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Turkish Girl ☾☆ Do u know how to tame a kitty? 🐱 I am a good girl with a dirty mind. 🙈 Dominant & Submissive (Depends on my mood) 😈😇 To contact me :

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2023.05.30 06:51 Pip111111 WA on iOS crashes when connected to internet

Hi, does anyone know how to fix this? My WA immediately closes everytime I open the app. The only way for me to access the app is if I turn off wifi and data. Thanks!
My app and iOS are updated to the latest versions
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2023.05.30 06:50 Longjumping_Fly7018 Was on citalopram 10mg for 3 years and think it has caused permanent issues in my vision

So I started citalopram around 2019 for depression but really the depression was caused by my ocd. Around that time I’m not sure how long after I remember just my vision being completely fucked one night like a gritty dry sensation in my eye and it almost hurt to look or focus on anything. At the time I didn’t make the connection and just continued on as normal. As I had ocd I wasn’t aware of what was physical and what was like a somatic obsession that I was creating in my head. Over this period I noticed other side effects like increased sensitivity to light, so sunny days were especially hard for me and finding it particular difficult to see at night/in dark rooms.
I somehow managed but all throughout this time I avoided close up work a lot and feel like subconsciously I was afraid to be in situations where I had to focus on close up things. What makes it more confusing is that I am farsighted and have amblyopia (lazy eye) in mt left eye, so I never knew whether that was the cause for my vision issues. However, it seems hard to accept that from the ages of 0-18 I never had issues with my vision, just got on with wearing my glasses and then at 18 these things I was born with would be somehow causing vision issues.
A couple of times last year when my anxiety about it for really bad I went to multiple opticians and even paid for an optometrist to have an in-depth examination of my eyes and there’s never been a problem.
Anyway I stopped the medication in December of last year and have simultaneously tried to have a healthier lifestyle. A lot of the issues have subsided but I still find it hard to focus on close up work. Like when I’m writing I kind of zone out and lose track.
This is extremely distressing. Do you think this could be a residual side effect of the being on pills for multiple years?
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2023.05.30 06:50 cryptdoh6 The alternative to getting rich quick shouldn’t be working fulltime just to barely survive until you’re old or dead.

Getting rich quick is something many dream of, but unrealistic for most. Many things have already been done, and their market already dominated by a select few (or oversaturated by many, with many making money, but not a lot of it).
Most people will not even get rich slowly over time. Whether it is due to bad spending habits, or corporate greed and/or lack of “valuable skills” (according to the market/economy).
The entire purpose of working is so that you can afford to live. That means being able to afford rent/mortgage, utility bills, food, transportation, clothing, healthcare (which should be universal and publicly funded like most countries already do, I live in the US), etc. Whatever you will literally die or legitimately suffer without.
You have to pay rent and bills next month, and eat tomorrow. That shit can’t wait until “retirement”. The landlord isn’t going to make for your career or business to take off. You need to make enough to pay rent and bills NOW. Whether you’re 18 and kicked out on your own, or 48 with a family to feed.
It pisses me off when some people say “stop looking for immediate solutions, think about 10 or 20 years from now”. First off, you want a life worth living that long. Second, literal necessities and living costs ARE DUE NOW!
And no, everybody cannot just “get on welfare” for immediate need. That’s not how it works…..
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2023.05.30 06:50 AutoModerator [Course] The System by Todd Valentine

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2023.05.30 06:50 AutoModerator Todd Valentine - Verbal Academy (Complete Program)

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2023.05.30 06:50 Natural-Turn680 Unleashing Your Potential: How to Pivot Your Career and Boost Your Income

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2023.05.30 06:50 Mimiyellow0791 Lf hangout buddy during weekends.

Esp on these areas: Bgc, Molito Alabang or Pobla Makati. I like to hangout during weekends on those areas so kung bored ka din, single & tired being alone send me a message. Pass sa fubu/fwb
About you: SINGLE tito 30 & up Pure SFW Working professional Knows how to respect boundaries Has sense of humor Madaldal Can pay for your own Plus factor kung cute haha
About me: I’m single Working professional Can pay for my own Cute & witty
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2023.05.30 06:50 erinlakelyn theory on jesse & whitney/ soph/ christen & jacob/ Rachel & owen

Soph (s) Whitney (w) Jesse (j) Christen (c) jacob (jc) Rachel (r) Owen (o)
S/j - I don’t like s but i do believe that j actually wanted her in the beginning. they give me the same kinda vibe.. meaning they both will fw c/w for views and a payday.
W/J - I don’t think w actually likes j. Let’s think abt this..
1: w hasn’t made any relationship she’s had since being friends w c rlly public or “official” even Tate she didn’t act like this. 2: tate and her had more chemistry and you could tell she had real feelings. yet she never posted the kind of shit she’s posting abt j and definitely didn’t say she was ready to marry tate . W/j are together a week and she goes public w their relationship, calling him her “husband” saying she’d marry him? “Soulmate4life” ? No.. lmao. 3: w/j are so awkward. in the background of other ppls videos they don’t even seem to be together fr. I’ve only seen them “in love” when they know there’s a camera on them. And even then it’s fake asf 4: highly convenient for w and c to get into ‘serious’ relationships at the exact same time. esp considering how slutty the two of them are.
I believe w got with j for drama she knew it would start with s, she knew c had a ‘relationship’ she was going to have to entertain for a while so she wouldn’t have much time for w anymore so w had to get a replacement.
C/j- This one pretty much everyone has the same theory.. they aren’t serious and this is for views bc she “knows how to work the internet” but the funny part is the only ppl that believe her shit is her little cult of minions.
As for jc, well i believe he wanted to be w r and still had hopes for them to be together until O/r got together. I think c hit jc up and jc saw it as revenge on r. Or maybe the other way around, he hit c up and c went for it bc she has no morals and knew it would get her views. Either way they cannot actually be real i said it before and there’s no way If jc had real feelings for c he wouldn’t be cool hanging out with guys he knows have fucked his gf and wear their clothes. And that’s not bc of insecurity that’s bc that’s weird asf.
o- They seem genuine.. my heart goes out to R and grey. R has done an amazing job with it all. I can’t imagine being in her situation.. having an infant, having someone you thought was a friend fuck up her family dynamic, being cheated on, not only being trashed online by c and w but also the father of her child allowing them to.. and then to be told your a bad mom, being accused of keeping her son away from his dad when in reality jc has no legal rights. He can see Grey but chooses not to. She’s told she shouldn’t have o around grey out of respect for jc but yet c and her fans think r should let her child go around c? O has been respectful abt the situation. c and her friends have posted abt it the most but c deserves to have a part in greys life? If c and her friends are willing to trash r all over the internet then what’s going to stop them from trashing Rachel in front of grey?
Anyway that’s my rant. I’m sick of these bitches doing worse and worse shit to ppl everyday and still having a following and defense.
Also: soph.. if you think protecting that gc is going to get you back in with w/c you’re delusional. They will NEVER respect you or be real friends. Even when y’all WERE ‘friends’ they treated you horribly. They publicly make fun of you and bully you.. the reason you aren’t exposing it is either both or 1/2 reasons why. One: you also have shit in the gc that can get you in trouble too, or two: you’re scared of them & their cult attacking you. But don’t sit here and act like you’re doing this out of respect. You ain’t. in past arguments with them you weren’t afraid to say shit they’ve done so.. ?
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2023.05.30 06:49 Ember_Kamura How to fix this hole?

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2023.05.30 06:48 Useful-Progress-2768 He was waiting for his dinner! And I couldn't help but want to cry with how adorable he is! I love being a mother of dragons. And he swam right up to me for his worms so excited to see me! 💦🐉💙

He was waiting for his dinner! And I couldn't help but want to cry with how adorable he is! I love being a mother of dragons. And he swam right up to me for his worms so excited to see me! 💦🐉💙 submitted by Useful-Progress-2768 to axolotls [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 06:48 MoneyTranslator Tips for having difficult conversation when anxious.

As the title suggests I’m looking for tips on how to have difficult conversation as I get really anxious. Bit of background: I do have childhood trauma history that’s developed into people pleasing tendencies, lack of boundaries and fear of conflicts/ confrontations.
Current context: I’m currently a junior heath professional that works with some doctors. Early this year a doctor (colleague) treated me in a condescending manner (tone, use of words and behaviour). I was unable to speak up/ reinforce boundaries when it did happen as I was completely frozen (had a flashback to childhood trauma) and focused on escaping the situation or apologising for something that was not my fault (to avoid conflict). Also had fears of what would happen if I did speak up as I’m a junior and needed to continue working with this person. This condescending behaviour continued for several months and has only decreased as I keep contact with this doctor at a minimum.
The doctor finishes at my work place soon and I really want to confront them about the way they treated me and that it was not acceptable. I know it would have been better to confront when it happened. It is really important for me to advocate for myself and this will be the first step in the journey. I’m basically looking for tips on how to have this conversation, maintain emotional control and be firm. P.s I’ve asked them through email to schedule a chat and they asked what it’s about- what should I say?
Thank you!
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2023.05.30 06:48 Lazzyman64 What moment will cause the Witch from Mercury theme to play again?

We’re already over half way through the season and we still haven’t heard it again. It’s played for very heroic and uplifting moments for Suletta during battles. If/When Suletta eventually conflicts with Prospera I don’t see how any part of that battle could contain a heroic moment for her since she’d be battling her mom who’s very important to her.
I don’t think Suletta will battle Shaddiq again since that fight will almost surely be primarily between him and Guel. El5n and Norea could be foes later for Suletta but I feel like the return of the main theme should be used for a big moment and Suletta doesn’t have much of a connection to them. Perhaps we won’t hear it again but I doubt that since the theme is literally called ‘The Witch from Mercury’. It has to get played at least one more time.
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2023.05.30 06:48 ThrowRA-adviceseek M35 in a 6 year relationship, married for 3 but wife (F33) has a crush

I've been with my wife for 6 years, married for 3 (discussed kids next year) and we have had a great relationship up to now.However, she recently met someone (around 5-6 weeks ago) through her hobby which has caused some insecurity and trust issues for me as I found out she has a crush on him. She's quite conservative, though gets attention from guys quite often due to her hobby and I'm generally ok with it, since I trust her not to sleep around. However, they spent a lot of time together over these weeks due to a hobby project they did together (as part of a group) and feelings have emerged. I've been in a similar situation myself and managed to see the signs and get myself out of there. Her hobby is not something she is willing to give up, and I'm concerned she is going in the wrong direction on this and while she knows it's not good, she is also a little naive to see it could evolve to much worse.
She's out of the country for work for the next 2 weeks so can't see this guy for now, but she keeps notes on her icloud and has been adding comments about what they will discuss when they next meet and I can see them (she has her phone with her and I use her Mac here so just saw them without thinking). It's kinda innocent but basically lining up to be a date: her recalling what he said and how he wanted to hear about her past, dreams, and what she will share with him, comments he made about her (flirty but nothing sexual), what they will discuss when they meet, etc. I don't have access to her social media to check anything else and feel a bit sick thinking about that option since this is uncomfortable already.
She also has a note from last week where she wrote out how she worried about him all day since she didn't hear from him and that she feels very happy they became friends and it feels wonderful how close they became. She closes with it feels like a love letter, and she is limiting her communication because she's in a relationship but she wants to be lifelong friends. I assume she wrote this out and sent it to him so he knows her feelings too. Despite the friends comment, this is obviously way beyond what I can consider acceptable in a relationship and if she did send him (or even more since). I guess this is not one way and he's hinted or directly said something so this also brings my mind to: I'm not 100% sure he won't visit her where she is now and I'd have no way of knowing if he did either.I think it's very unlikely given the cost and time for him to get there, short notice, and she does seem conflicted and conscious of how she is saying these things, but I don't obviously don't see everything. Of course if anything like that happened the relationship is done, but I'm pretty sure that won't happen at this stage and she's just having a crush, feeling excited to see him when she gets back. She's not disassociated with me either and communication has been pretty normal while is is away so I don't think it's anything on this front.
I feel it's more of a situational crush (work wife/husband) type situation for now and if we get it discussed soon it will go away peacefully, but I can see a bad ending to this if I don't approach her about it soon. If she was in the country now I would just ask her directly, but do I really want to bring up how I know? And for the next 2 weeks we are in different countries so do I wait to see if any more comments are added to the note? I'm worried if I don't bring it up soon, her longing for him (however superficial it may/may not be) will grow and I'll be more paranoid in my messages and calls with her these next 2 weeks that she will get annoyed with me.
TLDR: wife has a crush on someone and is out of the country for a couple of weeks so I'm struggling on when/how to communicate that I know and that we need to resolve this (I do feel we can resolve and move past it and I'm sure cheating (physically at least) has happened yet.
Would really appreciate some advice - thank you!
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2023.05.30 06:48 Spicy-pride Taking offers for my mini glider collection! Hoping I can get teal forest for them all, however I’m not sure if I’m under (or if I am, how under I am) I am more than happy to take both clothing and sapphire offers! Ty!

Taking offers for my mini glider collection! Hoping I can get teal forest for them all, however I’m not sure if I’m under (or if I am, how under I am) I am more than happy to take both clothing and sapphire offers! Ty! submitted by Spicy-pride to AnimalJam [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 06:48 LoveMangaBuddy Read Senior, Don't Run Away - Chapter 45 - MangaPuma

A junior in university, Yu Sheng's, daily priority is to make herself a person with no presence, friends, or love, insisting on refusing any social interaction. She only knows how to bury her head into creating horror novels. Until... her new neighbor, a freshman in her school's physical education faculty, moves in next door. Her junior brother Lu Haoming keeps chasing after her every day, sweetly ... Read Senior, Don't Run Away - Chapter 45 - MangaPuma. Read more at
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2023.05.30 06:47 m0t1ons1ckness got harassed at a deli

tw? idrk
I feel like I’m over-analyzing this and being irrational, but it’s been bothering me and I don’t rlly feel like telling anyone in person in fear of making things awkward.
Anyways, I (14F) was strolling through my town and went to the deli to get some drinks. I live in a sketchy town and there’s a lot of creepy people and weird shit that goes on here. As I was walking in, a guy who appeared to be in his mid 60s early 70s was standing outside with another guy. I see him eyeing me down, and just try to ignore it. I walk past him to go in, he says verh loudly, “look at the tits on that girl.” I stopped for a minute and kinda just stood there. I’m really uncomfortable at this point and just don’t know what to do or say, so I go in and try to forget about it.
This deli has an eating area, so a baseball team was in there celebrating their season. There was only one person working the deli that day, so I had to wait at the counter for a bit until the lady was ready to come to me. As I’m waiting, I hear a boy who looked about my age talking about me, saying stuff about my body to another kid next to him. I then see out of the corner of my eye him taking pictures of me. I looked over and gave a “please stop” look, and this kid looked at me and gave me a look like “come over here.”
I payed for my stuff and ran out of there, the older man still standing outside. He again comments on my chest, which made me just feel completely odd and out of place.
I decided to share this here cuz I feel like if I rant about this to someone, people will say im overreacting and how some people are just creepy like that. It’s been on my mind for a few days and idk what to really do or think about the whole thing. There really is nothing I can do since it was all verbal, so I guess I just gotta let it sink in and accept it happened and it’s out of my control at this point.
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2023.05.30 06:47 UntoldMith 4 stupid questions

  1. How to disable syscalls on a Slim HFW PS3
  2. When using multiman, there is a file called "PS3 Extra ISO files, no longer needed" can i safely delete this? (I can not provide a picture as i do not have my ps3 at the moment)
  3. I have seen many videos of people using a tool to delete some apparently unused/wasted HDD space, how safe is it to do this processes and should i do this?
  4. How much time would it take to transfer data of a 150gb HDD to a 1.5TB HDD?
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2023.05.30 06:47 ayubmja Nginx react app in subdomain.

I'm trying to build a portfolio web application. I was able to setup my Nginx in a digital ocean server. I had the idea of creating individual subdomains that would host separate react.js app. I manged to figure out how to create the subdomain in the server config in Nginx.
My question is in the server “digital ocean”should I navigate in to for example the blog subdomain folder and call npx to run the reactjs app in there? Currently I have manage to get a basic node.js server up in there displaying an index.js. Should I remove that and make the response call the reactjs index?
Or is there a better technique out there to accomplish this?
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2023.05.30 06:47 CrinkleDink The Mystical Emerald-Man, an ongoing comic I am making. [OC]

The Mystical Emerald-Man, an ongoing comic I am making. [OC] submitted by CrinkleDink to comics [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 06:47 Fun-Fix3268 I can't figure out if a pen pal likes me

I am a foreigner and this guy is German, we can communicate in English without any problems. we go to the same school.
He treats me well, he writes first quite often, and he always answers with long messages, always trying to continue the dialogue. Often compliments me like "Ohhhh thoseeee Outfitsss that looks soooo good on you ", "Ur style is awesome rt i like that", "If someone says ur ugly pff they just have a bad taste". When I write to him first and he is busy or playing games, he says that he will write to me later today (later he actually writes). He often tells me something about himself, and is interested in me like “how are you doing? How was your day?". He also wrote me several long messages about the fact that he wants to continue communicating with me, he says that I am a good person. For example "i like u ur a nice person", "ur actually a nice person yk and i like those tiny conversations between us". He always offers to help me learn German. Worries about my health because I don't eat much. I have a lot of things with him in which we are similar, there are so many of them that sometimes it seems strange.
we have known each other for about a year, but we started talking recently.
After reading this, what do you think, he likes me or he just wants to be friends with me.
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2023.05.30 06:47 Spiked_Frapp Motherhood is kicking my ass

I came from a very a functional yet also dysfunctional household. Since I can remember I didn't want kids because growing up it was just all a well fabricated facade and I know what's behind the curtain. My parents who everyone thought was happy is a couple who can't communicate or establish boundaries. My Dad would randomly burst out into a fit of rage and everybody has to walk on egg shells, my mom treated me like her personal therapist and my younger brother was the golden child and I was the responsible child who catered to her parent's whims. I didn't want my own family if that is a family.
Fast forward to now I am 24 with an almost 1 year old. I have cut ties with my toxic parents and have gone to therapy for a laundry list of childhood trauma and issues for 3 years prior to birthing my child. I didn't realize how triggering mother hood is for me. I thought therapy was suppose to fix everything or at least help me come to terms with things only to find out that grieving a mother you never had can be a life long thing especially with your own child. I am so attached to my daughter. My fiance says its too much but I am so afraid for my daughter to walk the same path I have. Yet despite loving her with every fiber of me the constant need for love, touch and assurance is triggering me. I am finding it so hard to not use the same parenting techniques my parents used with me. I am constantly having to tell myself about developmental changes and how this is all going to be over soon or atleast easier yet everyone is telling me its about to get harder. How? When I feel like everyday is agony and joy just taking turns driving. I feel like crap for not being mentally present all the time yet feel like I am and I need space from everyone. I want to run away from everyone yet be there for my fiance for when life is beating him up at work or just feeling down. I want to be there for every moment my daughter looks up from playing to look at me for reassurance. All of these is triggering because I never had the experience of a model of a mother. I was my own mother because my own mom was busy dotting over my brother or busy calming my dad down from whatever was making him angry or busy with other people and their issues but not me because I am the oldest I have to go fend for myself. I feel so alone although my fiance is doing his very best to relieve some of the pressures whether it be taking my daughter for a few hours away so I can get a breather or offeri g to out her down for naps even though she just fights him till I give in and do it myself. Some days I kick myself for having my daughter thinking I could break the wheel and some days I want 10 more kids to cuddle with in bed and play silly games with all afternoon.
Motherhood is kicking my ass but I would still choose it again. Thank you if you have made it this far.
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2023.05.30 06:47 atwl77 Exercises in embellishing a melody

I've been watching a couple of videos on YouTube on how to embellish melodies and, a couple of common techniques (among others) include adding appoggiaturas and turns to the melody.
So I was thinking, in order to practice these techniques, I could probably do scales and applying these techniques (one at a time) to each note on the scale, starting at slow tempo to get that muscle memory locked in. The hope is so that eventually I can just apply these techniques on-the-fly as I'm playing a song.
Is that a good approach, or is there something better?
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