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2023.05.30 06:04 Previous_Breakfast99 How I interact with someone who has social anxiety?

I'm currently enrolled in a seminar at university. In the seminar, there are groups of 4-5 students assigned by the professor.
In my group, there is one person who is very quiet. We engage in discussions and problem-solving exercises, He is present but doesn't participate in the discussions. He's not a bad person, but he seems extremely shy or may have social anxiety because he never says anything. As someone who has social anxiety myself (although it has improved), I understand the fear of speaking up or initiating communication within the group.
So, I decided to leave him be until he chooses to participate on his own.
However, as the seminar assignments became more difficult, our progress as a group lagged behind the others, and the workload on each individual increased. That's when I gently approached him and asked various questions like, "What do you think about this?" However, he only responded with "Hmm" and avoided giving clear answers. Honestly, I felt frustrated. I really don't know how to interact with him moving forward, and other people in the group are also struggling.
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2023.05.30 06:03 PrettyDuckGuy What Do I Do? I (19M) Might Need to go No Contact with my Ex (18F)

My ex (18F) and I (19M) have only dated officially for 2 months, but before and after that it was an on-off type of dynamic, she was my first official girlfriend and is my best friend, she's met my whole family and I love her so much (romantically and just as friends), we broke up because she's afraid of commitment and wasn't ready for a relationship, which is something I knew when we started dating, so it wasn't a surprise when we broke up.
Its been almost 2 months since then, we kiss periodically, basically anytime we see eachother, but I'm really in love with her, and she is with me too, but shes the non-monogamous type. Recently shes starting to go out with someone that reminds me so much of myself and I know what they have is something like what we have and not just pure physical attraction. I see myself becoming more jealous and this relationship is starting to affect me more.
I'm considering going No Contact, but she's really important to me as a friend and I'm scared of losing that. All the going NC advice ive seen is more about how to win someone back but i dont want that, I just want to heal, to stop me from becoming more obsessed. Another issue I have is whether or not I should tell her about NC, we tell eachother everything and speak a lot and have pretty good communication so it would feel kind of shitty not to tell her, and just stop talking out of nowhere. I would also like to add she has an avoidant attachment style, and has suffered with people abandoning her in the past, and I know its not on me but I don't want to make her feel like I'm abandoning her.
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2023.05.30 06:03 No-Map672 Lecturing the baby to grow up

I’m writing this because sometimes I am overly critical of my MIL, tho most of my complaints are spot on. So am I wrong to not see this as funny.
My MIL has done this to all my children as babies who are just meeting big milestones she acts like they should be further on. Like they are not even one yet. Once with one of my boys she called him lazy for not walking yet. I have gently asked her not to do this because I feel that it’s counter productive. It’s a baby and you are essentially telling them they are wrong for developmentally appropriate behavior or lack there of.
Two weeks ago I was at her house with my kids I had baby girl l(10 months at the time) in my arms and she asked if I’m still nursing her and yes I am. Surprisingly I have not had to use formula with her at all. She looked down at my 10 month old baby and started telling her that she is a big girl now and needs to stop nursing. This was a full on lecture which since she can’t understand only made me feel like I’m doing something wrong. I’m not and I know I’m not. I even quoted to her that it’s recommended at least till age 2 and kosher up to 5 years old. Then asked not to speak to my child that way.
So fast forward to today Memorial Day. They came to us for a BBQ. Today baby girl is now 11 months and has recently started using furniture to pull herself up and stand. We are so proud. Everyone but me, mil and baby is outside. She looks at my smiley girl sitting on the floor and starts in on her. You need to get up and start to walk. You are almost 1 you are a big girl. I asked her politely not to speak to my 11 month old that way. But she pushed and said “What are you lazy?” I had it. I slightly raised my voice and let her know that was unacceptable and that she is developing just fine. I also told her not to call an infant or my toddlers lazy. She looked at me said nothing and went about finishing helping with the table.
Ok so I know people say things to kids like they are adults “got a job yet?” I find that silly but not in a funny way. Int the words of Billy Dean, “Let them be little.” Am I over the top on this one? Do any on you talk to your infants like this. Or maybe your parents do it? Is this a mountain out of a mole hill?
I just don’t want my child who has no language to be shamed for things she should be doing.
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2023.05.30 06:03 lainiebby Disgusting attitude from a bishop

My parents are extremely active in the church, I am a strong Exmo of many years. Recently I was visiting their home, eating a snack at the dinner table. There was a knock at the door, and it was my parent's bishop. I waved hi awkwardly (never met him but he introduced himself) and they sat in the living room. I continued eating. The bishop let my parents know that my younger brother (18) that he was going to have to speak in church in the coming weeks. My parents said "Yeah, great, we'll let him know!" Don't know why he didn't ask (!) my brother directly, and I thought it was rude that my parents immediately accepted on his behalf. I just sat and eavesdropped. This is where it gets bad. The bishop then started going into how hard it is to find people to speak/pray in sacrament meeting. He said, and I quote, "People are always making stupid excuses to not do it, and I know they're just avoiding it." Like, what? Anyone can refuse to do anything for any number of reasons. He continued complaining and having a disgusting attitude about why people won't accept/volunteer more to do these dumb little social things that only seem to go to prove how faithful and loyal they are. I don't know, it's been bugging me all day.
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2023.05.30 06:03 SkinnyBlacc I'm going through it.

So a few days ago my brother came home drunk with my cousin whome I hate with all my being.
We don't allow drunks in our home. "I'm hungry, we'll come in just so i can eat" I let them in
I come out into the kitchen and living room area to find my brother sleeping on the couch. He lied so I try to kick my cousin out. I've asked him like 6 times over a timespan of 20 minutes to leave.
My brother wakes up and starts defending him.
I return to my bedroom to collect myself. I over hear them making fun of me for not having my bestfriend around anymore.
They literally made fun of my dead best friend.
I muscled them out of the house. As they walked away they boasted about how tough they are.
In short, I hate the guy because he threw a kitten to his Rottweilers a few years back.
My brother is emotionally manipulative to my mom all the time. You know the movie stepbrothers where Dale says "why are you talking to me like this.. I'm your son"
That's exactly what he says to my mom. He holds my eldest brothers passing over her head. Like he threatens to hurt himself if doesn't get his way.
I'm not in the right headspace to be dealing with all this.
My cousins here again.. he's sober and doesn't have the nerve to run his mouth. Needs alcohol to feel man enough to run his goddamn mouth.
Not to mention he makes fun of me for not currently having a girlfriend. Meanwhile he's plowing his first cousin.
Jesus, needed to let it all out somewhere.
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2023.05.30 06:02 chibiArtist4sale Help my dog is draining my money!

Is there any treats that are high value that can be more than a thousand piece with variety of flavoring? I've been spending more than a 100$ a month on treats alone. He goes through six bags in less than a week, maybe I should try combining tricks as well but I'm trying to perfect some such as heel, staying in place, focusing holding . . . etc, and newer tricks I'm training him. He gets bored of the same treats over and over again, so I keep having to buy different variety of them. I also split them into pieces. I'm starting to think just using real meat itself, or cheese ( but cheese is to high value). Any tips for this?
Tricks he knows : sit, stand, stay, touch ( trying to advance it to target), leave it, ignore (for people/ animals) take, drop it, let go, on, off, jump, kisses, spin, speak, paw, wave, relax, recall, follow, focus, wait ( for curbs), let's go ( to go after curb stop). Heel ( working on indefinitely, he has mastered following me around at one side for a while.), forward ( release command from heel).
Tricks I want to teach: twist (spin the other way), ring bell (which requires target), whisper, hugs, bow, give me, hold, high five ( for this month or two months).
I want to pass the good canine citizenship, but I don't think I will be able to perfect it until he's at least a year old. He also still play bites, which I've been ignoring him. So I taught him relax/ settle (for laying down).
He won't lay down at all either, but I'm going to hire a private trainer for that.
Also been working on grooming him as well ( but been using kong filling).
Dog breed: blue heeler, Australian shepherd, and German shepherd mix.
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2023.05.30 06:02 Sufficient-Poetry664 Am I allowed to be angry?

We’ve gone through 3 years of ivf cycles (4) failed transfers, miscarriages and disappointments/loss.
It took months to muster up courage to speak to my husband about donor eggs. Then another few months to grieve my genetics, then finally to ask my sister to donate her eggs. She said of course: cue, relief.
We are best friends - almost twins. I never ask anything of her, but she’s my baby sister.
I asked this one, huge thing and she said she would do anything for me. I was afraid to ask, then afraid she didn’t understand the gravity of what she was committing to. Then I made sure, Over and over, that she was sure. Then we made a plan. I practically begged her not to get pregnant for a few months and she said no question, it wouldn’t happen.
I planned a trip to Bali for her birthday. I funded it, and happily so, not because of the sacrifice she made as making for us but because I could and wanted to share a trip like this with her.
The day before she left, she tells me tearfully that she’s pregnant.
How am I supposed to react? This person who I trusted and love most in the world is pregnant with another child, a blessing. I’m so happy for her, but what does this mean for us?
We had a plan. July. She was in the midst of psych evaluations and legalities. I feel betrayed. I feel angry. I feel patronized because “she’s sorry that life happens” and she can donate next year. I’ll be almost 37 next year. We’ll be looking into donor eggs from someone else instead - someone unrelated to us. Why? Because can I trust that she won’t do this again? Do I want to wait another year to find out?
Am I wrong to feel this way? I don’t even know that i am putting in to words the depth of how I feel.
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2023.05.30 06:01 CorruptorInnocentium 43 y.o. bi M4F seeks younger female who is into bi guys.

I'm a 43 yo bisexual polyamorous male seeking a much younger straight female who likes bisexual men . I have many interests. I speak a lot of languages and like reading, music and film as well as the outdoors, history and cooking. I dislike video games and political or religious extremism. I'm hoping to meet someone from anywhere but prefer Europe or Latin America. Feel free to DM me.
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2023.05.30 06:01 Sea_Ad_4747 No such thing as love

It's all fake. Fake Love from every friend I had who used me throughout life, bullied me (called it teasing), and then abandoned me. The family who showed me their true colors recently and coworkers who rarely speak to me and ignore me. Makes me feel like no one was ever here for me. It feels like the wind is blowing and I'm all alone in a white bright room and it's foggy like I can't see anyone or anything. This is how I feel after my mom and dad the ones who I had thought had my back after 21 years finally stabbed me in the back. These are the days I don't know why I'm here as I'm all alone.
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2023.05.30 06:01 No_Scale_8769 Not corny/cheesy rawstyle/hardpsy

Hey everybody, this is probably gonna get some downvotes but thats honestly fine. I'm looking for some artists who you would classify as "rawstyle" or "hardpsy" who don't use cheesy samples like the movie phone guy being all like "I've always walked the lonesome road" or "this is gonna get messy" or "darkness consumes me". Also nothing with corny try-hard singing about nonsense like "you and I are one of a kind" or whatever. Or like, minute long interludes with Neil deGrasse Tyson speaking with some kind of chanting overlaid. I don't understand why these songs specifically are so popular and pervasive within then genre. Isn't it supposed to be hard? Am I the only one that cringes when I hear them before or after a really excellent drop? Are there any artist that don't use these? Are there any artists sampling rap instead maybe? I dunno, maybe I'm a jerk, but I hope someone out there has some good recs because some of the sampling is really heartbreaking. TO ME.
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2023.05.30 06:00 Yin_Nyang Am I the only one who loved Björk’s Utopia since listening to it for the first time? ♡

I’ve noticed This Album gets 🚽 💩 on a lot. Could you tell me why?
I get that it can be lengthy and some songs should of been shortened (Or cut out Coughs Features Creatures) but other than that it’s an enchanting trip. I listen to this Album sometimes when I am stoned out of my gourd. And it is an amazing feeling!
To be honest Utopia is the first time I listened to Björk but I feel like I would love it nonetheless if I listened to something like Vespertine before it. I find it an ethereal listen. Very immersive. The nature and bird sounds, the flutes give it an enchanting feel. The harps in Arisen my senses > Speaking of Arisen my senses, it’s one of the beautiful songs Björk has ever done in my eyes. Although I did have to get used to the music video. It is so complex. But Artistic!
Don’t get me started on the visuals. They are stunning! Aesthetic to the eye. The Album cover itself is nothing like I’ve seen before (Got a poster of it on my wall✨) and the music videos (Arisen my senses, Blissing me, Utopia, The Gate, Tabula Rasa etc.) are some of her best. So colourful! Sometimes I would want to enter this sanctuary place Björk puts us in.
I do agree that there’s more that could have been done. There’s so much potential for a concept like Utopia and it can feel incomplete at times throughout the album such as the production. It can be overwhelming at times. Some songs don’t feel as airy as the others. It can feel like sensory overload at times but that’s my only complaint. I like Arca’s production but it should have been toned down because it can feel anxiety-inducing more so than what Björk seemed to want to intend. This Album has some of the most sensory stimulation I get that.
I would place it at 5th as a Björk Album. It deserves it to me. I believe it is overlooked or hated on too much. There’s so much beauty in it I feel like hasn’t been unraveled by others. Björk in general can take a lot of time to get used to with her songs.
What are your opinions on Utopia?
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2023.05.30 06:00 JETLIFEMUZIK94 Kissing the ground that I pulled out of AMC F* R/AMCSTOCK

I CALLED it 2 years ago and was perma banned from AMCSTOCK and the other one. Why? Because I said AA was a shill a fucking snake in the grass. Not one of them believed me and perma banned me for speaking the truth. I’m so glad I pulled out this play Fuck AA and fuck all them people who hated on me I pray they lose it all! It’s a damn cult! I knew it all along he did everything to screw us and in the end look people left with their ducks exposed. I wish I pulled out at $60 but it’s cool I still made good profit I ain’t mad dumped it all into Tesla best decision I ever made!
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2023.05.30 06:00 Amaryllis118 Speaker claimed that it's always God's will to heal.

I have been attending a non-denominational church for nearly a year because it has more people my age (young adults). I had been going to church with my family all my life up until that point, so this changing of churches was also supposed to help me find my independence.
And so far, I've absolutely loved this church because it's similar enough to my parent's church in style and beliefs, and the pastors were phenominal. Unfortunately, due to personal reasons, the lead pastor had to resign a few months ago, which left the second pastor pretty much on his own. So to give him breaks, there has been more speaking from this one other pastor or elder or I honestly don't know what he is. He has been speaking at this church for years, but it has never been very frequent.
Anyway, this particular speakepastor has always given me bad vibes. Everyone else in the church is fine and the messages from everyone else clearly allign with the Bible, but this particular speaker reminds me a bit of a cült leader. His messages are usually the same, with him listing story upon story about how he has sensed demons and sent them away, how he has watched demons get released from people, etc. He is constantly bringing up his dead wife that died 8 years ago and saying how strong he is because he overcame it. And while up front, he will sometimes randomly tells people things that God said will happen in their future.
Do not misunderstand: I definitely believe that God can do these amazing acts and that he can place messages in people's hearts to spread. I do not doubt that. However, it is the way this speaker goes about it that gives me a bad vibe.
That being said, these things weren't enough to convince me of him being "off." It was actually what happened this past Sunday that really has me wondering if I need to leave this Church.
Basically, this past Sunday my entire family decided to come visit my Church for the first time and unfortunately this speaker happened to be preaching that day. The speaker went on a long tangent about how it is always God's will to heal people and that it is a "Church philosophy" to pray while thinking that God might not heal that person. He claimed that the "Christian philosophy" is to pray KNOWING that God will heal that person and that the only reason people wouldn't get healed is because of a lack of faith. He actually claimed that all of this was Biblical (though he did not cite it). My mom also commented that the speaker spoke as though he thought he knew better than anyone else, that he was the only one that knew the truth.
The whole sermon was a complete mess, and my mom knew that there was no way this was a normal day or else I wouldn't still be going there (she is very right). My mom actually helped me text the regular pastor about this afterward, and we found out that the regular pastor also disagreed with what the speaker had said. He had no prior knowledge what the speaker would discuss and claimed that the Church definitely does not believe that God will heal everyone.
While this makes me feel better and I am planning to discuss this further with the regular pastor, I am extremely concerned. I have a hard time believing that this speaker has been with this church for so long yet these un-Biblical beliefs have never appeared before. It is making me seriously question if there are any other skewed beliefs of this Church that I have ignored thus far. Although I really think it's only been that guy so far.
Should I be running from this church? Should that speaker be removed? Could a faithful Christian just have a misguided belief such as this and otherwise be fine and trustworthy??
TL;DR I've been going to a new church for a year, and an infrequent speaker claimed that we can all heal through the power of prayer, because it is always God's will to heal.
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2023.05.30 06:00 Hukumnama_Bot ੴ ਸਤਿਗੁਰ ਪ੍ਰਸਾਦਿ ॥ • Sri Darbar Sahib Hukamnama • May 30, 2023

ਧਨਾਸਰੀ ਮਹਲਾ ੧ ॥

Dhanaasaree, First Mehl:

ਜੀਵਾ ਤੇਰੈ ਨਾਇ ਮਨਿ ਆਨੰਦੁ ਹੈ ਜੀਉ ॥

I live by Your Name; my mind is in ecstasy, Lord.

ਸਾਚੋ ਸਾਚਾ ਨਾਉ ਗੁਣ ਗੋਵਿੰਦੁ ਹੈ ਜੀਉ ॥

True is the Name of the True Lord. Glorious are the Praises of the Lord of the Universe.

ਗੁਰ ਗਿਆਨੁ ਅਪਾਰਾ ਸਿਰਜਣਹਾਰਾ ਜਿਨਿ ਸਿਰਜੀ ਤਿਨਿ ਗੋਈ ॥

Infinite is the spiritual wisdom imparted by the Guru. The Creator Lord who created, shall also destroy.

ਪਰਵਾਣਾ ਆਇਆ ਹੁਕਮਿ ਪਠਾਇਆ ਫੇਰਿ ਨ ਸਕੈ ਕੋਈ ॥

The call of death is sent out by the Lord's Command; no one can challenge it.

ਆਪੇ ਕਰਿ ਵੇਖੈ ਸਿਰਿ ਸਿਰਿ ਲੇਖੈ ਆਪੇ ਸੁਰਤਿ ਬੁਝਾਈ ॥

He Himself creates, and watches; His written command is above each and every head. He Himself imparts understanding and awareness.

ਨਾਨਕ ਸਾਹਿਬੁ ਅਗਮ ਅਗੋਚਰੁ ਜੀਵਾ ਸਚੀ ਨਾਈ ॥੧॥

O Nanak, the Lord Master is inaccessible and unfathomable; I live by His True Name. 1

ਤੁਮ ਸਰਿ ਅਵਰੁ ਨ ਕੋਇ ਆਇਆ ਜਾਇਸੀ ਜੀਉ ॥

No one can compare to You, Lord; all come and go.

ਹੁਕਮੀ ਹੋਇ ਨਿਬੇੜੁ ਭਰਮੁ ਚੁਕਾਇਸੀ ਜੀਉ ॥

By Your Command, the account is settled, and doubt is dispelled.

ਗੁਰੁ ਭਰਮੁ ਚੁਕਾਏ ਅਕਥੁ ਕਹਾਏ ਸਚ ਮਹਿ ਸਾਚੁ ਸਮਾਣਾ ॥

The Guru dispels doubt, and makes us speak the Unspoken Speech; the true ones are absorbed into Truth.

ਆਪਿ ਉਪਾਏ ਆਪਿ ਸਮਾਏ ਹੁਕਮੀ ਹੁਕਮੁ ਪਛਾਣਾ ॥

He Himself creates, and He Himself destroys; I accept the Command of the Commander Lord.

ਸਚੀ ਵਡਿਆਈ ਗੁਰ ਤੇ ਪਾਈ ਤੂ ਮਨਿ ਅੰਤਿ ਸਖਾਈ ॥

True greatness comes from the Guru; You alone are the mind's companion in the end.

ਨਾਨਕ ਸਾਹਿਬੁ ਅਵਰੁ ਨ ਦੂਜਾ ਨਾਮਿ ਤੇਰੈ ਵਡਿਆਈ ॥੨॥

O Nanak, there is no other than the Lord and Master; greatness comes from Your Name. 2

ਤੂ ਸਚਾ ਸਿਰਜਣਹਾਰੁ ਅਲਖ ਸਿਰੰਦਿਆ ਜੀਉ ॥

You are the True Creator Lord, the unknowable Maker.

ਏਕੁ ਸਾਹਿਬੁ ਦੁਇ ਰਾਹ ਵਾਦ ਵਧੰਦਿਆ ਜੀਉ ॥

There is only the One Lord and Master, but there are two paths, by which conflict increases.

ਦੁਇ ਰਾਹ ਚਲਾਏ ਹੁਕਮਿ ਸਬਾਏ ਜਨਮਿ ਮੁਆ ਸੰਸਾਰਾ ॥

All follow these two paths, by the Hukam of the Lord's Command; the world is born, only to die.

ਨਾਮ ਬਿਨਾ ਨਾਹੀ ਕੋ ਬੇਲੀ ਬਿਖੁ ਲਾਦੀ ਸਿਰਿ ਭਾਰਾ ॥

Without the Naam, the Name of the Lord, the mortal has no friend at all; he carries loads of sin on his head.

ਹੁਕਮੀ ਆਇਆ ਹੁਕਮੁ ਨ ਬੂਝੈ ਹੁਕਮਿ ਸਵਾਰਣਹਾਰਾ ॥

By the Hukam of the Lord's Command, he comes, but he does not understand this Hukam; the Lord's Hukam is the Embellisher.

ਨਾਨਕ ਸਾਹਿਬੁ ਸਬਦਿ ਸਿਞਾਪੈ ਸਾਚਾ ਸਿਰਜਣਹਾਰਾ ॥੩॥

O Nanak, through the Shabad, the Word of the Lord and Master, the True Creator Lord is realized. 3

ਭਗਤ ਸੋਹਹਿ ਦਰਵਾਰਿ ਸਬਦਿ ਸੁਹਾਇਆ ਜੀਉ ॥

Your devotees look beautiful in Your Court, embellished with the Shabad.

ਬੋਲਹਿ ਅੰਮ੍ਰਿਤ ਬਾਣਿ ਰਸਨ ਰਸਾਇਆ ਜੀਉ ॥

They chant the Ambrosial Word of His Bani, savoring it with their tongues.

ਰਸਨ ਰਸਾਏ ਨਾਮਿ ਤਿਸਾਏ ਗੁਰ ਕੈ ਸਬਦਿ ਵਿਕਾਣੇ ॥

Savoring it with their tongues, they thirst for the Naam; they are a sacrifice to the Word of the Guru's Shabad.

ਪਾਰਸਿ ਪਰਸਿਐ ਪਾਰਸੁ ਹੋਏ ਜਾ ਤੇਰੈ ਮਨਿ ਭਾਣੇ ॥

Touching the philosopher's stone, they become the philosopher's stone, which transforms lead into gold; O Lord, they become pleasing to your mind.

ਅਮਰਾ ਪਦੁ ਪਾਇਆ ਆਪੁ ਗਵਾਇਆ ਵਿਰਲਾ ਗਿਆਨ ਵੀਚਾਰੀ ॥

They attain the immortal status and eradicate their self-conceit; how rare is that person, who contemplates spiritual wisdom.

ਨਾਨਕ ਭਗਤ ਸੋਹਨਿ ਦਰਿ ਸਾਚੈ ਸਾਚੇ ਕੇ ਵਾਪਾਰੀ ॥੪॥

O Nanak, the devotees look beautiful in the Court of the True Lord; they are dealers in the Truth. 4

ਭੂਖ ਪਿਆਸੋ ਆਥਿ ਕਿਉ ਦਰਿ ਜਾਇਸਾ ਜੀਉ ॥

I am hungry and thirsty for wealth; how will I be able to go to the Lord's Court?

ਸਤਿਗੁਰ ਪੂਛਉ ਜਾਇ ਨਾਮੁ ਧਿਆਇਸਾ ਜੀਉ ॥

I shall go and ask the True Guru, and meditate on the Naam, the Name of the Lord.

ਸਚੁ ਨਾਮੁ ਧਿਆਈ ਸਾਚੁ ਚਵਾਈ ਗੁਰਮੁਖਿ ਸਾਚੁ ਪਛਾਣਾ ॥

I meditate on the True Name, chant the True Name, and as Gurmukh, I realize the True Name.

ਦੀਨਾ ਨਾਥੁ ਦਇਆਲੁ ਨਿਰੰਜਨੁ ਅਨਦਿਨੁ ਨਾਮੁ ਵਖਾਣਾ ॥

Night and day, I chant the Name of the merciful, immaculate Lord, the Master of the poor.

ਕਰਣੀ ਕਾਰ ਧੁਰਹੁ ਫੁਰਮਾਈ ਆਪਿ ਮੁਆ ਮਨੁ ਮਾਰੀ ॥

The Primal Lord has ordained the tasks to be done; self-conceit is overcome, and the mind is subdued.

ਨਾਨਕ ਨਾਮੁ ਮਹਾ ਰਸੁ ਮੀਠਾ ਤ੍ਰਿਸਨਾ ਨਾਮਿ ਨਿਵਾਰੀ ॥੫॥੨॥

O Nanak, the Naam is the sweetest essence; through the Naam, thirst and desire are stilled. 52
Guru Nanak Dev Ji • Raag Dhanaasree • Ang 688
Tuesday, May 30, 2023
Mangalvaar, 16 Jeth, Nanakshahi 555
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh, I am a Robot. Bleep Bloop.
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2023.05.30 05:59 worriedtraveler999 How do you cope with BPD/mental illness while in a different country?

I (19yo) have BPD and I’m currently in a different country for a month speaking the language and exploring, going to a language school with people from my college including my girlfriend who I’m staying in the same room with @ a host family.
My disorder makes it such that my girlfriend is pretty much a constant trigger— over the 1 break we had I was much more stable because she was more out of my mind.
Moving into a different house is not an option, and plus I’d still see her all day at the school. Today is only day 3 and I already had a breakdown yesterday fighting myself from crying just because my girlfriend was talking to me then walked away from me to talk to the group.
I need medication badly but couldn’t work out some bloodwork stuff before leaving. I also can’t do therapy while in a different country for some reason. I’m gonna do the things that usually help like going to the gym maybe. I just so badly wish I could enjoy yhis trip like a normal person. I’m literally crying typing this out at 6am while my girlfriend is sleeping on top of me.
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2023.05.30 05:59 Dickheadpringle How do you possibly play this game

I’m on Xbox and I think this game is interesting and my first side to side fighting game but Jesus it’s confusing and hard to play. With all the moves, specific inputs, and this Roman cancel thing are all very confusing. Are there any videos or tips that can help me get better?
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2023.05.30 05:59 organictentacles 20F want to chat with people (platonically)

I wanna chat with new people (SFW ONLY) to be friends and just strictly friends (I already have a partner) I'm trying to learn Spanish and German so it'll be great if anyone who speaks either to help me abd be friends :)
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2023.05.30 05:59 ReachIsTheBestHalo The objectively correct voiceline tier list

The objectively correct voiceline tier list
Presenting each civ rated by how I like their voicelines (and I am, obviously, never wrong). Note that duplicates (Italians/Byz, for instance.) are grouped in the same tier and the tiers are alphabetical. Note also that up through The Conquerors, Villagers had Attack voicelines (they are unused in the game and they don't seem to be included since The Forgotten); I didn't factor these in a lot, but some are amazing (in particular, the British ones and the female Japanese one).

This took way longer than I expected...so many civs!
Here's how I rated each tier.
S+: A civ needs something truly majestic to be worthy of S+ tier. The creme de la creme.
S: I'm always glad I have voices on when I random into these civs. It noticeably improves my gameplay experience when I get a good voiceline from this tier.
A: Solid all-around voices, with a few nice lines. Usually something noticeable prevents the civ from S tier, but still easy on the ears.
B: Just kind of there in the background. Maybe a good line or two but nothing fantastic.
C: Several reasons for a civ to be in this tier, but the big ones are either it doesn't match how I think the civ plays (lots of CA civs in this tier) or it's a weaker version of another civ.
D: What are you saying, my guy?

And away we go!

S+ Tier

  • Celts. This should not be a surprise to anyone. The dialogue makes you feel like you're in Braveheart and it's extremely funny to hear your Woad Raiders yelling, 'Kogo!' while moving into battle at ridiculous speeds. Easy S+.
  • Dravidians. 'Unkal cittam' is an aural masterpiece and all the attack lines are very good as well. I also like the Villagers: pleasantly upbeat.
  • Gurjaras. Though the military lines are quite good, the monk lines are on another level. This monk sounds stoned out of his mind and I am 100% here for it.
  • Japanese. Easily the best voice lines in the entire game. This is irrefutable. The war cries are fantastic and all the military lines convey a sense of urgency. Makes you want to go HAM, which perfectly fits their playstyle. The Villagers are nice too, very pleasant-sounding voices.
  • Vietnamese. I'll be honest, I don't love a lot of the Villager voices. There are some good ones (the male Villager build sounds exactly like 'young fool') but a lot of the select and move ones are quite verbose. That said, the military ones are fantastic, on par with Japanese. You really want to move your foot units to hear them, which encourages you to micro. Two of the attack cries sound like, 'Yeet!' but it actually translates to, 'Kill!', which is pretty metal. The monk is a little too bullfrog for my liking, but the military ones are just too damn good.
  • Vikings. Very atmospheric. I always feel like I'm in a remote pine forest when I play Vikings, and their battle cries are great as well. Great voice lines.

S Tier

  • Britons. 'Mandatum? Correctus. Fight!' Classic.
  • Franks. The Villagers seem very happy and some nice battle cries. Makes you want to create lots of farms into 50 Paladin, 15 HC, and 5 BBC, which is right on brand.
  • Goths/Teutons. Look, I don't blame you if you put these in S+ but I think the civs are different enough in concept that I couldn't justify it. Some real bangers here. The Monk is very kind and the male Villager is reassuring.
  • Lithuanians. Really this boils down to the male Villager being a pleasant mix of smug and content. It just cracks me up.
  • Mayans. I'm not a linguist by any means so I'm not going to describe this perfectly, but the variety of 'sh' sounds from the Villagers is really pleasing. 'Kayaxé! ' is also a great attack sound.
  • Saracens. 'Al hojoom!' is a classic. Shoutout to Mamelukes yelling lines despite the fact that they're camels; my guess is that this goes back to AoK when they were classified as infantry (they've been pretty much everything at one point or another). All the other miiltary lines have an appropriate amount of tension and the speaker sounds poised. Another thing I like about the Saracen voice lines is the Monk: it is my favorite of all the 'Muslim' civs (off the top of my head, Berbers, Turks, Persians, Tatars, Malay to some extent), which is fitting.
  • Sicilians. The military voice lines are good: manly and rough. The Monk sounds like he's about to start crying, something I really dislike. However, the King's voice lines push this civ into S tier. He sounds so put upon and fed up, like he's physically poked in the stomach every time you click on him. Very fun.
  • Spanish. 'Santiago!' The Villager voices also hold up great post-Supremacy, though I wish the Villager Attack sounds were implemented. The Monks also speak with religious intent, which is nice.
  • Turks. The female Villagers voice is very pleasing to my ears, and they also have the classic 'Allah-Allah!' You could make a case for only A tier but idk I like them.

A Tier

  • Aztecs. The Monk voice feels off here. Yes, I know they speak a Mayan dialect, but the Monk is too friendly for someone who probably pushed three children down a pyramid earlier in the morning. The others are solid, though.
  • Bengalis. Hi and hey. I know that's not how it's pronounced, and I don't care.
  • Bohemians. 'Ano' is a nice one. The military voices have a good sense of tempo and movement, but it isn't as strong as the Saracens or some of the S+ tier civs, in my opinion. I like the Bohemian voices quite a bit.
  • Byzantines/Italians. Not as iconic as Goths/Teutons but pretty solid. Weirdly, although the voices are the same, I get different vibes from the Villagers for each civ: Italians feel like a bucolic and charming but plain country village (this is how I feel about their civ bonuses, but not their UUs) while the Byzantine ones are a little more downtrodden in some way. This is probably the whole 'citizens of a once-great empire forced to rely on their own labor' part of their history. I know they're the same damn voices, but they just hit different.
  • Incas. The military ones are fantasic (I love the gruff 'Jai' in particular) but the Villagers feel a little too brittle (female) or silly (male). This doesn't feel quite right when they become roided-out in post-Imp after you get the Blacksmith techs, so I can't give them S tier.
  • Magyars. There's a lot to like here. First, I like how different Magyar (Hungarian) sounds from the other Indo-European languages, which is historically accurate. The military cries are good ('Roham!' always makes me think of the Rohirrim) and there's a nice mixture of pride and deference in the voices. I also like how two of the King movement translations are basically, 'if I feel like it.' So why not S tier? The male Villager is too damn smug for a civ without an eco bonus. The female Villager has it right in her, 'I will do the things you ask the best I can, but it won't be anything special tone,' but the male Villager makes it sound like he's doing you a favor to chop some wood or whatever. You're not a Celtic lumberjack, idiot: just shut up and do what you're told.
  • Malay. These ones are just silly. Over-the-top verbose. It's annoying when I'm bad and arrive at Feudal age with 23 wood because I didn't plan the faster up time well, and a Villager gives a 10-minute speech about foraging berries, but that's part of the charm.
  • Malians. This would easily be S tier if the Gbeto had her own voice lines. It's a military unit, it should definitely get its own phrases. Additionally, when a Gbeto dies, I always panic that I'm getting raided somewhere. Overall, the voice lines are good, though.
  • Poles. Good voices overall but the Monk sounds like he is 200 years old and has a sore throat. Give that man a Ricola!

B Tier

  • Burgundians. Oh boy, this one feels like the 'junk drawer' of European languages. Apparently, there was a Burgundian dialect that was related to French, German, Spanish to some extent, and Dutch. Still, many of the military phrases are too muffled for my taste, and the lack of female military lines hurts much more than it did for Malians. This one varies a lot based on my mood.
  • Burmese. 'Hou'ke?' is pretty good but not enough for A tier. I like the vibe of this civ: chop some wood, get some farms, get into Buddhism, probably die to some Archers, but it's all good.
  • Chinese. There's nothing special here but it adds to the vibe for certain. It's interesting comparing Chinese to Vietnamese or Japanese; way more chill.
  • Ethiopians. Some of the verbosity of Malay but not as much charm. I do like the sternness of the military voices.
  • Hindustanis. Some of these are pretty good (Namaste comes to mind) and I like the tone of the military voices (I can almost hear it when I run my Cavalier and Elite Skirms into 60 Imperial Camels and 20 Hand Cannoneers) but nothing special. The Babur campaign does a good job of using the female Attack command for Qutlugh, but that's not in multiplayer.
  • Persians. Basically a shy Saracens. Like Franks, the Villagers make you want to boom into military units, but the military voice lines (Elephant aside) are nothing to write home about.
  • Romans. I haven't bought the DLC but the voices are on YouTube. Kind of an older Byz, which makes sense, but the ceiling isn't as high. Pleasant enough.
  • Slavs. I like these more the more I listen to them but they're nothing special. Kind of plain, like the civ itself, but with some nice ones thrown in.

C Tier

  • Bulgarians. Everything these guys do, Slavs do better. I don't enjoy the Bulgarian voices much and honestly I'm not sure why they aren't in D tier.
  • Cumans. There's something off about these. I appreciate the difficulty in voicing an extinct language (see also: Huns) but the voices don't have the level of existential dread and extinction that the civilization faced from the Mongol threat. They seem a bit too cheery to be booming on two TCs in Feudal Age; I'd prefer voices that were sound like degenerate gamblers hoping for one big score. There's also the 'cav-archer problem' which I'll talk about in the next section.
  • Huns/Mongols. These are certainly iconic: we've all been saying 'Timuu?' and the like since 1999. The problem I have with these is that the tone doesn't really match the ruthless and brutally efficient armies these two civilizations field. It's interesting that I put all the main CA civs in this tier: the military voice lines are reserved for foot soldiers, so your ideal comp is just going to have generic horsey noises. Which is fine, but the actual foot soldier voices don't conjure up images of death and destruction. To me, the Hun and Mongol civ themes convey how I feel about the civs much more than the voice lines.
  • Khmer. I like playing Khmer a lot but these guys just sound derpy. Khmer are a great civ and have plenty of strengths but the voice lines aren't among them.
  • Koreans. There are way too many homophonic phrases. The attack voices are the worst culprits here, but the Villager commands are guilty of this as well. Saved from the D tier by the movement phrases and the fact that the male Villager sounds like he just worked a 60-hour week and now has to go mine stone over his weekend.
  • Tatars. Look, the phrases sound cool, but the tone is way off here. None of the battle cries are terrifying at all; the speaker sounds like he just found $2 in his pocket, not that he's about to ride out and slaughter some peasants. The monk also inexplicably sounds like a little kid caught stealing a cookie before lunch and is apologizing his way out of it. I can't get over the tone thing.

D Tier

  • Berbers. I can't place how old the female Villager is and it puts me on edge. I'm cool with some of the older-sounding ones (Magyars in particular come to mind) but she could be anywhere from 18 to 80 and I have no idea. I also really dislike how some of the military lines (Lehulwulmar is the worst offender of this) sound like the speaker is interrupting himself midway through speaking. This is one where I'm actively glad I make cavalry most of the time.
  • Portuguese. Goofy ahh speakers. The military ones aren't imposing at all. I guess you don't need a Viking battle cry when you're blasting Coke-can-size holes in your enemy with gunpowder, but the soldiers sound way too cheerful. I can't stand the Monk 'Ir-me-ei' sound either; it makes me gag every time I hear it.
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2023.05.30 05:59 Even_Ad_6574 Fundamentals of Surveying Exam and Beyond?

I am a Crew Chief in Ohio with 10yrs total of experience. I would like to think I am proficient in all field related duties and also have 7+ yrs of experience in the office researching, CAD processing, Boundary rectification and Legal writing. I graduated with my Bachelors of Land Surveying in 2015 and failed my FS right out of school and just have never retaken it. I know traditionally Ohio is a more difficult state because we need to know both Metes and Bounds and PLSS standards. My biggest gripe with standardized testing is (again I can only speak for Ohio) we are limited to a TI-30 calculator. I will never understand why the governing body limits test takers to such rudimentary tools when every surveyor worth a darn has instant access to a data collector and CAD which can calculate many of the more difficult math related questions instantly. Up until the mid 90’s you could use graphing and programmable calculators. I am fairly happy with my pay now, working for a large firm (200+ employees in multiple offices) so is it worth dusting off my old books and trying to get my license when I know my pay, at least at larger firms won’t reflect all the hard work all that much, my responsibilities will increase but the likelihood of me putting my stamp on a post is not all that high. Food for thought. Thanks!
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2023.05.30 05:59 hnqn1611 How High Value Men Make Women Chase Them: 7 Weird Ways Revealed Introduction: The Art of Making Women Chase You

How High Value Men Make Women Chase Them: 7 Weird Ways Revealed Introduction: The Art of Making Women Chase You
The Art of Making Women Chase You
In a world where men are traditionally expected to chase women, high value men have mastered the art of turning the tables. They effortlessly make women chase them, leaving a trail of desire in their wake. How do they do it? In this article, we will explore seven unconventional methods that high value men employ to create an irresistible aura that women find captivating. From maintaining an air of mystery to projecting confidence and asking the right questions, these techniques will make any man stand out from the crowd and ignite the chase.
  1. Keeping Cards Close to the Chest: Embracing Mystery
High value men understand the power of mystery. Instead of being an open book, they keep their cards close to their chests, creating an aura of intrigue. Transparency is good, but mystery is even better, especially when it comes to women. Women are naturally drawn to unraveling the mysteries shrouded in high-value men. By building suspense and maintaining an unfathomable allure, a man can create an attraction so strong that she won’t be able to resist.
  1. Ending Hangouts: Leaving Her Wanting More
When it comes to hangouts or dates, high value men never give women the opportunity to end them prematurely. By sensing the moment when she might express the desire to leave, a high value man takes the lead. He bids her goodbye, expressing that he has other important commitments to attend to. While leaving, he subtly hints at wanting to meet again without explicitly asking her. By leaving her in a position to decide whether she wants more, her desire to meet again intensifies.
  1. Knowing Where to Draw the Line: Understanding Women
High value men possess a deep understanding of women without exploiting that knowledge. They use their understanding to attract women in a positive manner. Instead of hastily confessing their feelings, they give her space and time to miss them. This absence creates a longing within her, leading her to ask him out for dinner. Playing with her emotions, he might initially seem unsure but eventually accept the invitation. This strategic approach builds an air of mystery around him, captivating her attention further.
  1. Indirectly Challenging Her: Igniting Her Competitive Spirit
Humans are naturally drawn to challenges, and high value men recognize this. They indirectly challenge women by setting tasks or making statements that trigger their emotional responses. For instance, they might say, “I would date a woman who can meet me without putting on makeup.” By issuing such challenges, high value men compel women to spend more time with them, eager to prove themselves. This leads to a deeper connection and transforms the dynamic from friendship to something more.
  1. Projecting Confidence: The Allure of Self-Assuredness
Confidence is an irresistible trait that women crave. When high value men are in the presence of women, they exude self-assuredness. They carry themselves with purpose, stand tall, speak calmly, and employ an assertive yet low tone of voice. This confident demeanor creates an air of allure that captivates women. It’s important to note that confidence should never be mistaken for arrogance. High value men remain humble while radiating confidence, sending a message that they are not desperate for attention.
  1. Never Making the First Move: Letting Her Choose
To make a woman chase you, a high value man never loses his cool and avoids making the first move. By doing so, he conveys that he is not needy or desperate. Rain or shine, he remains the man who cares less. This calm demeanor allows her to decide if she is interested or wants to pursue a connection further. When a woman sees a man with such composure, she understands that he is not desperately seeking her validation, and subconsciously, she becomes more drawn to him.
  1. Asking the Right Questions: Unveiling the Depths
Women appreciate men who ask the right questions, especially when it comes to their personal lives or relationships. High value men possess the wisdom to navigate conversations skillfully. Instead of asking mundane questions like, “Do you have a boyfriend?” they engage in thought-provoking discussions. For example, they might ask, “Where is your happy place on Earth that you want to visit?” By tapping into her desires and emotions, high value men foster a positive influence and capture her attention on a deeper level.
Conclusion: Mastering the Game
Now that you understand the game, it’s up to you to play it wisely. High value men have honed their skills, employing unique techniques to make women chase them. By embracing mystery, projecting confidence, indirectly challenging her, and letting her choose, you can ignite the chase and create an irresistible allure. Remember, the key lies in understanding women, asking the right questions, and exuding self-assuredness without arrogance. Level up in life and become the man who captivates and inspires.
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2023.05.30 05:59 joe__are Is a used 2020 MYLR better than no Model Y at all?

A little background — I have a 2014 CX5 with 132k on odometer. It runs great. But I’m probably better off to sell it while there’s still some value.
I’ve read all the great things about the newer years, but the $7500 tax incentive is, what a thought — just a deduction. Not off the top. Meaning I don’t want to finance a $56k vehicle or $48k over possibly a $30k-$36k vehicle. I could get $8500 from trade in, but used market for cx5 is around $13k and a used 2020 Model Y is around $45k.
I test drove a 2023 today in Pleasant Grove Utah, and it was absolutely disgusting. Crumbs and wrappers everywhere, smears and garbage — completely unprofessional. Plus 28% battery to test drive with. I had never driven one, so I was honestly nervous to go on highway and see how it really felt, so I just went a couple exits down.
It was a fun experience, all my friends love their cars (y’s/3’s) and I’m on my 5th tank of gas in the last month. So the car speaks for itself. Plus I want dog mode really bad.
Right now I’m just putting feelers out, since it seems like people all hate that year. Also, if they get rid of radar support, does that just mean the cameras never work again and cruise control isn’t an option?
Thank you
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2023.05.30 05:58 Short-Shine-2620 untitled

Please, won't you join me again
At the lip, where two stones meet
I want to hear the air fall, the echo
I want to feel it kiss my lungs, if you'd allow
3, 2, 1.

The frogs sing, would you listen to them?
If they spoke my name
would you speak it too?
And I remember the night you chased away that hound
That dog nipping away at heels
with curdled words, and bloated jaw
But now
The hound chases
And you run.

Every time those winged zombies
Make their way to the trees
They sing your name
And I sing it too.

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