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I invented the TSVLS 13 years ago. LLC
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Charles Medlock, Inventor/Real Estate Broker (above),

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The TSVLS is a 13 years plus project, I've been developing independently, built a half dozen prototypes, taken models of it to Oshkosh 2012.
It appears to have been overlooked by classically trained professionals in the field.  Neither the University of Arkansas Aeronautical department, nor the Federal Laboratory Consortium are able to model it.  This lack of analysis and the fact that on the face of it, it appears to operate against the laws of thermodynamics may be why it has been so long overlooked. 

In our testing, we have found the TSVLS to be predictable at varying diameters.  One test we performed was with a 20" box fan, blowing downward, hung from a single point so it would react to torque when turned on.  We placed vertical, asymmetrical airfoils beneath it at three different power settings.  It balanced torque in all three. 

We built an 85" diameter TSVLS and gave the specifications to Dr. Saberi at Advanced Rotor-craft Technology, who did a preliminary computer analysis and reported the craft would control 100% of the torque.  He also reported the "load doesn't matter very much" as far as the angle of attack of the vertical airfoils was concerned.

Dr. Khan at the Tuskegee Institute looked at it and contributed to our registered copyrighted manuscript after we were invited to present at the 2010 International Power Lift Conference.  We also presented at the, Vertical Flight Society Specialist Conference on the future of VTOL in 2011.

Sizes and Configurations under consideration

Toys - Radio Controlled Giant Scale Craft - Radio Controlled Aerial Crane - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle - Personal Aerial Vehicle - Flying Car - Commercial/Industrial Lifting Without Pilots or Airports 

Possible Uses

Forest and Crop Inspection - Search and Rescue - Boarder Patrol - Sport, Local, Regional Transportation -Living on the Highest Mountain or The Deepest Valley - Supplies for Remote Locations - Mobility for the Handicapped - Disaster Evacuation - Exploration - Sight Seeing - Hunting - Fishing - 50,000 Fewer Traffic Deaths in the US Alone - Shorter Travel Time - Safe - Low Cost - Crowd Control - Military Defensive and Offensive, Urban, Jungle, and Remote Outpost Crafts - 

Love, God's Spirit

God's Spirit, Love, invited into and constantly kept in a person, gives mental clarity on every issue and all positive emotional motivation.

Detailed Description

Christians, from the time of believing/baptism should be constantly, actively "remembering" The Spirit of God, Love, is now present in them, until Love becomes their automatic way of "seeing", and acting on every aspect of their reality.

In contrast to one who believes, and a minute later, is thrust back in the grasp of the world, brain washing and inundating them with sin. Making them feel lost again mentally/emotionally, until next week when they feel saved for another hour. Gradually, this may bring them to complete salvation, but many are not that strong and remain carnal and carry the weight of doubt, fear, weakness and concern for their salvation.

Wednesday night, TJ spoke of early Christians having so much influence, the state became scared they would loose their power over the citizens. This influence can only flow from Love, constantly felt and applied. The Love of God, in Christ, but, don't make new Christians figure that out by themselves. Give them the knowledge and power to grasp God and hold tight until they realize the power and might He is giving them.

Saturday, Jim talked of giving a 5 lb bag of sugar at work to the guys always asking for it for their coffee. That is God's Spirit, Love, operating in Jim. I drove by people, on my way home, raking leaves and carrying them off their property, and thought of the two leaf blowers I have and have determined to give them one. That is God's Spirit, Love, operating in me.

That kind of Love filled giving will make Christianity stronger than any man made attempt to place or replace God in people's lives, government, institutional, club, church, charity.... That will bring Christianity back to the pinnacle of mankind's heart it deserves. Christianity is person to person, sharing God's Spirit, Love.

God's Spirit, Love, invited/kept, gives perfect power of perception to a Christian and all positive emotional motivation. People in the world, other Christians and non Christians, see the Love of God in them and react strongly positive to it. It is irresistible the the Chosen.

A person crushed, run over by life, needs more than an hour, they need constant in dwelling of God's Spirit, Love. The failing of the Church is not letting them know in the clearest possible terms, repeated until they get it, they, each individual, has the power to live in God's Spirit, Love, as God's Spirit, Love lives in them, constantly for eternity, beginning the very instant they believe.

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