Asian slut

2023.05.19 17:26 frezno98 Asian slut

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2023.04.30 13:00 Spiritual-Card-1345 More quqco

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2023.03.28 22:24 Subject-Staff-3849 Which belly would you choose?

Yuuie on left and Quqco on right!
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2021.04.24 07:14 Instant_dr_cox [REVIEW] @helloquqco The GME of OnlyFans

BUY NOW, ladies and gentlemen, because this stock is on the rise and it's going to the fucking moon.
She is the ultimate girl next door. She's JUST BARELY starting out on OnlyFans and you can tell she is barely dipping her toes into the water and trying things out. Extremely shy about crossing the line between lewd and nude and it's absolutely wholesome and adorable.
You may know her from her Twitch streams and her frequent appearances on the "Love or Host" show where she, unfortunately, was unsuccessful. Where she is successful, however, is her talent. She is an extremely talented artist and she speaks (I think) 3 languages.
Jesus Christ I forgot to mention she's absolutely fucking GORGEOUS. I MEAN WHAT THE FUCK. This is legit the girl you want to take home to your parents and put a fucking ring on it.
It is for these reasons that I had to unsubscribe and put her on mute. The ROI wasn't as I expected and I had to pull out of my position.
I found myself getting too attached. I had followed her for a while and if you follow her Twitter you can tell that it was only a matter of time before she got an OnlyFans. She absolutely respects sex workers and constantly likes other beautiful women's tweets. I've even subscribed to a couple other OnlyFans creators due purely from her likes. She is a beautiful soul and a beautiful person.
So when she started her OnlyFans I immediately was like, "Fuck... people are gonna leak her shit and ruin it for everyone". Sure enough, shortly after she posts this:
I’m really sad 😦 please don’t leak my pictures and things. It makes me not want to do this. I want to be comfortable with you all, but now I don’t trust you all. Leaking is the surefire way for me to not get super spicy or to make me stop. I am believing in you. If you like what I do, please protect me and keep what I post as secret and safe. I’m asking you to please be kind to me.
I felt absolutely heart broken for her. I know this was an experiment for her and I knew that if this experiment failed, she would quit. I sent her some words of comfort and tried my best to make sure that I was someone that could be trusted because I've seen this happen before and I know how negatively it affects them. She thanked me and we had some very nice exchanges in DMs.
Fast forward to a couple days ago. She says she's going to post a new lingerie set, and send another "spicier" set to a VIP list of people she had been collecting. This VIP list was people who showed her absolute respect and others that were high tippers. I know I was the former. I absolutely knew it. There was no way I wasn't someone she thought was important enough to trust with her even more intimate content.
I was absolutely ready for this. I was F5'ing the day she announced it, and the day after up until the moment she released her initial set. In her mass message for the initial set she said she was going to send out the VIP set "in a moment".
I was ready. Didn't care how much it costed I was ready.
Minutes... and then hours... and then the debilitating realization that I wasn't a part of her VIP list. Heartbreak set in. Grief set in.
I realized this wasn't healthy and I unsubscribed and put her on mute.
This is all by way of saying she is still a 5/5 for anyone else and you're in for someone's OnlyFans journey where they grow into being a top 10 creator easily. There is absolutely no ceiling for her and will be the best thing that ever happened to you.
Her onlyfans is https://onlyfans.com/helloquqco
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