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Cold summers, thick fog, and beautiful views. Welcome to the subreddit for the gorgeous City by the Bay! San Francisco, California, USA.

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Official food sub for sandiego Dedicated towards showcasing food from all over the San Diego area - especially our local border cuisine (INCLUDING TIJUANA). Share pictures, reviews, websites, etc. Not just limited to pictures of food, but anything food related in San Diego, California.

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This subreddit was created for people to be able to ask questions about the San Francisco Bay Area to residents. We strive to have /askSF serve as a reference to SF Bay Area resources. Post your question about, but not limited to: visiting the city, moving to the city, nightlife, restaurants, transportation, lifestyle, culture, etc.

2023.06.03 16:31 Virtual-Yellow Question about acquisition of Sunwing.

Sunwing flies to a bunch of interesting Sun destinations from Toronto. I was wondering if with the merge I would be able to hop on YWG to YYZ westjet flight and then a sunwing flight to a sun destination all on the same itinerary? I know that technically we could book 2 separate tickets (which I have done in the past) but I find this incredibly risky and probably won’t do it again. I’m looking for 1 itinerary in case the first flight gets delayed/cancelled.
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2023.06.03 16:30 momboo_brewing Recommendation: Texas Community Cultures yeast “cali girl”

I just completed an IPA and Pale Ale using “cali girl” by Texas Community Cultures yeast lab, and I’m extremely pleased how well it did. It finished and cleaned up in a week for both brews and they’ve never tasted so good before. Yes, they taste identical to what they have before but the flavor this time is more well rounded and clean.
If you have the ability to get some of their yeast, do it. You won’t regret it. Those in San Antonio, you can grab some from brew city. Best yeast choice I’ve made in a long time.
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2023.06.03 16:28 TwelveSmallHats Warhammer Underworlds card lore snippets, part 3 - Beastgrave

Previous posts:
For those unfamiliar with Warhammer Underworlds, it's Games Workshop's card/mini/board game set in the Mortal Realms. Almost every card in the game has a small snippet of lore on it in addition to its rules text; some of the lore is simple statements about the card's effect, but others describe the setting or the fighters or provide in-universe quotes. I haven't found a card library that compiles these lore snippets (they are understandably focused on the rules), so I decided to compile them myself.
This is my third post of the project, compiling the cards from the third season of the game, Beastgrave. This is the first major setting update, since the previous seasons (Shadespire and Nightvault) both took place in Shadespire, while this one takes place in Beastgrave, a living mountain in Ghur.
Cards for the season starter warbands:
Grashrak's Despoilers:
Text Card Name
There is a diabolical method to the Brayherds' depravity. Bestial Cunning
The gruesome food for Grashrak's primal sorceries are rarely in short supply. Blood Ritual
To beastmen, carnage and mayhem are ends unto themselves. Bloodshed
The creatures of the Brayhertds stampede forth from their domains whenever a more enticing territory presents itself. Conquerors
True victory comes only when all the enemy held dear is reduced to ruin. Despoilers
To Grashrak's Despoilers, there is no sight more pleasing than that of unsullied flesh being butchered. Killing Blow
In the wild, the alpha creature is the one still standing at battle's end. Proven Superiority
There is no better hunting ground than the lands of a defiant enemy. Raiders
Beastmen strike hard and fast, and they seldom do so alone. Stampede
Bloodshed breeds strength, and strength breeds opportunity. Survival of the Fittest
Wherever Grashrak's Despoilers go, so follows the corruption of Chaos. Swarm the Battlefield
It is not enough to despoil the land - the air itself must writhe with the power of anarchy. Taint of Ruin
The primal fury of the Brayherds is infamous, and rightly feared. Baying Anger
The true children of Chaos are driven by instinctual animosity. Baying Hatred
There is nothing more fearful than a wounded beastman. Berserk Bellow
Primal magics swirl across the battlefield, driving the herd towards their foe. Bestial Vigour
The language of the Brayherds is not elegant, but it is easily understood. Blood Taunt
Grashrak's Despoilers use every weapon that nature and Chaos have bestowed upon them. Bull Charge
A bestial curse twists the foe in both body and mind. Devolve
When hunting down prey, speed is as important as brute strength. Skirmisher
Like carrion feeders to a corpse, the beasts of the Brayherds flock to territories they can despoil. Vile Invaders
The notion of a fair fight is anathema to Ungors. Weight of Numbers
Why work to conceal yourself when you can simply take away your hunter's ability to see? Blinding Attack
The scent of blood only intensifies the hunger for battle. Bloodcrazed
Even the most masterfully wrought armour crumples at the touch of this Chaos-infused blade. Cursed Flint
There are few greater weapons than a strong instinct for self-preservation. Dogged Survivor
Always another foe, always another quarry, the bloodletting in Beastgrave is never-ending. Endless Hatred
Pain is the one sense the beastmen seek to dull.
Those with the shortest horns must find other ways to puncture their prey. Jabbing Spear
Seething energy crashes into the enemy, tearing at their flesh and driving them from their feet. Savage Bolt
Grashrak has an innate understanding of the anarchic and the arcane. Sorcerous Trinket
Amongst the Brayherds, the severed head of one's enemy is the ultimate symbol of status. Trophy Taker
Skaeth's Wild Hunt:
Text Card Name
In Beastgrave, there is no end to the hunt. Aspects of Kurnoth
Once the quarry has been sighted, it is Karthaen's horn that calls the Wild Hunt. Cry of the Wild
Preparation is the first step towards victory. Gifts of Kurnoth
There are multiple ways to take down one's quarry. Hunt's End
In the wilds, one must always be aware of their surroundings. Kurnoth's Snare
It is Karthaen's hope that the Beastgrave itself will some day be scoured from the realms. Purifying Rites
'Your blood shall flow free, and it shall wash away the corruption you have brought to this land.' - Sheoch, Kurnothi Tracker Ritual Kill
'Your death is as inevitable as the changing of the seasons.' - Skaeth the Huntsman Run Down
'Die, foul creature. No longer shall you be a blight upon the realms.' - Skaeth the Huntsman Run Through
'Who can catch an arrow in flight? Its speed is its armour, and the source of its deadliness.' - Althaen, Kurnothi Tracker Safety in Swiftness
The most fallow soil can be made fertile if seeded with enough bone and flesh. Slay the Corrupted
The Wild Hunt seek to ensure that no more souls fall to the Katophrane curse. Soulbinding
With a blast of his horn, the air itself, the air itself comes to Karthaen's aid. Binding Wind
The Wild Hunt advance on their foes with the speed of a summer storm. Fleet of Foot
Even in the cavernous depths of Beastgrave, the live-giving winds of Ghyran can blow strong. Healing Breeze
'I am the Hunt! The Hunter grows within me!' - Sheoch, Kurnothi Tracker Might of Kurnoth
The weal must be reaped so that the strong may thrive. That is the way of the hunt. Pounce
'That which was made to run must run. That which was made to fly must fly. That which was made to kill must kill.' - Skaeth the Huntsman Retrieve Javelin
The resounding blaze of Karthaen's horn imbues the members of the Wild Hunt with bountiful vigour. Song of Swiftness
Just as they seek harmony in life, the Wild Hunt work in harmony to bring death to those who would desecrate the realms. Strike in Concert
In the pursuit of their foes, the Kurnothi are as relentless as a winter's gale. Swift as the Wind
Any enemy that values its life can be herded, given adequate provocation. Battle Cry
The Kurnothi call upon their fallen god to drive their enemies from the lands that have been corrupted. Divine Strength
There is no escaping thise fighter's fury when they have marked their prey for death. Eye of Kurnoth
Althaen's arrows fall swift and sharp as monsoon rains. Fast Shot
It is speed, not strength, that allows prey to outrun its predator, and a predator to close ground on its prey. Great Strides
Even now, Kurnoth's gifts still protect those who are faithful to him. Hale Charm
Those familiar with malkyn know that when their teeth are bared, it is already too late to run. Hunting Aspect
'Bring life to the lands, and death to those who would despoil them.' - Kurnothi chant Kurnoth's Mark
An enemy's offence becomes severely limited when their bones have been shattered. Shield Slash
At Karthaen's call, the motes of life magic in Beastgrave coalesce into barbed projectiles that fly towards his foes. Vicious Darts
Starter box universal cards:
Text Card Name
When the enemy lie broken and bloodied to the last, then can the deep rumbling of Beastgrave be heard. Annihilation
Stride forth boldly and seize that which belongs to your enemy. Conquest
Hold fast to what is yours, no matter the cost. Denial
Seize the howl-horn and let its mournful dirge echo through Beastgrave's heart. Hold Objective 1
Capture the amber-bone riches of Ghur. Hold Objective 2
The throne of tusks may be claimed only by one who is worthy. Hold Objective 3
The worth of the gargant's blade is beyond imagination. Hold Objective 4
Dare you don the mask of the Silent People? Hold Objective 5
Seize the heart of the mountain, chamber by twisted chamber. Supremacy
The cursed caverns within Beastgrave can disorient even the most keen-minded explorer. Confusion
A morbid fume surrounds the casts, choking any foe that dare approach. Eldritch Haze
'Nowhere have you left to run, nor any place to hide...' - Skaeth the Huntsman Marked
The key to survival is being where your predators least expect. Sidestep
The key to killing is to attack where your prey least expects. Snare
An opponent cannot always be defeated, but they can always be made to pay for their actions. Caltrops
The most fearsome creatures in Beastgrave are those who have adapted to survive in an environment of slaughter. Great Fortitude
The bestial might of Ghur flows through this fighter's veins. Great Strength
Driven by primal urges, this fighter watches their enemies for the slightest sign of weakness. Predatory Instinct
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2023.06.03 16:27 ProfessionalGent01 46 [M4F] #San Francisco - I'll be specific here. Looking for a mixed , Asian , or Latina younger woman who want to explore their curiosity of older gentleman. No commitment or rush.

Do you want a genuine man to discreetly talk with, confide , get attention, cared about, find comfort in and support? You have your life and I have my life. You can date who you want or be attracted, but also give me attention and I do the same to you. Let's have a situationship. Pic in profile.
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2023.06.03 16:26 westside1931 The Gambino Crime Family - 1963

Me and fellow reddit user Nasabeak have, for the past 7 months, been working on crewing up as many soldiers in the Gambino family during 1963.

We have received the FOIAs of almost all the family captains, and presented is what we have so far. There may be additions added later, but likely no major progress.

Boss: Carlo ‘Don Carlo’ Gambino (61y)
Underboss: Joseph ‘Joe Bandi’ Biondo (66y)
Consigliere: Joseph ‘Staten Island Joe’ Riccobono (69y)
Acting Consigliere: Offered to Joseph Zingaro (51y)

  1. David ‘Papa Dave’ Amodeo (70y) (Crew totaling ~15 - 20 men) (The Bronx)

  1. Anthony ‘Tough Tony’ Anastasio (57y) (Crew totaling ~35 men) (Brooklyn)

  1. Domenico ‘Mike’ Arcuri (77y) (Crew totaling ~20 men) (Manhattan / CT)
Connecticut Crew reported to Arcuri

  1. Paul Castellano (48y) (Crew totaling ~30 - 35 men) (Brooklyn)

  1. Joseph ‘Gus’ Colozzo (58y) (Crew totaling ~30 - 35 men) (Brooklyn)

  1. Pasquale ‘Patsy’ Conte (38y) (Queens)

  1. Aniello ‘Neil’ Dellacroce (49y) (Crew Totaling ~18 men) (Manhattan / Queens)

  1. Charles Dongarra (67y) (Crew totaling ~35 men) (Manhattan)
Acting Capodecina: Joseph Gallo (51y)

  1. Alfred ‘Freddy’ Eppolito (44y) (Crew totaling ~30 men) (Brooklyn)

  1. Peter ‘Little Pete’ Ferrara (52y) (Crew totaling ~40 men) (Brooklyn / NJ)

  1. Joseph Gambino (55y) (Brooklyn)

  1. Olympio ‘Lilo’ Garofalo (59y) (Crew totaling ~10 old men) (Manhattan)

  1. Arthur Leo (39y) (Crew totaling ~30 men) (East Harlem / Queens)

  1. Carmine Lombardozzi (50y) (Crew totaling ~40 men) (Brooklyn / Manhattan)
Acting Capodecina: Michael Scandifia (44y)
Acting Capodecina? Joseph Gennaro (55y)

  1. Angelo Mascia (54y) (Crew totaling ~20 men) (The Bronx)

  1. Rocco ‘Rogie’ Mazzie (47y) (Crew totaling ~30 men) (The Bronx)

  1. Luigi ‘Don Luigi’ Morici (67y) (Baltimore)

  1. Joseph Paterno (40y) (Crew totaling ~35 men) (NJ)

  1. Frank Perrone (54y) (NJ)

  1. Gaetano Russo (72y) (Crew totaling ~9 men) (Brooklyn)

  1. Joseph ‘Joe Rivers’ Silesi (67y) (FL)

  1. Peter Stincone (66y) (Crew totaling ~10 old men) (Manhattan / Queens)

  1. Giuseppe Traina (80y) (Crew totaling ~40 men) (Brooklyn / Staten Island)

  1. Ettore 'Terry’ Zappi (59y) (Crew totaling ~25 men) (Brooklyn)

  1. Joseph Zingaro (51y) (Crew totaling ~20 men) (The Bronx / Westchester)

Note 1: Mascia identified by Santantonio as Capodecina in January 1963. Later that year identified as soldier under Joseph Zingaro. Probable that Mascia stepped down and was replaced by Sedotto sometime later in 1963.
Soldiers (Crew Unknown)

Estimated total membership ~400

Possible Members

Bonanno (1979) and Lucchese (1983) next
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2023.06.03 16:26 ProfessionalGent01 46 [M4F] San Francisco - I'll be specific here. Looking for a mixed , Asian , or Latina younger woman who want to explore their curiosity of older gentleman. No commitment or rush.

Do you want a genuine man to discreetly talk with, confide , get attention, cared about, find comfort in and support? You have your life and I have my life. You can date who you want or be attracted, but also give me attention and I do the same to you. Let's have a situationship. Pic in profile.
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2023.06.03 16:21 ProfessionalGent01 46 [M4F] San Francisco - I'll be specific here. Looking for a mixed , Asian , or Latina younger woman who want to explore their curiosity of older gentleman. No commitment or rush.

Do you want a genuine man to discreetly talk with, confide , get attention, cared about, find comfort in and support? You have your life and I have my life. You can date who you want or be attracted, but also give me attention and I do the same to you. Let's have a situationship. Pic in profile.
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2023.06.03 16:20 very-square OK to repot asparagus fern plumosa in terracotta pot?

I have two 20-inch tall (tallest shoot) asparagus ferns growing in flimsy 4x4-inch grower pots that I've had in terracotta cache pots, roots are coming out of the drainage holes. Idk how they got so tall. Would it be fine to repot these into the terracotta cache pots? That's what I have bc the rest of what I grow are sans—would rather use what's here. Reading conflicting advice (mostly in favor of plastic and glazed ceramic) online; open to all input, tell me how you grow.
If you have soil ratio input, pls include that as well. I was thinking potting soil amended w/ perlite, 60:40 respectively.
Zone 7B indoor, light south facing; ferns are shielded from direct sun. + sorry if I flaired wrong.
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2023.06.03 16:20 childfromthefuture What is the context behind the picture of the two men holding a sign in 1977 San Francisco saying 'A gay landlord is still a landlord'?

I would like to know more about the historical context of the picture recently posted on PropagandaPosters
The picture depicts two men holding a sign that says 'A gay landlord is still a landlord'. The original post suggests that the picture was taken in San Francisco in 1977.
My question is about the historical context and political implications of the image.
Does the poster imply, as I surmise, that identity does not erase class relations? In other words, that even a historically oppressed identity (that of a gay man) can partake in and reproduce exploitative social relations by virtue of being a landlord (i.e., in this view, someone who profits from renting out a necessity to those who do not have the capital to own it)? When and how did similar ideas emerge in '70s San Francisco?
Thank you for helping me learn.
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2023.06.03 16:19 Wise_Ad8667 My (23f) boyfriend (24m) lied to me about being welcome on his trip

My (23f) boyfriends (24m) little brother is graduating from college this month and his entire family is flying in to the country for it. We’ve been dating for 4 years (and live together) and I’ve never met his dad due to him living outside the country and haven’t spent much time with his other family (except the brother whose graduating, we know each other pretty well). I didn’t want to intrude on his graduation, so I asked if I could fly to New York (we live in IL) for a few days after the graduation (they’ll be there for 2 weeks total) to see the city with them, get to know them a bit, etc. Right away he seemed weird about me asking saying his parents wouldnt be okay with it. They don’t like that my bf is dating an American and don’t like me because of that, but I really wanted to get to know them more so they wouldn’t think that. He told me his parents were okay with it and helped me book my flight. That was over a month ago and last night he told me that maybe I should cancel my flight as his dad is livid because he doesn’t want me coming on a family trip. We’ve been dating for 4 years and his family still has no interest in getting to know me and my boyfriend lied to me for weeks that it was fine because he “wanted to avoid a fight.” I feel incredibly disrespected and can’t believe my bf isn’t doing more to stand up for me. I feel like telling him we need to take a break while he sorts out his priorities and decides if he sees me in his future - am I being too harsh?
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2023.06.03 16:19 SuccessfulDirector43 Road Trip San Francisco to Denver

Hey guys, We are planning a trip to America and for part of it we are going to hire an RV. I’m just looking for any advice/tips and “must sees” on our journey.
We are going in November and plan to pick up the RV in San Francisco and drive to Denver. We are still in the early stages of planning so are pretty flexible. We are planning on taking 10 - 14 days to do the trip and a couple of the things we want to see are: Yosemite Death Valley (maybe?) Hoover Dam Monument Valley The Rockies
We are from Scotland and I have only been to NYC before so basically everything is based on Google/tv.. so I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions on what would be worth visiting?
Any help is appreciated and we are super excited!
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2023.06.03 16:19 m0mentai [USA-RI][H] Brave Fencer Musashi, Pokemon Colosseum bonus disk, Marvel vs Capcom 2, Rhythm Heaven, Zelda LttP, Games for 3DS, DS, GB, GBA, NES, SNES, PS, PS2 Misc manuals, NES Sleeves [W] PayPal

The following items are all for sale. Prices are as indicated, but I am willing to negotiate. Shipping is not included unless otherwise agreed upon. All items come from a smoke-free home. Willing to bundle if the deal is right. All offers will be considered and I will try to respond to every one of them. Payment is expected via PayPal. I am happy to accept F&F if the buyer is comfortable, but I also accept G&S if you’d prefer. Images are provided below, but please let me know if you need any additional information/images or if you find the links to be broken.
NINTENDO 3DS take both for $29 shipped
Final Fantasy Theatrhythm: Curtain Call - $15
Brain Age: Concentration Training - $15
NINTENDO DS bundle all for $205 shipped
Snood 2: On Vacation - $2 (or free with any purchase)
Mystery Case Files: MIllionHeir - $2 (or free w/ any purchase)
Personal Trainer: Cooking - $2 (or free w/ any purchase)
Nintendo DS Browser - $12
Rhythm Heaven - $40
Big Brain Academy - $2 (or free w/ any purchase)
Brain Age - $5
Brain Age 2 - $5
Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia - $105
Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin - $50, water damage to cover art
Brave Fencer Musashi - $80, no manual
PS2 bundle all for $215 shipped
Dynasty Warriors 4 GH - $10
Capcom Classics Collection Vol 1 - $10
Capcom Classics Collection Vol 2 - $10
Guitar Hero - $5 (or free w/ any purchase)
Guitar Hero 2 - $5 (or free w/ any purchase)
Ace Combat 4 GH - $5 (or free w/ any purchase)
Madden 2003, 2005 - $2 each or free with any purchase
Marvel vs Capcom 2 - $195
Pokemon Colosseum bonus disc - $175
NINTENDO GAMEBOY bundle all for $200 shipped
Kirby’s Pinball Land - $20
WWF Superstars - $10
Pac-Man - $10
Operation C - $35
Batman: Return of the Joker - $30
Super Mario Land - $25
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Baseball - $10
Ninja Gaiden Shadow - $50
NINTENDO GAMEBOY ADVANCE bundle both for $25 shipped
Mario Pinball Land - $15
Yu Gi Oh: Eternal Duelist Soul - $12
SNES bundle both for $32 shipped
Mario Paint - $5
Zelda LttP - $30
NES (all games come with an dust sleeve) bundle all for $175 shipped
Lee Trevino’s Fighting Golf - $5
WWF Wrestlemania Challenge - $5
Roger Clemens’ MVP Baseball - $5
Flight of the Intruder - $5
Track & Field 2 - $5
RC Pro Am - $8
Castlevania - $25
Mike Tyson’s Punch Out - $40, white bullets
Tetris - $15
Tetris 2 - $10
10 Yard Fight - $5
NES Play Action Football - $5
Bases Loaded 3 - $5
Championship Bowling - $5
Classic Concentration - $10
Duck Hunt - $10
Blades of Steel - $8
Golf - $5
NES Cleaning Kit - $10
SNES - $75 (A/V cord, power brick, 1 controller, manual, poster (torn)).
NES Sleeves & Manuals
FFX-2 - $12
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2023.06.03 16:19 thinkinginkling on a flight to south africa from the US—two 10 hour flights and i’ve just started my period.

im so beyond exhausted. i was exhausted before we flew and now im even more exhausted. because of PMDD i cant even be excited about my vacation. i just hope this wears off soon. im so sore from sitting and i miss my boyfriend a lot. im so privileged to be able to be traveling and seeing family but all i want to do is be at home right now in my bed crying.
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2023.06.03 16:17 Illwood_ Humans Make The Best Mech Pilots?! (Part 2/?)

“Three years to build a mech with specs that only a year ago I would have called impossible within this century? Would you like any other miracles while I’m preying to every deity I know of?” – [CLASSIFIED] Head of [CLASSIFIED] development, after being presented with the project’s requirements.
First, Previous, Next.
‘Diagnostics complete. Error zero-zero, reactor output is nil. No other errors detected. Unit 0012 is unable to perform upcoming operation. I am sorry Sustain. You will be scratched from the roster.’
Anna ‘Sustain’ Finand started swearing, first in United Earth common, then English and lastly in Arabic. Fortunately for her career and general standing among her peers, her mech’s cockpit was still sealed tight, preventing the small army of engineers and maintenance personal swarming her mech from hearing.
She swore about the ridiculousness of a reactor design that could fail with no discernible reason at the drop of a hat. She cursed about the mountain of corners which had been piled up at the feet of the killing machine that refused to power on. Lastly, she just screamed as three years of built-up frustration poured out of her lanky body.
Sustain had been a mech pilot for far longer than she cared to admit, having began by piloting her Dad’s farming mech during planting season. She would start her shift in the mech-tractor after schooled finished, and work until midnight while her Dad slept. Then she would catch some much-needed rest, only to wake up early the next morning for school and do it all over again. She never resented her Dad for the strain the season would place on the two of them, but curiously she had always found herself angry at her mother; who had left when she was only five.
When she had signed up for the military, she had told the interviewing officer that she could pilot a mech in her sleep. She hadn’t been bragging. They’d thrown her into a simulator to see what she could do, and when she told her father that she’d barely passed the exam, she’d been lying. She hadn’t wanted him to worry about the possibility of her being hand picked for the special forces, which is exactly what had happened a few months later. Sustain remembered the fight between herself and her father after that, it had been legendary, and was still something they joked about to this very day.
Still, Sustain was as stubborn as her dad, and when her special forces service had paid for his space flight to and apartment on Earth he’d admitted that he was glad to have lost that fight. Thinking about her father, and Earth, only intensified the extreme frustration Sustain was currently experiencing.
The Algeen’s had pulled in as many species as they possibly could to fight off the Tide, but they hadn’t seen fit to give humanity the same offer. It was only five years ago that humanity had learnt about the existence of the Tide, as the inter-galactic wall that had been the Algeen republic, exhausted beyond all measures, crumbled away.
It still pissed her off to think about. Had the Algeen’s included humanity and it’s six hundred worlds at the start of the war, hell even halfway through it, they would have been able to fight with the numerical advantage. But instead, the Algeen’s had kept the Tide and their war from them a secret. No one knew why but Sustain could sure as hell guess: In the past Humanity and the Algeen’s had their fair share of conflicts.
No doubt the Algeen’s had wanted to present a facade of strength, out of fear that humanity would seek to capitalise on their weakened state.
Sustain could easily see humanity negotiating favourable terms for their aid, terms which may very well have seen them rise as the dominate power in the galactic region. Much like America in comparison to England after WWII. However, by seeking to prevent this from happening, the Algeen’s may have doomed humanity in the process.
Once they knew of their existence Humanity had tried to open diplomatic talks with the Tide and had been violently rebuked. With the Algeen’s crashing down before their very eyes humanity’s leadership had realised with horror that they now had to fight a considerably more powerful enemy, and only had five years to prepare for it.
Three years ago, that same leadership had finally convinced the Algeen’s to share their technology with their new allies of circumstance, and the flood gates had poured open. That’s when Sustain had gotten involved in the cluster fuck.
Humanity knew from their past that their technology was a few years behind that of the Algeen’s. However, they also knew that their tactics and general understanding of warfare was significantly greater. But now they had to compete with the Tide, who’s technology surpassed even that of the Algeen’s, and half measures weren’t going to cut it. Humanity had set out to build a brand new mech, one which could match the Tide machines (even if it wouldn’t beat them) by combining human and Algeen technology.
Sustain had signed on as a test pilot for the project, one of a thousand such pilots. Calling them the best of the best was considered an insult to many of the test pilots. While Sustain didn’t agree with such an arrogant attitude she wasn’t so humble as to be unable to admit the truth: They weren’t the best. Or the best of the best. They were one thousand out of a billion such pilots. They were Elite in the truest meaning of the word.
But none of that would mean anything if they didn’t have any machines to pilot.
Having taken a moment to calm herself, Sustain popped the seals on her cockpit, and opened the heavy door to the clammer of voices and machinery that was the drop hanger of the Swan. The Swan was a orbital insertion carrier, designed to launch its cargo onto a planet without succumbing to gravity or weapons fire alongside them. In just two short hours they would be deploying onto Algeen Prime, one battle which made up the many overseen by operation “Sucker Punch”.
For humanity to survive it needed to push the Tide back as quickly as possible while they were still dealing with the many losses, they had suffered during the Algeen war. For humanity to survive it needed to bloody the nose of those who dared to threaten the continued existence of mankind, and countless others. What better place to do that then where the most noses were located?
Algeen Prime and its surrounding systems were swarming with Tide ships and mechs, as their long conflicted was slowly ground to a pulp. Human intelligence suggested that the Tide in these locations would be running low on supplies, manpower and equipment. It was into this exhausted army that operation sucker punch would strike. It was up to Sustain and the Algeen-Human experimental mech program to be the tip of that spear. No pressure.
Sustain’s maintenance chief cut through both the volume of the hanger and her anxious recount of the events leading up to this situation.
“Sorry Captain, this one’s given up the ghost. I don’t know what is so cursed about this reactor design but when I find whoever made the mistake that causes this headache, I’ll throw the unlucky sod your way eh?”
Despite the situation the Chief’s gruff voice and jokes were enough to force the ghost of a smile onto Sustain’s face. The old, balding man reminded her of a friend of her fathers. The one who’d help occasionally with odd maintenance jobs around the house that her father was too busy to attend to. Only instead of repainting the living room he was fine tuning the most advanced fighting machine currently known to mankind. An odd idiosyncrasy to be sure, but like her the Chief was Elite.
“You’d deprive yourself of that satisfying revenge for me Tomlinson?” Sustain replied.
“Well better you go to prison then me, and I trust you to really twist the knife while you gut the fella.”
“Ah, fair.”
An awkward silence stretched between the two of them. A deep dark abyss that neither really wanted to descend into. Sustain took the plunge first.
“How many others like mine?”
Tomlinson’s eyes said all she needed to know. But he spoke anyway.
“About half of em. We’re hoping to get that down to a quarter but the timing ain’t looking so great. I hope you don’t mind me saying I’m glad yours isn’t showing any signs of life, if we got her started now we’d have to skip so many safety procedures to be ready in time that it ain’t funny… Well, it’d be a little funny. But only if you didn’t explode.”
Sustain grimaced. The constant issue with the experimental mechs was their power source. Everything else had been shaped up over the frantic past three years, but the reactors were a hurtle that seemingly couldn’t be overcome. Once they were running, they were fine. In fact, they were better than fine. Once running the reactors were a considerable improvement to their Algeen basis. It was getting them started that was the hard part.
Three years of Elite scientists and engineers working on the problem, and still it was a crapshoot as to whether the reactors would startup properly or destroy itself in doing so. This problem was exacerbated by the fact that the reactors were only designed to be run for a month before needing to be powered down for a maintenance once over.
Sustain’s mech had its maintenance once over a week ago. She would have preferred delaying the operation to ensure that all the one thousand Elite had operational machines, but replacing the reactor in the experimental mechs took weeks to do. Apparently command just didn’t have that kind of time.
Sustain spook to Tomlinson again.
“Alright, well good effort team. Looks like the training machine’s up.”
The training machines were highly customised but otherwise unmodified Algeen machines. With the experimental one’s being so finicky the Elite had needed reliable machines to hone their skills in. The trainers had never been intended to be taken into battle, however the situation left little room for anything else. They were capable machines, and the Elite pilots were very familiar with them. Tomlinson helped her down with an odd look on his face. After a moment Sustain realised: it was a potent mix of apprehension and guilt.
“I-I” The usually steadfast chief choked on his words. Pausing to take a deep breath before continuing. “I’m sorry it had to be this way ma’am. I didn’t want to let you down.”
Sustain was surprised by the words, but a cocky smile soon found it’s way to her face.
“Don’t worry Chief, I like a challenge. I thought you would have known that about me by now.” She said with a wink.
That same smile danced on her face once more, as two hours and one Tide mech later she was on the battlefield in her trainer mech. The taste of victory like Ambrose in her mouth. The ranged heavy Tide mech was fighting its salvo at her, but rather then attempted to doge the incoming missile or deploy her energy shield, Sustain kept her mech perfectly still. Closing her eyes and increasing the rating on her neural lace; merging her mind closer and closer to the heart of the machine.
When she opened them again everything was slowed to a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a second. She concentrated on the first missile, its trajectory appearing on her HUD, and lined up a trajectory of her own. The spikes the Algeen had noted on her mechs shoulders were indeed grenade launchers – not designed for offensive operation and most certainly not designed to be used as anti-missile fire. But Sustain had been training against the Elite for over three years now, most of them in this very machine, together they had all learnt more then a few tricks.
With the overclocking ability of her neural lace, (a development that neither the Algeen’s nor the Tide had access to), Sustain was able to launch the smoke canisters with unnerving accuracy directly into the path of the oncoming Tide fire. To Churk, who was watching the fight take place in real time, it appeared as though every canister had fired at the same moment. But to Sustain each and every canister had been individually targeted and fired.
The massive shockwave of so many missile denotating at once pounded into the surrounding area, causing the ground to shake, trees to shiver and Churk and his team to grab their helmets and take cover. One moment Sustain’s Algeen mech had been charging across the grassy field towards the Tide heavy, the next the entire field and some of the forest the Tide heavy was taking cover in was filled with smoke.
At first both Churk and the Tide pilot believed the smoke to be coming from the destroyed carcass of Sustain’s mech. Both were equally surprised then when with the quick flash of a blade the smoke, (and the Tide’s missile launcher,) were spilt in two.
The smoke in question was electro chemical in nature and caused odd pixelation and glitches to flare up in Sustain’s mechs sensors, as the scrambling effects of the smoke began to hit full force. Of course, Sustain’s mech was programmed with these effects in mind, and so was shielded from the worse of the interference. The same cannot be said for the Tide mech, who’s pilot now had to battle one insanely capable human and their own systems in order to survive. It was a battle that the mech pilot would not be able to win, however that doesn’t mean they were going to go down without a fight.
The Tide mech swung the ruined launcher at Sustain’s mech, and she used her left shoulder to block the blow, causing the frame of her machine to shake with the force of the heavy blow. In return she struck with her sword, finding the elbow joint on the Tide machine’s left arm, and slicing for everything her mech was worth. Her sword ran up the length of the Tide mech’s arm, under the heavy armour, and into the shoulder joint, whereupon (with a flick of her wrist) Sustain was able to deprive the Tide mech of its entire arm.
The Tide mech swung again with the now very pulped launcher, Sustain ducked the blow and thrust forward with her blade, intending to skewer the Tide machine on her sword. She was partially successful in doing so, creating a large and jagged rent in the chest armour of her enemy. The enemy (who was not unskilled) twisted away, preventing Sustain from penetrating the top-quality armour and causing her mech to overbalance. Instead of stepping forward to overt her fall Sustain sent her mech’s anti-gravity pods into overdrive and activated her jump jets. The mech rolled forward smoothly, in a movement that would have shredded a machine of its size and weight if not for the advanced technology of the pods.
As Sustain rolled free from her opponent’s follow up strike (an overhead blow that would have caught her on the back of her machine) smashed into empty air and then dirt. Not letting the sudden evasion get the better of them however, the Tide pilot dropped the useless and crushed launcher remains and pulled their mech’s coil gun from its thigh holster. The coil gun looked like a pistol in the mechs hand, but was powerful enough at this range to punch directly through the chest of Sustain’s mech.
The Tide pilot never got the chance to fire it.
Sustain bounced back from her roll with a speed that, even with the gravity pods maxed out, sent creaks throughout her entire machine. Her jump jets were still firing, and she leapt towards the Tide mech as it pulled its coil gun from its holster. Facing a weapon, she could not deflect with smoke grenades or armour, her only defence was speed and accuracy.
Like a shark about to earn a round of drinks by throwing their last dart, Sustain hit the bullseye at the last possible second. The Tide machine’s armour, already comprised by her previous pass, finally failed as the full weight of Sustain’s mech was forcefully shoved against it. The force concentrated through the point of her brutally simple sword and sliced deep into vulnerable inners of the machine to hit the only thing that truly mattered onboard a mech: The pilot.
Want to support me? Read the next part early? Name characters that will appear in my work? Pick chapter titles? Look at the AI generated mech designs that go along with the series? Join my Patreon!
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2023.06.03 16:13 This-Seaworthiness84 Where is my passport? 😭

Hi! So I am doing study abroad with my school and we are going to Ghana from July 8th - Aug 7. My passport was expiring on March 2023 and because I was 15 when I last made it I had to a new passport application. I paid for expedited because I need to also apply for visa.The government received my passport on March 20, 2023. They sent a letter to my home address in NYC the week of April 23, 2023 (I am currently at college in Boston) saying the passport agent did not sign my application (I get so livid thinking about it) so I would have to go back and fix it. By the time, the letter was sent me (my downstairs neighbor took it by accident) it was expedited back to the government and received on May 10. Do you guys have any idea how more longer this process will take? I have all the things needed for my visa application: letters from both universities, flight, yellow fever card, etc. I’m just waiting on the passport. Im stressed and it’s upsetting because it is not my fault.
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2023.06.03 16:09 baxterbest Flight times between islands?

My family is spending a month in Hawaii this summer, visiting Oahu, Maui and Kauai. We will be travelling between islands on Saturdays. Since we are spending a whole month, we don't feel the need to leave first thing or late in the day to maximize each day. Just want to make sure I'm not missing anything. We will need to drop off rental cars too.
Oahu to Maui - checkout at 10am from Hilton Hawaiian Village, check in The Westin Ka'anapali Ocean Resort Villas 4pm. I am thinking of either a noon or 140pm flight. Noon I think we'd need to be up and out before check out time. The 140pm we'd have more of a leisurely check out and would probably just have some extra time for lunch. Probably splitting hairs.

Maui to Kauai, checkout 10am from The Westin Ka'anapali Ocean Resort Villas, 4pm check-in at Marriott's Waiohai Beach Club. Choices are 1235pm or 240pm. Leaning toward 1235pm, so we just check out and head right to the airport.

Thanks for your help!
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2023.06.03 16:09 Stangmeister Moved from ATL to DFW - changing to American question

Hey folks,
Took a job that required us to move from Atlanta to Fort Worth. We’ve been a Delta family for at least 15 years. We’re platinum on Delta and use their Amex Delta Reserve credit card to help maintain status.
We’ve tried to keep using Delta considering all the status and perks but if we’re honest we hate connecting flights and probably need to switch to American since we live in DFW now.
Looking for advice on how hard/easy the upper tiers of AA Status to get are and which AA credit card y’all think is best. The Delta Reserve card is one of those 500$ a year cards and I’m sure AA has one too.
Also, does anyone know how to do a status challenge with AA to see if they will match our Delta status?
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2023.06.03 16:07 Orundar Decisions, decisions. My start in (fringe) cedh

Hey folks,
I'm new here. I usually play more casual to higher-power edh, everey deck is a 7 :D
My current decks are
-Ezuri, Claw of Progress +1/+1 Counter
-Chainer, Nightmare Adept reanimator
-Kalamax, the Stormsire Copy
-Rograkh/Ardenn equipment voltron
-Willowdusk lifeloss/lifegain
-Zedruu group hug
-Go shintai shrines/enchantments
Some decks have infinite combos, some free interaction. It's not super competitive, but playable :)

I started this thread to ask for your advice, I bet there are bazillions of threads like this here, so sorry for that^^
I want to play "monthly edh" at my local gamestore, the powerlevel is not pure cedh, but fast mana, free interaction and low curve is there. The biggest drift away from cedh is: Thoracle is banned Since it's with entry-fee and prices, there are no proxies.
As a quick overview to show the powerlevel, these are the TOP6 decks of last month:
Hapatra, Vizier of Poison (won)
Elas il-Kor, Sadistic Pilgrim
Tatyova, Benthic Druid

For starters, I want to invest "only" about 500 bucks, but I already have some cards:
-All shocklands
-MH2 fetches
-Some Battlebondlands/Fastlands/Filterlands/Painlands
-Manaconfluence, City of brass, Cavern of souls
-Force of Will/Fierce Guardianship/Deflecting Swat/Force of Negation/Swansong
-Rhystic Study/Silvan Library/Cyclonic rift/Underworld breach
-Esper Sentinel/Dauthi VoidwalkeGrand Abolisher

So I'm missing mostly fast mana, tutors and dockside.
My Idea was to build a Najeela deck, most of the needed cards (tutors and Dockside) I wanted to buy anyways for my other decks, and since it's mostly 5-color-goodstuff it feels like most of the cards I'm missing can be used in my other decks or serve as a basis for other (fringe) cedh decks.
The other recommendation for beginner is often Yuriko, but many cards there only fit in this deck and nowhere else.
Since I got fierce guardianship/deflecting swat and thoracle is banned, something sans-black like izzet would be possible too I guess, Niv Mizzet? Or upgrade my Kalamax (which is very basic atm) or Malcolm/Tana pirates?
As shown above the other players commanders aren't all the super S-Tier ones, so something beside them would be good too.
Here is something I quickly put together in combination of the 1k budget-brew Najeela and the "Warrior Queen" from the cedh-database:
Since thoracle is banned and I don't have a LED and have to rely on lotus petal I feel like I'm missing a solid alternate wincon to infinite combatsteps. Any tips for that? Going kiki-jiki? Or should I just play jace/labmaniac instead of thoracle?
I would apreciate any input here, thanks :)
In short: Najeela Goodstuff without Thoracle/LED or something else? Yuriko?Niv-Mizzet? Kalamax? Malcolm/Tana? Any other suggestions?
Best regards Orundar
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2023.06.03 16:06 sixfoldakira How to get to San Rafael, Bulacan from Mandaluyong

Sa San Rafael River Adventure, to be specific.
Possible din kaya mag-Grab? Hindi lumalabas sa app eh.
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2023.06.03 16:05 ChevChance San Diego's SDG&E problem...

San Diego has a real problem with SDG&E, it's gotten to the point that they're making living in San Diego miserable.
We need to do something about it. Don't expect help from Todd Gloria.
Suggest two prong: target institutional investors in SEMPRA and a push for a municipal electric company.
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2023.06.03 16:03 Bartley-Moss CMV: IF race is a social construct then it must follow that transracialism is a possibility at least in theory.

Some people claim that race is a social construct and there is no objective reality to race. If that is the case then because society is not immutable and changes substantially over time and between and within countries. Western society now is very different than it was a couple of generations ago and is very different to feudal Europe. Andean society is very different to a Japanese salary man for instanc. So having established this premise a person, whose race is defined by the people around him can change his race by going to another country. You often hear the claim that the 'Irish were not once considered white' (an urban myth but it doesn't matter). Also North Americans seem to have agreed that Hispanic is a race (because they are people of colour) in spite of the fact that say someone in Argentina could have German ancestry as far back as they can trace. If a Mexican with Spanish ancestry takes a flight from Miami to Madrid he stops being a person of colour and literally becomes white by time he gets past passport control. You could of course decide that he's not become magically white by rejecting the rather silly notion that race is purely socially constructed.
That is all.
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2023.06.03 16:03 evgam 1st class crotch goblin

Hubby and I are going to going to Mexico. We upgraded to first class to treat ourselves and so we didn’t have to worry about kids…or so we thought. While we’re in the airport, we notice a child screaming uncontrollably. Mom and grandma are trying to get it under control, but failing.
Of course, we get on the plane, and he’s across the aisle from us. Please send positive vibes to us on this 4 hour flight. 🙃
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