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2023.05.30 06:15 vicktoryu12 Unidentified rash, 22F

I, 22F, have been dealing with this rash on my body for over two months now. It began on my hands, and quickly spread up my arms. I got it to kinda subside for a bit, but it keeps coming back, no matter what I use on it. I went to a doctor when it first started and they did not know what it was. They simply gave me steroids and told me to take them. Even after I ran out, the rash persisted. Now it's gotten worse than it ever has been. It's on my stomach, upper thighs, all down my arms, and even on my back. It's itchy and I'm super desperate for help. I made an appointment to see my doctor, but they cancelled on me and the next opening is months away. Can someone help me figure out what it is? Or even give me an idea?
If this helps, I have stage 2 kidney disease and I have a (non-cancerous) renal tumor in my left kidney. I'm not sure if this is important information, but I figured it might help.
Thank you!
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2023.05.30 06:14 DanIsAManWithAFan I Didn't Fully Think About This, but...

This is my knee jerk reaction to it.
TLTR: I'm pissed at my friend.
One time in the not far past I was at a friends house, we haven't hung out much in the past decade because of location. From there we have went the different way when it comes to politics. Somehow we got on the conversation about how minimum wage shouldn't exist. Oh yea...anyhow; I agree that if you do something dumb, it is your fault, i.e., taking a job that pays $2 hour it's your fucking fault for doing so.
I said something along the lines of what this post is about, he responded with, "Don't take it too personal."
It is not easy to find a job when you're someone in a wheelchair. From an outside perspective you might disagree with that because we have different circumstance in out lives and what I think is hard is easy, and what you think is hard is easy to me.
They can't ask! That's my stance and while it might be true it might be false too. They are not allowed to ask me why I'm disabled or how it affects me. Because of that harsh judgements are made to try to determine my character and how I fit into your company. And yea sure, I didn't really help myself out by being odd, but nonetheless my physical disability made it so people didn't see past small issues.
I've been on social security, I got a job, went back to social security, got a job, went back on social security, got a job, went back on social security, and currently I have a job again. Living on social security is not great, if I had to live by myself off of $900 per month I'd most likely be dead, I don't image that living as a homeless person is very easy when you're truly confined to a wheelchair. Public housing, do you know that is a 2 year waiting list? And that's in a small town!
I have a job, it was hard to find and I'm beyond grateful to have it. However when I was super fucking depressed form sitting at home all fucking day, and feeling like a worthless piece of shit how do you think I would have reacted if someone said, "I'll give you this job for minimum wage."
There are many other people in my position. Many of them with disabilities that I don't even know about. If it is hard for me to find a job it must be hard for them too. When I said, "What about me," I found it absolutely astonishing that you thought I was talking about myself and only myself.
So, when you want to pass a law where you could see it as a possibility of people taking advantage of other people because the only thing that they care about is the size of their bank account, ask yourself if that is really something that you want to do.
Filling out all that fucking paperwork to prove to the federal government that I'm disabled is a fucking shit show. I'm not the only one.
If someone offered my a job at $14.75, or whatever it is now, I would have, and did take it. I probably don't need to explain it, but I could see someone in a similar situation ending up a job at $7.00 an hour and being stuck in a situation of being taken advantage of because they are so depressed that they don't feel like they have another option but also know that $900 a month is equivalent to a full-time, 40 hour a week job paying $5.23 an hour. So you're making more money right? "It could be worse than this."
I don't really have a closing statement. So to turn it around on you (him), "Don't take it so personal."
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2023.05.30 06:13 CptKeyes123 Found family

People have said that the show isn't about found family, and usually say that friends break apart sometimes. Yet most of the show is wrapped up in found family, and it feels like it kind of breaks them apart easily without a care. It feels like it's saying found family is fake, temporary, and just a phase you grow out of.
In gravity falls, the family separating for years was one thing, because that happens with that sort of family, and they weren't as close. So what was the point of the found family elements in Amphibia? It felt really painful to shatter them like that. It felt like it was saying less "things can come back" and felt more like it was saying "found family is fake, temporary, and to be abandoned". Speaking from experience, found family doesn't generally break apart after about five minutes with each other. I'm surprised I haven't seen more posts talking about this. I get what Matt was trying to say with the friends, though I don't agree with it by any standards, I feel very hurt by how he takes the found families apart. And frankly, it feels like they mock Sasha and grime's relationship. Further, they had to have planned something further with Marcy and her newt moms considering her "I wish I'd gotten to know you better" line, and Yunan's cameo in the theme song takeover. What the heck happened? Why did they think this was okay? What was the point of the found families if they were going to take them apart and separate them extremely traumatically for over a decade? And they are left with families that we only have show evidence to indicate don't care for their daughters much, except for Anne's folks.
You can't cherry pick realism like this. As someone from a found family, this felt deeply painful and borderline insulting. It felt like it was saying blood was more important, when family is who you choose. I think this is why people compared the Owl House to it; it takes the found families far more seriously.
And it feels really hurtful to make a so-called "breakup story" be more about found family than about the trio that breaks up. We spent more time with the Plantars and honorary plantars than anyone else, that is the core of the story. It feels like it contradicts the season 2 mid finale of "follow your heart" with the complete opposite message. Further, said opposite message jives more with Andrias' dad than with anything the heroes believe. The message of THT feels far, FAR too close to "don't you think you should leave those childhood friends behind?" And the message about change kinda comes out of nowhere.
Tl; Dr, I'm a member of a found family. Found families don't shatter naturally, usually it's because an outside force separates us(coughthe guardiancough). I don't understand why so many people are okay with this.
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2023.05.30 06:13 sunnykeds Indian “Indentured servants”

Indian “Indentured servants”
Wondering about the term Indian “Indentured servants” vs. “enslaved Africans”
Were Indians not enslaved as Africans? Is there a difference in how they were treated? Wondering why they are referred to differently.
These are all genuine questions, I am interested in the history. Thanks!
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2023.05.30 06:13 ComprehensiveResult9 [XBOX 360] [2000s] Fantasy Game w/ Young Female Protagonist

Trying to find the name of a game my sister and I played at our cousins' house years ago.
Platform(s): XBOX (I'm pretty sure)
Genre: Fantasy/adventure, third-person view
Estimated year of release: sometime in the early 2000s
Graphics/art style: Game started out in a gloomy Victorian city at night, switches to a warm, well-lit autumn forest setting after the opening scene. The character and setting design were stylized but not cartoonish from what I can remember.
Notable characters: It begins with two sisters in the Victorian city and the objective is to go to a tall tower to meet someone. They encounter an evil wizard of some sort who kills the one sister and throws the other through the window of the tower. The surviving sister is saved by a witch who takes her in and they seek refuge in a forest.
Notable gameplay mechanics: I think I remember the surviving sister having magical abilities and you start practicing spells once she is living with the witch.
Other details: I want to say the main objective of the game is to become a witch and avenge the sister, but I only played the first hour or so.
If anyone can figure out what this game is I will be amazed tbh. I have been looking for this title for years, so if you know what it is or have any leads, it would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.05.30 06:12 Sudden-Tumbleweed-19 Creswick [AU], Le Peche Gourmand, Barista/FOH all rounder

Are you passionate about Coffee, Customer Service and croissants?
We are looking for a passionate hospitality professional to join a comitted team of people who pride themselves on delivering outstanding products to our customers in a fast manner , a very organised & energetic mature person to make coffee, serving customers and general duties at a high standard. Ideally, you will have a minimum 4 years hospitality experience in a similar environment and be passionate about customer service, food & coffee. Barista experience in a fast paced high end establishment is a must. We are looking for someone that is keen to learn but also brings their experience, their coffee and customer service skills. You will get all your evenings and 2 weeks off at Christmas, work with an awesome team, and a new MODBAR coffee machine. Skills and Experience : Demonstrated full time experience as barista within a fast paced, premium establishment (min 2 years); Strong and proven work ethic in similar role; High volume experience being able to work on multiple orders at once; Excellent time management skills and the ability to stay calm under pressure; Good at cash handling and multi tasking in general; Outgoing personality and genuine interest in the day to day operations; Excellent attention to detail & ability to follow instructions; Exceptional presentation and grooming; Able and willing to work weekend, public holiday, opening and closing shift; Flexibility in early start (6am) and weekends required; Full Australian working rights
Apply here
Via needabarista.com.au
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2023.05.30 06:12 Meykul Why do I feel the need to attach myself to others?

I've always known my friends would move on and get wives or husbands and have children. I've never wanted any of that, recently my last true best friends got married and I've found myself wanting to include myself too much in their relationship. I have no actual family, my mom died a few years ago and I never met my father. I'm single and kind of lost on what to do. I have a great job but it's taken me to a city where I don't know anyone. I realized I've become a nuisance in my married friends lives, not a friend, but a tick, sucking out all the social interaction I can until they can't bear it anymore. Anyone else live completely alone? How do you keep yourself from going crazy and harming yourself? How do you stay healthy alone?
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2023.05.30 06:12 ZestycloseQuarter472 I need help with pet insurance

I’m having a hard time deciding what pet insurance to get for my dog. Cody (5yo F) English Springer Spaniel, has been having multiple vet trips in the past year for a variety of reasons so I figured going forward I should invest in pet insurance. She has a pre disposition to hip and elbow dysplasia due to her breed and I’m looking for insurance that could cover those issues. As well as cancer treatments, exam fees, diagnostics, surgeries and prescription medications.
I’m looking for something budget friendly but I’m open to anything less or around $100/m, and I would like a short waiting period. I don’t want to know about trupanion and fetch, as I’ve already knocked them out of the running.
Any advice or information about the topic would be appreciated, thanks.
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2023.05.30 06:12 TangerineThing1 My dad just blew up over something so simple

My mom was talking something about how good her gynecologist is even though he is a man, and I said something along the line of I find it creepy when men enter those fields of the medical system (personal opinion), and how I wouldn't be comfortable with having a gynecologist that is a dude when I'm an adult, and my dad lost it.
My dad started going on about how straight white men are oppressed the most (I didn't even say anything about white guys, I was so confused.) and i'm letting the feminist movement and media brainwash me into being a man hater.
He called me disrespectful, told me I was a punk of a kid, and yelled at me until I cried. He then said he thought I meant all men were bad and thought I mean all men were creeps, when I clearly didn't say that or mean that.
I went upstairs to get away from him, but he came in my room a few seconds later to "apologize." He told me he loved me and he cared about me even though I wouldn't care if he came back alive from work (once again, never said anything about that, I didn't even say a word up to this point). I told him that wasn't true he cares/loves me because all he ever does is yell at me and he just said the classic "I'm sorry you feel that way." He also added that it's my job to not give him a reason to yell/bug me about things, when I literally don't open up to him or go to him for help for that reason. I try to be perfect, but I still get yelled at no matter what.
He then randomly started talking about me not eating enough and he thinks I'm purposely starving myself because I'm skinny and giving myself a calcium deficiency (I don't starve myself, I'm normal weight, and I don't drink milk because I don't like it and it hurts my stomach sometimes. I have no clue what he thought he was doing by saying this).
My dad also talked about how all of my problems with him are age-related and I'll be just like him as a teen and realize I'm being a clown and once I reach adulthood I'll see how good my childhood was, and that he just cares and that's why he yells at me (which makes no sense to me). He said he came to "apologize" so he would be able to sleep at night without feeling bad. All he did was defend his actions and make me feel worst.
It hurts to know he thinks I'm the problem because I'm a teenager, and thinks my emotions are out of wack when he literally got red in the face and started yelling over my personal opinion. My dad blows up of the most random things and then pretends to be sorry. I didn't even get an "I'm sorry" once, not that it would make it better anyways though.
He doesn't stop yelling at me until I cry, which at this point I feel it's his main goal. He sees how long he can yell, then fakes an apology and expects me to act like his best friend afterwards. I wish I didn't live in this home anymore so I could just cut contact. This might seems like a minor issue to some people, but there's a lot more going on behind the scenes than just this problem.
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2023.05.30 06:12 FayeDed Severe Pain Triggered By Sex

Here’s the story: I (F29) woke up at 2 am a couple nights ago and had spontaneous sexy time with my bf (M29). Shortly before he finished, I started feeling some pain and pressure. When we were done, the pain started increasing until I was experiencing severe cramping. And I mean severe. I tried to urinate after sex, but I couldn’t. Only a tiny amount came out. And I know I had more in me. This was not normal for me. So my first thought was, maybe this is a uti. Anyways, back to the pain; It was intense. I was groaning in pain for appx 20-30 min. I’ve never experienced anything like this. I couldn’t go back to sleep because of how intense this pain was. The pain started subsiding after a while but I still felt discomfort, tightness, and pressure for a couple more hours.
When urgent care opened, I went in and they took a sample of my urine and gave me a pelvic exam. They also did a physical exam and there was pain when she applied pressure to my lower stomach area. But everything looked normal. There was only a tiny amount of bacteria in my urine, nothing alarming. but they sent me home with antibiotics just in case. Lab results came back with “Commensal flora present” in urine. No STIs, no yeast. No vaginosis.
Fast forward to now, a couple days later. I feel completely fine. Had sex with no issue. But guys, I’m scared. It was so painful. Something must be wrong. Does anyone have any theories about what that was? I was diagnosed with PCOS years ago (they never saw any cysts but my symptoms and testosterone levels aligned with the diagnosis). So maybe that’s it? She also suggested possible endometriosis? I don’t know. I do recall something similar happening several months ago. Pain and cramping after sex. But it was nowhere near as painful as this. And there were no issues urinating.
I just need some guidance. I’ll follow up with an OB/GYN but if you have any theories, please send them my way.
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2023.05.30 06:12 SidYaj08 Admission requirements for Indian boards

Hello, everyone. I'm asking this question on behalf of someone I know. Said person is doing the Indian School Certificate (ISC/CISCE). I did it too. In my time (4 years ago), I was required to do 5 subjects to be eligible for admission to HKU - my offer condition was 90% across 5 subjects for admission to the Bachelor of Science programme. What is the situation today? Do students doing the Indian School Certificate still require five subjects? What is the minimum number of subjects required? What are the typical offer conditions for Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Science? Any information (preferably with some kind of source) would be most appreciated. I have already checked the website and the information is quite vague - for example, for engineering, they say you need physics and mathematics but don't specify how many subjects. Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.30 06:11 doud1201 I need help practicing anatomy

I want too get good at drawing anatomy. I've been doing it on and off for 2 years now. There have been times where I feel great about my art, but then there are times where when I go to pick up my my pen or pencil, I get absolutely filled with anxiety and i don't even start or I do and it just doesn't look right.
Even just now I wanted to practice but when went to do it I can barely push myself to.
I think it's my perfectionism but idk how to get over it. It mainly only happens when I try anything with anatomy. I can do surrealism eyes and arm bones with little issue. But not a simple mannequin.
I'm constantly worried that I'm doing something wrong but I don't know what so I'm just reinforcing bad practice.
Has anyone felt like this before? If so how did you get over it?
Also does anyone know about any free definitive art courses? Bc the less room I give myself to over think would be best.
Thank for reading my wall of text.
TLDR: I'm bad at overthinking and perfectionism and don't know how to push myself to practice anatomy.
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2023.05.30 06:11 PinkBegonia0705 Why am I embarrassed about being sexually assaulted?

I (27F) have actually been sexually assaulted twice. But everyone, including the therapist I've been seeing for 7 years, only knows about the first. The first guy was my ex-boyfriend. He was emotionally abusive throughout most of our almost 3 year relationship. (4 days away from a full 3 years is when I dumped him). But somewhere around the beginning of the first year, he started to become physically abusive. He raped me because he felt I wasn't giving my body to him enough. Even though we were literally doing it twice a day for like 5 out of 7 days in the week. I became so physically and emotionally tired that even now, nearly ten years later, I still struggle being sexually intimate with my husband. However, there was a second guy after my ex but before my current husband that sexually assaulted me. And I've never told anyone about it because it's so fucking embarrassing. After I dumped my ex, I felt miserable. I was making reckless decisions. I went on tinder and matched with a guy there. I have nothing against online dating, I actually met my husband through OKCupid and we have been married for 3.5 years. Together overall since January 2017. But I have rules when it comes to online dating. The first and most important being that I will only meet in a public space. I always do what I can to avoid ever being in a situation where I could be abducted. And if I get hurt, there will be witnesses. So how did I get sexually assaulted when I followed my most important rule? Because I was 19 and a fucking moron. We met at the mall, and I allowed him to take me outside. I thought it would be fine, he seemed nice. But then he took me to a secluded area meant for employees to have their lunch outside. But it was empty. No one was there. And he bent me over and started shoving his fingers inside me from under my skirt. It felt disgusting. I didn't want it but I didn't know what to do. I was scared and in shock. He forced the fingers of his other hand inside my mouth. They tasted gross. I hated it. I didn't escape until he tried to force my head down to suck him off. I refused. I don't even do that for my husband now because I have so much trauma around it. I pulled away from the guy as soon as I saw him whip out his dick and I told him this was too fast. He seemed upset, but luckily an employee came outside so he had to stop and pretend nothing happened. I was saved. I got away from him as fast as I could and hurried back inside the mall where there were witnesses. But when I did, I just felt like every single pair of eyes was on me. I felt like everyone in that mall was judging me. Shaming me. So I never talked about it. And now it's been about 8 or 9 years since it happened. And I still feel embarrassed.
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2023.05.30 06:11 Shockwave65 I just realized my parents were abusive and neglectful

I (14 f) have over the course of the last few months I’ve been telling some online friends some childhood stories and experiences with my family. Some examples are when I sprained both my ankles last month, it really hurt to walk and when I asked my mom for bandages or to take me to the doctor she said I was fine and didn’t need to. I also have 3 siblings I’m the middle child so out of all my siblings I’ve been given the least amount of attention. My eldest sister went to college 3 years ago and I took over her room since I had to share it with my other older sister, when she comes home my parents kick me out of my room and force me to sleep in the living room, for the first year I slept on an air mattress that kept deflating and the Christmas of that year I slept on a pile of blankets. Besides this my parents have brushed off what I tell them like with my art and problems. They say I don’t need therapy and that my little brother needs it more. They treat my siblings way better than they treat me. My mom once said “do you want to be 400 pounds by 5th grade” when she said that it really messed with my confidence. Recently if I do come down for dinner as soon as my dad asks he threatens to not allow me to eat, at one point he didn’t let me eat dinner. My dad has also kicked me in the butt when he was extremely mad at me it hurt so bad it caused me to cry.
This weekend thought they are forcing me to go on a church camp thing where you dress up like a pioneer for 3 days and walk and push handcarts for miles and miles, I’ve told them I don’t want to go but they never listen like always. They also never take my emotions and feelings seriously, they brush me off and it hurts. While I’m going to be there my mom is taking me siblings to a different state to visit family and have fun.
There’s been other stuff that they’ve done like my dad missing half my birthdays but not my siblings even though one of their birthdays is 6 days before mine. My dad had also accidentally hit me with a whip when I was 6. They don’t notice if I eat or sleep enough, all they care about is that I get all A’s in my classes. They’ve been making my life miserable recently and school too. They’ve denied me medical attention on multiple occasions as well. This is all I have so far that I can remember on my parents
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2023.05.30 06:10 Party_Society3884 Application as a dependent to a Tier 4 visa (UK Government-funded PhD) holder

Hello everyone,
I (Filipino, M, 28) am planning to join my partner (Taiwanese, F, 27) in the UK as she takes a 3-year fully-funded PhD in Manchester under a Tier 4 visa. We are currently an unmarried couple and have no plans to do so until we are both about 30 y.o., but, we've been staying together since 2019.
We met in the UK when we took a 12-month MSc program in Manchester from 2018-2019. After that, we "lived" together in the Philippines for half a year (she was a tourist but ended up staying at my home during the Philippines' long COVID lockdown). I then moved to Taiwan to work in a government biomedical research institute in June 2020. We've since been renting an apartment together in Taipei from July 2020 up to now.
I'm applying for my dependent visa at the same as her Tier 4 visa application some time around the first week of June once she receives her CAS. Now, we're in a bit of a pickle as I need to decide whether I will indeed be going to the UK since I have an offer to work in Singapore that expires in the middle of July. Therefore, I am aiming to provide all the documents on my first submission that can hopefully satisfy the UKVI casework. I am afraid that any additional request from them would delay my dependent visa outcome beyond the date I have to decide to go to SG.
I am planning to submit the following for my dependent visa application:
May I know what additional documents others have been asked to provide in their dependent visa applications? I am aware that the UK is tightening dependent visa applications from international students starting January 2024, so I have a feeling that the general mindset of UKVI towards dependents of international students would be a bit stricter even before the policy is implemented.
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2023.05.30 06:10 ahagagag Wish there were more consequences of actions

Over this one month break I’ve been reading some of the arcs again and at times it feels like there are no consequences to actions or they are handled off-screen which I haven’t been a big fan of. For eg:
  1. When Erin saves all those northern lords from the mob in Invisril and she finds out that they were the ones who rode out against Liscor there weren’t honestly any repercussions for the lords. They ending up getting a good trade deal and money. Where were the consequences of their actions? There were no reparations to Liscor. Erin should have atleast consulted with Numbtongue before making the deal. Felt like their sacrifice was disrespected. Same with Laken’s deal. Did Liscor get any reparations.
  2. The biggest one for me was the post drakes gnoll war at the end of volume 8. Pirate spent so much time describing the gnolls their traditions their community , heck we even had a gnoll song as well but we never got to know about the consequences of the war for the drakes. What was the aftermath in Manus and Zeres. Did the citizens riot? Did the gnolls in drake high command resign in solidarity? What were the consequences for the drakes? Wish we got a post war report on soldiers and money lost at least.
  3. The turn scale issue for me wasn’t that impactful for me honestly. Sure we get to know about Saliss and how he’s suffering because of the rigid laws but what are the actual consequences of breaking such laws. Is there a unified law for all drake cities? Is it just being thrown out or jail? Is there some bodily harm or castration done? What happens to the family members of the turnscales?
  4. Erin’s handling of the assassins in the Zeldona arc was honestly stupid. Instead of hiding in the garden she decides to fight them off. For me her actions just spit on the sacrifices of all her friends who went and fought and died for her and honestly there was no one to berate her for her actions.
What do you all think?
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2023.05.30 06:10 Dr_Swamp going through some things and i need advice

alright so burner account because this scares the shit out of me and i dont feel like i can talk to anybody close to me about it. (rereading this before i post its was longer and a bit darker than i ment it to be but i really think i needed to get this off my chest) so background, im roughly 20 i still live at home cause im currently going through school and i do drugs from time to time; Not anything too bad just weed and the occasional mushroom. This is relevent soley for the fact that i was having a mushroom trip by myself one night, vibing, and i walk by a mirror and i just get so genuinly upset that i look the way i do. for the past three years i have been taking every beauty cream, peice of hair adivce, makeup tip and rudimentary fashion rule into account. This is mainly due to the fact i live with all women and they give me this advice so i "feel more comfortable in my own skin". Theyre right to suggest i dont. I havent felt comfortable in my own skin since puberty started. Not to say this isnt normal, im sure every pimply preteen feels there skin crawl when they begin to develop, hormones are a bitch, and i kept repeating this to myself throughout the whole ordeal. At first i wasnt super concerned how my peers saw me as i was of the mindset that people would like me for me rather than how i prefered to dress, and before highschool most kids didnt REALLY care just ribbing about how i looked like a boy and how i probably liked girls. I did admitidly dress oddly, flannel shirts, graphic tees and the kind of haircut you get when you go to your moms hair lady and ask for a guy haircut, but at least it felt like me. Highschool started and so did the bullying, you could not pay me to have to shuffle around in a baggy uniform facing the corner of a girls chageroom during gym again, in fact after the first day i changed in the bathroom for every other day of the year. when i tell you those girls had mastered the art of psychological warfare hooooly shit. but there was good stuff too. I moved in with my dad and step mom and met a whole bunch of kids who were like me, they wanted to figure out who they were for themselves. It was comforting to know i wasnt the only person who was looked at like a weirdo or butt of the joke. It was fun, for once being an outcast wasnt a bad thing i started making friends with other people who felt like they were on the outside watching in and we watched from the outside together. I started to become more comfrotable in my skin, i binded my chest with real binders instead of bandages i learned how to cut my own hair decently (for the most part) and i found a really cheap thrift store near by that had cheap clothes i felt okay in. i upgraded from looking like a geek to a 13 year old boy in uncle clothes, but i was happy and comfrotable. My dad and stepmom didnt really approve of this suggesting i just try to act normal, it was around this time they started having 'intellectual debates' with me a 14 year old on why i think the LGBT+ community should have rights. It started mildly with the athlete debate, then gay marriage then the legal right of transitioning. They made fun of any friends i would bring over to the house saying they were trying to be something they werent. it really hurt because they were my friends and they were just trying to be happy with themselves. Additionally, i had joined an LGBT alliance at school so the information i was getting from home and shcool was a bit conflicting. I told my parents it was an art club. I told them that i wasnt straight a year or so later. It was a very awkward silence. It got progressively worse to the point they began going through my mail and drawers berating me for ordering a binder and buying 'masculine' clothes,. I dont know why my parents did this. I dont want to assume that theyre bad people but they really fucked me up and as bad as the ribbing was from school, home hurt so much more. After three or so years I couldnt take it, i wanted my parents to love me and i coulndt handle having to defend my existance every day at home. so i swallowed my pride grew my hair out and started dressing more feminine. I told my friends and they were confused but they supported me. I was right it kinda helped at home. And then the lock down happened and i was stuck with my parents in the same house everyday. There was a lot more going on at home than discussing my aesthetic and i think i was a fool for thinking giving up my individuality would help. it was the worst point in my life. At some point the mental and physical abuse was enough to pack up my shit and "visit" my mom across state. They joked about me not coming back so i didnt. its been three years since then, three years of living uncomfortably. SO REMEMBER THE MUSHROOM TRIP? im sitting there infront of the mirror and im so confused and uncomfortable. Im not a girl. Im definitley not a woman. it sounds weird to just say. but i told myself for so long it HAD to be that way because if it wasnt what would my family do? and i realise in this mushroom addled state that i havent talked to my dad in months, because he can be an asshole. so why was i letting an asshole i dont talk to (and tried to abort me but thats another story) decide how i dress? I have this moment of clairty. Ive never felt like a girl, I hate how i look with long hair and curves and i feel content when people 'mistake' me for a guy so why do i look like this? why cant i just act how i want to act? So i made a pact with mirror me that i wasnt gonna make any huge changes just yet i was just gonna let myself choose my own clothes, hairstyle and if i wanted to actually put makeup on in the morning or not. I kept it tame cause i was very much aware i was high as shit. its been almost 2 weeks since then and a woman called me sir in the pharmacy today. I chopped off all my hair, and i started wearing the binder ive been hiding at the bottom of my sock drawer for years. I feel comfortable again, I feel like im in my own skin and when i walk by a mirror i dont get a pit in my stomach. I know this sounds dumb but am i trans? does anyone have any advice or anything?
TLDR Got fucked up on mushrooms, reviewed my trauma, might be a dude. any advice?
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2023.05.30 06:10 ThrowRA_asianbubbles How should I (25F) deal with being sexually frustrated with my partner (31M)?

To be fair, my SO is an amazing person but during this instances I feel so sexually frustrated and unattractive. It would also be a push and pull when it comes to sex especially when I suggested things he’d say yes to (kinky stuff) but we never did, only for me to find out he’s the one who initiated it with his exes before.
I understand people’s preferences changes and it might be that what they enjoy before are things they no longer enjoy now. It’s just that if that was the case I wish he’d just tell me straight, afterall he’s the most straightforward ‘say what you mean and mean what you say’ kind of person because it’s just making me feel sexually frustrated and my fear of being unattractive intensifies. We’re also in an LDR relationship - so I’m trying to justify it that maybe because we don’t really have a lot of time but some things don’t need a lot of preparation to do it :(
He tells me he is really vanilla and he likes it because we can get really intimate but what I’ve seen from an old message between him and his friend (i didn’t snoop on his phone, we were checking something when he scrolled to this part but that exchange between him and his friend was almost 8 years ago) - I saw him sending photos of his back (filled with nail marks) and his neck full of hickeys (when he won’t even allow me to give him one even as a joke) talking about how he surely did like it rough and wild.
I love him and not having wild sex won’t change my feelings for him but since he is my first serious boyfriend and sexual partner, I wish we can explore things :( I’m also his longest relationship - we’re almost 5 years and his past relationships never lasted more than 6 months.
He wasn’t really emotionally expressive before but being with me made him quite open now, although this has been an ongoing joke that in order for him to be emotionally expressive I have to deal with being sexually frustrated 🙃
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2023.05.30 06:10 Tippertimmer I just want to fall in love, but I feel like that’s asking for too much

Apologies if this doesn’t really fit what the subs about.
I’m a 17 year old trans guy. I’m gay. The worst possible combination if I want a boyfriend.
I’ve tried, I really have. I’ve had crushes on guys and I’ve confessed to them and they were either straight or not into trans guys. I know that people are allowed to have preferences, but just once I want to be someone’s preference. I feel like I’m being entitled and asking for too much by wanting that. I’m tired of being treated like a disgusting pervert because I want to have a boyfriend like my other friends. I feel like I should just take what I can get and shut up, but I can’t help feeling so worthless and hopeless.
I’ll be able to go to prom this upcoming school year. All my friends will be going with their boyfriends/ girlfriends and there’s a 99% chance I’ll be going alone. Just like I did for homecoming. And alone just like I am when I sit at home doing nothing because none of my friends want to do anything with me.
I feel like I’m falling behind and like im missing out on important highschool experiences. Because I just had to get stuck with being fucking trans in a red state.
Just once I want someone to love me. I want to be able to kiss someone and hold hands and do stupid teenage shit. I want to be able to go to stupid prom and stupid homecoming and hold hands in the stupid hallways at school. I know it’s stupid. But it means so much to me.
I can’t stand this shit. I just wish I wasn’t trans.
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2023.05.30 06:10 AwkwardDisplayy Visiting Korea for the first time in 15 years, what are some good presents for Korean married men around 40 years old? I live in the US currently.

I'm reuniting with some Korean native pals I haven't talked with in 10+ years. I went through some really tough times the past decade, dealing with family health, job issues, etc. Which threw me into some tough situations mentally and I didn't keep in contact. To be fair they were going through their own shit too.
So now I'll be seeing them, but it's awkward to ask what presents they may want. They either avoid the question or straight up joke "US dollars".
Could anyone recommend what kinda presents Korean guys in their 40's may appreciate? I missed all their marriages etc, so kinda need to make up for it too.
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2023.05.30 06:09 nebelung_lover_33 Partner Doesn’t Understand

I cut last week, have had a stable partner for over a year, both in mid twenties, i’ve been cutting for over half my life but not as severely anymore. Sometimes I cut in obvious places like once or twice so no one thinks about it, a scratch from work, mishap in the kitchen, etc. My partner did ask last week and I told them I cut and I got very embarrassed because it seemed like such an insignificant incident and it wasn’t serious at all. I said “I am really trying to quit” they said “It doesn’t seem like it”. I told them how invalidating that was and despite me telling them how much I struggle with bad thoughts and not cutting like I used to, they feel like it’s not an issue. What do I do? How do I approach them with my feelings if this happens again?
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2023.05.30 06:09 Technical-Piece249 Broken family

I hate how my family is just apart. My parents hate each other they argue at least once a month my dad just verbally abuses my mom and I have to deal with her crying to me and she just won't tell me what happen. They plan to divorce when I turn 18 I don't know why they're waiting but ok. And I don't know who's side to be on either. My younger sister I feel bad for and kinda worry because my brother just bullies her and I hope she doesn't grow up to develop problems like depression like I did and I won't be here for her teen years when I move out. I wish I could take her with me so she won't get traumatized and manipulated by our parents who don't know how to raise us right. I plan to keep in contact with her even if I'm far away I just want to be the person she can always cry to. She looks up to me and I hope my parents don't try to crush her dreams like they tried to do for me and not let her be who she wants. My dad also doesn't let us visit relatives unless it's from his family so I rarely ever get to see my grandparents/cousins who I used to be close with. He's done other bad things like, he once killed my pet fish on purpose and he laughed about it. And other things I don't like to talk about but it's all in the past now: Witnessing abuse. In general, we all hate each other except me and my sister. Anyway. Ig that's all. Just a broken "family". I like to think it's not a family at all, because this isn't how they're supposed to be, right?
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