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Bears doing human things. If it's a real bear and doing something that resembles a human or human activity, it's welcome here.

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A place to share media of girls in cosplay.

2023.06.03 16:56 Disastrous-Owl- Should I wait to build PC?

I plan on building a pc but won't be able to really fully use it till November.
So my question is that do I get all the parts now? As dollar rate is most likely going to rise. Therefore making the parts more expensive the more I wait. Or is there a chance that as parts get older and new ones release the prices will go down?
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2023.06.03 16:56 Crobbers Nothing exceptional, I don’t even have a before pic because when I started I didn’t even believe I could build any muscle for the first months. 3 months in now and I start to feel attractive! Let me tell you I was SKINNY af a couple of weeks prior. You can do it even if you’re 30 guys.

Nothing exceptional, I don’t even have a before pic because when I started I didn’t even believe I could build any muscle for the first months. 3 months in now and I start to feel attractive! Let me tell you I was SKINNY af a couple of weeks prior. You can do it even if you’re 30 guys. submitted by Crobbers to fitness30plus [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 16:56 abug_anda_cat Flee The Facility teamers

Flee The Facility teamers
I was playing for my friend on her account (bcz she went to sleep) and the first thing I notice was the other players not hacking any pcs even though I hacked 2 by the 12 minute time. One of them rejoined and that's when I noticed it. The second one is to show proof (the 2 pcs were near). The third picture shows one of them camping a pc and not helping. Then the person that rejoined the round started talking about this Jessica girl (me and my friend go to a malay school, none of us knows a Jessica). I didn't get a further screenshot, but I replied (I have a bad temper) that this 'Jessica' doesn't even know my name, and the beast in this round called me rude.
Just play the game normally! It's no fun to team up!
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2023.06.03 16:55 Manic_Strawberry My (f20) boyfriend (m25) is ruining our relationship with cheating accusations always and his paranoia. We both have BPD.

My boyfriend haven’t been together for long, but I always felt we were really close and clicked really well. I’m 20, he’s 25.
Every day (except for 1) since we got together, we have fought and its ended every time in my having to fight for us to stay together and try and prove my obvious innocence to his claims of me being disloyal in some form, which when he conveys them to me feel so convicting, harsh, and without reasonable premises.
I spend every day crying (except for that one day) because of this stuff, then after hours of BS, we make up, and then the cycle starts again in the next 12 hours (if we even make it that far without fighting again).
I know he is so incredibly paranoid as a result of his previous relationships resulting in being cheated on and such, but I’ve not done anything.
Here is a chronological list of some events we’ve ‘endured’ together within the last 5 days or so:
• One day he accused me of cheating and trying to find male validation because I told a friend about my new painted toe nails. The same day he argued with me again and accused me of playing with him, cheating on him and being disloyal yet again. Both of these blown out arguments have lasted hours, sometimes even entire half days, just fighting back and forth and trying to be heard. We then make up after and say we trust each other and give each other more chance.
• The next day we fought again about the same stuff and it also lasted quite some hours, and it was basically a repeat of the day before. We then make up after and say we trust each other and give each other more chance.
• The day after the next day, we did in fact fight again and also lasted multiple hours and was regarding the same topics, and throws up every single other fight we had and tries to use the same reasons with no premises from the he used the previous fights we had. We then make up after and say we trust each other and give each other more chance.
• Then we went 1 entire day without fighting!!! (catch is that it was because he was at work and works busy and long 12 hour shifts!) The day was peaceful and I thought we were doing well.
• Yesterday, I can barely remember but I believe we didn’t fight, but it’s possible we did. I truly cannot remember, I have memory problems that are induced by trauma, mental illness, and probably the amount of weed I smoke lol. We called for so many hours, typically we call for upwards of 15 hours a day because he’s a bit farther from me right now, but we only called for around 6 hours. He went quiet suddenly and I assumed he went to sleep, but after an hour he messages me and it isn’t the case. He is dry and I can tell something is wrong.
• This morning I woke up at exactly 3:33am in terrible pain from the chronic gallstone attacks I get, and went outside to go smoke weed to relieve the pain. I go to text my beloved man and I see he’s blocked me and my messages won’t go through, but on socials it showed he’s still in a a relationship with me. I panicked hard and started messaging him on a different social, begging to just talk and understand what happened. He’s at work, messaged me on his break 30 mins ago, and we fought yet again, because he said: “you can go ahead and unadd me again whenever you want im not arguing with you today, my days already ruined yo, you arent loyal and for some reason you wanna keep unfollowing and following people Idk what the fck your issue is really but its really annoying. Dont text me back, just fcking unadd me dude, god knows how many other dudes you talk to behind my back.”
All of these arguments have stemmed from his paranoia.
Now we are trying to work through things. This is not the only issue, but when we aren’t arguing, he has been using lots of positive reinforcement to me when he feels i’ve been loyal to him.
But this is where it gets worse, he told me a few days ago that if he finds out i’m playing with him, he will come to my apartment and end me then himself right after. I told him, “no you won’t, you’re too sweet”. He was laughing quietly abt it and got very serious and was repeating how he definitely would, but if i’m scared then i must be cheating because if i wasn’t then i wouldn’t have a reason to be scared.
I mostly believe he would attempt this.
Can someone please tell me their thoughts or opinions and maybe lend some advice for me:(? If you have any other questions, I’m happy to answer. I just hope he doesn’t frequent this subreddit. I feel like i’m out of options.
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2023.06.03 16:55 xyz123ff Spare Money - Is Buy to Let worth it?

Looking for some advice here, which I may take to an accountant later.
TLDR: my wife and I have money lying about, and are saving to buy another property in 2 or 3 years - but are wondering what to do with the existing savings? Buy-to-let? Investments? etc.
Currently, my wife (27) and I (32) own a flat where we pay £300 a month for the mortgage currently. We have around £60,000 total left to pay. We also rent a room in our flat out, bringing in £350 - so we're making £50 a month over the mortgage payment.
We have no car at the moment (we live in a city and don't really need it), no kids (nor any planned), and low expenses (we spent a year travelling, but are back now and saving rapidly).
Some figures:
What would people here advise in this position? We would like to get a bigger house after 2 or 3 more years, and I know we need cash for that, but is there a better option in the meantime for the money we have in the bank (and coming in month-to-month)?
Thanks for any advice.
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2023.06.03 16:55 DeFiChainNFTs Payout dToken LM Rewards in DUSD

(by u/Pho_DFI, u/Joem0506, u/DeFiChainNFTs)

The dToken LM pool rewards should be distributed in DUSD.

Why? Because when investing in and building up a dToken portfolio your primary objective is to increase the size of your dToken holdings. By receiving rewards in DUSD through LM, you can reinvest those DUSD earnings directly into other dTokens or LM positions, effectively increasing your dToken portfolio.

How? The current DFI block rewards will get converted into DUSD using the DFI-DUSD pool. These DUSD will then be distributed over the dToken LM pools in the same proportion as their predefined DFI rewards.

Ideally, this process should occur for every block.
However, if this is not programmable, a similar approach as with the BBB mechanism should be adopted. Swapping takes place every 120 blocks, but DUSD rewards are still distributed each block same as the negative interest for DUSD loans.


Once DUSD is in a premium of >1.05$ (at least 2880 blocks) the rewards will be again paid out in DFI and not DUSD
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2023.06.03 16:55 TheChaoGoesMu Core Set, High Ground and Take Cover sprue breakdowns

Made this for myself, and thought maybe others might find it useful, an inventory of which terrain sprues are in which box.
(The Take Cover and High Ground contents are based on an unboxing (why I don’t know sprue numbers) so if anyone who has them can tell me if I’m wrong, I’d be super grateful!)
SWP01 - 3: 8 Gantry end pieces
SWP01 - 4: 8 Gantry centre pieces
SWP01 - 5 and SWP01 - 6: Tech Shed
SWP01 - 7: (x2) Tower Base and top floor
SWP01 - 8: (x2) Tower supports, topper, and 2 ladders
SWP01 - 9 and SWP01 - 10: Vent Building
SWP01 - 11: 6 Gantry railings (and Tooka on a rock)
SWP01 - 12: 4 Gantry legs (pylons) and 2 ladders
SWP01 - 13: 8 Crates and 4 Ladders
SWP02 - 1, SWP02 - 2, SWP02 - 3, and SWP02 - 4: Array (and Convor on a rock)
SWP01 - 3: 8 Gantry end pieces
SWP01 - 4: 8 Gantry centre pieces
SWP01 - 7: (x2) Tower Base and top floor
SWP01 - 8: (x2) Tower supports, topper, and 2 ladders
SWP01 - 12: 4 Gantry legs (pylons) and 2 ladders
SWP01 - 13: 8 Crates and 4 Ladders
SWP17 - ?: Swoop bike and GNK Droid
SWP17 - ?: (x2) Generator, Large Rock, Small Rock
SWP17(?)- ?: 2 ladders
SWP01 - 5 and SWP01 - 6: Tech Shed
UNIQUE TO CORE SET: Vent Building, Railings, Tooka on a rock
UNIQUE TO HIGH GROUND: Array, Convor on a rock
UNIQUE TO TAKE COVER: Swoop Bike, GNK Droid, Generator, Large Rock, Small Rock
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2023.06.03 16:55 Electronic_Wolf_6173 I'm upset about the way my mom handled a situation with my boyfriend

Okay, before I start I want to say that my mom knows I'm dating my boyfriend, I'm 16, he turned 18 today, but we're only a year apart, hes 0'5, I'm 0'6.
I tried to talk to my mom about meeting my boyfriend and his parents before but she shut me down and said that she wants to do it on her own time and that she doesn't want to be rushed, so I didn't say anything more about it.
I only talked to her about him once and yesterday makes twice because me and her don't have a good relationship at all but that's a different story.
My boyfriend walked me to school on Thursday, he's a senior and they had no school that day since all juniors had to take a regents exam, he woke up early thinking he had school but when I told him it was only me he just walked me.
He ended up talking about his birthday, which is today, he said he was going to the beach, then dinner, then he was going to have a bonfire and a party, I didn't know these were his plans, before Thursday I really didn't think of going because before, he said he was just going to hang with his guy friends, but thats not the case anymore I see and he said he would like for me to be there as he wants to spend his birthday with me.
I immediately told him that I don't think I'll be able to go because of my mom, she won't have any money, I don't have any money and I have no ride to get there and back, he understood and I told him that I'll ask anyways because it doesn't hurt to ask.
When I got home I tried to ease into asking her by saying that my boyfriend's birthday was the next day and he wants me to hang out with him, and I told her his plans, before I could even ask if she would be okay with me going, she caught an attitude and started saying that she doesn't even know him, he hasn't had the decency to talk to her or get to know her, she hasn't met his parents, she doesn't have a phone number, she doesn't know where I'll be, I sat and heard her out, I told her that she hasn't met him because she said herself that she didn't want to be rushed into meeting anyone, and I also told her I didn't plan on going to his birthday until he told me he wanted me there.
She started saying that if he wants me to go he has a few hours to meet her demands and said that she has never had a boyfriend her mom didn't know about and she's going to keep it going like that, she then asked why I couldn't call him at that very moment and I said I couldn't because I knew he was pretty busy.
She kept talking about him in a way I didn't like, she said that he needs to man up and speak to her, and if he wants me to go, she wants a phone number, a parent to talk to, an address, she asked for reasonable and understandable things any caring parent would ask for.
But I was upset, not at what she was asking, but the way she went about everything, she flipped on me, cussed me out in the process of making her demands, and made me feel stupid for asking.
I ended up going to my room and crying while texting my boyfriend about what happened and telling him to forget it, he ended up giving me his mom's number to give to my mom, and when she called, she got upset that she didn't get an answer, and when I told her that she might be busy because she has a newborn, she was still upset, instead of being understanding that her call couldn't be answered because of that.
Then my mom got upset because my boyfriend was sending me messages when in her words he could be speaking to her and that he must not be that busy if he's texting me, he sent his number to me to send to my mom and she sent her number to me to send to him saying that she'll be expecting a call, that part got me really upset too because she was making things way harder than it needed to be, she could have simply just called him, then when he did call, my mom had an attitude the entire time, and was trying to make it seem like he was going to try and do something to me while we were out.
Now I was under the impression his parents would be there but he told her that there would be no parental supervision, and it would be him and his guy friends, and I learned that the beach he wanted to go to was pretty far.
She got off of the phone and my boyfriend messaged me saying I was right to just forget it.
My mom came into my room going off on me asking if I really thought she was going to let me go out with no parental supervision and it's just going to be him and his guy friends, my boyfriend later told me his friends girlfriends were going to be there too but we knew it wouldn't make a difference.
She started making it seem like I was gonna try and do stuff with him and his friends or they would try and do stuff with me, she kept implying that I was "expecting" her to let me go which wasn't the case at all, she kept saying that I was just trying to be alone with a boy, she was putting a lot of words in my mouth.
After she left I started crying, I didn't cry about the fact that I couldn't go, yes it was a bummer and I was disappointed as I'm sure any teenager would be, but the reason I was crying was because of the way she handled the situation, I was embarrassed, and I felt incredibly stupid, she made me feel and look stupid for asking.
She came back and asked me if I was really crying about it, and I tried to talk to her about how I feel and say it in a respectful way, I told her I wasn't trying to be disrespectful but I felt like she was being mean about the situation, I told her I understood why I couldn't go but I felt like she was being mean about the way she handled it.
I could barely get the words out because she was yelling at me in the middle of me talking asking me what I thought she was being and after I finished she said she was trying to protect me, while still yelling at me, and that I basically had no right to be upset, she said "I'm trying to protect you and you wanna sit and cry because you can't hang out with a boy, alone, and with his guy friends."
Then she started listing things I should have been crying about, she basically invalidated my feelings, it all made me cry even harder after she said that I was acting like she wasn't that young once and that she doesn't know what happens, she started slamming things around and said that the day before I didn't do my chore at all and all this other stuff, then went into her room and said that she wanted to punch something so bad it wasn't even funny.
Then my sister, who's 13, came into my room and told me she heard everything and was livid, we talked about the situation and I told her how I didn't know that there wasn't going to be any adults there, and that it wasn't even about me wanting to spend time alone with him or do anything inappropriate with him, that was the farthest thing from my mind, I simply wanted to be there for him on his birthday as a supportive and loving girlfriend, but she wasn't trying to understand or see my point of view, I also explained that I wasn't expecting her to let me go, I knew she wouldn't but I asked for my boyfriend in case there was a chance I could have, I didn't want to ask her, and I would have and do understand that she said no, but the way she handled the situation with such anger and what felt like hatred directed towards me and my boyfriend and his family is what made me cry and feel the way I did, my boyfriend even told he was pissed.
My mom then came back into my room and asked what the topic of conversation was and asked if it was her, I tried to ignore her because I was already riled up and just wanted it all to end, but she kept saying "hello name I'm talking to you" to which I replied no, then she said that the last thing I wanted to do was give her an attitude and then closed my door.
My sister got fed up with it and swung the door open and went to talk my mom, she waited until she was done yelling and screaming about me and tried to tell her that I understood why I couldn't go and that I wasn't upset about it and that I didn't know that there wasn't going to be any adults there, but my mom tried to make it seem like I lied about it.
Then at some point she told me that my boyfriend tried to get smart with her, when in reality she asked him if he understood why she couldn't let me go and he said he didn't, then she asked him if he would let his daughter hang out with her boyfriend and his friends alone to which he replied that if she was a teenager then yes and I'm guessing my mom didn't like that answer and he told her that he just doesn't agree with her.
My sister was asking my mom if she could calm down and have a civilized talk with me but my mom was ignoring her and my sister came into my room crying asking if I would go on a walk with her so we could cool down, we got ready and heard my mom screaming and crying on the phone to her mom and they proceeded to talk negatively about me, after about 20 to 30 minutes of sitting on the porch and venting she messaged me and told me to come to her room.
I went into her room and she explained why she acted the way she did, her reasoning was that her blowing up the way she did wasn't even about the situation with me and my boyfriend, it was because she had no money, we had no food, the wifi was cut off, and the gas was/is about to get shut off and she was under a lot of stress and just snapped, she told me that she has to protect me more than she did before because of a situation with my sperm donor (sexual abuse) and that with how many girls get offed by men these days, she wouldn't be able to sleep knowing she let me go and then I never make it home, she apologized and pleaded for me to be able to understand why she said no.
I told her I understand, by that point we were both shedding tears, she told me she knows I need to have fun, but it can't be alone and where she can't get to me or call me or anything, we made up and everything has been fine since then.
But I'm still upset about it all, she really hurt my feelings and for some reason, even though she apologized I can't let it go, I talked about it with someone and they told me I was being petty and had no right to still dwell over the situation, today's my boyfriends birthday and I guess it all just hit harder than when it happened and I need some advice, do I let it go? Was the person right? Do I not have any rights to dwell over it anymore?
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2023.06.03 16:55 AutoModerator [Download Course] notJust Dev – The Full Stack Mobile Developer (

[Download Course] notJust Dev – The Full Stack Mobile Developer (
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2023.06.03 16:55 Aggressive_Mess6708 I am having sex with a fat Russian girl soon

Hey guys, I am travelling soon to the Siberian region of Russia and I am a noob when it is talked for sex 🤣🤡. I need any advises and help I can get from fellow redittors with a lot of experience because I have made this girl fall for me and I am finally having sexxx. It was a tough journey to comvince her boys, but I think I have made it 😅. I will tell the story in pieces for your advises to be more correct. The history begins from a language-learning application. I was surfing in there to improve my English and I match with her (she was learning German, my native language). We started speaking like friends and then she expressed her liking to me. I never had any luck with girls and for my surprise, she is into it with me 😏😶. After some time we started to have online sex too and when you cum with a girl you have a good connection, it feels so fucking good, fuck porn man 😂. I want to go crazy on her and fuck her like it's my last day in earth uffff.
Now the problem is this: I DON'T ACTUALLY LOVE HER OR SEE HER AS MY WIFE, but I know that she must fuck so gooood and it will be like paradise for me. Yes, we have a connection, but I want to fuck her for as long as I can until I get tired or find my actual partner in life. She is so lonely and is fatter than what I want my wife to be. Very loud person and complicated and sometimes good sometimes shit jokes 😂. Makes me tryhard to act the way she wants because I don't want to give her any reason to be angry with me now that I am so close to fucking her. I call her pig to joke, but sadly she is as fat as one. Her features are not my taste too, but she is a good girl, I don't want to break her hearttt. I want to enjoy sex with her for as long as possible and fuck her hard. I dream about the moment so fucking much, and I am travelling to her sometime in the middle of this month. I don't know how to hide my true intentions from her and her parents 🤡 who think I will give their daughter a future. At the same time I want her to love and have crazy sexx with me for those days. I have many fantasies I want to experience with her but that's all, I don't want her to be part of my life forever and i don't know how to hide it well when I see her. I want all your tips and help 🫡, it's tough. She has a crazy ex too who constantly calls her and tries to win her back, but he is so fucking ugly and weak that she hates him and is glad he remains in the past, but because he is sick she tries to be polite to him. I don't give a fuck about him, but this mf has almost fucked all my plans 😂.
I also have pictures of her that I took without her knowlwdge hihihi...if you want to exchange your girlfriends with her dm me. It turns me on to cum with girls that are not so exposed to public 😳
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2023.06.03 16:55 Med_sized_Lebowski Long term puzzle/mystery game suggestions

I am interested in holding a long-time-frame game (think 2 months, or more) that can be played between the employee/teams in my workplace. I am imagining something like a linear puzzle-progression game, with each puzzle needing multiple steps or multiple gathered-pieces being brought together to solve, and the solution of the puzzle pointing to the location of the first clues in the next puzzle. To promote and foster team-work the puzzles should be the type that needs the contributions of multiple people to solve. The puzzle clues could be spread around our multi-floored building, or even spread around our town. I would also like to ensure that my position as the game-master remains a secret until the game is won.
Has anyone ever heard of a game like this? Are there any existing game products available that would meet my requirements, or even come close? Has anyone been involved in a game like this?
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2023.06.03 16:54 mitchellered Date was completely different towards me when we met IRL

I’m 34 (female)and I recently moved closer to my home town and am active on the dating apps. I came across someone from my high school class who I always thought was attractive but never hung out with and matched with him. I didn’t think it would really go anywhere, thought we would kind of say hi and laugh but then he continued to message me and asked for my number. We continued to chat and he started sending me spicy pics to which I kind of sent some back to which eventually led to some sexting. But we would also talk about all kinds of stuff as well that wasn’t sexual like tv shows and movies and what was going on in our lives. He lives an hour away and mentioned that we should try to meet up some time. After a few weeks of us talking, I said I would be willing to meet up to which he seemed really excited for. He told me he always had a little bit of a crush on me. We even talked a bit on the phone before hand. Up until we finally met, he was texting me every few hours, telling me how much he enjoyed talking to me, and hyping up how excited he was to meet me and couldn’t wait to be all over me. Then we met in real life and it was like night and day. I thought he would at least hug me or something (I hug most of my dates upon meeting them) but he didn’t. He would barely even make eye contact with me. We went out to dinner and had a few drinks and the conversation was fine but it wasn’t intimate ever and he still wasn’t really making eye contact or being flirty or anything. We continued to hang out at my place after dinner and we talked on my couch for a few hours. I continued to get closer to him and show signs that I was relaxing and interested but he was still cold. I didn’t make a move because I didn’t think he wanted me to based on his actions throughout the night. Finally very randomly he reaches in and kisses me and then we had sex. We watched tv for a like an hour after with some cuddling and then he went home. After this meet up which was 2 nights ago, he’s still texting me but it’s been less often as before and his answers are shorter and less personalized. He hasn’t said anything about our meet-up either (no “I had a good time!” or anything like that). I’m just confused by this whole situation. He knew what I looked like, I sent him several pictures of myself to him prior to the meetup (ones that included my body) Maybe he thought I was less attractive in real life? I also don’t know if he was nervous or socially awkward- I never hung out with him before this as we didn’t hang out in high school really at all. I’m so used to people ghosting me now when they aren’t interested or even telling me they aren’t but he hasn’t done this yet. Should I continue to ride this out and see if it develops or just move on (because I possibly got played?) Would it be worth it to confront him and say something along the lines of “hey so I feel like you were not that interested in me when we met, if you weren’t feeling it that’s fine,just let me know so I can stop whatever we’re doing and move on”?
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2023.06.03 16:54 mystery_elmo Grave Warden Duelist loot Drop?

Good day to you my fellow tarnished, I say my fellow tarnished as there can only be one Elden Lord and it is I, no down votes please( grovel for mercy) calm down as I'm just kidding 🤣 we can all share the title. On a serious note I just defeated the Grave Warden Duelist and I didn't get his hammer or the hammer drop, instead I received the Banished Knight Engvall, which I prefer as this build is a spellcasteincantation build. So is the wiki mistaken or is this a common thing. I am playing the game mostly blind but I just checked the wiki for illusionary walls in dungeons which is how I knew about the hammer and supposedly there was an urgent heal down there I purchased long ago 😳
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2023.06.03 16:54 Sminorf8765 Up and coming/lesser known coaches

Since so many of the top competitors seem to use a small group of the same coaches, I thought it would be good to talk about some of the up and coming/lesser known coaches or just coaches with smaller teams. Yes, I know we have a coaching reviews section. But with good guidance being so hard to come by, I don’t think we can talk about it enough. I’ll start, and perhaps others can chime in.
Neal Cash - Coached Calysta (Upperman) Fulcher and she competed as a natural the whole time, started with Ashlyn Little a few months ago, he and Lexus Redmond just did their first show together as well.
Cameron Cheek - Emily Pribula’s coach, Shelby Talon (wellness), also now working with Rachel Daniels (women’s physique) and Melissa Brodsky (figure).
Chet and Natalie Nichols - I don’t know if they have pros on their roster or what, but I’m more impressed with their transformations. Plus they give away a ton of free and valuable resources to help competitors.
Casey DeLong - Not sure how many pros she has…I know she was working with Alessia…Chanel Mbiakop is an IFBB wellness pro. I’m actually more impressed by her work with average women and even women who have below average genetics.
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2023.06.03 16:54 MudGroundbreaking $MDLZ Awaiting Short Signal based off 50 signals on the 15-min chart. Free trial at

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2023.06.03 16:54 theclawsays UPDATE: Did my T mean to be condescending?

Hi everyone! This is an update on my previous post:
I had issues feeling close to my blank slate psychoanalyst, and he had said something that angered me in one of our sessions. I didn’t know how to feel.
😅 Well update: I brought up my anger with him and how what he had said made me feel like he was condescending and insincere. I laid it out all there! His response was actually therapeutic (thankfully) as he made it a very clear point to say that all my feedback is good including anger and asked why I didn’t bring it up to him earlier. We then talked about how I feel guilty when I feel angry, and yada yada yada.
Anyways, his response (paraphrased above) was much more genuine and more sincere.
Additionally, he moved offices and it was my first time in his own private practice, and I FINALLY got to get a sense of who he is. He decorated and curated everything to his taste and put up his degrees, and had some nice Turkish styled rugs out. Is that a weird reaction? To feel closer to my T simply because I finally felt like I got to see “him”?
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2023.06.03 16:54 Unique-Statement209 My baby came to visit me in my dream 😢👼💔💕

It’s almost 7 months since my baby died due to medical malpractice however nothing has been done and I am so tired of begging and crying for help from the attorneys and seems like they are busy with other cases or may be it’s normal but it seems too long and meantime I am shattered heart broken and powerless to do anything for this injustice, to have taken away my only child, my son. I hate this world anyways I have been crying day and night and I just sob when I think of how unfair this world is and why and how my baby had to suffer. I don’t go out or talk to any of ny friends I don’t feel good. I have been wanting to die since the incident not that I am going to kill myself and wanting to see my baby again and he came last night in my dream. He is still wrapped up in his swaddle but I saw him in a mirror or something but I knew my dream that he was dead and he was like a spirit however I was able to talk to him and hold him kiss his hug him and he was saying he wanted to get out is his swaddle and I unwrapped him he was stretching and I was having my time with him until people started to come and I was thinking they will think I am crazy since I knew they can’t see him. I don’t know what this dreams mean but I am so happy to see him in my dream. It felt real and I don’t care if people will think I am crazy I will be crazy for him for my baby. I want my baby back 😢😭
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2023.06.03 16:54 ZygardeCell-99 Planetary Ornaments: DMG Boost or 2-PC Effects?

Which is more important in a DPS loadout, a planetary ornament set with a good 2-pc effect for DPS or a planetary ornament set with not as good 2-pc effect but with the DMG boost of your character?
Thinking of how to build my Sushang and I'm strapped between using the Inert Salsotto w/Physical Boost or double ATK boost Space Station.
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2023.06.03 16:54 BitSuspicious1966 Pandas are the only bears you can cuddle with without worrying about your face being ripped off

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2023.06.03 16:54 KenaiKnail Why dont I enjoy certain things anymore?

My GF asked me to bathe in a lake and after some talk I realised that I dont want to just cause I dont see any reason to. I dont dislike it, I've had tons of fun before with it many years ago
Ive no idea why this change happened, but Ive noticed it also matters for many other stuff (which I dont know how to word right this moment). Can this be due to depression? Not diagnosed, but wouldnt surprise me Or anything other that can explain why I dont want to do stuff anymore simply because when I think logically there's no reason for it
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2023.06.03 16:54 Bobthewreck Lookin for a chill friend thats nice and warm gives me company and keeps me calm 18/M [Friendship]

My face is red and my eyes are blue no they're not, i just lied to you but you what i would never ever do? look at other gals cuz these eyes are locked on you
well there you have it that was a special poem i made specially for YOU, yes what are you waiting for? message me and lets get this thing started, a couple of things you should know about me are that im super chill, very easy to talk to, do amazing corny jokes and i will provide you TWO and yes you read that right TWO shoulders to cry on
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2023.06.03 16:54 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Incubator (Complete)

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