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2023.05.30 12:08 ondelina301 Best Places to Visit in Monsoon in India in 2023

Discover the enchanting beauty of Places to Visit in Monsoon in India during the monsoon season in 2023. Immerse yourself in the lush green landscapes and rejuvenating rain showers at the best destinations. Feel the misty embrace of Munnar's tea gardens, witness the awe-inspiring power of Athirapally Falls, and experience the serenity of Udaipur's lakes. Dive into the vibrant culture of Goa's beaches or explore the ancient ruins of Hampi amidst the drizzle. Embrace the romantic ambiance of Coorg or trek through the breathtaking valleys of Meghalaya. Unveil the magic of India's monsoons in these unforgettable locations.
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2023.05.30 12:06 ZachTF Here are some tip for dashers.

Here are some tips that will make your dashing life easier:
That’s all I can think of on the fly. Feel free to add if you want. This post is to help others out who drive.
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2023.05.30 12:03 stuftpizzabar Visit One of the Best Palm Desert Restaurants to Experience Excellence

There are a plethora of places to eat, but Stuft Pizza Bar & Grill is the finest to-go place in the town. Book your table in advance at Best Palm Desert Restaurants. They serve High-quality food that will satisfy your taste buds and create remarkable experiences.
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2023.05.30 11:59 murtadi007 Have you ever had your friends disappoint you?

Hi, found this sub through the main Ted Lasso subreddit. A little bittersweet the series finale is tomorrow but I’ve actually enjoyed this season a lot.
Anyways, wanted to vent a little about a situation. It was my birthday recently, just turned 29. I’m thankful to have a decent group of friends but recently just disappointed by a whole bunch of them.
I’m really not too big on birthdays but my friends typically are. Whenever it’s someone’s birthday we usually as a group would go out to dinner somewhere and/or go up at a bar until late, cheers-ing at midnight, or sometimes it’s a small house party. I typically do get them a gift or a bottle we can all share. Usually for mines, we’d keep it simple and just do the bar option.
This year, I mentioned a cool new restaurant to my friend, A. and he said to reserve a big table (8) and invite the rest to come, giving at least a months notice. I never really plan for a dinner outing besides with family but yeah great, excited for this. The week leading up to it though, I was checking to see if we were still good and a few legitimately became busy but the rest said they would come. The day came and no one actually came out besides my friend A, who I was with throughout the day.
I was literally on vacation the month before with half of them telling them how excited I was for the birthday dinner and how they’re all invited but they all still bailed. Not even any wishes from them, the group chat we have is still posting memes etc like nothing happened. One them on their Instagram story was celebrating someone else’s birthday I didn’t even know of.
I did get to enjoy the dinner with my one friend there once I got the restaurant to switch our table something smaller but part of me was just upset/disappointed with the rest of them, for not even like telling me they weren’t coming. Also felt like my friend I was with who knows them all could feel the 2nd hand embarrassment even though he tried his best that night.
I know this is something I should bring up to the rest but I don’t know, may seem a bit trivial at this point. And I’m not like I’m gonna drop them as friends, known some of them for over 10yrs now but yeah. It kind of confirms one of the reasons why I don’t plan dinner outings, in case no one shows up. Feelings are bit hurt about it.
So I guess as the title says, have your friends ever disappointed you and what did you do about it?
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2023.05.30 11:51 georgiaadmos The JetBlue MCO Terminal

What Terminal Is JetBlue at MCO? JetBlue (MCO) is situated in Terminal A of Orlando International Airport. Terminal A serves as the main terminal for domestic airlines like JetBlue, Southwest, and Alaska Airlines. It is situated on the north side of the airport, and a pedestrian bridge links it to the main terminal structure. Terminal A offers a range of amenities in addition to restaurants, shops, and services including currency exchange and ATMs. The terminal's free Wi-Fi, charging stations, and comfortable seating areas are available for use by travellers as they wait for their plane.
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2023.05.30 11:50 NewYork-CityAdvisor 🍦 Discover NYC's Finest Ice Cream Parlors: best ice cream nyc🌟

🍦 Discover NYC's Finest Ice Cream Parlors: best ice cream nyc🌟
New York City is renowned for its diverse and delicious ice cream scene. Here are some of the best ice cream shops in NYC:
  1. Ample Hills Creamery: Known for its creative flavors and playful atmosphere, Ample Hills Creamery offers unique ice cream concoctions like "Salted Crack Caramel" and "Ooey Gooey Butter Cake." With multiple locations in the city, it's a must-visit for ice cream enthusiasts.
  2. Van Leeuwen Ice Cream: Van Leeuwen is famous for its artisanal, made-from-scratch ice cream using high-quality ingredients. They offer classic flavors like "Honeycomb" and "Mint Chip," as well as vegan options like "Vegan Chocolate Cookie Dough."
  3. Big Gay Ice Cream: A popular NYC ice cream shop with a twist, Big Gay Ice Cream serves up soft-serve ice cream with inventive toppings and combinations. Don't miss their signature creations like the "Salty Pimp" and the "Bea Arthur."
  4. Chinatown Ice Cream Factory: This iconic ice cream parlor in Manhattan's Chinatown has been delighting locals and visitors for decades. Known for its Asian-inspired flavors like "Black Sesame" and "Lychee," it's a great place to explore unique taste experiences.
  5. Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream: Morgenstern's is a small-batch ice cream shop that prides itself on its craftsmanship and attention to detail. They offer a range of classic and innovative flavors, including "Burnt Honey Vanilla," "Salted Pretzel Caramel," and "Green Tea Pistachio."
  6. Milk Bar: While primarily known for its inventive desserts, Milk Bar also serves delicious soft-serve ice cream. Their signature flavor, "Cereal Milk," captures the nostalgic taste of the milk left behind after a bowl of cereal, and it's a favorite among visitors.
These are just a few of the many exceptional ice cream shops in New York City. Each one offers its own unique flavors, ambiance, and charm, providing delightful frozen treats for locals and tourists alike.
Follow for more: Explore New York City
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2023.05.30 11:48 audiindiapromotion Luxury Car Brand In India, Best Performance Best Experience

Luxury Car Brand In India, Best Performance Best Experience
Luxury cars like Audi are the best cars in India to buy. As they deliver true luxury experience, Better Service, better quality etc Audi is always the best option for people in India. Not only can you experience true luxury, but you also get exclusive views of just about everything. Automotive brands want their users to live the best life in the best cars. For this reason, exclusive access to restaurants, hotels and even spas is provided. The Best Luxury Cars In India.
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2023.05.30 11:45 PurpleSolitudes Best Gaming Routers In USA Available on Amazon

Best Gaming Routers In USA Available on Amazon

Gaming routers are designed to provide a better online gaming experience by reducing lag and improving latency. If you are a serious online gamer, then a gaming router can be a worthwhile investment. It can help to improve your gaming experience and reduce lag, which can give you a competitive edge.
Benefits of Using a Gaming Router:
  • Reduced lag: Lag is the delay between when you press a button on your controller or keyboard and when the action is reflected on the screen. Gaming routers can help to reduce lag by optimizing your network and prioritizing gaming traffic.
  • Improved latency: Latency is the time it takes for data to travel from your computer to the game server. Gaming routers can help to improve latency by using a variety of techniques, such as reducing the distance between your computer and the game server.
  • Faster speeds: Gaming routers typically have faster processors and more memory than traditional routers, which allows them to handle more data at once. This can lead to faster download speeds and less lag during online gaming.
  • Better range: Gaming routers often have more powerful antennas than traditional routers, which can extend the range of your Wi-Fi network. This can be helpful if you have a large home or if you live in an area with a lot of interference.
Advanced security features: Gaming routers often have more advanced security features than traditional routers. This can help to protect your network from hackers and other online threats.

Asus ROG Strix GS-AX5400
The Asus ROG Strix GS-AX5400 is a Wi-Fi 6 gaming router that offers a number of features designed to improve your online gaming experience. These features include Read More

TP-Link AC4000 MU-MIMO Tri-Band WiFi Router (Archer A20)
The TP-Link Archer A20 is a tri-band Wi-Fi router that offers a number of features designed to improve your home network. These features include Read More

Netgear Nighthawk Tri-Band Wi-Fi 6E Router (RAXE500)
The Netgear Nighthawk RAXE500 is a tri-band Wi-Fi 6E router that offers a number of features designed to improve your home network. These features include Read More

TP-Link Archer AX50 (AX3000) Dual Band Gigabit Wi-Fi 6 Router
The TP-Link Archer AX50 is a dual-band Wi-Fi 6 router that offers a number of features designed to improve your home network. These features include Read More
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2023.05.30 11:36 val_creese Elementary school shenanigans

So these are a set of stories that happened to me and my classmates in first five years of elementary. Most of these are probably made up or lies and little kid's imagination, but they're still pretty good, even if most likely fake.
A little background: My first five years of school, I went to a pretty shitty one. Like everything was bad, the teachers, the school system and the kids were the worst. In my class, there were 30 of us and only eight girls, including me. I was a quiet and sensitive child and didn't quite match with the rude, loud and low-key bitchy girls in my class. Still I wanted so bad to be apart of them, because they were so "cool". That was a mistake, they only used me, were mean to me and were huge liars and attention seekers. I should've stuck with my one friend in there, but I didn't because I wanted to be popular or whatever. I was dumb.
Anyway, the main three girls that I tried to hang out with were Tatiana, Sofia and Alexandra. I am not ashamed of name-dropping, they deserve it. Along with them and a few other girls, we started to have this creepy, monster-hunting phase. We just wanted to investigate supernatural stuff. So at first we made up things, so we could pretend. My memory is bad, for reasons, so I don't really remember how it escalated to all of this, but here are some anomalies and stuff that we've observed:
  1. The green face
This is the most vivid and real thing I remember from all of this. The green face was a humanoid creature, that had a green face with tiny features and was dressed in a black cloak. This was probably just me not able to handle all the scary, so I imagined it, but I would often see this face in the school windows staring at me. Whenever we were outside on break, I'd see it, but when I tried to show someone, it dissapeared. This was the monster that I was truly terrified of and was even scared to go to the bathroom because I thought it would be waiting for me there. Which, unfortunately, led to some embarrassing stories. Now that I look back, it probably was nothing, but for 8 year old me, that was easily scared, it was a big deal. Tatiana later claimed that she'd seen it too, but I think she just didn't want me to be special and have all the attention 💀
  1. The girl in the window
Now this was another of Tatiana's stories, but probably the most believable for me. To understand, the gym is in another building, connected to the main building by a 80% glass hall. It's not very long, but there are plenty of windows. One day, we were coming back from P.E. in a line with our partner holding our hand, like usual. I was partners with Tatiana that day and very tired. We were almost at the end of the line. I wasn't really paying attention to anything and my mind was pretty blank. Then Tatiana stopped, which pulled my hand to the other direction. I was annoyed and didn't even look back, just yanked on her arm to go. Later she told us that she'd seen a girl, stuck in a window. She said she had two different half's of a face, one side with straight hair, one with curly. Apparently she was almost blue and was trying to pull her into the window. She said that if I hadn't pulled her, she'd be stuck. Honestly, she was probably just talking to someone in the back and stopped, but that story was quite believable for me, since I had taken part in it.
  1. Dissapearing objects
This is another thing that happened often. Things would dissapea and reappear in different places, or just be gone all together. First time we noticed it was, when we were playing with these tiny toys that our teacher brought into our class for us. It was after school and we were just waiting on our parents to come pick us up. As we were playing, one of the toys fell to the floor. It was kinda annoying, since the table was packed with toys and we didn't want to accidentally bump into it or lose more toys. But it was a very important character, so Tatiana and Sofia went to pick it up. They couldn't find it so after awhile we were all on the floor looking for it. It really wasn't anywhere and we never found it again. Tatiana or Sofia might have picked it up and hide it, but I don't think they're that smart
Ok now, this is kinda long, so I'll make a part two, since there's still some more stories to share. I know this probably sounds like children's made up lies, but back then it was very serious to us and looking back, they're the best memories I had of that school. Which on the other hand isn't that great.
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2023.05.30 11:36 RoadKing_04 Unexpected Roommate

My wife and I had been travelling around Europe for several weeks now, and currently we were in Spain at a popular tourist location on the coast. We had just arrived at the seaside town in the early afternoon and proceeded to check into the hostel. Frustratingly there had been a mix up, and instead of the private two-person room I thought we had reserved, we were instead booked into a four person room. They had nothing else available and given the popularity of the area we were not going to find anything better on short notice. The staff advised us that only one other guest was booked in and they were yet to arrive so we might be lucky and get the room to ourselves.
I have been married to my wife Emma for almost 8 years. Emma is a 5'2" petite brunette and despite having a petite frame, she has amazing curves, with a fantastic set of D cup breasts. My favorite part of her body however is her ass, closely followed by her hips. She works out a lot, and squats have done her wonders. It's the kind of ass that men can't help but stare at when she walks by in her yoga pants, and watching guys attempt to catch sneaky glances at her is a pleasure of mine.
The weather in Spain was sweltering so we planned to spend the afternoon at the beach. The great thing about Europe is the sexual open mindedness. The beaches are full of topless women and tiny bikinis. Em doesn't tend to wear anything too skimpy, at least not in public, but I had managed to convince her to buy a little white bikini that covered a lot less than what she would normally wear. We found our room, locked our belongings away and changed ready for the beach. Em put on her new bikini and then slipped a red loose fitting summer dress over top. As I pulled up my board shorts, I had to adjust my semi erection to get them on. I don't know what had turned me on more, my gorgeous wife's figure in her revealing bikini, or the idea of her wearing that out public.
We arrived at the beach and eventually found a spot with enough space for us to lay down our towels under partial shade.
"I'm already so hot, I'm going to jump in the water" Em said just after we set up our spot.
"No problem, I'll just wait here" I responded. As she walked down to the sea, I was hypnotized watching her barely covered ass gently bounce from side to side. I could feel the blood rushing into my crotch and had almost got it under control when Em headed back from the water, the wet cloth clinging tightly to her large jiggling tits. I glanced down and noticed the faintest outline of her pussy showing through the thin white material.
Em noticed me poring over her physique, laughed and said "I see you like my new outfit" whilst looking down at my shorts, at which moment I realized that I was so focused on Em that I had forgotten about the tent that was forming in my shorts.
A little embarrassed, I quickly rolled onto my stomach, pushing my erection out of the way. Em came over, leaned down so that her large half exposed tits were directly in front of me and gave me a lingering kiss, clearly trying to make things more awkward for me. I was surprised but excited to see how comfortable she was in this skimpy bikini.
After the beach, we went for a nice walk through a little park area not far from the beach. It was so hot that most people seemed to have gone to the beach, and there weren't many people around. It was a beautiful park, it had a lot of trees and greenery so we decided to attempt to find a nice shaded spot we could sit and relax in out of the sun. We followed a small path through some trees for a while, which opened up into a clearing with a wooden park bench. There was a large tree shading the bench so we sat down and Em grabbed out our kindles.
After 5 mins or so, Em looked over at me and smiled, then went back to reading. She placed her hand on my thigh and gently began rubbing her fingertips back and forward. There was nothing particularly sexual about it, but after watching Em so intently down at the beach I was still a little turned on. I could feel my penis begin to respond and I think Em noticed as her fingers shifted from my thigh and began rubbing gently across my shorts over my cock, often circling the tip before moving back down and up again. I was a little surprised but said nothing and simply enjoyed the attention.
I pretended to just keep reading, but Em suddenly turned to me and said, "Get it out".
I was caught off guard, "Here? "But what if someone comes?"
"We haven't seen any one since we first got here", "Besides, the whole idea is for someone to come" she laughed at her own joke, and I joined in.
Realizing my wife wanted to get me off on a park bench in a public area was extremely hot, and my cock was now rock hard. I could feel my heart racing, I nervously looked around as I slid down my shorts, allowing my cock to spring out.
Em grabbed it and started stroking up and down. I let out a satisfied sigh and slightly relaxed into the bench. I calmed down once I realized that the angle of the bench relative to the path meant that even if someone emerged, they probably would not see my cock waving about in my wife's hand.
Em glanced around, making sure no one could be heard approaching, then leaned down and took my cock in her mouth. She licked slowly around the head before getting to work. She slid her mouth up and down my shaft whilst stroking it with her hand. She stopped occasionally to give the head of my cock particular attention, kissing and licking it while staring up at me with beautiful big eyes.
After about a minute she stopped, looked up at me with her hand gripping the base of my cock and the head resting against her cheek and quietly but assertively stated "I want some fun too, you need to fuck me now".
Despite already having my cock out in public I was yet again surprised and nervously excited about what my wife was wanting to do. She then climbed up, pulled her dress up around her hips and straddled me. She was still wearing her bikini underneath.
"Are you serious?" I asked, obviously hoping she was.
"Hurry up and put your cock inside me" she whispered in my ear.
My cock sat straight up between her legs, and I reached down and slid her bikini to one side. I gently began to massage her pussy and clit and discovered she was soaking wet.
I grabbed my cock and angled it towards her. I rubbed the head of my cock up and down between her lips and she exhaled in excitement and then lowered her hips and slowly slid down the length of my cock to the base. She let out a quiet but drawn out "Ohhh fuuuck" then began rocking her hips back and forward, grinding against me with her tits wobbling in my face.
I was worried someone might accidently happen upon us but I couldn't bring myself to concentrate on anything other than my super sexy wife riding my cock in a public park.
By this stage I was ready to erupt, and it took all my will power not to come immediately. At that moment we both heard people coming up the path towards the clearing.
Em stopped, breathing heavily and said "Shit that's bad timing, I was already about to come".
"Good" was all I responded and reached between her legs.
Realizing what I was about to do Em initially tried to protest "No we should stop", but as soon as I began to rub her clit she quietly moaned "ohhh yes, OK" and began eagerly grinding against me. Within a couple of seconds, she began moaning in my ear "Oh fuck I'm about to come, don't stop".
I massaged her more vigorously and a moment later she began to tremble and came, moaning quietly in my ear. She paused breathing heavily for a moment then regained her composure and quickly slipped off my lap so that she was sitting next to me. I hastily pulled my shorts up and hid my pussy soaked erection as best as I could. Just then an older couple entered the clearing. Em was still in a state of euphoria and I was awkwardly trying to come up with something to say but I blanked and instead Em and I just looked at each other and laughed.
Once we went back to the room we realised we weren't going to enjoy the privacy we had hoped for that evening. Given the earlier events I was rather disappointed that I wouldn't have my wife alone after dinner. The four person room appeared to currently have just one other occupant, although they were not around when we arrived. We sorted our beds and replaced our belongings, preparing to head out for dinner.
I was about to go to the bathroom when Emma turned to face me "If we're lucky our new roommate will stay out late, I was planning to give you a little relief after your excitement earlier", giving me a little squeeze through my shorts.
"Even if they're here, I don't see the problem" I joked, adding "It looks like this stuff belongs to a guy, so maybe you could see if he's interested".
"Stop it" She said as she gave me a playful smack, and a smile that showed a hint of excitement mixed with uncertainty.
Although never seriously intending to actually follow through, we had discussed how much I would love to watch her come in front of me, filled with another man's cock. Emma always seemed hesitant to admit it, but I knew she liked the idea, a lot. I think she was just worried that I would be upset if I saw her with someone else, but in reality the whole idea just really excited me.
That night we decided to go out for a nice casual dinner. Em still had on her cute little summer dress, and I switched out my singlet for a casual collared shirt. We went out for dinner at a local tapas restaurant. It was nothing too fancy but it had really good reviews.
Emma is gorgeous and I sat there amazed at how lucky I was to have such a perfect best friend; not only beautiful, but kind, smart, and funny too. We ordered a bottle of wine and chatted about our holiday and our plans for the next few days. The food was fantastic so we just kept ordering extra tapas. We ordered a second bottle of wine and were both becoming quite tipsy. After a while we talked about going back to our room to pick up where we left off in the park. Em mentioned how frustrating it was that we didn't have the room to ourselves and we discussed just simply going for a nice walk down the beach after the restaurant.
"We could always stop by the room, there may be no one in" I said cheekily.
"I thought we weren't going to worry about our roommate anyway?" Em joked.
"It wouldn't bother me, I just thought you wouldn't be comfortable involving someone else" I quietly replied with a grin.
"Well to be honest I like the idea too, as long as you're sure you would be OK with that? Em said with a surprisingly serious questioning look.
"I'm completely comfortable in our relationship and it wouldn't upset me at all" I quickly responded, trying to hide how excited I was becoming. I could feel my heart racing faster the more this conversation went on.
I couldn't believe it, despite my suspicions she had never actually admitted to sharing my fantasy. I suddenly felt nerves mixed with my excitement until it occurred to me that the likelihood of the right situation actually arising was very low.
Em gave me a seductive smile and said "Well lets go meet our new play friend".
I laughed, I knew she was mostly joking but it felt like progress towards my ultimate fantasy.
We got up to our room and quietly went in. Although it wasn't very late late, you never know what time people might head to bed as they may be getting up early to move on. We found one bed still unclaimed but the mystery roommate had arrived sometime earlier. He was laying on his bed, chilling with his computer when we arrived. He promptly sat up and smiled, looking a bit awkward. He was only wearing boxer briefs and apologized saying that it was so hot and thought he would be in bed before anyone returned. We both laughed and said that we weren't bothered at all.
"Nice to meet you, I'm Thomas" He said.
"Nice to meet you" we both replied.
Thomas was quite tall and lean, with dark hair and a friendly face. He was quite a good looking guy, and I could tell Em wasn't too upset about the appearance of our new roommate, nor that he only had underwear on.
We sat down at the table in the corner, and chatted with Thomas for a while, whom had gotten up and pulled out a chair and joined us. We discussed travel, where we had been and what our immediate plans were. At one stage Em got up to use the bathroom, and I pretended not to notice Thomas's gaze follow her as she walked across the room.
After a little longer we ended up lounging on our beds, eventually I got up "I'm going to jump in the shower, won't be too long".
"OK that'll be nice after such a long and hot day" Em replied.
I grabbed a towel and a fresh pair of underwear and headed to the bathroom. I thought about grabbing some shorts but it was so hot and Thomas was hardly going to complain so I didn't bother. I jumped in the shower then thought about my sexy wife sat in the next room with a barely clothed stranger and my cock was hard almost instantly. I began to visualize Em with Thomas, my ultimate fantasy, and it took all my will power after the days' events not to get myself off in the shower.
When I came back Em was still in conversation with Thomas. When I sat down she turned and said that a shower sounded like a good idea. She rummaged through her bag for a while and then pulled out some fresh clothes.
I noticed she grabbed a skirt to which I quietly said "you don't need to put that on"
"But the only clean panties I have are thongs" holding up a sexy small cream colored pair.
"Yeah but you're just going to take the skirt off when you get back so don't worry. It won't bother anyone in here and anyway you would be over dressed", then I grinned.
She laughed, rolled her eyes, then chucked the skirt back in the bag and headed off to the shower. I felt a burst of excitement picturing my sexy wife with her amazing ass walking back into the room in a tiny thong in front of an equally barely dressed stranger.
Em came back wearing the small sexy thong but to my surprise she also hadn't bothered to put on a bra under her little singlet. Her large tits were very obvious as they jiggled as she crossed the room. I instantly felt my boxers tighten.
I glanced over at Thomas who was pretending to busily look through his pack, but I noticed his eyes were fixated on my wife's ass in her tiny little underwear. He clearly liked what he saw.
Em had a sheepish smile and quietly whispered "I forgot to grab a bra, I hope it's not too obvious".
"It really is, but I don't think anyone in here will mind, besides your ass is distracting enough anyway" I whispered with a smile.
She looked back over at Thomas who smiled and quickly looked back down at his pack. Em had clearly caught his line of sight and looked back at me grinning. She obviously enjoyed the attention and seemed to be a little turned on.
I was slouched across the bed width-wise with my head and shoulders against the wall and my legs off the edge. Em grabbed her book and then came and curled up on her side next to me, using my chest as a pillow.
"Alright my turn" Thomas said, getting up and walking to the bathroom and closing the door behind him.
Em put down her book and began gently rubbing her hand up and down my inner thigh, I was already bulging against my boxers due to a combination of Ems lack of clothing, her excitement at the attention she was getting, and the fact that she seemed to like all of this just as much. She propped herself up on her elbows, looked around at me and slid her hand up my leg and starting rubbing my cock through my underwear.
"You poor man, you really need some release" She whispered.
She then pulled the waistband down just enough for my cock to burst out. She grabbed it and immediately slid her lips over the head. It was almost too much, I couldn't believe how close I was to coming.
Up and down her bead bobbed, and as she was side on I reached out and grabbed a handful of her stunning ass. She clearly meant for me to come as she relentlessly sucked my cock, switching between deep repetitive strokes and gently flicking her tongue across the tip of my dick.
This had only been going a minute or so when I heard the shower stop, panicking I went to pull away worried that Thomas would reappear at any moment, but Em instead reached down and fondled my balls gently whilst doubling the rate she slid her mouth up and down my cock.
I erupted, wave after wave of come shooting into the back of her throat. It took all of my will power not to cry out in pleasure. She didn't stop, just slowed down and swallowed each load that entered her mouth. Content, she stopped and let me quickly pull the waist band back over my still semi-hard penis.
She looked at me and whispered "I'm so fucking horny. You're going to need to fuck me soon".
At that moment, Thomas opened the door and wandered back in. Following suit, he had only bothered to put on a fresh pair of grey boxer briefs. He was still rubbing his hair with his towel as he wandered towards his bed, allowing for an unnoticed look at his package.
I could tell Em had taken advantage of this as her head shifted on my leg, where she had laid back down after finishing me off. I suspect that Thomas may have done that on purpose, allowing my wife to have ample chance to check out what appeared to be a rather large cock.
By all appearances we had not moved and Thomas sat down and picked up his laptop. He then grabbed out his headphones and said he was going to find something to watch.
Em had her book again, still lying on her side, and shifted her ass back towards me. I began to run my hand along the back of her thighs, she had her legs curled up with her knees partway up towards her chest.
Her panties had shifted up her ass and as I caressed the back of her thighs I occasionally ran my fingers across the lips of her pussy, finding that the material was very damp. Her breathing intensified and became shallow as she moved slightly, towards the pressure of my hand.
I gently stroked her from behind, pressing a little harder each time, and she laid there breathing hard, trying not to move too much or make too much noise. I pushed her panties to the side and slid a finger in. She wasn't just damp, she was soaking wet. She began rocking her hips slightly, like she was trying to fuck my finger, and I could tell how much she just wanted rip my cock out and mount me, regardless of who saw.
She put her book down and reached up and started stroking my cock through my boxers, which to my surprise was not far off being fully erect again already.
I stopped momentarily and whispered "Babe what are you doing, Thomas could see that".
"I don't care, I'm so fucking horny" she whispered back. "Besides he doesn't seem to mind".
I glanced over and realized Thomas was watching us over his laptop, he was obviously aware of what I had been doing to Em as his cock was similarly rock hard, clearly visible through his boxers and his hand was gently stroking across the material.
I was surprised by my reaction, I immediately became relaxed, realizing that Thomas must have decided we didn't mind being watched, and he was quite happy for us to see him watching. Thinking about all of our previous discussions, it occurred to me that my fantasy of watching my wife with another man had all of a sudden become a real possibility.
Thomas still had his headphones in so I whispered to Em "Go and give Thomas the treatment I just got, I want to watch from over here".
If she was startled by the idea, she hid it well. She stopped stroking me and turned her head and looked me in the eye.
"Really? Are you sure?"
"If you want to do it then I would love to see that" I replied.
"It sounds kind of fun right now" she smiled. "But that's all I'm going to do".
"OK then" I said as I slid my finger out of her soaking wet pussy and gave her a wee spank on the ass, indicating to get going.
She got up looked over at Thomas and took a couple of steps across to his bed, glancing briefly back at me and stopping just in front of him. As she moved towards him he placed his laptop on the bed beside him and shifted slightly. Looking very excited but also confused about why this fantastically sexy, incredibly horny married woman stood in front of him while her husband sat a few feet behind.
"Er, what's going on?" he mumbled.
"My husband thinks it's unfair you're missing out" Em said. "You should move here to the edge of the bed".
He seemed slightly unsure but shuffled forward and sat on the edge of the bed, placing his feet on the ground. His cock bulging against his boxers. Em crouched down onto her knees and reached up grabbing the waist band of his underwear before sliding them all the way down and off. His cock burst out when the resistance of the material was suddenly removed. Em was briefly still and although I was looking at the back of her head, I knew she was taking a moment to admire what she was looking at.
His cock was big, probably an inch or 2 longer than mine and it also had a lot of girth. Where my cock would be considered a decent size, Thomas's was big, and the idea of my wife sucking on a big fat cock right in front of me was overwhelmingly hot.
Em plunged downwards and her head slowly began moving up and down. Thomas leaned back on his elbows, looked upwards and groaned as my wife's tongue massaged the tip of his big cock. Then she slid her lips further and further down his shaft as she bobbed up and down. I got up, slid off my own boxer briefs and moved to a far end of the bed to get more of a side on view. I didn't see the point in keeping my cock hidden away, not that it was hidden.
I couldn't believe how hard it was or how horny I was given that I had been drained only 10 or 15 mins earlier. I began slowly stroking my own shaft watching my wife's display. Em kept at it, on her knees with one arm resting on the bed next to Thomas, the other hand sliding up and down his shaft in time with the motion of her glistening lips stroking gently up and down his cock. There was an occasional muffled moan of enjoyment from Em as she relentlessly worked her tongue back and forth, pausing sometimes to lick the underside of the shaft or gently suck on his balls. She was not moving quickly like she had done with me, clearly wanting to draw this out for as long as Thomas could last.
I sat there, soaking it in whilst stroking my own cock. Ems ass and hips swayed back and forward slightly as she moved up and down with the length of his shaft in her mouth. I looked at her pussy, the outline of which was visible from behind as she was bent over in doggy position. She was still wearing her cream panties, which were now clearly soaked through.
I stood up, moved behind Em and knelt directly behind her. The carpet was soft under my knees and I gave her ass a gentle spank then reached forward and gently grabbed hold of the waist of her panties on each side of her hips. Her only response was to slightly lift her knees up indicating she was happy for me to take them off.
I peeled them down, watching them stick slightly to her wet pussy and felt my throbbing cock twitch with excitement when I saw how soppy, wet, and swollen her pussy was. I had never seen it look so ready to be fucked. I pressed up against her ass and rubbed my cock back and forward against her lips, her juice spreading along my length as I repeatedly brushed against her clit. She trembled slightly and kept slowly stroking Thomas's cock.
I grabbed hold of her hips, slid back along her and then plunged in, all the way to the end. Every inch of my cock pressed firmly inside her soaking wet pussy. She cried out in pleasure and briefly forgot about the big cock resting against her lips as I began slowly but firmly thrusting in and out of her from behind, my balls lightly slapping against the back of her thighs with each stroke as I filled her again and again.
She moaned every time my cock was buried to its depth and began sucking Thomas's cock again, this time with increasing speed and intensity. I continued slowly impaling her whilst listening to her moans, muffled by the large cock filling her mouth.
Thomas suddenly tensed, grabbed Ems head and groaned, hips jerking slightly as he erupted, squirting load after load into my wife's mouth. The moment Thomas had finished, Em trembled and gasped "I'm coming, FUCK I'm COMMMMIIING!" as she grasped his thighs and climaxed with her face in his lap.
I continued burying the length of my cock inside her, briefly pausing each at the end of each thrust. Em stopped trembling and I began to slow, however she started to push back on each thrust, attempting to pick up the pace. I was so close to coming, the pleasure of watching my wife come and quiver whilst sucking down the come of another man was incredible, but I wanted to keep pleasuring her as long as I could.
However, Em had become more horny than I had ever imagined. She started pushing her sexy ass back into me more aggressively, and seemed determined to speed up the rhythm.
"Don't stop, fuck me harder" she moaned and I could not help myself so I began to comply.
I glanced up and noticed that Thomas was rock hard again already and had begun rubbing his own cock as he watched. He occasionally slapped his huge dick gently against Ems face, and she seemed to be loving having a cock at each end for her enjoyment. Never would I have believed my usually quite reserved wife could be such a horny, cock hungry little slut. I can't explain how amazing it was to watch.
"Faster, fuck me faster, I'm going to come again already!" Em groaned.
I couldn't believe how turned on she was despite having just come hard on my dick. She began to tremble again and I knew she was about to orgasm. At that moment I knew what I was going to do, I wasn't certain how my next course of action would play out but I had a feeling Em wouldn't mind.
I proceeded to slow right down and withdrew my soaking, throbbing cock. She looked back at me over her shoulder, clearly frustrated "What are you doing? I was about to come!"
I smiled, "I know but I want you to suck my cock a bit first" I said as I turned and sat back on the bed behind me.
She pouted, but turned and crawled back towards me, grasped my cock and began to seductively slide her tongue around the tip. She immediately seemed to forget her frustration and vigorously began to pleasure me. Thomas was getting an eyeful of my insanely horny bent over wife and had picked up the pace stroking himself.
I looked down at my beautiful wife and whispered "Maybe Thomas could have a turn now?" She paused slightly for a moment with my cock still in her mouth, smiled slightly and excitedly nodded before continuing to blow me.
I looked up at Thomas, we made eye contact and I gestured with a nod down at my wife's sexy ass swaying invitingly in front of him. He raised his eyebrows questioningly, pointed to his big hard cock and then towards my wife's swollen pussy. I couldn't believe this was about to happen, I smiled and nodded as calmly as I could.
He got up, moved behind Em and knelt down. He cautiously placed his hands on her ass and stroked down her thighs to which she responded with an obvious moan of pleasure at the touch. This seemed to spur Thomas on, he slid his hand between her legs and based on the pleasurable groans from Em, immediately began to rub her pussy.
He maneuvered right up to Em's ass and slid his cock between her legs, and began to rub back and forth along her clit. She gasped slightly and turned briefly to look at Thomas behind her, who was ready to take her doggy-style. She then looked back up at me, excited but unsure, clearly worried about how I felt about this. I had an excited smile on my face and she relaxed.
"Are you sure?" she mouthed silently, doing her best not to moan as Thomas rubbed his fat cock up and down against her swollen clit.
"Fuck yes" I half whispered, loud enough that Thomas knew he was good to go.
Em had already begun moving in response to his cock, grinding her clit along his shaft and was clearly enjoying it.
Thomas took that as his cue, grabbing Ems hip with one hand and with the other he slowly guided his big fat cock towards the sopping wet pussy of my wife. He gently rubbed the bulbous purple head around the her swollen, soaking red lips, lathering his cock in her juice. He pushed forwards slowly to begin with, slightly stretching her open as he slid all 8 or 9 inches inside her.
Her pussy was so wet that Thomas was able to ram his entire meaty cock into her tight stretched pussy in one smooth movement until he had impaled her, with his pelvis nuzzled into her ass.
I couldn't believe her tight little pussy had swallowed his entire big throbbing cock in one go. Ems mouth fell open and she let out a noise somewhere between a moan and a grunt, immense pleasure visible on her face.
"Fuck that feels good, oh my god" she mumbled, so distracted by pleasure that she seemed unable to properly speak.
Thomas then began slowly stroking his cock back and forward, while my wife moaned louder and louder. She began to try and suck my cock again, which was already seeping pre-come just in my excitement from what I was witnessing, but she was too distracted. Her head was bobbing and lolling around in my lap as she moaned more than I had ever heard. She seemed to lose control, overwhelmed with bliss.
All of a sudden she convulsed, her finger nails digging into my thighs. "Oh my god, fuck, I'm coming already, I'm coming so hard!" she cried out. "Fuck that's so good".
She heaved with each wave of pleasure, but Thomas just kept pumping away, picking up the pace instead of slowing, with the sound of his balls slapping against my wife's thighs getting faster and louder. Em had finished her orgasm but seemed as horny as ever and began panting as Thomas relentlessly impaled my wife over and over with his big cock.
My own cock waved and bumped against my gasping and groaning wife's face, completely forgotten as she neared climax yet again. I was so turned on that the pre-come was leaking from the tip with nothing but the slight contact against Ems cheek as she was being pounded. Luckily Em was too preoccupied to even notice it since I would have exploded instantly if she had grabbed it.
In between moans of ecstasy Em cried "Oh my god your huge cock feels SO GOOD". Thomas continued to impale my wife, burying his big fat cock over and over in my wife's tight little pussy like a machine.
"Don't stop...oohhh...I want your massive cock...ohhhh... to fill me with come! Oohhh yes...oh yes!"
At the moment she said come, Thomas grunted with exertion.
"Fuck yeah, I'm filling your pussy" he groaned, with every thrust of his big cock pumping come deep inside my wife.
"Yes, yes, YES...fill me with your MASSIVE COCK!" Em moaned as she came and convulsed like I had never seen before, quivering with each wave of pleasure.
It was simply too much, I grabbed my dick, stroked only a couple times and exploded, squirting come all over my wife's beautiful face.
Em collapsed next to me and Thomas fell backwards on his bed; those two panting with exertion, and me breathing heavily. My testicles ached, having never been emptied so much in such a short period of time.
My beautiful wife was covered in come, mine was dripping off her face and Thomas's leaking out of her red swollen pussy, but she was too satisfied to care.
She shook slightly and lay there still breathing heavily, satisfied beyond anything she had experienced before.
She picked up my underwear, wiped the come from her face then curled up naked against me in our bed. I cuddled her tightly, and despite my wife's pussy being filled with another mans come, I had never felt more intimately connected with her.
Em briefly went to the bathroom to clean up then returned and curled up against me, we were both exhausted and fell asleep moments later.
The next morning Thomas had already left before we awoke. It must have been a combination of him sneaking out and all the wine the previous night that we hadn't noticed him leave. We laid in bed for a while with Em as the little spoon.
"Well last night was fun" Em said sheepishly.
I laughed "Yeah sure was, I'm glad you had a good time".
I was running my hand across Em's hip and thigh while we laid there. I knew she was thinking about last night and could no doubt feel my erection pressed against her bum.
I slid my hand between her legs and found her very wet. I rolled her onto her back and moved down to her pussy and gave it a kiss.
"Maybe we should book four person rooms for all our holidays from now on" I said.
Em just nodded eagerly and laid back thinking about the night before as my tongue began to massage her swollen clit.
copied from Literotica
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2023.05.30 11:35 yuncangjiuzhuang Drinking beer also needs to know how to choose wine, FENDI CLUB gives you a new experience

Drinking beer also needs to know how to choose wine, FENDI CLUB gives you a new experience
Beer is very common in life, and it is easy to buy. There are various brands of beer, and many brands of beer are liked by different beer lovers. How can we drink beer with a sense of luxury? FENDI CLUB beer gives you a different experience.
FENDI CLUB beer is divided into German-style and Belgian-style. Both German-style and Belgian-style have a long production history. They are the two most popular wheat beers for beer lovers. Because of their respective unique flavor characteristics, they can attract their own "tasting fans" for a long time and stably.
Belgian-style beer has a long history, and they advocate small-scale and multi-variety. Its key feature is its ability to release its characteristic aroma quickly in the glass. Belgian wheat innovatively uses bitter orange peel and coriander seeds, together with the spice-like flavors of yeast's characteristic phenols and aldehydes, it will give the beer a more diverse aroma.
At the same time, Belgian-style wheat beer is closer to life, and can be seen everywhere in supermarkets, restaurants, bars and various late-night canteens. Especially for many girls, most of them start with Belgian-style wheat beer when they get started with craft beer.
Belgian-style beers are flavor-enhancing and always surprising. For example, coriander seeds, cream, chocolate, sage and various fruits, spices, nuts, etc., it can be said that there are almost only flavors you can't think of, and there is no flavor that they can't make. This is one of the great charms of Belgian wheat beer.
Belgian-style FENDI CLUB703 beer, moderate malt sweetness, hop aroma is mainly spicy, accompanied by coriander seeds, orange peel and fruit-like aromas. Pale rice to pale gold in appearance, crisp finish, fresh and dry, with a slight acidity. It is also known as Belgian Wheat White because of its high protein content and lighter color.
FENDI CLUB 703 Belgian-style wheat beer, niche, low-key but elegant, rich in taste, pursuing ceremony without being ostentatious. It can always bring you a different experience when you have difficulty choosing among a wide range of beers.
FENDI CLUB702 beer belongs to German wheat beer. Yeast is not filtered during fermentation, and it will have a unique aroma like freshly baked bread, which makes the taste pure and rich, and the wheat aroma is stronger.
Belgian-style wheat beer and German-style wheat beer are not superior or inferior, but are different due to individual preferences and choices. Those who like a refreshing taste can choose Belgian-style wheat beer, and those who prefer a strong taste can choose German-style wheat beer.
When you want to linger in the world of popular beer without forgetting fashion, FENDI CLUB beer will become the best choice for fashionable alcoholics. Summer is coming, garlic crayfish pasta, secret fried chicken, ribeye steak, with a glass of light golden wine, unique flavor, let fashion and fine wine collide, and eat a unique taste experience. As long as your taste buds like to touch, there will be different levels of excitement.
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2023.05.30 11:28 smartscaledesign The Power of Contrast: Exploring Bold Color Combinations for Elevation

The Power of Contrast: Exploring Bold Color Combinations for Elevation

When it comes to making a bold statement with your home's exterior, color is a powerful tool. Contrasting color combinations can add drama, visual interest, and a unique personality to your home's elevation with best interior designer in Mumbai. By pairing bold and contrasting hues, you can create a striking and memorable look that catches the eye. In this blog post, we will explore the power of contrast and delve into some inspiring color combinations for elevations that make a strong impact in west-facing house plan with vastu.
Classic Black and White:
There's a timeless elegance and sophistication in the simplicity of a black and white color scheme in west-facing house plan with vastu. The strong contrast between these two opposites creates a visually striking effect. Consider using black for architectural details such as window frames, doors, or trim, while keeping the main facade in crisp white in vastu house plan. This combination works well with various architectural styles and adds a touch of modernity to your home's exterior.
Vibrant Red and Gray:
For a combination that commands attention, pair vibrant red with shades of gray. The intense energy of red combined with the cool neutrality of gray creates a captivating contrast in vastu for home plan. Use red as an accent color for elements like doors, shutters, or decorative trim, while keeping the main facade in various shades of gray in vastu for home plan. This combination adds a modern and edgy touch to your elevation, perfect for those who want to make a bold statement.
Striking Yellow and Blue:
For a cheerful and eye-catching elevation, combine vibrant yellow with deep blue hues. This color combination exudes energy and creates a playful and welcoming atmosphere. Consider using yellow for accents like doors or decorative elements, while incorporating various shades of blue for the main facade in house plan design. This combination works well for coastal or beach-inspired homes, evoking a sunny and vibrant vibe in vastu house plan.
Bold Jewel Tones:
Create a luxurious and captivating look by combining bold jewel tones in vastu for home plan. Pair deep emerald green with rich sapphire blue or regal amethyst purple. These color combinations bring depth and richness to your elevation, evoking a sense of opulence in house plan design. Use jewel tones for accents, such as doors, shutters, or decorative elements, against a neutral backdrop to allow the colors to truly shine in west-facing house plan with vastu.
Playful Pastels with a Pop:
For a whimsical and playful elevation, experiment with a combination of soft pastels and a pop of a vibrant color in west-facing house plan with vastu. Imagine a pastel pink or mint green facade with a vibrant orange or electric blue door in vastu house plan. This unexpected contrast adds a sense of fun and personality to your home's exterior, perfect for those who want to stand out from the crowd.
Remember, when working with contrasting colors, it's essential to consider the architectural style and the overall aesthetic you want to achieve in vastu for home plan. Experiment with color samples and visualize how the combinations will interact with natural light throughout the day.
Bold color combinations can transform your home's elevation into a striking and memorable masterpiece. Whether you prefer classic black and white, vibrant red and gray, striking yellow and blue, bold jewel tones, or playful pastels with a pop, the key is to embrace contrast and create a visually captivating look. Allow your home's exterior to reflect your unique personality and make a lasting impression on anyone who passes by.
We hope this blog post has inspired you to explore bold color combinations for your home's elevation. Share your experiences and color choices with us, and let's celebrate the power of contrast together!
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2023.05.30 11:28 Spyproau Doorbells Australia Wide

SpyPro Security Solutions is pleased to provide its clients with the most cutting-edge Doorbells Australia has to offer. Our state-of-the-art doorbells enable you check in on who's at your door from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet, no matter where you happen to be in the globe. Our doorbells are the best in the industry since they can detect motion and capture high-definition video. Mounting the device and linking it to your WiFi network is the entirety of the installation process.
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2023.05.30 11:26 Designer_Mistake2679 World of Indian Groceries and Food Products

Chokhi Dhani Foods is a leading Indian food and hospitality company that specializes in bringing the authentic flavors of Rajasthan to customers around the world. Founded in 1990, the company operates a chain of restaurants, catering services, and packaged food products that showcase the rich culinary heritage of India's desert state. With a focus on quality, taste, and innovation, Chokhi Dhani Foods has become a household name in the Indian food industry and continues to expand its offerings to new markets.
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2023.05.30 11:19 tirboki When to change gears while climbing this type of a hill?
I am fairly new to cycling and come across a 10% gradient half kilometer hill near my house depicted quite badly in my drawing.
I have 50/34 cranks and a 11-32 cassette in my bike.
I have been experimenting with various gear changing strategies to tackle this:
  1. Staying in the 50 crank throughout and shift down from 5th gear all the way to 3nd gear (I avoid 2nd and 1st gear to reduce the risk of chain snapping) - I find it quite tough and slow. Have to stand up and ride near the end.
  2. Staying in 34 crank throughout and shift from 9th gear down to mid range of the cassette - It feels comically easy at the beginning, but I can sustain without getting up.
  3. Shifting from 50 to 34 as the incline gets steeper - the problem with this is the clunky jerky gear shift. I've read that it should be avoided as it can damage the gear teeth or snap the chain. I do try to ease of the pedals when shifting gears, but on a steep incline I find it hard to ease off!
Based on my Strava experiments, strategy 2 gives the fastest times so far. Any advice gear shifting would be much appreciated.
Let's say I wanted to a gear ratio change from 2.0 to 1.89, I could either shift down the front gear and shift up the rear gears 3 times(depicted in blue) or shift up the rear gear 3 times and shift down the front gear(green). The end result is still the same, but is there a recommendation on which works best?

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2023.05.30 11:19 DrusillaMorwinyon wtf

Race: Crossbreed (human-elf)
Culture:Decadent Civilized
Heritage:The character is a member of a racial minority within his nation.
Social Level:Wealthy, Nobility
SolMod: 7 +5

Birth Legitimacy: Legitimate
Family Head: Father
Number of Occupations:
1 primary [Architect] which is performed full-time and [Merchant - Furniture dealer] which is performed on a part-time basis
Items of note:
Noted for being Tardy: always late.
Siblings: -
Birth Order: -
Time of Birth: 12 month
Place of Birth: In the character's family home
BiMod: 2
Unusual Birth Occurrences:
The character was born with an un usual physical trait - blue-green glowing eyes which allow the character to see in the dark without a light source (but not like infrared vision). It grant her psychic power - Persuasion: [15 minus Rank] Mass Hypnosis that may be used against one target plus one additional target 16 for each Rank of Persuasion skill possessed by the character. At Rank 6, the character gains Mind Control at Rank 1 skill.
The mother died in childbirth. The character receives a map, a key and a strange gift. The three are somehow related Gift - A pouch of papers detailing the character's true (and colorful) family history.

Significant Events:
7y A despotic and evil local ruler outlawsthe character's parents. After a year, the ruler's liege overthrows the evil ruler and the character's parents are not only pardoned, but are honored for their role in the despot's demise. The reward: elevation to Prince (Royal) [L]
Special Titles: High Champion of the Forests, Marshal of the Northern Wastes, Preserver of the Highland Creation Landsize 25
12y Something wonderful occurs. The ruler of the land consolidates fiefs and eliminates troublemakers. The character's loyal parentare elevated one title level +Special Titles: Swordmaster of the Seaward Hills, Landsize 535 [L]
14y a)A strange woman gives the character an ornate box sealed with wax and hoarsely whispers "It's up to you now, keep it safe, keep it from ... them." It is not until the woman drops dead at the character's feet that the dagger in her back becomes obvious. The box contains a key. "They" might be evil cultists trying to retrieve an artifact, hired assassins sent to retrieve a valuable heirloom, or inhuman monsters bent on conquering the world. (R)
b)Character runs away from home. Wanders the land, one step ahead of the authorities, living by wits. Survival skills improve by one Rank in environment of choice.[R]
16y Family throws an extravagant birthday party for the character. Everyone who is anyone attends. When all the gifts are recorded, one unusual gift stands alone without a card to saywhere it came from. A bound wooden staff. [R].
Apprenticeship Events:
One of the other apprentices becomes the character's best friend. Roll Hi/Lo for the friend's sex. Hi=female, Lo=male. He or she eventually goes on to become a noted master of the craft. This NPC may be developed using the NPC suggestions on pages 176-179.
Adulthood Events:
18y While exploring an unfamiliar area near his home, the character has an encounter with an unusual person, who, as far as the character can tell, has no home or family. The character offers to help in anyway he can. After partaking of a meal, a bath, a hot drink, and a long nap, the person disappears, leaving behind a note that simply says "Your kindness wilt be remembered." Years later, a messenger should bring a note to the character. Apparently the person whom he helped was an incredibly wealthy but eccentric noble who has died and left a fortune to the character. Naturally, there are some relatives who will resist any attempt by the character to recover this inheritance. The character may have to go through quite an adventure to finally claim what is rightfully his. [L]

Occupations and Hobbies:
Occupation: Ship Captain: sails ships on the high seas, lakes and rivers. Owns own ship.
Hobby: Building detailed models 6 ranks
Degree of Interest: Sporadic and Variable. Interest runs in spurts, intense at times, nonexistent at others. Character will easily spend 1% of his total income on this hobby.

Person: A fictional or legendary hero [Strong]
Thing: Book [Weak]
Abstraction: [L+2] Freedom, both personal and national [Strong]
Literate (native)

Liar: hardly ever tells the truth.
Egotistic: proud and conceited.
Self-doubting: unsure of self and abilities
Liberal: tolerant of others, open to changes.
Logical: uses deductive reasoning.
Considerate: thinks of others' feelings.
Helpful: helps others in need.
Friendly: warm and comforting.
Organized: everything has a place.
Clean: practices good hygiene.

Conscientious: "Each man knows his own 'good' and defends it" sums up the conscien
tious character's beliefs. He lives according to a strict personal code of ethics. He is often an individualist who works for the law and the good of the greatest number of people, but who may distrust higher authority, living and working "outside the law." This includes vigilantes and "Robin Hood" types.

Wilderness Survival
Rural Survival 1
Urban Survival 6

Riding animal, fine clothing, 1d3 pieces of jewelry worth 10x starting money
each, a dagger, and a fine hand weapon appropriate to his culture.
Money: 300% of normal starting money.
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2023.05.30 11:17 PurpleSolitudes Best Gaming Routers In USA Available on Amazon

Best Gaming Routers In USA Available on Amazon
Gaming routers are designed to provide a better online gaming experience by reducing lag and improving latency. If you are a serious online gamer, then a gaming router can be a worthwhile investment. It can help to improve your gaming experience and reduce lag, which can give you a competitive edge.

Benefits of Using a Gaming Router:

  • Reduced lag: Lag is the delay between when you press a button on your controller or keyboard and when the action is reflected on the screen. Gaming routers can help to reduce lag by optimizing your network and prioritizing gaming traffic.
  • Improved latency: Latency is the time it takes for data to travel from your computer to the game server. Gaming routers can help to improve latency by using a variety of techniques, such as reducing the distance between your computer and the game server.
  • Faster speeds: Gaming routers typically have faster processors and more memory than traditional routers, which allows them to handle more data at once. This can lead to faster download speeds and less lag during online gaming.
  • Better range: Gaming routers often have more powerful antennas than traditional routers, which can extend the range of your Wi-Fi network. This can be helpful if you have a large home or if you live in an area with a lot of interference.
Advanced security features: Gaming routers often have more advanced security features than traditional routers. This can help to protect your network from hackers and other online threats.

Asus ROG Strix GS-AX5400
The Asus ROG Strix GS-AX5400 is a Wi-Fi 6 gaming router that offers a number of features designed to improve your online gaming experience. These features include Read More

TP-Link AC4000 MU-MIMO Tri-Band WiFi Router (Archer A20)
The TP-Link Archer A20 is a tri-band Wi-Fi router that offers a number of features designed to improve your home network. These features include Read More

Netgear Nighthawk Tri-Band Wi-Fi 6E Router (RAXE500)
The Netgear Nighthawk RAXE500 is a tri-band Wi-Fi 6E router that offers a number of features designed to improve your home network. These features include Read More

TP-Link Archer AX50 (AX3000) Dual Band Gigabit Wi-Fi 6 Router
The TP-Link Archer AX50 is a dual-band Wi-Fi 6 router that offers a number of features designed to improve your home network. These features include Read More
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2023.05.30 11:17 Alternative-Cat9174 being best friends with my ex bsf knowing everything that she did to me is crazy.

this is going to be a long post, so bare with me.
anyways, my (15F) best friend (16F) “M” is friends with my ex bsf (16F) “J” knowing that she did to me. i was best friends with “M” since i was 4 and I was best friends with “J” since i was 5. both of them have been friends with each other before they have been friends with me.
my relationship with “M”: my mom and her mom are friends, and some of my extended family members know her family. we met in my apartment complex (she used to live here and ironically, the apartment that i’m living in used to be her’s). her grandparents currently live in these apartments. me and her never really had any arguments that led to any fall-outs however she was always rude to me and has blantely body shamed me to my face. her mom likes me tho, however her brother was sometimes an asshole to me, and he himself is generally a trouble-maker (smokes/vapes and has ran away before). she sometimes moved houses so we sometimes didn’t get to see each other for various periods of time. we stopped being close in high school, and now she just hits me up when she needs something.
what happened between me and “J”: so me and her were friends since we were 5 (as previously mentioned). we also met in either these apartments or at church. same with M, J’s grandma also live in these apartments and J herself used to live here. my mom is currently good friends with her mom, her grandma is friends with my grandma, and her mom is also friends with my mom’s cousins. anyways, our friendship had been kind of rocky. she too was always rude to me, played victim, and overall caused drama. we had a fall-out in 2018 and shit was fixed, however we officially stopped being friends in 2019 because me and one of her other best friends had beef and she chose her side , and they both ganged up against me and bullied me relentlessly for days. 6 days prior to the official fall-out, J even messed with my bf (now ex obviously) behind my back. anyways, in early 2020, J threatened to fight me and also threatened to out to my parents that i’m bi and that “M” told her and that she has “proof” (i confronted M in which she denied ever telling her, insulted J, and swore on God that she never told her).
anyways, well, J and M are friends again. this shit hurts. how i found out was 2 years ago, J posted on tik tok (it was on me for stalking) saying “what are my green flags?” and while scrolling through the comments, i saw M’s comments and BROO THAT SHIT HURT. and not only that, but 10 days ago, M posted her and J hanging out around my apartment complex and M posted on her story photos of J and was like “i did her makeup 🤭”. bro when i tell you i was hurt, i mean it. like bro, did i not mean anything to you? wtf?
what hurts even more is how M only ever texts me if she needs anything. like bro, when she moved to LA back in October, my family and I were her transport for 2 weeks. she would text me and be like “hey OP can you guys take me to school?” she’s been visiting now, and she’s never texted me saying that she misses me and that if we can hang out. the only ever time she goes out is to hang out with another friend and my ex best friend, but not me.
what hurts way worse is how my parents still talk about J. my dad even compares me to her and is like “she’s been getting skinny, why can’t you also lose weight?” “(Insert various insults towards me and compares me to her)” “i saw her at the wedding a few days ago and she partying hard and was dancing crazy, why can’t you dance like her?” “why can’t you be respectful like her? she does chores and you don’t” + among various other things.
anyways, i’m just really distraught with all of this. this shit hurts so bad idk what to do tbh.
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2023.05.30 11:13 Apraxe what to do in Durres

Hello, iam from Montenegro and in a few weeks im going on a 4 day vacation to Durres! i was wondering about the next stuff: -Any ww2 stuff? like partisan monuments?
-Great Views, i saw some lakes and was wondering where can i see the best views
-some chill places for a nice coffee
-Flea markets/Antique Stores! i need to find some partisan or stuff from enver time period
I alsk know Albanian
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2023.05.30 11:12 ecohubmap Top 10 Best Bioplastic Companies in the World

Top 10 Best Bioplastic Companies in the World
The world is increasingly recognizing the need for sustainable alternatives to traditional plastics, leading to the rapid growth of bioplastics. Bioplastics are derived from renewable resources and offer a more environmentally friendly alternative to petroleum-based plastics.
Top 10 Best Bioplastic Companies in the World
In this list, we present the top 10 bioplastic companies that are at the forefront of innovation, manufacturing high-quality bioplastics for a wide range of applications. These companies are driving the transition towards a more sustainable and circular economy, addressing the pressing challenges of plastic waste and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.
  1. NatureWorks LLC: NatureWorks is a leading bioplastics manufacturer known for its brand Ingeo. They produce a range of bio-based and compostable materials suitable for various applications.
  2. Braskem: Braskem is a Brazilian petrochemical company that has developed a bio-based polyethylene known as "I'm Green." They are one of the largest producers of bioplastics globally.
  3. Novamont: Novamont, an Italian company, specializes in the production of biodegradable and compostable bioplastics. They offer a wide range of products suitable for packaging, agriculture, and other industries.
  4. BASF SE: BASF is a German chemical company that has invested in the development of bioplastics. They produce bio-based plastics.
  5. Arkema: Arkema, a French specialty chemicals company, has a division called "Arkema Biomaterials" that focuses on developing and manufacturing bio-based plastics. They offer a range of bioplastics with applications in various industries.
  6. Corbion: Corbion is a Dutch company that specializes in sustainable ingredients and bio-based technologies. They produce a bioplastic called "PURAC" that is used in packaging, fibers, and other applications.
  7. Total Corbion PLA: Total Corbion PLA is a joint venture between Total, a French multinational energy company, and Corbion. They produce Poly Lactic Acid (PLA) bioplastics, which are used in packaging, disposable cutlery, and other applications.
  8. Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation/176vaklia07swk): Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation is a Japanese company that manufactures bio-based plastics under the brand name "BioPBS." These bioplastics are biodegradable and have applications in packaging and other industries.
  9. Danimer Scientific: Danimer Scientific, based in the United States, is known for its development of biodegradable and compostable bioplastics. They produce materials like polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) that can be used in various applications, including packaging and consumer goods.
  10. FKuR Kunststoff GmbH: FKuR Kunststoff, a German company, specializes in producing bio-based and compostable plastics. They offer a wide range of bioplastics suitable for packaging, agriculture, and other industries.
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2023.05.30 11:09 Aptechdwarka BEST C C++ TRAINING IN DWARKA


An Introduction to C and C++ Programming Languages
INTRODUCTION: C and C++ are two widely used programming languages known for their efficiency, flexibility, and wide range of applications. In this article, we will delve into the fundamental concepts of C and C++, their key features, and their significance in the world of software development. By the end of this article, you will have a solid understanding of these languages and their relevance in the modern programming landscape.

What is C?

C is a general-purpose programming language created by Dennis Ritchie at Bell Labs in the early 1970s. It was developed as an evolution of the B language and played a pivotal role in the development of operating systems, compilers, and other low-level systems software.

Here are some key features of C:

Procedural Language: C follows a procedural programming paradigm, which means it focuses on procedures or functions that perform specific tasks.
Portability: C programs can be easily ported across different hardware platforms due to its close-to-the-hardware nature and standardized syntax.
Efficiency: C allows direct memory manipulation, providing low-level control over system resources, making it highly efficient and suitable for system-level programming.
Extensibility: C supports the use of libraries and allows developers to build reusable code components, enhancing code modularity and maintainability.

What is C++?

C++ is an extension of the C programming language developed by Bjarne Stroustrup in the early 1980s. It was designed to provide additional features and support object-oriented programming (OOP).

Here are some key features of C++:

Object-Oriented Programming: C++ supports the concepts of classes, objects, inheritance, and polymorphism, enabling developers to write modular, reusable, and organized code.
Standard Template Library (STL): C++ provides a rich collection of template classes and functions through the STL, making it easier to handle data structures and algorithms.
Performance: C++ offers high performance, as it allows direct memory manipulation and provides features like inline functions and operator overloading.
Compatibility with C: C++ is backward compatible with C, which means you can use C code in C++ programs, and C++ code can be called from C programs.

Applications of C and C++:

C and C++ find applications in various domains, including:

System Software: Due to their efficiency and low-level control, C and C++ are extensively used in developing operating systems, compilers, device drivers, and embedded systems.
Game Development: C++ is widely employed in the game development industry for its performance, ability to handle complex simulations, and support for graphics libraries like OpenGL and DirectX.
Web Development: C and C++ are used in web development frameworks and libraries like CGI (Common Gateway Interface) and FastCGI to build high-performance web applications.
Financial Systems: Many financial institutions rely on C and C++ to develop robust and high-speed trading systems, risk management tools, and algorithmic trading platforms.
Scientific Computing: C and C++ are preferred choices for scientific computing due to their speed, efficiency, and ability to interface with specialized libraries like BLAS (Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms) and LAPACK (Linear Algebra Package).

An In-Depth Exploration of C and C++ Programming Languages

Welcome to a comprehensive exploration of C and C++, two programming languages that have played a crucial role in the world of software development. We will take a deep dive into the features, syntax, and applications of C and C++, providing you with a detailed understanding of their inner workings and their relevance in the modern programming landscape.

Understanding C:

C, created by Dennis Ritchie at Bell Labs in the early 1970s, is a general-purpose programming language known for its simplicity and efficiency. Let’s delve into its key aspects:
Procedural Paradigm: C follows the procedural programming paradigm, which emphasizes breaking down a program into a collection of procedures or functions. This approach promotes code reusability and modularity.
Syntax and Structure: C code is written in a structured manner using a combination of functions, variables, and control flow constructs. It employs a minimalistic syntax, making it easier to learn and understand.
Portability: C programs can be easily ported across different hardware platforms. The language’s close-to-the-hardware nature allows for direct memory manipulation, providing low-level control and portability.
Standard Libraries: C comes with a rich set of standard libraries that provide a wide range of functions for tasks such as input/output operations, string manipulation, and mathematical calculations. These libraries enhance code reusability and save development time.
Memory Management: In C, developers have explicit control over memory management. It allows for dynamic memory allocation and deallocation using functions like malloc() and free(). This control enables efficient memory usage but also requires careful handling to avoid memory leaks or segmentation faults.

Exploring C++ :

C++ is an extension of the C programming language developed by Bjarne Stroustrup in the early 1980s. It introduces object-oriented programming (OOP) concepts to C while maintaining backward compatibility. Let’s delve into its key features:
Object-Oriented Programming: C++ supports the principles of encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, and abstraction. These concepts enable developers to design and implement complex systems using classes, objects, and related OOP techniques. OOP enhances code modularity, reusability, and maintainability.
Standard Template Library (STL): C++ provides the Standard Template Library, a powerful collection of template classes and functions. The STL offers a wide range of data structures (like vectors, lists, and maps) and algorithms (such as sorting and searching) that simplify development and improve code efficiency.
Performance and Efficiency: C++ retains the efficiency of C and introduces additional features like inline functions, function overloading, and operator overloading. These features allow for high-performance code execution and optimization.
Compatibility with C: C++ is designed to be compatible with C. It can utilize existing C code and libraries seamlessly, making it easy to migrate and reuse C code in C++ projects.
Exception Handling: C++ includes a robust exception handling mechanism that allows developers to handle and manage runtime errors effectively. This feature enhances program reliability and maintainability.

Applications of C and C++:

The versatility of C and C++ makes them suitable for various domains and applications. Some notable applications include:
Systems Programming: C and C++ are widely used for systems-level programming, including operating system development, compilers, and device drivers. Their low-level control and efficiency make them indispensable for such tasks.
Game Development: C++ is a popular choice for game development due to its ability to handle complex simulations, real-time graphics, and interactions. Libraries like OpenGL and DirectX provide powerful tools for graphics programming in C++.
Web Development: C and C++ are used in web development frameworks and libraries such as CGI (Common Gateway Interface) and Fast CGI. These languages allow developers to create high-performance web applications by leveraging their efficiency and low-level control.
Financial Systems: C and C++ are widely employed in the development of financial systems, including high-speed trading platforms, risk management tools, and algorithmic trading systems. The performance and reliability of these languages make them suitable for handling large-scale financial data and complex calculations.
Scientific Computing: C and C++ are preferred languages for scientific computing and numerical analysis. They provide efficient handling of mathematical operations, access to specialized libraries like BLAS (Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms) and LAPACK (Linear Algebra Package), and support for parallel computing, enabling scientists and researchers to process and analyze complex data sets.
Embedded Systems: C and C++ are extensively used in the development of embedded systems, such as microcontrollers and real-time systems. These languages offer low-level access to hardware, efficient memory management, and the ability to write code with strict timing requirements.
Cross-Platform Development: Due to their portability and compatibility, C and C++ are commonly used for cross-platform development. Applications developed in these languages can run on different operating systems with minimal modifications, making them ideal for building software that targets multiple platforms.
Conclusion: C and C++ are powerful programming languages that have stood the test of time. While C offers low-level control and efficiency, C++ extends the capabilities of C with object-oriented programming and a rich set of features. Both languages find applications in a wide range of domains and continue to be indispensable tools for software development. Learning C and C++ opens up exciting opportunities for aspiring programmers and professionals seeking to enhance their skills in the ever-evolving world of technology.

ADDRESS: Aptech Learning, C-390, First Floor, Shiksha Bharti Road, Above Lakababiya Restaurant, Ramphal Chowk, Sector-7, Dwarka.

CONTACTS: 9205714524


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2023.05.30 11:04 thegreennature Ayurvedic and Herbal Intimate Washes in India

The Green Nature offers Ayurvedic Personal Care Products in India. Ayurvedic intimate washes are specially formulated products that are designed to cleanse and protect the delicate skin around the intimate area. They contain natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, fenugreek, Palash leaf, Neem, and other herbs that are known for their beneficial and soothing properties. These washes are free of harsh chemicals, so they can be safely used on sensitive skin.
Ayurvedic intimate wash prevents itching, reduces irritation and vagina pimples, and also reduces smell. Moreover, it’s chemical-free, made for all types of skin, and also best for sensitive skin. Our intimate wash is a popular choice for those looking for a natural and safe way to cleanse their intimate area. Shop now!
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