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In senior year Mitch Baldwin won the lottery. Three years later he was flat broke and a laughing stock. He's been holed-up in his family home ever since. With his father retiring, talk of downsizing pushes Mitch to suggest renting a room to a mysterious stranger named Carl. When Carl upsets Mitch's routine way of life, a battle of wits turns into all out war involving deception, humiliation, spying, and revenge. The question is how far are these guys prepared to go? The answer, too far.

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2023.06.03 17:11 All-subjective No room for antisemitism

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2023.06.03 17:11 pst2lndn2bd Noisy gym, chemical smell in residential area

There is a gym in the residential building in London. Unfortunately the building was designed such that you enter a small garden form the building thay leads to the gym. A few flats face this small garden. The garden used to be not used but a few years ago has been occupied by the gym. That changed everything - from a relaxed place the garden went into a super annoying place making everyday life harder.
They installed a seating area and started offering drinks. Wine tasting, hen parties involved - these have stopped so will skip this.
The gym is a noisy place regardless, either their door makes constant loud noises when it's closed or their music is super loud. If none of this happens then someone is having a loud chat under our windows from the gym.
To top this up they started using some chemicals the smell of which we get when used but the smell differs in strength throughout the day.
There are also machinry associated with the gym that occasionally can be heard throughout the building.
We obviously spoke with them plenty of times.
We and other residents reported them multiple times at the council, they came out and left without making an impact. The council ignores written requests. Planning permission has been looked into without success.
The building manager and the freeholder don't seem to care much. Conflict of interest I imagine as they authorised thed taking ownership of the garden.
Local MP helped a bit but only temporarily (by triggering a response from the manager that didn't lead anywhere).
Previously the manager said they measured noise levels and they were within limits. No idea when this was done and whether they had a silent moment then but equally I don't think someone should tell us what the standard is for being annoyed by constant noise. Multiple residents have moved away due to this.
We could move away as we're renting (for a variety of reasons let's skip exploring this option in responses), but is there anything that could help quickly resolve the issue?
Maybe a legal reference that would scare them if it was mentioned to them.
The owner of the flat could sue them for reducing her flat's worth, but that would take time.
I could pour water on their guests through the windows but again don't want to go that route as then they may take action against me...
I know of multiple gyms that have been closed down throughout the city due to noise complaints. For some reason these guys seem to enjoy some sort of privilidge or in the case of other gyms businesses complained rather than individuals. Not sure, but it's weird.
Any tips much appreciated.
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2023.06.03 17:10 revival222 I have completly fell off the wagon

Im constantly worried to see my friends cuz im, not the bubbly person I once was. Im meeting one of my mates tomorrow and I use to be so extroverted now All I do is sit in my room on the internet and try and get work done. I havent seen people in over a month. I have medication for depression and anxiety but nothing helps. I am scraed to leave the house. My boyfriend says you have got to pick yourself up and get out there but i dont know how to anymore. I am worried all day everyday. I hve a cbt meeting so thats one thing i guess.
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2023.06.03 17:10 LuckyAceFace Maybe gaslighting, maybe just plain old abuse.

This is long. Sorry. Kind of.
My husband's behavior has been deteriorating since his dad died in 2020. Prior to this, he was an excellent dad and husband, and tbh the majority of the time he still is. But isn't that the nature of the beast? If they were monsters all the time, the decision to leave would be easier, wouldn't it?
I have three kids from a previous relationship (21m 20m and 17f) and we have one together (6f). He's been the dad figure to the older three since 2012. Their dad died and they treat my husband as a parent and vice versa.
Like I said, since his dad died, my husband has changed a lot. FTR, both of our dads died that year - mine in July from complications of diabetes, his in November from Covid.
Our most recent fight was a few nights ago. For a little context on it, our 17 year old is a graduating senior this year. Is has been a long struggle with mental health as she has had a lot of trauma with her bio dad's death at 6 after a long illness, then the loss of two adoring grandfathers close together during a pandemic that was really hard on the whole world. Attendance has been an issue.
Last week, she had two absences I thought had been mismarked so I contacted the school about them. It turns out one day she forgot to sign the roster sheet with a sub, and the next she was so tardy, it counted as an absence. I was upset with her for not giving me the whole story, as she had acted like she had no idea why she was marked absent and this is not the first time I've spoken up for her and come out looking stupid, but I try not to escalate her too much when I know her nerves are high (like right now as she's anxious about graduation) so I just told her that was pretty hurtful to me, and how if she had been honest I'd have approached it differently and more effectively, and how I really really don't like looking like an asshole.
My husband, on the other hand, got home and over dinner, started in about how often she's tardy. He started off fairly calm but quickly escalated into this aggressive not-quite-yelling thing he does, where he leans in and his whole posture is kind of intimidating. He is also 6'3" and almost 400lbs while my daughter is 5' even and I myself am 5'3" and 150lbs. He was ranting about how we "just" had another call about a tardy a few days before even, how we asked her to stop being tardy to first hour and she just can't respect us at all, she's "constantly" tardy.
Admittedly, she was frequently tardy earlier in the year, but she and I were both a little confused because aside from the one last week it has been a few weeks. So, I pulled the attendance up on my phone, thinking I could clear the argument up easily enough, we could see whether I got a call a "few days ago" or not. Attendance showed that the last tardy was, in fact, several weeks ago.
My husband slammed his hands on the table and yelled,
"Unbelievable. I can't believe you. You can't back me up. You can't be a united front with me."
I said I won't back him up if it means lying to our daughter, particularly in a way that punishes her or hurts her. Absolutely not. I pulled up that info on my phone to clear up the confusion and the info backed her. I won't lie to her. And he kept insisting the information was wrong, we had had a call, she had been tardy much more recently than that, I was wrong, we had a call just a few days before, he was sitting right next to me when I answered the auto-call about it. I said the school's attendance record was literally right here on my phone.
At this point he really lost it and started yelling at both of us, just laying into us. My daughter was hysterical and I told her she wasn't in trouble but she needed to take her food and go upstairs to her room, please. My husband moved to the couch and while my daughter ran by sobbing, he was still laying into her the whole way. "You just can't respect us, can you! Can you! Can you!"
A quick aside - Our six year old was at the table for a lot of this as well, but the 20yo who is currently home from college for the summer came downstairs and subtly snatched him up to his room to chill.
I told my husband he needed to take himself to the bedroom immediately and stop having a tantrum in the living room.
This is where the potential gaslighting comes in. I went in after him to use the bathroom and when I came out of the bathroom he had changed his tone. He was crying, and he told me,
"I'm genuinely concerned about you." I was like, what? And he repeated himself.
"I'm genuinely concerned that you don't remember that phone call we had just a few days ago. I'm genuinely concerned about your memory and your mental state. I wouldn't be this vehement about it if it hadn't happened, Aceface. I'm so concerned about you right now."
I told him, no. No, no, no. He is not going to do that. He is not going to call into question my mental health when he is losing the fight. That is abuse, that is gaslighting, and I will not stand around and be abused and he can get right out. He yelled at me to stop using "stupid reddit words" and closed down entirely.
Regarding the phone calls, I can't use my call logs to prove anything because all auto-calls from the school come from the same number, whether about tardies and attendance or about after school clubs or school lock downs. I did, however, remember that for ever call I get for a tardy, I also get a text, so I was able to go back and find that and my last text about a tardy was in line with what the attendance records had. Several weeks ago. This was not adequate proof for him. He is still convinced, days later, that I am wrong. Though he is being fine and normal now, at least.
This is not the man I married, or the man he was for the first 6 years of it.
He does also have a supposedly "benign" issue in his brain that can cause cognitive impairment, depression, and mood changes. He has an appointment for it coming up. I am not able to go to appointments with him and since he doesn't think he has mood or behavior problems, he won't bring this up with the doctor. He will not seek counseling or therapy because he says it would just be "one more chore."
He is a lawyer, ftr.
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2023.06.03 17:10 KhloesOriginalFace Do you think my former friend had adhd?

I used to have a friend of many years and, thinking back, I’m wondering if some of her behavior may have indicated adhd.
She’s a person who always has to be moving. On the go - here and there, here and there. The only person I know who can run an obscene amount of errands in a day. She never really like to take a day and do absolutely nothing. She would always talk about cleaning when in actuality it pretty much consisted of making stacks of things and moving them from one side of the room to the other to be able to vacuum where the stuff once was and a lot of times she would get sidetracked from that and will have moved on to something else.
She also has a tendency to clutter and unnecessarily buy stuff. I look at a lot of it as impulsive because within a couple days she will have returned most of the items she may have purchased on a shopping trip.
She can talk for hours if uninterrupted. I oftentimes didn’t want to answer when she called, but felt (at that time in my life) like I was being a bad friend if I wasn’t willing to be a sounding board for venting. Often, ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ would be the only things I would have had an opening to even say something. That played a big part in me ending our friendship, among other things, and I was also in the throes of (then) undiagnosed bipolar disorder and I’ll never know if that played a factor in my decision to do that. We parted ways positively, which was a good thing. Looking back, I think that we were codependent in a lot of ways during the years at the beginning of our friendship, so I don’t wish to make her come across as a person. She’s a good person.
But, based on those things, what do you think? This isn’t an attempt to seek medical advice or a diagnosis, it’s just a question for information. I hope it doesn’t come across as critical because that’s definitely not my intent. I just wanted to give you all as much detail as possible. TIA
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2023.06.03 17:09 KevinReynolds How to install a light fixture here?

How to install a light fixture here?
When I removed my old bathroom vanity light, I realized that there is no junction box there. It looks like the sew vent runs right behind it too. I’m guessing that’s why a box was never installed. I have no idea what the metal bar is either. The old light was attached to the wall at the outsides with hollow wall anchors.
Is it possible to safely install a light here? There doesn’t seem to be enough room for a junction box.
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2023.06.03 17:09 KGibs1309 Clingy and won’t play independently

My daughter just turned 2 last week and because I’m home for the summer I’d like to work with her more in learning to play independently. She’s going to daycare 3 days a week just for a few hours in the morning and outside of that will be home with me. She’s very smart and I want to begin fostering more independent play but she’s extremely attached to me and it’s difficult! I know she sees me as her “playmate” at home, and I definitely want to continue interacting and playing with her, but I think it’s important for her to begin playing independently to foster her imagination, independence, etc.
The issue is, even if she’s playing by herself she insists I “sit mama” right next to her. I’ve tried gradually sitting even further away but In same room and if I won’t go sit by her when she realizes I’m not right next to her she stops playing to come sit in my lap. If she’s playing perfectly content and independently in her room and I walk out of room she throws the BIGGEST fit. Like full on 2 year old meltdown. I’ve reassured her it’s ok to play in here, mommy is right over there, etc. Any advice on how to get her to understand it’s ok if I’m not right by her or in the same room? At daycare they say she’s extremely independent. She plays with others but isn’t needing constant attention. When her dad or grandparents watch her she plays perfectly content by herself. It’s just with me she’s like this (which I get cuz they always seem more like this with moms) so I know she’s capable.
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2023.06.03 17:09 KGibs1309 Clingy and won’t play independently

My daughter just turned 2 last week and because I’m home for the summer I’d like to work with her more in learning to play independently. She’s going to daycare 3 days a week just for a few hours in the morning and outside of that will be home with me. She’s very smart and I want to begin fostering more independent play but she’s extremely attached to me and it’s difficult! I know she sees me as her “playmate” at home, and I definitely want to continue interacting and playing with her, but I think it’s important for her to begin playing independently to foster her imagination, independence, etc.
The issue is, even if she’s playing by herself she insists I “sit mama” right next to her. I’ve tried gradually sitting even further away but In same room and if I won’t go sit by her when she realizes I’m not right next to her she stops playing to come sit in my lap. If she’s playing perfectly content and independently in her room and I walk out of room she throws the BIGGEST fit. Like full on 2 year old meltdown. I’ve reassured her it’s ok to play in here, mommy is right over there, etc. Any advice on how to get her to understand it’s ok if I’m not right by her or in the same room? At daycare they say she’s extremely independent. She plays with others but isn’t needing constant attention. When her dad or grandparents watch her she plays perfectly content by herself. It’s just with me she’s like this (which I get cuz they always seem more like this with moms) so I know she’s capable.
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2023.06.03 17:09 Db-bleachfan Looking for rent near stn

Hi I’m a 22 yo professional. I am new here and I would like to get some help in finding an accommodation (flat,room..) I have been stuck in a hotel here for more than a week and it does not seem to be going for the better. If you have any information please contact me.
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2023.06.03 17:08 AcousticEmma What my landlord instructed me to do is actually a violation of the city's building codes

Before I bought my EV I discussed charging options with the property manager of my apartment building (in LA, CA) at that time. He is the one who encouraged me to buy the exact car I have, as it is the same as his. I told him about the rebate being offered by the power company to have a charger and a meter installed in the garage. He said that was great and even seemed excited about it. I bought the car, paying for it in full. He then said it would be too much of a hassle to hire an electrician to install the charger. The power company will only give the rebate if the charger was installed by a licensed electrician. I offered to oversee hiring the electrician and having it installed to minimize the work for him, but he still said no. He said he charged his car with an extension cord. I told him I did not want to do that as the owner's manual said not to, and he laughed it off saying I was being a "nervous Nelly" (?) He sent me a link for an extension cord to buy and said to run it from my balcony to the garage, as it would be invisible from view and not a tripping hazard. He pointed out how three other tenants charged their cars this way and it was totally fine. Okay so fast forward to the present. The city cited the building for multiple code violations. They did not cite the extension cords. However, the lady who inherited the building is irate about being cited and said the city should be "going after" me for using an extension cord. I stopped using the cord as soon as I went back to working in the office and could charge there. I just left the extension cord in place to be able to vacuum out my car. I'm away for three months right now and can't physically remove the cord but told her I could pay the handyman to just remove it if she'd like. She's still angry and wanting me to be cited. Could I be? I'm paying $2306 a month this apartment but she's furious about that because it's not market rate and wants to boot the rent stabilized tenants (which are all of us) and is looking for any reason. Idk if I should be worried about this or not. I feel she is misdirecting anger at the tenants when it's the property management who failed to do basic tasks and lead to the city citing multiple violations.
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2023.06.03 17:07 Shouzeb-Neyazi-7 My (17M) gf's (17F) mom is threatning me!

See i don't know where to start, i didn't even know where to ask but here i am. So basically me (17,M) and my GF (17,F) recently got into in a relationship about 3 months ago, before that we were really close friends, and we just thought we had the same feeling towards each other so we confessed to each other and here we are. I am not a emotionally connected guy but with her i feel like i cam trully express my self thats why i took the chance and confessed. But thats not why i am here for.
So basically her mom keeps checking her phone from time to time and she once found a picture of us hugging and stuff and she confronted her and told her not to ever meet me again. Somehow we still managed to meet a couple times even though she has a lot of restriction on her. And just like the past few meets we tried to meet again since it had been long since we met each other properly. So we decided that she would ask her mother if she can go to the movies with her best friend (also 17,F) so she went on with the plan that i and the other girl's boyfriend would meet her at the theatre. But what we didn't know that her mother had been spying on us.
Well i don't know for sure but i saw a man acting all shady talking to someone through earphone while i was buying the tickets (the other had not arrived yet so i was all alone) and it looked like he was describing me, he was far away but i could hear some of it..."wearing green t shirt...yeah he is just standing there" i thought that was just me overthinking stuff. Then after thr movies we went to eat, there the other girls mom suddenly came, what more surprising is that the girl told me her mom was on her periods and was having cramps so she was in her room the whole day so she is no way coming here, well she did. And then when my gf reached home her mom confronted her saying "what do you think you are really smart, can i not have men look after you outside (which further solidified my suspicion on that shady man).
So today in the morning her mother called me and started threatning me that if i ever talked to her again she would not only tell this to my parents but take the matter to the police. She said that this could never work out as we both belong to different religion and she doesn't want me close to her daughter and then told me that if i ever tell my gf that her mom called me then also she will be taking actions against me.
I Don't know what to do should i tell my gf about this? ...And tell her not to confront her mother about this and say a word about this, and just keep it to ourself. Or can you guys help out with another plan...i didn't wanted to ask these things here but i am desperate for answers, i have been really disturbed from the morning.
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2023.06.03 17:07 myyummypixels AITA for not telling him where is walket is?

Common law married. We have 2 kids 5 & 6. I have 3 other older children.
Just recently moved within visiting distance of my kids (6 hours one way). Hard to make the drive working schedules, the toddlers, we have pets. His family visits him monthly they have no responsibility, family, kids and so on. He spends that 100% time only with them. Not our kids their grandkids/niece nephew. They sit out and drink and smoke (we are not a smoking home) their whole 4 day visits.
I was able to make the 6 hour trip to see my kids! ❤️ he insisted on coming which is ok. We had to bring the toddlers and dogs (guard dogs aggressive dogs) we stay in hotels. So no leaving my room with out the dogs. No going to the pool with the kids .. they (the front desk) gave us strict rules I understand.
Day one his family took him (only) and our vehicle and was gone the whole day. I was not able to get my other children or see them. (They are in college no vehicle). Day 2 he got drunk wit his mom and brother and forgot about time at their house fenced in yard. But could not take the dog, not going to be there long. Which turned into him being gone 9:30am to 5pm. 2 of my older kids had made plans for that night.
Today is day 3, I got up and the toddlers ready to go get my other kids and they want to see their siblings too. I figure we get up and just leave. I get out of the shower in the hotel and he is gone!!!! His brother called they are out on a quick hike, 1.5 hours away, he can’t find his wallet can I look for it. He needs his ID so he can make the event they have planned tomorrow. (I had no clue about and our last day and I will see my kids only at lunch hopefully) For the first and last time in my trip to spend 4 days with them. Tomorrow is my daughters BIRTHDAY I do not care how old she is she is my daughter. I have not seen since August 2022. My last trip up here. I found his wallet, I hid it. I hid it very well, he will not find it. He will not be able to go to the event and leave me stuck again here, my last chance to see my other kids. (It’s nothing event - he goes to these shows all the time). Am I the asshole for hiding his wallet, I have tried taking to him about my feelings but that is just a fight and my toddlers mimick him calling me a asshole or telling me to shut up, so my fight is gone. I am working on my kids to understand it’s wrong to say these things. As I sit here I wonder am I a asshole like him now that I have lowered myself to his level? Should I just give him the wallet and pray some how else I see my kids before we leave. Am I just a Baby? It’s life right I should grow up and move on.
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2023.06.03 17:07 paranoiagent89 What would you do?

So I work in a huge assembly plant with mostly men. I’m an out gay man and I’ve frequently had guys act suspect towards me. Recently there is this guy that I’m really attracted to who’s been eye fucking me for about 3 months now. He’s straight with children and I believe he’s single. He’s always staring at me and he’s always going out of his way to be in my area of the plant. He recently started taking his breaks in the same break room as me. With that being said we’ve never spoken to one another. He’ll stare and not break eye contact if we’re a distance apart, but if we’re up close he won’t look at me. I’m not trying to change his situation nor am I under any delusions like we would ever date, I just want to fool around with him. How would you guys approach this situation?
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2023.06.03 17:07 Lib56 Property saying we never signed Lease renewal and now charging us non reversable fee's. What should we do next?

I will do my best to try to break this down in order of events. And let me start of by saying our apartment property was recently taken over by a larger property company in my area. This is in the Toledo, Ohio area.
Things to note - Our Agreed rent is $730. The Property Office is only open on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until 5PM
Our previous lease Ended on 5/27/2023. We had a Lease renewal letter on our door breaking down all our options to renew our lease in March. On 3/20/23 my wife, son and I all went to the office to renew our lease. The property manager said we have to do it through their app they use. We explained to her that the app will not let us register because the resident code they provided to us was saying it was invalid. So, we sat in this office for over an hour getting this app setup just to resign the lease. After about an hour the property manager was able to get it setup using my wifes email. The property manager then said she uploaded the lease to our account and please go in and sign. So my wife did, but the app only allows you to upload 1 persons signature to sign. We mentioned this to the manager and she said we will be fine, since nothing changed on the lease. And if there were any issues she will let us know. Our lease was signed, we think we are good after this.
Fast forward to 5/30/23 I receive a call while I am at work at 1:40pm. The property manager is telling me we never renewed our lease. I explained the events that happened in march and we did in fact sign the lease and that she in fact said we were good to go that day. She stated there must have been an issue in the system, and asked if we could log back in and sign the lease that was now in our account. She also assured us that since she didn't know what happened she will make sure we don't get charged anything extra and will stay at our agreed upon monthly rate.
I get off of work at 4:30pm On Wednesday 5/31/23. I came home and logged into the app and went to sign the lease. Only I could sign since the app only allows you to upload 1 signature, and only allows you to sign in its pre selected areas.

Thursday 6/1/23, We notice the app shows our balance as $1149.00. The app does not let you pay a certain amount so we get a money order for $730 and drop it off in the office. Money orders are an accepted method of payment. In the envelope my wife left a note stating "We will continue to pay with money orders until our account balance is fixed. If you have any issues or concerns please contact us"
The office was closed that day, Thursday.
6/2/23 Friday, I did not receive any phone calls the whole day. I get home around 4:45 PM with an envelope Taped to the outside of my door. In the envelope was our rent check and a letter.
Letter States.
"We had been in communication in regards to your lease renewal to avoid extra fees via phone. It has been brought to my attention that only one of the lease holder had signed the lease therefor it could not be countersigned by the property manager before June 1ST, 2023 when the previous lease was up on May 31st, 2023. The area manager then added the extra fees of market rent plus $250 as stated on the original lease renewal letter. Unfortunately, those fees cannot be reversed. You may still renew in order to avoid theses fees in the future and that would just require another signature. You are more than welcome to come down to the office for help with this. I am unable to accept any partial payment. Enclosed is the money order that was received from the drop box"
It is still 4:45 PM so I go directly to the office which is supposed to be open until 5pm and no-one is there.
What should we do next? I refuse to pay anything extra over our agreed upon rent when we originally signed this lease. Especially since all of this has nothing to do with us. We were all good for the 2-1/2 month after we originally signed, Then they call us 2 days before the lease is supposed to start saying none of this happened, and due to the limitations of THEIR app only one of us can even sign it and we are at fault for that?????
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2023.06.03 17:06 baddangelofficial How do you feel about pink cars for rent?

Florida market, Jeep wrangler. Would it rent?
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2023.06.03 17:06 plaguecatdoctor How to deal with a coworker who doesn’t like you?

I know this is an adhd subreddit but I figure a lot of you have the same level of sensitivity (and rejection stuff) as me. I’ve been at my job for 6 months. I’ve mostly won everyone over by now but this one girl is so obvious in her dislike of me.
She’s been there for years and is seemingly well-liked by everyone. (I could be wrong but I don’t feel comfortable enough with anyone to ask). She’s outwardly sweet. But to me, she’s cold as ice.
I can feel the air leave the room when it’s just her and I. She stops smiling, she doesn’t look at me. I’ve said good morning how are you to her and she just doesn’t answer and walks away. I smile in the hallway and she looks passed me. I know for a fact I’ve never done anything to make her feel this way.
It’s making me so uncomfortable. I’m genuinely considering going somewhere else so I don’t have to see her anymore.
I figure I have these options:
  1. Continue being polite and getting icicles flung into my body daily
  2. Suck it up, stop greeting her, ignore her except when professionally necessary to speak. But then I’m returning the demeanour she’s giving me and that feels bad.
  3. Speak to her? That makes me nauseous. I would crumble in that kind of confrontation, and she can just deny it and I’d feel foolish.
  4. Leave. I have an opportunity at another place. It does not affect my income, seniority, or benefits to move locations.
Any advice?
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2023.06.03 17:06 The_Problem-6420 Rekka Hoshimiya Grand Cathedral of Company 1

Rekka Hoshimiya Grand Cathedral of Company 1
The male has finished his errand in the underground base, unknow of it's current use to even the temple. It was now time to go back to the surface before someone up there needed him for something and he was not present for it. He made his way from the quarters to the throne room, all the way to the doors of it. Then proceed to the "Hall of Doom"; the ever long and splitting hall. He would make his way to the subway port closest to the main street of Shinjuku.
When he exited the underground, the male blocked his face from the blinding sunlight for a moment while his pupils adjusted to it. He wanted to blend in as best as he could, putting on his cape and kilt might set him out in the public even more than his cassock already did as he made his way from the centre to the grand cathedral, which sadly was a bit of a walk- not for him of course, he could go on forever.
Soon he reached home-base, the Grand Cathedral. Under the shade of some tree upon a small hill. Littles bits of the sun's ray still beamed through the leaves and graced the male while taking a seat there. He could not think of much else to do except rest for the while until he had some order to see through.
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2023.06.03 17:06 SevenOnEarth Couch Co-op for the Middle Aged

Context: My wife and I are in our 50's, strong 30+yr marraige, and play on a PS5 we recently bought with a beautiful Sony Bravia. We sit up close, in a dark room. Videogame-wise, she has only played one other console game before this. She has a lot of trauma, so when the baddies swarm her eyes roll into the back of Her head and she slaps buttons randomly. I play werebear, she plays sorceror (lightning). We are only LvL 13 so far.
1) This is a fantastic game for communicating, working together in intense situations. I learn to give her space and stfu, she learns to calm down and breathe.
2) There is enough repetitiveness to find a good flow, and enough challenge to get the adrenalin going. I hate games where every effing room is a puzzle or confusing. "You have to watch the guy blink, then he'll twirl his mustache right before he stomps you. You dodge and then whistle twinkle twinkle little star while you throw your axe." Fuck that shit.
3) I think a lot of the comments in this sub do not apply to couch co-op. There is definitely a synergy when working together. It feels like you can take on challenges appropriate for your particular group. For example, I don't get bored by my limited abilities or repetitiveness because suddenly a chain lightning will wipe out the 5 people around me as I swipe them and I'll be like "COOL!" Happy little moments abound when you partner up. I'm excited for the drops my wife gets, and the unexpected victories she experiences. Being next to someone smiling wide and happy about what just happened totally changes it from the old days when I played stuff alone.
4) Last night we wiped on a crypt boss and my wife was totally discouraged and panicked. "I don't know how we can beat him." She wanted to lower difficulty level, was feeling ineffective. We talked about pointing the nipple (the point of your character highlight) at the baddie and keeping it there the whole time. Relaxing and just doing her thing. We destroyed him the second time and she lit up, excited and enthusiastic to play the next day. It made my night. This seems like basic gaming stuff, but I just want to highlight how this Couch Co-Op experience is very different from the solo grind stuff.
The drops, the stats, the repetition,'s wonderful but it's just a framework for these experiences. And I wish you all the joy as you also develop those together.
Peace, Joy, Love.
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2023.06.03 17:06 awkward_blue_alien Isopod keeping for a beginner (questions)

I'm looking into getting my first isopods and was wondering what species people recommend and why? I'd prefer something a bit larger, that maybe looks a little jazzy haha. I'm in the UK and don't mind using a heat mat, but if there are certain species that do well at around room temperature that would be good to know too.
I plan on using something like a plastic storage bin with air holes as an enclosure for them. What size is generally recommended and do you have any suggestions on the best place to purchase these (hopefully UK based to avoid high shipping costs, and stackable)? I'd prefer to get a good sized set up that won't need to be upgraded for a while.
I'll have a special isopod substrate (containing leaf litter, fungi, decaying wood, organic matter, etc), along with sphagnum moss on one side to create a humidity gradient, and extra leaf litter on top. And of course lots of cork bark/hides, and a cuttlebone for calcium etc. Does all of that sound ok, and is there anything I'm missing?
In regards to additional food (as in food that isn't the substrate or leaf litter) how often should this be given? Are they ok to just drink water droplets from when the enclosure is misted?
Finally, I'm aware that isopods in general can be pretty prolific breeders. I know this will depend on the species, but is it very easy to get overpopulated? What can be done to help with this? Because obviously it will be difficult and impractical to have to continually upgrade the size of the set up.
Thank you so much!! :)
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2023.06.03 17:06 micktalian The Gardens of Deathworlders: A Blooming Love (Part 18)

Part 18 A Delicate Situation (Part 1) (Part 17)

"Aho, Zim, ni je na?" Msko was the first to notice and greet the relatively short, stout, and furry being that just waddled into The Hammer’s Control Center.

"Ah, Administrator Zimuzari, I am honored you could join us." Atxika's eyes quickly shot up from the holographic display being projected from the table she was leaning on and landed on Kyim'ayik colony leader. "Have you had an opportunity to read through the initial report we sent you?"

"Hello there, Mkso, Admiral Atxika. It's…" The reddish-brown ball of fur paused his adorable squeaking, half covered his mouth with one of his paws, and let out such a tremendous yawn that Atxika could see both the massive front incisors as well as the not quite as large, but still impressive, set of canines behind them. "My apologies, I woke up less than half an hour ago. But it is good to see you both, as well as an honor and privilege to join you in your Command Center, Admiral."

"The honor and privilege are mine." Atxika bowed slightly with her pleasant smile still wide. "And I would like to apologize for waking you. It will still be a few days before we arrive at our destination and this strategy meeting could have waited."

"No, no, no, that's alright." Zim quickly replied with his species' high pitch and chirpy version of galactic common while stretching out and flicking his long, shiny whiskers as he approached the military leaders. "I've already gotten about nine hours of sleep. Skipping the last hour or two has killed me yet! And I’d rather get started on this sooner rather than later.”

Admiral Atxika had to put in real effort to prevent herself start cooing at the delightful manner with which Zim made his way over to the holo-table and climbed the stool-like chair designed for his anatomy. The long, wide, and flat tail distinctive of the Kyim'ayik was lifted just off the ground and stretched far back to balance the rest of the being’s body weight while the relatively short hind legs carried him along in an awkward, though comfortable, bipedal gait. With the limited range of motion in the squat, fuzzy man’s leg-like arms as he stretched, it was clear his species was more intended for quadrupedal locomotion. Despite that fact, the posture of the Kyim'ayik Administrator while he walked was far more similar to her own, or a human’s, than what she had remembered from her previous interactions with the species. However, as Zim stretched out his back to its full length, adding good chunk to his overall height, and began climbing the stool so he could have a proper view of holographic display, Atxika was suddenly reminded of a domesticated species of vermin-hunting musteloid from her species’ homeworld that were quite popular pets. Even though she knew this furry little man was a well respected guest on her ship, and a being from an Ascended species, she couldn’t get over how adorable he was.

“I hope you didn’t wake the misses.” Msko commented with a sarcastic tone while shooting the beaver-otter a cheeky wink.

“Nah, that woman could sleep through an atomic detonation.” Hearing the galactic common word for ‘atomic detonation’ be said with such an endearing squeak was pushing the Admiral to the absolute limits of her self control.

“I can have some food and refreshments brought, if you like.” Atxika interjected while doing her best to keep her smile from growing too wide and showing all of her teeth.

“Oh n-” Zim was about to politely decline before Msko interrupted him with a bit too much energy.

“Yes, please!” The War Chief blurted out. “That restaurant Tens took me to in your Amenities Section was amazing! I knew this ship had a huge manufacturing capability, but I didn’t realize you’d have freshly grown food.”

“I’ll have the private command facilities prepare something.” The Admiral quickly replied to ensure that Zim couldn’t refuse. “How does a zetloxoni platter sound?”

“What are-” Zim began to ask before Atxika realized her mistake and explained.

"Zetloxoni are fish fillets, rolled in a semisweet and highly nutrient-rich grain, and occasionally topped with more fish or other ingredients." The Admiral replied while typing into the display to bring up a holographic representation of the sushi-like dish she was describing. "This is what I was thinking."

"That actually looks amazing!" The Kyim'ayik ears suddenly perked up and eyes grew wide with delight.

"Wonderful! It's settled then." Atxika pressed in a few more commands to place the order then tried to redirect the conversation to reason for the meeting. "I find it is often easier to address delicate situations with a clear mind and full stomach."

"Delicate?" The squeaky reply carried a noticeably sarcastic tone as Zim shifted his attention towards the holographic representation of a planet and saucer shaped ship orbiting it. "That looks like Arnehilians. Ain't nothing delicate about the Grays, except maybe their physical forms."

"Well, they're definitely Arnehilians but…" Msko interjected with a hesitant tone that caught his Kyim'ayik friend off guard. "We don't think they're Grays."

There was a second of confused silence as Zim stared into the War Chief's eyes to see if this was a joke. Before Nishnabe could bring himself to explain, however, Atxika chimed in to give the proper explanation.

"What I am about to say is Level 8 classified information from Military Command and should be treated with the appropriate amount of secrecy. Do you understand?" After an incredibly professional and understanding nod from the Administrator, the Admiral continued. "We have confirmed the existence of a non-aligned, neutral-standing collective of decentralized Arnehilian groups who refer to themselves as, quote, 'the Greens', or the Free People of Sundered Arnehil. According to all reports, they are an ecologically-minded, nomadic, agricultural society who regularly travel in such a way as to avoid any means of tracking or detection by their… less peaceful cousins. However, there are a few who regularly check in with Military Command to avoid potential confrontations. There have been no indications that any of their groups discovered so far are violent, nor even capable of galactic standard levels of self-defense."

"I thought those rumors were just misinformation or propaganda." Zim was now much more earnest as gazed upon the holographic saucer floating above the planet. "And you say they're even ecologically-minded?"

"Our drones haven't detected any significant environmental disruptions." Msko sounded far more nonchalant about this situation than his long-time friend was expecting. There was no aggression or anger in his movements as he indicated towards a highlight portion of the holographic planet floating above the table and prompted the display to project a new hologram. "Their settlement is using solar and wind energy to operate their infrastructure and accumulate power reserves. From what we can tell, they're only a week away from finishing their agricultural harvest and two weeks away from their power reserves being fully recharged. If we had been delayed a month, there's a good chance we would have missed them completely."

“What kind of resource impacts would I have to account for?” The Administrator quickly followed up.

“Maybe a couple hundred tons worth of basic elements and organic matter.” It was clear Msko had already scoured everything and couldn’t find any reason to be concerned. “But the drones' sensors can’t detect any real difference between now and six months ago. Like I said, if we were delayed a month, we might not have even known they were ever there.”

"I see…" There was a moment of pause as Zim stared at the highly detailed holographic representation of a temporary settlement located only a couple dozen kilometers from where he had been planning his own colony.

The two military officers remained silent to give the Kyim'ayik Administrator all the time he needed to think about what he had just been told. Each species, without exception, had some unique form of architectural design and aesthetic, and the variety of buildings Zim was looking at were no different. The extensive use of cheap, easy to produce polymers, the simple, module construction, and rounded, nearly circular, aesthetic to all of the building were all clearly Arnehilian. However, there was something humble, almost intentionally so, about the lack of silver-metal detailing combined with the way the structures simply flowed into the untouched trees around them. Rather than a budding slaver-colony run by beings who thought themselves entitled everyone and everything, this looked like the respectfully maintained dwelling of a temporary guest who wished to remain discreet. Though the Administrator knew his duty to his people would normally demand he evict these uninvited squatters from his land, he couldn’t help but feel something almost kindred in what he was seeing.

"Have you made contact with them yet?" Zim flatly asked, though he could already guess the answer. "Do they know we're coming?"

"No and no." Atxika promptly answered, while letting her smile fall into a more professional expression. "Their ship is inactive, seems to be in a state of disrepair, and is currently in a free-floating, low orbit. According to our scans, their ground-based sensor systems are incapable of detecting our reconnaissance drones. However, they would absolutely notice our fleet entering the system."

"Well, we don't wanna scare them." Zim finally squeaked out with a slightly giggle that sounded more like a chirp. "Reptiles always freak out when you startle them."

It had been nine hours of working in the greenhouse when Mayor Harideth noticed the young dark gray-skinned, olive-drab clad messenger running towards him at full speed. Though he had known this young woman her entire life, she was a member of her community after all, he had never seen her running this fast. It wasn't the speed of her approach that made him stop what he was doing, rather it was the unadulterated fear plastered across her face. As Nalhilum sprinted down the path between the vertical hydroponic racks, a few of the Arnehilians in the greenhouse took notice, though didn't stop their work. When the young woman came to a sliding halt just in front of the Mayor, it looked like she was about to keel over from exhaustion and stress.

"My dear, please." Harideth had a genuinely concerned expression on his scaly face as he quickly moved to brace the young woman and prevent her from falling over. "You are too young to give yourself a heart attack running like that. Whatever is happening, you don't need t-"

"Mayor, we've been detected." The dread that came out of Nalhilum's voice and the tears in her eyes as she looked up at her community leader shattered the man's soul.

"Do not fear, Nalhilum, my dear. Please sit and rest. We will be fine. I promise." Harideth helped the young woman slowly lower herself into a seated position, plucked a just-ripe fruit from a vine he had been tending, and handed it to her before turning towards the closest other people in the greenhouse. "Maricha, please see to Nalhilum and ensure she recovers. I am needed in my mayoral duties immediately."

In the few seconds it took for the worker to be at the young woman's side, she had already begun nibbling on the sweet treat, savoring it as this was her last opportunity, and the Mayor had given her a gentle kiss on the forehead then began running out of the greenhouse. Though Harideth felt he had a personal duty to stay at his messenger's side until she had fully recovered and ensured she wouldn't need further assistance, he had a greater duty to his community as a whole. Despite feeling the same fear that he saw in Nalhilum’s eyes, and wanting to ball up and hide with every fiber of his body, he charged as fast as he could towards the town hall building. Though he knew running this fast was not good for his health, especially in his old age and after working all day, the only thing on the Mayor’s mind was the safety and future of the people who trusted him with their lives.

“Please don’t let it be the Oppressors.” Harideth muttered to himself as he ran as fast as his legs could take him. “By the Gods of Old, please don’t let it be them.”

For nearly a millennium now, his people had been free of those who flew the red and gray flag and, despite the many hurdles and setbacks, they had found their own form of happiness. After the Dynastic family who had kept his working-class ancestors in literal chains had been dealt a devastating blow when their capital ship was overrun by a group of abducted, pre-Ascension beings, it sparked a revival of the Free People’s ideology in the slave population. Stories of people living together in mutual aid, love, and respect once only told in hushed whispers were shouted from the rooftops as most of the surviving members of the Dynasty were thrown from them. Once all of the slaves of the other species were freed and on their way back to their respective homes, the budding groups of Greens scattered into the interstellar winds to avoid reprisal from other Dynasties which were sure to want revenge. There was even a dream that they would find other groups of Free Arnehilians living among the stars.

It was a blessing that their rebellion had initially gone unnoticed by the rest of the Arnehilian Dynasties and the greater community as that gave his ancestors time to disperse beyond the ability to be completely tracked down. Even if a few scattered communities eventually met their death or worse, the end of their freedom, there would be some who were able to survive and thrive. Though Harideth had assumed his nomadic village may eventually run into someone, he put a great deal of effort into minimizing that potential. In fact, he chose this very planet as their temporary stopping grounds specifically because it was far out of the way of most civilizations and people. After spending nearly a full season on this beautiful world, he had even started to grow attached to it and was looking for an excuse to postpone their migration in order to facilitate repairs to their ship. Being detected after so long, and with only a few weeks until they would have been ready to leave on their own, was something the Mayor could have never been prepared for.

“Make a hole!” A person wearing a dull green cap shouted down a rather cramped corridor that Harideth was barreling towards at full speed before quickly pulling back and nodding towards the man as he passed.

“Thank you, Chuzikum.” Harideth faintly mouthed while darting past the person and into the now cleared passageway that led outdoors.

Finally outside, the man only slowed his sprint to turn a few corners and avoid running into the few unwary people who had failed to notice him coming. He was less than a hundred meters away from the town hall building housing his destination, the command and control room, and he couldn’t stop now. Regardless of how hard his heart was beating, how much he felt his body overheating from the strain, and how much he wanted to just collapse, he couldn’t fail his people. As the building got closer and closer, Harideth tried to think through all of the possibilities of who it could be that had detected them. Though none of the options that came to his mind were particularly pleasant, from Bendari pirates to Qui’ztar law enforcement or even the Oppressors themselves, he was already trying to work out contingency plans as he finally approached the already open door and his assistant waiting for him beside it.

“Please close the door behind us, Marlati.” Harideth’s request was just barely audible as he crossed the threshold of the door and was quickly followed by his assistant who did as she was asked. “Who is it and what do they want?”

“The communication signal we are receiving registers as the Qui’ztar Third Matriarchy, Mayor Harideth.” Marlati quickly and quietly replied as she followed the man towards the command and control room.

“Oh, thank the Gods.” The Mayor stopped mid step and placed a hand on the wall next to lean and catch his breath for a moment. “This could still be very bad, but it could have also been so much worse.”

“Um, sir?” The Mayor’s assistant watched him with a hint of concern as she could see how much he was overheating. “Would you like me to get you a cooling pack?”

“Oh, no, that’s alright.” Harideth stood back up straight and continued towards his final destination, though a bit slower than before. As he turned back to his assistant, he gave a compassionate nod of approval. “You are too kind, my dear. This is just a…” The man’s voice trailed off as his thoughts began to concentrate on a plan of action.

“A what, sir?” Marlati nervously in a manner which caused the Mayor to look back at her. “I’m sorry sir, but this is the first time this has ever happened in my entire life.”

“First time for me too, Marlati.” Harideth admitted with a hit of nervous laughter. “But I do know enough about the Qui'ztar to not be issuing an immediate emergency evacuation order.”

“That’s not very reassuring.” Though the whine that just came his assistant would have been grating in any other circumstance, she was right and the Mayor knew it.

“That is the name of the game you help some of the children play, something of the magical planets?” Harideth stopped at the door to the room which separated him from his responsibilities as a Mayor.

“Adventures of the Magical Worlds, sir?”

“Yes! I believe there is a moral alignment chart in the rules somewhere.” Though it was clear that his assistant didn’t quite know what he was getting, it became incredibly obvious as he explained. “If I remember correctly, everything I’ve read about the Qui’ztar would put them roughly in the ‘hierarchical neutral’ category.”

“Ah…” The assistance was quite hesitant as she knew what that actually implied. “That still isn’t very reassuring.”

“They’re here to do a job. And as long as we comply and don’t get in their way, we’ll be fine.” The Mayor was doing his best to hold up his mask of confidence and not let this young feel what he felt.

“And what if their job is to kill us?”

“Then they wouldn’t have made their presence known. They would have simply shown up and sent us all to the next life.” However morbid that statement was, it actually did give the Marlati a small sense of real relief in the fact they weren't already dead as the door to the command and control room opened and the pair slowly walked in.

"Sir! Thank the Gods you're here!" A communications specialist shouted from his seat in front of a terminal towards the Mayor as he quickly approached.

"Of course, Telucima, I wouldn’t make you talk to them all by yourself." Harideth tried to crack a joke to the young woman behind the terminal in a vain attempt to calm her obviously flustered nerves. Though Telucima’s dark gray skin was never as shiny as a royal's, her face was especially dull and pale at the moment and the Mayor couldn’t help but empathize with her. “Now, please, give me your report. What do we know?”

“Well…” Telucima made a gulping sound as she swallowed some of the semi-poisonous saliva that had been building up in her mouth as a fear response. “There is a fairly substantial colony fleet headed our way being escorted by the First Independent Fleet of the Third Qui'ztar Matriarchy. They have stated that we are inhabiting an unregistered settlement on a planet that has already been claimed by the Kyim'ayik. However, they have not yet made any demands, claimed our settlement is in violation of any laws, or even made any threats. I am absolutely sure they know who we are, but they didn’t explicitly identify us in their message. I’m not exactly sure what it is going on, but the signal strength and delay indicate they are still a day or two away.”

“Interesting…” The Mayor commented with a more curious than scared tone while rubbing the top of his head in contemplation. “No demands, threats, or attempts to justify the use of force through galactic law… Is there any way we could get a real-time communications link established?”

“Sir? You want to talk to them?” Marlati could barely contain her fear as she interjected. “I thought every species hated us, and you want to talk to them?”

“They hate the bastard Oppressors, Marlati, though maybe not as much as we do.” Harideth knew this would be his one and only chance to make a good impression on what could otherwise be their impending doom and he was doing everything in his power to muster the inner courage needed for this conversation. “They may not know the difference between us and… them… yet. But something tells me they might.”

“Sir,” Telucima had redirected her attention back to her terminal and was running through the system to facilitate the Mayor’s request, “I can establish a quantum link, though it would require me to activate the relay on the ship. If there are any oppressors nearby, there’s a chance they could detect our presence and attempt to use the trace to track us down.”

“Do it.” The Mayor ordered with a tone that implied he knew the risks. “I want to see if these Qui’ztar would be willing to allow us to stay for the few weeks required to complete our harvest. Worst comes to worst, we’ll have to start packing everything up early and delay the repairs for another season.”

The next few moments were nearly silent aside from the sounds of a tapping keyboard and the occasional digitized ping from the terminal. Telucima had begun the task of awakening the ship, configuring the communications channel, and activating the relay through text-based commands on a simple, monochromatic screen, while the other two people clad in simple olive-drab clothing could do nothing but fester in their thoughts. While Harideth was busy planning out how he was going to grovel and beg for permission to finish his people’s desperately needed harvest of fresh food, Marlati was simply doing everything in her power not to shake in fear. When the final confirmation ping came from the terminal and Telucima began pressing her headset tightly to her ears, the faint whispers of a translated voice could be heard.

“Yes I can understand you…" The communications specialist, though lacking much previous experience in speaking with a member of another species, seemed to be focused solely on her job and not her fear. "Oh no, I'm sorry, this terminal doesn't have that function. It's… Yes, I can absolutely do that. Just give me one moment to set up the connection and I'll be right back with you."

In a flash, Telucima had taken off her headset, stood from her console, and was moving to a nearby bag resting on a table, much to the shock of the other Arnehilians. Before either the Mayor or his assistant could question the young woman, she was triumphantly holding up her personal data-tablet and was returning to her seat.

"What-" Harideth began before the young woman cut him off while pulling her tablet into the terminal.

"Ope, sorry about that, sir." The specialist cut off her mayor and began to explain in a rush. "I was speaking to a communications officer and she wanted an audio-visual feed to link to her commanding officer. This terminal doesn't haven't that functionality, but I can just just patch a link through my tablet. It's got a mic and camera and we can use it as the display."

“Good thinking, Telucima.” The Mayor laid a gentle, compassionate hand on the woman’s shoulder after she had placed the tablet at a good angle and sat back into her chair to type in the commands. “I knew you were the right person for this job.”

“It was the communications officer’s idea, sir.” Telucima couldn’t help herself but to be honest regardless of the praise. “I’m just glad there were instructions for this kind of patch in the training manual. It should just take a moment to load.”

When the relatively small screen came to life in front of the Mayor’s face, he saw three faces looking back at him with expectant eyes, and he froze in shock. Though none of the expressions looked out right hostile, he could tell none of those individuals would tolerate anything less than submission. Despite only ever seen descriptions of the being he was now looking at, all three could easily be identified. Even without his tail being visible, the furry, large-toothed person on the right was clearly a Kyim'ayik. The large, mostly-hairless, blue primate with pronounced tusks in the middle was, without a doubt, a Qui'ztar of particularly high rank. However, the not-as-large, similarly hairless, but copper-brown primate on the left was a species Harideth had a special fear, and particular reverence, for.

“Are… Are you a Nishnabe?” Harideth stammered out before even introducing himself or allowing these beings to introduce themselves, which prompted the Qui’ztar and Kyim'ayik to turn to the now confused human.

“Yes…” Msko replied hesitantly. “I take it you are aware of my people?”

“Aware…” Harideth couldn't stop the heartfelt smile from forming across his scaly face. “You… Your people… the Vanquishers of Tyrants, the Bane of Oppressors, the Unstoppable Rage, and the Saviors of the Oppressed… Your people are the reason my people have been blessed with a thousand years of freedom!”
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2023.06.03 17:06 Mydecor_Official Decorative mirrors in nairobi

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2023.06.03 17:06 Resident_Platypus108 The way my boyfriend acts about his dog annoys me

This is gonna be a long one:
Okay, I know I just have to speak up mote. But I'm just very frustrated and need to speak about this before I keep bottling it up and explode.
For context, he still lives at home with his father, I recently moved into an apartment almost a month ago.
My boyfriend got a Golden Retriever last September. Things were fine early on, but now she's approaching a year and is still completely untrained and I'm growing to resent her. Granted, being untrained is not her fault, it's his. And eventhough she is his dog, I have been sending copious amounts of videos on training, I have been giving little pieces of advice that I've gathered from dog lovers over the years, what I did with my dog before she passed. I wasn't perfect by any means, so I'm not expecting him to be, but it's like he's not trying.
If I don't tell him "we're going to the park and doing some socialization or training," it doesn't happen. If I do training with her, she regresses because he doesn't keep it up and reinforce it. She half listens to me, and rarely, if ever, listens to him.
She counter surfs like crazy. She's eaten 3-4+ entire chicken breasts, 2 entire steaks, a whole stick of butter, some trash, and more. Last week, his family had a cookout for Memorial Day. They let her out and she scared a small child by jumping on them and then jumped on the food table and started licking out the butter container and whatever else she could get her paws on.
She jumps on everyone, and almost knocks them down.
While I am an animal lover, I also have pet allergies, so I have to be strategic about things. I don't let her in my room because she sheds really bad, and if I have a flair up, I want one room I can go to get away from the allergy trigger until It calms down. In addition, she sleeps in the bed with him, everyone is different about that, but I personally don't like it and have expressed that to him. At his place, she is free to do what he and she wishes, but at mine I would not like for that to occur. She takes up the entire bed, sometimes has dirty paws and fur, and the fur being all over the bed isn't good for my allergies. I thought about compromising on letting her in the room because I had a small dog that I let in my room as I grew up, but... sigh. One time he came over before I got off work. She was in the room, I tried to be calm about it, maybe it'll be fine. Within seconds, she is jumping on my bed (I have an air mattress, as it's a new place). Not only do I have to worry about her popping the bed, but her paws were muddy and i had white sheets on the bed. My mom bought them for me so I was using them for a bit til the rest of my laundry got brought up from my storage in the garage and washed. So I had to strip my bed at 1:30am and wash the sheets so it wouldn't stain. He said nothing and went to sleep.
The rest of my apartment isn't completely together, so I use baby gates to keep her out of rooms where she could ingest something she shouldn't (she's tried to eat clorox wipes, hot sauce packets, everything). I had to make this man buy a trash can with a top on it (for his room at home) so she'd stop getting in the trash before it caused more serious issues. He refused for months but complained about her knocking trash over and eating things she shouldn't.
She has major separation anxiety due to never being away from him, and always being up under him. If we put her in the car to go somewhere, and he makes a stop at say, a gas station, she whines and panics the entire time until he gets back. I told him she needs to start having time away from him, so she can learn to self soothe. He didn't like it, but it's my apartment so I enforced it. Since staying in my 2nd room with a gate, she's taken more naps (she didn't sleep much before, always too hyper and too much interaction), plays by herself and can settle down, etc. We go in there and play with her, take her outside, and I try to do some training so she gets some enrichment as well. When she's around us (outside the room) or anyone else though, all that goes out the window because everyone thinks she needs constant attention.
I've also expressed how I don't want her all over my furniture. She's ripped up 3+ couch cushions, peed all over the furniture, scrates and bites everything. And frankly, because of the lack of boundaries she has at his house she is getting very demanding and doesnt listen. I currently have been bags while I look for a couch and don't want the filling everywhere, or for her to ingest any.
She's chewed up a few of my things, expensive items too.
Side note: I am catsitting for my cousin. Her cat is pretty aggressive (I love cats but he's a mean lil dude) and has never been around dogs so I put him in my 2nd room, and her in my livingroom with a baby gate.
So, I got tired of sleeping on the airmatress and decided to sleep on the beanbags for the night. He let her all over the bean bags, eventhough he knows how I feel. I've talked about how I'm considering getting 2 couches, one that I want for my house, and another less expensive one so she and any animals I get in the future can have a chill out spot and there's not 27383939 dog and cat beds all over.
I'm trying to be flexible and work with him but it seems like he just disregards everything in favor of not hurting her feelings.
I'm not saying ignore or neglect the dog, I've tried to get him to get puzzle feeders and other enrichment toys for her, or even sent him videos on diy enrichment activities. I talk about different training exercises that'll work her brain out while also teaching her how to and how not to behave. I suggest taking her on walks more than he does. I send him info about nutrition and how to keep her healthy, what toys not to buy, etc. It feels like I'm doing all the heavy lifting.
And in addition, it's gotten to the point that whenever I want to go do something together as a couple, he says we can't because he has to be at home with the dog. Because his dad says he doesn't spend enough time with the dog. Or he doesn't wanna leave her alone for more than an hour or two. Its always some excuse evolving her.
It's been months and I just don't know what to do anymore.
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