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2012.06.26 20:38 jirachiex awwnime wallpapers

Pictures of cute girls doing cute things, in anime-style wallpaper form.

2014.08.19 15:12 Daffodilia Meet Snoopy the Miniature Schnauzer

Snoopy may come here to muse or simply to show off his toys and his incredibly cute self.

2015.08.19 23:42 Gamercat96 Bitchin wallpapers you just gotta screenshot

Hello fellow redditors! We all end up wasting hours of our miserable lives trying to find that perfect wallpaper for your phone or PC. And, if you're like me, you want to show it to every single person you know to see how cute, clever, funny, or straight up stunning it looks. Now you can! Screenshot your amazing backgrounds and showcase it to every other weirdo passing by, because we all know you want to.

2023.05.29 21:55 Pixierug Anybody here got a cute Mimihime artwork suitable for mobile wallpaper ?

I love Mimihime fr
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2023.05.29 18:16 SoCuteBear [SELL][CANADA to USA & Canada][PERFUME] tons of goodies to be found!


$15 Minimum Please!
TAT 3 calendar days or less
SHIPPING TO USA:$11 without tracking and $15.75 with tracking. I'm shipping from Canada.
SHIPPING TO CANADA:For samples only, $4. With tracking, it starts at $15. Tracked shipping price in Canada varies by region.
All samples or decants, unless marked as FS.
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SORCELLERIE all Sorcellerie are RIS (some cheaper than others to account for fill level differences)
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2023.05.29 15:38 TractorRainbow I think my partner basically just called me a paedophile

This is a little weird but I’m kind of upset about it and I thought it would be good to talk about it and get some second opinions.
Basically I’ve recently realised that I’m non-binary, I’m 26 and biologically male but I feel like I could happily identify as male, female, both or neither. I discussed this with my partner (a cis woman) and she said she has suspected as much for some time, but she’s very supportive of all LGBT issues and she basically said if I want to make any changes to my lifestyle at home that’s fine, she doesn’t care if I want to wear a skirt some days or anything like that.
So for the last few days I’ve kind of been getting my head around my gender identity and being more accepting of who I actually am instead of trying to fit neatly into one category when in reality I’m all over the gender spectrum. While browsing online I happened to stumble across some cute art of various female superheroes (I’ve always been a big fan of comic books) and I thought about how in the past I would have dismissed the fact that I liked the art because it would seem “girly” to anyone else. But I figured now I’m trying to embrace my whole identity, not just the masculine part, so who cares if it’s girly? I like it, that’s all that matters. So I end up changing my phone wallpaper to a changing slideshow of this art. It’s a small thing, but to me it signified the first time I was stepping outside of male gender norms.
After I changed my wallpaper, one of the first things I did was show my partner, in a very casual “hey check out my new phone wallpaper” kind of way, and she had… a pretty bad reaction. She just said “oh god” and when I asked what was wrong she said “I don’t know, that’s pretty weird.” That didn’t feel great, so I immediately changed my wallpaper back to what it was before, and changed the subject. But a few minutes later she brought it up again and said it was “really bothering” her. In particular she was unhappy about the picture of Supergirl, saying “this is a drawing of a child, it’s weird that you don’t find that creepy. Is that really what you want to look at?” That really made my heart sink. The implication that I was getting some kind of sexual thrill out of the art made me feel pretty grossed out by myself, even though I hadn’t thought of it in a sexual way at all (this is the picture in question: ). For anyone unfamiliar with the character, Supergirl is usually depicted as being youngish (18-25) but recently started being depicted as around 16.
My partner was off with me for the rest of the day, even after I apologised, and she did mention again that she was upset about the whole thing. But things have gone back to normal now, it hasn’t been mentioned since. I’m still a bit upset and confused, though. Was I really being creepy? I feel pretty uncomfortable about being non-binary now, like I want to just continue to act as a cis man from now on to avoid this happening again. What can I do to stop feeling so crappy about all of this?
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2023.05.28 21:48 SpaceSeal1 Is Hello Kitty really declining in popularity in Japan and if so, how and why?

Yeah apologies I don't mean to come off as a jerk with this incoming rant, but this is my first post in this sub. Was gonna post this on HelloKitty and sanrio, but my karma is too low for the former and the mods on the latter keep deleting my posts whenever I send them.
For starters, I'm a huge Hello Kitty fan and she's my most favorite pop icon in the world of all time currently (aside from maybe Mickey Mouse at the very least).
My friends and I had a rather spirited debate on Discord about Hello Kitty's popularity vs the other characters from anime or japanese media and this is something I need to seriously let off my chest.
  1. Most of my male friends on Discord (at least many of whom are American mind you) are all biased against Hello Kitty and seem to write her off as just a mere marketing icon or a just retro brand that are only liked by younger girls and nostalgic older women and is nothing deep and that most Japanese people somehow don't care about her.
  2. One of my friends (who's American) thinks that shonen jump series like Demon Slayer is universally more popular (if not practically more iconic by implication) in Japan than Hello Kitty and other iconic "kiddy" stuff like Anpanman, Doraemon, Pokemon, and even American stuff like Mickey Mouse and Snoopy (whom they are also all biased against) based on mainly some 2020 poll from CharaBank:
  3. That same friend of mine unironically insisted in his belief that most Japanese people of all ages would favor more mature and edgy characters like Goku, Ichigo, Tanjiro, and Kenshiro over soft cute ones and that most people in Japan would mock older men like me for liking cute stuff. Not joking about the last part btw. It's as if the concept of "kawaii culture" in Japan is a foreign concept to him and my other friends on the server.
I have been thinking about how to succinctly explain to him why and how Hello Kitty is still actually more iconic, popular, and consequentially impactive on pop culture in Japan than the shonen anime/manga despite what the CharaBank article he linked says. And how he denied that Demon Slayer only made it to the top of the list in a 2020 poll because of certain circumstances like COVID and just doubled down on his takes like how Hello Kitty's popularity began dropping at the start of the 2000's and that manga like Demon Slayer is more profitable than Hello Kitty.
And I also couldn't understand or know how to explain why and how such a globally iconic figure like Hello Kitty dropped out of fifth place in the CharaBank ratings as of 2021 and I don't know the rankings for 2022 due to lack of accessibility to data and I can't understand why Anpanman and Pokemon (or even foreign characters like Mickey and Snoopy to an extent) are currently rated above her in Japan of all places. I don't even get why even Doraemon is ranked above her as well (assuming if he is, since Doraemon is actually my other most favorite character in the world besides Hello Kitty, like the closest to her compared to practically all my other favorite characters at the very least, but that's neither here nor there).
==== MAIN QUESTION =====
Okay let's get the obvious out of the way, we can all agree that Hello Kitty and other Sanrio characters in general are increasing in popularity worldwide right now due to platforms like TikTok and Instagram.But for such a long-running global powerhouse of a franchise and one of the largest and most internationally iconic, successful, and prolific pop icons in the world (with a laundry list of collabs and crossovers to her name no less), I don't get why and how Hello Kitty dropped out of the top five of Japan's Character DataBank since two years ago. Is she really completely declining in popularity in Japan or is most of what my friends claimed wrong?
So I wanted to hear from this subreddit and understand and clarify everything here. All feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.
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2023.05.28 17:35 francesspoon Chi’s house

Chi’s house
Just finished redecorating Chi’s house with a bunch of the super cute crafty items and I’m pretty pleased with it! Always wish there were more wallpaper options and that there were different colours for furniture, but maybe one day.
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2023.05.27 11:09 DesktopHut Cute Ai Hoshino 4K Live Wallpaper

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2023.05.27 11:07 Crafterzzlooks He's Everywhere

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2023.05.25 17:31 JuniorHighlight1157 Anndrea Name, Cute, Pink 4K Mobile Wallpaper

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2023.05.25 17:29 JuniorHighlight1157 Leonora Cute, Name, Stylish 4K Mobile Wallpaper

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2023.05.25 17:27 JuniorHighlight1157 Abdul Aziz Name, Cute, Trendy 4K Mobile Wallpaper

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2023.05.25 17:17 JuniorHighlight1157 Hope, Love, Kindness, Self Love, Cute, Typography, Inspirational, 4K HD Mobile Wallpaper

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2023.05.24 13:13 lightingnations My elderly mother received flowers every year on her birthday from an unknown sender. This year, instead of flowers, she got something much worse…

Shortly after Mom's tumble down the basement stairs, a stranger appeared at her door. Said he was collecting donations for an animal shelter and demanded to speak with the homeowner.
Karima, my mother’s care worker, only started the job three days earlier. But that was long enough to know the elderly lady she worked for turned the garden hose on both missionaries and canvassers alike.
Imagine her surprise when Mom came hobbling down the hall on metal crutches, insisting the gentleman come in.
At hospital, after Mumsie’s ankle got reset, I broke the news that—due to her ‘advanced’ age—the doctors wouldn’t discharge her without an adequate care plan. She lived on a remote street, just a narrow dirt lane overrun with weeds and bramble really. No friendly neighbours, nobody to help with chores.
Despite the morphine, she sat up in bed spitting raw fury.
“I can’t support you alone,” I whimpered. “I’m in London next week with work. Plus, Abbie’s such a handful.”
The incensed retiree made six nurses and one security guard cry before finally relenting.
After Mom’s visitor departed, I stopped by with some painkillers. Straight away Karima pulled me into the kitchen. A real no-nonsense type in her late-twenties, Karima had a brown ponytail and thick eyebrows.
She said, “Sharon spent all afternoon in the lounge with a guy called Carl. He acted like they’d never met, but he knew his way around. He got angry at one point. Your mom said he’s gonna come back to fix the ceiling fan in the basement. She sounded a little upset, though.”
Strange. Why would the thrifty woman who reused tea bags pry open her purse for charity?
Karima said Carl was a big guy, bigger than me even, and old enough to collect a pension, although “you could tell he looked after himself”. Think porcelain teeth and an even, bronze tan.
This news hoisted a red flag alright. What motivated this guy to cosy up to an ill-tempered old bat who half the neighbourhood kids believed would abduct them while they slept if they didn’t finish their broccoli and wash behind their ears? There’d be no point grooming her for the house—her hovel was all stale air, sun-bleached wallpaper, and carpets so filthy you couldn’t make out the floral patterns.
As she limped through the door, I asked about her new companion.
“Mind your own business,” she hissed. Her eyes flicked toward Karima. “And tell the warden it’s rude to snoop.”
From that day on, a permanent sickly feeling lined my stomach. I compulsively checked my mother’s cash allowance, which depleted faster than expected. Karima insisted that, on their weekly shopping trips, Mom only ever bought discounted groceries and Vitamin D supplements. “Maybe she’s snacking at night?”
That weekend, Mom summoned me for our Sunday roast, a fortnightly ritual. In a thick winter coat, I spooned unsalted mashed potatoes into my mouth. Because unless snow lay on the ground, turning the heating on was a cardinal sin in Mom’s house, and since the basement door sat right beside the fridge, the kitchen got blasted by these relentless, chilly drafts.
It took me twenty minutes to muster up the nerve to ask Mom how such a rail-thin lady could rack up such a giant food bill. “I’ve seen you eat mouldy peaches instead of throwing them away. Where’s this money going? Did Carl charge you to fix that fan?”
“Carl does these repairs as a favour I’ll have you know,” she said. Her voice sounded odd, though. Like the killer instinct had bled out.
There was a short, uncomfortable silence. Between chews, Mom mentioned the council planned to build a shelter for truant youths nearby, which meant she needed to sell up before hordes of wild, feral teens began prowling the area.
My fork paused in mid-air. “Let me guess, did Carl tell you this? Are you sure he isn’t a conman?”
Prominent neck veins bulged along her gaunt neck, the same way they did anytime younger me broke a plate or spilled juice. Whenever those tendons appeared, Mom would clamp my ear with her sharp, yellow nails and yank me into my bedroom. That was her solution to everything—imprison you until her temper cooled off. Involuntarily, my head jerked to one side. A spasm.
“I just wanna make sure you’re not getting scammed,” I said, earlobe throbbing.
She slammed the table with her fist. “I’m selling, and that’s that.”
Unable to meet that powerful gaze, I wolfed down more tasteless food.
“I swear. If I’d known kids were this much trouble, I would have done things differently,” Mom muttered.
Back home, I splashed cold water across my face and stared down my reflection in the bathroom mirror. At times, I resented my green eyes and sharp nose—features I shared with my mother. They made me feel contaminated. Dirty.
My daughter, Abbie, had just turned six. After I read her the latest Dogman and tucked her into bed, I joined my wife in the front room, where she commented on my twitch. I explained Carl’s arrival brought my childhood tics storming back.
She said, “I’m not trying to sound insensitive here, but who cares if Angela gets cheated out of a crappy house? It’d serve her right for everything she put you through.”
Years earlier, news about my wife’s pregnancy broke two weeks before our wedding day. Mom’s unsavoury name calling led to an hours-long screaming match between the pair, and time had not thawed their frosty relationship. I maintained a degree of sympathy, because Mom grew up a preacher’s daughter, and her stern lectures gave me the occasional glimpse into adolescence under Grandpa’s watchful eye.
“If father caught ME smoking, he’d have locked me in the prayer closet until midnight.”
“The one time I rolled my eyes at MY father, he took away my pillow for three days.”
In her late teens Mom once ran away with a male friend, a move which got her permanently ousted from the church, but extracting the details was tougher than chewing through a bowl of salt.
Still, my wife made a great point—that house needed serious work. Plumbing renovations alone would set you back £15k, easy. As a child I’d lain awake at night, surrounded by groaning metal. Thuds, bangs. Even had nightmares about a poltergeist named Pipes who rattled the water fixtures. I hated being incarcerated there.
If Mom became homeless, though, she would have needed to move in with us, which meant Abbie might develop the same self-esteem issues as me.
In the morning, I asked Karima to call me the next time Carl appeared so I could speak with him, man-to-man. When she did, I heard only angry, muffled voices in the background. The nurse moved into a different room and said Mom ordered her out of the lounge.
Furious, I climbed in my Volvo and sped across town.
As I pulled up the dusty driveway, Karima appeared at the door and said, “You just missed them. Carl took Angela to the garden centre.”
I slammed the dashboard in frustration.
In the kitchen, I sat by the table, my legs bouncing up and down, impatient. Minutes ticked away on the grandfather clock down the hall.
Karima came in to wipe down the counters. I said, “What’s Carl been up to lately? Still fixing things?”
She nodded. “Last week he spent a whole afternoon in the basement. Said he was laying rat traps.”
Huh. I’d never seen any droppings or scratch marks. The basement door refused to budge, as usual, so I went upstairs into the spare room where I rummaged through Mom’s antique cabinet. In the bottom drawer there sat a ring of endless keys, but before I could find one that looked large enough and old enough to fit the lock, car wheels came crunching along the driveway. I slipped everything back in its place and then rushed downstairs.
Outside, Mom waved off a silver Aston Martin. In her right hand, she had a bouquet of carnations: one red, one yellow, one blue. In the old days, she always received birthday flowers, but since any man who so much as complimented her purse caught an eyeful of pepper spray, the idea she had a secret admirer struck me as ridiculous. Now, though, I wasn’t so sure.
“Why’s your boyfriend in such a hurry?” I asked.
“Never you mind.”
As I followed her around the ground floor, she shouted down the different ways I begged her to explain her relationship with this man before finally shooting me another patented death glare. “Enough.”
The protest dissolved on my tongue.
Seeing no other option, I contacted a private investigator and gave him Carl’s license plate. Six days later, we met in a coffee shop. “Carl Richardson, age 64.” The sleuth slid a file across the table. “Widower with three kids, two sons and a daughter, each grown with children of their own. Started a construction company in the 70s and sold up before the crash in ’08. Owns a villa in Madrid, and he’s an elder at the Willowfield Presbyterian Church. From what I hear, he’s hosted so many fundraisers they named an auditorium after him.”
“Wait, if this pricks so minted why’s he cosying up to my mom? Her shacks one big bad wolf away from blowing over.”
“She lives just outside Bohill forest, right? If you bulldozed a few hundred trees, you could probably put up a block of flats. Deal like that might be worth a brave chunk of change.”
“Where’s this asshole live?” I asked.
“Maryville. Fair warning though, he’s not the friendliest of blokes. I watched him explode over a petrol station parking space. Took six guys to hold him back.”
I sped over there.
Iron fenceposts surrounded a sprawling, four-story townhouse. Younger me always wished he lived in a place like that, surrounded by brothers and sisters, along with a dad who came home at the end of every day. Hell, even just a dad.
I pressed the buzzer. Through the speaker, a housekeeper told me Mr. Richardson wasn’t home, despite the Aston Martin parked in the driveway.
I said, “Just tell the prick he better stay the hell away from my mom.”
Halfway home, the she-devil herself called, rhyming off all the different ways I’d embarrassed her since birth. Through tears, I told her I didn’t want Abbie’s grandmother dying penniless on the street.
She ended the debate by screaming, “I’ll do whatever I like.”
Reduced to a trembling mess, I pulled into the layby. My relationship with my mother, I’d come to realize, was a scab. With this conflict, we’d picked away the crust. Now bad blood had come gushing out. This needed to end.
I texted Karima: Think you can find out what Carl’s doing in the basement for me?
Sure thing.
From there, I mostly ignored Mom. Until her birthday reared its ugly head. Although she insisted we let these milestones pass without much fanfare, I at least swung by for dinner.
Imagine my surprise when my key didn’t fit the lock. I rapped the letterbox for twenty minutes before Mom creaked the door open, far as the chain would allow.
“What the hell is this?” I asked.
Through the narrow gap, she said, “You can’t be too careful these days. Theres dope addicts running about.”
“Was this Carl’s idea?”
She broke eye contact. My mother, the most stubborn woman on planet Earth, actually broke eye contact.
“Does Karima at least have a spare?”
“No. I fired her.”
“What? Why?”
“I caught her stealing jewellery. Besides, the cast came off. You can’t keep me imprisoned forever.”
Rather than kick in the door, I fought the temptation and grabbed my phone. “Karima isn’t answering,” I said, as I texted her to call me back.
“Hardly surprising, she’s a fugitive now. And to think, you were worried about Carl. Anyway, I’m tried and not in the mood for celebrating. Goodbye.”
The door slammed in my face.
There was now zero doubt her suitor had groomed her. What should I have done, though, notified the police? And said what exactly—that Mommy wouldn’t let me into my childhood home?
Well, if she’d set her heart on getting dumped in a cheap care home staffed by workers who got paid minimum wage, so be it.
That night, I rolled around in bed, unable to redirect my memory from childhood. Until now, those formative years had been a distant afterthought, but with this situation sloshing around my brain, they lurked around every corner, uncomfortably close.
I jerked awake. Beside the bed, Abbie rubbed her red, puffed-out eyes. “I had a bad dream.”
I carried her into her room and read from a storybook about princesses. As she lay beside me, head rested against my shoulder, a giant lump rose in my throat. Mom never comforted me after a nightmare. Or ever. In fact, she’d uttered the phrase ‘stop whining or I’ll GIVE you something to cry about’ so many times it became her unofficial catchphrase.
What the hell was wrong with me? Despite being a grown man—a father, no less—I’d acted like a panicky child. What did Carl want with the house? Why this fixation on the basement?
I drove over there, parked my car at the bottom of the lane, unlatched a downstairs window with a coat hanger, and climbed inside. One upside to life under an authoritarian regime are the tricks you pick-up…
The grandfather clock ticked away while, upstairs, my mother snored louder than a jackhammer. The creaky staircase threatened to betray my arrival, so I slowly crept up into the spare room where I snatched the keys from the cabinet.
I shuffled back downstairs. However, right as my foot landed on the bottom step, the clock announced the arrival of midnight. In the sleepy house, those chimes blared louder than a fire alarm. Startled, I slipped and collapsed onto the wooden floor.
A lamp flicked on up in Mom’s room, then footsteps shuffled around. I heard her voice, high and frightened. Most likely she’d grabbed the bedside phone.
“Mom, it’s me,” I shouted.
Dressed in a pink nightgown and fuzzy slippers, she appeared at the landing. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”
She stormed down the steps, boiling mad. It took some nerve to invade someone’s privacy like that, what gave me the right? For a moment, I hung my head in shame—a child caught with their hand in the cookie jar.
Until I remembered what brought me there in the first place. I’d had enough of the manipulation. Of the unanswered questions. I needed, no, deserved an explanation.
“What gives me the right?” I shouted. “What gives you the right to treat me like the shit stuck on your shoe? All I’m trying to do is keep a roof over your head, and this is the thanks I get?”
Those green eyes grew huge, the mouth drooping open. Maybe my outburst had shocked her into understanding the error of her wicked ways? Were we moments away from a tearful hug?
No such luck. Instead, the furious woman reached for the keys. I snatched them away.
“Don’t you dare disobey me.”
“Why not?”
“…Because…” She fumbled for a reason. “…I’m your mother.”
From deep in the house, the came a low thump. I glanced around.
“Do as I say. Now.”
My body almost obeyed this request on pure instinct. Her word was a royal decree, unquestionable, absolute. But then beats of sweat ran down her forehead, filtering along the wrinkled grooves. For the first time, cracks appeared in my mother’s impenetrable outer shell.
I walked into the kitchen. As my hands rummaged for a key large enough to fit the basement door, I said, “Are you gonna tell me what Carl’s been doing down there?”
She tugged at my arm, her hands coarse and cool, like reptile claws. “Nothing. He hasn’t been doing anything.”
Another thump.
“Nothing, huh?”
The door opened at a push. I pulled a cord hanging alongside my skull only to illuminate rickety stairs and a filthy, cramped utility room. There was a slit window halfway down the steps, a washer pushed up against the far wall, shelving units crammed with paint and washing powder and ancient records, and musty cardboard boxes scattered around, here and there.
Those groaning steps sagged beneath my weight. Mom followed me along, her hands clinging to the rail. “See? Now enough of this nonsense, come upstairs.”
She followed me into the centre of the space, all jutting nerves. What had her so anxious?
Filled with raw courage, I kicked over a box. Newspapers spilled across the concrete floor and moths fluttered in every direction. I rummaged through hampers, tossed aside rotted furniture infested with woodlice. This was getting me nowhere. You could spend an entire month excavating that mess and barely scrap away the first layer of grime.
Wait. If Mom could stare me into a confession, maybe I could do the same with her? I went and stood facing her, her nose inches from mine. “What’s your secret?”
At first, she only returned fire. But then those emotionless eyes flicked toward the shelving unit.
When I glanced at it, she burst into tears. “You’re right. I’m a terrible mother. Go sit in the lounge, I’ll make you a cup of tea.” The crying unnerved me more than her fury, honestly.
Beneath the shelve, an arch had been ground into the concrete as though somebody dragged a heavy weight back and forth. I grabbed the unit, shimmied it off the wall. With considerable effort, the right side swung out, inch by slow inch, revealing a hidden metal door embedded within the brickwork.
“What the FUCK is this?” I yelled. “Have you got a fucking bomb shelter down here?”
Her icy talon caressed my cheek. “Please, come upstairs. I love you. Your father, he didn’t want it to be this way. But you were so beautiful. With your green eyes and cute button nose. I couldn’t do it. Not to you. Come upstairs. Please.”
“My…father?” I said, breathless.
“His family, they couldn’t know. And the church, oh the things they would have said. He wanted to bulldoze the house and destroy the evidence. He says we’re too old to keep up the charade. It was my accident, George. It scared him. He said we nearly got exposed.”
Above our heads, lights flashed across the wall as a car sped past the window and screeched to a halt. Hysterical now, Mom choked out a feeble, “He’ll be furious.”
Unable to get these events straight in my mind, I twisted the metal handle while she rushed upstairs, wailing.
The door opened onto a windowless tunnel colder than a cave, musty-smelling and choked in darkness. An ungodly stench wafted out; stale air intermixed with sour sweat.
As I retched, chains rattled up ahead.
There came tiny cries.
My trembling hands grabbed my phone and switched on the torch. Then, on unsteady legs, I crept forward.
Halfway down the tunnel gaping doorways opened on either side: one contained a toilet and a sink, the other a brief kitchen area. Metal rails ran along the walls at waist height.
The tunnel carried me into a box room, roughly ten feet long and ten feet deep. And as I cast the light in a wide arc, my pulse shot up between my ears.
Sitting on filthy, stained mattresses, frail figures shielded their eyes. On my right, there lay a man and a woman, both made from skin and bones. They wore grey jumpsuits and leather collars attached to the rails by metal chains.
In a stilted accent, the lady said, "Please help us before mother and father realize you are here."
The room shifted on its axis. “…Mother and father?”
"George," another figure cried. My light whipped toward the far wall, where Karima also sat fastened to the rail, her face purple-black with cuts and bruises. Before my mind could process this discovery, footsteps charged along the entryway. I spun around.
A giant man with sharp brown eyes stepped into the confined space, baseball bat in hand, his head almost scraping the low roof. My mother arrived right after him, shrieking, “CARL, STOP, PLEASE STOP!”
I stood there, feet rooted on the spot, until the old fella took a swing at me.
At the very last second, I jumped away. The bat found my phone, which spun out of my hand. Now only ambient light from the basement splashed across the room.
In a wild fury, Carl swung again and again. I sidestepped, ducked, scrambled away.
Next time the club whistled through the air, inches from my face, I threw myself at Carl, and our hands wrestled for control of the weapon.
Round and round we went, a little foxtrot. Once it became obvious his iron grip wouldn’t let up, I drove my forehead into his nose, hard. The bat fell onto the floor, and then my fists reigned down blows, seemingly by themselves. My crappy childhood, all those missed birthdays and cutting remarks and countless hours spent caged inside my room, got channelled into each and every strike.
Although my attacker had thirty years on me, he was stronger than an ox on steroids. He answered every fifth punch with one of his own. Around us, a chorus of "Stop him, please stop him!" went up, like Romans chanting for gladiators.
Soon Carl’s breaths became laboured. Difficult. A hand shot up against his chest. My aggressor couldn’t maintain this pace—I had him.
But then, from a side-angle, Mom flew at me. Sharp, yellow fingernails rake across my face, again and again.
“FOUL DISOBEDIENT CHILD,” she shrieked, as an arthritic finger slice my left eye.
Furious, I clamped my hand over her mouth and shoved her away. From the cathartic sound her body made toppling onto the concrete floor, she’d need a full body cast after this.
Before I could react, Carl tackled me in the chest, driving me backwards until my skull hit the rear wall. A pair of steel hands closed around my windpipe, tighter than a python, and as I fought for air, warm blood trickled down my neck. A vision of my corpse rotting away down there flashed before my eyes. If Mom kept my body hidden, Abbie would grow up believing her dad abandoned her.
But then, with a quick rattle of chains, Karima vaulted onto Carl’s back and bit his ear. Pressure around my throat eased. I pushed myself off the wall and dragged stale air into my lungs.
As Carl backstepped, Karima’s bonds snapped tight. She got yanked backwards as if attached to a bungee cord.
I grabbed the baseball bat and planted my feet and swung. It connected with a resonate thud. Carl spat blood and teeth across the sidewall. Suddenly on Bambi legs, he collapsed sideways and fell into the gloom. Then, a sputter went up.
My hand fumbled along the floor for the light.
Those pale figures hunched over the old man with the stained, red jaw, their chains wrapped tight around his throat, biting deep into the flesh.
Carl pawed at the air, eyes bulging from their sockets. When both arms fell limp and his head slumped over one shoulder, the figures released their chains and looked at my feet, beside which Mom lay on one side taking slow, watery inhales.
From behind, Karima placed a hand on my shoulder. I flinched. I looked from her to the figures and back again. “What the FUCK is going on?”
Gently, she said, “You might want to sit down for this.”
The pair stood, their chains rattling. Four pairs of eyes, brown eyes, studied me closely.
Karima said, “It’s okay. Your mother and Carl, they locked me down here because I found out about this place. The two of them, they’d secretly been together for years, but they kept it secret because Carl had a family. Then when your mom got pregnant, they knew they couldn’t let anybody find out, so they...well…there’d no easy way to say this, but George...”
The nurse took a slow, steady breath. “…meet your brother and sister.”
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2023.05.24 12:06 No-Advantage-3073 She gives me a bunch of signs. This is driving me crazy.

I met my best friend on snapchat 10 months ago. For the past month, she has taken a break from social media, but we have talked to each other almost every single days for the past 9 months before this. I made a list of many of the things she says/does that could be taken as a sign that she likes me, but I want to get perspectives on this other than my own. Maybe I am delusional idk.
-she calls me her soulmate & bestie
-she wants us to be roommates
-regularly tells me she loves me (I think she means it as a friend kind of way, but still)
-before taking her social media break, she said "don't you dare get into a relationship while I'm gone"
-told me I "won her heart"
-she said we are meant for each other
-she wants to go on vacations with me
-said we are like Shrek & Fiona (kinda random lol)
-she always talks about how excited she is to dance with me someday
-she wants to spend Christmas with me in the future
-she wanted to watch a movie with me over Zoom
-she sends me videos that could probably be interpreted as couples videos and says "U+me"
-she joked about marrying me multiple times in the past
-she called me her "djungelskog" (it's a plush bear thing, look it up)
-sends me lots of compliments (says I have beautiful eyes, perfect hair, a really handsome face, called me cute, etc.)
-said she sees Jesus in me
-sent me a nice letter on my birthday about how I am the sweetest boy she has ever met and how I am the greatest gift from god and other stuff
-I sent her a letter telling her how much she means to me, she made it her phone wallpaper and it has been like that for months
-seemed jealous when I mentioned I had another friend on snapchat I regularly talk to, she asked if they were a boy or girl and she didn't really want me to talk to them
-after breaking up with her last bf months ago, she said she would only date someone who is her best friend, yet she always tells me I am her best friend
-she always calls me a "high value man"
-sent me a "cutie award" pic
-sent me a pic that said, " I fell in love with his soul before I got to touch his skin"
-said she wants to hold me in her arms
-she asks me to send pictures of my eyes because she loves them (she loves blue eyes a lot apparently)
-she sends me workout videos and wants to have a "glow up" with me
-she sends me pics of her and asks me to rate her face
-got embarrassed when we video called because she said she could not stop smiling when talking to me
-she is excited to one day meet each other's families
-asks about my family a lot, refers to them as "our" family - asks how's "our" family is doing
-she tried to prank me before by telling me her friend wanted to talk to me and has a crush on me, she wanted to see my reaction
Well that is everything I can think of. Sorry this is so long. I basically just want to know if this could mean she likes me or if she is just super nice. I will be deleting this soon. Thanks for listening.
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2023.05.24 04:48 a_white_egg [Thank You] for so many lovely cards for my surgery!

Thank you to all of you lovely people who sent me cards for my recovery! The surgery went well and it has been healing beautifully. I was in great hands, my surgeon was incredible and she did a fantastic job with a difficult case! I'm lucky that I have the very niche specialists I need right in my area. Now we just wait a few months for results, ugh.
All the cards really brightened my days and it definitely helped me feel better. I'm very sorry if I've missed anyone or anything in this Thank You. The pile of cards and stuff got moved around by nurses so I've lost track of who sent what extras / stickers which is a shame because there has been some really great stuff.
Without further ado...
u/wetsocksinyourbutt - monkeys are so adorable and funny looking, they brought a smile to my face and I sent a picture to my sister who is obsessed with monkeys
u/SaintMeris - thank you so much for the coloring pages, it's one of my favorite things to do when I'm not feeling well. also I loved the giraffes and the monet envelope!
u/feellikebeingajerk - the butterfly card is so wonderfully aesthetic, and thanks for all the bonus goodies!
u/ninajyang - your life motto is so true! we've made it this far! how much worse can it get XD
u/pickupthepieces - i love the elephant card, I love elephants. I don't know if loved ones are watching over me but personally I hope they are.
u/rennbrig - thank you for the card with the very cute plants on them, I agree I love the art style
u/starboard44 - I hope this summer I'll have a chance to chill out like Snoopy in the pool :)
u/bupycA - that official form looking card was hilarious, I've never seen anything like it. sometimes I wish I could put in a formal request to the divine to give me a break!
u/truthfulsnack - thank you for the postcard with that fancy room! can you imagine living somewhere so ornate?
u/_random_ness_ - 100 Humans looks super interesting and I've added it to my watch list!
u/stephkemps - I loved your card because it reminded me of myself and my loyal puppy who is always by my side as I heal. he's a little guy like the dog on the card
u/thecaledonianrose - I love it when I recieve cards with butterflies on them, they have a significant meaning to me, and I recieved two this month! the watercolour butterflies were beautiful
u/australis07 - thank you for the adorable card with that adorable little bear guy!
u/eccentric_bee - I adored the card you sent, it was so beautiful, and I loved the popup you did inside!
u/travel4me22 - Thank you for the lovely floral card, perfect for spring! I promise I've followed all doctor orders, I'm the model patient lol
u/peonynote - something about the mouse fairy made me giggle, I love the vibe and aesthetic. and don't worry, I've been keeping hydrated. you can't get much more hydrated than a litre of IV fluids every day :P
Thank you again to all you fantastic, incredible people! Your kindness has brought me many smiles.
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2023.05.24 03:56 abortedgirl Wallpaper

My wallpaper cutee
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2023.05.23 21:00 Cherrililo I love that she’s the first thing to come up😭😭😭😭👏👏👏😍😍😍

I love that she’s the first thing to come up😭😭😭😭👏👏👏😍😍😍 submitted by Cherrililo to wakfu [link] [comments]

2023.05.23 20:22 NewBit8066 Uhm.. WHO PUT THIS ON MY WALLPAPER(ngl he/she pretty cute)

Uhm.. WHO PUT THIS ON MY WALLPAPER(ngl he/she pretty cute)
Uhh help?
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2023.05.23 19:43 Upstairs_Instance537 Cellar

Can you add stuff to the cellar? Like wallpaper, flooring, furniture, etc.? Or is it just for casks? Cause the house isn't big enough by itself for a cute house and I was gonna make the cellar and bedroom if I could
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2023.05.23 15:07 BR123456 Weekly Round Up: May 15th - May 21st

Weekly Round Up: May 15th - May 21st
Weekly Round Up: May 15th - May 21st
Previous thread: May 8th - May 14th
If in case you missed any news, official posts, SNS mentions, milestones, or if you're curious to know what the sub has been talking about lately, this round up is a compilation of all of that and more. How can you find the weekly round up? There's a link on the /bangtan's sidebar, as well as a link to the archive of past round-up posts in the wiki index.


WE ARE BULLETPROOF: It was largely a busy week in the spotlight for Suga & Jimin, but RM remains busy, delivering an interview with Vogue and some serious drip along with it. Jungkook drops by to let us know how Bam’s doing. V is flying somewhere...
Jin & j-hope have been quiet, which is understandable given their military service - reminder not to share around private photos of them meant for family & friends!

IDOL: Jimin joins NLE Choppa, Kodak Black, JVKE & Muni Long in a massive collaboration on Angel Pt 1 - check it out!
Still halfway across the world from the rest of the gang, Suga ends off the North American half of his debut world tour with a bang in Oakland. He’ll be taking a well-deserved 10 days of rest before continuing on the tour in Jakarta, Indonesia on 26th May.

BTS IN THE SUB: Suga may be on a break, but clearly it doesn’t mean the fandom’s getting one too!

STILL WITH YOU: It's now 590 days until they are past the edge of cold winter. But until their snowpiercer comes to pick us up, let's stay here a little longer...
🌸 🚂 🚉 ❄️
⟬⟭ 🐹: 387 🐿: 514 🐱🐨🐥🐯🐰


Date Thread
230516 【THE PLANET M/V 】ㅣBTS
230518 NLE Choppa, Kodak Black, Jimin of BTS, JVKE, & Muni Long - Angel Pt. 1 (FAST X OST)


Date Thread
230514 SUGA - Agust D Tour in Los Angeles Megathread - Day 03
230516 SUGA - Agust D Tour in Oakland Megathread - Day 01
230517 SUGA - Agust D Tour in Oakland Megathread - Day 02
230521 SUGA Agust D Tour ‘D-Day’ Megathread Pt. 2


Date Thread
230515 Weverse: [NOTICE] ‘[HYBE INSIGHT] The Daydream Believers: 꿈, 마침내’ Exhibition Opening dates and Ticket Information
230515 Maeil Economy: BTS World View Drama 'Youth' Teaser Release
230515 [Notice] Information about SUGA Agust D TOUR 'D-DAY' in JAPAN online streaming ticket details
230516 Weverseshop: SUGA Agust D TOUR [D-DAY] in JAPAN Online Live Streaming Tickets❤️‍🔥(Available on Weverseshop Japan for residents in Japan only)
230516 The Korea Herald: BTS medal hits record sales for Korea Minting; 2nd edition to follow
230518 The Korea Times: Seoul city to turn purple in celebration of BTS' 10th anniv. next month
230519 "Angel Pt. 1" has been added to Spotify's Playlist “Today’s Top Hits”
230519 "Angel Pt.1" will officially impact US Pop radio on June 6 (via AllAccess).


Date Thread
230514 Due to popular demand BTS EXHIBITION: Proof in LOS ANGELES has been extended through July 8, 2023!
230517 The Korea Times: Korea Post to begin presale of BTS stamps
230519 [NOTICE] BTS POP-UP : SPACE OF BTS in SYDNEY Guest Admission & Purchasing Guide (ENG)


Type Date Link Thread
Photos 230515 SUGA Agust D D-DAY Calendar Thread
Video 230515 SUGA Agust D TOUR 'D-DAY' in JAPAN : LIVE VIEWING Announcement Thread
Teaser 230515 [SUCHWITA] EP. 11 TEASER Thread
Audio 230516 Apple Music: SUGA Agust D Radio Episode 5 Thread
Photos 230516 SUGA Agust D ‘D-DAY’ TOUR DIARY IN LA Thread
Video 230516 The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Best of BTS' Jimin Thread
Video 230517 BTS (방탄소년단) 'j-hope IN THE BOX' & 'SUGA: Road to D-DAY' in Cinemas Worldwide Announcement Thread
Video 230516 [Daily Korean with BTS] How do you express BTS' cute gestures in Korean? Thread
Video 230517 [Daily Korean with BTS] BTS' compliment relay that warms your heart Thread
Video 230518 [Daily Korean with BTS] Useful new words for ARMYs Thread
Photos 230519 Naver: [BTS] The thing has finally come. (Behind the scenes photos for AMYGDALA MV) Thread
BOMB 230519 [BANGTAN BOMB] SUGA's POV Naver Posting - BTS (방탄소년단) Thread
Photos 230519 Vogue Japan: SUGA Agust D TOUR D-DAY Photo Gallery Thread
Photos 230520 SUGA Agust D ‘D-DAY’ Tour Diary in Oakland Thread
BOMB 230521 [BANGTAN BOMB] 'Haegeum' Challenge Video Shoots Sketch - BTS (방탄소년단) Thread


Date Thread
230515 Dispatch: V(BTS), "ICN INT Airport Departure"
230519 Dispatch: SUGA(BTS), “Arrival after Solo concert"


Date SNS Link Thread
230515 IG Instagram Stories Compilation (V: 1 & RM: 1) Thread
230516 IG Instagram Stories Compilation (RM: 4 & Jin: 1) Thread
230516 IG RM on Instagram Compilation Thread
230516 IG SUGA on Instagram Thread
230516 IG Jimin on TikTok: Sing along with me! Thread
230516 IG SUGA on IG Reel Thread
230516 TWT Today’s Bangtan with SUGA @ SUGA Agust D ‘D-DAY’ Tour - Oakland Day 1 Thread
230517 IG Instagram Stories Compilation (RM: 5) Thread
230517 TWT Today’s Bangtan with SUGA @ SUGA Agust D ‘D-DAY’ Tour - Oakland Day 2 Thread
230518 IG Jimin on Instagram Thread
230518 WV Jimin on Weverse Thread
230518 IG SUGA on Instagram Thread
230519 IG RM on Instagram Thread
230519 IG RM has updated his Instagram profile pic Thread
230519 IG Instagram Stories Compilation (RM: 1) Thread
230519 TWT Today’s Bangtan with SUGA @ SUGA Agust D “D-DAY: Movie Night” Thread
230521 IG Instagram Stories Compilation (RM: 2) Thread
230521 IG RM on Instagram Thread
230521 WV Jungkook on Weverse Thread


Date CF/Partnership Thread
230515 Samsung Mobile SUGA of BTS getting all amazing on tour. 💜 We caught his awesome performance on our #GalaxyS23 Ultra. This is Galaxy! 👍
230518 Samsung Mobile Samsung Mobile Twitter - #SUGA of @BTS_twt… Just being himself!
230521 NBA NBA finals ad on tiktok (feat SUGA)
230521 Tiffany & Co. House ambassador Jimin of BTS wears Tiffany T and moves to the beat in our latest campaign.


Date Publisher Article Thread
230515 Forbes PSY Talks Hulu’s Summer Swag, BTS, Bidding Farewell To Gangnam Style Thread
230516 Vogue Korea RM stays truthful to every moment Thread
230516 Marie Claire Korea Life with balance and flexibility, where Valentino meets SUGA. Thread
230517 Consequence Fan Chant: PSY Talks Bringing His ‘Summer Swag’ to Disney+, K-Pop’s Global Growth, and More Thread
230519 Yonhap News Army officer under probe for allegedly going AWOL to visit unit where BTS member Jin is stationed Thread
230519 The Atlantic SUGA of BTS's World Tour Is Pop Subversion at It's Finest Thread
230519 Deadline Korean Giant & BTS Backer Hybe Corp Has Its Eye On The U.S. Thread
230519 The Line of Best Fit Sparks: Russell Mael chooses his favourite songs Interview (More by j-hope included in list) Thread


NOTE: Entries with 💜 have new content directly involving BTS
Date 💜 Link Thread
230515 VOGUE KOREA on Instagram: A poetic day at a tranquil Hanok. A day in the life of RM, unveiled on the 17th. Thread
230515 Son Sung Deuk on Instagram: 👍 Thread
230516 Melon: BTS' Diamond Club trophy (for >10 Billion streams on Melon) Thread
230516 💜 MTV: Talk about a power collab – with @Nlechoppa1, Jimin, Kodak Black, @jvkesongs, & @munilong all hopping on the same track 💯 Thread
230516 Vogue Korea on Instagram (feat. RM) - reels compilation Thread
230517 ELLE Japan: V for July 2023 issue cover Thread
230517 💜 Halsey on Instagram Thread
230517 Instagram Story: POLYC (tattoo artist) Thread
230517 💜 MAX on Instagram with SUGA Thread
230518 Instagram story: Lee Byung Eun (bangster) (HYBE/BigHit Performance Director) Thread
230518 Instagram Story: PDogg (BigHit Producer) Thread
230518 Colde on Twitter (posted artwork feat. RM) Thread
230519 💜 Supreme Boi on Instagram with RM Thread
230519 💜 MIDNATT “Masquerade” Dance Challenge with Jimin Thread
230520 💜 Instagram Story: producer JNKYRD (RM in a studio) Thread
230520 💜 SEVENTEEN Vernon & Hoshi on TikTok: ‘Super’ Dance Challenge with Jimin Thread

Other Media

Date 💜 Link Thread
230516 Bryan Lee O’Malley, the creator of the Scott Pilgrim series, was at Yoongi’s D-Day tour Thread
230519 102.7KIISFM: JVKE working with Jimin from BTS Thread


Type Date Thread
Spotify 230515 Spotify Charts: BTS drop The Planet, the theme song for Korean series “Bastions,” and debut in the Global Top 3 💜
Melon 230516 Melon: BTS' Diamond Club trophy (for >10 Billion streams on Melon)
Albums 230517 BTS’ "Butter" has now sold over 4.5 million units in the US.
iTunes 230518 “Angel Pt. 1” debuts at #1 on the Worldwide iTunes Song Chart
iTunes 230519 “Angel Pt. 1” has reached. #1 on iTunes US Chart
Spotify 230519 “My Universe" has now surpassed 1 billion streams on Spotify.
Spotify 230519 “Angel Pt. 1” debuts at #23 on Spotify Global Chart with 2,602,189 filtered streams
Spotify 230520 “Trivia: Seesaw” has surpassed 200 million streams on Spotify!
Spotify 230520 “Angel Pt. 1” reaches a new peak of #9 (+14) on Spotify Global Chart with 4,080,652 filtered streams!
Spotify 230521 Jimin breaks the record for the Biggest streaming year by K-Pop soloist in Spotify (759M)!
Billboard 230521 BTS's "The Planet" debuts inside the Top10 of the Billboard Japan Hot Animation Chart at #10!!This marks BTS' first career entry on this chart!
Pollstar 230521 SUGA debuted at #6 in Pollstar's LIVE75 chart for worldwide active tours
Spotify 230522 Jimin's “FACE” has surpassed 500 million streams on Spotify
Melon 230522 “VIBE (feat. Jimin of BTS)” has surpassed 2 million unique listeners on Melon
Melon 230522 “DNA” has surpassed 6 million unique listeners on Melon, their 3rd song to achieve this! (Spring Day, Boy With Luv, DNA)
iTunes 230522 Angel Pt. 1 has achieved #1's in +100 countries on iTunes!


Date Thread
230515 BT21 on Instagram:(◕ ♡ ◕) don‘t you miss me...? set me as your wallpaper!
230515 You miss MANG, don’t you?💞
230516 230516 BT21 on TikTok
230517 BT21 on Instagram: BT21 BABY Activewear style 😎 BT21 BABY Sports club Costume Plush & Closet
230519 BT21 - What a perfect weekend plan, KOYA! 😎
230521 LINE FRIENDS US on Instagram: It’s #Gemini season ♊ Tag your clever Gemini friends below!
230522 LINE FRIENDS US: on Instagram: Did your heart just melt too? 😍 These soft and fluffy babies surely brighten the day! 💕 BT21 BABY Bean Dolls ✨


Date Thread
230515 Korea JoongAng Daily: BTS in the sand (feat. sand artwork BTS at Haeundae Beach in Busan for the 2023 Haeundae Sand Festival)
230518 Jimin is named dropped in the lyrics of “The End of the Road Begins (Intro)” by Kai Cenat. The song is featured on the Fast X OST.
230518 BTS’ Telepathy is featured in the new Netflix series, XO Kitty
230520 7FATES: CHAKHO - Episode 52 (Series Finale)
230522 Bangtan Scholars on Instagram: 𝗕𝗧𝗦: 𝗔 𝗚𝗹𝗼𝗯𝗮𝗹 𝗜𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗱𝗶𝘀𝗰𝗶𝗽𝗹𝗶𝗻𝗮𝗿𝘆 𝗖𝗼𝗻𝗳𝗲𝗿𝗲𝗻𝗰𝗲 𝟮𝟬𝟮𝟯 📚


Community Posts


Agust D Tour

Upvotes Submitter Thread
251 Next_Grapefruit_3206 So now that the US-leg of the tour is over…
131 neonaverse ARMYs who met BTS (not during a concert), what were they like in person?
79 tanzania_307 Need words of comfort from fellow ARMY!
51 favorite5TARs Fan-made AGUST D / SUGA clothing?
35 Aggravating-Card8747 Any Seattle ARMYs going to the Agust D concert film?


Upvotes Submitter Thread
93 annalinguine What do you hope BTS group promotions are like in the future?
89 OohMyPingPingPong What’s a better way to say you’re OT7?
76 amala83 What would you like to see in Beyond the Story: 10-Year Record of BTS?


Upvotes Submitter Thread
129 RedValkyrie1984 New Army
108 Similar-Judgment4188 who are your favourite artists aside from BTS?
100 slowdownbeast What are your go-to BTS songs when you're hit with a wave of loneliness.
88 Unlikely_Holiday4504 Which era did you become an ARMY and favorite comeback moment?
79 mysuneater What are your favorite lyrics from BTS' Chapter 2?



Here are past week's top 5 fanart posts from our sister subreddit, /heungtan.
Submitter Art
CrochetCollection Suga in FG Shirt Crochet Doll ✨
Organic-Ground-2887 D-Day Concert Nails!
seesawyoongles finally got around to designing an enamel pin for haegeum!
ChibisaurX Made my own guitar pick shirt & sharing the SVGs I made!
CrochetCollection guess daechwita yoongi is still bitter about it...
Check out the top posts for the week here!
If there's anything missed or needs changing, feel free to let me know! :)
Edit: fixed links not working on reddit mobile app
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2023.05.22 21:05 lily-malek [WIP] Rollercoaster fun ☺️🎢

[WIP] Rollercoaster fun ☺️🎢
another little self made snoopy and woodstock pattern! i really love making these, they turn out so cute! just have the background and outline to go ☺️ also, in the original image there’s a little white heart on the front of the roller coaster, but instead of cross stitching it, i’m going to find a white heart button to sew on!
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2023.05.22 15:38 subredditsummarybot Your weekly /r/ApexLegends recap for the week of May 15 - May 21

Monday, May 15 - Sunday, May 21


score comments title & link
8 6 comments EA is hiring a Live Games Community Manager. Remote job, based out of Vancouver Canada. One of you step up.
2 0 comments The Apex gods are watching over us
1 2 comments Blue nessie
0 0 comments Apex Festival is back this weekend
0 5 comments PSA for Octanes


score comments title & link
1,258 507 comments To the people who said placement is the only thing that should matter in ranked, you asked for this. Everyone hiding outside the zone and not playing the game basically.
956 334 comments Who’s the better movement legend? (Tactical abilities only)
932 138 comments Ranked has its concerns but let's at least stop spamming the wrong data.
707 218 comments Hot take, something really needs to be done about all these tap strafe macros
509 496 comments Ranked ratting IS a problem.


score comments title & link
5,644 241 comments With Fuse and the charge rifle you can kill players before they leave the drop ship
3,907 177 comments When the ratspot is already occupied.
3,626 447 comments Is this really how people are climbing to masters this season smh
3,406 74 comments Today I learned...
3,192 208 comments I probably got reported for this lucky spray


score comments title & link
1,527 56 comments Best birthday cake ever, turning 17
1,491 60 comments I love the revive buff for Mirage.
770 168 comments I designed Vantage Skins. Can we get this girl some cute skins in the game please?
468 12 comments Newcastle W
391 28 comments [OC] Bangalore Prestige 4K Wallpaper


score comments title & link
246 34 comments You can steal enemies teams crafted banners to prevent them from grabbing it, and wasting their resource. Could be by design, or maybe a glitch.
72 11 comments Easy way to get teammate banner with rev ult and evac tower. btw, 1 hp evac tower and 10 HP health
21 13 comments Battle pass level calendar for 17th season "Arsenal". I am not the master or creatin' pictures but here you are
20 17 comments Don't be fooled by incomplete or misleading data
17 2 comments When guns level up in Control, it automatically reloads them. Feels dirty mid-fight.


score comments title & link
6,766 177 comments How to destroy crypto drone - EASY
5,354 100 comments When The Rat Fights Back 🐀
4,535 196 comments no wonder he was all alone
4,290 88 comments ofc Loba stole the show like the thief she is
1,646 121 comments Harvesting the Legend tree

Other Posts

score comments title & link
3,158 114 comments [Gameplay] With all the people leaving their team mates and ratting recently, Here is a clip from season 1.
2,957 145 comments [Feedback] Please let me ping with the cursor whatever respawn beacon I want, not only the closest one
2,902 225 comments [Gameplay] This dude landed here from the drop ship… taking ratting to a whole new level
2,690 264 comments [Gameplay] Ballistic’s ult is insane
2,338 472 comments [Feedback] Silver 2 and nonstop playing against preds and masters. I love it here......
1,818 71 comments [Bug] Visual bug when Wraith finisher gets interupted.
1,588 63 comments [Bug] Revved up R99
1,535 122 comments [Bug] This angers me
1,373 56 comments [Humor] The pt saved my life because it closed to early
1,350 49 comments [Gameplay] Got tired of being stomped during the S16 playtest, so I decided to have some fun with the Wraith buff!

Top Comments

score comment
2,421 FineBroccoli5 said Crypto was down bad lmao
1,712 NeoXepher said Yeah right now, ballistic has that melee glitch. It’s an old glitch that’s back Edit: that player knew what they were doing, luring unsuspecting victims..
1,666 johnreece209 said I would be furious
1,438 Danielarcher30 said Id be willing to bet the peak in rookie 4 is people basically doing their placement games and getting fucked by the system, so just stopping playing ranked. I literally won 2 placement matches and cam...
1,349 _ScotchOnRocks_ said Well, now I know where to look.

Awarded Comments

awards score comment
1 Gold 6 budtheman_ said Old Gen X1 here. You’re not alone. I’m experiencing the exact same thing all the time. Just yesterday in 3 games, i got stuck on the crafter (replicator) 3 times. Not to mention the wild game...
1 Silver 20 DaddyThano said That punch and falling animation was so satisfying
1 Take My Energy 64 superslime988 said #S P E E N
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2023.05.22 15:24 WeathersRabbits Pochacco Discussion! Fan Hangout!

Ok, after a few days of just enjoying all the characters, I had one that keeps sticking out above the rest, and it's Pachacco! I did not expect that, but the fact he's chubby but also athletic really appeals to me... a chubby but athletic person, lol! I also love how he topples over sometimes, indicating that while he's athletic, he's also a bit clumsy, which is adorable and relatable. Also Ice-cream! I like the color schemes, too as he's often shown in blue and greens even though... I think his original shirt is red? At first I kinda dismissed him as a Snoopy knock-off but I feel bad for that now considering how dynamic he seems to be!
I've been trolling for merch and sad since there needs to be more variety. I'm very anxious about chemicals in cloth so I want a large Pachacco plush but I haven't been able to find an official one yet that's on the bigger side. I also really really want some figures or something that show him with bandaids or bandages! I think that rough and tumble side is so cute.
Any other fans of him here? Do you have merch? Can you show it off? :D What's your favorite thing about him and why did you start to like him?
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