Act aimed to address the shortcomings of the previous system and provide a more stable monetary framework.
Under the Federal Reserve Act, the Federal Reserve System was composed of a decentralized structure, consisting of twelve regional banks located in major cities across the country. The Board of Governors, headquartered in Washington, D.C., was established as the main governing body of the Federal Reserve System. The Board consists of seven members appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate, with each member serving a fourteen-year term.
The Federal Reserve was granted various powers and responsibilities to achieve its objectives, which include promoting stable prices, maximum employment, and moderate long-term interest rates. It has the authority to conduct monetary policy, regulate and supervise banks, provide financial services to the government and financial institutions, and maintain the stability of the financial system.
Over the years, the Federal Reserve has played a significant role in shaping the U.S. economy. It has implemented various monetary policies to control inflation, stabilize financial markets, and respond to economic crises. The Federal Reserve's actions, such as setting interest rates and conducting open market operations, have a profound impact on the borrowing costs for businesses and consumers, influencing economic activity and employment levels.
Throughout its history, the Federal Reserve has undergone several changes and adaptations to address evolving economic challenges. It has played a crucial role in managing and responding to financial crises, including the Great Depression in the 1930s, the savings and loan crisis in the 1980s, and the global financial crisis in 2008.
The Federal Reserve remains a vital institution in the United States, with its policies and decisions influencing the overall health and stability of the economy. Its independence, as well as its role in maintaining price stability and fostering sustainable economic growth, continues to be subjects of public interest and debate.
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2023.06.03 15:54 ft420 D1 Baseball Regionals TV / Streaming for Saturday 6/3 (Day Two)

Losers bracket elimination games
12:00 pm UConn vs. Florida A&M (Site 2 / Game 3) espn+
12:00 pm Army vs. Oklahoma (Site 7 / Game 3) espn+ / ESPN
12:00 pm West Virginia vs. Ball State (Site 12 / Game 3) espn+
12:00 pm Lipscomb vs. Charlotte (Site 4 / Game 3) espn+
12:00 pm Maine vs. Louisiana (Site 9 / Game 3) espn+
12:00 pm George Mason vs. Northeastern (Site 1 / Game 3) espn+
12:00 pm #10 Coastal Carolina vs. UNC-W (Site 10 / Game 3) espn+ / ESPN2
12:00 pm Campbell vs. Central Connecticut (Site 15 / Game 3) espn+
12:00 pm Wright State vs. North Carolina (Site 14 / Game 3) espn+ / ACCN
1:00 pm Squeeze Play (studio and whip around coverage) espn+ / ESPNU
3:00 pm Eastern Illinois vs. Xavier (Site 6 / Game 3) espn+
3:00 pm Dallas Baptist vs. #11 Oklahoma St (Site 11 / Game 3) espn+ / ESPN2
3:00 pm San Jose St. vs. CS Fullerton (Site 8 / Game 3) espn+
3:00 pm Santa Clara vs. Arizona (Site 3 / Game 3) espn+
3:00 pm Tulane vs. Sam Houston (Site 5 / Game 3) espn+
3:00 pm Southern Miss vs. #13 Auburn (Site 13 / Game 3) espn+ / ESPN
3:00 pm Nicholls vs. Boston College (Site 16 / Game 3) espn+
4:00 pm Squeeze Play (studio and whip around coverage) espn+ / ESPNU
Winners bracket games
6:00 pm Squeeze Play (studio and whip around coverage) espn+ (only)
6:00 pm East Carolina vs. #7 Virginia (Site 7 / Game 4) espn+
6:00 pm Duke vs. Rider (Site 10 / Game 4) espn+
6:00 pm Tennessee vs. #4 Clemson (Site 4 / Game 4) espn+ / ESPN2
6:00 pm #2 Florida vs. Texas Tech (Site 2 / Game 4) espn+
6:00 pm Maryland vs. #1 Wake Forest (Site 1 / Game 4) espn+ / ACCN
6:00 pm Texas vs. #9 Miami (Site 9 / Game 4) espn+/ESPNU
6:00 pm South Carolina vs. NC State (Site 15 / Game 4) espn+
6:00 pm Iowa vs. #14 Indiana State (Site 14 / Game 4) espn+
6:00 pm #12 Kentucky vs. Indiana (Site 12 / Game 4) espn+ / SECN
9:00 pm Troy vs. #16 Alabama (Site 16 / Game 4) espn+
9:00 pm Oregon vs. #6 Vanderbilt (Site 6 / Game 4) espn+ / SECN
9:00 pm Oregon State vs. #5 LSU (Site 5 / Game 4) espn+ / ESPN2
9:00 pm Samford vs. Pennsylvania (Site 13 / Game 4) espn+
9:00 pm TCU vs. #3 Arkansas (Site 3 / Game 4) espn+ / ESPNU
9:00 pm Texas A&M vs. #8 Stanford (Site 8 / Game 4) espn+
9:00 pm Oral Roberts vs. Washington (Site 11 / Game 4) espn+
Crowdsourced Scoreboard ~ from CTIDmississippi
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2023.06.03 15:52 Intelligent_Will_948 Can a useReducer master help me with this please?

I am building a simple shopping cart app, when clicking on a button in ProductCard component, the dispatch function from the reducer is triggered. Whats happening is, when I click on some other card to add the item, instead of adding to the existing basket items, it just replaces it. I think this is happening because of the initArg in the useReducer but I'm not sure how to fix it.
``` import { ProductDataTypes } from "../types/product-data-types";
export enum ActionTypeOptions { ADD = "ADD", REMOVE = "REMOVE", REMOVE_ALL = "REMOVE_ALL", }
type BasketAction = { type: ActionTypeOptions; payload: ProductDataTypes; };
type BasketState = ProductDataTypes[];
function basketReducer(state: BasketState, action: BasketAction) { const { type, payload } = action; switch (type) { case ActionTypeOptions.ADD: return [...state, { ...payload }];
case ActionTypeOptions.REMOVE: const filteredState: ProductDataTypes[] = state.filter( (product) => product.id !== payload.id ); return filteredState; case ActionTypeOptions.REMOVE_ALL: const emptyState: ProductDataTypes[] = []; return emptyState; default: return state; 
} }
export default basketReducer;
``` function ProductCard({ product }: { product: ProductDataTypes }) { const [state, dispatch] = useReducer(basketReducer, []); return (


); }
export default ProductCard;
``` function ProductsContainer() { return (
{productData.map((product) => ( ))}
); }
export default ProductsContainer;
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