Chevrolet malibu tank size

[SELL] [US] VEUC Size 8 Align Tank w Thin Straps in Delicate Mint. $35 shipped!

2023.05.30 06:01 the8waffles [SELL] [US] VEUC Size 8 Align Tank w Thin Straps in Delicate Mint. $35 shipped!

[SELL] [US] VEUC Size 8 Align Tank w Thin Straps in Delicate Mint. $35 shipped!
Barely worn. Venmo or Paypal g&s (buyer responsible for fees). Ships next day!
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2023.05.30 06:01 LuvSicEnthusiast Dog brought a baby mystery animal to our door. Maybe a bunny?

Dog brought a baby mystery animal to our door. Maybe a bunny?
I think it might be a rabbit, it has a stubby tail and it is about chipmunk sized.
I searched my yard for a nest of some kind but I have no idea where my dog found it. There's no wounds on it that I can see.
I have it in a reptile tank with towels and a heating pad underneath. There is a wildlife center I can call in the morning that can hopefully take over.
Until then, it is midnight and everything is closed in my area. Is there anything I can do to help this critter survive? Can anyone ID it?
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2023.05.30 05:52 JCFalkenberglll In 1942, Second Lieutenant Adrien Conus, a civil engineer, mounted a French 75 mm model 1897 on the chassis of a Ford or Chevrolet truck. This material called "Conus gun" turns out to be rather successful and offers a mobile anti-tank means to FFL units. It equips two platoons of the FFL.

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2023.05.30 05:35 SummitEstate Financing Real Estate expansion + conversion to health care inpatient (if not with SBA 504)

Current business. - One of the best addiction treatment centers in CA. Best in the Silicon Valley (we have several decent competitors in Marin County and then the rest of the competiton is in Malibu)
Small. High End. 6 bed residential/inpatient + 30 seat outpatient. ~30 fte employees/contractors. 6m/y rev.
INITIAL PROBLEM: Vast majority (95%) of people calling us we can not service at our current pricepoint/location and we refer out. Even rather decent insurance policies. Insurance wise - Out of Network. We primariy can only accept PPO policies from people working for Big Tech.
SOLUTION: Open quite a bit larger, cheaper to run per bed, facility while providing great clincal care. ~30-40 bed. This been on my plate for a while. So in preparation I secured decent in-network contracts to fill the beds once it opens. This would at worst 3x revenue.
COMPETITION: Larger facilities, even in the immediate area in the exist. I humbly believe that we can run circles around them as far as good clinical services and still make money. I have spoken to several owners. My idea of quality that people in recovery deserve is a level or two higher.
Paths to getting a 30 bed going
1) Buy an apartment building and convert it. ~4-6 m if in San Jose area. - Hard to get SBA loan (they dont like RE) to do this as a conversion requires conditional use permit. Plus I would prefer it to be "nicer" than your run of the mill apt with 11-15 units, even nicely converted.
2) Buy a motel/hotel and convert it. SBA allows around 5m, but one of the hotels that I like is around 7m. Another around 9m.
Last I spoke with SBA lender they were more interested in me finding an already running "larger addiction treatment center" to take over. But for me the "treatment center" part is nearly irrelevant. Most sell without RE.
What are some creative ways to look for this financing that is larger in size than SBA 504?
Thank you
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2023.05.30 05:10 KatTheFelinoid Can toppers replace large tank size?

If you had a 20-gallon tank and you put a fitting topper on it would that be OK or would you need a 40-gallon tank? I see people talking about toppers and I was wondering if they work as size replacements or if they’re meant to be add-ons to already large tanks.
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2023.05.30 05:01 HeyZuesTaco Need second opinion

I am upgrading from a 75g tank running a canister to a 136g with 60g sump. Long story short had to move hoping to make the transition slightly easier upgrade the tank and have it ready for the transfer… I am going firm hardwood basement to carpeted. All my past tanks I have built a custom stand usually overkill for weight and size. The new tanks a waterbox 190.5 peninsula comes with the stand. I want to put some plywood down to save the carpet from any spills from maintenance. Will a 1/2” thick piece of plywood be enough or do I need to go thicker. Worried about weight distribution. Plywood will be sanded stained and trimmed to compensate for tripping and stubbing of toes haha. Worried 1/2” on carpet might not hold the weight and crack or split. Opinions or experiences?
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2023.05.30 04:47 DryConcentrate7127 Sand Point Well Questions

Hello everyone, I am going to be installing a 2" sand well point and have some questions I am hoping you all can help answer. Before I go into the questions this well point is going to be used for watering our garden with wobbler sprinklers, along with a potential future lawn irrigation system for 3/4-1 acre My questions are as follows.
  1. I am going to be renting a electric jackhammer to drive the 2" pipe into the ground. That being said I know you're supposed to use drive couplings, however I saw someone made a comment somewhere on the forums saying to remove the drive couplings once installed and that confused me....Can't I just use drive couplings for each section of pipe and leave it in there?
  2. I was planning on using teflon tape for each connection. Should I also be using pipe dope for each section of pipe as added protection?
  3. I am looking to irrigate the garden and potentially a future lawn sprinkler system for 1 acre. I know the size of the pump is going to be contingent upon the flow of water, and I don't want the pump to outrun the flow of water but I am thinking of going with a 1HP pump from Harbor Freight and a 14 gallon pressure tank. I am going to have to reduce the pipe from 2" to the 1 1/4" inlet but I am hoping this is correctly sized.
  4. If I go with this 1HP Harbor Freight Pump will I have to upgrade to a 20 amp circuit or larger? I will have an electrician wire this for me, however just looking to understand if there's any caveats I might encounter before trenching a line for the electrical.
  5. Will I regret going with either a Harbor Freight or Pump from Menards, or is there not much a difference quality wise vs other brands found online?
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2023.05.30 04:35 shaunnotthesheep Buying a swim tank binder. Help!
This is the one I'm looking at. Do you have a different one to recommend?
Info: I'm 4'11" and curvy. Very slightly overweight. My weight is in my stomach and hips mostly. Idk my precise bra size but I'd guess 36DD/DDD. I've gained weight since I last wore a bra but I used to be 34DD/DDD.
If you have any questions about my dimensions feel free to ask. I'm broke and can't afford to buy a second one if this one doesn't work. Thanks in advance! Any advice helps!
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2023.05.30 04:21 ootd_mystyle001 45% Amazon Flash Sale For Women's Sexy Jumpsuit

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2023.05.30 04:08 Quirky_Trainer9721 Tank size.

Hello, I am a new ball python owner and have not had any experience with snakes in the past. I did large amounts of research before getting my baby, mainly on different reputable YouTube channels like for example, snake discovery. All of these sources said a full grown ball python can easily and happily live in a 40 gallon for its whole life. (This was before I joined Reddit) I got my ball python and he is still very small, so he is in a temporary 20 gallon until I can afford a larger one. After I got him, a few days after I joined this ball python sub Reddit and very soon found out he needs a 120 gallon. I was very shocked but will of course be getting him one asap because I just want him to be as happy and well cared for as possible. The issue is though, I am younger and do not have any source of income yet and because I went into this thinking I only needed a 40 gallon, I thought it would be manageable. My birthday is in the beginning of august though and my parents offered to buy me the 120 gallon as my gift. (I was planning on getting the 4x2x2 enclosure on the website.) I was very thankful of course since they are quite a bit of money. But of course I need to still wait a few months for my birthday to get the tank. My ball python can fully stretch out in his twenty gallon and he seems to be comfortable. I handle him a few times a week and he is eating great, exploring, pooping like normal, and seems to be content. I am going to try to start dog walking in hopes to get the money sooner than my birthday but if I am unable to, will he be able to wait until then? I don’t want to cause any harm to him and I’m just very worried about the whole situation. My hamster, who is almost three years old has a 75 gallon tank so of course when the time comes, when she passes, I can use that tank. So I do have a plan and he will 100% be getting the 120 gallon and potentially a 75 gallon sooner than that for the time being but I just want to know if it will be okay to wait a few months? Thank you so much, I know this is a lot but I’m very worried and only want the best for him.
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2023.05.30 03:57 thathousehoe Does he have dropsy?

Does he have dropsy?
He’s been lethargic for days. His water tests ideally, someone suggested a couple of days ago that he seemed over fed and constipated, I haven’t fed since (3 days), and am looking to try the boiled pea on him. But I wanted a second opinion. Does his swelling look like it’s front and back? He’s not swimming well and he’s lethargic.
Thanks for any help. He’s in a 6 gallon tank with shrimp, assassin snails, water temp is 80 and water levels test ideally for him. I’m unsure his age. He was full sized when I got him last October.
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2023.05.30 03:54 0rphan_Killer Sick betta fish not getting better

Sick betta fish not getting better
I asked for help with my fish a week ago, and the people on this sub said to just wait and keep water clean. He has gotten a lot worse and I’m not sure what to do. Tank size- 5 gal Heatefilter - yes Tank temp- 77 F Parameters (apa water test kits) Ammonia- 0 ppm Nitrite- 0.25 ppm Nitrate- 0 ppm pH- 7.6 I’ve have the tank for a year or two and the fish for around 6 months to a year. (I’m rly bad with time) Water changes are once a week 25% with a gravel vac I feed either 1-2 betta pellets or a few fluval bug bites flakes every day I have a few fake decorations as seen in the pic and that’s it
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2023.05.30 03:53 Proletlariet Nemesis

Respect Nemesis!

A prototype intelligent bioweapon created by the sinister Umbrella Corporation. Let loose in Racoon City, it was given a single order: hunt down and kill S.T.A.R.S. members, more specifically Jill Valentine. Relentless and nigh-unstoppable, it took nothing short of an experimental, high-powered railgun to take the mutating terror down.
All feats come from the 2020 remake of Resident Evil 3 unless stated otherwise. The "cutscenes" category also includes scripted gameplay.

First Form

Nemesis's initial and most iconic form. He can produce a prehensile tendril from its body, seemingly only one at a time.


Death Animations




Death Animations


Death Animations





Second Form

After taking enough damage, Nemesis mutates into a hulking quadripedal form. After getting his arm taken off by Jill, he grows a large tentacle to take its place.

Strength / Tentacle Arm

Death Animations







Third Form

Nemesis's final form, basically just an enormous blob with weird limbs and a tiny little head. Nemesis only ever enters this form after getting defeated by Jill and left in a chamber that gets flooded with acid. Since there's not really that much for him, I'm not going to bother with splitting it up by gameplay and cutscenes.




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2023.05.30 03:48 Proletlariet Gourry Comment

Sword of Light


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2023.05.30 03:32 _Inkwell Pricing vs future mods

So, like many others, I think the grenadier is a great vehicle with an absurd price for what it is and isn’t. Lots of the additional options are not quite what I’m looking for anyway, and would either do it right myself, or get 3rd party options fitted. I’ve heard about (but can’t find links to) aftermarket modifications that may allow me to simply buy (just about) the base model and mod from there for cheaper and better. Has anyone heard more (with links?) about options I’ve heard mentioned for: * Rocksliders but with steps * A compatible lift kit and modified wheel arch panel mods for 35’s * An alternate roof top like Alu Cab (this would probably impact if I got the safari windows or not) * Modifications for an increased gas tank size or secondary tanks? * Steering stabilizer height modifications for increased under body protection panels (it sits very very low)
I’m sure the clarity on these being possibilities or eventualities effect others decision for preordering as well.
I’ll be looking at an aftermarket front winch for the grenadier (assuming I buy one), aftermarket blind spot detection, and rear view mirror camera system (cause you cannot see out the back of this thing).
Thanks, and appreciate any info or help here. As the vehicle is new, I’m sure a lot of this is “wait and see”, but I’d really like to know the latest rumors or see links on these things.
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2023.05.30 03:24 LeftAd1920 44 gallon stock tank potio pond substrate recommendations

44 gallon stock tank potio pond substrate recommendations
Last year I had a very small patio pond as a first attempt. I DIY'd a small filter system, and intended to fill with white cloud minnows. I cycled with (5) ½" feeder goldfish, and well..... They thrived. I kept them inside over the winter, and am preparing a 44 gallon stock tank for them to live in this summer. I will be using pea gravel, and small river rock as substrate, but I want some plants also. I have some experience with planted tanks, but mostly with beginner plants like Java moss, Java Fern, etc. I tried Brazilian swords in the patio pond last year, and indoors over winter with no luck. Neither grew at all, just froze in time.
I know goldfish are hard on plants, and mine have eaten every bit of java moss, java Fern, red root floaters, and Cardinal plants I have tried. I have 1 crypt that is surviving, and they don't bother. But I don't know if crypt will do ok in my climate with my substrate.
I would really like to have a couple good sized plants as well as some pothos, and other surface plants.
It's my substrate choice ok for rooted plants?
Should I use something else under the pea gravel and river rock?
Are their better plant options for my patio pond?
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2023.05.30 02:56 sunsetblvdbaby Elixir is just perfect 💕

Elixir is just perfect 💕
Define Jacket in Elixir size 14 Invigorate Tank in Elixir size 14 Align 25” in Black Cheetah size 14
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2023.05.30 02:48 NotmyInitials-7 [iso] [US] Power Pivot Tank size 6 or 8. Not picky on colors!

Also open to recommendations on a tank that fits similarly. I’m new to the fitted tank world!
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2023.05.30 02:16 TheKilgortrout [FS] - Greenville, SC - $15+ - Blue Eyed Lemon Bristlenose Pleco L144.

[FS] - Greenville, SC - $15+ - Blue Eyed Lemon Bristlenose Pleco L144.
Local pickup refered but willing to discuss shipping options.
1.5" - 2" size are $15. 2.5" - 25" size are $25.
Tank bred and raised. Zucchini and Hakari Algae and Sinking wafers primary diet.
Dad can be seen in the same shit and the same more of both batches is in the last.
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2023.05.30 01:53 Lynnie- Pleco is Not Growing? New photo of our little guy

Pleco is Not Growing? New photo of our little guy
Sorry if this is not allowed I am new to Reddit posting and don’t know if I can edit posts or even if you can. This is a picture of the top of our guy today
We got our 30gal tank in January it has 2 angelfish, 4 salt and pepper catfish and a few platys. The other fish are growing as expected but our pleco is still the same size when we got him. He likes to hide so I don’t have many pictures but my fiancé and I wanna make sure he is ok. Is it normal for some to stay small?
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2023.05.30 01:42 Genoscyde Collection Purge. Shiro, Hinderer, Malibu, etc...

It's that time again, collection outgrew my cases. WTS/WTT. For trade offers, full size (3.5" ish blade) preferred as much smaller doesn't fit my hands. Paypal G&S.
Will be shipping out Wednesday 5-29-23

Shiro Quantum Gen 2 User - SV 800 - TV 775 - At least second owner, some scratches/wear on blade and handles. I run it a little tighter on the pivot, smidge looser and it falls shut like a dream. Appears to be factory edge. I cannot confirm this, but the previous owner claimed it was the knife Nick Shabazz cleaned up on his channel.

TRM Shadow - TV/SV 300 - At least second owner, no noticeable wear. Appears to be factory edge.

Hinderer Eklipse S45VN Spearpoint - SV/TV 400 - Bought new, detent is a little light for my taste. Currently on bearings. No noticable wear. Black G10 and working finish. I have a hinderer stock orange scale as well I can swap to upon request.

Arkona Buran DLC - SV/TV 300. Bought new from KnifeNuts, amazing action. Like new, just flipped a few times (ok a bunch)

Protech Malibu Wharncliffe Magnacut CCKS Special - SV/TV 300 - bought new, just a little small for me. Carried once, cut some tape. Factory edge.

Toor XT1 Alpha - SV 275 - At least second owner, Catch and release, appears to be factory edge. No issues with it, just not my jam.

Ace Grand - SV 130.00 - Never sharpened, bought new. Scratch on the show side micarta, light user. Nothing wrong with it, just never sees pocket time.

Big Banter - 140.00 - First owner, factory edge. Carried once, no visible wear.

Edit - Added steel to Malibu description
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2023.05.30 01:39 sleepyslugzzz Black Diamond Blasting Sand in axolotl aquariums?

I'm looking into starting a new 50 gallon tank for an axie! I know Black Diamond Blasting Sand is commonly used in fishtanks because it's cheap and attractive. However, I can't find any information on the mm size of each grain, so I don't know if it's safe.
I don't think it is, but want to make sure just in case it is safe and I could be saving myself a bunch of money. Thanks!
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