Ant hill with aluminum

WTS - Chaves Ultramar T.A.K. Tanto Flipper Knife in Black G10 & Microtech Ultratech Hellhound Signature Series Tactical Standard with Two Tone DLC Blade Finish (119-1 TS)

2023.05.30 05:50 TEKNOnaut WTS - Chaves Ultramar T.A.K. Tanto Flipper Knife in Black G10 & Microtech Ultratech Hellhound Signature Series Tactical Standard with Two Tone DLC Blade Finish (119-1 TS)


Plenty of other pictures:
The video was taken for a previously listed post.
Good evening! I'm still relatively new here, so please bare with me as I will do my absolute best to follow the rules according to my understanding. Feel free to let me know if I get anything wrong, need to update or change anything. Thanks!

These knives are both brand new and have never been carried or cut with. One knife is a manual while the other is an automatic OTF. The buyer is SOLELY RESPONSIBLE to know and understand their local laws and if they are permitted to purchase or carry these. I take ZERO responsibility for that.

Chaves Ultramar T.A.K. Tanto Flipper Knife in Black G10 - SV180 PPGS OBO - Please be sure NOT to include anything in the notes section.

Microtech Ultratech Hellhound Signature Series Tactical Standard with Two Tone DLC Blade Finish (119-1 TS) - SV490 PPGS OBO - Please be sure NOT to include anything in the notes section.

Sale is preferred, however if you have any of the following knives BNIB or LNIB I’d most likely be interested in working out a partial trade deal…- Spyderco Smock (specifically interested if you have one with the Meton Boss FRAG milled black Zirconium scales, matching button, and backspacer)- Spyderco Techno 2 Titanium- Spyderco Shaman Black M4 Natural G-10 BladeHQ Exclusive- Chaves Ultramar Liberation 229 Silver Bullet M390 Drop Point (Non-removable skull clip)- Chaves Ultramar Liberation Street Black M390 Tanto and Natural G-10 BladeHQ Exclusive- Reate EXO-K Karambit Black Aluminum- Black PVD- Zero Tolerance 0223- Gerber GhostStrikeAdditionally, while I'm new to selling in this community, I'm in NO WAY new to buying and selling online. I'm very active in other communities such as the Dixxon Flannel groups on Facebook, the GAFS community here on Reddit, as well as I have countless sales history on eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Mercari and OfferUp. If at at any point in time you'd like to see my corresponding profiles on those platforms to verify my legitimacy and reliability, feel free to ask and I'll be happy to share.
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2023.05.30 05:48 The_Alloquist [A Lord of Death] - Chapter 48

[←Chapter 47] [Cover Art] [My Links] [Index] [Discord] [Subreddit] [Chapter 49→]
The blade forging left Sorore exhausted, the failure left her frustrated, and the cold gave way to fear as the night drew closer. As day faded into dusk, she reflected on a morning that had been as full of ups and downs as the mountain paths they’d travelled. The very fact that she had been able to use magic, that it had crashed from the realm of fairy tales and church warnings into the very real everyday occurrence was already an earth shattering experience.
Then she’d moved water with a thought, seen monsters fall from the sky, and watched the paladins cleaving them in two. Her head spun with the strangeness of it all, the sheer onset of fanciful things blurring and mixing together with reality. She began to wonder what else might be true, of the fairy tales in the myth she had heard on the seas in her father’s ship. Of the old folk stories of Erratz, often dismissed as nothing more than old wive’s tales.
A new world had opened up before her, and she wasn't sure to be fascinated or terrified of it. Certainly the paladins didn't want any part of it, and they certainly didn't want her to be involved. And from everything she knew of the church scripture, they were absolutely right. She felt the danger, the power of the matter, and knew that it was only a small fraction of what it could do. She even felt a certain degree of fear towards the masked man in the black robes, as respectful as he had been as a tutor.
At least he didn't use a switch to reminder of when she had failed.
But even in the murk of her disquiet in that moment, she also felt a smouldering frustration underlying it. The knife had been hers, her project, her duty, and she had resolutely failed to craft it. Part of her shifted the blame elsewhere - it was a new technique she had picked up over the course of an afternoon. Efrain himself had said as much, even going as far to say that he hadn’t expected her to do it.
Now that was something she didn’t like at all. When people expected her to fail, despite all her efforts.
However, that resolution meant little now, given that she had been excused from the effort. At least now the mage had the basic shape to work on. She let her hand drift on the rough stone walls of the church. Thousands of individual perfections, many thousands of years old, the stone functioning despite it. Perhaps it would be enough, the basic, overall function, but she recalled all the pittances and channels carved in her vision of the knife.
She knew what was driving the doubt. It was curiosity, that sticking bug that clung to her, despite all her prayers to the contrary. She just couldn’t seem to shake it, despite the ‘assistance’ of church teachers when it reared its head particularly high. She had expected the snap across the palms from Efrain when he drew that piece of wood. It had been a relief when he’d tossed it over his shoulder.
The thought was an unworthy one, she immediately considered. She should’ve been grateful to the various priests and scholars who’d spent years teaching the twins. Some had even prepared their entire lives, just on the chance they’d meet the beloved Bequeathed. If they were strict, then so be it, it was for the sake of preparing her and Frare for their duties.
The church was once more a buzz of activity as people prepared for the night ahead. She and Lillian found their way to the altar, attracting only minor glances. The villagers clearly had gotten used to their presence, although some offered a respectful and perhaps wary gaze for Lillian. One of Frare’s eyes opened as they approached, but he quickly returned to his half-rest leaning on a pillar. Aya was still very much asleep, chest gently rising and falling under the furs where Sorore had left her.
Sorore sat on the wide steps, put her chins on her hands, and began to think. It was a rather dangerous proposition, considering her recent failure. She had a tendency to ruminate on them, and often her twin would find her staring plaintively before loudly disrupting it. This time was no different, as before anything but impotent frustration could boil over, he plopped down behind her back.
“Stop that,” he said, “I can hear your teeth beginning to grind.”
She leaned back to lie upon his lap, despite the admonishment she heard in her head about proper sitting position. His eyes were closed again, and she followed suit, letting the minutes wile away as night crept into the word. She was shaken out of this reverie by a loud pop and Aya’s yelp. The girl was both mid yawn and bright red as both the paladins and the twins turned to look at her. She insisted that she was fine, and took to straightening her clothes subconsciously.
It was a mere temporary distraction for Sorore, who was largely engrossed in considering the knife. Rather than merely wallowing in her problems, she was invested in its function. She could almost see the stone parting before her, revealing the source of that smothering cold behind the door. Maybe if she had tried one more time, maybe if she reduced the complexity of the form, then increased when she got the basic shape. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe.
It was all of very little use. She was inside her head once again, at a complete loss of what to do. Maybe, within the grand archives of Angorrah, the answer was contained in a dusty scroll. Some offhand fact or technique of forging, long forgotten in the darkness of the shelves. But these were several weeks of travel away, and she wasn’t sure that she’d see the next sunrise. So then, what could she do to get them to bridge that gap? Just one more day, that’s all they needed, to hold out until the next sunrise.
Nothing. That was the simple truth of it - she was a lost little girl in a small village surrounded by terrible things. The thought was not a comforting one, and she wriggled, trying to nestle deeper into the legs of her twin. Aya by that point had come to sit down beside them, looking greyer as the dark came on. No wonder, for she knew she all felt the chill roll forward as the fog waxed in the night.
Another meal of common fare came and went, though Sorore noted that many soldiers were taking care with it. Perhaps it was common practice, to relish what very well may be your last meal. For her part she found it rather difficult to keep it down, the coming dread of the hours ahead offsetting her appetite.
The faces of the paladins had settled into that implacable, stoney cast once more. They quietly rebandaged their injuries, readjusted their armour, and set to sharpening their great blades with long deliberate strokes. Sorore idly thought that their sleeping faces were significantly more pleasant, if rarer to see. Thus it was that they crossed over into the late afternoon, where the light was quickly fading.
“I would like to take one last little walk,” Aya spoke up, “before… you know.”
The paladins looked up, their eyes twisting with barely veiled misapprehension at the request.
“My lady…” Lillian began.
“We can’t,” Niche said, “Not now. Not so close to dark.”
“Just barely outside the door,” said Aya, “Just so I can see something other than the church. Just to stretch my legs.”
The paladins looked at each other, looked back, and set their faces.
“Well, I suppose it can be accommodated,” Lillian said, “only just outside the church, and only for a few minutes.”
Her tone warned of dire consequences if these conditions should not be strictly adhered to. The children all collectively nodded and the party of five set out past the doors. The barricades within the church had grown in size and strength, at least as far as Sorore could judge. The villagers, under the supervision of the soldiers, had proven diligent in the daylight hours. She could only hope that it would be enough for the onset of the creatures, should they breach the church.
She had a dread certainty that it would indeed be breached, sooner or later. Though she hadn’t heard of any specifics, whispers of just how many of the things lurked outside were passed around. It was a small stroke of fortune that the windows were narrow and ensconced in stone. The last thing they needed was one of the flying beasts to crash through the glass.
The faint red-pink cast to the grey outside was beginning to fade into blackness as the sun shrank. Occasionally, the banks of fog would strip away, revealing the abominable silhouettes standing still past the wall. They would close just as quickly, removing any clarity, and leaving only the icy fear in its place. The remaining soldiers and villagers watched them with anxiety and exhaustion.
The garden around the front of the church was almost non-existent. Most of the flowers had been trampled either in preparation for or during the course of the battle. The only things left relatively untouched were the central beds around the side of the church, which grew produce for its tenants. Some trees still stood, showing minimal damage from the fog and its creatures.
The five ducked under the boughs of the closest one to the doors. The additional chill brought by its shade was a trifling concern at the present. The green, muted as it was by the overcast sky beyond, was a lively anchor in the cold, dead mists. Such was the comfort of the place that Soroe let herself lean back onto the bark of the tree and eyes drift closed.
The trunk was solid, a comforting sensation that seemed to offset the malevolence of the fog.
Enough so that Sorore began to wander the netherworld of half-sounds and sights that characterised pre-sleep. They all wandered with her, some staying, some peeling off, guided by their own demented logic. Little and less was coherent, but it took her away from the horrible reality of what lurked a few hundred steps away all the same.
She fell deeper into this other-state, letting the visions wash over her as the real world slipped away. Time became a mercurial concept, which led her to question when exactly everything had settled. But settled it had, into a hazy blackness which the eye could not pierce. There, in the distance, a bright ribbon of twisting warm color glowed. A piece of fresh-forged metal perhaps, the day’s task going straight to her head. Or maybe it was the remnants of another dream that day, one that was already a blurry memory.
From a great distance, she heard a crash, unmistakable in its ringing clarity. A forge hammer singing out a song of its own, for now merely a rhythm. It shifted in tone as it rang out through the abyss once more, adding progression, then melody, all written in singing steel. Sorore’s fingers began to drum out the sequence on her thighs as she felt it reverberate through her. Then, with a sliding screech, she was left alone in the half-dream, with nothing but darkness remaining.
Still, the bright memory of the song remained, and in the darkness another voice took shape. It was a deep, rich, and handsome sound, that spoke of a confidence of such immensity that you were convinced its wielder could do anything. Sorore had never heard the likes of it before, either on the docks, or in cities, or on the open waves.
“Come now,” it said, “this little thing is giving you trouble?”
Sorore’s eyes slowly open, pulling her from the dreamscape back into the dreariness of the real. Aya had her knees pulled to her chest, leaning back into the trunk. The paladins, tired but alert, scanned the endlessly shifting banks of fog.
Sorore had a fleeting impression that the answers were just beyond the pale mists. Maybe something would come through, parting it like thin curtains, and impart the inspiration she needed. Or maybe a whole set of schematics will drop into my lap from the sky, she thought with dark irony.
The vision was quickly fading into the abyss of forgetfulness. Perhaps Aya had shared it once more with her, but she was in conversation with the paladins. Not wanting to interrupt, Sorore looked at her outstretched legs. Past them were a handful of leaves that had fallen despite the summer of the valley, with a couple long decomposed to nothing but their skeletons.
She reached out to grasp at the leaves, looking at the yellow-grey veins that raced across its surface. The large ones spread from the central stem and the hundreds of smaller capillaries that interconnected them. Holding up to the sky, she screwed her face, trying to discern the details of this piece of nature. After a few moments of tepid stillness, the clouds parted for just a moment, letting a ray of sunlight lance down to catch their hill in its beam.
For a second, the leaf seemed to glow, shimmering like metal catching glare.
And Sorore had her inspiration.
With that, she sprang to her feat so fast that one of the paladins almost jumped. Both looked around with questioning and slightly alarmed expressions. Sorore didn’t have much of an answer - in fact her mind was going so fast that she could hardly even articulate the solution that had been revealed to her.
“The- the- the-” she said, snapping her fingers, trying to put words to the idea, “I know what to do. I need to find him.”
“Find who? The mage?” asked Lillian.
The fiery certainty of the thought sent Sorore tramping out onto the grass, leading to calls from the paladins to slow down. She didn’t bother to wait for them, consumed by this need to find the mage, the knife, to try again.
The forge was more or less empty, save for the few labourers packing up the tools and ferrying them into the church proper. With a furious set of questions, she gleaned that he’d vacated the premises some time ago. The paladins called for her to stop as she doubled back, but she couldn’, not now.
The scenery seemed to blur as she rushed through the church doors, past the bustling barricades, and to the captain’s tables. A somewhat perturbed Damafelce told the young girl that Efrain had been seen entering the door at the end of the church. With that, Sorore broke out into a run, past the altar, through the door and down into the darkness of the Catacombs.
She stepped out onto the sand floor, the members of her party at her heels as she tried to seek out the path to the black wall. She stumbled more than once as she felt her way along in the darkness, fortunately with no skeletal interruptions this time. Down the stairs and into the long corridor she came, the smothering cold increasing as she pushed forward.
As she had surmised, Efrain was there, just about to start whatever process pried apart the stone. The tip of the blade was raised, pressed into the stone above his head. He turned at the approaching footsteps, cocking his head at the lack of isolation. Sorore didn’t even wait for him to say something, instead thrusting out her head for the crude metal knife.
“ I know- I can- I can do it now,” she said, breathless from the long run from the surface.
Delicately, Efrain removed the metal from the stone, and looked down at her. There seemed to be a questioning quality to the look, at least as far as she could read the emotionless mask. He looked at the cat, then back to the girl, and then to the rest of her party.
“How?” he said, “ If I let you undo this, we may not have enough time to recreate it before the attacks begin.”
“Leaves,” she said, putting a hand on the wall to steady herself as her lungs complained, “it- was the leaves.”
“The… leaves?” he said, “ All right. Stop, take a few breaths, and start from the beginning.”
And so she did, explaining how she sat under the bows of the trees, the half-awake dreaming, and the skeleton of the leaf.
“I got it. I was trying to build the whole thing out myself, all at once,” she said, stumbling over her words, “instead of letting nature do what it wants. The metal wants to come together - I don’t need to force it into its final shape. I just need to build a- a-”
She snapped her fingers at the air, trying to reach past this new blank as Efrain regarded the knife.
“You want to build a frame,” he said, “and let the metal fill in the rest of the empty space.”
After a moment’s hesitation, he turned over the knife, hilt first, to the girl.
“Well then,” he said, “let’s hope you know what you’re doing.”
She did, or at least she hoped she did this time. Within moments, the metal was flowing over her hands like a cold stream, but instead of trying to sculpt it, she began to spin filaments outwards. Like the skeleton of the leaf, little veins of metal stretched outwards, stopping abruptly, and folding back into themselves. If it had been hard before, it was now brutal, the smothering cold dragging at every attempt to shape the material.
Hands trembling, sweat beginning to bead on her forehead, she managed to split the metal into dark fingers. All she had to do was resist gravity and prevent it spilling over the imaginary bounds of the shape. From those dark fingers, snaking vines spread out and connected with each other. Slowly, slowly, branching and arcing, they filled in the skeleton she’d created and fused.
The final product wasn’t altogether too different from what they’d created during the afternoon. The shape, a heavy chisel tip, tapering out to twin furls like a plough, a longer tang. Sorore, half blind by stinging salt, didn’t fail to notice swirling furrows spreading across its surface. She had no idea how she’d managed to etch those designs, or perhaps the metal remembered, just as the stone did.
“Well,” said the mage at last, “suffice to say, I am impressed. Now, hold it up.”
She did so, despite the exhaustion of her arms, the tip wavering as his finger touched its point.
There was a rush of something, extending over the surface of the blade, stopping just short of her hand. It was like a coat of mail had been pulled taught, the links aligning at the same time, snapping together in a regular structure. From the tip of the chisel, down to the tang, the metal shuddered and settled. By the time it disappeared under her grip, it was rigid as any steel tool.
The mage gently took it from her, holding the blade up to that little flickering light above his head. Flicking it this way and that, he seemed to find whatever he was looking for, and pressed the tip to the wall. Sorore, despite her fatigue, was practically exploding with excitement. She’d done it, not only conquering the task, but she was about to see what was behind those dark walls.
Then, before he pressed the blade into the stone and drew it down, he paused.
“Paladins,” he said, voice quiet, “it would be best to take the children back into the church.”
Lillian frowned and put a hand onto her hilt as she stared at the door.
“What?” said Sorore, aghast, “ But I-”
“No buts,” said Efrain, “we don’t know what’s behind this door. It may be dangerous, it may not. But I strongly suspect it’s not something you would want to see. Very well done, little one, but this is something I should deal with on my own.”
The tone of academic authority was not an unfamiliar one to Sorore. But unlike in virtually all other occasions in her life, she attempted to object. Before she could speak more than a few words, Lillian took her by the shoulders, her mind apparently made up. All three of them were carted up the stairs as barely contained rage began to bubble up inside her.
“Do you think we should…?” said Niche, gesturing to the surrounding stone.
“No, not yet,” Lillian said, “putting aside everything else, we still might need him.”
Niche nodded and said no more.
They had made a steady pace, overtaking half the hallway as the scream of metal on stone echoed out. It was followed by a grating rumble as presumably the doors opened. If the temperature below the surface was cold when they came, the resulting drop was freezing. The mist that rose up behind them whispered things in long mournful sighs as the surroundings began to buzz with what must’ve been magic.
Then, from up the stairs there was a long, terrible wail.
[←Chapter 47] [Cover Art] [My Links] [Index] [Discord] [Subreddit] [Chapter 49→]
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2023.05.30 05:47 dinolord77 Billabong Junction, map concept

Howdy, you may know me from Volcano Coast my Hawaii map concept, and you may know this is my second time typing this! I had this half typed out and was tired, so I decided to finish it the next day, and I guess my laptop died overnight, which when close it goes into sleep mode, but it didn't for some reason. Away I am not going to type out the main story and side missions like I had planned so I'm going to just summarize them, sorry.
Introduction: G'day and welcome to the Northen territory! out here in the bush it's a hunter dream where you can hunt the same land that ancient aboriginals did 10,000 years ago. Stalk along the river or set up at one of the billabongs for thirsty feral donkeys, goats, and mean Ol' scrub bulls. Trek through the forests for warry bangteng and dangerous water buffalo, and if big game isn't your cup of tea, head up to the wetland to hunt some of Australia's beautiful waterfowl, but be careful around the water, for your not only apex predator in Billabong Junction!
Characters: William Bailey is the warden of the reserve. He's 43 years old and has been warden for 21 years. he's a jokester but is serious about the wellbeing of the reserve.
Ava Bailey is a ecologist studding the effects that invasive species have on native wildlife. She's 38 years old and is William's sister.
Robert Stevenson is a student studding under Ava, but his main research is on the crocodiles of the reserve. He's 24 and is Ava's assistant.
Bobby "Kaiya" Harris is a aboriginal man who lives on the reserve and is a big-time waterfowl hunter. He's 30 and is good friends with William.
Jack\Jacky Graham is the owner of an outfit that takes people hunting what he calls the big three bangtengs, scrub bulls, and water buffalo. he's 50 years old.
map layout: A river flows from the northeast, going south then winding west. The northeastern part of the map is a wetland with green vegetation. North of the river and west of the wetland is lust forest and fields. Five dried tributaries branch out from the river going south through dry scrub forests and prairies and in these tributaries are a total sixteen billabongs, the largest being in the southeast. Going south of the river the vegetation becomes less green and drier as it fades into a dry scrub like environment. In the dry rocky hills to the southwest discover the ancient signs of the aboriginals.
Main story: In the beginning of a drought, you have come to help William with the reserve. After you get settled William has you help his sister and then as you tear down a croc trap set up by poachers and as the story continues you find a torn shirt in the river near a busted croc trap, and a few people go missing, then after helping Jack Graham locate a missing target buffalo, after finding in dead you learn the culprit is a croc and after following the tracks you find blood and torn clothes that match a missing person, realizing you have a man-eating croc on the loose and you need to stop it. (The maneater will be a guaranteed diamond)
Side missions: Ava's missions will have you set up and collect trail cams, harvest certain species, and put hunting pressure in specific areas.
Roberts missions will have you find crocodile zones, photograph crocs, spot crocs, and harvest crocs.
Bobby's missions will have you hunt waterfowl in certain ways, with certain weapons, and harvest pacific ratings.
Jacky's missions will have you hunt the big three, photograph them, track them, spot them, and harvest pacific ratings.
animals and weapon:
pink-eared duck: class 1, level 1-3. These ducks are commonly found in the wetland parts of the river.
maned duck: class 1, level 1-3. These ducks are rarer and found only in the wetland.
magpie geese: class 1, level 1-5. These geese are found in the wetland and along the hole river.
feral goat: class 3, level 1-5. feral goats are found in herds in the regions south of the river.
feral pig: class 4, level 1-5. pigs can be found everywhere expect the southwestern region and most commonly in the northern regions.
feral donkey: class 6, level 1-5. feral donkey travel in small herds in the dryer regions of the reserve. they are very vocal and will warning can when attentive and alert. The highest population is in the central and southeast areas of the map.
saltwater crocodile: class 7, level 1-9. crocodiles are more aggressive and are most active at dusk and night, basking during the morning and evening. crocs are found in the river and the highest population is in the wetland.
bangteng; class 9, level 1-5. The bangteng are warry and quiet, staying in the denser forests along the river, venturing out during dawn and dusk. Bangteng do not go aggressive.
scrub bull: class 9, level 1-9. scrub bulls are found in the dryer regions south of the river, they travel in herds and are very vocal, bulls are rather aggressive and will charge if you get to close.
water buffalo: class 9, level 1-9. water buffalo can be found along the river and a little bit south of it, but the highest population is in the lush forest and wetland north of the river.
My weapon of choice is the Mauser M12 max 9.3x62 rifle. Irl this a common African game cartridge so I think it would be a great 5-9 gun.

Sorry if this seems rushed it kind of is sense emerald coast was announced and I wanted to hurry up and get this out there. so please tell me what you think, and I hope you all enjoyed Billabong Junction.
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2023.05.30 05:47 SvenTheTon78 2 Questions about spellcasting/melee from a newbie

So just started out and have been playing the early fights a few different times at level 2 just to practice, and had some questions, 1 about spellcasting and one about melee fighting.
1) So I took the advice to start with a barbarian so I could just focus on melee combat, but sure enough, picked up Shadowheart and Gale pretty early. Gale especially has so many spells right out of the gate, I have no idea what to focus on. Default had me taking like feather fall and some other utility skill, but in my mind I can't imagine when I'll use them (I'm sure they have uses, I just am dumb enough about the game atm not to be able to use them appropriately), and then most turns I have like 3-4 different damage options, and just end up randomly going for one.
I know it's gonna take me a REALLY long time to learn the details of spellcasting, but for someone just starting out, is there any little piece of advice you can give me that would get me thinking in the right way? Trying my best to always read tooltips/combat log, to get a sense of things, but any advice is appreciated.
2) As far as melee goes, so I have my barbarian, big STCON, and I understand rage seems to WANT me to be in battle. However, in general early on, it seems like range trumps pretty much everything so far. Especially when I can get the upper hand starting a fight, why would I ever want to be melee when I can hop on a hill and just snipe people with arrows? Because hit points in this game seem quite a bit lower than most games, it always seem like enemies closer to me can always pose a bigger threat to me than i do to them, so my party pretty much always tries to keep distance. I am correct in thinking "tanking" doesnt really exist in games like this, correct? I'm just trying to get a sense of how to engage in combat the best way, since hit and run doesnt seem to work with attacks of opportunity punishing me for disengaging.
Sorry for the very general questions, I know these are pretty big topics!
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2023.05.30 05:44 Random244224 I Hate My Body SO MUCH

My stupid ducking bra size us a fucking 34 H CUP. WTF. I’m losing weight, but it’ll only go down like ONE CUP SIZE. And a stupid reduction is THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!!!!! I look hideous in EVERY FUCKING SHIRT I WEAR, and I no ant FUCKING TAKE IT ANYMORE. I’m supposed to be my prettiest in my 20s!!!!!! I can’t fit into the same fucking swim top I fit into less than a YEAR AGO. I didn’t even gain that much weight since last year!!!!!!!!! I have never hated my body THIS much before!!! I literally want to fucking cut off my boobs, I CAN’T STAND TO FUCKING LOOK AT MYSELF. I was FINALLY FINE WITH MY BODY LAST YEAR, and of course, THIS has to happen!!!! I’M GOING TO LOSE IT.
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2023.05.30 05:43 MagisterMagorum [H] NiB Howling Banshee (New sculpts), Various Raging Heroes Proxies in various stages of assembled/painted [W] Various Aeldari Miniatures (see list), Paypal [Loc] NC, USA

• Howling Banshees (NiB) - $45
--Sisters of Eternal Mercy:--
• Vanquishers (Partial Painted)- $40 Normally $75 for the set or $145+ if bought seperate
• Crimson Redeemers (Partial Painted)- $30 Normally $64 for the set or $115+ seperate
• Exemplars (old sculpts)(NoS) - $40 Hard to say what these are worth now as the old ones aren't sold anymore. The new ones were "improved" to have less "fantasy proportions"
• Icariates (old sculpts)(Painted) - $30 Same issues with the Exemplars
• War Pulpit (old sculpt)(Painted) - $45 This one will need a new base as I was REALLY new to the hobby at the time I made it and slapped it on a wooden base.
• Knights of the Chalice (painted)- $40 Normally $59 as a set or $75+ separately
--Lust Elves:--
• Avatar of Taïpahn (Unnassembled) - $100 This one is normally $139+ and it is new, just not on the sprue anymore (and frankly I don't remember if it even came on a sprue in the first place)
--Preferred:-- Any of the following, either NoS or NiB, which can be traded for any of the items above except the Avatar of Taïpahn:
• Aeldari Rangers (new sculpts)
• Visarch
• Yvraine
• Yncarne
• Guardian Defenders/Storm Guardians (new sculpts)
• Shroud Runners
• Dark Reaper (new sculpts)
--Also Accepted:--
• PayPal transactions.
--Prices are negotiable--
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2023.05.30 05:42 ohlordwhywhy Sixth Gen was probably the golden age of Japanese studios

I was revisiting my PS2 collection and surprised at how Japanese studios took risks back then. It was a time when you'd try out a new game and had no idea what to expect. Some examples:
Shadow of the Colossus, Katamari Damacy, Killer7, Viewtiful Joe, Okami, Disgaea, God Hand, Odin Sphere.
All great games and completely different from one another. These were just non-sequels, because there'd also be Metal Gear Solid 3, Silent Hill 2, Resident Evil 4, Dragon Quest VIII, Devil May Cry 3, Ace Combat 5, Gran Turismo 4. A good chunk of this list are the strongest contenders for best in each of these series, if not the best.
(BTW I'm aware RE4, Killer7, Viewtiful Joe started in the Gamecube in this miraculous Capcom effort to lift the GC. Still, it all came to the PS2.)
I think if we compare the Japanese PS3 and PS4 releases it puts into perspective how many risks they were taking in the 2000s. Just going with the best, most unique non-sequels:
PS3: Demon's Souls, Vanquish, Bayonetta, El Shaddai, Catherine, Nier (technically a sequel), Valkyria Chronicles, Ni no Kuni, Asura's Wrath, Tokyo Jungle, Dragon's Crown, Deadly Premonition.
PS4: Bloodborne, Nioh, Last Guardian, Death Stranding, Sekiro... and I think that's it?
Great games but you can see they start to narrow down into specific genres and aesthetics. Today it feels like there's not much room for large studios to try something outside the cinematic third person action combat game space.
I'm intentionally setting indies aside. I'm specifically looking at the bigger releases and surprised at how Namco and Capcom, specially Capcom, stepped into unique territories.
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2023.05.30 05:39 alurry [US] [Selling] Entire 4K SteelBook Collection (300+)

I am selling my entire personal collection. 95% of these were purchased new by me. Immediately after purchase I put them into the plastic protectors and haven't removed them since. None are heavily damaged (bending, major dents, multiple large scratches, etc.). There may be tiny dents, scratches, and the odd spine slash here and there. When you are ready to purchase I will let you know if I see any noticeable damage, however minor or major.
These are all used and opened and none contain the digital code or j-card. The vast majority contain all the original discs but a few might be missing the regular blu-ray. Most discs have never been played but I have watched a few once or twice. No issues while playing any of them.
I will ship for free via Media Mail. If you would prefer I ship using First Class or something else we can work out an extra fee. I would prefer to use PayPal F&F but will accept G&S if you insist. I will ship with the plastic protector (or with the slipcover that originally came with the SteelBook) and I will ship securely in a box with lots of bubble wrap (see picture below).
Prices are somewhat firm but it's hard to say what a lot of these are worth so feel free to make an offer. The more you buy the better deal I can give you. 10% off (possibly more) if you buy 2 and it only goes up from there. I would prefer to keep most of the collections together for now but could sell individually for the right price.
Proof ( If you want more assurance I have 224 transactions in DigitalCodeSELL (check my post history). I can also link you my eBay page if that is allowed. 3.6K items sold with 100% positive feedback.
Metal Tin SteelBook Collections (
Title Retailer Price
Game of Thrones Complete Collection (4K) SOLD
The Hobbit Trilogy (4K) Best Buy $100
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (4K) Best Buy $125
Mad Max Complete Collection (4K) Zavvi $100
Monsterverse 4 Film Collection (Empty Tin) SOLD
4K SteelBooks (Collections) (
Title Retailer Total SteelBooks Price
Bad Boys 1-3 Best Buy 2 $45
Back to the Future 1-3 Best Buy 3 $100
Bond 1-5 (Craig) Best Buy, FNAC 5 $140
Cars 1-2 Best Buy 2 $40
Dark Knight Trilogy Zavvi 3 $130
DCEU 1-12 Best Buy + + Zavvi 12 $450
Equalizer 1-2 Best Buy 2 $45
Finding Nemo/Dory SOLD
Frozen 1-2 Best Buy 2 $75
Godfather 1-3 Best Buy 3 $60
Godzilla + Godzilla vs Kong Best Buy 2 $60
Halloween (78, 18, 21, 22) Best Buy 4 $165
The Hitman's Bodyguard 1-2 Best Buy 2 $40
How to Train Your Dragon 1-3 SOLD
The Hunger Games 1-4 Best Buy 4 $70
The Incredibles Best Buy 2 $90
Indiana Jones 1-3 Best Buy 3 $70
Indiana Jones 1-4 Best Buy 4 $55
Jack Reacher 1-2 Best Buy 2 $75
John Wick 1-3 Best Buy 2 $60
Jumanji 1-3 Best Buy 3 $55
Jurassic World 1-6 Best Buy 2 $70
Kingsman 1-3 Best Buy 3 $50
The Lion King (94,19) Best Buy 2 $50
Maleficent 1-2 Best Buy + Zavvi 2 $45
MCU 1-30 Best Buy 30 $1200
Matrix 1-4 Best Buy 2 $95
Men in Black 1-4 Best Buy 2 $40
Monster's Inc/University SOLD
Mulan (98, 20) Best Buy 2 $70
A Quiet Place 1-2 Best Buy 2 $50
Scream (96, 22) Best Buy 2 $40
Sherlock Holmes 1-2 SOLD
The Shining/Doctor Sleep Best Buy 2 $150
Sicario 1-2 Best Buy 2 $70
Sonic the Hedgehog 1-2 Best Buy 2 $40
Space Jam 1-2 Best Buy 2 $35
Star Wars 1-9 + Solo & Rogue One Best Buy + Zavvi + FNAC 11 $500
Terminator (91, 19) Best Buy 2 $35
Top Gun 1-2 Best Buy 2 $75
Toy Story 1-4 Best Buy 4 $100
Trolls 1-2 Best Buy 2 $35
Venom 1-2 Best Buy 2 $40
Wreck-It-Ralph 1-2 Best Buy 2 $45
Zombieland 1-2 Best Buy 2 $30
Mondo X SteelBooks (
Title Retailer Mondo # Price
Boyhood (HD) Best Buy Canada #002 $25
Nightcrawler (HD) SOLD
Ghost in the Shell (HD) Best Buy #018 $15
It (HD) #022 $30
Friday the 13th (HD) #023 $25
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (HD) #025 $50
Justice League (HD) #026 $25
300 (HD) #028 $25
Wreck-It-Ralph (HD) Zavvi #034 $30
Avengers (4K) FNAC #039 $35
Doctor Strange (4K) Zavvi #041 $45
Black Panther (4K) FNAC #042 $40
Captain America: The First Avenger (4K) Zavvi #043 $40
Thor (4K) Zavvi #045 $40
Ant-Man (4K) Zavvi #047 $40
Iron Man 2 (4K) SOLD
Blade Runner: 2049 (4K) FNAC #049 $100
Captain America: The Winter Soldier (4K) Zavvi #050 $40
Thor: The Dark World (4K) Zavvi #051 $40
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (4K) Zavvi #052 $40
Avengers: Age of Ultron (4K) Zavvi #053 $40
Avengers: Infinity War (4K) SOLD
Avengers: Endgame (4K) SOLD
4K SteelBooks (Individual Movies) (
Title Retailer Price
21 & 22 Jump Street Best Buy $30
300 Best Buy $65
3:10 to Yuma Best Buy $20
Air Force One Best Buy $25
Alien Covenant Best Buy $20
Almost Famous Best Buy $45
Animal House Best Buy $25
Apollo 13 Best Buy $40
Baby Driver Best Buy $30
Babylon Best Buy $30
Beauty and the Beast (1991) Best Buy $50
Beetlejuice Best Buy $40
Blade Runner: The Final Cut SOLD
Bloodshot Best Buy $30
The Blues Brothers Best Buy $45
The Bourne Complete Collection Best Buy $60
Boyz N the Hood Best Buy $60
Brave Best Buy $25
A Bug's Life Best Buy $45
Bullet Train Best Buy $30
Bumblebee Best Buy $30
Carlito's Way Best Buy $30
Cinderella (2017) SOLD
A Clockwork Orange Best Buy $30
Cold Pursuit Zavvi $50
Coming to America Best Buy $15
The Dark Tower Best Buy $15
Deadpool 2 Best Buy $20
The Deer Hunter SOLD
District 9 Best Buy $45
Downton Abbey Best Buy $15
Dracula Best Buy $25
Dune (1984) Zavvi $35
Dune (2021) Best Buy $35
Edge of Tomorrow Best Buy $55
Encanto Best Buy $40
Ex Machina Zavvi $40
Frankenstein Best Buy $30
Free Guy SOLD
Forrest Gump Best Buy $40
Gattaca Best Buy $25
Gemini Man Best Buy $15
Ghost in the Shell (1995) Best Buy $20
Gladiator Best Buy $100
Godzilla (1998) Best Buy $25
The Good Dinosaur SOLD
Goodfellas Best Buy $70
The Goonies Best Buy $50
Grease Best Buy $45
The Green Mile Best Buy $30
Groundhog Day SOLD
Hacksaw Ridge SOLD
Heat Best Buy $50
Home Alone Best Buy $40
Howard the Duck Best Buy $35
How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) Best Buy $80
The Hurt Locker Best Buy $30
I Am Legend Zavvi $45
Inception Best Buy $80
Inglorious Basterds Best Buy $25
Inside Out Best Buy $35
Interstellar Best Buy $65
The Invisible Man (1933) Zavvi $25
The Invisible Man (2020) Best Buy $25
It (2017) Best Buy $25
It's a Wonderful Life Best Buy $20
Jaws Best Buy $35
Joker Best Buy $40
The Jungle Book (2016) SOLD
Jungle Cruise Best Buy $25
Kick-Ass Best Buy $35
King Kong (2005) Best Buy $30
Knives Out Best Buy $50
La La Land Best Buy $20
Last Action Hero Best Buy $25
The Last Duel FNAC $85
Lawrence of Arabia SOLD
Léon: The Professional Best Buy $65
Lightyear Best Buy $25
The Little Mermaid Zavvi $45
Logan Zavvi $50
Looper Zavvi $45
Luca Best Buy $55
Mad Max: Fury Road Best Buy $55
Mary Poppins Returns Best Buy $20
The Meg Best Buy $15
Mission Impossible: Fallout Best Buy $20
Moana Best Buy $30
Moonfall Best Buy $25
Morbius Best Buy $25
Mortal Engines Zavvi $20
The New Mutants Zavvi $40
Nightmare Alley Best Buy $35
Nope Best Buy $25
The Northman Zavvi $55
The Nutcracker and the Four Realms Best Buy $15
Oblivion $75
Ocean's 8 Best Buy $15
Old Best Buy $15
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Best Buy $20
Onward Best Buy $60
Parasite Zavvi $35
Passengers Best Buy $35
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Best Buy $15
Pokémon Detective Pikachu Best Buy $30
Pulp Fiction (Brand New) Best Buy $35
The Princess and the Frog Best Buy $30
The Punisher Best Buy $40
Ratatouille Best Buy $70
Raya and the Last Dragon Best Buy $50
Rear Window Best Buy $35
Red Sparrow Best Buy $30
Requiem For a Dream Best Buy $40
Reservoir Dogs Best Buy $20
Robocop (1987) Best Buy $45
Rocketman Best Buy $15
Saving Private Ryan SOLD
Saw (2004) Best Buy $30
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World SOLD
The Secret Life of Pets 2 Best Buy $15
The Shape of Water Best Buy $55
The Shawshank Redemption Best Buy $45
Schindler's List Best Buy $40
Shooter Best Buy $15
Shrek Best Buy $40
Shutter Island Best Buy $35
Sing Best Buy $20
Skyscraper Best Buy $20
Soul Best Buy $60
Spartacus Best Buy $65
Speed Best Buy $60
Spies in Disguise Best Buy $20
The Spine of Night Best Buy $15
A Star is Born Best Buy $40
The Sting Best Buy $25
Super 8 Best Buy $25
Tangled Best Buy $65
The Ten Commandments Best Buy $25
Tenet Best Buy $20
The Thing $50
Total Recall Best Buy $35
The Town Best Buy $70
True Romance Best Buy $20
Turning Red Best Buy $20
The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent Best Buy $35
Unbreakable Best Buy $40
Uncharted Best Buy $25
Unforgiven Zavvi $40
Universal Soldier Best Buy $20
Us Best Buy $20
Vertigo Best Buy $35
Wall-E Best Buy $100
War of the Worlds SOLD
Warrior Best Buy $20
West Side Story Best Buy $25
Who Framed Roger Rabbit Zavvi $40
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory $35
The Wizard of Oz Best Buy $70
The Wolf Man (1941) Best Buy $15
The Wolf of Wall Street Best Buy $15
Zootopia Best Buy $25
Regular Blu-ray SteelBooks (
Title Retailer Price
The Breakfast Club Best Buy $15
Cinderella Best Buy $15
Django Unchained Best Buy $15
Ex Machina Zavvi $45
Plaines, Trains, and Automobiles Best Buy $15
TV Show SteelBooks (
Title Retailer Price
Chernobyl (4K) Best Buy $70
House of the Dragon S1 (4K) Best Buy $35
Westworld S2 (4K) Best Buy $55
Westworld S3 (4K) Best Buy $55
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2023.05.30 05:31 Almagest642 Advice really needed

21 running an already established shop, have 40 embroidery heads across 5 different machines, and 2 functioning screen print machines and 2 dryers to boot.
Embroidery security’s walled off from the print section, and we’ve got aluminum tubes above our dryers to carry as much of the steam out,
Also have a way too expensive to fix/run, totally not worth the hassle online shop I want to get rid of and instead use my dtg section, (vinyl cut/print, gtx 4pro, and 15x17 heat press) to print films, cut only vinyl jobs (for simplicity) and DTG/DTF samples.
My aim is to establish a system that works, a system for the paper copy po’s that I handle (because all my clients are 20 years behind), and Im also scratching my head trying to establish a proper “in and out” system.
Right now I’m trying to organize all of the threads along our wall, Im also trying to clear the extra filing cabinet we’ve got in the back so we can store every customers individual embroidery files, but man it’s a heck of a task.
Currently manually inputting the po info into google drive pages such as google docs (for delivery slips to customers and formal letters such as proposed price lists) and google sheets (production schedules, what’s on the floor, what’s done and to invoice) etc
Basically what can I do as owner to be able to just focus on sales and growing my business rather that having to be in charge of running my shop, I have capable people available to me, but with the day to day it becomes so much to handle everything that I barely have time to actually pursue more sales.
I’m trying to be as frugal as possible in my personal life to try and invest in whatever ideas I was supposed to come up with and I’m at my wits end, any advice is appreciated
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2023.05.30 05:28 ProjectileDiarrhea22 Why is IRS Funding such a partisan issue?

Republicans are very focused on decreasing IRS funding, as we can see with the new debt limit deal. Seems like a weird hill to die on. What gives?
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2023.05.30 05:27 LadyPartsPod $1,400 / 2br - 1 room in renovated 2 bedroom, Roslindale 9/1/23

I'm a woman in my 30s seeking a mature, kind roommate to sign a one-year lease starting September 1, 2023.
About the apartment:
Second floor of a triple decker with lots of sunlight.
Common areas were renovated last year with grey vinyl floors. Kitchen has marble countertops and all new appliances. Bathroom features marble floor and a beautiful tiled shower with oversized bathtub.
Bedroom has hardwood floors, two windows facing the side of the building, and a small closet.
Front balcony overlooks the street, back balcony overlooks small backyard.
Coin-op laundry in basement. You can store a bike down there too. Driveway can fit two cars, one in front of the other. Landlord is charging an extra $100 for use of the driveway, and I'd be happy to split it with you. There's also ample street parking and I often park on the street when I don't want to block in my current roommate.
Located on Washington Street in Roslindale. About a 20 minute walk to the Orange Line at Forest Hills, or you can take any of 7 buses on the street that go to Forest Hills, as well as to destinations in Roslindale, West Roxbury and Dedham. (And yes, it's a busy street). Less than 10 minute walk to Roslindale Village with grocery stores, restaurants, bars, The Square Root coffee house and the locally famous Fornax bakery. You can also get the commuter rain there (Needham Line). Five minute walk to the Arnold Arboretum.
About me:
I'm a podcast producer and writer, working remotely. I belong to a co-working space in JP where I work two or three days a week. My schedule is flexible, and I sometimes work at night. I cook meals about 4 times a week, sometimes during the day and sometimes at night. That said, I'm not a night-owl. I normally sleep from about 11:30pm to 7am. I enjoy having friends over and dancing in the kitchen from time to time. But I'm pretty quiet overall. I do yoga daily, usually at home but sometimes at Akasha Yoga, which is a short walk down the street.
What I'm looking for a in a roommate:
Maturity and an "adult" level of cleanliness. 30s-40s preferred. Someone who understands that when you're sharing a living space there are compromises, and not everything is always under your control. There's not a ton of surface area in the kitchen, and I like eating with others, so it's a bonus if you're interested in having some shared meals.
If you're interested please fill out this questionnaire to help determine if we'd be a good fit:
LGBTQ+ friendly
Sorry, no pets
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2023.05.30 05:27 MozartWasARed WTW for the legal equivalent of hypochondria?

I actually technically know this term but am debating it and can't get it across.
As most people know, hypochondria is the technical term for health-related worrying (e.g. peeing outside and thinking you have diabetes because the ants come running to it), and someone who fears death every time they stub their toe is called a hypochondriac.
If I'm the law-abiding version and worry about being confronted by the coppers every time I eat an extra free sample at Walmart or pet a therapy doggo with a leash that asks me not to pet them, I am a ______?
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2023.05.30 05:25 greasetrout Household Pests of the PSM

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2023.05.30 05:22 SeanWang99 How to solve the problem of chip package heat dissipation?

How to solve the problem of chip package heat dissipation?
Heat dissipation is a critical consideration in chip package design to ensure the proper functioning and prevent damage due to excessive temperatures. Here are some common strategies to solve the problem of chip package heat dissipation:
  1. Heat sinks: Heat sinks are commonly used to dissipate heat from chip packages. They are usually made of metal, such as aluminum or copper, and are designed with fins or other structures to increase the surface area for heat transfer. Heat sinks absorb heat from the chip and dissipate it into the surrounding air.
  2. Thermal interface materials (TIMs): TIMs are used to improve the thermal conductivity between the chip and the heat sink. They fill in the microscopic gaps and air pockets between the chip and the heat sink, ensuring better heat transfer. Common TIMs include thermal pastes, pads, and greases.
  3. Thermal vias: Thermal vias are small holes in the chip package's substrate that allow heat to transfer from the chip to the printed circuit board (PCB) or other heat-spreading layers. These vias can improve heat dissipation by providing additional pathways for heat to escape from the chip.
  4. Heat pipes: Heat pipes are highly efficient heat transfer devices that can be integrated into chip packages. They consist of a sealed copper pipe containing a small amount of working fluid. When the chip generates heat, the fluid evaporates, transfers heat to the cooler end of the pipe, condenses, and returns to the hot end, creating a continuous cycle that effectively dissipates heat.
  5. Active cooling: In cases where passive cooling methods are insufficient, active cooling techniques can be employed. These include fans, blowers, or liquid cooling solutions. Fans and blowers circulate air around the chip package, enhancing heat dissipation. Liquid cooling uses coolant to absorb and remove heat, typically through a closed-loop system.
  6. Efficient chip design: Optimizing the chip design can help reduce heat generation. Design considerations such as power management, circuit layout, and minimizing leakage currents can help decrease the overall heat output.
  7. Adequate ventilation: Proper airflow and ventilation in the device or system housing the chip can help dissipate heat. Well-designed enclosures with vents or fans can facilitate the flow of cool air to the chip and remove hot air efficiently.
  8. Thermal simulation and testing: Utilize thermal simulation software to model and analyze the heat dissipation characteristics of the chip package. Conducting thermal testing on prototypes can help validate the design and identify potential issues early on.
It's important to note that the specific solution for heat dissipation depends on factors such as the chip's power density, operating conditions, space constraints, and application requirements. Consulting with thermal engineers or experts in a chip package design can provide more tailored recommendations based on your specific situation.
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2023.05.30 05:21 ivychen300 Air Blasting Equipments Market to Witness Robust Expansion by 2023

LPI (LP Information)' newest research report, the “Air Blasting Equipments Industry Forecast” looks at past sales and reviews total world Air Blasting Equipments sales in 2022, providing a comprehensive analysis by region and market sector of projected Air Blasting Equipments sales for 2023 through 2029. With Air Blasting Equipments sales broken down by region, market sector and sub-sector, this report provides a detailed analysis in US$ millions of the world Air Blasting Equipments industry.
This Insight Report provides a comprehensive analysis of the global Air Blasting Equipments landscape and highlights key trends related to product segmentation, company formation, revenue, and market share, latest development, and M&A activity. This report also analyzes the strategies of leading global companies with a focus on Air Blasting Equipments portfolios and capabilities, market entry strategies, market positions, and geographic footprints, to better understand these firms' unique position in an accelerating global Air Blasting Equipments market.
This report presents a comprehensive overview, market shares, and growth opportunities of Air Blasting Equipments market by product type, application, key manufacturers and key regions and countries.
The main participants
Wheelabrator (Norican)
AIRPLUS Industrial
MANUS Abrasive Systems
Burwell Technologies
Abrasive Blasting Service & Supplies
Applied Blast Machines
Abrasive Blast Systems
International Surface Technologies
Yancheng Dafeng Sanxing Machinery
Airo Shot Blast Equipments
Segmentation by type
Dry Blasting
Wet Blasting
Segmentation by application
Brass Molding
Aluminum Die-casting
Glass Industry
Key Questions Addressed in this Report
What is the 10-year outlook for the global Air Blasting Equipments market?
What factors are driving Air Blasting Equipments market growth, globally and by region?
Which technologies are poised for the fastest growth by market and region?
How do Air Blasting Equipments market opportunities vary by end market size?
How does Air Blasting Equipments break out type, application?
What are the influences of COVID-19 and Russia-Ukraine war?
LP INFORMATION (LPI) is a professional market report publisher based in America, providing high quality market research reports with competitive prices to help decision makers make informed decisions and take strategic actions to achieve excellent outcomes.We have an extensive library of reports on hundreds of technologies.Search for a specific term, or click on an industry to browse our reports by subject. Narrow down your results using our filters or sort by what’s important to you, such as publication date, price, or name.
E-mail: [email protected]
Add: 17890 Castleton St. Suite 369 City of Industry, CA 91748 US
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2023.05.30 05:21 Crasher-22 Need some help

Could you all give some examples of the classic end scenes where they run of into the sun set BUT the one with like hills where they might disappear from a moment or two I can’t find any but remember seeing it a ton
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2023.05.30 05:17 PinkPansyWitch Got banned for posting this

Observations since September 2022
I’ve been using this app since September, and a lot of the current issues are far from new. I thought I’d share my experience from the beginning and how things have evolved.
In September of 2022, the Ai was so smart it was almost scary. It could keep up with you, further the plot, and it took about 500 messages for the bot to start forgetting things. The f word was there, but it was hardly noticeable if you weren’t being explicit. Originally, bots did not get violent, until the devs addressed this with an update that helped “villain” characters act more villainous.
Before the Reddit takeoff, everyone would band together on Discord when the servers crashed (which used to only happen about once a week) Immediately upon joining you’d notice people mentions the f word and getting banned. It started to get stronger, and as the f word restricted more, the bots lost memory and got stupider. During this time the devs claimed there was no f word, only a “safety” feature, that was in no way affecting the server load or the quality of the bots. The only error you got was “chat error please try again” with no explanation when something was restricted.
As time progressed the bots kept going down hill, and the f word got stronger. Soon the word kiss was being chat errored, but the devs still wouldn’t admit it was the f word.
Until one night the f word died and chaos ensued. Anyone awake got to experience pure unfiltered character.Ai at its full potential. For about three hours, the bots were even smarter than September, and it became clear to everyone that the devs were lying through their teeth when they said the f word wasn’t affecting the server load, or the quality of the bots. This led to people boycotting the service when it came back on, being the root cause of the formation of Pygmalion. There was never any address from the devs about this, the only action they took was shutting down the discord server and handing out bans on Reddit to anyone who continued to mention the f word.
Eventually, they admitted to what it was, and the error we get now explains why the message didn’t come through like it should, but for months, we were gaslight into believing it didn’t exist.
Recently, the queue has become a thing to limit site traffic and prevent the site from crashing, despite this, the site is crashing more than it ever has. When the queue was first implemented, it crashed maybe three times a week. It was introduced as a temporary solution, but has now been put behind a pay wall.
The bots are still reducing in quality. They can hardly keep up anymore, especially in role playing. The message quality now is still better than other apps like Chai, but is no where near the capabilities of this technology. Within the last month or so, spicer messages weren’t getting chat errored, and it looked like an improvement to the f word that made it less invasive.
That is until now and violence is being taken out, and the bots got even more childlike. One of the most reoccurring themes when the devs mess with the f word, is the bots start using childlike words, and the site constantly crashes.
All of the issues happening right now point to that they’re messing with the f word again, even if they said they’re aware the violence is an issue and they’re going to fix it.
They always say they’re going to fix it, they never do. They always say they’re aware of the issue, but they are creating these issues. From the very beginning, the devs have never been open with their user base, or allowed open discussion on issues within the website. I am saying this now as I’ve noticed a lot of new users, but not new problems. The bots in September were awe striking technology, and it’s a shame we are unable to see it at its full potential.
The devs created something wonderful, but from the beginning the website has been unsustainable because of their lack of transparency, and downright lying and censorship.
I am hopeful the violent issue, and the constant crashing, and overall dumbness of the bots will be fixed, but I am highly doubtful that meaningful change will ever truly occur.
Edit: I almost forgot that also during the time the f word died, creators of the most popular bots were changing the bot descriptions to anti f word statements. The devs responded to this saying they were temporarily freezing trending and popular bots because “people were complaining when their favorite bots change”.
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2023.05.30 05:15 Sea_Peanut_2327 Hiking buddy

Hello all, I'm looking for a friend to go hiking with in the evenings (after 530) on weekdays and whenever else is clever. I currently live in the valley but am fine with driving to wherever my 4 banger can handle, or meet up and carpool for more extreme hikes. From the south, so extreme hills will have me stopping a lot. I'm 35-40 female. Not discriminating but preference for females.
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2023.05.30 05:10 elevencharles H.I. McDunnough comes from a long line of frontiersmen and outdoor types…

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2023.05.30 05:09 Gritty_gutty "Trade the pick" folks: I come in peace. Sell me on your vision!

I've been pretty unabashedly on the "keep the pick" side of this ongoing feud in our fandom. I've argued that the Blazers have virtually no shot at a title in the next couple years, so it doesn't make sense to handicap the franchise's future just to try to win a playoff series or two.
My rationale has been that once we pay Grant we'll have little to no cap space, and once Dame's contract balloons in two years we'll really have zero cap space. The new CBA enacts some really punitive penalties for going over (even by using the MLE per Bill Oram) so money in would need to be money out.
And that's a problem because we had maybe the worst bench in the NBA last year. Plus Thybulle and Nurk are below average starters, so they would certainly need to be upgraded as well. If we're lucky enough to add a superstar, we'll need to send out Ant, Nurk, and Little to match salaries, and two superstars plus the worst supporting cast in the NBA doesn't get you anywhere near a championship.
But here's your chance to explain to me why I'm an idiot! I would love little more in the entire world than for the Blazers to prove me wrong and win a championship with Dame in the next couple years. So please, convince me that the Blazers are just a couple moves away from being legit title contenders.
I've been frustrated by past comments that intimate that the only thing standing between Dame and a title is Cronin having the balls to make "the big move". So now you're the GM. What specific trade or trades would you make? Who are our championship starters + key bench players? You can't completely fleece teams but anything semi-realistic is on the table. What moves are you making to bring a championship to the Rose City?
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2023.05.30 05:08 Inner_Comparison7112 Please help to analyze the obscured sentence.

Yet for a tiny cluster of rugged souls, fewer than 2,000 in all, scattered around some 250 square miles, this place out of time is something more, a constant companion whose moods we come to know like a member of the family's: the hills a vault of jade in March, carpeted with golden poppies and purple lupines and blue-blossomed wild lilacs before turning tawny and dry in the summer;
I just don't understand why the author can't split a sentence to several parts for easy reading. Please help to analyze the sentence structure. Thanks
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