Since 11.12.14
US Patent Pending

Home Built VTOL

US Pat Pend - TSVLS Shroud - US Copyrights
Not For Sale

Aluminum Frame

Emrax 268 air cooled electric motor

Kokam LiPo Battery Pack
Battery Pack Weight 120 lbs

Flight time estimated 15 to 30 minutes.
Projected Lift Capacity
500 to 1000 lbs

Horizontal Speed
40 mph

Altitude Recommendations
500' to 1,000'
Just above the trees

Emergency Landing Provision
5 minute warning for low battery

Approximate Total Empty Weight
250 LBs

If interested in building a US Pat Pend, BodyCopter, we must first issue you a free license for personal use.
9 - "How to" build videos on YouTube 9/2016
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