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2015.08.14 10:23 king_of_the_universe SlaloM (Java 8) - manage your huge Steam library like a pro

SlaloM is a free Java 8 program for Windows which manages your Steam game library a hundred times better than Steam's built-in library screen. Since I made it Jan 2014 I have hardly ever used Steam's own library.

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All Maskposting types are welcome but SotM is most appreciated >TM_DH The Mask Dark Horse Any Comic Mask memes/discussion and other related Dark Horse comics like Hellboy or Tank Girl (except adventures of the mask goes under TM_TAS) >TM_94 any Memes/Discussion about the Original Mask film/related topics like film adaptations of the above >TM_TAS Discussion/Memes tangental to The Mask The Animated Series (plus Adventures) >SotM Son of the Mask discussion and memes (encouraged) No ID No Party

2023.06.03 16:36 RecognitionLucky1552 F18, M19. I need advice please

Hey so i’m F18 and my bf M19 have been together for about 2 1/2 years. In that time we loved each other a lot but we had our issues. I was head over heels for him and he tried but his best but he never seemed to fully satisfy me. he was always one foot out the door in a way. he broke up with me three times and the first two times i could not move on and pushed us to get back which we eventually did. even though i still went through heartbreak each time. We broke up a third time and i thought that this was the final breakup. At first i was absolutely crushed and hysterical as usual but eventually for the first time i moved on in away and accepted it. I found a new guy that i had fun taking with but i was still talking and occasionally seeing my ex. Eventually i felt it was right to cut off my ex so that’s what i did out of respect for him. The next day he told me he realized he made a mistake and he started coming back to me. He started promising me the world and obviously i didn’t trust it. At first my gut said not to get back together but at the same time i did still love him so much and we have such a great and specials connection that i didn’t want to throw away and give up on. After a few days I started to try again with him and it’s been about 3 weeks now maybe more. On his end he has been the perfect boyfriend. We’ve. been having many progressive conversations that seem to be helping us come up with resolutions but something just feels off. For the first time ever i feel like im the one with the foot out the door. He’s giving me everything i’ve ever wanted and being the perfect man and i just want to go back to how i used to he. Head over heels obsess over this man. Don’t get me wrong still love him more then anything but idk. it’s like something changed in me and i have fears that’s what is he just tried to late? what if i can never regain those feelings no matter how much time goes by. J want feel that way because i think if i feel the way i used to feel he continues to keep us his behavior this way it could workout out rly well. he also notices my energy shift and it’s damaging. What do it do how do i fix this. I love him a lot and i hope it’s not too late
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2023.06.03 16:36 BionicSamurai [USA-MI] - [H] Visas Starfrost, 3x Primeval Planet Perlereino, Dragoon, 3x Satellarknight Deneb, More [W] Trades

Hi there, I’ve got a few cards here I’m hoping to trade! Trying to get pieces for a Evil-Twin Runick Spright deck, but also also willing to look through binders. High rarity stuff, Blue-Eyes, Red-Eyes, Dark Magician and DMG stuff as well.
Not looking to do PP unless it’s a few bucks to even out a trade! Ideally we both pay to have the cards shipped and if higher value, tracked.
2x Spright Blue - Secret or Ult
2x Spright Jet
1x Spright Starter
2x Runick Fountain
2x Runick Tip
2x Hugin
1x Zeus - any rarity
3x Live Twin Ki-sikil
3x Live Twin Lil-la
1x Live Twin Ki-sikil Frost
2x Evil Twin Ki-sikil
2x Evil Twin Lil-la
2x Evil Twin’s Trouble Sunny
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2023.06.03 16:36 Cute_Repair5113 How much for these grips

How much for these grips
I’m switching to wood grips. How much do you think I should ask for these brand new VZ Colt Grips? I think they are about $90 with shipping directly from VZ.
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2023.06.03 16:36 Fun_Drive_9938 I’m looking for a copy of Pokémon white 2

I’ve recently started to collect ds games and one of the games I’m looking for is Pokémon white 2 however everywhere I look it’s over $100, we’re could I get an authentic copy for cheaper than that?
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2023.06.03 16:36 Romolusremus Hey folks!

I‘m 26 and want to go on some hikes nearby. Love camping and have all the gear needed for a nice weekend in the woods 😁😁 hmu!
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2023.06.03 16:36 pnut_queen I Tried

I tried with every fiber of my soul. I tried for so long to love you and it was never enough. I loved you until I could no longer love myself, only you. Still, I was never enough for you. My hopes and dreams were never enough to provide for you a lasting love. I’m sorry.
I must say goodbye now. I do not hate you but I do not love you either. The time has come for someone else to love me the way I was meant to be loved.
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2023.06.03 16:36 EffectSubstantial909 Lost Terran - 4

a somewhat short chapter as I’m busy
(story start)—————— 4
A few hours later
Another devil cam to the front of the warehouse entrance and dropped off a tray of what seems to be alien food before swiftly leave.
Then the devil he was talking to retrieved the food and showed it to him, she then gestured to the tray of food and said
Before playing a video of a devil eating food, before taking one her self and eating it.
Naturally Franz is alert when being offered food and demands to knows its composition, as he doesn’t know if it’s harmful for him to eat.
“Explain… composition”
Unknown to Franz the Cre’taxians still thought he was a robot and that the food was for the newly appointed negotiator to eat.
At Franz’s response the devil…. No the Cre’taxsian frowns as those 2 words are still not within the database and it the first time she’s hearing it.
It took awhile for Franz to realize his mistake and took out his phone to show the appearance of an atom.
The Cre’taxsian negotiator seems interested in his phone’s design but understands it functions the same as her crystal iPad.
He then shows a few more drawings of atoms and said “Atom” each time
Then he shows a compound H2O (water) and said “composition”
He swipes back to the Atoms that makes up water and points at them before pointing back at the compound.
He then shows a few more simple compounds and points out their atomic make up.
With all that done Franz points to blue alien sand which and said “compound”
The Cre’taxsian frowns a bit before turning on her coms to communicate with the scientists who were watching their interactions.
After a brief back and forth the negotiator taps her pad to show him a bunch of compounds.
Franz squints a bit as they showed him the compounds as 3D model of atoms bonding each other to form a compound.
Like it’s understandable that they didn’t show him the hexagon diagram with English letters on it.
Franz was pretty good chemistry and biology back in high school so he recognizes the fats and amino acids.
‘Those chains of Carbon and 2 Hydrogen must be fats and those….. hmm… everything looks fine to me’ he thought, while he’s no expert chemist he’s saving up money to continue his studies.
Of course the thought that the devils might be lying to him did cross his mind but that still doesn’t change the fact that he’s still trapped in a building surrounded by them.
Not taking their food despite being offered to him might seem rude, especially since the negotiator personally demonstrated that the food is safe to eat by eating one herself.
Besides that do they actually know what’s harmful to a human? Judging by the fact that they’re trying to transcribe English for the last few hours should be a great indicator that this is the first time they meet a human.
After some careful thinking Franz decided to take them up on the offer and took off the respirator covering his face.
The moment he took off his respirator that covers his lower face, the negotiator gasped hard and eyes went wide at the sight.
“(Oh My Goddess! he was an actual man!)” the fresh academy recruit exclaims over the coms —————————————— In the conference room
Everyone was stunned silence for a while as they didn’t quite believe what they’re seeing.
“(he’s actually a male!)”
“(Just by looking at that jawline I can tell that he must have a gorgeous face)”
Discussion broke out amongst the staff
The district commander like the rest of the staff was stunned at first the frowns before contemplating how to deal with this situation.
She the then brought up what she knows about him so far, then she rewatches a brief compilation of the incredible feats he has done so far.
From jump wall to wall to climb a 4 stores building to his mostly recent one beating 3 Hasperax Enforcer mechs.
As she was thinking what to do when an urgent coms request came
She looks at the sender and cursed before sighing
‘Just great’ she thought as the call is from her mother, news must have spread of the 30 or so elite enforcers tactical group along with 3 Hasperax Enforcer mech got wiped out.
Her mother being a senator in pay a lot of attention to reputation.
‘Well then here goes nothing’ she sighs before picking it up.
“(Hello mother……)”
A while later after a long scolding and explanation she puts the communicator back down.
She looks around the room before saying “(It’s out of our hands now)”
She sighs as she sits back down in her chair —————————————————————
Back to Franz
He finished up the alien sandwich before he suddenly hears a commotion out side.
He rushes to a near by window to see what’s happening.
‘Oh boy’ he thought as the troops outside just got replaced by new ones, what’s more is that the new troops are even more armed and armored than the previous one.
The previous ones primarily made up of uniformed officers while these new arrivals are all wearing the same armor that seems fairly high tech.
‘So these must be their military’ Franz thought as the previous bunch must have just been their police force.
At this time the negotiator’s coms suddenly became busy as it seems that a new development has happened.
After their conversation the negotiator turns to Franz and attempted to convey what was happening, unfortunately the vocabulary list is still too short and so could understand.
As the negotiator was still trying convey what was going a dozen of the armored soldiers came rushing through the entrance with their weapons drawn.
Seeing them rushing in Franz leaps towards the side and picks up 2 alien rays guns on the floor before taking cover behind a support column.
As the soldiers in fancy armor pointed their guns at him, he returned the courtesy on by pointing both the ray guns that he has acquired back at them.
After awhile tension slowly rosed
The situation only got diffused when the voice of an angry Cre’taxsian was heard.
Only then did the soldiers lowered their weapon.
Like wise Franz also lowers his weapon.
Then a Cre’taxsian female with a fancy coat and hat arrives, she then looks at the situation within the warehouse.
A bunch of still unconscious elite Enforcers, the wrecks of 3 Hasperax Enforcer mechs and the still standing alien male without a single scratch.
Looking at the pile of unconscious Elite Enforcers that littered the back one of her eyes visibly twitched before she barked a string of orders to the negotiator who quickly salutes and replied in short sentences.
Franz doesn’t know what they’re talking about but he can make an educated guess.
After a brief conversation the negotiator turns to him and said
“Weapon…. Ground” she then gestures for the ray gun in his hand then to the ground.
‘You want me to drop my weapons?’ Franz wondered as he looks at the weapon then to her then back to the ground.
He thoughts for a bit before doing as she suggested and drops the ray guns to the floor.
Drop Drop
Seeing that he drops the ray guns to the floor the 2 of the soldiers then slowly makes their way to him.
These 2 are especially fancier than the rest as they wore capes.
‘What do they want now?’ Franz wondered as he stood still not sure what these 2 caped soldiers want to do.
‘Maybe a fancy ceremony?’ He wondered
When they reached his sides, one on each side then they suddenly leaps into action as they tried to detained him.
‘Mother fuckers!’ Franz cursed as they betrayed his trust.
The enraged Franz easily broke free from their grip, pushed them aside before kicking a ray gun that he has just dropped up.
Franz caught it in mid air before shooting the caped bastard in the head
The shot hit her helmet but besides a burn mark it didn’t seemed to do anything, seeing that it barely done anything Franz used the alien gun as a club and smacked her hard.
‘That seems to have done something’ Franz thought as the caped alien he has just smacked in the head got knocked to side.
The alien’s helmet got dented and the gun he used to smack her crumbled into its individual components.
Then Franz turns his attention to the other caped alien, he grabs her by the neck and lifts her off the ground.
The aliens wisses and flails around as she tries to get his hand off her neck.
Franz then moves the alien that he’s chocking mid air to between himself and the formation of alien soldiers in case they tries to take a potshot out of him.
Oddly enough despite the commotion the rest of the soldiers didn’t moved, the alien with the fancy coat also just stood by and just watched the event happening infront of her.
Since they’re not ganna do anything Franz continues to choke the caped alien mid air.
Meanwhile the other caped alien has gotten back up and tries ti tackle him, unfortunately for her Franz just picks up his stun baton and just smacks her again.
Smack Zaaaaaaaap “(eeeeep!)”
With a yelp she fell to the cold.
With that the only caped soldier left is the one he was still choking mid air.
Franz didn’t rush to zap this other one with his baton as it would make a better meat shield if it’s still flailing around like this.
Besides that he highly doubt that the commander would just stand by watch him slowly chokes her soldier to death in front of her.
It didn’t take long before she muttered something.
Franz then turns to the translator to translate
“Cre’taxsian….. Ground….” The negotiator then gestures to the dangling soldier then to the ground.
Franz looks at the negotiator, the soldiers at that back that still hasn’t moved, the women with a fancy coat alternately for a bit before eventually letting go.
The caped soldier fell to the ground before frantically taking her helmet off before desperately taking in air.
As the soldier desperately taking in air the women in fancy coat moves forward.
She went to where the fallen soldier who’s desperately catching her breath.
She said something to her before kneeling down and ripping a badge off her chest, she did the same to the unconscious one before turning back to Franz and handing it to him.
Franz stares a bit not quite sure how to make of the current situation but even so he just accepts the badges and stuffs them into his pocket.
Then the women in the fancy cape gestures to the entrance of the warehouse where the soldiers are already line up on both sides.
‘Okay?’ He frowns a bit before cautiously walking towards the entrance, he walks in between the 2 rows of soldiers and out of the warehouse.
The rows of soldiers seems to lead to an aerial vehicle of some sort with its door open.
At this point it’s pretty clear where they want him to go.
Besides that up in the sky there’s a whole lot more alien helicopters flying around, some of them looks like gunships with large canon attached to the bottom.
One thing to note about the aerial vehicles of this place is that they don’t seems to use fan blades or thrusters to fly.
Anyways Franz boarded the alien flyer.
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2023.06.03 16:36 Wra7h_God 26 [M4F] Deaf Guy for NSA!

I’m 6ft tall, mixed, lean, average cock and slightly bearded. I’m looking for safe NSA, more if we vibe. I work professionally M-F. Open to all types, just be clean.
Serious inquires only, hit my chat. Don’t waste my time.
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2023.06.03 16:36 Strong_Marionberry11 Your opinions on my goal.

I’ve always wanted to stream and have been planning to for a while and I’ve gotten pretty much all the equipment I needed. I always think of what I’m going to do with the money I get if I actually end up succeeding and today I’ve made up my mind and would like your thoughts on it
I decided that i will set a monthly goal of 5k which is basically my “salary” To me 5k is a great amount I don’t have any expenses really just rent and food basically. The rest of the money would be split as the following: After deducting the 5k 25% will be invested for personal gain and use 25% will also be invested/saved in order to make a charitable business where proceeds go to charities and or preferably members of my community and those subscribed who are in need. So basically 50% goes into savings and investments. (This one is extremely iffy as I don’t have enough knowledge on how much they get paid) 15%-20% goes to mods
I’ll be asking my viewers to email me if they have any serious issues with all proof and records of the issue The rest (~30%) goes into a relief fund for community members where i will be doing a once a month stream where I look into the emails and choose people to help based on their issues and the money available to be used to help.
Whatchu think?
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2023.06.03 16:36 Upstairs-Calendar200 Just some questions🙃

Just some questions🙃
My brother been wanting to get a African grey parrot for a while now I found this cage the dimensions are 32"L x 30.5"W x 68.5"H and I was just wondering if you guys think that would be suitable I’ve already done some research just wanted some second opinions and maybe some tips just to make sure I’m 100% ready when he dose get him or her thank you🙃
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2023.06.03 16:36 cbx_k Question About Finding Off-Campus Roommates

I’m an in-coming graduate student, but I’ve never done roommate searching before for an apartment, and I was just wondering if there are any unwritten rules or etiquette when doing so. I think this is just my personal social anxiety and upbringing, but it just feels a bit weird to contact a profile on the BU off-campus website, who is essentially a stranger that you’re proposing to live with. Is this how you normally find roommates?
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2023.06.03 16:35 UpsetCancel9748 I wanted to sleep in the same room as my older dog but I think I went about it in a bad way, could I get others opinions

So for a little bit of context I admit that when I was younger I was quite neglectful with my families dogs. Recently I wanted to finally do something I thought would be good and sleep in the same room as him. The problem was he didn’t want to stay in the room that much even if he didn’t mind being in their that and so he kept wandering in and out as he wanted to sleep in my parents bedroom bathroom. So in the end my family told me that it would be okay to close the door to the room. He eventually ended up sleeping in the room with me but I feel bad like he was trapped and forced to do it. I also like to sleep while somethings playing in the back round so I put on something on low volume on the tv in the room. He went to sleep but I woke up at 2:00 am to see his head up. I shut down all the stuff cause I thought it was causing him trouble sleeping but eventually I woke up a couple more times to see his head up before going back to sleep shortly after. Was I bad to do this. I’m sorry if I was
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2023.06.03 16:35 PlayPen2006 Joint account with US/UK Dual Citizen

Hello everyone,
My partner and myself are looking to open a joint account however she is a US/UK Dual Citizen while I am not. We are both UK resident.
My question is, what are the implications of opening a joint account with her? I think the account will have to reported to the US government via FBAR. We will each have our income paid into our individual accounts, not the joint account.
The joint account will be used to pay rent, utilities, joint purchases, etc. we will transfer money into it from our own individual accounts.
Will the money I transfer into the account (for rent payments, utilities etc) be counted as “income” with regards to her tax status? Would I have to start filling anything even though I’m not US tax resident?
Anything else at all to keep in mind when owning a joint account with a US citizen?
Thanks for all your help!
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2023.06.03 16:35 bobablii I just found out my friends used to bully me

I(17F) was just out with one of my friends I made recently. We started hangin out a year ago, even though we were in the same class for three years. While we were out she started to scroll through her and her friends old group chat to show me some funny messages they used to send. I noticed that one of the messages was making fun of someones clothes and I quickly pieced together that it was about me. I asked her to let me look at the messages closer and when she showed me I could see that the whole group chat regularly made fun of me and my other friends. There were about 15 people in it, and out of those people I’m very close with three now. One of them is the friend that showed me the texts and didn’t actually message in the gc. She was really apologetic about it and said she felt horrible for the way they talked about me. The second one is a girl I became friends with about two years ago. She was the main bully in the gc and would send voice messages screaming about how ugly my clothes were and how weird I was(I was new and shy). And the one that surprised me the most is a girl i’ve been friends with for a year. She’s very shy and soft spoken, but in the gc she was cursing and calling me names, which seems so out of character. She for example sent messages that I should kms and that I was a perv for wearing a shirt with song lyrics on it. This whole situation is funny to me and I’m definitely not taking it seriously since I see that they have changed, but I still feel weird hanging out with them now. Since I know what they used to think of me I have started to feel uncomfortable around them. I just don’t know what to feel now and if I should talk about it with them.
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2023.06.03 16:35 maryneedswifi This is my beardie Olive’s bioactive tank. I just feel like he needs more to climb on. He’s over a year at this point and a pretty big boy and I’m having trouble finding things for him to climb that are good quality and reasonably priced. Any suggestions? Or general suggestions about his enclosure?

This is my beardie Olive’s bioactive tank. I just feel like he needs more to climb on. He’s over a year at this point and a pretty big boy and I’m having trouble finding things for him to climb that are good quality and reasonably priced. Any suggestions? Or general suggestions about his enclosure? submitted by maryneedswifi to BeardedDragons [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 16:35 sarahbeth1992 I passed NGN in 85! My experience

I am officially an RN! I graduated May 5th and took my test on May 31st.
I think it’s hard to “study” for this test but what you can do is get a q bank to see where your weaknesses are and focus on those.
The only thing I really used was Uworld, I did about 52% of the Qbank and my average was 81%. My weakness was maternity so I focused a lot on that and reviewing material from that. I am so glad I did because I got a lot of maternity on Nclex!
I’m not going to lie, I thought I was failing Nclex. I got so many random medication questions that I didn’t know how to answer. Like off the wall, out of left field uncommon drugs patient teaching. I talked to a friend after who said Mark Klimek says if you are getting random pharm questions that’s a good sign! I didn’t know that because I didn’t use Mark Klimek—- would have saved me as lot of grief.
I walked out thinking I failed when it shut off at 85. Did the Pearson vue trick, got the good pop up, and that soothed me a little. Checked Ohio Board of Nursing Website the next day and my license was issued!
Any questions? Feel free to ask! Don’t overthink Nclex too much. Figure out your weak areas and review that content and kind of go from there. I do think it’s hard to really study and review everything, unless you’re taking 3 months to study. Just my opinion.
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2023.06.03 16:35 JRKirkyy Architect Interview

I am in my second to last semester at Clemson University working towards my Master of Construction Science and Management. I’m currently taking an Integrated Project Delivery course that requires interviewing an architect. The architect must work in the US; however, I’m living in South Korea with my active duty spouse.
Would anyone be willing to set aside some time to conduct an interview (maybe 30 minutes to an hour). I’m struggling to find an architect that is willing to sit for an interview.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.03 16:35 ooishiki Help getting a bike for commuting to work and class

Hi everyone hope you’re well. I currently work as a server and I’m trying to save as much as I can to put towards my tuition (besides rent of course). To cut down on costs I’m trying to buy a bike from one of my neighbors so I can use it to commute to work and class. Right now I’m $32 away from being able to afford it. My neighbor has already done me a solid by giving me a discount but he said he’s not willing to go any lower because it’s in great condition. I know that amount is a lot to ask for but I would be super grateful. I’m trying to get out of my depressive slump and work on self improvement. There is no obligation of course, but it would mean the world to me.
I appreciate your time! My cash tag is $Hiishiki
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2023.06.03 16:35 Gilbood Fireworks?

I live in Hilltop and if my memory is correct I feel like I’ve heard fireworks going off for the past few Friday evenings, maybe around 8-11. None of them sound especially near so I’m not sure what I’m hearing. Rainier games? Some celebrations somewhere? Anyone know what I’m hearing?
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2023.06.03 16:35 schrodingers-penis will i always need a higher dose?

this may sound stupid but i’m only about 2-3 months in on elvanse, started on 20mg, then was prescribed to go up to 30mg after two weeks. been on 30mg for about four weeks, and it’s not working effectively anymore so have just been prescribed 40mg, is this the way it will be now? will the benefits always run out? will i have to go up a dose again at some point or is there a sweet spot?
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2023.06.03 16:35 alicehorrible I’ve watched this 10+ times and I’m just now noticing Donna casually reading fifty shades of grey…<3 So her. I love this show so much.

I’ve watched this 10+ times and I’m just now noticing Donna casually reading fifty shades of grey…<3 So her. I love this show so much. submitted by alicehorrible to ParksandRecMemes [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 16:35 No-Location-6360 Good reception, but no data

I’ve been with visible for ~2 years, and mostly been pretty happy with coverage/speed etc.
Over last month I’ve noticed t get when I leave home (where I’m on WiFi) and head outside that I won’t have any cellular data.
Reception will show that I have a strong connection (max bars 5G) but can’t even load google.com.
I’m on iPhone/esim.
Has anyone else been noticing this, and any solution that doesn’t require me toggling airport mode each time I leave home?
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