Merrie mill farm and vineyard photos

Capturing master sword from Light Dragon without Korok Forest mission.

2023.05.30 03:04 chaosatom Capturing master sword from Light Dragon without Korok Forest mission.

Capturing master sword from Light Dragon without Korok Forest mission.
So this is my experience so far. It is kinda of nuts how hard the master sword is to get.
  1. Get two bars of stamina from doing shrine. You can convert hearts to stamina, from lookout landing well and then there is a basement that opens up after getting a sage (like for example completing the Rito Village regional phenomena in the upper left of the map).
  2. If you doing Tears of dragon. Complete all the towers/lookout points. This will take time, but it is worth it at the end to find the tears. Use the map below.
  3. if you want to find the tears fast, use this map.
  4. So things to note is that even if you complete tears of dragon, you will not get the dragon easily. The dragon still hangs around 4k elevation. Also before doing the last tear 12. Prepare yourself, since dragon immediately appears. Otherwise, you will spend hours finding it like I did.
  5. I missed the dragon after the cutscene since I did a wrap to a sky tower and was looking below. He was flying above and went missing from my view after.
  6. Also I forgot to save! After the last cutscene when dragon appears, save! Don't be stupid.
  7. Prepare ahead of time. I waited at Water temple Entrance below, which I thought was high enough but dragon came just even 200 feet higher. I also created a travel medallion on this spot for myself. So I can come quickly if I see a dragon below. I quickly deployed Wing and two fans on platform. Also used a large Zonai charge, to make sure I really reach the dragon. Make sure to save as soon as u see the dragon, otherwise you have to wait it out for long time 2hr+. I don't think you even need to complete Tears of dragon quest for this if you don't mind waiting. But for the storyline I got related to the dragon, it was worth it.
  8. I farmed shard of light dragon's spike while I was on dragon, I got 12 total. I went from back to front. Don't know if I missed more.
  9. Capture a photo of dragon for Sensor target+. Hopefully you have camera working at this point in quest.
  10. Enjoy the master sword as not much is needed after your land on the dragon.
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2023.05.30 03:04 edwinbarnesc GMERICA: Activists, Affiliates & The Return of Icahn - A Succession Plan To Launch TEDDY IPO

GMERICA: Activists, Affiliates & The Return of Icahn - A Succession Plan To Launch TEDDY IPO
This is part 2 and a continuation from this post about Unitholders (or should I say Unithodlers?).
Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice.

Preface: GMERICA Bull Thesis

What are units?
In part 1, I discovered how a unit may contain multiple securities combining GME and IEP and that the transaction is currently being handled by Jefferies which links all 3 companies: GME, IEP, BBBY = GMERICA.
Furthermore, I believe these units will be used in the $BBBYQ chapter 11 bankruptcy restructuring for a leveraged buyout (LBO) deal involving cash and a [unit] share swap to either (1) purchase BBBY, or (2) just the subsidiary asset buybuyBABY, the crown jewel -- towards the end of this post, I will clarify what will most likely happen as a result.
Upon completion of the LBO, a carve-out of buybuyBABY will then initiate a SPAC IPO to launch TEDDY into a new public company. This is the end goal.
According to the SEC: Warrants. A SPAC IPO is often structured to offer investors a unit of securities consisting of (1) shares of common stock and (2) warrants.
Common stock and warrants are currently involved in the buyout of Bed, Bath, and Beyond and has been mentioned in the ch11 court docs. Basically, the SPAC IPO is a vehicle that will deliver the units to the buyer of BBBY.
This carve-out of buybuyBABY from BBBY will force shorts to close.
How? Shorts will be forced to deliver units (shares of $GME x $IEP x $BBBYQ) and new TEDDY shares to the shareholders at all 3 parent companies: Bed, Bath, & Beyond, GameStop, and Icahn Enterprises LP.
Moving forward, I will now refer to these future shareholders as Unithodlers or simply GMERICANs, who will become owners in the new company TEDDY in a post-SPAC IPO.
This is my bull thesis for GMERICA.
Now for the endgame play.

The King's Empire Under Siege

Carl Icahn's $IEP empire is directly under attack by shorts, MSM, and SEC investigation.
FYI- IEP is a holding company that directly controls and owns companies in 7 industries with 14 board members in other public companies.
It is a conglomerate and makes me think of the Iron Bank from the Free City of Braavos in Game of Thrones. And Icahn will have its due.
The attacks on IEP are playing out exactly as Dr. Patrick Byrne once said (credit u/EnvironmentalPlan870):

OSTK CEO confirms everything that is currently happening to IEP

But why are they attacking?
See part 1 and the section under "A Master Fund for Handling Units", then this next part will make sense.

The HindenNothingBurger & its Blitzkrieg Report of Destruction

A shorting-selling hedge fund named Hindenburg Research released a self-serving report on IEP claiming that the company is operating a pyramid scheme which has caused the stock price to collapse -- to All-Time 5 year lows.

IEP stock collapsed by -70% to 5 year lows
On the outset, it looks like a classic short and distort campaign but the motives are actually much more nefarious.
First, IEP is majority owned by Carl Icahn where he holds a staggering 84% stake in the company which would make one wonder - where are shorts getting shares if Icahn owns most of it?
The simplest answer: Illegal naked shorting, or selling shares in a company you don't own. It's called stealing.
Second, the real reason why shorts have laid siege to Carl Icahn's empire is out of desperation and a feeble attempt to dethrone the King. Here, this will explain, from IEP's 10Q filing:

From IEP 10Q filing, pg 48 - Depository Units & Risk Factors

TLDR; 10Q Summary
  • Carl Icahn controls the publicly traded company $IEP LP (limited partners) through a private company called IEP GP (general partner, or the controlling manager of the LP)
  • Carl has pledged 202M depository units from $IEP to get a loan worth up to $4.17B (for LBO)
  • $IEP is aware of the shorts attack on the company and have released this 'Risk Factor' notice
  • Shorts are trying to force a Margin Call on Carl's position on the loan
  • Shorts are attempting to lower the Unit share price of $IEP in hopes of triggering a Forced Liquidation and removing Carl, the controlling person as GP of $IEP
Another ape u/alebubu noticed too, in this post.
The siege began on May 2, 2023, at the same time Hindenburg's Short Report was released:

The Blitzkreig Short Report masking the Swap that has been Activated

And of course, now it looks like a swap has been setup to anchor the $BBBYQ rocket while suppressing $IEP stock price. Credit for technical chart to u/Charoenlai:

Shorts setup a swap on $IEP & $BBYQ, kinda like the meme stock basket of $GME vs. the world to prevent these rocket(s) from flying
Basically, Icahn knows. Pulte knows. And Cohen knows:

Ryan Cohen likes Pulte's tweet on the Shorts Strike Back (simulation confirmed)
In my first post that seeded GMERICA, I wrote about Carl Icahn the OG Activist Ape aka MSM-dubbed Corporate Raider:

Icahn has a track record of success and here's what he said in a letter to shareholders of his company on June 6, 2022:
"My activist engagements have generally produced exceptional results. To elaborate, our activist activities have created close to $1 Trillion in value for all shareholders in the aggregate who’ve held or purchased stock when we did and sold stock when we did. I believe our record unquestionably proves that holding CEOs and boards accountable to shareholders manifests great results."
This man fucks and shorts are about feel it:

Carl Icahn hits back: \"He's planning something that these guys will never forget.\" -oops, MOASS
But will it be the Bull King that raids these shorts or will it be someone else?

Enter: The Prince of 69D Chess

Much focus has been on Carl Icahn but few know about his son, Brett Icahn:

The father, master strategist and the protégé son playing Chess
The image above is from an HBO documentary & movie called: The Restless Billionaire. The movie details the life of activist investor Carl Icahn and the story behind all the companies that he acquired. It truly is inspiring and I highly recommend watching.
In one scene, Carl says the following:
"I'll say this about Brett, he's much more low-key than I am. But he's one of the most obsessive characters, and he'll work very hard at something, extremely hard, especially if it means beating me at something."
The movie also reveals how Brett and Carl used to routinely play chess but stopped because Brett became too good, and kept winning against Carl.
Brett introduced Carl to tech stocks, starting with Netflix then Apple and now GMERICA (more on this below). Brett admits he received a privileged start but learned to swim on his own when Carl gave him a challenge.
Brett wanted to manage money but had to prove himself by working for free: no salary, no bonus, and no income until he could generate a 7% return, first for Carl, then Brett would get paid later.
In 2012, Carl invested into Netflix on behalf of Brett's recommendation and later in 2015 generated a return of $2.2 Billion, one of Carl's best investments. That success enabled Brett to launch his own fund and start the Sargon Portfolio.
Carl tweeted at 7:41am and Netflix did a 7 for 1 stock split. This is 741 on 741 and might just be the best Fortune I've come across.
Now, back to the SEC filings, so you can see how this Saga took form.

The Succession Plan Where Only The Young Can Ascend

Brett continued to gain success and at one point, he wanted to go independent. However, Carl made him an offer to take over the family Empire and on October 1, 2020 the succession plan began:

Succession plan initiated for Brett Icahn, the Princes of 69D Chess to take over $IEP Empire
I will TLDR summarize these filings in the next section.

Terms of the succession plan and Manager Agreement
Again, I will TLDR summarize these filings in the next section.

TLDR; Summary of Succession Plan & Ascension to the Throne

  • Brett Icahn enters into a Manager Agreement where he becomes the "employee" under a single-member LLC known as Isthmus and serves the "employer" $IEP LP to direct investments
  • Brett becomes the Investment Fund ("Fund") manager and controls all investments as General Partner via Icahn Capital.
  • The Funds are comprised of IEP depository units put up as collateral for loans, including other private investments or entities, and funds from Affiliate parties to IEP -- remember this part for later.
  • Simply said: there's a lot of money involved in the Billions as a massive pooled investment by private equity. This a raid party of Activist Investors that you don't wanna fuck with it.
  • Brett purchases $10M of depository units from $IEP to start his fund via Mesa & River Portfolios.
  • Icahn Capital hires 3 portfolio managers (PMs) to assist Brett, they are: Gary Hu, Andrew Teno, and Steven Miller. Each have designated roles to assist in research, analysis, and evaluating investments. These hired PMs have extensive backgrounds in finance, debt, and special or complex transactions. Additionally, the PMs graduated top of the class from Ivy league colleges and have sat on boards of companies like Xerox, Bausch + Lomb, Newell Brands -- so they know their shit.
  • The Buying Ratio sets the investment terms with a $39:1 ratio which caps out per transaction. For the "employee" Isthmus, that is $7.5M investment with a matching "employer" investment up to $292.5M for combined $300M maximum per investment transaction -- remember this for $BBBYQ later. Think of this like working for an employer and every time you contribute to a 401k, then your employer matches, except this is for investing into public companies and your company co-invests with you.
  • The succession plan requires Brett to work for free again, to prove that he is capable of generating a return for the company and he must complete the task in 7 years or less to become Chairman.
  • Brett is promoted to a director in IEP GP which is the private and controlling company to $IEP. Therefore, Brett directs how the Funds are invested on behalf of his father's empire, and/or with his father.
  • Bottomline: The Prince is in control of the Empire, its vast resources, and he must prove his worthiness to the King. Now, let the Activist Raids begin.
With a succession plan in place and structure set up, the next step was to find a target company that desperately needed saving from the abusive naked shorting hedge funds.

Activist Raiders Set Sail to GMERICA

Somewhere along the way, Ryan Cohen and Brett Icahn met. Perhaps long before the succession plan was activated:

Brett Icahn was involved in the gaming industry in 2010
Brett was a board member of Take-Two Interactive, makers of the Grand Theft Auto game franchise, so it would be safe to say that Brett knew a thing or two about the Gaming Industry and its growth-rate.
This is supported by the fact that Carl admitted he was not into tech stocks therefore Brett likely suggested Take-Two as an investment to his father, just like Netflix.
The Apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Robbie Ferguson of IMX tweets an infographic of 10% YoY growth-rate of Gaming
I wonder if Brett and Robbie know each other, probably.
Then there's this timeline of cohencidences too (Brett has a detailed history of involvement and familiarity with NFTs, crypto, and blockchain tech):

Unverified Brett Icahn twitter account but the timeline is interesting. Still, I kinda like this Brett, no chill on tweets and out there blasting everyone.
P.S. someone had to take that photo of Ryan Cohen and Carl Icahn, guess who?
You're goddamn right.

Enter GameStop: Prelude to GMERICA

One month after IEP's succession plan (Oct 1, 2020), Ryan Cohen writes a letter to GameStop board on November 16, 2020:

RC Ventures letter to GameStop board
Take notice of the first sentence: RCV with AFFILIATES - like the same Affiliates that just raised a massive Multi-Billion Dollar pool of Investment Funds for Investor Activism and acquiring companies.
Are you starting to see where this is all going?
With a turnaround plan successfully implemented into GameStop, the company was able to escape Cellar Boxing. However, it was not entirely free due to swaps as covered by u/criand's meme stock basket DD.
I believe in the first half of 2021 and post-sneeze, most of the Activism plans were just formulating since GameStop was still in dire straits up until June 2021. And that's when a second sneeze occurred which allowed GME management to conduct an At-The-Market share offering with Jefferies as the handler which generated a $1 Billion Dollar War Chest to finance the development of GameStop NFT marketplace and create the foundation to build a Web 3.0 Metaverse world in 2022.
With one target company acquired and stabilized, it was then time to move onto the next.

Enter Blood, Bath, Beyond: 69D Rugpull

When systemic corruption in the markets were exposed from the Jan 2021 $GME sneeze, an international community of diamond-handed apes were borne from the aftermath, and were ready to gobble up entire company stock floats then Direct Register the Shares in their name ( &
After GameStop, the Activist Investors set their sights on the next target company $BBBY and once again, RC Ventures wrote a letter to the board at Bed, Bath, and Beyond on March 6, 2022:

RC Ventures letter to $BBBY board
There it is again, the Activist Investors and their Affiliates show up to acquire another company.
Except this time they want to spin-off the buybuyBABY to pay off debt in the parent company, with a goal to evaluate a Full Sale to a Well-Capitalized Acquirer.
FYI- as of 4/23/23 from court docket 10 on page 27, it revealed that $BBBY had $1.8 Billion in total debt so they would need a massive pooled investment to buy out the entire company and then spin-off buybuyBABY (but a carve-out is the real plan).
After RCV sent the letter to $BBBY board, it was also around the same time when a bunch of GameStop NFT creators hoisted the flag 🏴‍☠️ and started tweeting in unison.
Pepperidge Farm remembers.
I won't dive into details since my other GMERICA posts (see my history) cover everything up to this point so I will focus on this event which is relevant:
RC Ventures sells his $BBBY shares on August 18, 2022.
Recently, it was discovered in $BBBYQ ch11 court docs that when RCV "sold" the $BBBY position that it in fact DID NOT return those shares back to the public markets.
Now, if you combine your newfound knowledge about Investment Funds and Affiliates then it becomes pretty clear that RCV "sold" or most likely transferred the shares to an unnamed party and who might that be?
It is Lazard Ferres, an investment bank, which was pointed out in this post by u/travis_b13.
Lazard has been utilized to carry out LBO transactions for IEP's takeover of HP & Xerox by working with Carol Flaton of AlixPartners. Carol was hired as an independent director of $BBBY in late January 2023 and later appointed to $BBBY board.
TLDR summary of Travis_b13's post:
  • In $BBBYQ chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings, it was recently revealed on docket 345 that Lazard Freres, an investment bank was retained for any sales transactions and restructuring.
  • Lazard Freres entered into an Indemnification Letter on August 10, 2022 which enabled Lazard to buy, sell, underwrite, place or purchase any securities in a financing or otherwise placement agency or purchase agreement -- basically Lazard had free reign to do ANYTHING with the shares that it was about to receive from RC Ventures on August 18, 2022
  • Furthermore, docket 345 revealed that Lazard and BBBY had an engagement letter and also a Dealer Manager Agreement dated on October 18, 2022.
  • What is a Dealer Manager Agreement? It is an agreement that governs the relationship between the offeror (BBBY) and the dealer-managers (the Activist Investors & Affiliates) and is signed by the parties to the commencement of a debt tender offer -- a signature LBO move by Icahn to acquire companies.
  • Within the same docket 345, discovered in this other post, it mentions Lazard wanting a percentage fee of buybuyBABY when the sale consummates between debtor (parent company BBBY) and the buyer (IEP).
  • Lazard is holding the shares it received from RC Ventures and entered into another deal via Dealer Manager Agreement with a different party on Oct 18, 2022.
Guess what also happened around October 18, 2022?
Ryan Cohen tweeted this -- perhaps there was a meeting and signatures were required:

OG Activist Investor & The Young
Before we wrap this up, let's tie up some loose ends.

Forced to split post, continue part 2 here:

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2023.05.30 02:02 SirRichardWhimsy Price Drop! Holt Morpheus and Clyde Challenor Customs Viper

Hi all,
Please be 21 to purchase and know your local knife laws. Price includes shipping (US only, please). I reserve the right to sell to whomever I choose, but generally the first "yolo" here followed by a chat gets the knife. PayPal F&F please, no comments. By buying, you are certifying that this is legal for you to own.
Timestamp / Photos:
Two really great knives up tonight. No trades please, gotta recoup some funds on recent purchases.
Holt Morpheus: I love the Morpheus, I've just decided that I like the liner lock version better than the frame locks. This was sold to me in LNIB condition, and I haven't carried or cut with it either. Factory edge, solid lockup, sweet action. I do like that the adjustable detent is accessible in these frame lock versions without having to disassemble the knife, but I just happen to like the liner lock guys more (and I picked one up today, so have to recoup some funds!). Beautiful milling, vibrant ano. Great knife all around. Comes with pouch, Selinko, detent tool, and some stickers. I've installed Skiff bearings on this, original bearings included. Asking $700. SOLD
Clyde Challenor Customs Viper: New in pouch. I'm the original owner of this guy -- received just today from Clyde. This is an awesome knife that's just begging to be used. Kind of like a front flipping large Sebenza insingo. It's actually my second Viper, but my tastes have changed a bit since ordering, so I can't really justify keeping it around. 3.5in front flipper with authoritative action, reverse tanto blade profile, hollow ground, lock insert with carbidized lock face, nicely done jimping, flush pivot with large hardware... these are so nice. Comes with CCC pouch and COA. It was a 13 month wait to get this from Clyde, but you don't have to wait that long. Asking $700.
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2023.05.30 00:44 Babelight Sinners or Saints? Be vigilant, and use critical thinking as a way to guard against infiltration

I can be silent no longer. I have noticed on some posts lately a disturbing rhythm, which alerts me to the potential that the subreddit is being exposed to psychological propaganda/troll farm behaviour. We can only assume they are from/on behalf a particular person, so just keep vigilant.
The psychological propaganda/troll farm behaviour can be employed for a number of outcomes, but it makes sense that they are being employed here to:
Bear in mind that posts and comments may be completely innocent from Sinners but also have the above characteristics, so I ask that you refrain from attempting to 'out' the bots and sugars, and just use it as another aspect to form your own opinion on whatever issue about the Saint that is being discussed.
Here are a couple of ways in which soft infiltration/psychological propaganda is done, how to identify it, and how to combat it:
The main way to combat falling prey to this is to be aware of this style of psychological infiltration, and to be vigilant in employing critical analysis to everything you see:
If it is a conspiracy theory, why might it have arisen? Would Meghan want to fan the flames of this type of subject matter? Yes? Then perhaps it has been planted by her. If no, it's not the type of subject matter that Meghan might want to draw attention to, then you must ask yourself why this theory might exist, and the arguments for and against.
All celebrities have gossip and theories about them, but you don't see every conspiracy tied to every celebrity. For example, we don't see many theories about Leo DiCaprio and hidden illegitimate children or abuse, but we do get constant rumours about contractual arrangements with modelling agencies. It is worth considering that where there is smoke, there may be fire.
Of course, Saint Meghan Markle is a diverse snark sub filled with a number of wonderful dissenting and differing opinions, and that's what makes the world go round. I am not saying that people can't have varying opinions about what is wrong and what is right, what should and shouldn't exist on the snark board, etc etc.
What I am saying, is to be aware of a pattern. Once you have spotted that pattern, turn to critical analysis for your own opinion as you normally would, guarding against other commenters' influence.
Because not everyone who reads and comments on this board actually wants to partake in snark about the Saint and her woke disciple, and have other agendas.
Personally, where I see evidence of the above, my spidey senses tingle and I become even more interested in the conspiracy theory subject matter. Why oh why, I think, might they be concerned to have this particular theory floating around and want to debunk it/silence it immediately? The plot thickens.
Stay snarky, sinners!
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2023.05.29 23:38 SirRichardWhimsy Holt Morpheus and Clyde Challenor Customs Viper

Hi all,
Please be 21 to purchase and know your local knife laws. Price includes shipping (US only, please). I reserve the right to sell to whomever I choose, but generally the first "yolo" here followed by a chat gets the knife. PayPal F&F please, no comments. By buying, you are certifying that this is legal for you to own.
Timestamp / Photos:
Two really great knives up tonight. No trades please, gotta recoup some funds on recent purchases.
Holt Morpheus: I love the Morpheus, I've just decided that I like the liner lock version better than the frame locks. This was sold to me in LNIB condition, and I haven't carried or cut with it either. Factory edge, solid lockup, sweet action. I do like that the adjustable detent is accessible in these frame lock versions without having to disassemble the knife, but I just happen to like the liner lock guys more (and I picked one up today, so have to recoup some funds!). Beautiful milling, vibrant ano. Great knife all around. Comes with pouch, Selinko, detent tool, and some stickers. I've installed Skiff bearings on this, original bearings included. Asking $725.
Clyde Challenor Customs Viper: New in pouch. I'm the original owner of this guy -- received just today from Clyde. This is an awesome knife that's just begging to be used. Kind of like a front flipping large Sebenza insingo. It's actually my second Viper, but my tastes have changed a bit since ordering, so I can't really justify keeping it around. 3.5in front flipper with authoritative action, reverse tanto blade profile, hollow ground, lock insert with carbidized lock face, nicely done jimping, flush pivot with large hardware... these are so nice. Comes with CCC pouch and COA. It was a 13 month wait to get this from Clyde, but you don't have to wait that long. Asking $725.
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2023.05.29 21:46 chloethenerd85 Never heard of this company but have a chance to buy a xplayer mini pro 6800u for $360, should I?

Update: I believe the guy is a scammer. His Facebook marketplace profile was only created this year and he was also asking me to pay him about $30 up front for gas so he could meet me for the sale. At first suggested cashapp then paypal. Yeah..... I've no issue wiring funds if you don't want to deal in cash when we meet but something felt funky with the wiring some ahead of time. I feel like I may have dodged a bullet there.
So for starters, I am a bit of a nerd and tinkerer but also prefer to play my games. I own a 256GB steam deck.
I seem to have a chance at getting a 512GB xplayer mini 6800u with a dock for like $360. Should I do this? I've never heard of this company and am fairly new to the handheld pc space. Is there bad ones, ones not worth it? What about driver support for these things? I saw that the device cost close to $1k on the website but when attempting to download drivers for backup (I can always delete should I not buy) the rar file says corrupted no matter which site that seems part of onex I try. That doesn't bode will for me there......
Anyhow, I figure support could come from here and other places but I just wondered what I was getting myself into. Even if it's legit at $360 I already own a steam deck that I paid $400 for which included a dock as will. Plus I don't have money to just throw around... I mean if I did I probably would have bought an aya neo or one of these etc. Would I see much difference? The seller claims it works fine and has a dock for it too. Sent my photos and a video of it running and said I can even test it out when meeting should we meet.
For reference I bounce between 2 laptops that have 1080p displays, one has a gtx 1070 and the other has a desktop class rtx 2080 in it. I'm just trying to weigh my options and seeing if I can get some real experiences from users over reviewers that maybe skewed because they didn't spend a dime on any of these devices.
This may seem all over the place, but that's my mind also. I'm trying to get a clearer picture on performance and everything.
Oh and games I play, simulator type mainly farming simulator heavily modded too, some fps, rts, rpg, some emulation etc just about anything. I also have bluetooth keyboards and mice.
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2023.05.29 21:33 cc0401 Outdoor Auto Flower

Outdoor Auto Flower
I need some help identifying what the issues with my outdoor plants are. I have a few successful indoor grows under my belt and I have been fascinated with growing as a hobby for years, so I am not a complete noob, but I’d still consider myself a novice. Especially when it comes to outdoor grows, as this is my first.
I planted a few different stains of auto flowers about 3 weeks ago, just seed to dirt, no germination. Things went fine relatively but recently my plants have started to have some discoloration and deformed leaves and I can’t find the answers to why in my own research. It seems like the new leaves coming out are bunched up and some of the new leaves are really strange looking and don’t look as healthy as I’d like.
Just as a back story, I got too ambitious and gave the plants 2 feeding with fox farm nutrients (diluted to what I believe to be appropriate, about 1/2 of what you’d normally do for a non auto flower, and appropriate for the stage in the plants life) back to back when they were about 2 weeks old and I think I got some slight nutrients burn on a few of the leaves. Since then I have just been feeding with regular water. I do live in the south where it is very humid and hot in the summer. So I have really been trying to monitor the soil moisture with a probe and letting it dry out some what before I water, but maybe not enough?
Any advice or pointers is greatly appreciated and I will try and attach photos to this post.
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2023.05.29 19:13 MiteBthrowRA Worrisome little crowd forming

Worrisome little crowd forming
Not sure what to make of these fellows. They've got little black bodies and red legs that seem to stick out in front of them as they walk. I don't think they look like fleas, bed bugs, or termites, but my guesses at insect IDs never seem to match how other people describe them. I'm in western Michigan in the middle of farm land near the lake.
There's a group of five or six live ones and about a dozen dead ones at the corner of a window, where they seem to be getting in through a crack in the plaster.
Looks like I can't do video and photos on the same post, though these guys are so small that I don't know how much help stills will be. Hoping the way they move helps identify them, happy to provide stills too once I learn how.
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2023.05.29 19:02 vhplaygroundbot (Developer needed!) Website support for a small Japanese farmed animal sanctuary

Moo Mow Garden needs help! If you're interested in taking on this job, please apply to help with your resume, website, or linkedin, your email, and a little bit about you - thanks for your activism!
## Website support for a small Japanese farmed animal sanctuary
Compensation: This is a volunteer role, please help the animals!
Description: Our homepage was build years ago by a volunteer but they left and we can not update the page. We are short of funds and we want to promote the site and add new donation methods (we only have bank transfer option now) Once the page is done, we want to be able to add some news, blog posts, and maybe photo albums, easily by volunteers or farm staff who is not expert in technology. Our farm owner is Japanese but we have a few Japanese and English speaking volunteers so Japanese language is not necessary. The contents are already there so just a new design and incrementing to the new service. Please contact me for any questions.
Thanks! Dai
Interested in this request? Please click the link below to apply to help on Playground!
Click here: Link to request
Thanks for your activism for the animals!
VH: Playground by Vegan Hacktivists
Find other requests to help animals, click here!
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2023.05.29 19:02 vhplaygroundbot (Developer needed!) Website support for a small Japanese farmed animal sanctuary

Moo Mow Garden needs help! If you're interested in taking on this job, please apply to help with your resume, website, or linkedin, your email, and a little bit about you - thanks for your activism!
## Website support for a small Japanese farmed animal sanctuary
Compensation: This is a volunteer role, please help the animals!
Description: Our homepage was build years ago by a volunteer but they left and we can not update the page. We are short of funds and we want to promote the site and add new donation methods (we only have bank transfer option now) Once the page is done, we want to be able to add some news, blog posts, and maybe photo albums, easily by volunteers or farm staff who is not expert in technology. Our farm owner is Japanese but we have a few Japanese and English speaking volunteers so Japanese language is not necessary. The contents are already there so just a new design and incrementing to the new service. Please contact me for any questions.
Thanks! Dai
Interested in this request? Please click the link below to apply to help on Playground!
Click here: Link to request
Thanks for your activism for the animals!
VH: Playground by Vegan Hacktivists
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2023.05.29 19:02 vhplaygroundbot (Developer needed!) Website support for a small Japanese farmed animal sanctuary

Moo Mow Garden needs help! If you're interested in taking on this job, please apply to help with your resume, website, or linkedin, your email, and a little bit about you - thanks for your activism!
## Website support for a small Japanese farmed animal sanctuary
Compensation: This is a volunteer role, please help the animals!
Description: Our homepage was build years ago by a volunteer but they left and we can not update the page. We are short of funds and we want to promote the site and add new donation methods (we only have bank transfer option now) Once the page is done, we want to be able to add some news, blog posts, and maybe photo albums, easily by volunteers or farm staff who is not expert in technology. Our farm owner is Japanese but we have a few Japanese and English speaking volunteers so Japanese language is not necessary. The contents are already there so just a new design and incrementing to the new service. Please contact me for any questions.
Thanks! Dai
Interested in this request? Please click the link below to apply to help on Playground!
Click here: Link to request
Thanks for your activism for the animals!
VH: Playground by Vegan Hacktivists
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2023.05.29 18:54 Same-Contract-5871 Weird wall gap

Hi everyone,
Any idea what could be causing a gap in the wall in the Arcanaeum? I've looked all over, including xedit, and can't seem to find a conflict. I've currently have ICOW and OCOW with UCOW patch (installed per instructions), as well as the great city of Winterhold, no other mods that affect the college.

Mod list (which is normally sorted with LOOT)
# This file was automatically generated by Mod Organizer.
Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp
Schlongs of Skyrim - Core.esm
Random Female Skin.esl
RASS - Visual Effects.esl
Enhanced Solitude SSE.esp
RealisticWaterTwo - Resources.esm
Phenderix Magic World.esm
Gray Fox Cowl.esm
FlowerGirls SE.esm
Resources - The Great Cities.esp
Immersive Sounds - Compendium.esp
Obsidian Weathers.esp
Immersive Wenches.esp
Gildergreen Regrown.esp
50 More Perk Points.esp
Weapons Armor Clothing & Clutter Fixes.esp
Summermyst - Enchantments of Skyrim.esp
Cosmic Spells.esp
True Storms - Obsidian Weathers - Patch .esp
SOS - Smurf Average Addon.esp
SOS - VectorPlexus Regular Addon.esp
Phenderix Magic World - Leveled Lists Add-On.esp
iNeed - Extended.esp
JKs Skyrim.esp
Deadly Shadows for JK Skyrim.esp
Relationship Dialogue Overhaul.esp
EEKs Beautiful Whiterun - JKs Whiterun - Eli's - ICAIO.esp
EEKs Beautiful Whiterun - JKs Whiterun - ICAIO.esp
EEKs Beautiful Whiterun - JKs Whiterun - Eli's.esp
Capital Windhelm Expansion - JK's Skyrim Patch.esp
The Great Cities - Minor Cities and Towns.esp
The Great City of Winterhold v4.esp
TGC Winterhold - The Great Cities patch.esp
The Great Cities of JK's Skyrim - Patch.esp
EEKs Beautiful Whiterun - JKs Whiterun.esp
Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods.esp
TGC Winterhold - JKs Skyrim patch.esp
Immersive Jewelry.esp
Cutting Room Floor.esp
AI Overhaul.esp
Skyrim Immersive Creatures Special Edition.esp
AAE Ultimate Edition.esp
Dragonborn Delayed - After Dragonslayer.esp
Dawnguard Delayed - Level 50.esp
The Great Town of Ivarstead.esp
JK's Understone Keep.esp
The Great Town of Karthwasten.esp
The Great Town of Shor's Stone.esp
Great Town of Ivarstead - JK Patch.esp
The Great Village of Kynesgrove.esp
Helgen Reborn.esp
Populated Skyrim Legendary.esp
Summermyst - WACCF Patch.esp
ES Improved.esp
JK's Whiterun's Outskirts.esp
The Great Village of Old Hroldan.esp
JK's Blue Palace.esp
DS Solitude for JK Skyrim and Legacy.esp
DS Solitude for JK Skyrim.esp
JK Whiterun Expansion Patch.esp
WZTamrielic Culture.esp
JK's The Winking Skeever.esp
JK's Temple of the Divines.esp
JK's Sky Haven Temple.esp
Immersive Encounters.esp
The Great Village of Mixwater Mill.esp
JK's Arnleif and Sons Trading Company.esp
JK's Jorrvaskr.esp
JK's Mistveil Keep.esp
JK's Haelga's Bunkhouse.esp
JK's Temple of Mara.esp
JK's Palace of the Kings.esp
T'Skyrim Riverwood.esp
Thunderchild - Epic Shout Package.esp
JK's Temple of Dibella.esp
JK's The Hag's Cure.esp
Vigilant Voiced.esp
Andromeda - Unique Standing Stones of Skyrim.esp
Forgotten Artifacts and Unique Items.esp
WACCF_Armor and Clothing Extension.esp
JK's Sinderion's Field Laboratory.esp
Training Dummies XP.esp
JKs Temple of the Divines - Enhanced Solitude Patch.esp
JKs Sky Haven Temple - JKs Skyrim Patch.esp
JK's Dragonsreach.esp
Immersive Weapons.esp
JK's Silver-Blood Inn.esp
JKs Skyrim_Holidays_Patch.esp
Stendarr Rising.esp
Ryn's Western Watchtower.esp
JK's Elgrims Elixirs.esp
Immersive Music.esp
Art Imports.esp
JK's Bee and Barb.esp
JKs Whiterun Outskirts - Capital Whiterun patch.esp
JK's The Pawned Prawn.esp
JK's New Gnisis Cornerclub.esp
ISC Immersive Armors Patch.esp
BardicLore LegacyofDragonborn Patch.esp
BardicLore USSEP Patch.esp
Wintersun - Faiths of Skyrim.esp
Immersive Weapons_WACCF_Patch.esp
JK's Riverwood Trader.esp
Rapier and Dagger.esp
Falskaar - Bug Fixes.esp
JKs Temple of Dibella - AI Overhaul patch.esp
Dirt and Blood - Dynamic Visuals.esp
JK's Radiant Raiment.esp
ZIA_Complete Pack.esp
JKs The Drunken Huntsman.esp
JK - CWE Patch.esp
JKs Skyrim_No Snow Under the Roof_Patch.esp
Guard's Armor Replacer - WACCF Balanced Patch.esp
Change in Management.esp
FAUI - Summermyst Patch.esp
Wildcat - Combat of Skyrim.esp
dD - Enhanced Blood Main.esp
ISC Enhanced Blood Patch.esp
USSEP-Immersive Weapons Patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - iNeed Extended Patch.esp
Cloaks - USSEP Patch.esp
JK's The Bannered Mare.esp
JK's White Phial.esp
LKVM Cellar and Exterior.esp
OBIS WACCF Patch.esp
Dracos Hearthfire Homes Lakeview.esp
JK's Sleeping Giant Inn.esp
JK's Angelines Aromatics.esp
JKs Skyrim - AI Overhaul Patch.esp
JK's Temple of Talos.esp
JK's Candlehearth Hall.esp
LKVM Main House.esp
JK's The Ragged Flagon.esp
TGC Winterhold - NSUTR patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - NSUTR TGCoWSSE patch.esp
College Of Winterhold - Quest Expansion.esp
ES + JK Patch.esp
Flower Girls NPC Relationships.esp
Fulcimentum - More Staves and Wands of Skyrim.esp
JK's Warmaiden's.esp
JK's Belethor's General Goods.esp
AI Overhaul - CWI Patch.esp
JK's Septimus Signus's Outpost.esp
JK's Bits and Pieces.esp
Great Village of Kynesgrove - CRF Patch.esp
Windstad Improvements.esp
JK's Arcadia's Cauldron.esp
JKs Whiterun Outskirts - Landscape Fixes for Grass Mods patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - AI Overhaul patch.esp
Stendarr Rising - NSUTR Patch.esp
Landscape For Grass Mods JK'S Skyrim.esp
LOTD - ES + JK patch.esp
The Great Cities - CFTO Patch.esp
JK's Sadris Used Wares.esp
JK Drunken Huntsman Capital whiterun expansion Patch.esp
Hunterborn - Soups and Stews.esp
JKs Angelines Aromatics - USSEP Patch.esp
JKs Angelines Aromatics - Art Imports Patch.esp
JKs Elgrims Elixirs - Rugnarok patch.esp
JKs Elgrims Elixirs - Cheesemod Patch.esp
JKs Elgrims Elixirs - CRF Patch.esp
JKs Hags Cure - Art Imports Patch.esp
JKs Hags Cure - Cheesemod Patch.esp
JKs Hags Cure - AI Overhaul Patch.esp
JKs Hags Cure - SUT Patch.esp
JKs White Phial - Rugnarok patch.esp
JKs White Phial - Zims Immersive Artifacts Patch.esp
Orlando Heljarchen Walls - Buildable Ver02b.esp
JK's Temple of Kynareth.esp
FAUI - AI Overhaul Patch.esp
Skyrim Flora Overhaul.esp
Billyro's Weapons.esp
JKs Winking Skeever - Undeath - SSewers Patch.esp
Unlimited Bookshelves - WACCF patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - 3DNPC patch.esp
Tools of Kagrenac.esp
Ars Metallica.esp
Cloaks - Dawnguard.esp
JKs Skyrim - Fishing patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - Sounds of Skyrim patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - UCoW patch.esp
CapitalWindhelmExpansion - SkyrimSewers.esp
FlowerGirls SE - Adventures.esp
Triumvirate - Mage Archetypes.esp
JKs Skyrim_Clockwork_Patch.esp
JKs New Gnisis Cornerclub - Art Imports Patch.esp
JKs New Gnisis Cornerclub - Rugnarok patch.esp
JKs Sleeping Giant Inn - Tamrielic Culture Patch.esp
Enhanced Solitude SSE USSEP Patch.esp
Whitepeak Tower.esp
BardsReborn Undeath Patch.esp
Training Dummies XP Dawnguard.esp
TGC Winterhold - NSUTR JKs Skyrim patch.esp
Great Village of Kynesgrove - 3DNPC Patch.esp
Great Village of Kynesgrove - USSEP Patch.esp
Great Town of Karthwasten - USSEP Patch.esp
Landscape For Grass Mods - The Great Cities PATCH.esp
ES Terrain Patch.esp
JKs Whiterun Outskirts - CRF Patch.esp
Sneak Tools.esp
Great Town of Ivarstead - USSEP Patch.esp
The Great Town of Ivarstead - 3DNPC Patch.esp
Landscape Fixes For Grass mods - Cutting Room Floor Locations.esp
ISC WACCF Patch.esp
Schlongs of Skyrim.esp
AK- Namira for Good Guys.esp
DGA-ArsMSE CompatPatch.esp
WACCF Ars Metallica Patch.esp
Hunterborn - Campfire Patch.esp
Hunterborn - iNeed Patch.esp
Comprehensive Sleeves Pack.esp
Great Town of Shors Stone - Cheesemod Patch.esp
Great Town of Shor's Stone - SUT Patch.esp
FAUI - All Geared Up Derivative Patch.esp
JKs Sinderions Field Laboratory - CC - Fishing patch.esp
JKs Winking Skeever - USSEP Patch.esp
JKs Winking Skeever - Fishing Patch.esp
JK Bannered Mare Capital whiterun expansion Patch 0.1.esp
JKs Bannered Mare - Tamrielic Culture patch.esp
Blue Palace Frescos.esp
WardsFunctionalitiesExtended - CuttingRoomFloor Patch.esp
Sneak Tools Vanilla Hoods.esp
Sneak Tools Vanilla Masks.esp
JKs Belethors General Goods - Tamrielic Culture patch.esp
JKs Ragged Flagon - AI Overhaul Patch.esp
JKs Ragged Flagon - SUT Patch.esp
JKs Temple of the Divines - LOTD patch.esp
JKs Candlehearth Hall - Art Imports Patch.esp
JKs Candlehearth Hall - Rugnarok patch.esp
JKs Candlehearth Hall - AI Overhaul Patch.esp
JKs Candlehearth Hall - Helgen Reborn Patch.esp
JKs Drunken Huntsman - Art Imports Patch.esp
JKs Haelgas Bunkhouse - Art Imports Patch.esp
JKs Haelgas Bunkhouse - Solitude and Temple Frescoes Patch.esp
JKs Haelgas Bunkhouse - AI Overhaul patch.esp
JKs Haelgas Bunkhouse - Animated Armory Patch.esp
JKs Haelgas Bunkhouse - Rugnarok patch.esp
JKs Radiant Raiment - USSEP Patch.esp
JKs Radiant Raiment - Immersion Patch.esp
JKs Radiant Raiment - Art Imports Patch.esp
JKs Radiant Raiment - Cloaks Patch.esp
JKs Septimus Signus Outpost - LOTD Patch.esp
JKs Temple of Dibella - Oblivion Artifact Pack Patch.esp
JKs Temple of Dibella - SUT Patch.esp
JKs Temple of Mara - Solitude and Temple Frescoes Patch.esp
JKs Temple of Mara - Rugnarok patch.esp
JKs Temple of Mara - AI Overhaul Patch.esp
JKs Temple of Mara - Oblivion Artifacts Patch.esp
JKs Temple of Mara - SUT Patch.esp
JKs Temple of Talos - Solitude and Temple Frescoes Patch.esp
JKs Temple of Talos - AI Overhaul patch.esp
JKs Temple of Talos - Cheesemod Patch.esp
JKs Temple of Talos - Art Imports Patch.esp
Fulcimentum - Arcanum Patch.esp
Gray Cowl - WACCF Patch.esp
Inn Soaps.esp
JKs Temple of Kynareth - Cheesemod Patch.esp
JKs Temple of Kynareth - Solitude and Temple Frescoes Patch.esp
JKs Temple of Kynareth - BGCollectables patch.esp
JKs Temple of Kynareth - Konahrik Accoutrements patch.esp
JKs Temple of Kynareth - Oblivion Artifacts patch.esp
JKs Temple of Kynareth - SUT patch.esp
Animated Immersive Weaps.esp
JKs Temple of Talos - USSEP patch.esp
JKs Drunken Huntsman - Immersive Wenches Patch.esp
JKs Drunken Huntsman - USSEP Patch.esp
JKs New Gnisis Cornerclub - Cheesemod Patch.esp
Falskaar - SkyTEST Patch.esp
Obsidian Weathers for Vigilant.esp
WACCF_Armor and Clothing Extension_SPID.esp
JKs Temple of Dibella - ACE Patch.esp
JKs Temple of Talos - ACE Patch.esp
JKs Temple of Talos - Cloaks of Skyrim patch.esp
JKs Temple of Talos - Oblivion Artifacts patch.esp
Wintersun - ZIA Patch.esp
AHO - Skytest Patch.esp
SurWR - Fishing.esp
FlowerGirls SE - IW Patch.esp
KS Hairdo's.esp
JKs Jorrvaskr - AI Overhaul Patch.esp
JKs Sky Haven Temple - Animated Armory Patch.esp
JKs Sky Haven Temple - LOTD Patch.esp
JKs Sky Haven Temple - IA Patch.esp
JKs Sky Haven Temple - Amulets Patch.esp
JKs Sky Haven Temple - BGCollectables Patch.esp
JKs Sky Haven Temple - SUT Patch.esp
JKs Sky Haven Temple - USSEP Patch.esp
Visible Favorited Gear.esp
SOS - VectorPlexus Muscular Addon.esp
FlowerGirls SE - Wintersun.esp
Fixed body collision.esp
OBIS SE - Immersive Weapons Patch.esp
Wildcat-Immersive Weapons Patch.esp
Mining For Mages Redux.esp
1a armors.esp
1b weapons.esp
SIC ACE Patch.esp
SIC WACCF Patch.esp
Chronomancy Spell Pack.esp
Random male body hair.esp
RDO - CRF + USSEP Patch.esp
RDO - USSEP Patch.esp
Stendarr Rising - RDO patch.esp
Gray Cowl of Nocturnal - iNeed Patch.esp
TGV Old Hroldan - Art Imports Patch.esp
3DNPC - TGV Old Hroldan patch.esp
TGV Old Hroldan - LOTD patch.esp
JKs Palace of the Kings - PCE - USSEP Patch.esp
Falskaar - iNeed Patch.esp
Immersive Encounters - High Poly AIO.esp
BRStudentofSong EnhancedSolitude Patch.esp
Dwemer Fairies.esp
Book Of Shadows.esp
SIC HB patch.esp
Gray Fox Cowl - CLLF Patch.esp
AI Overhaul - Relationship Dialogue Overhaul Patch.esp
3DNPC - AI Overhaul patch.esp
No Snow Under The Roof - CRF Patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - Art Imports patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - LOTD patch.esp
Great Village of Kynesgrove - AI Overhaul Patch.esp
Landscape For Grass Mods - Moon and Star PATCH.esp
Old Hroldan Ruins - Great Villiage Patch.esp
Great Town of Ivarstead - AI Overhaul Patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - COW Quest Expansion Patch.esp
Landscape For Grass mods - Helgen Reborn Patch.esp
CapitalWindhelmExpansion - Clockwork.esp
JKs Jorrvaskr - WACCF Patch.esp
JKs Arnleif and Sons - Art Imports Patch.esp
JKs Arnleif and Sons - Rugnarok patch.esp
JKs Arnleif and Sons - LOTD Patch.esp
JKs Arnleif and Sons - AI Overhaul Patch.esp
JKs Arnleif and Sons - Cheesemod Patch.esp
JKs Arnleif and Sons - Sounds of Skyrim patch.esp
JKs Arnleif and Sons - SUT Patch.esp
JKs Arnleif and Sons - Treasure Hunt Patch.esp
JKs Haelgas Bunkhouse - JKs Skyrim Patch.esp
JKs Silver-Blood Inn - AI Overhaul Patch.esp
JKs Silver-Blood Inn - LOTD Patch.esp
JKs Silver-Blood Inn - Art Imports Patch.esp
JKs Sleeping Giant Inn - Art Imports Patch.esp
JKs Sinderions Field Laboratory - Tamrielic Culture patch.esp
JKs Septimus Signus Outpost - BGCollectables Patch.esp
JKs Septimus Signus Outpost - SIC Patch.esp
JKs Sinderions Field Laboratory - Art Imports patch.esp
JKs Sinderions Field Laboratory - LOTD patch.esp
JKs Belethors General Goods - Rugnarok patch.esp
JKs Belethors General Goods - Art Imports Patch.esp
JKs Bits and Pieces - Rugnarok patch.esp
JKs Bits and Pieces - LOTD Patch.esp
JKs Bits and Pieces - USSEP Patch.esp
JKs Bits and Pieces - AI Overhaul Patch.esp
JKs Bits and Pieces - Cheesemod Patch.esp
JKs Pawned Prawn - Rugnarok patch.esp
JKs Pawned Prawn - Cheesemod Patch.esp
JKs Pawned Prawn - LOTD Patch.esp
JKs Riverwood Trader - Rugnarok patch.esp
JKs Riverwood Trader - BGCollectables patch.esp
JKs Sadris Used Wares - Rugnarok patch.esp
JKs Sadris Used Wares - Art Imports Patch.esp
JKs Sadris Used Wares - ACE Patch.esp
JKs Sadris Used Wares - Cheesemod Patch.esp
JKs Sadris Used Wares - LOTD Patch.esp
JKs Sadris Used Wares - SUT Patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - CFTO patch.esp
Landscape For Grass Mods -Immersive Citizens PATCH.esp
TGC Winterhold - Populated Skyrim Patch.esp
JKs New Gnisis Cornerclub - Capital Windhelm Expansion patch.esp
Great Village of Kynesgrove - Immersive Wenches Patch.esp
JKs Skyrim_RWT_Patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - Undeath Patch.esp
Great Town of Karthwasten - AI Overhaul Patch.esp
CapitalWindhelmExpansion - USSEP.esp
JKs Angelines Aromatics - Enhanced Solitude Patch.esp
JKs Angelines Aromatics - AI Overhaul Patch.esp
Great Town of Karthwasten - Cheesemod Patch.esp
Great Town of Ivarstead - LOTD - JK Patch.esp
Great Town of Ivarstead - Cheesemod Patch.esp
JKs Jorrvaskr - Skyrim Sewers Patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - Clockwork Patch.esp
Great Town of Karthwasten - 3DNPC Patch.esp
JKs Jorrvaskr - Cheesemod patch.esp
JKs Jorrvaskr - Sounds of Skyrim patch.esp
JKs Jorrvaskr - Amulets of Skyrim patch.esp
JKs Jorrvaskr - LOTD patch.esp
JKs Winking Skeever - Alternate Start Mods Patch.esp
JKs Winking Skeever - Enhanced Solitude Patch.esp
Bardic Lore Wintersun Patch.esp
ES AI Overhaul patch.esp
LOTD_TCC_Animated Armoury.esp
JKs Belethors General Goods - AI Overhaul Patch.esp
JKs Belethors General Goods - SUT Patch.esp
The Great Town of Ivarstead - Laundry Add-on.esp
Equippable Tomes.esp
JKs Sleeping Giant Inn - Cheesemod Patch.esp
JKs Sleeping Giant Inn - AI Overhaul SSE Patch.esp
JKs Sleeping Giant Inn - Populated Skyrim Legendary.esp
Great Village of Kynesgrove - SUT Patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - Laundry Patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - Wheels of Lull Patch.esp
Great Town of Ivarstead - Populated Skyrim Legendary Patch.esp
Windstad Improvements - Hearthfire Extended Patch.esp
Orlando Heljarchen Walls - Heljarchen Farm Patch.esp
AK- Boethiah Alternate.esp
Great Town of Shor's Stone - AI Overhaul Patch.esp
Great Town of Shor's Stone - USSEP Patch.esp
Great Town of Karthwasten - Immersive Wenches Patch.esp
JKs Sky Haven Temple - Training Dummies XP Patch.esp
JKs Elgrims Elixirs - Bee and Barb Patch.esp
JKs Whiterun Outskirts - Hearthfire Extended Patch.esp
My Home Is Your Home.esp
TGC Winterhold - Holidays Patch.esp
JKs Skyrim_Thunderchild_Patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - CFTO Lanterns patch.esp
Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim.esp
Apocalypse - Waterstride Spell Addon.esp
Stendarr Rising - CRF Patch.esp
JKs Temple of the Divines - Skyrim Sewers patch.esp
JKs Whiterun Outskirts - 3DNPC Patch.esp
ProjectAHO - StartWhenYouWant.esp
TGC Winterhold - CFTO Covered Carriages patch.esp
Great Village of Kynesgrove - CC - Fishing Patch.esp
Great Village of Kynesgrove - Cheesemod Patch.esp
Great Village of Kynesgrove - LOTD Patch.esp
Great Town of Ivarstead - Skyrims Unique Treasures Patch.esp
Great Town of Ivarstead - Immersive Wenches Patch.esp
Apocalypse - More Apocalypse.esp
JKs Bannered Mare - Art Imports Patch.esp
JKs Bannered Mare - Immersion Patch.esp
JKs Bee and Barb - AI Overhaul Patch.esp
JKs Bee and Barb - Art Imports Patch.esp
JKs Bee and Barb - Immersive Wenches Patch.esp
JKs Bee and Barb - Helgen Reborn Patch.esp
JKs Temple of the Divines - Cheesemod Patch.esp
JKs Temple of the Divines - Rugnarok patch.esp
JKs Temple of the Divines - USSEP Patch.esp
JKs Temple of the Divines - Oblivion Artifacts patch.esp
JKs Temple of the Divines - SUT patch.esp
Fulcimentum - Apocalypse Patch.esp
JKs Ragged Flagon - USSEP Patch.esp
JKs Winking Skeever - AI Overhaul Patch.esp
JKs Winking Skeever - Cheesemod Patch.esp
JKs Winking Skeever - Art Imports Patch.esp
JKs Winking Skeever - Immersion Patch.esp
JKs Winking Skeever - SUT patch.esp
Gray Cowl of Nocturnal - Unofficial Patch.esp
yumcheese - UCOW.esp
JKs Arcadias Cauldron - Cheesemod Patch.esp
JKs Arcadias Cauldron - USSEP Patch.esp
JKs Arcadias Cauldron - AI Overhaul Patch.esp
JKs Arcadias Cauldron - Art Imports Patch.esp
FAUI - Obscure's College of Winterhold Patch.esp
ultimate college hole fix.esp
TGC Winterhold - Cheesemod patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - Immersive Wenches Patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - SUT patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - Training Dummies XP Patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - Amulets of Skyrim patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - Animated Armoury patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - GAR patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - Cloaks of Skyrim patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - BGCollectables patch.esp
Imperious - Races of Skyrim.esp
Complete Alchemy & Cooking Overhaul.esp
Great Town of Ivarstead - CACO patch.esp
CACO_Survival Mode_Patch.esp
CACO Rare Curios Patch.esp
Stendarr Rising - LOTD CACO patch.esp
SkyTEST_ CACO_Patch.esp
JKs Sinderions Field Laboratory - CACO patch.esp
Tamrielic Culture - CACO Patch.esp
iNeed - Dangerous Diseases.esp
iNeed - Dangerous Diseases Plus.esp
CACO - iNeed DD Patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - CACO patch.esp
Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim.esp
Apocalypse - Ordinator Compatibility Patch.esp
FAUI - Ordinator Patch.esp
Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp
JKs New Gnisis Cornerclub - Alternate Start patch.esp
JKs Sinderions Field Laboratory - Alternate Start patch.esp
Alternate Start - TGV Old Hroldan patch.esp
Landscape Fixes For Grass mods - Alternate start Locations.esp
TGC Winterhold - Alternate Start patch.esp
Palaces Castles Enhanced.esp
JKs Blue Palace - PCE Patch.esp
JKs Mistveil Keep - PCE Patch.esp
JKs Palace of the Kings - PCE Patch.esp
JKs Dragonsreach - PCE Patch.esp
JKs Dragonsreach - PCE - Relationship Dialogue Overhaul Patch.esp
JKs Mistveil Keep - PCE - Art Imports Patch.esp
JKs Mistveil Keep - PCE - Immersive Wenches Patch.esp
JKs Mistveil Keep - PCE - Tamrielic Culture Patch.esp
JKs Mistveil Keep - PCE - Cheesemod Patch.esp
JKs Mistveil Keep - PCE - AI Overhaul Patch.esp
JKs Mistveil Keep - PCE - Animated Armory Patch.esp
JKs Mistveil Keep - PCE - BGCollectables Patch.esp
JKs Mistveil Keep - PCE - SUT Patch.esp
JKs Palace of the Kings - PCE - Holidays Patch.esp
JKs Palace of the Kings - PCE - GAR Patch.esp
JKs Understone Keep - PCE patch.esp
JKs Understone Keep - PCE - Guards Armor Replacer patch.esp
JKs Understone Keep - PCE - Art Imports Patch.esp
JKs Understone Keep - PCE - USSEP patch.esp
JKs Understone Keep - PCE - Amulets of Skyrim patch.esp
JKs Understone Keep - PCE - Cheesemod Patch.esp
JKs Understone Keep - PCE - Additional Hearthfire Dolls Patch.esp
JKs Understone Keep - PCE - Tamrielic Culture Patch.esp
JKs Understone Keep - PCE - AI Overhaul patch.esp
JKs Understone Keep - PCE - Immersive Wenches Patch.esp
JKs Bee and Barb - PCE Patch.esp
JKs Pawned Prawn - PCE Patch.esp
JKs Temple of Talos - PCE patch.esp
JKs Blue Palace - PCE - Enhanced Solitude - LOTD Patch.esp
JKs Blue Palace - PCE - Tamrielic Culture Patch.esp
JKs Blue Palace - PCE - Cheesemod Patch.esp
JKs Blue Palace - PCE - Art Imports Patch.esp
JKs Blue Palace - PCE - AI Overhaul Patch.esp
JKs Blue Palace - PCE - Immersive Wenches Patch.esp
JKs Blue Palace - PCE - Arcanum Patch.esp
JKs Dragonsreach - PCE - AI Overhaul.esp
JKs Dragonsreach - PCE - Art Imports Patch.esp
JKs Palace of the Kings - PCE - Skyrim Sewers Patch.esp
JKs Dragonsreach - PCE - Arcanum Patch.esp
JKs Blue Palace - PCE - Skyrim Sewers Patch.esp
JKs Blue Palace - PCE - Animated Armory Patch.esp
JKs Blue Palace - PCE - DBMCollectors Patch.esp
JKs Blue Palace - PCE - BGCollectables Patch.esp
JKs Blue Palace - PCE - SUT Patch.esp
JKs Blue Palace - PCE - WACCF ACE Patch.esp
JKs Dragonsreach - PCE - LOTD Patch.esp
JKs Dragonsreach - PCE - Cheesemod Patch.esp
JKs Dragonsreach - PCE - GAR Patch.esp
JKs Dragonsreach - PCE - Tamrielic Culture Patch.esp
JKs Dragonsreach - PCE - Animated Armory Patch.esp
JKs Dragonsreach - PCE - Konahrik Accoutrements Patch.esp
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2023.05.29 17:09 Imaginary-Zebra-3589 Complete English translation of the Aniara sequel book by Harry Martinson called Doriderna

Hi everyone! This is a complete English translation of the Aniara sequel book by Harry Martinson called Doriderna that was put together after the author died. This translation was put together using various translation programs that can be found online, so I can't guarantee that it is a perfect translation, but it's better than nothing. I will also post the original in Swedish so you can improve the translation or look up words etc. if you want. Hope you enjoy!
I would also like to let everyone know that I am also working on my own Aniara fan fiction short story that I call "The Lost Voices of Aniara". This story tells about the events aboard the Aniara from the view point of another passenger and attempts to add more details to the story. It should be ready in the next week or two.

The Dorides (Doriderna)
Remaining poems and prose pieces in selection and with preface by Tord Hall Albert Bonniers Förlag

For reasons I will not go into here, Harry Martinson did not publish any new work in the last years of his life. There is therefore a very large literary legacy, the publication of which began in the fall of 1978 with "Längs ekots stigar" (Along the paths of the echo), published by Georg Svensson. This collection contains only a few purely scientific poems - the emphasis is on nature poetry. The selection was made from unpublished material - which had nevertheless reached the proof stage - in three previous collections.
It remains to address other lines of thought in Harry Martinson's work: the ideas in Aniara, which in various forms occupied his imagination until the end. To follow the continuation of this great theme - at least in part - is what I am trying to do in this second selection from the surviving archive.

The 103 songs in Aniara were part of a larger set of poems, and the author then worked for several years on a sequel, to be called 'The Dorids', the people of the tribe of Doris. Around 1959 there were about 80 songs - most of them in more or less completed drafts. The dominant figure in the Dorids would not be Isagel or the Mimarobe, but Nobia, the Samaritan from the tundra planet and deportation site of Mars. Nobia would be a norna (fate goddess), though not a cruel goddess of fate, but a norna who weaves goodness into the fabric of the world.
But the whole project remained a large-scale endeavor. The reasons were many: illness, world events, which seemed to be moving towards a fulfillment of the prophecies in Aniara, and which gave him an increasingly dark view of life: he told me that "Aniara has become a neurosis" ... I feel like Mima being blown apart'. But the decisive reason was surely his demand for absolute freedom in his creativity. He did not want to be confined, and the result was, as he himself said, 'I have stepped out of Aniara'.
The fact that Harry Martinson stepped out of Aniara, and thus also out of the Dorides, does not at all mean that he left the motifs or ideas found there, which cover the scientific field from atoms to stars. Rather, it means that he was able to write without direct connection to the characters of Aniara and the Dorides in particular.
I have therefore considered it justified to call this entire collection the Dorides, even though the prose pieces and several poems do not have a clearly visible connection with such a title.
In order to comment briefly on the selection, I would like to say a few words about Harry Martinson's attitude towards modern science (it is my intention to return to this subject in more detail).
There are two main lines. One is deterministic, and has its roots in classical physics, founded by Newton, which dominated until the end of the 19th century. It has a philosophical form in the law of causation, which means that if you know enough facts about a certain course of events in the present and in the past, you can precisely specify the course of events in the future. Examples of such events in the 'big world' - the macrocosm - are solar and lunar eclipses.
But in the world of atoms - the microcosm - this determinism does not apply. Heisenberg demonstrated this through his uncertainty relation, also known as the indeterminacy principle. In the atoms, individual events are indeterminate, we cannot discern any causality - there is randomness. But chance can be mastered by the methods of statistics, and we must content ourselves with a "statistical causality", which describes the course of events in the atom with the highest possible degree of probability.
It is this second, indeterministic line that has long been followed by most physicists. But there is one major exception, and that is Einstein. At the 1927 meeting of physicists in Brussels, for example, he asked Bohr, Heisenberg and others with mild irony whether they really believed that God plays dice - "ob der liebe Gott würfelt". Einstein was convinced that the universe follows an ordering principle, a geometric structure, which can be called a world soul. This is a pantheistic view that is reminiscent of Spinoza.
Similar ideas are already present in Aniara, but in this selection the picture has become more sharply defined. Harry Martinson does not believe that chance plays a decisive role in the course of the world, as is clear from several poems and prose pieces. He believes more in Einstein than in dozens of other Nobel Prize winners. Apart from these authorities, he follows his intuition.
His approach to religion has often been quoted: he chooses the Riddler over the God. This belief is reflected in 'The Riddle'. In 'Poems on Light and Darkness', published in 1971, Harry Martinson, with 'The Inner Light' and 'The Bird in the Phoenix Bell', presents the events inside the atom itself. These poems show that - although 'Aniara' and 'The Dorides' are more about stars than atoms - he never lost his interest in the microcosm. In this selection, it is the atoms that are more interesting than the stars.
The bard enters the atom. He describes the course of events in a world which is completely beyond our senses and which, despite the enormous aids of science, we will probably never be able to understand exactly. The story itself probably comes from Gamow's book "Mr. Tompkins Explores the Atom". Published in Swedish translation in 1946, it is, along with "Mr. Tompkins in Wonderland" (also 1946), the versatile Gamow's best popular science books. Harry Martinson rated them highly.
The two poems 'Submerged as in a dream but still awake' and 'Actually, the comprehensibility was slight' depict a journey of thought into the atom, and the same motif recurs in several other places.
The poem "A Cosmic Thickness Lying Boundlessly Spread" poetically depicts a world development related to the hypothesis of the "stationary universe" put forward by Hoyle and others, and to Klein-Alfvén's "symmetrical cosmology". For several reasons - mainly aesthetic - Harry Martinson did not like the theory of 'the big bang', which was celebrated by most scientists. His poem should have been written quite a long time ago, and perhaps he would have changed his mind if he had been given the opportunity to understand what the "cosmic background radiation" - with a temperature of about 3 degrees above absolute zero - means for the credibility of "The big bang". It took natural scientists some time to become convinced that this radiation can best be interpreted as a fading glow after an unimaginable cosmic explosion some 18 billion years ago.
This selection also contains several pieces of prose, which in general do not need any comment. But I would like to mention a few. For "The Figuration Patterns of the Goddancer's Juggling Program", in three sections, there is a drawing by Harry Martinson, reproduced on the cover of this collection. The spread comes from Hindu philosophy: we see 'Siwa's juggling dance before Brama'. The dominant curves are so-called lemniscates, which were already known to the ancient Greeks. The lemniscate looks like an eight and is the mathematical symbol for infinity. It is defined as the trajectory of a point under the condition that the product of its distances to two given points is constant. In the center of the drawing there are several small curves. They are ellipses, and an ellipse - also first studied by the Greeks - is defined as the trajectory of a point under the condition that the sum of its distances to two given points is constant. The result is a geometric pattern, similar to a flower, which at the same time provides a poetic image of the complex interplay of forces in the atom with outward and inward energy impulses The juggler finds it increasingly difficult to work with his ball-particles as he progresses through the periodic table of the elements. In the end, he "dances the spectral theme in the dance of the Phoenix" - a symbol of the indestructibility of both energy and poetry, and a recurring motif in Martinson's poetry.
"Delsaga om tidens ariadnetråd" (Part of the saga of the Ariadne thread of time) is almost a fantasy about four-dimensional space, where you have to be careful not to get on the wrong track. The selection of prose pieces ends with "Some fairies dancing in the summer night near a quiet lake". It is a cheerful tale where the author combines a love of the Swedish summer with a love of light.

I made this selection at the direct request of Harry. He even said several times that I should have all his scientific poems and prose pieces. But I think I judged this offer correctly when I saw it as an expression of his great generosity towards his friends. I always replied that he himself should complete and select what was to be published. But in his last years he did not want to publish anything. I therefore promised to make a selection if he did not change his mind.

He did not, and this collection is the result.
Finally, I would like to thank Ingrid Martinson and Georg Svensson for the understanding and assistance they have given me in bringing this selection to fruition.

Tord Hall

The Dorides (Doriderna)
The book you hold was written in Mima's hall.
Now, on a secret wavelength, it is sent home to you, my friend, who for some years inhabits a spherical beach called the Valley of Doris.
In other words, it was written so close to your own being that nothing could be closer to you than those described here. You are one of them.

Over the graves, the indifferent wind spreads
the whisper of the immortal gods
that no loss is foreseen in the grand scheme of things.
But what do the gods - those wasteful billionaires of the heavens - know about the beautiful and wonderful Doris?
how she was worth saving forever
and that whoever loved her
can never be comforted by the gods' continued waste.
About her a bird sings now alone in the tree of the grave. Of her as she was, the glorious one, if no other, the Dorides' thrush sings.

The window was full of stars,
The Leonids' swarm of stars came, then you know the time.
Autumn was gone, its yellowing burnt.
The lookout tower, closed on the wooded mountains.
I stood as a child of a time that saw the stars detach from the roofs towards a room where novas frightened a more distant valley, I found other myths than those I was used to picking hurled at me from the space of the Leonids.
I stood in the cathedral of fear of dreams.
The great copper woman who lay there with her back soldered to the lid of the sarcophagus drove horror into me, cast my foot with lead.
That the copper woman knew who I was, I immediately sensed as a deadly weight, and that I had been summoned here by herself, by the queen of copper, of that I was certain.
In empty benches sat forgotten years, from the emptiness of the auditorium the organ pipes shone like stalactites in the vault of a cave and there was nothing, no light, no hint that gathered my crumbling courage.
For everything was fulfilled as it was written in stone once when the water abandoned the green and it was said that man will go away and become the dead slave of the dead dust.
And as I stood there gripped, filled with horror
for this judgment and epitaph
which was predetermined and rehearsed
in the mute trumpet of the seraphim of the stones,
bells fell suddenly from the towers to the earth that rocked with an ore-broken thunder, and the copper woman rose, a scream of remembrance drawn from afar to her lips as she drew me in close to her copper body in terrified death.
He woke up. There was light. It was day.
And the Samaritan Nobia sat silent, but still heard the echo of the screams his dreams had squeezed out of his fear.
She searched for words simple enough for a stranger to grasp, but not so simple as to drive away his trust, hardly won yet.
In simple action she finally found them.
And she stood up and smiled with milk
From the moors of Gondrin to the mouth of this fugitive.

It is no exaggeration to say that space gave us long winter evenings rolled into one - the one that lasts. Our leisure time finally became a grim question with ice in our eyes and a frozen flame.
It became necessary to tell stories from reality - as it can be taken. I chose to tell about King Basii, who, supported by Chefone, forcibly turned himself into a god and magician in a celestial drama.
The Goldonder King felt like God and determined to live up to the gods he built himself a city in the sky.
It was a global world city of goldonders assembled into a kind of hive heaven.
But Basil's space-city, though it contained twelve million men in his service, was not enough for him; he had another built, and the greatest city in the world was soon in space. That city was a marvel to behold: a mighty golden dome, surrounded by three bionomically serving drabants, one of which was called the Vegetable City, one the Fish Drabant, and the third the Sting.

The names reveal their role and purpose.
So Basii sits in his heavenly land. The aquarium dragon orbits faithfully and Stings follows it with fattened animals and the vegetable moon amounts to the redwood.
The golden dome was the city of retreat for all climbers and celestial rebels, for gamma was a poison to all alike and all poor and rich alike had to choose between death and escape.
So many preferred the city of Basil.
But although he rules over twelve million
inhabitants of the great city of space, he is still very rarely happy.
And although the dragons in a faithful circle
raise animals and grow fish and wheat
Basil's only pleasure is when he gets
with Vulvis, the royal slave, to bathe in Lethe.
But all the deliciously good virginity
that can be enjoyed in Basil's harem
is in its nakedness a skin of fear.
of frightened dissimulation. And his love story but a tale to be seen from the outside..,
and all his lust a forced voluptuousness.

Thus in The Night of Aniara I draw a little picture that everyone can understand from the rich treasure of reality.
And every time I make an arabesque in the hall of Mima about this space grotesque that Basil's space city can probably be said to be, I can for an hour or so make people sigh: the best is here anyway.
From Basil's false heaven we preserve. No, I'd rather travel with Aniara.
But soon the alarm goes off. The bells proclaim that the images of the fairy tale are overtaken by visions here that distress ignites.
And quickly to the halls I return.

The Goldonder's garden bubbled with glamour. A party was being held there and Chefone was there. He showed us a picture of the smith of happiness: the goldonder king Basii, a portrait jubilantly taken on the day the fifteen thousandth goldonder lay in the field ready for the wave of endlessness.
Then we were each seized by thoughtfulness and went to our own in solitude.
For in every ship of this number there was a Mima locked up in its cage.
The Rapid criminal was much loved and could operate as he pleased under the protection of the admiration he aroused. He always appeared at great speeds and abducted women whom he brought to Chefone in light blue rapid rockets.
Of course it was criminal, the people of the valley thought, but the charm was so close to the deed that the rampart was breached by sheer admiration and open worship soon followed the advice of restraint at the murder pedal.

Tucked away in a corner of our gondola, I pretend to smile at some rough fellows who spend their evenings with mockery and violence, with a devilish flutter as their sole aim.
They look at me and find me mortified,
- The clear approval is what they expect...
and I'm close to being squeezed badly
every time they jokingly glance at my grave door.
The brute is approaching, his dull face with many a foolish whim weighing on his mind.
And many a scowl missed by pigs from the worst corners of the soul he throws at me.
And when, full of fear, I strike with depleted strength in the dull face, the troll is only amused by my blow and raises his eyebrow with interest.
Then I flee between the troll's legs and out the other side of the danger of death.
How this happened can only be fully explained by the light of the gopher and the fourth tensor theory.

Here came the sober, composed and sober man who always kept his soul in trim and stuck to the dry, honest maxims of life.
Now he went into the fire with his imagination.
His cool reason was completely burned His sober composure was fried in seconds when the photo turbo in Xinombra exaggerated the cold matter.
And yet I can't help but admire the man as he made his way to the office where he had been employed for many years
and where, despite offers to flee to the tundra, he provided punch cards for thousands who broke up every day.
There died a man who never raised his voice, who always remained true to his calm tone, the martyr of calm composure who was burned when the cruel fires of excess were lit.

One is often chilled to the rock crystal by everything one hears before the ear falls like gray-white ash into the cremation hall.
And the girl from Rind who sees nothing is often heard to ask beyond the eye: how is the world of such torment visible? What is to be seen in this madness, where eeriness against eeriness is heard to answer?
Cultivating insight seemed futile
and many fell away from the faithful crowd.
and its program which was to see through
so that with the transparency of evil
as lens and instrument
try to find new signs
and new ways for the land of Gond.
Most people grew tired and withdrew from the room of the Truth Service, and Nobia sat for long periods almost alone, trying to hold on to her looms, always tormented
by the blood moisture of evil memories, the echoes of horror
surrounded her days
and made the Mara a bedfellow
who tore the fabric of the noman
and raped Nobia's dream
and the mood of life over the moors of Gondria.
It is as important to us to have friends
in the houses of distant worlds as at home by
the familiar road of the green earth.
You are reflected in endless eyes, watched by immense spectators.
They never interfere, but they watch the sewing and the mining,
the nurse and doctor on the rounds and the weapons in the shamelessly cruel wars.
Your own position under their eyes may be likened to the position you take with one whom you do not wish to grieve, but to share joy and to please.
So spoke the old astronomer, and then laid his head down to rest.
And he went smiling to the eternity that had been waiting by his side all his life.
His forehead shone with its ideas, even in the dead of death in the years of space.
He was among those who know the fairies of everything, those who get to comb Berenice's hair.

But for the longest time I still want to believe that this is the torment of an evil dream and the ship Aniara a phantom from which I will wake up in the Valley of Doris.
Perhaps everything is a nightmare and I want to wait with poison and a knife. They say there are dreams of a kind that seem as long as a man's life.
Out of the dust you were born, from its gifts you were supported.
You did not manage the gift, many a meadow you made desolate.
What is beyond this sea is called Going down deep among riddles too great to be found in a grave.
Faith can never cover more than what you see in spirit.

All the other things are too much to bear.
Do you hear the sound of the rescue team calling from an emergency station that is one of a thousand others, regardless of faith?
Now guess where the road leads and what Paradise is.
One of a thousand rescue stations scattered along the coast here.
Now I want to sing to my ear and ask it to listen to a voice that descends not to destroy the language I have collected for comfort. For the comfort of life and death, I whisper the price of sensitivity every time the sinful flow of language storms the breeze of the spirit.

One night Heba lay awake in the city of Aniara and heard the painter's joyful painting.
The skilled varnisher was varnishing the years that would one day end on a stainless steel stretcher.
And suddenly from Heba there was a shout against the smooth roof.
The skilled varnishers know their business well.
Too hard to become joy, too happy to become sorrow. The painters paint everything in Aniara's castle.

We know that we have been left out of the higher insight of the ocean of mystery and that we lack the tools to reach the depths of clarity that Mima once gave. But since Mima's death, the average of what we achieve of truth is not very high average is what is required if the choice of new paths is to be avoided.
A small number reach the values that should be the average to reach.
The others are satisfied with the flow of thought,
the rattle with which time is made to pass.
A daughter of my mother, called Tovi, was born in the night of space. Alas, dear ones, where can the crowd's demand for sensation and wonder lead us?
First came, as it should be, the blissfully sweet and indescribably pure birth, when the mimicry lay naked, uncovered and panting in the golden bed of the formula.
To her camp now came the mimicry and winged it
the naked one, as when the butterfly flies the honey chalice of its flower, in Dori's meadows. The description is not given (much to my regret) because there is always the possibility of a wave of miracles taking place in secret, to the great disappointment of many who wish to see how the mimagyne makes love, and from what angle the picture of the goddess's love life should be taken in order to really reach the audience.
Can it not be enough that Tovi gave birth to an allegorical child whom Isagel happily suckled at her breast and practiced miracles and consolation You may think so yourself, but others think otherwise.
For not even a mimagyn can defend the fruit of her womb against the human hyena who demands a clear answer on every point of what precedes it all: the prelude to sowing,
with the insides of the thighs well described in a clear image that gives the "public" a feeling that it was in the bed.

Yes, it has happened that I have sometimes asked myself (in private silence, of course) whether the smooth ice of superficiality does not have enough joy, and that the great swallows in these spaces are only terrible wakes which, compared to the agile princess and heartlessly threatening with superior power, will in the end become the cold room of beauty.
So small a strip bears, the other breaks, and all the incomparably large gapes with the same dark death which, unchanging with cold upon cold, only imitates itself.
To raise one's hand then with a light-year pound and demonstrate the fugue of eternity on terrible organs, while the girl in the icy distance dances, hardly greater to see than a fly flown away towards the light, it is to chill with the great weapon as when the superpower with the powers the element hides coldly makes its rows in the land of Gond against unsuspecting cities and, although itself dismissing all talk of sin punishment and trial, nevertheless treats the human with such terrible flame that this terrible torrent of loose gamma released by those who do not mean sin punishment nevertheless cruelly destroys both Yaal and Gena and melts down to ashes the wonder Heba
With the same fire they turned on Chebeba.

Posterity does not understand you so easily.
It judges according to the image of posterity
and counts up the time you lived in
as rows of negligence, as offenses
against the spirit of foresight, the duties of thought.
To this it adds the work of suffering
and piles up, as blind as a judge
as you were blind as a criminal, case by case.
Can those who have killed the foundations of joy and destroyed the great city of joy have the right to the joys of life?
Does Cain have the right to be happy?
Can those who strangled the joys of Xinombra and burned the valley of paradise have the right to heights of heaven other than Aniara's daily agony?
I ask but never get an answer. I have to arrange for pastimes
for the hordes of Aniara and manage its entertainment.

A wave of newly awakened hatred swept through the mountains where Nobia lived in deep mines and ghostly white lights illuminated every thread of life in the fabrics she wove.
She had sought and found the thread of life - a discovery of how healing rays are empowered by the inner council of things and fused with the heart of the atom.
And while hatred swelled around the mountains
and wounds screamed in the valley of time.
she wove day and night until the color of victory
and the skin of life rose in the hall of death.
Of her beauty little can be said. It was lost in a wave of radiation but the clear purity of the soul could be weighed; in healed wounds we saw her reflection.

Then I will throw you out of your chair. I will break your armchair view, because it is false and holds a convulsive security in a time that has slipped out of its rooms, but also the other way around: that it becomes a view without deep insight.
From this world, I shall send you happiness today to the kingdom of love, to the evil shore where the Samaritan Nobia and others spread works of love from country to country.
Figuring out the ways of evil and tracking down all the poison in the city of hate was futile, for hate stood there with heavy blocks united row by row.
Within its walls there was life and movement in the birthing centers and squares where human beings were conceived and human beings were born and human life in the human gap was destroyed. It was best to pretend that this city of self-righteous evil existed as nothing more than a devilish childhood that would mature, grow tired of itself.
We resolved to keep on sending saints there for the longest time.
from the saints' camps as long as the funds lasted
and as far as the need still aroused the heart.
This plan was tried for nine years, during which the Rind camp of saints bled to death: an act of self-sacrifice based on faith in the powers of good. But the heavy wall of hate stood just as hard, and the fatigue of leadership followed the act of hate; only too great was the throne of victory we had.
A single city consumed the power which we had thought sufficient for the transformation of the world.

On a rare occasion, the happiness of being free from desire also came.
Then the emptiness suddenly became populated by a kind of spiritualized mystery.
We walked the spirit's path of happiness along the beach, exchanging thoughts, making fortune cards.
It was evening and sunset in the sea.
Night fell, but the land of thought stood firm.
He woke up. She said: guess where.
I can't, he said. How did you get here? The same way you did: up the gravel path and then straight to the left among the cypresses. There was a dewy path the moonlight itself went there with light steps which I tried to imitate.
And when everything was past and the path was over
I managed to become a clear crystal and find you, my friend, on this path.
It is so transparently wonderful here.
We no longer exist. All that was is over.
Neither god nor devil here reaches us anymore and the end is the cruel parody of life.

Where is the plain text?
This is what I'm looking for.
The one that fits but still gives song.
After thanking God that he was a wasp and not something else, he continued between the leafy branches and stung the farmer.
Laid out by spiritual mobs, the truth becomes worse than the lie. When the mob washes the barley, it is never clean.
The rabble always wash in the dunghill from the Augean stables.

Matema's camel bells ring in the deserts of speech where the caravans of unfinished quarrels
never reach their oasis, only become more camels.
Immersed as in a dream but still awake, I found myself changed and so naked that no dream has words for what it was like when, transformed by the stone, I cut down towards the inner realms and while this was happening I became smaller, smaller and even more stripped of layers and layers of time and space as I sank further and further into the stone, deeper and deeper into things.
Who undressed me, wore me down so much that no conceivable smallness so small on this earth can be imagined unless one is long since beyond what every comprehensible thought wants to deny.
And yet I was being stripped and reduced still further in no direction.
So sunk, unceasingly sunk in
towards even more breathtaking reduction
I retained in my dream a way of seeing
and understand that I was traveling into
to the dimensions, the innermost
who with their interior work with their interior
and whose interiors compose the world.
They scare children with darkness, criminals with punishment and sinners with realms beyond death where the vengeful desire to torment has transported its arsenal of tormenting images.
But sorrow follows us every day, and joy follows us every day.
We ourselves are the sorrow, we are also the joy, everything human is rooted in humanity, and no human being can escape humanity, not her hatred and her self-degradation, nor the joy she spreads, nor the love she forms.
There is a third land that is not death and not life, but the reality that pervades all realities, and spins the very thread of the fabric from which dreams are woven. Yes, I had come to the rooms where these threads are spun. When I arrived, I stepped out and saw no longer surprised the smallest fairy, who herself was not at all surprised to welcome me to her inner land.
And although we were both unimaginably smaller than two grains of traveling dust on a suit on earth, we thought we were big here in this smallest room to which I have now come and which nevertheless encloses with its vault a separate world of realities formed.
On the contrary, I cannot describe what I saw of strange things, but that will follow when the habit of telling stories has been practiced for other habits than what life offers,
and other things than those called death.
For though beyond all I have known
this was not death
and though within all I have known
this was not life.

Actually, the comprehensibility was slight, as when multiples arranged in layers, and layered in the directions of space, make the fabric of the dream omnidirectional structural and become a fabric consisting of paths where the thread is only thought of as a path as a sign that here the shuttle has gone, but where is the thread? The thread is the path. I saw how the gnome was in a quandary as to which of two different possibilities to give clarity.
Then came formulas of such an elusive nature that the gnome was again gripped by the anxiety
which arises when the explanation is attempted but little response is felt by the pupil.
And with a look that shone as if with sorrow, he signaled a break in the dilemma. And with a formula more magical than comprehensible, we left the atom.
We expanded to other contexts and sat on a leaf next to a bee eagerly searching for honey in a meadow.

The Dance
Around the great star of the day we shall orbit the years we have been given to live, and our family for a few thousand centuries, perhaps more, perhaps less, no one knows.
But the time that we are orbiting is so small compared to that of the suns where they wander around in orbits in the galaxy our family named the Milky Way, luminous to behold.
What can our eyes see, our hearts cry out at the thought of atoms going around in the same way with waves and particles.
Some have called this the dance of the gods - it is always being danced by everything in the universe.
All indications are that among the arts of the muses
the art of dance is the first and the last,
and we are in it, dancing out
our role in the dance, it is already being danced
in other worlds separate from our time,
in other dance theaters,
yet one thing is clear
that we are dancing our turns.
Our role in it
is ours and no one else's.
Our own role in the dance art of all worlds.

Economic overview
Our earth wanders alive alone, around the sun our dear parent.
As far as the giant tubes reach no living neighbor to see.
Desolate and empty on the one who received the name of the god of war, burning hot and desolate on the one who received the name of the goddess of love.
Jupiter, planet of Zeus
ice-clad to two hundred times the height of the Himalayas.
The others are death's door.
Beyond that, light years to the next planetary village.
So each sun has only one living person, and that one is a leased farm, indefinitely and to an unreliable and dangerous race.

Here is a world of light distributed in the mystery of things.
Here is the salvaged light in the innumerable rooms of the stone.
Wands point with poles directed to their rooms inside mountains and stones, spinning mystery.
Deep in her fairy tale, she lives for the sake of the tale.
the norn who has learned to spin the yarn from the wool of the riddles.

The spirit of Ideema from space in endless lines gathered the seeds into the durable wood of the suns.
From far beyond time the hydrogen came in modest garb and built for its God the ingenious nests of the atoms.
Come, let us nurture the foundation of our life. The green sphere we have been given to live on in the universe's lottery system.
When the next lucky draw can get rid of the Milky Way's big tombola we do not know and can never reach.
But we do know one thing for sure: the next draw will not include us.

A stranger called chance shuffles the cards and deals them to the local players.
Every single poker face keeps a straight face.
There are plenty of goldfish in the tureen here.
According to the law, the silent coincidence itself is the last to raise its hand, with ice in its stomach.
Soon jaws of granite are chewing the cigar.
Where is the bundle of happiness among the starlings?
That question is answered when chance wins.
Then the shot goes off, chance's life disappears. His house of cards collapses, but soon everyone at the counter thinks it was a nice fish, that no one won, that chance herself was told by Smith and Wesson what chance was.
by Smith and Wesson what chance should do.
( translation to be continued )
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2023.05.29 17:00 _call-me-al_ [Mon, May 29 2023] TL;DR — This is what you missed in the last 24 hours on Reddit

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Belarus official: West left us no choice but to deploy nuclear arms
Comments Link
Wagner boss attacks Russia's defense minister, says his daughter and son-in-law live in luxury while thousands are sent to die in Ukraine
Comments Link
French medical bodies on Sunday called on authorities to punish researcher Didier Raoult for "the largest 'unauthorized' clinical trial ever seen" into the use of hydroxychloroquine to treat Covid-19
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Illinois to Become First State to Ban Book Bans
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Man dies after going days in Duval County jail without medication, family says
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Cleveland 19 News receives bomb threat against 5 Targets as stores face LGBTQ+ controversy
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Stem cells from the human stomach can be converted into cells that secrete insulin in response to rising blood sugar levels, offering a promising approach to treating diabetes, according to a preclinical study
Comments Link
For the first time, astronomers have detected a cyclone on the north pole of Uranus.
Comments Link
The brain’s protein-destruction machine learns new tricks at synapses, revealing a potential target for treating neurological disorders
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I discovered this planetary nebula using a $500 camera lens, now it carries my name
Comments Link
Milky Way framed by Delicate Arch in Arches National Park in Utah
Comments Link
Almost 11 years ago precisely, my crewmates and I captured and docked the very first SpaceX Dragon capsule. Here are some photos I took during the approach. More details in comments.
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Nvidia CEO Says Those Without AI Expertise Will Be Left Behind
Comments Link
Study: GPT-4 didn't really score 90th percentile on the bar exam. Implications for the future of the legal profession and AI are discussed.
Comments Link
NVIDIA creates a Minecraft AI that codes and self-improves (using ChatGPT)
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What simple mistake has ended lives?
Comments Link
What is something that young people love that you don’t understand?
Comments Link
You can permanently change the price of one item to $1. What is it?
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TIL of the Jim twins, separated at birth and reunited at 39: both had married and divorced someone named Linda, were currently married to a Betty, had sons named James Allan, had dogs named Toy, drove the same car, had jobs in security, and regularly vacationed at the same beach in Florida
Comments Link
TIL that in 67 C.E, Emperor Nero found a Boy named Sporus Who looked Like his deceased Wife, so he had him Castrated, Put in female attire, and made his entire Court play along with the act
Comments Link
TIL Stanford engineers made a folding origami microscope that costs less than $1 to make. 50,000 microscopes were shipped to 130 countries in 2014 to see what people will do with it
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Indy 500 Advertisements vs Racing [OC]
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[OC] Premier League 22/23 table by matchday.
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[OC] Some of the top revenue sources for big tech firms
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Is cooking your Love Language?
Comments Link
Rant: I always mess up the food when I’m cooking for larger groups.
Comments Link
What accidental purchase have you made that in now a regular purchase?
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[homemade] Esquites sweet corn salad (Elote derivative)
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[homemade] Lasagna
Comments Link
[I ate] Canadian Poutine
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A rare 1914 silent film called "The Oath of the Sword" was considered lost forever. A professor rescued it from a vault.
Comments Link
Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross Scoring 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem’
Comments Link
What’s a movie that you absolutely love but know will never ever get a sequel or reboot?
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How May I Help You?, Jon Silent, Ink and Acrylic, 2023
Comments Link
Eat your water, Alai Ganuza, oil painting, 2023
Comments Link
Vineyard, Olga Rodina, Oils, 2023
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Phil Hartman: 25 years after the actor's tragic death, his work still resonates
Comments Link
George Maharis Dies: ‘Route 66’ & ‘Fantasy Island’ Actor Was 94
Comments Link
A bittersweet goodbye to ‘Barry’: The cast on the dramatic turns of the hit man comedy
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Somebody went full math at a casino stairwell
Comments Link
Sandra Bullock wore “the dress” before JLo did.
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Just some finishing touches before we close in the void
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Good kid spots neighbor's dropped wallet in driveway, returns it.
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King Cobra vs. Mongoose
Comments Link
Ship Is Destroyed By Huge Wave During Coastguard Rescue
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Geological evolution of North America in the last 550 millon years
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The core of this rope is made of diapers
Comments Link
This green stop sign
Comments Link
This vehicle had an extra set of wheels that weren’t touching the ground
Comments Link


A full 360 swing
Comments Link
*Fruit and Vegetable Decomposition Timelapse *
Comments Link
Dry Squirrel Asks Human for a Drink of Water.
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Well that mall doesn’t have to mop. The floor is getting done.
Comments Link
An old Cricket Wireless was turned into a chicken restaurant in possibly the most lazy/ingenious way possible…
Comments Link
Jesus Christ!
Comments Link


What’s this?
Comments Link
Family of racoons in my yard.
Comments Link
I forgot to lock my dorm room and this cat casually opened the door, climbed into my bed and made herself at home
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2023.05.29 16:17 RiverFalls_ Explore the Natural Beauty of River Falls!

Attention nature lovers and adventure seekers! If you're looking for a hidden gem to immerse yourself in the wonders of the great outdoors, look no further than River Falls. Nestled in a picturesque valley, this charming destination is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and those seeking tranquility.
🌊 Majestic Waterfalls: Prepare to be awestruck by the breathtaking waterfalls that grace the landscape of River Falls. Witness the cascading waters, feel the mist on your skin, and let the sound of rushing water rejuvenate your spirit. It's a perfect spot for photography, meditation, or simply basking in nature's splendor.
🚶 Scenic Hiking Trails: Lace up your hiking boots and embark on an adventure through River Falls' scenic trails. Explore the lush forests, discover hidden viewpoints, and encounter stunning wildlife along the way. Whether you're a seasoned hiker or a leisurely stroller, there's a trail for every skill level.
🚣‍♂️ Thrilling Water Activities: If you're seeking some aquatic excitement, River Falls has you covered. Grab a kayak, canoe, or paddleboard and navigate the winding river, feeling the rush as you conquer gentle rapids. For fishing enthusiasts, cast your line and try your luck at catching some local treasures.
🏕️ Camping and Picnic Spots: Extend your stay in River Falls by pitching a tent at one of the picturesque campsites. Fall asleep under a blanket of stars, surrounded by the peaceful sounds of nature. Alternatively, enjoy a delightful picnic with loved ones, savoring delicious food amidst breathtaking vistas.
🎣 Fishing Paradise: Calling all fishing enthusiasts! River Falls is a paradise for anglers. Cast your line into the pristine waters, teeming with fish waiting to be caught. Whether you're an experienced angler or a novice seeking a relaxing day by the river, fishing in River Falls is an unforgettable experience.
🍽️ Local Delights: After a day of exploration, satisfy your hunger at one of River Falls' charming eateries. From quaint cafes serving freshly baked pastries to local restaurants offering farm-to-table delights, indulge in a culinary experience that showcases the region's flavors.
Visit River Falls and let nature's wonders embrace you. Discover hidden trails, witness breathtaking waterfalls, and create lasting memories amidst this captivating destination.
Share your experiences, photos, and tips on the River Falls subreddit at RiverFalls. Connect with fellow nature enthusiasts, seek recommendations, and celebrate the beauty of this enchanting place together.
🌲🏞️ #RiverFalls #NatureExploration #OutdoorAdventure #HiddenGem
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2023.05.29 14:44 kiss_krustii What's up with customers ignoring messages?

I just finished up a batch of four early-morning orders. My final one was an order for 8 bacon breakfast burritos, so I accepted the order and headed to the restaurant, where I waited 20 minutes for the order to be ready. At this point, I was late for drop-off, so I quickly made my way over to the customer's "precise" location. Of course, it's an apartment complex.
Turns out the "precise" location the customer set was on the wrong street. So after turning off the car, unloading a tinfoil-covered tray of burritos from the passenger seat, and walking up and down the street, I realized I had to load up again, start the car, and turn around.
At this point I realized the addresses on the front of the apartment complex don't really match up with the apartment number. Say the apartment number was #412. The apartment numbers only went from #401-408. I called the customer, no answer. So, I sent the customer a message saying "Hey, I can't find apartment #412, can you confirm that is your apartment number?" A few minutes later, no response.
Defeated, I parked on the correct street, unloaded the food, got on the elevator, and pressed the button for the 4th floor. I kid you not, when the doors opened, I thought I was in the backrooms. The walls, floor, and ceiling were all concrete. The end of the hallway was barely visible because the dim yellow lights couldn't make up for the fact that there were no windows.
I walked down all the hallways on that floor and still, no apartment #412. There was still no response to my message and nothing helpful in the delivery instructions, so I made the assumption that they mistyped the address. I dropped off the heavy order at room #402, sent the drop-off photo, and went on my merry way.
10 minutes later, I get a message.
"Wrong apartment."
Well, great.
"The info said #412."
Welp, you could have answered my message to clarify and we wouldn't have this issue. That would have been a very simple solution.
But now, you're going to have to find apartment #402 and get your food before they realize they have a delivery. Sucks, I guess. 🤷
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2023.05.29 13:30 superblyfeatured I read and rated every(ish) book in the BookTok section of Target so that you don't have to!

I read and rated every(ish) book in the BookTok section of Target so that you don't have to!
Just kidding, of course you want to read all the romance novels! But if you're wondering which might be better suited to your tastes, I ranked them! I also noted if they were romance or not, since a couple don’t quite fit the genre.
Some notes:

  • Let's begin with the elephant in the room - almost 20% of the books are by Colleen Hoover. This begs many questions. Does Target think Colleen Hoover books are so popular that they will fly off the shelf, leaving them with empty shelves? Did Ms. Hoover's people strike a deal with Target (or Satan) to guarantee such a spot? I'm sure we could all pick 7 books we are surprised didn't make the cut (Do Emily Henry and Target have beef?), yet there are 2 entire shelves of Hoover. At any rate, I started with the Hoover section with It Ends With Us. I don't read back covers because I hate spoilers, but I saw that this was tagged as romance and dug in. Fuck, man. I read it all in a day. I cried the whole time. I didn't sleep for more than single hour periods for 3 days after that. I read one paragraph, not even one of the more haunting ones, to my husband and he started crying. I have to acknowledge that this book kept me reading, left a huge impact on me, made me think, and was genuinely well-written. With that in mind, fuck you, Colleen, no one makes me feel my feelings and gets away with it! I did not read any more of her books. The trust is gone.
  • After the Hoover snafu, I learned to skim Amazon reviews. The word that came up over and over again for Little Life was "tragic." I just do not have space for that after what Ms. Hoover did to me. Maybe some other time.
  • Unfortunately, I don't do graphic novels. Heartstoppers hit the chopping block. I tried very briefly, but I couldn't get through the first section. It looks adorable and I hear the story is charming. It did inspire me to watch the Netflix series.
  • The above photo was taken AFTER I started this challenge, so some of the books are different. The one I used for reference had many of the books missing, so it isn’t as cute.
Ok, now for the spoiler-free countdown! Ranked from least to most favorite, starting with....
  1. Neon Gods - I don't know how ACOTAR only gets 2 of its books on this shelf, but yet we are treated to the entire Neon Gods series. I love smut, I love Hades and Persephone, this should have been a no brainer. Unfortunately, I made it about 75% through this book and didn't see any magic. This could have been fine, plenty of mythology based stories manage to still be interesting without the powers; however, for me, I didn't find anything that compelled me to read further.
Is it romance? Probably, I didn't see if there was a HEA. Do I recommend it? If you like BDSM and the mafia. People who aren’t me seem to really vibe with this one, so I’m an odd duck I guess.
  1. Gleanings - I tried reading Scythe years ago. It was the book that made me realize that I pretty much only want romance novels in my life. It was an interesting concept, but left me dry. I don't have the patience in me to read the entire Scythe series in order to get to this one. So, I technically didn’t read it, but I feel like it probably is similar to the first of the series.
Is it romance? No. Someone go back in time and make me check first. Do I recommend it? Please comment your opinion if you've read more than the first book!
  1. The Cheat Sheet - A cute read. Friends to romance, fake dating. I didn't think the author really did anything terribly interesting with the trope that I haven't seen before, but it made for a relaxing afternoon to read. I wish there had been more actual conflict in getting to the HEA, but that's my taste. I liked the relationship between the football players. It was the only book not on my Libby or on Kindle Unlimited, so maybe consider that.
Is it romance? Yes, ma'am. Do I recommend it? If you want a light, easy read.
  1. The Unhoneymooners - I don't think there was anything that was particularly memorable about this one. The characters were fine, the plot was fine. I was annoyed with how co-dependent the FMC and her sister were, but other than that, nothing really stood out.
Is it romance? Yep. Do I recommend it? If you have a complicated sister relationship, I guess.
  1. The Silent Patient - Not even a touch romantic, so it never stood much of a chance. I did enjoy the twist at the end and didn't see it coming at all. I have a hard time loving a book if I don't love the main character, so this one was tough for me. It was fairly enjoyable.
Is it romance? Almost certainly not. Do I recommend it? If you like mysteries I would give it a try.
  1. The Good Girl Complex - This is another neutral book to me. I think it advertises itself clearly as a good girl/bad boy book, and I suppose I'm not really into that kind of thing. I did like the dog.
Is it romance? Yes. Do I recommend it? If it's available on Libby or KU.
  1. I Just Haven't Met You Yet - I liked a lot of the themes of this book, but the characters didn't resonate with me. The descriptions of the area were lovely. I think this one was more on the comedy side of the romantic comedy, so maybe it's for a different audience. I do really like British humor, so I'm surprised I didn't like this more.
Is it romance? Yeah. Do I recommend it? If you want British comedy with a side of romance.
  1. Funny You Should Ask - Spoiler tags bc I have a lot of feelings. I enjoyed reading this book, I just wanted it to give me... more. The main character is a writer, which I feel like is a difficult concept to pull off since it's obviously a very common FMC profession. The idea that the FMC cared about her reputation as a writer as a consequence of her romantic actions was a concept I haven't read about before, but I'm not really sure I cared about it. I think the book got its title from the fact that, as a journalist, the FMC has to ask a lot of questions. It felt a little gimmicky to me. I just feel like there were so many elements to this story that really could have gone places, but didn't. It was also a bit redundant. The structure of the book made it so the content was a little redundant and robbed it of some much needed suspense. The author clearly has a unique voice and I hope to read something else by her that is more up my alley.
Is it romance? Sure. Do I recommend it? If it's available on Libby right now, sure.
  1. The Atlas Six - The reason the challenge took so long! The audiobook and ebook were on hold at Libby for months and months. I tried to listen on audiobook, but the vocabulary was quite sophisticated. The ebook was much more my speed. The beginning of the book was particularly suspenseful and intriguing. I loved how deeply the author explored every single character and how their powers informed them. She kept me guessing. The only reason this isn't higher is because it was a little more about magical theories and thought experiments than I care for. Call me old fashioned, but I like my magic to be a bit more razzle dazzle and a bit less philosophical.
Is it romance? No. There's more romance than Scythe for sure, but it's tangential to the plot. Do I recommend it? If you love fantasy, go for it. If you don't, this wouldn't be the fantasy book I'd start with.
  1. The Deal - When I first read this book, I thought to myself that it was a pretty run of the mill romance. I can tell you months later that I'm still thinking about how much I liked the MMC. So charming. I think there were so many layers to the themes and characters, and I enjoyed it. It felt believable and cozy. I read much of the rest of the series while I waited for the Atlas Six!
Is it romance? Totes. Do I recommend it? So lovely, of course I recommend it.
  1. Hook, Line, and Sinker - Holy shit, I loved this book. I've been noticing that others prefer the previous novel in the series, but I'm all about this one. I found the characters more relatable and the realities of meeting estranged family members more realistic. I loved that it used the first novel of the series to set up a slow burn for this couple, but condensed much of the burning quickly so that I didn't have to be in agony. The MMC was exactly my brand of steamy. The friends to lovers dynamic was satisfying. The barriers that kept the two apart were believable. The pacing was excellent. The minor characters were delightful and vivid. Chef’s kiss.
Is it romance? Most definitely. Do I recommend it? Hard.
  1. The Love Hypothesis - Pure candy. I have read this book so many times I cannot count. This is the book you read if you want a bunch of nonsense shenanigans, to grin from ear to ear, and to fall a little head over heels over an unrealistically dreamy MMC. No way was this guy single before the FMC came along. I bought the audiobook for when I have bad days.
Is it romance? At its very core. Do I recommend it? Only to those who are here for a good time. If you're opposed to silliness or tropes, not for you.
  1. Daisy Jones and the Six - I listened to this on audiobook, and I recommend doing the same. This book captivated me. I loved the storyline. The characters sounded and acted so realistically, like people I went to with high school who were cooler than me. Such an interesting concept that I've never seen before. I don't think this one qualifies as a romance, but there were plenty of romantic elements. So many times, I just thought to myself, "this is brilliant." I guess they're making (made?) a show on Amazon, so there's that, too!
Is it romance? Not technically, but there are romantic elements throughout. Do I recommend it? If you are looking for something quite different, have any interest in music or rock star life, or appreciate good story telling, yes! If you are adamant that you want a traditional novel, I still recommend you try it, honestly.
  1. The Spanish Love Deception - Travel! Silly cousins! Enemies to lovers! Ladies and gentleman, THIS is how fake dating is done! There was so much texture to the writing, so many interesting plot lines, so many times that I thought "oh, this is going to be the central plot struggle," but it was only just beginning! What phenomenal depth of characters, what a great balance of silly and sincere. See me alone in my living room, doing a standing ovation/slow clap combo.
Is it romance? To quote the Kool-Aid man, "Oh, yeah!" Do I recommend it? If you're looking for a fun book, do it!
  1. Red, White, and Royal Blue - Casey McQuisto could write a description of me tying my shoes, and it would be beautiful. I'm in love with the MMCs. I loved how much time he took just giving the characters space to grow and fall in love. The plot was great, sure, but that's not what made this book sing. The story is vivid, inspiring, and heartfelt. I cannot wait for the movie.Is it romance? Absolutely. Do I recommend it? Most ardently.
  2. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo - Oh man, this book. I encourage you to go into it without any spoilers if you can. I laughed, I cried, I raved to all of my book friends. I could wax rhapsodic about this one for ages, but the joy of the book is the journey and the big reveals along the way. I will just say that it touched me in a way that was very personal and directly led to some positive changes in my life that I don't think would have happened had I not picked up this book. This is the best book I have read in years.
Is it romance? Not technically, but there was enough romance to keep me hooked anyway. Do I recommend it? Stop reading this and go read that.
  1. A Court of Thorns and Roses - SJM has ruined books for me. I'm here, day after day, just trying to recreate the high I got when reading this series.
Is it romance? You bet your ass. Do I recommend it? If you’re reading this, you’re probably already on all of the SJM fan pages. Should I get the Graphic Audio if I already have the regular audio?

Ok, now that the Target BookTok challenge is done, time to tackle the next impossible mountain: books I’ve purchased, but never read! In the meantime, I’d love to hear your opinions on these mega popular books or recommendations about what challenge I should conquer next.
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2023.05.29 12:35 Kaiserzcg How to have fun this late on wipe!

Cant get a good fight because people are sweaty af even this late ?
Exfil camp while you do something else , this headset patch only made it easier!
Lacking on roubles and have only 9 k on stash?
Lighthouse high value farm + scavs at night! ( got arround 20 mill in 15 runs is super easy and no one contests )
What to do after this ?
Gear up , make a stupid meta gun , go kill something !
When you wana chad up remember to get comtac4s ! And go ham to go kill gluhar or someone of importance!
Cheater ? Dont worry! 1 run of lighthouse and youll get your gear back!
Tl dr : farm at night for millions of roubles and do rat tactics on super sweaty guys.
I been having fun this way since a week ago and i just cant stop playing tarkov this way , is tooo FUN!.
submitted by Kaiserzcg to EscapefromTarkov [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 11:45 mymugazine Sip, Smile, and Show off Your Quirky Side! Unleash the Magic of Personalized Mugs at My MUGazine! ☕️🎉 #MugMagic #ExpressYourStyle #QuirkyMugs

Introduction: Hey there, mug lovers and beverage connoisseurs! Are you tired of sipping from boring, run-of-the-mill mugs? Well, get ready to embark on a delightful journey that will transform your sipping experience into a vibrant expression of your true self. Say hello to personalized mugs, the wizards of the mug world! In this article, we'll unveil the enchanting benefits of personalized mugs, where you can let your individuality shine and bring a dash of magic to your daily sips. So, grab your favorite brew, put on a smile, and let's dive into the captivating world of personalized mugs! ✨☕️
  1. Sip in Style, Showcase Your Quirkiness: Who says mugs have to be mundane? With personalized mugs, you can break free from the ordinary and embrace your inner quirkiness! 🌈🤪 Let your mug become a canvas for your unique style and personality. From vibrant colors and funky patterns to hilarious quotes or even a custom illustration that captures your whimsical spirit, these mugs let you sip in style while proudly showing off your true colors. So go ahead, let your mug be an extension of your delightful quirks and put a smile on your face every time you take a sip! 😄🎨
  2. A Mug That Speaks Your Language: Have you ever wished your mug could talk? Well, personalized mugs are the closest thing to having a chatty companion during your morning coffee ritual! 💬🗣️ Add a custom message, a favorite catchphrase, or a fun-tastic quote to your mug, and let it deliver a daily dose of laughter and inspiration. Whether you're a #FunnyPerson, a #SarcasticSipper, or a #MotivationalMugMaster, your personalized mug becomes your witty sidekick, brightening your day and spreading joy to all who witness your caffeinated charm. So, let your mug be your voice and get ready for some sip-worthy banter! 😂🗯️
  3. Dare to Stand Out, Be the Mug-trendsetter: In a world of ordinary mugs, why settle for blending in when you were born to stand out? Personalized mugs are your secret weapon to become a mug-trendsetter, catching the eye of everyone around you! 👀✨ Create a mug that reflects your unique tastes and interests, be it a mug featuring your favorite animal, a beloved hobby, or even a mug that matches your outrageous fashion sense. Let the world see your mug and be mesmerized by your undeniable charm. Trust us, when it comes to standing out, your personalized mug will be the talk of the town! 🌟🌟
  4. Mug Moments That Spark Conversations: Prepare to be the life of every gathering with your personalized mug that's bound to spark conversations and laughter! 🎉😄 Imagine sipping from a mug with a clever pun, a hilarious meme, or a thought-provoking question. It's like having a portable icebreaker in your hands! Your mug becomes a catalyst for connection, a conversation starter that brings people together and creates unforgettable moments. So get ready to unleash the power of your mug and let the laughter flow! 😁💬
  5. The Perfect Mug, A Timeless Keepsake: Personalized mugs are not just ordinary drinkware; they are cherished treasures that capture precious memories. 📸💖 Whether it's a mug adorned with a memorable photo, a heartfelt message from a loved one, or a mug commemorating a special milestone, these mugs become timeless keepsakes that warm your heart with every sip. They transport you back to those unforgettable moments, creating a sense of nostalgia and joy. Let your personalized mug be a constant reminder of the love, laughter, and wonderful memories that accompany your sipping adventures. 🌈💕
Conclusion: Are you ready to add a splash of personality and magic to your daily sipping routine? Personalized mugs are the secret ingredient that will make each sip an extraordinary experience! So, unleash your quirkiness, let your mug be your voice, dare to stand out, ignite conversations, and cherish the unforgettable moments that come with personalized mugs. Get ready to embrace the #MugMagic and let your mug become the beacon of joy and self-expression in your life. Cheers to sipping, smiling, and sharing the love, one delightful personalized mug at a time! 🥳☕️✨
#mug #mugs #mymugazine #personalizedmug #personalizedmugs #gift #giftidea
Source: My MUGazine
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2023.05.29 11:07 Responsible-Ad-2758 [EU to anywhere][Sell/Swap][Perfume] BPAL, NAVA, Alkemia, Arcana, Nui Cobalt, Possets, PULP, etc.

Tracked shipping estimates are (depending on weight): EU $6, UK $7.50, US/Canada/Australia $12. 50% off tracked shipping over $60 (so $6 or less), free shipping over $120! Untracked (at your own risk) is $2 cheaper.
I'll ship within a week, usually within 2 days. Let me know if you want photos of fill levels. I have much more samples than listed, let me know if you're looking for anything specific. $12 minimum please. I'll hold for 24 hours. Open to swaps, I'll gladly take a look at your destash list!
Fill levels and notes in my destash list - I'm always adding more
Alpha Musk:
Arcana Wildcraft:
Arcana Craves:
Plus many GC imps on my destash list!
Nui Cobalt:
PULP Fragrance:
Solstice Scents:
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2023.05.29 10:56 taongchive why, brain

I just had 3 consecutive nightmares in a row tonight (it's 4am) and I just woke up in a sweat a few minutes ago from the last one. If you dont want to read about them, just skip to the last paragraph
----The first one started off with me escaping some place in the dead of night, in the middle of the woods in some mountainous terrain. I come to a road, hitchhike in a truck with some guy with a southern accent. We have this whole journey on the road, the world dark and with an unsettling atmosphere the whole time. The peak of the dream was the part where the road becomes bumpy and cracked as we are driving through a cemetary- i tell the guy "i really don't like cemeteries, they make me feel heavy" and he laughs at me and tells me im being ridiculous when suddenly the truck breaks down and we're sitting in the middle of the cemetery, in the dark. The world as suddenly silent, devoid of sound so I turn to the driver, he's become some cursed mandela catalogue type creature and im awake, a short interval between dreams.
----I slip into the next nightmare, seemingly having left off the previous one with an alternative ending- we were still driving on the road. The driver is normal when i look at him, so Im relieved. He takes me to a small farm where the road ends, and shoves me to the pig pens. "we're finally picking up that little piggy" the dreams story clicks into my head, and i get this overwhelming sense of fear. I start getting mental images of the baby pig being brutally torn open and the meat being diced and that induces some kind of breakdown for me, the graphic thoughts then coming to "life" in the dream as I watched it happen in horror. I become lucid at this point, and im turning away from the scene but I hear the squelching of blood and the pigs cries as they scoop and scrape his organs out with a loud macine. It was a gory scene, the nightmare still showed me what was happening through mental images despite me looking away and trying to change the environment. I wake up and fall back asleep
----The third one was completely different to the other two (and im guessing it mustve stemmed from that time my school account had been hacked by another student and used to send out a district-wide bomb threat that was later proven to be fake and the student was arrested after hacking 3 students to send out those email threats): I was doing my homework on the school computer and realize im hacked and having an email conversation with the hacker through my account. I responded to his emails pleading he target someone else because I was exhausted and he wouldn't gain anything from me. My email was changed by some outside source upon sending, and instead of the original message- it said something about me enthusiasticallt giving the hacker my money and "premium photos" that i assumed to be the inappropriate kind and i immediately panic- the hacker quickly responds with a email that basically agrees with what i "said" and i further panic. There was a knocking at my door when I woke up
Ive been having nightmares a lot lately, from the past few weeks, and I keep waking up with my heart hurting and chest tight I dont know what to do- could it be due to finals? (im in highschool) i definitely havent been consuming much horror content recently, either. Im still unsettled and can't go back to sleep, I think im just looking for reassurance and words of comfort right now
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2023.05.29 10:27 moshpitrocker Green Waste Disposal Updates; GSWA Update; GPA Update; GWA Update; Do Not Wait to Clean

Green Waste Disposal Updates; GSWA Update; GPA Update; GWA Update; Do Not Wait to Clean
Joint Information Center - JIC Recovery Release No. 19 May 29, 2023, 4:25 p.m. (ChST) JRR0529#19
Green Waste Disposal Updates; GSWA Update; GPA Update; GWA Update; Do Not Wait to Clean
Green Waste Disposal Updates: The Government of Guam’s green waste transition sites are open for residential green waste disposal. Each site is operational 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., 7 days a week. These sites will accept only green waste, vegetative waste, and yard trimmings. All other disaster debris including, but not limited to metallic waste, white goods, bulky household waste, household hazardous waste, and household trash will be REJECTED.
For Residents of: Sponsor Site Location Hagåtña GPA Agana Pool Area Agana Heights Mayor Old Skate Park Hågat Mayor Mayor's Office Assan-Ma’ina Mayor Old Baseball field Barrigada Mayor Mayor’s Office Dededo Mayor West Santa Monica Ponding Basin & Astumbo Park Humåtak Mayor Mayor’s Office Inalåhan Mayor Baseball Field New Malesso’ DPW GWA Water Tank Area by Baseball Field Mangilao Mayor BIll Muna Baseball field parking lot Mongmong-Toto-Maite Mayor Next to Toto Baseball Field Chalan Pago-Ordot Mayor Public Easement across Mayor’s Office Piti DPW/Mayor Across Church Sinajana Mayor Baseball field Talo'fo'fo Mayor DYA Cottage Home on Vicente Castro Street Tamuning-Tumon-Harmon Mayor Ypao Point – Right side behind Archbishop Circle Yigo Mayor U.O.G. Northern Farm, Wusstig Road Yigo Yona Mayor Baseball field on Jose B. Sudo Street
GSWA Service Update: The Guam Solid Waste Authority (GSWA) will be providing free trash collection services to all residents, including those who are not registered customers of GSWA.
GSWA urges the community to take not of the following important information regarding trash collection services and other updates related to GSWA operations and typhoon recovery efforts which will be in effect for the next two weeks:
Curbside Trash Collection for All Residents: Curbside collections will run from 3 a.m. to 7 p.m. GSWA will collect trash from all residents, including homes not registered with GSWA for free and for the next two weeks Residents who do not have GSWA issued trash carts must ensure that all trash is bagged and/or placed in a personal trash container and placed curbside for collection Customers who have GSWA issued recycle carts may use them for excess trash Unfinished collection routes will continue to the next day to ensure all scheduled areas are serviced Construction debris and green waste, including leaves, branches, trees, and plants will not be collected
Temporary Suspension of Curbside Recycle and Bulky Waste Collection: Curbside recycle collection and bulky waste collection services are suspended until further notice Customers who have current bulky waste appointments will be contacted for rescheduling once bulky waste collections resume Bulky waste items such as appliances and furniture will be accepted free of charge at the residential transfer stations located in Harmon, Hågat, and Malojloj
Residential Transfer Stations (Harmon, Hågat, and Malojloj): Free of charge for residential use for disposal of trash and bulky waste. Household appliances and furniture will be accepted. Open 7 days a week from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Replacement Trash Carts: Customers may obtain a replacement cart by visiting the GSWA Customer Service office A replacement fee of $74.75 must be paid prior to the reissuance of a cart. Cash or check payments accepted at the GSWA main office
Due to the increase in waste volume and several roads still blocked by typhoon debris, some delays may occur. Collection routes will also be coordinated with the Department of Public Works and the Guam Power Authority as those agencies are conducting work along roads and to avoid any conflicts or disruptions during the recovery process.
Please visit the GSWA website for further updates and announcements or contact GSWA Customer Service by phone at 671-646-3111 or email [email protected].
GPA Update: The Guam Power Authority (GPA) continues its restoration and post-typhoon recovery efforts. As of 4 p.m., GPA reports:
21% of the System Load (Customer Demand) has been restored. 76.9% of GPA’s Substation Energization has been restored. 47.6% of GPA’s feeders/ circuits have been energized/restored.
GPA notes that feeders and circuits may be energized only if GPA’s substation is energized and that system load will increase once feeders and circuits are energized.
Customers can contact GPA’s 24-Hour Trouble Dispatch at 671-475-1472/3/4 or via direct message on GPA’s Facebook page at Guam Power Authority.
GWA Update: As of 2 p.m., the Guam Waterworks Authority (GWA) provided the following update on water restoration progress:
Northern Region: Currently 50% of operable wells are on-line GWA continues to operate all available wells to increase reservoir levels throughout the northern system Tumon and Tamuning have water, but low pressures persist causing outages in some areas until reservoir levels can be increased Central Region: Connection to Navy-supplied sources at Santa Rita-Sumai and Nimitz Hill has been restored With the exception of Finile and Santa Ana areas, service was restored to Santa Rita-Sumai and Hågat The Navy has increased flows in Santa Rita-Sumai and in Piti to assist with recovery Talo’fo’fo main village has been restored, with minor outages being reported as crews are assessing for any line breaks Service on Cross-island road area restored up to Our Lady of Peace Southern Region: Southern water system will operate at reduced capacity until damaged control equipment at the Ugum Surface Water Treatment Plant is resolved Water services were restored from Ipan to Malesso’ Main break repairs completed in Inalåhan Restoration of Humåtak is ongoing
GWA has deployed nine (9) 6,000 gallon Flexible Potable Water Tanks in: Santa Teresita, Mangilao Mongmong-Toto-Maite Mayor’s Office Dededo Mayor’s Office St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Inalåhan Malesso’ Pier Hågat Mayor's Office Chalan Palauan, Dededo Sinifa, Santa Rita Mount Santa Rosa, Yigo
Additional tank deployments pending for other sites once additional containers and chassis are made available. Once the tanks are depleted, they will be refilled and returned to service at locations still without water.
The water tanks listed above are accessible 24 hours a day/7 days a week at this time. Once the tanks are depleted, it will be refilled and returned to service at locations still without water. Residents island-wide who have water service are advised to conserve and limit use for cleaning, bathing, and cooking in order to conserve water to allow reservoir levels to increase.
A precautionary boil-water notice remains in effect. Boiled or bottled water should be used for drinking, making ice, brushing teeth, washing dishes, and food preparation until further notice. Residents island-wide who have water service are being asked to limit use for cleaning, bathing and cooking in order to conserve water to allow reservoir levels to increase. For information, contact GWA’s 24/7 phone line at (671) 646-4211 or Guam Waterworks Authority.
Do Not Wait to Clean: The Joint Information Center reminds the community it is always a good preparedness practice to document any photos and videos of your property before and after a disaster strikes. After photos are taken, immediately begin cleaning and making repairs to their homes to make them safe and livable again. Do not wait for public officials to come to your home.
Visit the following links for the latest advisory information: GHS/OCD Website: GHS/OCD Facebook: JRM Facebook:
For more information, contact the Joint Information Center at (671) 478-0208/09/10.
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