Black and silver french tips

Black and Silver Extended

2017.01.11 03:22 kaneblaise Black and Silver Extended

A Magic the Gathering format where the following cards are legal: Commons and Uncommons only From the most recent 16 Standard sets The thought behind this format is to create a cheap format that feels constantly fresh. Sticking to Commons and Uncommons from recent sets ensures prices will stay reasonable, and rotating twice a year ensures for a brewer's meta paradise. Current legality is Aether Revolt onward

2008.03.30 10:15 Switzerland

All things Switzerland!

2011.08.29 17:15 gentlemanJosh r/schnauzers

The bold, bewhiskered Schnauzer is a high-spirited farm dog from Germany. The bushy beard and eyebrows give schnauzers a charming, human-like expression. The schnauzer's sporty look is a canine classic, with purebred schnauzers coming in three sizes: mini, standard, and giant. The AKC recognizes three official colors: black and silver (black and white), salt and pepper (mostly gray), and solid black.

2023.06.03 15:59 suppakicka420 I asked Tolkien about magic cards and this is what he responded with

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2023.06.03 15:58 itsronnyy [xbox] [h] creds [w] bs, grey, and black gk chantico (zephyr)

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2023.06.03 15:58 EducationalAd197 Looking for some friends!

Hey guys! Just wondering if anyone would want to connect on discord and play sims? I always end up super bored with my game play so having a few friends to bounce ideas off of and to share tips would be cool! Some things about me- -I'm super awkward! Lol I'm trying to open up my social circle a little more, so sorry if I come across as a weirdo. I'm not trying, I swear! 😁 -420 friendly -I'm 24 and pronouns are she/her. -Sims is really the only game I play, but I do play Smite if anyone else does too! -I am dabbling more into building, or at least trying to. But I can spend hours in CAS.
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2023.06.03 15:57 RoAv7351 Advices and Tips for Reviewing in Exams 4th yr Level.

Madaming na dedepress sa law sch. reality speaking lang, iba iba din ang bawat individual sa pagrereview, alam ko yan may groupie and selfie. Pero madalas Self Review ang ginagawa, hindi kasi comfortable sa ibang tao since Introvert, graduating this year ang partner ko and I feel him talaga, nahihirapan sya, pero meron siyang will na taposin na lang ang nasimulan nya. Nagtataka, lang kasi ako bkit kung kelan graduating ang batch nila ang daming case digest na loaded at sunod-sunod tlga, dikit pa sa Sched ng Finals nila.
Kaya hndi ako ngttaka sa iba na nagsstop kht malapit na silang mggraduate or ung iba due to stress nagiging primary depression. Paano na if deteriorated na ibang functional hormones ng brains. Maapektuhan din ang health nila.
Yes, I know pinili niya ang course na ito, pero it doesn't mean he is weak, o weak ang block nila.
Kaya ako, kht nkkita ko syang nhhrapan di ko pdeng ipakitang nllungkot ako, hanggat kaya kong maging happy sa harapan nya gngwa ko.
Well, ano po kaya ang advices and tips nong mga graduate na po nga law s inyo? Super appreciated po sa mga mabibigay nyo.
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2023.06.03 15:57 emrysrer Help please

Hey! So I’ve recently started the gym (2 days ago) and I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing. My goal is to burn fat and lost around 100lbs of weight. I’ve tried googling what’s best to do but I’m finding it all quite a bit overwhelming. Does anyone have any tips or advice on where to start and what I should be doing?
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2023.06.03 15:57 kayakero Fed's Creation & History

The Federal Reserve, often referred to as the Fed, is the central banking system of the United States. It was established in response to financial panics and the need for a more stable and flexible monetary system. The creation of the Federal Reserve involved a series of legislative efforts and reforms, culminating in the passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913.
Prior to the establishment of the Federal Reserve, the United States experienced frequent financial crises and banking panics. The country operated under a system where banks issued their own currency, which led to a lack of uniformity and stability. There was no central authority responsible for managing the money supply or providing a lender of last resort during times of crisis.
The first significant step towards the creation of the Federal Reserve came with the National Banking Act of 1863. This act established a system of nationally chartered banks and provided for the issuance of uniform national banknotes. However, the act did not create a central banking authority and did not fully address the need for a stable monetary system.
In 1907, the United States experienced a severe financial panic known as the Panic of 1907. The panic exposed the vulnerabilities of the existing banking system and highlighted the need for reform. In response, a group of prominent bankers, led by J.P. Morgan, intervened to stabilize the financial system. This event further galvanized the push for a central banking system.
The momentum for creating a central bank gained further traction during the presidency of Woodrow Wilson. In 1913, Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act into law, which established the Federal Reserve System as the central banking authority of the United States. The Federal Reserve Act aimed to address the shortcomings of the previous system and provide a more stable monetary framework.
Under the Federal Reserve Act, the Federal Reserve System was composed of a decentralized structure, consisting of twelve regional banks located in major cities across the country. The Board of Governors, headquartered in Washington, D.C., was established as the main governing body of the Federal Reserve System. The Board consists of seven members appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate, with each member serving a fourteen-year term.
The Federal Reserve was granted various powers and responsibilities to achieve its objectives, which include promoting stable prices, maximum employment, and moderate long-term interest rates. It has the authority to conduct monetary policy, regulate and supervise banks, provide financial services to the government and financial institutions, and maintain the stability of the financial system.
Over the years, the Federal Reserve has played a significant role in shaping the U.S. economy. It has implemented various monetary policies to control inflation, stabilize financial markets, and respond to economic crises. The Federal Reserve's actions, such as setting interest rates and conducting open market operations, have a profound impact on the borrowing costs for businesses and consumers, influencing economic activity and employment levels.
Throughout its history, the Federal Reserve has undergone several changes and adaptations to address evolving economic challenges. It has played a crucial role in managing and responding to financial crises, including the Great Depression in the 1930s, the savings and loan crisis in the 1980s, and the global financial crisis in 2008.
The Federal Reserve remains a vital institution in the United States, with its policies and decisions influencing the overall health and stability of the economy. Its independence, as well as its role in maintaining price stability and fostering sustainable economic growth, continues to be subjects of public interest and debate.
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2023.06.03 15:57 top_nach 27 M/NB 4 M/NB NJ - USA Looking for Someone Special

27 M/NB 4 M/NB NJ - USA Looking for Someone Special

  • Single/Taken/Complicated: Single
  • Seeking Relationship/Friends/Squish/Other: Relationship
  • Romantic Orientation: Gay
  • Gender: Male/Masc NB
  • Pronouns: He/They
  • Age: 27
  • Height/Build: 6'2, with a little bit of chub. lost 60 lbs and working on slimming down some more!
  • Physical Description: Brown skin, medium length black hair, dark brown eyes. been told i have a nice smile
  • Personality Description: I'd like to say I have the "awkward, but trying their best" kind of charm lol. Can be shy, but I'm an extrovert who likes talking to people fairly regularly. I value people who communicate and put in an equal effort into the relationship. I like video games, animated movies and TV shows, and D&D. Got really into working out lately as well. I'd say I'm mostly a homebody, but I enjoy going out drinking or dancing once in awhile too!
  • Location: near Morristown, NJ, USA - would prefer someone in the North NJ/NYC area, but could do longer distance for the right person
Wanted to add some pics, but I don't know how to make it the slideshow thing up top with them lol send help.
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2023.06.03 15:57 McRx71-Dragon Seeking Experienced Advice to improve my Gameplay

Hey guys,
I've been a committed player of League since 2016, consistently achieving low gold in every season. I embarked upon this season with an impressive 75% win rate and managed to peak at Gold IV, 70LP. However, as I endeavored to elevate my gameplay, I found myself stagnating rather than advancing.
In an attempt to improve, I focused on heightening my awareness during games and diligently farming - a bit like a "Farming Sim 2023" enthusiast at times. Despite this, I've been stuck in a rut since yesterday, feeling extremely frustrated.
Yes, there are times when I get rather unlucky with my teammates, but I've come to realize that I am the only constant in all my matches. So, the responsibility to improve and progress ultimately falls on me.
I'm curious to hear from those who have successfully transitioned from low gold to Plat/Dia solely on their own. How did you achieve it?
I genuinely appreciate any advice or tips that you may offer. To give you a better understanding of my current gameplay, here's a link to my Icathun Saijax
Looking forward to your valuable insights.
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2023.06.03 15:57 dcvan24 [US-NC] [H] Millmaxed Hotswap BOX 75 White PVD, Command 65 Steel, NK65 EE Purple, GMK Sumi, GMK Godspeed Columbia, JTK Zen (Base + Extensions + Black/White/Green Spacebars), 80x Lubed Owlab Neon, Assorted Deskmats [W] PayPal

BOX 75 White PVD. Millmaxed hotswap PCB with lubed FFFF stabs installed. Come with original box. Asking for $550 shipped.
Command 65 Steel. Hotswap PCB. Support Bluetooth. Come with battery and original box. Asking for $280 shipped.
NK65 EE Purple. Hotswap PCB with tuned factory stabs. Come with original box. Asking for $100 shipped.
GMK Sumi. Base. No seal but never mounted. Asking for $110 shipped in original box / $100 in bag.
GMK Godspeed Columbia. Base. No shine. Asking for $110 shipped in original box/ $100 in bag.
JTK Zen. Base + extensions + black/white/green spacebars. No shine. Asking for $140 shipped in bag.
80x Lubed Owlab Neon. Linear. Asking for $70 shipped.
GMK Pono Pitter Patter Deskmat. BNIB. Asking for $15 + shipping.
GMK Sumi Sakura. BNIB. Asking for $15 + shipping.
IFK Blacklight Deskmat. Lava Lamp/Psychedelic Glass. BNIB. Asking for $10 + shipping.
IFK Amalfi Deskmat Costiera. BNIB. Asking for $10 + shipping.
IFK Comfy Deskmat. BNIB. Asking for $10 + shipping.
TKC Mech Mat Deskmat Classic. BNIB. Asking for $15 + shipping.
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2023.06.03 15:57 ExileOnMainSt17 New to Backpacking In Grizz Country

My wife (28F) and I (30M) have about 30 nights total together backpacking, and me personally, about 60. However, none of those nights have been in Grizz country. We have camped amongst the aggressive black bears of the Smokies, and just about every other type of black bear environment, both out west and east. We never have had an issue as we practice common sense bear safety. We are wanting to take a fall trip this year, probably mid-September, somewhere out west. One of the options is Yellowstone, of course. I've been there twice, hiked, but have never backpacked. We have been saying we want to have a Yellowstone trip before kids and this seems a prime opportunity. However, the jitters of camping in grizzly country for the first time are preventing me from pulling the trigger (haven't looked at reservations yet so this may be irrelevant). Aside from the bear triangle and the 100 yard rules, and bear spray/make your presence known, etc., does anyone have tips on hiking with grizzlies? Both mental and practical tips lol.
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2023.06.03 15:57 SkinnyErgosFatCock Do people really not tip delivery drivers?

I saw a meme about a driver blasting A/C on a no-tipper's food and got curious. I've worked as a server before and had non-tippers but that's a bit less heinous than not tipping delivery drivers.
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2023.06.03 15:56 bapestagangsta Might get my 3rd Chow Chow, and I’m concerned..

Might get my 3rd Chow Chow, and I’m concerned..
Hey everyone, I am in the process of possibly getting my 3rd chow chow, the thing is I lost both of my dogs for the same reason and I’m terrified of it happening again. My first Chow was a black male chow I had growing up, at around the 1 year mark he was really aggressive and over protective, so we took him to get neutered and he passed away. We were so heartbroken, and it took us 6 years of healing until we decided to get another one, and to avoid the same problem of being aggressive, we decided to get a girl. She was super sweet and really not ever aggressive. Anyways she was about 6 years old, and the vet would always tell us we should get her spaded to help her in the long run. We were really not sure because of our past experience, but eventually we decided it would be best and unfortunately the same thing happened.. I had both my dogs die the same way, so I just don’t know what to do, every time the vet assured us that it was a good idea and they deal with chow chows all the time. What would you guys do? Would you risk it again? Or is it animal abuse if we don’t do it? Are there extra precautions to take to avoid this from ever happening? Or should we just not get a dog. Thanks guys
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2023.06.03 15:56 BobbyLite94 Uniforms

We need to ditch these outdated unis and start a legit petition to make these our permanent home/away combo except keep the normal helmet with the black white stripe on top or put the traditional stripe on top of the back ones. This is the way.
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2023.06.03 15:56 Kymaeraa My first commander deck is now complete!

I've been playing MtG since 2013, but I was never really interested in commander due to the singleton aspect. But the format became so popular that I wanted to make a deck, just in case I run into a playgroup that only plays commander.
So I made a [Marchesa, the Black Rose] deck, cause I really like the grixis/maestros thief archetype and Marchesa allows me to keep the stolen cards to myself. (And I don't mean the threaten effect strategy).
I'm really happy with it and can't wait to find a group to try it out with.
Decklist in case anyone wants to look:\_NQ0i1YFY48UY7Qw
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2023.06.03 15:56 il_zazzo95 Help me organize my LO ?

Hi modding experts, I need your help organizing and figuring out the best set up of my current load order and which of my mods are obsolete, useless/broken(and why) or in a wrong position or lack of a required file.
The game keeps crashing every 20-30 mins (also with new saves I do for testing) even though I partially copied this LO from orders labeled as stable online.
Here's my LO as I read it on the console
  1. USSEP
  2. Unofficial CC content patch
  3. RW2 resources
  4. EOSI
  5. Patron carriages/innkeepers (I like the expensive travels & inns but I still don't know if this conflicts with EOSI, need testing)
  6. Debug menu
  7. Realistic ragdolls and force
  8. Immersive Leveling
  9. Character Creation Overhaul AIO
  10. Craftable Telvanni robes
  11. Craftable Hold guard armor
  12. Ars Metallica
  13. Undiscovered Skyrim
  14. Open Civil War
  15. Paarthurnax Dilemma
  16. Become a whiterun guard
  17. Destroy thieves guild
  18. Thugs Not assassins
  19. Jenassa fix - bosmer armor
  20. Bosmer armor pack
  21. Realistic AI detection - LITE
  22. Dangerous Skooma
  23. Summermyst
  24. Narrative loot
  25. Smithed equipment in loot
  26. Face masks of skyrim
  27. Morrowind imports
  28. 360 walk & run - standalone
  29. Fire HD
  30. Enhanced Blood texture
  31. Unique uniques
  32. Frost white glass armor
  33. Black and gold ebony armor
  34. Black and gold ebony weapons
  35. Royal armory - New artifacts (don't know if this conflicts with CRF or other, it's the version that only replaces a few vanilla weapons of the important characters)
  36. Beyond skyrim Morrowind- Bonemold weapons
  37. Bones for a crow fix (don't know if this is obsolete with the Unofficial CC patch or the USSEP but last lime I checked I still needed this because the corpse of the npc didn't appear, a common bug)
  38. Special edition followers (this one only alters some followers AI and combat styles)
  39. More tavern idles
  40. CRF (I can't figure out where to put this, I fear it overwrites something I move it higher)
  41. RDO
  42. Serana expanded dialogue add-on (do not confuse with the most famous meme-like serana dialogue add on, this is the one that uses most vanilla features of serana)
  43. More to say 9.0.2
  44. Civil War lines expansion
  45. RDO + CRF + USSEP patch
  46. Bosmers have antlers
  47. Vanilla hair remake NPCs
  48. Vanilla hair remake replacer
  49. Brighter torches
  50. Spells light dynamic shadows (i saw it can be used with other lighting mods I just don't know if is better above or below elfx)
  51. Updated ELFX (...and here comes the mess)
  52. ELFX fixes
  53. ELFX enhancer
  54. ELFX exterior fixes
  55. JKs interiors AIO (...where do I put this?)
  56. Simply Darker Nights (by the same author of "brighter torches" above, these two work well together)
  57. Enhanced skyrim nights
  58. Lush aspen fall trees 2k - gamerpauly
  59. HD birch bark (for the above, simply retexture the bark of rift trees)
  60. Lush Vanilla trees 1K - gamerpauly
  61. Improved terrain LOD meshes (...where do I put this?)
  62. Capital of winterhold
  63. Solitude docks (need testing if it conflicts with JKs or something else)
  64. Arthmoor Practice dummies
  65. Arthmoor Provincial Courier service
  66. Arthmoor Oakwood (and all the Artmoor villages in a non particular order EXCEPT Keld-Nar and Telengard)
  67. Arthmoor Storefront
  68. Environs - Whiterun watchtower
  69. Environs - shrines of talos (maybe it conflicts somewhere with JKs skyrim but I don't know yet)
  70. Quaint raven rock
  71. Quaint raven rock - ELFX exterior fix
  72. Better Tel Mithrtyn
  73. Books of skyrim (...where do I put this? It seems not conflicting with anything at the moment)
  74. JKs skyrim AIO (...where do I put this?)
  75. JKs windhelm outskirts (I can't understand if the windhelm exterior that look super cool in this mod is already present in the Jks skyrim AIO, is this repetitive? it seems not but I need to know where to put this in LO because it crashes sometimes in this area)
  76. Bells of skyrim
  77. Bells of skyrim - JKs skyrim patch
  78. Bells of skyrim - Immersive citizens patch
  79. ( ...and here comes the other mess below)
  80. JKs skyrim CRF + Arthmoor's mods patch
  81. JKs skyrim Storefront patch
  82. JKs skyrim ELFX exterior patch
  83. Jks INTERIORS ELFX patch
  84. JKs INTERIORS- JKs skyrim AIO patch
  85. JKs INTERIORS ELFX fixes patch
  86. Jks INTERIORS USSEP patch
  87. Jks INTERIORS ELFX Enhancer patch
  88. JKs skyrim - Immersive citizens patch
  89. JKs INTERIORS- Immersive citizens patch
  90. JKs windhelm outskirts- USSEP patch
  91. JKs windhelm outskirts- CC ebony plate armor patch
  92. JKs windhelm outskirts- NO snow under roof patch
  93. JKs windhelm outskirts- Immersive citizens
  94. NO snow under the Roof
  95. The Marshlands by Tesfiend
  96. Wildcat injuries animations DAR
  97. Immersive movement
  98. Wildcat
  99. Wildcat patch Immersive movement
  100. Mortal Enemies patch Immersive movement (the mod M.E. is included in a mod below, so I don't need to re-download it but still need this to converge between ME effects and Immersive movement right? I'm confused about this)
  101. Hardcore Dragons difficulty
  102. Better Auriel Bow
  103. Vanilla Plus v5.1.1 (this is the mod that contains Mortal Enemies which compatibility is needed between it's changes and Immersive movement, right?)
  104. Vokrii
  105. EOSI - vokrii patch
  106. Immersive citizens- AI overhaul (...where do I put this?)
  107. Immersive patrols (large battles)
  108. Populated land roads path
  109. Lightly populated settlements
  110. Lucien (...where do i put this guy in my LO?)
  111. Lucien Anniversary
  112. Taliesin elf follower
  113. Dominion's more high elves
  114. Immersive Winterhold NPCs (there are two of this exact same mod which one is the most up to date? I have the one with the argonian mage in the thumbnail)
  115. Erandil thalmor follower
  116. Notice board - better solstheim
  117. Notice board
  118. RW2 (with it's resources file up at the top)
  119. JKs skyrim - RW2 patch
  120. Imperial rewards
  121. Immersive hunting
  122. Mammoth pelts (don't know yet if it conflicts with Immersive hunting)
  123. Heliomancy Spells
  124. Bound Shield
  125. Caves of morrowind (...a dungeon, where do I put this?)
  126. Depths of Skyrim (...where? Above or below RW2?)
  127. Hold border banners
  128. Elemental fury offhand fix
  129. RJ tweaks - followers (... where do I put this? Does it conflicts with Immersive citizens?)
  130. RJ tweaks - hearthfire (above or below Immersive hunting? Or where?)
  131. D13 faster get up
  132. Alternate Start
  133. JKs INTERIORS - Alternate start patch
  134. Color patches remover
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2023.06.03 15:56 PositiveMemories Community and Justice Services

My girlfriend and I are going to be moving to Hamilton.We have been applying to homeless shelters in Ottawa and also other job advertisements in the area. Unfortunately we haven’t heard anything back yet and I am becoming a little concerned. Does anyone know what the job prospects are like for those working in the Community and Justice Services field?
Does anyone have any tips, advice, or leads?
Thank you for your time!
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2023.06.03 15:56 yefee90 [US-IL] [H] Kalam Gaf 910, Vintage MX blacks, PBTfans Retro Drak lights, KAT Milkshake, Keycult 2/65 PC plate [W] Paypal

item detials price
Kalam Gaf 910 silver, comes with a brand new hostswap pcb, a daughter board, alu plate, and an oring gasket, built once and in mint condition except some natural oxidation on weight. 600 shipped
Vintage blacks 1 (x100) digit 1 on stem, harvested from WYSE, cleaned, in excellent condition, pic1, pic2 135 shipped
Vintage blacks 2 (x100) digit 5 on stem, harvested from WYSE, cleaned, in excellent condition, pic1, pic2 135 shipped
PBTfans Retro Dark lights Base + RGBY text, like new condition, ship in bag. 110 shipped (original cost>180)
KAT Milkshake Alpha + Modifier + Addons, like new condition, will ship in bag 80 shipped
Keycult 2/65 PC half plate Brand new, works for pcb stabs (not plate stabs as in timestamp) 25 shipped
Thanks for your time.
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2023.06.03 15:56 c_garbs Bladeshow Special Hinderer Eklipse
Picked this up at bladeshow yesterday. Genuinely wanted to keep this one - I like it, I just don't like it that much for what I paid. PPFF NO notes. Yolo > chat.
-Hinderer Eklipse 3.5 Wharncliffe with working finish, textured silver twill scale and special finish on lock side. Action is very, very good. Centering is perfect and blade is rock solid of course. There are no blemishes anywhere on the knife. And I certainly have not cut, carrier or disassembled. Asking SV $800
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2023.06.03 15:56 a1boPlayzYT Who to play against Sombra/Genji?

Ive been trying to rank up as im hardstuck silver 5 but I cant go 2 games without a good sombra or genji taking out me or my supports so im just wondering if you guys know who i should play against them? I cant find any good counterplay tips anywhere so im clueless.
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2023.06.03 15:56 Sea_Bee2275 Anyone understand ? 0610

Anyone understand ? 0610 submitted by Sea_Bee2275 to igcse [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 15:56 vaNci888 Hello Eatventurers, so I started like a week ago and if you can give me some tips?

For example: What should I do with the diamonds I am collecting? -Spend them for the 250diamond chest in the event -Unlock everything in the vault and start leveling them up?
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2023.06.03 15:56 No_Application_3029 Is my RTX 4080 dying? Got few red lines when playing

So I just got the rtx 4080 which was used for 6-7months and still has a warranty and all but what makes me worried is when I play valheim when it's loading the game my fps drops drastically and it gets to 30-60fps on the loading black screen wherever it loads up everything seems to be normal except this red line that appears on the left side of the screen and that's seems to be shaking . It doesn't appear all the time just sometimes maybe once in 20-30min and goes away within a sec. I've used ddu to uninstall my previous gpu drivers and got the latest ones I ran a test on Kombustor for an hour and the highest temp was 67C and 0 artefacts however i couldn't see the red lines. I'm not sure what's wrong. I also use i7 10700k cpu and 32gb ram but within a week I'll get a new mobo,ram and cpu.
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