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2016.03.23 16:43 PM_ME_YOUR_TITS_GIRL CatTaps

Cats mildly tapping something.

2015.11.04 07:30 PM_ME_YOUR_TITS_GIRL BigCatGifs

Gifs of cats bigger than a house cat.

2016.10.08 02:54 PM_ME_YOUR_TITS_GIRL Cats Kneading

Cats Kneading

2023.05.30 05:26 Appropriate_Help_217 Non responsive in texts

I have a 'friend' though I'm starting to question that I work with that we used to text often. However lately she will stop responding without saying goodbye. I get at least once she was tired and fell asleep but even after I would think the next day she would explain, respond, or say something? Also more recently than that-the past day or two she is not reading all the texts. One I had sent a couple days ago and only after I asked her if she receive it and read did she read it. We were texting today and there is the last text that shows it's received but with no response. Why would she do this? She used to be much more responsive. I don't want to make a big deal but is she not wanting to text me and be friends? I guess I should just stop texting her or always wait for her to text back? She is not that busy to not read a text I sent for days!
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2023.05.30 05:26 baybygrl22 any recommendations?

I had a endoscopy and colonoscopy on April 26th- prep was fine. I’m 25f. Went to a GI dr due to having pain on my side for a few years and troubles when going to the bathroom. I usually have no problem tooting or going to the bathroom, but ever since the procedure i go days without going, i don’t pass gas, and there’s times i have to leave work bc my stomach is in pain from not going to the bathroom. I eat a moderate, healthy diet. Just wondering if anyone else has had this experience and what has helped them. Thanks!
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2023.05.30 05:25 Ok-Grapefruit3808 31 [F4M] Minnesota/USA. HELP save me from tinder!

Oh hey there! Thanks for stopping by. So yes, it’s true. I’m on tinder and it’s not going well. At all. I’ll start by saying that I’m a plus size woman and make that very known on my profile cause I’m not here to catfish anyone or make you think I’m some skinny Minnie only to be v shocked if we meet in person. So maybe on an app as shallow as tinder it’s not a surprise I’m not having any luck. I have a killer personality tho - just sayin.
Anyways, a little bit about me: - live in Minneapolis, MN - 5’7” - love live music - 4/20 friendly - don’t drink but don’t mind if you do - am very good at Mario Kart - love dogs - usually lounging by or floating in the pool on the weekends - very left leaning. No time for trump supporters. - have quite a few tattoos - have my own apartment and car - full time job, usually working from home - v independent - v crafty - love naps & air conditioning - love traveling but doesn’t everyone say that?
Wow that was a lot about me. Tell me about you :)
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2023.05.30 05:25 pirateball215 Sr FP&A analyst where to next?

Hi, I’m 25 and am currently a Sr FP&A analyst for a Fortune 500 manufacturer. As the title would suggest… what are my career path options from here. Background on me:
I am not your stereotypical FP&A analyst I am not a CPA and my accounting side is mediocre at best. Finance side of the role is great I have no problem there forecasting, margin analysis, etc. I mostly focus on data analysis/ sales analysis/ and demand planning. I’m proficient in sql/ sap/ tableau/power bi/ salesforce . I can create anything from data and leadership loves that and they very much appreciate me and my work.
I just don’t know where I can go next with those skills as I probably won’t be able to excel on the FP&A side as my accounting isn’t on par with my peers. I just am kinda in no man’s land with no straight forward career path. Does that make sense? Do other people relate?
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2023.05.30 05:25 No_Rabbit1 Bonelab not working?

Bonelab not working?
So i was trying to play bonelab but this happened
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2023.05.30 05:25 coach_bombay89 Looking for some advice for my old girl.

Looking for some advice for my old girl.
Our girl Leila is 13. Over the past year her mobility has severely declined. She cannot jump at all, struggles to get up from lying down most times, cannot get up even 1 stair any longer and is very lethargic over all. The vet figures arthritis. We’ve tried some oral meds and some injections but they did not seem to help. The vet is now suggesting a monthly injection called Librela. I’ve seen some posts online raving and others saying the effects do not last. Just wondering if anyone has had experience with it and what it was like.
I don’t want to extend her life with her living with pain unnecessarily if this is just taking the edge off but leaving drastic pain for her.
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2023.05.30 05:25 Irocroo Rear-ended by an uninsured driver, totalled both cars. No serious injuries Im aware of. Is suing the driver worth it? Wisconsin, USA

I was taking a left in my crappy 05 SUV. She, 2017 car, slammed into me and was cited for no insurance and following too closely (which doesnt make sense to me, as she was not close behind me. I had been stopped and waiting for awhile, and she didnt hit the brakes). My car was only worth 2-3k, and I had the legal minimum for insurance so they said without injury, I cant make a claim. I went to the ER because my knee is bruised, my head bounced off the steering wheel, and my neck and back were sore. My knee was xrayed and fine, and I was waiting for a CT for almost 3 hrs. I am afraid of that hospital and I had a panic attack, so I left AMA (stupid, I know). Almost a week later and the headache went away, back and neck pain mostly gone so I think Ill be ok. I missed a day of work, and I had to get financing for a new car that cost me 9k (full coverage insurance now dont worry). I am very low-income and have a very busy life. I have pictures of both cars, the site, and my visible injuries as well as the accident report. Is it worth it to look for a lawyer or attempt to sue the other driver, or should I just move on and rebuild myself? Can I junk my car, or should I hold on to it for any reason? Thank you for any guidance.
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2023.05.30 05:25 jaboy837 How can I focus on myself to the fullest extent when I feel like I'm doing everything I physically and mentally can?

I failed out of college my second semester freshman year back in '22 due to a combination of mental health and alcohol/drug abuse. I previously struggled in high school making friends and finding genuine connections with people in my class. I go through phases of weed and alcohol abuse that always begin as a coping mechanism for my loneliness, anxiety & depression. I usually start off buying vapes, which lead into weed carts - a couple months go by and I'm hitting a pen from the second I wake up until I fall asleep. I'm able to function, work a job, have responsibilities and be a normal family member, but these abusive-phases always end up accentuating my personal issues, causes new ones, and leave a nasty burnout/sober-back-to-reality mental adjustment where my brains not being blasted with THC every 30 minutes. Its nice to have the weed-pen thinking short term, its a break from reality and takes me away from my anxiety - until it wears off. That's why I've decided i'm not going to go down the same road anymore and I've been looking for ways to hammer positive habits into my life to replace the bad ones. I know for sure that I don't want to invite weed back into my life, I know it won't get me anywhere and will only serve to screw my life up long term - that's just me personally. I've been clean off weed for around 6 months now, and I only drink on occasion when the time is right and its usually just with my family.
I've been trying as hard as I can to follow "the path of self-development". I realize that as a person I am prone to "talk the talk, but not really walk the walk." I guess its just my personality, but I always say I'm going to do something or try this positive habit but when It comes down to the nitty gritty I'll take the route of least resistance.
However, for the first time in a while I have started to see some change. I've been going on 2.5 mile runs every 1-2 days for a month now where I'm continuing to push my PR. I go to the gym occasionally but lift at my home gym pretty regularly. I'm participating in as much self-help information-bomb-internet-education as I possibly can. I cut off old friends, who were all I had, but have put me down in the past. I've been seeing a therapist regularly for about 4 months now. I've deleted social media apps like instagram/snapchat that are toxic for my mental health as I compare my life to the highlights of others lives.
I'm back in school now as I've been taking online courses for a few semesters now at a local community college. This summer semester I'm set up with three courses alongside working 40 hours a week at a local chain restaurant. On top of this, my family has adopted a puppy which we are going to pick up in two days. I've been making an effort to fill my life up with as much habit-building positive reinforcing routines that will benefit me in the long run. I am constantly trying to foster positive new and old hobbies. I've been trying to take a step back from my everyday view of life and just analyze myself, who I am, and how I can get to where I want to be.
I'm a twenty year old guy living in my parents house on a rural northern lake. People move here to retire or when their kids have all gone off to college. But i'm still here. And I can't help but feel lonely, isolated, out of place, and like a complete failure. It doesn't matter how many miles I run, how good I'm doing at my job, or how many hours I spend reading the self-help book, doing my hobbies, listening to the audio-book - I feel like I'm making miniscule progress and I'm not where I should be. It doesn't help that the friends I grew up with are all either pre-med, direct admit to business school with 60 credits under their belt by now, and or have internships in big cities. I feel like an intellectual and emotional failure, and that I strayed off the given path, and now I'm trying to catch up to a 200mph bullet train on adderall while I'm running on foot.
Guys I know the right path isn't easy. But fuck dude I don't know if I'm doing anything right. What would I do if I didn't have my parents to bail me out of educational/financial failures? I've been actually thinking about these things now, and I kinda realized one day that I'm really all I have. Its kinda just me. I mean, its always been that way, i've just never accepted it or i've been bombarded with distractions my whole life. Now that I realize this is all I have and I have to make the best out of it, I don't really understand how I'm supposed to get to where I want to be. Ideally, saving up enough money to support myself on my own is my first goal here. I would like to not be reliant on my parents, and be mentally stable enough to make my own decisions that will support me in the long run. Therefore, I know I can't smoke weed, I can't overdrink, I know I can't be lazy and do nothing, I know I have to hammer down on my school, I know I need to keep working out, I know I have to keep trying new things and see what works for me and see what doesn't.
How can I be the best version of myself?
How can I socially succeed? I am so deadass when I say this: I have no IRL friends. It's so bad I don't think I've genuinely experienced it this bad in my life till now. Especially given where I currently live, literally the only thing I can think of is save enough money to move to a more populated area/get accepted back into college.
How am I supposed to find a partner? Am I even ready for a partner? Will I ever find a partner given my history of mental health issues?
Thank you to whoever has read to this point. I seriously appreciate any advice or anecdotes anyone can give.
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2023.05.30 05:25 z0mgaah Prayer's for Mom updates and a thank you

Hi everyone. I've come to this sub a few times over the last two years as my mom has gone through some health scares. A suspicious spot that required surgery and was confirmed cancer (no treatments needed, thank goodness), and then again when more spots showed up and they watched these spots with routine scans every few weeks.
We got news last Friday that the spot is cancer, but luckily the doctor feels the cancer is so small that radiation will work. So it's not the best news, but it isn't the worst. The doctor even told her she could continue to work, but she says she's going to take time off while going through these treatments. (Which that's what we want her to do. Focus on kicking cancer's butt.) Tomorrow she meets with the radiologist and we will learn more. I've been praying for encouraging news, all while thanking God that we've had so much encouraging news already.
I just wanted to thank everyone in this sub for their prayers for my mom and my family in general. My mom is very private and didn't want people to know about her illness. Because of that, I had very little ways to create a support system; I couldn't talk with family, I couldn't talk with friends. When people asked me if I was okay (when I clearly wasn't) I felt like I couldn't tell people what was going on because I wanted to honor my mom's wishes. This Reddit was so helpful; the comments, the upvotes, and being able to stay somewhat anonymous was so helpful. Thanking God for you all, and for your prayers and love in general.
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2023.05.30 05:25 mcalz12 Padi Open Water in Ecuador - Is it supposed to be like this?

Hey guys so we are mid-way through taking a Padi open water diving course in Ecuador.
The whole thing is a bit of a hilarious mess of screwed up equipment and poor training.
I am gonna run through our experience for two reasons:
  1. I genuinely want to know what should be in a Padi Open Water course and what everyone else does in theirs
  2. So you can get a laugh out of how terrible it all is over here
This cost the same as all the other shops selling courses in this area and it was $340 PP (Asked 5 tour shops) so I’m not holding back on them. Their charging full-European rates on this and giving a shit service.
Day 1
We meet our “English Speaking” instructor. Barely any English he just nods at everything. At one point I asked if we were taking a Tuk Tuk to the pool. He responded with yes, thank you I love to teach diving it is my passion.
We watch a 1 hour video on the TV and he says yeah that’s enough the rest is not so important. My partner has a cold so we insist with some debate that she will not do the course (As the video said).
Move on to the pool and do some drills. Take jacket off and replace, swap breathing tool with dive buddy, use reserve breather etc.
Most of the kit was leaking air a lot. Rubber protectors broken off and lots of corrosion. If I removed my breathing tool I has to shake and twist it to stop air flowing out. We did 1 dive for about 45 mins and called it a day.
Day 2
Our first open water dive on an island. Boat barley worked and required 5 mins of playing around with a screw driver each time we set off.
Got to the site went to put together my gear and there was a frayed line on the pressure gauge and a leak. Guides said it’s fine. I pointed out another leak and a jamming breathing tool. Got it changed for a new one.
Assembled the kit and got ready to jump in. After a few seconds in the water I say my breathing tool is a bit hard to draw from (usable but annoying) he said switch to the secondary and use that. It’s missing one of the bite pads which was a real pain. No more extras on the boat and did not want to go all the way back.
Okay so I just hold the mask on my way down. Get to the bottom and my dive buddy floats off a bit. I had just finished an exhale and my mouthpiece fell out of the breathing room (We are around 8 meters deep here). So I had no air in my lungs and also no breathing tool.
I tap the guide and point to my reserve (previously main) and he hands it to me. It was a bit out of my reach and I did not have much time to get it as I had not realised the breathing tool was detached from the mouthpiece and got some water in my mouth on an inhale.
I’m fairly stoic so was not freaking out. Between us someone would have given me air but it was my first time in the ocean (ever). I cleared the tool with the button on the back (As I had 0 air) and managed to get a good breathe.
Anyway so he had a spare mouthpiece for my reserve one that he gave me. All good and breathing again. My dive buddy has floated away at this point and he signals to wait here. I wait for about 3-4 mins alone and they return. Had a little browse around and saw my first school of fish (Total time ever with scuba gear now 50 mins including 40 from the pool). We do 2 dives with my dive buddy repeatedly floating off.
We are on the boat talking to the instructor and we go what’s the deepest you’ve gone diving. He replies “The most was 35M because I have not done my advanced divers course yet” SO HE JUST HAS OPEN WATER TRAINING.
The owner of the dive shop is a dive master I believe but he spoke no English and was not diving with us. He will probably go down on the paperwork as the teacher. BTW my Spanish is decent and in the end we were speaking mainly in Spanish anyway. My hope was his English would be a lot better than my Spanish.
Under the water we did stuff like take off and put on jacket. Clear goggles etc. Total about an hour underwater maybe more. Tomorrow we finish off the course.
I did a bit of looking around and it sounds like other people did exams, lots of studying and way more diving but those were from 6 or so years ago. How different is Ecuadorean diving from the rest of the world?
Dive location: Salango Island
Edit: I had already paid so thought I’d see it though. We went back and did 2x 20M dives today. Went through their stuff in the morning and although most of it was crap found the least crappy one and brought that with. So today no gear failures.
Although my dive partners respirator did stop working at around 10M down. Had to swap it for emergency and he used that for the rest of the dive (okay now that even I wouldn’t do).
I’ve been told I will get a Padi certificate in my inbox within 2-3 days. Will update when I get it.
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2023.05.30 05:25 FS_Darkmatter88 28 [M4F] looking for a real connection in Oklahoma or surrounding states

Hello my name is Brandon I’m open to long distance I’ve posted a few times on here no real luck yet but Maybe this time it’s you who is reading my post., 6’1 bearded Dad bod but working on it. I’m from Oklahoma I like to go to the gym and do things outside like fishing and like to go camping I’m looking for someone local or online with the potential of meeting in real life. I love to cook and have a culinary degree so I’m a pretty good cook and run a BBQ business on my days off my Main Job is a Food Specialist for mental institution. I’m looking for Someone who is interested in getting to know each other someone who’s okay with talking every day asking each other how our days are going having real and honest conversations and genuinely care and instead in each other starting out as friends and then seeing where it comes from there. I’m married but we date separately and she is aware I’m on here and about all of this as she looks for someone for her as well. What I’m looking for in someone is someone who I can laugh with tell my stupid corny dad jokes too and just feel comfortable being myself around someone who is nerdy who likes anime currently watching Sword Art Online My hero Academia fire force DBZ Naruto bleach to name a few of the ones I like and open to suggestions big movie buff love the MCU as well as the DCU love Forrest Gump and most of Tom Hanks movies along with Adam Sandler’s movies Good Will Hunting will forever be one of my favorite movies along with Mrs Doubtfire the list could go on forever also wanting someone who likes playing video or bored games like apex call of duty fortnite and other BR games I’m not saying I’m great at them but I do okay lol but I also like games with a good story like the the Spider-Man games and God Of War I play on Xbox but looking at getting a Play station again . Also someone who likes to binge watch tv shows cuddled up on the couch someone who can feel comfortable being themselves around me I’m a very physical when it comes to expressing love and affection for someone I don’t mean just sexually but also like holding hands cuddling kissing just touching and making contact with someone so hopefully that’s something you’re into as well I have a lot of love and affection to give. Looks aren’t a very big thing to me but I know physical attraction is still something needed so I don’t mind sending a picture of myself to see if you find me attractive. I don’t really have a preference for peoples appearance though I do usually find thickeBBW/ curvy/a little extra to love more attractive but I don’t exclude anyone I’m Kink friendly and can explain more about that if you have questions I hope that someone of this interest some of you and I hear from you but if not I hope you find the person you’re looking for and the happiness you deserve. Link to a couple photos of me in the comments
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2023.05.30 05:25 psykrabs i think im trans

well here it goes. I've been a cis woman my whole life and I hadn't really digested the concept of being a different gender until recently. Like, I'm relatively young (17) and I wasn't exposed to anything related to being trans in my childhood or early teen years. PLEASE HELP lol. I think I'm starting to put two and two together and it's scary. Checking a box for "female" feels like swallowing a big fucking pill. I always have, like, unwarranted confidence when I wear masculine clothing. I noticed that when I get too comfortable I'll start dropping the pitch of my voice. And sometimes I look back on the way I act and think that in my own head I'm a man and I just don't realize that other people are seeing a woman. I just FEEL better when I'm masculine. I am an athlete and work hard to be muscular, but sometimes I when I look in the mirror it feels like the actual physique I'm chasing is not a woman's. What hits the nail on the head for me is my struggle with romantic relationships. It's like the moment I've got mutual interest with someone this little voice in my head is like "shit man. you're really a girl now." you know? It's like "this guy thinks he's dating a girl and maybe I don't want to be loved like a girl". I mean, shit, 5 months into the year and I've dropped 4 talking stages. Sometimes I just feel like I'm trying to run from all of it, but then sometimes I feel like I'm over thinking the whole thing. shit. idk man i just wanted to post this so i can have some insight. thanks and please if u have any advice hit me with it.
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2023.05.30 05:25 OLDbatty77 Looking for advice

I just made an toss away account cause I need advice. I'm not sure how to proceed in my situation and need advice from folks in my industry.
A little background, was an animator in 2d and 3d for 8 years, but moved into storyboarding for the last 6 years. I've had more satisfaction in this role even though I've had to work harder.
I worked at company A for around 5 years. The pay was alright and had decent benefits and holidays. First 4 years were great and worked in storyboarding, but the last year I was there I was pushed into animation unexpectedly and I wasn't particularly happy about it. I stuck it out because it kept me afloat safely over the pandemic. During that time when I was at company A I was freelancing on part time boards for Company B. It was small projects that I could do in my off time to keep up my skills in boards. When that gig ended company B offered me a fulltime position, for storyboarding with a great salary and benefits, but the holidays aren't as good. I've been here for a year and enjoy it and they like my work.
My dilemma is Company A contacted me outta the blue and offered me a story position with a 20% increase to my current wage with the past benefits and holidays. It'd mean I'd have to break contract that doesn't end till next year with company B. I'm leery about returning to the company because of past experiences and I'm not a fan of the project. On paper both contracts would end around the same time, both are for storyboarding and have similar benefits. The big difference between them is pay and slightly better holidays. To me this seems like a cut and dry "no," but I hate to say it's the money that's causing me to waffle. My current salary is good, but 20% isn't something I can dismiss.
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2023.05.30 05:24 No-Investigator-1182 Why is it so hard for me (35F) to be friends with women? (35F)

I’ve been a huge tomboy my entire life - I don’t wear make up, don’t care about hair products, doesn’t care about clothes or shoes, and hate places like the mall. I love doing things like playing video games, fishing, working or building things mechanical, lifting weights and working out, playing table top games, and I’m an IT professional by trade.
You may now see why my best friends have been mostly male. But every time they get a serious girlfriend, I lose them. It’s either that, or I get lumped into having to include their girlfriend in things me and my friend enjoy she is trying to like but really doesn’t like. I have a husband (35M) who is very similar to me, so we get along just fine and he hasn’t ever mind me having a best friend as a male. These make best friends of mine typically also hubby’s too.
It’s not that I get jealous of my friend’s girlfriend, I just get annoyed when he wants to include her in stuff she’s otherwise totally uninterested in, and therefore kills the vibe. Truthfully Id love for him to find a girl version of him, and then I could be friends with both him and the girlfriend whole heartedly. But my best friends never do. They choose a girl with (not saying this in a bad way) typical traditionally feminine attributes and then I end up obligated to include them simply because I’m a woman.
What does a straight woman like me do about the fact that it find it incredibly difficult to talk to most women? I’d love to have more female friends but they never are into the things I am into and I don’t think I should force myself to do things I don’t want to do just because we have the same private parts.
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2023.05.30 05:24 weighingthelife Older Cat Bathroom Issues

We have a cat that is 13 years old. She is a lovely cat who loves to cuddle and has a sweet personality. The issue is that she will not use the litterbox to poop. She will use the litter box to pee but not poop. She will randomly poop on the bed, in the hallways, and under the table. Apparently, she was never taught how to use a litter box properly (she belonged to someone else before we got her). We are taking her to the vet soon once we save up the money. We don't want to leave her in the room all day since we both work quite a bit and that seems cruel. She does this when we are asleep or at work so I think she knows she is not supposed to do it. What should we do? Neither my boyfriend or I want to put her down, and we want to be compassionate about this issue due to her age/ possible litterbox ignorance. We would like the few remaining years of her life to be peaceful. We are just so tired of stepping in and picking up poop. Thank you!
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2023.05.30 05:24 JN_25 Suggestions for mounting 3 monitors

Looking to mount my 3 monitors..
Much like the title suggests, I’m looking for ideas on how to go about mounting my three monitors I have.
I just bought a Samsung Odyssey G5 34” a few days ago.. (I’m loving it btw, this is my first time using an ultrawide). I also have two Acer 27” monitors that I was using beforehand on a dual-monitor mount. My initial thought was to just buy an additional singular mount and add it to the bar I already have.. My only concern with that is the weight, and whether or not it will actually work like I’m thinking.
I’ve seen some people suggesting on other posts to just get another singular mount, but wouldn’t that look super sloppy? Thanks in advanced for the ideas.. I want to clean up my setup again.. Currently it’s an absolute disaster with this monstrosity sitting on my desk 😂.
Thanks in advanced!!!!
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2023.05.30 05:24 gliscornumber1 Why pokemon get banned instead of moves. The dracovish theorem

So, pokemon home comes tomorrow and with it comes the banning of last respects. One might ask why it took this long to ban last respects and I see it as a way to introduce what I call. The dracovish theorem.
Before pokemon home last respects was only on houndstone, meaning that, while the move is indeed broken, obviously so, it's only broken in tandem with the elements of houndstone, such as sand rush, stab, and houndstone's respectable attack. With pokemon home basculegion will also get the move and will likely use it better than houndstone, with a better typing, base speed, and adaptability. Well now this move becomes broken on two mons, now it makes more sense to ban the move rather than both pokemon. Hence why last respects is only now being banned.
To better illustrate this, let's look at the pokemon this theorem is named after, dracovish. One of the prime reasons dracovish is in Ubers is it's (kind of) signature move, fisheous rend. However, arctovish gets the same move and is completely balanced even with it. This proves that fisheous rend isn't the problem, dracovish is. If both dracovish and arctovish were deemed too overpowered for OU, fisheous rend would be banned instead of both pokemon.
Now this theorem doesn't just apply to small scale incidents like last respects and fisheous rend. It also occurs in a large scale, the best example being, baton pass. Baton pass can be learned by a wide variety of pokemon, from mythicals like celibi, to utter garbage like girafarig. But no matter what pokemon has it, baton pass is a broken move and can be broken in the hands of any pokemon. Thus, baton pass needed to be banned, not every pokemon that got it.
And this works the same way in the inverse, look at stored power. I think we can all agree that the only reason espathra is considered broken is because of stored power. So why not ban stored power? Simple, not every pokemon that gets stored power has the tools to spiral it out of control to the extent espathra can. Slap stored power on grumpig and it's not making much use of it. So in this case, clearly espathra is the problem, only espathra (and to a lesser extent magearna) have the tools to make this move broken, therefore espathra ia banned, not stored power
So in short, the dracovish theorem is "moves can only be banned if they are deemed broken on all Pokemon who have access to it"
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2023.05.30 05:24 ThePowerOfYouth99 PTU][Other][CST][Online] An Original Pokemon Journey Through The Orani Region

The Orani Region – A rather isolated region due to its location, the Orani region is most notable due to its relative youngness as far as regions go. This is because of the Blank Years, a period of time in their history where no written record of the region can be uncovered. For all intents and purposes, the region came into being only 300 years ago, contrasting with the more major regions like Unova and Kalos, which have been around for thousands of years. Orani, due to its isolation, developed its own unique sense of culture, and readily emphasized the participation of people alongside pokemon, treating them as equals. This translated to all forms, from work, play, and, of course, battling. See the people of Orani believed that fighting alongside your pokemon was essential to creating and maintaining a powerful and everlasting bond between people and pokemon. Of course, there were different ways of fighting. Some choose the physical path, throwing themselves into the fray alongside their trusted companions. Others focused more on strategy, forming plans and giving orders that expertly directed their pokemon to victory while contributing very little physically. Still others fought with their emotions, using them to fuel their Pokémon’s trust and love, granting them access to greater power. Whether through body, mind or spirit, the people of Orani gave their all when it came to their precious Pokemon partners. Because of this devotion to Pokemon, it was little wonder that powerful trainers began to appear, standing head and shoulders above the rest. With such little competition, they fought amongst themselves, clashing over and over until only one stood standing. It was this one that they crowned Conqueror; a title only given to the strongest trainer in the Orani region. After the first Clash of Conquerors as it came to be known, the event became part of the Orani way. Every year, prospective trainers would venture forth on the Voyage, traveling across the Orani region and proving themselves through battle against Knights of Man and Pokemon Lords. Knights of Man were titles given to those who were closest to beating the current Conqueror, and thus represent the strongest individuals aside from the Conqueror himself. The Pokemon Lords were wild pokemon of exceptional age and strength, boasting powers that easily matched or exceeded what was thought possible of their species. After gathering recognition for deeds performed and battles won, the trainers would all converge every 3 years to participate in the Clash of Conquerors, to prove who was the strongest, to prove that they had the potential to be the next Conqueror. You are one such prospective trainer who is participating on the Voyage, a traditional journey around the Orani Region. Facing against people and Pokemon alike, you and your companions will need to use your bravery, cunning, and a good amount of luck to make it through intact. And while the Clash of Conquerors is the end goal, don’t feel like it can be your only goal. The Voyage is about discovering yourself, improving you and your pokemon, and forging bonds. So young trainer, it doesn’t matter who you are, or where you came from. The only question is…Can you become a Conqueror? Hello guys and gals, I am here and bringing a PTU campaign of my own design! I’m looking for about 3 players to participate in the Voyage, a traditional journey taking place in my original region of Orani! My goal is to give a somewhat non-traditional pokemon journey, focused on exploration and discovery, as well as personal growth and development! Taking inspiration from the recent Scarlet and Violet games, this is aimed to be a more free-form type of pokemon, with no single path being the correct one. The main points I want to bring up in this are as follows: - There will be people fighting WITH pokemon. That means someone could come up and punch you just as easily as they punch your Squirtle during battle. If you are not okay with that, please do not apply. o It also stands to reason that combat oriented trainer classes will be included in the options for this campaign, but just thought I’d explicitly state it. - I will include homebrew stuff which may include but not be limited to: Pokemon, Classes, Features, Skills, Moves, Abilities, and Items. I will not make a promise of how many or how good they will be, but I do like including them in a campaign, especially one in an original region, to add some of that excitement and flair into the campaign. - I am primarily looking for people to have a good time and enjoy RPing. You don’t have to optimize your characters or pokemon, I’m just looking for people to get into their character, to really put themselves in the campaign. - I am open to people who are new to the system and want to learn! So please don’t let that discourage you from applying if this sounds interesting to you! And if you are new to Pokemon in general, also feel free to apply, this could be a really fun way to learn! Now, getting more into what I need from y’all. This campaign will be played on Thursdays, with a start time between 6:30-7PM CST and running anywhere from 9-10 PM CST. This is unfortunately non-negotiable, as this is currently my only free time. Discord will be used for the voice, and Roll20 is the VTT. Now, I had mentioned previously that I don’t require you to be familiar with the system(PTU), so what I’m asking from anyone interested is a general outline of the kind of character you want to play. Here’s the template for the application: CHARACTER: - Name: - Age: - Gender: - Appearance (Can use a ref Pic instead): - Personality: - Goals: - Fun Fact/Quirk(s): - Friends/Family: PLAYER: - Name/Nickname: - Age: - Gender: - Do you have Discord and access to a microphone(headset or stand alone): - Do you have a Roll20 Account: - Experience with PTU/TTRPG: - Pokemon Knowledge: - Why did you want to join this campaign: - Favorite Pokemon: - Anything else you think I need to know:
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2023.05.30 05:24 ParthTatsuki 6502 Keyboard Interface

6502 Keyboard Interface
Hi all,
I was following Ben's tutorial on the 6502 computer and was watching the video titled "Keyboard interface software", where he takes a PS/2 keyboard and interfaces it with the computer. I did not have the keyboard but wanted to try something myself. I got a rudimentary version working and wanted to share it in case someone else needed it to follow along or have any suggestions to make it better.
Keyboard -> PC -> Tera term -> Arduino -> 6522 VIA
The Arduino read serial data from Tera term and spits it out on the data pin (pin 3 in my case) along with a clock (pin 2). I am using exactly the same architecture as Ben, just that instead of scan codes, I send ASCII values. The advantage of this is I do not need a keymap in my 6502 assembly code. If someone wants to still use scan codes and keymap, they can modify "getScanCode" in the Arduino code to add the feature (should be very simple).
The Arduino code can be found here:
The 6502 code can be found here:
The Tera term window should look like this:

Tera term
Remember to set the COM port and baud rate correctly.
Additional feature: Added a backspace. When you press backspace, it will go back to the previous character (the character will still be there but you can overwrite it).
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2023.05.30 05:24 throwaway387421 Almost everything overwhelms me, even things that should be fun, and I'm tired of it

I know this all sounds stupid, especially compared to the more serious post on this sub, but I think this is one of the reasons why I have no hobbies. I have no idea where to start and it feels like too much for me to handle.
It's why I have an embarrassingly large collection of untouched books, video games, and Humble Bundle crap that I somehow convince myself I'll learn from one day. There are so many times I think about making my own videos or programs or learning an instrument, but I never actually do it because where do I even start?
I can look up beginner guides online, but which one should I follow? This website said I should follow this book, but this reddit post says I should follow this book, but this YouTube video says if I use those books I'll suck ass at the thing I'm doing and I should buy this online course instead.
And even if I do start it, how long should I stick with it? 1 week? 1 month? If I hate it and abandon it, will I be quitting something I'd end up loving it I'd only stuck with it a little longer? Or the opposite, what if I end up wasting a bunch of time and money on stuff for a hobby I end up hating?
Even with video games, the one thing I do for fun, this problem shows up. Like I said, I have an enormous backlog of video games that I want to get through but it feels so daunting. Which game should I start with? Should I focus on completing one game at a time? What if I suck at the game? How do all the gameplay mechanics work? What's the optimal way to play it? What if I'm playing it wrong or miss something?
Even fucking Stardew Valley, apparently one of the most chill games out there, overwhelms me somehow. It just feels like there's so much to do and so many ways to do it wrong. My brain will feel like I need to know every single item and recipe and villager gift and best enemy strategy or else I might as well not even play it because I didn't do it the best way. I've owned it for years but only played it for 10 minutes the day I got it.
On a more serious note, this way of thinking also interferes with me from trying to make positive changes to my life and mental health. There's thousands of apps and books and productivity methods and mindfulness techniques that might help me but might not. And even if I do find something that works, I'll probably stop using it after a week because it feels like too much work.
And I know these problems aren't unique to me in the slightest. I don't even want advice for it for the same reason everything else overwhelms me. For every piece of advice I get, I'll worry about the infinite other ways I could've approached it that might've been better. Also it might not work. Also it's hard. Sorry this is so long winded.
TLDR: everything overwhelms me because there are too many possibilities and ways to fail
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2023.05.30 05:23 kainvinosec Flip Grip

Loving the Flip! Still very much just setting it up and getting to know how it works (first android handheld like this aside from a phone).
The issue is that I have large hands, and I have the grip attached, but it's so flimsy and likes to come off or partially come off when I go to pick it up certain ways. I'm scared the console is just gonna drop out of it at some point if I'm not super careful. Has anyone found a way to keep it attached more securely?
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2023.05.30 05:23 pirateball215 Sr FP&A analyst where to next?

Hi, I’m 25 and am currently a Sr FP&A analyst for a Fortune 500 manufacturer. As the title would suggest… what are my career path options from here. Background on me:
I am not your stereotypical FP&A analyst I am not a CPA and my accounting side is mediocre at best. Finance side of the role is great I have no problem there forecasting, margin analysis, etc. I mostly focus on data analysis/ sales analysis/ and demand planning. I’m proficient in sql/ sap/ tableau/power bi/ salesforce . I can create anything from data and leadership loves that and they very much appreciate me and my work.
I just don’t know where I can go next with those skills as I probably won’t be able to excel on the FP&A side as my accounting isn’t on par with my peers. I just am kinda in no man’s land with no straight forward career path. Does that make sense? Do other people relate?
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