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2023.03.24 12:35 Hitechptacservices HI TECH PTAC SERVICES INC

Air conditioner is a major investment, but today's equipment is designed to be ultra-efficient and long-lasting. According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), replacing a 12-year-old air conditioner with an Energy Star-approved unit could reduce your cooling bill by about 30 percent. Unfortunately, if you choose the wrong contractor, not only could you miss out on savings, you could instead experience higher utility bills and repair costs. Incorrect installation could affect the operational life of the unit and has been shown to even reduce efficiency by up to 30 percent, according to the DOE. Our technicians are factory trained and NATE certified, so you can rest assured that your system is in good hands.
call us today: (212) 784-6661 or visit
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2023.03.24 12:33 MoonlightSkye13 My trauma

So I'm going to put my trauma and my story public. Don't really care, never really hid it. Not sure what else I can say besides that my mom tried to kill me. That's the worst she did kinda.

I grew up with my grandparents until my brother was born, I was 6 then. My mom got parental leave then and stuff. But she didn't know I existed.
She forgot to feed me and stuff. i picked some of his baby food and stuff. And after school I visited my grandparents, so tried to eat there.
The outcome of that is that I have been having severe depression and suicidal thoughts since I was 8, I was miserable, lonely.
I actually have a notebook with some homework and stuff in it from when I was 8. It has dates and my handwriting is more messy.
It has a very detailed and longterm suicide plan.

When I was between 12 and 14 my mom finally decided to start recognising me, that I existed I guess. She would call me to help her with house stuff.
But she was very impatient. So if I didn't drop literally everything after literally seconds to come help her, she'd flip and freak out.
She'd yell at me, call me names, She would grab me, drag me with her and lock me up in the garage or storage room.
A few times she was cutting vegetables and would call me and if I showed up too late she'd come after me with the knife.
One time she managed to cut my hand, which ruined my hand. Couldn't write well then.
I had a wound on my hand, many people saw it, and I still have like a hole in my thumb. Only one side has that.

I thought I could trust my grandparents. They seemed to know what my mom was like, that she was crazy and did weird shit.
They said if stuff became too much I could come to them and stay with them. Well, at some point I took them up on that. I walked the whole way to them, which was like 20km.
I begged them to take me in. They were worried about what people would say and think, about the gossiping so they sent me back.

Around 16 I started going to a psychologist. I told him everything and he seemed to be afraid and know about my mom as well,
he got me tested for bipolarity behind my mom's back (she brought me). I know they have secrecy for patients,
that they're not allowed to say anything normally but when the child's life and wellbeing is in danger, it doesn't count. And he was afraid of her himself it seemed.
He should have taken me out of that situation, he should have contacted child support and maybe even the police.

At some point I was literally thinking and doubting to call them myself, especially since my grandparents had refused to take me in and help me.
but i was worried about the outcome, i was worried for myself, my brother. I was worried I would have to go to another school,
be seperated from my brother and my grandparents were still nagging at me like what would people say and think and the gossiping.
I should have done it. I waited my whole life and childhood for adults to notice, help me. Some even said they would help or were supposed to help.
But no one did a shit. I shouldn't have cared and should've been selfish and should've taken matters into my own hands. I got myself out. I saved myself.
And I'm still dealing with the trauma, PTSD and the leftovers and I have nothing. No proof, except for my old notebook and my thumb, which is questionable I guess.
Because no one seems to care, look at it or ask for it or anything.

I told psychologists about the notebook and my thumb. it's not really that visible from far away.
They say okay and write something down but they don't ask if they can see it or if a doctor examined my thumb.
So yeah, I'm stuck and going in circles. I'm still being pushed and manipulated to go visit my parents and mom
and I can't even say why i actually don't want to see or visit them ever again. They would make me the bad person, call me hateful, resentful, whatever.
I tried to tell them some stuff what happened and what my mom did but she doesn't listen or remember.
So she's like: "that isn't true, that never happened. I don't remember it."
And I just feel like whenever I try to tell them stuff they really try their best to make me forget about it,
drop it and even gaslight/manipulate me into believing it didn't happen and I made it up.
And I desperately hold on to this notebook and whatever small proof I have trying to keep me sane,
that I know the truth and maybe hoping one day someone will ask about it or I can use it.
It would be even better if I didn't need to show it or use it, that people would believe me just on my word.
But I just get the feeling they don't believe me and I have the proof if they want...
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2023.03.24 12:30 Accurate_Number_1818 How do you create a modern home office that is both functional and stylish?

With the rise of remote work and flexible schedules, creating a modern home office has become a necessity for many individuals. It is essential to have a workspace that is not only functional but also stylish and conducive to productivity. This is where modern interior design comes in. Modern interior design is all about clean lines, minimalism, and simplicity. In this blog, we will discuss how you can create a modern home office that is both functional and stylish with the help of modern interior design.
Choose a neutral color palette:
Neutral color palettes are the hallmark of modern interior design. They are calming, and soothing, and create a sense of spaciousness. When it comes to creating a modern home office, choose colors like white, beige, gray, or black. These colors will not only make your workspace look clean and sophisticated but also make it easier to focus on your work.
Invest in good lighting:
Lighting is an essential aspect of any modern interior office. It not only affects your productivity but also sets the mood of your workspace. Good lighting can help you feel energized and focused, while poor lighting can make you feel tired and stressed. Invest in good lighting fixtures like overhead lighting, task lighting, and ambient lighting to create a comfortable and productive workspace.
Choose functional furniture:
When it comes to furniture in the modern interior design of an office, choose pieces that are both functional and stylish. Look for desks with clean lines and plenty of storage options. Consider investing in a comfortable office chair that provides proper support for your back and neck. Storage solutions like bookshelves and file cabinets can also help keep your workspace organized and clutter-free.
Add some greenery:
Plants are a great way to add some life to your modern home office. They not only look great but also help purify the air and create a more relaxed atmosphere. Consider adding a few plants to your workspace, such as succulents, ferns, or snake plants. These plants are easy to care for and require minimal maintenance.
Incorporate artwork and accessories:
Artwork and accessories can help personalize your modern home office and add some personality to your workspace. Look for pieces that are minimalistic and fit with your color scheme. Consider adding a few statement pieces like a unique desk lamp, a bold piece of artwork, or an eye-catching rug.
In conclusion, creating a modern home office that is both functional and stylish is achievable with the help of modern interior design. A neutral color palette, good lighting, functional furniture, greenery, and artwork and accessories are all key elements to consider when designing your workspace. With a renowned design and build firm such as Flipspaces, you can create a modern home office that is both practical and beautiful.
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2023.03.24 11:43 parablu02 What makes the Cloud more efficient and effective compared to On-Premise?

What makes the Cloud more efficient and effective compared to On-Premise?
Cloud computing has exploded in popularity over the last decade or so, and far more businesses are now turning to cloud computing than ever before. The advantages of cloud computing are so compelling that far more businesses now see the need for having their system hosted on the cloud. This could be to gain a competitive advantage, or just to stay abreast of other businesses in your industry which have already made the shift.
According to Gartner, by the end of 2023 global spending on public cloud services will exceed $315 billion, with steady growth continuing to add to that total. This kind of universal adaption of cloud computing has prompted a number of vendors to shift their focus from providing on-site solutions to solutions featuring cloud computing.
This, in turn, presents new business owners with the question of which model would be best for their business, both now and in the future. If your company has reached that same stage and you’re wondering whether it’s time to make the shift toward cloud computing, continue reading below to find out all the advantages and disadvantages of both models. Once you’re better informed, you’ll be equipped to make the best possible decision for your company, so that you can benefit from it for years to come.
Advantages of Cloud Computing
Here are some of the most important advantages that accrue to any company which adopts cloud computing and storage as its primary approach:
  • Low cost of energy — when you do cloud computing, you won’t have to pay for the cost of on-site servers and other hardware, so your utility bills will be substantially lower
  • Scalability — the flexibility associated with cloud computing means that you can easily add or subtract servers as needed, so scaling up or down becomes very easy
  • Rapid deployment — when installing servers on-site, it might take days or weeks to emplace software on servers and workstations; that time is drastically reduced when implementing on the cloud
  • Security — host providers can afford a higher level of security than most businesses, so you can expect much better data protection on the cloud
  • Affordable, predictable costs — with no upfront installation costs, all you’ll be responsible for is one monthly, predictable service fee. Your monthly charge will include backups, maintenance, licenses, upgrades, and support.
  • Ease of access — all you’ll need is a web browser to access your business data from any location and using any type of device
  • Backup to cloud storage — you’ll be able to backup to cloud storage all your important business data, so you can have a good copy in the event of your current data being compromised
  • Replace on-premise file servers — because your cloud host will have all the file servers and hardware you need, you can completely replace on-premise file servers
  • Data security and data resiliency — you can rest easy about data security, because most of that will be managed by your provider. Data resiliency will likewise not be an issue, because you’ll have off-site backups that can be used if needed.
  • Cloud file services — there are a great many cloud file services your company can take advantage of, and these would not be available if you had all your computing done on-site and locally.
  • Ease of finding a provider — When it comes to cloud computing, the reliability and speed of your internet connection are crucial for a seamless experience. With the help of various online tools, you can easily find providers in your area that offer secure and reliable internet connections, ensuring the fastest and most efficient access to your cloud resources.
Disadvantages of Cloud Computing
There is much to like about cloud computing, but as with anything else, even with a really good thing there are usually at least a few disadvantages. Here are the downsides of cloud computing:
  • Not as customizable — up to a certain extent, software on the cloud can be configured to match the needs of a specific business. However, there are limits to how it can be hosted, and any given cloud setup might not be capable of handling a really complex configuration required by some businesses.
  • Ongoing cost — with cloud computing, there isn’t nearly the level of upfront investment that you might have with on-site computing. However, over the course of a network’s life cycle, it’s entirely possible that cloud applications might cost considerably more than hosting the same setup on-site. In effect, that would increase the total cost of ownership, and it might make cloud computing less attractive to some businesses.
  • Solid connectivity — it’s absolutely essential that any business has completely reliable Internet access in order to be really productive when being hosted on the cloud.
Advantages of On-Site Computing
There are a few advantages that go along with on-site computing, and if these are your top priority, then on-premise computing may be more advantageous for you. On the other hand, some of the advantages of on-site computing simply don’t match up well against the compelling benefits you might get from using the cloud. That means each company will have to weigh all the factors that come into play and make the best decision for their business. Here are the advantages of on-site computing:
  • Lower total cost — it could be that the total cost of owning and implementing the hardware necessary for on-site computing is less than the monthly fee you would pay to a host provider. If this lower cost is the most important factor for your company, that would make on-site computing more appealing.
  • Uptime — since all your computing is done locally, you’ll never have to worry about any downtime that your provider is subject to. On the other hand, it’s entirely possible that you could run into a higher amount of downtime when you do local computing, and if your IT staff is small or inexperienced, that could be an issue.
  • Total control — when you do on-site computing, you and your IT staff have total control over everything, which means doing all the configurations, implementations, upgrades, backups, and patch installations. This may not be a good thing per se, but it does give you complete control over all those activities.
  • On-premise backup solution — the advantage of having an on-premise backup solution is that you can control how often backups are taken. Many businesses like to do backups more frequently, when they have a very high transaction count in a single day.
  • Back up using on-premise infrastructure — it can be quite useful to do a backup using on-premise infrastructure since it will be customized to your specific business needs.
Disadvantages of On-Site Computing
There are of course, a few disadvantages to hosting your own servers and applications on-site. Here are the most obvious ones mentioned by a number of business owners:
  • Maintenance responsibility — when you host your entire system on-site, that means you have complete responsibility for all maintenance involving software and hardware, backups of your data, disaster recovery, and data storage. This could potentially be a problem for smaller businesses that have only limited technical resources and smaller budgets to go along with it.
  • Longer implementation times — it will almost always take a much longer time to carry out necessary implementations when getting set up on-site. This is due to the total time necessary to install applications on servers, as well as to set up all individual workstations with required software.
  • Greater capital expenditure — in order to host your computing environment on site, you’ll have to invest a much greater sum of money upfront in hardware purchases. In addition, you’ll have to foot the bill for all necessary maintenance, and you’ll also have to maintain a competent and reliable IT staff which is capable of carrying out all maintenance.
  • Security costs — when you host your system on-site, you will be responsible for all security processes and software, and that can get to be fairly expensive when you’re trying to safeguard your system against all known threats and attacks.
Which approach is right for your business?
The hallmarks of cloud computing are its reliability and security, as well as its flexibility. It will remove the requirement of system maintenance and updates, and that will permit a company to invest resources into supporting its core business efforts and strategies. It will also allow real-time data access from any number of devices without regard to geographic location in the world. In most cases, cloud hosts can guarantee as much as 99% uptime, and generally even higher than that.
In a short period of time, cloud computing has become the most desirable choice for many companies in the US and around the world. However, if you have a really small business, you might be able to manage all your hardware and software on-site, and you would basically only be responsible for the upfront investment. Of course, it would also require you to maintain an IT staff of some sort, even if that is only one or two people who are managing everything.
The truth is, there’s no universal answer to the question of whether cloud computing or on-premise computing is superior. All customers are different, and they have unique requirements that will impact the kind of choice they make. If you can afford the upfront investment of an on-premise implementation, that might sway you toward adopting that model.
Keep in mind that you’ll also need to maintain a high level of security for your system to protect it against data breaches, and you’ll need to have access to all current security upgrades and patches so that you can repel all the latest threats on the Internet. If this is too much of a hassle for your company, then cloud computing just might be in your best interests, and you should begin a conversation with hosts in your area that can provide the kind of service needed by your company to be successful.
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2023.03.24 10:39 ladyfromanotherplace How do you guys manage textbooks and school items between households?

Looking for advice here. My SS(12) is in middle school and is with us every Wednesday and every other weekend. SO and BM don't really have a plan regarding school items and textbooks, meaning my SS(12) will often have to go to school with two backpacks, one with the stuff he needs on Wednesday morning at school and one with whatever he needs on Thursdays + any extras for homework he needs to do. Same on Fridays when it's our weekend, he'll show up with multiple backpacks with all the stuff he needs for his homework. He comes here straight after school, so no chance to switch bags beforehands, and schools where I live don't provide lockers/storage for students, so he has to carry everything back and forth from home. I do feel for the little guy, he's still messy and disorganised (you know, typical tween) and needs to keep track of this stuff between two households, which often results in him losing items or having to pop in multiple mornings a week on his way to school to pick up stuff he's forgotten or any of the parents having to bring leftover books to the other parent's house pretty much any given day. I do want to help them find a solution to this so it makes everyone's life easier, especially kiddo's. I was wondering how do others do this? Any suggestions?
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2023.03.24 09:13 DustIIOnly (Time Sensitive!) Sudden/Abrupt shutdowns and PC failures.

So, I'm in a bit of a panic this late night as I've quite suddenly started running into a handful of alarming issues I need some assistance diagnosing as I can't find anything like my symptoms anywhere else.
About 3 days ago now, one of my SSDs (regular SATA, not an external one) abruptly stopped being recognized by Windows. I assumed maybe it had just died given I had done all the basic trouble shooting methods (switching to a different SATA connector, using a different power connector, etc) and still nothing. Yesterday, and now today, I've had 2 separate instances of 'Kernal power error' ID 41 as well as a handful of other errors related to being unable to write to a storage device (likely my boot device though not specified by Windows)
Yesterday, there were no issues after my system totally froze up and restarted itself (with that error being given in Windows events) with that as the cause. However, today, it happened again. Upon my PC turning back on and logging back in I was met with a stutter-filled display and a crackling sound with any and all audio. Now the thing I found strange was when Windows was bugging out like this, my SSD I thought had died SUDDENLY came back to life and was being read by Windows again. So, I went ahead and manually restarted.
Upon logging back in, everything was okay again however my SSD was once again missing from file explorer. I went ahead and began to play Modern Warfare 2, and about half way through my match, the previously mentioned side affects began to show again (stuttering display/crackling audio) AND Windows suddenly saw my SSD again AFTER the affects began to show. Upon the mentioned affects fading off back to normal the SSD was again lost by Windows.
I've come to the educated guess that my C: drive is failing based on what I can find online. If anyone has any insight it would be greatly appreciated.
ASUS B560+ Motherboard CPU: I7 10700k GPU: RX6700XT PSU: 80+ Gold 850W
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2023.03.24 09:10 Comfortable-Nebula42 Best 5G Phones to Buy in 2023 – Which One is Right for You?

5G phones are already in development, with major tech companies like Apple, Samsung, and Google all working on 5G-compatible handsets. The 5G network isn’t even fully deployed yet, but people are excited about the possibilities that come with this new technology. If you’re looking to get in on the ground floor with 5G connectivity, check out our list of the best 5G phones to buy in 2023!

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is one of the best 5G phones you can buy in 2023. It has a large 6.8-inch display, five cameras, and a powerful processor. Plus, it supports both mmWave and sub-6GHz 5G networks. If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line 5G phone, the Galaxy S22 Ultra should be at the top of your list. It’s available for preorder on Sprint or Verizon Wireless (coming soon) for $700.

iPhone 13 Pro

The iPhone 13 Pro is one of the best 5G phones you can buy in 2023. It has a powerful A14 Bionic processor and supports 5G speeds. Plus, the OLED display is extremely bright and clear. The camera system is also very good, with three rear cameras that can capture amazing photos and videos. If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line 5G phone, the iPhone 13 Pro should be at the top of your list. However, it will set you back $1,899.99 so make sure it’s worth it before buying!

iPhone 13

The A14 Bionic processor will make your device extremely fast. The display is crystal clear and you’ll love watching videos or playing games on it. Finally, you’ll enjoy taking photos with three different rear cameras. This phone will also support 5G speeds, so downloading large files won’t be a problem for you.

Apple iPhone SE (2023)

The new iPhone SE (2023) is one of the best 5G phones you can buy, thanks to its great performance, lovely design, and low price tag. It’s not the most powerful iPhone out there, but it doesn’t need to be – the A14 Bionic chip inside is more than enough for most people. Plus, with a starting price of just $399 /£399 /AU$749, it’s much more affordable than most other 5G phones. With 128GB of storage included and the ability to expand via microSD card up to 512GB, you’ll have plenty of space for all your favorite photos, videos, music, and apps. Plus, this phone offers some of the best battery life on any phone today! With up to 16 hours of talk time on 3G or 21 hours on 2G, or around 10 days on standby – with built-in eSIM support – you’ll never run out of power when you’re away from an outlet.

Pixel 6A

Are you looking for the best 5G phone to buy in 2023? If so, the Pixel 6A may be the perfect option for you. This phone has a sleek design, powerful specs, and an impressive camera. Plus, it’s one of the most affordable 5G phones on the market. Here are five reasons why the Pixel 6A is the best 5G phone to buy in 2023:
1) The Pixel 6A comes with an Android 12 Phone.
2) It boasts 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage space for all your photos, videos, apps, games, and more.
3) The battery lasts up to 26 hours with moderate use.
4) It has Bluetooth-enabled speakers with Google Assistant built-in for added convenience.
5) It costs under $400 at most retailers.
All these features make the Pixel 6A one of the best 5G phones to buy in 2023.

OnePlus 10 Pro

The OnePlus 10 Pro is one of the best 5G phones you can buy. It has a great design, a fantastic display, and a top-of-the-line performance. Plus, its cameras are among the best we’ve seen on a smartphone. The only downside is that it’s not available on all carriers. But if you’re looking for an unlocked phone that’s worth your money, this is the best 5G phone out there.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

  1. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is one of the best 5G phones you can buy in 2023.
  2. It has a sleek design, top-of-the-line specs, and a great camera.
  3. Plus, it supports all the latest 5G networks.
  4. If you’re looking for a great 5G phone, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 should be at the top of your list. 5. When it comes to overall performance, this is the best 5G phone available in 2023.
  5. And since there are no better alternatives right now, you won’t go wrong with this device!
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2023.03.24 08:35 MiUi_Mastermind How to make MIUI Self-Aware?

Hi guys its Adir here, and today I'm going to talk about how to increase MIUI's self awarness. . . . I'm dead serious guys I want to control+ alt+delete my phone so bad because of MIUI. What the heck?! No full-screen gestures? 30gb of Matrix system storage built on the device?? Brand new phone starts to chock up?
Please let me know what is the best Custom rom, most stable and clean than lets my phone breath to life l, than I can use on my POCO X4 PRO 5G. It is just a shame they are locking us like this.
For the admins please understand me and let this post be. Thank you. may everyone than reads this thread have a beautiful free-full day❤️
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2023.03.24 07:51 Necessary-Art-3065 I finally acquired a raw crystal😭

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2023.03.24 07:49 Gullible-Republic361 The 15 Best Macbook Reviews In March 2023

A high-end MacBook typically boasts a sleek and lightweight design with a durable aluminum body, making it easy to carry and use on-the-go. It features a high-resolution Retina display with vivid colors and sharp details, providing an immersive viewing experience for both work and entertainment.
The latest MacBook models are powered by powerful processors, ranging from Intel Core i5 to i9, providing fast and efficient performance for demanding applications like video editing, graphic design, and gaming. They also come with plenty of storage space, ranging from 256GB to 2TB, allowing users to store large amounts of data, files, and media.
Other features of a high-end MacBook include a long battery life, Touch ID for secure and easy authentication, and a variety of ports for connecting external devices and accessories. They also come with a comprehensive set of pre-installed software, including the latest versions of macOS, productivity tools like Pages, Keynote, and Numbers, and creative tools like iMovie, GarageBand, and Final Cut Pro.
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2023.03.24 07:47 Ok_Ease2567 Spy on cell phone without access to phone

Spy on cell phone without access to phone You may have encountered a situation in your or someone else's life and you want to determine your loyalty to others. This is why people increasingly need to know how to monitor their partners without their knowledge. ----------- [email protected]
What’s the Best Cell Phone Spy Software without Target Phone? Password Guessing HOW CAN I REMOTELY SPY ON A CELL PHONE WITHOUT INSTALLING SOFTWARE ON THE TARGET PHONE? spy apps for Android without target phones Can You Spy On A Cell Phone Without Installing Software? How can I spy on a cell phone without installing software on the target phone? Spying on a Cell Phone Without Installing Software What Can I Use to Spy on a Phone Without Touching It? Can You Spy on a Cell Phone Without Having Access to the Phone? How to spy on a cell phone without having access? Can You Spy On a Cell Phone Without Access To It? Find My iPhone: Spy on Phone Without the Target Phone How to Spy on an iPhone Without Installing a Spying App How to Spy on Cell Phone Remotely without Jailbreaking iPhone Monitor Cell Phone Without Installing Software How to Spy on an Android Cell Phone Without Installing Software Spy on a Cell Phone Android Device Manager: Spy on Any Android Phone How To Spy on a Cell Phone without Having It for Free? How Can I Spy on a Cell Phone Without Installing Software on the Target Phone
Cell phone monitoring is one of the best ways to catch a cheating spouse. However, spying on a person’s cell phone can be very difficult, especially when you need to do it on a cell phone without installing any software.
The big question is, is it really possible to spy on a target’s cell phone with the best cell phone spy apps on it? While some providers say it is practically impossible, some say it is easy to do. [email protected]
In this article, you are going to learn how to track a cell phone location without installing software on target phone. We’ll mention spy apps, but also some other methods. This article is divided into three main parts:
How to spy on any phone activities easily with [email protected] How to spy on an iPhone without installing software on the target phone How to spy on an Android cell phone without installing software on the target device Other alternative methods of spying on a cell phone and not installing spy phone software Can You Spy On a Cell Phone Without Access To It?
Yes, you can spy on a cell phone without physical access to it by using phone tracker apps. These spy apps were designed specifically to spy on a cell phone remotely and monitor their phone without their knowledge.
A phone spy app can give you access to more than the target phone GPS location. One of these cell phone hacker with extensive features is oranjecracktech app
This mobile spy app has a simple interface alongside a user-friendly dashboard which you can use to spy on a cell phone that’s Android and iPhones. The applications are endless – you can use them to spy on your boyfriend or even check up on your employees.
This mobile spy app has a simple interface alongside a user-friendly dashboard which you can use to spy on a cell phone that’s Android and iPhones. The applications are endless – you can use them to spy on your boyfriend or even check up on your employees.
With [email protected], you can:
Monitor instant messengers like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Snapchat. Spy on incoming and outgoing calls Track the target’s browsing history and bookmarks. Spy on incoming and outgoing emails on a target cell phone without access Block unwanted callers, track incoming and outgoing phone calls. Get a real-time GPS location on a detailed map. Remotely activate microphone and listen to calls How to Spy on Cell Phone Remotely without Jailbreaking iPhone
To spy on someone’s cell phone without installing cell phone spy software or jailbreaking the iPhone, both iCloud credentials (Apple ID and password) and backup are required for monitoring and tracking an iOS cell phone without jailbreaking. But, you can use spyware apps with a dedicated no-jailbreak package.
How to Spy on an iPhone Without Installing a Spying App
iOS devices synchronize immediately with Apple cloud storage and downloads all cell phone activity. Therefore, if you know your target phone Apple credentials, you can easily spy on them.
You can know your target’s exact location, read their text messages, and monitor their phone activities without installing any software program or phone spy apps.
Find My iPhone: Spy on Phone Without the Target Phone
Find My iPhone is inbuilt spy software for iPhone users. The spy app allows iPhone users to spy on cell phone activity and locate their phone when it’s misplaced or stolen. While they don’t have any advanced features like seeing incognito history, for example, they’re still a decent replacement, as long as the location services are enabled on their phone.
However, you can also use Find My iPhone to spy on your target device. This approach will grant you access to your target’s location only.
Find My Friends: Monitor Cell Phone Without Installing Software
Like “Find My iPhone,” cell phone spy app, this program is also preinstalled on every Apple device. You can use it to track your target’s location and also to monitor their movements. This is a great free couple tracker if your spouse uses iPhone and you don’t want to break a bank trying to catch them cheating.
One major downside of using this approach is that you will need your target’s consent.
How to Spy on an Android Cell Phone Without Installing Software
It is a bit harder to spy on Android cell phones. They have nothing to do with Cloud data storage, which complicates the situation. Nonetheless, there is a way around it.
A good spy option can be hidden installation of spyware on the target cell phones.
To do this, you do not have to touch the device. Simply send a link for undetected file installation, and the user will do everything themselves without understanding what happened
There are three primary ways you can spy on a target that’s using an Android phone. They include:
Android Device Manager: Spy on Any Android Phone
Android Device Manager is an in-built spy app for Android that allows Android phone users to track their phone when the phone is stolen or misplaced.
This spy app for Android can be used to track your target’s location as long as they are connected to the Internet.
How To Spy on a Cell Phone without Having It for Free?
Thanks to so many software and tool options on the market, spying on a cell phone without having it has never been easier. You can use other less expensive, but more difficult methods to crack a target phone. To spy on a cell phone using these methods, you need to have advanced programming knowledge and some additional cell phone spy tools. Here are some more advanced methods you can use to spy on a cell phone without having it for free.
What’s the Best Cell Phone Spy Software without Target Phone?
Cell phone spy apps play a role in spying on mobile devices without having to install other cell phone spy software. While there are different types of phone spy apps to track phone activity, oranjecracktech app is flexible and very easy to use
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2023.03.24 07:31 anonymahm I've got good reason to feel some holdover anxiety, but it's interfering with finding peace. How do I make my brain stop and smell the roses? [Longer than intended, but TLDR included]

(No one has permission to use this in a click-bait blog article of bullshit sensationalism, for the record)
This is going to sound like a crazy problem to have, but I need some bromo wisdom to help me wrap my head around this new .. phase? chapter? of my life. I am NOT complaining. I just need to figure out how to let myself accept and ... I guess enjoy (?) having the chance to slow down and ease out of a lifetime of survival mode. This got long, so feel free to skip to the juicier parts.
In short? I feel crushing guilt when I don't justify my day's activities/projects etc to my husband, because he's actually working and I'm "just" a SAHM (MY words, not his, I swear). Yes. I hear the misogyny in my language and it makes me feel crazy. He is not tasking me with anything - this is 100% coming from me. He fully supports me not reporting my daily activites to him for approval, wants me to try being "lazy" while he's at work (I would probably stop breathing in panic), and says I put way too much pressure on myself to be a "good enough". He tells me that he sees enormous value in everything I do for our family, and I believe him? Kind of? I guess I trust him more than I believe him, but my own baggage and anxiety gets in the way of actually changing my mindset.
Here's why:
TL;DR: Most of my life I've been in one-sided power dynamics where I had to "earn my keep". My previous two long term relationships minimized any contributions I made to our family, and I had to account for every minute of every day since I "did nothing", even when I was working. They were both abusive and did a lot to cement the "be useful or be discarded" ideology I'd experienced in my teen years. Now I'm in a GREAT marriage with an amazing supportive and healthy partner, and he's encouraging me to make time for me and stop pressuring myself so much to overachieve. I have major anxiety about this, and it isn't healthy, but I can't figure out how to think about it differently to NOT feel guilty.
- My parents died before I was a teen so I grew up alone in foster care (multiple single family and group homes, at least 11 foster parents if I'm remembering all of them), and the mindset was 100% "if you can lean you can clean" and "never make waves". They were convinced we were monsters in the making, even though my only "crime" was not having extended family. No one cared. THEY had earned their place in life, and we were lucky to even gaze upon them. We were paid pennies for HARD farm labor after school and on weekends/breaks from age 12+, and we had to use our own money on clothes, cleaning, personal care supplies etc. 3x I came home to CWs literally waiting in the driveway to move again. No goodbyes, no explanation, no therapy, nothing. Just my 2 trash bags of stuff in the back and off I go to convince the next "family" to let me pretend to be part of their world until I became an inconvenience. The day I graduated high school I had to pack and leave, because the state wouldn't pay a dime after that so why would anyone keep me?
It was rough, and I learned fast to make myself useful so people might attribute SOME value to having me around. People pleasing was an understatement.
I immediately married a guy with an IQ of a wet doorknob, who cannonballed into the Y2K PreppeFundamentalist deep end (kinda TradLife before TradLife was a thing) and waving around his Man Of The House patriarchy in between seasonal construction jobs that couldn't keep food on the table. We barely existed on the cusp of abject poverty and homelessness, which was encouraged as being challenged by God via our fundamentalist Baptist church, hellbent on the self-loathing puritanical mindset of "noble suffering". It was a very dysfunctional marriage that didn't last long after he turned his explosive rage onto one of our kids instead of me.
Got out of that, stumbled onto an amazing therapist, did some great work (but not nearly enough) and hopped into another bad relationship, this time with a guy I'd been in foster care with years before. Take a guess how well that went. After the love-bombing , he was an emotionally torturous spend-a-holic with a hair trigger temper who spoiled himself with the latest/greatest while guilting me for needing more than one pair shoes or inching towards any shred of dignity or self respect. Bills were paid from what I hid from him after my "grocery allowance", even though he made 70k/year. I left him when I learned he'd been grooming and hurting our kids, and he is now in prison.
Spent a long time as a single mom, LOADS of trauma therapy for myself and kids, and let myself fall in love with being single, empowered, badass etc. Eventually learned that it was okay to end a relationship that didn't work for me, even without it being abusive (!groundbreaking), and had some healthy dating experiences that ended positively. It was a breath of fresh air, and FINALLY I had the confidence to actually find a partner who matched me vs competed with me.
Met and married the most amazing guy. He's a widow, his story is in my post history if it's relevant, and without a doubt he is my person. We're a military family stationed overseas and we have a big family of his/mine/ours. Several are grown and flown and our youngest (tweens and up) are still with us. When I'm not working I do a ton of volunteering and (somewhat neurotic )projects while keeping him informed constantly of what I'm doing, which ... he doesn't ask of me at all.
But I can't stomach NOT trying to report what all I do, much less let him pitch in, because it feels like I didn't do "my job" good enough if I don't detail it and make sure he's okay with it (Hint, he always is and he feels weird that I do this). And if he has to pick up my slack I feel like I've failed and I fall apart. At the same time though I resent him making time to work out, read, enjoy hobbies, because I won't let myself carve out time to do the same (which, if I let him do his part, I'd have more time for myself..I do see that it's just not that easy emotionally?). Everyone complains that their husbands won't "help" but I have panic attacks when I "catch" him sneakily cleaning our room or doing laundry... not because he's "doing it wrong" (he was an adult long before I showed up, he's fine lol) but because it feels like I've let him down and I'm failing to contribute to the household. Yes, I'm on anxiety meds :)
See the pattern?
Adding on:
Overseas employment is HARD to land, so I haven't been able to earn a paycheck since we left the states several years ago. We are comfortable, so me working is a personal choice not a need, if that makes sense. We have excellent insurance and the kids' college is paid for thanks to his vet status, so that isn't anything to worry about anymore either. This is something I've REALLY struggled with, even though financially we are FINE. I've used my volunteer experience to build a pretty impressive resume and apply for every job I could even possibly qualify for. I never get selected, and I end up crushed. This happens every few months and it is emotionally EXHAUSTING on me, him, everything.
My husband has gently and lovingly suggested that mayyyybe I could consider pursuing some self-care for a change, instead of constantly taking care of everyone else in and out of our home. He's suggested that mayyyybe I don't HAVE to overachieve in every facet of my life, and mayyyyybe I could let myself enjoy things that I haven't had space for in a long time. It bothers him that I feel guilty about not contributing, and he's always saying how much he appreciates what I do because it's such a balance to what he is able to do, and we make a good team.
And he's right... I haven't stopped to read a book, learn something for fun, nothing, in... years? Ever? Or at least since before I had kids. I garden but only for food production/storage/canning, never flowers or anything that isn't useful. I won't even turn the TV on when I'm home alone because that feels ...frivolous I guess? Like I'm wasting time and resources? He wants me to give myself some time to just BE, for a few months, maybe even a year, and then see how I feel. He sees my need to compulsively "earn my keep" as exacerbating my anxiety, and has very lovingly suggested I practice accepting that this (us) is a permanent thing and he's never going to change his mind or turn into a monster. Yet I flat out start spiraling at the idea of him "catching" me doing nothing, and this is based on NOTHING this man has done EVER in the history of our decade-long relationship.
If I'm frank, I've spent my entire life compulsively finding ways to be useful/necessary (even when I'm not getting paid my hours are well over 40/week), and when I'm home I feel like I have to be productive/useful or I'm taking advantage of having a home and it won't last.
If you got this far, how do I take him up on this (obviously sane and rational) suggestion that I take a breather and self care for longer than a hot minute? Even thinking about it, my jaw clenches and my brain starts telling me to clean the closets and go check the laundry and (and, and and, there's always another and). I need to think about this differently somehow, so I can give this whole "settle down and relax" thing a try.
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2023.03.24 07:06 AlternativeFortune54 Food Grade Desiccant Food Grade Silica Gel Cilicant

Food Grade Desiccant Food Grade Silica Gel Cilicant
Food grade desiccant products of Cilicant in Desiccant Pouch preserve the color, texture, smell, and taste of Processed Food and Edibles, ensuring longer life - moisture absorber packets for food storage

What Is Silica Gel?

Water and silica, a common mineral present in sand, quartz, granite, and other minerals, are combined to create silica gel, which solidifies into small pellets. A form of desiccant called silica gel retains water vapor at its surface rather than absorbing it completely. Silica gel packets are ideal for putting in boxes with products to regulate humidity since each silica bead has millions of small holes that may hold moisture.

What Are the Advantages of Silica Gel as a Desiccant?

  • Non-flammable
  • Reused by regenerating–heating the gel will stave off absorptions
  • Can absorb up to 40% of its own weight
  • Shelf life is indefinite–if stored airtight
  • It is inert and will not corrode or disrupt materials
  • Can be conveniently packed and is available in a many sizes for various applications.
Since silica gel is non-toxic, odorless, and non-corrosive, it provides premium large volume desiccant dryers with lower energy costs. Compared to other desiccants, it has very stable thermal and chemical characteristics. This choice of desiccant is typically white and referred to as non-indicating. Once the gel adsorbs the moisture, it will remain unchanged physically. For gel that is self-indicating, an additive is added to the basic gel so that it change color upon the adsorption of water. A self-indicating silica gel allows for a visual indication of the level of activity that is taking place.

moisture absorber packets for food storage

What Is Silica Gel Used For?

Silica gel is used for controlling humidity, making it a great addition to product boxes that are being shipped to customers. Some examples that should have silica gel packets included in their box prior to shipping are the following:
  • Electronics
  • Clothing
  • Leather
  • Vitamins
  • Cat litter
  • Paper
  • Food and baked goods
People also use silica gel packets to dry flowers or prevent rust from forming on tools!

How Does Silica Gel Work?

Natural adsorbing qualities of silica gel keep water molecules attached to its surface. The millions of microscopic pores that cover silica let it hold around 40% of its weight in moisture, which lowers the humidity in a closed container.

How Much Silica Gel to Use ?

A decent rule of thumb is to use 1.2 units of silica gel packets for every cubic foot of volume in your box when calculating how many to place in your container. Other factors to take into mind include the materials being delivered, the length of time the products need to be protected, and the environment of the location where your product is being shipped.
Check out the calculator on Silica Gel Products to easily determine how many grammes of silica gel you will need for your package.

Is it safe to put desiccant in food?

Although silica gel in itself is not edible, it can be safely used with food products to help combat moisture and prevent items from becoming stale or sticking together.

What is a Desiccant Dryer ?

A desiccant dryer is typically used to dry air for various applications. This type of dryer removes water molecules from the surrounding air by way of a desiccant that can absorb it. Although there are manual desiccant dryers, many are regenerative. Dryers have two cylinders that are connected by a valve system and contain a desiccant material like silica gel. When the first cylinder of desiccant is saturated, the air can then be passed to the cylinder that contains dry desiccant.
For more info : oxygen absorbers for food
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2023.03.24 06:21 Tepanox CNT’s in Battery & Energy Storage

CNT’s in Battery & Energy Storage
Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) have received significant attention for their potential use in energy storage and battery applications. Their unique electrical and mechanical properties make them a key driver for innovation in these areas.
Often mixed with traditional cathode materials, such as lithium cobalt oxide (LiCoO2) or lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4), CNTs improve properties in the cathode of lithium-ion batteries. The increase in charge facilitation using these nanomaterials results in a higher conductivity and increased energy density. In addition to their potential use as a material in the cathode of lithium-ion batteries, CNTs also have a huge potential as an anode material. They prove to be useful in the anode due to their high surface area, high electrical conductivity, and ability to accommodate the large volume changes that occur during the charging and discharging process. By using CNTs in the anode, researchers aim to increase energy density, improve the cycle life, and enhance the safety of lithium-ion batteries.

CNT’s in Battery & Energy Storage

There are, however, challenges that CNTs face in energy storage applications including scalability, cost, and stability. Tepanox addresses these challenges by offering CNTs at high loadings in the de-agglomerated state in solvents and binders used for making the electrodes. Our CNT dispersions can be dropped into slurry preparation without a need to modify your coating, drying, calendaring cutting, and assembly process. Furthermore, superior CNTs dispersions help with easy filtration of the slurry. High loadings of CNTs in water and NMP will improve your efficiency and reduce your costs of drying large amounts of solvents. Tepanox can tailor the CNT dispersion to your specifications with the choice of your binders: Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), Polyethylene oxide (PEO) PVDF, Starch, Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS), or Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA). Tepanox has a holistic understanding of the battery manufacturing process, polymeric materials, and the CNT supply chain. With two decades of practical experience in all commercial aspects of nanomaterials, Tepanox will be your trusted partner in assisting you with your material needs for cell development and manufacturing.
Website Url:
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2023.03.24 06:15 Educational-Nose223 DuoTrim Reviews Reddit : What Real Users Are Saying About This Weight Loss Supplement

DuoTrim Reviews Reddit : What Real Users Are Saying About This Weight Loss Supplement

DuoTrim Reviews Reddit : What Real Users Are Saying About This Weight Loss Supplement

DuoTrim is a powerful new fatloss formula designed to help you quickly and safely lose weight. It primarily functions by improving your gut health, which is key for overall health and weight management.
DuoTrim Reviews
DuoTrim is a new fatloss formula designed to help virtually anyone lose weight, burn fat, and achieve their fatloss goals faster.
It claims to be the only “dual-action” gut health supplement designed to help you lose weight and keep it off. By taking their product daily, you can purportedly rev up your metabolism, burn fat, improve your digestion and immunity, and ultimately, improve your overall health.
If you’re looking for a natural, safe solution to help you lose weight, are stuck in a fatloss plateau, or are only beginning your fatloss journey, then DuoTrim may be right for you.

What is DuoTrim Exactly?

As we briefly mentioned before, DuoTrim is a powerful new fatloss formula designed to help you quickly and safely lose weight. It primarily functions by improving your gut health, which is key for overall health and weight management.
In fact, according to recent studies, if you suffer from frequent digestive issues or are experiencing unexpected weight gain, then your gut health is likely responsible for your issues. This is why maintaining a healthy gut biome is essential to keep your body healthy. DuoTrim is designed to do exactly this.
Best of all, using DuoTrim is very easy. Simply take two capsules from DuoTrim Burn in the morning. Then, you should take one capsule from DuoTrim Active before bed so you can maintain your healthy metabolism before bed.
This easy, two-step system will supercharge your gut health, boost your metabolic function, and curb your cravings to put you in the absolute best position to lose weight safely.

How Does DuoTrim Really Work?

DuoTrim is a fatloss supplement designed to help you “lose weight from the inside out”. It’s considered both a fatloss supplement and gut health supplement because these are the primary benefits associated with using the product.
To help you lose weight, DuoTrim primarily works in two ways:
It provides your body with key strains of bacteria to support a healthy gut biome
Over the last few years, dozens of studies have discovered a clear link between gut microbiome and weight management. It has become clear that an unhealthy gut can and most likely will lead to weight gain, digestive issues, and an insatiable appetite. This is why improving your gut biome is key to managing your weight.
Thankfully, this is exactly the primary mechanism behind DuoTrim. It contains several strains of bacteria that are proven to support digestion and to keep your gut biome intact. These bacteria also help to kill the bacteria that impede your digestion and the production of enzymes needed for your body to break down fat and to influence your metabolism.
Although simple, supplying your body with these key strains of bacteria is essential to your digestive health, weight, and for your overall health. Within weeks, these good bacteria will reenergize your body and mind by eliminating all of the bad bacteria slowing down your body.
It supplies your body with fiber to help you feel fuller for a longer period of time
While providing your body with these key bacteria is important, it’s only one piece of the puzzle. You have to ensure that these bacteria are fed with the right nutrients so they can thrive and keep your body health.
Thankfully, DuoTrim does just that. It contains several types of fiber that slow down your body’s digestion and the absorption of nutrients. This prevents the further accumulation of fat and helps maintain steady, proper digestion.
In addition, this also helps prevent hunger pangs by helping you feel fuller for a longer period of time. No longer will you suffer from dealing with frequent hunger pangs or the insatiable desire to eat foods. You’ll feel full for hours after eating and limit your caloric intake so you can stay in a caloric deficit.

Main Benefits of DuoTrim

According to DuoTrim, there are numerous benefits to taking their product on a regular basis. Although it is known that a healthy gut biome can support virtually every aspect of your health, DuoTrim highlights some of the main benefits of their product, such as:
Rapid fat burn & appetite suppression: DuoTrim contains a number of ingredients that contain a number of different types of fiber. Fiber helps bind to water, created a thick gel-like substance that slows down the absorption of carbs and takes longer to digest. This gives you the feeling of fullness for a longer period of time, preventing overeating and hunger pangs.
Improved gut health: Both products in DuoTrim contain a unique blend of ingredients that are known to support gut health. By supplying your body with prebiotic and probiotic ingredients, DuoTrim helps your good bacteria thrive and eliminates the bad bacteria slowing your digestion and metabolic function.
Improved immunity: Research over the last decade has shown that a majority of your immune system is found in your gut. This is why maintaining a healthy gut biome is essential to your immune health. As your gut microbiome becomes healthier, you’ll likely find your immune system function is improving.

Ingredients in DuoTrim

DuoTrim contains proven prebiotic and probiotic ingredients designed to balance your gut and metabolic health. In total, there are five ingredients in DuoTrim, which include the following:
Acacia Gum: Acacia gum, is a dried gummy substance made from the sap of the Acacia tree. It’s often used to thicken beverages and enhance the texture in breakfast cereals. Studies have found that the water soluble fiber in Acacia gum can break down fat, improve digestion, supports wound healing, and may even promote oral health.
Agave Inulin: Agave inulin acts as a prebiotic ingredient, helping feed the good bacteria in your body. It is also a rich source of fiber, helping supporting your body’s ability to regularly digest the foods you eat. Some studies have shown agave inulin can increase the production of enzymes which break down fat cells in your body. It also reduces the secretion of liver enzymes that cause fat storage as well.
Flaxseed: Flaxseed is commonly used to improve digestive health or to relieve constipation. Studies have also found it may lower total blood cholesterol and reduce LDL cholesterol, which is the “bad” cholesterol. Flaxseed contains both soluble and insoluble fiber, which get fermented by the bacteria in your intestines to support gut health and to improve bowel regularity.
Guar Gum: Guar gum is a food additive that is readily found in the food supply. It’s made from guar beans, a type of legume. It is low in calories and mainly composed of soluble fiber, which helps support digestion. Since guar gum thickens and binds to water, it may slow the absorption of carbs, preventing blood sugar spikes. It also may help reduce appetite by making you feel fuller for a longer period of time.
Galacto-Oligosaccharides: Galacto-oligosaccharides are a type of prebiotic made of plant sugars. They’re commonly found in dairy products, beans, and some root vegetables. Their main function is to pass undigested into the colon where they increase bowel mass and promote the growth of certain bacteria that improve digestion and metabolic function.
Probiotic Bacteria: To balance your gut biome, you need certain bacteria present in your gut. Thankfully, DuoTrim contains a unique blend of several different types of bacteria in the lactobacillus, bifido, and bacillus family. When added to your gut biome, these bacteria assist with healthy fatloss.

Side Effects of DuoTrim – Is it Safe?

DuoTrim wasn’t only intended to be an effective fatloss supplement, it was designed to be safe too. That’s why as of this writing, there have not been any reports of any side effects while using this product.
This is not to say that side effects cannot occur – only that they have not occurred yet. Any supplement can cause headache, nausea, indigestion, or constipation. However, the likelihood you experience any of these side effects is incredibly low while using DuoTrim.
Keep in mind that although DuoTrim is predominately safe, it still may not be right for everyone. For example, if you are pregnant or nursing, then it is not recommended you use DuoTrim, or any fatloss supplement for that matter.
Likewise, this product is only intended for adults. Therefore, you should not use this product if you are under the age of 18 nor should you give it to your child.
Finally, if you are taking a prescription medication or have a serious medical condition, then it is highly recommended that you speak to your doctor before trying this product just to be sure it will not interfere with your health.
Overall, DuoTrim is a very safe, effective fatloss supplement. However, in the event you are still unsure whether or not this product is safe for you, then we recommend you speak to your doctor before trying this product to get his or her opinion.

DuoTrim Pricing & Guarantee

If you think that DuoTrim may be the right fatloss supplement for you, then the best place to order is directly through the official website. There you will find three purchasing options to choose from, depending on your individual needs.
Keep in mind, each package contains both DuoTrim Burn & DuoTrim Active. These are the current purchasing options:
  • One-month supply: $79 total + shipping
  • Three-month supply: $199 total - $66.33 per month
  • Six-month supply: $379 total – $63 per month w/free shipping
visit the official website of DuoTrim and order your bottles today!
No matter what package you select, you’re automatically covered by a 180-day money back guarantee on your purchase. According to the official website, you can receive a full refund if you experience unwanted side effects, don’t like your experience with DuoTrim, or simply don’t like the product.
To receive a refund, simply contact the manufacturer within 180 days and send back you unused bottles and you’ll receive a full refund.

DuoTrim Bonuses

If you decide to purchase the six-month supply of DuoTrim, then you’ll automatically receive four bonuses with your purchase. These bonuses are designed to keep you motivated and help you achieve your fatloss goals even faster.
Here are the four bonuses included:
Bonus #1 – The 3S Max System
The 3S Max System is a 15-day system designed to revitalize your gut flora. It breaks the program up into three sections. The “start” section involves the five types of supplements optimal for digestive health, such as omega-3 fats, digestive enzymes, essential oils, and more.
The “stop” section tells you what kind of foods you should avoid like sweeteners, dairy milk, GMO-foods, processed grains, alcoholic beverages, and more. These foods impede your metabolic function, your gut health, immunity, and more. The final section is “Stay” and will include foods you should be eating daily such as vegetables & leafy greens, clean proteins, and fermented foods.
Bonus #2 – The Gut Health Masterclass
As you are hopefully aware now, that your quality of life depends on your gut metabolic health. This masterclass supplies you with all the information you need to achieve optimal gut health. You’ll discover the foods that are causing your digestive issues, the foods you should be eating, and the foods you should avoid at all costs.
In addition, Gut Health Masterclass will go through the best supplements for gut health including probiotics and prebiotics. They also go over what you should look for in a supplement to ensure you buy only the best quality products for your gut.
Bonus #3 – Personalized Health Coaching
For a lot of people, going on a diet is overwhelming and frustrating. They simply don’t know what to do or where to begin. This is why DuoTrim offers 1-on-1 personal coaching as an added bonus.
You can schedule a consultation with your keto coach to help you “skyrocket” your fatloss results. According to the website, you’ll discover the three foods you should never eat that everyone says you should. Your coach will also review your current supplements to make sure you aren’t sabotaging your efforts as well.
Bonus #4 – Private Facebook Support Community
For many individuals, they succeed better when they’re in a community setting rather than going alone. This is why DuoTrim offers a private Facebook support community to members in their group. This group is meant to be an active community of DuoTrim users that share their experiences, tips, and progress so that everyone can work together to get slimmer & healthier while using DuoTrim.

Final Recap

DuoTrim is one of the most effective fatloss products on the market, directly addressing a major obstacle overweight adults often face – an imbalanced gut biome.
Like tens of thousands of others have found, DuoTrim can safely help you lose weight without requiring a restrictive diet or impossible exercise program.
If you’re ready to order the #1 fatloss product for 2023, then you need to visit the official website of DuoTrim and order your bottles today!
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2023.03.24 05:35 nicebutcrippled I made a little storage area next to my house! I was tired of always going inside to store things and I've moved everything outside and organized it with the new signs, life is so much easier! What are your guys' storage situations like?

I made a little storage area next to my house! I was tired of always going inside to store things and I've moved everything outside and organized it with the new signs, life is so much easier! What are your guys' storage situations like? submitted by nicebutcrippled to DreamlightValley [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 05:15 whitefire2016 A crisis of faith in my plans of owning a home…

I am making a bit of a rant/vent so that I work out whether my original plan is still viable, or need to make a change. I hope not to ramble like I usually do, please bear with me. thanks.
My father died last year, where his house—free and clear—was left to me in his Will. He lived in a 55+ community. But it has taken a bit more time than I thought to get through all of his possessions. Being a woodworker and an Artist all his life, he accumulated lots of things. Most of which I want to keep. Which is why I have had to take this time and am still not done yet. I was an only child and my mother died years prior.
Before he passed, I asked him if he wished that I could move into this home and make it my own. He stated that he did not want that for me and that the 55+ rule would be the end-all. But with all the news and facts that first home ownership is becoming very hard to transact, I am growing concerned that my plan will not work out.
My plan:
Where I am at:
I know that the longer I go without a job, the harder it will be for me to obtain a mortgage.
I have been told that attempting to move into the community would be a very hard sell seeing as I am only 50. I am beginning to believe that finding a home now will be next to impossible.

Thank you for you time in reading this. I just needed to get this off my chest and have some constructive feedback. Salud!
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2023.03.24 04:48 novice2233 help with choosing new phone

I need some second opinion with choosing my next phone. I always thought that I should get the realme gt3 (realme gt neo 5) because it has what I want in a phone, a great chip and storage. But lately, I'm having second thoughts.
I used to own a poco f1. My issue with the phone was 128gb storage is not enough for me, because i'm starting to prefer to keep all my videos in internal storage since it started to have problems reading SD cards, and switching between SD cards starting to feel like a pain. next is battery life, where it drains 1% per minute when i play my games.
I bought my mom a poco m5 recently, and since she does not want to use it at the moment, I'm using it instead. After using the phnoe for a while, it turns out the f1 has a battery problem, since i'm playing the same games and it does not have the same power drain rate. I always thought that the games were intense on the phone since they have a big file size so they drain the power more, now im not so sure. I played Nikke and path to nowhere, but now i only play path to nowhere. Still 1% per minute on the f1 but not so much on m5, i think 5% in 30 mins?
I always thought that the gt3 would help me play better games in the future, keep my battery use low and keep all my stuff inside my phone without transferring/deleting stuff, now, i'm not so sure. the m5 only has Helio G99 and it plays the game fine with no lags etc, so it makes me feel that a snapdragon 8plus gen 1 would be overkill.
I may as well get a Infinix Note 10 PRO, slightly slower chip than the m5, but double my current storage, at 1/3 or 1/4 of the price vs gt3 which would has a great chip, and possibly 1tb storage
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2023.03.24 03:39 dalefan0003 [USA-VA] [H] Alienware Area 51m R2- i7 10700k,rtx 2070 super, 32gb Ram, 512gb ssd [W] Local Cash / Paypal

Prefer Local over shipping. Will come in original packaging. Local is 22815. Willing to meet within a 50ish mile radius Timestamp:
The laptop does need cleaned again due to collecting some dust since sitting, If i have time before selling I will clean it.
It has a desktop CPU as in you could replace the 10700k with a 10900k if you wanted. The ram is upgradable up to 64gb iirc., there are I believe 2 slots iirc for m.2 storage.
There's a bit of paint missing in the aluminum from previously taking apart and cleaning over the course of its life. It has been sitting really over the past couple months being played here and there by my wife playing Sims. I built a new pc and since having my child there isn't a lot of time to play it much anymore. I'm asking 1000 Local or if shipped + shipping and insurance, (I assume around 50ish bucks?) Local takes priority. Can be flexible on the distance traveled.
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2023.03.24 03:14 Big-Act-9425 Is RO System Filtration the Right Choice for Newcomers?

What do you need to pay attention to when choosing an RO System Filtration for the first time? If you are a novice student looking to improve your water quality, then go on. You may have encountered. Why is there sand in the water I'm drinking? I don't like drinking water, why is there a strange taste in the water? I bought coffee beans of good quality. Why does brew it not taste good? For the above problems, congratulations, RO System Filtration can help you. RO System Filtration, in simple terms, is that there is composed of different stages of filters. I believe we all know that tap water at home is different from ice water. The tap water only passed the necessary quality test of the local government, which also contains a lot of impurities such as sediment, tiny particles of stones. Let's experiment, you can pick up the tap water for a little while, and then you will see a layer of gray material deposited at the bottom. How terrible these impurities drink into our bodies! So, for example, in a five-stage RO System, the first stage of the filter will filter out these large gray impurities.
The second and third stages are usually carbon filters, where it is noted that coconut shell-activated carbon works better and costs more. Carbon is the most widely used filtration material on the market. It removes residual chlorine, pigments, odors, and so on. Wait, as a novice, we may ask, is residual chlorine harmful? Of course. Water containing residual chlorine destroys nutrients in vegetables and fruits and increases carcinogenic substances in the human body after using boiled tap water to make tea and coffee. In this case, buy a machine to remove residual chlorine, is not it? In the fourth stage, the most central role of the RO machine is to have an RO membrane, which can reach 0.0001-micron filtration accuracy. RO Membrane can remove bacteria, viruses, organic matter, heavy metals, harmful ions, etc., in the water, with a more than 98% desalination rate. It can effectively retain all dissolved salts and organic matter with a molecular weight greater than 100 while allowing water molecules to pass through. Drinking water filtered through the RO Membrane, you are feeling very relieved. The fifth stage is the RO System Filtration post-filtration to improve water taste. Many people have to satisfy the amount of water for the day by drinking beverages because the water is bitter. But at the same time, sugar is also excessive intake, which can cause many health problems for our young people. And filtered water reduces TDS and impurities and tastes full of sweetness, reducing the frequency of drinking beverages. A balanced TDS index is also crucial to brewing a great cup of coffee. We understand the general principle, so what kind of RO System Filtration is suitable for us? Perhaps you can take a look at the YUNDA website, which has a high price-performance ratio. There are two types of RO machines, with and without tanks, both of which can be found on top of the YUNDA. Simply put, it is called a pressure bucket because it plays a role in balancing water volume and pressure in a closed water cycle. The pressure bucket can avoid frequent opening of the water purifier safety valve and frequent refilling the automatic water refill valve. With a pressure tank, you only need to save pure water for everyday use. When you need to use water, you can add pressure to the water through the pressure tank to solve the problem of small water output and, at the same time to avoid the embarrassment of water supply after a power outage.
Then, compared to the tank water purifier, the most significant advantage of the tankless model is eliminating the pressure bucket, releasing more space, and avoiding the possible secondary pollution of the storage bucket. If you want to learn more about the difference between a bucket and a tankless model, welcome to read this article: RO System If you have more family members and often use a lot of water, it is recommended to choose a tankless high-flux water purifier. However, if you have ample installation space at home and usually do not use much water, you can choose a bucket water purifier. In short, regardless of whether there is a barrel or tank water purifier, you must select a brand with high product quality, good filter and accessory materials, and perfect after-sales service to buy, because for newcomers to us, problems can be solved in a timely and effective manner. However, if you have ample installation space at home and usually do not use much water, you can choose a bucket water purifier. In short, regardless of whether there is a tank or tankless water purifier, you must select a brand with high product quality, good filter and accessory materials, and perfect after-sales service to buy. For newcomers to us, some can solve problems quickly and effectively. YUNDA wants to filter water to the extreme, as pure as ice, to improve health and quality of life. The overall blue tone also looks and feels purified, which YUNDA wants to convey. Choose an RO System Filtration that's right for you!
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2023.03.24 02:58 antdbAsiaInfo AntDB’s Evolution Reveals the Development Path of Domestic Database

In recent years, domestic databases have sprung up, and there are domestic database products like AntDB that have been polished for many years in application scenarios, and there are also various emerging databases such as graph databases and temporal databases, etc. Domestic databases are just getting started, and the current situation and future of domestic databases have become an important topic for all walks of life. Today, we will discuss the development of domestic database through the 14-year evolution of AntDB database.

Domestic database born out of special scenario needs

In the past 40 years, the development of any industry is inseparable from the demographic dividend, and the domestic database is no exception, because the huge population base and the rapidly developing communication needs for the whole country and the whole world have brought about application scenarios with unique Chinese characteristics.
On the one hand, China entered the era of second-generation mobile communication services at the end of the 1990s, and the 21st century has ushered in a period of rapid development: 43.3 million cell phone users in early 2000, and 393 million by the end of 2005, with a compound annual growth rate of 55.4%. On the other hand, compared with the expensive voice, simple SMS was sought after, and at the same time, Internet services began to sprout, and various SP services blossomed everywhere.
The sudden increase in the volume of users and services in a short period of time put forward nearly demanding requirements on the support systems of the communications industry at that time, especially the core billing and accounting system: the backlog of phone orders could not exceed 5 minutes, and the system needed to be loaded with at least 5 to 6 times the total amount of current services ...... Such data and information processing requirements were unprecedented in the world and pretty Chinese-style.
The traditional database bred in European and American markets could not meet the data management demand of this volume, especially when dealing with some core application scenarios (e.g. billing, signaling analysis, etc.), it could not meet the throughput and responsiveness of data processing.
According to the R&D engineer of the first generation of AntDB, based on the communication demand of a super province, the R&D team of AsiaInfo was “commissioned", and without any experience and products to refer to, they gnawed textbooks little by little, wrote code line by line, then ran the system for testing, and worked overtime to grind the product, and finally, on the basis of telecom-level high availability, the throughput rate and response time of the whole transaction processing were improved by an order of magnitude compared with the mainstream foreign databases, and the first-generation AntDB, the in-memory database was born.
In addition to factors such as the important strategic position of the database itself to the country and the organization, and the positive market trend, it can be said that the unique Chinese scenario needs directly gave birth to the first batch of domestic database products born in the production environment.

Rapidly advancing Internet technology accelerates the iteration and upgrade of domestic databases

From 3G to 4G then to 5G, with the upgrade of technology development comes various hardware and software innovations. The popularization of smartphones and the birth of new applications such as social shopping and entertainment result the reality that the range of Chinese mobile internet users covers the whole age group.
In the 2G era, communication billing mainly focused on calls and SMS, and the form of data was relatively simple. 3G~5G era, every click and every behavior of users will generate corresponding data, which is no longer just the link data between people and people, but also the data between people and things, and the data between things and things, that is, the data of multi-dimensional interconnection of all things.
In the scenario where massive data can be born every moment, how to ensure that no data is lost while pursuing speed has become a new challenge for the database.
AntDB as the representative product of domestic database, its R&D team has been accurately grasping the development trend of technology and applying the most cutting-edge database technology to the product to meet the needs of more complex and high-density data processing scenarios that may appear in the future.

With the iteration of communication technology, AntDB database has also "kept pace with the times" and completed the "three-step jump": from in-memory database to full-featured, general-purpose relational database, to a full-stack database compatible with MySQL and PostgreSQL open source ecology and highly compatible with foreign mainstream databases, and further to distributed, multi-model cloud-native database.
In the face of increasingly complex mixed load scenarios and mixed data type business needs in the future, and considering the increasingly demanding data needs of users in real-time processing scenarios such as real-time analysis and real-time reporting, and asynchronous transaction scenarios such as Internet+, AntDB has proposed a new concept of "hyper-convergence" and "stream-batch integration" based on the overall architecture to evolve into a future-oriented database. In the future, AntDB will continue to evolve based on new cutting-edge technologies and application scenarios, and continue to iterate and upgrade.

Where should the domestic database go under the support of information innovation policy?

If, before 2019, due to the survival space being squeezed by foreign vendors, the domestic database was more to meet the demand for self-consumption, then with the support of information innovation policy, the database market has become a battlefield for the vendors. AntDB database team believes that the future of the domestic database does not lie in trying to surpass some international brand database, but in finding our own way to developing better based on our own strengths (unique Chinese scenarios, responsibility to national security and society, a group of engineers growing up, etc.).
So, what has AntDB done for information innovation?
First of all, AntDB's storage and execution engines are its own technology, with every line of code originating from its own team of engineers.
Second, multimodal AntDB, compatible with SQL engine and highly compatible with Oracle, fully integrates with PostgreSQL, MySQL ecosystem. With the multi-syntax SQL parsing engine design that can be customized and extended by customer, a set of database can meet the nationalization replacement requirements of a variety of foreign databases. The ecology system of perfect DBA and de-O support tools can deduce customers’ costs of learning and operation and maintenance.
Third, AntDB is actively adapting to information innovation ecosystem, supporting many domestic chips and operating systems and adapting to domestic third-party tools.
In addition, as a member of the Information Innovation Working Committee, AsiaInfo actively promotes information innovation testing, and the code autonomy rate of AntDB exceeds 90%.
In the field of domestic database, the facts that whether we have core technology independent of others, whether the product can be polished in real production environment, whether we have sufficient resources to continuously invest, and whether it can integrate into domestic ecology are critical to decide if database vendors can go further, and are also the direction for the development of domestic database.
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2023.03.24 02:19 YoWTFmanFr Car is totaled after 2 accidents where people hit me. First insurance company procrastinating and refuses to pay for damages even though the driver took fault. 2nd accident THE SHOP LIED ABOUT CAR BEING COMPLETE BUT HAVEN’T TOUCHED IT SINCE NOVEMBER? Rental car ending tomorrow - I HAVE NO CAR! HELP!

November someone stole a truck, ass ended an SUV that then ass ended me. Totaled my car and it was during the TWO WEEKS OF MY HUSBANDS ENTIRE LIFE THAT WE DIDN’T HAVE INSURANCE! It was too early for it to be showing in any systems so cops didn’t know it was uninsured. Aka we didn’t get ticketed or the car towed. Car was still drivable; just totaled due to amount of damages.
They admitted fault. Obviously.
Their insurance company scheduled me a rental, came out to see the car, didn’t know it was totaled, estimated and sent a $6,000 check.
I went to take my car to the mechanics and before I turned my keys in i found out they canceled my rental AND canceled the check. I’m assuming the Insurance company is trying to get out of paying for damages because they know I didn’t have insurance so they’re trying to find loopholes in the legal system. Because they NOW are telling me to use my insurance they will “reimburse me” even though I don’t live in a state where that’s done & lying to me saying it won’t raise my rates 🙄
They sent me this letter on March 3, 2023 (4 MONTHS after the accident and this is the first thing I’ve received from them)
“We are investigating your claim, and therefore cannot authorize repairs, towing and storage fees, rental use, or other related expenses to your vehicle. If you have collision coverage on your vehicle, we recommend having your insurance company handle the damage. If you do not have collision coverage on your vehicle, please move the vehicle to a location where storage fees will not be charged. We will not pay for excessive or unreasonable charges by shops or towing/storage companies, unusual delay in authorizing or starting repairs by you or your facilities, or securing parts for your vehicle. If we accept responsibility for the accident, we will reimburse you for reasonable towing and storage charges and other related expenses through March 6, 2023. If your vehicle remains in storage beyond that date and we are required to pay excess storage, we will deduct the excess amount from the amount you are paid. If you do not have collision coverage on your vehicle and we determine our Insured is not responsible for your damage, you will be responsible for all charges incurred. As soon as we finish our investigation, we will contact you to advise our decision and discuss next steps.”
In an investigation? If You determine they’re not at fault? THEY ADMITTED FAULT ALREADY! They already sent a check and offered to cover my rental THEN TOOK IT BACK?! AND this woman called me LAST WEEK to say they were “at the round table discussing numbers in regards to compensation”?!
Two: Where did March 6 come from??
Three: Me or my repair company aren’t the ones holding shit up. THEY ARE.
Four: I’LL be the one paying as it will be deducted from the money IM PAID after March 6?! WHAT!!??


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