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2023.05.30 05:48 cancer_moon Rejected by old childhood friend.

Sometimes I have dreams almost re-living childhood memories, especially summer camp. I wake up from them feeling really sad, because I never realized in those moments as a child how great it really was.
So, I found my old childhood friend, G, on Facebook and sent a message reaching out to see if they would want to get coffee or lunch. G and I were close at summer camp for many years, at least 5, and then sometimes we would hang out during the school year too.
At first they were highly responsive and assured me they were interested and would love to see me, and I was really happy and excited. Then they ghosted me. It just made me feel like I wasn't good enough, and I wish they could have just ignored me from the start, or have been honest about not being interested.
It was a big let down, because I have 0 friends and nobody in my circle, and I was looking forward to talking about the good times and catching up. It also made me question why we lost touch in the first place, maybe I did something wrong as a child that made us distant?
We were connected on Facebook but now it looks like they blocked me. I didn't harass them or reach out after they ghosted.
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2023.05.30 05:47 Beneficial_Fun804 I'm very confused and I need prayer, I'm not sure how to title this but please hear me out

Hello. I have posted here quite a bit, but please hear me out. I am a 17 yr old girl who is now a high school grad. I am struggling with god. Not like, anger, just confused. I have struggled for a very long time, years now. If you look at my old posts, you can see my age going from 15 to 16 to now 17. I believe that god has been reaching out to me. I have always struggled with believing in god, which I do now, and I believe in the bible, and I believe that it is true. I stopped making posts for a while because I didn't feel like asking humans these questions was the right way to go so I bit the bullet and started going straight to God with questions and concerns. I finally felt like I was getting somewhere spiritually, like I was truly learning more, but I have been getting distracted so much lately. TikTok, video games, ect. I feel like something is pulling me away from truly knowing Jesus. Sometimes what I think about Jesus my chest gets tight, and I have prayed for God to soften my heart. I want to be saved, I want to be on the right side of history, but I don't know how to come to a contrite repentance and I just don't know how to fully trust Jesus. I have been getting distracted from making this post but I know that if two or more asks in his name (Jesus's), it will be done . Please pray for me. Please pray for my spiritual understanding, for stopping distractions, just, it's really hard to explain but if y'all would just pray in general,I would really appreciate it. Even as I type this I feel that the enemy is making feel like this is corny, or that I'm wrong for making this post, but I know if it upsets Satan, I'm going in the right direction. Even now he's prodding at my belief in god. I don't believe I'm saved, so please pray for me. I don't know if this is the right thing to do but I need help y'all. Thank you, and I'll respond to any dms concerning the post, god, or my rocky relationship with him. Thank you for your time.
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2023.05.30 05:47 MagnusOneil Where would I find people who want commissions?

Hi so im sort of new to the VRchat scene of selling assets. I work for Argus VRC which is a vr-chat group thats making SAO in VRC. Now im starting to want to expand my horizons and offer my services for more people in vr-chat that create worlds. For anyone who makes assets for worlds, where would I go to to advertise myself for that?
I already have looked into gumroad and the marketplace (from what i have seen) isn't really high for world assets. Its more avatars and such. Im just trying to find people what want world assets.
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2023.05.30 05:47 cutfirst Tips wanted for someone who has never played Diablo

I played the beta and really enjoyed it. I was trying to get some idea of things that have traditionally worked well for people in other Diabolo games. I have played more jrpg and shooter games and so fear I'm behind the learning curve.
I'm after generalized tips you guys have from either your experience with this game or things you are predicting will be best based on previous games.
Examples: Is it best to sell or salvage most things? Push hard on the main story line then come back and do side quests or focus early and often on side quests? Certain rewards we should delay opening until higher level? Take the time to loot everything? Or move quicker and leave gold/items on the ground sometimes? Tips to manage inventory? Should I town portal often? How and when do you mark junk or track things that are just to be trashed?
The reality is that I don't really know what to ask just trying to avoid that classic ... Man I wish I knew XYZ a month ago scenario.
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2023.05.30 05:47 Forward-Form9321 Any ideas to get a job since my parents will shut down any of my ideas?

I’ve been thinking of starting work at an place like Walmart after graduating college because I feel lost in what I want to do (I want to be an entrepreneur of some kind but I don’t have the funds to start). The problem is I’m afraid my parents will say no and I live with them so idk what to do. Even if I did get the job, they would want me to get Sundays off so I can’t space my shifts out for 7 days if I need to. I have around a month before graduating so I have a little time.
I also tried sending proposals out on Upwork (it didn’t garner any clients) and then my dad said he doesn’t think it’ll work out. They want me to get a career but I don’t want to one. I honestly feel hopeless and idk how I’m going to get out of this, plus I’m even getting my Bachelor’s degree and I don’t feel happy at all. Can anyone give ideas? Idc if it’s thru PM or sending me whatever links to jobs that don’t require any experience. I just want to leave all this and rebuild my life again. All my youth was wasted because of this religion and at 19 I don’t feel like I’ve done anything meaningful.
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2023.05.30 05:47 ashesashes100 Being harassed in the workplace for several months

I 24(F) have been sexually harassed for several months by my previous direct supervisor and it has been emotionally and physically draining to my health. The tables have turned to my favor but I am still recovering from it.

My previous direct had thought that I had liked him and was "playing hard to get" with him for the first few months of my employment. During this time I was hanging out with another coworker that I had actually liked and the supervisor would always tag along. I never thought much of it because the two were friends. I was later told that the direct had hit a women that previously rejected him and it scared the shit out of me. I started to pick up the supervisor was starting to flirt with me and I chose to end it quickly by verbally (and directly to his face) setting him up with one of my friends. He quickly freaked out and tried to point out that my friend wouldn't be a good match for him (but he didn't take the rejection). Things ended with the other coworker I did like when he ended up leaving the company and moving out of state.

When the other coworker had finally left (around August), my direct kept trying to push a relationship onto me. I constantly would try to redirect the conversation somewhere else or I would just stop talking to him. The problem I ran with him is that he would just start talking to me or he would schedule me to work with him (because he had the power to do that). I was trying to leave the company at the time and he found out. I got pulled into a one on one with him where he ended up giving me a bunch of projects to do geared towards the field I was interested in to keep me to stay in the company.

I had talked to one of my close guy friend coworkers that the direct was creeping me out ( I later found out that he went to talk to him to try to let him know and this is when it got worse). After he had talked to him, my supervisor got extremely verbally aggressive to me (around September).

Following, the direct would constantly try to flirt with me by saying things that matched me to a tee in the office space. I later pulled two of my close coworkers (including the close guy friend) off to the side one day to discuss what I was experiencing (around October). Both of them knew me pretty well so they knew exactly what I was hearing. I went up to my manager the next day to request to get a different supervisor.

Within that meeting with my manager, I had found out that my direct was telling everyone that I was in a relationship with him already, to which completely threw me and I felt utterly disgusted that he had lied. I was then instructed to start documenting everything that my direct was doing and saying.

I came down from the meeting and my direct started to threaten the projects that he had given me over my head. He then started to isolate me into meetings and trainings where he would constantly gaslight me and belittle me in front of others while I was trying to work. He also started telling people that I had used him. He started enlisting other men to try to isolate me so I would spend more time with him without my knowledge. This happened (between the months of November to March).

All the while I was still documenting everything I experiencing and reporting up to my new supervisor.

During this whole experience, I had a lot of men try to turn on me and belittle me because they had worked with the direct supervisor for many years and wouldn't believe he would do anything of the sorts. I was later approached by a few of the men (after a talk with management after I reported to my supervisor) and they apologized to me. They genuinely ask how I am doing now.

The direct (to this day) is still obsessing over me without my knowledge and trying to smear my name to anyone who hears it. However, since I have spoken up and told everyone the truth, I have had many tried to stop him and protect me.

Things have cleared up on my end but I am now genuinely exhausted and don't really want to work for this company anymore. The whole situation pisses me off because I genuinely don't think this man should be a supervisor and I cannot believe he hasn't been suspended for his actions. I never ever tried to argue back to my supervisor or feed into what he was doing. He is doing the same to so many other women in the office and it makes me so sick to my stomach. What is worse is that he refuses to take any accountability to what he is doing. Heck, even the guy I had liked had reached out to me the other day and asked me if the direct was still bothering me and if I was ok.

Work has been actually pretty peaceful I just wish this never happened.
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2023.05.30 05:47 Throwaway3751029 My girlfriend is struggling with mental health issues. I want to help but don't know how. Advice please?

Listed as spoiler and throwaway account as she does know my primary account and occasionally browses reddit.
context My girlfriend and I (M) met while working at a Christian summer camp roughly a year ago. We are both working there again this summer. I had known about some of her mental health issues early on in our relationship, but it seemed like she had mostly moved past it and was able to control it. However, a couple days ago she revealed the full extent of it to me.
Anxiety&Depression She has been dealing with both for over two and a half years. Earlier on its was worse for her a she was at the point wanting to take her own life. Fortunately she has been able to get out of such a place but her anxiety has been worse, not helped by her parent's views that essentially mental health issues are made up. Additionally, this has not been helped by her family rejecting her interests (I.e. Pokémon and her Youtube channel, as well as her choice in pets (geckos/reptiles) and certain books (anything containing magic). Her siblings have also antagonized her about it as well, possibly in attempt to gain favor with parents by "following the rules".
Physical attraction/sexual attraction This was the largest thing that I found out about. She was hesitant to talk about it as she was/is worried about me leaving her (I have not and have no plans to leave her). She told me that she has not felt any physical attraction to guys (or anyone else) for a number of years (guessing since she was 14-15, just turned 19). She mentioned that this happened not too long after she was pushed away by multiple guys she had crushes on. Additionally she told me that she is primarily emotionally attracted to me. She said she does not find me unattractive but feels no physical attraction for the most part. She said that at least and upside is that she does not have to worry about last or going too far physically. However, when I tried asking her if she would want to feel physical attraction, now or in the future, she was rather indecisive about it, kind of settling on maybe. She has said that she definitely sees a long term future with me, which is what I want as well. However, when I told her I have no desire to have sex with her before marriage but still have physical attraction to her, she kind of sidestepped in her response, stating "that's what God tells you to do" rather than "tells us to do" which is typically what she would end such a statement with for other topics (this part may just be me overthinking and drawing incorrect conclusions). I have a feeling that this all might be rooted in a fear of intimacy/vulnerability, as the symptoms as well as possible causes match up with what she has told me about her feelings as well as her family's dynamics and how they have treated(or how she feels she was treated) her.
Final notes In better circumstances I would encourage her to get professional help from a doctor and/or psychologist, but that is not finatially viable for her or with my help. Her parents also would be very opposed to such an idea as well, especially as they pushed her to start pursuing a biology degree instead of her first choice, psychology. She also has mentioned the thoughts of feeling as if she has no real way to 'escape' her parents, as she feels that she would not be able to make it on her own for long, leading to moving back in and a worse situation overall.
If you want any more information or questions on the situation, let me know, I probably forgot something somewhere. Thanks in advance for any advice!
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2023.05.30 05:47 Justkeeppicklin Coming down after 3.0g lemon tek with my girlfriend

Hey everyone, just wanted to write this out to revisit and get some thoughts down on my experience this evening. I have never felt more connected to the universe and to my true self than I have tonight. My trip was challenging for a potion and I had some anxieties and normal intrusive thoughts but I stayed grounded and fought through those into what would be the most prolific and touching spiritual moments I’ve had in my life time. I have done tons of acid, dmt, research drugs, you name it. Tonight I feel I was truly touched by our universe and I was able to give my thanks and gratitude for what it has given me. Sorry for the rant, I’ve been through so much in my life in terms of trauma and stuff so this was very important to have. I am grounded, I am at peace, I am ok. Thanks everyone, I love you
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2023.05.30 05:47 Suspicious-Check-459 My(F25) boyfriend (M26) is a whiner. And it drives me insane.

That's it really. He fucking whines and doesn't do anything to fix whatever he's whining about. When I try to offer solutions he just says I"m being unhelpful. Honestly, it's hard to see him as anything but a child. And he always complains that I treat him like a child. So I guess we're both toxic.
God... sometimes I just want to leave him. It sucks loving someone sometimes. You're trapped by your own emotions. He's just not the kind of a man I want to be with and yet I love him.
I just can't deal with the whining and fucking pouty face. Its unbearably comically how little he's aware of how truly annoying he is as a person. It baffles me when he asks me to care about him and think about him and when I do I'm being a nag. he's someone who will have a cold and complain non-stop and then won't take medication. Idk I guess I'm just the type of person that doesn't want to dwell on inconveniences like that and just find a solution to either resolve or elevate.

He's just fucking lazy.
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2023.05.30 05:47 Formula15 Trying to link my PayPal to Nintendo account and I constantly get this error??

"Please return to merchant and choose another way to pay" I've tried clearing the chace on my phone, I've tried restarting everything and it just doesn't work Is there any fix?
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2023.05.30 05:47 Numerous_Training_19 Moving out of state from family and friends for the first time

Hey guys, just looking for some reassurance here. I’m about to move two states away to finally be with my boyfriend and the move is just a couple days away now. I am very close with my parents, they’re my best friends and although I haven’t lived with them for a long time, actually being away from them is making my unbearably sad and I don’t know how I’m going to do it. How did you guys do it? I know I need to establish my own life, but I’m so sad I can’t get over it
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2023.05.30 05:47 cakemachines Should you use ngOnInit instead of an async pipe?

export class ExampleComponent implements OnInit { data$: Observable; dataValue: string; ngOnInit() {$ = this.getData();$.subscribe((data) => { this.dataValue = data; }); } getData(): Observable { // Simulated asynchronous data retrieval return new Observable((observer) => { setTimeout(() => {'Async Data'); observer.complete(); }, 2000); }); } } 
I was wondering if I should do something like the above. I have 3 tags and I need to set one of them to active and apply some css to tell the user that the tag is active, so I wrote a function that returned an Observable and put an async pipe in all three tags, but I was told it's an anti-pattern so should I then use dataValue to not to have to use an async pipe and just call the same function without the async pipe after setting up a subscription to listen to data$? Not sure if I understood correctly.
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2023.05.30 05:46 Almost__Amish Glad to find this sub still active

Glad to find this sub still active
I started playing in 2016 during recovery after a surgery and I still play today. I play through the game and collect all the metals then afterwards I just fly around completing random missions from the lounge areas. I keep it going like this for a while as a time killer when bored at work. Eventually I start a new save file and do it all again. Here’s my current play through.
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2023.05.30 05:46 whoopingchow My mother-in-law only spent time in Skokie and thought that was Chicago, so I finally got to show her the real Chicago and she was blown away. Thanks for showing her a great time!

I went to school in Chicago but moved away over a decade ago, but it's still got a special place in my heart. Whenever I talk to my MIL about it, she's always been pretty dismissive, like "I don't get it, it's just residential and office parks", and it's because whenever she visits "Chicago", it's to visit relatives in Skokie. This past weekend, we were finally able to do the tourist-y things with her, and she finally gets it. We took her to the Point, up Lake Shore Drive to Chinatown for dim sum, then to Millenium Park, the Lakefront trail, and the Riverwalk (and ran into Sueno festival goers, which was a fun surprise!), a river cruise, and then Portillo's.
Everyone we ran into was having a blast, and the city looked as beautiful as ever. She commented afterwards that she finally gets why I love the city and that it's probably her favorite downtown area in the US. Thanks for showing her an unforgettable time, I love you all <3
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2023.05.30 05:46 Wrathmaster6 Is chatgpt worth paying for?

Title sums it up, I still have the free and limited one on my phone. I don’t really need it but I’m a geek for shit like this. Just want to know if it’s worth it and if there’s a different between chat gpt 3/4? Help lol
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2023.05.30 05:46 cheekyfraggle Puking. Puking everywhere.

Last week my oldest got the stomach flu just in time for her last day of elementary school. She powered through that day and felt like crap for a day, and got better. Several days go by, and I start to think we’re in the clear…
Then a couple days ago, middle child gets it and just loses his guts for a day. But hey, at least he’s old enough to aim for a bucket.
Smallest child has one sick-up on the floor on the same day as son, and that’s it. I think “whew, at least she didn’t get it bad.” Dumb, dumb me…
Now I’m cradling youngest (2 yrs old) while she loses everything she’s ever eaten, after already sicking up all over her bed twice.
Husband is also sick.
I’m the only one in the house who hasn’t got it yet…and I have to be a bridesmaid in a wedding this weekend. Starting Thursday, we’ve got nothing but wedding weekend activities.
I swear to Bob, if this bug waits until the end of the week to hit me, I am going to be PISSED.
Please send good vibes and pedialyte. We’re all dying over here.
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2023.05.30 05:46 ButterBall0 Is a 650 sq ft apartment good for me and my girlfriend?

It’s a 2 bed one bath so I would think it would be pretty good for us. We’ve been together for 5 years and living with my parents has gotten extremely toxic. We are both 20 and the rent per month would be 775 a month. Just wanted to get some more opinions.
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2023.05.30 05:46 Bernallin Suggestions for Pincer Claw Grip coming from Aria XD7 20x10.5

I like the Aria XD7 and it might be my endgame but just wanting to explore more to see if there is something more comfortable. Tried the g303se but felt I aimed way better with the XD7 and felt my range of motion was limited, sensor placement also seemed weird. Open to suggestions and wanting to hear what you guys think! I have a 1x2x2 Pincer Claw Grip where my pinky and ring knuckles sit on the back or on top of the mouse.
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2023.05.30 05:46 Katerina1996 Advice for ending a serious relationship? Living together for 3 years, we admit it's not working, but we're both clinging on...

It would be so much easier if I (26F) resented my partner (39M). We both KNOW this relationship isn't sustainable. A few days ago we officially decided to break up (I think?). We were talking it over but had quite a few drinks and broke up officially later. It was extremely emotional for both of us. It's been two days and we are acting like nothing happened and it's weird. Thing is, he would stay in the relationship because even though it's not a fully functional relationship (dead bedroom, not seeing eye-to-eye on too many things), so I think he's kind of clinging onto it.
I can't do this for much longer. I want to plan my future. Know where I will be living in a few months (at the moment I'm living in his house), so it's on me now to keep pushing for the breakup and it's so hard. Even though some core parts of a relationship aren't working, we have so many of the same interests that doing most things will hurt to much to do for a very long time (we play literally the same games and after breaking up I won't be able to play any - too sad.)
Any advice? I've never been through a breakup while living with the person. We talked about giving ourselves some time, like a month or two, before I move out and officially break things off. Is that too long? Should I move out in a few days? Weeks? Help!
All my friends who have lived with partners and then broken up it was easier in a way because it was toxic so leaving so quickly was better. This is amicable and just so sad...
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2023.05.30 05:46 Stackmountain Misplaced Apple Pencil

So I’ve misplaced my Apple Pencil gen 2. This happened about 3 days ago. Today I get in the car and open Bluetooth to connect to the stereo and I see that my Apple Pencil says that it is “connected”. I’ve thoroughly searched the car and absolutely don’t see it anywhere. Is it possible that it could still say “connected” from before I lost it? Would it absolutely have to be in range to say connected on that menu? I didn’t think to look on my battery widget as to whether or not it still had any battery.
I turn my Bluetooth and wifi off at night from the top slide-down menu but I guess that isn’t completely off, because when I wake up my wifi is usually connected again. I guess its possible that turning it off that way lets the pencil reconnect without having it magnetically stick to the ipad? Unfortunately when I was fooling with it today I turned off the Bluetooth, but from the settings menu. Now I cannot get it to reconnect even when I’m in the car.
I know this is just some rambling really but I was wondering if anyone had any ideas or input on these thoughts?
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2023.05.30 05:46 Initial-Stick-561 What does Boston need to get over the hump?

Boston was clearly the more talented team in the Heat series but after the miracle in G6, they crapped the bed again. There are stretches in the game where the offense just completely collapsed with two of the best offensive wings in the roster. They got Smart, Brogdon, White, Horford and Timelord. What more do they need?
Should they change coaches again? Trade Brown? Change the offense? Run it back as it is? I mean JT and JB are still young but their supporting cast is getting up there. Not sure how long Horfords body can hold up. His defense was still great but his offense just plummeted in the heat series.
Last season I thought all they needed was a good playmaker to lead the game, when the shots are just not falling. And they got Brogdon, a seemingly perfect fit. We could all blame injuries but look at what the Heat did.
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2023.05.30 05:46 NBAperspective I cannot work out who on Miami guards Nikola Jokic

I've looked at the Miami roster eleven times in the past minute.
I just don't know who on that roster can guard Nikola Jokic.
Will it be Kevin Love? Cody Zeller?
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