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2018.03.28 15:17 Killoah A place for RuneScape snowflakes (OSRS or RS3, iron or not!)

A community for RuneScape snowflakes! A snowflake is any account playing with additional self-imposed rules or restrictions. Non-iron accounts are welcome too! Also feel free to post for OSRS or RS3.

2016.06.28 18:45 recursive_blazer GE Tracker - OSRS Merchanting & Money Making Tool

GE Tracker - OSRS Merchanting & Money Making Tool. Features suggested items to flip, 10-minute graphs, decant potions, high alchemy, and more! https://www.ge-tracker.com

2023.06.03 16:59 SnookySkellingtons From 1e to 2e

Hey, I'm a player moving from 1e to 2e and I've noticed that combat feels a bit stacked against PCs.
So I'm not playing a minmaxed character because frankly I'm too new to the game in order to pull that off (and also because munchkining is not fun for me). I did, however, got my main stat as high as possible, giving me a dex of 18 at lvl 1 and a +7 to hit.
For plot reasons I decided to go Ranger with the Drow Shootist archetype progression (free archetype rules). However, I feel like I messed up somewhere: though I have a +7 to hit, I'm usually facing enemies with ACs on the high 10s / low 20s values - meaning that I hit about 40% of the time. And when I do hit, the damage is very underwhelming.
In contrast, the foes we fight often have to-hit checks on the +10 or +11 ballpark, which means that against my AC of 18 are hitting almost always when they attack. Their damage is also quite high, often halfing my HP in a single hit.
We're playing Kingmaker and just starting. We almost got wiped by the assassins at the mansion. I am not sure if it is me that is doing something wrong with how I built my character, or because the game is less heroic on purpose and I should be playing more tactically (like if it was an OSR).
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2023.06.03 03:32 99wcIRL [Suggestion] Gaming PC for Playing/Streaming OSRS in high quality + day-to-day (work emails, spreadsheets, youtube, nextflix, etc.)

I am looking for some help with a new desktop gaming set up! I am working 90% of the time, but in my sweet downtime there seems to be nothing better than signing into nostalgic Old School Runescape and chopping some trees or catching some fish -- shoot, I am finally even starting to dip my toes into the higher tier gameplay after after playing this game for 20+ years!
After hours of trying to make sense of buildmeapc and feeling totally out of the loop, I am thinking that it might make more sense to go the pre-built route -- I just have no idea where to start.
Current Set Up: I would have thought that such an old game would run on anything, but I am finding that the Apple MacBook Pro A1706 13" that I use for work is not cut out for this:
Needs / Wants: I'd like the set up to be a bit overpowered for what I'm doing, quiet, and on the less flashy-looking side. It's unlikely that I would be running all of this at once, though on the higher end, I'd like to be able to run / have the following open all at the same time with top tier, smooth performance:
Budget: ~$700-$1500 USD
I am not sure what something like this would cost, but I'd like to invest in this for the long-term. Not trying to blow the whole budget, but would creep to the higher end if it made a clear impact on performance. Budget does not need to include monitor(s), keyboard, mouse.
Any help at all would be so appreciated.
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2023.06.02 23:24 prettyfuzzy Under-representation of prayer switches/prayer flicking on OSRS wiki

Why is the wiki so braindead on (slayeboss) strategies to the extent that prayer flicking options isn't even listed in some cases?
Exhibit A: The wikipedia entry for Hespori doesn't explain whether switching magic vs range prayers works. I tried it, doesn't seem to work, but maybe there's a way to
Exhibit B: I just got my first Bloodveld slayer task. The mutated bloodveld wiki page is hilarious. In order, the options for taking less damage are 1) Wear high magic defense armor 2) Safe spot 3) Use prayer equipment and prayer pots 4) _Teleporting to altar and back instead of using prayer pots_. What's amazing is that it does not even specify if prayer completely nullifies damage. Of course it doesn't mention that you can just flick.
IMO its so amazing to do slayer with prayer flicking, 0 prayer pots and 0 food, alching, using seed box and herb box. Just do it in one trip with metronome and low focus enough to watch YT/TV. Prayer flicking not only eliminates damage, but it increases max hit by 2 with ultimate strength, probably more with Chivalry/Piety. It makes the tasks go so much faster.
*All in all, I'd like to see monster wiki sidebar entries for "Protection prayer: Melle/Magic/Range/Switch" and "Protection prayer efficacy: 100%/max hit 3/max hit 5/etc"*.
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2023.06.02 19:59 Teid Looking for players for a tabletop RPG

Hey all! New to the scene but I grew up in Vancouver and have been running games for friends for 5 years. Looking to fire up a 2nd in person group since my main group only gets to meet once a month. Here's the details:
Game: Forbidden Lands (Swedish 80s dark/grim fantasy). System is Old School Adjacent with a slant towards wilderness survival and travel.
For who: New players and experienced players welcome!
How long: We'll start with a short adventure (Shadows over Long Harbour) and then see where we feel like going from there.
When: Ideally once every two weeks on a weekend for 3 hour sessions.
Where: Unsure as of now but sessions will be at public spaces such as rented out private rooms at a local library or a table at a game store.
What to bring: character sheet and pencils, we're going old school with this bad boy. I have the books and can provide PDFs and dice.
Slots: 3 open slots for players (1 filled)
Hook: Forbidden Lands is a hexcrawl sandbox game from Free League and is billed as "Rogues and Raiders in a Cursed World". The dice system is solely d6 except for special cases and it's rules light-ish (crunchier than narrative games, not nearly as crunchy as 5e, Pathfinder 1e, etc). Classic fantasy with orcs, goblins, elves, dwaves and classic RPG classes like fighter, wizard, bard, rogue, etc. Being a game based on old school RPGs it's decently high lethality and rolling up a new character mid session is absolutely a possibility.
Shadows over Long Harbour:
"A shadow has been cast over the town of Long Harbour, an esteemed fishing city on the coast of the forbidden lands. Over the past few months, people have gone missing, and bodies found mutilated in the hunting grounds a quarter days travel to the west. Yet no one seems to remember what caused it. A strange darkness is growing in the forest near Long Harbour."
A little about me:
I'm a local animator working at an indie game studio and have technically been playing TTRPGs since i was 16 (I'm 25 now) but I didn't properly start playing often until 5ish years ago when I ran a Monster of the Week game with some friends. Since then I've run a Lancer game and a Heart: The City Beneath game. I've never ran OSR or OSR adjacent before but I've pretty much put all my TTRPG energy into reading OSR blogs and the osr subreddit in the last few months. I've been noodling with the Forbidden Lands system as well and I made an addon for the game in the form of a tactile tiled inventory system akin to Mausritter which we can play with if we want (functionally the exact same as the base game inventory system, just represented as a slot inventory instead of a list of things). Interest wise outside of TTRPGs I'm your standard anime/manga/board games/games guy. Currently watching Gundam: Witch from Mercury, reading Chainsaw Man, Dandadan, and a few other manga, playing Tears of the Kingdom (like everyone), and dipping more into board games with my friends. I'm aiming to run an inclusive table that sticks to the tenants of OSR with creativity and engaged play rewarded. Tonally, FbL is dark (which doesn't mean it can't be funny) but I'll be trying to weave more of a spooky/dangerous air than your usual D&D 5e type tone. Basically have fun, roll dice, and respect each other is my goals. also in terms of location right now i'm floating between the New West Rain City Games store, Strategies games and hobbies, or a table at a library of group's choice.
If you're interest please DM me with any questions and provide some personal history you have with RPGs (systems played, experience) as well as your availability. I'll run some interviews to nail down a group.
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2023.06.02 10:45 Pristine_Plankton_27 My Experience with OSRS and Autism

Hey all, hope you’re all doing well. Recently, I’ve been able to introduce my autistic cousin to Old School RuneScape. We’re both very similar in age (in our mid-20s), and I have always connected with him a bit more than my other family members. He is very smart and capable, but deeply struggles with social interaction. We live states away and he constantly asks me if there are any games for us to play together. So, I showed him Old School RuneScape and he instantly wanted to start playing.
For the past month or so, we’ve been spending a few hours per week playing together on fresh accounts. We decided that we’re only playing on these accounts when we’re on together, and we’re doing the same tasks. Killing cows, chopping trees, and completing quests, we’re doing it all together. He tends to get very fixated on things, so this rule helps him keep a healthy balance between gaming and working towards his Associate’s Degree.
A lot of our time doing more relaxed grinds has given us the opportunity to have great conversations. As I said, we’ve always connected well, but he does struggle keeping conversation. However, there’s something about having a menial task in the background that gets rid of that filter. He’s told me a lot about his goals, aspirations, and struggles (much of which none of our family members have ever heard about). Being able to connect with him this way is a massive step.
Our time in OSRS has also helped him learn to set smaller, more attainable goals in order to work towards something bigger. We eventually want to grind towards some early to mid-level PVM. This means grinding appropriate skills, finding ways to earn GP, and learning new skills. It’s been great to see my cousin grow these planning skills over only the past month.
It’s really amazing what a game like OSRS can do, and I thought it would be nice to share my experience with all of you. If you have any friends/family on the autism spectrum, I would highly recommend introducing them to the game!
Thanks for taking the time to read.
TLDR: My cousin has autism and OSRS has been an amazing way for him to open up socially and learn to set himself up for success.
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2023.06.02 09:27 LuigiMPLS In the last month or so, Jagex has invited other content creators to check out/consult things besides Necromancy in RS3. I'd like a more open channel of communication if possible.

Over the last month Jagex invited a handful of talented content creators (as listed here) to come out to Jagex HQ to check out and play test the new Necromancy skill as a first look.
However, not really mentioned, but the OSRS side of Jagex also invited at least one, if not more OSRS creators to check out the new content recently for their version of the game as well. I can recall, but cannot find the clip of Purespam commenting on the rerelease of Bounty Hunter off the top of my head, however here is proof of him going to Jagex HQ to at least provide feedback as one of multiple playtesters on the upcoming Desert Treasure 2 content in a similar time frame.
Josh Strife Hayes is an established MMO reviewer that was also invited to Jagex during the same time frame, unannounced to the public, to give constructive criticism of the early game of RS3 ahead of the Necromancy release (even getting a selfie with our man Waydots.) He speaks openly in that video about how passionate and talented and phenomenal the content creators visiting Jagex were doing high level things. However he was the only one asking questions at the lower level that no one thinks about. He pretty much nailed the head on what makes RS3 combat suck to learn and why EoC pretty much failed us when it comes to a tutorial on the intricacies of how combat works.
Now keep in mind, I'm a 20 year old veteran, w/ 5.6b xp, so I'm no newb to this game, so I understand how difficult it would be to integrate tutorial island into the Burthrope pathing system into trying to explaining the EoC combat system into a tutorial might be. That's impossible. You want to try and explain the basic concept of skills into the game (ie woodcutting->fishing->firemaking->cooking), try and explain that it's a sandbox MMO, then explain how complex the combat can be (stuns, bleeds, adrenaline, thresholds, ults, etc), and I don't know how that's possible to streamline that all in one encompassing "tutorial".
So, the point of this post? I was hoping some of the community managers could fill us in of any progress made by meeting with people like Josh Strife Hayes and any if their meetings helped them gain insight on how to grow the game or if their input has made any sort of difference and if so, how.
If not, was there was anyone who could help with making combat easier to understand besides sticking us with a basic revo bar and saying "this is why the things are this way" and skipping over all the reasons to pay attentions to stuns/bleeds or when/why you should use defensive abilities. You're never really taught why you should use them or when. How could you incorporate these ideas into a tutorial of combat and when and why you should use them in a teaching/tutorial capacity? Prime example, I'm a Comp'd player who is 200m in all skills and I've still to this day never learned the timing or use of the Resonance ability. That should be an issue of concern.
In conclusion, pardon my ramblings. Jmods, if you see this, great. I hope to hear back from you. If not, I get it, please continue to be the rockstars you are.
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2023.06.02 04:31 RelativeCreepy I didn’t know about this film until a few days ago and I have to say WOW loved it. Any fans?

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2023.06.02 03:58 rudywrld 2023 OSRS 1 Defence/31 Prayer Pure Guide

Rudolpho's 2023 OSRS 1 Defence/31 Prayer Pure Guide

I could not find a good guide/video on a 1 def/31 prayer pure that shows exactly which quests/way to go about the account without messing it up/getting to high of a combat level. After countless hours of doing research, I feel as I've came up with an updated 1 def, 31 prayer account ready for bounty hunter that's right around the corner! Here's an updated guide as of June 1, 2023, hope this helps anyone! Also feel free to add me on discord and help me if anything is missing as I am still fairly new to making pures, but this is what I feel like is the bets in my opinion after so much homework I did on it.
I have a pastbin, but cannot post here, anything I could do to bypass that? If not feel free to DM me for it!
Discord: rudolph#7892 RSN: baeby pure
Feel free to leave comments or if I should fix anything. Thank you guys so much! Love you guys <3
Thank you once again! <3 Hopefully it helps some people
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2023.06.01 23:17 TwoBitWizard Need Help Upgrading Glacial Hammer

Inspired by this post last league, I started Crucible with a Glacial Hammer Berserker. The build is awesome. The damage has felt really good and getting started was just as cheap as advertised. I went through a rough patch when getting to red maps because I couldn't handle elemental ailments well, but after adjusting some gear it was fairly smooth sailing again to T16s.
I play fairly casually and am now around the 80-hour mark for the league. I've had a fair amount of luck with drops and I've invested ~8 divines in the build. But, I'm now at a point where I feel stuck and am not sure how to proceed from here.
Here's my character on poe.ninja, which has a PoB import code. Note that it looks strange at first glance because I'm using a timeless jewel for Divine Flesh to stack chaos resistance. It also doesn't appear to show my shield's Crucible tree, which provides shock immunity (and will soon give me another minimum endurance charge).
For mapping, my damage is great. My main issue is how often I'm dying (which I hate...I'd be playing Hardcore if I had more time). I haven't been able to level up past 95 yet because I get wrecked by something every 3-4 maps on average. This doesn't make a lot of sense to me because I've got pretty high EHP, lots of defensive layers, and I'm doing alch-and-go Wandering Path with non-corrupted maps I've carefully chosen the modifiers on. My main problem is random rares/uniques in Delirium and Crucible (I never charge past 60%, but occasionally even that is too much), some Essence monsters, and the occasional map boss (The Eradicator, for example, was rough).
I'm sure some of this is due to me still being bad at the game and not being able to do or recognize certain mechanics. But, I'm just over 1000 hours into Path of Exile now and, up until this point, was comfortable figuring out what killed me and how to adjust the build to compensate. I thought I should be able to use this build to do everything but Ubers and maybe The Feared with around this level of investment. But, now that I'm here, I have realized this might not be the case without a lot more dying and XP loss.
Anyway, I just lucked into a "final boss drops 4 divine orbs" altar yesterday and now have an opportunity to double my investment in the build. I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to get out of the local maximum I've found myself in and get to a really comfy place, or if I should be putting that currency toward another character instead now that I've got a decent mapper. I don't really care about ubers, but I would ideally like to finish my atlas. The closest I've been is with my RF Inquisitor last league (couldn't kill Maven, Uber Elder, or The Feared, but I got the rest).
Any help or advice people could give me would be appreciated. Thanks!
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2023.06.01 20:45 Crash_Steakbeard [Conan] Questions regarding Conan RPG

Currently all Modiphius Conan PDFs are 50% off at DriveThruRpg. I am considering dipping my toes into this, but I'm not very familiar with 2d20 rules or the overall treatment of the setting.
Some background: I tend to lean towards OSR-like and light systems, though I am not afraid of crunch if it lends itself well to the theme--and I do love the Hyborian age as theme. I am pretty burned out on high-fantasy/"everything is magical!" type settings. That being said:
How is the 2d20 mechanism overall? Does it flow well in game play (e.g. not too mathy)?
Does the setting do a good job capturing the gritty low-fantasy feel? Or is it just standard fantasy fare with a Sword & Sorcery coat of paint?
How does it compare against other systems you might have played (I come from a predominantly d20 neighborhood)?
Thank you in advance for your time!
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2023.06.01 15:09 WonderfulExercise527 Is Stars Without Number a good basis for an Expanse game?

First off - I realize there's an actual The Expanse RPG. I want to use something I already have. I'm working through my DriveThruRPG backlog of games I bought and forgot about and SWN seems to be well loved here and on /os so I thought I'd ask. Has anyone done an Expanse universe game using SWN?
I have a group that's familiar with both 5e and Old School Essentials, and they've shown interest in something other than high fantasy in the past. Are there any YouTube channels I should look at, blogs I should peruse? What's your personal experience with it? What works, what doesn't? Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.01 04:24 Teid Where do you find people for a tabletop RPG group?

My current and only group sadly only meets once a month right now due to work schedules and I'm absolutely itching to run a non-DnD RPG. I've never dipped my toe into the player pool outside of work or school so I'm unfamiliar with the venues/groups people post this stuff in.
If it matters to anyone reading this, I'm trying to put together a small (4 players max) in person group for Forbidden Lands, a swedish RPG (no swedish needed). 80's high fantasy in the tone of ralph bakshi's fantasy outings and old school D&D. Psuedo-OSR. Probably would meet at some public game store or library every two weeks if possible.
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2023.06.01 04:24 Zuesinator Whip's just going to keep going up because so many are being lost as tent whips in BH I think there is still plenty of room to grow

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2023.05.31 23:25 s0kota [OSR] Rock band Highly Suspect will represent Massachusetts in StatesVision 2023 with their song "Ice Cold"!

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2023.05.31 21:55 timmyjoe21 Christmas crackers 🚀

Christmas crackers 🚀
Are Christmas crackers about to gap fill?
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2023.05.31 21:00 Spellcaster110 Remove Veng from lms and 3 game mode lobby rotation ft fixes & improvements

Remove Veng from lms and 3 game mode lobby rotation ft fixes & improvements
Lunar Spellbook
Vengeance has no place in last man standing it's a tribrid minigame mainly it's just players bolt ragging/ballista camping, newbie players & ironmen brute forcing bolt rag while using it in conjunction with said items/spellbook. Remove.
Lobby Rotation
Scrap the 3 game mode lobby rotation and add the two game modes (pure & zerk) to the two floors above. The high stakes 3rd floor doesn't get used at all and the casual 2nd floor is only used for people who want to lose their skull by entering the portal then hopping wolds.
The ground floor is the most active as it's the competitive game mode where you recieve lms points/hiscore ranking. with a reduced size of participants an example would be 12 players to start a game (12/12) which is half of competitive player lobby also you will only receive lms points and hiscore ranking in competitive as it's the most populated with players.
Zerk & Pure is more niche with tribridding hence why casual should be for those two.
3rd floor: Casual: Pure (12/12)
2nd floor: Casual: Zerk (12/12)
1st floor: Competitive: Max/Med (24/24)
Current and suggested in image below.
Competitive mode Default (Main) preset
⦁ Aimed for players who want to sweat & fight betters players and bots. You'll receive HiScore ranking & LMS Points
Casual Game mode Random (Zerk/Pure) preset
⦁ Aimed for players that are of the 'Casual Newbie' type looking fun fights and practice You won't be eligible for points and no HiScores ranking

Zerker game mode has far too many random items that aren't even used in actual pk setups some examples are Inquisitor and 3rd age range armour etc this all looks to be very experimental don't think much thought has been put through with this and just put there for the sake of doing so.
Also the setups doesn't reflect how you would actually Tribrid on a zerker the items in this preset is more of a fun option for the casual mode and not competitive.

Pure Nhing
Dragon knifes in the pure game mode are easily abused as these are a faster hitting weapon so paired with DDing & who ever has PID advantage you can get free extra hits and are also camped hitting through protection prayer constantly which is a nuisance these have no place in pure nhing in my opinion as this isn't edge pker style 1v1 range/melee. Remove.
Loadout has no Ava's accumulator for pure nhing the default for switches since the birth of Pure nhing in 2009 and throughout Pre Eoc the standard layout was known to be:
3 way switching
⦁ Crossbow - Ava's accumulator - Black D'hide Chaps
⦁ Ancient Staff - God cape - Ghostly Robe Bottom
In current OSRS the Ava's is dropped from switches and a god cape is worn in place in the cape slot as it has higher magic defense and in many instances I've seen the glory not even being equipped when ranging and the occult is worn over it.
So now many players will rather 2 way switch between 2 items -> Crossbow with Chaps to range (without Ava's accumulator) as it's much favoured for bottom switchers, many of the original nhers were top switchers and are used to equipping an ava's with built up muscle memory when cycling back and forth between switches.
Problem is many players who actually have truly experienced pure nhing have built muscle memory for a Ava's Accumulator switch so switching without it feels alien as although something is missing so allow us to choose to put an ava's accumulator in our pure/zerk load outs as this fits with the basic 3 way switching of equipment
  • Crossbow - Ava's accumulator - Black D'hide Chaps
  • Ancient Staff - God cape - Ghostly Robe Bottom
Staff with robe bottoms to mage (with god cape equipped), So either the Occult or the Glory Amulet is now typically only worn. The appropriate equipment should be equipped but now players do less switches simply put it makes for a low effort fight reducing the skill involved.

The format is subject to change since this was a message not for reddit however it does highlight the issues with lms, thank you.
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2023.05.31 14:11 JoshuaFH First time Ironman getting a Dragon Med Helm off the rare drop table. Feelsgoodman.

First time Ironman getting a Dragon Med Helm off the rare drop table. Feelsgoodman.
I'm just getting back into OSRS after almost two decades, and just absorbing everything the game has to offer with only minimal spoilers. I just wanted to post that I'm stoked that as I was farming high level monsters, I got a Dragon Med Helm:

And while I don't like using the wiki unless I have to, I had to know what the odds were. Apparently it came off of the rare gem drop table.

I still need 25 more levels in defense to be able to use it XD
I imagine that it's not a big deal, but it really satisfied that itch to get something rare; and for my ironman account, finding the rare loot is the only way to get it!
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2023.05.31 12:07 AREspirit What if they brought Classified armor back? Would you be interested?

I was reminded recently that some of the most fun I had in Div 1 outside the DZ was its last hoorah. The infinite hoard mode and the search from classified armor brought a lot of my friends back to Div 1 at the end of its life.
If you didn't play Div 1 classified sets were the same gear sets we had but they had higher attribute rolls, your could recalibrate 2 stats instead of one, had a unique look, and also had 5 or 6 set bonuses if all pieces were the classified variant. So even if your build only used 4 pieces then those 4 being classified was still better than the normal sets.
I am all about the gear grind so I would very much like to see them back in the game.
Edit: All the people talking about build diversity crack me up. You all are a riot and I guess dont understand the concept of meta and how strong it is in Div 2. Classified gear would give you reason to have more builds centered around 3 pieces + NBB because the increased stat boosts would put it even more in line with the minor attributes we get on High end gear vs gear sets.
If anything it would give more value to NBB but as some are thinking it would "devalue" pure high end builds as it did in Div 1. So who cares because the game is not getting harder so those builds would still be as strong as they are today, but saying it would ruin build diversity is the same thing as saying you yourself would not be able to pass up using it. I dont even care how minor the increases were it would still be fun to have all that gear grind back.
Yall are the reason they can never again make improvements to OSRS and it is just sad. To those that understand and would use off meta build anyways as they do today to just have fun, you are the real ones, cheers.
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2023.05.31 04:36 OilsMcgee Lured for 1.8B, should I buy a Tbow?

Hey all
I got lured back in January for a tbow and roughly 300-400m worth of gear by being stupid.
Some dude added me ingame then called me on discord and acted friendly sayin he’d take me and my friend to Tob for the first time, and had his goons drop a whip in the wildy near ferox and acted like we would make money off morons like them.
Tl;dr it worked, and I logged into a high risk world at the fossil island bank and died to a clawer to which they hung up and blocked me. (I’ve played since 2006 and thought I’ve seen it all with scams and lures)
Since then, I quit playin osrs, and started playing osb on discord heavily while dealing with health issues at the time.
The point of this post, is that Tbow meant a lot to me, as I played day 1 of osrs, and had it for only a few months before it got taken. (Some months after ToA release)
Based on current bond prices, I saw it would cost me about $1500 in bonds to buy back the Tbow, and i’ve been considering it but don’t want buyers remorse.
Anyone else had similar experiences? It feels like I can’t have much fun with meh gear now.
Edit: I am not gonna drop the money on the Tbow. After reading through, If I decide to play osrs alot again, i’ll go for a bowfa. Thanks to all for the inputs, bad or good.
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2023.05.30 23:00 Zorrolordi New Jagex accounts and Steam / Mobile

Can we please talk about that the new Jagex account system, which is now highly promoted by the golden cape event, is just outright going to kill Steam login and playing RS via Steam entirely or atleast it seems like to be the intention? Unless Jagex incorporates the Jagex account system into the Steam login functionality i don't see how this issue is going to be fixed. Also coming from Steam it feels insanely punishing having to now forcefully swap over to the new launcher IF you don't wanna miss out on the extended AFK timer. I have no idea who in their right mind thought it was a great idea to make that LAUNCHER EXCLUSIVE?!?! Is this the start of RS3 splitting up into multiple versions where your gameplay is gonna be heavily influenced by what launcher you are on in the future? (Flashbacks to OSRS with all the plugins and extra gameplay features of Runelite vs. Standard launcher)
I just think this is a really bad move and you should incentivise your community in a different way to switch over to your new system or atleast make it support Steam and Mobile, wager how many new players that brought in and how many ppl are still playing through those platforms.
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2023.05.30 19:50 ChatFilterGoBrr Dang 'ol regex, man

(?#Runelite -> Chat Filter -> Filter Lists -> Filtered Regex) (?#Be sure to enable "Filter Accents" in the plugin's settings!) (?#Cut and paste the bottom of this list, separately, into the Filtered Named subsection) (?#If you find messages that this removes, but should NOT, please message ChatFilterGoBrr) (?#TODO messages that need a proper regex or need to be optimized go here) (?#To broadly block ALL messages using non-standard characters, uncomment the line below. Not recommended for non-English speakers) (?#DISABLED BY DEFAULT :: [^-a-zA-Z0-9`~!@#$%^&*()_+={}:;"'<,>.?\/\[\]\\]) (?#Oops! All spacebar; menuing) ^ +$ ^[1-6\s]{20,}$ (?#Overheads) (?#DISABLED BY DEFAULT :: Here fishy fishies!) (?#DISABLED BY DEFAULT :: Smashing!) (?#DISABLED BY DEFAULT :: Chop chop!) (?#DISABLED BY DEFAULT :: Raarrrrrgggggghhhhhhh!) (?#DISABLED BY DEFAULT :: Thadior Agrula Elevo) (?#common scam messages) do?ub+l(eing?) (all )?(coingpmoneygolditem)[sz]? ^ *trade acc?epted @ (show( me)?sell me yourmax cash forsell m[ey])( all)? (invgearbankitems)(.*(good pricegreat offermax cash))? ^ *(((1 ?fir)stnext) )?(oneplayerpersonuseraccountguydude)? to show( me)? .+ (will )?(wingetrec[ei]+ve?)s? giving \d{1,3}( percent%) of what you (showtrade) ^ *(spendingoffer for) (max cash2[\.,]?147 *m2([\.,]1)? *b) *\?? Sell me.*for \d\d\% more increasing banks by 10% 1 time only 1 trade I buy it with my main show me and I give you \d{2,3}[kmb] extra Trade you \'Safely\', ask us how! buying all your bank!+ Show all (cashgearcoins) 2.*b for\s* Trade me \${2,} Max cash for all you have deal \? Here take teleport [Ii].*m at.*bank We go movie set bank everything Bank all items and trade wear( this.*outfit) for( my)? video ^Can any(1one) .*? me (withmake) .*? for .*? (videoprogression) ^Streaming (testing )?how long first (player person )?(whoto) (trades?gives?shows?).*\d{1,3}[kmb].*gets?\s+\d{1,4}[kmb] (?#DISABLED potentially too generic :: sir$) (?#Bets, gambling, RWT) \— w[il1]th (a[0o]f aa [o0]f) (r[o0]llr.[o0].l.ldice roll)( [o0]f)? rolled a \[ \d{1,2} \] and trusted & fun dicing (crapsfighthigh \d{1,3}low \d{1,3}slotsjackpot).{2,4}\d{1,4}[kmb] ?(minmax) \d{2,3}[kmb][-\s—]+\d{2,3}[kmb] gambler.*trad(eing).*gamemode ubc bets.+win more (\{\[\().?(\d{1,3}[mkb])\s+min.*(\d{1,3}[mkb])\s+max(\}\]\)) min bet is \d{2,3}[mkb] and the max is \d{2,3}[mkb] my m[il1]n[il1]mum and max[il1]mum (b[e3]t )?is \d{2,3}[kmb].*min.*\d{2,3}m.*max play now.*\d{1,3}x\d.*\d{1,3}.*minimum id: ?\d+$ \d{1,3}x\d dice (x\d !\w.*){4,} \d{2,3} to win.*\d[kmb] (maxmin) craps X\d \w{4,} [\(<]!\w[>\)] (hugemassivebigge(stts)billions?more)\s*(pay[o0]uts?winnings?bets) (\w\.){3,6}\w (pay[o0]uts?winnings?betsresponsiblynow) Proving automation Most trusted casino #1 trusted d[i1]c[e3] (warh[o0]st) Trusted Dicing Dice Rolling (rollplay).*win.*max Provably Fair! casino located over \d{1,4}(.\d{1,3})?[kmb] paid this.*only accepts coins (winscongratulations towin oflosthas receivedhas been paidmy bet (areis)has cashed intradedtrade fromtrade ac+epted).*(\d{1,4}.*[kmb]\s*(il+)?with a \d{1,3}) trading with.*current (gamemode).*!\w.*id: \d{4,} \w{5,} has ran out of time \w{6,}.*lost with rolls of (\(\d\)){2,4} total.*\d \d+ *[kmb] paid out to .+ @ \d\d:\d\d:\d\d [ap]m [\w\-_ ]+ lost :\( with a \d{1,3} [\w\-_ ]+ wins! \d{1,4} *[kmb](il+)? with a \d{1,3} [\w\-_ ]+ has received: \d{1,4} *[kmb](il+)? [\w\-_ ]+ my bet (areis) \d{1,4} *[kmb](il+)?\+ coins\. the queue has \(\d{1,3}\) people\.( *\[\d{1,3}\] (winloss) streak!)? follow the instructions, message me for the trade! \(game: .+\) id: \d+ has run out of time. try again your.*is active! Duel in progress\. Please wait Winner Roll: Loser Roll: the current jackpot number is lost fruit slots with \(.+\) watch the video follow the steps and trade me! you only need to trade once! the current queue \d\dx\d.*open now watch and win.*(ytbeyoutube) (arenaduellowhigh(royal )?slotsodd) \(![adlhsro]\) legit dice games (originalautomatedverified)(dice )? host (wingive[ -]?away).+["']*[a-z]{3,4}\d{3,4}["']* [o0]n y[o0]u?,? ?tu?be , trade was declined \(\d.\d\) ^ *[\w\-_ ]+ has declined the trade\. was to+ busy trade declined declined the bet - \(trade to play\) - has (been paid thetraded) \[ \d{1,4}(\.\d+)? *[kmb](il+)? \] ^ *\([\w\-_ ]+\) has (been paidcasheds? i[nm]) \d+[kmb] (paidrec(ieei)ved?givendoubled) casheds im has been\s*:\s*\[\d{2,3}M] rng \d{4,5} [0-2][0-9](:[0-5][0-9]){2} you (have )?rolled a \(\d\d\) ^ *\d+ *[kmb](il+)? re(c[ei]+vedturned)( enjoy mate!+)? (wonlost) slots rolled \(\d{1,3}\/\d{1,3}\).*(winlose) hilo \d{4} Play Safe.*(FairSl[o0][Tt]sMode) Play High Win Roll and Win! Gamble Now has an amulet charge of \d no amulet charges were detected Verified\! [Tt]rusted [Dd]ice [Gg]ames (P.*A.*I.*DW.*O.*Ncashed in).*\d{1,4} you (wonwinlostlose).*your rol[le] is.*(\[\()\d{1,3}(\]\)) play r[e3]sp[0o]nsibly.*\d{1,3}[kmb] Dice Games & Giveaways Coin D[iy]cing Coin Wagers Open now.\s+\d{2}x\d O\.P\.E\.N !\w enabled.*wearing ^!\w$ (\!\w\s+){3,6} '!\w' (\W)\d\d:\d\d:\d\d(:[AP]\.?M\.?)?(\W) (?#DISABLED :: \[(\d{1,4}[kmb]\d{1,4}[kmb])-[Mm]in\]) (?#DISABLED :: \([Vv][Ee3][Gg] [a-zA-z0-9]{4}.*\)) (?#DISABLED :: \ rng \d{4,5} [0-2][0-9](:[0-5][0-9]){2}) (?#DISABLED :: \) roll \d\d *\+ \() (?#DISABLED :: [\l] *roll( over)? 5[45]\* *[\l]) (?#DISABLED :: \ *55 *\+ wins! *\) (?#Antiscam STFU) ^ *hide your name from game results with \(!p\)rivate\. ^ *is a.*lurer using (glitchesunfair methods) to.*items! ^ *beware (of )?fake (anti)?scams, if it'?s too? good to be true.*then it is! beware.*of the following pvp (scamlur) fake.*anti.*scam.*(lure)? to discord hack and pvp lure anyone asking you.*(pvpp\.v\.p) world \[(warningbeware)\].*(anti-?)?scam ^ *[\w -_]{1,12} is a (scammlur)er( beware,)? tr(yingies) to gain( ur)? trust w/ fake antiscam! ^ *(scammerslurers) to ignore: beware.*these players are (scamlur) hop worlds.*stop luring threatening me over [pd]m.*scammer ^\[.*\].*(weirdo?(scam(ming)?)) you still luring.*everyone ignore We aren'?t stupid \[\w{5,}\].*scams is a known (scammlur)er are hacked accounts to scam! own autotyping bot to fake is a fake casino fake (gamblingautotyp.*) bot scam tactics are old.*enjoy the hosts are fake and.*have incorrect timestamps S-C-A-M-M-E-R Scammer:.*\d\d:\d\d:\d\d bl[o0]ck and r[e3]p[o0]rt.*hack.*sca (ignore these )?scammers?( to ignore)?.*(\[\w*\]\s+){1,4} join.*avoid.*scammers W.A.R.N.I.N.G(: scammer \[[\w\d\s]{4,13}\] is a) ^ *scam+ers? alert! " ^ *add '[\w\-_ ]+' *to ignore, (\w{2,4} will try to gain (yo)?ur trust w\/tries gaining trust with) fake antiscam! is dangerous in P.V.P! \[Beware\] will try to (befriendadd) you,? (and scam youreport himso he can scam) his antiscam crap.*fake known scammer.*(ignore and reportantiscam.*fakecan'?t antiscam) reported for encouraging rule breaking stop the scams \[[\w\d]+\] \[.*\].*add you.*on other worlds? too? \[.*\] will try to add you.*lure in.*future (?#Bots interacting with bots) Ahh you know what they say keep the reports coming for.*scammer bot owners Isn't it suspicious that only.*wins large bets is a scammer bot that isn'?t automated n[o0]t\s+r[e3][a4][l1]\s+h[o0]st\s+f[a4]k[e3] (?# Above regex for some combination of "not real host fake") ([\(\[\{].*[\(\[\{]){1,} bets fakers! it is coded so that it always loses faking large bets Sigh, can someone tell this dude to stop Your fake bot (stole my (big )?betsnever paid me back) It seems like you are controlling it.*scamming Your bot is.*sus Dang bra, don't steal my win venezuelan.*(autotyperbot ownercontrolling it) scambot.venezuelans? tired of.*venezuelans venezu.*need to leave never betting on venezuelan venezuelan team works together fake bot is human.*automated since (yourur) big bets are fake takes.*my big bets a fake non-automated ^can'?t believe I'?m up this much ^ *warning: .+ is a fake host! bruh this dude.*is hilarious ^ *impostor: .+, don't play fakes! prove they're not just a human behind a screen tells u ur charge to prove can't verify their rolls The odds skew the more cash u put in verify and wear a charged amulet !verify this proves it'?s automated coin is.*better.*bots veg.*coin is the best type !verify to confirm verify the charges how is it you go from.*losses to.*wins I'?m in the money at least ^Do( notn't) bet here I want bet\s*$ Ima try that if i (faillose) again Level 3 Wins Plz rnjesus Gonna continue this mad run Gz+.*in the money+ This bot hates me This bot serious ^Enjoy these dude$ \d{2}m given enjoy it \d{2}m taken trade back (?#DISABLED someone (cringe) might actually say this :: Wi{2,}n\s*$) (?#DISABLED same, could be real :: this is so addicting) (?#Unrelated GE spam, begging) ^ *selling jokes?! ^ *dance?ing (for4) (moneycoinsitems\d{1,4} *[kmb](il+)?)[!\.] someone spare \d{1,4}[kmb] ^ *danc(eing) for (free )?(moneyitemsgpjunkstuff)! ^ *selling \d+ t(routuna)s?! ^ *(take?ac+ept)ing( al+)? (giftdonationtrade)s?( pl(ease[sz]))? ^ *rewarding (generositykindness) ^ *(does )?any[ -]?(onebody)( (in )?here)? (havegot) *(asome)?( full)? rune *(armou?r *)?(se?t)?( for me( to (havekeep))?)?\? ^ *take?ing a(llny) (junkitem) ^ *bot still works while muted ^ *clean out your banks! selling bulk (collectiondart tiprunes) avoid random b[o0]ts \d+% staking (Buying?Buy(Someone )?Sell me( your)?Selling my bankHaveDoes someone ha(sve) an?anyone (here )?ha(sve)NeedPaying forLooking someone who sells meLooking forI('ll)? pay \d{2,4}[kmb] for).*((allmanybest) (value?able high level )?itemsall( your)? bankall \d{1,4}[kmb]\+? banks?(all )? torva piecesall (your )?(goodbest) itemsArcaneArcane Spirit Shield[Ee]lyElysian Spirit ShieldD(ragon)? ClawsSanguinesti StaffBandos SetArmadyl SetArmadyl C(ross)?bowKodai( Wand)?Anc(estral)? SetInq(uisitor)? SetdhlDragon Hunter Lancesc?ythe( Of Vitur)*(g[hr]+azi )?rap[ie]+rDragon Hunter ((Cross)?bowc-?bow)dhcbdragon Warhammerdwht(wisted)? ?bow3rd age itemstorva (piecesarmou?r)zaryte (cross(bow)?c-?bow)harm orb(osmumtens? )?fang(tum[ea]ken'?s? )shadowMasoriburnt foodcrushed gemsnon ge itemsfossilised dungbucket of rubblevoidwaker).*(\d{1,4}[mkb](il+)?over ge pricemax (cashstackgp)paying goodwill pay extra.*good offerpaying more th[ae]n gesell me for \d{1,4}[kmb]I pay \d{2,4}[kmb]\d{2}\% over ?price})? Someone shows? me \d{1,4}[kmb].*pay \d{1,4}[kmb] extra ^Do not pay ge taxes! Sell items to me ^(What )?do you prefer cash or tokens\? first.*to (givetrust) me.*(won'?t regret itwill be.*rewarded) give me .* knowing they won't be rewarded plis{2,} taking (urfree) stuff ^Why is every(one1) (givingdonating) me bless me with (millsmoneygp) (millsmoneygp) for (further progressionvideo) Can same o[ne]+ help me out pls somebody.*give me \d{1,5}[kmb] is anyone kind enough to trust me with Can someone? help with gp (anysome) ?(one1) help a broth(era) out (anysome) ?(one1) willing to (doubletripledonate) (anysome) ?(one1) (loangivedonate) (me )?\d+ ?[mk] (?#DISABLED might be a real player asking :: Does any(1one) have (a )?spare) (?#Promotional) C.0M C0.M 0 r g disc\[\]rd Y0u?tube C\s*(O0\(\))\s*M C\s*\(\)\s*\/V\\ (?i)d[1i]sc[o0]rd[\. ]gg .+chance.+win.+t([ -]?bowwisted).+you[ -]*tube (nextfirst) \d{1,2} players gets? (\d+ *[kmb](il+)?tbow).+you[ -]*tube \d{1,4}[mb] giveaway.+(first come first serve!youtube) weekly \d+m 07 \d+[mk]-\d+[mk] (dailyweekly) giveaway \d+[mk] raffle giving .* to first \d{1,3} players huge \d{1,3}[mb] giveaway started search ".+" on facebook ^ *Quit+ing,((the)? *next.*youtube.*giveaway.*staking) [Nn]ext \d{1,3} [Pp]layers.*([Ff]acebook[Yy]outube) First \d players gets?.*youtube maxed.celebrating.*youtube swap.+rs3.+\(\)7.+d.?m.?m.+join.+cc on youtube for weekly show Need Torso/Diary.*[dp]m Me For Prices! Live results, raffles and giveaways Blue Bible r *s *m *[ai] *l *l *s *\. *c live now ttv\s?\/ No id verification osrsgold rsm.lls osrsgolds? chicksgold osrs.?farm osrsgd runechat runebet 99 swap Coin Stop Coinluck Coin Place Frost Bets Runewager Rsmarket GrandSwap nex swap rex swap swap clan mmo swap Ru Swap [>\[]+ *(99 swaptrade rsgamer swapac swapeco swapcoswap) *[<\]] S-Gamble gpcasino Coinw355 Coingame Coin Town cc join Grinders meow talk rsearn rsbank Hawkeye dp Jedi Cc Gpstall Pogrs \[Raid dm\] Coinall hotroll [i1]nfernocape.*[Cc] ?[oO0]+[Mm] Caw Win P 3 P 3 (O\(\)\[\]) s r s g d Runestake Runeshop uidhosts\.net pb\#1000 Tob Boosting tob07 Rs Zenith P 3 P 3 Gem4Life (NeedWant) an? Infernal Cape Caw W\d{2,3} Caw Duels Sell.*07 gold. Heroes Pk join.+cc.+legit.+dicing infernoscape infernal cape servwhite s *e *l *l *r *s *0 *7 rngbets\.net gembets ^ *join.*>+.*<+ osrs services discord TopMoments (?#W330 Rimmington house portal spam) eliterunners discord.gg.stamina discord.gg.Runners Bone Job.*cc Bone Runner find runners.*cc Runbones.*cc Join us to boost your pray(ering) e?xp 07 [Aa]ltar Gilded Altar.*Efficient Layout Feel free to follow us on youtube at ^Join.*cc for chill vibez+ chill.*join.*cc workless.? (ccclan chat(osrs )?podcast) (\[.*\]){1,2} (Lit AlterMax House).*(\[.*\]){1,2} Onlyf Julie zlutz \[.*xgrace.*\] \[\s*workless\s*\] \[.*Xysti.*\] \[.*[Bb]one.*\] \[.*Kush Altar.*\] \[\s*johnor\s*\] Julie Woah \[.*barragegurl.*\] \[.*Damn Homie.*\] \[.*S[l1]u1.*\] \[.*6c1.*\] Lego Batman Maxed lit Alter.*The Batmans (?#CUT and paste the following from Filtered Regex into Filtered Names) ^(vegasraisegamblerngrolltrusted) \d{3,}$ ^[Vv][Ee3][Gg] [a-zA-Z0-9]{4}$ CASINO.\d{1,4} ABC [A-Z]{3}\d \d{3}Runestake Coin [\w\d]{3,4}$ HOST[- ][\w\d]{2,4}$ BET HOST [\w\d]{1,4}$ BET [\w\d]{4}$ Frost [a-zA-z0-9]{4}$ GAME[- ]\w{2,4}[- ]\d{1,3} Enchanted \d\d Royal [a-zA-Z0-9]{4}$ V\d{4} 
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2023.05.30 17:53 Own-Assumption-5852 Which Fantasy Race is LEAST Essential to an OSR Game/World?

In some newer versions of D&D it feels like there are hundreds of distinct races running around and changing the world. The dozens of racial options can make all the player characters 'unique' but it often makes the world feel disjointed so for my own fantasy world I'm cutting all of those bright and sparkly races out (Tieflings, Kitsune, Tabaxi, Genasi, whatever).
In the process of winnowing down the races I realised I could also cut down on the 'core' races that have been included in some form or another since AD&D. I'm wondering what the community thinks is least essential to have in an OSR-style fantasy setting.
Edit: Consensus seems to be split between Gnomes just suck or humans provide enough interesting stories on their own to not necessitate fantasy races in any world.
Elaborating on the first point: in the comments some people discussed how Gnomes encroach on the niches of other races. Gnomes as tinkerers and engineers, well Dwarves are famous for their feats of engineering and forging of great weapons; Gnomes are a woodsy, mystical, & magical race, well Elves are known for tapping into high magic and being in touch with nature; Gnomes are the friendly short folk you can encounter anywhere in the world; Halflings... just Halflings, they're short, they're friendly, they smoke the best pipe-weed. Gnomes don't have as strong a niche as the Tolkien races and they kind of step on everyone's toes.
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