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2023.05.30 06:56 tarobear6744 No one will ever know about how crazy my AM is

To my friends and to strangers, she is a nice and kind mother who takes care of me, an image created by both what I’ve told them about her, and how they’ve interacted with her. But, behind closed doors, she is a completely different person. Someone who has made her kids fear her. A narcissist. Emotionally and physically abusive.
No one will ever know about the times that she hit me, beat me till I was curled up into a ball on the floor, crying my eyes out. They will never know about the countless times she chased me around the house with a broom or a back scratcher while I feared for my life. The times she would beat on my door and scream while I was trying to keep it locked. The times she tore apart my room. The times she threatened to snap my neck or throw knives at me. The late night arguments that go on for what seems like forever after the dreaded moments when she comes home from work. Her causing me to have an eating disorder. To have anxiety and depression. To become a pathological liar as a result so that she won’t get mad at me for doing things that are out of her control.
I wish I could tell people but I can’t bring myself to do it, I don’t want to deal with their reactions. Even through it all, I don’t want anything bad to happen to my mom because of the repercussions that might come from telling people.
But, it’s killing me. To keep it all inside. I cry myself to sleep all the time because of the things that she says to me. I’n unsure about a lot of things in my life because of it. I feel so worthless and afraid.
I often wonder what my life would’ve been like if she wasn’t like this. Would I not have all the problems that I do now because of her?
This subreddit is the only outlet I have to let everything out that I’ve been holding in for basically all of my life. It’s here that people actually understand my life long pain.
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2023.05.30 06:56 DJ_Iron Im tired of people acting like its the end of the world when anything is announced.

My entire splatoon wish list has been filled with the new update allowing for picking what ink color you are. Everyone else is complaining of a weapon that they never used. I FEEL LIKE NO ONE CAN JUST SHUT UP. Someone was mad that people play turf war in groups, calling it “cheating.” you guys complain about how a game mode sucks JUST STOP PLAYING IT. Idc if you guys play casually. Idc if you play competitively. If you like the game, play it. If you dont, play something else. If the updates are “so bad” just play something else. Im just glad its not splatoon 2 meta.
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2023.05.30 06:56 hadynelizabeth Car accident advice

I’ve never been in a car accident before today, the other driver was at fault. I was in the right lane, other driver was in the left lane and he decided he needed to turn into the business on the right without looking and side swiped almost the entire left side of my car. The guy said he was driving a company vehicle and they have insurance, but he would rather pay for the damage to my vehicle so the insurance wouldn’t go up. He gave me his number and told me to take it in to get fixed tomorrow and he’ll pay for it, so I agreed. I don’t really care how it gets fixed, I just want it done. The number works and I have a text from him apologizing and admitting blame. I also have a picture of his license plate and him in the background. I didn’t get a picture of his drivers license, I didn’t know if that was a normal thing to ask for and didn’t want to be weird, plus I was shaken up. It’s Memorial Day so all the mechanics are closed and I couldn’t take it in today, so I was intending on going in the morning. After talking with my parents, they made it sound like I should have taken it further. I figured that this was something people normally do if the damage isn’t too bad; I understand not wanting to pay more for insurance. Its mostly just gross looking cosmetic damage since my car is white and both doors still close and work. There’s one dent between the rear door and gas lid. I guess I just kind of wanna know if anyone experienced anything similar from either side and how that went? Looking for some peace of mind that I’m not stupid :’(
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2023.05.30 06:56 paytonosiris How do I get involved with Questbridge

Hi, I am reading a lot of comments talking about questbridge, and I wasn’t sure if it was too late to get involved. I’m a rising senior and I want to enter in as many scholarships I can because I’m not rich by any means.
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2023.05.30 06:56 Druss94508Legend Mars Explorer is freaking rage inducing

I read this one a year or two ago but it pops in my head every once in a while.
Guy NTR’s a young dude who’s sacrificing his life to save Mars colony by sleeping with his fiancée. NTR another dude who’s trapped and gonna die.
Then blackmails a doctor to sleep with him and makes all his harem.
I never wanted to throttle a character more than that guy.
Pisses me off. Like what’s the point of those guys living. They’re both walking dead and hollow.
I can’t think of one that makes me angrier than the one where a dudes fiancé is his dad former sex friend and another where woman cheats on her husband on their honeymoon because a fan of her AV days found her.
Like the fuck. Why is this a thing? Like why!!
Bad guys getting NTR, I understand. A movie called two family house has this and I don’t feel bad for guy because he’s an abusive drunk.
Ugh. Sorry. Just had a freaking flash reminder of this reading a sci-fi comic. I hate this genre.
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2023.05.30 06:56 getthebag19 Is it dangerous to kid 20mg oxycodone with 30mg codeine?

I mean mix on the title My bad MIX
I didn’t know if that risks ss syndrome or if the two compliment each other. Does anyone have experience? Can I mix codeine with oxy
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2023.05.30 06:55 shcmil Mark Mcgowan ~ A mixed legacy

As a WA Labor member I'm kinda in 2 minds about Mark Mcgowan
On one hand he is possibly the most successful Labor leaders of all time on the other hand feels like he didn't do much with that success. But there did feel like he simply wasn't that ambitious enough, and now he's gone I worry the state he has left the WALP in, his face can no longer cover up the cracks that were already there.
His time pre-COVID and his policies were decent. Metronet has been really good for the state, and continues to make Perth more sustainable; His prevention of privatization of Western Power as well was good. The passing of voluntary assisted dying. The parties policy under his watch intervened in the Western Suburbs to force higher density zoning and essentially pushing back against local councils blockading (something I personally have been investigating and been invested in for a while now)
His COVID response was world class. While controversial to those outside the state (I have personally have had headaches caused by the lock-downs and border closures), and he definitely lent a bit into WA's nationalist streak; The response was effective; We spent comparatively very little time in Lock-down, especially compared to the Eastern States and our state greatly benefited because of that. Also should be mentioned Sco-Mo backing Clive Palmer over border issues is still genuinely so shocking to me.
His stunning success at the 2021 state election represents that; He was very popular and the party basically organized itself purely as the party of Mark Mcgowan. You would struggle to find election where a single party achieved such a overwhelming majority in any sort of country, democracy or autocracy. In North Korea, the Communist Party controls 88% of the seats in their Parliament, Mark Mcgowan managed to get ~90% of seats in the Lower house. This is of course a kind of silly comparison but it makes my point of the success of Mark Mcgowans government.
There is no doubt in my mind that a large part of Labor's 2022 Federal and Albo's election can be attributed, in part, to Mark Mcgowans popularity, or at least the fact Liberals tried to enforce their power on a state infamous for their secessionist leanings. Still none the less, Mark Mcgowan's popularity certainly is what delivered the Albanese government a lower house majority.
Since 2021 its been more mixed. He certainly has done some stuff with his majority and mandate. His reform of the WA upper house is good and makes our parliament more democratic and gets rid of the idocy in our state that we saw at the 2016 election federally; The ending of logging of old growth forests is a good thing; And the continued development of Carbon industries is a good thing.
But on the other hand it feels that a lot has gotten worse under Mark Mcgowan he was premier since 2017 now and we are having a major Health crisis. Hospitals are majorly overwhelmed. Currently it's extremely difficult to find a place to rent (vacancy rates are 0.9%) and the housing crisis continues to get worse. In 2017 to 2021 there was a massive offloading of Public Housing stock under Mark's watch. I've seen a lot more homeless people in recent months and it breaks my heart. Not to mention the hidden homeless not on the streets (I am aware of several people who are having to stay on couches because they have no where else to go) These aren't just young people, one is an older mother of 3. All this and Mark Mcgowan resided over a currently unprecedented 3.3 Billion dollar budget surplus. It feels like a spit in the face.
It gets especially bad when comparing to other states; In Victoria Dan Andrews gets far more progressive policies through despite a way smaller majority (although still about 2/3) . Marijuana decriminalization is supported by a overwhelming amount of people (78%) and more people supporting legalization than not (41% vs 37%) Yet Mark Mcgowan refused to even decriminalize, unlike Victoria, or even the ACT; Despite his overwhelming majority in terms of support of decriminalization and in parliament. Labor should be on the forefront of issues, not behind them. You see Dan Andrews taking such a strong stance on LGBT rights, and while certainly not under as much threat here in WA, still not mutch progressive action from Mark.
Mark Mcgowan also made some controversial recent comments. He called Children in prison "terrorists" and implying they had fetal alcohol syndrome. He refereed to public housing apartment blocks as "Ghettos" for "drug dealing." He pushed back and fought against literally every union in the state and has been constantly fighting against any attempts for the unions try to get a pay rise. He called striking nurses "Unlawful and criminal" and threatened to de-register the ANF.
I think core of the issue is that Mark Mcgowan isn't that ideological, he doesn't seem to have an overall urge or goal for society. Dan Andrews is a self described Socialist, and Albanese used to work very closley with communists. Sure they've both changed now, but I still belive they have some sort of underpinning ideal of progressiveness. Mark Mcgowan on the other hand...He called himself a centrist on multiple occasions, Hell fractionally speaking he didn't even align. It shows as well; The entire party centered itself around a man who overall, didn't really have any convictions, so when presented with the opportunity to make bigger change, he didn't know what to do, just really adjusted the nobs a bit.
Now that he has left the party is in a bit of a fragile situation. The state is facing multiple crisis in housing, and hospitals. And now Mark Mcgowan's personal appeal is gone, I think these issues are going to become a lot more pronounced. I worry that the Liberals might win.
I don't blame Mark for leaving; Mental health is important and it's good that a leader can step down without judgment due to their own mental health issues; However with that being said he also could've done a lot, and I just feel he just hasn't done that; And now that's left the party in our state in a scary positon.
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2023.05.30 06:55 NoBedroom21 Ahyeon from Babymonster saying the N words

This is the source if anyone wants to check out on it
It seems companies really need to give better education for this girls/boys to avoid this kind of unnecessary controversy. The fact that Ahyeon is really fluent in English and she even studied the rap culture make it even worse.
Babymonster dont have their debut yet and this kind of controversy will only give bad image to them. However, they come from YG, one of the big 3 so i dont think it will really affect their debut.
I just hope idols/companies are more aware of other culture sensitivities as kpop become more global
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2023.05.30 06:55 PlayDohGravy My name :3

So I’ve tried two names now Jade and Juno, I loved the name Jade but had to give it up because one of my close friends was also named Jade and it just cause confusion and I felt bad, and Juno just doesn’t stick with me as well as Jade ever did, so if you have any name recommendations and or advice please elp :)
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2023.05.30 06:55 latenightasianKR [chat based, simulation webnovel] Possess yourself as a K-pop girl group member !!!

[chat based, simulation webnovel] Possess yourself as a K-pop girl group member !!!
Calling all K-Pop enthusiasts and dreamers of stardom! Prepare to immerse yourself in the captivating world of interactive fiction with "Unveil Your Inner Idol." In this chat-based simulation, you have the chance to possess yourself as a member of a struggling K-Pop girl group and participate in a thrilling survival program. Your ultimate mission: lead your group to victory and revive their fading glory!
Story Overview: "Unveil Your Inner Idol" takes you on a rollercoaster journey as you step into the shoes of a talented girl group member whose once-promising career is at risk of disbandment. But fate has something extraordinary in store for you. Through an unexpected twist, you possess your own idol persona, setting the stage for a dramatic showdown in a girl group survival program. Only the winner will have the opportunity to revive their group and reclaim their rightful place in the spotlight.
Key Features:
  1. Chat-Based Simulation: Experience the excitement of a chat-based interactive simulation as you navigate through a dynamic storyline. Engage in conversations, make critical choices, and forge relationships with fellow contestants, trainers, and mentors.
  2. Survival Program Challenges: Prove your talent, determination, and versatility as you face a series of intense challenges, including singing, dancing, styling, and more. Each task brings you closer to victory or the risk of elimination. Can you handle the pressure and rise to the top?
  3. Group Dynamics: Build camaraderie and navigate the complexities of group dynamics as you interact with your fellow group members. Collaborate, compete, and overcome obstacles together to showcase the true strength of your group.
  4. Training and Growth: Hone your skills, learn new techniques, and evolve as an idol through training sessions conducted by industry professionals. Will you embrace their guidance, or will you follow your own unique path to success?
  5. Personal and Professional Relationships: Develop friendships, rivalries, and even potential romances with contestants, trainers, and industry insiders. Your relationships will influence your journey and potentially shape the direction of your group's revival.
  6. Multiple Endings: Your decisions and actions will determine the fate of your group. Will you emerge victorious, reviving your group's career, or will the challenges prove insurmountable, leading to disbandment?

It is totally free to play... So I can give the link

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2023.05.30 06:55 Bee_the_star Small red blob on toe

A couple days ago I broke my toe nail and tried to like peel it off. I accidentally peeled the skin in the process. I thought it was getting better because it had a scab forming but it hurts really bad to touch it. Yesterday morning it had like puss and a little blood coming out. I out some Neosporin on it last night as well as a band aid and I can’t tell if it has gotten worse or better. Since then a small red blob has formed on my toe. I’m worried. What should I do?
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2023.05.30 06:55 onatcykel1 I don’t understand the hate towards the price tag/battle pass.

Obviously I would have preferred a 60USD price tag but when compared to the rising costs of everything right now it’s not really surprising.
What I find funny is the fact that in the 2000’s you would pay 60USD for games that you completed after seven hours and never touched again. Even if you don’t plan on playing any of the post-launch content, you’re still getting a fully completed game for 70USD. How is that different than any other game you play and complete? The only difference here is that Blizzard will keep releasing content that no one is forcing you to play.
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2023.05.30 06:55 One-Reaction5699 AITA for being picky with living in an old house ??

So my parents are trying to move to Atlanta for me and we are running into issues. They are moving over there so that I can a better chance at finding a vietnamese girlfriend since Atlanta has a large vietnamese community. We could only afford a house under $250,000 and so we're most likely looking at houses from the 70s and 80s. I don't want to live in an house that old cause of a few reasons. One is that there is a risk of it being haunted and two is that it just look unappealing and it would just make me look bad. I want to be able to impress a vietnamese woman if I happen to meet one in Atlanta by living in an newer home, like one from the 2000s. I told my friend about this and he called me a spoiled brat. He said " Your parents are making a huge sacrifice for you and you just won't accept their offer. Everywhere is the same and your just going to have the same problems trying to find a girlfriend because you won't change your attitude and stop being a spoiled brat. Thats why your 30 and never dated. Put it bluntly, your an a-hole." I don't get how am I an a-hole for wanting to live in a newer house. A newer house is better and it would make me look good in a woman's eyes. I want to look good so that I can find someone to settle down with and have a family since everyone else around me is married. I want to be married and have a family and I just want to be able to make a good impression on a vietnamese woman. How am I a spoiled brat for being picky about living in an old house ??
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2023.05.30 06:54 Background-Lake-3225 Why do these girls go for guys like this?

Every single guy they’ve been with can’t provide. They’re obsessed with tik tok doing these stupid ass dances and can’t provide for their significant other. They need to find a fucking man. Not a dead beat dad, or someone who makes music videos of themselves dancing. It’s so cringy, idk how old these girls are but isn’t W like late 20s? Girl fucking get it together. It isn’t cute to bash your once good friend. Fucking gross. And I honestly feel bad for the kids involved. They didn’t ask for your drama bullshit, those kids deserve parents who PARENT. Not fight. Regardless if they hate each other. I can’t imagine if my mom or dad made videos like this when I was a kid. How fucking embarrassing, and for what? You’re own pride? Get real there’s more important people in the world, like the children created. This is just fucking gross
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2023.05.30 06:54 sugarcoochie dating/befriending people with autism

has anyone else with bpd had experiences dating or being friends with someone with autism? i keep attracting people with autism and it’s been giving me a lot of anxiety, not from stigma but from educating myself from articles, tiktoks, and youtube videos of people with autism explaining their experiences. some key takeaways is that they can be very emotionally detached and handle things rationally because they might not be able to read the situation to see when it calls for compassion/empathy, may not even be able to tolerate emotional convos, give me the attention/reassurance i need, and might be masking due to my sensitivity then feel suffocated by not being their true self. that freaks me out, and the more i learn about it the more i want to stay away from people with autism for both of our sakes. it feels like autism is the antithesis of bpd, like they’re on two completely different sides of the neurodivergent spectrum.
i also had a bad experience where i confided in a girl i was friends with [that has autism] that i had bpd and she told me essentially that the person she’d been complaining about for weeks about being toxic, manipulative, conniving, had bpd. i had a panic attack when she went home and subsequently wrote her a long paragraph stating how inappropriate and hurtful that was. she didn’t apologize but explained herself and said it was unique to that situation, she didn’t mean to upset me but she just fucks up sometimes and essentially her autism makes her put her foot in her mouth but was willing to go to the effort to learn - so we “made up”. i tried initiating but we never hung out again because she kept making excuses.
i feel like it’s bigoted to stop talking to someone because they have autism, they’re not a monolith i know it's a spectrum and i know how much they must’ve struggled growing up with so many people advocating against their existence. having to mask all the time must be exhausting. but i just can’t help but feel that we are just incompatible? but i also feel bad because i don’t want to write out every autistic person on the planet?? i don’t know. i’m talking to my therapist about this soon lol
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2023.05.30 06:54 LittleDaRkMysteries Get your animals microchiped!!!!

At work today we had a cute small/medium dog running around the property, and through the hallways. This is a no pet building. Asked around and no one knows who dog that is running around. Went up to it and it was friendly. Female apparently. Her collar was broken, tied on and dirty. She had a good temperament, coat was nice and clean, no fleas or ticks, teeth were good, ears perfect. So she was loved by someone. She wasn't trained though. Figured she just got out. After an hour of asking and waiting, we had to take her the humane society down the road.
Filled out the paperwork and, she had no microchip after scanning her. off she went then and I left. Got a call 3 hours later, the Humane Society had a few questions. So apparently the dog is named Clover and she belongs to a homeless man. They were working with him for her. We do get a lot of homeless people that come through my work, but none today.
I feel bad for taking her in. If he doesn't pick her up in a certain time frame, then she's going up for adoption. The guy on the phone did say they would find her a good home. On the other hand, she might get a better home and life. Our staff were told to keep an eye out for a homeless man, just incase so we can tell him where clover is.
I'm feeling guilty but, also feel maybe I did the right thing?
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2023.05.30 06:54 doggypede Playing defense is abysmal. Please help

Playing defense is abysmal. Please help
This game's website says it is a cinematic experience.
This is supposed to be a game and not a movie though. I'm not the director of the game so he can do what he wants, but there's a difference. A game is focused on balance and letting skill win matches. This game is designed around showing a 25 minute movie through each successive objective. It means in order to show the content the offense must be heavily favored until the last objective. It also means the defense has an uphill battle that I'm finding harder to tolerate.
Why would a game designer design a game where one team gets 300 more kills than the other? I'm finding it harder and harder to oblige the offense by playing defense. My experience on defense is usually running for 20 seconds to a 1v5 and promptly dying. I stay close to whatever teammates I have too by the way. Top offense players have a ball and usually go 45-3 while top defenders are more like 33-18. It's just not fun to constantly be pushed back and swarmed for the sake of the cinematic experience. I tried playing engineer but I find it doesn't make a big difference. The team usually has 0/4 engineers listed, so I can imagine others feel the same way: engineers aren't great. It would be great to see a max 4 engineers playing with a total of 16 barricades, including the 2 barricades after resupplying, on the objective. Defense would probably be considered overpowered if that happened, but players get more dopamine from hitting people with a Messer and losing than with a shovel and winning. And how bad is the bandaid kit? Do you expect me to scan the field and throw a kit out like Tom Brady to someone low on health not already bandaging just so they can die because they didn't know they were being healed?
I don't want to be one of those team stackers who just plays offense with other level 400 players. I'd like to play defense for more than 2 games in a row, but when you look at the stats, and see offense is getting 50% more kills and hardly dying, why would I oblige the offense by playing defense? Why not just leave and find a new game and have a good time on offense? On offense I feel like I can always pull back 5 meters and wait for reinforcements, heal, and go in and end up 30-5 or something. On defense, it's spawn, run 20 seconds to objective, get outnumbered, die, rinse & repeat. It'd be fine if it were roughly the same kills for each team, but the offense always gets more, sometimes 300 more, kills than the defense. Am I supposed to live for winning the last objective which seems to be slightly in the defense's favor?
I actually prefer to play defense. It's more of a challenge and I feel more rewarded after a win, but why should I? For less points, more deaths, more time running to objective, more outnumbered fights, more time spent playing crappier classes... I wish there was a game mode besides TDM and duel servers where balance exists. Maybe make a map where each team has to assault the enemy castle and defend their own. And maybe you can choose your spawn location, offense or defense. Idk. What's the secret to enjoying defense in lieu having a good score, kda, class, etc.?
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2023.05.30 06:54 put_the_record_on Reducing my stimulant dose - thoughts and questions

TLDR; just some words about why stimulants aren't working for me, and questions for anyone else who has gone through the same.
I was diagnosed autistic thanks to dex, so I have a lot to thank them for. I am only on a low dose (2.5 mg twice a day) but it's still too much. some of the adverse affects:
- exacerbated burnout - weight gain - overstimulation/overwhelm - increased meltdowns and shutdowns
The good effects: - improved concentration - ability to do things - less rumination
They were so good for me at first! I had so much more energy and mental space, and now I am just a foggy blob. It's quite startling and I feel silly I couldn't admit it before, because tbh, I'm afraid to go off them. I don't want to go back to who i was pre-meds.
I'm going to try a tiny tiny dose to see if it helps, but my burnout has gotten so bad I can hardly get out of bed, and I have lost interest in my loved ones. I don't like being this person :( But I don't like being off in my head so much like I was before, too.
I am also afraid of the non-stimulant options - they seem to have even worse effects!
Has anyone else gone through this, or on a super super low dose of stimulants? How do you manage the withdrawals? Were you able to recover from burnout with a lower dose or on other meds? Any other comments welcome.
Thanks so much <3
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2023.05.30 06:54 nelliethesnail why do so many people skip/hate on calc AB??

At my school calc AB is a prerequisite for calc BC with no exceptions, but I see here that everyone seems to think calc AB is the one for "loser people who can't handle BC" and "it's so unnecessary because BC teaches everything in AB but faster" and I'm a little confused.
For context: I'm a rising senior who took algebra 2 as a freshman, intro to calc (honors precalc) as a sophomore , and calc ab this last year. I'm signed up for calc bc as a senior. I got straight As in AB and am expecting a 5 (maybe a 4) cause that's what I got on practice exams, but the class was still really hard and I had to work for it (even though I think I'm quite good at math) and those grades/scores were not par for my class.
If we skipped every class because "the next one teaches it all again, just faster" then Algebra 2, Spanish 1, and almost every english class wouldn't exist?? At my school both classes are seen as really difficult classes and a lot of people struggle in AB, despite having an absolutely incredible teacher. I suppose another factor of why my school treats the two classes like that might be that there's no MV Calc available so there's really nothing to do after BC, but... still?
Why does Calc AB have this reputation? How common is it to go straight to BC? Is BC taught differently in different places, and that's why AB is skippable some places and not others? Can we please stop the AB slander?? This is literally why I don't list my AP coursework in a user flair, cause I'm afraid of being made fun of for taking AB lol
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2023.05.30 06:54 Quacksack1 I feel suicidal even if I'm not having a bad day

Title says it all. Idk I just don't know how to be happy with life and with myself. I more often then not struggle with self hate and low self esteem. I'm just tired of it. I'm tired of having suicidal thoughts or feeling suicidal every single day. I don't know if I can get better. I feel alone, ugly, and like nobody cares about me and I don't think that'll ever change.
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2023.05.30 06:54 WillThereBeSwans Too Many Questions!

I am very social, but I’m also an introvert. I find it more and more difficult to alone time without constantly being interrupted with people asking questions which 9/10 are just a need for validation or attention.
I don’t know if I attract these people or they see my desire for solitude as some kind of challenge, but if they aren’t knocking on my door, they are calling or texting me to clarify or as unimportant things—or making some random task a huge ordeal.
This is especially a problem with older folks. I think cell phones have led them to be compulsive about it and they use it to deal with their boredom or loneliness. While I feel bad they might feel that way, I get frustrated when I’m at work and some friend or relative is blowing up my phone because I haven’t immediately responded—and I already told them not to call and only text if it’s an emergency.
I suffer from really bad anxiety and most days I feel like Frankenstein being chased through the forest, but instead of villagers with pitchforks, it’s people with a million questions. Any suggestions on helping me find some peace in a world that won’t leave me alone? I’ve really reached a breaking point.
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2023.05.30 06:54 Novice89 Wife Cheated, I left. Am I stupid for considering trying to work through it?

Backstory: Apparently my wife has had some issues with our relationship for some time. Looking back she thought she made her concerns known, but I've told her how she wasn't clear and never made it known these were big problems that we needed to work on. She bottled all this up, then went away on a yoga retreat for a week. She was so at peace there she thought she could stay there forever and never come home. When she returned she said she wanted some space to explore yoga, meditating, make friends, etc. I said of course, I want her to be happy and don't expect her to be tied at my hip 24/7.
It quickly became apparent that I was being replaced. She was doing all those things she said, but there was one male friend who she was doing everything we used to do with him now. I brought up my concerns and that eventually she'll realize all we have left is physical, and why get that from me when you can get it from him. She said that's not what was happening, etc etc. This was back in mid march. Over the next month things seemed fine. She was a bit happier. Yoga, meditating, and journaling seemed to be helping her a lot. Randomly one weekend while she and this male friend went photography shooting, coming back each night, she was visibly upset and didn't want to talk. The next morning I asked what happened and she said I wasn't giving her the space she wanted. She asked me to go away for 2 weeks and I never did. This being one of the problems with her communication skills. I very calmly and politely asked her not to stack the dirty dishes right up to the faucet and to put them off to the side if there were so many. She narrowed her eyes playfully and jokingly made a comment that maybe I should go away for 2 weeks. I made a joke back and we both laughed and moved on. Cut to that discussion where apparently she said she was serious. Wanted 2 weeks of space to think about what she wants and to declutter the apartment. I agree.
A week and a half later I go away for 2 weeks. A week in our dog got sick and she called to give me an update and I could tell something was wrong so I asked her. She said she didn't feel any different, didn't miss me, and like she had the week leading up to me leaving she said she didn't think we should be together. I'd been saying let's see how you feel after the 2 weeks, then if you still don't feel any different we'll go to counseling and then at that point if things didn't change we would separate. For me counseling was a must before I could throw in the towel. We'd been legally married less than 2 years, and because of covid just had our big wedding with friends and family back in late October 2022. I couldn't just call it quits right away. Anyway, when I return she is very distant, even more so than before. An old friend of hers whose basically a member of the family was having his birthday this past wednesday, the day after I returned from my 2 weeks away, so she went up to see him for the day and would be coming back the next morning. When she was gone things were just feeling really off, something was wrong. So, for the first time I snooped. Unfortunately within probably 3-5 minutes I found pretty damning proof she was cheating. A short text exchange. With more snooping I found emails, and then photo proof. The real proof was all from my time away those 2 weeks. She cheated on me with this "friend" I initially said would eventually replace me. I knew there was emotional cheating going on. I even told her before I left for the 2 weeks that she may not see it but he is driving a wedge between us. Anwyay...
She was gone for the day hang out with the family friend for his birthday and didn't know that I knew. Given how over the relationship she seemed, and discovering her cheating, I was done. I contacted a lawyer and scheduled to meet with them the following day. She returned from her trip, and later that day I met with a lawyer who informed me I did not have to remain in the state to proceed with the divorce. I contacted and schedule movers to come pick up my stuff saturday. We were supposed to head up to the city the following day, friday-sun, to see a show friday night then just hang out in the city for the weekend. Her, myself, the "friend," and another friend were going to stay at an airbnb for 3 nights. I made up an excuse not to go. As soon as she left I started packing. Packed all friday night and all day saturday, and by 9Pm all my stuff was gone from the apartment.
Sunday morning she called because she saw the moving charges and asked what was going on. I told her I knew, and we talked for about 2 hours. She wanted to come back home, I told her not to I didn't want to see her right now. So sunday afternoon I got on a plane and flew back across country to california, my original home and where we met before moving across country for her job. Early this morning she asked to talk, I said later, and we talked for a while on the phone. She owned up to what she did. During both phone calls, the sunday one and the one this morning, she never really mad eexcuses. She tried to explain why it happened/led to what happened but all the while saying it's not an excuse and that she was totally in the wrong and the one to blame.
So now all day I'm wondering, maybe there is a way for me to get over her cheating. Obviously it would take a lot of work, obviously we have other issues to work through as well, and she obviously has a lot of issues she herself needs to work through. Anyway, I'm thinking up all these scenarios, well maybe if X and Y happens, then we could do counseling for several months and see how things are going, and see if there's a way for me to forgive her and move passed it as a couple still.
I'll probably ask her to talk tomorrow because there are a couple other details about the affair that I would probably need to now that will factor into me actually considering giving her a chance. All that said, I feel really stupid for even considering it. Like I was so strong when I found out, I was done. I packed my shit and moved across country. Didn't need to see her or confront her, I know I'm worth more than that and left a bad situation. There was no way I could stay in that apartment any longer. And yet, here I am like 12 hours later considering potentially taking her back. Am I that weak? Am I that desperate for her love that as soon as she tells me what I want to hear and realizes that our problems weren't all my fault and that she should have tried and put in some effort I jump at the idea of us getting back together?
I'm having my first real meeting with the divorce lawyer over zoom wednesday, and am already considering asking them to put a pause on the divorce proceedings. I've already paid a retainer, so I don't think it would be a problem for the time being. I don't know, I just feel ridiculous.
During out talk today I asked her what she wanted. I said obviously it's too soon for us to know, and yes she misses me now but that could just be the guilt, the somewhat empty apartment, the memories she's reflecting on now that she sees some of the stuff I had to leave behind. She may want us to be together right now, but will she in 6 months when the sting and guilt has gone away? She had already mentioned coming back to California in late june, so I think for now that is going to happen. I know I'd probably need to see her to finally move on if that's where we are at that point, but also if by late june she is committed to working on the relationship and is still just as sorry as she is now, I don't know. I guess I'm thinking of maybe trying to make it work? I never thought I'd be in this scenario because 6 months before we met she had been cheated on by her boyfriend of 5 years who was cheating with her best friend. When I found that out I always said to myself, "Oh she'll never cheat on me. She knows how much that sucks she would never do that to me." So, here I am. Heading toward divorce, partially wanting to try and work it out, and hating myself for it because I shouldn't be in this position and was so strong just 24 hours ago. Anyone have advice or experience they could lend?
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