Enterprise truck rental pineville

Fraud check (?) Car rental

2023.06.03 15:54 AdFew7230 Fraud check (?) Car rental

Just picked up a rental at Enterprise Car Rental in Ottawa for work. Normally I rent in Montreal but I recently moved to Ottawa so it's a new rental location. Anyway, the rep asked a lot of questions this time... Things like my work title, location, length of work, supervisor contact. Then three personal references (?) Thing is they have my loyalty number, I should be in the system as having rented plenty of times with them. I may be paranoid but it gave me a bad vibe with regards to fraud. They also had a camera right above where I entered the pin on my credit card. I just wonder has anyone been through a rental where it was that "involved"? I never have been so grilled for a car rental with enterprise and I rent with them almost monthly.
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2023.06.03 15:54 TwiggyBadger Searching for a lost diploma

Hey guys this is a long shot. I am looking for a diploma from William & Mary for Paul Johnson that was accidentally left in a rental car through enterprise at the airport. It was a seven passenger silver Cadillac with Georgia plates. Appreciate any possible help!
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2023.06.03 11:49 SignificantMammoth42 Will I be able to find a job?

TL;DR: I'm studying for a bachelor's degree in IT (Irish NFQ level 7). I am aiming for employment through the critical skills permit. Is this likely without an honours degree (NFQ 8)? How valuable is a 3 year bachelor's degree in IT?
I'm South African, studying Information Science (which includes web dev, information systems, programming). It's a 3 year bachelor's degree. I checked QQI and see that South African bachelor's degrees are equivalent to an Irish NFQ Level 7.
My line of work is covered by the critical skills permit (occupation code 213) which if I'm not mistaken, I would need a contract of employment that pays at least €32,000 annually.
My question is, how much is an NFQ level 7 qualification worth in the Irish job market? How much more worth my while is it to study further for an honours degree (NFQ level 8)? I don't mind "starting at the bottom", which I fully expect to, but will be manageable with €32K and my to-be wife working as well.
It's worth noting that I'll only be qualified by the start of 2025, and 2026 if I do my honours. I asked on a different sub and someone said Bachelor's degrees aren't even recognised in Europe, which prompted me to ask here.
My final note is that I have relatives as well as family-friends in Ireland that would be happy to take me in for the time it takes me to find a rental, I kindly ask that responses aren't focused on this topic. I am aware of the housing crisis, but that isn't the point of the post. Other than that, I'm fortunate enough to be moving with roughly €10K in my pocket.
I'd be incredibly grateful for any responses. Thank you so much in advance.
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2023.06.03 08:27 understando Accident

Well. Accident happened.
Was driving on a Houston highway. Truck with a landscaping trailer veered into my lane and hit my driver side back area. Long version short the guy came to me on the shoulder of the highway saying it was his fault. He literally said, “I’m so sorry, I have insurance, it’s not a problem. You’ll be covered.”
Told him fine. No worries. I’m ok. Will call the police and we can make a statement then.
Well. He changed his statement. When I spoke to the police they said my insurance will easily find him at fault due to how the damage looks. I asked them to write in the report. They said they didn’t need to. I asked multiple times. They stated they didn’t want to take a side but felt it was clear his trailer came to my lane and damaged my car.
Got my car towed to Tesla collision, but the truck drops me at Tesla Service (2.5 miles away from Collision). Turns out that Tesla collision is different than Tesla Service. This matters later.
Have spoke with my insurance multiple times. Finally they told me that if the police didn’t assign fault at the scene it was a he said she said and I’d be responsible. I told them the police stated it was clear w/the damage to my car that there is no way I could have caused the wreck. My back wheel didn’t impact them without my front starting a swerve.
Anyway. My last insurance person I spoke with had a deep southern accent and told me sometimes life just isn’t fair. Unfortunately I will likely pay for my claim and be responsible.
I told her this was not acceptable and I expect State Farm to fight for me given all the reasons above. She basically told me they will not.
I looked at my coverage tonight. My agent I signed up with apparently only covered me for 50k. My purchase price was near 70. My loan is now 49. And I put 24k down.
So. If this is my fault. I will loose my entire down payment. Even though I have gap coverage with my loan. I trusted my insurance agent and will end up out 24k because of that. And. Unfortunately, I will not be able to afford another Model Y at this time.
All the tint/ PPF/ ceramic is just a loss.
I’m so angry. I miss my car.
Oh. Also. Tesla can’t even look at my car til July 15th. So, I will exhaust all my rental coverage before they even can see my car. Just more out of pocket.
Finally. The tow truck driver left my car at Tesla Service off Hempstead Highway in Houston. Tesla Collision is less than 3 miles away. I told Tesla my car was not drivable and unfortunately the tow driver dropped me at the wrong spot. Tesla service refused to get my car towed. Same at Tesla collision. So. I am $150 out of pocket for a 3 mile tow from one Tesla center to another. This is absolutely ridiculous. They even sent me a threatening message in app that they would impound my car as they refused to get it towed.
All and all I had a terrible experience with State Farm and Tesla. I don’t think I’ll be able to replace my car with another model y. And that really sucks.
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2023.06.03 07:53 ISurvivedThisAttempt I just barely escaped killing myself today after I escaped the inpatient facility

I went in thinking 3-5 days to address suicidal thoughts. They ended up keeping me for 13 days, it drove me absolutely mad. I had to sign an AMA to force my way out, but my partners didn't want to pick me up because they knew I still wanted to do it. I called upon a gentleman I had met inside (I started up conversation cause he was reading Locke Lemora, he turned out to love all the right books and video games ❤️). That quality ass dude picked my sorry butt up and drove me down to a car rental. Hero. He even waited for me while I got the car sorted, kept my teddy bear safe. Love him for real.
The only vehicle they had at the rental was a fucking huge ass truck. Giant, white 4 door. I stumbled my way through her questions, knowing I intended the truck to be a one way deliverance to my End. The woman behind the desk was small, blonde, and seemed happy. She was apologetic that she had to give me a giant ass truck. She smiled and brushed over my stumbling mistakes. Accepted my muddled explanation with grace. 10/10, excellent service. She even complemented my bear.
My first destination was a panicked dash to collect my method. I won't tell you what my method is, so as to not give you ideas. I nearly didn't make it before they closed, but I got it. Then it's accessories. Then lots of weed. Then juice. Then vodka. Then notebook, sharpies, sharpie pens. At last I treated myself to my favorite, Massaman curry. Then I drove to a motel. Checked in. Dragged everything up in two trips. Oh and before we leave the car portion of the story let me remind you that I navigated all those streets and parking lots in a fucking huge ass truck.
Anyway, now we're in the room. I set up my pillow and bear on one bed. My method on the other. I arrange the weed, food, alcohol, and juice.
I want to do it. I had driven the whole way thinking how badly I wanted to do it. Sure I planned to have a couple of fun days, but i definitely planned to do it.
And why even do that then. Why bother living a few more days? Fuck it. Fuck life. What the fuck am I living for
Wait, one second. We ate 200mg of weed. And we're sipping fruit juice and vodka. Maybe if we can make it until they hit, it'll feel good.
I'm a crazy person, so I end up documenting my life and day on the walls if the motel bathroom in sharpie. It actually helped a lot. I figured it out. I need freedom. I choose life.
It's hard, the thought is still there. The wolf only has to get lucky once.
But I'm fighting.
Thanks in huge part to my good, good Ace love that I also met inside.
But even bigger to my dear beloved, my dear sweet beloved. Pineapple 🍍 B the only thing that kept me alive inside.
She was there for me. I was attracted to her immediately. Her intelligence. Her gorgeous hair. Her fucking slamming body. We played grab ass. Not enough to get in trouble with the wardens. But clearly thirsty. One time I ducked into her room as she washed her hands in the bathroom. I pushed aside the curtains, her shocked, excited eyes in the mirror.
"You're going to get in trouble" her eyebrows twitch upward as she turned to me, daring me to make real what the moment promised.
"I know," I tried on my best smirk and slunk closer. "Just once?" I begged with my eyes, leaned in
Her hand around my neck
Her lips soft on mine
A flick of a tongue
"Get out of there"
You slap my ass, I smile as I scoot.
B, that kiss made me think life could be worth living.
I fell in love with you right then.
And tonight you did me the honor of playing virtual grabass, admitting to fantasies. We go back and forth admitting to longings for one another. And in the end you reassured me how real and true our love is.
You saved me B.
And you're really fucking hot. Those curves. Tattoos. Your hair.
When you braided it. Mmmm.
You're also fucking brilliant, but you let people hurt you when you've decided to love them. I do the same thing.
I want to protect you.
So I'm here.
I'm this bed. Typing this account.
Choosing to live.
For her. And Her. And Him. And Him.
And my mom and sister and bestie.
And to my main line of defense. Piller and the Hero Caramel.
You're doing your best for them, Me.
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2023.06.03 06:12 fastbabu Rent 6 people car over the weekend?

We need a rental car to host 6 people over the weekend, but Enterprise is not open Sunday or Monday, so we will have to rent it for two extra days. Any other rental options in Gig Harbor? Thanks!
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2023.06.03 06:04 LifetimeShred How much would you expect an RIT with a minor damage in the carfax to sell for?

My R1T has been at the Rivian certified body shop for awhile now undergoing a repair for a dent in the rear passenger quarter panel. This repair total is coming in at around $15k. Should be done in about 3-4 weeks, hopefully. I have been without my truck for 3 months now. I will say Rivian recently hooked me up with a loaner R1T which was super nice of them!! Getting back in the R1T from my string of rental vehicles has been great. That said, having it absent for 3 months has also had me wondering if I want to keep it when I get it back. It is a 2022 R1T El Cap Adventure w/ 21s. Spare wheel, power tonneau, rubber mats, and crossbars. Has 9k miles on it. If I do sell, I have no idea what I would list it for. What do you all think? Should look great once the body shop is done with it, but that doesn't fix the carfax history. Of note, carfax currently doesn't say anything but I assume it will once repair is complete. Not sure what "grade" the accident will be listed on there as.
TLDR: What would you list an R1T for with an incident on the carfax report?
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2023.06.03 03:41 Pundemic_crisis Running an event in Latvia. HELP!

I have to run an event in two weeks in Latvia and I'm desperately trying to source materials and a vehicle.
Does anyone here know of a truck rental company that I can rent an automatic cargo truck from?
I'm also trying to find truss systems , stage elements and lighting
Any information would be seriously appreciated 🙏.
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2023.06.03 02:19 superjetale Car hit me to make me stop in Dominican Republic

I avoided it, but Id like to share my experience so people is alert. This happened to me on Tuesday in Dominican Republic. I landed in Santo Domingo, got my car rental, loaded my sport gear (kite surfing), 2 laptops (Im work while I travel) and I started to drive cross country to my hotel, 4 hours drive, by myself.
After 30 min driving, im in a quite main freeway, one lane each direction.
Suddenly I have a slow truck, 2 cars behind and me. 5 minutes passed by we are all driving behind the slow truck and suddenly I see on my left mirror a car bumper to bumper with me, like he is anxious to pass me, the other cars and the truck.
A couple of minutes after that he starts trying to pass us all. Im a very defensive driver so when I see that, I just unpress the gas pedal so he is more comfortable doing so.
Luckily im keeping an eye on him as he is passing and suddenly he turns my direction to cut me. In that maneouver y turn right to avoid him and he only hit my mirror.
I swear that if im not ready to avoid it, he would hit my car. There was absolutely no reason for him to do that, there was not a car on the other direction that would put him in that situation. He starts to slow down and stops in the road shoulder expecting me to do the same, I guess.
I had all my car loaded with valuables, no way I was going to stop in the middle of nowhere. So I keep driving.
After 5 minutes I see the car in my mirror again.
They pass me, and while doing so the passenger with a pink paper out of the window is making signals for me to stop.
Now they are in front of me, slow down and got to the road shoulder again.
Again I think this is so unsafe for me to stop so I keeep going While passing them, the driver is doing hand signals for me to stop.
Again I keep driving.
After this Im starting to panic because I don't know how long are these guys gonna be harassing me in the road.
Now, Im thinking what to do next time I see them in case they get more aggressive. 5 minutes go by and I see a toll road stop. (Pay station) I have 4 vehicles in line in front of me paying, and these guys never showed up.
That's when I could confirm they were trying to scam me. They had to do a U turn to not be able to show up there in that time, and most likely they were operating in the free section of the road. I don't know if they were gonna rob me at gun point, but at least intimidating me to make me believe it was my fault and give them some money for the repairs.
English is not my first language sorry about my grammar.
Tldr: car minor crash to make me stop
Edit1: paragraph spacing
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2023.06.03 02:10 cm_fanelli How should I approach my current company to tell them I’m quitting to work for one of their customers?

I work in the diesel industry. I run a local branch of a nation-wide semi-truck rental company.(Penske/Ryder) One of the customers I work with is getting a promotion. I mentioned to him to let me know when his position would be posted and I’d love to apply. He was really excited that I was interested and basically talked me into coming on board. My only problem is that the position I would be doing would put me working directly with my former company, and the position I would be leaving. Do you think my current employer will take issue with the move? This is one of their largest customer accounts.
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2023.06.03 00:57 Beekatiebee Worth moving for moderate tax savings?

Basically title.
I currently live in Oregon, with income tax but no sales tax. The city is on the state line with Washington, that has sales tax but no income tax.
My job (trucking) is based in Oregon, but operates in Washington, California, and Idaho. It's one of the very few jobs that would qualify to be exempt from Oregon income taxes (even as a Washington resident working for an Oregon employer) due to my schedule taking me out of state on a weekly basis.
I make approximately $85,000/year. I will likely make more, thats the low end. If I moved across the state line, I would save roughly $450-$500 per month in taxes.
However, this would require adding a decent commute. My current commute is 5 minutes, and comes out to about 7 miles a day. Moving would increase that to 20 minutes and 15 miles, at the least. Short commute is residential streets, long commute is highways.
My car is not the lowest maintenance, nor the most efficient. It is a 2016 Audi TT.
Additionally, the price floor for rental units is $100-$200/mo higher than the Oregon side. Washington also is less renter friendly, and most units have a stack of additional nonrefundable fees.
I admit I'm not the most life experienced nor financially savvy. I wanted to see if there was anything I was missing? Has anyone made a similar move, and was it worth the extra few hundred a month?
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2023.06.03 00:11 Agreeable-Shift-6090 Dropped my 4Runner off at shop - picked up lift was gone?

I have a 2015 with a toytec lift. I got in a minor car accident and dropped it off for work to be done. I got a new front bumper, an alignment, replaced lower arm controls and essentrics. When I picked up my truck, as soon as I got in, I knew it was shorter. I thought maybe I had just gotten used to my rental vehicle which was a Tahoe being so large that my 4Runner felt smaller? But a few weeks later and after looking at pictures, it’s definitely less lifted in the front. What could have happened during repairs to cause this? Anything to do with the control arms being replaced? Did they screw up my lift? Thanks for any info anyone is willing to share.
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2023.06.03 00:09 gimlithepirate What Car Rental Companies allow driving on F Roads?

See title. I had a rental with Enterprise, but they consider F-Roads off roading because they are unpaved, and do not permit their vehicles on them.
What companies still allow it, particularly ones at the airport? So far I've found RAS, but most of the others I've found are off airport.
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2023.06.02 23:46 Krissyd215 Best way for someone else to pay for my truck rental?

Hi. I have a reservation under my name for a 10" truck for a one-way move. My issue is that I do not have a debit/ credit card (only prepaid) and I'm trying to avoid a deposit since money is EXTREMELY limited. If someone was to buy a gift certificate, would I still need to present a card? Another option that I have is to use a family members debit card (I would give them the money to deposit into their account). Is she able to pay for me if she's present when picking up the rental or should I just make a new reservation under her name? Calls to customer service only confused me more lol. Thank you!
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2023.06.02 22:53 larfingboy Are there any Service Ontario branches open Downtown area on Saturdays

Car was broken into, they got a few credit cards and my license and health card, I thought they were well hidden, I was wrong. They ended up spending 69$ at my local A&W before I blocked them seconds before they were about to buy two cases of beer.
I booked a truck rental weeks ago for noon tomorrow, and Im sure they will not let me rent without an up to date drivers Lic.
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2023.06.02 21:42 PickleBurp13 Bad day

Bad day
Semi backed into my husband and the trucking company won't provide a rental. It's been a nightmare so far.
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2023.06.02 21:18 kylethenerd First-time Full-time RVer Question - Creating office space

Hi folks!
First, I want to give a huge shout out to the community for putting together FAQ resources that have already answered a ton of questions that we didn't even know we had. My partner and I are considering taking the plunge into full RV living after we sell our current home. We've done some rentals and have really enjoyed the lifestyle.
Both of us work remotely full-time and ideally, we both could have a work area separate from each other to avoid noise during work-hours but recognize it might not be possible. We are 90% sure that we'll be looking at a motorhome vs. a trailer because we will be travelling with two big dogs, and I can't find any truck hauler configuration that looks like they would be comfortable for a long trip.
Are there brands that have a lot of focus on class A models with office space instead of storage/bunk space? We're concerned about a major DIY project after a first-time buy, so hoping to keep it simple (like turning the passenger pilot seat into a workspace).
Alternatively, we've been assuming we're going to be hauling another vehicle to travel locally, but maybe we shouldn't? A toy hauler would have plenty of space to turn into an office, but the length of toy hauler + hauled vehicle is intimidating. Perhaps we should look into pros/cons of hauling another vehicle for local movement compared to ubetaxi/rental. We're not huge adventurers, so I'm not sure if we'll really be travelling far from "home".
Full-time RVers looking for office workspace. Are there motorhome brands that excel at the mobile-office style of living? Toy haulers have potential, but that's a super long vehicle if we're hauling a trailing vic - maybe we don't need it?
Would love your opinions and comments that raise questions we haven't even thought of.
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2023.06.02 21:04 Rich_Extreme4794 Roast my resume: Senior with no internships looking to get into PM, WM, ER or trading.

Just sat for the CFA lvl 1 exam and hopefully I can update my resume with positive results when they become available. Other than that I struggled to find an internship last semester as I only got offers from NWM and NNN capital (aka NWM 2.0).
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2023.06.02 19:21 No_Competition4897 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in WV Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
United States Secret Service Criminal Investigator Charleston
Jarrell Family Dentistry Dental Hygenist Beckley
Stellantis Financial Services US Dealer Relationship Manager (DRM) Charleston
Pierpont Community & Techical College Maintenance Specialist Fairmont
Grafton Housing Authority Administrative Assistant Grafton
Copart Tow Truck 2-Car Driver Hurricane
RTI International Field Interviewer - NSDUH Lewisburg
Pseg Fleet Advisory Services Lead Mellville
Sofie QC Production Associate I (Chemist) Morgantown
Sofie Exception Management Specialist Morgantown
Mountaineer Casino Supervisor-gatsby New Cumberland
Rockwool Industrial Electrician Ranson
A.E. Sweeney Masonry Experienced Bricklayers Needed Ridgeley
Progressive Therapy Physical Therapy Aide Romney
Wytheville Community College Academic Advisor Wytheville
Alcon Sr. Human Resource Business Partner Huntington
Abercrombie and Fitch Co. Hollister Co. - Stock Associate, Huntington Barboursville
American Eagle Outfitters Inc. Aerie - Stock Associate - Early Morning (Off-Hours) - US Barboursville
Big Lots Retail Store Associates and Stockers - 246 Bridgeport
ACNR, Inc. Warehouse Clerk Cameron
Ferguson Enterprises, LLC Warehouse Associate 1st Shift Charleston
Letter Ride LLC Warehouse - Charleston, WV Dunbar
Big Lots Retail Store Associates and Stockers - 458 Elkins
Genuine Parts Company Warehouse Driver Fairmont
Genuine Parts Warehouse Driver Fairmont
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings , feel free to comment here if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.02 19:11 Own_Journalist3606 Pmp application rejected for the second time...

My wife applied for pmp and got rejected the first time. When she told me that and explained to me that she will surely be audited for next application, I rewrote her experience description since so that it matches PMI standards and the recommendations yhey sent her in the email. The application got rejected a second time for some other bullshit reasons...
Note that I am pmp certified and I made sure I followed the same pattern of description that I used for me (I learned it from andrew ramdayal)
What should we do? Is it possible to create a new account with an other email adress so we ant be audited? Or should we just continue applying with other descriptions..??
Here is the descriptions of the 3 projects : Project 1 : sodexo As an IT Project Manager at SODEXO Tunisia and Morocco, I successfully led the implementation of the Multi Wallets Card project, utilizing the Scrum framework. The Multi Wallets Card project, which was specifically designed for the e-banking sector, aimed to revolutionize payment services for beneficiaries. Through the MySodexo mobile application, we provided a user-friendly and secure platform that offered simplified and convenient payment options. Beneficiaries gained a comprehensive view of their various accounts, thanks to a robust wallet management system integrated into the application. Responsibilities: In my role as the Scrum Master, I assumed a variety of responsibilities, ensuring the smooth execution and delivery of the project: ● I facilitated key Scrum ceremonies to maintain an efficient and collaborative work environment. During Sprint Planning sessions, the sales, business, and development teams collaboratively determined the user stories and set priorities. Daily Stand-ups allowed team members to share progress, discuss challenges, and align efforts. Sprint Reviews provided stakeholders, including customers and affiliates, with the opportunity to provide feedback and validate deliverables. Retrospectives allowed the team to reflect on their performance and identify areas for continuous improvement. ● As the servant leader of the team, I actively supported the sales, business, and development teams in their respective roles. I fostered a culture of trust, transparency, and open communication, ensuring that everyone had a voice and felt empowered to contribute. By facilitating effective collaboration and addressing any impediments, I created an environment conducive to high-performance and innovation. ● I played a vital role in backlog management and refinement. Working closely with the product owners, I ensured that user stories were well-defined, properly prioritized, and aligned with the project's objectives. This enabled the development team to focus on delivering value in each sprint, resulting in incremental progress and customer satisfaction. ● Throughout the project, I closely monitored the progress and performance of the team. By utilizing project management tools and techniques, such as Kanban boards and agile project management software, I ensured visibility
into the project's status, milestones, and upcoming deliverables. This enabled stakeholders to stay informed and provided a basis for effective decision-making. ● I championed continuous improvement within the team. By conducting retrospectives, we identified areas of improvement and implemented iterative changes to optimize our processes, enhance collaboration, and deliver higher quality results. This commitment to ongoing learning and adaptability allowed us to respond effectively to changing requirements and market demands. Achievements: ● The Multi Wallets Card project successfully transformed the e-banking experience for beneficiaries. The implementation of simplified payment services through the MySodexo mobile application provided a seamless and secure way for users to manage their accounts, make transactions, and gain real-time insights into their financial activities. ● By digitizing Benefits & Rewards services, we significantly increased the operational efficiency of business employees. The streamlined customer and affiliate management processes, optimized points of sale operations, and facilitated transactions for various stakeholders, including small and medium-sized enterprises (VSEs), resulted in enhanced productivity and improved customer satisfaction. ● Our adherence to the Agile principles and Scrum practices enabled us to effectively manage project risks and navigate the complexities of the e-banking domain. The iterative development approach allowed us to incorporate feedback, address emerging challenges, and ensure a successful outcome. Challenges: ● The Multi Wallets Card project presented us with several challenges, particularly regarding compliance with Tunisian regulatory requirements in the e-banking sector. The Tunisian financial industry has specific regulations and standards that must be adhered to, ensuring data security, privacy, and legal compliance. ● To overcome these challenges, we closely collaborated with legal experts and regulatory authorities to ensure that our solution aligned with the applicable regulations. We conducted thorough research, implemented robust security measures, and established stringent data protection protocols to safeguard customer information and ensure compliance with Tunisian financial laws. ● Additionally, we engaged in extensive testing and validation processes to ensure that the Multi Wallets Card project met all regulatory requirements.
This involved conducting rigorous audits, performing vulnerability assessments, and implementing necessary controls to mitigate any potential risks. ● Our dedicated team of professionals worked diligently to navigate the complex regulatory landscape, ensuring that the Multi Wallets Card project not only provided innovative and efficient e-banking solutions but also complied with all Tunisian regulatory standards. Approach: ● In our approach, we prioritized regulatory compliance from the project's inception. We established strong partnerships with legal and regulatory experts, fostering open lines of communication and ensuring their involvement throughout the project. By leveraging their expertise, we gained valuable insights and guidance, enabling us to navigate the regulatory challenges effectively. ● Our development team closely followed industry best practices, incorporating robust security measures and encryption protocols into the application's architecture. We implemented secure authentication mechanisms, data encryption, and strict access controls to protect user data and ensure compliance with Tunisian financial regulations. ● Regular audits and compliance checks were conducted to verify that the Multi Wallets Card project adhered to all relevant regulatory standards. We proactively engaged with regulatory authorities, seeking their feedback and guidance to ensure ongoing compliance throughout the project's lifecycle.
Project 2 : carin one ● As an IT Project Manager, I spearheaded the CarIn One project, focusing on optimizing the implementation process of a car rental agency fleets management website. Utilizing the Scrum methodology, our primary objective was to significantly reduce the time required for website deployment while improving overall efficiency. ● Throughout the project, we embraced Scrum's collaborative and iterative approach to drive effective communication, adaptability, and rapid value delivery. By dividing the development process into shorter cycles, we maximized productivity and minimized risks. ● My responsibilities encompassed orchestrating cross-functional teams, including developers, designers, and various stakeholders such as car rental agency executives, fleet managers, operations managers, IT administrators, and customer service representatives. This diverse group of stakeholders played vital roles in the success of the project. By engaging them in regular meetings, we tracked progress, addressed challenges, and adjusted priorities to ensure seamless collaboration and alignment throughout the development process. Their input and expertise were invaluable in shaping the website's functionalities to meet the specific needs of the car rental agency and its fleet management operations. ● Through close coordination with the car rental agency, we gained a comprehensive understanding of their requirements and meticulously mapped out workflows. We iteratively developed and tested key features, leveraging frequent feedback loops to refine our work and ensure alignment with the agency's needs. ● By adopting Scrum, we not only accelerated the development process but also fostered a culture of transparency, empowerment, and continuous improvement within the project team. Regular retrospectives provided valuable insights and opportunities for refining our processes and enhancing collaboration. ● The CarIn One project was focused on the successful implementation of a high-performing car rental agency fleets management website. Leveraging the efficient adoption of the Scrum methodology, we were able to deliver a high-quality product within an optimized timeframe. This achievement had far-reaching benefits for the car rental agency, allowing them to streamline their operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and gain a competitive edge in the car rental industry. The website's advanced features and user-friendly interface empowered the agency to efficiently manage their vehicle fleets, track reservations, handle customer inquiries, and optimize resource allocation. By providing robust functionalities and seamless user experiences, the implemented website significantly improved the agency's operational efficiency and customer service capabilities. This successful implementation was a testament to our team's dedication, effective project management, and collaborative approach.
Project 3 : RIT During my tenure as the Consulting International Team Lead at RIT Dubai from June 2019 to September 2021, I had the opportunity to work on an exciting project with
Clemenceau Medical Center in Dubai. My primary responsibility was to identify opportunities and develop a business strategy for the medical center's growth and success. Responsibilities: As the Consulting International Team Lead, I took charge of leading and directing cross-functional teams to ensure the successful execution of the project. I worked closely with team members from various backgrounds, including consultants, analysts, and subject matter experts such as medical professionals, to leverage their expertise and drive collaboration. Achievements: To begin my journey with Clemenceau Medical Center, I immersed myself in extensive market analysis using renowned frameworks such as Porter's 5 Forces Models, SWOT analysis, and BCG Matrix. These analytical tools allowed me to gain a deep understanding of the competitive landscape, market dynamics, and growth potential in the Dubai healthcare market. As I dove into the project, I collaborated closely with key stakeholders within the medical center. Through interviews, workshops, and discussions, I gained valuable insights into their organizational goals, challenges, and aspirations. This collaborative approach ensured that the strategy I developed was aligned with their vision and addressed their specific needs. Based on the comprehensive market analysis and stakeholder inputs, I crafted a robust business strategy for Clemenceau Medical Center. This strategy aimed to capitalize on market opportunities, optimize operational efficiency, and drive sustainable growth. It provided a clear roadmap for the medical center to achieve its strategic objectives and stand out in the competitive landscape. One of the key highlights of the project was the proposal of a digitalization roadmap aligned with the new corporate strategy. Recognizing the transformative power of technology in healthcare, I identified key areas for digital transformation, such as patient experience, operational processes, and data management. This roadmap outlined specific initiatives and technologies to be implemented, enabling a seamless transition to a digitally-enabled healthcare ecosystem. Throughout the project, I collaborated with cross-functional teams to develop detailed implementation plans for the digitalization roadmap. Together, we defined project milestones, allocated resources, and established timelines to ensure the successful execution of the proposed initiatives. Challenges: Navigating the dynamic nature of the healthcare industry was a significant challenge during the project. With evolving regulations, technological advancements, and changing patient expectations, it was crucial to stay updated and adapt our approach accordingly. Through ongoing research and a commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends, we successfully addressed these challenges and incorporated the necessary adjustments into our strategy. Aligning the digitalization roadmap with the new corporate strategy presented another hurdle. It required extensive coordination with various departments and stakeholders within Clemenceau Medical Center. To overcome this challenge, I facilitated regular communication, actively engaged stakeholders, and organized workshops and working sessions to gather their inputs and ensure consensus. Approach: The project followed a hybrid approach, combining elements of traditional consulting methodologies with agile principles. This approach allowed us to adapt to the unique requirements of Clemenceau Medical Center and leverage the benefits of both structured planning and iterative decision-making. By using story-telling techniques, I engaged stakeholders and shared compelling narratives about the market landscape, opportunities, and the envisioned future of Clemenceau Medical Center. These stories helped create a shared understanding and build enthusiasm among the team and leadership. Throughout the project, collaboration and effective communication were paramount. I fostered an environment where everyone's voice was heard, encouraging open dialogue and active participation. This approach ensured the involvement and buy-in of key stakeholders, ultimately leading to a successful strategy implementation. Through my role as the Consulting International Team Lead, I successfully served as a project manager, leading and directing cross-functional teams to deliver exceptional results. My experience in market analysis, strategy development, stakeholder engagement, and hybrid project management approaches showcases my ability to effectively manage projects
Here is the pmi rejection email :
Thank you for contacting the Project Management Institute (PMI®).
Eligibility Not Met: Experience is not a project PMI defines a project as a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product service or result. Every project creates a unique product, service or result such as:
A product that can be either a component or another item, an enhancement of an item, or an end item in itself A service or a capability to perform a service (e.g., a business function that supports production or distribution) An improvement in the existing product or service lines (e.g., A Six Sigma product undertaken to reduce defects) A result, such as an outcome or document (e.g., research project that develops knowledge that can be used to determine whether a trend exists or a new process will benefit society)
The experience documented on your application appears to be job titles/descriptions rather than valid, professional projects according to our project definition.
Additional Comments:
It is unclear if the experience documented on your application is a project without a clear objective statement in the description. To ensure that the submitted experience items are individual projects, it is a requirement that a brief, specific objective statement is provided for each experience item on your application.
While reviewing your audit package we are not able to find your Academic Education document in the English language. Kindly resubmit both the original and translation documents for review.
If you wish to submit a new application, you may do so at any time. Please note, if you choose to submit a new application for this certification, your application will again be audited. For your convenience, please visit Things to Consider When Applying for tips and guidelines on how to better present your experience.
Additional information regarding the application requirements, as well as related policies and procedures can be found in the respective Handbook and Exam Content Outline online at www.PMI.org.
If you have specific questions regarding the closing of this application or the certification eligibility requirements, please email the PMI Program Administration Team at [email protected].
We appreciate your patience and diligence in complying with the certification application audit process, and look forward to reviewing your new application once submitted.
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2023.06.02 18:55 Kikkowhitten98 Leaving Job w/ no notice

Feeling anxiety and dread, though I know realistically it’s not like my place of work can have me arrested for quitting.
I’ve been an on-site condo manager for 6 years now, and this evening when I leave the property to go to my new home- it will be the last time.
How bittersweet it is to love the people you work for and also hate the job they created for you.
I have gone through so much here. S/A from a coworker that my HOA didn’t believe. Making 14$ an hour because I am living onsite. Never taking a vacation because I simply wasn’t allowed or able too. Calls at 3 AM to let drunk rental guests into their apartment. Calls from the unit owners who lock themselves out twice a month. Having 47 different “bosses”. Managing rentals even though the rental contract is an agreement through owners and their preferred rental agency. If my partner spent more then 2 nights, I was reminded I could not let anyone else live in my abode. Lastly, my heat-A/C hasn’t worked for 5 months now- as the HOA had to find the “right price” from an installer- they still haven’t.
Still I couldn’t muster up the guts to offer a two week notice- as my two previous manager were fired and had very little time to clear the apartment before the police were called. There was never a rental agreement made for me, to ensure they could kick me out asap if need be.
So two weeks ago I packed everything into a moving truck, and have in my own head been living out my two weeks and preparing to leave.
All 47 people rely on me so heavily, it hurts to know I will be hurting this business- it wasn’t always bad. There were good times too.
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2023.06.02 18:44 bandley3 [Free] [US - MO] ‘Help save this idiot from himself’ equipment giveaway!

Are you in the St Louis metro area? Have you ever dreamt about owning a bunch of 15 or 20 year old enterprise networking equipment and servers, Sun Microsystems 20” Trinitron CRTs, programmable macro keyboards and other assorted computer crap that I foolishly saved from going to the landfill? If so, contact me at once - I can make your dreams come true!!
Years ago, a friend in the asbestos abatement industry contacted me regarding an office that they were demolishing. He didn’t want to see a bunch of older, but probably still usable, equipment end up in a dumpster so he gave me a call. Being one that can’t pass up a bargain I filled my minivan to the gills with this stuff in hopes of getting it in the hands of people that could use it. Six years later I still have most of it…
Well, I never got around to doing anything with it and so it still sits in my (dry) basement. Life just gets in the way of your grand plans and as a result stuff ends up collecting dust. I battled cancer for a few years and then lost my job just before the pandemic hit, my fiancé was also diagnosed with cancer (and died from it), and now the property owner of the place where I live wants to sell the building and so I have to move by May 3, 2023 (yes, I’ve very late and he’s pissed…). Since I’m living alone now it’s time to downsize and I need help.
I tried moving last week but the movers said I had too much stuff and left, never returning my phone calls. I hired someone else to move me yesterday and they were a no-show, somehow screwing up the schedule and arriving today. These new guys took a look and said that I had too much stuff and that they’d have to bring another truck and another crew, and that was before they even saw the basement. That’s now scheduled for Sunday.
To make my life, and the lives of the movers, easier I’d like someone to save me from myself and take a bunch of this equipment off my hands. Yes, it’s a little older, but it’s (probably) still usable; I never tested any of it. No, I don’t really have a good inventory of what I’ve got but if you are interested you can swing by and take all that you want. And then all that you don’t want. Whatever - it’s up to you.
Please help this idjit break his packrat tendencies and pick up some once expensive high-quality equipment for absolutely nothing. Nada. Zilch. Nichts. A’ohe mea. Asgjë. Ikke noget. Ei mitään. Rein. Gornisht. Niente. Hell, I’ll throw in a beer or two to go along with my everlasting thanks (provided that you like dark Mexican beers since that’s all I have - I’ll toss in the lime if you so desire).
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