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2011.08.26 09:58 Fierycactus Minecraft sur reddit

La communauté Reddit francophone de Minecraft 🏹🍎🥕🐮🐷😜🐓🛌🍖🥔 #Minecraft #MinecraftFR

2011.06.04 04:17 Cid420 Roms

The place for all your gaming needs!

2023.06.03 15:39 creativerecreations [All Platforms] Scrublordt Syndicates is looking for Guardians to fill its Ranks

Scrublordt Syndicates is a Brand New guild with Returning players from D1.
We are casual raiders and moderate pvpers We are currently PDT, EST and UK time zone.
What we do:
We do RON 3 times a week Kings Fall and Vault of Glass Garden of Salvation We do all weekly and rotating dungeons We do as many activities as we can together We are all chill 18+, friendly and drama free
What we need:
Active Guardians who are chill and enjoy saving the universe. Mic is not required We do use Destiny 2 Clan Chat Discord is not mandatory Be active! Inactivity for more than 3 weeks without prior knowledge will result in a kick Be willing to not only learn but be willing to teach new clansmen content.
We are not better than anyone but together we are more than enough!
Open Applications. Join Today have Friends by tomorrow
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2023.06.03 15:32 TreacleBrilliant5658 Fake app alert ( be careful guys )

Fake app alert ( be careful guys )
This might be a scam to get your account details so please be careful and protect you pi .
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2023.06.03 15:07 foxnangelseo1 Investment Masters Symposium

Investment Masters Symposium is an innovative forum for high-net-worth investors to explore this promising asset class, discover under-the-radar investment opportunities, and acquire insights, strategies, and specific recommendations that can turn profit potential into a profitable success. Our goal is to help accredited investors hedge their portfolios through exposure to asset classes that are not correlated to a traditional stocks and bonds portfolio, so they can protect their gains while identifying new growth opportunities.
Visit Now:
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2023.06.03 14:22 PoundKitchen Is Quad9 implementing anything for the .zip and .mov domain issue?

Seems Google has opened up a new avenue for phishing spammers with URLs that look like filetypes. I'm wondering is Quad9 is looking at implementing anything specific on this, or does it fall under "All bad actor domains will be filtered out" ?
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2023.06.03 12:23 ShadowPuf Centralized resource with all the tf2 community branches. Help with additional info (blogs, forums, hubs, mods, servers, marketplaces...)

This list will be constantly updated based on new feedback, with proper documentation about updates. Tried to piece some of the info together but it's a very exhausting process:






Resource Hubs:

Servers & Gameplay Related Services:

Hosting services:

Data/Statistics Tools

Vanilla TF2:



Custom Gamemodes:

Modded TF2:

Casual TF2:


Trusted Marketplaces:

  1. Scrap.TF
  2. STN Trading
  3. Mann Co. Store
  4. Marketplace.TF
  5. Backpack.TF
  6. Bazzar.TF
  7. TF2outpost* (legacy)
PS: Please also provide feedback in regards to the documentation layout!
UPDATE#1: Changed "Servers & Related Services" to "Servers & Gameplay Related Services" Respectively added subcategory " Data/Statistics Tools" containing: "logs.TF; trends.TF" (special thanks to u/lacurio)
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2023.06.03 10:21 ZiezieAdoulin [PUSHX] Push Industries - Professional Courier Service

Hello New Eden and future Pushers!

The courier business is booming more than ever and Push Industries, one of New Eden's premier freight services, is recruiting haulers! Are you looking to make some of the best ISK possible in picking up packages at one location and putting them down at another? Are you tired of the limited opportunity and mediocre reward of public courier contracts? Push Industries might be right for you!
Take pride in assisting the greater majority of New Eden by transporting freight as an essential service of the economy! We have a very talented group of people who are eager to assist you in your professional hauling career!
Apply now and your application will be processed within 48 hours!
Push Industries is proud to set the bar for hauling as one of New Eden's leading freight services. Not only do we offer the widest range of freight classes available; but our customers know that our service comes with reliability, accountability, and friendly customer service. Quality hauling doesn't happen by accident: PushX curates the most comprehensive wiki on hauling in Eve (, and our haulers follow the best practices of asset safety.

Pushers benefit from:

​How to Apply:

More Information:
The PushX Wiki:
PushX In-Game Recruitment Channel: PushX Recruitment
PushX Website:
​Have questions or want to meet some of the team? Join our Discord:
​Check out feedback from our customers:

Remember: Don't Move It; PUSH It.
We look forward to seeing you in the space lanes!
Ziezie Adoulin
Personnel Director
Push Industries
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2023.06.03 07:54 ColoHusker My crow origin story - DAE

Sorry for the long ADHD post. Some comments on a recent thread has me thinking about this a lot today and I had to release into the ether.
TL;DR - Crows can be a-holes, but they are my a-holes and love having them around. Also, they demand offerings and to be worshipped to stay on their good side. LOL
I've always been an avid gardener. Flowers, plants, veggies, fruits, etc. Try to plant local native plants to attract pollinators, butterflies, local species of bumblebees, other beneficials.
Several years ago I started having problems in the garden. It started with the leafs & stems being cut off young onions. Then as peppers & cherry tomatoes ripened, they would be cut off & left there mostly untouched.
In speaking with neighbors, a few said they would see a a couple "blackbirds" hanging around the garden. I spoke to the cooperative extension who said they are probably grackles and can be garden pests. But they do eat a lot of pest insects. They said for smaller garden areas, putting out some shiny things like the reflective kids pinwheels or pieces of mirror on a string will probably keep them out of that area. Also said maybe some bells might help to startle them.
Ofc I did all of this around & in the vegetable beds & in the plants. Was a pain but I told myself I can do this as part of my planting out in the future.
Within a few days, I noticed some small reflecting pieces in the driveway & front yard. Sometimes this happens with glass when the recycling trucks are too full so figured it was something like that. I walk over to look at it and it was a piece of mirror on a string. I then notice a couple more pieces in the yard.
Now I'm thinking it was the wind. But the wind we get blows in the opposite direction. And we hadn't had more than a light breeze since we put these out. It's something I track since I have a small wind turbine attached to our electric feed. Besides, if we had a small burst of wind, this stuff wouldn't have been blown up wind.
At this point I'm thinking squirrels, neighbor kids, something along those lines. I'm not frustrated or anything, just perplexed. Anyway, I walk over to the vegetable garden and it looks like a disco ball exploded in the beds. All pieces on string were scattered and the pinwheels looked like they got run through a fan. They were from the dollar store (it was 2 or 3 for $1) so I'm "ok sure, they're just cheap, easy to tear".
I bring this up lightheartedly when another neighbor & I are chit chatting. He's like "yeah, we see some blackbirds in there having a hoot sometimes". I'm starting to get frustrated. I really don't want to put out bird netting and I don't want to have a bird unfriendly yard. I just want to them to leave the veggie garden alone. Doing some more research makes me think maybe it's totally something else.
So I buy a $20 trail cam and put it out covering one of the favorite veggie beds. Work got busy so I didn't check it immediately. Finally when I did, I got some pics of the "blackbirds" the neighbors had reported seeing. There were three of them.
One was a bit bigger than our normal blackbirds, definitely didn't have the right coloring especially around the neck. Finally another bird appears in a pic. This one is big. It's a dang crow.
So now I move the trail cam so it covers more of the fence where the adult appeared. It's a big crow, a slightly smaller crow, and a much smaller crow. After research & sending my pics to the cooperative extension, "congrats! you got a family!!" Lol. A mated pair & their juvinile kid.
The juvenile was a complete and utter a-hole. The three would come by in the morning. The parents would perch on the fence while the juvenile would swoop into the beds wreaking havoc. The juvenile reminded me of myself as an unmedicated ADHD child. Sometimes I was this sweet little child. Then I transformed into a relentless bulldozer. Don't hire a demolition company, just bring me around for a few hours and a liter of soda. Lol
This juvenile was yanking the shiny bits off plants, would fly a few feet up or away drop it, come back and cut down the onions. Then tilt his head "ooh, shiny". Rip, rip, rip. This went on for 30 minutes and then they flew off.
Now I'm feeling guilty. It's gotta be hard to have a kid like me. Obvs therapy or medication aren't on table (I checked just to be sure).
Now I'm doing research on what crows eat and resigned to letting the juvenile ruin my garden. I was surprised to find some forums about crows/corvids and how to find harmony by letting them be the fickle masters they deserve.
I learned I could lure them away by putting out food in another part of the yard. I also learned how they collect objects, especially shiny one that are obviously out of place. LOL. Also sometimes bringing gifts to their worshipers.
I put up a squirrel-proof stand, gave my offerings and it worked. The juvenile was still totally destructive but the plants he messed with were resilient. It worked out for everybody. My biggest problem after that was I had to have my house-sitting friends make sure to feed the crows when I was gone. They woukd look at me like I was crazy. "You realize they're wild animals right? They can survive without you". I would something like "yeah, maybe, but my veggies won't".
If you got this far, thx! Would love to hear other similar stories!
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2023.06.03 06:35 Throwitortossit Possible alternative platforms mentioned in this post- "Now that Reddit are killing 3rd party apps on July 1st what are great alternatives to Reddit?"

This comment was taken from that post;
Here's a copy of the text:
Posts with actual answers (go upvote them:)
(in the order I came across them)
There are also some ridiculous suggestions which I've ignored, like going outside (why'd anyone want to do that?!), or websites that are social networks but don't resemble reddit in any way. Here are some serious ones that come up occasionally but are not quite the same as reddit:
Let's look at these alternatives and plan a better expansion, rather than just moving to Facebook. There's no way I see this going better there, for me at least. The Reddit user base is going to be drastically changed if 3rd party apps go down. If there is a mass exodus, then Reddit will go through a huge political change and I think it will swing far right like Twitter when Musk took over.
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2023.06.03 06:30 AutoModerator Daily Questions and Answers Post - FAQ, New/Returning Player Questions, and Useful Starting Resources!

Daily Questions and Answers Post - FAQ, New/Returning Player Questions, and Useful Starting Resources!

Hello and welcome to BlackDesertOnline! Please use this thread to ask any simple, frequently asked questions you have about the game. If your post was removed from the subreddit for being a commonly asked question, this is the right place for you to be! This thread is refreshed every three days to allow time for responses, but in a pinch you should use this post for links to helpful resources.

Don't play Black Desert on PC? Try these subreddits for more specific help:
Black Desert for Console PlayBlackDesert
Black Desert Mobile BlackDesertMobile

For new or returning players, you may find a quick answer to your FAQ's with these helpful links:

Black Desert on Social Media:

Issue with the subreddit or your post/comments? Message the mods. (not in-game/BDO support)
Issue with reddit or your reddit account? Send a ticket to reddit help. (not in-game/BDO support)
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2023.06.03 06:08 kglw-net Today (June 3rd) in King Gizz live show history

2011 - Cat Food Press - Naarm (Melbourne), Australia (no recordings found)
2017 - Field Day, Victoria Park - London, England (no recordings found)
2022 - Primavera Sound, Parc del Fòrum - Barcelona, Spain ( Magenta Mountain / various clips / more clips )
2023 - The Caverns Above Ground Amphitheater - Pelham, TN, USA
Today we have few clips from night 1 of 5 in Barcelona a year ago as part of Primavera Sound festival. King Gizz played all 5 nights in Barcelona with no repeats.
- recordings are found at King Gizzard Live Spreadsheet and
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2023.06.03 04:53 Mountain_Alarm7294 Wonderswan hacking

I am a complete novice when it comes to coding but are there any known tools or communities to romhacking the games? Ive been interested in translating a few of the rpgs on the system but don’t find much apart from old forum posts on
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2023.06.03 02:54 Elmyth1 Looking for Players and DM for Call of the Netherdeep and General Adventures in Exandria. [Online] [5e] Firday 5:30 CST/CDT to 9:30CST/CDT

I have wanted to play in the world of Exandria for some time just due to the rich lore behind it. I want the chance to explore this world from the point of view of the books and the influence of myself and fellow players. Preferably I would like Call of the Netherdeep to be a starting point for the rest of the story. Perhaps it could still be the ending if the DM wishes by extending the length while having us do other things in Wildemount and Marquet. I myself would love to wander around in Tal'Dorei. That being said though I really am just looking forward to having a Friday group more than anything to get to know and play with.

I am able to supply Explorer's Guide to Wildemount, Tal'dorei Campaign Setting Reborn and Call of the netherdeep in their digital forms on Roll20 along with Maps with Dynamic Lighting via Roll20 for Call of the Netherdeep. Additionally I own all of the sourcebooks (Apart from Volo's and Bigby Presents: Glory of Giants) and can share them with the game to make prep easier if needed.
The following requirements are expected. By all involved and so can be expected while at the table.
A mixed balance of both Roleplay and Combat favorably leaning towards the Roleplay
Simple Table Etiquette (Respecting players, 0 Politics from outside the game, Allowing others to share in the gameplay, ETC)
Access to all sourcebooks on roll20, Access to the Dunamancy subclasses and spells, and Access to Matthew Mercer's Blood Hunter class.
Character to NPC & Character to Character relationships that are cut away from when to intimate.
Generally an adult sense of humor
Voice done over Discord.
Additionally while I don't expect them to be a lore master I do hope that the DM is at least semi familiar with the setting beyond the adventure and books or at least is able to know the world well enough to come up with things on the fly in a pinch.
If this interests you as a Player please see this link.
If this interests you as a Dungeon Master Please see this link.
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2023.06.03 02:51 Gellzer My controller is acting like a mouse. Just updated it to be bluetooth, and it hasn't fixed the issue.

This is the steps I tried (link)
I don't have anything called " HID-compliant mouse "
Clicking on any of the options doesn't have any location as "Alphamouse", it's all "on Razer Naga Trinity" "Location 1" "0000.0014.0000." or "Port_#0011.Hub_#0001"
The game I'm trying to play is Diablo 4.
Please, any help would be appreciated
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2023.06.03 01:30 GayestElf [Online][MASKS][EST][Thursdays][LGBTQ friendly] Supers By Sunrise

37 years ago, at the turn of the millennium, an asteroid that has become known as "The Harbinger" came from outside the solar system, striking straight into the sun. At the time of impact, solar flares erupted all across the sun's surface, and the star began to emit a new kind of radiation, M-radiation.
Shortly after the impact, people from across the globe in extremely stressful or traumatic experiences began to develop strange and fantastical abilities. Though these abilities almost always came with a notable physical deformity or ‘tell’ ranging from a change in eye or hair color to a complete transformation into an inhuman monstrous form.
Five years after this initial impact, and every 5 years since, the sun releases a new burst of radiation that carries upon it's solar wind several hundred stones no larger than a fist, known as 'Sun Shards' impervious stones that absorb all known forms of radiation and can impart powers upon those who find them without the need for trauma, and without leaving a ‘tell’
You are college-age heroes In the coastal city of San Sol, a metropolis that sprung up on the west coast around a research facility made to study these strange phenomena, The Sovereign Guard are appointing a new leader after the great sacrifice of Captain Quazar against the one of The Worldbreakers, and the criminal underworld has been rumbling of some vile newcomer to the city. It is a time of great change in this metropolis. What changes will you bring?
Technical Stuff
Players wanted: 5
Time: 4-5 hours, 8 pm EST Thursdays
apply via direct message using the following format or on the Roll20 ad
Personal Info Name/Handle:
Preferred pronouns:
Discord handle:
Experience with MASKS (or any PbtA system or RPG) and Roll20:
What interests you most about Roleplaying Games?:
What is something you hope to see in this game?:
What is something you really dislike to see in a game?:
Something interesting about you (optional):
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2023.06.03 01:14 DragonQuarter Sharing more of my Breath of Fire swag/collection #BoFStuff Part II

Sharing more of my Breath of Fire swag/collection #BoFStuff Part II submitted by DragonQuarter to breathoffire [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 01:10 AutoModerator Monthly Pathfinder Society Update

To help reduce the misconception of what sub this is I will work on a monthly Society update that will be stuck to the top of the posts. I'll be gleaming this from the blog posts, VO Discord, updates to the sub and suggestions from the sub. Here is the link to the Paizo Monthly Update blog post.

OPC Musings

Welcome back to the OP Monthly Update! I know we missed last month, that’s entirely my fault. I was on my honeymoon, and then we announced a little thing called the Pathfinder Core Remaster, and by the time I came up for air, it was already mid-May!
Luckily it’s smooth sailing now, which is a lie, because convention season is in full swing! As I write this blog we’re doing our final preparations for PaizoCon Online. I can’t wait for this show, and I’m so excited for our upcoming shows like UK Games Expo and Gen Con. Not to mention, this fall I’ll be heading to a few local conventions! More on that soon, hopefully. For now, I’ve got a supersized OP update to deliver, so let’s get started.

Digital Adventure Releases

These adventures will be available on June 28, 2023.

Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Society Scenario #4-15: In Glorious Battle

Starfinder Society

Starfinder Society Scenario #6-03: Project Dawn Starfinder Society Scenario #6-04: Secrets Long Submerged
*part of a subscription

Pathfinder Core Remaster

Last month, we announced the Pathfinder Core Remaster: an overhaul and update of our Pathfinder Second Edition ruleset, a necessary but difficult maneuver given the events of recent months. I am sure that for many of you, the first question was “how will this affect Pathfinder Society?” The short answer is: we don’t know yet! The longer answer is that these books literally don’t exist fully yet; they won’t go to the printer for another month or so. Until they do, we can’t begin to answer these questions.
Rest assured that as soon as we can, the OP team will be diving into the new rule changes to figure out how to make the updates as seamless as possible for the community. For now, I ask for your patience on this topic. There will be many questions to answer in the weeks ahead, but we’ve got a steady hand on the metaphorical tiller.

FAQ and Boon Updates

In the quiet time before convention prep, the Pathfinder Society developers and I had some time to sit down and hammer out some updates to boons available in the boon store, as well as to handle some FAQs for the program. The full updates are available on the FAQ page, but here’s a summary of the changes:

Starfinder Society Year 6 Updates

Program Changes

SFS Year 6 launched at PaizoCon Online! Hopefully, anyway; I’m writing this before the show, so if a dinosaur attacks, someone let future me know. The following Starfinder species are now considered “always available”: gnoll, hanakan, kiirinta, quorlu, raxilite, shimreen. Players are free to build characters of these species as often as they like; as always, characters with an Admittance Boon for these species gain an additional +2 to one ability score immediately.
The Achievement Point cost for a boon to play a character of the following species has been reduced to 80 Achievement Points: astriapi, cephalume, contemplative, trox, uplifted bear, urog. Meanwhile, the following species are now playable with the purchase of a boon from the online Boon Store: entu colony, huitz’plina, grippli, kitsune, kobold, psacynoid, samsaran, scyphozoan, trinir, and tryziarka.
Finally, a few more boons have been added to the Boon Store! Starfinders who enjoy having a permanent emblem of their position can now purchase the Marked Starfinder boon for 2 AcP after playing at least one session to gain a Society Subdermal Graft. Additionally, characters can now undergo a Training Montage (or Extended Training Montage) to retrain their character’s abilities! These provide more robust retraining options than the previously available mnemonic editor. Full text of these boons, as always, can be found on the Starfinder Society FAQ page.
The Guide to Organized Play: Starfinder Society has been updated with all these changes, as well as a brand-new overhaul and visual upgrade! Incredible thanks to Jared Thaler and Peter Nalepa, both of whom have worked very hard to make the guide more user-friendly and accessible. They’ve created a feedback thread on the forums for comments or questions.

First Seeker Election

Last month we formally announced Starfinder Society #6-06: Tomorrow’s Seekers! This scenario will allow you to meet the four PCs who were selected to vie for the title of First Seeker. You may note my name on the cover as the author; I’m so excited for this adventure and for you all to meet these wonderful colorful characters!
Look for some upcoming blogs where we’ll be revealing the candidates, their platforms, and a bit more about them. Campaign season begins when the ballot opens at Gen Con (August 1–4), and the voting period will close in mid-October. If you want to cast your vote, don’t miss your chance to play the scenario in that two-month period!


One of the reasons we could get away with missing April’s blog was that it was a pretty quiet month on the release front! Luckily, we’ve got some new toys for you this month!
For Pathfinder Society, this month’s new release is the brand-new standalone adventure, The Enmity Cycle. The sanctioning documents for this adventure are just waiting to be exported; once they are, we’ll be sure to add them to the product page.
On the Starfinder side, the new hardcover rulebook Starfinder Ports of Call has been released and sanctioned for play! Visit the Character Options page for all the details. While you’re there, why not check out the new options from the Drift Hackers Adventure Path, which are also now sanctioned! Chronicle sheets for players and GMs will also be available on the product page for the AP as soon as they’re exported.
Coming up next, we’ll be getting sanctioning documents out for the Free RPG Day adventures (foreshadowing for the next section)! After that, for Pathfinder Society we’ve got the Stolen Fate Adventure Path and Pathfinder Lost Omens Highhelm on the docket, and Starfinder Society will be pretty quiet until the fall!

Free RPG Day

June 24 is Free RPG Day here in the United States! This initiative provides retailers with exclusive access to free RPG products from a number of companies, including Paizo. We have two adventures in this year’s kit: A Few Flowers Morefor Pathfinder and Operation: Seaside Park for Starfinder
If your store is participating in this event, sanctioning documents and chronicle sheets will be available prior to the event! You’ll be able to get credit for your Organized Play characters after participating in these adventures. Free RPG Day is a great way to kickstart a new RPG group at a store, so we encourage you all to head to a participating retailerfor the event!

GM Recognition

At PaizoCon Online last weekend, I awarded three individuals with brand new Campaign Coins and Organized Play IDs. We award these coins to members of the community who have gone above and beyond to provide an exceptional program to the community at large. Campaign Coins are awarded based on nominations; if you believe someone in your community is deserving of this award (whether or not they are a Venture Officer), send an email to organizedplay[at]paizo[dot]com with their name and reasons.
Congratulations to: Jofiane “Fi,” who now holds a Campaign Coin and Organized Play ID #887 Milan Badzic, who now holds a Campaign Coin and Organized Play ID #888 and Harmeshver “Resh” Singh, who now holds a Campaign Coin and Organized Play ID #889

GM Ranks

Whether stars, novas, or glyphs, achieving a 5 ranking in any program involves a substantial amount of time. To achieve the 5th milestone, a GM must run 150 games, of which at least 50 must be unique scenarios and 10 special scenarios, as well as run between one and three games for Venture-Captains (program dependent). A conservative estimate of the time needed to reach the 5th milestone is 650 hours!
This month, we had one GM earn their 5th Nova for Starfinder Society and one earn their 5th Glyph for Pathfinder Society (second edition).
5th Nova (SFS): Terry T 5th Glyph (PFS2): Tim Munsie (TMun)
Congratulations to our outstanding GMs and volunteers!


It’s convention season! As this blog is posted, I’ll be getting ready for my first games at UK Games Expo in Birmingham. It’s my first official trip abroad and I can’t wait to meet our European community! If you’re in the area, come say hi!
We've also announced PaizoCon South Pacific, running from June 30–July 2 in Sydney, Australia! While I won’t be attending (this year...), the Paizo community will be turning out for a great time.
And of course, there are tons of local conventions in your area! Check out our conventions calendar to see what events are happening near you and go roll some dice.
That’s quite enough from me—thanks for sticking with the supersized update. There’s a reason we try to do these monthly! Until next time, Explore! Report! Cooperate! And have a spot of tea!
Alex Speidel Organized Play Coordinator

Upcoming Conventions

Paizo Conventions calendar
NordCon 2023, UK Games EXPO, ConCarolinas 2023, Phoenix Fan Fusion 2023, Kākāpō Con, Origins 2023, Tri-Con 2023

Sub Updates

Sorry for the issues getting this out correctly the past few times.
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2023.06.03 00:54 vavs15 KEA DHCP option 156

Hi all,
I’ve been trying to implement option 156 in KEA DHCP as outlined in this forum :
The option has been defined as a string , and I set CSV to true, as I want multiple values to be sent to the clients.
Unfortunately KEA doesn’t accept “array of strings” as a valid option and will not start.
After removing the array line, predictably , only the first value is sent to the client and it appears to be a decimal string not a string the same way it was configured.
Based off this guidance
I am hoping to specify the option as a “record” and specify multiple data types and pray it accepts it.
Unfortunately I feel this won’t work because “When array is set to true and type is set to "record", the last field is an array, i.e., it can contain more than one value ” will probably just complain about an array of strings again.
Does anyone know how to correctly specify values such as “ftpserver=, country=n, language=n, layer2tagging=n, vlanid=10”
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2023.06.03 00:46 vavs15 KEA DHCP option 156

Hi all,
I’ve been trying to implement option 156 in KEA DHCP as outlined in this forum :
The option has been defined as a string , and I set CSV to true, as I want multiple values to be sent to the clients.
Unfortunately KEA doesn’t accept “array of strings” as a valid option and will not start.
After removing the array line, predictably , only the first value is sent to the client and it appears to be a decimal string not a string the same way it was configured.
Based off this guidance
I am hoping to specify the option as a “record” and specify multiple data types and pray it accepts it.
Unfortunately I feel this won’t work because “When array is set to true and type is set to "record", the last field is an array, i.e., it can contain more than one value ” will probably just complain about an array of strings again.
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2023.06.03 00:36 aldagreg Another Efficient Accessible and Budget build, A bear defender !

Another Efficient Accessible and Budget build, A bear defender !
Hi guys,
I've made this build with the goal to do daily MGs missions + scrap/cable/battery farm and medium raids, along with the related weekly challenges. Also I aimed to make the build the most accessible possible, faction parts-wise and budget-wise. So here it is, a bear defender :

EAB Incredibear
  • 5000 PS
  • -400c cost
  • 24% decors
  • using free packs
  • accessible with level Engineers 11 part-wise, no BP parts, no advanced faction parts
  • wiggle room for customs modifications and mass balance changes
  • 4 defenders, durable MG
  • fully equipped (fuel tank and barrel, radio+listener, hardcore)
  • using a cooler but there's room for a chill
  • using free paints and stickers.

It's a very well built build, good usage for pvp, durable, good dps, beginner friendly although I also use it personally.

EAB Incredibear on exhibition, Let me know what you think of it !

My forum thread :
Check my EAB builds under author Charlie9204 and Charlie9204_XO !
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2023.06.02 20:21 QuImUfu I released a Fabric Mod called Colourful Portals Reimagined

I released a Fabric Mod called Colourful Portals Reimagined
I really liked the Colourful Portals mod by Tmtravlr, and after discovering the Immersive Portals mod adding see-through portals, I decided to make a new version of Colourful Portals for Fabric. And thus Colourful Portals Reimagined was born. It depends on the aforementioned Immersive Portals mod.
I ended up making some changes so here is a short description of what you could do with this mod:
You can place empty frames out of any coloured wool (by default, that's configurable) at locations you may want to link to, add a second portal out of the same wool. Then let portal fluid fill the frame and watch a see-through portal between both locations form. An arbitrary amount of portals of the same colour can be created and link in a loop from oldest to newest. You'll need new portal fluid for each additional portal.
  • Custom Fluid with custom flow mechanics and rendering that can be placed anywhere and picked up again (that was a lot of work ^^)
  • Animated portal planes in every vanilla colour
  • Compatible with Sodium (that also was quite a lot of work)
  • Configurable portal blocks
  • An immersive, (IMO) good-looking waypoint system without ugly GUIs or blocks
For now, it's still in beta, because I only had time for some testing so far.
Orange Portal in Cave leading outside

Portals in different colours to different dimensions or biomes
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2023.06.02 20:05 AslimyCod local connections are disconnected

I have a working road warrior WireGuard setup on my OPNsense, and I can access the local virtual machines behind the firewall. So far so good. However, when I try to connect to a paid/anonymizing WireGuard service, all local connections are disconnected. Found this one.. when I only put to allowedips the local net dows not disconnect.. but the i use my own public ip instead of the wireguard-ip..
Where shoud I start?
Clientconfig - Road Warriod config.. client > server
PrivateKey =
Address =
PublicKey =
AllowedIPs =
Endpoint =
paid vpn conf
PrivateKey =
Address =, fd00:0000:1337:cafe:1111:1111:cbee:739c/128
PublicKey =
AllowedIPs =, ::0,
Endpoint =
PersistentKeepalive = 25
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2023.06.02 20:05 TheGoatPuncher TLMC #18 closes on June 4th, do vote

Vote here
Team Liquid Map Contests are the map making contests through which our future ladder maps come. Additionally, the monetary prizes help support our wonderful map makers. More details behind the link.
Same link again because hell, why not
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