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2021.05.09 07:13 Rurouni_Phoenix AcademicQuran

A subreddit dedicated to the discussion of the Quran, the Sunnah and early Islam from a scholarly perspective. Here, such topics as Quranic exegesis, Biblical and extra-Biblical parallels, textual criticism, history of interpretation, pre-Islamic Arabia, etc. are discussed in a friendly yet engaging way.

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2023.05.30 07:17 dlschindler Terror Of Leaving The Rude World Behind

Lies are so polite. Honest people have no friends. Nobody wants the truth, not when the lies are what make them happy.
And when the truth, the rude truth, dispels those safe and happy lies, there is a very special kind of horror. I experienced it as terror, as I was forced to learn all about the truth of the real world.
I've spent years as a therapist, delving into the depths of the human psyche and trying to help those burdened by their own demons. My practice has seen its fair share of troubled individuals, but none quite like the three patients I currently attend to. Each one possesses a unique darkness that sets them apart from the rest of my clientele.
First, there's Thomas, a middle-aged man whose words cut through the air like a razor-sharp blade. His brutally honest nature spares no one, as he revels in frankness. He spews forth his bitterness, never holding back his cruel rudeness. It's as if he derives pleasure from watching others squirm under the weight of his words.
Then there's Emily, a woman of few filters and even fewer boundaries. Her honesty is a double-edged sword, slicing through the facade of social niceties with surgical precision, with scathing candor. She has no qualms about revealing uncomfortable truths, making every session a tense dance of revelations and discomfort.
Lastly, there's Jacob, whose coldness could freeze the warmest of hearts. His icy demeanor and calculated words chill the room whenever he speaks. He thrives on manipulation, using his intellect to exploit vulnerabilities and leave emotional wreckage in his wake.
These three patients have tested the limits of my own resilience, forcing me to confront the darkest corners of the human psyche. Little did I know that soon I would encounter a terror beyond anything I had encountered within the confines of my therapy office.
In the dimly lit room of my therapy office, I listen to the unsettling confessions of my three patients. As their therapist, I've grown accustomed to their brutality, their unfiltered honesty. But it's in the aftermath of my aunt's funeral, on that fateful night when my car stalled in the desolate darkness, that I would come face to face with a horror beyond comprehension.
The funeral of my beloved aunt weighed heavily on my heart as I made my way back home, the clock ticking past midnight. Exhausted and emotionally drained, I navigated the winding roads that cut through the barren countryside. The night wrapped around me like a suffocating shroud, and a sense of unease settled deep within.
Suddenly, my car sputtered and came to a halt. Panic coursed through my veins as I desperately tried to restart the engine, but to no avail. With a sinking feeling, I realized there was no cell signal in this desolate stretch of road, leaving me stranded in the oppressive darkness.
I stepped out of the car, the chill of the night embracing me like an unwelcome companion. The moon cast an eerie glow on the silent landscape, emphasizing the desolation that surrounded me. I had no choice but to abandon the safety of my vehicle and venture forth on foot in search of help.
As I walked, the world around me transformed. The familiar countryside gave way to an unfamiliar path, lined with gnarled trees that seemed to whisper secrets in the wind. The air grew heavy, laden with an otherworldly presence that sent shivers cascading down my spine.
After what felt like an eternity, I stumbled upon an exit sign, its rusty metal gleaming faintly in the moonlight. With a mix of trepidation and hope, I followed the arrow, hoping it would lead me to some semblance of civilization.
As I passed through the exit, a peculiar town emerged from the shadows, shrouded in an unsettling silence. The streets, devoid of life, stretched out before me like a labyrinth of forgotten dreams. Inky pools of darkness clung to the corners, stubbornly resisting the feeble rays of the rising sun. It was as if the town itself had been tainted by a sinister force, refusing to surrender to the light.
I caught a glimpse of my reflection in a cracked storefront window, and a shiver shot down my spine. The glass distorted my features, twisting them into a grotesque mockery of myself. Before I could fully comprehend the sight, whispers reached my ears—inhuman voices murmuring in the shadows.
Words like "truth" and "bringer" slithered through the air, chilling me to the bone. It was as if unseen entities were aware of my presence, aware of my role as a dispenser of truth in my profession. The weight of their attention pressed heavily upon me, filling me with a sense of foreboding.
As I cautiously explored the desolate streets, I encountered a townsperson—a perfect mirror image of one of my patients. Seeking assistance, I approached a townsperson who bore an uncanny resemblance to Thomas, my patient known for his brutal honesty.
With a polite smile adorning his face, the townsperson greeted me. "Good day, sir. How may I assist you?" His words dripped with an unsettling charm, a stark contrast to Thomas's usual abrasive nature.
"I'm in need of help. My car broke down, and I require a tow truck or a mechanic," I explained, trying to maintain my composure despite the growing unease within me.
The townsperson's smile remained unwavering as he replied, "I'm terribly sorry to hear about your predicament, but unfortunately, our town is quite isolated, and the services you seek are not readily available. You see, there's no mechanic around, and our tow truck is currently out of commission."
His response sent a chill down my spine, for I knew that Thomas would never shy away from speaking the unfiltered truth. The stark contrast between the patient's brutal honesty and the townsperson's polished lies made the conversation all the more disturbing.
Undeterred, I pressed on, determined to find a solution. "Is there a place nearby where I can make a phone call to seek assistance?"
The townsperson's expression remained placid as he nodded. "Of course, we have a public phone booth just around the corner. However, I must warn you, the line seems to be down at the moment. Perhaps you can try later."
A sense of unease gnawed at me. The deception in his words was palpable. I couldn't help but wonder if this facade of politeness was merely a thin veil concealing something far more sinister.
Growing hungrier by the minute, I decided to inquire about a place to grab a bite to eat. "Is there a restaurant or a café nearby where I can find some food?"
The townsperson's smile widened, his eyes gleaming with an unsettling glimmer. "Ah, I'm afraid all our dining establishments are currently closed for renovations. You won't find anything open at this hour. I apologize for the inconvenience."
Every word he spoke felt like a twist of the knife, the pleasant tone mocking my desperation. It was as if the entire town conspired to deny me even the most basic assistance.
As I ventured deeper into the enigmatic town, my desperation intensified. Seeking aid for my stranded car, I approached a townsperson who bore an uncanny resemblance to Emily, my patient known for her scathing candor.
She greeted me with a disarming smile, her eyes glinting with a deceptive warmth. "Hello there, stranger. What brings you to our humble town?"
Feeling a sense of unease, I mustered the courage to explain my predicament. "My car broke down, and I'm in need of assistance. Is there a mechanic or a service station nearby?"
Emily's smile remained fixed, her voice dripping with saccharine sweetness. "Oh, how unfortunate. I'm afraid our town is quite secluded, and we don't have any mechanics or service stations here. It's such a pity, isn't it?"
Her response sent a shiver down my spine, for I knew all too well the biting honesty that usually emanated from Emily's words. The stark contrast between her usual cruel rudeness and the townsperson's polite deceit heightened the unnerving atmosphere.
Undeterred, I decided to probe further. "Is there a place nearby where I can make a phone call to seek help?"
Emily's eyes gleamed with a chilling delight as she nodded. "Why, yes, there is a phone booth just around the corner. However, I must warn you, the line has been acting up lately. It seems luck is not on your side today."
A knot tightened in my stomach, the realization of their collective deception growing clearer. This town had woven an intricate web of lies, and each encounter served to deepen my unease.
Growing weary and famished, I sought information about a place to satisfy my hunger. "Are there any restaurants or cafés where I can find something to eat?"
Emily's smile widened, revealing a hint of something unsettling beneath the surface. "Ah, I'm afraid all our dining establishments are closed for a private event. They won't be open to the public for quite some time. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause."
Her words sent a chill coursing through my veins. The townsperson's demeanor was an unsettling reflection of Emily's uncensored honesty, twisted into a sickening semblance of pleasantness. It was as if the town reveled in tormenting me, taunting my helplessness with their deceptive charm.
As I continued my journey through the mysterious town, a sense of foreboding weighed heavily upon me. Seeking aid for my broken-down car, I approached a townsperson who bore an uncanny resemblance to Jacob, my patient known for his cruel rudeness.
A twisted smile spread across the townsperson's face as our eyes met. "Well, well, what do we have here? Another lost soul in need of help?"
My heart skipped a beat, for the malicious glint in their eyes mirrored Jacob's usual sadistic pleasure in causing pain. The contrast between his usual brutal demeanor and the townsperson's chilling charm sent a shiver down my spine.
Summoning my courage, I explained my predicament. "My car has stalled, and I require assistance. Is there a mechanic or a service station nearby?"
The townsperson's smile grew wider, revealing rows of unnaturally sharp teeth. Their voice took on a sinister tone as they replied, "Oh, dear traveler, how unfortunate. Our town is quite isolated, you see, and the mechanics here have a penchant for breaking more than they fix. It's best to avoid their services, if you value your life."
A surge of unease swept through me, the words sinking deep into my core. The townsperson's perverse enjoyment in my misfortune left no doubt that they relished in the suffering of others.
Refusing to succumb to fear, I pressed on. "Is there a place nearby where I can make a phone call to seek help?"
Their laughter, low and menacing, echoed through the empty streets. "Ah, a phone call, you say? How quaint. Our town isn't one for modern conveniences. The phones here... well, let's just say they have a mind of their own. They tend to connect you to places you never wished to reach."
A chill ran down my spine, the revelation leaving me trembling. It was as if the town itself conspired to keep me trapped, severed from any means of outside assistance.
Growing increasingly desperate, I inquired about a place to find sustenance. "Are there any restaurants or cafés where I can find something to eat?"
The townsperson's eyes gleamed with a sinister delight, their voice dripping with malice. "Ah, food... sustenance for the weak. I must warn you, stranger, our town's cuisine is... unique. It caters to more peculiar tastes, if you catch my drift. But fear not, for we have delicacies that will make your skin crawl."
My stomach churned at their words, the realization that this town reveled in the macabre sinking in. The contrast between Jacob's cruel rudeness and the townsperson's wicked charm only served to heighten the pervading sense of horror.
With every interaction, I could feel the town's grip on reality loosening, and the true nature of its inhabitants unveiling itself in unsettling ways.
With a sinking feeling, I realized that the veneer of politeness in this town concealed something far more malevolent. The contrast between my patients' cruel candor and the townspeople's twisted facades served only to deepen the sense of dread that hung heavy in the air.
Questions burned within me, demanding answers. I demanded honesty from these townspeople who insisted on politely lying about their inability to help me. Their deceit extended beyond the realm of car repairs and basic necessities—it seeped into every corner of this enigmatic place, where even the simplest requests were met with pleasant but false assurances.
Driven by my thirst for truth and growing frustration with the townspeople's deceptive façades, I delved deeper into the heart of this enigmatic place. With every step, the atmosphere grew heavier, and an air of impending doom seemed to hang in the murky shadows.
Unbeknownst to me, my relentless pursuit of honesty had begun to unravel something dark and ancient. Ominous portents manifested in the form of flickering streetlights and whispers that danced on the edge of my consciousness. The town itself seemed to pulsate with an unseen energy, as if it were a living entity responding to my unsettling inquiries.
As I caught glimpses of my reflection in broken glass and shattered mirrors, my own visage twisted and contorted. It was as if the very act of seeking truth had tainted my soul, leaving visible scars on the surface. Each crack in the glass seemed to mirror the fractures within my own psyche.
The inhuman voices that had whispered before grew louder, their words filling my mind with their sinister presence. They spoke of a bringer of truth, a harbinger of revelations that could shatter the delicate equilibrium of this town and unleash untold horrors upon its unsuspecting inhabitants.
I was drawn to confront the townspeople once more, hoping to break through their veneer of politeness and unearth the hidden truths they guarded so fervently. However, as I ventured deeper into their midst, a chilling realization took hold—an entity lurked within the shadows, feeding off the collective denial and deception of this town.
As the day wore on, the sun began its descent, casting elongated shadows that danced upon the desolate streets of the eerie town. Doubt and unease gnawed at the edges of my sanity, but I refused to succumb. Determined to find a way out, I continued my search for assistance, unaware of the horrors that awaited me.
Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I caught sight of a figure approaching. As they drew nearer, a cold sweat broke out across my brow. The person who stood before me bore an uncanny resemblance, mirroring my own visage. It was as if I were looking into a grotesque reflection of myself.
I stammered, my voice trembling with disbelief. "Who... who are you?"
The doppelgänger grinned, their eyes gleaming with an otherworldly light. "Ah, my dear visitor, it seems we share more than just an appearance. I am but a fragment of the truth you seek."
Confusion gripped me as I struggled to comprehend their cryptic words. "What truth? What do you mean?"
They leaned closer, their breath chilling against my skin. "This town, this facade, it is a sanctuary. A sanctuary that hides a truth so abhorrent, so unspeakable, that the collective acknowledgment of it would grant it unimaginable power."
My mind reeled, the fabric of reality fraying at the edges. Was this some twisted delusion or a glimpse into a sinister reality?
Refusing to believe their words, I clung to the remnants of my sanity. "No, this cannot be true. You're just trying to deceive me, to keep me trapped here!"
The doppelgänger's grin widened, their eyes devoid of empathy. "Believe what you will, but know this: by revealing the truth, you risk damning not only yourself but all who inhabit this wretched place."
A chill wind swept through the town, whispering haunting melodies that seemed to echo the doppelgänger's words. Shadows swirled, tendrils of darkness creeping closer.
Fear and desperation mingled within me, tearing at the fragile threads of my sanity. I had ventured too far, dared to seek answers that were better left unspoken.
Before I could react, the doppelgänger was engulfed by the encroaching darkness. Their form contorted and twisted, morphing into a grotesque, malevolent version of myself. The horrors I had encountered in this town had taken physical shape, manifesting as a twisted caricature of who I once was.
As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting the town into a suffocating gloom, the other townsfolk emerged from the shadows, their distorted visages revealing the true extent of their malevolence.
Driven by their anger at my disruption of their carefully constructed facade, they advanced toward me, their polite words of harmlessness contrasting grotesquely with the weapons they brandished.
Terrified, I turned and fled, the haunting cries of the mirror versions of my patients echoing behind me. The town had rejected me, casting me out into the night, a lone survivor grappling with the lingering doubts of my own sanity.
Days later, when a kind soul finally stopped to help me on the desolate road, I searched for the town on maps and GPS, but it had vanished without a trace. A chilling realization settled upon me: the town existed beyond the realms of conventional reality, a dark pocket where truth and sanity intertwined, forever questioning the limits of human comprehension.
As I drove away, the memories of that nightmarish encounter etched deep within my mind, I vowed never to speak of the town again, burying the chilling secret deep within the recesses of my soul.
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2023.05.30 07:15 AngeloAristidou Are you Looking for Expert Mechanic for Vehicle?

Are you Looking for Expert Mechanic for Vehicle?
Are you looking for a professional car mechanic for car service and mechanical repairs? A and A Autos is a local car mechanic offering expert auto mechanical repairs and services near Wynnum. Just visit A and A Autos Service Centre. Our car mechanics are certified and well-trained to perform any car repairs and maintenance services.

vehicle safety certificate
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2023.05.30 07:14 CheisterMeister4 The truth

The truth is worse than nihilism. What I mean is that nihilism is right, but not complete, just as atheism is right, but not necessarily the entire truth. The real, complete truth is truly depressing, and I wish I never came to realize it. Let me explain. First, let's start off by listing the "layers" of truth.
  1. Religion: Pure delusion, the opposite of the truth.
  2. Irreligion: Not being religious due to having not been raised religious. It's a bit semantic with atheism but anyways,
  3. Atheism: The belief that god doesn't exist, but not necessarily believing that life is meaningless. Typically people who call themselves atheists have grown up in an environment with religion, and call themselves atheists to distinguish themselves, which is a bit absurd, kinda like sane people having to call themselves non-flatearthers.
  4. Nihilism: The belief that life is meaningless.
But what could come after nihilism? Nihilism, in itself, it actually not depressing, it is liberating once you realize you don't have to conform to societal pressures, you don't have to do all those things you really don't want to do. But nihilist still believe in themselves, the may not believe in a soul, but they have a sense of self, something that feels like a soul, something that feels like a single tangible point they could grab, stored in their brain. This sense of self is what gives nihilists the will to live, life may be meaningless, but they clearly exist, and can do whatever makes them happy.
But this sense of self is an illusion. "You" only exist at this very instant in time, not before, not after. The person you remember yesterday? That wasn't you, it was a near identical copy of you who you have memories of, but not you. If you've ever been under anesthesia, you would know. Anesthesia is no different from death, whatever your brain does to make you, you, doesn't exist when under anesthesia. The only thing you remember are the moments before you sleep, and then instantly waking up as if time didn't exist. Clearly there is a lapse where "you" didn't exist, just as when you die, yet somehow you wake up with all your memories, feeling like the exact same person. This is the most clear and obvious example of how sense of self is an illusion. "You" are recreated every moment with your memories, but "you" are not continuous throughout time. So the ultimate truth is not just realization that life is meaningless, but realization that "you" don't exist, sense of self is an illusion.
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2023.05.30 07:13 clementheng Room+Car Park

Room+Car Park
Clement 60162202886
Room Detail:
Uniqueness of this room n house ( 62) :
1) 6 min walk to LRT/ MRT bus station, banks, shops n restaurants. 2) 7 min walk to UCSI Uni. 3) Special Reserve Car Park available 4) 24 hours Security Guard 5) WiFi 100 mbps. Super fast. 6) One Malaysia Tenants with good jobs n backgroup. 7) Water Dispenser : Hot n Cold 8) Rental inclusive of all utilities, Wifi, security fee, repair n maintenaice. 9) Modern n full cooking facilities n washing machine. 10) Fully furnished rooms with wardrobe, bed, mattress, table n chair. 11) Super Safe, Comfortable and Clean.
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2023.05.30 07:13 johnhunt1015 Is finishing Btech from a tier 1 college in India at age 34 enough to get a good placement within India or for getting MS in USA?

2010 CBSE 10th Pass; CGPA-7.20
Hello Everyone. So I am 29 year old general category guy. I don't how to explain there was instability in the family which caused me to falter to do anything with my life. Only 10th pass.
Now that the family issues have largely subsided and I am able to like focus on studies for more than 10hours on a daily basis, I want to like do 12th from NIOS through 2024exam, give JEE Mains 2024, BTech CSE from top NITS (my age makes me ineligible for JEE Advanced).
But my brother in law who was born in1975 (has a STEM diploma background) who was visiting our place told me last night that for someone in my age when optimistically I might graduate with Btech degree at age 34,companies would be looking for someone with 13 years of work experience so none of them will give me any job. and he suggested me to just start doing computer IT stuff like repairing now so that I could get a reputation and earn quite a bit.
This has me shaken a lot. I don't know if he out of loop of what is going on in the tech world at present or he knows. I have been pretty closed off from the real world as in I don't have any friends to talk to. I am hoping to gain any social life after I get into NIT Surathkal.
I really feel like I need to earn over 10lpa in order to survive in tier 1 city in India in order to hope someone would consider me financially desirable enough to marry and have children with or I would wanna go for full scholarship MS in USA in the hopes of becoming valuable for the USA education industry that they would give me green card within a decade.
I am starting from scratch but I am able to study 11 hours to 15 hours daily since may and I think I would be able to finish my 11th and 12th syllabus by October 2023, and then Iwill start preparing for JEE Mains
Could people in this subreddit who have enough experience in the IT industry, MS inUSA etc give opinions on how realistic my goal is or I should just abandon it?
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2023.05.30 07:10 ThatEnthusiasm638 Valve Index Vs Meta Quest Pro Which Should I Buy

I've been running a Reverb G2 for my PCVR Headset for a while now and have experienced a multitude of hardware failures from its cable and have paid nearly 400 dollars to replace it 3 times now. It failed me once again and I decided that I wasn't going to keep replacing the horribly designed cable every 6 months. I've been using my Quest 2 for PCVR via Airlink for a bit now but its time to upgrade to something more comparable to my G2
I'm looking to use my headset for specifically PC gaming and the Valve Index has seemed like the clearest choice for a while, but after doing a bit more research I'm starting to second guess myself a little. More recently I've looked at the same-priced Meta Quest Pro and after comparing its specs to the Valve Index these headsets are pretty neck to neck.
The Meta Quest Pro offers a higher resolution than the Valve Index's lackluster 1440 x 1600 per eye and its FOV while not quite on par, is still very good. My only issue however is from what I've seen of the Meta Quest Pro it is more oriented towards "Business-Use" and mixed reality features, both of which I don't care about and just serve as unnecessary bloating to its price tag to me.
On the other side, the Valve Index is a 4-year-old headset that hasn't changed price since its launch in 2019 and you could argue that it is semi-outdated. I'm just wondering which would be the best pick for me and my wants in a headset and maybe get some better insights from people who have one or both of these headsets.
Thanks :)
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2023.05.30 07:09 universalroofingny Affordable Chimney Repair Services on Long Island Expert Masons Near You

Are you searching for affordable chimney Repair Services in Long Island that are both inexpensive and dependable? Our team of expert masons provides top-quality repairs for residential and commercial properties. As one of the leading chimney repair companies on Long Island, we're committed to providing quality services at competitive prices. Contact us today for a free estimate on your chimney repair needs in Long Island.
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2023.05.30 07:09 Rohittsaxena4321 - Best Cleaning Services near me Nearby Sector 62 Numberdekho

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2023.05.30 07:08 Friendly-Goal-6292 Important Tips about Fruit and Veg Delivery Service

There is a selection of Fresh Fruit and Veg Delivery near Me services to choose from. The sender's name needs not be included on the package if that is preferred.

Important Tips about Fruit and Veg Delivery Service
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2023.05.30 07:06 Solonotix Anyone else find themselves hoarding resources?

Even when I know I will never get around to my 3k cranberries sitting in a chest waiting for me to run out of my 3k strawberries for the Preserves Jar, I still keep them on stand-by. Even when I have 500+ forageables for a given season (i.e. Winter, since nothing else grows), I still find myself holding onto every single crop grown. I'd probably get the remaining gold I need for the Gold Clock if I just dumped everything in the Shipping Bin, but I can't bring myself to do it.
Anyone else find themselves hoarding?
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2023.05.30 07:06 Crime-Goat Do times actually have any significance?

For YEARS both my mother and I (the most sensitive to the paranormal in my family) constantly saw 11:11 on clock. It was a daily thing, if we didn’t see it in the afternoon, we’d end up seeing it that night, even if we had gone to bed before that. It got to a point where her and I would discuss reasons why this would happen, and we liked to believe it was the theory that said it was ancestors trying to tell us something/communicate with us. Generations of women in her family were very knowledgeable about our family history, as well as sensitive to the paranormal, so we decided that was the most likely option.
Last I heard she still sees it, but I stopped a little over a year ago. Well, now my time has changed. It is now 4:20. If I don’t see it in the afternoon, I see it in the middle of the night. It has gotten down right creepy. My mom and I make jokes about my ancestors telling me to do drugs, but it freaks me out. 11:11 at least has some wholesome connection (11:11, make a wish), but the only thing I can connect with 4:20 is the joke’s previously stated. That’s the reason I noticed it in the first place, every time I saw 4:20 on the clock I would make some stupid joke, until I realized I was making the same stupid jokes daily because I saw the time daily.
So, do you guys believe time has any significance? If you do, why does it? And why did my time switch from 11:11 to 4:20?
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2023.05.30 07:06 Far-Employ4124 Not sure if scam: man asked for help jumpstarting car in DTLA

Today I was in my car in DTLA getting ready to drive away, when a man came to me and asked me to roll down my window. Note I’m on a pretty busy street at around 2pm. He told me that someone had tried to break into his car (parked right in front of me), and asked if I could help him jumpstart his car. I told him I don’t know how to do that (I’m a new driver). He then asked if I had cables or anything. I said sorry no and ended the conversation. He did look pretty distraught and there was a girl with him standing near the car. The car looked pretty beat up btw. Just wondering if this is a common scam? He seemed to be asking innocently for help but I had a weird feeling in my gut about it. Thanks!
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2023.05.30 07:05 SheepherderFit69 Me (consistently): The Dark Fraud is overrated. Damn near everyone in the sub: OMG we have to give up the world for this loser because he is wearing our favorite hat in the post game again!

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2023.05.30 07:04 unpopularonion90 Roommate ruined my whole day by accusing me of not cleaning properly

I'm in my early thirties and live in a big city here in the US and currently still live with two other roommates. Most people my age live on their own, but I decided to live with roommates because 1. It is cheaper 2. and I kinda always have done it and never truly minded. I only had one horrible roommate situation, but I was only there for six weeks so I left before it became really uncomfortable.
My newest roommate moved a few months after I came which is almost 2 years now-at first she seemed quite conversational and amiable. She even asked if she could borrow an item of mine to use. When I had bought a blender she said "oh, I have one too and you could have used that". So it felt like we were on good terms.
But then the situation in her home country has become bad and ever since then, I've noticed her attitutude towards us completely change. In the beginning, I tried to be nice and asked her if there's anything I can do to help, but she stopped talking to me completely and when we pass by each other in the halls, we don't even look at each other or acknowledge each other exist. I used to say "hey", but I noticed her not even responding anymore to me simply saying "hey" or "hello".
I also notice that she completely hogs the living room. I never personally was inclined to use the living room because I like having my privacy, but I probably would be more open to it if one person didn't hog that space. She also bought a giant couch without consulting either of us and just keeps her things there out and about all the time.
My mom came to visit and we were standing in the kitchen boiling water in my electric kettle. She comes to the kitchen and swings the kettle from us WHILE we were boiling it for our own thing to boil water for herself. We were both confused and my mom was getting visibly annoyed and I said "um....this is my mom". She just stares and gives a cold "hi" and then leaves. I go back to my room and my mom does too and says "who the hell does she think she is" but I told her not to say anything as there was a conflict going on in her home country and I didn't want to start a fight.
After that, I've just lived my life in my apartment dodging my roommates as much as possible. The other roommate and I are on good terms-we don't talk much, but we're nice to each other when it comes to splitting bills and understanding when it comes to shared spaces. I've noticed just this one randomly getting increasingly irate with us over the months. One day, she was cooking something and I go to the kitchen to wash dishes a bit of a space away from where she was cooking-I was doing that because I really needed to eat (I have a health condition) and wanted to eat in those dishes. She was like "You see that I'm cooking here and washing dishes in the same space that doesn't make sense. You can do that later. Come back in 30 minutes". I was annoyed at first but then I was like ok, maybe it does suck to be washing dishes while somebody is cooking. So I didn't really mind that too much and later realized she was mostly okay with me as long as we avoided each other lmao.
Recently, I've noticed her being extremely passive aggressive about cleaning. She's not a spotless neat freak herself and leaves stuff out all the time. Ever since I got an instant pot-I stopped using the kitchen stoves and notice they are always filthy with grease. It could be my other roommate, but there is always grease, dirty floors or a mess that I am not making and obviously when it gets too disgusting for me to walk on, I have cleaned the kitchen myself.
A few months ago, I assume my other roommate threw something in recycling that was dirty and she takes a picture and is like "whoever is doing this either has zero clue about recycling or does not give a shit. Put the right stuff in the right bins". None of us responded because honestly that felt so out of pocket for a small mistake. We've started a cleaning schedule, and this week it was my turn to clean.
I generally use a vacuum and then swiffer wet wipes to clean the floors to do the first layer of cleaning. Then I use a floor cleaner to clean the floor more deeply. Then I clean the oven, the counter tops, sink and surface of the cabinets and microwave. I admit the two things I did not clean were the inside of the microwave and outside of our garbage bin (I wasn't really thinking about that) and she messages me the next day saying I cleaned nothing except the floors and the oven and that I didn't clean the counters, sink, microwave or trash and that she does this and expects us to do the same. She also added that "all you did was clean the kitchen floor with wipes and have made the whole floor sticky".
This is where I had to snap because I told her I didn't just clean the floors and oven and if things got significantly dirty that happened after I cleaned. She then proceeds to take pictures of tiny specs near the sink and the microwave and trash (the latter I admit I didn't clean) and say "ooh must have really gotten dirty overnight". Then I told her that she's being passive aggressive and rude for no reason, that I've always been easygoing and that I can clean the two things that I admit I didn't clean as thoroughly but also went off how people leave the kitchen extremely disgusting and that everybody needs to start taking responsibility for their own mess especially when cooking. She then told me she was not being "rude", but honest and straightforward and that I'm being sensitive and that "we are roommates, not friends" as if that means common courtesy is not expected from a roommate. She did agree that we need to start cleaning up after our own mess and I closed the conversation with "thanks and I am not expecting us to be friends, but that we make sure we're on the same page with shared spaces in a constructive manner".
I know this isn't the worst roommate story, but I have noticed that with the other "bad" roommate situation I had in the past, it was always a roommate accusing me of not being clean even though I think about cleaning up after myself as much as possible and they themselves don't keep things spotless either. The past roommate situation I had got pissed because I put a blender in the kitchen (in an empty space) and kept my plates on an empty table because I was only planning to be there for six weeks and wanted to make sure they weren't mixed with other people's stuff-she wrote me a passive aggressive note in handwriting telling me I have kept the place filthy and when I wrote a long note back telling her that I always take responsibility when it comes to cleaning and if she can tell me what she didn't find clean so we can handle this constructively. I put my number at the end of the note asking her if she'd like to text me and instead of that, she unplugged a blender and put it on the table and stickies all over my appliances and plates with a sharpie saying "REMOVE THIS FROM HERE IMMEDIATELY!" or something. I was moving anyway, but cannot help but think that in both situations, my roommates have been white and I'm not (South Asian). It's not the first time that I have had white people make me feel I'm not doing something enough and me second guessing myself about it, only to realize I was not in the wrong.
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2023.05.30 07:03 xendistar SENSATIONAL SIGNING FOR STARS

2021 WORLD Champion Artem Laguta is joining King’s Lynn as arguably the biggest signing in the MacInnes Stars’ history.
Laguta, who defeated Bartosz Zmarzlik in a dramatic head-to-head for the title two years ago, has never previously raced in the British League.
But he has now chosen to make his debut in the Sports Insure Premiership with the Stars, with his first appearance to come on Thursday (June 1), subject to written international clearance, when they host Sheffield on what is set to be a massive night the Adrian Flux Arena.
And Laguta will not be the only new face in the team for that meeting, with a second change required in order to comply with the points limit.
The Stars are therefore also delighted to welcome 24-year-old Australian racer Kye Thomson, who rides for Edinburgh in the Championship and will be stepping up to the top league for the first time.
Departing the club is Polish star Krzysztof Kasprzak, who performed strongly at the Adrian Flux Arena this season but struggled to replicate that form away from home.
And the Stars have also taken club captain Josh Pickering out of their current one-to-seven although they have stressed he remains very much part of their plans for the remainder of the season.
Team manager Alex Brady said: “Artem is the biggest signing in our modern history, and I’m delighted to be able to bring him over.
“He’s a rider I’ve tracked for a long time, and I think every promoter and manager in the country would say they’d love to have him in their team.
“To bring him to King’s Lynn is massive, and I have to give a big thank you to Nigel Leahy for helping with the visa, Tai Woffinden for making the introduction, and the backing of the rest of the promotion to help make it happen, as well as Plymouth promoter Mark Phillips.
“I’d spoken to Artem’s manager briefly in April, at the time he wasn’t keen, but when I went to Warsaw for the GP recently I flew back with Tai and he said things might be changing slightly and Artem could be interested again, and he put the introduction in for me.
“Artem texted me on the Sunday evening after the Warsaw GP, I negotiated with him and his manager Rafal (Lewicki), and we managed to strike a deal when I flew out to watch the Grudziadz v Wroclaw meeting the week after.
“I’d been to see Rafal and his workshop in the morning, and we actually struck the deal after the meeting in the back of Artem’s van!
“They’ve been a pleasure to deal with, they’ve done things the right way and now I can’t wait for Thursday to see Artem racing at King’s Lynn.”
Brady is also pleased to be able to hand Thomson a debut in the Sports Insure Premiership, and has explained the reasoning behind the team changes.
He said: “Kye is actually somebody who we nearly made a move for last season, but he didn’t have the correct visa at the time, so this has been almost a year in the making.
“We did look at various options from abroad but we felt with Kye being based in the UK and having all his equipment here, this was the right move and we’re looking forward to welcoming him into the team.
“KK has been brilliant for us at home, but unfortunately away from home it’s not been working out, and we’ve been getting too many drubbings on the road to be competitive for the aggregate points.
“It’s not a case of closing the door on Josh – he’s our captain for a reason, he’s a massive leader in the pits, and once he’s ready to go and back in form, he’ll be back in our team.”
From Kings Lynn Web page
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2023.05.30 07:03 lanastanis I don’t know what to do, I feel so much pain

I feel so hopeless, i cant eat, i cant sleep, i just wish he were here. I had to put my dog down yesterday and I am so heartbroken. I can’t even believe its real. I wrote a message to him because idek what to do with my emotions right now. Im just going to put it here because idk what else to do.
Yesterday was probably the hardest day of my life, the day I had to say goodbye to you.
I grew up with you, you watched me turn from child to woman, you were there for my first heartbreak, where I cried so deeply into your soft fur while you sat there and comforted me, and you were also there to meet my current boyfriend, who was with me when we had to say goodbye. You’ve been here through all of my ups and downs and you’ve always been there for me unconditionally. You might’ve not been able to talk, but I knew you cared through your actions and warmth. You are part of the family, you always will be.
Almost 2 years ago we were told you had only a matter of days, weeks, or months to live. Every bonus day has been a blessing and i’m so thankful to have had you longer than we thought we would. You made it to your 15th birthday just this month, you made it to my 25th birthday. Even though you know it’s coming, you just never expect it to happen though, it was so sudden, and there is so much anger, denial, guilt, sadness, thinking of what we could have done differently to prevent this. But the reality is that it was just your time. You fought so much to be alive throughout your life, you were a fighter and you tried so hard to be with us for as long as possible and I appreciate it so much. I just wish it could have been forever.
You filled this house with so much love and joy, and now that you’re gone it feels so empty. I’ll miss the sound of your little paws walking around, or when you sit on your throne on the sofa, and how when I sit on the sofa you come over to me and shove yourself closer to me for cuddles. I will miss petting your soft fur and looking into your sweet eyes. I will miss absolutely everything about you.
I always knew this would be really hard, but I couldn’t imagine the extent of pain I would feel, physically and mentally. Looking at your favourite spots of the house and realising I will never see you there again breaks my heart beyond repair.
I hope you’re somewhere up there eating lots of ham and getting tons of love. You deserve everything and more. I hope to see you in my dreams and hear about how well you’re doing. I hope you’re not as far away as you feel, and that you’re still here with us, that your soul is around. My loyal friend of 15 years, you will never be forgotten, and I will love you forever.
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2023.05.30 07:02 vren55 [A Fractured Song] - Chapter 189 - Fantasy, Isekai (Portal Fantasy), Adventure

Cover Art!
Just because you’re transported to another world, doesn’t mean you’ll escape from your pain.
Abused by her parents, thirteen-year-old Frances only wants to be safe and for her life not to hurt so much. And when she and her class are transported to the magical world of Durannon to fight the monsters invading the human kingdoms and defeat the self-titled Demon King, Frances is presented with a golden opportunity. If she succeeds, Frances will have the home she never had. If she fails, Frances will be summoned back to the home she escaped.
Yet, despite her newfound magic and friends, Frances finds that trauma is not so easily lost. She is dogged by her abuse and its physical and invisible scars. Not only does she have to learn magic, she has to survive the nightmares of her past, and wrestle with her feelings of doubt and self-loathing.
If she can heal from her trauma, though, she might be able to defeat the Demon King and maybe, just maybe, she can find a home for herself.
Teaser: The Traditionalists last stand...
[The Beginning] [<=Chapter 188] [Chapter Index and Blurb] [Chapter 189 on June 5 or now on patreon]
The Fractured Song Index
Discord Channel Just let me know when you arrive in the server that you’re a Patreon so you can access your special channel.
The first sign that something wasn’t quite the same about the Greenway was when Frances, Timur and their company spotted horsemen in the far distance. They would have assumed this was Thorgoth’s scouts, but these horsemen retreated toward the Greenway and entered into the broken fortifications.
So the group entered into the Greenway fully armored and armed, ready for a fight. They rode into the underground highway, travelled for a full second day and saw nothing the matter.
Then they entered Kairon Aoun.
The ancient goblin city of Kairon Aoun had been built as a defensive city facing north. As such, the city in the great cavern it was carved out of was stepped into four tiers. To access each of the levels, the attacker would have to fight their way up a ramp that ran up the side of the rammed-earth foundation of each tier.
Every tier’s edge was also faced with a brick curtain wall with machicolations built into the ramparts. This was so that stones and other objects could be dropped, wherein they would fall down the steeply stoped sides and slam into the attackers. Many of these ramparts had fallen into disrepair when Morgan, Hattie and Frances had last passed through here.
Except, the moment Frances and her company rode through the Greenway and into the city, they could see it was alive with activity. New ramparts were being built atop of the old. In the distance, they could see old houses had been demolished and cannon batteries had been set up. Holes in the walls were being patched.
“What’s even lighting this whole thing?” Tara whispered.
Morgan pointed at the ceiling. “The ventilation shafts provide some light. I’m not sure how they ended up lighting the entire place up, though.”
“Combination of mirrors through said shafts and a goodly amount of torches,” said Timur. He glanced at Frances. “Did you know about this?”
“No I did not, let’s hope they recognize us as friendly. Colonel Tara, we’ll take the lead,” said Frances, touching her heels to her horse.
The gatehouse on the lowest level, which was protected by a low, thick wall, now swung open and a wing of cavalry rode out, Erisdalian and Lightning Battalion standards flying high.
Timur immediately recognized the troll that lead the group. “Aloudin! It’s me! We’re back!”
Captain Aloudin, eyes wide, broke his horse into a gallop. Riding ahead of the cavalry, he only stopped so that he could slap his hand into Timur’s. “Your Highness, it is good to see you. Though, you really ought not to take such risks! Who are these new arrivals?”
The prince chuckled, squeezing his friend’s hand tightly. “One of those rumored orphan brigades who decided to defect.” Timur gestured behind him. “This is Colonel Tara, who risked her life along with her troops to help us escape.”
Riding up, Tara unsheathed her saber, which she presented it to Aloudin, only for the troll to gently push it back to her.
“There’s no need for that, Colonel. We do things quite differently around here.”
Tara sighed, returning her blade to her scabbard. “I’m beginning to see that. Makes me wonder why I didn’t try to leave earlier.”
“The first step is always the hardest,” said Frances. She shook Aloudin’s hand as well. “What’s going on here, Aloudin? I know our long term goal was to fortify Kairon-Aoun, but we hadn’t the manpower to spare.”
The captain pursed his lips before they twisted into something between a grimace and a smirk. “We got some important news and new orders. I’ll show you. Follow me.”
One thing that Ayax and Elizabeth hadn’t accounted for when they ran up into the attic was the lack of a water source, and any way to dispose of waste.
So by the next day of their hiding, the trio stuck in the attack were wearing cloth masks, thirsty as hell, and hoping the odor wasn’t going to alert anybody.
“This shit stinks,” Leila growled.
Elizabeth touched a hand to Leila’s cheek. The girl’s color had returned and after some very reluctant healing by Ayax, she was now able to sit up. “You’re right, but I think you’re much better now.”
“I feel better.” Leila staggered to her feet, pushing the covers off of her. “Does Janize know you found me?”
Ayax snorted. “We told her while you were napping. She’s pissed.” The troll walked over. “Do you think you’re ready to move?”
“I take it you’ve come up with something?” Leila asked.
Elizabeth pursed her lips. “Yes. You need to convince Janice we need to launch the attack now.”
“Excuse me what? Are you insane? We haven’t—” Leila rubbed her sweat-matted hair with her bandaged hands. “Wait, how long have I been captured?’
“ A week. You were out for one of those days,” said Ayax.
“Then you’re right. Darius will have to make a move now that he knows I’ve disappeared. Wait, Janize doesn’t—Of course she doens’t. She’s cautious by nature. Get her on the mirror right now!”
“You could use please,” said Elizabeth, handing Leila her mirror.
“Janize, there’s no time. You need to barricade yourself in a safe place with as many guards as possible, perhaps the throneroom and get the attack started by tonight.”
Frowning, the queen’s eyes narrowed as she stared at the mirror with a mixture of confusion. “Love, we haven’t finished preparing—”
“There’s no time! Darius and Scarlet know I’ve been rescued. They’ll attack as soon as they get everything in order because they know you can move to arrest them!” Leila put her hands up to the mirror. “Love, they’ll stop at nothing until you’re dead.”
Janize’s eyes widened and she whispered, “What did they—”
“It doesn’t matter, Janize. Please, you need to issue the orders now!”
The queen exhaled slowly. “Alright. Ayax, Elizabeth, are your forces in place?”
Elizabeth, relaxing a little, smiled. “Martin and Ginger found a way to get to the Water Tower and to deploy reinforcements into the palace. We still need your troops to ensure the Water Tower’s guns are silent and for the main gates of the citadel to be opened to us.”
“It will be done. How are you getting out of Darius’s mansion?” Janize asked.
“When the attack takes place we’ll break out and support the attack,” said Ayax, arms crossed.
Janize pursed her lips. “Then we are going for tonight?”
The three exchanged a glance and all nodded.
“Go for tonight,” said Elizabeth. “Good hunting.”
“Good hunting.” Janize leaned forward, peering intently through the mirror. “Leila, stay alive. No matter what they did to you, you’re still mine you hear me? I still want you by my side.”
Leila blinked. She blinked again furiously and pressed her bandaged hands to her eyes. “I…Janize, thank you.”
Janize smiled. “I love you, dear. See you soon.”
Ayax had turned from the exchange. When the mirror was shut off, she let out a long, shuddering exhale.
“You are terribly lucky to have her,” she said.
Standing up, Elizabeth took Ayax’s elbow, squeezing it gently. The troll placed a hand around Elizabeth’s side, hugging her tightly.
Leila could only bow her head. “I know.”
“Because I probably would have killed you if it weren’t for her,” hissed the troll. She swallowed. “And not because of our agreement.”
The Otherworlder looked up. “Why then?”
Biting her lip Ayax stammered, “I couldn’t kill someone who doesn’t want to hurt me when they have a loved one. There’s no…no justice in that.”
With that, Ayax walked to the corner of the attack. Elizabeth gave Leila a look. “When you’re ready, we ought to call George and the Otherworlders, give them a heads up and communicate our plans.” Elizabeth then ran after Ayax, interweaving her fingers with the troll. They left Leila standing in her corner, in her own thoughts.
Half-choking, her hate-filled grunts punctuated by hacking coughs, Jessica followed Ginger down the sewer.
“I hate you. I hate you so fucking much!” she hissed.
Half-gagging herself from the smell, Ginger glanced over her shoulder and shrugged. “Hey, I just suggested it to you. You wanted to help rescue Leila.”
Two middle-fingers was Jessica’s response along with a chuckle from the Erisdalians that were part of Jessica’s unit and new band of comrades.
Ginger joined them in their chuckling. She knew she could rely on Jessica and the rest of her group. Besides, their attack was going to be much easier than what her fiance was going to be doing up high.
Taking cover behind a slightly holed house, Martin examined the area in front of the citadel.
The Lightning Battalion’s batteries had been keeping up a very long barrage. Mortars and long cannon had pounded the makeshift defense line of houses on Castle Way. After hours of bombardment, they’d breached the line.
The result was flat, rubble-covered broken ground that led up to the moat in front of the citadel and main palace within. They had no hope of knocking down every house. Houses still stood on the flanks of the Citadel, covering the road that led up to the castle’s side gate. There were also a number of houses standing on the main approach, though, this actually was better for their plans. The remaining stone foundations of the houses and charred remains in the gap would be able to cover the advance.
The bigger problem was the walls in front of them were mostly intact and the gatehouse’s drawbridge was up. Their mages could cast smoke or illusion spells to screen their approach, but that would do no good if the drawbridge was still up and the gatehouse in enemy hands.
Martin breathed in and out slowly. No, they were entirely reliant on Janize keeping up her end of the bargain.
Sitting in the throne room, Janize steepled her fingers, eyes focused on the steps to the dais.
Was her decision correct? Was she making the right choice? Had she considered everything?
Those thoughts ran in her head as she studied the carpet. The sounds of her guards and knights preparing the throne room and ensuring the main entrance was secured echoed in her ear. Yet she did her best to ignore them.
If she went through with this, she knew she’d never sit on Erisdale’s throne again. Her brother would be the last to sit on the throne and then it would be House of Conthwaite, the house of a knight and later, his offspring with a common soldier.
How had it come to this? Why had she put herself here?
The image of a fierce Otherworlder came to mind, along with the litany of decisions she’d made. Siding with Darius, rejecting the Alavari as monsters, falling in love and then realizing where she’d gone wrong. The news of the dragons in Thorgoth’s employ.
Maybe it wasn’t so bad. Maybe there was still hope. At the very least, she still had Leila.
The Otherworlder, George marched up to the dais and bowed. “Your Majesty, we’re ready to open the gates. The Water Tower’s received their orders.”
Janize sighed. “To think that there was a route to the citadel through the sewers.”
George chuckled. “At least we’re making them suffer for it.”
The queen pursed her lips. “Tell me, George. You fought against Ayax and Elizabeth at Lehrbach. You sided against them. All the Otherworlders here sided against them. Why are you willing to fight alongside them once again?”
The teen—no, young man looked away, towards the windows that lit the hall.
“I think after a year of fighting with Darius in earnest, we all realized we’d made a mistake. We’re not from your world, but we learnt enough in our own that this… what Darius was doing is wrong and no different from the worst villains from our world. We weren’t fighting Alavari, we were fighting other humans. We just…didn’t know what to do about it. So when you and Leila told us about the plan, and that we would have a chance to actually fight Thorgoth, to protect people from a world ending threat, we all jumped on it.”
Janize snorted. “You’re going to have a heck of a time convincing the other Otherworlders.”
George sighed. “We all know that, but hey, they are going to need us. I mean we are going to be fighting literal dragons.”
“That is true.” Janize closed her eyes and nodded. “Carry it out, George. Get those gates open and signal the Water Tower.”
George saluted. “Yes, Your Majesty. It’s been an honor and a pleasure.”
Through her spyglass, wrapped warmly in her bright orange cloak, the Erlenbergian mage, Ophelia Voidsailor watched the coast with her spyglass.
Despite the years Erlenberg had fought Alavaria along the northern front, and through all the naval battles on the eastern coast, Ophelia still wore orange. It’d become her calling card of sorts and she knew it gave the crew of her ship comfort to see her strut around. Honestly, she was getting a little tired of the color, but she liked the attention more.
Beside her, looking through his own spyglass, the one-eyed Eustace Windwhistler glanced at the sky. “It’s about time,” said Edana’s brother.
“I know—I see it!” Ophelia exclaimed. Before her eyes, the Water Tower, the main obstacle to the Erlenbergian fleets advance, had lowered the red banner of the traditionalist. A blue banner was being run up and more blue flares were being fired into the sky by some mage.
Eustace looked through his spyglass and nodded. “Signal to the fleet! Follow my lead. We are attacking!”
Flags ran up and down on the galloen Stormcaller, which had been named as such much to her namesake’s consternation and embarrassment. Behind Eustace and Ophelia’s warship, the long lineof Erlenbergian ships of the line ran flags up and down in acknowledgement. The entire line then followed the Stormcaller as it swung starboard toward the bay.
Underneath the Water Tower, Ginger found a ladder had been dropped into the sewer. Gingerly taking the rungs, she climbed up and was helped up by several red-uniformed harbour guardsmen. A petite woman with a musket slung over her shoulder handed Ginger a clean rag.
“Wow you stink, but I’m glad to see you. Captain Belinda of the Harbour Guard.”
“Ginger, yes, that Ginger. Are Darius’s troops reacting?”
“They are indeed. Several regiments have filed out of the Citadel and are making their way here as we speak. How many have you brought?” Belinda asked.
“A whole regiment of crack musketeers are behind me to help you secure the tower. The Erlenbergian fleet is landing marines. We’ll be fine, I’m just worried about the main assault,” said Ginger. She wiped her face and hands. “Show me the battlements. I’ll get my soldiers set up along with yours.”
“This way,” said Belinda, guiding Ginger out.
Ayax and Elizabeth silently crept down the drop-down attic stairs. Behind them, carrying a spare wand, Leila limped as quietly as she could. They could hear shouting in the mansion and the scurrying of people on the lower floors.
The trio paused to quickly grab a drink of water from a nearby pitcher left by the servants for any houseguests, before continuing on. From what they could tell, someone was having a heated discussion in the foye.
As they got closer to the staircase, they soon could figure out who.
“Janize is making her move and the Lightning Battalion must be close behind. The Erlenbergian fleet is moving in and the Water Tower is not firing on them.”
“There’s no need to panic—” “Scarlet, your fucking plan has accelerated Janize and the Lightning Battalion’s timetable! We’re fucked. We’re all probably dead.”
There was a sharp intake of breath. The three heard Scarlet growl, “Alright, I was…overly optimistic that the Lightning Battalion and Janize would split due to that report, but we only need to secure Janize and the Citadel and our position will still be quite strong.”
“I disagree, but Janize won’t have long. My troops led by Vulpina are converging on the throne room as we speak. Otherworlders or not, she can’t hold for long.” Darius chuckled dryly. “We might all die in the attempt to oust her, and hell she may be killed, but we won’t let her have the last laugh.”
Ayax turned to the two humans with her. “Liz, Leila, go. I’ll try to pin them down here.”
Elizabeth blinked. “Wait, but Ayax—”
“Liz, if we lose Janize, we’ll lose the civil war. You got to go.”
Elizabeth briefly closed her eyes and nodded. Grabbing onto Ayax, she drew her troll close to her and into a brief, fierce kiss. “Come back to me, alright?”
Ayax managed a smirk. “Always.”
Elizabeth turned to Leila. “Let’s go—what are you—” The Otherworlder had knelt on the ground her head bowed.
“Ayax, I’m sorry. I promise you can do whatever you want to me after you save Janize, but please, let me save her first,” said Leila, she lowered her head, but Ayax quickly grabbed her by the shirt and yanked her up. It was easy as the girl was still very light.
“This is not the time. I accept your promise, but we’ll talk later. Now go!” Ayax hissed.
Nodding, Elizabeth grabbed Leila and the pair took off in the opposite direction. Meanwhile, Ayax took a deep breath and walked up toward the balcony overlooking the foye.
Darius was pacing, whilst Scarlet was biting her finger, one hand gripped tightly around her staff.
“What if they breach the gatehouse?” Scarlet asked.
“There’s no way that force assembling outside can breach the gatehouse. They’ll need—”
“Earl Darius, Master Scarlet, I have waited a long time for this moment.” Ayax leaned casually against the railing, noting the fine, polished grain. “Do you know who I am?”
Darius, eyes staring up at her, took a step back. “Ayax the Blackgale.”
“Daughter of Allaniel the Valorous, who you had murdered,” Ayax hissed.
Scarlet ripped her heavy cloak off and gripped her staff in both hands, which had a number of rings on the fingers. Her eyes narrowed at Ayax. “So it was you who rescued Leila. I thought you would kill her.”
“You certainly tempted me, but she was just the instrument. It was you two who had my parents killed.” Raising her staff, Ayax growled. “Prepare to die.”
Scarlet waved the earl off. “Darius, go, deal with Janize. I can handle her.”
Darius arched an eyebrow even as he grabbed the main door’s handle. “Are you sure?”
Scarlet smirked. “She’s no Frances Stormcaller. Just an angry little troll.”
“I’m a pissed off troll.” Ayax leapt over the railing, throwing several spell cards at Scarlet. The woman waved her hand, magical rings activating to form a barrier. The cards slammed into it, sparking and banging. It would have knocked her back, but the barrier dissipated the force.
No matter, Ayax landed nimbly on the carpet and whirling her staff, slammed it into Scarlet’s barrier. Darius had run for it, slamming the doors behind him. Ayaxs’s blow sent Scarlet smashing through those closed doors, nearly throwing her onto Darius.
The Red Order Mage picked herself off the grown, dusting off her robes. “Ah I see the familial resemblance now you monster. You and your adoptive ‘cousin’ are just fucking irritating.”
Ayax was about to quip back, but found herself pursing her lips as a thought ran through her head. “You know, if you were just a little nicer, just a bit more understanding, you could have gotten along with Frances. It’s really hard to not get along with her.”
Scarlet’s snarl faded and she grimaced. “She wouldn’t have been my student, but Edana’s. Now are you going to kill me, Blackgale, one of the people who helped murder your parents, or are you going to talk me to death?”
Ayax flinched, feeling the swirling vortex of power bubble in her very core as her fury sparked. At the same time, a serene, piercing idea just echoed through her head. It was not really a revelation, more of an observation she’d noticed about Leila, Darius and now Scarlet.
“You all are awfully insistent on dying. Why don’t you all just…give up? Live?” Ayax asked. The pair were circling now, ready to let loose with spells at any sign of weakness or an opening.
Scarlet snorted. “Would you let me and Darius live?”
Ayax paused, watching Scarlet continue to circle. When the troll didn’t move, only followed her with her eyes, the mage stopped and tried to circle in the other direction. Still Ayax didn’t move, she just remained still, staff at the ready.
“If you all surrendered and submitted to a trial, I would,” said Ayax. There was still turmoil, rage, roiling in her heart. Yet, she was starting to feel another emotion that calmed her, despite how odd it felt.
The Red Order Mage blinked, before she sneered. “Then you are a naive fool.” She twirled her staff, the ends bursting into flame as she sang. Fireballs tore toward Ayax.
The troll dodged, not flamboyantly. She just stepped out of the way, shuffling and stepping from side to side. No fancy shielding required, no complicated jumps needed. Scarlet cast, and continued to cast. Whips of crimson magic were followed by cobblestones torn from the road. Ayax had to briefly block those with a quick shield, before twisting out of the way.
Shifting her grip on her staff, Ayax pulled her weapon to her side, as if she was drawing a sword. Crying out a string of Word of Powers, she whipped it across.
The staff suddenly extended, dark-blue magic lengthening it until a incredibly long, thin rod of magic crashed into Scarlet’s side. It sent her tumbling through a hedge and onto the lawn of Darius’s mansion.
Leaping over said hedgerow, Ayax rolled to a perfect landing on the other side. Scarlet had staggered to her feet, wiping blood from the scratches on her arm and face. She was already wincing as she touched her side.
Ayax thought she would be taking pleasure from this. Well, part of her was. She was happy she was kicking Scarlet’s butt. Yet, the part of her that was choosing to be calm, to think and be a good person felt an entirely different emotion.
Pity for how pointless this whole battle was, pity for how this woman and her allies had hurt so many and seemed so unhappy with their lives. There was disgust and anger, and yet when Ayax thought about what she had, and what Scarlet lacked, she found that anger seeping away.
“Scarlet, this is your last chance. Surrender now,” said Ayax.
“To you? Not to Edana Firehand, or even Frances Stormcaller? But to their lackey? A second-rate battle mage?” Scarlet spat on the ground and raised her staff again. “I’d rather fucking die.”
The troll sighed. “So be it.”
Author’s Note: Ayax is getting ahold of her anger. It hasn’t been easy to figure out how her feelings changed but I decided to approach it from the idea that she’s matured as a person and has started to take more perspectives, something that she’s always struggled with.
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2023.05.30 07:02 okmeow007 Looking at your eyes my help!

Hey team,
I've recently been to a eye specialist and it was amazing it left me teary at the end.
Basically if your eyes don't line up level it causes lots of issues similar to ADHD.
Your brain is working overtime balancing you that it's working harder to compensate.
The website talks about issues such as. Anxiety in a crowd, open spaces, trouble focusing reading books, walking straight , looking people in the eyes, listening.
I'll leave a link:
It will explain better than I can. Unfortunately he's the only one in Australia but hopefully there is one near you.
My take away from it after getting new lenses. Focus is now amazing! Don't have to blink or strain it's just instant focus on new objects. It hasn't fixed everything, I'm thinking lens may need adjustment. While in the exam when standing I felt a pull trying to lift me up from my head. I want that feeling again so I feel like I need slightly different lens.
Peace and love 💪
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2023.05.30 07:02 conscience_journey Topic Tuesday - Assimilation: Existential threat or Zionist boogeyman?

Welcome to Jews of Conscience Topic Tuesday! Each Tuesday we will discuss a topic related to Judaism, the Jewish community, and anti-Zionism. Chime in with your thoughts.
If you have a suggestion for a topic, message me.
Today’s topic:
Assimilation, the adoption of non-Jewish culture by Jews who live among non-Jews, is often framed as an existential threat for the Jewish community. Some reports have sensational claims that within a few decades the American Jewish population could be nearly gone. Zionist philosophy sees assimilation as an inevitable consequence of Jews living among gentiles; the only way to save the Jewish people is to create their own state in Palestine.
However, the threat of assimilation may be overstated. The population of the American Jewish community has been stable despite increasing intermarriage and most of those Jews often engage in some sort of Jewish activity. Young Jews are at least as religious as older Jews, going against the trend in liberal countries of declining interest in religion.
Is assimilation the threat that Zionism and traditionalists make it out to be? Or will Jewish culture continue to survive in diverse societies?
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2023.05.30 07:00 DamnBunny I'm sorry for being sour.

Today, I got angry at a User for making me hold up his side in Lode Baring Event. Having to repair the Bot more times than I care to fix, and having to lower his enemy count down to where he could handle the fight effeciently. Through the time I have used more ammo than I cared to lose in a single Event. And demanded the person to compensate for helping him in his kitchen.
I was in a sour mood since people have not been doing Daily Ops in the lobbies lately, and My ammo is getting really scarce now, but that is no excuse for my behavior tonight. For safety reason, I want to say I am sorry David, i didn't mean to be that guy, its been a long weekend and its not your fault. I didn't mean to be harsh to you and ruin your gaming experience. I hope this post finds you well. Again, I am sorry. Hope you come back to the Fallout 76 Community knowing that I am just one of the million people, and I hope ididn't make you change your mind about the game.
-Vault Weasel.
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