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This is a community to discuss all things related to Lord of Mysteries Series! Novels, Manhua, Donghua and Game; Welcome!

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Welcome to bigfoot. - A community for the sharing of information, theories, art, research, humour, memes and encounters or experiences of Bigfoot/Sasquatch. - We ask that you please "Remember the Human" and take the effort to maintain civility and treat fellow users respectfully. - Please understand that disbelief in Bigfoot/Sasquatch is not new information and that a personal experience with a previously assumed impossibility is not something many enjoy. Remember the Human.

2018.01.21 14:10 Reccognize Boston's Vanishing Men - Smiley Face Killer serial murder theory

Examining the mysterious drownings of young men in Massachusetts - the case known as Boston's Vanishing Men. Do you like mysteries? Are the deaths of students and young men in Beantown the work of the Smiley Face Killers? Examine the evidence that Boston might have a SERIAL KILLER. We welcome true crime followers, web sleuths, and the public at large to discuss this unresolved mystery.

2023.03.24 13:03 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA 5 Surpasses 150 Million Units Sold As GTA 6 Hype And Rumors Heat Up

Grand Theft Auto V is still going strong nearly eight years after it first debuted on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 (remember those?), followed by a slightly newer re-release on Windows PCs and the the PS4 and Xbox One. To date, publisher Take-Two Interactive has sold over 150 million copies of GTA V on various platforms.
The publisher revealed the impressive sales stat as part of its earnings report for its fiscal first quarter of 2022. Looking at the data from the previous quarter, it means T2 sold an additional 5 million copies in the past three months. Not too shabby, given that GTA V is far from a new game at this point. That is not the end of it, either.
T2 plans to launch an "expanded and enhanced version" for the latest generation game consoles, those being the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, on November 11, 2021. Developer Rockstar Games had previously said the updated version will bring "new features and more" to the table, but the details are still largely a mystery.
"The new generation versions of GTAV will feature a range of technical improvements, visual upgrades and performance enhancements to take full advantage of the latest hardware, making the game more beautiful and more responsive than ever," Rockstar Games said last year.
We presume the retooled version of GTA V will tap into the fast storage capabilities of modern consoles, to drastically reduce game load times. It will also leverage the newer hardware in the latest gen consoles, namely the custom SoC based on AMD's Zen 2 CPU cores and RDNA 2 graphics.
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2023.03.24 13:00 throw_account_6969 Lord Jon...

Any fics where Jon Snow is just lord paramount of one of the 7 kingdoms? I have read fics where he becomes king, where he is a prince and where he is secretly a bastard to a lord and it got exposed. BUT is there any fics where he only is a lord paramount?
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2023.03.24 13:00 DistributionQueasy57 Steam items stolen and sold at a low price - Be aware!

Hi everyone,
I wanted to share my recent experience with you in hopes that it will help prevent anyone else from going through the same thing.

Store Transaction

1 of 5
During my work hours, someone managed to steal my items from Steam and put them up for sale at a ridiculously low price, causing them to sell quickly. The scammer then used the money to buy low-priced items from one account, essentially stealing all the money.

2 of 5
The worst part is that all of this happened without my confirmation or knowledge.
I have screenshots of the transaction, but I have blurred my username for privacy reasons.

3 of 5
Additionally, I have checked my store transaction history, and I can confirm that this is indeed a scam. If this continues to happen, what is the use of having a Steam account? Should we quit our jobs and stay glued to our Steam stores to prevent this from happening? I don't think that's practical or reasonable.

4 of 5
Therefore, I think it's time for Steam support to step in and solve this problem. They have the necessary information, including the scammer's ID and transaction history. I urge anyone who has experienced something similar to report it to Steam support immediately.

5 of 5
In conclusion, I urge everyone to be vigilant and take steps to secure their Steam accounts. Don't let scammers take advantage of your busy schedule or inattention. We need to work together to ensure that our Steam accounts remain secure.

Thank you for reading, and I hope that my experience helps you avoid similar scams.
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2023.03.24 13:00 avtolik Changelog from the last week [17 - 24 Mar]

Hello, here is the latest changelog.
Content: * Adds a high end hunting bag with lots of storage by bombasticSlacks * Campground cleanup by LovamKicsiGazsii * Create a Melchior node in the Physics lab by John-Candlebury * adds a new type of cheese, mozzarella cheese, into the game. by LordBarkBread * Adds a Magiclysm druid healing spell to stop bleeding by Standing-Storm * Radiophile mutation by Kamejeir * Add canine bite suits by MNG-cataclysm * Invertebrate larva and egg rework by Karol1223 * Adds Water Wheels & XL Water Wheels as placeable appliances. by KKDavion * Add flags of various countries by MNG-cataclysm * Add (versions of) some appropriate mutation to the Black Dragon category by Terrorforge * Menstrual products by Aerin-of-the-Toast * Office tower 2 overhaul by LovamKicsiGazsii * Completes the parking garage by LovamKicsiGazsii * Finish part 2 of the netherium monster corpse by MNG-cataclysm * Environmental storytelling about what children in the cataclysm had to go through by Karol1223 * Add a drug lab by MNG-cataclysm * Various additions and tweaks relating to Native American Heritage by merrygin
Features: * JSONized damage verbs for transforming items by bombasticSlacks * EOC on event by bombasticSlacks * Limbify downed recovery, rework Judo's passive bonus by Venera3
Balance: * Throwable fire extinguishers can now be placed in grenade-only pockets by pjf * Remove zombie technician's pull ability and normalize its properties. by IncoherentOrange * Cost parity for mod mutations by Terrorforge
Interface: * Add a high contrast color theme by strategineer * Add two travel-related overmap keybinds for a better UX by strategineer * Fixed pocket contents displaying each item seperately by Skrassh
Mods: * Blood level widget for Xedra Evolved Vampire PCs by Maleclypse * [Backrooms] Add onura46 as a Backrooms maintainer by onura46
Bugfixes: * Fix friction drag from insufficient wheels potentially causing direction change in vehicles by cake-pie * Butane spawns and new food PR cooking cost corrections by anoobindisguise * Fixed windows with metal grate converting into wrong window types on sawing down the grate by Night-Pryanik * Charged tools can be searched by quality by Brambor * Migration: remove temperature tracking for former comestibles by cake-pie * Update events to account for ability to swap avatars (debug or upon death) by cake-pie * Make Crusader's Holy Shield actually work as a shield by Terrorforge * Prevent Android craft crash on small screens by SurFlurer * Fix vehicle cheevos not handling reverse (negative) velocities correctly by cake-pie * #64308 by aahue1889 * Higher skill speeds up spell learn time instead of slowing down by sparr * Follower NPCs shouldn't have static NPC traits by Maleclypse * Correct cost of boiled makeshift bandage by anoobindisguise * Expanded Digestive System cancels Meat Intolerance by Terrorforge * Fix atomic coffeepot being unable to use batteries by pjf * Fix zinc_metal stats (and cascade effects) by cake-pie * Intercom should sell the same set of UHMWPE armor. by SurFlurer * Straw Beds give more straw piles when deconstructed, up to 80%-90% of required instead of just 5% by dgreenlee1 * Add Dense Bones and Dromeosaur Muzzle to extra mut scen mod by KittyTac
Infrastructure: * Refactor misleading variable name vehicle::is_floating by cake-pie * Add Makefile option to compile in order of header popularity by sparr * Set OSX_MIN on CI to match release workflow by jbytheway
None: * Minor bus station cleanup by LovamKicsiGazsii * [Magiclysm] add dust_reborn and terra_armor to Gaia's Chosen spells_learned by GuardianDll * Fix underground emitter drain by irwiss * Type fixes for MSVC, use steady_clock for intervals by irwiss * Remove UNCRAFT_LIQUIDS_CONTAINED flag by mqrause * Make 'afs_atomic_smartphone' disassembly not produce any 'lens_small' components and update meteorologist quest dialog by strategineer * Differentiate welding tool names by RenechCDDA * Remove achievements/scores/killcount top-level keybinding and move it into the diary menu (bound by default to ')') by strategineer * cpp17 refactoring: remove make_pair by Brambor * Tidy item examine display by irwiss * Allow spells to use dialog variables. by Ramza13 * active_items: mark death drops as active items by andrei8l * Refactor and document vehicle::[avail_]part_with_feature overloads by irwiss * Make instability test more reliable by actually-a-cat * Fix motorcycle ramming into enemies and failing tests by strategineer * inv_ui: fix width of merged map column by andrei8l * Yet another random item fix PR by Karol1223 * Turn person's ability to open doors back by GuardianDll * Misc fixes by SurFlurer * Attach battery toolmod instead of duplicating item definitions by irwiss * inv_ui: move cell cache to entry and delete redundant calls by andrei8l * Fix changelog script not preserving leading spaces by dseguin * Revert "Revive part 2 of the netherium monster corpse project" by kevingranade * Revert "Attempts to fix nether monster generation" by kevingranade * Update bionics.json by H3LL-J3F3 * Erase all before placing Exodii crash buildings by jbytheway * [Magiclysm] Small fix by GuardianDll * Update the table of contents in doc/JSON_INFO.md by kevingranade * Remove more 0.G migrations by irwiss * Raise minimum supported macOS version to 10.13 by BrettDong * Set BACKTRACE in msvc CI builds for better stack traces. by akrieger * Furniture/Terrain Description Proofreading by FoolsGold45 * Item Description Cleanup Project: Finishing Touches by FoolsGold45 * [Xedra Evolved] Fix changeling fur drops and unrepairable weapons armor by Maleclypse * Pass base github token to Changelog generator by kevingranade * Leg Guards of Chitin Biosilicified or not for Fellows of Atypical Proportions by sadenar * Attempts to fix nether monster generation by LovamKicsiGazsii * Obsolete valhalla cultists by dseguin * Avoid divide by zero in vehicle::print_fuel_indicator by pjf * Create steam_faq.md by I-am-Erk * Removed the small lens from smartphone deconstruction because by strategineer * Migrate from cata::optional to std::optional by BrettDong * Pre-nerfed technician is in the No Hope mod by Night-Pryanik * set subtype of pencil_case_with_contents by nornagon * Make generic guns validator output sane error on bad json by irwiss * Routine tileset updates on 19 March 2023 by kevingranade * Refactor wire loss and vehicle battery charging by irwiss * Remove unused colored stat display functions by sparr * Add reminder of the license to PR template by Fris0uman * Move necropolis to No Hope mod, remove from base game by irwiss * Use underlying type for vehicle_part::flags enum by irwiss * Update NPCs.md to match #55320 by SurFlurer * [Xedra Evolved] Random fixes and stuff by GuardianDll * Fix Renfield abomination description by Maleclypse * Make folding vehicles test less flaky by irwiss * Fix energy cost comment discrepancies from #62180 by Brambor * Refactor travel-related overmap keybinds code by strategineer * msvc-full-features vcpkg cache needs to be a strict superset of the release vcpkg by akrieger * Routine i18n updates on 18 March 2023 by kevingranade * Aftershock - Make atomic coffeepot great again! by irwiss * Correct n_gettext() name in documentation by Kamayana * Changelog update: 2023-01-02 to 2023-03-12 by dseguin * Deduplicate code in Character::*_weakpoint_skill by sparr * Convert anonymous vehicle_part enum to class enum by irwiss * [Xedra Evolved] Estocs do not fit into scabbard by GuardianDll * Create parking_garage2x2.json by Maleclypse
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2023.03.24 12:59 cheeserered Anyone recommend where to get a good armour set early.

Hello fellow lords, I'm level 30 and im still rocking the samurai armour i got at the start of game, I have some more bosses I would like to fell in limgrave and weeping peninsula, I killed Margit while I was opening up some sites of grace so I could travel to the castle when I like. I would like to get a good armour set before I move onto the other areas, can anyone recommend where to get one please. Thanks.
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2023.03.24 12:58 Successful-Guess9219 [Online][ADND][GMT] Looking for Players for module "Against The Cult of the Reptile God"

Hey all.
Im looking for players for this adnd module. Playing 8-11pm on Sunday GMT (uk time). It should probably run for several sessions.
My favourite module! its based around solving a mystery about wtf is going on in the village of Orlane and has plenty of roleplaying, dungeons, exploration.
We have 3 potential players at the moment on the discord. I can send you a link if you are interested. Just DM me or comment with a bit about yourself and your experience with dnd. Looking for 4 players to run it with.
So far the other players are experienced with 5E but not 1E and so if you are a beginner that is fine! Im thinking of jumping in a call sometime before the game to discuss character creation if players find that useful.
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2023.03.24 12:58 Gviletinsky My theory about temporary universes

My theory about temporary universes

Many Movies, Stories and Books use the familiar concept of time travel, that is, when it has an effect on an event in the past, it is reflected in the future. Now, of course, better and more interesting theories are being used, such as the "Timeline" used in the Loki series, or time travel through the quantum universe using the differences in the passage of time in the quantum universe from the ordinary world.
But I came up with my theory and it seems to me the most plausible and probable. I assume that the time does not change even when exposed to the past. I believe that if time travel becomes possible, then travel will take place not through time, but through the so-called "Temporal Worlds" by me. I agree, it may sound absurd, but if you think about it, it may even turn out to be true. Temporal worlds are reflections of the present with a delay of the smallest particles of time, the smallness of which we cannot even imagine. This can also be seen visually. For example, let's take a mirror, if you pass by a mirror, you will be reflected in it with a delay of miles miles a second, since your reflection in the mirror is not you physically, but the light reflected from you, the light has a speed of 300,000 km / s, then there is your reflection to appear in the mirror with such a small particle of time late that you do not even notice. The Temporary worlds work on the same principle. That is, there are worlds in which the same thing happens as in ours only with a delay. Okay, now if we try to take and put another mirror, just put it so that it looks at the first mirror and reflects what is reflected in the first, what will happen? The second mirror will reflect what the first reflected but with the same delay. That is, your passage past the mirror will be reflected with a delay in twins in the second mirror. And if we put a lot of mirrors reflecting each other, then we can achieve that the present is reflected in one and mirrors with a delay of a second or an hour or a day or even a year! Temporary worlds are mirrors, each Temporary world is a mirror reflecting the present with a delay, one world can be late for an hour, another for 100 years. this is how the theory of the Temporary Universes works. And when something changes in some Temporary World, it does not matter because of a time traveler or because of something else, if something happens in this Temporary World that did not happen in the present, then it goes its own way, and its fate prescribed by the Lord . That is, this theory does not contradict religion and fate. Each temporary world has a fate prescribed by the Lord, the Lord can prescribe a change to some Temporary world, and belated copying of the present to some. And there are even some texts in the scriptures that probably confirm my theory. For example, the Koran Sura 1, Al Fatiha, Ayat 2. This text indicates the probability of the existence of worlds not only Temporary, but even possibly Parallel. Express your opinion about it, and ask if you have questions.

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2023.03.24 12:56 rosalui 'Why wasn't Six of Crows a separate show from the start? Why are they using SoC plotlines in Shadow and Bone?'

I feel like I see these questions a lot, and why I completely understand and agree with the emotion behind them, I feel that it's also sort of ignoring the way in which television is a money-making business on perpetually shaky, unstable ground.
The original proposal was for one show, Shadow and Bone, probably because after the end of Game of Thrones, every major network was desperately searching for the 'next big fantasy thing' and greenlighting classic fantasy projects like The Witcher, Wheel of Time, and Rings of Power. The showrunner only agreed if he could bring the Crows along; there was never an offer for SoC as a separate show, which would obviously take millions more dollars and perhaps even an entirely new creative team.
To use a few other examples, The Hobbit would never have been on the table for a big-budget adaption (for better or worse) without the success of Lord of the Rings; House of the Dragon would never have been made if not for Game of Thrones; Better Call Saul couldn't have happened without a successful run on Breaking Bad.
Netflix is also notorious for canceling shows after one or two seasons, whether big-budget or small. So the showrunners need 1) to make SaB interesting enough to keep it running for more than one season, 2) to introduce the Crows in SaB as a sort of backdoor pilot or soft pitch for a spin-off, and 3) need to shove as much shit as possible into the seasons that they've already gotten greenlit in case their show gets canceled like every other Netflix show.
This is only my conjecture, but the executives who hand out money for new projects probably aren't going to care about character storylines getting compressed or pulled out of order in comparison to the books. They're going to care about whether viewing numbers and public social media interest indicate that they can generate profits from a new property, and whether the performances in the current seasons of SaB indicate that these side characters are interesting enough to warrant the massive budget for a spin-off show.
Hence the inclusion of fan-favorite arcs like Jesper and Wylan's relationship, plus Kaz's backstory, way before their timeline in the books.
So while I'm 100% on the 'the Crows should have had their own show from the start' boat, I feel like a lot of the fan discussion around that is ignoring some of the frustrating realities of the industry.
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2023.03.24 12:54 alphabetorder66 I vaped myself to nicotine poising and kept going : warning to others..

I was sick with a mystery illness that turned out to be the 4 Juul pods i was smoking everyday. The nicotine poising caused me to lose track of how much I was vaping , as I have an endless supply of pods. Do not vape more than two pods a day. I had and still have neurological and physical problems that no doctor could seem to solve . Do not vape more than a pod or two a day.
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2023.03.24 12:52 No_Obligation_1997 [FOR HIRE] Comissions Open (Prices $75~150 USD) / FanArt, OC's, Ref Sheet, Character Design, Animations and more! Info in comments or DM - EMERGENCY COMMISIOONS

[FOR HIRE] Comissions Open (Prices $75~150 USD) / FanArt, OC's, Ref Sheet, Character Design, Animations and more! Info in comments or DM - EMERGENCY COMMISIOONS submitted by No_Obligation_1997 to artcommissions [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 12:51 wugi0926 Purple And Blue Chameleon Wrap For Camaro

Purple And Blue Chameleon Wrap For Camaro
Some people like purple and think it is mysterious and dreamy, while others like blue and think it is deep and elegant. With the development of modern aesthetics, blue and purple can also be mixed and matched, and the visual effect is quite good. Purple And Blue Chameleon Car Wrap is the explosive "color-changing film" of the color flip vinyl wrap series, just like its name, it is a blue-purple and charming color. The perfect texture of super strong metal particles shines like diamonds, and the blue and purple two-color dreamy gradient changes with the angle of light. No matter what angle you are at, it will bring different visual effects. "Purple And Blue Chameleon" looks like a deep and dreamy starry sky under the light, with a strong discoloration effect and obvious color contrast, it can also make you feel cool visually, and the overall effect of the car is also very full. Suitable for any season and all kinds of people, it is also suitable for the classic American muscle car Camaro.

The new Camaro offers four models, among which the low-end model is equipped with a 2.0T turbocharged engine matched with 8AT, with a maximum power of 205kW and a peak torque of 400N m. It can achieve zero-to-hundred acceleration in 5.9 seconds, which is quite fast. While other models are equipped with 3.6L V6 self-priming engine and 6.2L V8 engine respectively, the top ZL1 model is equipped with a 6.2T V8 supercharged engine with a maximum power of 485kW and a peak torque of 880N m. Such parameters are basically the ceiling of fuel vehicles.The V8 model is also equipped with Brembo brake calipers, sports suspension, electromagnetic ride control system and other kits.It can be seen that it is not entirely for comfort, but is roaring its performance nakedly. This is the horror of American muscle sports cars.Not surprisingly, the transmission system will continue the old MacPherson-style rear multi-link independent suspension, and at the same time adopt the front-rear drive drive method.Not surprisingly, the transmission system will continue the old MacPherson-style rear multi-link independent suspension, and at the same time adopt the front-rear drive drive method.

The entire Camaro in front of you has been recolored with purple and blue body color-changing film, forming a strong visual contrast. The body texture of the glossy car wrap surface is clearly visible,which seems to automatically turn on the spotlight for the Camaro, "illuminating" its tough and dynamic silhouette. The combination of purple and blue makes the whole car body into a classic posture that eliminates complexity and simplifies, conveying the elegant and atmospheric aesthetic charm in the light and shadow flow. The appearance of the new car is in line with the Camaro family. The air intake grille has been divided, the headlights are very sharp, and the slender fog lights have been designed in one piece with the lower grille. With the dense muscle lines on the top of the hood, it is very visual shock. With 20-inch five-spoke aluminum alloy forged wheels, there is a kind of momentum that is ready to come out. The sharp lines outline the body and have a good light and shadow effect in the sun. The film surface is purple with a slight blue hue, forming a unique visual experience. The combination of blue and purple highlights the atmosphere of the car surface, and precipitates an innate elegance, showing a modern style.The square taillights at the rear and the front face have the same design, coupled with the double-sided exhaust, the whole vehicle is full of sporty atmosphere. The deep and elegant blue and the dreamy and mysterious purple blend with each other, with the change of light and shadow in the movement of the car body, it shows the sense of diamond light, which shines brilliantly in the interlacing of light and dark, making it even more cool.

Is this purple and blue chameleon car wrap, which has excellent texture and aesthetic feeling, your favorite color?
See more👇

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2023.03.24 12:49 uno999 Where is it? Lord of the rings Amazon.ca pre-order

I've been checking amazon canada here and there for weeks but never see it come up.
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2023.03.24 12:49 Particular-Season905 I have a cool theory which stems off of the Andrew/Cassidy theory

So recently, I became a believer of the theory that Andrew is the Vengeful Spirit even though I hate it. For an in depth explanation as to why, check out ShyCrow's newest video on it.
But I had a thought about it. Of course, if this theory is true then that would mean William killed Andrew at some point. Most people would say he's a secret 6th MCI kid, and there's a lot of relevance to that - the Fazbear Frights books & the Toy Chica cutscenes are great pieces of evidence. However, I have uncovered something which blew my mind and, if true, might possibly shake the very foundation of all of our timelines.
I propose that Andrew is the first kid ever killed, even before the Bite of 83. Hear me out. Remember the tuft of hair that stuck out of the Fredbear suit in Fnaf 4 and we had no explanation for it, just mysterious kid who has no relevance - maybe this is it. Maybe that kid was Andrew. He was stuffed into a Fredbear suit of all things as well, so it's very possible.
This would also give credence to Andrew possibly being, in one way or another, the Fredbear Plush that CC talks to. I know that in SL there's the fact shown that it's William talking through a walkie talkie, but u have to admit that the plush has some very strange and sometimes ghostly tendencies. It would also explain the "ill put u back together line" as that be Andrew allowing CC to live in with him inside of Golden Freddy.
It also explain the weirdness of Glitchbear in Fnaf World and why he never made sense - if it was actually Andrew, it would now make perfect sense. Also also, remember "the thing" CC saw that made him scared of the animatronics - what if it had something to do with Andrew? What if he saw something to do with his death?
This theory alone answers so many questions that we've had for years. Lmk what u guys think of this?
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2023.03.24 12:48 NikkolasKing Dutch - Romanticism & Civilization

turncloaks asked in a thread a few weeks ago on why Dutch is opposed to civilization. I wanted to offer a more substantive reply to this than was really given in the other thread.
First off, we have to look at what RDR shows us of "Civilization"
"Okay, there she is...a real city...the future."
Civilization Triumphant
Notice how Saint-Denis is basically Mordor from Lord of the Rings. (or more like Isengard for hardcore LOTR nerds - an outpost of brutal industrialization in a still wild land) Imposing, ominous, a black stain upon pure wilderness. By RDR1, "the future" Dutch and Arthur so detested was here in force. John has to listen to rich hags brag about how they've "civilized" the Natives, either by genociding them or reducing them to living like animals, while a priest - a symbol of "civilized purity and goodness" - boasts about how savages don't get to go to Heaven.
We've set the scene, we've set the mood. The games are unambiguous in that "Progress" is disgusting, immoral, and inevitable.
Part of what drew me to the game in the first place was what I read of the character of Dutch van der Linde. This game ultimately might be the story of one man's (Arthur's) journey to redemption but as compelling as that is, it wasn't what drew me to play it for myself. I was far more intrigued by the overarching story of the gang as a whole - the story of these holdouts fighting the encroachment of civilization and capitalism. I had sympathies with al this long before I heard of this game, or even before it came out. I might not be a philosopher or even a philosophy student, but I have done my best to read and learn since about 2016 or so. I figured I could share at least some of that with other fans and help flesh out the game. A great piece of art has to say something in my view so what is Red Dead Redemption 2 saying?
Arthur: We're thieves, in a world that don't want us no more.
Dutch: We are dreamers, in an ever-duller world of facts, I'll give you that.
Dutch: It's the illlnes of romantics.
Arthur: What is?
Dutch: Hope
What is Romanticism?
Having posited a rejection of capitalist modernity as the foundation and first phase of Romanticism, we need to specify our concept further, since Romanticism represents just one modality, a particular tonality in which critiques of the modern world may be couched. The Romantic critique is bound up with an experience of loss. The Romantic vision is characterized by the painful and melancholic conviction that in modern reality something precious has been lost, at the level of both individuals and humanity at large; certain essential human values have been alienated. This alienation, keenly sensed, is often experienced as exile: in defining the Romantic sensibility, Friedrich Schlegel speaks of the soul “under the willows of exile” (unter den Trauerweiden der Verbannung);44 the soul, the seat of humanness, now lives far removed from its true hearth or homeland (Heimat); thus according to Arnold Hauser “the feeling of homelessness (Heimatslosigkeit) and loneliness became the fundamental experience” of the Romantics at the beginning of the nineteenth century.45 And Walter Benjamin, himself deeply imbued with this worldview, sees in the German Romantics’ appeal to dream life an indication of the obstacles raised by real life on the “path of the soul’s homeward journey to the motherland” (der Heimweg der Seele ins Mutterland).46
The soul ardently desires to go home again, to return to its homeland, in the spiritual sense, and this nostalgia is at the heart of the Romantic attitude. What is lacking in the present existed once upon a time, in a more or less distant past. The defining characteristic of that past is its difference from the present: the past is the period in which the various modern alienations did not yet exist. Romantic nostalgia looks to a precapitalist past, or at least to a past in which the modern socioeconomic system was not yet fully developed. Thus nostalgia for the past is—to borrow a term from Marx and Engels, who noted this feature among the English capitalists—“closely linked” to the critique of the capitalist world.47
The past that is the object of nostalgia may be entirely mythological or legendary, as in the reference to Eden, to the Golden Age, or to the lost Atlantis. It may also constitute a personal myth, like the “mysterious City” in Nerval’s Aurélia.48 But even in the many instances in which a real historical past is invoked, the past is always idealized. The Romantic vision selects a moment from the actual past in which the harmful characteristics of modernity did not yet exist and in which the human values that have been since stifled by modernity were still operative; that moment is then transformed into a utopia, shaped as the embodiment of Romantic aspirations. This is one way to explain the seeming paradox according to which the Romantic orientation toward the past can also involve looking ahead; the image of a dreamed-of future beyond the contemporary world is inscribed within the evocation of a precapitalist era.
Primitive societies, the Hebrew people of the biblical era, Greek and Roman antiquity, the English Renaissance, the Old Regime in France—all these served as vehicles for the Romantic vision. The choice—and especially the interpretation—of a particular period in the past depended on the specific orientation of the form of Romanticism in question.
Nostalgia for a lost paradise is generally accompanied by a quest for what has been lost. An active principle at the heart of Romanticism has often been noted in various forms: anxiety, a state of perpetual becoming, interrogation, quest, struggle. In general, then, a third moment is constituted by an active response, an attempt to find or to re-create the ideal past state; there is such a thing, nevertheless, as a resigned Romanticism.
Romanticism Against the Tide of Modernity
I think this fits Dutch's overall philosophy to the letter. In fact, it might be an underlying philosophy of the game, too. The feeling of "loss," of being obsolete and unwanted, of "none of this really matters" is present from the start, even in the more joyful parts of the game. I remember Arthur having a talk with Mary-Beth all the way in Chapter 2 about how none of this matters because the world doesn't want people like them anymore. They fight and they fight and they fight, and none of it did any good, as Dutch says himself in RDR1. Arthur may have realized it sooner, or he may have simply accepted it sooner, owing more to his very different temperament from Dutch. But I don't think enough people really stress how very similar Dutch and Arthur are in their basic view of the world, the main difference is how they act on this worldview. John is the same. Our two heroes fundamentally agree with Dutch in their disdain for civilization.
That is how I understood the whole relationship Arthur had with both Hamish and especially Charlotte To continue quoting from the book:
A second tendency seeks to rediscover paradise in present reality. [...] But one may also choose to flee bourgeois society, leaving cities behind for the country, trading modern countries for exotic ones, abandoning the centers of capitalist development for some “elsewhere” that keeps a more primitive past alive in the present. The approach of exoticism is a search for a past in the present by a mere displacement in space. Nodier brings the fundamental principle of exoticism to light when he explains that his tales Smarra and Trilby are set in a wild Scottish landscape because it is only by leaving Europe behind that one can find remnants of humanity’s springtime, an idyllic period in which the sources of the imagination and sensitivity had not yet dried up.53
Romanticism Against the Tide of Modernity
This is Charlotte to the letter. In order to discover a more true, authentic, and noble life, she and her husband fled the city and the modern world. Hamish doesn't say he specifically did this but, as Arthur points out, it isn't like he gets much company where he lives. He lives off the land just like Charlotte does. To me, this feels like Arthur's ultimate "tendency" as the book calls it. There is no pushing back the modern world, the best you can do is retreat from it and save your soul by living in harmony with the natural world. Arthur bonds with Hamish over this simple way of life and he teaches Charlotte how to survive this way of life. These are two people living his dream, in essence.
Dutch, by contrast...
A third tendency holds the preceding solutions to be illusory, or in any event merely partial; it embarks on the path of authentic future realization. [...] From the standpoint that is oriented toward future accomplishments, that of Percy Bysshe Shelley, Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, William Morris, or Walter Benjamin, for example, the recollection of the past serves as a weapon in the struggle for the future. A well-known poem by Blake gives remarkable expression to this view. In a short text that is part of the preface to Milton, the poet wonders whether the divine presence manifested itself in England “in ancient time,” before its hills were covered by “these dark Satanic mills.” In conclusion, he commits himself to a “spiritual struggle” that will end only when “we have built Jerusalem/in Englands green & pleasant land.”55 In this form of Romanticism, the quest aims at the creation of a new Jerusalem.
Romanticism Against the Tide of Modernity
And to quote a description of Jean-Jacques Rousseau from a different book....
To describe that influence in a somewhat different way, Rousseau may be said to have inaugurated the “radical tradition” of philosophical discontent with modernity which, since his time, has formed a permanent and integral part of modernity itself—culminating today in the declaration of a new, “post-modern” era. Standing at the threshold of the “modern age” inaugurated by the American, French, and Industrial revolutions, the threshold of that long journey toward technological, welfare-capitalist/socialist, liberal, mass, democratic society that today still goes by the name of “modernization”—Rousseau was the first to cry, “stop.” And in presenting his classic diagnosis of the ills of modern society—the loss of social and psychic unity—he defined the problem which succeeding generations of critical thinkers would try to solve.
Of course, Rousseau was not simply the first to cry stop to modernization, since many had done so before him in the name of the ancien regime and the old monarchic and Christian principles. But he was the first to do so as a more advanced adherent of the new modern ideas. The Enlightenment and the new Party of Reason had plenty of enemies; Rousseau was its first defector, its first “dialectical” opponent. His defection, moreover, turned out to be the founding event of a since unbroken tradition of modern self-hatred, of protest against modernity arising from within the modern camp, and the first clear indication of the theoretical instability and continuously self-devouring character of the modern revolution.
In other words, Rousseau became the prototype of the modern alienated intellectual: the thinker who agrees with the modern rejection of the principles that underlay the classical and Christian worlds, but who nevertheless loathes the new world that these modern ideas have created. Knowing the man-made character of this world, and blaming it for the unhealthy state of his own soul, he seeks the restoration of the world and his soul through a still more radical, progressive application of these modern ideas.
The Natural Goodness of Man: On the System of Rousseau's Thought
Dutch says at one point that, for as bad as the New World is, the Old World was even worse. While some things may be open to interpretation about his character, his hatred for the Old World - which arguably manifests in his hatred of the Old South given its close likeness to America's European ancestry - seems beyond doubt to me. He is not content with simply retreating from the modern world, nor is he happy to try and rebuild some ancient society. He wants something radically different from both the past and present. He wants to take those modern ideals of liberation and realize them, turn them from just a fiction on a piece of paper to a real utopia. Fight back against modernity tooth and nail, don't run from it is how I view him vs. Arthur. Could be the difference between an idealist (Dutch) and a realist (Arthur).
If there is any past he might valorize or deem noble, it is that of non-European peoples, like Native Americans. To quote yet another book on Rousseau:
The origins of what we call the romantic “enchanted garden” can be found among the early romantics, that is to say the writers and philosophers usually identified as romantic. Although for us the romantic worldview is not limited to the so-called Romantic period but is alive in modern culture up to the present, the early romantics were undoubtedly the ones who laid the first stepping-stones of the unfinished romantic narrative. Romanticism of course does not have a single birth date. But if we wanted to pick one moment as a symbolic starting point it might be 1755, the year in which Jean-Jacques Rousseau published his Discourse on the Origin and Basis of Inequality among Men. This astonishing document constitutes perhaps the first romantic manifesto, with its ferocious critique of modern civilization and celebration of the “noble savage.” The association between these two topoi is to be found among many later romantic writers and artists, from the eighteenth century up to our time, as will be evident throughout this book.
While Voltaire, the great proponent of Enlightenment and progress, pictures indigenous peoples as anthropophagic barbarians in his philosophical satire Candide (1759), the romantic Rousseau sees them as “the true youth of the world.” For him, all the subsequent steps of progress, which were supposed to lead towards the perfection of the individual, “were in effect steps towards the degradation (décrépitude) of the species.” The savage “breathes only rest and freedom,” while civilized man “works until he dies” and is “proud of his serfdom.”10 In fact, Rousseau emphasizes, the barbarian “refuses to bow his head to the yoke that the civilized person bears without grumbling,” and prefers the most dangerous freedom to the most peaceful submission. In a passage that seems almost to foresee anticolonial struggles, Rousseau argues that the love of freedom is so strong among “savages” that they “are willing to face hunger, fire, iron and death to keep their independence.”11 Although the philosopher’s “state of nature” may be a fiction, his portrayal of the life of primitive peoples is almost surely based on travelers reports. Rousseau in any case often explicitly refers in his essay to specific groups: Hottentots, Caribbeans, and “savages of the Americas.”12
Romantic Anti-capitalism and Nature
Remember how Dutch shoots down Bill's racism on the way to kill Bronte. Note how he follows this up by talking about how he had tried to "teach" all of them something. What had he tried to teach? That America far away from European tyranny was "God's last creation." I suspect it's as close as anything to Dutch's ideal.
Now, a word that comes up a lot in RDR is "Civilization." Arthur says it right at the start and it's repeated all throughout the game. Well, what is civilization? It's another tricky word to define. I enjoy this distinction and definition:
Our word “culture” and the German term “Kultur” are both derived from the Latin colere, “to cultivate.” In the early modern period, it was used – rather rarely – as a metaphor to describe the social and political “cultivation” of civilization, the process of civilizing a person out of a barbaric state. In the late eighteenth century, however, the notion of culture underwent a significant change, transformed in the thought of J. G. Herder, Immanuel Kant, and J. G. Fichte.6 After this transformation, culture became a quite frequent – even everyday term – in the West.7
The main change these thinkers effected was to oppose culture and civilization. Along with Jean-Jacques Rousseau, these philosophers challenged civilization and the civilized person.8 According to this critique, civilization satisfies our bodily needs and creates external order and peace, but it fails to attend to our spiritual needs and inner longings. Modern civilization possesses an artificial character – in its manners, its impersonal bureaucratic forms of rule, its obsession with economic development – that destroys the spiritual unity of the people. Moreover, the secular character of modern civilization – in particular, the decline of religious influence on individuals’ lives, summed up by Nietzsche as the “death of God” – frustrates our spiritual need for our life to have meaning or significance. In short, modern civilization reliably produces comfort, pleasure, wealth, and abundance, but it also undermines communal belonging, civic virtue and nobility, and spiritual self-development.
These thinkers did not want to turn back the clock to ancient politics or medieval religious societies, but rather developed another form of community alongside civilization, a distinctively modern form of spiritual community that could infuse meaning and purpose into modern civilization. They referred to this form of community as Kultur. 9 They drew on the received notion of culture as involving a process of education but decisively transformed the character of that education. Whereas civilization prepares individuals to be useful for the material aims of society, politics, and market, culture shapes individuals to participate in the common spiritual – especially moral, artistic, and philosophical – pursuit of the good life. For Kant, Fichte, and Herder, the purpose of culture is to realize human freedom, for the human spirit to elevate itself out of a condition of animal instinct and determine its own fate. Culture, then, is a replacement for the role of religion in political society and human life, but instead of serving the purpose of reflecting the will of God, culture serves to reflect and ennoble humanity’s freedom. In other words, according to these philosophers, culture is not opposed to freedom and equality but at its very origins was understood to be the proper realization of these goods.
For instance, consider this influential passage from Kant’s essay “Idea for a Universal History with a Cosmopolitan Intent”:
We are cultivated [kultiviert] to a high degree by art and science. We are civilized [zivilisiert] to the point of excess in all kinds of social courtesies and propensities. ... While the idea of morality is indeed present in culture [Kultur], an application of this idea which only extends to the semblances of morality, as in love of honor and outward propriety, amounts merely to civilization. But as long as states apply all their resources to their vain and violent schemes of expansion, thus incessantly obstructing the slow and laborious efforts of their citizens to cultivate their minds, and even deprive them of all support in these efforts, no progress in this direction can be expected. For a long internal process of careful work on the part of each commonwealth is necessary for the education [Bildung] of its citizens. (Idea 49)
For Kant, civilization undermines our project of moral progress, attaching us to the material goods of social status (through the “semblances of morality,” social manners) and political power (through state “expansion”). Culture, by contrast, promotes moral progress by attaching us to the ends of the arts and sciences and supplying us with the “idea of morality.” Finally, Kant suggests here that politics plays an important role in promoting culture in its people by supplying the right “education of its citizens.”10
While Kant speaks of the “splendid misery” of materialist civilization (Idea 49), Herder attacks the moral self-aggrandizement and chauvinism of modern Enlightenment civilization (LAH 380). For Herder, modern progressive civilization asks us to “over-extend” our “feelings,” which leads us to “blur them into mere words and generate nothing but misery for itself and everybody else,” whereas the “savage who loves himself, his wife and child, with quiet joy” is at peace with the world (Ideas 400).11 Like Kant, Herder opposes culture to civilization.12 He says that “culture” (Kultur) – derived from “the cultivation of the ground” – has as its purpose the “education” (Erziehung) and “enlightenment” (Aufklärung) of a people (Ideas 410). Culture consists in the “education of mankind” (Erziehung des Menschengeschlechts) (Ideas 407).
Nietzsche's Culture of Humanity: Beyond Aristocracy and Democracy in the Early Period
Civilization is, in brief, the most superficial things humans have ever created. In the name of so-called progress or morality, It is the opening of RDR1. Enlightened Europeans and Americans destroyed "primitive" peoples and ways of life. Now people get to live in complacency and arrogance about how they're o much better than everyone who came before when in reality they're infinitely worse off in all the ways that truly matter. George Bernard Shaw framed it as:
If you had said to him, 'We may be in hell ; but we feel extremely comfortable ', Ruskin, being a genuinely religious man, would have replied, That simply shows that you are dammed to the uttermost depths of damnation, because not only are you in hell, but you like being in hell'.
Ruskin's Politics
In conclusion, let me answer the question I posted at the beginning. "What is Red Dead saying?" The American government and industrialists have perpetrated crimes that dwarf anything the gang ever could have done. They erased entire Peoples and cultures. Thousands, tens of thousands, dead, countless more ethnically cleansed. Dutch and Arthur and the gang lived in a time when the United States was a genocidal empire and they saw it first hand. They tried to fight it, they tried to maintain some freedom. That is why the gang is mostly composed of exploited people like various minorities or the women or even drug addicts. No matter how bad they were, they were better to their own than the state was to its own. The gang fought hard for Dutch's "savage utopia" but the war was over before it began, just like all groups who tried to fight "Civilization."
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2023.03.24 12:47 Mayion Automata crossed off quests advice?

So basically I left the game for a year and now that I am back, I don't quite remember what happened. I know little of the game's routes as well, so I assume I am beyond the point of no return?
Those are my quests https://i.imgur.com/FRB5yDA.jpeg
Only active ones are Half-wit Inventor (That I don't even know how to finish, I keep giving him money and nothing else happens), and Mysterious letter, which requires minimum level of 25, and I am currently level 20

I am honestly lost and not sure how to play the game lol. I just want to enjoy the main story. I remember also finding some aliens, and learning of androids that betrayed us. I want to enjoy that story, not collect stamps from the carnival and mundane stuff like that
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2023.03.24 12:47 ACitrusYaFeel Ryman III - Sweet Nothings

6th Moon, 200 AC - King's Landing
Hot, with as much sweat atop the brow and in matted locks of hair as much as the small of the back. The Capital seemed stricken with heat for all of a day and with the sun hung high overhead, there was nowhere safe from it. Only the salt-filled breeze swept fresh from the sea could provide some inkling of comfort, no matter the masses that also seemed to think the same. In thin cloth from the scorched mountains of the Marches, Ryman and Criston feasted upon fruit while Brynden appeared more inclined to bathe his worn and weary face in a pail of water much cleaner than what lied in the Blackwater.
"Should we not be working," asked Criston with a mouthful and wandering eyes on a swivel, "the heat will make them an unruly lot?"
From behind closed eyes while reclined across the stone with a forearm lazily sitting across his forehead, Ryman groaned. "I gave Joff command for the day." He said with a dismissive wave of his idle hand, "I have much more important things to tend to."
Brynden rose his dripping head, "You're bathing your sun, have been most of the day."
"Exactly," laughed Ryman, biting out another portion of green apple. A favourite, as bitter as it was sweet. "Much more important things."
Criston groaned and Brynden rumbled in a low chuckle, while Roland snickered softly. Though silence reigned in the moments that followed. The lot of them sat and sweat, their skin stained with salt as it crept across the otherwise dry air save the spray. There was no quiet, not here, not with the bells and the sounds of the city and docks alike. The comfort of silence was ever a rarity in King's Landing, even in the dead of night.
Though without warning, Ryman sat up. "You know, I was thinking-"
"Not good," grumbled Criston.
An eaten apple core was tossed his way, striking him whilst he wasn't looking. "Oi!" He balked.
Brynden laughed, Roland snickered, and Ryman chuckled.
"I think I should be wed," he continued.
"Is this your father talking?" Said one while another roused, "Your beloved Baratheon already left the city."
His eyes rolled, partly with frustration to match the comment and the truth of it. Ryman believed himself on the path for such a union, even despite the... mishap with the mother, with a violent raid. It seemed to resolve itself, he thought, with the accused little more than a corpse in the Stepstones now. He was here, still, in his position and without consequence; save the bitter remarks of an ever upset prince, a future ruler, but one that Ryman would lose no sleep over should a sickness claim him. His sister seemed more to his nature, too.
"Maester...?" He flicked his gaze across to an elderly man in a thicker garb with heavy chains hanging from his neck. Beads of sweat seemed to settle over his brow, down his cheeks, and into the thin and pale beard. His eyes softened when there was no immediate answer, perhaps the older man nestled by a barrel and table had died.
"The maester will agree with your every wish." Criston tossed the skin of his fruit in saying, a soft plop came as it struck the water and was lost in the small waves.
"Perhaps you should be more like him, then." Ryman smarmily retorted.
Gruff, the effort to clear the maester's throat appeared to steal some degree of strength from him. "I should believe in whatever you think is right," the old man's voice sounded as uninterested as it was non-committal.
Criston shrugged with a huff, "See?" Brynden snorted.
"Then we best write a letter," the Caron smirked to his fellows while the maester prepared both parchment and ink in the outdoors. His movements slow and sluggish, a shaky hand found trouble.
His once lazily lounging self sobered, straightening with narrowed features born from focus. Ryman cleared his own throat, speaking, "Write: to my beloved Ellyn, I have thought of you day and night. No, wait, get rid of that."
To my beloved Ellyn,
I have thought of you day and night
"Maybe..." He ran his hand across his chin. "Ellyn, I cannot stop thinking of you - eh, no." He sighed, laying down and clasping his fingers together. Once more, his eyes fell shut. Even from behind closed eyelids, the heat of the sun could be felt through them.
I cannot stop thinking of you
The maester groaned, discarding another piece of parchment in favour of another.
"Tortured lover," mockingly frowned Criston.
Brynden and Roland supped on their summer wine, "Given up so soon?"
Ryman only huffed in response.
"Perhaps something more heartfelt and thoughtful, lord Ryman." Said maester Hunnimore through his hoarse chords.
He sat up, his arms leaning over his risen and bent knees. "Hmm," he hummed in thought. "Dearest Ellyn," said Ryman after a moments worth of consideration, "I have not forgotten the night we shared together; I have thought of you ever since."
Dearest Ellyn,
I have not forgotten the night we shared together. I have thought of you ever since.
"Wait," alarmingly sounded Criston, stiffening. "The night you shared? Did you bed her?"
Stolen from his careful thoughts, Ryman's brow tensed a touch before it softened in his turn towards their knightly friend. "No," he shook his head softly, "though we spent a night together. Her mother will think I did bed her should she read this, which will go one of two ways."
With suspicion, Criston narrowed his brow. "Do you think that to be your benefit."
Ryman shrugged his pursed lips. "Tricky," said Roland.
He continued, "Though I know we have spent moons apart from another, I would hope for many more nights together to come in the moons, and if you would want it, the years. I come to realise the love I hold for you, the same love I did not yet understand when I named you Queen of Love and Beauty years ago."
Dearest Ellyn,
I have not forgotten the night we shared together. I have thought of you ever since.
Though I know we have spent moons apart from another, I would hope for many more nights together to come in the moons, and if you would want it, the years. I come to realise the love I hold for you, the same love I did not yet understand when I named you Queen of Love and Beauty years ago.
His own silence returned, oblivious to the prying eyes of his fellows. Each turned, each listened, each awaited the next breath to spill heartfelt worlds. Or those that appeared to be as much. In his consideration of the next placed lyrics to a song he did not quite know, there was some half-wonder as to whether there was truth to them. Ellyn was bold, even abusive - he liked that about her, it made her different, separate from the rest. Perhaps should we make him a better man, maybe worse.
"Come on, lover boy."
"You're not done yet."
Ryman glared, "Shut it."
On the brick and mortar ahead, his eyes focused. "If it would please you, as it please me, I would offer myself and all my worldly possessions unto you in a union of marriage. Perhaps we may meet to discuss this further, the Capital should suffice. Lest you would prefer elsewhere. Your most ardent admirer - no," he groaned, "too much."
Dearest Ellyn,
I have not forgotten the night we shared together. I have thought of you ever since.
Though I know we have spent moons apart from another, I would hope for many more nights together to come in the moons, and if you would want it, the years. I come to realise the love I hold for you, the same love I did not yet understand when I named you Queen of Love and Beauty years ago.
If it would please you, as it please me, I would offer myself and all my worldly possessions unto you in a union of marriage. Perhaps we may meet to discuss this further, the Capital should suffice. Lest you would prefer elsewhere.
Your most ardent admirer
Hunnimore groaned even louder, though. In protest as his ink had little use in the end.
Ryman shared a quiet, smug smile. He turned to the maester, "Say, 'Yours', then sign."
Dearest Ellyn,
I have not forgotten the night we shared together. I have thought of you ever since.
Though I know we have spent moons apart from another, I would hope for many more nights together to come in the moons, and if you would want it, the years. I come to realise the love I hold for you, the same love I did not yet understand when I named you Queen of Love and Beauty years ago.
If it would please you, as it please me, I would offer myself and all my worldly possessions unto you in a union of marriage. Perhaps we may meet to discuss this further, the Capital should suffice. Lest you would prefer elsewhere.
Ryman Caron
"I'm practically teary," dryly said Criston some more, wiping a false tear from his forcefully bored eye. "Do you think it will be of much use, or is this truly loving message all for naught."
Ryman snatched up the bottle of wine, a Pentoshi summer. He eyes the contents curiously, swishing them about, grasping onto his own silence tightly. In the end, the words followed a hearty swig and a shrug of his shoulders, laying flat onto his back with another shrug but of his mouth. "Eh," he breathily mumbled.
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2023.03.24 12:47 tygabeast [Dreadgod] Team Regression 12

Part 12: Serpent's Grave
Kelsa had spent her childhood hearing stories and tales of mighty and majestic dragons. But that was all that they had been; tales, myths to act as the focus of a parable to instill a moral lesson in children. The powerful beasts hoard resources and force their offspring to fend for themselves, so humans who provide resources to the promising young are more honorable, or so she was taught.
They were clearly more than just myth.
Gazing out the window, Kelsa watched the city as they approached. Skeletons so massive that they boggled the mind wove around and through a bustling metropolis of human make, any one of them large enough to encompass the entire Wei clan compound. The name of the city, Serpent's Grave, seemed appropriate.
Slowly, the she began to make out details of the bones, dark spots becoming clearer until their purpose as windows was clear. The bones themselves had been carved into buildings, and people streamed into, through, and around them. If every one of the bones were a building in its own right...
Just how many people live here?
A soft jerk pulled her from her thoughts. It seemed that, while she was distracted, the ship had been lowered into a prepared spot. She left her place, joining Lindon and the others at the doors of the building. Eithan threw open the doors to reveal a hundred people, arranged in rows of ten, clad in blue and black, prostrated on the ground.
"The Arelius family greets the Patriarch," they shouted, their unified voice shaking the ground and vibrating Kelsa's bones.
Cassias stepped in front of Eithan and addressed the group. "Number one, step forward and report."
The leftmost person in the front row, a balding man of average build in his middle years, stepped up and bowed to the Patriarch.
He moved to whisper in Cassias' ear, instead of making his report in front of the crowd. After a moment, Cassias turned to Eithan and spoke in a normal tone. Kelsa found herself wondering what the point of that was.
"Since I have been gone, the Jai have grown even more desperate. Our fourth-ranked crew of lamplighters working on the mountain have returned with severe burns. They were working on the peak, just outside the Jai palaces, and have named a specific group of Jai Highgolds. The Jai have not responded, but the Highgolds haven't been seen for the last week."
Eithan dipped his head, and the servant continued whispering in Cassias' ear. He nodded through a few more reports before Cassias said, "We've recently received reports indicating that a natural spirit has formed in the sewer. A life spirit, caused by Jai refiners dumping their elixirs in the same chamber that the Soulsmiths disposed of their dead matter, as predicted."
Eithan nodded again. "Two and a half miles east," he said, "just south of the Sandstorm Quarter, directly beneath the fountain shaped like a three-headed dragon."
Cassias turned back to the rows of kneeling servants. "Ninety-nine and one hundred," he said. The two people in the back rose to their feet, and ran off.
"This is where you'll be advancing to Lowgold," Eithan said as he guided Kelsa into a large chamber. "This chamber has been specially prepared for the task." As he spoke, he gesture toward the center of the room, to the concentric cicles of script covering the floor.
"The Jade cycling technique that I introduced you to will have created a sort of... spiral within your spirit. The purpose of that spiral is to trap a Remnant, which will, in turn, bind it to you. This is the most commonly practiced method of reaching the Gold realm from Jade." As he finished, he pulled a scripted box almost the size of his own head from his sleeve, holding it up. "Your brother was kind enough to provide a Remnant that would be compatible with your own Path. I have spent the last month ensuring its strength, purity, and stability."
Done speaking, Eithan walked to the center of the room, sat the box on the floor, and activated release script before retreating. The box fell open, releasing the Remnant trapped inside, a fox in the shape of a man that only reached as high as Kelsa's shoulders, painted on the world in white and luminous purple. The Remnant sat on its haunches, fully ignoring Eithan and watching her silently, its eyeless gaze following her whenever she moved.
"Now, the process is simple. Once you make physical contact, simply will it into your system," Eithan explained. "It will fight, of course, but it will be a battle of wills. A battle in which you have the distinct advantage of conscious thought. Remnants generally don't have enough of a consiousness to engage in such a battle effectively, at least until the Lord realm. Now, proceed, and I will guide you as best I can."
At his signal, Kelsa slowly approached the trapped Remnant. When she reached the final layer of protective script, the Remnant finally reacted. It lunged at her, drawing itself short at the scripted boundary, leaving itself standing there, flexing claws and snarling. A straight confrontation could only end poorly, if its speed were any indication.
A idea strikes her, and it seems oddly appropriate. Controlling the aura, she wove the Fox Dream, trapping the Remnant's simple mind in an illusion. Following the advice her brother had given her, she abandoned the details and instead wove the intent, leaving the details to the Remnant.
Following the illusion, the Remnant spun in place, snarling at the empty wall opposite her. Seizing the moment, Kelsa leapt forward, wrapping her arms around the Remnant. Eithan's voice came from the side. "Now pull! Force it to sumbit to your will and become part of you!"
As instructed, she cycled her madra and pulled, drawing the Remnant into her channels as if it were arua to be cycled. In her channels, the spirit wriggled and shifted as if alive, fighting her as she attempted to subdue it. She pitted her will against it, forcing it further into her system, until it reached her core. Once inside, its resistance became less and less, until finally, it stopped, becoming one with her madra system.
Once it settled, power began flowing from the spirit. It filled her channels and swelled her core, granting her power beyond anything she had imagined. Her madra became denser, more potent, as the power within surged outward. With a final movement of spirit, her goldsign forced itself outward, a translucent purple imitation of a fox's tail. At the end, she felt her own spirit, her power.
She had become a Gold.
Lindon and Yerin followed the servant to Underground Chamber Number Three, the volcanic cave where Orthos was contained. Little Blue chimed sadly from Lindon's shoulder. In the month of travel, Eithan had given her a steady diet of Underlord level scales and soulfire, resulting in her current state at the spiritual equivalent of Truegold.
"I know, Blue, but as he is, he's a threat to anyone around him." Lindon replied. He waved his arm at the shadowed entrance. "This is where he can be comfortably contained with minimal danger. But that very fact is worrying. Would he still be like this if he remembered?"
Yerin squared her shoulders, her goldsigns flexing. "Only one way to find out," she said, walking into the cave, Lindon following.
The journey into the deepest reaches of the cave took several minutes, which the three spent in quiet conversation. Just when Lindon was about to respond to a question that Yerin had asked, they heard something. Echoing off the walls came a deep, mournful bellow, coming from deeper inside. Coming from Orthos.
A blue-white haze surrounded Lindon as he used the Soul Cloak. As fast as he could, he ran down the tunnel, belatedly realizing that it was the same area that he and Eithan had found Orthos in the original timeline. As they drew closer, the cries became more defined.
Orthos was calling Lindon's name.
Rounding a final corner, Lindon found Orthos beating his shell softly against the wall. As he came into view, burning rings focused on him, Orthos' face twisting in rage.
"Begone, ghost!" Orthos roared. "Bother me no more, and leave me be!" An instant later, he was gathering blackflame.
Soul Cloak enhancing his relfexes, Lindon ducked under an arm-thick bar of blackflame as he drew closer to the confused turtle. Little Blue screamed into his ear, sounding like a set of windchimes falling down a set of stairs, and his bond translated the feelings into her desire for him to throw her.
Lindon approached Orthos at speed, taking Little Blue in his hands. When he had come feet away, Lindon tossed Little Blue high into the air and distracted Orthos with an Empty Palm to the chin. The blow disoriented Orthos for only a second, but that was all they needed.
Little Blue landed directly on top of Orthos' head, immediately smacking her palms down and releasing her cleansing madra into his system. Instantly, Orthos' eyes began to clear, his mind becoming more stable. Rearing back, she slapped his head again, releasing another cleansing pulse. As his mind cleared, Orthos calmed, his madra stilling. He looked at Lindon in confusion.
"Lindon," He asked, "are you real?"
Lindon set a palm on the turtle's forehead and said, "I am, Orthos."
"I have been tormented," the turtle said, his voice choked with emotion, "by knowing that you would come. I saw you arrive, over and over, never knowing if it was real. I am still afraid of hoping, should this be another figment of my mind."
"Apologies, Orthos," Lindon said. "I took too long. But it's over now." Lindon cycled his unbonded core and placed both his hand on Orthos. "I swear to open my core to you, and share my power."
Orthos rumbled, the sound of boulders grinding. "I accept your bond."
Lindon's system opened to Orthos, and his world became fire and destruction.
I meant to have this out yesterday, but I got distracted. On a totally unrelated note, it's Warframe's tenth anniversary.
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2023.03.24 12:46 HimalayaQuantum007A 🔥On behalf of America First News Network and the American people, Joshua Feuerstein, the founder and CEO of America First News Network, prayed for Mr. Miles Guo: “Lord God, please protect Mr. Guo and his case, and expose the CCP‘s evil plan, and give freedom to Mr. Miles Guo and the Chinese people.”

🔥On behalf of America First News Network and the American people, Joshua Feuerstein, the founder and CEO of America First News Network, prayed for Mr. Miles Guo: “Lord God, please protect Mr. Guo and his case, and expose the CCP‘s evil plan, and give freedom to Mr. Miles Guo and the Chinese people.” submitted by HimalayaQuantum007A to HimalayaQuantum8 [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 12:46 JackNewbie555 Today I learned that Melina's eye color in her now opened left eye with the faded clawmark in the "Lord of Frenzied Flame" ending is the same color as Blaidd, Shadowbound Beast of Ranni. The implications are ... interesting.

Today I learned that Melina's eye color in her now opened left eye with the faded clawmark in the submitted by JackNewbie555 to Eldenring [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 12:44 Randycheeseburger42 Parables

Luke 16 King James Version 16 And he said also unto his disciples, There was a certain rich man, which had a steward; and the same was accused unto him that he had wasted his goods.
2 And he called him, and said unto him, How is it that I hear this of thee? give an account of thy stewardship; for thou mayest be no longer steward.
3 Then the steward said within himself, What shall I do? for my lord taketh away from me the stewardship: I cannot dig; to beg I am ashamed.
4 I am resolved what to do, that, when I am put out of the stewardship, they may receive me into their houses.
5 So he called every one of his lord's debtors unto him, and said unto the first, How much owest thou unto my lord?
6 And he said, An hundred measures of oil. And he said unto him, Take thy bill, and sit down quickly, and write fifty.
7 Then said he to another, And how much owest thou? And he said, An hundred measures of wheat. And he said unto him, Take thy bill, and write fourscore.
8 And the lord commended the unjust steward, because he had done wisely: for the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light.
9 And I say unto you, Make to yourselves friends of the mammon of unrighteousness; that, when ye fail, they may receive you into everlasting habitations.
10 He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much: and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much.
11 If therefore ye have not been faithful in the unrighteous mammon, who will commit to your trust the true riches?
12 And if ye have not been faithful in that which is another man's, who shall give you that which is your own?
13 No servant can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.
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2023.03.24 12:44 Viga_TCB A cautionary tale about inattention

(AKA, I really want the devs to add some toggle-able warning for unpausing the storm season auto-pause)
I was playing a p11 run in my third attempt to finish a p0-p20 ladder challenge and everything was under control - I started with the modifier that doubles hostility per villager but prevents hostility from increasing every year, got both ancient pact (reveal glade content but kills a vil per dangerous/forbidden glade opened) and the alter that decreases hostility per death (so each time I open a dangerous glade I get -25 hostility, for a measly +5 hostility per dangerous glade opened). I had the hostility level 7 forest mystery that kills vills based on years passed but so long as I don't add more villagers and remember to take off my woodcutters during storm I would never lose that run.
Knowing I would likely need to maximize meta resources in a ladder challenge, I saw the opportunity to drag out the game (impatience is not an issue as I had the positive forest mystery of -70% impatience gained during drizzle) and go for opening every glade that had a cache to look for every last bit of advantage.
I basically autopiloted to year 18 on 3* speed, barely holding my win back by consumption control. Then, during the clearance of year 18 I received a phone call - knowing I had auto-pause on, I just took the call without pausing the game. After the call I went back to the game and just casually unpaused. Almost immediately the "you lost" message greeted me. Then it hit me - I forgot to take off my woodcutters, and my hostility was slightly above level 7, resulting in 18 villagers being wiped and +6 impatience, immediately ending my 30+ hours ladder run. Needless to say, I felt pretty bummed.
If you are playing a ladder challenge like me, please always check the status of the game when you leave the game for a long time - otherwise you might just lose due to some dumb mistakes on your part.
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2023.03.24 12:43 LieSerious2561 19m , hit me up !! Socially anxious but open online , tell me your travel stories [friendship] [relationship]

So i wanna travel the world when i get a job, i love watch travel vlogs and wanna travel a lot, would love to hear your stories . Soo i am from india, i love anime and mystery thrille horror films, i am a marvel fan as well, not a fan of recent films tho, I really love reading fantasy and thriller as well, i am pretty nerdy and into progamming, soo pls be 18 plus and im straight
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