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Citi Bike - NYC Bike Share

2013.05.19 19:53 deadmansstare Citi Bike - NYC Bike Share

The place to discuss routes, membership options, and the bikes!

2017.07.03 01:12 AlienOvichO Elliott Wave Forecast

ElliottWave-Forecast has built its reputation on accurate technical analysis and a winning attitude. By successfully incorporating the Elliott Wave Theory with Market Correlation, Cycles, Proprietary Pivot System, we provide precise forecasts for 78 instruments including Forex, Commodities, Indices and a number of stocks & etfs from around the World. Technical Videos, Elliott Wave Setup .

2013.09.09 00:09 LukeyHear What to see and do Outdoors in Scotland.

Links and discussion on the great Scottish Outdoors. Maps, logistics, weather and planning ideas in the sidebar. Wild camp spot requests will be removed. Gear and Kit advice available at /CampingGear. Bothies are not a destination. Picture posts only to be used to illustrate an informative text-based post.

2023.06.03 16:47 throwaway-quitter-AB Advice on quitting a job held for 9 yrs (AB)

Throwaway as my other account may be a tip off.
I work in the oil and gas industry in welding inspection. I moved to AB for work but am originally from out of province. I recently moved back to my home province and have been commuting back and forth to AB for work. It is a construction based job so I will take on a project, usually 2-6 months long, and then work roughly 2 or 3 weeks on with 1 week off.
It has been taxing for me to do all of this commuting. On top of this the company has come under new ownership recently and they have reduced certain parts of our compensation. The general manager has also become quite toxic. I am a by the hour employee.
I am nearing the end of a project where I intend to submit a written resignation. This will leave them with about 8-14 days notice before another project they have me scheduled for.
I fully expect my managers and supervisors to become extremely toxic once I resign and thats why I want to do it this way. They will have to scramble a bit to fill my role but I am not critical to the company. There are around 8 other employees that all do the same task as me. I am also worried about getting screwed around on my last pay. Ideally I would give them notice now but I have a few weeks left on the project I am currently on and if I resign now these last few weeks would suck.
Its so toxic the reason I am writing this is i wouldn’t be surprised if they came after me for damages if they cant fill my role before the next project starts. Im not sure what the possibilities are here and im not experienced with legal issues.
I have never quit in this fashion before and am looking for advice people are willing to offer
Thank you very much in advance
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2023.06.03 16:47 mert_zen no one checking tickets and ım posting ... admins saying wait 3 day.

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2023.06.03 16:47 GoodNeighbor55 NYC Show tickets

Is there a resale market for the NYC show? Tickets were sold out immediately. Live locally, dying to go, just listened to that pod when the show was announced a day late. Thanks fellow fans
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2023.06.03 16:45 Lonnykush anon fell victim to the polish hand grenade

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2023.06.03 16:45 AutoModerator [Download Course] Travis Stephenson – Simple Profit System (Genkicourses.com)

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Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
Explore affordable learning at Genkicourses.site 🎓! Dive into a world of quality courses handpicked just for you. Download, watch, and achieve more without breaking your budget.
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2023.06.03 16:44 PsD_Shock Edgar is no longer popular

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2023.06.03 16:43 Regas_74 Fan expo philly did not disappoint

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2023.06.03 16:42 Ok-Grape-10 How many times do you charge your phone in a day?

It bothers me because I can only use my phone for 5-6 hrs then I need to recharge it again at night (7pm). I came from an android phone and I really can't help to compare it since that phone can last me a day or two without recharging it again. (No hate to 14 pro, I really love it tho just the battery sucks).
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2023.06.03 16:42 No_Durian_9813 Rate this one

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2023.06.03 16:41 Gist_it A woman is in custody after refusing tuberculosis treatment for more than a year

A Washington state woman has been taken into custody for refusing tuberculosis treatment for more than a year.
The situation: The Tacoma woman, identified as V.N., was booked into an isolation room at the Pierce County Jail, but can still choose whether to receive treatment. * She is not currently facing criminal charges and could be released in 45 days or earlier if determined no longer a threat to public health.
Legal background: A judge first issued a civil arrest warrant for V.N. in March, 14 months after approving a health department request for her voluntary detention. * Over 17 hearings, health officials persistently requested the court to uphold its order for her involuntary detention.
Tuberculosis context: Tuberculosis (TB) is a bacterial infection that can spread through the air and can be fatal without treatment. * In Pierce County, there are only about 20 active cases per year, and V.N.'s case is the third time in two decades that a court order has been necessary for treatment.
View original article on NPR
This summary was created by an AI system. The use of this summary is subject to our Terms of Service.
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2023.06.03 16:40 Suspicious-Pain9866 Do I even need to say anything

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2023.06.03 16:40 102Foxtrot Starting day 42

Starting day 42
This is my third attempt at 75 hard. The first time I wasn’t focused, a cute girl batted her eyelashes and ask me “are you sure you don’t want to take a shot with me” and just like that, I ended 75 hard on the 3rd day.
Second attempt was a schedule conflict. I was on the road from GA down to SoFla, then after a quick change of clothes, from SoFla to North Louisiana. I didn’t schedule it properly and ended up not working out or drinking my water.
Third time is the charm. I returned from my adventure, I decided this was it. I’m going all out. I posted on my TikTok for myself, for my accountability. I sit in my truck and talk to the camera. It’s helped. If you need a little motivation(@nomadriding) is my TT.
I wrote down my why. I ruled out my excuses. I remind myself daily of it. I am still just a little over half way but I’m just getting started in my new lifestyle of taking care of my body, watching what I eat, and being active.
Hope you make your journey. See you at the finish line
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2023.06.03 16:39 XboxCorgi You mfs are everywhere

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2023.06.03 16:38 Tauseefahmad123 CherryOs Widgets Pack 70 Beautiful Widgets Pack

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2023.06.03 16:38 euphorheya Interview with Hotch 😈 [Official Info by Dmitry, Author of GC ⚔]

Hi everyone! 😊 There's this section on VK where fans can ask a GC character some questions, and the most interesting one(s) will be illustrated by artists. Of course, the answers are considered to be canon, since they are issued by the author of GC himself 😁
Before we get into it, I am not a professional translator, I only relied on both Yandex and Google Translate. Here's the link to the original post, so you may add corrections to my post here 😊
Alright, let's get into the interview with the lovely (and suspicious) Hotch 🥰😈
DATE POSTED: November 6th, 2022
All information is official and provided by our wonderful Dmitry
On this Sunday, Hotch came to visit us. And he didn't just look, but gave a whole interview 😈🔥
Enjoy reading, friends :)

"Hey-ho, strong citizens and charming citizens. I demand an apology for such an unceremonious intrusion on my frequency. Kidding, kidding, just breathe out."
1. Will there be a love line with you after all?
"And with you, our curious one? 😏"
2. Hotch, have you shared a room with someone before? Are you comfortable, or is it easier to live alone?
"One is calmer, but who said that I'm looking for peace? I can't live without any action in my life, so I perceive the opportunity to exchange a couple of words as heavenly semolina."
3. Are you a love branch or a storyline???!!
"I am the terror flying on the wings of the night!" **
\ ** Note: I've googled this up and apparently, it's quite similar to a quote by) Darkwing Duck that goes, "I am the terror that flaps in the night!" … Interesting, and very adorable 👀\)
4. What have you done to annoy thousands of men so much that they want to erase your smile with the whole camp?
"Charming, I would answer, but for this we need to get to know each other a little closer 😉"
5. Tell me, how did you end up in Cassius' frumentarii squad? What moment of the service is most vividly imprinted in your memory (not counting the explosive sortie ... )?
"Usually gladiators become frumentarii, but for me it's the opposite. Some friends of Cassius suggested my candidacy as a plucker and burglar. The old man turned his nose around for a long time, but we all understand that he had no choice.
He organized a test for me, an impromptu test strip. It's easy to sneak past the gladiators unnoticed. Hacking is even easier.
And then Flavius asked him to surprise him. And he raises his eyebrow, saying I didn't impress him. What to do, I had to return the rosary to the surprised old man, without which he unexpectedly remained ;)
Eh, Cassius... I'll miss you."
6. Dear Hotch, what was your childhood like? You never talked about your family and you growing up.
"It's not the time for that yet. I can only say that I was born into a family of artists touring all over the world. That's what they called themselves. In fact — traveling circus performers ... but... Damn, there was a lot of love and warmth in it."
Note: The appearance of Hotch's parents in this fanart is not canon unfortunately. But I love to think they looked like this anyway, beautiful and handsome just like Hotch 😜
7. What is your most vivid childhood memory?
"When I first sat on the splits and did somersaults. Bomb feeling! Try it. In splits, the main thing is not to sit down, but to stand up ;)"
8. What kind of music do you prefer?
"It's not that important to me, and I don't have to listen to it very often."
9. Would you like to watch a sunset or sunrise with your loved one?
"I would like to meet a loved one :)"
10. It feels like you had an extremely traumatic relationship experience in the past ... can you at least mention it in passing ... share it with me?
"Oh, I see a line of those who want to get to know each other better here 😏"
11. If you had a choice: complete the task or save the person, what would you choose?
"I would have been torn to pieces, but I did both."
12. Do you consider our group of frumentarii not just comrades-in-arms, but friends?
"Oh, those poor bastards? Let them live, friends 😄"
13. I would very much like to know some story related to your past or childhood. Where you were born, how did you grow up, what happened to your family, some significant moment?
"Frostkitsune, why am I cuter in your art than in real life?! Alice, this applies to you too! **
With my family... Everything is complicated there. I think I will be able to answer this question one day, but... In general, I don't want to talk about something sad right now. Enough, away with these thoughts.
But thanks for asking. Memories hurt, but this pain makes it clear that I am still a person, and not a soulless metal bucket with nuts."
( \* Note:) 'Frostkitsune' is famously known for their many Hotch fanarts like this one \including the spicy Rix/Hotch ones, but I'm keeping this post PG-13 so I'm not sharing it here lol]) & 'Alice' is the artist who illustrated some of the Q&As in this interview.)
14. What is the decisive factor for you when choosing people who are trustworthy? Has your trust ever been betrayed? If so, how did you get through it?
"The decisive factor would be the presence of a sense of humor. I don’t get along with someone who doesn’t understand jokes or takes this life too seriously. No, no, I can be serious too, but do it all the time? Pf...
I don't really trust people. To do something - yes, it is possible. But mostly by myself. It's easier. Even during operations there is some nervousness. We often work separately, so the fear that someone will mess up is still present, but over the years it has become less."
15. If you had to take care of a cybercat, would you feel better?
"If a cat with implants is a cybercat, then it turns out that I am... CyberHotch?!"
ARTIST: Alice/Alisa - vk.com/zintazamelmao
Aaand that's it, folks 😊 When I read Hotch's profile in S3E3, I immediately thought of this interview lol, I just had to post it here! Hotch didn't give a straight (pun intended) answer when he was asked about the infamous question... instead he flirted with thousands of people 🤣🤣🤣
Yes, there are interviews with other GC characters. So far: they've done Paulina, Labelle, Afiy, Augusta and Cassius. They're doing Stortia's interview at the moment 😄 Whose interview would you want me to post next? 👀
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2023.06.03 16:38 302blank Looking for audiobook recommendations for a 14 day road trip.

My girlfriend and I are planning to visit national parks in the Pacific Northwest and completely forgot to look into what audiobooks to listen to. We enjoy dystopian sci-fi genre and fantasy but are open to pretty much everything. It’s really important for the audio to be entertaining but not over the top. Examples of books we’ve enjoyed are: Game of thrones series, The Hunger Games trilogy, Ballad of songbirds and snakes, Harry Potter series, The Last Thing He Told Me, Tales From the Gas Station. Thank you!
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2023.06.03 16:38 Alarming_Mention UPDATE- “I just adopted a 14yo cat…”

UPDATE- “I just adopted a 14yo cat…”
Hello all! I’m back with my requested update regarding Charlie, the senior cat I adopted at the beginning of May.
Things have been pretty good! He’s very happy and chatty, and always follows me around the house as I go about my day. It’s been awesome discovering his personality as we spend time together- he’s snuggly and sweet, and has absolutely zero boundaries when you have something he wants to eat. There’s nothing he loves more than curling up on my lap for hours, which is killing my knees (he’s abt 15lbs)… but how could I say no?? Also, though he likes his personal space, he’s getting on well with my other cat (Bear, the black one in the photos) and I don’t think we’ll have many problems there.
Taking him to the vet revealed some health problems the rescue group never told me about, but we’re working through that and he’s got a great care team behind him. Having to give him meds every 12 hours has put a bit of a damper on our relationship, but he takes it like a champ and doesn’t ever seem too mad at me. He seems to be on the mend already.
He spends most his time either sleeping or following me around, which is just fine with me. I snuggle him daily and try to reassure him that I love him no matter what. I know that he will never forget his previous owner, but I hope he knows that he always has a place with me until he gets to see her again. Thank you all for your kindness and support, and please take this update as repayment! 🐈💕
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2023.06.03 16:37 jlandry287 Ice Cream Banana tree looking rough

Ice Cream Banana tree looking rough
Located in zone 9. Soil has good very drainage and is slightly acidic (pH = ~4.5).
I’ve fertilized with Azomite (14 days ago) and 4-3-6 fertilizer (21 days ago).
Currently watering approximately 2x a week, I’ve increased the frequency and it got worse.
Based off my research, I suspect a phosphorus deficiency but I’d appreciate a second opinion before I add any more nutes.
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2023.06.03 16:36 Sperry8 My engagement ring shopping experience

Hello all,
Just completed 4 days of in-person visits in New York City (Manhattan NYC) shopping for an engagement ring and thought I'd share my experience (as many of your posts helped me). Please know I am not an expert so just sharing my personal experience.
I met with 6 companies and learned a lot. In addition I also shopped at numerous online retailers. All the companies showed me eye-clean sparkly looking mined diamonds. However, I learned the industry does not provide enough information for us to truly make an informed decision to compare and contrast the diamonds and to ensure we're getting good value for the diamond we end up purchasing. The reality is, most consumers don't seem to care. They buy based on carat size, setting type, price, and sparkle. For those that care more, internet research discusses the 4 C's (usually described in a report from a grading company like GIA or similar). But sadly, this report does not provide all the information required to identify a sparkly mined diamond.
They allow you to compare and contrast in a controlled setting (in-store with fancy lighting), against a few other diamonds (also controlled). If you have a favorite diamond from one store and want to contrast it against another (or against one online), you are unable to do so. Only seeing diamonds side by side, without the controlled lighting, would we be able to truly see the possible difference in color tint and sparkle.
However, there are add'l reports and tools that allow you to ascertain how sparkly your diamond will perform - but almost none of the stores provide these reports. Some of the online retailers do - but they only provide some, not all, of these reports.
Finally, because consumers only care about carat size, setting type, price, and sparkle the cutters (who cut the raw diamonds) are incentivized not to create perfect sparkly cuts without inclusions, but to keep as much of the raw material as possible, which results in many of these diamonds have inclusions, clouds, and angles that do not optimize the sparkle of the diamond (but do leave them a higher carat size) which is what consumers (and retailers want). Retailers want this because they know 2 things... they can charge more for larger stones, and they can sell stones that aren't perfect to consumers since they don't provide us with enough info to make an informed decision. The result is what I found when shopping. Almost every retailer trots out diamonds that appear sparkly and pretty - but have significant flaws (which are not generally noticeable to the naked eye - but do reduce the shine nonetheless and would be more apparent if shown side by side in natural light).
At a bare minimum, the reports one should look at are GIA Report, Holloway Cut Report, and the Gemex Light Performance Report. Most retailers do not provide these reports unless asked. One must ask, if the diamonds they are showing rank as good on these reports, why would they withhold this information? It seems obvious to me they withhold it because the diamonds we are shown do not rank well on the reports. And without data, one is left to choose a diamond solely based on their "eye" and budget, which will not get you the highest quality diamond at the price you can afford.
When in store, optimally, you also want to do 3 things.
1- Look at the diamond through am (Idealscope) hearts and arrows viewer to make sure the hearts and arrows are clean and present (one can be purchased for ~$15 if you want to bring your own). But, imo, any retailer who doesn't have one sitting there for you to use, is obviously showing you diamonds that will not pass this visual inspection.
2- Use an ASET Scope or other light scope viewer to identify how much "bleed" the diamond has. That is, how much light is refracted back to the eye - vs how much light passes through the diamond (and not back to the eye). This will help you ascertain the brilliance/sparkle of the diamond. You can buy/bring your own, but again, any retailer not offering this knows the diamonds they are showing you won't allow their diamond to grade high.
3- Look at the diamonds side by side, over something white, in natural light (put your hand over the bright lights the store has). See from the top if the sparkle differs and see from the side if you can see a yellow looking tint. This may prove difficult if you cannot sufficiently block their bright light and use natural light (which is how you'll be looking at the diamond through your life when it's on your finger.
If you use all the tools above you'll be more equipped to make an informed decision. Now, sadly, after doing all the above, I'm still not 100% confident I received the best diamond at the best price. I am however, more confident I received an excellent cut, sparkly diamond, in the largest size for my budget. In fact of the 24+ diamonds I saw, only 3 passed the tests above - and odds are I would've ended up with one of those rather than the one I bought. So at the very least I ended up with one of the 3 and put the odds in my favor that I wasn't as ripped off as I would've been.
Another thing to consider is your setting. Setting prices (for the exact same setting) were all over the place (from a low of $850 to a high of $3,800). Again, these were for near identical settings. This is another trick... a store may appear to be giving you a deal on a diamond - but once you include the setting price - you end up not saving at all (or vice versa).
On to the reviews. Budget was $20k all in, incl setting, taxes, and shipping/insurance. Round brilliant natural mined diamond. Setting 14k yellow gold 4 prong pave, and thus my color grade to optimize size was ~I (for an excellent stone any of the near colorless options (G-J) will look white next to yellow gold so figured no need to pay more for a colorless grade. Based on my budget, stones I were shown were in the 1.8-2.2 carat range.
Lauren B Jewelry:
(i) Showed 4 eye clean diamonds within my budget. Did not provide any reports alongside the diamonds. However, upon request, did provide the GIA reports. Did not offer any add'l reports and did not provide me with a hearts/arrows ideal-scope or ASET viewer in store.
(ii) Setting price was $2,100 (14k)
My take: Excellent friendly in-store service. Diamonds shown were the lowest quality of any I saw during my visit (as it appears to stay within my budget and size request they had to drop down to SI level) GIA reports and loupe confirmed a variety of inclusions and clouds. Settings were some of the most beautiful however and were priced on the lower end of the setting prices I received.
Jangmi Jewelry:
(i) Showed me 3 eye clean diamonds with GIA reports provided without asking. Showed me stones through hearts and arrows viewer without asking. Provided Holloway Cut reports after meeting upon request. Claimed Gemex reports are redundant and not required once someone has seen the HCA Cut report.
(ii) Setting price quoted at $2,800 (14k, but quote includes adding pave to prongs which may have increased price slightly).
My take: Friendly service, although English was 2nd language. Diamonds were priced competitively however GIA and Holloway showed only average stones (with the better GIA report having a worse Holloway score and the worse GIA report having a better Holloway score). They had a hearts and arrows viewer in-store and the stones did have them (to my untrained eye). However. without a Gemex and ASET viewer it was impossible for me to truly identify the sparkle/brilliance of their stones. It is ultimately possible the stones are above average, however, I was not provided the tools to corroborate this.
Soho Gem:
(i) Showed me 5 eye clean diamonds with GIA reports alongside (without asking). Would not provide Holloway Cut or Gemex reports but did offer to have me come back to the store to view the diamonds through their ASET viewer as well as through an Ideal-Scope. This was not offered to me while I was in-store.
(ii) Setting quoted at $3,400 (18k). 18k increased setting price slightly as well as pave around basket.
My take: Friendly in-store service. The specs of the diamond I liked the most were similar to the stone I ultimately chose. It is possible had I been willing to trek back to the store to see the stones through the ASET viewer and Ideal-Scope the stone may have proved excellent in terms of light leakage and hearts and arrows. But without the add'l HCA and Gemex reports, I'd have lacked the information to truly make an informed decision. Further their diamond was $1,300 higher - so it seemed a waste to go through the effort only to see a diamond that matched the specs of the diamond I bought. Plus their setting was significantly more expensive (even when taking 18k into consideration) and they required a 50% deposit to begin.
Ring Concierge:
(i) Showed me 3 eye clean diamonds. Included GIA reports but would not offer add'l reports calling them "unnecessary as GIA certified diamonds with a cut grade of triple excellent... will have maximum brilliance". She claimed any add'l reports function as a "sales/marketing technique".
(ii) Setting quoted at $3,600 (14k). They do however offer the thinnest band at 1.5mm which no other retailer would build (thinnest anyone else would go was 1.8mm).
My take: Friendly in-store service. However, setting prices were the highest of any retailer and when a customer asks for reports on physics/facts only to be told these are sales/marketing techniques, my antenna go way up. She knows (or should know) that not all of GIA's excellent cut diamonds are optimal in terms of brilliance/fire/scintillation and light leakage. Alongside their high setting prices this store was a hard pass. But ahhh, those beautiful settings.
Frank Darling:
(i) created a 4 diamond flight for me to see in store.
My take: Prior to the meeting I called to ask if they would provide any of the reports described herein and they said they do not provide any of the reports, or ASET or hearts/diamond viewers, so I cancelled the meeting. No point in wasting everyone's time if I will not be provided with enough data to make an informed decision.
I.D. Jewelers (Yekutiel Davidov):
(i) showed me 1 stone in-store (and had another queued up for the following day). Provided GIA report alongside the stone and walked me through minimum specs of the GIA report (i.e., showed me how to weed out certain stones immediately, such as what depth % is optimal, what fluorescence is acceptable, etc). Provided Holloway Cut Report and Gemex report via request.
(ii) Setting quoted at $850-$1,100 depending on 14k or 18k gold preference.
My take: Super friendly and knowledgeable service. The diamond graded very well on all 3 reports but the diamond price was on the higher side. However, with the lowest setting price of all the retailers, the total net price was the same as the others and within budget. Only required $1k down. Ultimately was my 2nd favorite diamond. Would've been great to see the diamond through an ASET or Light Scope Viewer but decided not to as I found another slightly larger diamond that passed all the tests.
David S Diamonds:
(i) showed me 2 in-store diamonds. Provided all the reports and viewers described herein. Also provided training as to why I needed all the reports and viewers (full disclosure - this is the store that explained why I needed all the reports and viewers described herein). So obviously he'd provide everything.
(ii) Setting quoted at $950 (14k).
My take: Very friendly and patient in-store service generous with their time. Provided training on how to buy a diamond and implored me to go back out and to the retailers and shop with my new knowledge (before buying). Showed me a diamond I ultimately bought (2.03 carat, J, VVS2, GIA certified, excellent Gemex scores, excellent under light scope, clean hearts and arrows). Saved me ~$2,200-$3,500 vs the other stores with excellent confidence that the stone I bought is as good as it can get within my budget and specs.
James Allen:
Also shopped online at James Allen and even looked at the "competitor" diamonds that the Holloway Report showed once I ran that report. James Allen's True Hearts competitive diamond (with similar specs and grades) was over $5,000 more than the diamond I purchased. And this from the "low cost" online retailer without a storefront.
Other retailers: Kamni, R&R Jewelry and NYC Wholesale Diamonds could not accommodate in-person meetings the week I was in town so I couldn't asses them.
To sum up, if someone wanted me to recommend them a place to start, I'd start with David S Diamonds to get the learning he provides. Then once you have a diamond and price you like from him - go to Yekutiel at I.D. Jewelers and see if he can source something similar at a similar (or better) price. This way you'll have a few options to choose from. You can also double check either of the diamonds you found vs James Allen (or Blue Nile) once you pull the Holloway Cut Report (or have David So or Yekutiel Davidov provide you the Rapport pricing for the diamonds they are showing). This may give you some confidence that you're getting a decent value/price.
If I had to start this process over again, I would not visit any of the diamond stores that have storefronts and significant overhead - I discovered many of them are Instagram stores - selling much lower quality diamonds for the same price because they are popular among the IG crowd . Further, from my limited experience, their settings are way overpriced in comparison and their deposit policies (generally 50% down) are absurd. After all they haven't given you the diamond yet... all you should be required to pay for is the setting.
Finally, please know I am not a diamond expert, and am just a noob who is sharing their learnings over a very small period and very small sample size. I'm simply sharing what I learned and if it helps someone, great. If not - feel free to ignore.
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2023.06.03 16:36 Ashal_s Teen girl adhd diagnosis (please help)

I am a 14 year old girl (living in uk) I am not diagnosed with ADHD but am in the progress of an assessment. I’m super worried that I won’t have ADHD obviously ADHD isn’t like a flex or anything but if I don’t have ADHD I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’ve been suspecting I’ve got ADHD for years now when I properly talked to my mum about it she said she’ll talk to my school about a referral and assessment. She was awful at contacting them and only even got them to send her a mini questionnaire 6 months after bringing it up with them. The school did a questionnaire with teachers too and there was teachers saying there was some traits. On my mums questionnaire she was not honest, saying I would do my chores and didn’t have symptoms for than a couple years ago. This is not true, I haven’t done my chores in over 2 years and can’t get myself too if I do one at the start of the week then forget to do one I give up for the whole week and if I do have motivation after putting washing on I’ll only remember about it at like 1am which then it’s too late to do anything about it and forget about it for days again. From ages 8-11 I was getting into a lot of trouble at school to the extent my parents had to come into school for meetings about me disrupting the class and breaking too many rules. So i am so annoyed my mum said that I was fine, even in my reports at school it would say about me being very disruptive and always loosing stuff. I’m concerned that due to my mums lies I won’t even get an assessment, if I get an assessment I think I will be alright as I have so many ADHD traits that are obvious to loads of people, my friends and family have often asked me before if I have ADHD or am getting diagnosed. Is anyone in a similar situation or has any advice what to do. I don’t know if I’ll ever get diagnosed seeing as I’m a girl who has alright grades. Just fingers crossed I can at least get an assessment.
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2023.06.03 16:36 Wagamaga Only going to get worse’: Asia’s record-shattering heatwaves raise fears over climate change. Vietnam's national weather forecaster warned on Thursday of residential fire risks due to high power consumption. With temperatures set to range from 35C and 39C (102 f) in the coming days

Only going to get worse’: Asia’s record-shattering heatwaves raise fears over climate change. Vietnam's national weather forecaster warned on Thursday of residential fire risks due to high power consumption. With temperatures set to range from 35C and 39C (102 f) in the coming days submitted by Wagamaga to environment [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 16:34 SlightStrawberry1722 what's the max number of heart crystals you can get?

so ive been doing cyrus and reese's wedding pictures the last few days and have gotten 14 heart crystals both times. does anyone know the highest number of crystals you can actually get?
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