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2023.05.22 19:18 techguru1212 [HIRING] IT Helpdesk/Systems Technician Northern NJ School District

Here is a great opportunity to work for a public school district in Northern NJ. Looking for a high caliber, entry-level person with the drive to work as a System Technician I
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2023.05.17 18:37 hightechcoord Looking for sysadmin NE ohio

Someone to do network, servers, level 2 help desk. Description and salary range below. North East Ohio
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2023.05.17 14:53 techguru1212 [HIRING] Entry Level IT Helpdesk/Systems Technician North NJ School District

Here is a great opportunity to work for a public school district in Northern NJ. Looking for a high caliber, entry-level person with the drive to work as a System Technician I
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2023.05.17 13:55 techguru1212 [HIRING] Entry Level Helpdesk/Systems Technician NJ School District

Here is a great opportunity to work for a public school district in Northern NJ. Looking for a high caliber, entry-level person with the drive to work as a System Technician I
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2023.05.08 23:55 NoRecommendation4148 Latin Teacher Wanted North of Pittsburgh

1/2 Latin 1/2 GATE Middle School PA Certification Required
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2023.04.25 02:45 ashrk725 When to expect to hear back after applying for job positions?

I’m an intern who has filled out a few job applications, but haven’t heard anything back yet. I was wondering if anyone has applied in New Jersey, and if/when you heard back if you got an interview. Some of the application portals have closed at this point on applitrack. Thank you. 🙂
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2023.04.23 18:14 Lopsided-Insect1367 Tips for getting interviews and standing out on applitrack

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2023.04.23 17:46 Lopsided-Insect1367 Tips for getting interviews and standing out on applitrack

Hi, I currently substitute around North Jersey. Mostly in one school district. I have my certificate in K-6 as an elementary teacher. I do have one interview scheduled in a nice town, but it is a bit far from me. Anyone in Jersey have any tips on standing out? All the principals tell me to relax and that schools are going to line up for me, but frustrating applying to different schools all over and only hearing back from a couple. I’m a male and would prefer to stay in graded 2-5, but would work with grade one if it was the right school district. All I hear about is that there is a shortage and I’ll be able to pick and choose where I end up. I prefer not to work in a charter or private school either. Any advice would be appreciated. I am alternate Route btw.
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2023.04.04 05:09 malkin50 Help wanted: Please!
Wonderful little kids need you! Please consider working at Preschool Services in Granite School District.
EDIT: I was just hoping that someone might be interested. I'm not involved in hiring, I just work there and it would be nice to have more staff.
Of course the pay is lousy and there are no benefits. The qualifications are minimal--I think you have to be 18, pass a background check, and fog a mirror. These are not positions for certified teachers.
Lots of people have these jobs and love these jobs.

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2023.03.30 15:56 ExtentVegetable8539 HVAC Tech

Anyone know someone looking for a HVAC work? We’re looking for a Mechanic 4. It’s a good place to work you get a good amount of time off, pension, and decent insurance!
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2023.03.18 15:28 smallbutfeisty_nj Applitrack success?

Hello everyone, Has anyone figured out what tricks exist to get interviews via Applitrack? I have a student teacher and hope to coach on success but my last interview success was in the days of mailing resume and cover letter. Ha!
I know there are tricks for the corporate world to get past the robot hiring systems so what about in education? Thanks!
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2023.02.18 13:40 MadsMarie23 Vague request for "references" given in a job description; what should I send?

I'm graduating in May with a 7-12 ELA license, and a lot of districts in my area have already started posting openings for the upcoming school year. There's a district I'm really interested in that just posted a position, but instead of having a standard application through AppliTrack like a lot of the other districts I've applied to, they just ask potential applicants to send their resume, cover letter, and three references to the HR manager's email. I was wondering if by "references" they just want contact information or if I should have my three references write me some sort of recommendation letter to go along with the other application materials? This is one of those "they don't tell you this in teacher school" things that I'm not super sure on lol.
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2023.02.04 07:23 DreamTryDoGood HR: “We won’t forward your application without three references, one of which needs to be your current supervisor.”

I’m a third year sixth grade teacher who has taught math and ELA and currently teaches science. My school district is in a massive budget crisis, so I’m quietly applying for other jobs in case mine gets cut. I’m also set to exit probationary status after this year, so this is the last year my district could non-renew me without a due process hearing. My principal likes me, but my eval last year was not great. I think my eval went better this year, but it was only just done this week, so my principal is nowhere close to submitting it to the state.
I’ve applied to a few openings and was really exited to see one in a suburban district that pays well for the area and is reportedly increasing their plan time (crucial when my district is trying to cut plan time). I completed the application through Applitrack. My principal is listed as the contact under the general work history section, but I opted not to list her as a reference so she wouldn’t get the automatic email. I’m not ready to say I’m applying elsewhere (even though they might already know). My principal actively sabotaged some of my coworkers who applied for other jobs last year. Granted, those were internal transfer requests that she could easily block. But still. I have other references that I trust that won’t tattle on me. Why is that not good enough?
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2023.01.27 20:42 Trilly2000 Metropolitan School District of Washington Township is in dire need of school bus drivers. If you’re looking for work, please consider this.

From the district’s employment website:
Bus Drivers Needed (weekdays only, no weekends)!
MSDWT requires a Bus Driver to have a clean driving record, be drug free, over twenty-one years of age, pass a national background check, and be eligible to work in the United States.
A first year regular Bus Driver receives $25.65 per hour and $27.21 with 5 years experience with another district.
Permanent Bus Drivers are eligible for benefits!
Health Insurance Paid time off Dental insurance Vision insurance Life insurance Paid training Retirement plan Referral program ($1000) Employee assistance program Flexible spending account Other
No CDL, No Problem! CDL/Bus Driver Training Program: $180.00 paid midway through the training process and another $180.00 paid at the end of the training program. Payment for training is paid by voucher.
For further information, or to apply to this position, please visit the MSDWT Transportation vacancy page on our website at:
For information pertaining to the training process, please contact Kim Gaither, Asst. Director Transportation at 317-254-5510 ext. 42100. For all other questions, you may also contact Nancy Chastain, Human Resources Specialist, at 205-3332, ext. 77237.
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2023.01.13 15:56 Numerous_Baker_9794 BK’s fingerprints were probably in the system. Does that suggest his fingerprints were not found at the scene?

According to sources in a NYT article, as well as as a 2018 article in Ponoco Record, BK worked as a Security Officer for a PA school district for several years until 2021. This school district has an active job posting for a Security Officer, which outlines necessary requirements as a contingency of employment. These requirements include digital fingerprinting through IdentoGO, a national identity services agency. Assuming this requirement were the same at the time of his employment, BK would have submitted his fingerprints that would be logged digitally and accessible to LE.
That said, the DNA connection between the sample found on the knife sheath and paternal DNA found in the family’s trash was the final straw that warranted the PCA and subsequent arrest, not fingerprints.
Had BK’s fingerprints been found at the scene, at least prior to his arrest on 12/30, they could have been matched, and potentially led to a sooner arrest.
So my speculation is that, at least prior to the arrest, either no fingerprints were found matching BK’s OR if they were, they were not found in a location or manner that supported probable cause for involvement in the crime.
EDIT: Adding that this is just a theory and was tagged as such. The theory is simply that it's not out of the realm of possibility that LE had access to his fingerprints. Link to my comment below for additional insight here.
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2022.12.28 21:08 leprechaun_dong Applitrack

Hi there! So I don’t know if Applitrack is a universal tool or whether it’s just in Illinois, but it’s basically an online database to enter personal info, resumes, letters of rec, etc that can be reused when applying to different school districts. After 4 years at my current school I’ve been unhappy (and severely underpaid, even by teacher standards) and want to start looking elsewhere for work, but am nervous that somehow my employer will see me in the database because they use the same database to find and hire new staff members.
I work in a very small district where admin really keeps close tabs on all of the teachers and am afraid of them retaliating, as they take this sort of thing very personally and have been known to lay teachers off over what essentially is them feeling butthurt. If anyone out there knows about Applitrack or something similar, do you know whether employers have the ability to see that their employees are actively applying to other districts on there?
If so, any advice on ways to start looking for other openings without drawing any attention from admin?
Tldr; Want to start looking for other teaching jobs, wondering if my employer has access to the online database where I fill out applications.
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2022.12.07 23:45 dfabner Applitrack References

My references are either taking awhile to respond (despite contact with them) or they are not getting the emails. Is my job submission still fully submitted or put on halt if the surveys are incomplete?
(Applying for nurse position)
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2022.10.17 02:26 adstretch [Hiring] Scotch Plains Fanwood School District (NJ) is looking for a Tier 1 Computer technician
We are looking for an entry level computer technician.
Candidate must have:
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2022.09.30 20:02 ItzN0tMe Question for Graphic Design Majors

Do you think the pay for this job is worth it given the skills requirements? Given that minimum wage is $16.20, it seems that they would have to be paying the highest pay in the range at $18.25 given what they are requiring in regards to skills amd experience. What do you all think?
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2022.09.20 00:41 Xenocideghost $14.54 - $15.41 DOE for Cafeteria Manager at elementary school in Anchorage … what a joke.

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2022.08.15 20:47 towehaal Job Opening in Elgin/Streamwood, IL for Elementary

we have an unfilled position in our district if you're interested. It is itinerant across three schools but I it looks like mostly one school with a class or two at two additional schools. I'm guessing that will change next year.
I'm a fellow art teacher, not an admin... reach out if you have questions.
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2022.08.03 03:17 mashkid Veteran teacher just seeing what's out there, and one thing hasn't changed...

Fuck Applitrack.
That is all.
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