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2023.03.24 13:07 Demonic_Disposition My Experiences

Our name is Murtons. We have made previous accounts on Reddit and made previous posts on this subreddit and others and have deleted them time and again. We have promised information that might relate to some of the experiencers of this subreddit. Now that we have acquired technology which makes such an idea possible, this will be our permanent account and everything we know and WILL know, we will tell to you, if not at the time when that information is acquired or when the event happens, then when it is safe to do so for ourself or when we are allowed.

An Introduction

As you know, our name is Murtons. Murtons is a pseudonym, not for 2 people but for 2 entities contained within a single body. Our story is long and I will be creating multiple posts on this subreddit and perhaps others if this post is received well, telling our story, making posts that are just information dumps made up of relevant information and maybe update posts on our situation. At no point am I making the claim that I am an authority on the subject but I will say that I know what I know. From this point on, I am referring to myself without plural, unless it is necessary to do otherwise, as it is just me doing the work at the moment and speaking in plural is exhausting.
For context, I do not have MPD nor am I trying to rip off any other users claiming to be "2 People" or "2 Entities". I assure you that my situation is unique. I will not share my own name but the name of the other entity is Carrabelle.
Carrabelle was attached to me in a previous life as a form of sarcastic "Marriage into the family". His "Species" is unique in that, when he is attached biologically, he is attached to your consciousness and will be there in every life after the one that he was attached until detached. The longer that he is attached, the harder it is to remove him. After a certain amount of time, physical removal will not be enough as he will just grow back. My family (Again, non-human) have managed to set up an inhibitor of sorts for the time that I did not have my memories and until they are back that will stop him from making my life difficult...mostly.
As for information on myself if you want it; I have had a fear of Jesters and carnivals for a long time, along with the associated patterns. I have a fear of fictional settings with dark cyberpunk themes such as games like Observer. I have Autism, ADHD, OCD and I heal really quickly. My hair and nails grow quickly as well. I also get cold electric feelings across my body, especially when I am stressed or sick. I am introverted and have only recently begun to learn important life skills, such as being able to talk to people. My home life is terrible as well, which is important to this. Oh yeah and I have survived Meningococcal, Pneumonia, Meningitis and Leukemia twice.

My Experiences

During the course of the past 2 years, I regained memories from 5 different lives and from 3 key points in this life as well as remembering certain "Dreams" which I can guarantee are more real than I had assumed at the time. I have remembered that 3-4 of those 5 previous lives have interacted with this one and that this life happening was a direct consequence of the choices of my previous incarnation. I have remembered that I would not be who I am today without the non-humans that I call Family.
As there is so much to unpack, I will be making a separate post for each life, excluding this life, which will instead be split into 3 parts. I will also be making a post explaining certain concepts that I have learned, along with things I have learned which relate to the many other experiences of many other experiencers and maybe a Q&A, though the latter probably will not be necessary. In this post, I will be talking about the sudden re-emerging of my memories, dreams and the subsequent events.


I (Only 15 at the time) woke up to the sound of glass smashing and my mother screaming. I looked around and it was pitch black and it seemed my Mum was asleep. I assumed that she had dropped something in the middle of the night and screamed and I had managed to sleep through it, only waking up to the extremely loud subconscious recollection hours later. I felt strange though, like my body knew something was wrong but I could not figure it out myself.
I got out of bed and walked towards the door. Though it was dark, I could tell that my door was slowly opening on its own and I was frozen with fear. I saw slight movement and a shape but due to how dark it was and my own fear, I started to question if the door was opening or not. In both a curious movement to see if the door was shut or not and the thought that I might be dreaming so what I do doesn't matter, I moved towards the door.
In an instant, I felt myself flying towards my bed with a figure moving towards me and suddenly being forced onto my stomach. I felt 1 hand pushing my face into the bed, another 2 arms holding my arms down and another hand on my back. I tried fighting to see the face of my attacker, thinking that I could gain some small victory if I saw their face (Not that it would matter, as I could not tell anyone) but I fell unconscious.
I awoke slowly, the images blurry in front of me, some kind of colourful effect dancing in my vision, dissipating the longer I was awake, my emotions dull but not dead. There were sand/mud buildings in front of and around me. They did not look made by some primitive civilization but made with the intent to last. I was walking on a footpath of some kind with a road to the right of me. It was humid and felt as though I was wearing thick clothing. I just knew that I was dreaming, this whole situation was absurd.
I looked to the left of me and saw someone walking beside me. I was fairly short for a 15 year old but this person was tall, like 7-8ft tall. I slowly noticed the way that they dressed; overly colourful, a strange hat and 4 sleeves containing 4 different arms. They must have noticed that I was looking in their direction because they looked down at me, opened their mouth and as they did so, what looked like chunks of meat and wires spilled out and I looked away as terrified as I could be. I had a weird feeling that it did not hurt them in any way and that they only did it to scare me.
As we continued walking along this footpath, we came to a crossing in the road and on the other side was some kind of checkpoint. Two tall guards with tight outfits, white masks and guns guarded a metal door that was built into either a wall or a fence. I knew that if this was somehow not a dream, going through that door was the point of no return. If it was a dream, then running or staying has no real world consequence but if it was real, then running was the only option. I slowly backed away, hoping to be out of the vision of that thing before I started running.
As I started running, I turned around and saw whatever that thing was screaming, all 4 arms outstretched, clutching some kind of wand in one hand. I was as scared as my body would allow, running back the way we came, when a vehicle nearly hit me. The car was fairly low to the ground and the driver looked me with confusion. I ran back to the footpath that took me to the checkpoint and I just kept running, not knowing where to go but hoping to figure it out as I went. After a few moments of running, I heard someone yell for me and when I looked, there was someone in an alleyway next to me.
I felt myself being quickly yanked into the alleyway and I though that I had been caught. I was grabbed and made to face the person who I had unknowingly been saved by. My memory is not perfectly clear but she had bluish purplish skin, large yellow eyes and what looked like spikes coming out of her head, not straight out like a porcupine but in a way that looked like a substitute for hair.
"Ahhh, a demon" I said sarcastically, assuming myself to be dreaming.
"I am not a demon" she said bemused.
"Well, this is my dream and you look like a demon, so you are a demon'' I said extremely smugly.
"You are not dreaming".
That went on for about 30 seconds. I asked her who she was and she told me that she was my best friend. I asked her, that if she was my best friend, then how I did not remember her and she told me that I asked to have my memory erased, which made no sense to me. I asked where I was, to which she said that I was currently on Mars. Eventually I heard a voice behind me trying to get my attention. The voice belonged to another girl. She had bleached white skin, large eyes (She is not a grey. She hates being called that.), black hair and black clothes.
"Hey *****, how have you be-..." the previous girl interrupted her and would not let her speak. The first girl seemed to be somewhat... territorial. My memory faltered and I seemed to forget the conversation that had transpired seconds before. The second girl walked off with a scowl across her face, which I without my memory, assumed to be directed at me. My focus was brought back to the first girl with the spikes for hair and I noticed a watch on her wrist which reminded me of the watch the Yautja wear in the "PREDATOR" franchise, with its own differences of course.
After a while, she said that they were taking me home . I was looking forward to going somewhere familiar and less confusing. She walked to my right and I saw movement down the other end of the alleyway, which I scared me but after they didn't react, I assumed that it was more of them, so I calmed down. The girl with the spikes pulled out what looked like a fork like device but in between the middle two prongs was a circular object. She asked me if I was ready and when I said that I was, she placed the object to my right temple and my vision nearly instantly went black, I felt relaxed and I felt my body collapse, along with someone catch me and then the sensation of being dragged.
I woke up restrained and facing someone that I only have the memory of the colour green to associate them with. They simply asked me "Are you sure that you want to go home?" to which I replied with a somewhat confused "Yes", wondering why they would even ask that.
I woke up. My Mum remembered nothing and seemed fine, while my memory of the event was distorted, only remembering the city, the guards, the 4 armed monstrosity and the fact that a conversation of some kind had happened. The only possible evidence of the night prior was found later when we could not lock the front door. My memory of that "Dream" began to fade quick, being gone within 2 weeks.


I had dropped out of High School due to Covid making things difficult and my School being next to useless. My Mum had begun to leave me alone over a couple of nights to go and talk to her "Just a friend". A couple of nights turned into weeks and weeks turned into 6 months. She would occasionally re stock the fridge and pantry while I was asleep, stay a few hours in the morning so she could say that she tried to see me (My sleep patterns were all over the place) and then she would leave.
I had friends online that I eventually got rid of due to realizing that they were not friends. While I had those friends, I gained memories back of a fight with some girl 2 years beforehand, which I did not realize at the time was a part of something so big. That situation is part of the last of the 3 key events and will be covered in a post.
For 2-3 months during those 6 months, every night to every second night, I would get strange dreams with reoccurring characters, that always felt so real at the time and that I would always either slowly forget or I would forget when I woke up. I will tell you everything that is worth mentioning, though I can guarantee you, everything except for the first "Dream", will not be in chronological order. Sometimes the "Dreams" would have actual dreams before or after them, most of the time related to something I saw during the events of the "Dream" or something I glimpsed before I was fully conscious in said "Dream". Sometimes, the real dreams were unrelated.
Sometimes I had real dreams that I also know were manipulated as they would relate directly to a game I had played or something similar. I will not mention these. Any comparisons I make to fiction after this point is not meant to imply that they are real dreams but merely a comparison to something that one might consider familiar.

It took me a while to wake up and regain control of my body. I heard a girl yelling at me to wake up or else they will kill me themselves (They did not mean it). I woke up, picking up the guns, when I noticed what looked like a humanoid lizard going up behind one of the people with firing. I aimed for it and shot it in the head. I heard someone yell "HOLY SHIT! HIS FIRST KILL AND IT'S A HEADSHOT!".
A girl with spikes instead of hair run up to me and gave me a thumbs up whilst saying "Good Job!". Forgetting that Kingston existed, I assumed that she was the one who threatened to kill me and told her not to patronize me. She seemed hurt and confused. When I woke up, I for some reason went on some rant about how they cannot just kill whoever they want and they told me that they were killing bad people and that I needed to calm down.
What looked like hundreds of those lizard people were running towards the railings. One of the other people firing yelled "I'm out of ammo" and then everyone else did as well. I was terrified and I suddenly got a sudden burst of confidence. I jumped onto the railing and with both guns, started firing on the lizards... and then so did everyone else. They lied to see what I would do.
There was a sudden explosion and the neon pink building exploded. I was grabbed and told to run. They were jumping of a ledge onto a street. The ground looked slippery and I was scared. They told me that I had to jump. They were telling me that it was not a dream and that if I did not jump then I would die. I think someone pushed me and someone else caught me.
We walked along the street in the rain and I started crying. Someone comforted me and I fell unconscious. I woke up in bed

I chased him, pushing past people and sliding under what looked like a cart. He jumped over something large and I had what looked like a burst of confetti hit me in the face. I lost him and I had the 2 girl sitting over me. "Better luck next time!" Kingston said, aiming something towards my face. I fell unconscious. I woke up in bed.

The person that I was terrified of and I sat down behind the car. She told me that she was my best friend and she wants me to look at her. I tried but I just couldn't. She said it made her sad but she understood. I said that I was sorry and eventually I fell unconscious. I woke up in bed.

Someone came up behind me and pulled me inside. He were dressed from head to toe in black. They had a mask/helmet on with big bug eyed lenses. He told me to stay inside because it was dangerous. He started manipulating the dials and levers, using not only his arms but mechanical arms that came off a machine on his back. The mechanical arms were had joints and pivoted on those joints, with clasps at the ends. The only thing that I can compare him to is a mix between Spectre from Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City and the skinny Comic version of Spider-Man but even then, it is not an accurate comparison.
I waited a long time and was bored. He told me to be patient. Eventually a kind of ship arrived and he told me that they are not to see me, as the people on board do not like me because of what I had done. I asked what I did wrong but he refused to tell me. At some point, I fell unconscious. I woke up in bed.

We heard footsteps coming from a nearby doorway. 2 people that I cannot remember the appearance of walked in. They seemed extremely cocky and started telling us how there is no escape, that we were going to be taken and that after they had me, they were going to kill my cats. I love my cats and all I could feel was hate.
I could feel what felt like pure energy running through my hands and when I looked down, my hands were glowing orange. Not having anything else to do, I put my hands out and just thought "hehe, it's like magic in Skyrim" and jokingly put my hands out to "Shoot Flames". Instead, orange energy with sparks started to come out of my hands. I looked at the person who seemed familiar and he nodded with a smile saying "Go ahead!".
I leapt at the two people who were moments ago bullying and tormenting me. I jump on the one on the right, punching him in the face. I fear the one next to me will try to stop me and so I jump, without effort, onto a wall, laughing and the leap back. I continue jumping in and out, throwing various punches and attacks, until all that is left is an unmoving gory mess and by the end I feel unstoppable.
The tall blue man who had obviously come to rescue me says "Okay, that is enough" and I fall unconscious. I wake up in bed.

I see a fat man sitting on a bench, hunched over. He reminds me of one of my mothers ex's and I try to avoid him. He notices me and I rush away but he does not get up.
I see someone tall and they glance at me for a moment before whipping their head around and staring at me. I realized they are not friendly and run away. I did not count the arms.
I walk down a pathway and notice a few public benches in front of a small fenced off decorative public bush with the wood chips beneath it. There are 2 staircases on either side of the fenced off bush, leading to what seemed like an oval and there appeared to be a helicopter or some kind of aerial vehicle, landing on said oval. I was not sure if it was there to save me or not and so I approached the staircase cautiously.
Eventually, what looked like a SWAT member started walking down the stairs. I noticed what looked like metal beams moving very fast behind his back and even before I noticed that, I realized that he was not any kind of SWAT member or cop. I panicked and ran. I heard him yell "WAIT! I'M A FRIEND!" and I responded with "WHY IN THE FUCK WOULD I BELIEVE YOU?!". In a lower voice I heard him say "Good point".
I felt my feet dragged out from under me and myself being dragged away. I tried digging my nails into the concrete and realizing that it was pointless, painful and stereotypical of every B grade horror movie, I stopped. Just as I stopped being a stereotype, my body was picked up and made to face my "Friend". I realized that mechanical arms that came from his back held me up off the ground. I told him to wait desperately, repeating myself over and over before I saw one of his mechanical arms move next to my neck/head and then I fell unconscious. I woke up in bed.

I screamed. It moved away quick and I heard laughter. I saw the rest of it as it and others were laughing. It was sitting down on all fours, almost like a quadruped and it looked mechanical. The other people who were laughing were Kingston, the tall blue guy, the man with the mechanical arms and the girl with spikes instead of hair. I was less terrified and more embarrassed. Behind the 5 of them was what looked like the back of a chopper, with the ramp down and behind it, a metal city surrounded by walls.
After they stopped laughing, they told me that they needed me to come with them. I said that I just wanted to go home and they told me that I could, if I came with them. I assumed that they were trying to trick me, so I ran the opposite direction. They yelled after me telling me that I needed to stop doing this.
I reached a cliff and managed to find a few paths down the side of it and get away from my pursuers. I don't remember how but I stumbled up what looked like a military outpost. There were tents, a few temporary looking structures and a strange rounded pyramid shaped tank. The tank had what looked like a pivoting sphere on the top with the barrel attached to one of the sides. When I arrived, the whole place woke up. I started running as people were leaving the tents and structures with guns. The tank woke up.
The 4 people who were pursuing me caught up and managed to save me. They obviously were not happy, as I got them into a gun fight instead of just listening. I do not remember falling unconscious but I woke up in bed.

Sometimes after remembering one of these dreams, I would tell my mother and I would say how weird it is that I keep having dreams with the same people. This on it's own is strange as I never remembered any key parts of any of the dreams when telling my mother. Either I only remembered the characters within the "Dreams" or I only remembered when thinking about the latest "Dream".

2021 - Now

One late night, I had the sudden inexplicable urge to research aliens. I had found so many links to various articles and stories but a lot of it seemed ridiculous. After a few hours, I got a strange vision. It lasted less than half a second but it was unmistakable. A pair of eyes in blue sunken sockets.
I went on Reddit, creating my first Reddit Account (As far as I am aware) and going to the appropriate subreddits, asking questions. I started getting memories of a family of blue aliens and being terrified. I had various memories of walking down the corridors of a ship.
The next day was the day I moved in with the family of my mothers previously "Just a friend" . In my new home, I kept getting these memories. I eventually met a Reddit user who seems to have deleted his account. We both helped each other remember something... terrifying.
We remembered cephalopodic beings in suits. They seemed to like crystals and had rings around their fingers attached to strings which attached to computers. I began Calling them pianists. Eventually he started to doubt himself and I never heard from him again. He did however mention glowing orbs that followed him as a child and have since started following his own child. I also remember the orbs following me as a child.
I started to realize that a lot of the previous memories that I had remembered just did not happen. Eventually I started remembering more memories that I eventually realized did not happen. Not all of the memories however were false. Eventually the memories started to become real mixed with fake. What was real and false started to become clearer and eventually certain "Characters" in these memories started to become more consistent and stop being replaced by other fake "Characters".
I started getting memories of meeting a porcupine girl when I was 4-5. She seemed like a mix between a Human and a porcupine. I also remembered a guy with mechanical arms and his face was deformed and repaired with metal. I also started getting memories of Jesters with multiple arms... too many arms.
After enough time, the memories of the Human porcupine and the deformed man with mechanical arms changed. The man with mechanical arms was no longer deformed and was now wearing a mask and due to his similarity to an aforementioned videogame character, I began calling him Spectre. The porcupine girl stopped looking so Human and instead looked more like a girl with spikes instead of hair. I remembered that there indeed was another girl that looked Human. She had bleached white skin, black hair, black clothes and she loved to give everyone attitude.
Eventually, I met another user on Reddit who was and is very useful. He told me about his unique abilities and since he has been given multiple visions, some of which are visions of different people which I eventually learned were my past incarnations. He has also been given visions of the cephalopodic beings and a few details were made clearer. Their appearance is similar enough to the fictional DND species Illithids that I changed the spelling around and began calling them Ithilids and oddly enough, I also started reading it like that too. Eventually the real memories became obvious and very consistent.
After learning some stuff from that user, he told me that he had a vision while he was sleeping. In that vision, a tall ethereal man in a trench coat with a cybernetic arm and welding goggles contacted him. He only said "Say goodbye to your buddy Murtons" before messing around inside his head. I eventually remembered him. He was the tall blue guy. His name is Mason.
I have since remembered previous lives, 5 to be exact. What happened in them will be discussed in future posts, if future posts are wanted. What I have remembered about my current life will also be discussed in future posts if those future posts are wanted. What I will say is this: 3 of those 4 people are from my previous life and all 4 are my family. They have recently started visiting me after I fall asleep and I am certain that they are not dreams. They are also not the abducting kind in the slightest (Even though... yeah... they do technically abduct me). If you got to know them, within less than a week, they would seem like regular people (Because they are) and their physical appearance would no longer bother you. They are supposed to come back in August and I am so excited.
In one of my recent visits from my family, I learned that the girl with spikes for hair is called Piper.

Something Weird

Upon reading the KGB Secret Alien Races Book, I noticed 3 things in all of the obvious misinformation. 3 things which terrify me and also helped to make some memories clearer.

  1. The Caraveldi mentioned in the book are reported to be about 9 ft tall, have 4 arms and be extremely dangerous. This is an identical description to the Jesters that I remember and the thing that I saw on Mars.
  2. At the end of the book are different "Notes". Most are just gibberish or fake quotes. They do however mention something about Putin being chosen to start an avalanche. Before recently, people had assumed that it was referencing one of his other actions, especially due to another quote talking about Medvedev.
  3. In the notes section, there is a quote. The quote reads "Why do Australian Humans do not see September 23?". I am Australian and that is my birthday and as far as I am aware, the book was first made in 2008, the year that I met my family for the first time in this life. Creepy.

Your Choice

It is entirely your choice in what order I make my posts. I can put them all in chronological order and the give the Information Dump. I can do the posts on this life first and then the aforementioned order or whatever order is wanted. It is your choice.

On a side note, I am well aware that people are going to try to call me out as a LARP or for trying to create an ARG or trying to be a TAA copy cat. I am not trying to do any of that nor am I writing fiction. I am doing this to try to help people and also help myself by actually putting this out there instead of keeping it in. I would actually like to talk with people but if you are going to troll, please do not bother. I get enough ridicule from every other Human that I tell about my memories, so please do not think that your words hurts.
I am also sure that I do not have any medical issues that could be causing delusions or visions. Thank you for your concern in advance.


Murtons Out...
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2023.03.24 13:07 secret_bitch Just for fun: a Hardin & Catria support chain

I recently played through Shadow Dragon, and I couldn't help but imagine what it would be like if that game had supports, and which characters would support one another. I'm not great at writing character stuff, especially for ones who don't have much dialogue to begin with, but I thought it might be fun. Plus I always thought it was strange how Hardin feels like such an afterthought in that game despite being a major villain in the sequel, so I wanted to write a support for him. Here's one between him and Catria, on the topic of unrequited love. I'm sure Hardin himself would never experience such a thing......

Hardin: Hold, Catria!
Catria: Sir Hardin?
Hardin: It was good fortune we met here. I have new orders for the Whitewings, if you could deliver them to your commander.
Catria: Orders... from you?
Hardin: Hah! No, I would not presume myself captain of the Whitewings as well as the Wolfguard. These are orders from Prince Marth himself - it seems he has some new strategm in mind.
Catria: Ah, of course. Did he perchance... say anything else?
Hardin: Yes, as a matter of fact. A personal command to you all: "Stay safe, and stay alive. Though you may not be my countrymen, your lives are of great importance to me all the same."
Catria: Oh? Prince Marth said that...
Hardin: His exact words. You could call him naive, but I would say the boy has a good heart. Now how about we ride back into battle and see that boyish heart doesn't get crushed, hmm?
Catria: Yes of course. A good heart...
*hardin leaves*
Catria: Sigh... Oh Catria, doesn't be childish. Marth must say that to all his soldiers. He doesn't even know who you are.

Catria: Sir Hardin!
Hardin: Catria?
Catria: A message from the commander. It's for Prince Marth. I would deliver it myself, but...
Hardin: Ah, Marth's a sought after man these days, isn't he? With all these armies under his command it is quite the challenge to get a hold of him. Don't worry, I'll have this relayed to him.
Catria: Yes, yes he is... Oh, but I should be going now-
Hardin: Hold a moment. I was just thinking... Back in Aurelis, it was Marth who came to my rescue. I would like to believe I could have won back my brother's kingdom eventually in a battle of attrition, but at the end of the day it's him I have to thank for Aurelis's freedom... And for Nyna's.
Catria: Yes, of course...
Hardin: And were it not for his daring in Castle Deli, Minerva would still be under Dolhr's thrall. You and I might have met on the battlefield as enemies. Marth certainly has brought so many of us together. He is every part the man of character I first believed him to be.
Catria: Yes, Prince Marth is... quite something.
Hardin: I shall have to thank him for all that when I deliver your message. Ah, but this is idle chatter not fit for a battlefield. Back to the fray!
Catria: Wait! Sir Hardin-
Hardin: Catria?
Catria: Perhaps if I delivered the message, I could thank him for - *ahem* I mean, you must be just as busy as him. There's no reason why I can't take this myself.
Hardin: Nonsense! We all do this part in this army, and your time is as precious as mine. Now let us both not waste any more of ours - to battle!
*hardin leaves*
Catria: Time is precious... I shouldn't waste any more of mine thinking about this. And I would just be wasting his.

Catria: Sir Hardin! Another message from the commander.
Hardin: For Marth? Yes, I'll make sure he receieves it at our next war council. Ah, but if you or Minerva ever wanted to attend-
Catria: No! Ah, I mean, the commander could, but I shouldn't waste any more of his time. I mean, he must be very busy, what with the war, and suitors...
Hardin: Suitors? An odd thing to bring up. I would not have thought you would care much about such a thing.
Catria: No! Not at all! Who cares about Marth's love life! I just, well, the political implications...?
Hardin: Oh? I suppose when this war is over and done, there is the question of that. Not that I have a head for such things, but I suppose there must be many kings desperate to marry their daughters to the hero of Altea. There is that lass from Talys-
Catria: Yes! Kings and princesses and succession, that's what all I meant! Who else would Marth have eyes for? Someone like our Minvera, or... or Nyna-
Hardin: Nyna...? Hmm, no, I don't see it. It would be Princess Shiida or Minvera, surely. Both flying warriors, come to think of it. Hah, perhaps even you might be-
Catria: I- I am needed elsewhere! Excuse me!
*catria leaves*
Hardin: Hmm... Odd. A girlish crush, perhaps? Ah, of course! Hard to believe someone usually so serious could be head over heels in love. To imagine, Marth the heartbreaker! Not that I see it myself, but he is a good man. Hah, perhaps I should watch him around Nyna! I jest, of course. It was I her came to her aid, after all...
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2023.03.24 13:07 86Eagle My experiences from 36 Queen Street while growing up in what was once North America's richest town

Buckle in, it's a long one.
This is not a work of fiction, this is my actual experiences and you can check Google Earth for the address if you so desire. But please read to the end before you do. If you recognize the address you will know who I am, so just message me a PM if you do.
When I was young my father secured a job working in the town of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia here in Canada. This was around 1988 if my memory serves me correctly. We moved from one end of the province (Cape Breton) to the other quite literally and for the first month or so we stayed in an apartment until my parents found this great old house for a decent price at the time.
The first time I saw it the house gave off a presence, not evil or sad, but it seemed happy that it's walls would be once again filled with people and that it was a proud old home. For reference the house was built in 3 parts. The oldest was basically a huge box, with very elegant but basic wood work. The next part was built on not too long afterwards and was more of a rectangle but with a Victorian styling that met the older style. And the newest part was build in the 1970s and tacked onto the back of the Victorian part so the house was shaped like an L with the top of it being the oldest.
I was told to wait at the house while the rest of my family (dad, mom, older brother and sister and a twin) drove to the realtor's office to get the keys because the moving truck was coming. While I sat outside I had my first experience.
In the room that was to become my bedroom on the second floor I could see the curtains pull aside and just a dark figure standing there. I thought it was a person because it took a minute for the curtains to droop back down to where they were. I told my dad but all he said was it was probably a draft since the house was a few hundred years old.
We finally got our stuff moved in and were pretty stoked to explore the house. It was huge and for a long time when solicitors came to one door on the main part of the house they'd end up going to the door on the newer part of the home as well thinking it was apartments.
Over time and with visits from neighbors we eventually learned that the house was built for a sea captains daughter and her new husband in the mid to late 1700's. After that it was a Civil War hospital (keep in mind that Nova Scotia was once almost part of the New England States), a home for the mentally challenged, a retirement home, a school house and had a few other hats I can't recall. The old school bell system was still in effect though, it was fun to piss off the neighbors with it because the outside bell was ridiculously loud. Also in the basement a stone was carved with a Civil War officers name which was really a cool find.
Anyways, over the next few years a lot of things happened in the home. The toilets would randomly flush, or you'd hear running feet upstairs and voices echoing through the house. This in itself drove my father nuts, he was an ex infantry officer and had no qualms about a fist fight or using a belt or whatever on us if it got pissed off. He was pretty abusive by todays standards, even by standards of years ago (that's another story though and it wasn't completely his fault between shift work and my poisonous mother).
One of the first clear experiences I ever had was in the summer of I think 1990. I was sitting in my bedroom playing Nintendo trying to use my brother's Arcade pad with my feet for one character and the controller in my hands for the other (may have been the SNES) when I heard voices clearly downstairs.
"Alright unpack the bags before anything else" "Are we going to start baking cookies soon?" "As soon as the bags are unpacked we can start them" "Yay"
I may have a few of the words mixed up but it was clear. Very very clear. And as a kid I waited for a bit until I thought they might be done and I wandered down stairs.
And my mother and sister were just getting into the house and had no intentions of making cookies at all when I asked where they were.
After this I had a friend come over and ask why nobody answered the door when he rang the bell. I had no idea what he was talking about but he said that he was a light in the house moving around and when he knocked on the door someone looked out at him but he didn't know who. I told him that would be impossible because we had gone to my grandfather's funeral for 3 days which was about 3.5 hours away.
To backtrack a bit I had mentioned my father, people running and toilets flushing. For about 3 years my father would sit at the supper table and have his weekly rant about "Stop f*cking running in the house, it wakes me up" and "If you are coming home from school and I catch you you're grounded for a week". He actually got into a fight with my older brother over it several times.
One night at supper time he said he had to get a plumber in, and he told us what happened.
He was sleeping during the day to prepare for his night shift (he worked for the Coast Guard at the time but as an on land radio operator) when he heard running up the stairs. He jumped up, bolted to the stairs and ran up them trying to catch whoever was home. He saw the bathroom door at the top of the stairs close and ran in to see the handle on the toilet pull down and flush.
For a while he wouldn't sleep during the day in the house. He slept in the truck, or went to a friends house so he wasn't alone. I still think there was more to the experience because my dad didn't believe in squat for the paranormal, unlike my mother who 100% did. After this there was a shift in his belief and not once did he ever mention the running or flushing until almost 20 years later.
But wait, there's more.
People would come from the neighborhood and ask about the place at random times, or other kids would hear the stories about the old haunted house we lived in. We had sleep overs a lot with random kids who wanted to check it out. Why? Because that's how things were back in the day. There was even a room where someone had died mysteriously (with records to back it up). I made some friends that way...kind of strange though.
Around 1992-3 my mother decided that they would have a séance in the kitchen. A few family friends popped by as well as a descendant of someone we knew who died there. My mom set out the candles, turned off the lights and made sure noise couldn't be heard from anywhere else. I believe about 8-10 people sat around the table and nothing at all happened for a while. Then someone had their legs grabbed and tugged under the table as if it were a joke, and that caused a stir. It went quiet again and I'm not sure how but someone heard the person beside them choking. The lights came on and the choking stopped, he got up and had his neck looked at then left.
To this day he will not step foot on that property. Not after having faint handprints left on his neck. He was also the family member of the person being called to.
At times when sleeping you'd also feel cats crawl on the bed, or someone sit on the edge like they were looking over you. It was comforting more than creepy and we all got used to it. The weirdest thing was the dreams. I can't even kid that I dreamt of places and things I had never even remotely though existed, people as well. It's odd that as a young adolescent I had a reoccurring dream of a small house by a small river, some willow trees by it and a blond wife. I tried drawing it as a kid and the thought still gives me a fond 'memory' which is messed up.
My family had experiences as well. My sister would say someone was watching her at night, my older brother said some guy in a black suit would tell him to get out of his room (which now that I think about it the room was pretty small so maybe a servants chambers). My twin had experiences as well.
The final experience I had in the home was when I was 15. At this point my parents had separated, older brother and sister moved out (foster homes, etc, I don't remember) and my brother and I had moved with my mother about an hour and a half away. A few months after moving out my dad came and picked us up and we went back there since he still lived there (he was on a career course that had him staying in a hotel for a bit in Halifax at the time).
After a bit of talking we pulled a few cots into the kitchen since the heat was turned off in the rest of the house. We used a space heater and the oven to warm it up and it was pretty nice. When it came time to sleep we did.
Until a few hours later (possibly midnight but that's pretty cliché).
Directly above us we heard a huge piece of furniture being scraped across the floor. We heard footsteps. We heard things being scraped even more and dropped. And we heard voices. Til today I can recall exactly what was said.
"Come on, we have to get this out of here. It's all gone tomorrow" "We have to get it out soon or we won't" "Lift that up"
Clear as a bell that night. It woke us all up and we asked my dad who was upstairs since he did have a border staying at one point (he was away travelling for a bit, was an artist). I recall him saying "Just ignore it, go back to sleep". And we did, not thinking about it much more.
In the morning he wouldn't even admit to hearing a thing. Absolute denial. My brother and I went to check upstairs to see what was moved around.
Now this house as I had said was old. Really old. In the Yarmouth County Museum it's one of the houses that is on a map from the 1700's and it showed. The main staircase to the second floor was about 5 feet wide and towards the top spiraled a bit to the left (90 degrees). When you got to the top you could go to the newer part of the house by turning a sharp right and walking through a door and if you looked before you went into the door you could look straight down the stairs.
The other way upstairs was through a servants entrance and steps. Do a search for this and you'll see that at my current size, 6' and 250 pounds and shaped like a wrestler, I probably couldn't get up those stairs easily nowadays. This was the route we went upstairs to check it out.
And when we got there the only thing to walk on was a few boards because my father had pulled them all up to upgrade the electrical. He didn't want to go through the ceiling in the kitchen because it was a sub-ceiling and he had only recently found that the original was a pounded copper tile ceiling 2 feet above that. And yes, over the years we found some really weird stuff that was hidden because it went out of style, or was undesirable, etc.
So that told us the voices, stomping, dropping stuff, and so on that we heard the night before wasn't people. At least not from today. It's probably one of the best experiences I've ever had in my life regarding the paranormal and sticks with me to this day as clearly as can be.
Yarmouth is an old town, once the richest in Americas, and I don't mean the US or Canada alone. I mean the richest in the Americas. If you go there today you'll see a lot of simply gorgeous architecture that's extremely old as well. And most of it has stories of hauntings. I'd almost say that the town, with its stories past and present chock full of murders, rum running, pirates, rich sea captains, Civil War hospitals and so on make it one of the top haunted towns in North America.
But this has to come to an end. After going back home my dad came to visit. He told us that the house had burned down; the fire department believed it was possibly arson or rodents in the electrical.
I dream about the house today like it still exists sometimes, and I ache to go back before my family was fractured. The house deserved better than to just burn down. Strange enough the house beside it, which was built by the same family, burnt a few years later. The old nunnery and the original sea captains homes still stand to this day though, and I'm waiting until some day they go on sale and I have the money.
Because I know from the past being told that the Cann House is also haunted.
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2023.03.24 13:06 Twofert How to track mortgage + interest?

I want to track my mortgage, but I don't want to track my interest rate in YNAB because it's a moving rate and changes often.
What I'd like to do is enter two values each months: Actual loan payment, and paid interest. And then I want the loan account to show how much I'm paying off my loan and how much I'm spending on interest. Is this possible or is this just not how the loan accounts work? If not, do I need to use a normal tracking account and have two different categories (payment and interest)? That seems like such a roundabout way to do it when there is an actual loan account that should be able to do what I want...
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2023.03.24 13:06 ThrowRAadvice817 I (22F) deleted my Instagram account because it made my boyfriend (23M) feel uncomfortable, but I want back, advice?

A few months ago I got a boobjob and it made me really feel good with myself for the first time, I got lots of compliments and I'm the kind of person that enjoys when people look at my body and think I'm hot.

So I really commited to my Instagram account and got about 5k followers in a week, I felt so good with myself and wanted to go as big as I can because it made me feel so good. So I started wearing more reveling clothes and stuff, you know the gist.

I always thought my boyfriend knows about all of it and was okay with it, but apparently he wasn't and he was really uncomfortable with it and we had a really hard time. So I deleted my Instagram account on the spot, which was my personal account with all my friends.
I know it's totally my fault, I love my boyfriend so much and I should've check in with him more. I did stuff that he wasn't comfortable with without checking with him, I totally get it.

I really want to respect my boyfriend and I will, but I really feel like I need that back, I don't need strangers approval and just my boyfriend thinking I'm hot is enough for me, but I don't think he cares about it much, he even prefers the cute look.

I really love looking hot and knowing others think I'm hot, waking up to 1k people saying you are gorgeous is amazing, even if what my boyfriend thinks is much better than all of that.

So I really want to get back, both to resume my normal social life with friends and be more balanced about it, but Instagram kinda gives me a reason to work on my looks, because my boyfriend doesn't really care about it. Now I feel like I work for nothing.

But I know if I will go back it will be uncomfortable for my boyfriend, even if it's more balanced, any ideas how to handle that feeling or find a good balance? The last thing I want to do is hurt my boyfriend's feelings again.
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2023.03.24 13:06 bakhesh Does the Horne section make a decent amount of money from the Taskmaster theme?

I was just curious about how much money the Horne section have made from Taskmaster. They don't do the day-to-day music (which is Dru Masters), but the theme is played for every commercial break, and every little sting, is used in all the international versions and the shows are often repeated
Do they receive royalties each time it's played?
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2023.03.24 13:05 parasailing-partners Are the free fridges being used in south east Austin?

We had a catered event with leftovers. We portioned them into boxes and left them in the free fridge at William cannon and pleasant valley. It was inside a residential subdivision and wasn’t sure how much traffic they get to that location. Does anyone know if the food gets taken promptly? Is there a lot of demand at that location in general?
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2023.03.24 13:05 nsrm87 Financial worries as an OKU postgrad student with no savings

I am 36F Bumi, currently studyng for my master's degree at a public uni on a PTPTN loan. I have a consultancy business with a friend, but it is undergoing a dry spell at the moment. Plus, a major client hasn't paid us for a few months.
Since I take the MRT to uni, and this sem I only have two days of classes per week, I am able to limit my uni-related finances to just RM400 a month (I eat lunch at home). Aside from that, I spend about RM250 to RM300 on bills such as phone bills, Spotify, medications and therapy (more on this below), etc. Not much, since I live with my dad who takes care of my living expenses.
That said, there are several things that are making me worried about my financial security:
- I have a few chronic mental illnesses, including schizoaffective disorder, borderline personality disorder, anxiety and PTSD. If you look at my post history, you will be familar with my story of having landed a RM5K/monthly job last year. Unfortunately, I lost that job just after two months. Because of my illnesses, I have had a very unstable career history, even though I began working right after graduation.
- My dad is elderly: has a few illnesses including heart problems and kidney problems. At max, he might just live for another decade or so.
- My bro and I are adopted so according to Faraid law, we are not entitled to our dad's wealth once he passes, unless he had outlined a Hibah for us, something which he is reluctant to do, because I am sorry to say this, he is a scrooge. So his assets and money will go to his siblings by default. He gets pissy whenever I try to open the subject about what will happen to me and my brother once he passes.
- Since my living expenses are covered, I support my uni-related expenses and my bills by doing freelance writing. I only get several hundred for that, around RM400-RM600 per month.
Right now, I am starting to regret taking my master's without proper financial planning. I would love to get a part-time job, but I am afraid that it will interfere with my studies, especially since I don't handle stress very well.
Is it safe for me to rely on just a few hundred every month, and simply focus on my studies? I am worried - what if my dad suddenly passes away, what if there is other emergencies, and what about my shelter. Where will I stay if one day I no longer have a house?
Two things I am thinking of:
- Apply for financial assistance at the welfare department: RM450
- Take a part-time job as an online English tutor (overcrowded market though). Yes, it will be stressful, but what to do.
Anyway, thoughts how I can make myself more financially secure, esp for the future as I am reaching my forties in 4 years' time?
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2023.03.24 13:05 artisanrox 3/24--VOCs, Wastewater, CDC, Daily Numbers, Editorials.

Good Morning RonaPA!
The latest CDC NOWCAST isn't out yet and probably won't be by the time I'm going to have to leave for the day.


Nationally, no major changes in the VOC list, but XBB.1.16 has gone from 0.3% to 1.21% in less than two weeks. 👀
In PA, nothing noteworthy yet as XBB.1.9.1 doesn't seem to be catching up to XBB.1.5 any time soon.


Nationally, a slight recent uptick is seen in wastewater COVID levels. It's still unkown whether XBB.1.16 will cause numbers to go back up very much again.
Regionally, all regions are almost at or below 500 copies per mL...the lowest it's been for a long time.
In PA, Butler, Dauphin, Erie, Indiana and Lackawanna stations are staring to show upticks in material. Sort of matches the newest CDC Transmission map.

Daily Numbers

Medriva has the PA daily average at 743 cases per day.
Walgreens has the national +rate at 24.5% (-1,6% to LW).
In PA, the +rate is at 18.7% (-0.5% to LW.)


The transmission rate has actually finally turned blue in one county! Sullivan County is now experiencing "low" transmission levels as per the CDC.
Some counties are experiencing increases in hospitalizations.


Neat trackers:
🔴-Covid Variant Dashboard by Arkansas data scientist Raj Rajnarayan
🔴-Walgreens' positivity tracker
🔴-Biobot (Wastewater)
🔴-CDC NOWCAST variant proportion tracker
🔴 -An important post here (found on Twitter, posted by tern) recently on this EXTREMELY IMPORTANT .PDF release from the CDC that contains:
However, patients who recover from the acute phase of the infection can still suffer long-term effects (8). Post-acute sequelae of COVID-19 (PASC), commonly referred to as “long COVID,” refers to the long-term symptoms, signs, and complications experienced by some patients who have recovered from the acute phase of COVID-19 (8–10). Emerging evidence suggests that severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), the virus that causes COVID-19, can have lasting effects on nearly every organ and organ system of the body weeks, months, and potentially years after infection (11,12). Documented serious post-COVID-19 conditions include cardiovascular, pulmonary, neurological, renal, endocrine, hematological, and gastrointestinal complications (8), as well as death (13).
It's under "Certifying deaths due to post-acute sequelae of COVID-19".
If you didn't catch/test +/deal with symptoms of COVID-19, DO NOT seek out to get infected with it.
If you caught COVID-19 once, DO NOT seek out catching it again.
And WEAR A MASK. Don't spread it!
🔴 -COVID-19 Immunology 101 for Non-immunologists by Dr. Akiko Iwasaki
🔴 -How the Immune System Works, beautifully illustrated by Kurzgesagt. (Seriously, Kurzgesagt is wonderful, go check it out.)
🔴 -The T-cells are Not Alright, an interview with Dr. Anthony Leonardi
🔴 -How to Build a Corsi-Rosenthal Box and then make them look snazzy!
🔴 -Safer, more cautious gatherings.
🔴 -MASK TYPE MATTERS with the latest Omicron Sars-CoV-2 mutations. Here is a chart comparing mask types, mutation type, and the time it takes in each to receive a problematic dose of Sars-CoV-2.
🔴 -A thread by Dr. Jeff Gilchrist explaining how high level respirators work, more mask comparisons, and answers to why we can still smell things even with high level respirators on.
Continue to have a great and safe spring season! 💐
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2023.03.24 13:05 cricket9818 The reactions to Randle the last two games goes to show how little people truly care to respect the process of overcoming mental/emotional health issues.

Randle is an emotional guy. Very much so. Being an emotional person in a professional sport is tough, it means having to keep in check something that comes very natural to you.
Last year Randle struggled and it was no secret. Coming back this year he clearly made progress which means he spent time in off season working on it. And all year long he was vastly improved and everyone (rightfully) acknowledged it.
Then, the last two games happened.
Now all of a sudden everyoneeeee comes back out of the woodworks. “He’s trash.” “This guy can’t handle NY.” “Trade this bum.”
L. O. L.
Mental and emotional growth, like basketball and everything in life is not linear. Julius Randle has clearly taken huge steps to improve his ability to stay emotionally stable.
Has he had a setback the last couple games? Yes. Do the optics of how interacts with teammates look bad? Yes. Is the behavior acceptable? No
But just because he’s struggled for 48 hours doesn’t mean it erases everything he’s done before. It’s mindblowing to me the way everyone just 180’s on him because he’s not perfect. Seriously, heaven fordbid Randle is human and struggles a couple times.
I’m seeing so many people say “trade him”. Yeah, let’s just trade our 28 year old, about to be 2 time all nba player on a fair contract because sometimes he loses his cool on the court. Imagine if that’s what GS did with Draymond when he gets all his T’s?
Everyone needs to take a deep breath and step back. Randle has made tremendous progress. He’s been head and shoulders above what he was last year.
Yes he’s struggled recently.
But instead of tearing him down for not being perfect, let’s support him because we all know what he’s capable of.
Let’s go Knicks.
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2023.03.24 13:05 Professional-Spot-34 LOOKING FOR GROUP FOR YOUTUBE

Hello all I am looking for a new group to join that does videos based off comedy/funny moments from games like, GTA 5, Fall Guys, Human Fall Flat, Minecraft, G Mod and so much more.
I currently have 220 subscribers at the time of writing this and reaching my first year on YouTube as of September. The group I am in right now is great however has gone quite and barely do group content anymore and need another to be able to keep up with the content as I seek to post at least 1 video a week.
If you are interested Please DM me on Discord XSpazX#9528
Send me a friend request and ill message you back, scammers and spammers will be blocked! You may check out my channel if you want to review the stuff I make and how I sound and all that first.
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2023.03.24 13:04 hugohamelcom Using ChatGPT to build missing features on most social media platforms to manage my DMs

About 2 years ago, Facebook removed the option to filter conversations to see only unread messages. As I didn't always have the time to respond to all my DMs, it was a bit annoying to have to scroll down to find buried conversations that needed to be responded to. But, at that time, I was not receiving enough messages for that problem to be painful enough for me to truly want it to be resolved. I looked a few times for ways on how I could filter my messages to see only unread conversations, but I couldn't find anything. So, I just continued my life without resolving this issue and hope someone would build an extension for it as I had never made one.
That changed a few months ago.
As I started to be more active online to connect with more people, and requested many freebies, I got more inbound messages, and it started to be a bigger problem as I was forgetting to respond to people. It could take weeks before I would randomly scroll low enough in my inbox and realize that I still had unread conversations I didn't respond to.
Sometimes, either the conversation or the person were important to me. It started to really be a problem.
With the rise of AI, and ChatGPT, I decided a few days ago that it would be time to leverage the power of GPT-3.5 to help me build a Chrome extension to solve this issue. A few hours later, I had a bare-bone version of the extension. I found out that Manifest V2 was ending, so I had to ask ChatGPT to make it work with the new Manifest V3. Even though about 75% of it was made using ChatGPT, I learned that to make a simple extension, it wasn't much more complicated than building a website.
The following day, I had an extension live on the Chrome Web Store. That's how Left Unread came to be, from a small personal problem that grew over time into a painful one that needed to be resolved.
That's how Left Unread ( came to be. It is a free Chrome extension to show you only unread conversations at the top of your inbox on Facebook, Messenger and Twitter. In one click, Left Unread scans your inbox and brings all your unread conversations to the top of your inbox. It is perfect for entrepreneurs, founders, creators or even sales representatives who rely on DM conversations.
Whether you chat with your audience using DMs or sign up for many freebies, it will change your relationship with inbound messages and keep you on top of your inbox. Left Unread's easy-to-use interface is straightforward and user-friendly. No customization, no complicated algorithms. Just a simple idea with an incredible use for anyone who wants to end inbox overwhelm and stop wasting time searching for important messages.
It's free and easy to use, so there's no reason not to give it a try.
I'd love to hear your feedback to potentially improve it, and understand how useful this extension is for you. I'm excited to hear your feedback, and I'm happy to answer your questions.
PS - You can check out the Product Hunt launch page:
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2023.03.24 13:04 Afletch331 Can we stop the personal attacks and degradation of Lamar Jackson

Honestly, this sub has become extremely insufferable lately due to the lack of a signed contract but over the past week it’s crossed a line. We are currently watching a product of a failed school system, poverty, generational inequality and oppression be taken advantage of and now martyred by fans, NFLPA and “trusted” people in his life. He is being manipulated , lost millions of generational wealth and unfortunately serves as an example of the multiple inequalities of our system at large.
As fans, we’ve resulted to degrading Lamar’s intelligence, dragging him online any chance we get and mocking the dude. He’s been the best thing that has happened to this franchise since the 12’ super bowl and this is how we treat someone in need, much less our most talented player in a decade. It’s just extremely disappointing because he clearly needs a knowledgeable support system and is now even being let down by us.
Comments like “he’s greedy”, “he just wants the bag” etc… we don’t know that, his uncle may want the bag, his moms boyfriend wants the bag, the nflpa is using him for godsake. A million (billion?) organization manipulating a young man that grew up in a poverty stricken area and a horrible school system and we as fans sit here and call him an idiot, greedy and make jokes at his expense. It’s honestly disgusting and we don’t deserve him. Someone literally posted about him reaching AB levels today…. the guy that literally pulled his d*ck out on a women in a hotel pool. Are we serious?
I hope his teammates and other trusted friends recognize the manipulation he’s being put through and he surrounds himself with a team, as fans I hope we can recognize someone being taken advantage of and try to show some empathy for once.
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2023.03.24 13:04 Puzzleheaded_Diet681 Breaking up but we still love each other

Just looking for a bit of comfort and opinions from other people in/on the periphery of the trans community.
My partner and I have been together for almost 4 years— living together for 3. Over the last few years, my partner has come out as trans-masc and really grown into themselves— they got to come out socially, get top surgery and start t. They’re non-binary and I am a cis woman.
We broke up earlier this week and are absolutely heartbroken. I thought this was going to be my person for life. I feel like a huge part of this break up is my partner’s desire to explore their sexuality and experience their life as a trans person individually.
We had a few conversations leading up to the break up about non-monogamy and I’m just too sensitive about it. I’m also sad thinking about how not fully exploring themselves could lead to my partner experiencing shame around their new confidence and attraction.
In our break up convo, they brought up the idea of taking a break. I’m really opposed to that idea because my heart can’t take waiting on the sidelines and not feeling like I can heal or move on. Just too muddy. We ultimately decided to break up and are both devastated. I still am very much in love with them and I think they love me too.
I guess I’m just wondering what people’s experiences are and if anyone can relate. I hope a few years down the road, we both feel confident in ourselves and new experiences that we can give it another go. But my heart can’t take being too optimistic.
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2023.03.24 13:04 hugohamelcom Using ChatGPT to build missing features on most social media platforms to manage my DMs

About 2 years ago, Facebook removed the option to filter conversations to see only unread messages. As I didn't always have the time to respond to all my DMs, it was a bit annoying to have to scroll down to find buried conversations that needed to be responded to. But, at that time, I was not receiving enough messages for that problem to be painful enough for me to truly want it to be resolved. I looked a few times for ways on how I could filter my messages to see only unread conversations, but I couldn't find anything. So, I just continued my life without resolving this issue and hope someone would build an extension for it as I had never made one.
That changed a few months ago.
As I started to be more active online to connect with more people, and requested many freebies, I got more inbound messages, and it started to be a bigger problem as I was forgetting to respond to people. It could take weeks before I would randomly scroll low enough in my inbox and realize that I still had unread conversations I didn't respond to.
Sometimes, either the conversation or the person were important to me. It started to really be a problem.
With the rise of AI, and ChatGPT, I decided a few days ago that it would be time to leverage the power of GPT-3.5 to help me build a Chrome extension to solve this issue. A few hours later, I had a bare-bone version of the extension. I found out that Manifest V2 was ending, so I had to ask ChatGPT to make it work with the new Manifest V3. Even though about 75% of it was made using ChatGPT, I learned that to make a simple extension, it wasn't much more complicated than building a website.
The following day, I had an extension live on the Chrome Web Store. That's how Left Unread came to be, from a small personal problem that grew over time into a painful one that needed to be resolved.
That's how Left Unread ( came to be. It is a free Chrome extension to show you only unread conversations at the top of your inbox on Facebook, Messenger and Twitter. In one click, Left Unread scans your inbox and brings all your unread conversations to the top of your inbox. It is perfect for entrepreneurs, founders, creators or even sales representatives who rely on DM conversations.
Whether you chat with your audience using DMs or sign up for many freebies, it will change your relationship with inbound messages and keep you on top of your inbox. Left Unread's easy-to-use interface is straightforward and user-friendly. No customization, no complicated algorithms. Just a simple idea with an incredible use for anyone who wants to end inbox overwhelm and stop wasting time searching for important messages.
It's free and easy to use, so there's no reason not to give it a try.
I'd love to hear your feedback to potentially improve it, and understand how useful this extension is for you. I'm excited to hear your feedback, and I'm happy to answer your questions.
PS - You can check out the Product Hunt launch page:
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2023.03.24 13:04 xXItsJassyXx How do yall do "Fortography"

I play on console (Ps4) and I know to use replays but idk how to get the photos to other devices (ex. phone or computer) I may sound really dumb rn but I also use this for bug reports but I have to take photos of my screen which is to much ( and low quality) I just need some assistance rn. Thanks.
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2023.03.24 13:03 Alekj2008 How Much of Bad Batch Do I watch before Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Hello! I've been watching star wars in this order
That I've made. And I'm almost to Bad Batch, One question I'm having is how much of bad Batch Do I watch? all seasons? 1 season? If Someone could tell me how much to watch of this show not only this but as well as:
Obi-wan Kenobi Star Wars Rebels
The Mandalorian
The Book of Boba Fett
Star Wars: Resistance

That would be lovely So I can update my list FOR EXAMPLE (EVEN THOUGH IT ISNT RIGHT ORDER) it's like Bad Batch Season 1 THAN Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order then Bad Batch season 2.
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2023.03.24 13:03 Pale_Taro4926 Thoughts on the game after 50 hours played

So I'm at a point where I can safely critique the game. For the sake of saying so, I've finished the Nel'vari subquest so Withergarde is coming up next.
The early game was pretty fun. Your standard farm rpg stuff -- grow crops, make money, progress through the mines, do a little fishing here & there, etc. etc. All good. But the more I progressed, the more I started realizing the game has a couple critical issues.
  1. The game has serious long-term issues. Basically there's a point right around when the fall season kicks in where there's very little point in growing fall related crops. Sure, I can make barley, hops, tea, and other keg related crops, but it's hard to get enough hardwood & heavystone to crank out a ton of kegs. Almost none of the new crops have recipes that use the new materials. And worst of all, what's the point? Around summer, I started buying farm animals and making cheese soufflé. Which is netting me a ton of money. And this is the point I'm trying to make: The game, in its current state, is lacking impactful money sinks. This is not a new problem and a lot of farm rpgs suffer from it. You get to a point where there's nothing to invest your money into so now you're just making money for the sake of making money. Other games get around this by dangling expensive QOL items and farm features in front of the player.
  2. Seasonal farm nuisances are killing my desire to play the game. Ticking over into summer and seeing my crops on fire was not cool. The fact that this happened at the same time as I was doing the grape quest didn't help. From that point on, it became another hassle I had to deal with. That's my thing: it's just a hassle that is just unfun. This isn't a challenge -- it's a chore.
  3. The Nel'vari farm needs a long-term purpose. After finishing the main Nel'vari questline and getting the mana orbs to cover the mount & Rel'tar's Mark, there's not much else to spend mana orbs on. Considering how much of a hassle it is to handle two farms as it is, I don't see a point to keeping the farm going any longer.
  4. The Nel'vari Temple feels pointless. Like... why bother with it? Requiring keys made of material from the Sun Haven mines makes it even worse. How about replacing the key requirement with mana orbs? Say 50,100, and 150 per visit. This also would help with issue #3 by giving the Nel'vari farm a long-term purpose. I'd even say it fits better with the setting & lore.
  5. Gamepad support is grossly inadequate. Straight-up: the game is not ready for console ports in its current state.
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2023.03.24 13:03 CaptVaughnTrap 10 Ways Daisy Jones on Amazon series destroyed the book by turning TJR’s uniquely iconic characters into tropes to make bland TV. SPOILERS!

Overall it is a good, yet formulaic TV show that had potential for greatness. Instead they destroyed the source material to dumb it down for broad mainstream audiences. Here are my top 10 tropes:
  1. The mean mommy trope. Book Daisy wasn’t abused. She was overindulged, displayed, financially spoiled and ignored. The shoehorned in mean mommy in episode 1 & 10 are book ends to everything wrong with this adaptation. Leading into…
  2. The wide-eyed ingénue trope. Innocent abused and sheltered Daisy arrives on the sunset strip to discover music and is taken advantage of by those mean, mean men. Book Daisy is confirmed gone.
  3. The waitress struggling to make it trope. Now instead of the iconic “it-girl” dating musicians and living it up at chateaux marmot on her parents dime and sporting free Halstons (that Billy later describes as “talent wasted on people like daisy”). She bootstrapping it as a waitress and couch-surfing with her [honorable mention trope] wise black woman BFF.
  4. The insecure “who-me?” trope. Instead of the overconfident Daisy who is signed to a label without working for it, and is almost sued because she will only record her own stuff (which is actually not yet good) we get the singersong writer nervously trying to make ends meet who can’t decide if she’s really a good singer songwriter only to discover gee…I really am good when she helps create the first hit song! 😱 We also lose more of that iconic tank top & coke vial Daisy we love from the book to get love stricken weak Daisy (more to discuss later).
  5. The nice guy friend-zoned by the hot girl trope. Karen and Graham in the book had the hots for each other right away, but in the TV show their sexy from the get go relationship is turned into the “she didn’t notice him till he got another girl then suddenly wants him” trope. The whole third wheel date episode was a waste of space and offensive to Karen’s book character and just makes her look jealous and petty. Karen is not the driven musician who of course would never choose family life over her career. She’s barely featured beyond this mundane episode.
  6. The victim wife trope. Camilla in the book is not the doe-eyed girl who just follows Billy to LA. She chooses to love Billy despite his flaws and cheating and darkness and acknowledges that monogamy in marriage isn’t necessarily a requirement for happiness. In the book her love/caring for Daisy and poweconfidence in herself and her family is demonstrated when she tells Daisy Billy will never leave his family. Daisy needs to recognize she’s destroying herself and Camilla asks her to leave the band to save herself. We also lose the documentarian reveal in this scene as well, which is later revived with a less impactful replacement.
  7. The hooker with a heart of gold trope. Of course Nic would never be the abusive Italian prince (of which there are actually hundreds—see Fox reality TV in 2000’s) conman keeping Daisy loaded up on drugs. He’s just a misunderstood Irish prince (what?!?!) aristocrat whose parents died and he’s been so sad till he found Daisy and can’t stand losing her so he has to flee rather than see her die.
  8. The Saved by the Boy trope. In one fell swoop one of the most important moments of the book is erased when instead of waking up in the shower to see Nic would let her die rather than call the police, and Daisy reclaims her power, she’s instead saved by the boy (she even tells him “you saved me!” in the following episode). We never get the iconic line “Leave him a message: Lola LaCava wants a divorce.” Nor “That part of my life is over now”. We don’t get to see a fully realized Daisy win a Grammy or become the absolute icon as she is written. She stays small and is a forgettable singer in a band you might remember from the late 70’s.
  9. The manic pixie dream girl trope. TV Billy is drinking prepared to leave his wife & child until Daisy decides magnanimously to send him back to his family after teaching him that he would only be hurting everyone by choosing her and her unobtainable manic pixie ways. Gone is the choose tequila/Daisy or your family mental showdown at the bar with the stranger where Billy chooses his family for himself (“again and again and will always make that choice”)—just as Camilla is telling that same thing to Daisy at the same time in another part of the hotel.
  10. The will they or won’t they trope. This is probably the most damaging part of the tv adaptation. The story of this band’s separate origins & evolution greatness and sudden disappearance is no longer the story. Instead it’s replaced by predictable “they’ve always loved each other, when will they finally get together” tension. The book never discusses Billy loving, let alone kissing Daisy. He always maintains how much he hates her excesses and drug abuse and how she destroys Honeycomb by adding questions. Is that unreliable narrator because he’s talking to his daughter? Maybe. But his struggles with alcohol & drugs are his demon, not Daisy. He hates how she makes him look at his own insecurities around his addiction and fear of losing his family. We also lose the impactful scene when Billy tries to get Daisy into rehab only to find out Teddy has died and abandons her. We lose entirely the momentous band scenes spent out singing at the piano bar with Jonah when rolling stone writes the “six who should be seven” headline and the iconic SNL performance that starts to turn the narrative to a possible Billy & Daisy angle. These are affordable, bottle location episodes, which drive story and character, and could easily replace the Greece episode. Yes, Daisy does love Billy but she doesn’t acknowledge that until nearly the end of the book, after she has embraced her own power is and fully self aware and she sings Honeycomb to Billy the way he wrote it. The love story is not driving narrative the entire time. Towards the end it starts to rip apart her soul when she’s not burying it with drugs, and might force Billy off the wagon, and it becomes tragic in its own right.
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2023.03.24 13:03 MightyMississippi Taping Mouths Shut?

11-year-old North Carolina boy claims teacher taped his mouth shut
"Johnston County Schools said the teacher, who was just hired in August 2022, resigned on Feb. 17, just days after the photo was texted.
'We can confirm that whenever such allegations arise, our administration responds swiftly by investigating the allegations and, sometimes, by removing staff from classrooms pending completion of a thorough review,' the school system said in a statement."
For the love of God, don't do this, no matter how angry you get, no matter how much the kid deserves it.
I know what it is liked to feel trapped in a room with monsters. I understand why someone would do this, and am not likely to judge the teacher harshly. I get it.
But there are better ways to deal with the situation, and I'm sure that hundreds or thousands of experienced professional have alternatives to recommend.
Such as:
Give up. Abandon a lesson. Put a video on and relax. Kids who don't want an education are losing out on some education, but you are surviving the idiots. You're still getting paid, instead of fired.
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2023.03.24 13:03 wolverine2004_de Trading is a great mechanic that only requires maps to be designed correctly for it

Whereas I agree that trade is a problem in maps like Altai where setting up trade is trivial and extremely powerful, I believe this is a consequence of poor map design rather than a broken mechanic. In most situations, including progamer games, you barely see trading being successful. The narrative that trade is OP and not counterable does not have any factual support when you look at tournament games. Trading civilizations did poorly in round 3 of Golden League, and would have done even worse if English wasn't banned in every single map.
Here's why I think trade is a good thing:
I only regard trading as an issue in maps where the neutral markets and map layout make trading too safe. Other than that, it is a great mechanic that improves the game.
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2023.03.24 13:03 No_Blackberry7640 I’m going to kill myself if I lose my hearing.

My dream is to be a musician. It’s all I could ever want in life. Music is the only thing in this world that keeps me together, and sometimes, it’s the only thing that matters to me. But for the past few years, my hearing has been declining. Specifically in my left ear. The doctors say I have a form of hearing loss caused by a congenital malformation of the bones in my inner ear. It started with very subtle changes, and sensitivity to certain tones. But nothing too bad. Someone who isn’t as keen on sounds probably wouldn’t have noticed it. But I did. It has now progressed to minor tinnitus. Only at night, or when it’s quiet, I can hear the ringing. And it keeps getting a little louder, every day. I’m terrified. I feel like I’m losing my dream, and it’s not fair. It’s not fair at all. There are other people, who would never want to be musicians or have never picked up an instrument who have perfect hearing. Why is it that I have a dream, and I have such a passion for music that literally keeps me alive some days, and yet, I have to live in this constant nightmare? I don’t tell people about it, nobody knows about it but me and my parents. I’m too embarrassed and scared of what someone would say, or how people would treat me if they knew. If the day comes when it finally progresses far enough, or my ears pop one day, and it’s all gone, then I’m done. I can’t go on without music in my life, I can’t go on with the constant reminder that I was born with this. I’m so scared to lose all the sounds that I love so much. I’m scared to not hear my guitar the same way. I’m scared that I won’t hear the voices of the people I love. I’m scared that my whole world will be ruined forever because of this, and it’s not a world I want to live in.
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