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Received the same day, notice anything?

2023.05.23 19:05 BobbyMike83 Received the same day, notice anything?

Received the same day, notice anything?
... other than they all look abnormally happy to be working for the USPS?
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2023.04.11 17:56 Nozarashi426 Transfer question

So I'm a city carrier (t-6) looking to transfer from Florida to Minnesota. On the reassign page I can't find anything so I put in a request for a couple places. Ecareer has no carrier jobs and the jobs page has many cca positions and a handful of career positions listed. Some in the area I'm looking.
My question is would it be better to just apply through USPS jobs or email the supervisor on the application for said position or would it be better to wait for a hit on reassign?
Ive never transfered or looked into this stuff so I'm very in the dark on this matter.
Thank you all in advance for your help!!!
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2023.04.05 22:53 biglert_ Is joining as MHA a good way to become CCA

I've been looking for a job within the USPS for months now through ecareers and nothing has been available in my area. Finally today an opening showed up for MHA. This is great because finally I can actually apply, but I would much rather be CCA. I'm wondering if it's worth becoming MHA just to get my foot in the door, or if it's better to wait it out and see if a CCA position opens up.
Additionally I like to smoke marijuana, and Ive stopped for the past month and a half, partly to be good for a drug test, but also because I needed to cut back. I was wondering if they would drug test me again if I became MHA and then changed to CCA
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2023.04.02 02:12 Cpt_Sassypants2903 Looking to become an RCA/CCA

Hey Everyone,
Yesterday I was looking at our eCareer site for RCA/CCA positions available for my state/city. Sadly, There were 0 openings, is this something you all are seeing as well? For some reason, I was thinking USPS needs these positions badly.
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2023.03.11 00:53 joemike Anybody go to these things? Is it worth $40 and a vacation day?

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2023.02.27 09:14 Idiot_Gamer_2023 Is there only one way to apply to USPS?

Not sure if this is the appropriate place to ask this kind of question but I'm curious because I saw a job posting on Geebo and applied(uh-oh?) and when I went to the USPS website , it says "Our application system is called eCareers — the only place where you can apply for USPS jobs!". When looking up jobs on the website, the position that was listed on Geebo didn't show for that particular location. So was that a fake listing on Geebo? Does that post office even use sites like that?
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2023.02.10 05:15 Timmy_Trombones Maintenance craft advancements??

I am a PTR custodian at a smaller office looking to move up into area maintenance tech or another position? I’m coming up on one year and interested in progression. The area maintenance tech that used to work my area has moved on and I don’t think they have replaced him yet but he was stationed at a bigger office about an hour away. I haven’t seen anything on ecareer or usps/careers. Does anyone have any experience or advice?
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2022.12.24 19:06 BeneficialChain8007 Withdrawing 1week before orientation/start

In the past months I've applied to many career positions and recently received a start date and orientation date which is soon. The VMF manager called me several times for process updates in person so I feel bad about withdrawing. But after I put in my 2 week notice, my current position just offered an unprecedented raise and I might end up staying. For now
But because of many other factors I don't plan to stay here long-term (3+ years) so I want to make sure I don't close the USPS door on me by withdrawing.
Is there going to be any negative consequences(i.e. blacklist) for withdrawing 1 week before start/orientation date? I'd withdraw my application from eCareer and email 3 people; VMF mgr, orientation email person, and conditional offer person.
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2022.09.01 23:15 SurroundVisual7802 Bellingham USPS workers questions

I am in the process of getting a position for USPS in bellingham. Wondering what the time line was like for current or past employees, as in, I'm getting my fingerprints done tomorrow and when should I expect an email for the orientation considering all else goes well. I've completed the 5 year background check nacl thing and have accepted the job through the ecareer website. Also, are they drug testing still? I've quit Marijuana cold turkey and am currently on day 6 being sober in anticipation for it. The at home drug test I purchased says I'm still positive but I'm working on getting negative everyday with lots of water intake and exercise. Any tips or helpful advice would be greatly appreciated for everything I've talked about. As well as who should I contact directly if I don't hear anything back from local offices? Thanks!
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2022.07.18 19:15 YoWifeysFavDJ Ways to find a job

I know of Ecareer, and of course the internal bulletin. Are these all of the ways to find out what's out there? In looking for advancement more than anything else. 204b doesn't sound like the greatest idea for me lol. I feel like I've heard something about maybe searching on Hero?
I'm a FTR Clerk floating between level 18-20 offices.
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I just applied for a Maintenance Engineer specialist for USPS on the Ecareer employee forum. Does anybody know what the education requirements are for this position? I don't know if I will qualify or not. It doesn't say requirements online it just says any employee can apply.
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2022.05.21 04:16 Terrytruckinson Why would I get this email?

Career employee here, I applied to an internal posting a while ago via Ecareer, I didn’t score very well so I went back to delivering and just forgot about it, yesterday I got a request for background and motor vehicle check from the usps, now I’m confused, why would the post office spend money on doing these things if I scored so low? Is it possible I got the job?
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2022.04.28 16:43 DirtyDeeds3220 Why is it so difficult to be hired? (Rant)

So I’ve gotten my finger prints 2 weeks ago, after fingerprinting they gave me a form to fill out with the time period of 3 days. I was busy the first day and couldn’t fill out the paperwork then. Then ecareers went down for 2 days. This resulted in me timing out of the application. I found the same position for the same place and reapplied. I got a phone call from HR, and I was busy. They didn’t leave a voicemail so I called and they didn’t pick up. I waited a day and called, they asked what the call was about (how would I know if I had no voicemail) so I stated I wasn’t sure and gave them a brief summary of what I had already done. They didn’t know why they called me, and called a higher up. Then they told me that I needed to get my fingerprints done again, there was a problem with one of the printers and my paperwork wasn’t sent out. (Something of the sort). I think I’m going to take a break from applying to positions at the post office, although the benefits seem really good. I’m fuming with this application process. To have one person not do something or someone mess up. My finger prints are supposed to be good for 90 days I thought.
I recently applied to WholeFoods as a deli member and they have gotten back to me the same day I filled out application, they have an in person interview with me scheduled, they have called me 3 times to talk to me and just let me know they are still wanting me to come work for them. I really wanted to become a CCA honestly, I’ve been studying YouTube videos of how to case, and the LLV driving test. Like I want to work for the USPS but it’s so damn frustrating when I feel like they don’t want me and I’m not even an employee.
Should I really continue the struggle for applying to the USPS or just try my luck at become a butcher? I am under the impression that butchers (depending where you work) have a good union, decent benefits and good pay ($20+ an hour). Im really at my wits end.
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2022.01.13 22:46 nathonj98 Not accepted? I have been waiting since November for an E-mail to know if Im going to be hired or not. This morning I finally get the acceptance letter but when I login to the USPS ecareer page it says not accepted. Which one is it?

Not accepted? I have been waiting since November for an E-mail to know if Im going to be hired or not. This morning I finally get the acceptance letter but when I login to the USPS ecareer page it says not accepted. Which one is it? submitted by nathonj98 to USPS [link] [comments]

2021.10.31 00:48 dominicano546 Help with fingerprint in NYC

Mail handler assistant NEW YORK NY POSTAL FACILITY I am trying to make an appointment with fingerprint but I do not see any number only an email which nobody responds. If you are accepting this job offer, you will need to email or call [email protected] to schedule an appointment to capture your fingerprints so we may begin the security investigation. You will need to bring a photo ID. A Driver’s License is required for driving positions. This action must be completed within 5 calendar days from receipt of this notice.
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2021.09.07 20:18 user_3146 Custodian Looking To Promote

I am new to the USPS (recently past my 90). I am a FTR custodian hired "off the street" with no Vet preference and consider myself very lucky since that doesn't happen often. I work at a small post office in a rural town and I am the sole custodian. The job and coworkers are fantastic but I would like more pay and I am capable of so much more. Recently I became aware that a Area Maintenance Technician (AMT) position would be opening up in my area soon because someone was retiring. This is the kind of job I would love to have and goes right along with my skills and abilities. I actually found out about the future opening because 2 AMTs came to my PO to do some work and one told me he was retiring soon. I would have asked them more questions but didn't think of them in time while they were there and I don't know how to contact them again. How do I apply for (when it becomes available) or where do I look to see the job listing and how do I take the exam for this job? Do i use ecareer or ereassign on Liteblue or what? I know in larger facilities they have maintenance departments with many different levels and jobs but remember I am the lone maintenance craft at my small location. Thanks for any help/advice you guys have.
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2020.12.29 19:47 JaanatEVuniverse Help me find all ETFs connected to Electric Vehicles / Batteries etc?

Hey all! Couldn't think of a better place to ask.
As some of you already know, I've created a live Google spreadsheet stock tracker connected to Electric Vehicles, combining the EV makers, Battery makers, Charging Networks, connected Lithium Mines, SPACs, etc:
A lot of the sheet is made as a joint effort from investing and SPACs subreddits. There is an ETF section I want to build further out, so I'm hoping you guys can help.
What I'm looking for: As much of a connection with EVs as possible. Ideally, all the assets of the ETF are connected to EVs. What I'm NOT looking for: ETFs that only feature an asset or two that are connected to EVs and a bunch of others non-related.
So far I've got: DRIV; LIT; BATT; ECAR; REMX; KARS
What am I missing?
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2020.12.23 18:20 qPec5 I'm unable to contact the place where I'm supposed to get my fingerprints captured. (NYC)

This probably will be more related to people located in NYC.
I haven't been unable to set my appointment for the fingerprints. I've sent emails (a bunch) and I've left messages in the Voicemail. I haven't yet to hear back from them.
The email [email protected] and their phone number of ‪2123302800‬ I have tried so far.
I have also tried to contact the contact person that was in the job listing, no luck so far. Also I sent an email to the email address that sent me the job offer. I haven't heard back from any of them.
At this point idk what may I be able to do. I don't know where the physical address might be for the [email protected] either.
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2020.10.26 16:45 IDontGotNoName Who wants to hop on a cypher? This was the last one, im gonna be doing another one and uploading it to stores after my ablum drops This the beat for the track I wanna do HMU on instagram if any of yall are interested. IBGeeZee
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2020.09.12 16:44 HeavyMail555 Am I Crazy To Apply For a PT Laborer Custodial Position 80 Miles away?

There is a Part Time Laborer Custodial position about 80 miles from where I live. It's from 7am to 11am Monday thru Friday. I currently am not driving but I would be able to take public transportation to get all the way there but it's a 3 and a half hour journey which means I would have to leave home at 3:30 in the morning to get there before 7. It would only be one and a half hour trip if I was driving.
I've been reading this subreddit often and every one says Custodian the best position in the whole USPS and I would love to be able to become a career employee on day 1 for the medical benefits as I am a Type 1 Diabetic.
This position was posted on eCareer last week and I guess there were no takers so they posted it again. it's only 4 hours of work a day but I'll be spending 7 hours total going to and from work on Public Transportation (3 hours total once I start driving again). Do y'all think it's worth it?
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2020.08.23 10:03 AsunaKirito4Ever Is the job bidding line down for anyone else?

Trying to switch jobs and have been trying all night and neither eCareer on LiteBlue nor the Job Bidding Line on the USPS phone number are working, eCareer says its been having "scheduled maintenance" for the past 5 hours and the phone number doesn't go anywhere once I press 2 to get to job bidding, and Sunday at 8pm is the last time I can bid for the job. Help!
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2020.03.31 02:16 TRXMP Holiday Casual To Custodian In A Year!

 Hey Guys! Today was the big day I found out I was going to make regular! I was a holiday casual last year then made MHA in June, Now I’m going to be a custodian at a plant next pay period at the age of 19! To any casuals or MHA’s out there struggling with management or just the job itself, don’t give up, clock in on time and always check The ecareer sight for job positions! I’ve talked with so many of my fellow MHA’s who didn’t even know what that site was! Make it your routine to check everyday for career spots. I’m so thankful for this opportunity and I’ve been on reddit for the past year asking about how I can become a custodian, and finally it’s happened. Persistence is key and I wish you all the best of luck finding your ideal usps job in the future! (ALSO THE 955 EXAM FOR CUSTODIANS IS THE EASIEST TEST YOU WILL TAKE DONT BE NERVOUS :) ) 
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