City of OKC - how to submit your comments on the FY 23 proposed budget

2022.05.17 18:39 w3sterday City of OKC - how to submit your comments on the FY 23 proposed budget

This is a way to give feedback on what the city spends its money on.
  1. Use the online form at
  2. Text budget comments to (405) 252-1053.
  3. Email comments to [email protected].
  4. Call the City Clerk's Office at 405-297­-2397 before 4 p.m. the Tuesday PRIOR to the next Council meeting to be on the agenda.
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2021.02.14 22:01 waspinatorrulez OKC southside water

I was gonna ask if there was a water main break on the south side. I finally got through to OKC Utilities & was told there was a problem at Draper affecting water service on the south side that's being worked on with no ETA. Edit: From the cityofokc twitter "We are experiencing frozen line issues at the Draper Water Treatment Plant, and are working to get these corrected as quickly as possible. ^jm" Second Edit: "Yes. There is an apparent main break in the area. We are looking into it and will find out what’s going on. Will make an announcement once we have more info. ^jm"
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2020.03.12 23:36 SpiritWolfie OKC COVID-19 MEGATHREAD - come here to discuss information but keep it civil

Post all Covid-19 information here so everyone can stay informed.

With the recently events in OKC concerning COVID-19 I wanted to make a place where we can all share information and discuss this issue.
Please keep all discussions civil.
It's OK to disagree with other people even aggressively but it's NOT OK to resort to name calling and/or personal attacks. Generalized statements about an entire group are not OK either (i.e. everyone who disagrees with this is a MAGA loving lintlicker) Don't do that.
Also - information will change. This is a fluid and evolving situation and you should expect the information you're receiving to change also. That's perfectly normal and natural.
Also - just because someone disagrees with you doesn't mean they're spreading disinformation.
Yes this is a scary and confusing time. We're all hearing stories around the world about people dying from this disease. But please remember, there are even more people that are surviving it. Please don't panic and don't freak out. Let's take time to educate ourselves and be supportive of each other during this difficult time.
And please keep in mind we're all in this together and we're all still Okies. While we may not always like one another, we should still do our best to treat each other with respect.

I will continue to update the sections below with information and links as they become available.


John's Hopkins University - Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE)
The official Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website for tracking the disease nationally:
More Relevant Links for OKC:
The official SubReddit for tracking the disease:
Other subreddits:
Twitter Links:

If you need assistance finding food, paying housing bills, accessing free childcare, or other essential services, dial 211 to speak to someone who can help OR click on this link.


CLOSINGS Through April 12
  • Bars without on-premises food
  • Cigar lounges
  • Hookah bars
  • Vaping Lounges
  • Remington Park gaming area
  • Exotic dancing clubs
  • Gyms
  • Exercise facilities
  • Movie theaters
  • Shopping mall food courts
Take-out or delivery only:
  • Bars with on-premises food
  • Restaurants (including buffets)
  • Breweries


Any individual who develops symptoms of COVID-19 should contact their health care provider or call 877-215-8336. The testing is coordinated by the health care provider. County health departments do not offer testing. For more info, please visit: OCCHD Covid-19 Info Bulletin
  • CDC's OFFICAL Tweet about treatment if you're infected - Tweet
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2019.02.06 15:03 yellweah Anyone else catch that twitter debate this week about the behavior of transients and urban campers in Bricktown?

I don't know about anyone else but I love reading a good twitter fight, especially involving influential people.
Some of the belligerents involved, @cityofokc @jilldelozier @stevelackmeyer @hotdogokc @urbanizedokie and several others
The fight started Monday and lasted a couple days. In the end there was a lot of virtue signalling on all sides but no real solutions other than the city of OKC simply evicting the urban campers and cleaning up their mess at taxpayer expense.

If you like drama, enjoy, if not sorry for a boring post I guess.
What are real solutions for homelessness that are cost effective AND won't get you shamed on social media???
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2018.11.29 03:44 DolphusTRaymond With all the noise about Horns Down in the B12 CCG, the City of OKC decided to throw some shade on Twitter.
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