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2023.05.30 06:37 hmnkah Electric Vehicle (EV) hire car in the highlands

We recently travelled to Scotland on holiday and wanted to do a roadtrip around the highlands. We hired a car at Edinburgh, and were given an EV car (Polestar 2) (they told us that drivers who want to drive an automatic car are all given EVs that day since they ran out of fuel cars to hire out).
We told the person at the hire car company that we’d never driven an EV before, and all they told us was to look at Zap Map for charging locations and the charging cords can be found in the bonnet of the car. They told us it takes around 45mins to charge it up, and charging locations are all over Scotland.
Sounds easy, right?
We soon found out that: 1. To charge the car, since the hire car company didn’t give us a Charge Place Scotland card, every time we wanted to charge our car we would have to enter our credit card details on the Charge Place Scotland website. Often we wouldn’t have any phone reception in the highlands which was a big struggle!! 2. No one explained to us the difference between rapid chargers and the 22kW AC ones… also rapid chargers were hard to find in the highlands, so we had to mostly charge at 22kW chargers which take around 8 hours to fully charge!! 3. There’s a really expensive overstay fee if you leave your car to charge for more than 3-4 hours at a location.
Basically our whole trip ended up revolving around charging this car, where we could leave it to charge for several hours, how much range we had left, etc.
When charging our car near Rannoch Moor, another couple on holiday parked next to us at the charging station. They were also driving a Polestar 2 hire car and facing the same struggles as us :(
Rental companies really need to educate people on this!
I hope this brings awareness to anyone looking to hire an automatic car in Scotland who might face this situation as well.
(Though on a positive note, the car was amazing to drive and cheap to charge, and we want to get an EV as our next car. It’s just not great for road trips in remote places.)
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2023.05.30 06:37 14Ethan14 Need help

My bunny hasn’t been eating today and a moment ago she started kicking a lot on her side and stopped moving except for a few moments here and there she isn’t responding to pets or sounds. There’s no vet within an hour of me. I’m fearing it’s GI stasis and she’s likely going to die soon. Should I put her down?
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2023.05.30 06:36 Soulblade32 It's been a wild ride, but it's finally done.

I finally was able to find a rhythym that worked for me. After manuelly doing slots for probably 50+ hours, I can finally continue with the game.
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2023.05.30 06:36 PostAnne How do I break the cycle?

I (LLF30) can’t seem to get on the same page as my husband (HLM31). Before we had kids, sex was easy. Our first child was a nightmare as a baby, and just when they were out of the “wake up every 20 minutes” phase, we had number 2. Now number 2 has been a dream, but I can’t get out of the funk and it’s been years of sex maybe a couple times a month if we’re lucky. It’s all me, too. I am exhausted being a parent, and completely overwhelmed and anxious all the time and it results in me rejecting my partner so much that he’s nearly completely stopped trying, so most of the time when we do have sex, I’m initiating because he’s sick of being shot down. He’d do it all day every day if he had the choice. How do I fix this? How do I fix me? I want to be the person I was when we first met.
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2023.05.30 06:36 hiwatt84 Is dropshipping alot of work to make consistent profit?

I am a complete novice with no e-commerce experience and want to make money online working from anywhere I want, eventually hoping to do this fulltime.
I found a person who seems extremely successful at dropshipping. He says he has gone from working a day job he hated to having over $150,000 in profits saved in his bank account in just his first year of dropshipping.
He offers a full mentorship for $500 where he builds your first Shopify stores for you, trains you in the method he uses, and guarantees he will continue helping you and answering any questions until you are comfortably making sales and are profitable.
He makes it seem easy, like he just finds products that are already selling a lot and copies the stores, runs ads and rides those waves of profit, rinse and repeat. I think he is mainly finding products and selling on TikTok. He tells me I need about $500 - $1,000 starting capital if I want to make a minimum of $3,000 profit my first month.
Does this sound realistic? Is it a lot of work to make consistent profit, or is it a relatively simple matter of just copying other's success and making it your own like described above? He says he's making well over $10,000 per month profit and works a few hours a day. He says this is attainable for me with his mentoring, which sounds awesome, but almost too good to be true working from home and making that kind of bread without having to ever touch the product.
Looking for honest opinions from experienced dropshippers please. TIA
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2023.05.30 06:36 throwwaawayy777 I’m feeling extra emotional today and trying not to take it out on my Aquarius guy

I am a Virgo sun Cap moon and he is a Aquarius sun Taurus moon
I’ve been dating Cam for a few months now and for some reason, this week has been weird for me. Cam lives about an hour from me so we don’t see each other too often, mostly once a week and then on the weekends. We both work opposite schedules so while I’m clocking out of work, he’s clocking in.
Last weekend he came over after work Saturday night and we had a great night together. We did shrooms together and I feel like we really opened up to each other and just felt closer in general. He stayed until late Sunday evening before going home. He had told me his work schedule for the current week so I knew i wasn’t going to be able to see him. He work every single day and didn’t have a day off until Sunday. That already sucked for me because i knew i wouldn’t see him during the week but I didn’t say anything to him.
The week went by SO slow and by Thursday, i feel like our communication was starting to slow down bc honestly, there’s only so much to talk about over the phone. My roommate was out of town for the weekend so i expressed to him I wanted him to spend the night Saturday as i knew he was off Sunday. He told me possibly and I held onto that. We still talked daily and then Saturday night, he got off way later than usual, almost at midnight and told me that he needed to go help his friend with his mom out in the morning and will just come to my town Sunday. His friends mom is really sick so even though i was disappointed, i didn’t want to sound selfish. I woke up SUPER late on Saturday and he was with his friend majority of day and wasn’t going to free until late. I asked if he was coming to see me and he said he worked at 11:30am so he would come see after work. At this point, I was over it and just stopped talking to him at around 9pm at night. Today, I didn’t reach out to him so he texted me first and i didn’t respond until a few hours later. He didn’t text me back until 9pm saying he just got off work. I asked him how his day was and no response. It’s now midnight and I’m going to bed so I told him goodnight and if he’s coming tomorrow since I know he has the day off. Still haven’t gotten a response.
I have his location so I’m able to see where he’s at. Everything he’s told me he’s doing, is true and he’s only been to his friends house, work and home the entire week. I don’t know what is going on today that he’s not responding to me bc he doesn’t do this and I have a feeling he’s going to go into one of his “disappearing acts” He’s only ever done that once before (was still texting me but very very dry and barely there) and I called him out on it and told him I needed him to assure me we’re okay. His last time had nothing to do with me, it was something he was dealing with and now this is starting to feel like that. I know we’re okay, nothing has happened for me to assume we aren’t but for some reason, I’m so emotional about it. I’ve been waiting to see him since Saturday and this is the longest we’ve gone without seeing each other. He even let us lose our streak on Snapchat and idk why that stung. I also know I’m about to get my period so I’m even more sensitive about his behavior towards me at the moment.
I’m trying really hard not to text him asking him what’s going on but I’m just so emotional about it tonight. Especially when he never goes 3+ hours without texting me back when he’s not at work. Like he always texts me back quick when he’s free. Idk what’s going on and i don’t want to start an argument with him but if he doesn’t see me tomorrow after having the day off, idk what to do or say.
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2023.05.30 06:36 nmtd2019 Accidental Discharge Century Arms Yugo?

So I just had an AD today. Fortunately it discharged into the grass a yard in front of my foot as I was bringing the firearm down and placing the safety on. Very nearly could have taken my foot off if I had AD’d a moment later.
I observed the rifle and wanted to see what the issue was. Turns out when placing the lever on safe it could slide up ever so slightly over the dust cover. As soon as it would do this, the hammer would drop and fire (I pointed the weapon downrange and verified this was the case). Is this a common issue with Yugos? I found a few people that had this happen but others have said it isn’t an issue. This is the first time it has happened to me and I have had this rifle for several years. Is the fix easy? I can do relatively minor weapon work myself but don’t want to spend a lot of money on a repair. I can’t find anything on the century arms website regarding this issue either.
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2023.05.30 06:36 peacefullyminding To Josh,

You made my life hell. It’s been so long. Why do I keep thinking of you.
You tore me apart. You took everything from me. Made me do things when I didn’t want to. Abused me. Hurt me. Blackmailed me. Told me you loved me. You fucking liar.
I loved you. Why did you always have to get what you wanted?
It’s been 3 years and 3 days since I met you. I haven’t even talked to you for a year. I haven’t talked to you for a year and 3 days.
I’m over you, I’ve healed. Why can’t I forget? You’ve made it impossible for me to forget you. Fuck you. How dare you take advantage of me. How dare you get what you wanted all the time. How dare you not care how I feel. How dare you lie to me and tell me you love me. How dare you make me feel that I was going to be killed in my sleep. You’re thousands of miles away from me. You told me you had people in my state who could come and kill me that night if he paid them. You told me I could kill your mom. I love my mom. I love my family. How dare you. How dare you make me send you nudes. How dare you make me do the things I hated most.
YOU TOOK EVERYTHING FROM ME. You made me dedicate all hours that I was awake to spend with you. My parents took it out on me for being on my phone and computer all the time. My brothers were constantly watching me. I had to send you nudes everyday because if I didn’t you would be mad at me. You made me feel that my life wasn’t my own. It was yours. I was just your little pet to play with and manipulate. You tricked me into falling in love with you.
I still feel scared to live. Thinking one day he will kill my family by telling his friends in my state to do it. I constantly live in fear.
Please go away and never look back. Please get out of my head. Please.
I hate you Josh.
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2023.05.30 06:34 DDoubleBlinDD Everyone's a Catgirl! Ch. 216: Magnificent Trio

First Previous Next Volume 1 Volume 2 Patreon
A/N: 4 days left to pre-order Volume 1!
The return trip to Madhyam somehow felt a great deal faster than the initial voyage to Rājadhānī. Tristan chalked it up to a combination of things—Encroachers seemed to stay out of their way, the winds and sands moving in their favor, and everyone received at least one full night’s rest. With so many bodies, it was easier to split the night watch between all of them.
Tristan shared his gigashank with Zahra, and they filled the time with idle chatter. His thoughts were consumed by the immense amount of work that lay before him, not allowing for anything deeper than brief observations and inquiries.
Cailu had asked him to essentially resolve the same issues on San Island that plagued San Francisco; homelessness and orphaned kittens. Battling Encroachers and Defiled were one thing, but resurrecting a broken economy? That was a task that could take years of designing and implementing. Just how long did Cailu want him to stay on San?
When they did reach Madhyam, the group made a point to visit Ishani at Tristan’s suggestion. It was the least he could do for Zahra after all of her help. They were welcomed just as warmly as their first visit with Zahra’s mother.
“Three men in my house! What an honor!” Ishani fussed between them, her eyes glittering with wonder. “Please, allow me to serve you a small meal before you continue on.” She rested her hands over her stomach and performed the traditional bow.
Tristan returned it, and Cailu was nearly in sync with his movements. Tristan cleared his throat to catch Matt’s attention and was glad when he followed suit.
“It would be our pleasure,” Cailu replied. “Your daughter has been a tremendous help.”
Ishani straightened her back and clutched her hands to her chest. “You bless us both. Sands walk with you, sir.”
There was an unspoken rule on Ichi when someone invited you to stay. The guests were meant to relax and let the members of the household do all the work. But even with Zahra’s help, preparing anything for thirteen people would be no easy feat.
“Ishani, if you’d permit me to, I’d love to help you prepare everything.” Tristan smiled. “I know there are a lot of us.”
“Oh! Me, too!” Cannoli said. She’d been far more chipper during their journey back than Tristan had seen her in a long time. He hoped it was a good sign.
Ishani studied them for a time, eyes flickering to the full group as her tail rocked back and forth in thought. At last, she nodded. “Yes, I would be glad to have your assistance.”
“And mine, of course,” Zahra chimed in. “It is still my house after all.”
Ishani swept an arm over Zahra’s shoulders and hugged her daughter close. “Of course, my sweet. This will always be your home.”
They moved to the modest kitchen while the rest of the group made their way outside. Cannoli set to work on passing out drinks and preparing small plates while Ishani gave Tristan and Zahra instructions for cutting and seasoning meats. While they worked, Ishani’s questions began to roll in like the tide.
“We heard of Magni’s death a little over two days after it happened,” Ishani began. “An Ejderha arrived begging for Sanctuary. How did it happen?”
Zahra pursed her lips. “The Ejderha didn’t say?”
“It is best to hear a tale from a tongue you trust,” Ishani replied.
“Cailu challenged Magni to a sanctioned duel and won,” Tristan said. “He left the throne to Naeemah.”
“Then it is true. That is wonderful news!” Ishani stoked the flames at the stove, hooking a large pot over the coal. “And what of Sanrai?”
Tristan looked up from his diced onyans and over at Zahra.
Zahra’s expression softened. “Sanrai returned to the sands, Mother,” she said softly. “She refused to see reason.”
Ishani froze, her hand hovering over a ladle. A string of expressions passed over her face, her eyes searching into an abyss they could not see.
Even after the hell Sanrai had put them through, Tristan’s heart broke for her mother. He couldn’t imagine how receiving news like that felt, and he desperately searched for the right thing to say. Sanrai was powerful, intense, calculating. She’d driven them out of the city not once, but twice, and very nearly killed Ceres.
“Zahra did everything she could to bring her sister home.” Tristan was careful to keep his words even. “You raised two incredible daughters, Ishani.”
Ishani’s lower lip quivered, and a string of tears trickled from the corners of her eyes.
Zahra stepped forward and embraced her mother in a tight hug.
Tristan quietly set the knife down beside the cutting board and stepped into the hallway. He was surprised to find Cannoli on the other side of the threshold, hugging the doorframe and peeking inside.
Cannoli’s cheeks pinked, and she rapidly blinked her bright ruby eyes. “I-I just didn’t want to interrupt anything,” she whispered.
“I know. You’re not the type to eavesdrop.” Tristan grinned.
“Tristan… how do you do that?”
He blinked. “Do what?”
“You always know just what to say to make someone feel better,” Cannoli murmured. She looked into the kitchen and back at him. “Not just to me, but what you said to Ishani about Sanrai was so kind. Even though Sanrai was never nice to us. Not once.”
It was Tristan’s turn to blush. He ran a hand through his hair and crossed his arms, realizing only a second later that it was a gesture he’d picked up from Matt. He sighed and shook his head. “I just try to put myself in their shoes.”
Cannoli cocked her head to the side and touched her chin. “Why would you want to wear their shoes?”
“No, not actually wear their shoes.” Tristan covered a laugh behind his hand. “What I mean is, I think about what I would want to hear in their situation. Like finding you here. You wouldn’t want me to call you a spy, right?”
“No. I would have felt awful if you thought that.”
“Exactly. It’s important to see things from the other person’s perspective, I think. No real magic to it.”
Cannoli rocked on the balls of her feet. “You make it sound so easy.”
“It takes a lot of practice.” He leaned to the side, seeing if he could catch Zahra’s eye.
Zahra locked his gaze and waved him into the kitchen. Ishani dabbed at her eyes with a cloth and inhaled a deep breath.
“Back to work, then?” Tristan asked Cannoli.
“Yes.” She touched his shoulder and flashed him a brilliant smile. “Thank you, Tristan. For the advice.”
“You’re welcome.” He cupped a hand over hers. “Though, a smile like that will make anyone feel better, Cannoli.”
Cannoli giggled and ducked into the kitchen.
“Apologies for my poor manners, Tristan,” Ishani said as he returned.
“Please, you have nothing to apologize for.” He shook his head. “Besides, cutting onyans makes everyone cry, right?”
Ishani laughed, her mood brightened, and they continued to prepare the afternoon meal.
They were able to serve it in good time, and the conversation was light-hearted and cordial. Everyone seemed to be in high spirits and laughed easily. Tristan was happy to enjoy a meal outside of the citadel. The experience was a lot closer to an intimate family gathering rather than the battle strategy style meetings that every meal in Rājadhānī brought with it.
Tristan finished eating before the others and procured his sketchbook from his [Cat Pack]. With the enchanted pen, he sketched a smiling Zahra. Something about her had changed since they first met. She now carried herself with a grace Tristan recognized in Naeemah, and the determined spark in her eyes had changed to one of excitement. She’d succeeded in her mission, and it showed.
Flipping the page, he made one more drawing. A piercing, ruthless gaze. Lips slanted in a dry, knowing smile. Dark tattoos carved into umber skin. Sanrai looked as alive in his sketch as she did in the shadow of the citadel.
As the others readied to leave, he handed the sketches to Ishani. “These are for you.”
Ishani accepted both pieces of parchment, her lips parting in a silent ‘o.’ Eyes wide, she looked at Tristan. “You protected my daughter, and now you grant me such beautiful gifts. Tristan, I have no way of repaying you.”
“You already have, Ishani.” Tristan touched her wrist. “May the wind carry your desires—”
“And the sun warm your back,” she finished for him, clutching the drawings to her chest. “You are truly Saoirse’s gift to this world, child.”
As they departed Madhyam, Tristan let himself believe Ishani’s words, just a little. He knew he’d need them in the coming weeks.

Zahra Pro Tip: Thank you, Tristan, for all you have done for my mother and for me. I will pay your kindness forward.
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2023.05.30 06:34 apple901290 How do I (30F) get my fiance (35M) to do more housework?

I nearly broke up with my fiance a few times because he refuses to do his chores and pick up after himself. I do the majority of the housework even though I go to school and work full-time, while he works full-time and spends the rest of his free time playing games. Out of a list of 10 things, I usually give him 1-2 things to do while I take on the rest. I find this to be fair, but he usually fails to deliver and would complain about how much work it is for him. However, every month or so he will get random bursts of motivation and do everything on his list and more.
After talking with his family and getting insight into his ADHD, it gave me more of an appreciation for how ADHD has contributed to his struggles to do housework. He does take medication and I admit I don't understand how its supposed to make things better. Perhaps I need to educate myself and I want to keep an open mind and find better ways of managing the housework that works for both of us but I'm struggling.
His family mentioned he's struggled with chores for a long time and they eventually just do it for him. I do not want this as I feel he needs to contribute...even if it's just 20%. My fiance keeps saying he'll improve but he never does and I'm starting to get frustrated with the lack of progress. We hired a cleaner that comes once a month which helps, but he makes messes so quickly that the place is trashed within a day. I don't think we can afford more frequent cleaner visits.
Any advice on how I can manage this?
TLDR; Fiance struggles with housework and believes it is due to ADHD. How do I manage this situation and have him contribute to housework meaningfully?
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2023.05.30 06:34 Equal-Thing-9217 Boyfriend (25M) and I (22F) have different values - Can this relationship work?

My boyfriend (24M) and I (22F) recently just got into a big fight, and it kinda just has me questioning everything right now. We have been together officially for about a year now, and have always been long-distance (about 3 hours away), but visit each other pretty often (in my opinion, but probably not often enough in his). For context, he currently works a 9-5 type job, and I’m in nursing school and just in a very busy and demanding time of my life right now. But I will be done with school in the next year, and after that we are planning to get married and move to wherever I have to go for work.
Okay, so here is the big issue. I feel like we have very different values, and this misalignment has always really bothered me, but I have always just kinda ignored that because I love him so much and I really want to be with him. For one, my boyfriend also has a habit of telling jokes that are racist, homophobic, ableist, etc. He claims that he knows that the things that he says are wrong, but he says them because the shock value of the statements, and the reaction they get out of me are funny. But he doesn’t mean it and knows they are wrong. I don’t think this is funny, and often try to explain why what he said is harmful, and then he gets upset that I am lecturing him and that I would actually think he is such a bigot to mean those things. Our recent big fight that came up happened because of a similar situation in which he said some very transphobic things, and then when I brought it up tried to say he was merely playing devils advocate because “It’s entertaining to watch you genuinely argue with me when i’m using all the talking points of someone ignorant.” And he says it’s okay because he’s not actually going out in public and saying these things or doing hateful things to people. I don’t think this is funny at all. He also says he does it because when I’m lecturing him he finally gets some attention and passion out of me. This really bothers me. And when I brought it up, he started saying “okay, I’ll never speak about this again” but that didn’t satisfy me because I’m like, I want you to understand why what you are doing is problematic, not just say that to placate me.
Also, I am the type of person who looks outside of myself and is concerned with matters of community and the wellbeing of others, over myself. He is sort of the opposite, and focuses more on himself and those that matter to him (including me). But he doesn’t understand when I do or say things in which I put public interest over my needs or desires. For example, when I was insisting to wear masks and social distance even though it was often inconvenient, restricted us from doing things we wanted to do, he didn’t understand that and thought we should be able to do what we want because we are young and healthy (and protecting those who aren’t and would suffer most from COVID-19 should not be our burden to bear). On the other hand, I consider doing things like that and caring about other people a natural way that we should live life.
Now, I will admit, I definitely said somethings in this whole argument process that we’re in very poor form and hurtful. For example, I made a comment about how I wish I could find someone who I could be on the same page with and share values with. And I made some kinda ominous statements along the lines of “I just don’t know how this relationship will work” or “I don’t know if we’re a good fit for each other.” He says it’s hurtful for me to make statements that suggest that I don’t believe in our relationship (which I understand). I’m not saying those things to be hurtful, but I see how that is in poor form.
Oh Also, he really wants to have kids, while I don’t. I have told him that I will not be changing my mind about that, and he says that he is fine and will accept not having kids. However, I am worried that this is eventually going to become a problem and he will resent me for it.
Now, I will admit, I am nowhere close to the perfect girlfriend, and there are also a variety of ways in which I am struggling to be a good girlfriend for him right now. I am really busy and often can’t give him the attention he needs. Also, I don’t engage with him enough sexually when we are apart. He’s really into sexting, sharing nudes, swapping porn, etc. And although I used to try really hard to reciprocate there, it just isn’t something that I’m that much into, and sometimes it’s kind of inconvenient, especially with how busy I am, and so I don’t do it frequently enough for him. I love having sex, and our sex is amazing, I’m just not that into the virtual stuff or porn. I know this is hard for him because he has a really high sex drive and doesn’t get to have sex often enough for his needs because we’re apart, and I know I need to do better. Also, he’s really bothered by the fact that I don’t try to plan or decide what activities we will do when we see each other. I usually just let him decide what we will do (largely because I’m just really a flexible person and willing to do anything he would enjoy, whereas it wouldn’t be as easy for him to adapt to doing the things I like - which are honestly few because most of the time I’m cool just cuddling and watching a movie). But to him it feels like I’m putting in really low effort and not contributing to the relationship. He’s talked to me about these things many times, and I admit that I am failing to do better with them.
I really just don’t know how to feel, and I would appreciate any other perspectives. Sorry this is so long!
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2023.05.30 06:34 HatNo6758 How important is fit in supervision?

I recently transitioned to a non-clinical full-time social work role but will be completing my hours for clinical licensure on the side. I have a lot of my hours done already, if that matters.
I’ve been offered the opportunity through an acquaintance to work under their supervision and would get paid approximately double the going rate for associate-level licensees in my area. For a lot of reasons it would be very convenient to have this person as my supervisor.
What gives me pause is that she has a very different orientation and approach to clients and counseling than I do. I practice through a humanistic, social-justice, feminist lens and her approach seems to be almost exactly the opposite of that. She also has very little experience or interest in my areas of interest. If I’m completely honest, if I proceeded it would be with the understanding that I’m probably going to disagree with the majority of what she tells me. I also know enough about her to know that supervision would likely involve a lot of direct advice giving, whereas the supervision I’ve had so far has mostly involved my supervisor helping me with my own thought processes to come to my own conclusions. I would definitely want to seek outside supervision or consultation with someone more aligned with my approach and experienced in my areas of interest. But, I could do that as my budget and schedule allowed. I’m also really into trainings and reading, so I do feel like I would have plenty of opportunities for learning.
Would it be a bad choice to move forward when I already know this? Would it be dishonest on my part to agree to be a supervisee of someone whose advice I would be unlikely to value? I’m also wondering if being associated with them could somehow damage the reputation I want to build for myself. Not that there’s anything glaringly wrong or unethical with the way they practice, it’s just different from what I’m aspiring to. They aren’t someone I would be likely to refer people to, I’ll say that.
I’m leaning towards not proceeding, but I wonder if I’m overthinking. A lot of people don’t really get to pick their supervisors, right ? Thoughts?
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2023.05.30 06:34 getnBackUpAgain Cant get back to routine

I have recently been faced with a huge failure and am.sort of devastated. It hit me much harder than I amticipated. I have been lying in bed 15 16 hours for the past few days , which made me afraid I might fall into depression. The loss was so bad that I am hesitating to meet any people too. I am working on that front from the past 2 3 days, trying to indulge in one activity or other like chores abd games and things, but the main problem is, I fell off the diet and exercise wagon. I havent been on a good or controlled diet for the past 10-12 days, havent exercised or taken a walk once.. I am slowly starting to internally panic when this thought hits me. I am on medication but now that I am overeating and sedentary, it would not be enough. I previously(may 5th 2023) achieved my target of 4.9 HbA1C levels but I am sure thats now ruined. I need help getting back on track. Please help my dear fellow redditors
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2023.05.30 06:34 SQRTLURFACE D4 Tips and tricks to save you some time![Spoiler]

Hey folks, talked about making this post several times over the last 7 months on various subs and discords. The time feels right to go ahead and post it for everyone since a lot of content creators weren't talking about them or mentioning them either intentionally because of the various races to 100, or because it might have broken their NDA's. I feel like everyone should know about them ahead of time, especially for those of you that intend to race for the first 1,000 HC100's, but they will absolutely help the average or even casual players along their journey as well. If someone is compiling a super-list or post with the consolidation of all tips, tricks, FAQs etc, feel free to steal from this post in your creation!
(Disclaimer, It should go without saying that all of this is subject to change at any time, including my mere posting of it, so take it with a grain of salt as you explore Sanctuary. Added a spoiler tag just in case. Cross-posting for full diablo fan visibility, shun me if not allowed)
If I think of anymore that are relatively unique or haven't been mentioned enough I'll add to them so long as I have the character limit, feel free to add your own the comments as well.
(admittedly I am quite distracted and busy heading into launch but I'll try my best).
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2023.05.30 06:34 MonstersOnTheHill I am late 30s, live outside NYC, and have a HHI of $400k+. I work full time, have two kids, and am a grad student

Section One: Assets and Debt
Retirement Balance: $460K (mine) and $250K (husband’s). We both max out our annual withholdings. I’ve been working longer than him, and my employer offers a more generous match, which contributed significantly to my balance.
Equity: $275K. Our home is currently worth about $450K. We live in a M-HCOL area (far) outside of NYC, and our home was a fixer upper when we bought it. Honestly, it’s still a fixer, and we are saving towards a major renovation.
Cars: Maybe $15-$20k total…we drive two paid off cars. One is 13 years old, and the other is 10 years old.
Other Cash and Investments: $150K
Credit card debt: None, paid every month
Student loan debt (for what degree): $80K towards the grad degree I’m pursuing now. Since we’re saving towards the home reno, I’m financing my degree rather than paying for it outright. I know this is counterintuitive given the interest rate environment. However, home reno is a critical priority for us.
Daughters’ 529s: $75K
Section Two: Income
Income Progression: I've been working in my field for 13 years and my starting salary was $40,000.
I work as a Director of Financial Planning & Analysis in a niche field. I won’t go into too many details because it’s a small world. My salary progression was as follows:
Year 1: $40,000 starting, right after recession. I had an amazing boss who mentored me and recognized my potential. After six months, I received a promotion and raise to $60,000.
Year 3: Promotion and raise to $90,000, for a role with more financial and analytical responsibility. Although I worked hard, I continued to benefit from having a boss who advocated for me. I consider this a major turning point.
Year 8: Raise to $120,000 for additional responsibilities after a coworker retired.
Year 10: Raise to $135,000
I’ve received an average of 2.5% COLA increases and now earn $145K. My boss has requested a $10,000 bonus for me this year, which I haven’t yet included because it’s still under review.
My husband earns $260,000 base salary as a VP of a large corporation (this is a very recent raise…he was at $200K previously). In addition, he can receive a performance-based bonus of 20-30%. We don’t include his bonuses in our financial planning because they are not guaranteed and because a portion is RSUs. When he receives a cash bonus, we put it towards our daughter’s college accounts and/or our home reno fund.
Education: I have a bachelors and a masters in a field unrelated to my career. My tuition was paid by scholarships/assistantships. In addition, my parents covered my living expenses during undergrad. During my first graduate degree, I worked 3 part-time jobs to cover my non-tuition expenses. I’m now enrolled in a grad program more directly related to my career. My employer encouraged me to do this program and generously allows me the time out of office. In addition, if I stay for a certain number of years, they will reimburse a portion of my tuition.
Main Job Monthly Take Home:
Monthly take home: $6,300 after taxes, retirement ($1,875) and medical/dental benefits ($110– self only)
Husband’s monthly take home: $12,560 after taxes, retirement ($1,875), and medical/dental ($400 for him and our two kids)
Section Three: Expenses
Mortgage: $2,485 for principal, interest, insurance, and taxes. We refinanced to a 15-year loan at 2.3% when rates were low
Daycare: $3,510 per month (full-time for a toddler and preschooler)
Savings contribution: $3,000-$5,000
Daughters’ 529 accounts: $2,000 ($1,000 each)
Debt payments: $700 towards my student loans. This will increase once I’m done with my degree
Donations: $3,000 annually
Transit $350-400 for husband’s commute (3x/week to NYC)
Electric: $60
Wifi/Cable/Landline: $120
Cellphone: $180
Subscriptions: $59 for Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Duolingo, Apple Storage, and credit monitoring
Gym membership: $149 for Pure Barre
Husband’s physical therapy: $130 (portion not covered by insurance)
Car insurance: $3,200 annually. (This seems high, considering we have good records, don’t drive much, and both cars are paid off. I need to look into this)
Life Insurance: $3,100 annually
Day 1 (Saturday):
6:00 AM: Wake up. I’m doing a modular course for my graduate degree, and the class wraps up today. I study for the exam that happens this afternoon. A little after 7, I walk to a nearby coffee shop and buy a large Americano for $4.50 including tip. When I’m back at the hotel, I pack up my room since I fly home tonight. I leave a $20 tip for the housekeeping staff and scribble a thank you note on some scratch paper. On the way out, I drop my bags at the bell stand. The hotel cost is covered by tuition.
9:00: Meet with my study team to finalize a paper and presentation that’s due today. At noon, we break for lunch (also covered by tuition). I have a salad and lots of carbonated caffeine. After lunch, we have an hour-long final exam.
2:00: Final course wrap up. It’s been an intense week-long session. I learned a lot, but am so ready to head home. I walk back to the hotel to retrieve my bags. Along the way, I stop to buy an empanada ($8 including tip). Then I call an Uber to the airport ($55 including tip). While in the Uber, I talk to my husband and daughters, who are 1.5 and almost 4. Due to the time difference, it’s their bedtime and if I don’t catch them now, I’ll lose my chance. I promise them that I’ll be home when they wake up in the morning. A lot of my classmates went to dinner together before heading to the airport. On the one hand, I have FOMO because my classmates are awesome. But on the other hand, it was really important to me to talk to my family, and I know I couldn’t have done that easily in a bustling restaurant (i’ve tried, and it was a frustrating experience for everyone!).
6:00: Arrive at the airport. I check my bag ($35). Once I’m through security, I pick up some souvenirs. My hotel wasn’t in an area with good shopping options, and the class days were pretty packed anyway. I get locally made chocolate for my husband. The girls get a small stuffed animal each, and a book to share ($70 total). Then I treat myself to crab cakes and a French 75 to celebrate the end of the week ($60 including tip).
10:00: On the flight, I read until the cabin lights go out and then try to sleep. I used to be able to sleep better on red eyes, but I wake up every 15 minutes.
Day 1 Total: $252.50

Day 2 (Sunday):
6:00: Flight lands and I gather my bags and take the parking shuttle. Although I parked in an economy lot, the total was still $174. Ugh – this has been an expensive week.
7:45: Arrive home. The girls crawled into our bed and are snuggled up next to my husband. The toddler wakes up as I come into the room and the look on her face when she sees me is indescribably gratifying. Our preschooler wakes up soon after. It’s so good to be reunited with my people! We all head downstairs and have breakfast (waffles and cereal, plus a huge pot of coffee). It’s cold and rainy today and we spend the morning watching TV together.
10:00: Our toddler falls asleep for her nap, and my husband encourages me to do the same. Our preschooler is happily entertaining herself with Legos and puzzles, so I doze for a couple hours. Around 1:00, we all have turkey sandwiches for lunch. Then, I take over kid duty so my husband can finally have some time to himself. He spends the afternoon woodworking in his basement workshop.
2:00: Our preschooler’s birthday is coming up. I buy digital invites from Etsy ($12) and send them to Staples to print ($16 with a promo). They are ready in about 2 hours and we pick them up. My preschooler asks for kinetic sand at Staples and I cave in and buy it for her ($11). I constantly complain about the amount of “stuff” in our house, but to be honest, I’m guilty of contributing to the clutter. When we get home, I spend the afternoon doing crafts with the girls.
5:15: We heat up some leftovers that my inLlaws dropped off while I was gone. We do the girls’ bedtime routine a little early since everyone seems tired. Lights out by 8:00 for the girls. Then I catch up on work email and start making a list for the week. For the purposes of this money diary, my husband mentions that he spent $270 yesterday on groceries. Then I watch Succession and head to bed
Day 2 Total: $387

Day 3 (Monday):
5:08: My alarm goes off because I typically go to Pure Barre on Monday morning. I’m still jetlagged so I decide not to go today. I hadn’t actually signed up for a class because I had a feeling this would happen.
6:30: Everyone else is still asleep, so I go downstairs to make coffee and enjoy a few quiet moments to myself. When my husband and kids wake up, we all have breakfast (frozen waffles and berries for the kids. English muffins for the adults).
8:30: Drop the kids off at daycare and then get to work. I work primarily from home, so I just have to walk upstairs to my office nook. I spend the morning prepping for an important meeting tomorrow with senior leadership. I get a reminder on our phone that our toddler has a well-child visit today…usually I sync my calendars, but I totally neglected to log this on my work calendar, and it conflicts with a meeting with our chief of staff. CRAP. I debate canceling the doctor’s appointment, but decide to keep it. Our toddler is getting vaccines today and if I don’t keep the appointment, I’m not sure when I can reschedule. I apologize profusely to our COS and ask if we can reschedule. She says not to worry, and that she appreciates the extra time in her schedule…hopefully I didn’t make a bad judgment call.
1:15: I quickly eat a turkey sandwich for lunch and then pick up our toddler from daycare for her appointment. These well visits usually take 30 minutes and are covered by insurance. As luck would have it, we spend 90 minutes waiting because they are running behind. Luckily, I have snacks and activities in my purse to occupy her. To pass the time, I browse for favors and paper goods for our older daughter’s upcoming party. I end up buying paper goods, decor, and favors ($67 from Target) and iced sugar cookies ($240 from Etsy). As I type this, I realize how bananas it is to spend that much on decorated sugar cookies. Our incomes have increased pretty dramatically in the past few years, and although we haven’t increased our fixed expenses, we’ve definitely succumbed to lifestyle inflation for one-off things like this. It’s something I need to be aware of. I’m finally home around 3:30, just in time for my next call. My husband is WFH today and takes over kid duty during this call.
5:15: It’s time to pick up our older daughter from preschool, but my call is running long so my husband picks her up. For dinner, we make salads topped with roast chicken. The toddler loves salad, but our preschooler proclaims “I don’t like green leaves – I’m not a caterpillar!”. Well, okay then.
8:30: We do the girls’ bedtime routine, and then I continue prepping for tomorrow’s meeting. I wrap up around 1:00 am. While I’m working, husband preps two meals that just need to be reheated sometime later in the week. Good night!
Day 3 Total: $307

Day 4 (Tuesday):
7:30: Kids and I sleep in a bit this morning. My husband left home around 5:45 since he’s going into the office, so the three of us are on our own. For breakfast, the toddler has toast and berries. The preschooler has bran cereal and a frozen waffle. I eat their scraps, washed down with coffee.
9:15: I drop the kids off at daycare a little late this morning. Then I get working and practice the presentation I’m giving at 11:00
12:05: Call is over and I think it went as well as could be expected. I make myself a turkey sandwich for lunch. Then I go to the post office to mail a birth certificate request for our youngest daughter’s passport application. The cost for the birth certificate is $50. I also spend $15 at the post office to mail the envelope and buy stamps. Then it’s back to work.
5:10: Pick the girls up from school. My husband gets home around 6:45. Dinner tonight is a tofu and broccoli stir fry with rice. I don’t cook much, but I make this meal weekly and it’s everyone’s favorite. The secret is that I use soy sauce that is seasoned for seafood. I can’t explain what’s different, but the taste is so much different than standard soy sauce.
7:30: Bathtime and bed for the girls. I text with a mom from daycare whose kids are the same age as ours. We arrange a playdate for an upcoming weekend. I’m hopeful that she and I will develop a friendship – making friends is hard when you’re an adult!
9:10: I debate doing schoolwork or “work work.” Schoolwork wins tonight…I spend about two hours prepping a case study.
Day 4 Total: $65

Day 5 (Wednesday):
5:30: Wake up and start working. I still have a lot of deliverables to catch up on. Husband leaves as usual to commute into the city.
7:00: I get an email and text message that daycare had to close today due to unforeseen circumstances. There was an issue with their plumbing that impacts the whole building. Oh no – I immediately feel a pit in my stomach. I really can’t afford this today, especially because I am out this Friday for another day of class. Although our preschooler is pretty independent, our toddler needs constant supervision. She’s always a moment away from jumping off a couch, climbing on a table, or otherwise causing herself bodily harm. My husband has multiple meetings with his division president today so he can’t realistically come home to help. Argh. I feed us all breakfast and prepare myself for a difficult day. I send my boss an email to let him know the situation, but promise to stay on top of my work after hours as needed. I also log a half day of PTO in the payroll system…I figure I can probably be about 50% productive today.
10:00: Our toddler falls asleep for a nap, so I frantically send out emails and run reports. Our preschooler watches shows on her tablet.
12:15: Toddler is up from her nap. Our poor preschooler has been on her tablet for too long and her eyes are glazed over. I decide to take the girls out for lunch to break up the day. We go to Jersey Mikes since it’s nearby and fast. The girls each have a kids meal and the toddler is delighted that it includes a kids cup. I have an Italian sub ($29). We eat outside and the preschooler hums and loudly proclaims "I love Jersey Mike's!"
1:30: We get back home and I jump on an internal call. Thankfully the girls are well behaved and don’t cause any disruptions, beyond waving hello at the start of the call.
3:00 I have another call and the girls are again on their best behavior. PTL. Maybe I’m just lucky, or maybe it’s that I bribed them with cookies.
4:45: I wrap up the workday a little early. I take the girls on a walk since the weather is nice. When we get back inside, they immediately melt down. The toddler wants to be held constantly, which is a challenge because she weighs 24 pounds. The preschooler is thrashing, spitting at me, and throwing toys. I resist a really strong urge to scream or cry or break something or hide in the bathroom – maybe all at once. Instead, I heat up one of the meals my husband made earlier this week. When our preschooler calms down, she asks if I still love her when she’s bad. She’s been asking this question a lot recently, and it makes me wonder if it’s just a phase, or if she needs more reassurance from us. Either way, it's heartbreaking to know she worries about this.
7:30: Husband had a late meeting, so he gets home later than normal. We do the girls bedtime and bathtime routines. We get another note from daycare saying that the plumbing issue is, unfortunately, still unresolved. We’ll get a tuition credit, but they will be closed another day. Husband and I talk through logistics. We agree that he’ll go into the city again tomorrow and I’ll handle the kids. His company is in the middle of a major reorg and it’s important for him to be there in person. We decide to ask his parents if they are available to help tomorrow. Between work, the kids, and my grad program, sometimes I feel like the only thing we talk about is logistics. It’s been at least 6 months since we’ve been on a date.
10:00: I catch up on work, and also prep for school this coming weekend. I go to bed a little after 1:00.
Day 5 Total: $29

Day 6 (Thursday):
5:45: Husband is up and out of the house at his normal time. I wake up and run some financial reports while I have the chance.
7:30: Kids are awake. While they eat breakfast I pack their activity bags and snacks since we’re going to my in-laws today. They are semi-retired and often help when we have childcare hiccups. They are truly a godsend. They live about an hour away and we arrive at their house a little after 10:00. On the way, I fill my car up with gas ($52).
12:30: The girls are having a blast with my in-laws. We take a break for lunch, which is chicken nuggets and hummus for the girls. I eat their scraps and also have some Greek yogurt.
4:15: I have a full afternoon of calls, but it goes smoothly thanks to the grandparents. We leave a few minutes after 5:00 and both girls fall asleep before we reach the first traffic light. This makes for a peaceful drive home. Traffic is heavy so we get home around 6:30. I open the mail, and find a surprise medical bill for $572. This is for the toddler’s trip to the ER…14 months ago! This is the first bill we are getting and honestly it had completely slipped my mind. She had a triple infection and ended up severely dehydrated. Seeing this bill dredges up all sorts of unpleasant memories. I’m grateful we have the means to pay this without issue, and I’m grateful she is healthy. I understand it's a privilege to pay a bill like this without thinking twice.
6:45: Husband arrives home. We reheat a pasta dish he made earlier this week and have a salad on the side. The girls are beat today, so we skip bathtime and let them go straight to bed. Thankfully, daycare can reopen tomorrow. I feel like a weight’s been lifted from my shoulders, especially since I have class tomorrow.
9:00: I have a call with my school study team to work on our group project. It lasts for about an hour.
10:30: Husband and I discuss buying a swing set for our backyard. He’s narrowed it down to two choices, and they’re both awesome: three swings, a rock wall, slide, and clubhouse area. I think they both look great, so I leave the final decision in his hands. The total with shipping and tax ends up being $1760. We considered buying a pre-assembled swing set to save time, but similar models cost nearly $6K. He’s handy, so he said he’d prefer to assemble it himself.
Day 6 Total: $2,384

Day 7 (Friday):
6:15: I have class today so I eat breakfast and get dressed early. I tend to wear a lot of athleisure when working from home. Today I put on a structured ponte dress and hastily apply Tarte makeup to give my skin some color. Every time I make the effort to get dressed, I'm reminded that I really do feel more confident when I look put together. I get to school around 9:00 for my first class.
12:00: Break in my schedule for lunch. I eat a salad and some kind of chicken dish, while catching up with classmates. For dessert, I have a huge bowl of berries. Lots more coffee to keep me awake and engaged during class.
7:00: Classes are over for the day. I pay parking ($17) and am on my way. I get home at 8:30, in time to do bedtime with my girls. Husband made veggie quesadillas with black beans and guac, which I eat once the girls are asleep. I check my work email to make sure nothing is on fire. Then my husband and I watch an episode of “What We Do In the Shadows” and turn in for the night.
Day 7 Total: $17

Food + Drink: $371.50
Fun / Entertainment: $2,106
Home + Health: $572
Clothes + Beauty: $0
Transport: $333
Other: $155
Weekly Total: $3537.5
Reflections: Some of this week’s expenditures were unusual: the swing set, my travel expenses, and that old ER bill are not part of our normal recurring expenses. However, the rest of this week's spending was pretty typical. I realize a lot of this diary revolved around sorting out childcare disruptions…honestly, that takes so much mental and logistical energy on a weekly basis. Writing this diary also made me realize how little time my husband and I spend together. Often we feel like we’re in survival mode, but we need to be more intentional about prioritizing our relationship.
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2023.05.30 06:34 TemporaryHabit3628 I am sick and tired

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2023.05.30 06:33 Creavey27 I’ve been stuck on this for 2 years. Need some tips on how to move forward.

I (21m) fell in love for the first time for my best friend (26w), we were best friends that did so much together for many years. Not to sound dramatic, but the groundwork was there for her and I to really have something special. Ive had plenty of girlfriends and crushes throughout my life, but this one stuck with me in a way none of the others ever did. I eventually caught feelings for her a few years back that weren't reciprocated. That was almost 2 years ago now, we tried for probably all of 2022 to make our friendship work given how much we cared about each other and the friendship we've had all these years. But before the start of the new year, I put all my cards on the table, telling her exactly how I felt (that I was in love with her) and that it was okay she didn't reciprocate. But I couldn't live my life in pain like this anymore nor was it fair to her. She understood.
We haven't spoken since that day
Overall, I'm doing okay. It doesn't consume my life nearly as much as it used to and there are whole days where I barely even think about it. But I just can't fully move forward. It still hurts so bad and I mentally refuse the idea of wanting someone else or finally have that final "release" from my feelings and move on for good.
It's like I would normally have both hands on the wheel in life, but the thought of her and this entire situation feels like it has one hand on the wheel and I have the other. It controls my life and my emotions.
What are some other things I can do to move through this and be happy again?
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2023.05.30 06:33 that_girl_you_fucked New to switch and BOTW and I'm so bad at this game and very frustrated

I have heard wonderful things about this game, and it looks like so much fun, and with Tears of the Kingdom coming out I thought it was a great time to pick up a switch and start on Breath of the Wild.
I'm not an inexperienced gamer. I have a ps4, a PC I built myself, and I've had various systems in the past. I've spent a lot of hours using different kinds of controllers - I'm not a newbie.
And I'm totally, completely flummoxed by the switch. I feel like I have no idea what hands are. I know it can't be that hard - tons and tons of people play these games without issue, but I die constantly for the dumbest reasons. I feel like the game responds like nothing else I've played before. I don't know where the breakdown is for me, but it's bad. I don't even want to play when anyone else is around at this point.
Has anyone else had an issue adapting to the switch from different systems? I'm getting pretty demoralized.
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2023.05.30 06:33 qui-gon-gym501 I’ve found something that actually works for me

Ok, so my HF symptoms began a week after I threw out my back in the gym. I slipped my L4 and L5 disks. My symptoms were mainly HF, occasional LF symptoms. I had steady symptoms for about 6 months and all this time still had serious tightness in my back and pain when bending as well as various re-injuries of my back. I didn’t experience much pain in my perineum only on rare occasions and sometimes after peeing. I still got morning wood (except glans wouldn’t fill) and I could ejaculate but I couldn’t get erect at all under any circumstances. I started taking Cialis daily 2.5 mg and that helped tremendously. Got rid of nearly all my symptoms including the HF mostly it turned into mostly LF symptoms, my erection quality was perfect.
I recently decided to stop taking Cialis and try to focus on recovering my back injury. I went to a very reliable sport’s chiropractor who focuses on getting to the root causes of back injuries. We did a bunch of work and he gave me a couple exercises to do. One of them included using a tennis ball or any ball really to put pressure on the edges of my sacrum to relieve tension and desensitize nerves. Mind you I purposely never told him about my HF stuff I just wanted to see where he arrived with only the info about my back. He quickly found that the muscles surrounding my sacrum were in spasm and were very tight and tender. I did the tennis ball exercise and the others he gave me, and the day after I was completely immobilized due to super sensitive aggravated nerves in my low back. At first I was kinda pissed cause I thought my chiro straight up broke me, but after a day I felt immensely better. I continued with the tennis ball routine laying on the ball and working it around the edges of the triangular sacrum bone on my low back. I did this twice a day and I kid you not for the first time in 6 months I got a full erection with no meds. I feel looser and I think I could’ve found a serious game changer for myself. It’s been a few days and I still have the same improved erection quality.
Now I’m by no means cured I want to make that clear. I still have a few hf symptoms but the ED was by far the most pressing of my issues and that is where I’ve seen the improvement.
Just for context before this I tried pelvic floor therapy, flexibility training, strength training, and breathing techniques, along with dietary changes and perhaps the least helpful of all no fap(I actually think no fap somehow made it worse).
I know many people on here think a back injury caused their HF as I do, so I figured I’d share this new experience. I’m not saying this would work for everyone but maybe there’s something out there so keep looking and trying to tackle it from every angle, that’s what I plan to continue to do.
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2023.05.30 06:32 Decent_Low1688 Delta keep ignoring my complaints/refund requests

Hi all, a few months ago I flew from Sydney to LA on a Delta flight and had a down right terrible experience.
- I flew into Sydney from NZ, and when i arrived i received a notification that my flight had been postponed for 8 hours until 5pm (it happens, i get it. No problem.) - Then a little while later i got another notification saying that I had been automatically rebooked onto the next available flight which was now 26 hours later, despite the fact that my original flight, although delayed, was still going ahead. - I rang up Delta helpline however they said they couldn't do anything and i had to go to the gate to get help. However, because it had been delayed there was no one Delta Representative to help for another 7 hours. -Eventually, when someone did get to the gate, they had no explanation as to why i had been taken off the original delayed flight but that it was a glitch in the system. Despite this, i was told that i had to wait until everyone else had boarded to see if there was room and if i could still take my original flight. If not, then i was told i would;d have to stay and take the next one 26 hours later. -However, i was not offered any sort of compensation or accommodation for the next 26 hours when i couldn't leave the airport in a port that wasn't my own country. -After finally getting onto the flight, i then learnt that my bag that had checked in and gone onto the original flight had now been lost after being taking off the plane, and wasn't found until an hour after landing in LA, still back in Sydney and had to be put on the next flight. - Lastly, my flight was suppose to be a direct, but they added a stop over in Honolulu for 2 hours due to crew problems.
I lodged my first complaint 2 months ago which i never heard back from. I ran up the help number and they told me to lodge a second fcomplaint/form which i did - again no response. Eventually 2 months after,r i rang up and spoke to someone who told me that the most i could get was a $100 credit voucher.
I feel like that definitely isn't enough for the terrible experience i went through and was just curious if anyone had any advice. Maybe I'm overeacting and am not entitled to anything, was just curious to get any sort of opinion/advice about this and what i should do. Thank you!
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2023.05.30 06:32 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Incubator (Program)

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The lessons in Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator will teach you how to:
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- Finding Leads
- Signing Clients
- Getting Paid
- Onboarding Clients
- Managing Client Communication...
...and much, much more!
To get Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator contact me on:
Whatsapp/Telegram: +44 759 388 2116
Reddit DM to u/RequestCourseAccess
Email: silverlakestore[@] (remove the brackets)
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2023.05.30 06:32 AutoModerator Agency Navigator - Iman Gadzhi (Complete Course)

Contact me to get Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator by chatting me on +44 759 388 2116 on Telegram/Whatsapp.
I have Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator.
Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator course is one of the best products on how to start a marketing agency.
Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator includes over 50 hours of step-by-step training covering EVERY aspect of building an agency from scratch. This is almost a plug & play system with enough success stories to back it up! Signing clients, running Facebook ads, building out your team, on-boarding clients, invoicing, sales... this course has everything covered for you.
The topics inside Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator course include:
  1. Agency Navigator course Core Curriculum
  2. Custom E-Learning Platform For Agency Owners
  3. Financial Planner, Revenue Calculator, Outreach Tracker & More Tools
  4. Websites Templates, Funnels, Ads & More
  5. Template Contracts, Sales Scripts, Agreements & More
The lessons in Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator will teach you how to:
- Starting Your Agency
- Finding Leads
- Signing Clients
- Getting Paid
- Onboarding Clients
- Managing Client Communication...
...and much, much more!
To get Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator contact me on:
Whatsapp/Telegram: +44 759 388 2116
Reddit DM to u/RequestCourseAccess
Email: silverlakestore[@] (remove the brackets)
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