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2023.06.03 16:00 MissDirected67 Proxy sealing of murder victim

TW: domestic homicide
I need help.
I work with victims of abuse as a legal advocate.
A few days ago I got a call from a former co-worker who took a job at another DV agency in another state.
This co-worker knows I am exmo.
It appears that a family member of a woman who was murdered by her ex-husband, has had her sealed to him by proxy.
The victim left the abusive husband. He stalked and threatened her for the two years the divorce dragged on. He was arrested multiple times. She got a restraining order. She did everything to get away from him. He made her life hell.
Three weeks after the divorce was final, he attacked her outside her home and stabbed her repeatedly, killing her. He then died by self-inflicted gun shot in a standoff with police.
Their obituaries ran the same day, separate, but made no mention of the circumstances of their deaths. Or the murder.
This was years ago.
Fast forward to a few months ago.
The victims sister, a Non-mormon, was helping their grandchild complete a fourth generation family history chart for school.
They went to ancestry.com.
She discovered that not only had her sister been baptized but also sealed to her murderer.
Furthermore, the records of the victim and murderer show only a marriage. No divorce. The record - and I looked at it - makes it appear they were still married and died together, like in a car accident or something.
I hope you can appreciate the absolute horror of this situation for the victim's family!
They tried contacting the church but were told a "family member had submitted their names for the work."
After hearing how the victim died, the person they talked to sympathized but said "the Lord will sort it out" and that the victim "can choose to reject the sealing if she wants."
She fucking divorced him!! She made her choice already!
Sister is absolutely outraged her sister is sealed to the man she fought hard to escape. The man who ultimately murdered her.
She's also outraged that the records show only that they died together on the same day. It appears to the unknowing reader that they were still married and died on a car accident or something.
So ...
Help me out here.
Who are we calling, what policy am I invoking, is this acceptable? What?
How do I help honor this victim's effort to escape her abuser?
I don't need an answer this weekend, but I'm planning to tackle this starting Wednesday.
Thank you in advance for helping.
(Fucking Mormon church)
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2023.06.03 16:00 KlutzyArmy2 Once again, fake news is proven fake

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2023.06.03 15:59 Inorai [Remnants of Magic] Legion - 54.2

[Remnants of Magic] Legion - 54.2
Once inside, I blinked, looking around.
I…don’t really know what I expected, truth be told. Most of my experience with the immortals’ home bases thus far were based off Aedan, who mostly had a tent, and Anke, who had…everything.
What greeted me was a shockingly normal entryway that looked plucked straight out of an average suburban home, its crisp white walls hung with cheerful paintings and crimson drapes covering a window off to one side. I stood in the entrance for a long moment, decidedly unsure. This house definitely did not belong behind a downtown doorway.
A hand nudged me forward. “Keep going,” Mason mumbled.
“Oh,” I said, and stepped to the side. The others filed in behind me—and they too stopped, equally dumbfounded.
That confusion was tempered, though. It was something tingling in the air, a shiver of energy beneath my feet. I might not be Keira, but I could sense the magic all around us.
“Come on,” Recluse said. I looked up again, in time to see him and Aedan round the corner at the end of the hallway. “Don’t dawdle. And don’t touch anything.”
“Cheerful guy,” Mason mumbled.
I heard Amber whap him in the side. “Shut it.”
A mound of shoes sat off to one side, with Aedan’s sneakers in the mix. I shuffled over, yanking my feet out of my shoes. Tromping all over the guy’s house with dirty shoes seemed like a good way to piss him off, and pissing him off seemed like a really bad idea. And then, socks scuffing against the white carpet, I hurried after them.
Or I tried to, anyway. As soon as I turned the corner into an expansive living room, I froze again, eyes going wide.
A wide, languid window sat in the wall next to me, opening out onto a picturesque farm field that was nowhere near Denver, filled with trees bearing fruits I couldn’t name. That much…well, it caught me by surprise, but it was within the realm of possibilities I’d considered once magic was in the mix.
But there was another set of windows on the far side of the room too—and whatever was going on outside them, it didn’t even look like anywhere on Earth. Black stretched from edge to edge, with twisting, twining waves of blue and green swirling across the darkness.
“Is that magic?” I whispered, taking an uncertain step forward. “What’s-”
“Don’t trouble yourself with it,” Recluse said. I glanced up. He’d dropped into an overstuffed couch, square beneath the windows. He gave us a cursory glance, then turned his sights back on Aedan. “Sit, sit.”
“Okay,” Aedan mumbled. He shot an uncertain look my way, then eased down onto one of the surprisingly comfortable-looking chairs scattered around the room.
Seeing Aedan so out of his depth left me even more shaken than I already was. I glanced to Amber, who shrugged back at me, her expression carefully flat. “I guess we sit,” she whispered.
So we crept forward, taking up seats of our own.
Recluse didn’t spare us so much as a look. “So,” he said, leaning back. His arm stretched across the back of the couch—and he smiled, eyes glued to Aedan. “You’re the damn Wanderer.”
“That’s me,” Aedan said, raising a hand. “I, uh…I just go by Aedan. Usually.” He ran a hand through his hair, shifting in his seat. “Doesn’t really matter, I guess.”
“Names matter,” Recluse said, though, nodding approvingly. “No shame in wanting the right one used.”
“And you?” Aedan said, raising an eyebrow. I could see him settling second by second, coming back into himself as he eyed our host. “I heard you go be Tafari, but-”
“Nah,” Recluse said, chuckling as he waved a hand. “That name’s dead now. Used it too much. Who gave it to you, anyhow?” He shifted, his head falling to one side, but his eyes stayed fixed on Aedan. “How’d you find me, anyway?”
“We work for the Legion,” Cailyn said. I jumped, startled by the new voice. She sat with hands clasped demurely in her lap, watching the unfamiliar man. “Anke. She-”
“Ah,” Recluse said. He grimaced, shaking his head. “Figures that the nosy bitch herself had a hand in this.” His gaze darted back to Aedan. “Heard you got mixed up with her. Shame.”
“Hey,” Cailyn mumbled.
“Now and then,” Aedan said, folding his arms. His expression steadily turned stony. “She’s got nothing to do with this, though.”
“Yeah, I s’ppose,” Recluse said. His dark hair was pulled back into a rough ponytail, and as I watched, he smoothed a hand across it, making a face. “Still, that explains it. That lot have never had respect for a damn soul in their lives. ‘Course they still haven’t picked up on me leaving that name behind.”
“You?” Recluse said, turning a look on Aedan. Just when my heart started to beat a little faster, he nodded—and the gesture looked approving enough to leave me feeling a bit baffled. “You can call me Dejan. It’s got another few decades of life in it before it’s used up, I think. But you lot?”
I flinched as he sat forward, twisting back around to face us. His finger came up. “It’s Master Recluse from you.”
“Yes, sir,” Cailyn said meekly.
He sniffed, wrinkling his nose, and shook his head. “Shouldn’t let you inside the place at all,” he muttered. “Brings nothing but trouble.”
“About that,” Aedan said. I looked up, as did Master Recluse. Aedan grinned nervously, rocking his shoulders. “Ah…I should probably apologize. I know we’re here at the ass crack of dawn. I, uh. I just thought-”
“Really?” Recluse said, fixing a dead-eyed stare on him. “I hadn’t noticed.”
Aedan ducked his head low, ruffling his unkempt mane of hair. “...Sorry.”
Recluse heaved a sigh, sitting back on his couch again. “Would you look at that? The Wanderer even has some manners to his name.”
Amber let out a snort. I kicked her, not taking my eyes off the pair in front of us.
Settling himself, Recluse shook his head just once. “It’s rude as hell,” he said, his gaze sharpening. When Aedan flinched, he seemed to sit a little taller, shoulders squaring. “If anyone else had tried it, I’d have cast their atoms straight into the void the moment their shoes touched my carpet,” he said. “A man’s got a right to enjoy the peace in his own home, you know.”
My pulse quickened. What the hell did that mean? What exactly could this guy do?
Aedan sat up, wetting his lips. “Look, I-”
“But, I suppose it’s fair enough, coming from you.” Recluse chuckled, one eyebrow raising as he watched Aedan’s reaction. “Been hiding from you a bit, have to admit. At first I wasn’t sure what sort of mess you’d drag with you, and then…” He shrugged. “It was just easier to stay to the shadows, once I’d started. Sorry.”
“What?” Aedan said. “I…I don’t-”
“I suppose this is about what I can expect, in the end,” Recluse said, not even seeming to hear him. “Bit surprised it’s taken you this long to track me down, truth be told.”
Aedan’s expression grew more confused by the second. I almost felt bad for him. Almost. “I’m sorry, I don’t-”
“Long story short, I probably owe you this one,” Recluse said. He grinned, the corners of his eyes crinkling. A few minutes ago I wasn’t sure we’d make it through the encounter without the immortal killing us. I still wasn’t entirely convinced of that, actually. But looking at him now, with genuine pleasure on his face, I felt myself starting to relax. “So, you can be a little rude tonight. I’ll let it slide.”
Aedan hesitated again. His eyes flicked to me, then back to the man. “I don’t understand a word you’re saying,” he said, arching an eyebrow. “You get that, right? You’re just over there spouting off whatever you want and no one understands a goddamn thing.”
My gaze turned to daggers. Horrified, terrified daggers. “Aedan.”
“Oh, no,” Recluse said. “I didn’t confuse you, did I? I feel horrible.” His intonation changed not one bit, his expression as amused as ever.
“Just another asshole, aren’t you?” Aedan said. The corner of his lips twitched, a grin starting to take shape—one I saw mirrored on Recluse’s face, to my utter, abject relief. Aedan leaned forward, still fixated on Recluse. “I’m gonna have some questions. But we came here for a reason, and I…I need your help. Can we ask you some questions?”
“No one ever comes for pleasure,” Recluse said, spreading his hands helplessly. His gaze drifted over to me, and he shook his head, as if we were commiserating about it all. “Can you believe him, barging in here and making demands?”
“He’s a handful,” I said, my mouth dry. Recluse’s eyes were a dark, bottomless sort of brown, sucking me in deeper. It felt like I might drown, like I might-
“Ah, well,” Recluse said, looking back to Aedan. I sagged, the strings holding me up shorn through. “You’d best be careful, Wanderer. With a mouth like that, I might cast you into the void yet tonight.”
“I’d get better,” Aedan said, still wearing that deathgrin of his.
That got a chuckle from Recluse—who nodded, sitting back again. “Looks like I was right,” he said. “You’re trouble and a half. But tonight is your night. Promised that already, and I don’t take back promises.” His chin lifted. “Ask your questions, Wanderer.”
I saw Aedan’s eyes widen, their green glinting in the dim light of the living room. He glanced to me, triumphant.
I gave the slightest of nods, slipping a hand to Amber’s knee. There it was—our opening. Our chance to get some answers.
Aedan nodded back—and looked to Recluse, sitting back to cradle his hands in his lap.
“Then…let me explain why we’ve come.”
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2023.06.03 15:59 WM_WorldMania Must turn his back to the crowd World Mania WM #Making World More Livable #worldmania #wm #makingworldmorelivable Follow us on – Youtube: @WM.WorldMania Facebook: WM.WorldMania Instagram: wm.worldmania Pinterest: @WM_WorldMania

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2023.06.03 15:59 PsychLegalMind There has been a lot of talk about Ukranian counter offensive. Kiev believes it must have F-16s to be effective; Though promised, it has yet to receive any. Some allies believe it has enough weapons to move forward with what it has. Should Kiev wait until it has F-16s to launch the offensive?

Some allies of Ukraine have suggested that Kiev has been supplied with sufficient armaments to successfully launch its counter offensive and retake most or all of it lost territory. It is possible and some have suggested that Ukraine is under pressure to launch its counter offensive which was supposed to start sometime in the Spring; now we have entered Summer.
Senator Graham who just visited Ukraine stated it could start as early as this Sunday. Others are not sure, and a specific date announced in advance is probably not a good strategy.
Should Kiev ignore any external pressures and just wait until it requests for sufficient number of jets and modern tanks are made available or just launch an attack sometime this or next month?
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2023.06.03 15:59 Kjump95 I 25f need advice on how to ask my bf 27m why he went to prison

So it's pretty much what it says in the title, I have been good friends with my bf since 2021. We met playing pickup volleyball and started doing everything together, going to movies, out to dinner, etc.
Well a little bit before we started dating we went to the beach one day and talked. He told me that he spent two years, from the time he was 20 to the time he was 22, in prison. At the time he told me it was just a vague confession something sexual and he now has to register every three months at the courthouse.
I didn't pry because at the time we were just friends and I didn't think it was really my business. However we started dating in April and now that we are a couple I want to know more about what happened. He really is a great person and I love him very much but I can't help but wonder what the whole story is and it's eating me up. I'm not sure how to bring it up, he's talking about it in conversation but he mostly talks about the food, or the boredom, or the people he talked to while he was in prison, but he never talks about what he did to get him there.
How do I bring this back up without opening old wounds? Should I even ask him about it?
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2023.06.03 15:57 AdUnited1943 The Rush Hiatus is Over 😊

For me anyway.
It has been 8 years since I last listened to Rush consistently and found the enjoyment I felt when I first discovered them in the 90s (30 years ago man I'm getting old). I guess I got burned out but I'm gladMy love didn't fade away.
Its feels so good to have the boys back in my life..
My apologies for those who assumed my post was about a different Hiatus.
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2023.06.03 15:57 Boom_doggle Not sleeping through the night after teething

We have a 18 week old female golden Labrador (bought at 9 weeks), who seems to be more or less potty trained. About three weeks ago she was sleeping more or less through the night as well (from about 11pm to about 5:30am, a little early but acceptable, she would then wake one of us up to take her out).
About two weeks ago she started teething again as her puppy teeth came out and the adult teeth started to come through. This naturally lead to her waking up at night, and since she was awake we took her out to the garden anyway.
The pain from teething seems to have abated (for now) over the last week. She's not chewing as aggressively or grumbling with pain, but the frequent night time wake ups for tiny garden trips have persisted (5 times last night, 6 the night before). I wouldn't be worried we were doing something wrong, except for the fact we had a week of comparatively excellent sleep before.
Am I worrying or expecting too much of her at this age? Or is this something to be concerned about?
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2023.06.03 15:57 420_stoner_babe Demon or poltergeist ghost in my duplex!!

Hey, i was introduced to your channel by a friend of mine and completely got sucked into your channel im no writer so please edit anything to make it more appealing if needed!
I live in Arkansas, lived here majority if not all my life. I had experiences in all forms, UFO sighting’s, ghosts, demons(including the HATMAN), & the occasional sleep paralysis or a dream in another dream that i couldnt wake up from either! Those are other stories though, I want to tell you about the current duplex I’ve been living in for almost a yr now(my lease ends this month thank god!!) the events arent in any particular order because i didnt keep up with dates/times it all happened the time i first moved in til i do move out!
They say when a place looks appealing & draws you close is because of an entity, although I’m not bothered by them i simply ignore them i still decided i wanted to live at this duplex its a nice 3bd 2bath; After signing all paperwork, i came by first week (july) i always clean my places with doors open im just superstitious, well i was completely alone when i started hearing loud banging on my hallway walls, kid’s soon to be bedroom & closets (this happened in complete daylight) again i just ignore it cause i had a feeling.
Another time (Id say a good month later) after i moved everything into my new place & my kids were home including their dad (we’re divorced but he helped me move) he was on the couch sleeping while i was organizing stuff in my bedroom when my doorbell rang, which i thought was odd because i knew i wasn’t expecting any company, my son and i heard it we were both confused so I went to open the door and NOBODY WAS OUTSIDE I instantly closed it cause i do believe an entity can enter your home if you open the door!!
During the time living here I’ve heard up to 3 entities (woman & 2 men; i think it’s a demon since it can be one only) they are in my attic mostly or on the other side i hear footsteps all over day and night. There was a time my neighbor was gone for 2-3 months, i would hear music, entities opening and closing doors, talking, laughter, even turning on the showers, & turning the neighbors porch lights on and off (which i took pictures of might have to find them). I’ve recorded before too its hard to hear but with earbuds its clear as day you hear the entity.
I was so scared one time i asked my best friend ( I’ll call her M) to come stay the night with me, that night it seemed like it was going to be peaceful…oh how wrong we were..we both heard doors closing, banging, and like the neighbor was throwing a party!! M said when we all went to bed, she heard banging on all the windows in the guest room aka toy room across to the living room & mine. I was DEAD ASLEEP, i didnt hear anything that night other than the earlier noises before bedtime.
Afterwards,(fast forwarding) Id come home from work & instantly hear footsteps or banging in the attic while in my room and closet or i hear it in my kids room…i didn’t mention but the duplex is all brick so i know i shouldnt hear anything in the kids closets or mine, the banging is all around. I sometimes stay alone here too since i coparent, one night i heard someone banging extremely hard on my back door( my room has accessed to a porch outside) the door is glass too so you can imagine how loud !! I stayed frozen, before checking with nobody outside!! I also heard footsteps on my porch with nobody outside when i would check!! I’ve told my kids father who didn’t believe it til he heard banging one night around 9/10pm when we were in my bedroom.
Fast forward a bit again around February my brother said i should Sage the place..i didn’t think it would work.. which it didn’t because during the time i started saging with prayers in Spanish the entity just followed me i felt the presence just mocking me !! He doesnt want to leave this place, ive saged my place 4x and the banging continues.
My neighbor finally did come back at one point and the entity is here still i hear it dragging something heavy as if someone mightve been murdered and put away in a big box to be discarded!! When i hear my neighbor snoring (the walls pretty thin so not my fault) i would hear the entity dragging something heavy again or even the loud footsteps/banging in the attic area so i know it’s definitely not the neighbor in the attic or doing all the other stuff! The entity follows me around when I’m alone, itll follow me all the way to the kitchen(front area) to my bedroom (back area) of my place.
One night alone I experienced almost sleep paralysis i felt the energy of 2 entities one was a female i heard her speaking to me but since i just kept fighting them i really couldnt make out what she was trying to tell me but i would feel the heaviness of sleep paralysis trying to overcome me so i fought much harder that urge into falling captive in their presence til i broke free and everything disappeared and i could breathe again & felt less sweaty!!
During springbreak, my kids father took them on a trip to florida for a week; im not sure why i had woken up from a deep sleep til i looked at the time (3:40am) I instantly knew what woken me up…while i laid awake trying to go back to sleep i heard my laundry door close (the laundry room is in the middle of my place so in my hallway) I get goosebumps!! I told my little sister (R) about it and she said “couldve been the wind” I totally disagreed and i said “biiitchh where when its in my hallway with sealed everything!!”
Back in april i think during my nieces birthday weekends, i had my older sister (I’ll call her C) come over to stay the night, she heard nothing which is fine so at first she didn’t believe me.
Fast forward to this month i keep telling C about my place and i would ask her if shes sure she didnt sense anything (were all pretty sensitive to the paranormal and my sister has the ability to see spirits) she says no of course. Soo yesterday (June 2) C came over to hang out all day & I decided to just tell her more about whats been happening here & i refuse to speak about it in English or inside so we both step out to my porch. While outside I was smoking my bowl just talking away til she got goosebumps all over her body & she said she felt the entity extremely COLD and that she believes me now.. the entity wouldn’t leave her alone and kept touching her arms and legs; shed get goosebumps where he touched her, the entity followed us inside so he continued to touch her; she confirmed it’s a man who seems evil and like i said before she said he is mocking me & will not leave. Its best to move out asap because he is a demon!!!
If you guys want the pictures of my neighbors porch light and the audio I’ll gather what i do have and post it in the comments!!
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2023.06.03 15:56 old_man_73 If you were on a hiring committee for a net admin position, what would I have to do to get you to hire me as a blind person?

I've got tons of certs. I've got experience working in a data center. I'm currently employed, meaning I have the basic soft skills needed to hold down a job. I get tons of interviews whenever I'm looking to advance my career, so I'm clearly a desirable candidate. But I never get past that first interview. Usually it's the standard "you'll hear from us" and that's that. But one dude who interviewed me for a night shift position at an NOC actually said to my face he didn't think I could do it.
So, you've already interviewed 5 other candidates whose retinas aren't scarred, and I walk in with a dog and dark glasses. Everything you know about me comes from my resume, which up until this point has put me on the same footing as the other 5 candidates. How do I sell myself?
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2023.06.03 15:56 DubiousMove Hasegawa the camera man was Lt. Tsarumi

OK...so i was just watching GK for like the 4th time and was noticing that the VA for the camera man Hasegawa...the guy that taught Wilk, Sophia and Kiroranke how to speak japanese was the same Voice actor for Lt. Tsarumi...then at the end of the episode he tells his dying wife that his real name is Tsarumi Tokushiro!!!.....thats Lt. Tsarumi!!!!!......MIND BLOWN!!!
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2023.06.03 15:55 Severe_Type238 Feeling down pp

Does anyone else just feel like absolute crap? I feel tired, I have no energy, I’m definitely depressed but I feel more like my body is just a mess, I’m aching, walking makes my legs hurt for days, my back hurts, I’m 5 week pp. I am really low on iron so I imagine it’s something to do with that (I am being checked!) but I just wanted to know if anyone feels like this? I had a c section 34 weeks, they say it was planned but it was pretty much if I didn’t have a c section my baby could die, It feels like it’s ruined my idea of having babies, all my family keep joking how I can’t ever have another because it’s too much worry(really troublesome pregnancy) and I agree, I really don’t think I could go through all this again. it was a really successful surgery, it was quick, my baby was healthier than expected but the whole urgency of it, I was in hospital every other day since 31 weeks, I just don’t feel like I’m enjoying this as much as I did with my first, I haven’t had my super mum in me yet, I just can’t wait for bed much nights to watch tv. My due date is in a few a days and I can’t help but feel cheated I never got to experience going into labour etc. Idk what I really want just to see if anyone else is just down pp!
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2023.06.03 15:55 wannabe_chatur The dealer is forcefully asking to cancel the flat we booked by paying a token amount.

Last Year around July- August we advance booked a flat which was under construction by paying a token amount as standard procedure. My father works in a Middle East country and because of some papedocument delay from his company the whole home loan process kept getting delayed for 11 months. Now The flat is completed and people are already started living there we have finally got all the documents to apply for the home loan but the dealer is refusing to give us the flat through the home loan process because it is getting delayed and now he wants to sell it asap. He is asking us to either arrange the whole money to buy the flat directly or he will sell it to someone.

He is giving us lame excuses that RBI has published new home-loan guidelines which are more strict for NRI people so the home loan process will extend to 3-4 more months which he can't afford as he wants to sell the flat asap.
I have somehow found out that he has got a client who is ready to pay him extra 2 lacs for the flat and ready to move within months so he wants to sell the flats to that client. Is it legal to break the agreement like that? He said he will give us the full token amount without any cancellation charges. I am very clueless if he can do that. Do we have any right to refuse this and go with the home loan process?

PS- He has offered us to cancel the booking of that room and offered us a new room on a different floor.
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2023.06.03 15:51 Bernie-8483 Reactive dog progress

Does anyone have positive experiences with a reactive dog becoming less reactive? I have a very sweet and loyal large dog who is the best companion for my husband and I. She is also great with both of our families, including my young niece and nephew. However, she gets severe fear aggression with pretty much anyone that she hasn’t had a lot of interaction with since she was a puppy. Basically she will aggressively bark at them if they come anywhere near her or stand up unexpectedly. She she has even nipped a guest for standing up from a seated position. For this reason, we have to close her in a room anytime someone comes over and if we bring her out, she’s on a leash and we have to give our guests a whole instruction manual about how to not trigger her. It’s stressful to say the least and not a fun way to host. We know it’s fear based because she will eventually welcome the opportunity to go back to the room and hide. She has also gotten out of the yard once and was cowered in the corner of our front porch, petrified when the neighbors found her and were trying to retrieve her. When we aren’t around and she isn’t at the house she goes into flight mode rather than fight mode. She is 4 yo now and we have met with a few trainers over the years but due to COVID she didn’t get to see many new people for a while and never progressed in socializing. We have contacted a behavior specialist to start working with us again in hopes of helping us manage this behavior so that it isn’t such an ordeal when we have company. I guess the point of this post is to hear any positive success stories from anyone with a similar situation. The trainer is expensive so any encouragement would be appreciated! We love this beast and want to protect her as well as anyone who comes in contact with her.
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2023.06.03 15:51 Adorable_Kitten100 I don't feel like I'm treated fairly...

Hi, I'm a 28 year old who works at a bakery and I basically serve the product, and customer service. Apologies in advance for the long post but it's also venting. I have an afternoon manager that makes my job a bit more stressful than needed but I also don't know if I may be overreacting, so thought this would be a good place to share.
Anyways, I do enjoy my job (been there for 1 year and 8 months so far), it's better than my first job and pays better, but my current job is paying me $14 an hour at the moment. Even my other co-workers who have been there longer years don't get paid much more or about the same, which is a problem in itself. I've been working roughly 4 days a week so I don't get burned out too fast from dealing with customers. It's not that hard of a job, which I enjoy but my afternoon manager isn't helping me feel any better.
We'll call my afternoon manager Dila and she's 60 years old (but doesn't look it). I just get this feeling like Dila treats me differently than the other co-workers. Dila became afternoon manager after I was already working there. Our previous afternoon manager trained me and I enjoyed working with her, but she left because she worked there for a lot of years and wanted to move on to something else. Anyway, Dila acted just fine with me and friendly in the beginning, but lately it's just been different and I have no idea why. I don't even know if she's just let all the power go to her head or not either.
Dila is talkative with my other co-workers and jokes with them, but with me now, I feel like I'm just "there" to her...just an extra person or just not there at all. Sometimes it also feels like Dila doesn't even like working with me, because when I mentioned I planned to reduce my hours a bit after my husband finally got a job offer, she said "Good. So the other co-workers can have their hours back". Like it's my fault that I needed to work a bit more just so my husband and I could have a bit more money to help us, while he tried to find something. We weren't even expecting him to get layed off, it happened out of the blue. I even have my moments where I'm a bit forgetful or make silly mistakes, but no one's perfect! But seems like because of that, Dila doesn't seem to trust me...so she double checks orders I take, questions me on things, and even asks me what certain phone calls were about, whether I was on the phone with a customer or one of the other stores.
Sure she may be just trying to do the best she can with her job and make sure things are going smoothly and there aren't too many mistakes, but I feel like I'm being babysat sometimes...and I already have low self-esteem as it is so that's not helping me feel like I'm doing as good of a job as the others. She's even complimented other co-workers before, but I've rarely ever get that.
I've always been nice and respectful, and I get along with all the other co-workers (they're like friends or a second family to me)...I even invited them to my wedding! Dila was too but she couldn't go because of some other obligation. I would talk to Dila about my feelings but I just don't want to risk starting any drama...because she's taken what I've said about something the wrong way before. Plus I'm very introverted and not forward like that.
It also seemed like I was the only one she was telling to do stuff, even certain things that I never thought I would have to do. For example, washing pans/trays in the big dishwashing machine we have (we do have a dishwasher but he's not here on Fridays). Course I'm all for helping him out but I haven't seen any other co-workers do that. She even taught me how to clean out the dishwasher (said I should know how to after working there a year), and when I asked her if any of the other co-workers knew how to clean it, she said "I don't know"...and most of them have been here longer than I have and they don't know how? Shouldn't they then?
My husband even recently wrapped my car in a pretty color and everyone complimented it, except Dila. She said nothing about it. BUT at one point Dila took me aside when I came into work one day and we talked things out. She asked if I had a problem with her (which I didn't, I thought she did with me). She told me that she doesn't want me to think she's picking on me, that she's trying to help me grow within the company and to get into a routine of doing stuff myself without having to be told. That she's giving me different things to do so I'm not bored doing the same stuff everytime I work. After we talked, we hugged and I thought everything would be fine between us, and I would do better at what she said as it made sense and something I could improve on with this job anyway. She said I was excellent on the closing routine, just not during the day when I come in.
BUT yesterday I felt picked on again by her. I've seen other co-workers on their phones before...not often but I have seen it. I'm not even on my phone at all unless I'm messaging my husband about something or another co-worker. We know better to not do it in front of customers and to be out of sight, and if there isn't anyone in the bakery, what's the big deal if we're doing it for a few minutes? I was asking one of our main managers (we'll call her Patty) a question, about if we were going to get anything in for Pride month and Dila caught me messaging. I told her I was messaging Patty and asking her something. She didn't seem to mind? I sent the message and when I was able to reply back to Patty, Dila caught me again and then took me aside.
She told me I can't be using my phone unless I'm on break (which I never take unless I need to), and that I can only use my phone if it's an emergency. That I could be doing other things instead around the bakery. She said that's what she was told by Patty and there was even something posted about it, which I don't think I saw? Only thing I saw was that you can keep your phone on you or nearby if it's on silent. Dila told me that she's put up with me being on my phone for long enough. I really wonder if she would have acted this way with any of the other co-workers besides me if they were in my shoes. And this may be a rule with other retail places but why is this becoming a big deal to her now...just because the higher ups supposedly said something? BUT when Patty has come in to fill in for someone, I've seen her on her phone more often than we have been. Either way, I personally don't see the big deal as I don't even do it that often and even if I am messaging someone, it doesn't even take me long... Besides, there's only so much stuff you can keep cleaning, or stocking, etc. over and over again.
After Dila finished talking to me, one of my friend co-workers came around the corner to put something away and wondered what was going on, and I told her the main points, and she rolled her eyes. She's the only one at the moment who sees how Dila has been treating me. But it's no one's place to do anything about it. If it still continues to be like this, I may try to get a different job. I reallyyy don't want to or should have to, but hopefully I could find something that could pay me better anyway.
Anyway, thanks for reading! Rant over.
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2023.06.03 15:49 hkaaaashi was it wrong for me to blame him?

i never would’ve blamed him for the cause of our breakup but i blame him for making me feel this way. he chose to hurt me after we broke up, he chose to do shitty things to me instead of just letting me be. he chose to do all of that without thinking about how it would make me feel. he treated me like trash, like those 17 months together meant nothing to him. and its not my fault for being hurt, all i wanted was to love him. he never cared about how i would feel and thats on him. but why do i feel bad for blaming him for hurting me? was i wrong to blame him for that?
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2023.06.03 15:49 OldBagPiper Married outside the church and then divorced.

asking for a friend who does not have an account. He married someone outside the Church. The wedding was performed by someone licensed to perform non-Catholic weddings. On a beach. Years later they divorced. One child.
Question 1: is the marriage not recognized by the church?
Question 2: he wants to come back to the Church. Is he able to receive communion after confession?
Question 3: would he then be allowed to remarry within the Church?
Thank you all
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2023.06.03 15:49 Snappyresponsebot Is anyone getting a lot more phlegm lately? Specially red and brown?

My asthma was under control for a bit, then the past week or so, I have been coughing a lot more. Wet coughs, to be exact, with brown, red or yellow-green phlegm. I have passed phlegm maybe 4 times this morning with some mucus. Gross. I also have a metallic taste in my mouth. The phlegm isn't as hard as before, but there is still a lot of it. I've been coughing like an old man.
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2023.06.03 15:47 Bitter-Audience-3289 How to handle malicious gossip?

A few months ago, I had a bad experience at school. I was very anxious and cried to my mom about it. It was just a small misunderstanding, but I couldn’t control my mind and kept thinking intrusive thoughts. I felt hopeless and panicked about how to handle unintentional actions towards my classmate because everyone despised me at the time. I apologized and the situation was settled.

However, I recently overheard some minor teenagers talking badly about my situation. Maybe they overheard my mom’s conversation because she was speaking aloud. They spread rumors to their mutual friends and eventually almost everyone in our village knew about it. They called me a “crybaby” college student whenever they saw or encountered me, teasing and making fun of my situation. I’m a 20-year-old male who was already a shut-in even before the pandemic. This gossip makes me anxious and unmotivated every day when I walk outside or go home from school. I feel like every time I see our neighbors, they’re talking behind my back. I’ve tried to ignore them, but their teasing makes me anxious.

What’s the best way to deal with this situation? I’m kind of embarrassed and regretful that I couldn’t hold back my emotions and started silently crying that time.
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2023.06.03 15:46 Active-Razzmatazz-86 Which gender feels they settled down more? Is it mean or women

From my personal experience I have observed women are the one who feel they settled down and are angry about it.Possibky because women have higher access to quality man they want than men have access to quality women they want so most of the times when don't have any experience with women they wanted while women have some sort of casual fling,fwb,sitautionship with those guys and when they don't secure commitment from them they feel bitter about any other guy they end up with.Whats your opinion? Who settles more and who is more angry at this?
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2023.06.03 15:43 fibbonaccisun Is it okay to laugh at people’s feelings?

I find it incredibly dismissive. I have a friend who does that, if she’s watching something and someone gets really upset she laughs. If someone gets angry over something she finds it funny. I asked her if she likes it if people laugh at her when she’s angry and she said it uplifts her mood especially when it’s a “dumb” thing she’s mad about. Idk I used to think every reason for my emotions was dumb but dismissing them doesn’t do anything. And I was trying to tell her that it’s whenever she deems it not a big deal, but it could be a big deal to someone else. Idk I just found it odd. I told her never to laugh at me while im upset cause I will just shut down and never open up again. Maybe it’s more odd that im like that
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2023.06.03 15:42 Extension_Summer3013 Question for firstborns?

Hello all,
Im 23f and had a general question and for firstborns and seeking advice if that’s okay? Was there a moment that you realized your entire personality was to please your parents?
I have been thinking throughly about this. But growing up, I was the firstborn and only child for a while. I felt like I had to earn my parents love by doing what they wanted me to do. If I didn’t obey, I was being disrespectful or not honoring my parents. I had a fear that disappointing them would mean they would emotionally abandon me. Since I was the only child for a long time, they were my only source of comfort if I needed it. I had no one else readily available.
With that being said, I felt like my entire personality is based around being the good child or the example child, which I hate. Now with siblings, I felt like I had to be the example for them with my life. I honestly just feel like I became a character for my parents and have lost touch with myself. I don’t know who I truly am.
I am truly grateful for my parents, and I care for them. But I honestly feel like I don’t know who I am.
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