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2009.07.27 18:16 Minneapolis, Minnesota - the front page of Minneapolis

Minneapolis, Minnesota (MN)

2014.08.07 21:52 AOL_ Food Los Angeles

Food Los Angeles is dedicated to showcasing food from all over the greater Los Angeles area. Share pictures, reviews and news, and get food advice straight from the hungry Angelenos that know best!

2009.12.26 07:56 ImLyingWhenISay Reading, Berkshire and the surrounding postcodes.

The town of Reading, located in Berkshire, UK. Probably the best place on the River Thames.

2023.05.30 06:14 httpfroggo My first goth concert

Hey so i made a post a while back about my going to my first concert specifically goth concert alone so i’d thought it be nice to update after the experience
Firstly i’d like to thank everyone who commented and gave me advice though i didn’t reply to all comments i did read them and i appreciate everyone’s feedback
So I went to see the sisters of mercy and… they sucked just like everyone said they would lol they had mic problems the whole night i don’t really mind though because i didn’t really have high expectations for them
However the coward there was awesome and made up for the lack luster show it was nice to see other goths there was this one elder goth who was telling stories about all these different shows he’s been to from skinny puppy to the cure. there was the this other guy next to me that i had friendly banter with about the mic problems of the night. so yea the crowd was pretty awesome and friendly and everyone still clapped and cheered despite mic troubles.
I got merch before the show started which was great because the line was long at the end of the night. I was also in the pit which I really didn’t mind despite me being short I was still able to make the most of it. the opening act which was a cloud of ravens was amazing and better than sisters imo. Anyway I had a great time and i’m happy I went just to be able to say i saw the sisters live. My advice for anyone who’s nervous about going to a show is just don’t be an asshole and you should be fine :)
Link to my previous post
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2023.05.30 06:13 savepongo I can’t stand a groomsman’s girlfriend 😫

Mainly the title. One of my fiancé’s groomsmen has this girlfriend who I just do not like. When she and I first met, she thought I had a thing for her man, which was so wildly not the case lol, and she literally cornered me and physically threatened me about it a couple years ago now. I tried to settle things with her after that since, you know, our guys are best friends and we have to at least coexist in the same social circle. “Settling it” basically involved her coming over and reading a laundry list of things I’d done or said that she didn’t like. (One of them was that I’d texted her bf “can you get me some meat” for another friend’s birthday party…he’s literally a butcher……… yeah.) So anyway I just let her go off and we’ve been cordial, I guess, to one another since then. But she is just generally a terrible presence at things, an overall drag to be around, and she always makes comments that probably seem innocuous to the outside listener but I know are backhanded jabs at me. Her latest one is that every opportunity she gets she makes it known that she LOVES living in her walkable neighborhood, would never even consider living in the suburbs or outskirts of town, would never want to spend money on a roof or appliances, how buying a house is a waste of money, etc. which are all pokes at me and the home I own. She’s had other fixations like this before (one was how she’d never plan/host a wedding lol) and I’m sure it’ll be a matter of time until she has another one. Anyway, since she’s the SO of a bridal party member, she’ll have to be at stuff outside of the wedding, not to mention the wedding itself. I know I will have a million other things in my brain come wedding day, but after spending a chunk of time with her today I’m just freshly reminded of how much I hate being around her and how much I wish she didn’t have to be a presence on our wedding day. Thanks for the space to rant.
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2023.05.30 06:13 maxgenomic Looking for the Best Turkey Tail Mushroom Supplement? Here’s a Guide!

Looking for the Best Turkey Tail Mushroom Supplement? Here’s a Guide!
It's not easy to figure out which is the best turkey tail mushroom supplementfor your health and your cash. Numerous companies sell this multipurpose mushroom in powder or capsule form. But how do you know if the product you're considering buying will help your immune system? Thus, careful shopping is required if you expect turkey tail to boost your immune system. The truth is that not all turkey tail supplements will work as well as you'd like them to. So, what to look for in a purchase is laid out here.
Email Id: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Phone No: 6043751537, 7028039404
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2023.05.30 06:13 Dependent-Juice5361 Best restaurant in resorts world

Give it to me, taking a survey. What one should I pick
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2023.05.30 06:13 DarthLaters Are any popular websites banned in Indonesia?

Halo. I’ve been learning Bahasa Indonesia for the last ~6 months, so I consume a lot of Indonesian content/articles for fun. I just read that Reddit is not allowed in Indonesia? That shocked me… is it true? If so, why…. and what other sites are banned (if any)?
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2023.05.30 06:13 bellerop1 Best bars or other options to meet and get to know locals in Tallinn

I'm going to be in Tallinn later this month from California and I care more about getting to know the culture and local vibe than sightseeing. Are there any bars, cafes, etc you cna recommend where I am likey to spark a conversation with a local?
I speak English and am conversational in Russian.
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2023.05.30 06:12 StatisticianOk328 TradeUp (US ONLY) Open and Fund Account for free stock, Fund with $100 or more for more free stock up to $1530 in value

Moomoo is the best trading app IMHO but TradeUp is really good and a more straightforward interface. If you’re not into stocks or interested in trading this offer probably isn’t for you. Takes up to 10 business days for funds to post ( after 1st they post instantly). Then up to 5 days for the free stock, you can sell but not withdraw the money for 60 days. You can withdraw your deposit after 15days.
It’s been good for me, quick trades and fair (they have limited buy/ sell quotes, and sometimes they give a better price, never worse). They have after hours too.
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2023.05.30 06:12 ShinyKnight242 What alignment is Ghostface in your opinion?

I'd personally call him/her lawful evil. Hear me out.
Every Ghostface to some extent follows a tradition, where they have to follow "the rules" of horror movies as well as doing their best to accurately depict and honor the Ghostface character (making sadistic prank calls, wearing a cumbersome costume, murdering randos) as well as exposing their true identities in the end, as if they're following a script.
It's almost cult like behavior, where each Ghostface is trying to honor the legacy of the ones that came before them, regardless of what their actual motives whether it be revenge, sadism (those ones may be more neutral evil though), fame, etc.
Because of this, each Ghostface is confining themselves to a ruleset, which is lawful behavior.
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2023.05.30 06:12 Meykul Why do I feel the need to attach myself to others?

I've always known my friends would move on and get wives or husbands and have children. I've never wanted any of that, recently my last true best friends got married and I've found myself wanting to include myself too much in their relationship. I have no actual family, my mom died a few years ago and I never met my father. I'm single and kind of lost on what to do. I have a great job but it's taken me to a city where I don't know anyone. I realized I've become a nuisance in my married friends lives, not a friend, but a tick, sucking out all the social interaction I can until they can't bear it anymore. Anyone else live completely alone? How do you keep yourself from going crazy and harming yourself? How do you stay healthy alone?
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2023.05.30 06:12 TangerineThing1 My dad just blew up over something so simple

My mom was talking something about how good her gynecologist is even though he is a man, and I said something along the line of I find it creepy when men enter those fields of the medical system (personal opinion), and how I wouldn't be comfortable with having a gynecologist that is a dude when I'm an adult, and my dad lost it.
My dad started going on about how straight white men are oppressed the most (I didn't even say anything about white guys, I was so confused.) and i'm letting the feminist movement and media brainwash me into being a man hater.
He called me disrespectful, told me I was a punk of a kid, and yelled at me until I cried. He then said he thought I meant all men were bad and thought I mean all men were creeps, when I clearly didn't say that or mean that.
I went upstairs to get away from him, but he came in my room a few seconds later to "apologize." He told me he loved me and he cared about me even though I wouldn't care if he came back alive from work (once again, never said anything about that, I didn't even say a word up to this point). I told him that wasn't true he cares/loves me because all he ever does is yell at me and he just said the classic "I'm sorry you feel that way." He also added that it's my job to not give him a reason to yell/bug me about things, when I literally don't open up to him or go to him for help for that reason. I try to be perfect, but I still get yelled at no matter what.
He then randomly started talking about me not eating enough and he thinks I'm purposely starving myself because I'm skinny and giving myself a calcium deficiency (I don't starve myself, I'm normal weight, and I don't drink milk because I don't like it and it hurts my stomach sometimes. I have no clue what he thought he was doing by saying this).
My dad also talked about how all of my problems with him are age-related and I'll be just like him as a teen and realize I'm being a clown and once I reach adulthood I'll see how good my childhood was, and that he just cares and that's why he yells at me (which makes no sense to me). He said he came to "apologize" so he would be able to sleep at night without feeling bad. All he did was defend his actions and make me feel worst.
It hurts to know he thinks I'm the problem because I'm a teenager, and thinks my emotions are out of wack when he literally got red in the face and started yelling over my personal opinion. My dad blows up of the most random things and then pretends to be sorry. I didn't even get an "I'm sorry" once, not that it would make it better anyways though.
He doesn't stop yelling at me until I cry, which at this point I feel it's his main goal. He sees how long he can yell, then fakes an apology and expects me to act like his best friend afterwards. I wish I didn't live in this home anymore so I could just cut contact. This might seems like a minor issue to some people, but there's a lot more going on behind the scenes than just this problem.
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2023.05.30 06:12 Nina7411 Grandma diagnosed w/stage 4 liver cancer

My grandma recieved a call today, she has been diagnosed with cerrohsis of the liver, stage 4. She is 74 years old
She had been telling the doctors for about two years she doesn’t feel right and they had been putting her off. Finally because she was in severe pain they decided to take it seriously.
My grandma has never smoked or drank in her life. She is type 2 diabetic, also has had breast cancer maybe 6-8 years ago.
This is sick that these doctors had put her off for so long. She now has a year or maybe less who knows, to live. Im sick to my stomach right now. I am going to pray and hope for the best, as a family what can we do for her?
What are her chances to helping her live longer? Is it possible to receive treatment at this stage? I don’t want to bombard her with questions, we are all in shock and are so hurt for my grandma.
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2023.05.30 06:11 sandsalamand The Writing in this Game is Incredible

Just got though the part at Picus, where I read through every terminal. I've been thinking this for a long time, but the moment that pushed me to make this post is when Brent Radford (the detective who investigated you) makes a quip about Asimov's First Law of Robotics.
It's crazy to me how much effort these writers have put into every little dialogue. Even this detective, who seems like a one-off side character, feels so real and intelligent.
The game I just played before this was Elden Ring, and now, in retrospect, the fact that Elden Ring was nominated for Best Narrative of 2022 seems like an absolute joke. I'm not sure if it's just the choice of games that I have been playing recently, but by contrast to Deus Ex, it does truly feel like we have lost something in game writing.
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2023.05.30 06:11 Sopppa Underworld

Holy shit, that was one of the best sets I’ve ever seen in my entire life. The wait for over a decade for me was 100% worth it. There was pure magic in the air during that. What did you all think??
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2023.05.30 06:11 sultanaxasma spa in gachibowli

spa in gachibowli
If you're looking for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience, look no further than the spa in Gachibowli. This popular destination offers a wide range of services designed to help you unwind and recharge your batteries, whether you're looking for a quick massage or a full day of pampering.
At the spa in Gachibowli, you'll find experienced therapists who are dedicated to providing the best possible treatments. From traditional massages to hot stone therapy, they offer an array of options that can be customized to suit your individual needs. They use only high-quality natural products that are free from harsh chemicals, ensuring that your skin is left feeling soft and nourished.
In addition to its exceptional services, the spa in Gachibowli also boasts a serene and inviting atmosphere.
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2023.05.30 06:11 lampiaio [TOMT][funny video recently posted on reddit] 1st person view of a knife-wielding villain slowly going after a guy in a kitchen. Guy trips all the time and even stops to take a bite from a pizza and do other silly things.

I can't even remember what subreddit the video was posted on. It was a vertical video, a funny "Scary Movie"-like satire.
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2023.05.30 06:11 MightAdmirable8336 Saving Private Ryan —-wtf

Watched Saving Private Ryan on Pluto TV today, Memorial Day, and was reminded that it is truly a great movie. Also thought back to when it came out and old veterans would leave the theater in tears because it brought back memories of serving in WW2. Finally was reminded that Shakespeare in Love won best picture in 1999. Wtf! What a travesty.😭
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2023.05.30 06:11 Beanwins Is this ok?

Is this ok?
I posted on another sub reddit and they said not to worry about it one guy said he had his bed off by a whole mm but when I try to print the first layer it gets to close to the bed and thins the filament out as shown in the 2nd pic
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2023.05.30 06:11 myattorneylaw Experienced Family, Criminal, and Best Law Firm in Oklahoma - Michael Johnson Attorney OKC

If you're searching for a reliable family law firm Oklahoma, look no further. Our team of skilled attorneys understands the complexities and sensitivities involved in family law matters. Whether you need assistance with divorce, child custody, adoption, or any other family-related legal issue, we are here to guide you through the process and ensure your rights and interests are protected.
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2023.05.30 06:10 Slidge_App Slidge- Simple Social Media

Slidge is a photo sharing service (social media) for viewing and exploring slideshows that are built up one photo at a time. Individual Slide posts are intended to grow organically with new memories and pictures. Posts are shown in a digestible format with convenient pause/play, directional, and speed controls for individual slideshows. For example, instead of sharing a new post on social media every weekend hiking trip, document those memories in one slideshow post on Slidge. The service runs in - browser (both mobile and desktop, and PWA), accounts are not required to view posts, and content is easily shareable through internet share links. You can even collaborate with friends on posts. It's currently in beta, always looking for feedback. If you want an example of an account, check out the link on the u/Slidge_App Reddit account, you don't need a Slidge log in to view!
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2023.05.30 06:10 jtrk940 Best Types of Open Source Projects to Work On?

Hello. I do not have previous PM experience and am looking to break into a role.
I am interested in doing open source projects to beef up my technical qualifications.
What would be the best types of open source projects to work on? Any particular languages/frameworks? Would front-end or back-end work be better?
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2023.05.30 06:10 ExcitingLaughs cat in blender twitter video WATCH cat blender video twitter kat in blender video reddit full blender cat gore viral video

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2023.05.30 06:10 TheGoodDoctor17 Goku vs Aizen

Who do you guys think would win?
I personally think, it’s Aizen. For one he has the Hogyoku which makes him immortal. He has literally come back from existence erasing moves. And in a world where there are erasure moves like Hado 54, Ichigo Mugetsu, Gin move, and there was Yammamato move. All these options in the bleach universe yet the only thing they could do was try to seal him as he is immortal. Lastly the Hogyoku also gives him the ability to adapt to any move.
That is why in a scenario where Goku does blitz him or does a huge aoe attack which Goku never does to begin with, and I don’t see any scenario where he isn’t already under Aizen perfect hypnosis right away, but even if that does happen, I think Aizen will survive.
But then comes another issue, one can say well Aizen really doesn’t have any moves that can take Goku down, and at the end he could just exhaust Aizen. As there is no doubt Goku has showen durability feats. So at best it would be a stalemate.
I also agree for me the winner will be based on durability. But instead of looking at the most powerful hits Goku was able to tank, I’ll show you the weakest moves he wasn’t able to tank and that will be his undoing.
As you see even in Goku “god” mode forms, it has showen if he isn’t facetanking something with his full power, instead if he has his gaurd down, even in his GOD mode super Syian blue mode, a simple henchmen of Freeza with a basic ass beam attack from a ring completely KO Goku.
This happened again when he was battling Frost. In the middle of battle Frost was able to puncture Goku body with basically a needle and Goku didn’t even notice and poison him.
The reason this is relevant is because Aizen has the perfect move to get someone’s guard down. His perfect hypnosis. Once they lock eyes it’s over.
Now you might be saying well no maybe Goku with his fighting sense will be able to tell what directions attacks are coming, or be able to get ahold of him somehow etc.
But Aizen has showen his not dumb enough to attack someone directly if it won’t work and has the patience to plan in advance.
So the most likely scenario, is Goku sees Aizen and says “hmm I’ve heard your powerful so I won’t take you lightly!” “Aizen goes bring it on.” Goku goes full power and hits Aizen with a Kamehameha.
Aizen dies instantly. Goku is like damn maybe I shouldn’t have put some much power into it. I overestimated and now it’s already over. Oh well.
He goes back home depowers and has a lunch with his wife Chi Chi, she made him his favorite meal. Later on in bed, Chi Chi gives him the best head of his life. In the morning his hungry for some cereal and asks Chi Chi for some milk. Chi Chi comes and gives him a kiss and stabs a huge knife through Goku heart. The last thing Goku wonders… was it cause I was a dead beat dad?
Lol anyway that’s my scenario, would love to hear you guys opinion and what you guys think. Who would win in this death battle?
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