Jiffy lube oil change and multicare

[US-CA][H] BastardKb Charybdis [W] Paypal

2023.06.03 16:34 pipemybiits [US-CA][H] BastardKb Charybdis [W] Paypal


Up for sale is a Charybdis that i built myself from buying the base kit from BastardKb. Ended up just switching back to a lily and find that more enjoyable personally.
Keyboard is fully working and keymaps can be changed in via. The splinky's were pre-flashed by bastardkb's

What this sale includes:
  1. Case
  2. Alien tents
  3. Epsilon Prevails lubed and filmed
  4. TRRS Cable
  5. Trackball
  6. PCB's
  1. keycaps

Price: $265 shipped CONUS. Not looking to ship international, sorry
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2023.06.03 16:26 doughnutsarenice 6 months using Treclin gel (0.025% tret and 1% clindamycin). So happy with the results and I’m still seeing changes everyday!

6 months using Treclin gel (0.025% tret and 1% clindamycin). So happy with the results and I’m still seeing changes everyday!
Routine: Morning: - Cetaphil gentle cleanser - The Inkey List 10% Azelaic acid serum (started using after 4 weeks of treclin) - Clean and Clear moisturiser - Eucerin oil control spf 50
Evening: - Cetaphil gentle cleanser - Cerave moisturising cream - Treclin gel
Can’t believe how much difference this has made when I compare the before and after! My previous post here shows the results after 5 weeks (and explains my skin journey). I was so happy even then with the changes, let alone after 6 months!! This community is so helpful and supportive so wanted to share my results :)
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2023.06.03 16:24 Shackattackab Winter storage help

I’m currently driving a 90s bmw all year around and looking at another car mainly to use for winter (Canada here)
When I put my bmw away for winter I know I have to clean, change oil, possibly disconnect battery and whatnot
I’m wondering when I buy my new car the best way to store the bmw for 6-7months a year And store the other car (yet to purchase) for 5-6months
Do I need to use the fuel stabilizer stuff? Or is a lot of this for prolonged parking and overkill? Do I just need to clean, oil change and basically park it and I’m good till I grab it next?
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2023.06.03 16:22 GarrettBobbyFergusen Question about air filter for 1960 CJ5

Recently, the Jeep started bogging down when putting it into 1st and 2nd gear (3 speed). I’ve needed to give it a lot of gas when shifting gears to keep it from dying. It has never had issues like this in the past. My initial guess is the air filter. It has a pretty small 6inch air filter on a 1967 Buick 225 V6. It might just need to be cleaned out, but I would like to get a larger one for better air intake. I’m looking for recommendations.
Something else to note is that this year, when I changed the oil, I switched up the oil from Pennzoil 10W-30 synthetic to Rotella T4 15W-40. I assumed that this change would be fine since it was already using synthetic but now I’m not so sure.
Any help would be appreciated, thanks for reading! Bonus picture of the Jeep https://i.imgur.com/GtxSAjk.jpg
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2023.06.03 16:18 sukatthis Oil Change on a Audi 2.7T. Step 1....Remove engine and trans.

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2023.06.03 16:16 soda_11 Dropped my 22 Wilderness and got a Legacy loaner with full screen AA, any ideas on when we'll be getting this?

Dropped my 22 Wilderness and got a Legacy loaner with full screen AA, any ideas on when we'll be getting this?
Dropped my 22 wilderness for an oil change and warrenty work on a door trim. Got a new Legacy as a loaner and to my surprise it has full screen Android Auto. Any ideas of this will be coming for us soon?
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2023.06.03 16:15 Slayerz21 Mixed Signals — Do I need to Change my oil?

Mixed Signals — Do I need to Change my oil?
So I’m looking for a bit of advice. I recently got my used 2019 Mazda 3 from the dealership a month and some change ago. The odometer read 44,225 and the carfax indicated the oil was changed on 02/28, at 44,225 miles. She now sits at 45,270 miles. Last night, when me and my buddy were driving to the movies, the low oil warning came up on my dashboard. This is confirmed by the app giving an alert at this time. However, on the way back, the warning didn’t pop up, the app says my oil level is fine, and it looks full after manually checking. What gives?
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2023.06.03 16:13 VeganonaBudget MUST-TRY Vegan Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Hey, fellow veggie enthusiasts! I've got an exciting story to share with you today that will make your taste buds tingle and leave you craving more. Picture this: a cozy Thanksgiving gathering, packed with flavor, warmth, and love. But here's the twist – everything on the table is entirely plant-based! Grab your aprons and get ready for a mouthwatering adventure as I introduce you to my clients, Sarah and Mark.
Sarah and Mark, a delightful couple in their late 30s, had been married for five years. They were passionate about leading a vegan lifestyle and were determined to host an unforgettable Thanksgiving feast for their family and friends. Excitedly, they reached out to me for some advice on creating show-stopping vegan side dishes that would impress even the most skeptical taste buds.
Over the course of our coaching sessions, we explored an array of exciting and easy-to-make recipes. One dish that stood out was the roasted Brussels sprouts with maple-glazed pecans. The combination of the crispy sprouts, the sweet and nutty pecans, and the hint of maple syrup created a harmonious balance that was simply irresistible. Sarah and Mark couldn't believe how such a simple dish could steal the show!
Next up, we dived into the world of creamy mashed potatoes with a twist. Instead of dairy-based butter and cream, we used a blend of olive oil and almond milk. The result? Pure perfection. The potatoes were velvety smooth, and the subtle nutty undertones from the almond milk added a delightful flavor profile. Sarah and Mark couldn't wait to see their guests' reactions to this cruelty-free version of a classic Thanksgiving staple.
As we brainstormed further, I introduced them to the enchanting world of stuffed acorn squash. We filled the tender, roasted squash with a mouthwatering mixture of quinoa, cranberries, and aromatic herbs. The colors on the plate were captivating, and the taste was beyond compare. The couple was thrilled to add this unique dish to their Thanksgiving lineup, knowing it would be a hit among their loved ones.
Fast forward to Thanksgiving Day. Sarah and Mark's dining table was adorned with an abundance of these incredible vegan side dishes. The aroma of roasted vegetables and spices wafted through the air, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. As their family and friends gathered around, they were skeptical at first, but one bite was all it took to change their minds.
TL;DR: Sarah and Mark, a vegan couple, wanted to host an unforgettable Thanksgiving feast. With my guidance, they created show-stopping vegan side dishes including roasted Brussels sprouts with maple-glazed pecans, creamy mashed potatoes made with olive oil and almond milk, and stuffed acorn squash filled with quinoa and cranberries. Their guests were blown away by the deliciousness and didn't miss the meat or dairy one bit. Want to create an epic vegan Thanksgiving? Check out my related YouTube video for "MUST-TRY Vegan Thanksgiving Side Dishes" at Vegan on a Budget. Happy feasting!
Link to YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53K1haxs1DQ
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2023.06.03 16:01 DangerousThanks Career advice

I switched careers about a year and half ago from social work to welding/fabrication so I can actually make some money. I was working with thin gauge sheet metal for about a year. I recently got a job fabricating aftermarket exhaust systems and I love it. I don’t have much mechanical experience when it comes to cars except basics; changing my tires, oil, brake pads.
I would love to make a career on the fabrication side of things like body work, retrofitting, custom parts. I’m not really sure what all I need to learn, what kind of experience I need to get there, or what to look for in terms of employment. Any advice or tips to help me chart a path would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.06.03 15:52 Funny-Caterpillar-16 The hidden truth - covid (you want to know this)

Covid damages the brain even mild infections have lasting damage.
The truth is we don't know how progressive this is and we will be finding out soon if the rumors that this is a long term death sentence.
Something like neurological hiv - closest definition of what it appears to be.
If the dark web is correct most people have a decade or less to live.
Plus many will die from sudden heart attacks and strokes due to vaccine related injuries.
The pandemic is far from over and another big wave of the bioweapon might be upon us if things in China mirror what will happen when this new strain arrives.
Each strain just increases the viral load in the brain and then deposites inactive? Viral fragments in a organ which seems the vary with strains.
God help us if it is what I think it is, the world will definitely go to war with China eventually and this will definitely be part of the reason.
Follow the links in the comments in the story above for supporting proof.
The thing is this is a fragment of the original leak it's all I could find, what I read originally was far more disturbing and the thing is I watched for months leaked videos coming out if Wuhan some of the worst faces of death type videos of what was happening behind the iron curtin as they closed the world off from Wuhan.
Needless to say the article came out before covid hit the usa hard and spelled out it was neurological in nature but made to appear as the flu, the trick is a virus doesn't have to kill the host immediately to be effective especially if you want to get everyone.
So they put a timer in the genetic code of a secondary virus that is deeply embedded in the rna of the Coronavirus which they chose because of their very controversial experiments on gain function research and the Corona viruses unusual size being much larger than most viruses, allowed the p-4 lab of virology to splice in other dangerous viruses. It's designed to continue to evolve until it reaches a peak lethality over the span of a decade at which point the strain will wipe people out in hours to days like what happened with the original strain that wiped most of Wuhan out and then to beat the counter measures of the quarantine the virus split itself into two lesser more aggressively contagious, which is what has been passed around and is still changing ever working its way back to the super deadly version.
It's one of the reason our military did drills, they're planning for when the mutant strains the deadly ones that will begin to pop up in the next few years to extinguish them quickly.
Hopefully second and third generation vaccines that are less harmful and more protection will offer some relief.
Many of the vaccines currently available have a strong long term risk vectors.
So definitely do your homework, I went with Kbp-201 and JJ vaccine a week later.
Combing those vaccines probably almost killed me but I ran cycle therapy and boosted all my bodies functions with state of the art rx - supplemented and more.
That being said if you want to increase your chances of not dying first in a few years from pesissilence.
Mask - kn95 higher Social distance Take antivirals- several rx are really good Ambol(russian) valacyclovir, Acyclovir,famciclovir to name a fee. Supplements - chaga mushrooms, turkey tail, ashwangda, zinc, meylthelene Blue, benadryl + lactafarrin, cbd, echinacea, nac, nacet, selank, peptides like Thymosin Alpha-1 (TA-1) etc black seed current oil and many many more.
This is what is coming, hopefully I'm wrong - but the evidence is shaping up to be the sum of all fears.
Keeping healthy is also keen.
Everyone has long covid its just the majority - it hasn't bloomed yet inside them.
Most the virus is sleeping still then out of no where they'll think they caught covid again as they'll become postive again without infection and stay sick and chronically like the current long haulers begin to break down and eventually they'll just stop functioning like being able to care for themselves and others or they'll go crazy with rage and kill everything around them.
Good luck, and I hope you make it.
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2023.06.03 15:50 Cornsoup52 Is ultra mar gas good? Or at least sufficient.

Is ultra mar gas good? Or at least sufficient.
I'm driving a 2018 Yaris, and get a regular oil change @ Toyota on the Park.
I was using Petro Canada -- but found Ultra mar taking Markham Rd to Hwy 40 (Stoufville).. Im travellling about 40km to work , and 35-40 back I think..
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2023.06.03 15:47 niphilimmaster My first car gonna be a Celica 5 2.0l gti I need advices

So I'm planning to buy it soon because I just found a pretty cool annouce and I gonna ask for more photos or videos. THE PROBLEM IS, the annouce is 4200euro while others with the sames specs are at 5500-6000 euro, maybe the seller doesn't know the market value of the car, but maybe there is a problem with it that is not said. The seller made so improvement/maintenance on it too. I know that the best would be to go see the car by myself but he lives at 800km from my location so i prefer to ask first.
So I will be super grateful if someone could tell me some generic problems, where to look, of which part I should ask photos etc...
Here are the parts that he improved/maintained also the car made 250 000 km (English is not my native language so sorry if something is not correct) :
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2023.06.03 15:44 autotldr Senior UAE official defends oil industry's role at UN climate summit that Gulf nation will host

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 75%. (I'm a bot)
BERLIN - A senior United Arab Emirates official says the Gulf nation wants the U.N. climate summit it's hosting later this year to deliver "Game-changing results" for international efforts to curb global warming, but doing so will require having the fossil fuel industry at the table.
"We need to have oil and gas, we need to have industry, we need to have aviation, we need to have shipping, we need to have all the hard to abate sectors," he said, adding: "We need all those who can to deliver what they can, regardless of who they are."
Al-Suwaidi pushed back against the idea that the fossil fuel industry would undermine meaningful talks on emissions cuts the way they have done in the past through disinformation campaigns and keeping quiet their own knowledge about climate change.
The summit's designated chair al-Jaber has emphasized the need to cut emissions, rather than end fossil fuel use itself.
Al-Suwaidi, who also has a background in the oil and gas sector, said the UAE leadership is acutely aware of the existential threat global warming poses - including to their own sun-rich but water-poor nation - and is committed to shifting from fossil fuels toward renewable energy such as wind and solar.
"We need the developing world to leapfrog into this new climate system and we need to support that transition for them," said al-Suwaidi.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: need#1 emissions#2 global#3 talk#4 climate#5
Post found in /worldnews and /whatsnewtoday.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.06.03 15:42 silence7 It’s Payback Time New studies call for reparations from oil companies and governments responsible for climate change.

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2023.06.03 15:29 gratefulicorice Shakedown & Parking Info @ Bristow 6.3.23

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2023.06.03 15:25 mikey_87 TLX maintenance?

Any TLX owners on here that can provide insight? Picking up my TLX today. It’s a 2019 with 25K kilometres, I4, Elite Package.
I assume I am to fill premium gas only?
Coming from a Toyota will it be the same? Just change oil and drive?
Any preventative maintenance measures I should account for?
Also, does anyone know if this year TLX comes with CarPlay preinstalled? Or do I have to go an Acura dealership for the software update?
TIA y’all. Excited to be part of the Acura family now!
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2023.06.03 15:20 Comprehensive-Hold76 Weird problem child monstera, obscure monstera knowledge welcomed!

Weird problem child monstera, obscure monstera knowledge welcomed!
Hello dear Monstera community. I have trawled this sub for months trying to find posts with similar problems to mine, but I haven’t quite found it yet. Basically I have a monstera that just always has growth problems - every new leaf begins emerging bunched up and folded, requiring lots of misting and inevitably maturing with damage and smaller than it should be - if it doesn’t just fall off in the lime green baby stages. It’s also tried to squeeze out two leaves at once from one point, which I managed to successfully “birth” with very very gentle use of splints to open up the stem and provide enough space, but I feel like a frustrated midwife!! Currently it’s producing it’s weirdest baby leaf yet, which I’ve taken pictures of below - so much wrapping, such slow emergence, no idea of what’s going on.
This plant is one I separated from a larger plant about a year and a half ago - this mother plant had always been happy and healthy and I’ve never had a problem with her in the 3 years of having her. I’ve treated them the same in terms of watering, light levels, and misting, and even tried the “problem child” in the mothers favoured corner spot for a few months to see if it preferred it there - no noticeable change. I keep the problem child adequately supported, with moss around the base to support humidity, clustered with other plants. I use soapy water with neem oil to deter pests, and regularly inspect for damage - some of my other plants recently got spider mite but the problem child has been safe and definitely been having problems for long before that!
In last couple of months it has shown slight yellowing around the tips of lower leaves, but nothing too concerning - most leaf damage has just been from all the “difficult births”.
I live in south of England, and it’s currently placed near a sheltered east facing window getting lost of bright but indirect light, and it is about 2 metres from a back door, but it’s not too draughty and none of my other plants have found this a difficult area. Last repotting was about a year ago, and I do suspect that the first pot it was in caused some issues - every plant in that pot has suffered somehow!
Sorry for the essay but I’m desperate for any wisdom of obscure or obvious issues that could help me with this beast! I just haven’t heard of or seen any other posts with similar issues but please enlighten me if I’m missing the obvious. Thank you all 🥰
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2023.06.03 15:13 milezero13 Imgur

I bought this house last year in July so almost a year now.
It came with a bran new installed furnace and A/C unit. According to the HVAC guy who installed it and owns his own company.
The previous owner was too cheap to change out the old lines. (Basement is finished with the ceiling being drywall, they didn’t want to start cutting it open before selling.)
About two months into me owning the place. I noticed the lines are frozen over. 🙄 Call the guy(his sticker is on this brand new unit) and he comes and starts ranting about the previous owner and the lines and how he told them they need to be replaced(I agree).
Now this is where I think he’s trying to scam me. All he did that first time was top off the unit. He said it was under(obviously there’s a leak.) this is now September and I live in northern indiana and don’t need the A/C all year.
Fast forward April 2023. I’m a industrial electrician and I’m heavy on maintenance. I check/maintain everything in my house monthly if not more. I understand a fair amount about HVAC just not much about charging/refrigerant types etc.
I tried starting up the unit of course it sounds like absolute dog shit I know it’s empty on Freon. Called up the guy again and he comes out and of course fills her completely up and make sure all the air was out of the system(says it was a lot) idk if that means anything. I told him I noticed oil on the suction line inside the house by evap coil. He goes checks and agrees and just rebrazes one joint(did all this before charging the system) After all this charges me $600 cash would have been $1200 if I paid by credit and under his business.
Now! I had him charge in a leak detectosealant I found on Amazon.(this thing is awesome if you’re a hvac tech want a link I will post it)
Two weeks ago my lines frozen over. This time I used a black light for the leak detector and found a good size leak not even 2 ft away from where he rebrazed that joint.(see photo) Granted it was covered in the insulated foam. NOW the photo does not do any justice. You can see the beads of oil wrap around the pipe and trickle down.
Now I’m lost. Idk what to do. Do I call this guy back up or find someone else? I do not have a Vacuum pump or set of gauges to bleed the lines and recharge the system to rebraze that joint nor am I trained or qualified to charge a system. Lmk your thoughts
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2023.06.03 15:04 alagorn9 Cursed Birthdays in the family

My family is probably cursed. We always seen on someone 25,50 and 75th birthday old woman that come and then she leave.
I met her for frist time when i was 10, when we were waliking to my aunt 25th birthday my parents were warning me about old woman thats going on 25,50 and 75th birthdays thes said: Never talk to her and dont disturb her, just do like she didnt came.
I understanded, when my aunt opened all gifts, that old lady gave her book without title and nothing to see from outside of the book. She never opened that book. For long time nobody had these birthday, i was next to be 25,50 or 75.
On my 25th birthday she came there as always. She was walking around my backyard but nobody disturbed her. I opened all gifts i thanked everybody and then the moment came. She walked straight to me and she just said: Happy 25th Birthday. I didnt oppened that book, it just look like realy wierd book that you want loose not open.
My mum and dad had birthday at same date so old lady came but with two gifts. I warned my son about her. it went normal as always they got from her again some wierd books. I finnished my gun license myself and i carried my glock 19 to that brithday, if something went wrong. Lucky nothing went wrong.
My mum and dad rather burned both of books that they got from old lady. That was when her first attack heppened. She came back, she normaly dont do that. When she came back her only words that anybody heard were: You shouldnt burn them. she took butcher knife from nowhere. She started killing everybody. I shot her multiple times most of those shots bounced back. My last bullet into her head killed her. But there wasnt blood insted there were some wierd liquid that look like oil but it was bright yellow color.
When police come they were confused. They didnt belived us that it wasnt some sort of prank, till they touched her. She grew new head and literally ate whole cop at once without having to do something else than open mouth. Other cop took assault rifle sa. vz.58. After few shots of 7.62x39mm she exploded like there were granade inside of her. Till this day nobody what heppened to her.
On my sons 25th birthday something changed. We knew that she wont come. We all were wrong. She came again but she had dirt all over her and look like she came out of grave.
At this point i was first person that talked to her.
Here is our converstion:
Hello, why are you here?
I came to your son birthday.
How to you even know when people has birthday?
I was just at every single birth of your family member birth, Im with all of you all time.
How the fuck you are with all of us all time and how were you in birthday of alll members of family?
Just look in books that ive gave all of you.
Whats inside? nobody wants to look inside of your wierd books.
I know, if you would open i would know.
You should really get out of my land, or im calling cops.
She didnt get out and even trough i called cops she came on my backyard. When she gave book to my son i took it and went inside. I opened it.
There was picture of party on first page, that was last picture that on wich were party and single person that looked like my son. Under it was text it says: Happy 25th Birthday Jacob. i was just confused that she knew his name.
Page 2: On upper part of apge were picture with her and my son and text: For reading this it will be best day of your life.
Page 3: On bottom were picture of her holding knife and people jumping above fance to my neighbor backyard and text said this time: For some people is this last day for some only day of horror.
Page 4: There werent any picture but text: 10 death, 10 Alive. There were 20 people so if im reading truth then half of us will die.
Page 5: only picture on wich she leave with pile of 10 death bodies.
Is it some of joke?
Or isnt it?
Other pages were just empty. I was schocked when i finished reading. After while i heard scream. When i came out it looked like on last picture, just ton of blood and pile of 10 death bodies. Only closest family members survived.
When police arrived they were confused, all 10 death didnt lost single drop of blood. They werent stabbed. Somehow all of thier blood were outside of them without single cut. Cause of death still is still unknown.
When it was around half year after all this. I saw her again. But in diffrent family. I think that our cursed is finaly away.
Or isnt it?
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2023.06.03 15:04 amaliyasenders Here Are The Top Reasons Why Your Car's Engine Stalls While Driving

Here Are The Top Reasons Why Your Car's Engine Stalls While Driving

When did you last experience panic? Definitely, it would be a close encounter on the road with an unsteady vehicle, or it could be the presence of an animal on the road. But, have you ever had an engine stall?

What do you understand by "car stalling"?

Actually, "stalling" refers to a condition in which your car's running engine abruptly stops. However, there are always a number of warning lights when an engine stalls. It happens in two ways: either gradually, just like a driver would normally stop the engine, or with a sudden jerk.
Stalling can occur at any time, whether the engine is running or not. When an engine stalls, however, there is no power from the engine, and the power steering does not function. Sometimes, you cannot even use brakes.
Though, a car usually gets stalled in normal conditions when you usually use brakes without changing gears to lower slots or neutral. When a car stalls this way, it usually produces a jerk. Though the chances of seeing warning lights are less if a car stalls due to the driver’s mistake.
On the other hand, if a car stalls due to an internal issue, you can see the emergence of warning lights on your dashboard. However, there might be a number of reasons behind the engine's sudden stalling.
In case you own an Bentley car, and you are looking for an oil change then we would like to recommend ServiceMyCar, the best and trusted Bentley service Dubai center to change an engine oil for your Bentley car.

A faulty fuel system may stall a car

A fuel system failure may turn into a problem and cause a vehicle to stall. Fuel system issues, including the defective fuel pump and failure of fuel delivery due to obstruction in the fuel line, usually cause the engine to stop abruptly.
If there were any problems with the fuel delivery to the engine, the combustion would not happen properly.

Malfunctioning electrical components may cause a car to stop abruptly

Though batteries produce required current to start a vehicle, later the alternator provides adequate voltage for a number of operations of the engine and other necessary components.
But a malfunctioning alternator might lack the capacity to provide the required voltage. This also fails to recharge the battery. This might be causing a vehicle to have an issue with its engine, and it would be no surprise if a car stalls unexpectedly.

Sensor failure may halt the engine's operations

No doubt! A modern car’s engine only works based on the inputs of various sensors, such as the engine temperature sensor, the mass airflow sensor, etc. And, of course, any failure of the sensor's inputs causes problems in the various activities of the combustion process.
However, the ECU generally knows about a sensor fault, which it definitely indicates through warning lights.
If you notice any problem with your vehicle, take it to the nearest Service My Car workshop for a quick car scanning and diagnostics.

A car’s engine timing is not synchronised

Being a complex mechanism, there is always a need for various belts or chains to synchronise a number of components. However, there is always a probability of wear and tear on the timing belt or chain.
A car cannot manage the failure of the timing chain. Typically, a chain will lose one or more teeth, making engine operation difficult. Though it does not only cause the engine to stall, there is high probability of engine damage.
However, it would be better to be alert for any signs of a timing belt issue. An expert at Service My car can inspect it for a remedy or possible timing belt replacement.

Cooling issues may wreak havoc under the hood

Though most cars come with a robust cooling system, it usually does not get out of order very easily. But if it happens, the overheating may create a lot of problems under the hood.
There could be a lot of reasons for cooling system failure, such as coolant shortage due to leakage, lack of pressure due to a faulty pump, radiator or thermostat problems. Overheating can result in the engine stalling because the ECU monitors the temperature under the hood so closely.
However, a major concern is damage to the head gasket. Though maintaining the cooling system components is the best way to avoid overheating, if you have experienced any overheating incidents recently, visit Service My Car for an inspection and head gasket replacement.

A critical component failure may stall your car

A clutch, in a manual transmission, has the responsibility of managing the synchronisation of an engine and transmission. For automatic transmissions, a torque converter is used.
However, these components may be problematic when they sustain a lot of wear and tear. A slipping clutch, for example, does not help you with transmission or gear changes.
Besides, it could get stuck or seize, and you cannot even change the gear by pressing the pedal entirely. A car will stall if it has to run in a higher gear at low RPMs or when you apply rigorous brakes in a gear.
On the other hand, a problematic transmission system also causes a car’s engine to stall eventually. However, you can avoid critical component failure if there is a preventive mechanism. In a nutshell, never underestimate car maintenance.
When a car’s engine stalls, it would not be wise to waste time but rather take it to the nearest workshop of Service My Car as soon as possible. If you want to fix an appointment, just book a car service online or order a car repair order on our website or app.
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2023.06.03 14:59 mobius-crypt ESG Blowback: Exxon, Chevron Investors Reject Climate Measures

An investor-driven climate change push at some of the world’s largest oil companies has stalled out. On Wednesday, Exxon Mobil and Chevron shareholders struck down a raft of proposals urging the companies to cut greenhouse-gas emissions derived from fuel /n https://finance.yahoo.com/m/591bf008-939a-3d45-91b5-04a173420b21/esg-blowback%3A-exxon%2C-chevron.html
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2023.06.03 14:56 TiffanyBlue0ABAB5 Sometimes the right brush helps (journey from dry brittle hair to pretty darn decent hair)

Like many of you here on this sub, and other hair care subs, I had an issue with my hair and couldn't resolve it. I tried multiple solutions and finally found one that worked for me and I hope this can help you.
My hair: Type 1B or 1C when it's shorter and 2B when it's longer (past shoulder length). It is greying around the temples and underneath. I had some wonderful highlights done which were screwed up when my colorist called out sick and the salon felt comfortable allowing someone else to do my next session. My hair felt like doll's hair - super stiff and plasticky. They tried to fix it in house, but couldn't. All my money was refunded and then the salon asked me to not return after they screwed it up so bad. I had to cut off over 10 inches. Found out later they allowed the receptionist to apply and rinse out my toner and hair treatment while the colorist took a trip to Starbucks for a Frappuccino, I didn't know at the time, but found out after the damage was done. Right now it finally made it passed 'bob' length and almost to my shoulders.
Covering the grey: After cutting off all my hair after that disaster of a color mishaps, I decided to go back to my natural hair color while growing out, grey hair and all. As it grew, I would get trimmed off what remained of the hair dye/colored part and really tried to take care of it. When it finally got to bob length I decided to go back in to get the roots/grey covered up. After two different sessions of the colorist 'warming up' my color, which I never asked for, I decided to just do my grey areas at home on with a Demi permanent color about every 2 months on my roots and just the grey area.
Problem with the ends: I was still having a LOT of issues with the ends of my hair though - despite all the deep conditioning masks, using hair oils, etc, it just was SO brittle and dry on the ends only. I've always had a super oily scalp and dry ends. I made the mistake of listening to advice from a hairstyling YouTuber and spent a waste of money on Redken's Volume Injecting Shampoo (seriously, if you have medium or thick hair, avoid....this guy said to use it on medium hair). Same stylist said to use a leave-in condition, which actually did help, but not the brand he recommended. My ends were just SO tangled and dry.
How I tested and failed and solved this issue:
- I have oily roots. As much hate as there is for sulfates, my roots need sulfates. I always always shampoo twice. I started to use a sulfate shampoo first to really clean my scalp and shampoo with a non-sulfate shampoo second. If my hair is really greasy or oily, I'll shampoo twice with the sulfate shampoo.
- Condition in the shower but I also use a spray leave in conditioner after it's towel dried. I found less is more for my hair overall, BUT I do spray extra on the part of my ends that tangle. I found using a gentle vent brush to go through my hair afterwards helps distribute.
- Blow dry spray is key - again, I found out through trial and error that I don't need a lot, just a good light mist. I used to air dry my hair ALL the time, but it got thicker and more tangled when I did this and I could tell my hair shaft was swelling up and staying that way. I found it was more damaged - plus it takes over two hours to air dry and I cannot show up to work with sopping wet hair. If I shower at night, I find this is okay, but I try not to wash my hair at night. There are some of these combined with leave-in conditioners that work well for my hair too.
- THE BIGGEST CHANGE - using the right brush to blow dry. I used to just use a flat vented brush or a paddle brush while blowdrying my hair. It looked just fine, but it didn't have a lot of movement and still felt stiff regardless of what products I put in my hair. Shifting back to a rounded blow dry brush was the biggest game changer. I HATE using it and I'm going to state that. My arms get tired, I start sweating while using it because my hair is thick and it takes effort, I have to work in sections, but damn it makes my hair smoother and shinier and my hair moves! I can run my fingers through my hair without tangles and it feels good. I only blow dry and style on the day I shampoo and wash my hair. I don't use heat on the other days, I just adjust how I wear my hair that day.
Caveat - I don't like that massive one-step hair dryeround brush that is all the rage a few years ago. I found that particular tool did way too much damage to my hair because it seems to be hotter. Just a plain hand-held round brush in the largest barrel for your hair if I plan to wear it close to straight. There are a few smaller barrel ones that are meant for styling only in a lower heat setting, I use those at the end only, not for drying my hair.
- Hair oil - Using hair oil on my ends after blowdrying and using what little bit is left on my ends to go over my baby hairs up front has made a difference. I also put a bit of hair oil on my ends only about an hour before bed. I don't use a lot, just enough to prevent drying out.
- Hair oil before shampooing or overnight. I've read this on this sub and others and it actually works wonders. I use the OGX extra strength coconut miracle oil for this, but I'm sure there are others. I've used the Kerasate and even Argan oil. I prefer the coconut one for the price point. Either 2 hours before shampooing, best over the weekend, or the night before, put a lot of oil in your hair on the mids and ends. If doing the night before, either be prepared to change your pillowcase in the morning, or sleep with a sleep cap. When shampooing out, you do need a sulfate shampoo or clarifying shampoo to help wash off the excess oils for the first shampoo. Doing this once a week has really helped.
- Slumber cap. This has helped tremendously. There are loads on Etsy and amazon. I have a favorite I found off Etsy (as an example only) because I like it's adjustable. You can look and choose one for your head and hair length. I cannot speak enough how much a silk or satin bonnet for sleeping has helped with my hair health.
- Limit dry shampoo. Since I have oily roots, I can maybe go three days before I have to shampoo again, even using dry shampoo.

My favorite products that have worked for me during all this. They do range in price point and I use drugstore and higher end.
Paul Mitchell Shampoo Two
John Frieda Blue Crush for Brunettes <- only when my hair starts getting brassy
Kristen Ess Signature Shampoo
Trader Joes Tea Tree Tingle
Redken Hair Cleansing Cream <- omg, HG. I bought the mini size to try and a month later I still have product in it, you DON'T need a lot. Worth it.
L'Oreal Ever Pure Bond Strengthening Shampoo <- new find, very happy with this so far
Kerastase Bain Satin 2 <- I use this mostly in the winter

Matching conditioners to John Frieda products
Kerastase Nutritive Masquintese irisome <- have purchased for over 6 years. You only need a half walnut size glop even with longer hair. Less is more.
Hask conditioners in those packets you get at CVS/Walgreen. I can usually get two uses out of each packet
Nexxus conditioners in those packets, I like those too. Basically any deep conditioning drug store packets, even the keratin ones I find are good for a once a week or once a month deep conditioner

Dry shampoo:
Eva NYC Freshen Up <- have repurchased for years. I have brown hair and it doesn't leave white marks
Not Your Mother's Clean Freak

Leave in conditioneblow dry spray:
It's a 10 Miracle Silk Leave in
L'Oreal Ever Pure 21-in-1 color caring spray <- new find, I love this one

Hair Oils:
Verb Ghost Oil
Olaplex No.7
OGX coconut miracle oil
Kerastase Elixir Ultime <- lasts forever HG
Paul Mitchell Smoothing super skinny serum
Hask Argan Oil

Hair Cream:
Olaplex No. 6 (I mix this with the Paul Mitchell skinny serum sometimes, it's fabulous)

Honestly, they are all Conair brand from Target. My oldest one is hitting 6 years.

Round brush with hot air tool (doesn't get super hot for styling only):
Conair Infiniti Pro

Covering up those grey hairs without resorting to box dye:
Moroconnoil Color Conditioner in Cocoa (there are other shades) - use a hair color brush to apply to grey. Leave on about 15 minutes then add more to the rest of the hair to even out the color. The grey turns more of a light blondish color, but blends well.
Christophe Robin Shade Mask in Ash Brown - this does ashy brown SO well, but damn it's expensive.
John Frida's Brilliant Brunette Collection. Great if you want to go a bit deeper. Again, apply to the roots first and wait, then work through the rest of the hair.
Color Wow Root Cover Up - okay, I made fun of this at first but it's become a favorite now. If I pull my hair back and got some grey poking through around where my hair meets the top of my ears or want to tidy up the part in my hair, this stuff works great. AND it sticks around if you don't shampoo the next day. Once you get the hang of how to apply it, you can do it fast and it honestly does look pretty natural.

Hope all this help you on your hair journey. My goal is to grow it back to bra strap length. Since we're going to be moving in a few months I'm putting off going to a salon for color touch up and wait until we get to our new location.
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