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2023.06.01 14:26 zamato101 For all you dumbasses who think that Bison works the same way in other versions in the game. He DOESN’T. He’s only suppose to revive ONCE and he’s an anchor character. Not a frontline. They coded him to be a broken mess in global and it hurts the game.

For all you dumbasses who think that Bison works the same way in other versions in the game. He DOESN’T. He’s only suppose to revive ONCE and he’s an anchor character. Not a frontline. They coded him to be a broken mess in global and it hurts the game. submitted by zamato101 to streetfighterduel [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 12:58 Kitandroo Are there opportunities in the mobile F2P market for indie developers?

Hypothetically, if I had a game that had anime visuals worthy of getting attention at /gachagaming and smooth gameplay without any major faults, is there a realistic opportunity for an indie developer with a small team to get the attention of a publisher or investors?
I'm starting to realize that making a fun game isn't enough, even with a decent marketing strategy and a small following. I've got people asking me when the next preview is coming, or when they'll be able to test out updated gameplay again, but I'm really in a rut believing that the funds I need (purely for marketing) aren't obtainable.
Trying to work on it the past week has just felt pointless because while I can release the game, I can't make it something worthwhile on my own. If it doesn't sell well, it isn't exactly a perk when trying to sell the next game.
Sorry if this isn't the place for a post like this, I'm just trying to get out of this hopeless phase, even if it means a change in direction.
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2023.05.22 00:56 ContractSudden4 AMA: Let's Discuss Captor Clash and the State of the Game! (Moderator with Inside Scoop)

Edit, I’ll be back to comment. I’ll also be editing my comments with any additional information I have.
Hey gachagaming community!
I'm a moderator of the Captor Clash Discord, and I've noticed a lot of discussions and complaints lately about the game being pay-to-win. I'm here to host an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session to address these concerns and delve into the current state of Captor Clash.
Although I am a moderator in name, let's just say that I don't exactly see eye-to-eye with the developers of Captor Clash, which is why I'll be using this throwaway account for this AMA. Call it a little mischief or chaos, if you will.
Whether you're a player who feels the game is unfairly pay-to-win or someone who has different perspectives on the matter, I encourage you to join this discussion. Let's dig deep, share our experiences, and perhaps create some fuel for the fire.
I'll do my best to answer your questions honestly and provide insights from my position as a moderator. However, please remember that I'm not an official representative of Captor Clash or its developers. My views are my own, and I'm here as a community member seeking an open dialogue. I'll be leaking the moderation chat where necessary.
Let's come together, stir up some conversation. I'm feeling a little mischievous today, so let's have some fun while we're at it!
Ask me anything about Captor Clash, its pay-to-win aspects, my experiences as a moderator, or anything else related to the game. I'll be here to respond and engage in discussions with all of you.
Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!
Proof Attached: https://imgur.com/a/JkDu5iL
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2023.05.21 03:11 ferinsy Netease Connect summary, or "I knew Netease wasn't liked at all, but this is a new low..."

After almost 8h since Netease Connect 2023 happened, people in /gachagaming still haven't posted about it, not even a single post about a single game. So I felt compelled to watch it and post about some of it (aka I just had some time and was pretty bored). Not all of the games are gachas and I don't understand the objective of this event since they didn't announce many release dates and most things aren't really new, so please bear with me because I coudln't torture myself into doing much research about Netease games...
If anyone feels like watching it like I did (even in 2x it isn't worthy...), here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOAiJp3xIrQ

- Naraka Bladepoint
Nothing new, just a new hero coming soon, oh well. Its mobile version (probably not a port and with no cross save) had no news but probably it'll come out so late it won't get much interest. It's a battle royale with ninjas btw.

- Mission Zero
Another copy of any assymetrical game out there, but with spies and 2v4. Also I don't think it's mobile, so... next!

~~ some blabbering about MMOs that are really old (2017) and bad-looking, and just now they're doing a terrible job to bring it to English speakers, it'll probably flop hard so... next ~~

- Once Human
Another survival game, probably never on mobile, looks bad, so... next!

- Ashfall
Weirdly enough, this MMORPG/TPS looks really cool, it's another post-apocalyptic shooter, so we'll see. I honestly didn't know, but it was mentioned it'll come to mobile, besides consoles and PC. Let's hope. No news on it, just a showcase of its music that seems beautiful (poor Hans Zimmer, had to partner with Netease).

- Eggy Party
Fall Guys clone with a really predatory monetization, with lots of paid stuff like a pass, more than one gacha and super special discounted time-gated packs. You're better off playing Stumble Guys or another existing mobile clone, this one is just too unstable if you aren't in Europe.

- Dunk City Dynasty
Another late game, we already have Basketrio, NBA 2K and other alternatives, it's the same copy-and-paste gameplay, idk if it's gacha and I don't want to discover (but it's Netease and mobile, so 99.99% chance it is). No news, it was released recently for mobile.

- Infinite Borders
Another bad-looking game, just another mobile city/civilization sim, or base builder clone that you'll probably see a lot of bad ads around when it launches. No news besides an Europe-only release to happen soon ™ .

- Harry Potter Magic Awakened
Another big bowl of nothing. No news at all, just a traileteaser and a... code, uh, for when it launches (in the next 2 or 3 years, for sure). Good luck remembering it: HPMAMAGIC. Everybody knows the game, mobile card-based with summons, like Clash Royale.

~~ Another big blabbering, this time about the expanding eSports scene, as if Netease games could be serious eSports... with all the heavy gacha and the ability of buying power ~~

- Ace Racer
A decent mobile racing gacha but so badly monetized it hurts, also with controls that don't appeal to everyone. Nothing new, just a new season 3 coming up.

- Dead By Daylight Mobile
Another big pile of nothing, they showed something about a collab with The Ring that is already old news (last March, I think, probably finished by now). The big news were... outfits and a new season to come, oh wow!

- The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War
Once again a mobile base builder, city sim... just with LotR slapped on it. No news for this 2 yo game, only a trailer with the worst voice acting/narration ever.

- Lost Light
Also not sure why this CoD clone is here, it's already an old game, guess it's just the new update that happened last week with what seems like a new city. At this point, my light was long lost.

- Vikingard
Apparently just an upcoming part 3 of a Vikings (TV series) collab coming up for this... 3rd strategy/base builder from this Netease Connect.

- Infinite Lagrange
Too hard for me, I seriously don't know how to play it. But there's a new expansion coming up promising new equipment and strategies, so this is literally the first substancial update in this event (and the only one).

- Badlanders
Also not sure why this is here, nothing new, probably just desperately trying to get new players for this 2020 survival shooter.

- Identity V
Surprised this isn't dead yet, because a year ago I tried it and it was really hard to find a match. Just another assymetrical game like DBD and Mission Zero in this list. Collab with Danganronpa v3 teased with a new game mode. The collab isn't that revolutionary since this game is alive only due to collabs, this is the 3rd collab with Danganronpa, for instance.

I kinda understand after watching it why I haven't seen anything about this pathetic event around this sub. Seriously, the lack of care with Global is uncanny, the LotR trailer was peak laziness. Seriously, please watch it (starting from 0:38): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZRuJEfXKkM
Yeah, this was it. It was a terrible experience watching it, even in 2x speed. Ashfall is the only one I'm interested in, but probably will fail my expectations.

tl,dr: Nothing substancial, just a lot of blabbering and a lot of nothing, no info, no dates, nothing. Even a collab that's already finished was "teased". Netease continues to be a joke on Global market and half of their Global games are abandoned or in low maintenance, so be careful.
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2023.05.18 16:05 Paw_Opina This patch is not for stupid players.

Overzone event, one of the best events is gacha games in recent times has concluded and a new patch has dropped in Nikke.
Remember the time Nikke players want units on the same group to have some kind of a buff? Well they definitely listened and created the 777 bunny squad which gives buffs when the two member of the squad is played together. Imagine the shock I had when people already rant that Blanc is a useless unit simply because they thought she's GIMPED without Noir. LMAO. Blanc's skill is basically CENTI WITH HEAL yet they only focused on the downside that she's a 1-2-2 comp and PVP comp type of unit. Like, if you try to use your brain you can use her with Dorothy as your Burst I and either Centi, Rupee or Guilty as your Burst II would mean less of a difference.
Fast forward to the otherd "PROBLEM" which is the GACHA SKIN. Imagine the shock I had when people thought that this skin ACTUALLY NEEDS REAL MONEY TO BE PULLED. I mean, they even called it GACHA for some reason and yet people reallry thought they could get it for free? Dumbass. Imagine wanting some game to keep running without it making a payable content. Plain stupid is it. Also, this dumbasses ignored the fact that it gives other items other than the skin. Talk about delusional. Always remember that any game releases cosmetics and skin basically for sale (meaning use real money) just like how League Of legends, DOTA 2 and Mobile Legends does to get revenue to continue running the game. Legitimately dumbfounded that people really reached gachagaming so that everyone know that Nikke have a paid Gacha skin now ( LMAO people in that sub knows that there are games with gacha skins much worse) and are salty there since NIKKE REQUIRES THEM TO SPEND ON COSMETICS LOOOOOL STUPID ASS PLAYER BASE AS ALWAYS. I'm really happy the game is constantly releasing new events like these. It keeps me entertained more about the community rather than the game. Also I'll pull Blanc just to use it on this scrubs in the PVP that won't pull her simply because sHe'S gImPeD wIThOut nOiR.
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2023.05.17 01:53 nurubo Are there any ways to rip (dead) gacha game assets?

I just learned today that Project Silver Wing died last January Kind of a bummer because it's like the best and nearest we can get for a GFL TPS, being a proud Commander and all that, but my only regret is not screencapping my favorite character and her voicelines.
Fortunately, I have not uninstalled both its JP and ID apps yet so I guess my last and only resort here is to find a way to rip its assets and somehow scavenge them.
I'm not into IT stuff but how do you exactly take (any) character's elements like models and voicelines from .ab files? Downloading some file viewers or checking some tips did not get me anywhere so far.
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2023.05.12 21:34 kaboom129 Rerollling question

Is it true that you will be banned if you reroll more than 10 times?
Reference: https://www.reddit.com/gachagaming/comments/113rw73/psa_valiant_force_2_ip_bans_you_for_rerolling/
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2023.05.07 18:52 Epicoodle Problems, A Pointless Reddit Post I Felt Like Making.

Just saw a post by Kitysune about some hate from popular youtubers, and felt like my own post opposed to a long comment could be better, and I felt like it.
First after seeing some of the comments I saw one comment from Byrand-YT about Tectone and his Elitist attitude. What as someone who used to be I supposed you could call 'Tectone Sided' I can agree with, now being able and have looked at other peoples views. Is he right about some things especially when it comes to criticism of the Genshin community? Yes, even if I don't like him if he were too say that the sky is blue I can't disagree. But I can now be aware that he 100% has overstated some things and his constant click-bait/rage-bait was part of that, but also constant negativity. Yes you can and should be negative/criticise anything you come across but in my opinion his was over the top and he would rarely acknowledge the positive aspects.
And like another example shown in the post with a Mtashed were it is a similar thing, though I have never watched Mtashed. And the only way I am familiar with him is via Tectone when I watched him myself, but atleast off what I remember from Tectone and from that thumbnail it seems similar. And then the middle thumbnail I am not familiar with so I can't comment.
Now past a few individuals and onto the general concept, I expected when trying to search for similar videos on Youtube for it to be filled with negative video after negative video, but when doing a search for just 'honkai star rail' and looking at the videos sorted by most relevant then by most viewed, followed by searching 'honkai star rail problem' and finding a very similar result. Saw very little negativity about the game (Except 2 vids from Tectone with the 2nd search and then the video from the middle image of the post from Kitysune.). So after that I decided to go to Reddit, the pit of hate... right?.
Well yeah honestly I set that up expecting the same as YT but just one post had lots of criticism, lots valid. (Post) Alot of the talk, however. Was people talking about the Genshin comparisons and Genshin fans coming from there expecting the same thing with a different name and being annoyed at that. What makes sense lots of people just see the Mihoyo/Hoyoverse logo and think 'Ooohhh, They did Genshin!!!', and other Hoyo-Hating comments like This. When you make assumptions without seeing what it is you are making assumptions about then it aint shocking if you get some stuff wrong, applies to people like the 'Oh must be another Genshin!' people... and people who think they are smarter then them and go to do the same thing. And yes I know I will have my own bias and also be probably missing lots, but I am trying to just be half my opinion half a compilation of others. Don't like my opinions what go against your own opinions and can't handle other opinions that do not agree with your own? tough luck.
But back to valid criticism, there was alot of talk about the element system being lacking especially when compared to something like Genshin were they have more interaction opposed to just 'Use X element on Y enemy to break their shield.' what makes sense. Yeah the system of elements could be better and is very simplistic, and could be improved. But also I think it plays into it being beginner friendly and easy to understand, while also meaning that you can use more of who you want and not who you need. I can still use someone like Himeko and PHYS Trailblazer and get by fine while they are both deemed as lower-tier units (Though many people debate tier lists and their legitimacy and accuracy so take that with a grain of salt, like you should the rest of this post.) So yes it removes a level of complexity, similar another point made by many (Example).
Move sets being limited to a Normal Attack, Secondary Attack, and ULT (With occasional things like Himeko follow up and stuff like that being small exceptions.) what, again, is a valid point. But I think similar to my last point it helps with new players and helps you be able to use who you want. And I agree and want to expand on a point made by gladisr about character-specific depth, the game is not even 2 weeks old with a decent cast size for launch (Imo) but that will only expand, so as more characters release with more effects (Hell maybe even new element types what like Dendro in Genshin could entirely change how the rest interact with the rest.) the possible complexity can increase.
I would go on but I have been typing for a while and want to go eat my dinner so ya'll can feel free to comment, or just go off with this token of information what will serve little purpose and you may even forget about within the hour. Have a good rest of your day.
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2023.05.02 03:06 TheGreyGhost00 [Promo] Breakdown of MICA's 7th Anniversary Stream (GFL 1, Reverse Collapse Code Name Bakery, Project Neural Cloud, GFL 2: Exilium)

[Promo] Breakdown of MICA's 7th Anniversary Stream (GFL 1, Reverse Collapse Code Name Bakery, Project Neural Cloud, GFL 2: Exilium)
RAW Restream for the 2 hour stream (Youtube) Translation Stream Twitter Thread
  • Reference the RAW any time stamps used in this post
  • I don't understand Chinese. I'm following what others are saying from the community. Things could be off and subject to change. If you can add to this post in the comments that would be appreciated.
  • If anyone has a recording of the first two streams online that would be appreciated.

First Stream: GFL 1 Writers Interview & PNC Art Team Interview

  • Stream
  • I didn't catch the writers part of the interview and if anyone can add to this part in the comments please do.
  • Art Team
    • Idols (apparently done by mocap)
    • Fun note: Most of the artists for PNC are female, which may or may not explain all the feet.

Second Stream: GFL 2 Art Lead Interview (Jimmy/ Pandea work)

The Big Stream

Girls' Frontline (17:53 - 44:50 )
  • Recap of statistics globally on the game like how many dolls produced, resources used, etc
  • Bunch of anniversary skin stuff
  • Collab: GFL x Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045
Reverse Collapse: Code Name Bakery (44:48 - 1:00:00)
  • Apparently the full game will have around 70 levels, perhaps more
  • Gameplay Demo (46:58 - 50:55)
Since the initial debut, Reverse Collapse has come a long way. What started out as a simple remake turned into a much more expansive narrative experience as development progressed, which inevitably led to massive overhauls of the level design. We're continuously learning and iterating new ideas, and we are incredibly grateful for your support throughout this process.
We’ve recently been able to finalize the overwhelmingly lengthy script, and the team is now shifting gear towards getting everything ready for release, such as QA testing and some finishing touches. It’s our priority to deliver Reverse Collapse in its best quality at release.
Project Neural Cloud (1:08:00 - 1:30:00)
GFL 2: Exilium (1:39:00 - 2:01:00)
  • ESTIMATED CBT 3 DATE: Late June - September 1 (CN Summer Holidays)
Remind me not to piss her off
  • Character Selection UI & Weapon Gunsmith (1:42:07 - 1:49:37)
    • It seems they have changed it from the R, SR, SSR to a general character ascension system
      • Note the colored lines for the portraits and gun
      • Probably have alternate artwork like PGR?
  • Skill Tree & Perks
  • Farming seems to be focused on gun attachments
    • There might be a Weapons Banner?
    • I believe characters that use the same class of weapon can swap, but imprint/signature weapons give bonuses to specific characters (Example: Cheeta's signature is the Mp7)

Merchandise (2:06:00 to end)
  • Collab with a Space Company
  • Sections spread throughout the event with including figures, etc
  • Artbook 3 Part 1 w/ lot's of lore
That's a tome.
Orchestra Concert July 15 - Shanghai Oriental Sports Center
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2023.04.28 19:27 LexerLux i'm giving you perverts 30 seconds to explain

i'm giving you perverts 30 seconds to explain submitted by LexerLux to BlockedAndReported [link] [comments]

2023.04.26 18:32 lugiaop This game is too simple abd boring

Watched tentens video on the game and also the general opinion on gachagaming
The pacing feels slow and combat is too simplisitc, even for turnbased. Feel like hoyo is once again catering to the casual gamers. The setting is kinda bland too
I hope the combat gets more interesting and story as well.
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2023.04.23 20:07 LandOfLostSouls Everytime I see this ad, I think of greys anatomy’s “heart in a box” episode

Everytime I see this ad, I think of greys anatomy’s “heart in a box” episode submitted by LandOfLostSouls to greysanatomy [link] [comments]

2023.04.23 15:49 Hold_My_Teapot A small dive to Genshin's gacha, the 50/50, and why it (sorta) works!

Good day to all of you in gachagaming . With the topics of the anticipated CBT of Wuthering Waves gave rise to the discussion of its currently implemented gacha system that bears a striking resemblance to that of Genshin Impact, I'd like to take the opportunity to take a bit of a dive onto some aspects of Genshin's gacha and why it probably became an inspiration to this upcoming title. Now of course I can as easily say "it's to make more money" but that wouldn't be as fun now would it? So just a bit of digging in the psychological aspect of just some of the gacha system's elements would probably be in order to explain some of this.
Disclaimer: This post will mostly be about Genshin's gacha and mentions of other gachas is simply as a frame of reference that would be independent of income, quality or just about every other thing for considertation. This'll be mostly be about Genshin's limited character gacha since the other systems operate differently.
  1. Hard Pity Let's start with one of the positives from the consumer side in that the game does feature a hard pity at 180. Assuming you've lost the 50/50 before or simply consider getting A 5-star character as the 'win' then it's 90. Hard Pity is important because it helps a player conceptualize THE WORST CASE SCENARIO to get what they want. A statement you'll see here that I'll fairly be repetitive about is that humans are very loss-averse and in gacha a 'loss' perceptively is simply "not getting the character.". A hard pity means that type of loss is can be completely avoided altogether and overall makes a player feel good to engage with the gacha by simply amassing the minimum required resources to actually win. Some may understate that but hard pity is also one way to heavily improve player retention. It isn't as obvious now that just about every popular gacha one way or another has it now (FGO too). It improves player retention by assuring that way less people would quit a gacha game over being too unlucky. It allows people to say "You should have saved up your rolls" and the statement logically checking out. If people remembered the first limited banner in Arknights featuring Aak and Nian, the lack of a conceptualized hard pity for specifically desired character actually did hurt Arknights' reputation despite holistically having one of the more F2P friendly gachas there is on the market, statistically speaking. That and anecdotally it isn't hard to find someone who quit due to being absolutely screwed by the gacha due to the lack of hard pity at the time of the first limited banners.
  2. Soft Pity This isn't in the same category as hard pity because they serve a different purpose. Hard pity is more about retention, perceived consumer friendliness and helping in determining proper pull income. Soft pity is a bit of that but it's more to propel the psychological thought of a player getting "lucky" with something. It works in conjunction with the rates as the lower the rate is then the more lucky a person would feel. Genshin's gacha hardly relies on its (pitiful) rates but is heavily revolving around its soft pity mechanic. It ensures a player will not reach the hard pity of 90 to pull a 5-star barring winning a lottery, as it is a statistical anomaly to even reach 90. But with the hard pity being known and the soft pity mechanic being a hidden(or lesser known) one, it makes a psychological landscape for a player to think "There's poor rates, I'm saving for 90 pulls to get what I want." and the soft pity starts to kick in. That makes the very same player think "Even with these shit rates, I managed to get it without reaching hard pity. Lucky me!" and be more likely to engage with the system. I am well aware that there isn't a shortage of people who ARE aware of the soft pity, but it's actually plenty hard to not to get into that psychological pitfall and it definitely works in a wide scale.
  3. 50/50 Now this is the big point of debate from the inspiration of this post. PGR having it's 100% was honestly not going to fly in an open world game like Wuthering Waves which is I think a fairly easy assumption to make. Now could it actually work? Who knows... This is the part at which there's a lack of statistical evidence, but seeing Genshin's success makes me think that the numbers Mihoyo does have supports that 50/50 is one of the better rate up systems unironically. I'm aware of the data of systems that have a 20/80 and 30/70 where getting the rate up character is considered as a big "win" albeit statistically a player would lose out most of the time. This can be seen in smaller gachas in the play store that hardly sees the light of day in this subreddit (for good reason). There's also systems to which the rate up is 80/20 and 70/30 or something along those lines where the player does statistically win most of the time but the loss is honestly pretty devastating. Now I'll be running on the assumption that they didn't choose a 50/50 without reason, and that their numbers(which we don't have) back it up. Psychologically speaking, humans are risk averse, loss averse and justice sensitive. These three psychological factors may be the reason as to why they would prefer a 50/50 system over the other two. Why not a 100% system is much easier to explain by that it wouldn't make as much money when a player can too easily conceptualize how much they'd spend. That's less a psychological reason but a logical one that just about any gacha player should know. A 100% system would also just be hard pity, and not doing rate ups remove inherent from gambling psychology of "winning" the system. Winning the system usually increases happiness and encourages more rolls or pulls to be spent which I think is more common knowledge. Why not a 20/80 system has a lot of data points from other smaller gacha and it's already seen as a not consumer friendly rate chance. That in itself is a negative, but humans will also assume that a high risk system of 80% chance to 'lose' is bad in itself regardless of how high the reward. Humans are risk averse after all. Also the fact that there's only 20% chance to win makes those people who are more justice sensitive to feel it's an unfair system, since players lose more often than not. Why not a 70/30 system then if humans are risk averse? Now this has to do with being loss averse and people's feeling of investment. Even if a 70/30 system is skewed towards the player, losing it feels just much worse. It also has to do with people being justice sensitive, with people not feeling it's fair that they lose on a chance that should have favored them. Losing a coin toss doesn't feel bad due to it being a 50/50 but losing on a chance where I'm more likely to win would make me feel it's rigged depending on the amount I invested into it. A 50/50 foregoes that "Lucky me!" advantage of a 20/80, but in turn also minimizes the feeling of loss and regret a person would feel upon losing and that's why it works. What makes 50/50 work is how easy it is to understand and the feeling of fairness from winning and losing at the same statistical rate. Now if it's ACTUALLY FAIR and so on is another story, but in gacha mechanics... PERCEPTION IS HUGE.
Now I did make a number of assumptions, mainly because people definitely have different thresholds in how much bullshit they can put up with and that's normal. It is especially evident in the 20/80 50/50 70/30 scenario as it's more just faith that the company knows the numbers and have crafted a system accordingly. I could also have gotten deeper into the fact that Genshin has a perceivable hard cap on money spend (perceivable, not reasonable) which isn't evident especially in idle and war games being an advantage to encourage spending. In fact it's something most popular gacha do share. I didn't touch upon pull income, pulls, averages and so on because they're more statistical in nature and it's harder to pin down the psychological workings that could be underlying the numbers. I also didn't touch upon Genshin's weapon banner, which before Epitomized Path was seen as "Weapon banner is a scam" with a (in)famous clip of a certain well-known content creator. Now just that small change has that same sentiment be much much less frequent.
I hope it was a fairly informative albeit rather surface level read. There are studies of the comparison of the systems in lottery tests but I couldn't find the reference concretely so I omitted it out. It simply supported the 50/50 since the lottery goers tested had mostly gone with what's equivalent to it, as they thought the 20/80 had bad odds while the 70/30 had them both suspicious and giving the perception of a low reward for low risk despite the rewards being the same. Most of them went to the moderate-risk 50/50 equivalent choice and so on which is why I believe the internal numbers probably yielded the same for the two companies in the topic.
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2023.04.20 10:58 GachaModerator SURPRISE GIVEAWAY: r/GachaGaming x Wuthering Waves — Enter to Win 1 of 20 Closed Beta Test Qualifications [Information in Post]

SURPRISE GIVEAWAY: GachaGaming x Wuthering Waves — Enter to Win 1 of 20 Closed Beta Test Qualifications [Information in Post]
SURPRISE— We have partnered with Kuro Game and Wuthering Waves to offer community members the chance to participate in their upcoming Closed Beta Test! Read the post below for more information. Image.

Wuthering Waves Closed Beta Test Qualification Giveaway

Let the gacha begin! May the summon rates be ever in your favor!


u/amphyz, u/ArkFoxWolf, u/blrftw, u/Blue_Bird_Enjoyer, u/GachasSalt, u/GroupedMasses, u/Kartogath9, u/Krynji, u/lapali20, u/Minimum_Method_1611, u/Mrblue92154, u/Musumane, u/New-Armadillo9289, u/penguimen, u/satoumegu, u/Slasher55, u/tsuchinoyousei, u/Umgungunlovu, u/Valkeon, u/yensedev
Please respond to our modmail ASAP by April 21st at 23:00 UTC to claim your CBT Qualification.
Individual CBT Qualification Summon Rates: 0.1149%
Overall Chance of Successful Summon: 2.298%
Event Period
April 20th 09:00 UTC to April 21st 09:00 UTC (24 Hours Only!) Entry period has closed.


Wuthering Waves CBT Qualification (20 Winners!)

How To Enter

  • Leave a public comment in this thread during the above-stated contest period
    • Only one entry is permitted, per participant. Duplicate comments are not allowed
  • Be a Joined Member of the GachaGaming community
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  • Follow Wuthering_Waves on Twitter
How Will Winners Be Chosen and Announced
  • Winners will be randomly selected from the pool of all valid entrants and comments
  • Winners will be promptly messaged immediately following giveaway closure. A pinned message will be left once Winners have been selected and messaged to provide notification of the Giveaway being over.
Required Information
  • Winners will need to provide their Email Address and Device System (PC, Android, iOS)
Entry Restrictions
Due to the IP limitation and localization progress, this test will only be available for testers in United State and Canada. Testers who are either located elsewhere or have an IP address not subject to these areas will be unable to participate. We appreciate your understanding.
Additional Information
Closed Beta Test Recruitment Information
Closed Beta Test FAQ
Contest Guidelines
The entry period for 'Wuthering Waves Closed Beta Test Qualification Giveaway' is April 20th 09:00 - April 21st 09:00 UTC, listed above under 'Entry Period'. Comments will be locked once the Entry Period closes, and Winners will be promptly messaged to provide the information listed under 'Required Information'. Winners will have until April 21st at 23:00 UTC to Contact the Moderators and provide the requested information to claim their Prize. Not claiming a Prize within the 'Claim Period' will result in Prize forfeiture. Accounts must be created prior to giveaway start to be eligible for entry. Qualification and download details will be distributed via official email from Kuro Game in a timeframe dictated by Kuro Game. Only one valid entry is permitted, per participant. Duplicate comments will not be counted as entries. Winners are chosen at random from a pool of all valid entrants. All entrants have an equal chance at winning. The Moderation team has the discretion to disqualify members suspected of breaking the Contest Guidelines from all current or future Contests without notification.
The moderation team does not accept payment or kickbacks in any way for collaborations, events, or rewards we might host or offer, nor do we make or remove posts or comments at the request of anyone. Our goal continues to be maintaining a neutral third-party space for news and discussion, while also helping to promote the success of the genre and offer additional ways to connect the community and publishers.
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2023.04.18 13:11 Alphen0221 Another Eden: 4 Years Later

It's been 4 years since that "issue" with the gacha system was adressed. In my opinion, it was definitely one of the most generous gacha F2P games I know, at least how I saw it these past 3 years. The soundtrack was bomb, the story was complex and interesting and most importantly, the currency needed for the gacha pulls can easily be obtained through quests, achievements, mythos and etc. I don't really know if the reason is because it was addressed, but the game's gacha system improved bit by bit since then.
I'd say that it aged very well considering that its global version is not as popular as the JP one. I'd not dare to compare it to more popular games, but if you're looking for a real diamond in the rough, this may be the game to dive into.

Context: https://www.reddit.com/gachagaming/comments/a0870m/another_eden_wfs_gree_what_happened_with_its_gacha/?st=JR8FTIWC&sh=58dd4dd3
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2023.04.17 13:30 zectev [PROMO] Survey on r/gachagaming

This survey is purely for educational purposes
questions in the survey:
  1. How long since you started playing gacha games
  2. How many gacha games have you played(seperate/server version does count as different game)
  3. How would you define the way you play gacha games(i.e casual,hardcore,collector and etc. Can be a combination of these)
  4. Do you always do external research before/during playing gacha games(guide,tier list, future banners etc.)
  5. How did gacha games affect your life(i.e life schedule,work life,social life etc)
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2023.04.12 07:48 Arcypreus Honkai Soundtrack

Is there a general consensus on what the best song is? I'm a complete newbie who got into the game after watching some Honkai videos and the music was just breathtakingly beautiful. Rn Rubia is probably my fav with ReOracle and Da Capo following closely.
As an aside, I saw a lot of discussion on gachagaming about which games had the best ost and I used to stan girls frontline's, but now I think hi3 takes the Cake
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2023.04.11 19:31 OliveOilOilOil Priconne:Grandmasters - Explanation by CyG

Last year someone wrote a long post about how Priconne:Grandmasters is a full game and April Fools access is a nice way of saying it's an open-beta.
Now we have an answer to this question. Cygames has just released a technical paper about the game they gave a talk at a conference some months back: https://speakerdeck.com/cygames/sabanokai-fa-yan-yu-tong-gamotarasugao-xiao-lu-nakai-fa-ti-zhi-purikone-gurandomasutazukai-fa-shi-li
Based on my limited understanding:
- Grandmasters is at minimum a technological proof of concept game. - "3D" is emphasized in its main description - The devs had to start over with a new technology compared to older games (Granblue, Shadowverse) called MagicOnion. Grandmasters is the probably the first to adopt it. - The devs now use a single programming language for Grandmasters (C#) - All the number crunching is pushed to server side to make the game more cheat-proof. It is powered by Amazon EKS. The client only plays the outcome. - Tools have been developed by devs to analyse the battles, which looks like a database. - Internally, the devs are implementing changes to adapt to these new technologies, reduce errors, and to ensure consistency in development cycle.
My take: Grandmasters is very polished in art and concept, but I noticed that it crashes every 2 battles. But rejoining is not an issue as numbers are crunched by the server so the client's job is only to relay the calculated results. (It would be a lot harder and different if it's real time battling). So game definitely has bugs that need to be fixed and devs are very smart in making it limited time as it would be heavily criticized if it's a traditional preview/beta/release. They now have more data to gloss over and debug. Also because the game takes no money right now and each battle costs external cloud computing power (i.e. money) - they can only let it run for a couple of days.
Even if this does not get released eventually, there is a very good probability these technologies will form the basis to Re:Dive's successor when that time eventually comes (try and imagine Re:Dive in 3D on Arena or Priconne in Genshin format). Re:Dive is also about input of numbers (stats) and then spitting out the outcome (result) at one go.
If someone can translate the slide details that would be nice.
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2023.04.05 19:02 nitrobrew_applejuice What is CR doing, what can you do, and what has already been done?

Hey there Knights. The mods thought we would make a thread to discuss what has been happening so far with CR and what the players can do about the situation.
Shoutout to u/UniversalParadox for helping with corrections before the original posting.

What is CR doing with Priconne and why is it happening?

The primary rumor floating around is that Cygames has revoked licensing rights for Priconne due to the issues with Street Fighter Duel. The idea likely came from a post made a few weeks ago in gachagaming by u/YourMasterGherkylll discussing what the company had done with the EN launch. While it is possible that CR's actions in Street Fighter Duel finally pushed away Cygames, it is not likely to have been the direct cause since that is not a work from Cygames.
That is not to say that the issue is not IP related. It is pretty standard practice for monetized works to give a few months worth of notice for EoS. A sudden announcement right after an update with no special EoS events planned and scheduled posts still going up lends to the idea that it was a sudden decision. It is possible that it is another irrational decision in the growing list since the merger or that Cygames found some other fault with CR.
CR gave us a one-month EoS notice on their mascot's birthday on the day before April Fools. I think we can all agree that doing so was objectively horrible. Since then, they have delisted the app, falsely claim to not be able to do refunds (as per the post made by u/Due-Moment6681), and have gone radio silent on anything related to the game.
It is pretty obvious that the Global version of Priconne was never doing that great in terms of revenue. The game was making nowhere near the millions spent each month in Japan but it still managed to rake in almost $700k since January according to sensortower. CR's costs for running this game include: the license, transaction fees, translators, customer service, and marketing. While that does seem like a lot, the license and transaction fees are set and can be planned around, the customer service members are likely shared between all of their games, and the marketing team is basically nonexistent. With all of that considered, the game is likely still turning a profit, even if just a tiny amount.
There have been some people blaming the players for the situation due to not spending enough money but that is not our fault. It was their decision to not accelerate the game, meaning us players had years of preparation and planning on when to spend money. If the company had caught us up, sure it would be harder for f2p players but it would have generated more revenue. Blaming the player is effectively the same as saying, "It's your fault for making sound decisions on your personal finances and it is not the fault of the massive corporation's bad business practices."

What can you do?

For those who are interested in transitioning to JP, the mods are planning on compiling a guide from the posts we've seen to make it easier for you.
For those who are interested in fighting back there are different ways.

Important Updates

Results So Far

We will change the guide and provide updates as we go along. Make sure to check back in when you can.
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2023.04.02 08:34 EpicYH22 Results of University Undergraduate Research Study- Investigating motivation of gacha gamers [PROMO]

Results of University Undergraduate Research Study- Investigating motivation of gacha gamers [PROMO]
Tan, Y. H. (2023). “They are just 2D pixels” Understanding the Motivation behind Gacha Gamers [Undergraduate Final Year Project, Nanyang Technological University] Digital Repository of NTU. https://hdl.handle.net/10356/165384
A few months back, I posted a survey here (and in other gacha subreddits) recruiting participants for my research project. Thank you all that participated and thank you to all the moderators that helped to facilitate the process. (The list of subreddits are listed below).
I apologise for the delay for those that indicated interest in the results. The research paper has been completed and has been uploaded onto the Digital Repository of NTU. Alternatively for those who are unable to access it, I have collated the results onto a Google Drive.
A summary of the results:
  1. Studies suggest video games create an “alternative social outlet” (Kowert et al., 2015, p.56) for those who feel stereotyped (e.g., Shen & Williams, 2011; Kowert & Oldmeadow, 2015). However, Study 1 found that gacha gamers are neither stereotyped nor prejudiced, suggesting that the role of gacha games is not of escapism, but a common avenue for them to interact with others (Przybylski et al., 2010; Britt & Britt, 2021; Yee & Sng, 2022).
  2. Study 2 (this is the one where I recruited participants from the subreddit) took a quantitative approach to investigate the motivation of gacha gamers. Study 2 found that gacha games help to satisfy the three basic needs: autonomy, competence, and relatedness (Deci & Ryan, 2000). Study 2 also found that the parasocial connection formed with in-game characters and the social bonds formed with others play an important role in satisfying the gamers’ need for relatedness. Study 2 also investigates the influence of the rolling mechanics of gacha games on player motivation. Contrary to previous suggestions (King & Delfabbro, 2018; McCaffrey, 2019), players are generally not motivated by the rolling mechanics of gacha games.
  3. Study 3 took a qualitative approach to investigate the motivation of gacha gamers. Similar to Study 2, Study 3 found that playing gacha games help to satisfy the three innate needs (Deci & Ryan, 2000). While the excitement of rolling was mentioned as a reason for play, like Study 2, participants are generally not motivated by the rolling mechanics as they will drop the game if they feel the system is unfair. Study 3 also found other factors such as narrative engagement and convenience that would influence gaming motivation.
But of course there are a few limitations to all the studies and the results. So while it provided further insight into the motivation of gacha gamers, please do not treat the results as absolute. Social Sciences research often require further studies and replication to help support the results in this study. I just hope that these results can help to provide additional research into gacha.
If you have any questions regarding the research, feel free to comment below or message me. I will try to answer them to the best of my abilities. Also, feel free to share the post and the paper.
Some questions you might have:
  1. Why is [insert gacha game] not in the list? Firstly I filtered out those that were EOS or had announced they are going to EOS (at the time of data collection). Afterwards, I seek permission from the various moderators to post on the subreddit. So if [insert gacha game] is not in the list, it could be due to no approval or no response from the moderators.
  2. But the results do not fit my general style of play? Yes, the results in this study are general results so it might differ from individuals. I tried to look at individual gaming experiences in Study 3, but of course there are limitations since I only focus on university undergraduates. Would require further studies to look at different individuals.
  3. What if some gaming company exploit your results? All research can be used for either good or bad. We can't predict how our results will used. Personally, I hope the results of this paper can help provide the foundation for future research into gacha and help those with gacha addiction, but of course I cannot control how my results will be used.
  4. Do your supervisors play gacha? The answer is no. They only heard a bit about gacha, so I actually had to introduce anime culture and gacha games to them. And yes I brought up waifu and husbando culture to them.
  5. How long did it take you to research? Each study took about a month to collect the data and analyse them. However the overall process, including literature review, preparation of surveys and interviews, ethics approval, writing of paper, took about a year.
Britt, B. C., & Britt, R. K. (2021. From waifus to whales: The evolution of discourse in a mobile game-based competitive community of practice. Mobile Media & Communication, 9(1), 3-29.) https://doi.org/10.1177%2F2050157920934509.
Deci, E. L., & Ryan, R. M. (2000. The" what" and" why" of goal pursuits: Human needs and the self-determination of behavior. Psychological inquiry, 11(4), 227-268.) https://doi.org/10.1207/S15327965PLI1104\01).
King, D. L., & Delfabbro, P. H. (2018. Predatory monetization schemes in video games (e.g. ‘loot boxes’) and internet gaming disorder. Addiction, 113(11), 1967–1969.) https://doi.org/10.1111/add.14286.
Kowert, R., & Oldmeadow, J. A. (2015. Playing for social comfort: Online video game play as a social accommodator for the insecurely attached. Computers in human behavior, 53, 556-566.) https://doi.org/10.1016/j.chb.2014.05.004.
Kowert, R., Vogelgesang, J., Festl, R., & Quandt, T. (2015. Psychosocial causes and consequences of online video game play. Computers in Human Behavior, 45, 51-58.) https://doi.org/10.1016/j.chb.2014.11.074.
McCaffrey, M. (2019. The macro problem of microtransactions: The self-regulatory challenges of video game loot boxes. Business Horizons, 62(4), 483–495.) https://doi.org/10.1016/j.bushor.2019.03.001.
Przybylski, A. K., Rigby, C. S., & Ryan, R. M. (2010. A motivational model of video game engagement. Review of general psychology, 14(2), 154-166.) https://doi.org/10.1037%2Fa0019440.
Shen, C., & Williams, D. (2011. Unpacking time online: Connecting internet and massively multiplayer online game use with psychosocial well-being. Communication Research, 38(1), 123-149.) https://doi.org/10.1177/0093650210377196.
Yee, A. Z., & Sng, J. R. (2022. Animal Crossing and COVID-19: A Qualitative Study Examining How Video Games Satisfy Basic Psychological Needs During the Pandemic. Frontiers in Psychology, 13, Article 800683.) https://doi.org/10.3389/fpsyg.2022.800683.
List of gacha game subreddit:
Related Gacha Game Subreddit name
Action Taimanin ActionTaimaninGame
Azur Lane AzureLane
BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! BanGDream
Battle Cats battlecats
Bleach: Brave Souls BleachBraveSouls
Blue Archive BlueArchive
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Crusaders Quest crusadersquest
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DanMachi Memoria Freese DanmachiMemoriaFreese
Disney Twisted Wonderland TwistedWonderland
Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle DBZDokkanBattle
Ensemble Stars!! ensemblestars
Epic Seven EpicSeven
Fate/Grand Order grandorder
Fire Emblem Heroes FireEmblemHeroes
Subreddit for General Gacha Gaming gachagaming
Girls Frontline girlsfrontline
Gundam Battle: Gunpla Warfare GundamBattle
Honkai Impact 3rd houkai3rd
KonoSuba: Fantastic Days FantasticDays
Magia Record magiarecord
Onmyoji Onmyoji
Project Sekai: Colorful Stage! ProjectSekai
Puzzle & Dragons PuzzleAndDragons
Tears of Themis TearsOfThemis
Tower of Fantasy TowerofFantasy
World Flipper worldflipper
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2023.03.31 01:41 Soundeffectsguy11 Using The Power Of Math To Explain why One Week Banners Are Ridiculous

Warning: Rambling and Math Incoming
So lets do a bit of math. One week for a banner is 7 days, of course, which is 100 summons. That would be 100 x 250, the cost of an event recruit ticket, assuming you have no pity. This is 25,000 coins, which is stupid on it's own. Now lets factor in how many hero coins you can get per day (The surprise box is 5, it always is 5, it will always be 5). 55 from the mail, 10, 20, and 50 from the Daily Targets, and that's a grand total of 135 Hero Coins per day, or about 54% of a recruit ticket. Now factoring in stuff for this Aizawa banner, that's 7 days x 135 coins per day which equals 945, + 100 from the card memory coaching, + 50 from getting to Level 11 on the free hero ranking (assuming you can get to 11 and no higher than 11 to keep this somewhat balanced), + 50 from the most recent sign in during the banner, and maybe something else that i missed. Assuming that this person in question (who, according to my math, only started playing again because they heard Aizawa had a banner because they had zero in the bank and hadn't been collecting sign-ins from the days before), is a whopping total of 1145 hero coins. Without rounding, that's 4.58 tickets. Because you cannot buy .58 of a ticket, that's 4 recruits. 4. 4 recruits. Assuming you had 96 Pity, you can get Aizawa by the end of his banner. If you just wanted to know how many recruits you can get off of daily stuff, you can stop here. Now lets get down to the developer's section, the money you would have to spend. The most cost efficient way of buying tickets for a banner is the Special Box, which is $10.00 for 5 tickets (not factoring the insulting chance of 10 coins), and you can buy this box ten times. 50 tickets for $100.00. Assuming you've done the dailies, you are now at 54 pity, and regretting your spending decisions. After dropping $100.00, you're gonna do it again for the Ultra Box, which is another Ben Franklin for 30. You would only have to do this twice, because that brings you to 114, at the most cost efficient way of getting guaranteed 100 summons. Only $300.000 dollars for a character that has a week banner to make you spend money. Don't even think of buying hero coins from the Top-Up section, because the $100.00 box is 6000/250 is 24 summons, or 96 summons for $400.00 dollars. ALSO, the four recruits that you had from the daily coins doesn't mean a thing because you end up with 114 by the end.

https://www.reddit.com/gachagaming/comments/nuz4lmha_the_strongest_hero_just_insulted_its_entire/ This post from 2 years back claims that a 100 pity banner is $400 dollars, which isn't incorrect when looking at the Top-Up. I haven't been playing the game long enough to know if Ultra boxes and the like were in the game yet. Main point: Two years. Two years ago and this company predictably wants you to spend $300.00 - $400.00 dollars on a character, after all of this time.
Tldr: $300.00 Dollars for a one week Aizawa banner with no pity, answered the math student's question of "will we ever use this in real life."
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2023.03.28 16:17 wewechoo [CN Translation] P5X Image Dump + Gameplay/Banner Mechanics

I'm not sure whether such datamine threads are allowed on gachagaming, but I'm going to post it first anyway (mods can remove it if it's not allowed!)
There has been considerable hype (or dread) surrounding P5X, and so far, we've been kept in the dark about the details of the game. How is the game going to be monetized? What will we be pulling for? What are the gacha rates?
However, just today, the developers have released the CBT version of the app to be downloaded by users that have gotten CBT qualification, and naturally, people started to datamine the game in advance.
In this thread, I will translate the banner and gameplay mechanics that are datamined by the CN Persona community.

Huge Image Dump

This contains all images that I've found from the various datamine threads over at the CN Persona Tieba community.
Link: https://imgur.com/a/hn81EvB

Banner Mechanics

According to the dataminer, there are three different types of banners in the game:
1) Permanent banner, contains characters and weapons
2) Character banner, contains characters only
3) Weapon banner, contains weapons only
Base rates:
  • 5* Item: 0.6%
  • 4* Item: 6.2%
  • 3* Item: 93.2%
Pity Mechanic:
  • When pulling 10 times in a row, a 4* and above item is guaranteed
  • A 5* and above item is guaranteed within a maximum of 88 pulls
Pity Rate:
  • 5* Item: 1.70%
  • 4* Item: 13.88%
  • 3* Item: 84.42%
Obtainable 5* Items:
When obtaining 5* items, there is a 50%/50% chance of getting characters or weapons respectively
Characters: (all characters have the same drop chance)
  • Morgana
  • Sakamoto Ryuji
  • Takamaki Ann
  • Kitagawa Yusuke
  • Niijima Makoto
  • Okumura Haru
  • Goro Akechi
  • Fujikawa Yukimi
Weapons: (all weapons have the same drop chance) (TL note: I'm not going to TL the weapon names)
  • 失乐园
  • 新月刀
  • 盖亚压迫锤
  • 幻影鞭
  • 居合刀
  • 马赫拳套
  • 长柄弯月斧
  • 类星体军刀
  • 审判者
  • 万魔枪
  • 流星
  • 黑熊
  • 百花缭乱
  • 歼灭者
  • 浸礼
  • 燃城
  • 天狼星
  • 天秤
Obtainable 4* Items:
When obtaining 5* items, there is a 50%/50% chance of getting characters or weapons respectively
  • Morgana
  • Sakamoto Ryuji
  • Takamaki Ann
  • Kitagawa Yusuke
  • Niijima Makoto
  • Okumura Haru
  • Goro Akechi
  • Fujikawa Yukimi
  • 仪式小刀
  • 音速剑
  • 重型钉锤
  • 分铜锁
  • 制式刀
  • 重击拳套
  • 半月斧
  • 辉光军刀
  • 纯金链锤
  • 黄沙飞鹰
  • 北极光
  • 疯狂顶点
  • 火焰冲锋枪
  • 英雄突击抢
  • 贾特尼斯
  • 多连发枪
  • 梅比乌斯
  • 平衡者
Obtainable 3* Items:
  • 冰封匕首
  • 弯刃大刀
  • 钢管
  • 热能鞭
  • 无铭刀
  • 三角拳套
  • 战斧
  • 塑质军刀
  • 链锤
  • 盖巴南斯
  • 百舌鸟
  • 重型散弹枪
  • 斯塔利吉
  • 黑色冲锋
  • 和平使者
  • 酷热
  • 光枪
  • 燧发枪

Gameplay Mechanics

Skill Explanation
  • Character skills are activated through equipping Personas. This include Persona skills, Potential skills, Awareness skills, and additional 1 More and Highlight skill effects
Persona Skill
  • An unique skill possessed by the character's Persona. The effects of the skill can be improved by upgrading it.
  • Skill materials and special loot from monsters are required to upgrade a skill.
  • Skill materials can be obtained from the Personality Trial game mode
  • Special loot can be obtained by killing certain Shadows.
Levelling Up
  • A character's combat attributes can be raised by levelling up.
  • When a character is raised to a certain level, the corresponding Persona skills can be unlocked.
  • Character level is affected by your main character's level.
  • A character's Awareness Level represents the degree of evolution of a Persona.
  • It starts off as 0, and can be raised to a maximum of VI.
  • Raising Awareness Level can enhance the final effect of Awareness skills, and also greatly enhances combat attributes.
  • The corresponding character's Residual Consciousness is required to level up Awareness Level.
  • When a character has been obtained, subsequent character copies will be automatically converted into Residual Consciousness.
Persona Compendium
  • After obtaining a Persona, it will be recorded inside the Persona Compendium.
  • When obtaining a Persona, breakthrough points can be claimed.
Basic Skill
  • (Has the exact same description as Persona Skill, please refer above)
Evolution Cost
  • The corresponding Persona's Imprint is required to level up a Persona's Awareness Level.
  • When a Persona has been obtained, subsequent Persona copies will be automatically converted into Imprints.
Obtaining Persona
  • Obtained from defeating Shadows in Palaces.
  • When a Persona has been obtained, subsequent Persona copies will be automatically converted into Imprints.
  • Persona Imprints can be consumed to fuse into rarer Personas.
Persona Effect
  • When the protagonist is equipped with a Persona, he gains the corresponding effects in battle.
  • A maximum of 3 Personas can be equipped at the same time.
  1. http://c.tieba.baidu.com/p/8328948455
  2. http://c.tieba.baidu.com/p/8328697659
EDIT: Changed Sense Awareness since it's the official translation given in the game
submitted by wewechoo to gachagaming [link] [comments]