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/woodworking is your home on reddit for furniture, toys, tools, wood, glue, and anything else that has to do with woodworking as a hobby or profession. Please submit links to how-to pages and videos, pictures of beautiful and amazing pieces you made for us to admire, or help you finish.

2023.05.30 06:28 sunnydevelopers Buying a Flat in Splendour Mulund West: Luxury Living at its Finest

If you're in search of a luxurious living space in the vibrant city of Mumbai, look no further than Splendour Mulund West. This esteemed residential project offers an array of 2 and 3 BHK configurations that cater to the discerning needs of modern homeowners. With its prime location, exquisite design, and a plethora of amenities, Splendour Mulund West promises a truly elevated living experience.

Amenities that Enhance Your Lifestyle

Splendour Mulund West goes above and beyond to provide residents with an exceptional lifestyle by offering a wide range of amenities.
Let's take a closer look at the features that make this project stand out:

Hassle-Free Car Parking:

Finding parking space in a bustling city can be a challenge, but not at Splendour Mulund West. The project offers hassle-free car parking facilities, ensuring convenience for residents and their guests.

Grand Entrance Lobby:

The grand entrance lobby sets the tone for luxury and elegance as soon as you step into the building. It creates a lasting impression and welcomes you and your guests with its tasteful design and impeccable aesthetics.

Hi-Speed Elevator:

Say goodbye to long waits and embrace efficiency with the hi-speed elevators provided at Splendour Mulund West. These elevators ensure quick and seamless vertical transportation, saving you time and adding convenience to your daily routine.

CCTV Surveillance:

Your safety and security are of utmost importance at Splendour Mulund West. The project is equipped with CCTV surveillance systems, providing round-the-clock monitoring and peace of mind for residents.

EV Charging Station:

Keeping up with the times, Splendour Mulund West offers an EV charging station for electric vehicle owners. This forward-thinking amenity encourages sustainable living and ensures that residents have access to convenient charging facilities.

Generator Backup:

Power outages are no cause for concern at Splendour Mulund West. With generator backup facilities in place, residents can enjoy uninterrupted power supply, eliminating any inconvenience during electricity disruptions.

Free WIFI Zone:

Staying connected is effortless at Splendour Mulund West. The project provides a free WIFI zone, allowing residents to stay online and connected with ease.

Biometric Door Lock:

Emphasizing security, Splendour Mulund West incorporates biometric door lock systems. These state-of-the-art locks add an extra layer of protection, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access your home.

Indoor Games Room:

For those seeking entertainment within the confines of the project, an indoor games room awaits. Residents can indulge in a variety of indoor games, fostering camaraderie and providing a recreational space to unwind.

Mini Theatre:

Movie enthusiasts can rejoice as Splendour Mulund West offers a mini theatre within the premises. Enjoy the latest blockbusters or catch up on your favorite classics without leaving the comfort of your residential complex.

Fitness Centre:

Health and wellness take center stage at Splendour Mulund West. The well-equipped fitness centre caters to the needs of fitness enthusiasts, allowing residents to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle without having to venture far from home.

Kids Play Area:

Splendour Mulund West understands the importance of providing a safe and enjoyable space for children. The dedicated kids play area ensures that little ones have a place to have fun and engage in recreational activities within the premises.

Landscape Garden:

Step into a serene oasis within the project with the beautifully landscaped gardens. The lush greenery and meticulously designed outdoor spaces provide a tranquil retreat where residents can rejuvenate and connect with nature.

Senior Citizen Area:

Splendour Mulund West acknowledges the needs of senior residents by offering a dedicated senior citizen area. This space provides a peaceful and comfortable environment for seniors to relax, socialize, and enjoy their golden years.

Jogging Track:

Fitness enthusiasts and those who enjoy an active lifestyle will appreciate the jogging track at Splendour Mulund West. Take advantage of the well-designed track to maintain your fitness routine or enjoy a leisurely stroll amidst the lush surroundings.

Multi-Purpose Court:

Sports enthusiasts have the opportunity to engage in various activities at the multi-purpose court. Whether it's a game of basketball, tennis, or any other sport, the court offers a versatile space for residents to enjoy their favorite games.

Open Sky Lounge:

Unwind and soak in breathtaking views from the open sky lounge. This elevated space provides a serene setting for residents to relax, socialize, and enjoy the company of fellow neighbors.

Rooftop Jacuzzi:

Pamper yourself in the rooftop jacuzzi, where you can indulge in a luxurious and soothing experience while admiring panoramic views of the surrounding cityscape. Splendour Mulund West is the epitome of luxury living in Mumbai. With its range of 2 and 3 BHK configurations and an impressive array of amenities including hassle-free car parking, a grand entrance lobby, hi-speed elevators, CCTV surveillance, EV charging station, generator backup, free WIFI zone, biometric door locks, indoor games room, mini theatre, fitness center, kids play area, landscape garden, senior citizen area, jogging track, multi-purpose court, open sky lounge, and rooftop jacuzzi, this project caters to the diverse needs and desires of its residents. Embrace a life of comfort, convenience, and opulence at Splendour Mulund West, where every day feels like a retreat.

Experience Luxury Living at Splendour Mulund West Today!

Are you ready to embark on a journey of luxury living at Splendour Mulund West? With its impeccable design, prime location, and an extensive range of amenities, this residential project offers a lifestyle that exceeds expectations. From hassle-free car parking and a grand entrance lobby to a rooftop jacuzzi and landscaped gardens, Splendour Mulund West has thoughtfully considered every aspect of your comfort and enjoyment.
Don't miss the opportunity to be a part of this prestigious community. Take the first step towards owning your dream home by scheduling a site visit today. Witness firsthand the elegance, craftsmanship, and attention to detail that sets Splendour Mulund West apart. Explore the spacious 2 and 3 BHK configurations, envision yourself in the thoughtfully designed spaces, and immerse yourself in the luxurious amenities that await.
Contact Splendour Mulund West today to schedule your site visit and discover the epitome of luxury living in Mumbai. Don't wait any longer – your dream home awaits!

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2023.05.30 06:21 squidthesponge Go in non-vegan zone or stay at home?

Hello, hope you're all doing well :) I need to vent a little, I'm just really anxious Thank you for you time and I would love some advice if u feel inspired 🌻
Basically my boyfriend has lots of friends and like to go on weekends with them. We've been together since 2018 and I still dont want to go with him because I'm stressed out about food.
They are not vegan and I'm an hardcore one who refuses to eat if there's animal products on the table. My bff is vegan too but doesn't mind seeing animal products. Every time he comes back from one of those weekends, he tells me he only ate boiled potatoes and bread, while everyone else was having all sorts of meats and cheeses "delicacies"☠. He's always a bit disappointed about the lack of effort and nutrition, and reaaaally hungry when he comes back home 👀. To me, that's just not how I want to live, even for 3 days.
My bff is really sad that I never come so I agreed to come but I told him that the food situation was stressful for me. I've been meal planning all week, thinking about how to cook, store, transport, and reheat the food. He thinks I'm too much and sees all of my efforts as stupid...
To me, it's important that the food is abundant, healthy and delicious, because I'm staying 3 days with strangers in a stranger's house. It takes a lot of my energy to match their vibe, they all are childhood friends, i have nothing in common with them, for me it's not a fun & relaxing weekend and he knows that.
Since the beginning of our relationship, he knows my rule about animal products (and he had no problem forcing his parents to match my rule😂). But we dont want to force 15 people to eat vegan for 3 days (yeah I dont want them to hate me), but I also want a bit of comfort and safety and nourishment during a weekend of "walking on eggshells". But my bff doesn't get it. Every time he sees me prepare he's like "why are you doing that? It would be much simpler to go there without any preparation "... so we get frustrated with each other and fight and I'm exhausted. I dont want to go anymore. I was prepping for him too but the temptation of being petty and let him eat boiled potatoes with his friends while I would eat my vegan feast alone is there, not gonna lie. But it would make me look really bad and I would be the one suffering from this scenario so that's not an option😭.
Should I ignore him , meal prep for us, go and hope for the best or should I stay at home and relax?
Thank you ❤
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2023.05.30 06:13 thegreatsoulescape so i isolated myself Again woohoo

Now I'm feeling detached. So I quit uni (again) because of issues at home and because I was doing terrible at uni (couldn't attend classes, couldn't talk to my classmates, couldn't be there because it felt so overwhelming and horrible, couldn't do group projects, the lights inside the classroom were blinding me, etc.) and decided uni is just not for me. So now I'm studying at home for a public job. I do not live on my own, even though I'm almost 21, so I naturally have to speak to the people who live with me. But I spend so many hours of the day in silence and it actually feels... Good. When I tried to socialize in the past (like one month ago lol) and started talking, I felt so weirdly strange and stupid. Being quiet is almost always the best way for me to exist (maybe it's the cptsd acting? Who knows?). I know it's not healthy, but talking is just so exhausting!
Now that I quit uni, I barely leave the house, and when I do, I only go to the same three places -- bakery, drugstore, and park to walk my dogs. And even so, I'm always with my earphones on playing music. I noticed that I'm more sensitive to light and noise these days. I'm also so freaking tired and grumpy. I can't get myself to mask and try to make small talk or eye contact. I haven't socialized with people my age in almost a month. Even when I was going to uni, I only stayed there for a maximum of 2 hours, didn't speak to anyone, zoned out all the time, had meltdowns when I got home, and cried about how much of a failure I was. Like I was not capable of being a "normal" human. I have the knowledge at the area I was studying, but I have very poor social skills, which makes uni unbearable for me.
So I isolated myself and it's not That Bad, you know? I know that I'll have to get back to the real world at some point ugh... I'm already being pressured by my parents to do so (they aren't wrong), but I've been experiencing a lot of horrible stuff at home and my back pains are back and I feel like I'm almost always on survival mode. Idk if it's the depression or the cptsd + ptsd fucking up with my head or if it's another burnout or something. Since I was a kid, I always felt like being alone and not speaking. Not particularly because I wasn't able to speak, but more because I didn't want to. It felt so meaningless, you know? Except for when I got extremely burnout and couldn't even form phrases, even if I wanted to speak, but that's something else.
I also don't know how to act when I'm not alone. I feel like I have to be someone else when I'm with others and this makes no sense to me. What do I even get from that? Stress, feeling more alien, anxiety, meltdowns and so on. When I'm alone, I can engage on the fantasy world I created inside my head where everything is okay and I have meaningful relationships -- sounds pathetic, yeah. Not healthy either, I know...
So I just don't feel like talking or socializing or being around people. It drains my soul away and makes me feel miserable. I do small talk with the people in my building and it's actually pretty okay. But it's always that Elliot Smith song, Needle in the Hay, where he sings "I can't be myself and I don't want to talk". I know Elliot Smith meant something different with that line but that will do lol.
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2023.05.30 06:02 whyEven_Try_676 Manifesto of the Communist party

The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles.
Freeman and slave, patrician and plebeian, lord and serf, guild-master and journeyman, in a word, oppressor and oppressed, stood in constant opposition to one another, carried on an uninterrupted, now hidden, now open fight, a fight that each time ended, either in a revolutionary reconstitution of society at large, or in the common ruin of the contending classes.
In the earlier epochs of history, we find almost everywhere a complicated arrangement of society into various orders, a manifold gradation of social rank. In ancient Rome we have patricians, knights, plebeians, slaves; in the Middle Ages, feudal lords, vassals, guild-masters, journeymen, apprentices, serfs; in almost all of these classes, again, subordinate gradations.
The modern bourgeois society that has sprouted from the ruins of feudal society has not done away with class antagonisms. It has but established new classes, new conditions of oppression, new forms of struggle in place of the old ones.
Our epoch, the epoch of the bourgeoisie, possesses, however, this distinct feature: it has simplified class antagonisms. Society as a whole is more and more splitting up into two great hostile camps, into two great classes directly facing each other — Bourgeoisie and Proletariat.
From the serfs of the Middle Ages sprang the chartered burghers of the earliest towns. From these burgesses the first elements of the bourgeoisie were developed.
The discovery of America, the rounding of the Cape, opened up fresh ground for the rising bourgeoisie. The East-Indian and Chinese markets, the colonisation of America, trade with the colonies, the increase in the means of exchange and in commodities generally, gave to commerce, to navigation, to industry, an impulse never before known, and thereby, to the revolutionary element in the tottering feudal society, a rapid development.
The feudal system of industry, in which industrial production was monopolised by closed guilds, now no longer sufficed for the growing wants of the new markets. The manufacturing system took its place. The guild-masters were pushed on one side by the manufacturing middle class; division of labour between the different corporate guilds vanished in the face of division of labour in each single workshop.
Meantime the markets kept ever growing, the demand ever rising. Even manufacturer no longer sufficed. Thereupon, steam and machinery revolutionised industrial production. The place of manufacture was taken by the giant, Modern Industry; the place of the industrial middle class by industrial millionaires, the leaders of the whole industrial armies, the modern bourgeois.
Modern industry has established the world market, for which the discovery of America paved the way. This market has given an immense development to commerce, to navigation, to communication by land. This development has, in its turn, reacted on the extension of industry; and in proportion as industry, commerce, navigation, railways extended, in the same proportion the bourgeoisie developed, increased its capital, and pushed into the background every class handed down from the Middle Ages.
We see, therefore, how the modern bourgeoisie is itself the product of a long course of development, of a series of revolutions in the modes of production and of exchange.
Each step in the development of the bourgeoisie was accompanied by a corresponding political advance of that class. An oppressed class under the sway of the feudal nobility, an armed and self-governing association in the medieval commune(4): here independent urban republic (as in Italy and Germany); there taxable “third estate” of the monarchy (as in France); afterwards, in the period of manufacturing proper, serving either the semi-feudal or the absolute monarchy as a counterpoise against the nobility, and, in fact, cornerstone of the great monarchies in general, the bourgeoisie has at last, since the establishment of Modern Industry and of the world market, conquered for itself, in the modern representative State, exclusive political sway. The executive of the modern state is but a committee for managing the common affairs of the whole bourgeoisie.
The bourgeoisie, historically, has played a most revolutionary part.
The bourgeoisie, wherever it has got the upper hand, has put an end to all feudal, patriarchal, idyllic relations. It has pitilessly torn asunder the motley feudal ties that bound man to his “natural superiors”, and has left remaining no other nexus between man and man than naked self-interest, than callous “cash payment”. It has drowned the most heavenly ecstasies of religious fervour, of chivalrous enthusiasm, of philistine sentimentalism, in the icy water of egotistical calculation. It has resolved personal worth into exchange value, and in place of the numberless indefeasible chartered freedoms, has set up that single, unconscionable freedom — Free Trade. In one word, for exploitation, veiled by religious and political illusions, it has substituted naked, shameless, direct, brutal exploitation.
The bourgeoisie has stripped of its halo every occupation hitherto honoured and looked up to with reverent awe. It has converted the physician, the lawyer, the priest, the poet, the man of science, into its paid wage labourers.
The bourgeoisie has torn away from the family its sentimental veil, and has reduced the family relation to a mere money relation.
The bourgeoisie has disclosed how it came to pass that the brutal display of vigour in the Middle Ages, which reactionaries so much admire, found its fitting complement in the most slothful indolence. It has been the first to show what man’s activity can bring about. It has accomplished wonders far surpassing Egyptian pyramids, Roman aqueducts, and Gothic cathedrals; it has conducted expeditions that put in the shade all former Exoduses of nations and crusades.
The bourgeoisie cannot exist without constantly revolutionising the instruments of production, and thereby the relations of production, and with them the whole relations of society. Conservation of the old modes of production in unaltered form, was, on the contrary, the first condition of existence for all earlier industrial classes. Constant revolutionising of production, uninterrupted disturbance of all social conditions, everlasting uncertainty and agitation distinguish the bourgeois epoch from all earlier ones. All fixed, fast-frozen relations, with their train of ancient and venerable prejudices and opinions, are swept away, all new-formed ones become antiquated before they can ossify. All that is solid melts into air, all that is holy is profaned, and man is at last compelled to face with sober senses his real conditions of life, and his relations with his kind.
The need of a constantly expanding market for its products chases the bourgeoisie over the entire surface of the globe. It must nestle everywhere, settle everywhere, establish connexions everywhere.
The bourgeoisie has through its exploitation of the world market given a cosmopolitan character to production and consumption in every country. To the great chagrin of Reactionists, it has drawn from under the feet of industry the national ground on which it stood. All old-established national industries have been destroyed or are daily being destroyed. They are dislodged by new industries, whose introduction becomes a life and death question for all civilised nations, by industries that no longer work up indigenous raw material, but raw material drawn from the remotest zones; industries whose products are consumed, not only at home, but in every quarter of the globe. In place of the old wants, satisfied by the production of the country, we find new wants, requiring for their satisfaction the products of distant lands and climes. In place of the old local and national seclusion and self-sufficiency, we have intercourse in every direction, universal inter-dependence of nations. And as in material, so also in intellectual production. The intellectual creations of individual nations become common property. National one-sidedness and narrow-mindedness become more and more impossible, and from the numerous national and local literatures, there arises a world literature.
The bourgeoisie, by the rapid improvement of all instruments of production, by the immensely facilitated means of communication, draws all, even the most barbarian, nations into civilisation. The cheap prices of commodities are the heavy artillery with which it batters down all Chinese walls, with which it forces the barbarians’ intensely obstinate hatred of foreigners to capitulate. It compels all nations, on pain of extinction, to adopt the bourgeois mode of production; it compels them to introduce what it calls civilisation into their midst, i.e., to become bourgeois themselves. In one word, it creates a world after its own image.
The bourgeoisie has subjected the country to the rule of the towns. It has created enormous cities, has greatly increased the urban population as compared with the rural, and has thus rescued a considerable part of the population from the idiocy of rural life. Just as it has made the country dependent on the towns, so it has made barbarian and semi-barbarian countries dependent on the civilised ones, nations of peasants on nations of bourgeois, the East on the West.
The bourgeoisie keeps more and more doing away with the scattered state of the population, of the means of production, and of property. It has agglomerated population, centralised the means of production, and has concentrated property in a few hands. The necessary consequence of this was political centralisation. Independent, or but loosely connected provinces, with separate interests, laws, governments, and systems of taxation, became lumped together into one nation, with one government, one code of laws, one national class-interest, one frontier, and one customs-tariff.
The bourgeoisie, during its rule of scarce one hundred years, has created more massive and more colossal productive forces than have all preceding generations together. Subjection of Nature’s forces to man, machinery, application of chemistry to industry and agriculture, steam-navigation, railways, electric telegraphs, clearing of whole continents for cultivation, canalisation of rivers, whole populations conjured out of the ground — what earlier century had even a presentiment that such productive forces slumbered in the lap of social labour?
We see then: the means of production and of exchange, on whose foundation the bourgeoisie built itself up, were generated in feudal society. At a certain stage in the development of these means of production and of exchange, the conditions under which feudal society produced and exchanged, the feudal organisation of agriculture and manufacturing industry, in one word, the feudal relations of property became no longer compatible with the already developed productive forces; they became so many fetters. They had to be burst asunder; they were burst asunder.
Into their place stepped free competition, accompanied by a social and political constitution adapted in it, and the economic and political sway of the bourgeois class.
A similar movement is going on before our own eyes. Modern bourgeois society, with its relations of production, of exchange and of property, a society that has conjured up such gigantic means of production and of exchange, is like the sorcerer who is no longer able to control the powers of the nether world whom he has called up by his spells. For many a decade past the history of industry and commerce is but the history of the revolt of modern productive forces against modern conditions of production, against the property relations that are the conditions for the existence of the bourgeois and of its rule. It is enough to mention the commercial crises that by their periodical return put the existence of the entire bourgeois society on its trial, each time more threateningly. In these crises, a great part not only of the existing products, but also of the previously created productive forces, are periodically destroyed. In these crises, there breaks out an epidemic that, in all earlier epochs, would have seemed an absurdity — the epidemic of over-production. Society suddenly finds itself put back into a state of momentary barbarism; it appears as if a famine, a universal war of devastation, had cut off the supply of every means of subsistence; industry and commerce seem to be destroyed; and why? Because there is too much civilisation, too much means of subsistence, too much industry, too much commerce. The productive forces at the disposal of society no longer tend to further the development of the conditions of bourgeois property; on the contrary, they have become too powerful for these conditions, by which they are fettered, and so soon as they overcome these fetters, they bring disorder into the whole of bourgeois society, endanger the existence of bourgeois property. The conditions of bourgeois society are too narrow to comprise the wealth created by them. And how does the bourgeoisie get over these crises? On the one hand by enforced destruction of a mass of productive forces; on the other, by the conquest of new markets, and by the more thorough exploitation of the old ones. That is to say, by paving the way for more extensive and more destructive crises, and by diminishing the means whereby crises are prevented.
The weapons with which the bourgeoisie felled feudalism to the ground are now turned against the bourgeoisie itself.
But not only has the bourgeoisie forged the weapons that bring death to itself; it has also called into existence the men who are to wield those weapons — the modern working class — the proletarians.
In proportion as the bourgeoisie, i.e., capital, is developed, in the same proportion is the proletariat, the modern working class, developed — a class of labourers, who live only so long as they find work, and who find work only so long as their labour increases capital. These labourers, who must sell themselves piecemeal, are a commodity, like every other article of commerce, and are consequently exposed to all the vicissitudes of competition, to all the fluctuations of the market.
Owing to the extensive use of machinery, and to the division of labour, the work of the proletarians has lost all individual character, and, consequently, all charm for the workman. He becomes an appendage of the machine, and it is only the most simple, most monotonous, and most easily acquired knack, that is required of him. Hence, the cost of production of a workman is restricted, almost entirely, to the means of subsistence that he requires for maintenance, and for the propagation of his race. But the price of a commodity, and therefore also of labour, is equal to its cost of production. In proportion, therefore, as the repulsiveness of the work increases, the wage decreases. Nay more, in proportion as the use of machinery and division of labour increases, in the same proportion the burden of toil also increases, whether by prolongation of the working hours, by the increase of the work exacted in a given time or by increased speed of machinery, etc.
Modern Industry has converted the little workshop of the patriarchal master into the great factory of the industrial capitalist. Masses of labourers, crowded into the factory, are organised like soldiers. As privates of the industrial army they are placed under the command of a perfect hierarchy of officers and sergeants. Not only are they slaves of the bourgeois class, and of the bourgeois State; they are daily and hourly enslaved by the machine, by the overlooker, and, above all, by the individual bourgeois manufacturer himself. The more openly this despotism proclaims gain to be its end and aim, the more petty, the more hateful and the more embittering it is.
The less the skill and exertion of strength implied in manual labour, in other words, the more modern industry becomes developed, the more is the labour of men superseded by that of women. Differences of age and sex have no longer any distinctive social validity for the working class. All are instruments of labour, more or less expensive to use, according to their age and sex.
No sooner is the exploitation of the labourer by the manufacturer, so far, at an end, that he receives his wages in cash, than he is set upon by the other portions of the bourgeoisie, the landlord, the shopkeeper, the pawnbroker, etc.
The lower strata of the middle class — the small tradespeople, shopkeepers, and retired tradesmen generally, the handicraftsmen and peasants — all these sink gradually into the proletariat, partly because their diminutive capital does not suffice for the scale on which Modern Industry is carried on, and is swamped in the competition with the large capitalists, partly because their specialised skill is rendered worthless by new methods of production. Thus the proletariat is recruited from all classes of the population.
The proletariat goes through various stages of development. With its birth begins its struggle with the bourgeoisie. At first the contest is carried on by individual labourers, then by the workpeople of a factory, then by the operative of one trade, in one locality, against the individual bourgeois who directly exploits them. They direct their attacks not against the bourgeois conditions of production, but against the instruments of production themselves; they destroy imported wares that compete with their labour, they smash to pieces machinery, they set factories ablaze, they seek to restore by force the vanished status of the workman of the Middle Ages.
At this stage, the labourers still form an incoherent mass scattered over the whole country, and broken up by their mutual competition. If anywhere they unite to form more compact bodies, this is not yet the consequence of their own active union, but of the union of the bourgeoisie, which class, in order to attain its own political ends, is compelled to set the whole proletariat in motion, and is moreover yet, for a time, able to do so. At this stage, therefore, the proletarians do not fight their enemies, but the enemies of their enemies, the remnants of absolute monarchy, the landowners, the non-industrial bourgeois, the petty bourgeois. Thus, the whole historical movement is concentrated in the hands of the bourgeoisie; every victory so obtained is a victory for the bourgeoisie.
But with the development of industry, the proletariat not only increases in number; it becomes concentrated in greater masses, its strength grows, and it feels that strength more. The various interests and conditions of life within the ranks of the proletariat are more and more equalised, in proportion as machinery obliterates all distinctions of labour, and nearly everywhere reduces wages to the same low level. The growing competition among the bourgeois, and the resulting commercial crises, make the wages of the workers ever more fluctuating. The increasing improvement of machinery, ever more rapidly developing, makes their livelihood more and more precarious; the collisions between individual workmen and individual bourgeois take more and more the character of collisions between two classes. Thereupon, the workers begin to form combinations (Trades’ Unions) against the bourgeois; they club together in order to keep up the rate of wages; they found permanent associations in order to make provision beforehand for these occasional revolts. Here and there, the contest breaks out into riots.
Now and then the workers are victorious, but only for a time. The real fruit of their battles lies, not in the immediate result, but in the ever expanding union of the workers. This union is helped on by the improved means of communication that are created by modern industry, and that place the workers of different localities in contact with one another. It was just this contact that was needed to centralise the numerous local struggles, all of the same character, into one national struggle between classes. But every class struggle is a political struggle. And that union, to attain which the burghers of the Middle Ages, with their miserable highways, required centuries, the modern proletarian, thanks to railways, achieve in a few years.
This organisation of the proletarians into a class, and, consequently into a political party, is continually being upset again by the competition between the workers themselves. But it ever rises up again, stronger, firmer, mightier. It compels legislative recognition of particular interests of the workers, by taking advantage of the divisions among the bourgeoisie itself. Thus, the ten-hours’ bill in England was carried.
Altogether collisions between the classes of the old society further, in many ways, the course of development of the proletariat. The bourgeoisie finds itself involved in a constant battle. At first with the aristocracy; later on, with those portions of the bourgeoisie itself, whose interests have become antagonistic to the progress of industry; at all time with the bourgeoisie of foreign countries. In all these battles, it sees itself compelled to appeal to the proletariat, to ask for help, and thus, to drag it into the political arena. The bourgeoisie itself, therefore, supplies the proletariat with its own elements of political and general education, in other words, it furnishes the proletariat with weapons for fighting the bourgeoisie.
Further, as we have already seen, entire sections of the ruling class are, by the advance of industry, precipitated into the proletariat, or are at least threatened in their conditions of existence. These also supply the proletariat with fresh elements of enlightenment and progress.
Finally, in times when the class struggle nears the decisive hour, the progress of dissolution going on within the ruling class, in fact within the whole range of old society, assumes such a violent, glaring character, that a small section of the ruling class cuts itself adrift, and joins the revolutionary class, the class that holds the future in its hands. Just as, therefore, at an earlier period, a section of the nobility went over to the bourgeoisie, so now a portion of the bourgeoisie goes over to the proletariat, and in particular, a portion of the bourgeois ideologists, who have raised themselves to the level of comprehending theoretically the historical movement as a whole.
Of all the classes that stand face to face with the bourgeoisie today, the proletariat alone is a really revolutionary class. The other classes decay and finally disappear in the face of Modern Industry; the proletariat is its special and essential product.
The lower middle class, the small manufacturer, the shopkeeper, the artisan, the peasant, all these fight against the bourgeoisie, to save from extinction their existence as fractions of the middle class. They are therefore not revolutionary, but conservative. Nay more, they are reactionary, for they try to roll back the wheel of history. If by chance, they are revolutionary, they are only so in view of their impending transfer into the proletariat; they thus defend not their present, but their future interests, they desert their own standpoint to place themselves at that of the proletariat.
The “dangerous class”, [lumpenproletariat] the social scum, that passively rotting mass thrown off by the lowest layers of the old society, may, here and there, be swept into the movement by a proletarian revolution; its conditions of life, however, prepare it far more for the part of a bribed tool of reactionary intrigue.
In the condition of the proletariat, those of old society at large are already virtually swamped. The proletarian is without property; his relation to his wife and children has no longer anything in common with the bourgeois family relations; modern industry labour, modern subjection to capital, the same in England as in France, in America as in Germany, has stripped him of every trace of national character. Law, morality, religion, are to him so many bourgeois prejudices, behind which lurk in ambush just as many bourgeois interests.
All the preceding classes that got the upper hand sought to fortify their already acquired status by subjecting society at large to their conditions of appropriation. The proletarians cannot become masters of the productive forces of society, except by abolishing their own previous mode of appropriation, and thereby also every other previous mode of appropriation. They have nothing of their own to secure and to fortify; their mission is to destroy all previous securities for, and insurances of, individual property.
All previous historical movements were movements of minorities, or in the interest of minorities. The proletarian movement is the self-conscious, independent movement of the immense majority, in the interest of the immense majority. The proletariat, the lowest stratum of our present society, cannot stir, cannot raise itself up, without the whole superincumbent strata of official society being sprung into the air.
Though not in substance, yet in form, the struggle of the proletariat with the bourgeoisie is at first a national struggle. The proletariat of each country must, of course, first of all settle matters with its own bourgeoisie.
In depicting the most general phases of the development of the proletariat, we traced the more or less veiled civil war, raging within existing society, up to the point where that war breaks out into open revolution, and where the violent overthrow of the bourgeoisie lays the foundation for the sway of the proletariat.
Hitherto, every form of society has been based, as we have already seen, on the antagonism of oppressing and oppressed classes. But in order to oppress a class, certain conditions must be assured to it under which it can, at least, continue its slavish existence. The serf, in the period of serfdom, raised himself to membership in the commune, just as the petty bourgeois, under the yoke of the feudal absolutism, managed to develop into a bourgeois. The modern labourer, on the contrary, instead of rising with the process of industry, sinks deeper and deeper below the conditions of existence of his own class. He becomes a pauper, and pauperism develops more rapidly than population and wealth. And here it becomes evident, that the bourgeoisie is unfit any longer to be the ruling class in society, and to impose its conditions of existence upon society as an over-riding law. It is unfit to rule because it is incompetent to assure an existence to its slave within his slavery, because it cannot help letting him sink into such a state, that it has to feed him, instead of being fed by him. Society can no longer live under this bourgeoisie, in other words, its existence is no longer compatible with society.
The essential conditions for the existence and for the sway of the bourgeois class is the formation and augmentation of capital; the condition for capital is wage-labour. Wage-labour rests exclusively on competition between the labourers. The advance of industry, whose involuntary promoter is the bourgeoisie, replaces the isolation of the labourers, due to competition, by the revolutionary combination, due to association. The development of Modern Industry, therefore, cuts from under its feet the very foundation on which the bourgeoisie produces and appropriates products. What the bourgeoisie therefore produces, above all, are its own grave-diggers. Its fall and the victory of the proletariat are equally inevitable.
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2023.05.30 06:01 ArtemisAlive 25/ PC / PST

Hi all,
looking for platonic friend(s) to play games with and just chat. I have some friends but their time zones are different and it's difficult to play games when they usually go to sleep when I am getting home from work and others are super busy and not playing much nowadays.

I am 25, a little shy but friendly and open up eventually. I'm usually available weekdays after 6 PM PST, or weekends any time.
Some games I am currently playing are:
Last Year
Powerwash Sim
Tabletop Sim
i have maaaany more but currently the ones I've been playing. Planning on getting Outlast Trials and Cold War on my next paycheck :)
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2023.05.30 06:00 b_nb_n Leap of good faith feeling or just stupid ?

I quit my job after having a strange phenomenon happen to me over and over. I would always be in pain in some way, shape or form. It didn’t matter. It only happened whenever I was at work. I would feel numbness in my teeth, I would feel certain pains in other parts of my body or I would zone in and out to eventually snap back into reality and look around. Every time I would go home, the pain would slowly leave my body.
I had recently quit after an issue happened at work that caused me pain in the mouth. It was overwhelming, all the attention of my conscious and thought focused on that pain and out of the blue I would not pay attention and become clumsy out of nowhere.
I walked out that night with no back up plan whatsoever.
I always feel that pain in my body when I am at a workplace for a certain amount of time. Up to around a year this happens. My first job, which lasted three years, I had that feeling after a little into the second year, but stayed and it got worse the longer I was there to see it go downhill. I became incredibly ill, easily upset, everything depressed, etc. The workplaces I would leave, something would happen after I left.
I don’t know if it is my ancestors telling me to leave these situations on my own free will before it gets worse or if it is just a coincidence and I am just delusional.
Is it then telling me something or am I just plain stupid ?
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2023.05.30 05:55 throwaway_1890000 It’s been two weeks since I walked out with no warning.

I just walked out. No warning. No plan to. We were supposed to go on a trip to her family’s but I was overwhelmed with work. Told her I was so sorry but I couldn’t go. She was so angry with me. How I was inconveniencing her and now she’d have to get gas after work. I sent the texts to my brother and he was appalled and said I deserved better.
That was the moment I broke down sobbing. I knew I had to get out. I couldn’t handle the passive aggressiveness anymore. The subtle manipulation. The lack of affection. If my spouse won’t even hug or kiss me, are they even a spouse? And the real final straw was when she hit my dog in front of friends just 5 days before.
I contacted a friend nearby and arranged to come over for the evening at least. By the time my wife got home she gave me the silent treatment, loaded up the car, and then accused me of cheating before she left. (I’m asexual, which is a whole other story).
It’s like my brother gave me permission and I ran with it. I didn’t even realize I was in an abusive relationship till I landed in my friend’s house and broke down crying again. I haven’t gone back other than my friends loading up my stuff out of fear of her smashing it out of anger.
The days that followed entailed me calling a few people, letting them know what was going on, and my shock and surprise when they said “we saw how poorly she treated you.” Or “we saw how much you loved her and tried to make her happy, but she was never happy.” I found out she’d confided in several people she wasn’t in love with me, and had feelings for someone else at one point in time. All the while she spent the span of our relationship off and on accusing me of cheating. It was like daggers in my chest.
I left her a letter, but ended up sending her an email because she seemed to know something was wrong. I didn’t want to end this in person because of fear of the manipulation and gaslighting. I split finances right down the middle and left all the furniture and a lot of my personal stuff there and told her she could keep it. I left some big items like my TV I’ve had since before the relationship. I told her she can pay half the rent and stay there while I reside with friends, or if she moves I will finish out the lease on my own.
It’s still been a hard two weeks. I gave her an inch and she took things a mile. Going from angry and accusatory, seemingly understanding, to when I didn’t respond to one last begging email, saying I needed to pay for her to move and cover a $1000 medication she’s on. She ended it by saying I was the most narcissistic person she’s ever met, ironically. It was a textbook case of projection and manipulation throughout her last few email chains.
I’ve contacted legal and they’re taking it from here. I’m just so incredibly sad and heartbroken and trying to figure out how to heal from this.
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2023.05.30 05:49 designforspace Unleash your creativity and reimagine your interior design

Unleash your creativity and reimagine your interior design
Find inspiration and unleash your creativity with our collection of modern interior designs. Transform any space with our wide range of products, from furniture and lighting to art and accessories. Unleash your creativity with our easy-to-use tools and create a unique space that reflects your style. Reimagine your home today and create a stylish, comfortable living space for you.
Read Blog: - https://losanews.com/singapore-interior-design/

Interior Design
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2023.05.30 05:48 danseckual When ya love snakes and bakes

When ya love snakes and bakes
Scrolling through this evening and saw this post. Wondered what in the ever loving morph was that and then realized I was looking at baking.
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2023.05.30 05:24 3Cheers4Apathy Flying over the Grand Canyon OUTSIDE of the corridors

I’m planning a flight from Southern California to Bar 10 airport on the north rim of the Grand Canyon with a planned overflight of the canyon to the south for the return trip home. I’m reading the regs and stuff and I see how to operate as a General Aviation aircraft in the corridors and how to operate in the Flight Free Zones. (Which is “don’t”). But I’m not seeing literature on how to conduct flight in the SECTORS around the Canyon.
As I read it in on the chart and in CFR 93.307, it looks like I can depart Bar 10 airport (1Z1) and transit south over the canyon at or above 9000’ MSL in the Diamond Creek sector. Is this an accurate assessment? Outside of the corridors can you do whatever you want in the sectors (to include circles over the canyon) as long as you’re above the altitude as specified?
My reasoning is you have to enter and exit the corridors at specified locations and altitudes but they exist INSIDE the SFRA, so you must be able to maneuver beforehand to get to it, so as long as you’re outside a corridor and above the requisite altitude (and broadcasting position and intentions on the appropriate frequency) you can do basically whatever you want.
I’ve never actually flown over the canyon before and while I DO want to do the corridors at one point this is a quicker and easier day trip for me to take my mother on. I would appreciate insight from people who have done it.
Reference pictures below.
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2023.05.30 05:08 kjcdude Unlimited Streaming at Home is a Scam - Broken Over a Month Later

I've been a YTTV subscriber for a 2-3 years now including the 4K package. At my house I have 3 TVs in my living room I usually always have sports on. I have three family members on my account as well. I've never really had a streaming limit issue since I pay for the 4K package which gives unlimited streaming at home. The only time there's an issue is with content restricted streaming such as RedZone that only allows 3 concurrent streams no matter if you pay for unlimited streaming. Everything was fine until around a month ago. Out of nowhere I started to receive the Only 3 streams are allowed outside of the home error when watching YTTV at home. I restarted all of my tvs and streaming devices thinking it was just a glitch. Tried it again the next day and started seeing the error again. Called YTTV support, they had no idea why it was happening and said they'll get back to me soon. Never received an email or phone follow up. It happened a few more times throughout the week. I reset my Home Location in YTTV thinking it was linked to that even though nothing changed and I hadn't moved. Still same streaming limit issues on regular channels. I called support again, they said there was no update on the case and they still had no solution, I asked them to escalate it which they said they did, they gave me a small credit on my account and said I would hear back from them soon. 3 weeks later now, no follow up email or phone call. The issue STILL remains. I called them again today, exact same helpless support staff saying they don't know why it's happening or how to fix it, I asked to speak to a manager, they said they would escalate and I would get a call back from a manager, considering I've never received a call back I doubt that will happen. I'm still dealing with the issue so I also asked for an additional credit or some sort, at a minimum to get the 4K monthly fee waived until this issue is resolved and I get the service I paid for, they said they couldn't do anything else.
The issue still remains, I can't watch unlimited streams while at home even though I pay for the 4K package.
Absolutely terrible customer service from YTTV support. Over a month on and the exact issue is still there even after calling their support three times. I give this as a warning to anyone else out there that's considering buying 4K for unlimited streaming at home or considering buying Sunday Ticket because of the same unlimited streaming at home features they're selling. This "feature" is clearly broken and doesn't appear to be working as expected, even if I'm an isolated case the fact that it's been a month and it's still not resolved should be just as big of a concern for anyone else out there.
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2023.05.30 04:57 meditationnation 26F GMT+2

Hello I’m looking for accountability partner. You may have different goals from mine. That’s fine. But mine are 1) Study for 3 hours every day (I work so can’t study more) 2) Prepare food at home every day. No orders 3) Start doing some exercises for my spine 4) sleep regular 7 hours
Just be from my time zone pls
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2023.05.30 04:52 madebymaliq Seeking Advice: Web Designer/ Developer getting into a DSLR setup

Hey everyone!
I'm currently in the process of expanding my services as a web designedeveloper, and I'm looking into getting a DSLR setup. Initially, I wanted to enhance my professional online meetings, create handoff videos, and produce YouTube content from my home office. Initially, I thought the Sony EV-E10, an XLR mic, and good lighting would suffice. However, upon further consideration, I believe making a bigger investment in a DSLR setup might be a better idea.
Currently, there's a breakdown in my services that's causing delays in the design timeline. In the past, I've relied on clients to provide website content and imagery. However, this approach has its challenges. Clients either struggle to find the right contacts, experience delays in obtaining assets, or hesitate to pay a lump sum for these services (as my business operates on a subscription model).
Initially, I was reluctant to offer content creation as a service, seeing it as an entirely new career with significant additional workload. But after careful deliberation, I've decided to step out of my comfort zone, as it usually leads to growth.
Typically, clients send me B-roll videos of their business, products, and staff (often chopped up and in slow-mo for hero images), as well as photos of their business. To find the right equipment for this purpose, I've spent hours watching YouTube videos and researching online. The Sony A7Siii seemed like the perfect fit, but I came across a deal for the A7III with a gimbal and a 24mm lens for around $2250 CAD. However, I'm concerned about the 30-minute record time limitation for video conferencing, although I'm not certain if this applies to live streaming conference calls. Where I'm located the A7SIII runs anywhere from 4-5k CAD for a used one.
It's important to mention that this is not currently my full-time job, but I'm working towards making it one. Therefore, a $2250 investment, excluding XLR mics, lights, tripods, etc., is quite significant for me.
I'm reaching out to the community for any feedback or recommendations that could point me in the right direction. I should note that I'm not a complete rookie in videography, having had experience filming skateboarding videos 12+ years ago with setups like the Vx100 and Vx2100, and eventually transitioning to a DSLR (the t2i) at that time. However, I understand that things have changed quite a bit since then.
I genuinely appreciate any insights or recommendations you may have. Thank you all!
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2023.05.30 04:49 RoyalClintonApperson [Home] 5-Piece Flash Furniture Savannah Poly Resin Rocking Patio Chair and Side Table Set, Black $755.42

[Home] 5-Piece Flash Furniture Savannah Poly Resin Rocking Patio Chair and Side Table Set, Black $755.42 submitted by RoyalClintonApperson to AmazonofDeals [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 04:41 north0 Iraq LES in 2023

Hi all - I'm a reservist about to spend some time in Iraq and I'm trying to figure out what my pay is going to look like.
I believe Iraq is still eligible for Imminent Danger Pay, which I believe makes it a tax exclusion zone? Does that mean there is no federal withholding? Or will it just work out when I file for 2023 next year?
I'm not sure how it works, but how my S1 explained it to me is I'll get:
- Base pay
- BAH for home of record
- COLA for my reserve unit zip code
Does this make sense? I just want to be able to do a little planning and not have to figure it out only when I start getting paid.
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2023.05.30 04:30 Pasive_Robot Blox fruit sale! Anybody willing to join my server will get fruits for the low low price of anything.

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2023.05.30 04:28 Professional-Row8286 Tips And Tricks: Do Transition To Summer Decor

Tips And Tricks: Do Transition To Summer Decor
The summer is coming and we all love the summer vibe! If the spring gives you a feeling of cheerfulness and liveliness, the summer will be the one that gives you a feeling of refreshment and blazing. A lot of people prefer to renovate their home decor a little bit in summer decor to welcome natural light and there is maybe more space for family activities.

Tips And Tricks: Do Transition To Summer Decor
Thus, how to transition into a summer vibe is considered a sought-after topic. Let’s read these easiest tips and tricks to find out!

1. Swap All Thick And Heavy Textiles Into Lighter Fabrics

Having said that, the simplest way to transition your home decor from spring to summer is to switch out heavy fabrics, especially curtains.
Summer reminds us of comfort and coolness. Replace your thick blankets and pillows with lighter weight options, for example, linens or cotton with brighter colors and patterns to avoid heat.
With curtains, you pick out lighter-weigh options to take advantage of the extra sunlight, and your house will look stunning.

2. Put In Fresh Flowers And Greenery In Your House

Adding fresh flowers and greenery is considered an excellent way to add brightness and color to your home decor. It's a tendency for people to plant flowers and small trees in their gardens and even in houses to limit the heat. Gorgeous bunches of flowers and plant spots improve our mood and create a stunning centerpiece for your house.

3. Mix With Spring Decor

Reusing spring-themed decor is a convenient way to bring the perfect match into your home. Taking advantage of spring decorative pieces like vases, wall art, table runners, and table settings will save tons of money and satisfy your creativity.

4. Simplify All Your Decor And Stuff

Summer weather boosts our skin metabolism and then our bodies sweat easily. Therefore, cleaning up unnecessary items and storing them in storage is a great idea. A comfortable bed, desk, and table set are ideal. The more you simplify items and furniture, the more space you have. A stuffy, cramped, and cluttered room is a bad idea in the summer and it makes us feel like we’re in a tiny box.

5. Add Some Greenery

Bringing in some greenery is a great way to liven up any space. Consider adding potted plants, fresh flowers, or even a small herb garden to your kitchen. Not only will this add some color and life to your home, but it will also make it smell amazing.

6. Add Up Natural Textures

Summer is an excellent time to add some natural textures like rattan, wicker, or bamboo. They are wonderful highlights that draw the guests' attention and make your house feel like you are immersed in nature!
Last but not least, building a new patio or seating in the garden is a perfect option. You’re able to both enjoy nature and spend valuable time with your family. Imagine that you are reading books, and getting a great experience from a cup of coffee on a table with a table set mixing with natural textures on the patio! How amazing it is!

7. Where Can I Find A Place To Buy My Patio Furniture?

There are various stores that provide unique furniture designs. If you need to find a reliable store, Flowyline Design is your next adventure We’ve provided many metal table legs that help your patio space look more stunning and exquisite.
Article Source: https://flowyline.com/blogs/for-diy-ers/tips-and-tricks-do-transition-to-summer-decor
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2023.05.30 04:26 TheSmogmonsterZX The Daughter that Follows - Chapter 27 - Reunited - Part 2

Disclaimer: Registered trademarks and copyrights are properties of their rightful owners. As this series jumps realities very often it is hard to track that info.
DM, the Digitalman, the Scion of Variable is a creation of my good friend who does not use Reddit and is used with permission.
The Pokémon Lucario is © The Pokemon Company.
“To a father growing old nothing is dearer than a daughter.”
The Daughter that Follows
Chapter 27
Part 2
Anna woke up in a mostly bare room, the only decorations were a few pictures of animals and dinosaurs that her father had collected. Rio was sitting and meditating, facing the rising sun. Anna watched her for a few minutes before standing to get ready.
“Anna...” Rio asked, some small fear was hinted at in her mental voice. “What happens to me when this is over?”
Anna paused, she was slightly confused by the question. “What do you want to do?” Anna asked.
Rio herself emanated some confusion and fear. “I don’t know. My parents will not be happy I took off the stone or that I evolved.”
Anna hugged Rio. “Well you can stay with me and my dad. Like I said, I adopted you.”
“I’m serious Anna.” Rio sighed.
“So am I.” Anna pushed the thought. “As far as family is concerned, you’re a part of mine.”
Rio let a low contented rumble escape her, then stood and walked out.
A few moments later Anna walked out into her father’s small, but comfortable living room. He had apparently upgraded from a trailer to an on site home. Dr. Wu had also apparently insisted he do so, if only because the trailer had recently lost a roof to a mysterious glowing phenomena.
“So I got eggs, toast and if you can beat Rio, bacon.” Alan laughed.
“No one beats me at bacon.” Rio smiled and yipped.
Anna laughed as she took a few scoops of scrambled eggs with a few slices of toast and bacon. Alan joined the both of them and sat smiling. “So how’s V?”
“Probably driving Salem insane.” Anna nodded.
“Not hard.” Alan chuckled. “Once we’ve had the time to relax and reconnect, I’m gonna head out, you give me a week then you follow.”
Anna nodded.
“What, no objections?” Alan laughed.
“I’m going to get my people together during that time.” Anna smiled.
“You have people now?” Alan laughed.
“Uncle Stephen.” Anna nodded, “Endara, a few others like SideEffect.”
“Jesus!” Alan jumped up and looked around. “Sorry, the fact that he exists outside of Dross City has always left a permanent fear of him just finding me.”
Anna stared and nodded at her father. “I’d say I’d invite Wraith’s variant but I don’t think that’s a smart idea.”
“No Agatha or Danny.” Alan pointed at her, “They’ll be targets.”
Anna nodded, “Oh, I know. I might get Shepard...”
Alan burst into laughter and a glint of maniacal glee glinted in his eyes. “You leave them to me.”
“Kratos?” Anna asked.
“Go ahead.” Alan smiled.
Anna shifted, slightly uncomfortable at seeing her father become slightly unhinged.
“Don’t worry, I’m not gonna rip apart the multiverse, I just know more than a few Shepards I can call on for help.” Alan sighed. “Trust me, please. “
Anna nodded, then perked up. “OH! The Spider-Men!”
Alan smiled, “You get the ones you met, I’ll get the others.”
“The others?” Anna asked.
Alan sighed, “Look, the less I have to explain about the Spider-Verse and the lunatics there, the better.”
“Spider-Verse? Anna laughed.
“Don’t laugh, it’s a serious thing in their section of the multiverse.” Alan explained. “Keeps all their worlds held together.”
“Through a web, right?” Anna smirked.
“The Web of Life.” Alan nodded.
Anna stopped as she realized her father was serious. “You mean that, how does that work?”
“Reality is as deep as we can perceive, and the Spiders heroes in that part of the multiverse cna perceive just that much deeper than most others.” Alan explained. “The fact that the majority are absolutely fueled by doing the right thing is a benefit those realities don’t even realize they have.”
Anna stared and blinked.
“They’re more powerful than most realize and the ones who do, usually think they’ll break at some point.” Alan laughed and closed his eyes with a sigh.
When he opened them though Anna saw something different in his eyes. A mist of white just beyond the iris seemed to be there and it called to power deep in her. Anna gasped.
“I think we both know that though.” Alan smiled. “So, you’re gonna be heroism.”
Anna blushed.
Alan looked at Rio. “They got a spot for you yet?”
Rio shook her head.
“Give’em time.” Alan laughed.
Rio grasped her Megastone and nodded.
“Think I’ll go pick up Release.” Alan laughed. “See if he wants to go for one more adventure together.”
“I think he’d love that.” Anna smiled.
“Bonds beyond life and death.” Rio nodded as she looked at her own megastone.
“Exactly.” Anna smiled. “So what’s happening today?”
“Today, I’m either going to be working with a very picky pachy, or Billy’s going to give me a call.” Alan sighed. “Tuesdays.”
Anna nodded. “I’d like to help, either way.”
Alan nodded and smiled, then a dark though clouded his joy. “Anna, what else have you fought? I know the Heartless, the Organization and Atropos’ goons.”
“And Stockman.” Rio added.
Alan nodded. “He’ll be handled. Trust me.”
“What’d you tell Perfection last night?” Anna asked.
Alan smiled. “I gave a good friend an idea for a magic lesson for his student.”
Anna paled. “You didn’t.”
“Alex needs to learn.” Alan smiled.
Anna shook her head. “Well other than them, borg-Reavers, but only at a distance.”
Alan nodded with a look of worry. “I remember that story.”
“Draal...” Anna said with a murderous glare.
Alan telekinetically moved the sharp knives he owned back into their drawers. Rio stared at Anna with a look of concern.
“While I completely agree, I can’t help but feel maybe I should be the one with that much anger towards him.” Alan gave a nervous laugh.
“He kept showing up and insisting he wanted to help.” Anna hissed.
“Yeah, I’m Tiger Dropping him into a star.” Alan growled.
“Wouldn’t that hurt?” Anna asked.
“Tiger Drop negates all damage.” Alan smiled, “Not that you’d get that. Please tell me you don’t get that? I don’t want to have to kill a Majima.”
Anna stared at her father and shook her head.
“Good.” Alan smiled and nodded.
“Rio?” Anna asked.
“I have no idea.” Rio shrugged.
“Then there’s Dinal.” Anna said. “If I ever see her again, I’m gonna nuke her.”
Alan nodded. “Not if I see her first.” He smiled.
“I don’t think the Scareek can follow me but I think I made them think humans in that reality were psychic.” Anna explained as she continued, ignoring her father's prodding.
“Damn.” Alan laughed, “We can try and fix that after.”
Anna shook her head. “I kinda should have died. Perfection saved me but made it look like I did.”
Alan stared at his daughter. “Well then they get a wonderful news flash because if Perfection’s involved there’s a plan at work and someone is getting f’d in the a.”
Anna snorted at her father’s phrasing. “No saying hi. MAybe let them see us?”
“You feel guilty.” Alan smirked.
“I...” She sighed. “I messed up big.”
Alan nodded. “Then we’ll see what we can do.”
“Oh!” Anna slammed her fist. “Sindri and Odin!”
“Right, Thor is back there too.” Rio added. “He isn’t a monster anymore.”
Alan paused and looked at Rio. “I have a distinct memory of my barriers being casually obliterated.”
“He’s changed, for his daughter.” Anna explained. “To be better.”
Alan looked at Anna and nodded. If there was one thing he could understand it was that. “Kratos okay with him?”
Anna nodded. “They’re trying to make everything as peaceful as they can, but Sindri and Odin are working with Atropos.”
“Damn.” Alan hissed. “They weren’t kidding.”
“They’ve been keeping you informed, haven’t they?” Anna asked.
Alan nodded as his phone went off with a K-pop song. He answered the phone and watched his daughter fall out of her chair laughing.
“Yeah, I can be ready in an hour. Got my kid with me, she’s got the skills to help keep one of them calm.” Alan said in a serious tone.
Anna popped back up and shoveled food into her mouth as fast as she could.
“Trike herd and...” Alan paused as he wrote it down. “They made another I-Rex?” He sighed as he clearly received confirmation. “We’ll take the Rex, you guys can handle the herd and if we have to put this one down we can do it quickly.” He ended the call and nearly tossed his phone across the room.
“It’s not a normal dinosaur is it?” Anna asked.
“Made in a lab, originally to be a more ‘exciting’ dino.” Alan hissed. “Raised it and it’s sibling without other interactions.”
“Oh god.” Anna gasped.
“It went berserk once it got out, and it’s extremely smart. Part Raptor and rex with some squid thrown in to help it cloak.” Alan explained. “This one was specifically raised to be a weapon but it’s a juvenile, it can have a chance.”
Anna nodded. “I can keep us safe.”
Alan smiled. “I don’t doubt that. You keep us safe I’ll get in her head.”
Anna smiled as she again shoveled food into her mouth.
Alan laughed. “Eat, get your gear.”
“May I stay?” Rio asked.
Anna nodded. “Are you sure?”
Rio nodded, “This area allows me to meditate with ease.”
Anna nodded and finished her meal, then ran to get ready.
Hours later Alan was staring at Anna’s gear, she was dressed in her red hoodie, a shirt that had a t-rex with grabby arms, torn jeans and steel toed boots. Of course under all of that was some of the best light armor that the Sixth World could afford with some bonuses only a very mean man could obtain for his goddaughter.
“Punk.” Alan nodded.
Anna smiled. “Sheena is a punk rocker.”
Alan rolled his eyes, “I guess I shouldn’t be surprised given your sisters.”
Anna giggled. “At least Arlina was a proper lady.”
Alan burst into a fit of raucous laughter then stopped. “Oh, you’re serious.”
Anna blinked. “What was she for you?”
“Rebellious adult daughter who only listened to dad when she and her boyfriend caused more trouble to explode from tiny issues.” Alan smiled. “And a loyal daughter who went out of her way to protect her dad.”
Anna smiled. “She really was brave.”
Alan nodded. “Always was. She’s smiling on you kiddo.”
“All right.” The pilot said from the front of their plane. “We’re getting to the drop zone.”
“Awesome.” Alan smiled.
“Drop zone?” Anna asked.
“We’re jumping!” Alan smiled with a deeply disturbingly happy laugh as he handed his daughter a parachute and hit a button that opened the rear of the large plane they were on.
“We can fly!” Anna shouted.
Alan nodded as he put on his parachute, smiled and walked to the edge. “God I love a good jump!”
Anna watched as her father leaped out of the plane. Anna shook her head and dropped the parachute, ran forward and dove forwards as Hong Long roared to life around her. She looked over to see her father shaking his head, his parachute was still not deployed. He leaned into his dive, much to Anna’s shock. She and Hong Long Lurched forward, careening towards the ground, faster and faster. She watched her father’s parachute open two thirds of the way down. Then she felt the world pull on her less and Hong Long slowed down as a purple energy wave washed over them both. Then she passed her father’s parachute and he was no longer in it, he was now rocketing towards the ground.
“CHEATER!” Anna roared as she tried to push Hong Long’s power forward. She focused hard and grit her teeth as she watched Hong Long’s scales and mane turn golden, and they plowed straight through the field and past Alan, straight to a landing position on the ground.
Hong Long coiled and sat up straight to howl in victory.
A few seconds later Alan landed with just a flutter of the ragged edges of his now dull blue jacket. He looked his daughter and her tulpa over, then nodded in approval.
“So this is what Sayain energy does to your dragon...” Alan observed.
Hong Long nodded happily.
“Okay then.” Alan smiled, “Let’s see how much you’ve learned.”
Anna stared at her father. “What?”
“Find our target.” Alan smiled.
“I thought I was our defense.” Anna crossed her arms.
“Kid I can make a barrier that it takes a God of Thunder to break.” Alan snorted. “And I want to see you work.”
Anna gave a huff but closed her eyes to try and focus. She reached out as far as she could, which was admittedly a lot farther than it used to be. She could now reach out close to seven or eight kilometers. She felt nothing but random animals skittering and hunting, but nothing abnormally aggressive. She looked at her father and shook her head.
“Really?” Alan took a breath. “Can’t reach that far I guess.”
Anna nodded. “About eight kilometers at my highest focus.”
Alan nodded, “Well then we’re heading that way.”
“Is it that way?” Anna asked.
“Maybe!” Alan smiled.
Anna rolled her eyes but followed her father, pulling Hong Long back into her being. She was also really regretting wearing her hoodie as they had landed in a jungle, likely near the border of Central and South America. They walked for hours before Alan finally stopped and paused.
“What’s wrong?” Anna asked.
“What do you hear?” Alan asked.
Anna stopped and heard nothing. The animals had gone silent.
“There’s a predator nearby.” Alan said.
Anna focused and felt a mind focused on them. It was watching and stalking from above.
“Do they hunt in trees?” Anna asked,
“No.” Alan sighed, “They don’t.”
“Then what’s hunting us?” Anna asked as a tremble of fear rolled down her spine.
“Something that’s about to make a horrible mistake.” Alan sighed. “This one doesn’t belong here.”
“NO!” The voice of Ragnis bellowed as he appeared high in the trees and tossed the stalker to the ground. He then followed the creature and lopped its right arm off at the shoulder. “It doesn’t.”
Alan pulled the arm to him and with more than enough force to turn the bones in the arm to mush, launched it skyward where it exploded in a brilliant explosion about a minute later, well above the atmosphere.
The creature laid on the ground, clearly in shock. Alan wrenched a metallic mask that was covered in bones, off the face of the green-blooded stalker. Anna saw the crab-like face and flinched, she remembered the movie this creature was from.
“This is a yautja.” Alan explained.
“I thought it was a Predator.” Anna asked.
“That’s the name of the movie.” Alan said. “These guys can be a pain or a threat.” He bent down to inspect the alien’s face.
Anna felt something hungry approaching and pressed herself against a large tree.
Ragnis moved and pulled a trident from his back which he used to pin the creature to the ground through its gut.
“Bad-blood.” Alan nodded and pointed to a burn on the alien’s forehead. “He’s been disowned by his clan for breaking sacred rules. Likely hunting young prey or unarmed prey.”
“And he’s not from the neighborhood.” Ragnis scoffed. “Honestly, she tried this? I’m bored.”
“Get him out of here, will you?” Alan asked, “We have an Indominous Rex to find.”
“Dad.” Anna nodded towards where she felt the large hunger coming from.
“Well, enjoy the hunt!” Ragnis said as he winked and vanished with the hunter.
Alan focused ahead and nodded to Anna. “Now you take the defensive.”
Anna nodded and stood next to her father. She felt another set of eyes looking at her, then another set of eyes and she froze for a moment.
“There’s a second one, dad.” Anna hissed.
“Of course this one’s social with a sibling.” Alan nodded. “Okay, so we need to take one each.”
“Dad?” Anna looked at her father.
“What have you fought?” Alan asked. “You stood up to Daleks. To Dinal. We just need to calm them down.”
Anna nodded and focused, not bringing Hong Long forward, she did not want to be seen as aggressive to whichever of these dinosaurs ended up benign her opponent.
She watched for a few minutes and then the jungle blinked and nodded at her. Then jaws caming rushing at her and her father and they each went a different direction.
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S: So clearly I did not finish this over the weekend.
DM: Nope.
S: But like half my plans didn’t pan out so I was mapping the depths of Hyrule.
Wraith: The last one was so stupidly hidden.
Perfection: And now we have a Biggorn Sword Sword.
Wraith: I have to admit the fuse system is hilarious.
Perfection: Now if Only we could sword-chuck.
Wraith: No! We are not going back there!
DM: Everytime we go there there’s one less Black Mage in reality.
Perfection: Look, I can’t help it if he pisses Wraith off.
Wraith: SPINE-ECTOMY! (rage fueled sputtering)
S: Right, well the fight will continue into the next chapter with two I-Rexes.
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2023.05.30 04:24 ProperChampion4097 changelings, clones and doppelgangers oh my! [F4A]

Hi there, first things first!18+ is required to interact even if the RP we do ends up being solely sfw. I love a good plot full of character growth, twists and lore! So I'm hoping you would enjoy that as well ^
Long term is my preferred length, as long as you are semi lit we should work out ok!
I'm open to ideas if you have something that is similar to any of the ideas I suggested down below.😀
Doppelganger scenario #1: {romance + thrillehorror}
For a week it's been the same emergency broadcast replaying on the radio.
'Lock your doors, stay inside until help arrives. No matter what situation happens do not let an exact copy of yourself or a loved one within the safe confines of your home'.
Desperate to get supplies one of our characters dares to make their way outside their safe zone. Along the way they run into the doppelganger of someone they previously knew. That particular someone died right in front of you by this doppelganger. They run obviously but no matter where they go the doppelganger follows.
The doppelganger says it doesn't want to hurt you. They promise it, even going out of their way to show how serious they are. Will they gain your trust or is there something else they have planned for you?
Changeling Scenario#2: {found family🥺 soft or spooky vibes for the rp}
One night there is a terrible storm that wakes up the single parent of the home. They rush to ensure their kid is safe upon hearing a scream. What they find causes whatever drowsiness they had to disappear in a moment's notice. There are two children now sitting in their child's bed. Both look exactly the same, there's nothing to tell them apart. Even down to the very same old and worn out sweater. You can't tell which one is which. To make matters worse each kiddo insists they are yours, you don't know what to do.
You worriedly keep an eye on the children but it seems like whichever one is truly the changeling they mean you and your human child no harm. Though if anyone tries to harm your little family the changeling might just show how sharp their teeth truly are.
Clone Scenario #3 {Romance + evil scientist shenanigans}
It's supposed to be easy, recreating life. In fact it is one of the first things a scientist learns within a futuristic society. To clone someone from the past (AN OC but we can give them a similar role to an IRL person for example a 1920's silent film star but it is still strictly an OC. I would feel weird if we relied too heavily on IRL person)
One problem occurs though, what they have created is not entirely human. Nor is it happy to live within the tiny confined space.
If the characters superiors were to find out about this experiment gone wrong it would not end well for anyone. So they try to keep things unders wraps, not quite aware of the fact the clone has something up their sleeve that will change everything.
submitted by ProperChampion4097 to roleplaying [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 04:22 ProperChampion4097 changelings, clones and doppelgangers oh my!

Hi there, first things first!18+ is required to interact even if the RP we do ends up being solely sfw. I love a good plot full of character growth, twists and lore! So I'm hoping you would enjoy that as well ^
Long term is my preferred length, as long as you are semi lit we should work out ok!
I'm open to ideas if you have something that is similar to any of the ideas I suggested down below.😀
Doppelganger scenario #1: {romance + thrillehorror}
For a week it's been the same emergency broadcast replaying on the radio.
'Lock your doors, stay inside until help arrives. No matter what situation happens do not let an exact copy of yourself or a loved one within the safe confines of your home'.
Desperate to get supplies one of our characters dares to make their way outside their safe zone. Along the way they run into the doppelganger of someone they previously knew. That particular someone died right in front of you by this doppelganger. They run obviously but no matter where they go the doppelganger follows.
The doppelganger says it doesn't want to hurt you. They promise it, even going out of their way to show how serious they are. Will they gain your trust or is there something else they have planned for you?
Changeling Scenario#2: {found family🥺 soft or spooky vibes for the rp}
One night there is a terrible storm that wakes up the single parent of the home. They rush to ensure their kid is safe upon hearing a scream. What they find causes whatever drowsiness they had to disappear in a moment's notice. There are two children now sitting in their child's bed. Both look exactly the same, there's nothing to tell them apart. Even down to the very same old and worn out sweater. You can't tell which one is which. To make matters worse each kiddo insists they are yours, you don't know what to do.
You worriedly keep an eye on the children but it seems like whichever one is truly the changeling they mean you and your human child no harm. Though if anyone tries to harm your little family the changeling might just show how sharp their teeth truly are.
Clone Scenario #3 {Romance + evil scientist shenanigans}
It's supposed to be easy, recreating life. In fact it is one of the first things a scientist learns within a futuristic society. To clone someone from the past (AN OC but we can give them a similar role to an IRL person for example a 1920's silent film star but it is still strictly an OC. I would feel weird if we relied too heavily on IRL person)
One problem occurs though, what they have created is not entirely human. Nor is it happy to live within the tiny confined space.
If the characters superiors were to find out about this experiment gone wrong it would not end well for anyone. So they try to keep things unders wraps, not quite aware of the fact the clone has something up their sleeve that will change everything.
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2023.05.30 04:10 SovereignWinter Alliance Challenger to Beagle Point

TL;DR – I took an Alliance Challenger to Beagle Point, Sagittarius A*, Colonia, and Hutton Orbital as a tribute to those still on patrol in their Alliance Challengers.
Ship Type: Lakon Spaceways Alliance Challenger ID: DSV-69 Name: Pyxis (Scarab SRV: Callsign Almalah) Build: https://s.orbis.zone/g86y
From 2021.07.24 to 2021.08.28 I took an Alliance Challenger on a journey to some of the more famous remote parts of the galaxy. I dedicate this trip to those who are no longer with us, last seen in their Alliance Challengers.
I started this trip by picking up 1 ton of Lavian Brandy, 1 ton of Hutton Mugs, and set a course into the black. From the bubble I headed towards Colonia and stopped at Jaques Station. After a brief respite I worked my way to Beagle Point. At the edge of the galaxy, so far from home, I jettisoned my libation. To those we’ve lost, to those ships still on patrol in the void, Godspeed and enjoy a mug of brandy on me until you find your way back home. After taking a moment of silence I started my way back to the bubble by way of Sag A* with a stopover at Explorer’s Anchorage to stretch my legs. I finished up the trip by swinging by “The View” and docking back at Jameson Memorial.
Check out this link for the adventures along the way: https://imgur.com/a/ayzN6SV
Trip Stats: 2003 jumps; 159882.53 LY.
Godspeed CMDRs, I’ll see you out in the black! o7
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2023.05.30 04:06 iiiisabelle why do i feel kinda guilty lol

today i was zoning style and as i was doing so a guest asked me to unlock a fitting room because she left her phone in it. so i go and grab the key from a style tl and unlock said fitting room. a few hours go by and i’m returning some things bc it’s time for me to go home and i see the same guest waiting and she looks at me like before so i’m like “hang on one sec”. so i walk towards the tl who has the keys, then i continue walking, then i find myself walking to the time clock, then i clock out and leave . idk why i did that
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