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2023.06.03 16:16 Reinhaut Phone Camera blurry, but only 50% of the time

Phone: Xiaomi Mi 8 lite
When using the back camera of my phone it's always a gamble to see whether or not I can get a clear image.
About 50% of the time it's just a blurry mess, that doesn't focus anything, no matter which mode I use or how close the object is I'm trying to capture. Usually my phone stays in one "mode" (blurry/functioning) for days or even weeks at a time and then randomly one day I'll open the camera to find that the phone gods have changed their minds again.
So far I haven't found a way to provoke it. It doesn't depend on which camera app I use. Turning on and off doesn't do anything. I don't see any fog or humidity in the lens. The front camera consistently works.
Does anyone have an idea what could cause this and how I can fix it? Since the phone is rather old I don't plan on going through the hassle of replacing parts.
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2023.06.03 16:15 Onarm WA Unemployment, would this disqualify me.

Just wanna cover my bases here. Cause who knows.
I've worked for the business I'm currently at now for close to 8 years. I've always had a good personal/professional relationship with the owner. However it's time for me to move on. I have better opportunities elsewhere, the work isn't fulfilling anymore, and frankly I'm just ready to move on.
One caveat. I'm on the management team. I don't want to just find something new and drop two weeks. Considering how much we've done together and the level of mutual respect, I want to give the business time to set up.
I think rather than finding something and telling him I'm putting in notice. I'd like to instead let him know I'm looking for something new, which should give us time to get stuff set up. And if I happen to find something I can put in notice. From what I can see this doesn't negate unemployment, because I'm not "quitting.". I'm just letting him know I'm looking for other work. And as long as my work quality doesn't decrease, I should be fine.
The way I envision doing this is letting him know I'm starting to look. Explaining to him I'm not quitting, and this will not affect the quality of my work. Then emailing him after and saying basically "as per our conversation, just wanted to let you know I am not quitting, just starting to look for other work. Also this will not affect the quality of my work, I will still be giving it 100%" so I have it in writing.
Any thoughts? Is this all a waste of time and actually will dq me for unemployment if he decides to take it as me quitting. I know on paper it shouldn't, there is a difference between "hey i'm looking for other work" and "i'm quitting", but always better to be careful. Doubt I'll even need the unemployment, but doesn't hurt to be safe.
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2023.06.03 16:15 AllThingsWorn Community Resources

Community Resources
A one stop community resource centre for all, regularly updated. Click on each link to learn more.
Topics covered include KinkCoins, Guides from Admin, Pricing, Online Safety, Shipping, General Tips, and Health and Wellness.
If you have resources you think might be useful to the community, please reach out to Admin and share them with us!


What are KinkCoins?
KinkCoins FAQ
Promote Your Profile
Pay for your Premium Membership with KinkCoins
KinkCoin Withdrawal Request
Withdraw KinkCoins from Yoursafe
KinkCoin Transaction/Withdrawal History
KinkCoin Currency Converter

Guides from Admin

Rules & Guidelines
Top Tips on How to Become a Successful Seller of Used Panties & Well-Worn Shoes
How to Spot a Timewaster Part 1
How to Spot a Timewaster Part 2
What is a Sugar Daddy Scammer & How do You Spot One?
New to Panty Selling? Dare To Be Different!
Buy & Sell Feet Pics & Vids Online!
Guide to Selling Feet Pics Online
How & Where to Buy & Sell Men's Feet Pics


Pricing Your Products and Services
Shared by XRubyRed

Am I Undercharging? A Guide to Pricing and How to Know Your Worth
Courtesy of AnimeSenpai

Feetfullspread’s Pricing Guide - Google Document
Courtesy of Feetfullspread

TidalWave679’s Pricing Guide - Google Document
Courtesy of TidalWave679

Online Safety

How to Remove Location and Meta Data from Digital Content - Google Document
Courtesy of LaylaXOXXOX

Deciding to Remain Anonymous on ATW
Courtesy of TerraTwinkleToes

How To Stay Safe Selling Your Used Boxer's Online Part 1
Courtesy of MrBossAmerica

How To Stay Safe Selling Your Used Boxer's Online Part 2
Courtesy of MrBossAmerica

Online Sex Work & Cyber Security
Courtesy of Miss_Ophellia

Tips for Protecting Yourself When Selling Used Items & Content Online
Courtesy of Kinks_and_curves

VPN, Safety and Sex Work
Courtesy of OpenGuyUK


The Best Way to Ship Men's Used Underwear Part 1
Courtesy of MrBossAmerica

The Best Way to Ship Men's Used Underwear Part 2
Courtesy of MrBossAmerica

How to Send Used Panties Discreetly in the UK
Courtesy of AnimeSenpai

How To Perfectly Ship Your Well-Worn Shoes
Courtesy of Shoeweet

General Tips

The All Things Naughty and Nice Podcast – Website
The All Things Naughty and Nice Podcast - Spotify
Courtesy of Kinks_and_curves and Alexibun

Quick Tips for New Sellers - Google Document
Courtesy of Sasha_Star

Help for New Sellers - Google Document
Courtesy of MidwestMom

Seller Help - Free Guidance And Tips!
Courtesy of Alexibun

What I Learned In My First Month Selling - Q&A - Google Document
Courtesy of Feetfullspread

How to Write an Effective Bio on MTW
Courtesy of MrBossAmerica

10 Tips for New Sellers - Google Document
Courtesy of ToeDoe

How to Write an Effective Bio on MTW
Courtesy of MrBossAmerica

Making Your Personality Stand Out When Selling Used Undies on MTW
Courtesy of MrBossAmerica

Buyers - How to Protect Yourself & What To Do When Things Go Wrong
Courtesy of JayJay

Beginners Guide to Being a Great Buyer of Used Men’s Underwear, Jocks, Socks and More
Courtesy of JayJay

Tips on How to Become a Top Seller of Used Mens Items
Courtesy of JayJay

Making Your Profile Private - What to Expect
Courtesy of PorcelainWitch23

Health and Wellness

Let’s Talk About Mental Health
Courtesy of Miss_Delight

Strategies to Improve Mental Wellbeing
Courtesy of HanaHikara

How to Maintain Good Mental Health as a Sex Worker
Courtesy of Maddiereed

Protecting Your Mental Health as an ATW Seller - Google Document
Courtesy of Emogoddess97

A Guide to Internal Hygiene: Keeping your Kitty Wet and Healthy
Courtesy of Satsumacutie

What Panty Buyers & Sellers Should Know About Vaginal Discharge
Courtesy of VelvetCrush

Endometriosis: A Figment of Your Imagination or a Debilitating Disease?
Courtesy of LittleBits

The Ugly Truth...Surviving Endometriosis
Courtesy of UndeniablyKinky

Endometriosis Resources from WHO
Endometriosis Pain & Symptom Diary by Endometriosis UK
The Ugly Truth...Surviving Endometriosis
NHS Overview of Breast Cancer in Women
NHS Overview of Breast Cancer in Men
Breast Cancer Self Examination: PDF
Breast Cancer Self Examination: Video
Original Blog Link:
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2023.06.03 16:14 KurtisCummings Together CU Club Question

How much is the concession credit? We’re from out of town and wanting to go to tonight’s game - will likely have a few beers each so trying to gauge if it’s a better deal to buy the club seats or just regular seats
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2023.06.03 16:13 Deran202 I worry for the future generations honestly

I went today home for the first time in ages because my cousin is celebrating getting engaged and announcing that him and his wife are expecting, so a little cousin of his wife was there the boy is like 9 or 10 idk, and when my cousin's wife asked her uncle and aunt if their older son is alright because he has been in an accident and how did the accident even happen, her little cousin just said "Skill issues, he got f-ing rent", his parents didn't understand him, but my cousin and his wife looked so confused.
My cousin's wife later asked the little boy where he learned such bad words he told her to piss off, to which she took offence and went to talk to his parents, later that kid approached me and another guy coz we are the youngest, still way older than him and asked us what we are watching coz we were just watching stuff on our phones and he told my friend that he looks like Andrew Tate.... WHY DOES A 9 YEAR OLD KNOW WHO ANDREW TATE IS ???
I already thought it was bad few months ago when I was hanging out with my neighbor and his little brother who is 13 asked me if I am investing in stocks and when I said no his response was "But you are 18, you are going to be a failure if you don't", and then my friend after shooing his little brother away told me he spends way too much watching that Logan Paul podcast.
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2023.06.03 16:13 Disastrous-Earth-994 A walk through a mesmerizing back alley in my fantasy RPG

Introducing ROFH (Rise of Forbidden Hinterlands)
A fantasy RPG I decided to make with Unity engine for about 2 years now, I've been working on it on and off whenever I get some free time and here is a video showing a tiny portion but yet representative of the style of the game. It's about a world that experiences a periodic Giant Spirits attack on the Kingdom in about every month, mages and knights barely stand a chance and suffer a great deal of damage that is hard to recover from in just a month's period of time, so Nobles tend to recruit slaves to fight and gain popularity, you play as a young Elf slave being bought from a prison camp for that purpose by a Noble, taking part in fending off the Giant Spirits attack and taking expeditions into the waters where the spirits seem to come from. And at night she's tasked with handling his dirty work which includes taking out his business rivals, opposition, exploring new business opportunities, all in the sake of increasing the Noble's influence. And that's how you start, you'll eventually break free and start an entirely different journey of exploring the periodic spirit attack and the origin of magic... The video doesn't show any elements of the story, but I figured it'll help knowing what the project is about and that it's not just a fun experiment but a serious commitment that I hope to bring to the world, thanks for reading this far =]
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2023.06.03 16:12 Rosiekat47 Genuinely so confused..

Can someone please help me understand Dae’s school situation?
First episode he can’t afford the payment and he’s going to be kicked out. Generic story line progresses to fake rich girlfriend paying for it.
But I must have missed something because where tf did Dae’s super-strict-has-to-be-first-in-class-or-else-loses-all-school-funding-scholarship come from?? If he had a scholarship that pays for everything if he’s the top of the class and until Florian cheats he IS top of the class then why is he freaking out about money in the first episode?
Also these are high schoolers. Like yeah maybe his dad made Dae personally pay for school but that’d be hard to believe considering we’d see Dae busting his ass at some job he’s had for years to support himself. But like what, did his dad just forget about paying for school? School is about to start and no one has made a school payment so like what.. I know Dae’s dad is busy working but like wouldn’t he at the VERY least be like “okay Dae I’m sorry you have to go to public school because we cannot make this payment”
The only entertaining part of this show was the beautiful Korean town and how FUCKING NUTS it is………………………..
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2023.06.03 16:12 dolphingrlk Help!

I have been making tulips for some of my coworkers and one of them approached me asking if I would make them some things for their daughter’s baby shower in September. She’s given me a lot of creative freedom and purchased a few patterns for things we’ve found together. We have not found a blanket and she’s having a hard time picturing things in colors other than the pictures I’m showing her so she’s told me she just trusts me to make something gorgeous.
I typically don’t take commissions but we are close work friends and she is super supportive of my hobby. I do make a lot of things for fun and sell them to support my habit (and I don’t know what else to do with all the things I’ve made) and she has wiped out my entire stock of everything- sometimes paying 2-3 x what I ask from her. She has single handedly funded my extended weekend in NY next month. For this reason, I want to make sure that whatever I give her is just stunning.
She purchased a ton of this yarn but has given me creative freedom to make whatever kind of blanket I want. I typically do C2C but I don’t want it to end up with diagonal stripes. I’ve made the north start blanket a few times and LOVE it, but I dont want a round blanket for this and cannot figure out how to square it out.
I would love something with a lot of texture and different stitches. Money is not an issue for this project, as she is willing to pay for any materials, patterns, etc that I need (it’s her first grand baby!). Please! I’ll take whatever suggestions you have!
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2023.06.03 16:11 Baddbarnicle Need help with cleaning REALLY REALLY dirty screen.

TLDR; I have a TV coated in fruit fly shit and ciggarette (possibly also drug) smoke film. warm soapy water doesnt seem to do anything but smear it around leaving streaks that look worse than before. I have ethyl and iso alchohols. how can i clean this tv, it was free and i really want to use it. Sorry for the long read.
I just got my own apartment a couple days ago. Unfortunately, a week ago my uncle passed away. and i got his 32" VIZIO LCD tv. he used his tv as a computer screen, like how i plan on using it. he was a drug addict and his apartment was really bad. He smoked cigarettes (and probably drugs) sitting at his computer desk, so the screen is REALLY dirty with cigarette smoke film and tiny dots all over the screen that my cousin thinks is probably from the fruit flies that where in his apartment. I tried doing what i read, cleaning it with a warm slightly soapy microfiber cloth, rinsing it. it just kind of smeared it around making it look worse. I read here alcohol will mess up the anti glare coating but my bedroom is always dark when im using the computer. i have 91% isopropyl and 70% ethyl alcohol hand sanitizer. should i just keep rinsing out the rag with warm soap water and be patient or can i use one of the alcohols i have
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When a partner is unfaithful, it becomes possible to engage in actions like secretly monitoring their phone or even using outside help from hackers. I mean, who am I to say how others choose to keep their relationships sane? I was once in a relationship that almost drove me insane because my partner had been cheating on me and I had been fed outright lies. Even if it was just to show myself that I wasn't insane and that I had been right the entire time, I was curious to learn the truth. The hacker's services can also be required by you. Email him at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) to get in touch.
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2023.06.03 16:11 blxesweetdxy I wanna disappear away from my friends and I don’t know how to feel about it.

Next week is my last week of school now and I feel so done with most of my friends. My friends touch me, call me slow or sped, make me feel uncomfortable about myself, makes me wanna change everything about my body. I feel so burnt out from school. Everyone calls me zesty or whatever, like can you leave me alone, I’ve been called zesty so many times only this school year. I just almost hate everyone. I feel like everyone makes me push to my limits sometimes. Lots of drama in my friend group. I just don’t know how to approach it. This summer, I feel like I should at least tell everyone over social media that I’d be inactive for this summer and with everyone. I feel as though I should take a step back for this summer so that I can revaluate my life and make the best decisions that I can make for myself. I’ve thought about leaving the friend group many times but have not because I feel as though they’re gonna say something like why becomes friends in the first place and then blame it into me. They sometimes make it so that I’m to blame for stuff that I shouldn’t even have been blamed for. All of this is a big mess for me and I don’t know if I should do it or not or if I should take another approach. Please give me advice on what should I do about this. Should I leave everyone this summer?
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2023.06.03 16:11 lalamyk How long does it take to see improvment?

I've been suffering from a heavy bloating from whatever I eat(even just white rice). I thought it was SIBO. Breath test came out Negative(But my baseline on H2/CH4 are both high, each 34ppm/27ppm) so my doctor put me on antibiotics for 3 weeks. I don't know if I can say they worked... anyway now I'm new in GF diet. I'm wondering how long did it take you guys to see improvment(no bloating) It's been only 3 days tho lol, but my belly is still so bloated. Sigh
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2023.06.03 16:10 AutoModerator Agency Navigator by Iman Gadzhi (Here)

Contact me to get Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator by chatting me on +44 759 388 2116 on Telegram/Whatsapp.
I have Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator.
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Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator includes over 50 hours of step-by-step training covering EVERY aspect of building an agency from scratch. This is almost a plug & play system with enough success stories to back it up! Signing clients, running Facebook ads, building out your team, on-boarding clients, invoicing, sales... this course has everything covered for you.
The topics inside Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator course include:
  1. Agency Navigator course Core Curriculum
  2. Custom E-Learning Platform For Agency Owners
  3. Financial Planner, Revenue Calculator, Outreach Tracker & More Tools
  4. Websites Templates, Funnels, Ads & More
  5. Template Contracts, Sales Scripts, Agreements & More
The lessons in Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator will teach you how to:
- Starting Your Agency
- Finding Leads
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- Onboarding Clients
- Managing Client Communication...
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To get Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator contact me on:
Whatsapp/Telegram: +44 759 388 2116 (Telegram: multistorecourses)
Reddit DM to u/RequestCourseAccess
Email: silverlakestore[@] (remove the brackets)
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2023.06.03 16:10 Aliba_Bar We want to volunteer to be scientifically studied under psychedelic drugs

Hi Hamilton,

I am Jose, I am Portuguese a software engineer, a hostel owner, event company and weed made it all possible, by helping me. I am a deep believer of science and the right of science to make mistakes. My biggest dream is to make culture a basic need and to create the first economically auto sustainable festival of the world.
I believe deeply that all drugs in the world should be scientifically research for medical reasons. The fact that many drugs become illegal and directly invalidates scientific study’s on them is, I believe, the biggest blocking for the tabu created around them. While watching pharmacopedia I have realized how hard is to have a standard and baseline for scientific study’s of drugs. My twin brother is an avid fan of psychedelic drugs and I never done anything apart from weed. We are both 30 years old. I find myself in a point of life where I am secure enough to experience new drugs where I fight it will help a lot to design and idealized the whole project we have. Also I am slightly depressed and I think this experiences will help me to process a lot of stress and disorganization I currently have with in me. I am curious about lsd since I am 18, I never took any drugs because my fear is mostly related with the quality of what I am giving my body, with a brilliant chemhist that fear is no longer. This fear I believe is really common for many people. My idea is quite simple, I would like to volunteer myself to experiment many of the psychedelic drugs out there for the first time. I would volunteer in the name of science, assuming all responsibility. We would document it, I am a very logic person, I want to try to focus the experiences on how to heal myself and document it as much as possible. Also the side reactions for first use, but above all because on being on mature point of my head, having study enough on the drugs I will be consuming having the scientific awareness of what I am consuming can help us document every detail of my first experiences versus my a bit more experience brother and while being twins we have genetic similarities that can add value to the scientific experience. By having my brother as a guide I have the closest and most deeply connected human being with me. Since we are zero religious or spiritual I believe we can be really objective as a study. Also I don’t believe in any superstitious side of life, I am a deeply sceptic person, that said, the relationship I have with my twin brother deeply influenced my brain, our brains are made of chemic reactions, highly unknown to us still. This to say that science is not linear, maybe the medical benefits of this drugs need to be guided, most likely it will be more efficient while being guided by either psychiatrists or people really close to us and that make us comfortable. We are talking about drugs that interact with our brains on an emotional level, they should be highly documented in order to adapt to each different person.
To resume, we are volunteering to document our experiences and try to add value maybe scientifically maybe breaking many tabus on the way. Not necessarily suggesting for others to do the same but above all for all to be aware and informed.
If you are interested, here is my email [email protected], I am able to fly wherever needed on my own costs to discuss this idea.
Written high while listening to:
I once email Obama, so, if I am luckily enough this message reach you I would like to at least deeply thank you for your work,
Kind Regards and
Jose Medeiros
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2023.06.03 16:09 Professor_Oaf Comparison between the perfect highs from psilocybin and THC

Even though this post is about weed, I just want to point out that I finally found the amount that I need to smoke to get the same feeling that 1g of cubes give me. I want you to compare the perfect high from weed to the zone you reach with shrooms. Could there be a level, for both, where your brain is activated in the same way to have thoughts freely entering like an unstoppable train into your mind?
I'm a hallucinogen guy, but I've never been a fan of marijuana, and I've never understood what the hype was all about. So every once in a blue moon, I try some in an attempt to understand it all. Tonight just hit different and now I know.
I feel like these words in my head are profound, but I guess we'll see for sure tomorrow when I look at this post again.
So, here are all the thoughts that stood out enough to type out while I'm high:
Most of my problems are because I go too far. Squeezing pimples? No, I have too squeeze extra hard to make sure and end up ruining my skin. Argument? No, I have to hang on to my stance even when I realise I may be wrong, at least till the argument is over. Smoking a joint? No, I have to smoke till I'm fried. What have I been doing?
Also, why do I have to be medicated to feel more empathetic?
Found my own answer: then I can more easily confront my mistakes, since the ego has been temporarily contained. I don't need to go that fabe so intense.
Most skills are so easily theoretically acquired that they seem obvious once a demonstration has been shown. Yet, a skill has not truly been learnt unless application of it becomes the default. It is in the application of skills by the student that the master should show pride in his student, not by simple recall of instructions.
Dad: to teach a toddler how to speak, teach them how to read you. Model correct behavior and then narrate what the child is doing as they repeat the behavior.
If tonight goes well, I should know that 3 puffs is the magic number where I have creative thought, but still enough memory to regale it long enough to pen it down. (Without too much editing or embellishing)
This mind is sharper than its default/normal state, because it is still clear.
People underestimate the importance of standard dosage. Everyone thinks they should go higher.
When you feel that you have just enough reflexes to correct your erroneous movements fast enough to immitate sobriety, you are on the standard dosage.
At the right dosage, none of your movements are gratuitous. You are also more willing to admit errors.
If you use your substance to the point where you become too lazy or incapable to do chores, you overdid it.
What is your purpose? To get in the right headspace or to show off? The standard gets you there, but you still feel in control. So, the question is really, do you want a good trip (where creative thoughts flow freely) or do you want to lose control?
Do you want to get wasted or enlightened?
To be enlightened means to experience ego death. For me, that is 3 deep tokes.
Chips is the poor man's lettuce.
That plumbing issue in the bathroom is just trapped air in the pipes.
Why do you think so many if the shamans, sages and gurus used substances? It was the trusty way to get to ego-death.
Do you want to reach ecstacy, reach Nirvana, or get severely anxious (body out of homeostasis, which literally means you have disease)?
Lord Buddha attained the level of Nirvana in Bodh Gaya while meditating under the Bodhi Tree ...that was no fig tree...
I am experiencing Nirvana. I just looked up the four stages of Nirvana and it all makes so much sense. Stage 1, Stream Enterer.
"The first stage is Stream Enterer or Sotappana . Sotappana means “ one who enters the streams ”. One who entered this stage are said to open the eye of the Dharma . When you become a stream enterer , you became free from the desire and rituals, and don’t have identity issues and can become one with the mind and the eye.
• Once-Returner
The second stage of Enlightenment is Once-Returner or Sakadagami . Sakadagami literally means one who once comes . Once-Returner and Stream Enterer are said to be free from the 3 fetters of Enlightenment . The three fetters are self-illusion, doubt, and attachment to rituals and rule . Once-Returner have weakened the other three fetters of Enlightenment i.e. lust, ill will , and desire of fine material ."
After that quote, it's all that stuff abour karma and rebirth which does not appeal to me as a believer in science. Just realized that, not only did I reach Nirvana tonight, I basically discovered what it means in my head without ever having read about it before.
Is any of this stuff resonating with any of you guys?
What are stoned, fried and baked? You're just putting yourself in a diseased state. You may also cause psychosis.
Whatever state you choose, and whichever substance you like to use, I'm telling you, Buddha was high on his own stuff.
My stuff I'm on tonight: 3 deep tokes of medicinal weed, a shot of whiskey and a beer, residual caffeine, aripiprazole, fluvoxamine, and lamotragine.
Is this just a manic episode or did I really reach ego death with weed? omfg
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2023.06.03 16:09 ashbyashbyashby I get some truly amazing comments on my posts. This guy doesn't like my posts... apparently not cerebral enough for him😝. Best pretentious tangent in 3½ years.

I get some truly amazing comments on my posts. This guy doesn't like my posts... apparently not cerebral enough for him😝. Best pretentious tangent in 3½ years. submitted by ashbyashbyashby to u/ashbyashbyashby [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 16:09 Key_Education7241 Dong Hua Episode 2 Translation

I have nothing better to do so I've translated the donghua so we can all enjoy this cute little series :)
Link to watch:

Master isn't home today (episode 2)
Har-gow: Suckling Pig Roast, I really want to make hotpot.
Suckling Pig Roast: Indeed, I haven't had hotpot in a while. I’m lacking in the warmth and moisture from the soup, it’s like my body strength is being dried up.
Sichuan Hotpot: Hey I overheard you saying that you want to eat hotpot! Coincidentally, I am the best at making hotpot!
Har-gow: Oh no no no. We were talking about Cantonese style hot pot. Sichuan hotpot is way too spicy.
Sichuan Hotpot: Har-gow, how could you not eat because of the fear of choking? Although Sichuan hotpot is spicy, it also has the uniqueness of having a numbing effect and is deliciously fragrant. That’s how it became the signature dish of the Sichuan region. You absolutely cannot miss it.
[Scene change]
Sichuan Hotpot: Hotpot’s here!
Suckling Pig Roast: Did I just get a glimpse of hell?
Sichuan Hotpot: You guys exaggerate too much. This is only slightly spicy.
Suckling Pig Roast and Har-gow: Slightly spicy?!
Sichuan Hotpot: Yep.
*Har-gow and Suckling Pig Roast washes the food in their cups*
Sichuan Hotpot: Hey!
[Scene change]
Braised Pork Hock: Ha, Stinky Perch, looks like you still have to exercise more frequently. Why don’t I help you?
Stinky Perch: No… no need. I- I can do it.
Braised Pork Hock: The weather is getting colder. Be careful not to catch a cold.
Stinky Perch: If only I could eat something that is warm.
Sichuan Hotpot: Hotpot! In ancient times, it was also known as “warm pot”. It’s most suited to be eaten during the cold temperatures of winter together with a few friends, enjoying it together. And Sichuan hotpot is meticulously made - it doesn’t matter if it’s the making of the soup base, or the ingredients that you put into the hotpot, they are all of the best quality! It can also get rid of rheumatism and strengthen your physical health.
Braised Pork Hock and Stinky Perch: Ooohh.
Sichuan Hotpot: Do you want to give it a try?
Stinky Perch: Can this really be eaten?
Braised Pork Hock: Hmph a man is fearless in the face of danger. Even if I, Braised Pork Hock, am faced with something as spicy as hell, will not be afraid.
Sichuan Hotpot: What are you guys talking about? This is only slightly spicy!
Stinky Perch: How could this be? Your interpretation of slightly spicy is a whole pot’s worth of chili peppers?
Sichuan Hotpot: That’s right.
[Scene change]
Dezhou Chicken: What’s up with him?
Fuli Chicken: Could this be the “gain effect” that Mapo Tofu often mentions?
Sichuan Hotpot: This is all due to my hotpot. Do you guys want to give it a try?
[Scene change]
Fuli Chicken: *writes the character for “spicy” on the table*
[Scene change]
Sichuan Hotpot: It’s my turn today.
[Scene change]
Sichuan Hotpot: Everyone, let’s eat hotpot together!
[Scene change]
Har-gow: Cheers!
Sichuan Hotpot: Alright alright, we could’ve used a mandarin ducks pot^. But hotpot has to be spicy in order to be tasty. Spicy.
[End credits scene]
Harbin Fried Pork reading (with Sichuan Hotpot’s voiceover): How can I review it? Is it wrong of me to treat everyone with hot pot? True, it was a little bit spicy, but this numbing effect from the spice is what causes an appetite. Furthermore, it’s really nice to take a bath whilst in pain. Harbin Fried Pork has punished me by only allowing me to eat hotpot with a mild soup base. That won’t do. Fine, the next time I cook I’ll reduce the amount of chili peppers that I add.
Harbin Fried Pork: I wonder who will be next.
^Mandarin ducks pot is a hotpot pot that has a divider to separate soup bases. Usually one soup base would be of a mild flavour while the other is spicy.
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2023.06.03 16:09 KKshilling The Founder Journey with Brett Adcock ($2.7 Billion IPO)

The Founder Journey with Brett Adcock ($2.7 Billion IPO)

The Founder Journey: Brett Adcock

Building in Public

If you spend any time on Twitter, you’ve probably seen some of Brett’s viral threads:
Plenty of founders “build in public” like this, but Brett may very well be the most successful of them all.
So why would a founder who’s experienced massive success multiple times, and is now building a new startup from 0 → 1 (a time when every second is precious), bother writing detailed and tactical threads on Twitter every week?
When I asked Brett about this, he emphasized how helpful is can be for fundraising (at any stage). If Figure, his new autonomous humanoid robot startup, is successful then he’s “going to need to raise enormous amounts of capital.”
Building in public, or at least building an audience, allows him to get consistent exposure to prospective investors and top-tier talent. In fact, Brett said he’s already hired over a dozen people via Twitter for Figure.
Later on in our chat he hinted that driving positive, founder-led PR (something he’s written about before) was also a factor:
The bottom line is that people want to feel like they’re part of the ideas that change the world, and the founders who embrace that are more likely to build successful startups.

Tough Times

If a startup is successful, it’s easy to look at it through rose-colored glasses. But a founder’s day to day life is typically overrun with problems and trying to solve them:
When I pressed him on this, Brett shared that his mindset was not to dwell or fixate on any particular problems — instead, he just treats each problem (large or small) as something else to figure out and solve.
This is what sets great founders apart. Huge problems don’t phase them. They don’t let their startup get into a “death by a thousand cuts” scenario because they’re aware of and actively fixing even the small problems too.
Keeping yourself at an even keel and not letting the ups and downs sidetrack you from your mission is one of the key founder skills that’s not only hard to teach, but also often not emphasized enough to first-time founders before they start building.

Naming a Company

Take a second and think about the startup with the best name you’ve ever come across. What actually makes it a great name?
Successful founders almost never talk about this. In fact, most I know hate naming things — it’s one of my least favorite things to do too. But there is a science to it that can help make it easier. Brett shared his framework on Twitter earlier this year:
You can break his framework down into these rules:
  1. Be unique in your category
  2. Use words that can turn into verbs
  3. Limit your syllables
  4. Easy to spell
  5. Easy to pronounce
  6. Domain availability
  7. Trademarking availability
When talking with me Brett shared how, with Figure, it’s a word that is:
  • “Easy to say and easy to use”
  • Unique (in robotics)
  • Taps into the idea of a human figure
  • And is simply “just a really cool word”
It’s easy for founders to overlook naming their startups, or a new product — don’t do that. Your brand can become a massive moat (Google vs. Bing, Uber vs. Lyft, Airbnb vs. Vrbo, etc.).
Take every advantage you can — your startup’s name can be one too.

Fundraising Advice

Brett has raised over $1 billion in his career. Given the current macro climate, I asked Brett for his best advice for founders while fundraising:
He advised that founders not neglect the top of their fundraising funnel. Especially early on, before you know what investors will look for from your startup or how they’ll evaluate it (and you, and the market), founders should treat their outreach like “impressions” on social media.
Brett advocates for getting “the story you want to tell” in front of as many people as possible. Track the “impressions”, grow your top of funnel, and see how well (and, more importantly, who / what type of investors) they’re converting through the different steps of the funnel.
When we were fundraising for my last startup, we tracked the following statuses within our fundraising funnel:
  • Investor Identified
  • Intro Identified
  • Intro Made
  • Meeting Scheduled
  • Backchanneling
  • Committed
  • Signed
  • Wired → Remember, you don’t have the money until it’s in the bank!
  • Not a Fit / Passed
Once you’ve identified the types of investors who are moving down the funnel, you can narrow your outreach to find more who fit that mold.
Brett also shared how it is important to understand the mandates and theses that investors have when fundraising. Virtually every fund has verticals and specific sectors that they are looking to invest in. Almost always, your lead investor will be passionate and have a core thesis around your area of focus.

Attacking the Impossible
The number one thing that stands out about Brett’s overarching founder journey across his three companies is that he keeps taking on harder and harder challenges.
First, a software-powered hiring marketplace. Then, electric vertical takeoff aircraft and now, autonomous humanoid robots.
After he sold his first company, Vettery, for $100 million it would’ve been so easy for him to go relax on beaches for the rest of his life. At the very least, most founders don’t choose harder problems after success. Brett’s styled his career in the vein of two founders I have considerable admiration for in this regard — Elon Musk and Travis Kalanick.
When I asked him why he chose this path he said that, for him, being a founder isn’t about money — it’s about making a real difference and better future for the world (but that it’s completely fine if, for someone else, it actually is about the money).
He also compared “hard” startups vs. “easy” ones by saying that “hard” startups (aka hard problems to solve) have advantages:
  • Investors want to back big ideas
  • Hard problems make recruiting great people easier
  • I would also add that you’re likely to have less competition
Overall, Brett said “hard” startups are “2-3x easier to build than easy ideas.”


As startups experience hypergrowth, new challenges emerge at increasingly quick rates. It’s simply impossible to keep up, and relying on the systems you have in place is key.
Brett shared that the best way to solve hypergrowth-related issues, though, is through growth.
“Growth cures all things” — it’s intoxicating for your team and helps overcome or reduce the impact of problems.
He also pointed out that the biggest factor that allowed him to go from 0 employees to 70 in a short time period was the ability to communicate clearly. And that having singular documents, especially around company culture, that are shared clearly with newly joining team members, can make a big difference.
Some more resources -
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2023.06.03 16:08 cauliq cat won't stop meowing

tldr: new cat won't stop meowing as if she's looking for something, anything i can do?
i wanna preface this by saying i know it gets better with more time but i'm a bit worried it won't and am looking for immediate solutions to help out in the meantime.
i have a cat at home and recently adopted a new one. resident cat has shown to be scared with stray kittens we've found before but hostile towards a stray puppy we found (neither were kept, both were only in our care max 5 hours). because of this, we want to wait a bit before introducing them as we don't know how resident cat will react towards new cat.
new cat is about a year old, she was listed to be adopted alone or with her friend, but the adoption centre reassured us we don't need to adopt both if we can't because no bond has been made yet. she was in foster care for 2 weeks with her friend, and the carer told me that she hasn't made contact with their resident kitties yet.
we made the decision to keep new cat in my mum's bedroom with water, food, litter, and toys, for at least a week, hopefully 2, so she can get settled in before meeting resident cat.
however, somehow both cats are now aware of each other, not sure how resident cat feels as shes been very neutral except shes hiding under my bed.
though, new cat is continously meowing. i fear that this is because she is looking for the carer or her friend, and i'm worried that i've separated her away :( she meows non stop behind my mum's door, so i close my door (resident cat in my room) and let new cat explore the house, but now she won't stop meowing either, it's like shes trying to find something
these are pretty loud meows too and its nighttime and im worried neighbours can hear.
is this normal? is there anything i can do to offer support to her as i know that this is a new environment for her. i'm asking this because resident kitty was a rescue and she never meowed this much, she only hid during the day and explored at night without making any noises.
any help would be appreciated, thanks :)
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2023.06.03 16:06 Throwaway_Tadpole339 My (36 F) husband (34 M) is fuming because I turned him down for sex and now he's sleeping in another room and ignoring me

Hi guys, throwaway here. I have a question about what to say or do concerning my other half because I'm unsure how to clearly explain how his words and actions hurt me last night. For reference, we've been together 16 years, married for 8.
So, as we were winding down for the night, we planned to watch an episode of one of our favorite shows in our bedroom. We decided to take a shower in our respective bathrooms (my bathroom is the master bathroom). I came out of the shower, dried myself and stepped into the bedroom when my husband instantly came over and wrapped his hands around me groping me. I knew what he was after, so it wasn't a surprise. He normally is very pushy for sex (not in a rude way just doesn't take no for an answer) and I usually oblige, but today I've had a weird, painful sensation in my belly - like a cross between a stomachache and cramps - and I wasn't feeling sex tonight. I told him so and I kept trying to push him off me but he kept going at it and kept trying to persuade me. I got really annoyed after like the 10th time I told him no, so I told him "I don't owe you sex." He went quiet, and then got angry, telling me that what I said bothered him because I made him out to be an abuser or something. I don't know where he got that from - it's true, I don't owe anyone sex, but I didn't call him an abuser or anything. So he stormed out of the room, angrily said fine I'll leave you be and went to the office/guest room of our house to game online for the next several hours. Around midnight, he left the office to tell me he was sleeping in the guest room. Still had a scowl on his face. Didn't even tell me goodnight, even though I told him goodnight.
This is not the first time he's blown up at me over a seemingly benign statement. It's not like I call him names or insult him. How can I explain to him that if he felt like an abuser by my statement that it's his internal feelings that he needs to wrestle with, not me? Should I not have said what I said or said something different? Is there anything you guys think I should do to ameliorate this? Please let me know. I legit want advice, not looking to rant here.
TLDR: husband wanted sex. I didn't due to pain. Husband persisted. Told him I didn't owe him sex. Proceeded to storm out of the room angry and slept in another bed.
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2023.06.03 16:05 MathematicianFew6865 Problem neighbour


I have one Phoenix Cockerel, 4 Phoenix hens and a red hen.

My chickens are awesome but a nasty neighbour has said the cockerel is a noise disturbance.

The cockerel isn't that loud and she is seeming a tad off, she came at 8am (before I had chickens) and told me that she has rats and that it is my fault and that if I don't sort the issue she will report me for it. There are no rats, there are birds that nest, rooks, starlings etc.
Now the council are saying they want to know how I feed them and that one of their scumbags will come to check I am feeding them ok. This same scumbag is saying that the crowing is affecting this neighbours quality of life, nobody else minds and they other neighbours like the chickens.
This is not ok and I will not lose my cockerel without a big problem, I want to resolve this without issues but I can not make happy and unhappy old woman without her husband, she is just a sick woman.

What to do?

Sorry for long psot.
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2023.06.03 16:05 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator (latest edition)

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