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2023.05.30 06:39 LordCoale The Mercy of Humans: Part 30 - How Bad Is It?

First. - Previous
“Shit! Doctor Ngai, did you see that?” Lieutenant Gastaud’s yell broke me from my absent minded reverie.
“See what?” I asked.
“That hyper footprint. Drive signatures are Confederation. Probe twenty-nine is nearest. Cameras show what looks like two battleships, two battlecruisers, four cruisers, three frigates and twelve destroyers, plus ten large ships hanging, likely freighters or troop ships.”
“That is not good,” Lieutenant Smolyaninov said. The navigator had the conn for third shift while the captain and XO slept. “Silent running, engage full stealth systems.”
“Full stealth systems active,” Gastaud confirmed. “We are now a hole in space.”
“Time to wake the boss.” Smolyaninov said.
I thought Smolyaninov should have done that first. But it was not my place to correct him.
“Lucky you,” the helmsman Lieutenant Joanna Stojanov chirped. “XO is cranky when you wake him up.”
“Get the stewards to throw on some fresh coffee,” I advised. “That stuff they got on now is like tar. No matter what Chief Bishop says, you shouldn’t have to chew your coffee.”
“Talk to me,” I heard the captain’s voice over the intercom.
“A Connie battlegroup just dropped out of hyper, and they are closer to us than any other ships, at about twenty-five million miles. But they are stationary.”
“Set condition one. Wake up the ship. I want all hands on deck,” Nugraha ordered. “Any orders from the Flag?”
“Nothing yet. We’ve been running silent. Wait, orders just came in. ‘All personnel to return to ships. Prepare to leave orbit and retreat outside Confederation space at the first sign of aggression.’ Well, I guess that’s it for us.”
“Hyper footprint!” Gastaud’s voice raised a few octaves, and I did not blame him. “At least sixty-three point signatures and at least five battleship size. Getting a fighter launch. Lord, that’s over seven hundred of them.”
His voice calmed down and he added, “I’m getting an IFF on them. They’re ours. It’s Marine Expeditionary Force Twelve.”
“I don’t know if that is a good thing or not,” the captain said as she entered the bridge, still sealing her uniform. “It was always possible the Connies would pitch a fit over our presence. I didn’t expect a battlegroup, maybe a division of destroyers coming to frown at us and pushing us along.”
“But dropping an entire MEF on them? That’s ballsy,” Stojanov added. “Even for Marines.”
“It was MEF-12’s shuttles that got sent here,” the XO used the phonetic abbreviation. I had not heard him enter. “So, it makes sense that the CO would keep an eye on his people.”
“There go the Connies,” Gastaud’s comment was completely unnecessary, as we all could see the plot. “That was a lot of excitement I could have done without.”
“I agree,” Captain Nugraha frowned at the plot as the carriers recovered their freshly launched fighters. “But it was probably the best outcome, at least from our perspective. I wonder how long it lasts? The Connies came at us with a big stick and that is unusual.”
“Their admiral was unprepared for a bigger stick,” I observed. “It makes me think that this was not quite what they planned.”
When they all looked at me blankly, I continued, “Come on, the Connies are many things, but stupid isn’t one of them. They just brought a knife to a gun fight. A few ships coming here and shaking fingers at us and politely telling us to leave is one thing. And that is what should have happened.
“A small battlegroup like that is fine if they want to push around pirates or the Ku'kor'ae. But us? You’d better come at us with a full fleet in your pocket if you want to push humans around.”
“I am uncomfortable with the implications of this,” Nugraha mused.
The XO started to say something but was cut off by shrill alarms sounding.
“What now? Gastaud griped. “Oh, shit.”
The threw the data from his computer into the main holotank. “Every probe we have in the inner system just went haywire!”
Dal’tari is larger than Sol and considerably more active. It left the inner planets radiation scrubbed wastelands. Only Umsurrat’s distance and powerful magnetic field had allowed life to evolve. Mass coronal ejections had happened irregularly since records were kept. They’d caused many droughts and famines.
But the recent ones were unusual in their ferocity and frequency. One would be bad, but not something that would cause an extinction level event.
But with ejections at least twice as powerful than the any during the previous millennia? And over a dozen a week? Lasting several weeks? How could any planet survive that?
Since the Angel Fleet arrived, there had been no sign of them.
That just changed.
“That is an understatement,” I said softly. “I’ve not seen anything like that… ever.”
“Look at the magnetic and gravitational fields,” Keoki instructed. “They are completely unstable. The poles have flipped at least fifteen times… and there it went again. What the hell?”
I ran a quick analytics program on the data, something I created on the fly. It mapped the gravitational and magnetic fields for the entire system. It had every planet, every moon… everything in system, including all the ships.
“Check this out,” I said. “There is some kind of gravitational finger from the sun to where MEF-12 dropped out of hyper. It looks almost like the gravitational distortion we see on an event horizon.”
“They dropped out of hyper deep inside the gravity well, but I’ve seen ships drop this deep, or deeper, in a gravity well at least a hundred times before. What is different about this?” Doctor Keoki Nurhayati puzzled.
“I’ve never seen this many ships at once, Keoki,” I replied.
“Me neither,” Nugraha added. “But we’ve also never seen it with an unstable sun like this.”
“The storm will hit Umsurrat in,” I did the calculations, “thirty-nine hours, seventeen minutes. The hard radiation in fifteen minutes.”
“Who’s in command of MEF-12?” Nugraha demanded. “Get him on the horn.”
“Lieutenant General Ichiro Tokuda is in command,” Laz answered. “He’s a hard charger but capable.”
The holotank lit up with Tokuda’s visage. He had the hard, square jawed, buzzed haircut look of a marine lifer.
“Tokuda speaking.”
“General, I am Captain Nugraha of the science and survey ship, Rudy Horne. I cannot be a hundred percent certain, but it seems your arrival has triggered another massive coronal ejection event. One that is larger than any of the others that have been measured. Our probes have detected one heading to the planet as we speak. The hard radiation front is… thirteen minutes away.”
“How bad is it, Captain?”
“Very bad, sir. But I think we, rather you and the cargo ships can do something about it. If you were to create a barrier with your ships’ radiation and particle shields extended to their max distance from your hulls on the sunward side of the planet, you could deflect or absorb most of it.”
I sent him a diagram of a ships’ formation, a double layered grid with the largest ships at the core. “You have a total of a hundred forty-three ships in orbit. Your military shields are better than the civilian ships. I recommend putting your fifty-nine ships in the center with the deflectors at max distance from the hull. The civvies can hold the perimeter.”
“We won’t make it in time. It will take us over fourteen minutes to get there,” Tokuda said.
“Not if you let the heavies hold you back. But your smaller ships can it in time if you send them now. They can take the brunt of the first waves. It’s not perfect, but better than nothing.”
“We’ll cut our compensator safeties to the bone,” Tokuda promised. “I will shave as much time off the transit as I can. Tokuda out.”
We are much too far outsystem to be of any assistance other than monitoring the probes and reporting. Which meant we wouldn’t not much more than spectators for the next half hour.
The radiation wave moved at light speed and there was no room for error. The cargo ships had moved immediately. Admiral Pierre was obviously on the ball to herd that group so effectively. The destroyers made it first, mere minutes ahead of the escort carriers, assault frigates and troopships. The battlecruisers and fleet carriers arrived a minute later.
The carriers belched fighters. Seven hundred and seventy five fighters crash launched for the second time in almost ten minutes. I didn’t expect that.
Fighters and other light craft could not survive in hyperspace. The titanic forces surging in hyperspace required massive shielding and inertial dampeners that only capital ships could mount. Fighters just did not have the tonnage to mount this equipment. Fighter shields were less powerful. Designed against normal amounts of radiation, but even with their technological limitations the pilots still intended to contribute with sheer numbers.
I updated the plot, assigning ships to their individual positions. Most of the ships were in their assigned orbits by the thime the first waves of radiation hit. It is impossible to accurately describe it. The sensors showed visible light as well as down shifting the high ultraviolets and upshifting the low infrareds. The computer laced together all the imagery into something we mere humans could appreciate.
“As impressive as this is, I imagine what they are seeing dirtside is much more spectacular,” Nugraha said softly. “The light show down there has to put the most active aurora borealis back on Terra to shame.”
“The battlewagons are almost there,” Gastaud announced. He spoke into the silence absently, as if he needed to say something, to fill the silence with words worthy of the moment. “The planteside sensors show a minimal uptick on hard radiation counts. You’d get almost as much from a microwave. Looks like your plan worked, Captain.”
“I wouldn’t call it a plan,” Nugraha replied with a nervous laugh. “More like a desperate attempt to plug a hole in a dam with our fingers and lots of prayers. My god, that amount of radiation would sterilize most worlds and you stopped it.”
“It made sense, though. Our particle shields can handle the nasty shit hyper throws at us, and this is about equal to that,” Laz observed. “The fighters were a nice touch. Never thought of adding them to the mix.”
“Next radiation wave is in five minutes,” I added. “The battleships are on station. Their added shielding should keep most of the radiation from reaching the surface.”
“The sun’s calming down,” Keoki observed. “We’re still getting that odd tic every seventeen and a half seconds, but at least it’s stopped spitting corona at us.”
“Incoming transmission, Captain,” Stojanov announced as she activated the holotank. “It’s the general.”
“That was a good idea, Captain,” Tokuda said. “It worked like a charm.”
“I thought it had a good chance of blocking some of the radiation, sir. It was just a matter of how effective it would be. Now, the question is how quickly can we engineer and build a permanent orbital deflector array to protect the planet until we can figure out what is causing the sun to belch?”
“Even if we can figure out what is causing it, how realistic is it that we can stop it? I am just an old jarhead. I can figure out how to invade a planet, but I leave all the science stuff to people who are much smarter than me.”
“Have you had a chance to read our reports?”
“Not really. Can you give me the short and sweet version? Remember to use small words.”
My bridge staff chuckled at that. “We have found, actually someone on the planet found it and alerted us to it, anyway there is an odd gravitic and magnetic field spike in the planet’s gravitational and magnetic fields. It is exactly every seventeen point five seconds with not a femtosecond difference.
“An engineer found it when she was calibrating a fusion plant’s magnetic bottle. We took that data and looked deeper. The sun’s magnetic and gravitational fields are also showing that same tic, just on a grander scale. I intend to look at all the planets and see if they are seeing the same thing.
“Then the question is what is causing it? Nothing natural is that exact.”
“And if it is nothing natural, that means it is something manufactured,” Tokuda mused. “And if it is manufactured, we can find it if we start looking.”
“Exactly. The problem is, we are operating solo. We need the other three survey ships… to be honest, we need their survey probes. We carried only fifty. The Tombaugh and Leonard are our sisterships and have a hundred probes. The Edgeworth is a lot bigger. She carries one-fifty by herself, and I expect a cargo ship full of drones within a day or two. If we can flood this system with a thousand survey probes, we can narrow down where to look.”
“A thousand probes?” He asked. “That’s bound to be expensive. But if we want results fast then we spend the money, right?”
“Trust me General, it is not something I say lightly. Even if we can recover ninety-five percent of the probes to refurbish, that’s still near a billion dollars, plus the five hundred million for the five percent we lost. So, roughly one point five billion dollars.”
“Captain, that is just a drop in the bucket for what the Federation has spent to this point just in supplies, not to mention the costs of getting the supplies here. If you can find that needle in this cosmic haystack for just one point five billion dollars, then that is a huge savings against the costs of maintaining these relief convoys.”
“You are right. I hadn’t looked at it that way. But I can assure you that we’ll be working non-stop until we find it.”
“I will let you get to it,” the general replied.
“I will keep you updated.” I’d no sooner said that and noticed general looking uncomfortable.
“Not to put too fine a point on this, but I am not in your chain of command. You were ordered to report to Senior Rear Admiral Pierre. Admiral Pierre is the senior officer on station, and that makes him the system CO. He is in command, and that includes my forces until we leave. Hell, he can order me to leave right now.”
“I understand, general. I intend to keep you in the loop because we get more flares and need your ships to move, but as it stands, stay between the planet and the sun and you will block most of the radiation.”
“Roger that.”
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2023.05.30 06:38 bottlebap Sharing my story

This is an anonymous burner account which I will use on here as my other acct will ID my school and friends:
I’m here to share my story and the wild rollercoaster of up’s/downs along the way to get my life back on track. And I’m also here to get some advice, hear your stories, and keep myself reminded why I can not drink alcohol ever again because I am too scared of what will happen.
I’m in my mid twenties and attend a top 3 university in the U.S. I served time in the military prior to college. I knew I had a very real problem with alcohol in the military but managed to stay sober for over a year during my last year in the service. I saw what alcohol was doing to my friends and it scared me. Some of them lost everything from drinking and I hope they’ve managed to free themselves from this addiction. I lost contact with many of them. One of those gentlemen, however, showed me AA and turned his life around completely. I pray that it will have the same result for myself.
When I got to college, my sobriety was immediately broken by social drinking that very quickly spiraled into drinking 6 beers a night in my apartment, often alone. 6 beers turned into 8. 8 beers turned into 12, and so on and so forth. Once I started drinking for the night, it wouldn’t stop until I’d face plant into bed and scramble in the morning full of anxiety to make it to class or a doctor appointment where I’d smile with “No!” to my the “do you consume alcohol?” Question.
This continued every day for over a year and some change. I never drank liquor, but that’s nothing to truly brag about, all alcohol is evil in my opinion and impacts us all differently. How I managed to pass all of my classes is truly beyond my comprehension. Those 2 semesters are a complete blur.
Alcohol then destroyed my relationship with my now ex-partner. I blame it on the alcohol, as it makes me the complete opposite of my true self. She began to drink with me, and arguments became the norm. She called my family and told them of my drinking, which left them devastated as alcoholism killed my grandfather and numerous other family members and they never drank in the home. Some of the alcoholics in my family have been involved with AA for many years and have had great success. I did not know until my family found out of my drinking and let me in the right direction in conjunction with my friends.
She left me and took the puppy, which I can not blame. I had become the person I feared in the military overnight. I would even drink beer before she got back from work to get a buzz. The signs were showing that this was serious, but they were ignored.
Why I began drinking is beyond me as well, I understood the consequences (while having a sober mind). I went home for a week to get away from school and everything that was enabling my drinking. A week sober felt truly great, but upon my return to start classes, the empty apartment made me depressed and I began my cycle of beer and self loathing in front of my computer playing video games once again. I remember looking at the beer bottles on my desk and put my head down. I then got up and poured what I had left down the drain. Emotions were crushing me and I sat down in the kitchen and cried. I let it all out—reality hit me like a sledgehammer.
HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? I asked myself over and over again.
I realized that I couldn’t keep doing this or I’d lose more than my girlfriend and puppy which should have been enough in the first place—but alcohol is evil and powerful, as we alcoholics know.
I went to the doctor and was blunt honest about my drinking for the first time. It was scary but it may just be the best decision I’ve ever made. I got on naltrexone which helps curb cravings, started therapy, and attend AA when I can. However, the process remains hard. The anxiety I have about being in this position in the first place is quite overwhelming and often depressing. However, I have faith in myself for the future. Envisioning a sober me that has clarity and control.
I have a long road ahead of me to get back to how I was in the military—motivated, head strong, and optimistic. I’ve been rekindling the trust with my ex-girlfriend which brings me comfort knowing that a sober version of myself is worth it after all I put her through during that time.
I want to close by saying, for those who may be scrolling here, thinking about getting a handle on their drinking, be honest with yourself and those around you and go for it. Alcohol took my life over by storm in a very short amount of time and it became a habit that took a lot from me. It could have been far worse. I never through that I’d become what I did. Drinking will absolutely take over if you allow it. Best of luck on your paths to recovery and a life free from the madness that drinking brings.
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2023.05.30 06:37 dragonagitator WTF IS THAT?! A handy guide for when the excitement is insufficiently subdued

Sirens, Police Cars, Fire Trucks, and Ambulances:
Gunshots, Explosions, and Assorted Booms:
Smoke and Haze:
Strange Lights in the Sky:
Giant Rocks on Trucks:
White Fluff in the Sky in May:
what else should be on the list?
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2023.05.30 06:37 kawaqueen Should I clean this new tank

Should I clean this new tank
I got this 5 gallon fluval spec two weeks ago. I planted it with some plants the next day, then got more plants a few days after that, then got more plants a week ago and also 5 cloud minnows. The plants came with some snails so I have at least 5 adult snails, looks like two different kinds. The snails have laid at least 6 egg sacs.
I think I have too many plants, two many types of plants. It’s not very cohesive.
My main concern is how dirty the tank is. I was told not to mess with cleaning the tank in the first month so it could cycle and bacteria could grow. I finally couldn’t stand how gross my plants and the front of the tank were tonight so I used a paint brush to brush off algae and fish poop from some of the plants and from the front.
Should I leave the rest of it alone and let it balance itself out? Am I going to be overrun with snails? I’m kind of loving watching this tank evolve but I don’t want it to be extremely dirty. Initially I only wanted a couple snails and shrimp but the fish shop told me I had to cycle my tank with fish before I got snails and shrimp, and now I love my fish.
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2023.05.30 06:36 ilove-squirrels Every where i try to post it gets removed.

I usually do okay with this kind of stuff because I'm in my own world and don't have a lot of energy or whatever to be able to fight these things I see; and when I do I get banned and nasty grammed. (even have people send that 'people care' thing, which I' was recently told is people telling you to kill yourself???? (Is that real? I don't know if that is what people means; I thought people were mistaking my addressings things as thinking I'm wanting to hurt myself??)
I don't understand how there are entire subs that tell people who get assessed for autism, and are not shown to have autism, have so many people telling them that their assessor was uninformed, not up to date, etc etc etc , that there is active whatever to keep people from being diagnosed, and if they 'think they are autistic it's okay to say you are - WE SUPPORT YOU; they don't know what they are taling about!. And at the same time they are 'teaching themselves to stim'. They are fine in life and push to not have us seed as disabled',
Worse, these subs have rules against gatekeeping and also rules saying 'we can't diagnoses'' but only ban people that are autistic trying to correct bad thinking (gatekeeping ) but the hundreds of comments on posts saying 'i got assessed and they say i'm not' go ahead and diagnose them autistic but i've never seen anybody banned for diagnosing.
I wish they knew how much alone they make us fee. It's like the whole awareness effort to teach people about us just skipped us, and went to them. And now they silence us a lot more than anybody else ever did. awareness us actually hurt us.
And people think those 'self advocates' speak for us.
they don't
They never did and never could.
But our struggles are so different that we don't have the ability to scream like they do. The rail roaded us.
Please don't listen to them.. Please find and get to know autistics;. We are kinda cool. But ther's only a few of us that venture out in bigger SM spaces because of how we are treated, and also because of our issues. You all really don't hear us, but please do not mistake us for those groups. We aren't them.
I understand people have issues and they do deserve to have help. Everybody does. I fell really bad that people aren't getting the recognition and help they deserve; I just wish they would liftus up rather than push us down, and realize their thoughts on self dx are often wrong. It's the 'telephene game' of symptoms, which they seem to think are so huge for themselves when it's just not what we experience or even what we actually experience during diagnosis.
It's been a hard week of having very real phone calls for help ending in over booking for these people who get one, two three, or more assessments; and they don't understand that time expands exponentially to take our care appointments away. Because they pay so much for the title; and receive very little for our own therapy.
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2023.05.30 06:30 FamousThinking Help please. Seed question

Hello everyone, I grew an undersized watermelon last year. Very undersized.. however I got full black seeds which can be planted again. Will those seeds from the undergrown watermelon result in another undergrown stunted watermelon or can it grow to the full potential? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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2023.05.30 06:26 Dry_Worldliness_4619 Hallucinations and Taking

I'll try to keep this short...
Wife's (40) anxiety was causing her to be angry and mean, went on an SSRI 9 months ago and improved dramatically. About a month ago she lowered her dosage without talking to her doctor. Two weeks ago she started to do irrational things at work. She went off her meds and a few days later hallucinated ghosts which followed her and talked to her. I was angry and not realizing what was going on until 48 hours into the psychosis at which point I made her take the SSRI. Two days later her boss sent her home and we called an ND we know who helps people with emotional distress and she got my wife to calm down and "return" to herself. She still has triggers but she's mostly rational now and the sheer paranoia has calmed considerably. We also went to her normal doctor and he convinced her to stay on the regular dosage of the SSRI and tried to get her to accept that it might be long term.
She still believes the ghost possessed her and she's afraid of being indoors. She even set up a tent outside our apartment the other night to sleep outside, but our daughter wasn't feeling well so it was short lived.
So the ghosts... She's never talked about ghosts but she's been very open to alternative ideas over the past two months. The night the "haunting" began, she spent the night with a friend who talks to ghosts. She spent the next few days surrounding herself with people who see ghosts, validating her experience, as I assume many delusional people do. I think she finally accepted she needed help when she felt completely validated, but not any better.
Since she started getting back to herself, the ghost only came up in conversation once at which time I calmly told her I still don't believe in ghosts.
My question is how to approach delusions? I know I shouldn't support the delusions while I definitely should support her emotionally. But should I plant the seed that she hallucinated? She didn't tell the doctor about the ghosts but I think he knew enough that it wasn't necessary. But if she needs antipsychotics, how do I approach that conversation? And if she continues to improve but it's still delusional, is she still in a dangerous place that we need to address or is it fine just letting her be delusional so long as she's not manic or suffering paranoia and depression?
Any of your thoughts are welcome!
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2023.05.30 06:22 ElWasHeree Hello! I just got a new goldfish from a fair- infact a bit too many.

Hello! I just got a new goldfish from a fair- infact a bit too many.
Hello all! PLEASE HELP (long story incoming)
So my mom got 6 goldfish from a fair...... SIX?! She still believed a tiny space and such is fine for them. I quickly told her no, they grow very big, what's more can eat eachother if cramped- bla bla bla. Long story short, the most I could convince her with is a 20 gallon tank. Enough for BARELY 2 goldfish, but that seems cruel. I'm keeping one goldfish (the girl in the pics) I named her Strawberry or Berry for short. We will pick up her tank tomorrow (got a kit with heater, filter, net, scrubber I'm pretty sure. Basically all the essentials, as well for some white substrate, pellets, and a small house and aquatic plants and decor (pretty sure all fake) this is just to start. I'm going to be buying more things for her tank this upcoming week but yes. Point is- I think the kindest thing to do is have one and euthanize the rest. I am very upset with my mom and I feel sick, I don't know what to do. I can't have any other place for the others, and having them al cramped and slowly dying sounds miserable. I'm planning on feeding them a good amount today and tomorrow before doing an ice bath. It seems it is the quickest an most painless method, taking only 5 to 10 second's and the fish should not be able to feel the temperature. Going to get the water cold, take out all the ice so no one gets stuck to it, and.... Well yknow. I feel sick. And I don't know what else to do, I don't want them to eat eachother, or be poisoned by one dying and have the rest die slowly, or all live in one tiny cramped area. And yeah- I'm really really upset. I kept the youngest and I'm asking if anyone wants a goldfish bit I don't think anyone will. Anyway, that's the story. If anyone can offer me any advice for what yo do or anything else to do, either for the sad 5 fish or Strawberry and what I need and how to care for her that would be great. I'm pretty upset at my mom and I'm basically rushing Reaserching how to care for this sweet girl. Thank you and please let me know.
(If it wasn't clear Berry is the one in the pic, as soon as the decorations and food arrives I feed and put some substrate and a decoration in the tiny tank she is in now. I will be transferring her to the 20 gallon one after school tomorrow. She will be ok to wait 24 hours right? Because that's around how long it will take to be able to get the tank, set it up, and put her in it)
Ok now for real bye! And please let me know for all questions
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2023.05.30 06:21 Cerulean-sea Why did my cycle crash?

I’ve had a well cycled 10 gallon for 3 years. It has a hang on back filter with sponge, ceramic balls and poly filter plus a separate sponge filter. It is planted and, after I added pothos cuttings, the nitrates were practically zero. With the low nitrates I got lazy with the water changes the past few months. I would just top off the evaporated water and change it infrequently. My beta starting hiding a bit which I assumed was because my cat was annoying him. I would end up putting extra food in the tank to get it down to him but it wasn’t all that much. Then I ended up in the hospital for a week and came back to a very sick beta with dropsey. He didn’t make it. I tested the water immediately and found my ammonia was at 1-2ppm 😬 I had no idea a cycle could crash without any inputs?? No new water, plants or anything. I definitely messed this up somehow and feel so guilty for hurting my fish. I would like to learn how this happened before I add anything else to my tank. My amano shrimp is perfectly fine. Also, I did notice a build up of this very dark algae on the outtake of my HOB filter. Are there types of algae that can crash a cycle??
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2023.05.30 06:17 twelveparsnips My second attempt at sourdough turned out pretty successful! Any tips on how to score the dough? I can't get the razor to cut any deeper than about 1/8 inch and how do I get sesame seeds to stick?

My second attempt at sourdough turned out pretty successful! Any tips on how to score the dough? I can't get the razor to cut any deeper than about 1/8 inch and how do I get sesame seeds to stick? submitted by twelveparsnips to Sourdough [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 06:16 Definingwillow9 How to prepare yopo seeds into a snuff?

I have a bunch of fresh yopo seeds but I'm having a hard time finding a reliable tek to make the seeds into a snuff. All I can find is to just roast the seeds to deshell them then grind that powder, but I also heard to have to age that. I don't want to extract it my first time. Any help would be appreciated.
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2023.05.30 06:14 throwaway18687587539 Help me prove my family wrong.

I was talking to my mother the other day about how animal agriculture is destroying the environment and that a vegan diet is more sustainable than eating meat, and her rebuttal to that was that a vegan diet is also contributing to climate change because fruits and vegetables that don’t grow here in America need to be imported from abroad and vice versa, so plants actually have more of a carbon footprint than most people realize. What do I say in response to this?
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2023.05.30 06:13 hamiltonaquascape I built this UNS 45E Paludarium and don't really know where to go from here. Any suggestions before I try selling it? Details in body text

I built this UNS 45E Paludarium and don't really know where to go from here. Any suggestions before I try selling it? Details in body text
This is a UNS 45E Paludarium I made recently. The tank measures 45(w)x28(l)x11.5/28(h)cm and I have the factory bulkhead attachments installed. The hardscape is built up of black lava rocks, silicone and expanding foam. Attached to the bulkhead I made a 7-way hose from a filter spray bar and some air line tubing. It's all built into the hardscape permanently and runs as individual waterfall points across the top and down each side. I have a flow dial on each line to adjust each one by itself. This all operates from a small canister filter. There's a mist maker on a timer hidden behind for added effect and humidity for future plants.
Since these photos I've started covering the surface with a couple different types of terrestrial and aquatic moss. It's an ok next step I think but I'm sort of not sure how to "finish" it. Adding ferns on top and calling it a day isn't exactly what I had in mind either. Was hoping for a wood element somehow but I'm just not sure.
Any suggestions where to go next?
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2023.05.30 06:10 CardiologistJunior71 Fibe cable running from cabinet across lawn to next door ...

Bell installed Fibe last year down our road, but only started hooking homes up in the last 3 months or so. They didn't dig a trench or anything for my neighbour, but instead just left it laying in the grass from the cabinet on my front lawn going over to his (about 10ft between property lines).
We get on so I'm been careful, but wondering what Bell will actually do about it? They keep saying they are "coming" whenever I call, but still have not, The grass is a real pain to cut around there now, not to mention the tripping hazard if you forget.
Also wondering how to get them to fix the grass after they dug it up in places and never came back to re-seed or even put new top soil on. Is there a way to actually get to someone who "cares" at Bell?
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2023.05.30 06:07 schmally_ward Leveling up the backyard ambience

Leveling up the backyard ambience
I said adios to my hot tub and decided to create a space that was vibrant and colorful. Thanks to some inherited some pieces and plants from a family member, the only money I spent was on beauty bark. The cement blocks and dirt I had already and the labor was all done with my spouse. We put a ton of work into removing this awful rubber bark that was there previously and layers upon layers of landscape fabric mixed with lava rock. Can’t wait to see how it grows in next year when things fill out more and the bulbs come up! Now that I get to enjoy this everyday I don’t miss the hot tub one bit.
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2023.05.30 06:04 Persistentlythriving How to be alone but not lonely?

Married for 17 years this July. I’ve been with him since I was 19 years old…longer with him than without him. I’m struggling not having that one person to tell all of the little things to. Divorce isn’t complete yet and I’m nowhere near ready to date. We were both so codependent and I need to heal…I just want to know how to be less lonely being alone. Wtf else will care about the cute plant name tags I made at 11pm? Help.
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2023.05.30 05:51 godfall888 How to request seeds on ruttracker?

Theres so many things I want from rutttracker but they barely have seeders. How do I request seeds?
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2023.05.30 05:51 cumonmeplease198 Should I flower?

Should I flower?
The strain is white widow, the nutrients I use is floragrow combined with a high nitrogen fertilizer (don't have the name only have the bag lol) it's been topped 2 times it's been growing sense early April I'm in northern California, she is a og white widow strain from the 1990s it is not a auto flower like the other white widows. I want to have a earlier harvast this growing season sense I want multiple harvasts this year, but I also do want a good reasonable harvest with at least 150g. Also how does my plant health look? It's growing in coco fiber.
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2023.05.30 05:46 miniboyd21 Floating plants

My plants keep coming out of the gravel no matter how tight I pack it they come out and I don’t know how to fix that issue.
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2023.05.30 05:46 villianrules Questions part 56

  1. Would Danny and Ember work in an enemies with benefits type of relationship? (Batman x Catwoman, Spider-Man x Black Cat, and Nightwing x Harley Quinn)
  2. What would happen if Valerie met the ghostly victims of hate crimes?
  3. What types of posters would you want to see for a PG-13 movie?
  4. Between Spectra and Desiree, which one would cause Valerie to spiral downward?
  5. Could Undergrowth bring back extinct plants?
  6. If Danny had joined the Flash's Rougues (Captain Cold, Captain Boomerang, Heat Wave, Mirror Master,etc) had would the hero deal with him and would Flash make sure Danny goes to a superpower prison and not the GIW?
  7. Could you see Youngblood playing as a 1930s gangster? (Dick Tracy villains)
  8. What are some alternative costumes that you would you want to see in a T rated game?
  9. How would you feel if a T rated game or PG-13 movie had references to tobacco products, vaping, or drinking?
  10. Would you want to see Danny fight Dorian Gray or the Frankenstein creation?
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2023.05.30 05:44 No_Function_5544 My first ever grow.

My first ever grow.
My first attempt. Im growing garlic chem the seeds are by appollo green. We are in day 3 from germination. I have 2 seeds planted, and 2 more needing s bit more time to germinate. I have one led light Zipp tied to the front, I have 2 fans one blowing air in and one blowing out. My plannis to go 16 hours of sunlight a day. Wish me luck and I'll take and tips
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2023.05.30 05:42 No_Loquat995 First time living alone, the space feels… depressing

First time living alone, the space feels… depressing
I am looking for advice on how to make this place more home-y. I had been thinking about a lamp in the corner by my desk, or changing out the light in the middle for something brighter and more white. Maybe some plants? I cannot do major renovations as I am renting the home, but would love to apply suggestions and give an update. Please ignore the cable management, recently got a PS5 and testing new speakers so I have not organized it yet
Also, suggestions on a bedroom? I did not take a picture because it’s a mess ( many game nights after getting a console for the first time lol ) but it pretty much looks like this but just a bed and nightstand in a corner rather then what’s in here.
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