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2023.05.30 06:19 aki19971 I just keep asking myself "why does he like me?"

I (21, nb) started dating someone very recently, a week ago. But we've already been on three dates and we text every day, which is nice. But I find myself asking "why does he like me?" Or waiting for things to go wrong. I take hours to respond to his text messages, even though I'm thinking about him and want to reply. And I just found myself dissociating while I was trying to text him back. It's strange, because he's very nice and very easy to get along with. Were able to have good conversations and we agree on a lot of things that are important to me. But I have this problem with dating where I find myself doing things like this.. getting almost unreasonably anxious, dissociating, waiting for things to go wrong, trying to "ick" myself out so I can end it and escape. I don't know why I'm doing this. I'm like getting frustrated that he likes me, I'm like he doesn't know enough about me. He has no business liking me this much. Which seems silly, but I don't know how to sort through these feelings
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2023.05.30 06:19 Negative-Marzipan808 Need help on MDMA long comedown

Hello everyone, This is my first ever post and I'm seeking advice regarding my experience with the comedown after taking MDMA. Around three weeks ago, I tried MDMA for the first time at a music festival. I consumed two capsules in total, taking one initially and the second about three hours later. I was later told that each capsule contained approximately 200ug, so my total dosage was around 400ug. The trip itself was amazing, and I had a fantastic night. The following day, I anticipated experiencing some sort of comedown, as I had heard that MDMA comedowns can be quite unpleasant. However, I felt fine. I went about my usual activities, spending time with friends and going to the gym, and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. The following day, I began to feel slightly depressed, and the same was true for my friends who had also taken MDMA with me. I wasn't overly concerned at this point because we were all in a similar state, and I believed these feelings would pass. However, on the third day, things took a turn for the worse. I experienced deep feelings of depression and had to force myself to cry in order to feel a bit better. It was an odd sensation to feel so depressed without any specific reason for it, and it left me feeling confused and anxious. I was told that MDMA depletes serotonin levels, and assumed that was the cause of my current state. These feelings of depression persisted throughout the week, and my research indicated that comedowns could last up to a week. So I anxiously waited for the full week to pass, hoping that by the seventh day, I would feel completely normal again. It was challenging for me to gauge my progress on a daily basis, as my mood improvement was not significant from day to day. Even after a week had passed since taking the capsules, I still didn't feel completely back to normal. I began to question whether I was still experiencing a comedown or if my own overthinking was contributing to my depression. There were days when I woke up feeling extremely anxious, immediately wondering if I would feel normal that day. It wasn't as though I was depressed throughout the entire day; my mood would fluctuate throughout the day. I could be having a great time talking to friends, and suddenly my mood would plummet, causing me to no longer enjoy the moment. This constant anticipation of feeling down when I was feeling normal made it difficult for me to focus on anything. I felt the need to prepare myself for when my mood would inevitably shift. At this point, one week after taking MDMA, I grew increasingly worried about whether I would ever return to feeling normal. Most people mentioned that the comedown typically settles within a week, but I hadn't experienced any noticeable signs of improvement even after that timeframe. It felt as though I had become accustomed to the feeling of being depressed. However, I decided to persevere and give it more time, after reading some of the experiences shared on Reddit. Fast forward to around two weeks after taking MDMA, and I finally noticed significant improvements in my mood. When friends asked how I was doing, I would tell them that I felt mostly normal. This positive state lasted for a few days, but then I began to experience fluctuations again. I find this confusing, as I'm uncertain whether I'm overthinking and creating problems that don't truly exist. I constantly question whether what I'm experiencing is my new normal and if my previous normal state before taking the capsules was higher (if that makes sense). These thoughts weigh heavily on my mind and burden my life, furthering my feelings of depression. I'm unsure whether these thoughts themselves are causing my depression or if it's still the lingering effects of MDMA.
However, things were bearable until I went out with friends and consumed alcohol during a night out. Drinking seemed to worsen my situation, but I persisted for a few more days. Unfortunately, during an event yesterday where I consumed a significant amount of alcohol, my depression intensified. I had to leave early, and for hours, I cried uncontrollably, desperately longing to reclaim my old life. At this point, I deeply regretted taking the capsules three weeks ago and wished I had never done it. I feel as though I will never regain my previous life, and I'm trapped in this never-ending cycle. I am so exhausted from waking up every morning and being anxious of whether I will feel okay today. After last night I feel like I need to take a long or even permanent break from all sorts of drugs (alcohol, mdma etc). I don't think I will ever touch MDMA again. Does anyone have similar experiences or any advice they can offer?
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2023.05.30 06:18 hannahnotgay Policies that make me AND the customers mad

  1. Having to verify 100's and even 50's ; When my manager decides to go on lunch and it's just me in the store, I have to stand and wait or I will get written up for not verifying the bill.
I've worked with money since I was 16, I know how to verify a 100 dollar bill.
Also, a lot of my customers take offense to it and think that I am calling a manager because I think their bill is fake. I have to explain over and over it's just policy.
  1. Poles on carts ; I understand why. But people just tilt the cart a certain way to get it outside. Meaning I have to somehow do the same and get it back inside
Some people need help getting their items to their car, and the poles prevent that.
  1. No item voids ; When I first started a few item voids were fine. Now just one will get me written up.
This slows down everything for everyone in the store, because I now have to call a manager and wait. The entire line has to wait. If my manager disappeared I have to do an item void and get in trouble for it.
  1. Unverified service animals ; I have no issue with animals in the store, I do have an issue with animals in the basket with no blanket or towel underneath them. People put food in that and I've never ever seen someone clean them.
Any others?
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2023.05.30 06:18 GlitteringScreen2071 Anon asks the experts

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2023.05.30 06:17 Subject-Version4459 Autopilot car length adjustment and park assist.

I accepted delivery of model y lr yesterday. I can’t find how to control the autopilot car length distance. I also don’t see park assist and tried to do a factory reset twice. I have hw4. Could it be related to that?
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2023.05.30 06:17 bugsinsoil My boyfriend touched another girls waist in front of me

My boyfriend (29M) and I (28F) were at a wedding last weekend and on our way out, a woman I'd only just met (and whom my boyfriend hadn't met, only seen from afar) who had been drinking, ran up to us to hug us goodbye. My boyfriend's brother was there as well and was saying goodbye to us. The woman was holding a plastic cup with water in it and she hugged my boyfriend's brother, then me and then my boyfriend. During the hug with my boyfriend he accidentally knocked the cup out of her hand and it fell to the ground. We were all kind of like oops but then the woman went in for another quick hug with my boyfriend and afterwards he kept his hand on her waist. As his hand was on her waist (left side towards the front and lowish) he reached down with his right hand to pick up the cup. He looked up at her as he was coming back up. Honestly it felt like I watched a moment between them. And then she hugged him again. My boyfriend's brother seemed like he'd witnessed something awkward and kind of started up a conversation with her and said another curt goodbye to us so we could leave.
My self esteem isn't great and I know I could definitely be overreacting and imaging my boyfriend's brother's awkwardness too, but we've been together almost 11 years, and he's NEVER been the type of person to hug other girls or touch them in any way. He's always been kind of quiet and awkwardly careful when talking to other woman. This felt very bold and neither of us were drinking so it's not like he was just a bit drunk and had a small behavioural change.
I asked him how it felt to touch another girls waste other than my own as a kind of cheeky joke (hoping his response would make me feel better to be honest) and he took it kind of seriously- he awkwardly laughed and then said something like "yeah her waist was really small, smaller than yours".
I'm not a big person. I weight 50kg on a 'heavy' day, but this hurt and felt like a weird comment?
I can't stop thinking about his hand on her waist. I just keep visualising it and it makes me sick. Why did he touch her that way? She is the type of woman he would find attractive- small and petite like me.
He tends to be more touchy with me when I've been drinking, even when he hasn't, but I've stopped drinking for the most part (bar one glass once or twice a year). And it feels like I saw him touch another girl, how he only touches me in public when he's feeling confident.
This behaviour just struck a cord with me. I haven't said anything else to my boyfriend about it because I feel like I'm being super jealous and overreacting/ overthinking. I know I am to some degree. But am I wrong to be doing so? Is this nothing? I'm kind of going internally crazy.
TL;DR: My boyfriend isn't usually touchy feely with anyone but me, but he held anoyher woman's waist intentionally and then allowed that woman to hug him multiple times, in front of me, while we were trying to leave a wedding.
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2023.05.30 06:15 DyLaNzZpRo Need advice on upgrading from G34WQC

As the title says I'm currently running a G34WQC, no real qualms with it beyond Freesync/G-Sync flicker but I'm contemplating to OLED, though I'm really not sure how bad the current issues are (namely refreshes, QC issues etc).
~144hz is a must, 1440P is preferred but 1600P isn't a dealbreaker, but more importantly I'd really like to have non shit HDR (current monitor's HDR is basically useless) and I'm not entirely sure whether that exists on a non OLED panel and I'd really like to have actual usable G-Sync/Freesync (currently running an Nvidia GPU if that's relevant). Budget is unlimited ish (only real limitation is not wanting to piss money into something that will become redundant for one reason or another a few years on, it'll be my main monitor for a while).
In short, do I essentially have to go with OLED/QD-OLED to get all of this?
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2023.05.30 06:15 Grass-Personal How to study in class 12th pcm

See. When I was in 10th i was the topper grade student i scored 96% in class 10th cbse board. But after reaching class 11th tables turned down I was failing throughout the semester in physics and chemistry but somehow managed to pass class 11th because my teachers gave me grace markings by the sake of God. Now I am in, 12 still suffering from the same stuff. I just don't understand any concept neither do i understand questions it's like everything doesn't make any sence I am depressed my parents have high expectations with me i am dying someone please help please help to by telling how to study these subjects. I have lost my self I feel ashamed of myself. I am not even able to face my friends and classmate. I want to score 90+ in 12th please show me guidance to study
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2023.05.30 06:15 surroundedbysinners How do you cope with the fact that your BD doesn’t want to be involved at all?

My ex and I broke up a few weeks ago. It’s been especially tough, because I literally found out I was pregnant two days after. He told me to “take a pill,” and that he’s sorry but he won’t be around at all. Also something about me “forcing him” to be involved?
All I said was I hoped he’d be there for me, and he said how when he has no money. Like emotional support costs money right? anyway I have decided I’m going to be a single parent, but still it hurts so bad knowing he doesn’t want his baby. I’m blocked on all social media. How did some of you cope and move on knowing your BD doesn’t want any involvement?
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2023.05.30 06:13 Ok-Climate553 Dear Zack F

The first time around I want you to know I felt like I was going to die.
There on my roommates gray couch hunched over the moment you walked out with a pain that made me pale in comparison of the woman you thought I was
Or The woman you have in mind
And all my shortcomings
Replaying in my minds eye every day, all day. For a year. For what I have found no meaning- yet endless meaning even here
The second I can’t even think about
As I watched you walk out my front door knowing in instinct I wouldn’t be seeing you once more. I cried myself to sleep that night and stayed up all night long Try to beg you for another chance Trying to imagine it’s an unwritten song
But the third
I knew it was different. Because I don’t want to remember you - at all. I don’t want to look back and remember what I once I once thought we had, or how you ghosted me around ever corner of happiness; whispering sweet omissions in my ears
I wish I could forget everything. And that makes me really sad to think about.
How do I learn to be ok with remembering, and learn enough to love life again
I don’t want to forget you. I feel I have to But I suppose that means forgetting a piece of me- and I am on a mission to find all my pieces.
My shimmering splinters of sky and hold them close
Maybe someday they’ll come back
together. Maybe not
But all I can hope for now is they by then you I will have forgot.
The truth it though since this is a safe space - my short time with you I can’t ever erase. Call me a stalker, creaky unhinged but I am madly in love with the person within.
Someday I hope that changes and I can find my person too - but some days I can’t help but find myself still dreaming about you
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2023.05.30 06:13 BugBand Is Florida HB 1521 really enforced?

We’re going on a family vacation to Universal Studios Orlando this July (because of course every vacation we have always HAS to be in Florida or Tennessee 🙄 (I know how privileged it sounds for me to complain about vacations but still)). I don’t think my parents are aware of the HB 1521 bill, or that it has passed. My parents aren’t very supportive of me being trans, especially my mom. I feel like if I told them I’m nervous to go on the trip because of this new law, they’d laugh at me and mock me. Or my mom would tell me to just shave and be more feminine for the vacation. Which I WILL NOT do. I also can’t get out of going. I’m 21, but they would not allow me to be alone at home for multiple days because they still treat me like a child, but also treat me like I’m an unemployed 30 year old still living at home. Whichever one’s more convenient for whatever they’re saying at the moment. But, anyway, is this law something I actually need to be worried about?
I don’t think I pass super well despite having a beard, especially because for some reason my voice still hasn’t changed after over a year on T. Pretty much the only thing that has changed is I have more body and facial hair. I also haven’t had top surgery yet, and I plan to wear a binder despite the heat. But even with a binder, my chest is noticeably not flat. But do you think anyone will actually bother to kick me out of a restroom? But I feel like I can’t go in either restroom. I already got weird looks all the time in the women’s restroom way before I had a beard. And at a theme park, I don’t think the “family” restrooms will ever be available. My deadname is still my legal name, and my driver’s license still says F on it (because in my state I need to have SRS to get that changed), so I wouldn’t have any ground to stand on to try to say I’m allowed to be in the men’s restroom.
If you’re in Florida, especially if you’ve recently been to Universal, tell me if you’ve seen anything or had anything happen to you. Or give me advice on what I should do about the bathroom situation. I don’t want to have to dehydrate myself, but that’s about all I can think of.
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2023.05.30 06:13 AjayTheAfterThought MMBN: Running you in circles

I played all six MMBN games as a kid and I remember them so fondly, so I obvious had to scoop up the legacy collection on my Switch. I was giddy to run around and re-experience some of the games I loved most as a kid, until… I actually started to play them.
Now, don’t get me wrong; I love MMBN, even still. However, I have no idea how I was ever this patient as a kid. The amount of running back and forth to the same places to do the most trivial things has turned out to be a bit more exhausting and ennui-provoking than I remember, especially in certain parts of the games (I stopped playing MMBN 2 after the goose chase for ice melting programs).
After skipping the second game, I’m moving on to the next four and I’m hoping they don’t feel as tedious. Is anybody else feeling the same way or have I just become impatient in my late-stage millennialitis?
Also, if anything, I really miss Star Force now.
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2023.05.30 06:13 leftalovenote AITA for not playing into my sister’s gaming addiction?

My sisters (17F and 11F) and I (21F) have been playing an online game together. The game does not have to be played every day, but gameplay is optimized by doing so because of multiple daily “events” that provide rewards and are due at specific times. My parents have taken their devices away in an effort to motivate them to fulfill their responsibilities (schoolwork and chores). This happens pretty often in my house, and it usually does work (at least temporarily). I keep up with this game for them while they’re grounded, often spending a few hours in a day finishing events for all three of us. I know they care about the game and I play it too, so I usually don’t mind playing for them unless I’m stuck playing their game for extended periods of time.
17F sister, let’s call her Cal, was put online for school during Covid and has continued doing online school ever since. She’s basically done all of high school online, while 11F sister and I have been back in person. To give you an idea of how mentally young she is, Cal cried a couple of weeks ago because she missed an event on the game (She had her own devices and missed the event because she forgot to enter it, and missing an event isn’t even a big deal in the game).
Cal also doesn’t say thank you to me when she gets her devices back from our parents and sees all the events entered and the rewards in her inbox. She has acted aloof with me and pretends the game doesn’t mean anything to her. Yet she has woken up in the middle of the night to play it, cried over it, and neglected her schoolwork for it. So her aloof behavior is an act.
This time I have decided to only keep up with 11F’s game, and not Cal’s, since 11F actually listens to me, appreciates my help, and does the best she can. Cal has been shooting glares my way all day, but hasn’t confronted me directly about my decision yet.
I am living with my family and my schedule is free right now because I am mostly “on break” til law school in the fall aside from working, tutoring my sisters, and taking care of my infant brother. Cal also has a lot of free time, yet she fails to manage it properly. As an older sister, I feel a lot of responsibility for her and 11F. Last time I tried to help Cal build a schedule, she accused me of micromanaging her. I told her she was hurtful and wrong for painting me in a controlling/overbearing light, especially because I was only reacting to a breakdown she had the previous day, and she didn’t acknowledge that or apologize. I’m honestly just sick of her attitude towards me when I’m only trying to help.
Cal is, self-professed, “not interested in school.” She uses ChatGPT for assignments so that she has more time to game. I have told her how wrong this is. Her excuse for cheating was that I am so much more accomplished than her and our parents do not appreciate her grades, which isn’t true at all.
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2023.05.30 06:12 TangerineThing1 My dad just blew up over something so simple

My mom was talking something about how good her gynecologist is even though he is a man, and I said something along the line of I find it creepy when men enter those fields of the medical system (personal opinion), and how I wouldn't be comfortable with having a gynecologist that is a dude when I'm an adult, and my dad lost it.
My dad started going on about how straight white men are oppressed the most (I didn't even say anything about white guys, I was so confused.) and i'm letting the feminist movement and media brainwash me into being a man hater.
He called me disrespectful, told me I was a punk of a kid, and yelled at me until I cried. He then said he thought I meant all men were bad and thought I mean all men were creeps, when I clearly didn't say that or mean that.
I went upstairs to get away from him, but he came in my room a few seconds later to "apologize." He told me he loved me and he cared about me even though I wouldn't care if he came back alive from work (once again, never said anything about that, I didn't even say a word up to this point). I told him that wasn't true he cares/loves me because all he ever does is yell at me and he just said the classic "I'm sorry you feel that way." He also added that it's my job to not give him a reason to yell/bug me about things, when I literally don't open up to him or go to him for help for that reason. I try to be perfect, but I still get yelled at no matter what.
He then randomly started talking about me not eating enough and he thinks I'm purposely starving myself because I'm skinny and giving myself a calcium deficiency (I don't starve myself, I'm normal weight, and I don't drink milk because I don't like it and it hurts my stomach sometimes. I have no clue what he thought he was doing by saying this).
My dad also talked about how all of my problems with him are age-related and I'll be just like him as a teen and realize I'm being a clown and once I reach adulthood I'll see how good my childhood was, and that he just cares and that's why he yells at me (which makes no sense to me). He said he came to "apologize" so he would be able to sleep at night without feeling bad. All he did was defend his actions and make me feel worst.
It hurts to know he thinks I'm the problem because I'm a teenager, and thinks my emotions are out of wack when he literally got red in the face and started yelling over my personal opinion. My dad blows up of the most random things and then pretends to be sorry. I didn't even get an "I'm sorry" once, not that it would make it better anyways though.
He doesn't stop yelling at me until I cry, which at this point I feel it's his main goal. He sees how long he can yell, then fakes an apology and expects me to act like his best friend afterwards. I wish I didn't live in this home anymore so I could just cut contact. This might seems like a minor issue to some people, but there's a lot more going on behind the scenes than just this problem.
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2023.05.30 06:12 No-Veterinarian-7976 How do I get my hair to stop being so puffy in the back corners and side ?

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2023.05.30 06:12 tippedjuice Is this gonna get better?

(18m) I’m just curious if other people with better life experience than me have been in situations like this and if it actually gets better and if so, how it would get better.
Today I was being pretty unproductive. Me and my friend were seshing and I broke his brothers 300$ piece that I’m gonna be forced to somehow pay for without my family finding out. I have multiple final exams to worry about, and the entirety of the 11th grade in my school thinks that I stare at women often because I hang out with someone who often gets caught doing that.
I’m constantly walking down the hallway not paying any attention to anybody and all of a sudden I see two girls running away from me until they turn the corner, throughout my entire life I’ve been very socially included but now I’ve been on a constant downward spiral for the past two years.
Will this change when I move schools next year (the schools are relatively close together but not many people from my current school talk to the other school).
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2023.05.30 06:12 fgdt324 A sub where you can post about someone you're really proud of/admire so much?

I know a few people I'm really proud of and who I admire, I really want to post about them and how proud I am and how inspirational they are to me so I was wondering if there's a sub I can do that in.
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2023.05.30 06:10 Dr_Swamp going through some things and i need advice

alright so burner account because this scares the shit out of me and i dont feel like i can talk to anybody close to me about it. (rereading this before i post its was longer and a bit darker than i ment it to be but i really think i needed to get this off my chest) so background, im roughly 20 i still live at home cause im currently going through school and i do drugs from time to time; Not anything too bad just weed and the occasional mushroom. This is relevent soley for the fact that i was having a mushroom trip by myself one night, vibing, and i walk by a mirror and i just get so genuinly upset that i look the way i do. for the past three years i have been taking every beauty cream, peice of hair adivce, makeup tip and rudimentary fashion rule into account. This is mainly due to the fact i live with all women and they give me this advice so i "feel more comfortable in my own skin". Theyre right to suggest i dont. I havent felt comfortable in my own skin since puberty started. Not to say this isnt normal, im sure every pimply preteen feels there skin crawl when they begin to develop, hormones are a bitch, and i kept repeating this to myself throughout the whole ordeal. At first i wasnt super concerned how my peers saw me as i was of the mindset that people would like me for me rather than how i prefered to dress, and before highschool most kids didnt REALLY care just ribbing about how i looked like a boy and how i probably liked girls. I did admitidly dress oddly, flannel shirts, graphic tees and the kind of haircut you get when you go to your moms hair lady and ask for a guy haircut, but at least it felt like me. Highschool started and so did the bullying, you could not pay me to have to shuffle around in a baggy uniform facing the corner of a girls chageroom during gym again, in fact after the first day i changed in the bathroom for every other day of the year. when i tell you those girls had mastered the art of psychological warfare hooooly shit. but there was good stuff too. I moved in with my dad and step mom and met a whole bunch of kids who were like me, they wanted to figure out who they were for themselves. It was comforting to know i wasnt the only person who was looked at like a weirdo or butt of the joke. It was fun, for once being an outcast wasnt a bad thing i started making friends with other people who felt like they were on the outside watching in and we watched from the outside together. I started to become more comfrotable in my skin, i binded my chest with real binders instead of bandages i learned how to cut my own hair decently (for the most part) and i found a really cheap thrift store near by that had cheap clothes i felt okay in. i upgraded from looking like a geek to a 13 year old boy in uncle clothes, but i was happy and comfrotable. My dad and stepmom didnt really approve of this suggesting i just try to act normal, it was around this time they started having 'intellectual debates' with me a 14 year old on why i think the LGBT+ community should have rights. It started mildly with the athlete debate, then gay marriage then the legal right of transitioning. They made fun of any friends i would bring over to the house saying they were trying to be something they werent. it really hurt because they were my friends and they were just trying to be happy with themselves. Additionally, i had joined an LGBT alliance at school so the information i was getting from home and shcool was a bit conflicting. I told my parents it was an art club. I told them that i wasnt straight a year or so later. It was a very awkward silence. It got progressively worse to the point they began going through my mail and drawers berating me for ordering a binder and buying 'masculine' clothes,. I dont know why my parents did this. I dont want to assume that theyre bad people but they really fucked me up and as bad as the ribbing was from school, home hurt so much more. After three or so years I couldnt take it, i wanted my parents to love me and i coulndt handle having to defend my existance every day at home. so i swallowed my pride grew my hair out and started dressing more feminine. I told my friends and they were confused but they supported me. I was right it kinda helped at home. And then the lock down happened and i was stuck with my parents in the same house everyday. There was a lot more going on at home than discussing my aesthetic and i think i was a fool for thinking giving up my individuality would help. it was the worst point in my life. At some point the mental and physical abuse was enough to pack up my shit and "visit" my mom across state. They joked about me not coming back so i didnt. its been three years since then, three years of living uncomfortably. SO REMEMBER THE MUSHROOM TRIP? im sitting there infront of the mirror and im so confused and uncomfortable. Im not a girl. Im definitley not a woman. it sounds weird to just say. but i told myself for so long it HAD to be that way because if it wasnt what would my family do? and i realise in this mushroom addled state that i havent talked to my dad in months, because he can be an asshole. so why was i letting an asshole i dont talk to (and tried to abort me but thats another story) decide how i dress? I have this moment of clairty. Ive never felt like a girl, I hate how i look with long hair and curves and i feel content when people 'mistake' me for a guy so why do i look like this? why cant i just act how i want to act? So i made a pact with mirror me that i wasnt gonna make any huge changes just yet i was just gonna let myself choose my own clothes, hairstyle and if i wanted to actually put makeup on in the morning or not. I kept it tame cause i was very much aware i was high as shit. its been almost 2 weeks since then and a woman called me sir in the pharmacy today. I chopped off all my hair, and i started wearing the binder ive been hiding at the bottom of my sock drawer for years. I feel comfortable again, I feel like im in my own skin and when i walk by a mirror i dont get a pit in my stomach. I know this sounds dumb but am i trans? does anyone have any advice or anything?
TLDR Got fucked up on mushrooms, reviewed my trauma, might be a dude. any advice?
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2023.05.30 06:08 Muted_Carrot_2387 How to get good at dropshot?

I am working my way to GC in dropshot simply for the title. I think it is the coolest title in the whole game. I have been grinding the hell out of dropshot and went from gold 3 to Plat 3 div 4. I'm kinda stuck at Plat 3 though because the tm8s you get sometimes don't play well with how you play or the other team gets a god solo queue setup. I have searched for dropshot tips but most of them are pretty old and I prefer meta strategies.
To give you an idea of how I play I normally play more back and let my tm8s do most of the hitting. I basically play behind my tm8s incase a ball goes flying somewhere. I am very mechanical so I'm very confident in my aerials, ceiling shots etc. I also play back because god forbid if I go for the ball my tm8s will double committ with me which I guess is expected in low ranks.
I have played on another account and got champ 1 in dropshot just by playing my placements. And I was able to play at that level (even winning 3x in a row) despite that laptop playing 30 fps. I think I can get to champ again but idk how to get out of high Plat 3/ low diamond 1
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2023.05.30 06:07 nictbh Seeking training advice. Please help!

Hi there! I would like to learn how to be an executive assistant. I have no experience but I believe I'd be a great fit for this career based on my personal skills. Does anyone know some great online training programs they can recommend? Programs or courses that could teach me how to do certain tasks like email management, travel arrangements amd other important skills. I live in a third world country and there aren't many opportunities here. I'd love to seek professional opportunities as a virtual assistant eventually. Even though I don't have any experience, I'm confident in my ability to learn these skills and I'd be grateful for an opportunity to do so. I'd appreciate any tips, advice or even encouragement (haha) if possible. I want to change my life, find my purpose and expose myself to new opportunities. I know my location (in the Caribbean) can be very limiting but it's worth a try. Anything's possible, right? If you've read this entire post, thank you!! I'm quite introverted and this is very scary but I'd truly appreciate everyone's feedback. Thanks so much!
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2023.05.30 06:06 Random-Fog4884 I hate driving and I hate big "cars" even more

Driving itself is mad stressful for me bc of my ADHD but oh my god those big monster trucks make it so much worse. I drive a little sports car and I constantly feel like I'm about to be run off the road by those things... my whole car is as tall as one of those things' wheels. I'm not even sure if they can see me sometimes 💀
Those drivers are also the types to just be super aggressive. Like I was going 40ish in a 30 zone (😞) but one of those big ass Toyota trucks still sped past me, maybe at like 45-50ish? Another one honked at me bc I didn't take a free right turn in a low-visibility area. RIP how do people enjoy driving around
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2023.05.30 06:03 SupremoZanne FUNCTIONAL LETTER SUM, a program that demonstrates use of a FUNCTION feature for adding up letters of words!

' ' =========================== ' FUNCTIONAL LETTER SUM ' =========================== ' ' made for QB64 ' ' for some reason, the FUNCTION section had some ERRORs ' opening in QuickBasic 4.5. ' ' a simple program which uses a special FUNCTION variable, ' A1Z26, to add up the letters of words and names. ' ' program was created since more uses of FUNCTION sections ' could be used in some programs as we learn how to use QB. ' ' having a FUNCTION section is essential to dealing with ' repeated uses of the same routine, in a manner similar ' to SUBS, but in the context of Reddit, we share in ' a subreddit, which we also call SUBS. ' start: CLS PRINT "letter sum FUNCTION demo" PRINT PRINT "type "; CHR$(34); "quit"; CHR$(34); " to exit program." DO INPUT ">", a$ PRINT A1Z26(a$) IF UCASE$(a$) = "QUIT" THEN END IF SCREEN(3, 1) <> ASC("t") THEN GOTO start LOOP FUNCTION A1Z26 (A1_Z26$) FOR z = 1 TO LEN(A1_Z26$) md$ = UCASE$(MID$(A1_Z26$, z, 1)) SELECT CASE ASC(md$) CASE 65 TO 90 A1Z26 = A1Z26 + ASC(md$) - 64 CASE 97 TO 122 A1Z26 = A1Z26 + ASC(md$) - 96 END SELECT NEXT END FUNCTION 
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