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2023.06.03 17:24 daniellenicolee694 Has anyone experienced cats dying in twos ?

I had an older cat . I got a kitten and the older cat was there the whole time since the kitten came into my house. They didn't seem like bestfriends or anything like that but they didn't have any problems either. When the older cat died , the younger cat was 3 and died two days later. He was perfectly healthy before that and to this day I don't know what happened. He was under my bed and just started making weird noises. We tried to take him to the vet but when we got into the car he all the sudden peed and pooped and then died. I sometimes wonder if it had anything to do with the stress of my older cat dying? Because he was only 3 when it happened and he seemed perfectly healthy before that.
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2023.06.03 17:24 psychoticwaterbottle what is this

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2023.06.03 17:23 CanIHaveCookies Friend is being thrown out of apartment

Hey, my friend has been evicted an entire month before agreed upon. This friend is located in Norway.
The house owner has stolen prescription meds (there are texts about this), and distributed them. The sudden eviction came out of nowhere with no prior warnings in written form, only verbal complaint. They were friends prior to this. It is supposedly because there has been some issues with keeping things clean, which the house owner said was part of their contract. I have read that contract, and it is not.
Now my friend is SOL, and the house owner is claiming they have to pay this months rent despite having been kicked out. Is this in any way legal? The house owner did not use any legal authority to break the lease agreement except verbal intimidation. Can anyone help? I want to help my friend so badly. I'll happily provide more info if needed.
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2023.06.03 17:22 Bionic_Ferir If Disney doesn't pick up a sequel it's squandered it's avatar

I honestly feel like the owl house is the CLOSEST thing Disney has ever had and perhaps will ever have to avatar the last Airbender and instead of recognising the absolute beast of a show it has been, they cut it short. Disney did recently say they were wrong fro cutting it short and Dana said she would be up for sequels. So if Disney doesn't get a sequel going it will have squandered it's opportunity to have its own avatar
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2023.06.03 17:22 charlietheunicorn9 Considering 2019 Ioniq PHEV or 2019 Model 3 LR?

As the title suggests, what would you go for with the following details? I am hyperaware that I am posting in a Hyundai subreddit :D Wondering if anyone has had similar considerations when purchasing their vehicles?
Had the 2016 Ioniq PHEV briefly and plugged that in every night. Really enjoyed driving that for the range and having a fresh 29 miles of EV every day. I was always "anti EV" (mainly because of range anxiety), then I test drove the Model 3 LR and really enjoyed the power, the minimal design, but probably need some getting used to for that tablet interface. I prefer the exterior look of the Ioniq more, just cause the Model 3 is literally everywhere where I live, but prefer the interior of the Model 3.
- Live in a climate that rarely ever drops below 40F
- Work from home on my online business
- home has solar
- Usual trips are to the grocery store, gym, and family's house, all within 10 miles radius
- will share with the lady, who would take the car to work 1-2x per week, probably around 15-mile radius
- Occasionally max ~60-mile round trip 1x / month to try new foods
- I always think we would go camping or take longer road trips to national parks and car camp (but in reality happens only once a year), or take the 2 bikes out to go bike riding
- 110V chargers in the garage, but not opposed to adding a L2 charger
- Own a '13 Subaru BRZ as my "fun" car. Mpg is not great (avg ~24mpg). I intend to keep it
- I've tried changing the oil on the 2016 Ioniq before and it was a PITA, NEVER AGAIN. I would definitely be taking that into the shop for oil changes, which is a time cost. For that reason, a pro is not having much maintenance to do for the Model 3.
- Preferred budget Ideally ~$30K or lower. Aware that the Model 3 is priced above this, but keeping in mind other costs like insurance + the $4500 federal tax credit
- relatively practical vehicle, and save on gas/money over time
- intend to keep long-term, maybe 10 years or so
- prefer to be able to fit 2 bikes (or larger equipment) occasionally
So the ultimate question is: which might you recommend?
I enjoyed test-driving them both, I know it's comparing apples and oranges a bit, that's why the $10K difference is substantial. Is the Tesla worth $10K more based on these goals/context? Or another way to reframe that question: would the $10K difference be better invested elsewhere? TIA!
THE CARS:2019 Hyundai Ioniq PHEV2019 Tesla Model 3 Long RangePrice (used)$22,000$32,000Mileage26K41KRange29 miles (EV); ~650 miles total~240-280 (310 EPA estimate)
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2023.06.03 17:22 bikergeekx Saw this comic today

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2023.06.03 17:22 TotalCurrent335 What would you do? Caught a weird text on husbands watch

My husband was on a paid trip for school in a different city. He’s 31 for context, and everyone else out there for the trip was under 21. He mentioned a friend he made the first day out there and that he hung out with her a few more times. She lives in the same city we do.
My husband cheated on me 5 years ago while out of state, and so I am sensitive to the time away. For the most part he was pretty removed emotionally while he was gone this time around, but called late at night every night to talk for an hour. He mentioned that on Thursday he had the maid come clean his room.
He got back from his trip (we’re visiting family in a different state from home right now) and I got dressed up cute to pick him up but I’ve had a rough week with the kids and was also pretty tired. I asked if he was sad about something and he said that he was really looking forward to reconnecting with me but that I seemed to have a block. He knew I’d had a rough week. I touched him and said how much I was looking forward to reconnecting too, and asked him to touch me back. He didn’t. He said maybe he was just noticing the contrast of the group he was with vs. me- that they were open hearted, vibrant, excited, etc. I interrupted him and said yeah they’re all under 21 and just had this organization spend thousands of dollars on them.
He got upset and said he was done talking to me because I wasn’t interested in listening to him.
At this point I knew it was definitely him, not me. I opened his messages on his Apple Watch when he left the room the next morning and noticed that there weren’t really many from this girl he mentioned, none from them meeting or anything- just interaction from one day- Thursday. The first few messages were asking if he left to go into the nearby town. Then this one:
She said ‘I think the cleaning lady may have grabbed my bra 😭’
And his response of ‘yikes.’
Do you think this is evidence of him cheating? I do not know why a 20 year old would be texting my husband about her bra. They all had separate hotel rooms, so my mind went to justify it by saying that she had a cleaning lady too and they had another conversation in person about how their things were moved around. Am I just trying to excuse some shady things?
What would you do at this point? We are both away from home and we have a house sitter who is my friend there, and she doesn’t know my husband. I know his iMessages pop up on the computer there. I want to ask her to pull them up and look up this number because we won’t be back there for another three weeks, and I don’t want to wait to know. But is that inappropriate of me to ask her to do?
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2023.06.03 17:21 PM_me_catpics Dropping my 5 month old puppy off at a breed-specific rescue

I am heartbroken. My little golden pup is being surrendered to a breed-specific rescue. He is the sweetest dog and is so incredibly boneded with my family. All I can think about is how confused he will be when we never come back.
He has issues with resource gaurding. He becomes aggressive and bites. He has bitten the child in our house multiple times.
This is probably one of the hardest things I will have to do. Taking the little guy on an outing to his favorite park, feeding him a feast fit for a dog king, and taking him to the rescue.
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2023.06.03 17:21 calmquestions Questions

I am trying to figure out if I need help.
I can’t tell if this is serious or not.
  1. I though suicide would be a very emotional thing, but whenever I think about it I am very calm. It feels small. Does that mean it’s not very serious? All of my mental models about suicide painted a picture of hysterical weeping or something.
  2. I know how I would attempt, but I don’t think the attempt would have a high likelihood of success. Does that mean I’m not that serious?
  3. People keep asking me if I have a plan. I know how I would try, but I don’t know when I would. And even though I know I would do it at home, I haven’t picked a specific room or place in the house. Does that mean I have a plan? What constitutes a plan?
  4. I definitely believe I could, and I’ve found myself practicing the act. Rehearsing it almost. But again I can’t tell if I’m really serious. I mean, if I was really serious I would have tried already. Does that make sense?
I’m sorry if these questions are dumb. I’m just trying to figure out if I should be getting help or not. And what kind of help I should seek. I really appreciate any answers.
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2023.06.03 17:21 TheLeastProfitable Hello everyone, I am from Hyderabad and i have purchased a property few years back in Ahmedabad and now wants to sell it

But when I purchased that property, i have used my voter I'd on registery as an address and I'd proof but it has some spelling errors like my name on all of my other documents have fareed but on voter I'd it printed as Farid, also i have changed my address as well and created new voter I'd because my name was missing in 2019 voter list, so now the address and my name is not same as i had on my previous voter I'd, i am staying here(in hyderabad) on rent and the property i have is in Muslim locality in Ahmedabad and it's value increased only 60% in last 8-9 years so I want to invest this money somewhere else where I can get better return(or at least cover my current house rent here in hyderabad) also how bad it looks from a legal advisor's point of view and what's possibility to get my property get sold without much hustle, Thanks
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2023.06.03 17:21 challiday101 Lime tree leaves discoloration

Lime tree leaves discoloration
Hello my recently purchased lime tree has started showing some abnormal coloration on some leaves not all are affected. Some background recently purchased and repotted into terra cotta pot with original soil from nursery filled in with 5 1 1 mix. Fertilized with slow release fert and some down to earth citrus mix I also applied some soil acidifier to top of soil, currently soil ph is around 6.7 or 6.8 with probe meter. I also applied some dyna gro foliar feed and iron and micro nutrient foliar feed. My house water is hard and kind of alkaline around 7.6 but have been trying to collect rain water to use. Any ideas on possible causes of discoloration?
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2023.06.03 17:21 InfamousCRS Go 1st/2nd event could have been master duels introduction of the side deck

This event is so unbelievably close to making actual sense. If it just made you submit your normal deck list with 15 (maybe less side deck cards for MD to make it simpler) side deck cards, then let you make swaps after finding out the dice roll result, it could have been something to help mitigate the best of 1 issue.
We know they don’t want best of 3 to save time, but this would have been about the best alternative you could get to understand the ideas of side decking for master duel players while still actually only playing one game.
It wouldn’t be perfect of course, as it still missed the concept of siding for your weak matchups, and not just siding for first/second, but it definitely takes a huge step towards making master duel deck building a little more stream lined. Master duel has had the issue where the decks on the far extremes of super combo oriented or super stun oriented are almost impossible to prepare for since you can’t normally have cards that cover both match ups.
Think back to the format drytron and eldlich we’re both very popular. Droll & lock bird would have been a very strong option to keep drytron in check, but then you’re adding a card to your deck that is absolutely dead vs eldlich, and vice versa. This issue will always exist in some capacity with best of one, but I feel pre-side decking could be a step in the right direction.
Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.
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2023.06.03 17:21 Unavailable_Artist My cat stopped me from committing suicide

I have two stray cats coming to my home: a male and a female cat. I feed them, and sometimes cuddle with the male cat. The female one doesn't let me pat it or cuddle it that much. The female one just comes around to eat and leaves. Where the male one eats and stays around a little more to cuddle, sometimes sleep on my bed and im winters they both sleep inside with me: the male one inside my blanket wheres the female one in a towel (she doesn't like coming near me)
I live with my family now, am a student and doing some part-time jobs. I had left my family to go abroad to study; however, I returned a few days ago (a year later) due to mental health issues and other issues. I don't want to share that much information about my life, but life's not been easy lately. I returned home and started at a university in my homeland. As far as I understand, I have severe depression, due to not living up to the mark. I'm feeling like I could have stayed abroad if I were a bit stronger. Deep down I know I had to come back, but I really can't accept the fact that I came back home giving up my dreams. My parents are being really supportive and telling me that it's not the end of the world and I still have a chance to live my dream, just the time is not right at present. I know they are right, but can't help it.
Every now and then, I feel like a burden to my family. I feel like if I were not born or died at birth, my parents and family would have been better off. Other than this I have a lot other issues with myself, a lot of insecurities and trust issues, as I said life's not been easy lately, well it never was actually.
Even though my parents are supporting me a lot, spending a lot of time with me, I'm still having suicidal urges. And today, I had one of those urges.
At the evening, when my mom was home, I tried to talk to her, but couldn't. I feel ashamed of myself and don't feel like showing my face to them. I was having strong suicidal urges and sat down to write a suicide note to my mother (already had a couple of them but lost them in an accident). As soon as I jotted down the first 3 lines of my note, my female cat arrived to eat. Unlike other days suddenly she became to cuddly todays, wanting to patted and cuddled. This is very unlikely of her. And she kept continuing it untill I left my seat to give her time. When I sat down to pat her, I started thinking about reasons I'm still alive: my cats being one of them... And thought maybe not today...
Edit: these cats come to my home fpr like 5-6 years, so they didn't stop even though I was not at home for a long period of time. They did stop eating regularly for a few weeks though and searched me all over the house (as per my mother said me) and I used to video call my mother to see them.
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2023.06.03 17:21 Mattlman Thinner laptop good for work (Excel, Office 365) and heavy internet browsing - budget $2k USD (USA)

Total budget (in local currency) and country of purchase. Please do not use USD unless purchasing in the US: $2k
Are you open to refurbs/used? New
How would you prioritize form factor (ultrabook, 2-in-1, etc.), build quality, performance, and battery life? Battery life, fast speed (good ram), and somewhat light (like newer Lenovo or MacBook Pro) are great. I am coming from a 2015 MacBook Pro and use a 2022 Lenovo Thinkpad for my work laptop
How important is weight and thinness to you? Important, but it does not need to be as light and thin as MacBook Air. I want it to not lag when running Excel or doing heavy internet browsing
Do you have a preferred screen size? If indifferent, put N/A. 15 or smaller
Are you doing any CAD/video editing/photo editing/gaming? List which programs/games you desire to run. No, mainly Excel and running multiple tabs of Chrome
If you're gaming, do you have certain games you want to play? At what settings and FPS do you want? N/a
Any specific requirements such as good keyboard, reliable build quality, touch-screen, finger-print reader, optical drive or good input devices (keyboard/touchpad)? Good keyboard (coming from a MacBook), USB-C charging preferred Good battery life
Leave any finishing thoughts here that you may feel are necessary and beneficial to the discussion. It would be nice to use a multimedia box to sync it to a monitor. Otherwise, I plan to use this at home but want it to be mobile enough to move around the house when needed.
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2023.06.03 17:20 roastmenowplease hmm what's this

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2023.06.03 17:20 Sliving23 Lindsay drunk posting again....

I think she is drunk posting again because last night she posted a video of her and MTS at his mom's house and the caption said "never before seen footage" on Instagram. Story starts with her and MTS in his mom's house kitchen and she is talking about how she helped get his mom help in moving her to a safer place for her disabilities or some health issues (?)
Then as she is still standing in the kitchen gloating about helping his mom you see Mark off in a another room down the hall doing something else and in same breath she starts explaining on the downlow how there were firefighters and they were super hot and she keeps looking over her shoulder to make sure Mark isn't coming. She continues to describe the firefighter bodies saying that if you need a fix of hotness to look at firefighters and I don't know what other thirsty stuff. The man right there in the other room.
Story gone this morning.
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2023.06.03 17:20 SpaceCadet1718 Free roaming

My ferrets are normally always free roaming around the house, but right now there’s a dog over that is extremely aggressive towards them, so they’re staying in my room. My question is, can they free roam in my room at night? I’m scared that I’m going to accidentally roll over on them, because my little boy likes to crawl in my sheets (although he usually settles down by my feet). I just feel so bad putting them in their cage when they’ve been cooped up in my room all day. They have all kinds of toys and things to safely get into, I just feel so bad :(
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2023.06.03 17:20 Salvatore-John How Common are Seller Concessions?

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2023.06.03 17:19 hnqn1611 15 Simple Life Hacks With a Pencil

15 Simple Life Hacks With a Pencil
15 Simple Life Hacks With a Pencil
Number One - Repair Scratch Marks on a Flat Screen TV The eraser on the back of your pencil can fix surface scratch marks on your flat-screen TV. Just make sure that the eraser on your pencil is white. Gently rub the eraser over the scratch marks for a couple of minutes, then wipe off the area with a clean cloth or gentle cleaning solution. The scratch marks should now be gone!
Number Two - Ease a New Key into a Lock Perhaps you lost your key and need a replacement, or maybe you just moved into a new house. You can spend minutes fiddling around with a new key trying to unlock a door. If this happens to you, take a pencil and rub the tip of it over the teeth of the key. The graphite will act as a dry lubricant.
Number Three - Reset a Modem or Router Sometimes modems or routers need to be reset. To do this, you usually need a thin sharp object to place into the tiny hole found on the back of the modem or router. Try using a sharpened pencil the next time you find yourself in this situation. Just be careful not to break the tip of the pencil in the hole.
Number Four - Door Stop We all have to step out for a moment time to time to check the mail or grab the newspaper. A pencil is a handy little tool to keep the door open when you don't have your keys with you. Number Five - Protect Walls From Scratches Hanging new pictures is exciting, but the frames often tilt and they can even scratch your walls. Take the erasers from four pencils and glue one to each corner on the back of your picture frames. This will protect your walls from scratches and keep the frames from tilting.
Number Six - Remove Scuff Marks From Vinyl Floors Vinyl floors are affordable and durable, but they are notorious for collecting scuff marks left behind from shoes. You can remove these unsightly smudges from your vinyl floors with the eraser on your pencil it works like a charm.
Number Seven - Roll Toothpaste Tube We often toss quite a bit of toothpaste out with the tube. Toothpaste tubes tend to get messy and when they're almost empty, it's hard to get all the toothpaste out of them. But you can use an old shortened pencil to roll and squeeze the last bit of toothpaste out of the tube.
Number Eight - Improvised Earring Back Most women (and men) have lost a back piece of an earring at some point in their lives. When this happens, you can try to find a safe place to keep the earring until you get home, or use a bit of the eraser from your pencil to temporarily hold the earring intact.
Number Nine - Push Back Nail Cuticles Your nails say a lot about you. To keep them nice and neat, trim them regularly and use the eraser on the end of a pencil as a cuticle stick. Gently push back the cuticle following the natural shape of your nail bed. It's best to do this after you shower, when your cuticles are soft.
Number Ten - Remove Sticker Gunk A bar code or price sticker is placed pretty much on everything we buy. Trying to remove these stickers can be a nightmare. After you manage to peel off most of the paper, use the eraser on the back of your pencil and rub it back and forth over the stubborn goo, just as you would on pencil marks.
Number Eleven - Lubricate a Sticky Zipper We all tend to have a favorite hoodie or pair of jeans we wear often, but sometimes the zipper can get a bit stubborn and get stuck. When this happens, run the tip of a pencil along the teeth of the zipper to lubricate it. Your zipper will be as good as new.
Number Twelve - Hair Accessory While modern hipsters totally rock that man bun, for fun and easy up-dos, girls can use a pencil to hold their buns in place. Twist your hair around into a bun shape and gently push the tip of your pencil towards your scalp. Run it under the bun along your scalp and poke it back out through the other side.
Number Thirteen - Remove Crayon From Walls Most parents encourage their children's creative abilities, but not when it comes to the living room walls. Don't fret! When your children happen to take their art a bit too far, you can use a regular pencil eraser to remove crayon markings from the walls.
Number Fourteen - Clean and Polish Gold Jewelry Gold jewelry is luxurious and valuable, but over time they lose their shine and get a bit dull. The eraser on your pencil absorbs oil and grime from gold pieces. It's also small enough to easily and safely buff away any smudges, leaving your jewelry sparkling like new.
Number Fifteen - Repel Moths Toxic moth balls are as dreadful as moth infestations itself, not to mention their distinctive strong order. Instead place a sachet or small cloth bag filled with pencil shavings in your closet. Moths are attracted to soiled fabric, so make sure you always wash your clothes before putting them away.
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2023.06.03 17:19 gonvart Condensate Pump Alternative

Seems like a common problem - we had three mini splits put in a couple months back with condensate pumps to pump the water up to the flat roof through the ceiling. We live in an old building on the third floor in Boston and the installers didn’t want to install any wires from the outside (electrical wires and other excuses).
Anyways - this seems to be a common problem and the pumps are loud. One of ours also started leaking last night but that’s a different issue. Trying to figure out - is there an alternative to these pumps? Can I drill a hole somehow carefully to the outside for the water to just drip down with gravity? We have random holes throughout the house where Comcast and Verizon guys just drilled holes for cable; thinking doing the same. Or can anyone recommend a person who could help with a solution? All the big HVAC guys around here love new construction and it’s a pain to find someone to work on an old building.
Edit to fix a ton of spelling issues.
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2023.06.03 17:19 No_Leadership_662 The Road Trip Story Arc

"The Road Trip Story Arc" is the upcoming first arc of the seventh season of The Loud House.


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2023.06.03 17:19 Lantaishi Why people honk for more than 30 seconds on 495 (MD portion)?

/My post was deleted for not related to MD. It happened on MD roads though. Apparently it is a road rage incident. First time experience./
Trying to merge onto 495 from a ramp, I signaled, but the car behind me did not speed up, which I expected people to do most of the time. Once I finished merging, the guy behind me laid his hand on the horn for a good half a minute. Then he proceeded to pass me and honk at me again. I've never experienced this kind of behavior before. Honestly, I rarely get honked at. What is wrong with people? Maybe just a random crazy guy.
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