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2023.05.30 06:40 OkLobster9474 Does it ever get better?

I’ve been dealing w/ extreme social anxiety since being targeted by bullies in high school. It wasn’t anything crazy but I never had a thick skin to begin with so it completely shattered any confidence I had with interacting with strangers.
I graduated last year and instead of getting better it’s just gotten worse. I’ve tried multiple therapists, medications, journaling and whatnot but no change.
My coworkers and classmates think I’m a freak because I never say anything, and I’ve completely forgotten how to be myself around anyone except for a couple friends and my family.
Does anyone have any advice on how to overcome this? Its gotten so intense that I overheard a coworker complaining about having shifts with me because I’m so quiet and awkward and it’s left me feeling down.
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2023.05.30 06:40 Stupidcoder_ Placements are coming and I am confused

Hey guys, I am going to sit for placements this year and even though I have solved more than 800 problems on leetcode, I don't feel any better and no matter what whenever a new problem is given, I am almost facing a lot of problem! I just want your suggestions guys how to proceed further , it's kind of marks overwhelming when I have to do projects, improve my problem solving and the worst part is I never tried competitive. I never hoped that things would go this bad, I always tried to never lag behind and here I am with no intern and just hoping that I get placed during such point of time when offers are either getting deferred or revoked! Thanks for listening to my rant and any suggestions from your side holds a value to me!
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2023.05.30 06:40 h8mayo How to find a job and best movers

I currently live near Phoenix, Arizona. My lease ends in early November. I may go month to month for a few months after my lease ends, but I'm wanting to move to Richmond, VA, ASAP after my lease ends. I've already started looking at and applying for fully remote jobs, as my current job, while still wfh, requires me to be in the Phoenix area. For those of you who have moved to a different state, what's the best way to apply for jobs, and when should I start applying to on-site jobs as well? I've heard 3-4 months in advance, but I don't know how accurate that is.
Also, I don't think I'll have a vehicle at the time I plan to move. In case I don't, for those with experience with movers, which company would be the best? I have enough saved up so I can spend a few thousand and still have a few months rent just in case, so it doesn't necessarily have to be the cheapest option, but also not looking for the most expensive either.
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2023.05.30 06:40 zavierowen Satoshi Labs Trezor

Click for Satoshi Labs Trezor. Trezor is the most useful crypto hardware wallet. Trezor Wallet provides to us security and safety crypto hard wallet. Trezor Hardware is the world's most used and most trusted hardware wallet. With Trezor, you can easily store your coins and altcoins.
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2023.05.30 06:40 criticalistics_car I had a mental breakdown and she held me together

So I (16M) was feeling incredibly bad about something I was told, she (Girlfriend 17F) told me that no matter what she would love me and explained to me that at my age I shouldn't be worried about anything at my age, I legitimately said to her that I didn't deserve her for all she helped me with myself over the past while. If she was not here the event would have had me bottling up tears as I fall asleep, being depressed for a few days and not smiling for about a week but there I was, smiling knowing how much she loves me.
It does not matter if she is across the border on the other side of the continent, when she gets here which she will, needless to say we will both be wearing turtlenecks for a while.
To the other men out there that think you are too down on yourself for anyone to be attracted to you, making you feel more down, I want you to look harder because they are out there... minus one.
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2023.05.30 06:39 DyemondEye Ac mirage hidden blade design L, but amnra wheel with a lock scissor lift because it is how it was in codex, and 2 tiers. Should extend 6.75 to 7 inches depending on a couple of factors, can make casing .75 in longer. Each square is .25 in. Do you think this would work? Thinking about putting wheel on top to shorten it, thats why it is separate.
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2023.05.30 06:39 CrosleeReturns I know I spent too much and I need some advice, kinda freaking out

I spent wayyy to much the other day, ordering parts for my first build. It was like close to $3700 including the monitors. What made me realize I spent too much was when I saw how big the case is, the Corsair 7000D Airflow is just crazy in size.
I plan to play games at 1440p and perhaps teach myself Unreal Engine 5. I really think I overdid it and would like some advice on how to make a more reasonable PC.
Here's the main bits of what I purchased:
Intel i7 13700k: ~$400
Nvidia 4080 Graphics Card: ~$1300
MSI MPG Z790 Edge WiFi DDR4 Motherboard: $360
Corsair 7000D Airflow Tower: $245
Arctic Freezer II 420mm: $150
Okay, so I'm happy with the monitors, RAM and SSDs I bought, but I really feel like I overspent on the above items. I probably went at least $500 overbudget. Like I said, I only am looking to play games at 1440p (the resolution of my best monitor) and to mess around with Unreal Engine 5, and to do my coding/work tasks on it.
Could someone recommend me some more reasonable parts for what my budget is and what I intend to use it for? None of my parts have arrived, I might try to cancel them on Amazon right now.
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2023.05.30 06:39 LordCoale The Mercy of Humans: Part 30 - How Bad Is It?

First. - Previous
“Shit! Doctor Ngai, did you see that?” Lieutenant Gastaud’s yell broke me from my absent minded reverie.
“See what?” I asked.
“That hyper footprint. Drive signatures are Confederation. Probe twenty-nine is nearest. Cameras show what looks like two battleships, two battlecruisers, four cruisers, three frigates and twelve destroyers, plus ten large ships hanging, likely freighters or troop ships.”
“That is not good,” Lieutenant Smolyaninov said. The navigator had the conn for third shift while the captain and XO slept. “Silent running, engage full stealth systems.”
“Full stealth systems active,” Gastaud confirmed. “We are now a hole in space.”
“Time to wake the boss.” Smolyaninov said.
I thought Smolyaninov should have done that first. But it was not my place to correct him.
“Lucky you,” the helmsman Lieutenant Joanna Stojanov chirped. “XO is cranky when you wake him up.”
“Get the stewards to throw on some fresh coffee,” I advised. “That stuff they got on now is like tar. No matter what Chief Bishop says, you shouldn’t have to chew your coffee.”
“Talk to me,” I heard the captain’s voice over the intercom.
“A Connie battlegroup just dropped out of hyper, and they are closer to us than any other ships, at about twenty-five million miles. But they are stationary.”
“Set condition one. Wake up the ship. I want all hands on deck,” Nugraha ordered. “Any orders from the Flag?”
“Nothing yet. We’ve been running silent. Wait, orders just came in. ‘All personnel to return to ships. Prepare to leave orbit and retreat outside Confederation space at the first sign of aggression.’ Well, I guess that’s it for us.”
“Hyper footprint!” Gastaud’s voice raised a few octaves, and I did not blame him. “At least sixty-three point signatures and at least five battleship size. Getting a fighter launch. Lord, that’s over seven hundred of them.”
His voice calmed down and he added, “I’m getting an IFF on them. They’re ours. It’s Marine Expeditionary Force Twelve.”
“I don’t know if that is a good thing or not,” the captain said as she entered the bridge, still sealing her uniform. “It was always possible the Connies would pitch a fit over our presence. I didn’t expect a battlegroup, maybe a division of destroyers coming to frown at us and pushing us along.”
“But dropping an entire MEF on them? That’s ballsy,” Stojanov added. “Even for Marines.”
“It was MEF-12’s shuttles that got sent here,” the XO used the phonetic abbreviation. I had not heard him enter. “So, it makes sense that the CO would keep an eye on his people.”
“There go the Connies,” Gastaud’s comment was completely unnecessary, as we all could see the plot. “That was a lot of excitement I could have done without.”
“I agree,” Captain Nugraha frowned at the plot as the carriers recovered their freshly launched fighters. “But it was probably the best outcome, at least from our perspective. I wonder how long it lasts? The Connies came at us with a big stick and that is unusual.”
“Their admiral was unprepared for a bigger stick,” I observed. “It makes me think that this was not quite what they planned.”
When they all looked at me blankly, I continued, “Come on, the Connies are many things, but stupid isn’t one of them. They just brought a knife to a gun fight. A few ships coming here and shaking fingers at us and politely telling us to leave is one thing. And that is what should have happened.
“A small battlegroup like that is fine if they want to push around pirates or the Ku'kor'ae. But us? You’d better come at us with a full fleet in your pocket if you want to push humans around.”
“I am uncomfortable with the implications of this,” Nugraha mused.
The XO started to say something but was cut off by shrill alarms sounding.
“What now? Gastaud griped. “Oh, shit.”
The threw the data from his computer into the main holotank. “Every probe we have in the inner system just went haywire!”
Dal’tari is larger than Sol and considerably more active. It left the inner planets radiation scrubbed wastelands. Only Umsurrat’s distance and powerful magnetic field had allowed life to evolve. Mass coronal ejections had happened irregularly since records were kept. They’d caused many droughts and famines.
But the recent ones were unusual in their ferocity and frequency. One would be bad, but not something that would cause an extinction level event.
But with ejections at least twice as powerful than the any during the previous millennia? And over a dozen a week? Lasting several weeks? How could any planet survive that?
Since the Angel Fleet arrived, there had been no sign of them.
That just changed.
“That is an understatement,” I said softly. “I’ve not seen anything like that… ever.”
“Look at the magnetic and gravitational fields,” Keoki instructed. “They are completely unstable. The poles have flipped at least fifteen times… and there it went again. What the hell?”
I ran a quick analytics program on the data, something I created on the fly. It mapped the gravitational and magnetic fields for the entire system. It had every planet, every moon… everything in system, including all the ships.
“Check this out,” I said. “There is some kind of gravitational finger from the sun to where MEF-12 dropped out of hyper. It looks almost like the gravitational distortion we see on an event horizon.”
“They dropped out of hyper deep inside the gravity well, but I’ve seen ships drop this deep, or deeper, in a gravity well at least a hundred times before. What is different about this?” Doctor Keoki Nurhayati puzzled.
“I’ve never seen this many ships at once, Keoki,” I replied.
“Me neither,” Nugraha added. “But we’ve also never seen it with an unstable sun like this.”
“The storm will hit Umsurrat in,” I did the calculations, “thirty-nine hours, seventeen minutes. The hard radiation in fifteen minutes.”
“Who’s in command of MEF-12?” Nugraha demanded. “Get him on the horn.”
“Lieutenant General Ichiro Tokuda is in command,” Laz answered. “He’s a hard charger but capable.”
The holotank lit up with Tokuda’s visage. He had the hard, square jawed, buzzed haircut look of a marine lifer.
“Tokuda speaking.”
“General, I am Captain Nugraha of the science and survey ship, Rudy Horne. I cannot be a hundred percent certain, but it seems your arrival has triggered another massive coronal ejection event. One that is larger than any of the others that have been measured. Our probes have detected one heading to the planet as we speak. The hard radiation front is… thirteen minutes away.”
“How bad is it, Captain?”
“Very bad, sir. But I think we, rather you and the cargo ships can do something about it. If you were to create a barrier with your ships’ radiation and particle shields extended to their max distance from your hulls on the sunward side of the planet, you could deflect or absorb most of it.”
I sent him a diagram of a ships’ formation, a double layered grid with the largest ships at the core. “You have a total of a hundred forty-three ships in orbit. Your military shields are better than the civilian ships. I recommend putting your fifty-nine ships in the center with the deflectors at max distance from the hull. The civvies can hold the perimeter.”
“We won’t make it in time. It will take us over fourteen minutes to get there,” Tokuda said.
“Not if you let the heavies hold you back. But your smaller ships can it in time if you send them now. They can take the brunt of the first waves. It’s not perfect, but better than nothing.”
“We’ll cut our compensator safeties to the bone,” Tokuda promised. “I will shave as much time off the transit as I can. Tokuda out.”
We are much too far outsystem to be of any assistance other than monitoring the probes and reporting. Which meant we wouldn’t not much more than spectators for the next half hour.
The radiation wave moved at light speed and there was no room for error. The cargo ships had moved immediately. Admiral Pierre was obviously on the ball to herd that group so effectively. The destroyers made it first, mere minutes ahead of the escort carriers, assault frigates and troopships. The battlecruisers and fleet carriers arrived a minute later.
The carriers belched fighters. Seven hundred and seventy five fighters crash launched for the second time in almost ten minutes. I didn’t expect that.
Fighters and other light craft could not survive in hyperspace. The titanic forces surging in hyperspace required massive shielding and inertial dampeners that only capital ships could mount. Fighters just did not have the tonnage to mount this equipment. Fighter shields were less powerful. Designed against normal amounts of radiation, but even with their technological limitations the pilots still intended to contribute with sheer numbers.
I updated the plot, assigning ships to their individual positions. Most of the ships were in their assigned orbits by the thime the first waves of radiation hit. It is impossible to accurately describe it. The sensors showed visible light as well as down shifting the high ultraviolets and upshifting the low infrareds. The computer laced together all the imagery into something we mere humans could appreciate.
“As impressive as this is, I imagine what they are seeing dirtside is much more spectacular,” Nugraha said softly. “The light show down there has to put the most active aurora borealis back on Terra to shame.”
“The battlewagons are almost there,” Gastaud announced. He spoke into the silence absently, as if he needed to say something, to fill the silence with words worthy of the moment. “The planteside sensors show a minimal uptick on hard radiation counts. You’d get almost as much from a microwave. Looks like your plan worked, Captain.”
“I wouldn’t call it a plan,” Nugraha replied with a nervous laugh. “More like a desperate attempt to plug a hole in a dam with our fingers and lots of prayers. My god, that amount of radiation would sterilize most worlds and you stopped it.”
“It made sense, though. Our particle shields can handle the nasty shit hyper throws at us, and this is about equal to that,” Laz observed. “The fighters were a nice touch. Never thought of adding them to the mix.”
“Next radiation wave is in five minutes,” I added. “The battleships are on station. Their added shielding should keep most of the radiation from reaching the surface.”
“The sun’s calming down,” Keoki observed. “We’re still getting that odd tic every seventeen and a half seconds, but at least it’s stopped spitting corona at us.”
“Incoming transmission, Captain,” Stojanov announced as she activated the holotank. “It’s the general.”
“That was a good idea, Captain,” Tokuda said. “It worked like a charm.”
“I thought it had a good chance of blocking some of the radiation, sir. It was just a matter of how effective it would be. Now, the question is how quickly can we engineer and build a permanent orbital deflector array to protect the planet until we can figure out what is causing the sun to belch?”
“Even if we can figure out what is causing it, how realistic is it that we can stop it? I am just an old jarhead. I can figure out how to invade a planet, but I leave all the science stuff to people who are much smarter than me.”
“Have you had a chance to read our reports?”
“Not really. Can you give me the short and sweet version? Remember to use small words.”
My bridge staff chuckled at that. “We have found, actually someone on the planet found it and alerted us to it, anyway there is an odd gravitic and magnetic field spike in the planet’s gravitational and magnetic fields. It is exactly every seventeen point five seconds with not a femtosecond difference.
“An engineer found it when she was calibrating a fusion plant’s magnetic bottle. We took that data and looked deeper. The sun’s magnetic and gravitational fields are also showing that same tic, just on a grander scale. I intend to look at all the planets and see if they are seeing the same thing.
“Then the question is what is causing it? Nothing natural is that exact.”
“And if it is nothing natural, that means it is something manufactured,” Tokuda mused. “And if it is manufactured, we can find it if we start looking.”
“Exactly. The problem is, we are operating solo. We need the other three survey ships… to be honest, we need their survey probes. We carried only fifty. The Tombaugh and Leonard are our sisterships and have a hundred probes. The Edgeworth is a lot bigger. She carries one-fifty by herself, and I expect a cargo ship full of drones within a day or two. If we can flood this system with a thousand survey probes, we can narrow down where to look.”
“A thousand probes?” He asked. “That’s bound to be expensive. But if we want results fast then we spend the money, right?”
“Trust me General, it is not something I say lightly. Even if we can recover ninety-five percent of the probes to refurbish, that’s still near a billion dollars, plus the five hundred million for the five percent we lost. So, roughly one point five billion dollars.”
“Captain, that is just a drop in the bucket for what the Federation has spent to this point just in supplies, not to mention the costs of getting the supplies here. If you can find that needle in this cosmic haystack for just one point five billion dollars, then that is a huge savings against the costs of maintaining these relief convoys.”
“You are right. I hadn’t looked at it that way. But I can assure you that we’ll be working non-stop until we find it.”
“I will let you get to it,” the general replied.
“I will keep you updated.” I’d no sooner said that and noticed general looking uncomfortable.
“Not to put too fine a point on this, but I am not in your chain of command. You were ordered to report to Senior Rear Admiral Pierre. Admiral Pierre is the senior officer on station, and that makes him the system CO. He is in command, and that includes my forces until we leave. Hell, he can order me to leave right now.”
“I understand, general. I intend to keep you in the loop because we get more flares and need your ships to move, but as it stands, stay between the planet and the sun and you will block most of the radiation.”
“Roger that.”
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2023.05.30 06:39 dispensableleft This is why Twitter sucks. Musk has no idea how to evaluate sources.

This is why Twitter sucks. Musk has no idea how to evaluate sources. submitted by dispensableleft to Albertaleft [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 06:39 Justlol230 Baby Unity can apparently tear through the fabric of reality like a piece of paper.

Baby Unity can apparently tear through the fabric of reality like a piece of paper. submitted by Justlol230 to PokeMedia [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 06:39 Fyru_Hawk Art credited to Kredous

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2023.05.30 06:39 dovanthai LDAP - how to filter enable user ?

Relate to the guide,
=> snipe-it resule over 700 users, and the same result on apache directory studio
=> not permit on snipe-it, but on apache directory studio show only about 200 user <= this is the result i want (only enable user)
But why in snipe-it can't use the above second filter ?
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2023.05.30 06:39 drdarktor Hard Eight Extended Cut?

I always thought that PTA got to release his desired cut of Hard Eight only having to compromise on the title and opening credits, but this petition claims that there was a 150 minute version that only ever screened at Cannes and has never been seen again. Does anyone know how true this is?
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2023.05.30 06:39 TheTinWoman Halfway- looking for suggestions.

Halfway- looking for suggestions.
Any suggestions for my next read?
Demon Copperhead was maybe my favorite Kingsolver, but Firestarter was one of my least favorite King books I’ve read, but it still made it to the top half of my list. I chose some pretty bad ones otherwise. And I’ve had more DNF this year than ever. I was pretty busy with work the first half of the year and was looking for more light reads, but still struggled to get through some of these.
I have some time off this summer and looking to dive deep into something good! Appreciate any and all suggestions.
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2023.05.30 06:39 commander_raker Windows 11 - No video out after sleeping/restarting

Hey folks, dealing with a frustrating issue. I built my own PC about a month ago (specs below), everything was working fine until a few days ago. I went to wake the PC and the monitor was showing no connection. I tried restarting, same thing.. the fans and RGB have power, the monitor display switches from "check connection" to "no connection" when I power on, so I think it is recognizing that something is connected, it's just not getting any input.
I took everything apart and put it back together, and it worked. I assumed I had a loose power cable somewhere and the issue was resolved. Used the PC all night with no issues. Next day when I wake it, I get no connection again. Now I can't fix it.
Here is what I have tried:
-different monitor and HDMI cable
-different PSU, and internal/external power cables
-reseating ram and GPU
-running with each ram stick removed
-using onboard video out rather than gpu
What's left? Bad motherboard or something screwed up in the drivers? How do I diagnose that when I have no video out?
Mobo: ASRock b660 pro
GPU: AMD RX 6600
CPU: i5 12400f
PSU: Corsair RM750e
Windows 11
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2023.05.30 06:38 -Zoppo Nuun discontinued in NZ, anyone recommend alternatives?

I used to buy this in bulk, it helped with a lot of different things, especially hiking in the sun or hangovers. I also used the ones with caffeine to mitigate what I suspect are ADHD symptoms affecting my work since I don't want to drink coffee.
But when looking for it, everyone was sold out except one retailer who cancelled the order saying it has now been discontinued.
If you're a Nuun user what have you switched to? How do you find it compares? I basically want caffeine + no added sugar.
FYI: This is on NZ subreddit because NZ has severely limited options in almost every area compared to other countries. For people who aren't familiar with it, Nuun is a hydration tablet that you put in your water bottle and it basically becomes a sport drink but without all the rubbish that powerade etc. put in and is vastly cheaper.
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2023.05.30 06:38 aki19971 Having a hard time with dating due to past traumas

I (21, nb) started dating someone very recently, a week ago. But we've already been on three dates and we text every day, which is nice. But I find myself asking "why does he like me?" Or waiting for things to go wrong. I take hours to respond to his text messages, even though I'm thinking about him and want to reply. And I just found myself dissociating while I was trying to text him back. It's strange, because he's very nice and very easy to get along with. Were able to have good conversations and we agree on a lot of things that are important to me. But I have this problem with dating where I find myself doing things like this.. getting almost unreasonably anxious, dissociating, waiting for things to go wrong, trying to "ick" myself out so I can end it and escape. I don't know why I'm doing this. I'm getting frustrated that he likes me, I'm like he doesn't know enough about me. He has no business liking me this much. Which seems silly, but I don't know how to sort through these feelings
For more context, I've had some trauma related to relationships in the past. Being stalked multiple times, I was very sexualized my strangers as soon as I developed which really messed with me, I've been forced to do things physically, blamed for things I didn't actually do... Etc
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2023.05.30 06:38 leftalovenote AITA for not playing into my sister’s gaming addiction?

My sisters (17F and 11F) and I (21F) have been playing an online game together. The game does not have to be played every day, but gameplay is optimized by doing so because of multiple daily “events” that provide rewards and are due at specific times. My parents have taken their devices away in an effort to motivate them to fulfill their responsibilities (schoolwork and chores). This happens pretty often in my house, and it usually does work (at least temporarily). I keep up with this game for them while they’re grounded, often spending a few hours in a day finishing events for all three of us. I know they care about the game and I play it too, so I usually don’t mind playing for them unless I’m stuck playing their game for extended periods of time.
17F sister, let’s call her Cal, was put online for school during Covid and has continued doing online school ever since. She’s basically done all of high school online, while 11F sister and I have been back in person. To give you an idea of how mentally young she is, Cal cried a couple of weeks ago because she missed an event on the game (She had her own devices and missed the event because she forgot to enter it, and missing an event isn’t even a big deal in the game).
Cal also doesn’t say thank you to me when she gets her devices back from our parents and sees all the events entered and the rewards in her inbox. She has acted aloof with me and pretends the game doesn’t mean anything to her. Yet she has woken up in the middle of the night to play it, cried over it, and neglected her schoolwork for it. So her aloof behavior is an act.
This time I have decided to only keep up with 11F’s game, and not Cal’s, since 11F actually listens to me, appreciates my help, and does the best she can. Cal has been shooting glares my way all day, but hasn’t confronted me directly about my decision yet.
I am living with my family and my schedule is free right now because I am mostly “on break” til law school in the fall aside from working, tutoring my sisters, and taking care of my infant brother. Cal also has a lot of free time, yet she fails to manage it properly. As an older sister, I feel a lot of responsibility for her and 11F. Last time I tried to help Cal build a schedule, she accused me of micromanaging her. I told her she was hurtful and wrong for painting me in a controlling/overbearing light, especially because I was only reacting to a breakdown she had the previous day, and she didn’t acknowledge that or apologize. I’m honestly just sick of her attitude towards me when I’m only trying to help.
Cal is, self-professed, “not interested in school.” She uses ChatGPT for assignments so that she has more time to game. I have told her how wrong this is. Her excuse for cheating was that I am so much more accomplished than her and our parents do not appreciate her grades, which isn’t true at all.
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2023.05.30 06:38 Sea_Suggestion6669 Monument Pieces

I’m sure this is a stupid question, but how to I find the monument pieces?
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2023.05.30 06:38 0424reddit My (24f) FWB (25m) is mad at me…am I the asshole?

My (24f) “friends with benefits” (25m) and I have been seeing each other for a little over a month now. He has made it ABUNDANTLY clear that he doesn’t want a relationship and doesn’t like when people get attached to him and has not had a girlfriend since he was in high school. I have honored and respected that and have not expected anything more from him. I will say however, that we have gotten really close in a short amount of time and that our connection has grown. We talk everyday from morning until night and he has started opening up more and becoming softer and leaning on me a lot. And even though I’ve been noticing the evolution of our “relationship-friendship” whatever….I still have not been taking it for more than it really is or badgered him about us getting into a relationship.
Long story short, we just went to sunset music festival with just us two this past weekend. Overall, we had a great time and had a lot of fun together. He has a wandering eye and always notices attractive women, and he wasn’t shy about pointing them out to me while at the festival. He also is super open with me about the past women that he’s had sex with, and constantly talks about it. Sometimes, to a point of whether I don’t know if he’s trying to brag or what. Either way I don’t take it personal. While we were at the festival he kept talking about how beautiful this one girl was that we saw, and there was this girl that he knew from tinder who was there and her and her friend wanted to meet up with him, and I was totally cool with it. So we met up with them, and I could tell the girl that he knew was put off by me and wasn’t expecting me to be there with him. She ended up messaging him later asking if I was his gf and he said “nah not at all, she’s a girl I’ve been fucking”. He literally showed me the messages between them two. And I didn’t even get mad or care.
Then, at the end of the night once we were on the way back home from the festival, the topic once again, of past people we have liked or hooked up with got brought up. So, I told him about this one guy that I know, but have never hooked up with, that has always been really cool with me and treated me nicely and that we are kind of like “family” but not actually blood related and he’s a lot older than me, that I feel like I’ve always had weird sexual tension with him. I felt like I could be open with my fwb about that, since he is always so open with me, so I didn’t feel like me saying that was going to be a problem. But, as soon as I said that he got really quiet and didn’t speak to me the rest of the night. When I tried to hug him or kiss him while we were in bed he would push me off. And when I asked him what was wrong he said that “he was put off by what I said about the other guy” & “that if he’s so great then why I am not fucking with him instead?”. And then left in the morning without saying a word and won’t talk to me.
I just don’t get it….how is it fair that he can constantly talk about other women around me but I can’t say anything about another man around him? And if he has no feelings for me and if I am “just a girl he’s been fucking” then what does it matter how I think and feel about anyone else?
Summary: fwbs is mad that I brought up another guy when all he ever does is constantly talk about other women infront of me.
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2023.05.30 06:38 sneabnfrok Internet Constantly disconnects

I have the 1200GB plan. I have my own modem and eero mesh network system. I get (using xfinity’s app) no more than 100mbps. (Just tested and got 18.2). I’ve spent count times on the phone with support with no result. Even had one support individual tell me 10 mbps was fast. At least once a day I have to reset my modem since my internet goes out. EVERYDAY.
How do I get someone who can help? I fear a technician needs to come out and check the box or connecting but I’m told they will charge me. Why am I charged when the service I pay for isn’t working?
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2023.05.30 06:37 na_kwan Can you craft a legendary weapon with a small bank size?

I am a returning player interested in making a legendary weapon. As I am looking at all the stuff, I thinking I don't have space to put everything. I have a very small bank. I am seeing I need like 70 stacks of a single material, and I don't even have that many bank spaces. I know I will craft things and things will get smaller, but am I missing something that help reduce material size?
I have 77 inventory spots, but I think I'll need those free as I get stuff from playing. I have 30 bank spots. I currently have some materials and about 90 gold. I just don't see how I can make a legendary with a small bank size. I don't want to spend money on more bank spots. I am not entirely sure how to make a legendary, so I could be missing something.
Any insight to this? Thanks
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