Universal gas cap for lawn mower

GRAFT Blockchain enables using any cryptocurrency at the Point of Sale. Natively.

2017.08.25 20:40 graft-project GRAFT Blockchain enables using any cryptocurrency at the Point of Sale. Natively.

GRAFT is a global, open-sourced, blockchain-based, decentralized payment gateway and processing platform. Any buyer and merchant can use Graft in a completely decentralized and inexpensive way. Graft ecosystem is open, so anyone can participate by maintaining Graft blockchain and implementing network services. Graft employs payment processing protocols and flows similar to traditional electronic payment systems such as credit cards, which are already trusted by millions of buyers and merchants.

2023.05.30 06:19 kickslick Am I cutting Bermuda Lawn too Low?

I've had sod laid down at my place a around 6-8 months ago and after MANY missteps, I'm finally seeing the weeds die out and the bermuda starting to thrive. This is in Central Texas.
Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/nGDWLpR
I've read online that Bermuda thrives when it's cut regularly and at a low height (about 1 inch).
I've tried adjusting the mower deck on my greenworks mower to 2/9 (measures to about 1-1.2 inches from the ground ) for the last couple of weeks and noticed that the lawn looks very patchy with discoloured bermuda grass along the edges of where the sod patches were put together.
Should I change my mower settings and keep it higher to allow the grass to grow and eventually fill in the gaps? (The last picture in the link is the lawn unmowed). The grass looks extremely green (albeit uneven ) when it's allowed to grow.
I've already had a soil test done and it's lacking in all the required nutrients (N-P-K). I did apply an 18-18-18 fertilizer about 1 month ago and the label says I should use it once every 3 months.
Is there anything else I should look into? Is this a fungus that I need to address?
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2023.05.30 06:00 nomad_Henry Exploring the Advantages of Living in the UK versus the USA from an Immigrant's Perspective

I came to the UK as an international student and have been living here for almost 18 years now. I am now a naturalized citizen. I have worked in both the USA and the UK for several years. I started my own business in the UK, and it has been successful. However, my family attempted to build a furniture business in the USA 10 years ago, but unfortunately, it did not work out. On the other hand, my wife attended an Ivy League university and worked at Goldman Sachs at NYC for a few years. Although I genuinely love the USA and acknowledge that it offers unique opportunities, I would like to share some perspectives on immigrating to the UK and learn more about America as well.
TL;DR: The USA is advantageous for making money, while the UK offers a more stable and family-friendly lifestyle.
What does the UK do better than the USA?
What does the USA do better than the UK?
I have lived in many countries and no country is perfect. Each country offers different things and can be great depending on what you are looking for. I am in my late 30 now and I am looking to retire this year. I don't find living in the UK or US appealing, as both countries are money-sinking holes. I am moving to South East Asia for a more relaxed, basic and cheaper lifestyle.
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2023.05.30 05:50 Former_Marsupial_403 how long between mows?

i got my mower a little late in my new house, almost 2 weeks after the sod was layed out. it took the mower over a week of running to get it down to a reasonable level, but it never 'weather timered ' yet and the lawn is looking like i'm using a dull blade even though the blades were new. I'm thinking it's just scraping the top since most of the lawn is cut and if i should let it sit for a few days so it actually has something to cut
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2023.05.30 05:46 Rand0mness4 NoP: Trails of Our Hatred Ch. 4

Special thanks to u/SpacePaladin15 for allowing fanfiction and giving us Tilfish. The man gave us a canon art of the bugs, and they're rad!
I'm surprised I got this motivation in my to write this part so quickly. I think the fine comments I got motivated me pretty well. Now, I'd appreciate your thoughts and opinions on this. If its flow is smooth and feels right, let me know, I'm not usually good with dialogue.
Also, Feenstra, thank you for your kindness and support. I don't know how to respond to it, honestly, but you're a cool cat.
[First] [Prior] [Next]
Memory Transcription Subject: Marullo, Tilfish agricultural practitioner.
Date: December 2, 2136
I gripped the fabric over the side window and pushed it aside, spotting a Tilfish on the other side of the door instead of a cluster of predators. He appears rather calm, even though he's alone out in the open. My grip tightened on the blind before I tugged the door open.
"Visiting hours are closed." I stated curtly, my antennae twitching outside of my control. Formi I'm still riled up, and I want this man gone so I can dig a hole in peace. I eye the visitor sharply, not seeing any garment or air to him that would tip me off if this was a visiting politician. He's too soft to be a farmer, and I know for a fact there's no appointments he could be attending.
"Oh, uh, is this a business?" I don't even bother with a reply and give the stranger a long look, waiting for him to either acknowledge the massive emblem on the wall right above us or get on with it. He fidgets in awkward silence for a long few seconds. "Uhhh... okay, okay. Off on the wrong feeler here. I'm concerned, is all. I could hear you yelling for the past hour."
My antennae dropped slightly. "What?"
"You uh, your window was open." The stranger explained, mandibles clicking slightly in concern as I shut the door behind me and scuttled down the steps into the yard. I felt my chitin warm around my skull as I looked at the aforementioned window.
Don't tell me I broadcasted that entire conversation to the world.
Stupid sand spitters. Stupid sand spitters!
"I... am sorry for disturbing the peace." I hissed. "I had to wrangle some insubordinates into line. How much did you hear?"
"Not much. Just a lot of yelling. We could hear you from the apartments."
I dipped my head at the mention of the living block. The Regional Agriculture Advisory building was on the edge of the business and government district, and down the road was the start of a residential area. Towering buildings loomed over there, and on occasion they provided a nice view from my old office window with the setting sun reflecting off their many windows.
I was lucky that the masses were too nervous to be out and about in this sector. There was an infestation of predators in and around the capitol building, and even more outposts spread through the surrounding sectors. Being on the streets wasn't popular any more, so the normally lively road we were on was all but abandoned the past several days.
Oddly, I noticed that this stranger was very much alone. There was no swarm to keep him safe, and no vehicle in sight. On the far end of the road leading into the residential sector was a hastily erected barricade that still stood untouched by the predator's roving patrols, comprised mostly of furniture and scrap wood and metal. Looking towards the other end of the road leading towards the capitol building was a more firm barricade that surprisingly still stood, but the filthy tire tracks that cut over the sidewalk and through carefully maintained gardens and lawns told me how the predators got by. There was still nobody else in sight.
"It won't happen again. I had to enforce who's the new boss."
"The predators?"
My mandibles clacked and the stranger flinched at my snap, but stood his ground as I side eyed him intently. "No, me. I'm in charge of this operation."
"Did the predators tell you that yesterday?"
You tar sucking wretch.
The airy accusation made me clench my mandibles and feelers, and my antennae grew still. It must've encouraged the stranger to keep going.
"Because replacing our leaders with more traitorous Tilfish won't work. We're not the Venlil."
So that was what this was really about. Okay.
"You're mistaken," I began smoothly, ready to cut down this wretch with words alone. "My daughter got into trouble while I was working, and was returned to me. I've been terribly busy as you've heard in the old Advisor's place, with everything ongoing. Their visit yesterday did not pertain to my office, and any insinuation to the contrary will not be taken lightly."
"There was a boy as well. He seemed unnaturally comfortable with the beasts."
I will bury you underneath my garden.
"Your vision must be failing, because I assure you I saw no such thing under my roof."
"Good, good. We cannot have the diseased among us, no matter the times. I was wary of calling the exterminators prematurely, so I'm glad I checked in."
"The dead Exterminators?" I asked sharply, cocking my head. "Or the ones leashed to the predators?"
"..." The wretch stared at me for a long moment. "The dead ones, I suppose."
"What a shame about them, really." I drawled. "Anyways, did you have anything else on your mind you felt worth coming over this way to ask?"
"What happened to the old Advisor?"
"Dereliction of duty and cowardice. He's fled to a different system by now. For all the good that'll do him." The wretch's antennae flicked in irritation. "Now, the office is closed and I have work to do yet. Admittance is by appointment only. Good day."
The wretch didn't leave, apparently unsatisfied. We stared at each other a moment more.
"Is something else the matter?" I buzzed firmly.
"The swarm is more than capable of defending itself without the Exterminators. Don't think yourself above it's reach."
Something cold settled in my carapace. My claws itched. "Be very careful; threatening the Agricultural office is a high crime. I'm more than capable of protecting myself without the Exterminators."
A twitch from the wretch. "Is that so?"
"Don't come around my office again. Bounders are not welcome here, same as any predator."
His antennae lowered and he remained quiet, and I felt a faint trill in my chest. "Enjoy your day..."
"Eat sod." I responded sharply. I eyed the wretch as he retreated down the sidewalk, and something clicked in my mind.
Twenty paces. In twenty paces I could retrieve the gun in the lobby. You won't even see it coming.
A flicker of movement, and another Tilfish stepped out from some ornamental carvings in front of the filing office down the way, joining the wretch. I waited until the two were out of sight and long gone, arms crossed and feelers clenching my chitin as I waited even longer, before turning back to my abode and striding around to the garden.
"Marullo?" The voice above me is hesitant, and I bury my tool into the soil and look up. Tugal is above me at the lip of the hole, and I realize that I've dug way too far down. My arms hurt. My legs hurt. I don't feel like stopping, but I might hit a gas line if I keep going. I feel a flash of pity at my brother's distressed state.
"What... what happened while I was asleep? Holywood and Aegan are fighting over burning the last of our food- those Nectar Pods the predator touched. I thought we threw those out, but somehow they're back. Muttart climbed up the wall and left tracks everywhere, and he won't come down because he's still mad about last night. Cleo's locked herself in the bathroom and won't stop crying and vomiting. She searched the net for something and nobody can get through to her now. She mentioned the predator wanted something terrible from you, but that's all I could understand through the door. And you're out here destroying the gardens?"
"I was in my office all day. Food distribution is back on track for now, but who knows how long that'll last. It was stressful, and this is how I'm handling it." I began. I clacked my mandibles and ran my feelers over my antennae.
Formi, I'm filthy.
"Why destroy the gardens? And the hole?"
"The old boss's taste in décor was tacky. I'm sprucing it up. Oh! The Head of Agriculture is still with us. He approved my promotion, so I'm now the new Regional Agricultural Advisor." I rubbed at my face, my antennae twitching aggressively once more now that I'm not putting my entire focus onto tearing asunder this pathetic excuse of a garden.
"I'm making a burrow in case we need to hide the kids outside the building. I've already made two others in case we need to retreat through the back and into the next property."
"What did the predator do? Are you okay?"
I kicked at some loose soil before stretching my legs and scuttling out of the hole. I pulled myself up and fruitlessly wiped at the filth coating my carapace. "I'm not okay. Nobody is okay, or we wouldn't be here Tugal. We wouldn't need to worry about predators, or pests, or starving, or the humans, or each other if we were okay. For once, our predator didn't do anything wrong."
Tugal became alert, his mandibles clicking quietly as he waited for me to continue.
"There was a Tilfish that left the swarm. He went into one of the predator nests to talk. They didn't hurt him- the humans are too patient to eat the first ones that come to them, but after he left some witnesses told the swarm about it." How I really felt about the matter was slipping through with every single errant twitch I couldn't control. We were not supposed to be the monsters in this story. We were not supposed to be so susceptible to our wicked past. We were civilized!
I lowered my voice. "A group took him away from the city and tore him apart while he was still alive. They tried to feed him to Bark Saws, Tugal."
"Are you certain the story wasn't deception?" Tugal whispered back. "It's what they're known for."
I flicked my antennae in confirmation.
"Maybe... maybe they were defending themselves. Don't look at me like that, how they did it was sick. I hope they're screened and dealt with properly; we can't have people doing that in these times. It's no excuse. I'm just trying to understand it." Tugal stated, making my innards twist. "But these predators we're facing hunt through social deception. They're tricky, and the more of us they corrupt the more susceptible the swarm gets. That man, he could've done untellable damage. I just... I'm sorry you had to hear that. We have to stand strong against them, but we can't lose ourselves doing so."
Tugal watched me for a moment more, then gently prodded me: "...now, why the burrows? What else happened?"
I swallowed, my mandibles clicking repeatedly as I tried to reign in my thoughts. It was hard to speak suddenly, and I gripped my feelers until my claws started scraping into my chitin. "Where does that leave Muttart?"
Tugal flinched and his mandibles flexed. "No. Marullo, no."
"He's not afraid of them, Tugal!" I hissed quietly, feelers trembling. "He isn't! How do I help him? How long can I keep him here before he's too curious and sneaks out? What if someone sees him? What if Cleo finds out? He's not a threat: he's still a child!"
"Marullo, he'll be fine." My brother stated firmly, gripping my arms. "Nobody's going to touch him. We just need to talk to him- he doesn't understand what predators are capable of."
"And what about us?" I buzzed back. "What are we capable of? How can normal people do that?"
"It's fear, Marullo. Fear breaks us. You freeze when you're terrified. Others abandon the ones they love. Some... some fight back. Everyone goes crazy when threatened, and those people will pay for what they did."
Too many things flashed through my head at once. It felt like I was boiling.
"It's not just them, Tugal. Someone down in the residential area was watching the predators last night. He asked about him." My brother's feelers tightened on my arms, and he grew still. "They asked about me as well, and I think they believe I'm a threat. They're no different than the people that mutilated that poor man."
"How many? What did you say?"
"Two, at least. They didn't give their names. I didn't tell them anything about us. We can't trust anyone else to keep quiet. One word to the wrong person and we're all dead. Our chance at making this right dies. I told them off, but I don't think it'll be enough."
"They might come back because of that."
"What was I to say? Was I supposed to advertise that we're one of the last resistance networks left?"
My brother's grip loosened and he stepped away, antennae flicking with concern. "I can figure this out. We'll... I'll set up a watch throughout the day with the exterminators. If they're on hand if a mob shows up, one of them in their gear should dissuade any further action. They won't get to you or Muttart. You did good. Can you- please rest. Go clean up, you'll scare Holywood and Muttart."
I twitched my mandibles a few times, looking at the ruins of a once barely acceptable garden. "Let me tidy up back here. I have to order flowers and a few trees, and work on other gardens in the public view. I guess that part can wait." I tacked on quickly, trying not to flinch under Tugal's sharp gaze.
"I'll go out to the market and pick up food afterwards. We shouldn't need to worry about basic necessities."
"If you're up for it. Be watchful out there" Tugal warned softly. I appreciated his concern, and bobbed my head wordlessly. He paused a moment, and asked quietly: "How did the predator come across that crime?"
"I... I don't know."
Tugal sighed quietly. "How did it affect it?"
I paused, wondering why Tugal cared. Absently, I ducked my head in thought. "It's furious. I... I almost want to say bitter. We got into a fight over the Bark Saws, and it escalated. It's angry with me, and I need to figure out how to fix that before we lose it."
"We can try and-""
"No." I interrupt, surprising my brother. His antennae raise, and I continue. "Because I've been handing off the conversation to you and the others, we accidentally crossed it. If I had been the one to talk to it first instead of you, I could've avoided starting the argument with the Bark Saw. Cleo, Aegan, Zoil- they're hostile towards it and it believes I talk like that now. It feels threatened. I need to do this on my own and try and fix it. I can bring it back to us."
Tugal buzzed quietly, thinking. "Okay. Get yourself cleaned up first. Give it some time to calm down and go bring back some groceries. I'll talk with the others and get them back on track. I think our window to do this is closing, Marullo. If we can't get this human the risks we took will be for naught. Every other option will be riskier if this falls apart."
"I know. I won't let you down."
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2023.05.30 05:14 memphisgrit I challenge you!

I challenge you to help a stranger, someone who is struggling, have one less thing to worry about for at least a couple days.
When you're at the gas station and you overhear someone prepay $5 or $10 for gas, when you go back outside, approach that person and kindly offer to swipe your card and let them fill up.
I have done this so many time I cannot count and I have never had any troubles or issues. At first, the person might look at you sideways, like "is this mf serious?" ... Just tell them, yeah, you are, you're just fulfilling this challenge. Once they realize you're for real and that gas starts flowing into their tank, they are extremely grateful, sometimes shocked.
I have never spent over $55 doing this.
When you do it, don't approach them in the store, wait until they are outside. People could be embarrassed.
If someone is prepaying only $5 or $10, I can assure you, if they're not filling up a gas can for the lawn mower, they could use some help.
Filling the gas tank up could give someone the piece of mind that they can get to work for the rest of the week and not have to worry about running out of gas, or they could use the money they would have spent on gas on something else like groceries or put it towards the light bill.
It's a small kind gesture that goes a long way for some people. I'll give cash away sometimes but I don't really like doing that because obviously, you don't truly know what the money will be spent on. Doing it this way you do know.
This is just something I have been doing for a while and something I love doing. I think it might be my curiosity of their reactions. It can make for a very genuine, wholesome, and kind interaction between two humans who have never spoken before.
It shows them there is still love in this world, therefore hope's abound.
Good night!
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2023.05.30 04:06 muffinBadger Noise Compliant for Power Device

I know this is probably a dead-end, but I put it here anyways:
TLDR - Is there a way to file a noise complaint to the City for noise from neighbour's pressure washer during daytime?
My crazy neighbour likes to pressure wash his driveway 3 times a week, about an hour each time. His pressure washer is extremely loud, way louder than the typical household ones. At first I could tolerate by closing my windows, but recently it's getting excessively loud.
I talked to him about the noise and asked if he could reduce the time he washes, or consider switching to a quieter machine. He's very aggressive and told me to F off.
So I tried to file a noise complaint on Toronto 311 website, but found out the City only deals with Power Device noise between 7pm-8am (mon-fri) and 7pm-9am (weekends). Basically the website is telling me that people are allowed to wreack havoc with their pressure washers, lawn mowers, chainsaws as much as they want during daytime.
Am I out of luck? Are there any other options?
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2023.05.30 03:50 Garlic_Rabbit Brushless 40V mower plus which free tool?

I'm looking at picking up the RY401210 mower, which currently comes with either a string trimmer and one 6ah battery (and charger) or a blower and two 4ah batteries (and charger).
I've got a pretty big lawn that's a mix of various grasses and weeds. I'm not a lawn care guy. My Snapper riding mower that I'd been keeping alive for a decade finally broke beyond repair, so I gave it to the local scrapper. I had a Toro Recycler mower, so I grabbed another secondhand and figured wirh ther pair I and my 11yo son could tackle the lawn together during the summer. Then the old one blew up, and the new one doesn't run as well as the seller said it did. I'm about fed up with gas mowers.
In this situation, would two 4ah batteries be more useful than one 6ah, considering the mower includes two 6ah already? I've already got an Echo trimmer that runs like a top, but have no real use for a blower so the tool choice is moot. I'm just after the batteries.
Thanks in advance for any info or suggestions.
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2023.05.30 03:48 ilikemoose42 H: Trades W: Unyielding, AP, weapon weight, heavy leather left arm, plus a few other things

I am looking for a unyielding, AP, heavy leather left arm, with weapon weight, or maybe cavalier or sentinel.
A unyielding, intelligence, sentinel, wood left arm.
A Vampire, power attack, strength, chainsaw.
An AA, bash, 90% reduced weight, Minigun.
Chameleon, weapon weight reduction, excavator power armor, with a good second star, I don't need a left leg, or chest, and am mostly after a left arm.
Maybe a unyielding, +1 strength, weapon weight reduction, marine chest.
I will pay caps for weightless trapper, or forest scout armor, with slowly removes rads. For trapper I need a RA and forest scout armor I need a CP, LA, LL. If you have more then one piece I may offer more then caps
Now what I have for trade.

Rare outfits

tattered field jacket
blue ridge caravan outfit and and gas mask
both scout masks
white powder jumpsuit
responder fireman helmet
winter man mask
crazy guy mask
deathclaw mask
brahmin mask
demon mask
hag mask
buffoon mask
raven mask


Some enclave plasma rifles ready for rolling, and some mod boxes too.


aristocrats, explosive, less vats cost, double barrel shotgun
aristocrats, explosive, less vats cost, handmade
anti armor, explosive, V.A.T.S. critical meter fills 15% faster, radium rifle
anti armor, 50 more vats critical damage, less vats cost, pepper shaker
berserkers, 50 more vats critical damage, less vats cost, fixer
bloodied, explosive, breaks 50% slower, fixer
bloodied, faster fire rate, 90 reduced weight, minigun
bloodied faster fire rate 90 reduced weight gatling laser
bloodied, explosive, faster reload, submachine gun
bloodied, 50 more vats critical damage, less vats cost, gatling plasma
bloodied, 50 more vats critical damage, less vats cost, lever action
bloodied, faster fire, rate, 90 reduced weight, radium rifle
bloodied, faster fire, rate, less vats cost, railway rifle
bloodied, explosive, faster reload, ripe rifle/pistol
bloodied, faster fire rate, breaks 50% slower, ultracite gatling laser
executioner, explosive, less vats cost, fixer
junkies, explosive, faster reload, handmade
junkies, explosive, 90 reduced weight, handmade
junkies, explosive, less vats cost, light machine gun
junkies, explosive, less vats cost, 50 cal machine gun
junkies, explosive, less vats cost, pipe revolver
quad, 50 more vats critical damage, faster reload, fixer
quad, explosive, less vats cost, pipe revolver
quad, faster fire rate, faster reload, gatling gun
quad, faster fire rate, faster reload, assault rifle
quad, explosive, less vats cost, assault rifle
quad, explosive, less vats cost, bolt action pipe rifle
quad, explosive, faster reload, hunting rifle
quad, 50 more vats critical damage, less vats cost, gauss rifle
tse, less vats cost, pipe bolt action pistol/rifle
tse, faster reload, pump action shotgun
tse, less vats cost, combat shotgun
tse, faster reload, handmade
tse, less vats cost, radium rifle
tse, 90 reduced weight, 50 cal machine gun
tse, 90 reduced weight, gatling gun
two shot, faster fire rate, less vats cost, railway rifle
two shot, 50 more vats critical damage, faster reload, fatman
vampire, faster fire rate, less vats cost, railway rifle
vampire, explosive, less vats cost, railway rifle
vampire, explosive, faster reload, pipe revolver
vampire, explosive, less vats cost, assault rifle
vampire, explosive, faster reload, combat rifle
vampire, explosive, faster reload, radium rifle
vampire, explosive, less vats cost, pipe revolver


anti armor, 50 more vats critical damage, less vats cost, chainsaw
anti armor, swing speed, + 1 strength, pole hook
anti armor, swing speed, + 1 strength, shovel
anti armor, swing speed, + 1 strength, shishkebab
aristocrats, power attack, breaks 50% slower, chainsaw
aristocrats, swing speed, + 1 strength, chainsaw
berserkers, power attack, + 1 strength, chainsaw
berserkers, swing speed, + 1 strength, chainsaw
bloodied, power attack, breaks 50% slower, chainsaw
bloodied, power attack, 90 reduced weight, chainsaw
bloodied, power attack, + 1 strength, chainsaw
bloodied, AP, 90 reduced weight, chainsaw
bloodied, power attack, + 1 strength, grognak axe
bloodied, swing speed, + 1 strength, assaultron blade
bloodied, swing speed, + 1 strength, sledgehammer
bloodied, swing speed, + 1 strength, hatchet
bloodied, swing speed, + 1 strength, multi purpose axe
furious power attack, + 1 strength, chainsaw
junkies, swing speed, +1 strength, pole hook
junkies, swing speed, +1 strength, cultist dagger
junkies, swing speed, +1 strength, death tambo
junkies, swing speed, +1 strength, chinese officer sword
junkies, swing speed, +1 strength, tire iron
junkies, swing speed, +1 strength, pickaxe
instigating, swing speed, +1 strength, super sledge
vampire, +25% damage while standing still, + 1 strength, chainsaw
vampire, swing speed, less vats cost, chainsaw
vampire, power attack, less vats cost, chainsaw
vampire, power attack, breaks 50% slower, chainsaw


assassins, AP, sentinel, sturdy robot left leg
chameleon, ap, sentinel, heavy combat armor right arm
overeaters, + 25 fire resistance, weapon weight reduction, urban scout right arm
overeaters, receive 7% less explosion damage, sentinel, sturdy metal right arm
overeaters, + 1 perception, cavalier, trapper left arm
overeaters, poison resistance, weapon weight reduction, urban scout chest
overeaters, AP, cavalier, trapper left arm
overeaters, 25% disease resistance, weapon weight reduction, trapper left arm
overeaters, 1 strength, cavalier, forest scout right leg
overeaters, hunger and thirst 10% slower, sentinel, heavy leather left arm
overeaters, Fire resistance, weapon weight reduction, wood left leg
overeaters, Fire resistance, cavalier, wood right leg
overeaters, poison resistance, cavalier, heavy combat right arm
overeaters, radiation resistance, AWR, forest right arm
overeaters, poison resistance, AWR, marine right arm
unyielding, radiation resistance, cavalier, marine chest
unyielding, 1 strength, harder to detect while sneaking, forest scout chest
unyielding, 1 strength, sentinel, sturdy leather chest
unyielding, 1 strength, sentinel, heavy metal chest
unyielding, 1 strength, cavalier, forest scout left arm
unyielding, AP, cavalier, urban scout right leg
unyielding, 1 perception, weapon weight reduction, light leather left arm
unyielding, 1 intelligence, cavalier, heavy leather left arm
unyielding, 1 intelligence, weapon weight reduction, wood right arm
unyielding, 1 intelligence, sentinel, wood right leg
unyielding, 1 luck, sentinel, light leather right leg
unyielding, poison resistance, cavalier, forest scout left arm
unyielding, AP, sentinel, heavy combat armor chest
unyielding, AP, weapon weight reduction, light combat armor right leg
unyielding, AP, cavalier, trapper right arm
unyielding, radiation resistance, harder to detect while sneaking, marine left arm
unyielding, radiation resistance, harder to detect while sneaking, sturdy left leg
unyielding, 1 luck, sentinel, heavy raider chest
unyielding, 1 intelligence, cavalier, marine right leg
unyielding, AP, harder to detect while sneaking, sturdy robot right leg
unyielding, 25% cryo resistance, AWR, marine left leg
unyielding, radiation resistance, AWR, forest scout left leg
unyielding, poison resistance, weapon weight reduction, heavy raider right arm
unyielding, poison resistance, cavalier, forest scout left arm
unyielding, poison resistance, harder to detect while sneaking, trapper left arm
unyielding, receive 7% less explosion damage, sentinel, heavy robot left arm
unyielding, receive 7% less explosion damage, FDC weight reduction, heavy raider left arm
unyielding, radiation resistance, cavalier, heavy combat right leg
unyielding, radiation resistance, cavalier, wood right leg
unyielding, Fire resistance, harder to detect while sneaking, wood left leg
vanguard, radiation resistance, weapon weight reduction, heavy combat armor chest
vanguard, radiation resistance, weapon weight reduction, heavy robot chest
vanguard, ap, harder to detect while sneaking, forest scout right arm
vanguard, 1 strength, sentinel, heavy combat armor left arm

power armor

assassins, AP cavalier, excavator torso
assassins, radiation resistance, sentinel, excavator right leg
assassins, poison resistance, AWR, excavator right leg
Auto stim, AP, sentinel, excavator torso
Auto stim, AP, sentinel, excavator right leg
Auto stim, AP, FDC weight, excavator torso
Auto stim, AP, FDC weight reduction, excavator torso
Overeaters, receive 7% less explosion damage, weapon weight reduction, t45 right arm
Overeaters, Fire resistance, weapon weight reduction, excavator right leg
Overeaters, radiation resistance, weapon weight reduction, excavator torso
Overeaters, 25% disease resistance, weapon weight reduction, excavator right leg
Overeaters, + 1 endurance, FDC weight reduction, excavator left leg
Overeaters, 25% disease resistance, AWR, excavator left leg
Overeaters, 25% disease resistance, AWR, excavator left leg
Overeaters, Fire resistance, sentinel, excavator right arm
Overeaters, + 1 strength, sentinel, excavator left arm
Overeaters, poison resistance, sentinel, excavator torso
Overeaters, poison resistance, cavalier, excavator torso
Overeaters, + 1 strength, AWR, T60 right leg
Overeaters, + 1 intelligence, weapon weight reduction, ultracite right leg
troubleshooter's , 1 strength, AWR, excavator right leg
vanguard's, AP, weapon weight reduction, excavator right leg


I have most rare plans such as.
I believe I have all the rare Ultracite power armor plans
dense trapper torso plan
dense marine torso plan
T60 full set of plans
And much more. If there is a plan you are after feel free to ask if I have one.
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2023.05.30 03:45 mramseyISU Go-to for individual sockets?

Looking for some feedback on what you’d get to replace some missing sockets in my toolbox. I’ve got 3 missing ones out of my 1/4” drive metric set. I don’t really want to go and buy another set to replace the 3. I don’t really mind spending a little more on them since it’s only 3 sockets but I think Snap-on is a bit more than I want to spend. The other thing is I refuse to spend my money at Lowe’s because of an issue I had with a lawn mower a few years ago that decided to self ventilate the crank case after the 3rd time mowing and how they handled that. I’m thinking Tekton or if I can get singles of them Gearwrench would be the usual suspects but I want someone to expand my horizons for sockets.
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2023.05.30 03:40 FranzFerdinandLol [WTS] Workbench Cleanout - Barrels, Rails, Lights, Parts

Timestamp: https://i.imgur.com/CQYFgT9.jpg
Shipping not included, G&S fee not included. Shipping should be under $15 for all (someone made me ship to hawaii one time for a $12 item)
Triarc 12.5 mid - $190- This is suppressor optimized, but runs with either higher pressure brass or a lightweight bcg and buffer tuning in my experience. <500 rounds
Lead & Steel 12.5mid Monobloc Barrel - $250 - Never shot, bought two, loved one and am keeping it. Groups well, .083" gas port so will work suppressed and unsuppressed.
SLR ION Lite M-LOK 5.56 11.7in - $200 - Goes amazing with 12.5 or 11.5 w/ keymo device or similar. Nice lightweight rail, 10.5oz with the barrel nut. Takeoff from a build experiment gun, I never shot and previous owner shot maybe 150? rounds on it.
Geissele Carbine buffer tube w/ nut & backplate - $50?
Magpul ACS stock - $60
Odinworks Zulu 2.0 Stock kit - $100
Odinworks low mass 223 bcg - $135
Sold - b5 bravo stock - $30
RCA adjustable gas key - $30
Sold - Radian SD - $80
Sold - Jagerwerks BROS mount - $40 - unused I just didn't need
Sold - RMR type 2 rm01 3.25moa Nickle - $275 - These are pretty rare. There were a few limited run of nickle plated type 2's and they're no longer made. It is auto adjust only.
Area 419 10" Universal arca rail - IDK where the fuck the hardware is, that's why it's all yours for $50. Replacements are available through Area419
Streamlight Protac Cloud Defense bundle - $180 - has the metal rails, not the polymer ones that come with the bundle
Langdon 92G Elite Irons slide w/ NP3 controls - $180 - Send to Langdon for red dot cut, cheaper than buying one new. Or just use with irons. Basically brand new, kept it for shooting production but decided to not shoot production.
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2023.05.30 03:38 godam-ol-wild-Bill Does anyone near hays park have a mower I can borrow?

My lawn is getting crazy and I can’t keep my mower running, I’d bring it back clean and full of gas.
Help with my mower would also be greatly appreciated.
Edit: I got one to cut the grass today so now I just need to fix mine.
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2023.05.30 03:28 Plenty-Ad-1741 Help me find a greenworks 40V 4Ah battery model 29662

Help me find a greenworks 40V 4Ah battery model 29662
I bought a Greenworks 40V lawn mower in 2018 at Canadian Tire. The mower works fine but the battery only lasts 30 minutes now.
The battery is model 29662 which I can't seem to find anywhere (even the Aliexpress modes don't indicate 29662 compatibility for their batteries).
any help would be appreciated.
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2023.05.30 03:22 danger_dogs Im starting to hate my dad

apologies for the incoherent rambling contained in this post
For context: I (f20) am starting a new job in between college semesters and my dad is insisting I have a full time job all summer (and probably part time through the semester). I've been working since I was 15 and would've started earlier if I wasn't involved in after school activities.
I'm going in for training tomorrow and my dad told me to ask about my hours. He's constantly telling me if I'm in school part time I have to work full time and if I'm not in school I have to move out by 21. I've tried to tell him that this is stressful and makes me upset but he just doesn't care. I also have to help him with his work when he needs help. Its a grueling job in a male dominated industry and I hate doing it because I'm treated like cheap labor he doesn't have to pay. Whenever he needs help I'm expected to call out of my job (the full time one he insists I have) without any previous notice and it damages my rapport at work.
I would be fine with working so much if I wasn't constantly forced to conform to feminine beauty standards on top of it. I don't shave my legs and keep my hair short because I'm naturally very hairy and I only get a few days of "hairless" legs and I get headaches and overheat when my hair is too long. He never stops telling me to "take care of my legs" and when I've asked him why I always get the same answer of "hygiene" which is such fucking bullshit because if it was about hygiene everyone would shave their legs not just women! I never really fit in with femininity and have been wearing men's clothing for almost a decade now so this isn't something new.
He's never this harsh with my siblings and it hurts to watch. My sister goes to a very prestigious university and has a majority of her tuition paid from scholarships and my brother is enrolled at one of the best schools in my state and has a very high GPA. I'm at a public university with a 100% acceptance rate after a gap year. My sister had one job in high school and didn't work her first two years of college while I've worked over seven different jobs throughout high school and this year was my first year without a job since I was 15. My brother's "job" is to mow our neighbors lawn once a week and he has never been asked to look for one.
I try to stay positive because none of my emotions are received well by him and I'm always the one at fault when we argue. I can't even bring this up because he'll say that its because I'm wasting my potential and he wants what's best for me. I feel like shit even writing this because I love my family but I just don't think the feelings mutual.
Thanks for reading <3
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2023.05.30 03:00 redditPOTUS2024 Platform Iteration #3

Income Taxes
-no changes for individuals making equal to or less than the standard deduction
-a 2% tax cut for income earned within the 10%, 12%, 22%, 24%, 32%, and 35% tax brackets above the standard deduction: adjusted brackets with 8%, 10%, 20%, 22%, 30%, and 33% and respectively
-a 2% increase for income earned above the 37% tax bracket threshold ($539,901 for a single filer status for the 2023 tax year) : adjusted bracket with 39% tax rate
-creation of an 8th tax bracket 45% for regular income above $3,000,000
Capital Gains Taxes
-no changes in short term and long term capital gains taxation for individuals with total income including regular income and capital gains below $3,000,000
-an increase to 45% tax rate for long term capitals gains for individuals earning above $3,000,000 per year
Federal Debt
-stabilization and reduction of the federal debt
-discontinuation of future federal student loans for students attending all private institutions, public institutions with greater than $1billion in endowment, or public institutions with any institutional employee making greater than $1 million per year
-an increase in department of education funding including grants to state school systems meeting certain criteria, such as no employees including superintendents making over $200,000 per year while working for the public school system
Military and Defense
-a reduction in military and defense spending
-a cap on military contracts with organizations in which executives receive equal to or greater than $3,000,000 in regular and/or stock based compensation per year while the business does at least 50% of its revenue in government related contracts
Minimum Wage
-pegged to inflation, including retroactively for inflation since the last increase of the federal minimum wage in 2009
Worker's Rights
-federal legislation supporting at least 4 weeks paid vacation for employees of companies with profit margins greater than 10% and/or executives with salaries greater than $3,000,000 in regular and stock based compensation
Congressional Term Limits
-senate limit of 2 consecutive 6-year terms (12 years). no total term limit. after 1 term (6 year) absence senators may rerun for another term (s) not to exceed to 2 consecutive terms
-house of representatives limit of 6 consecutive 2-year terms (12 years). no total term limit. after 3 term (6 year) absence former representatives may rerun for another term (s) not to exceed 6 consecutive term limits
Government Accountability
-increased government accountability and financial reporting requirements
-a ban on stock based trading for members of the executive branch, Senate, House of Representatives, Supreme Court, and Federal Reserve and their immediate families while in office
-speaking fees and book royalties due to members of the executive branch, Senate, House of Representatives, Supreme Court, and Federal Reserve for services performed while holding public office will be forfeited 100% to the United States Government
Campaign Funding
-federal legislation banning individuals or organizations from contributing greater than 1% of a candidate's overall funding if funding exceeds $1,000,000 total at any point during the candidate's campaign for office
-strengthened border control
-expedited naturalization for immigrants without criminal histories
Criminal Justice
-continued legality of the death penalty at the federal level with individualization deferred to the states
-closure and elimination of for profit penitentiaries
Gun Control
-universal background checks at both private and public sales
-no assault rifle ban
-increased liability at the federal level for the seller of arms if the arms sold are identified as the weapon used in a future crime involving murder or bodily harm to another individual
-energy independence derived from the United States' own energy production and its energy trade with North American partners Canada and Mexico
-continued push toward renewable energy
Foreign Aid
-a reduction in foreign financial aid
Nuclear Arms
-continued advocacy of nuclear arms nonproliferation
-executive salary caps at nonprofit health institutions receiving special tax status
-federal legislation to decrease health insurance costs and healthcare costs
-legality and legislation delegated to the individual states
-federal legislation prohibiting discrimination or criminal punishment of women in states where abortion is illegal who seek and have abortions performed in states where abortion is legal
-legalization of recreational marijuana at the federal level with establishment of legal blood level limits while using public property such as roads and buildings
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2023.05.30 02:54 MSpeedAddict [WTS] Vortex Razor Gen 3 1x10 Scalarworks LEAP Wager Machine Vortex Defender Caps

Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/ooTD97p

Vortex Gen III Razor

Yours for $1900 $1800 shipped

Scalarworks LEAP/09

  • Scalarworks LEAP/09 34mm 1.93 (virtually new)
Yours for $420 $390 shipped


  • Razor + Defenders + Wager Cap + LEAP/09
Take all of it for $2250 $2100 shipped
Please see my other posts for available items:
All prices are PayPal F&F. Dibs beats PM, send PM within 15 minutes or goes to 2nd dibs.
Absolutely no notes of any kind with payment.
I also have Zelle and Venmo available at your discretion.
Please add 3.1% for G&S or use the fee calculator for specific payment.
When making a payment please put "dibs on XYZ" if you have not already.
If you have put dibs, please send a PM for payment information soon thereafter.
If you have low flair and have previously claimed an item that I am now reposting due to lack of payment, your messages will be ignored and dibs declined.
Trade Interests:
  • Dead Air Nomad e-Brake
  • Esstac 2011 Kywi Inserts (2+)
  • IWC 45 Offset QD Picatinny Mount
  • Liberty Precision Machine Atlas / Plan B Thread Protector(s)
  • Forward Control Designs Atlas / Plan B Thread Protector(s)
  • Liberty's Defense Suppressor Cover(s)
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2023.05.30 02:48 Substantial_Job1501 Cub Cadet 2206 Repair Help

Trying to get my riding mower running again. Started it up for the season a few weeks ago, ran fine, and then shut off. I thought it was out of gas so I topped it off. Ran for a bit and then died. Checked the oil, topped that off, still not running, but it will crank (and sometimes initially run for a few seconds before dying).
I've exhausted pretty much every simple fix I can think of. Replaced sparked plugs, fuel filter, fuses, air filter, took the carb out and cleaned it, checked hoses, lines, and fuel pump, tried carb starter fluid... running out of ideas.
I did discover that disconnecting the wire for the oil sentry protection made the low oil light go off...I think that part might have been preventing ignition, but I'm still having trouble.
New development today, the battery won't hold a charge after being connected to a trickle charger. Mower lights come on but there isn't enough juice for it to turn over, just getting clicks. Bad battery?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.05.30 02:43 Forest_of_dreams Legit curious - are there other experiencers on this subreddit that have seen saucers or related crafts ridiculously close? I don't mean specs of light in the sky but actual flying saucers.

Legit curious - are there other experiencers on this subreddit that have seen saucers or related crafts ridiculously close? I don't mean specs of light in the sky but actual flying saucers.
Hello! I'm curious how many here have had a VERY close encounter with crafts - more specifically flying saucers (though I'd love to hear about any sort you couldn't explain)? I'd love to discuss it and hear your experience - you can DM me if you're more comfortable sharing it this way. It's pretty paradigm-shifting but it's not a topic I've ever had the pleasure of discussing with people outside of my family. For everyone else that's curious, here's my family's experience.
The experience: my family witnessed extremely low-flying saucers one evening in 1996 in TX. It was over our neighborhood around 9 or 10PM. I could see the way the saucers were built underneath, though it was very simple in design - it was the stereotypical flying saucer shape from the vantage point of viewing it right underneath. I caught 2 whole saucers and most of the third as it was being obscured by the trees by the time I was outside the door. My father was the first to spot them and yelled for us. I mean he YELLED. In spanish, "MYNAME, MOM'S NAME, COME OUT HERE NOW!" I remember thinking/assuming someone was trying to rob us or break into our house, because he has never and since then has never been the type to yell like that, so it was alarming. He liked to star gaze often due to having witnessed UFOs in the late 80s with a group he meditated with (just lights in the sky), so the whole concept wasn't new to our family. And yes, I realize that'll make some nay-sayers go "See? SEE? A biased experience!" Dudes - believe or don't believe whatever you want to. I sincerely don't care. The crafts were completely silent, yatta yatta. Genuinely, it was your stereotypical flying saucer.
Two final details I want to share here, and these are purely from my father's perspective. My father claims he saw one of them have a steady, glowing orange ring of light from underneath - it wasn't pulsating. I don't recall seeing any orange lights by the time I got out, but I have to restate - these were close enough for us to see how they were built underneath and I could see a seam (shown in the drawing). I slapped together a crude photoshop image here to show roughly how close they appeared visually. I used a random google street neighborhood with a similar configuration for reference. I have no idea of the actual distance. I opted to create this from a third-person perspective to give a better sense of the perceived distance but consider this a rough approximation. You would simply have seen 3 perfect circles with that inner seam and one being partially covered by the trees with 1st-person POV.
The other detail is where it gets a bit spooky and I can only take him at his word with some hesitation. He said it appeared as if they were heading straight towards him at a downward angle before he screamed out for us, and he claims that the instant he did so, they did a sharp, obtuse angled-turn into a different direction heading towards the back of our side of the neighborhood - and this is when me and then my mother showed up at the front lawn. They were not going super fast, I'd describe it as cruising but still moving along enough at a pace to where you'd no longer see them after 15 to 20 seconds from our vantage point. There are a lot of trees and homes here that would obscure the view rather quickly. I don't know what to make of this last detail and if I'm honest, I figured he maybe imagined it. But it feels wrong given the shared experience of having witnessed some BLOODY FLYING SAUCERS. Regardless, take it however you like. Only in recent years did I start believing he may have witnessed a possible near-abduction, or at least, leaning towards a "well maybe?" Other than just a coincidence, it's definitely just a bit of tongue-in-cheek speculating of what the intent was if any. It's interesting, if nothing else.
Idle thoughts, not really important so feel free to skip: My mother didn't believe in the idea of extraterrestrials and was a hardcore christian, and after witnessing the saucers (she was the last one out the door and caught the last 2 before they cruised out of sight) she would refer to the crafts as demons lol. I always found it quite strange that, even despite being a religious woman, she would never talk about it again given how profound I found that moment (I was a teen then). My dad and I talk about that memory all the time, however. Regardless of one's denomination, how can you NOT talk about it? I'll never get that mentality. But she was a pretty straight-forward and simple, god-fearing woman so perhaps that's all it takes.Anyway, ever since that night, I'll go out for a couple of minutes some evenings hoping to see something like it again, although I don't want to experience anything beyond just seeing the craft. I'm still terrified of these beings given that in the few abductee stories I've read (the ones that seem potentially credible at least) they seem disinclined to communicate, to leave any word of comfort or ANYTHING. Me and my father talk about this often and I asked him, don't you find it disturbing that they would traumatize a person so much for the sake of doing whatever experiments on us, and not even give the courtesy of saying some few words of comfort as they inject, biopsy, or whateverthefuck us? Are we truly that insignificant to them that they can't even deign to speak a single word? It makes me sad to think what the implications of that is, but I digress.Despite that sentiment, I can't express how genuinely grateful I am to have witnessed something so bizarre and literally "out there". It makes life and reality infinitely more flavorful and just... it's amazing and there are no words. And it's hilarious, because I know most people I share this with won't believe me, and that's fine. I sympathize with your frustrations, and just as equally wish the us gov and military would be more transparent about this subject; easing up on the paranoia that being more forthcoming on matters we can't control equate to aiding enemy countries getting ahead of us - I doubt any of them understand this phenomena, either. But maybe there's an angle there I'm missing. I doubt it's due to being afraid of mass hysteria. People have shown to be more resilient than that.
Final, more relevant thoughts: I've been asked by friends how do I know these aren't secret military crafts that happen to be saucer-shaped? Well, the fact is, I can't possibly know that - I wasn't physically inside that craft. So I say the following as my personal beliefs. I do not believe we are capable of making perfect flying discs that are completely silent. I DO believe our military or whoever, have possibly obtained such technology/crafts from retrievals. I DO believe the military and such personnel have witnessed impossible maneuvers and speeds in their own UFO experiences. I believe those pilots. I don't believe humans are anywhere close to this level of "physics-breaking" tech. So with all this in mind, I am very comfortable and perfectly accepting of the idea of other intelligent life having visited us and knowing more than our vain, little ungu-bungu ape-brained species who once believed the sun revolved around the earth. And not that long ago, in the grand scheme of human history. The universe, existence itself, is too large for me to comprehend and, for me at least, to accept we're the smartest species that have it all figured out. In any case, that's my and my family's experience. Cheers, and hope it was an entertaining dinner-read for the perpetual skeptics out there! No hate towards ya. I'm hoping you guys get something good soon.Apologies for any bad grammar! I tried my best but too lazy to proof read this again.
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2023.05.30 02:42 Guerrilla357 [WTS] Random Stuff - UTG micro gas block, UTG vert grip, Pistol Buffer sleeve (foam) , DeSantis Universal Cheekpad

Timestamp: https://imgur.com/Rb4hiIs
  1. DeSantis Universal Rifle/Shotgun Buttstock Cheek pad. Fits most stocks including A1/A2 fixed. $20 https://www.desantisholster.com/buttstock-cheek-pad/
  2. UTG pro Micro gas block .750. One of the lowest profile .750 blocks ive seen as far as cleareance under the block. $18
  3. UTG Compact Vertical Foregrip, overmold texture - $15
4. Trinity AR-15 Pistol Buffer Tube Foam Pad, slip over foam sleeve for smooth type ar pistol buffer tubes. $12 SOLD
All parts are new and unused , prices are shipped paypal ff preferred.
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2023.05.30 02:40 LawbirdBringer Nature of a Minuteman 3

Previous, First, Next
As I don't really know how to properly describe how tall or short people are from a pov shot besides "He towers over me like a tree" or "This little guy is practically a pillow" thus, so I don't struggle with finding the right way to describe size, I'm just gonna put it here for those who are curious;
Jessie (Average, normal Protectron) is 5 feet 6 inches Even is 6'3 Taxxik (who for the record suffers from Dwarfism) is 3'2
Also, as I have no knowledge of how the Translators work both in and out of the NoP universe, I'm having it as a implant in a place under the ear yet above the neck. In terms of it, words are translated to the best of its' abilities but noises and sounds are the same. "I'm gonna go hit the hay" Human saying. "I'm gonna go hit[Punch, Claw, attack?] the [Cut and Dried Grass stored for animal feed?]" what the translator thinks they have said. This is pretty much my explanation on why the Translator implanted in Even explained what a Arxur is to him. This is the translator that is in Even.
As for Taxxik and many other ailens, their translators have two parts. A secondary implant "Voice box" near the vocal cords to help speak a different language, in the event another person doesn't have a translator or if a new species was found. The machinery in the Translator implant would work hard to decrypt the words said by the new species so that the user would be able to both hear and speak via the Voice Box implant.
----------------------------------- Memory Transcript: Taxxik, Venlil search and rescue pilot.
Date: [standardized human time]: September 7, 2287
The logic of Predators having Exterminators of their own isn't lining up that well... but imagining it this way is managing to trick my emotions to not freak out around the towering meat eater... At least, not succumb to fear whenever I'm around him.
At the moment the predator went out, I still feel the shakes his growls sent to my core. The translator said he was out scavenging. I try not to imagine what that entails as I sat in thought. The automaton, Protectron... whatever... was keeping an eye on the Tilfish I rescued, after seeing the death machine of predatory engineering downstairs. I couldn't help but laugh at the idea of being scared of this machine.
It was a little annoying at times, stating the same phrase every now and again. Protect and Serve. If the predator was out, I figured it would bring the machine with it... I reach up to rub at my neck, mulling over the annoyance it is to have a busted 'Voice-box'.
This planet, Earth. Rotates faster than many planets I've visited... Gonna be difficult finding the proper times to sleep. Glancing around the room, I try to spot something. Anything to keep my mind occupied. When my eyes find nothing, I look back to the Protectron... I stared at the bags on its' back, tied to its frame... if my Voice Box wasn't busted I would order it to let me look through the bags.
As if it would even obey me, it probably wouldn't even label me as a hostage.
Taking my time to climb off my chair, I did my best to stay silent as I made my way to the automaton. Funny how I've always cursed my small size, if I was just a little bigger even these careful steps would be too loud.
I couldn't reach two of the packs on the automaton. But manage to stick a hand around in a lower hanging bag. The moment I felt my claw grab something, I pulled it out and did my best to hide whatever it is behind my back.
the Protectron, Jessie. Questions as it turns to face me. "Oh, just trying to find you're deactivation switch" I blurt out with as much innocence as I could muster in my body language. Knowing it couldn't understand me made things a little fun...
That said, that fun was swiftly gone the longer it stared at me in silence. that red glow behind it's glass unnerved me... I hesitantly gestured to the Tilfish with my tail, that seemed to get a message across the machine as it turns back to her.
I felt myself deflate as I silently expelled a deep breath I was holding onto. It thinks I was just worried about her... wait... This machine made by Predators 'hopes' that hearing she is stable eases my worries? I tilted my ears in bewilderment as I slowly went back to my chair near the stairs. After a quick glance to make sure it wasn't watching. I checked the object in my claws.
What... is this?
It seems... like a photograph... There is the Protectron, The Predator Even. And a couple other human Predators. Brahk, I should've looked for my holo-pad in the ship to try and translate these words... Okay... Going from what I see, Even is sitting atop a... I don't think I want to know what that is... looks insect in nature, it has a long tail and enormous claws. Given the eye placement and the claws, this must be a rival predator of some sort. I suppose this is proof that Exterminators and these Minutemen at least share the same concept.
Even was standing, his odd weapon resting on his shoulder and his arm wrapped around the head of a shorter human. He must be the exception to how tall they are with the other humans being around the same height as Jessie. This one had a darker colorization of skin, and had fur all over its' mouth, Its eyes are hidden behind eye-ware of some sort. From the tools on its belt, I believe this must be the maker of Jessie. Or at least, the closest these Predators have to a mechanic.
Looking to the two on the other side, I had to take a double take as one clearly wore something strikingly similar to the hazard uniforms I've seen some Exterminators wear. And in its' hands... okay, that MUST be a flamer. Only bit of its body I could make details out was the odd shape on its chest and its head. It had a color tone similar to Even but had red fur atop its head. Quite a bit of it, enough that I almost mistook it for a tail. With the gear it wears, I felt like a pup again. Staring at a Exterminator in the hopes of one day being one of them..
it is a exterminator. They HAVE exterminators.
And the last one. It's appearance sends shivers down my spine. It looked as if it was roasted over a fire... did it get roasted over a fire?... It must be the victim of a Predator attack. I nearly scold myself of that thought but stopped myself as I thought on things more... They are Predators but have exterminators, this is proof of it... And Even handed me a Mutfruit. A plant, why would he carry plants on him if he ate meat?... did... we make a mistake somewhere when we first found them?

The logical side of my brain tries to make sense of what have happened the past claw. I crash land on Earth, and while unconscious, get rescued by a preda-!... by a Minuteman. This photograph is proof that humans have predators on their planet and on top of that, they have their own Exterminators who deal with them... what if we are missing something?... Besides their planet being treated like the Arxur raided it, there are some things that are so similar it scares me... I glanced back to Jessie in thought. It has moved over to a window, seeming to have moved to keep watch.
Humans aren't the Arxur... they are... different. What in the universe are they?... Turning back to the photograph, I notice something that I wasn't sure what to think about. Even if I hated how it felt like they were all staring at me. Their eyes... those horrible, predatory eyes are so... different.
The mechanic, I'm dubbing to call it. Has its eyes hidden, but judging from the red-furred one and the last one, whom I fail to find the words to describe. Even isn't natural... at least, his eyes aren't... With a reference to other humans, I could better see the differences between his and theirs.
Why are they different?
--------- Memory Transcript: Even Winter, Minuteman(?). Alien rescuer
Date: [standardized human time]: September 7, 2287
I lower my rifle as I watch the final Raider fall to the ground, I've half been thinking on what I learned earlier. Half focusing on my duty as I left my cover to search the trio for any gear that could be be used by the two back at the building.
We would've been extinct if the Great War didn't almost do it... all because we have a different diet than the aliens AND because of our facial features. 7 Caps, a handmade Pipe Rifle, single-fire. A handful of ammo for said pipe-gun. Too big for Taxxik, gonna require training but the Tilfish could maybe use it.
Was The Great War because of humanity? Or did the aliens do it. Taxxik said they were coming up with plans to glass the planet before the first bunch of detonations, then send a investigation fleet the second time... but what if that was a lie? I move to the next Raider corpse
Raider armor, a fire-axe. 10mm pistol. Two mags of 10mm rounds. And 5 caps. Taxxik may not be able to use the axe but armor is armor... and this pistol might be a little heavy but could be usable for him, unlike other weapons.
If the aliens caused the Great War, then they wouldn't have to use their own supplies to kill humanity off... it'd be a cost efficient plan... maybe Taxxik says they only sent a investigation fleet because he was worried I'd hurt him for what the Federation did to humanity... from how he looked at me, I could already see it... They thought humanity were like the Arxur... Looking at the final Raider body, I suppose they are right... but this is ages after the great war... surely we were better before the world gone to shit.
Metal armor, broken Laser pistol, 18 fusion cells, 18 caps. -Found the greedy one-. And a... Dress?
"Well, someone wanted to look pretty, eh?" I chuckled at the corpse as I looked the red dress over, it looked stainless, not even a tear even after our firefight... Probably will fetch for a lot of caps, next time I find a settlement. -
"How many times do ah hav' ta tell ya! he ain't a synth! he just needed his peepers replaced aft'a a close call with a deathclaw!" Lu shouted at the bartender, defending my rep as they didn't quite like how my new eyes looked
- ... I sighed, no matter where I go. People will hate me simply because of my eyes. Mentally I prepare myself for next time I run into a settlement and start heading back to base. My haul hanging from my back. I had managed to pick a few wild Mutfruit and good bunch of wild Carrots during my scavenger hunt.
I'll have to watch what I eat around the two... I could eat vegies and fruits like them but if I'm to keep my strength up, I should eat somewhere away from them. So they don't have to see a 'predator' eat...
Looking up at the night sky, I let out a low chuckle as I recalled something Tulip said during our time together. War never changes. "Heh, guess you were right Tulip. War really does never change" I snickered aloud as I continued my walk back.
If more aliens were to come here, they may tell others... and that, would lead to a real extinction of the human race. Or worst.
No matter the planet, or universe. War does not change.
The sad truth of reality... I need some tunes. Turning to the small radio in my pack, I turn the knobs and get searching for something to enjoy. When I find the right song I smile somberly as I turned my full attention back to my travel. Softly singing along to get the gloomy thoughts out of my head "Hardly spoke to folks around him~ Didn't have much to say~"
I gotta find me a "Big Iron" someday. ------ Half a hour travel later ------
I step past Aeon, and made my way upstairs. "It's me" I called out, more as a gentle warning than anything else as I walked slowly up the steps.
I hurried my steps when I heard a small thud. By the time I round the corner, I nearly had my rifle raised. On the ground was Taxxik. Who looked up at me with that same fear in his eyes. In the corner of the room was Jessie, staring at the Tilfish.
I released a sigh of relief as I went to help Taxxik stand back up. "Sorry if I spooked ya" "I-it's nothing" Taxxik responded as he took my hand, I could feel his hand shake in my grip as I helped him stand.
"So, you were 'search and rescue', right?" I asked as I went over to a nearby table, placing the weapons I 'found' on top of it. Taxxik hanged back a moment, For a moment I thought his hands were holding something but must've been my imagination. "Y-yes?" his higher pitch noises made me melt somewhat inside. But I stayed standing as I gesture for him to come over. "Did they teach you how to use a weapon?"
"N-no, not really... unless you include ship weaponry" "Heh, well then. That won't do. Here... we're gonna fix that." I declared as I hanged him the 10mm pistol. And for a split second I swore it looked like he was gonna fall the moment I let go of the pistol. With a huff, he raised it with both claws. "H-heavy"
"Yea, I figured. But until we find something lighter, it will have to do as far as range attacks go... and I don't think you'd want to bring a knife to a gun fight." I snickered softly as I hand him a magazine. "I got some bottles we'll use as target practice. But right now, I just want you to get used to the weight of the gun." He held it like it was a rifle, and for a moment. I was about to correct him when I thought more on the difference of size of it and him. I suppose it does count as a rifle. At least, a rifle to him. Reloading will be the biggest problem he'll face if he can handle shooting it. "I-I'm not sure but... n-no, you're right. In a place like this I n-need to know how to defend myself"
He followed me downstairs, and outside -steering clear of Aeon on our way out-. I set the bottles up, using a mostly destroyed fence to hold a couple of them. Then I went behind him and got ready to hold my hands over his ears. "Keep the front and rear sights leveled with each other, brace yourself for the recoil. Only fire on empty lungs, and squeeze the trigger, don't yank it." He seemed a little confused on that last bit but said nothing as I covered his ears. He changes his stance a little bit, took aim at the closest bottle. Changes his stance again to brace himself. Finally, he takes a deep breath, releases it. And -BANG!
--- Previous, First, Next
Might be a little shorter than my last two chapters, apologies for that. family things have been dampening my mood a little bit. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask. If anyone spotted any errors I made, feel free to point them out
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2023.05.30 02:35 deathto2021 AITA for ostracising a friend from my group and not telling her the reason?

So I (22F) usually hangout with my boyfriend, Charlie and bestfriend, Peter. We are University students at a residential campus and all of us are pretty tight. Now one acquaintance, Samantha (22F) just met us randomly and asked us if she could join us for dinner. We agreed, and she just created a group and just started hanging out with us. Well she was pretty sweet so we didn't mind. There was something off about her vibe but I couldn't tell what.
So once Samanthq and I were hanging around at a restaurant. I was really not well that day and i was just waiting for my food. Idk how but we just started having a conversation about pedicure, and I went "oh yeah, my dad has made it a habit for us to take pedicures weekly". And she just started laughing hysterically and made FOOT FETISH JOKES ON MY DAD FOR 30 MINS STRAIGHT. No cap.
I didn't say anything to her, partly cause I had a headache, and partly cause I didn't know what to say. I just started ignoring her texts and i told my boyfriend and bestfriend about this incident. They also thought it was weird and generally agreed she had a strange vibe. We just decided not to hangout with her anymore.
I was going to talk to her (or scream at her) about the incident but both of them suggested to just cut her off entirely and let her take the hint. I did that, and she doesn't hangout with us anymore, but now I'm considering whether I should have actually told her my breaking point.
So reddit, AITA?
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2023.05.30 02:34 RelativeAd9030 New sod (1 month old) root rot? What do we do??

We just had sod placed at our new house a month ago. The landscaper instructed us to water for 5 mins 3x/day for 3 weeks, then once a day for a month, then continue on a regular watering schedule (a couple times per week). He also told us we cannot walk on it for a month, which meant we couldn’t mow it. We followed these instructions diligently, didn’t lay a step on it and made sure it was being watered according to the schedule he laid out. For reference, we’re in Northern Utah and the grass is Kentucky Bluegrass.
Fast forward a month and the grass was extremely long, like up to our knees. We were so excited to cut it all down and finally be able to use our lawn! It turned into a total disaster. We started by using weed whacker to trim the grass down, then the next day went in the mower. We came to realize the grass was completely soaked, even though we hadn’t watered in a week (it had been rainy so we turned the sprinklers completely off week 4). It was so wet it ruined the blades on the lawn mower and we could barely get it cut because it kept laying down. ALSO we found a few mice hiding in it…
After 3 days of yard work (and a new lawn mower) we finally got cut it down to a scraggly 3 inches, but it looks horrible. It’s a mix of white, yellow, and lime green color and the roots are mushy and orange/brown. I think we definitely have some kind of root rot… over the ENTIRE lawn.
We don’t know what to do. This was a huge investment, we can’t afford to tear it all out and redo it. My husband has a condition that makes him extremely sensitive to mold spores, so having any kind of fungus in our yard is an absolute NO. Is there anything we can do to fix this? Or are we going to have to tear it all out? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
TLDR: new sod placed and after a month it’s mushy with orange/brown roots and the blades of grass are discolored (they look like they’ve been bleached). What is this and how do we fix it?
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2023.05.30 02:14 Beachbummin_Gun-nut [WTS] 12.5" Odin .223 Wylde barrel, 8TH Anniversary FCD ODG double-dimple EPC, Vortex Spitfire 3x HD Gen 2, BCM Comp w/2 shims

Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/U4Y8C60

1.) 12.5" Odin Works .223 Wylde barrel 1/8 w/New gas block and stainless tube (Brand new)
PRICE - $180 OBO

2.) 8th Anniversary FCD ODG Double-dimple EPC (Like new condition)
PRICE - $100 OBO

3.) Vortex Spitfire 3x HD Gen 2 (Like new condition)
- includes box, tool, high and & low mount, cap covers, instructions
PRICE - $300 OBO

4.) BCM Compensator w/2 shims (like new condition - used for about 500 rounds)

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