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Locket returned

2023.03.24 11:34 Izzykrusher Locket returned

I don't know if this is officially glitch in the matrix worthy but it is definitely weird and I cannot explain it.
About 12 years ago my ex and I let a friend of a friend stay with us cause otherwise she would have been homeless and we didn't want to see her out on the streets. We trusted our friend so we thought we could trust her friend. We learned we couldn't, however, when she wound up stealing my jewelry to pawn it one day when the ex and I were out. One of my necklaces that she took was my silver locket that was glued shut with my grandfather's ashes in it.
I found out she did it, and went to the pawn shop to confirm and some of my jewelry was still in the cases. I called the police and made a police report. During the investigation the detective got some of my jewelry back but not all of it, and not the locket. I was super upset for obvious reasons.
My ex and I broke up, I moved almost 1000 miles away, and I am now happily married. My husband was home alone one day and found the locket on the living room floor while doing some vaccuming while I was working because friends were coming over.
I know for a fact that for those 10 years I didn't have that necklace. Even if I did, I never wore it cause I became too afraid to lose it, so it would have remained in my jewelry box in my bedroom. We don't have kids, pets, or roommates, and our friends don't go into our room. I can't explain it logically AT ALL but whatever happened, I'm glad I got my locket back.
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2023.03.24 11:12 alpha_bionics Stock News - SubscribeFriday, March 24, 2023Today's newsletter is by Jared Blikre, a reporter focused on the markets on Yahoo Finance.

SubscribeFriday, March 24, 2023Today's newsletter is by Jared Blikre, a reporter focused on the markets on Yahoo Finance. ""Everybody is worried this morning, because there has been unacceptable violence," the head of the CFDT labour union Laurent Berger told RTL radio, urging Macron to step in. “The more that people comment on your posts, the more it pops up on other people’s feeds. ”But Ms. Harris doesn’t comment “CFBR” on other people’s posts. "We need to calm things down, before there is a tragedy," he said. We are melding 100 years of Ford truck know-how with world-class electric vehicle, software, and aerodynamics talent. Chipmakers Nvidia (NVDA) and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) led the way — up 19% and 23%, respectively. Yet the rally was not broad-based. Other tags seen on burnt down newspaper kiosks and damaged shop windows read "Anti-Macron" and "Macron, resign. They were further angered by the government deciding to skip the vote in parliament. On a shattered Starbucks window, someone had tagged "Democracy" in big red letters. "To find a way out, we need the government and the president to make a gesture. It will be a platform for endless innovation and capability,” Ford CEO Jim Farley said in a statement. UBS shares plunged as much as 7. 2%, the most since March 15. Not surprisingly, financials suffered additional damage from the bank panic. The S&P 500 Select Financial SPDR Fund (XLF) erased the last of its pandemic gains Thursday. The Project T3 will begin production at the West Tennessee plant in 2025. “Project T3 is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to revolutionize America’s truck. She prefers the solidarity underpinning “CFBR” over the term itself. ET. Get the Morning Brief sent directly to your inbox every Monday to Friday by 6:30 a. m. This article first appeared in the Morning Brief. Follow him on Twitter @SPYJared. Want to nominate a word or term? - Alpha AI
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2023.03.24 10:40 deanominecraft Guys, I did it

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2023.03.24 09:45 Radiant53863 Golden Jewelry at SM Dept. Store

Hey, sorry if this is off-topic, but I'm wondering - is it cool to buy Gold Jewelry from SM dept. store or should I try a pawn shop instead? I saw the pawn shop has it for 40% cheaper. I'm thinking of using my credit card to purchase, any advice?
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2023.03.24 08:52 Donner_music Donner B1 Synthesizer Review by David Hilowitz: An Impressive Bass Synth

Donner B1 Synthesizer Review by David Hilowitz: An Impressive Bass Synth
Recently a video went viral on YouTube by the famous composer and music tutor David Hilowitz (YouTube channel: David Hilowitz Music). His review of the Donner B1 bass synthesizer is one of the most detailed on the internet. "How did I JUST find out about this channel?", as a comment under the video says.
Here's the video review from David Hilowitz's channel, with a full transcript (only edited for reading fluency).
So Donner just sent me this. It's a Donner B1 analog synth. It's a Monophonic 303-style synthesizer with a suggested retail price of 168 dollars.
This release comes as something of a surprise. Donner is of course a company that specializes in very inexpensive music gear: guitars, violins, you name it. Anyway the B1 is their first-ever analog synth. It appears to be their own design so I'm pretty curious.
For disclosure, although Donner did send me this unit, they do not have any say over what I'm going to be saying in this video. And in fact, they ask me to be as objective as possible, so good on them. Okay, let's check it out!
The Background - What Is a 303 Alternative Synth?
So as we've already said the B1 is an analog mono synth and it takes its inspiration from the classic TB303. If you don't know what the 303 is, here is a one-minute history.
The 303 is a legendary tiny synth and sequencer that was released in 1981. It was originally marketed as a replacement for a real live bassist, the idea being that between the Roland 606 drum machine and the 303 bass synth, you could have an entire rhythm section that just consisted of two boxes. This idea was of course a complete commercial failure and it was discontinued in 1984. so a few years after it was discontinued. There was a brief time when 303s could actually be found at pawn shops and thrift stores. As a result, it got rediscovered by the underground techno scene in Detroit and Chicago, resulting in an entirely new sub-genre of electronic music called the acid house in the mid to late 80s. These sounds which initially were sort of underground club tracks eventually became mainstream. As a result, the 303 is today one of the most important synthesizers in the history of electronic music, which is weird because at the time they were seen as a kind of a toy.
Here's a little catch-up of the Acid House music (from Wikipedia).
Okay, enough about the 303. Let's actually hear the synth We've got in front of us. First, let's hear the sawtooth wave. Now, the square wave. Sounds really nice. You can really tell it's analog. Of course, we won't really know anything until we've got a pattern going.
It has an arpeggiator. The original TB303 had a very distinctive architecture, one which Donner has clearly almost exactly recreated right here. The actual synth engine consists of just one oscillator which is controlled over here and a low-pass filter. So first let's look at that oscillator.
There are two waveforms, thus far we've been listening to the sawtooth. But if I flick this switch we can hear the square wave. I'll switch it back.
There's also pitch control. I think we just went up a fifth. I'm going to put it back where it was. Next, let's look at this filter. The classic 303 filter is of course a resonant low-pass filter with a very distinctive sound. So let's hear how it sounds on the B1.
Very very nice. That squelchy chirpy quality is probably the single most important element of the classic acid house sound. You probably saw me fiddling with this knob here. That's the decay knob that actually controls the length of the decay for each of the notes and turns the resonance back down. In addition to the basic synth engine, there are also two effects. There's saturation here and there's the delay here.
let's turn the saturation on. Right now the drive is all the way down. I'm going to turn it up a bit. You can see it gets a little bit more aggressive.
There's a tone knob. I'm going to turn it all the way to the left so we get it all bassy. So that's the most bassy it can go and then I'm going to go all the way to the right distortion is of course a very subjective thing I like this quite a lot. I think it adds to the grimness of the sound.
There's also of course a delay. I'm going to turn this off and we can explore the delay which is right here, a little hard to hear but you can hear the sounds getting a little bit bigger. That sounds pretty cool.
So the original db303 had a very distinctive system for sequencing melodies. Some people love it. Some people hate it. But there's no question that that sequencing system is at the core of why acid house music sounds the way it does.
This unit is slightly easier to program than the original 303 but pretty similar. All the patterns are 16 steps or less. All notes are entered using the step sequencer. There's no live recording mode or anything like that.
Here's how it works. The first thing you do is hit the Record/Edit button and that gets you into Record/Edit mode. Then if you've got a pattern loaded in memory, it'll show up here. Like it does here.
To clear that, you hold down the clear button for like a second or two seconds. And as you can see, all the lights went off except for the first light. And that basically means it's waiting for input.
At this point, all we have to do is play notes on the keyboard and they will get added to our sequence. 16 steps and hit play, and just like that, we have a pattern.
Now that we've got our pattern, we can save it. For example, I'm going to save this pattern. By hitting Save here, it blinks and it asks me to basically choose a slot to save it to. I'm going to say Slot 4. Hit Save. It blinks again and now it's saved to slot 4. If I go to 4 and hit play, there's my pattern.
Once I've got my pattern playing, I can switch patterns and it will wait till the end of the pattern before switching. So it's not like it's going to suddenly switch you to another pattern. In this way, you can kind of build up songs. And your set would consist of switching between different patterns.
There's no song mode or chaining functionality or anything like that. Once we have a pattern we like, we can go back in and edit it just by hitting the Record/Edit button. Again and you can see all the lights light up and then you can use these up and down arrows to kind of like cursor your way through the pattern.
There're several different dimensions you can actually change. For example, all of these right now will have a gate length of four. Gate Length is how long the note is. Let's say that we wanted the first note to be a bit longer. What we would do is we would hit Gate Length. 4 is the sort of middle value that means that the note is 50% of the length. 8 is the highest.
Then we're going to go all the way up to 8, and that means that that first note will be a bit longer than all the other ones. Let's listen back.
Okay. The second thing is Accent. Let's try turning on Accent for the ninth step. Turn on the accent and now we're going to play back. You can hear how the ninth step is actually a little bit different.
This knob up here, the accent knob which we hadn't talked about yet, is actually going to determine how pronounced that accent is. Obviously, you don't want it too high, but it's a way of introducing variation.
Let's look at the next dimension. There's Ratchet here, which is kind of cool. It allows you to hit a note two or three times in rapid succession.
Let's say that we wanted to do that on the very last step. Turn Ratchet up. Once again we use these Up and Down arrows to turn that up. That's going to play the note three times instead of just one time. I'm going to turn that off because I actually don't like the way that one sounds.
Finally, Slide. And Slide allows you to slide between notes. This is another very important thing when it comes to acid house music. The original 303 had that slide functionality and it gets used a lot in that genre.
That seems like a good place for a slide. Let's hear how that sounds. Just like that, we've added some more characters to our loop. If we like the changes that we made, we're just going to hit Save.
Now that we've got our pattern saved, and it's running. We're just in Pattern Playback mode. You can see there's one note that's kind of highlighted. It's got a sort of white outline. While this is playing back, we can actually change the key that this is in just by hitting another note.
I'm going to play with the resonance a bit. A quick note about these knobs up here: as with the original 303, these knobs are not automatable. You'll note here there are a few jacks. There are two Sync jacks that allow you to sync it with something like a cork volca or a pocket operator. There's also an Auxiliary input which is very useful if you're chaining a bunch of devices for a setup.
Okay. So thus far we've only talked about the internal sequencer. But this actually has MIDI ports. It's got a MIDI input MIDI out port and a USB port. When it's plugged in via USB, it's a class-compliant MIDI device. It's worth noting that it does not run on MIDI USB power. It just uses that MIDI port for MIDI stuff.
And for using the configuration App, which we'll get to in a little bit. Before I show you the software package that comes with this, I want to just stop and talk a little bit about build quality.
First off, let me say it looks pretty nice. It's got good size. It's about the width of like a 13-inch laptop. The knobs feel pretty solid. The chassis is plastic, but it doesn't feel cheap. Also, I don't think you can tell because the way I shot this video is trying to make it look good in a top-down shot. But this is actually on an angle which makes it much much nicer to play.
Okay. Let's take a look at the App that comes bundled with it. First off, the way you download this App is you go to the website. You go to the product page for the B1, and there's a link to the PDF version of the manual.
In that PDF there is a download link for the Donner Synths App. kind of an odd setup. Once you install it and open it up, you get this. As you can see, there are a whole host of different settings most of which have to do with the MIDI implementation and the sync options.
Then if you switch over to the Preset tab, you can actually edit the sequences that are on the device using a conventional piano roll interface. The software is a little bit glitchy but it does seem to actually work. So what I have to do is move my notes around and then hit Save, and it sends them right back out to the device.
I can also hit export and it will export my sequence out. It doesn't save it as a MIDI file. It saves it as a little proprietary format but that proprietary format is actually a text file in JSON format that is very easy to edit by hand.

I mean, you could in theory write your own sequences right here in the Text Editor, import them using the Donner Synths App, and send them right back out to the device. I'm not sure exactly why you'd want to do that, but it's cool that you could.
Okay. Enough about the App. Let's try to use this thing as a MIDI device. The first thing I'm going to do is set up an external instrument device in Ableton Live. And I'm just going to come up with a random sequence to test things out. Okay. Let's hear this.
Sounds pretty good! I'm just going to add a kick drum. It works really well. Using this synth with MIDI is actually really fun. Now I'm free to go back to the synth and tweak the knobs to my heart's content. One quick note in keeping with the original 303 design, there's no way to automate these knobs at the top. Everything is done by hand.
A couple of things I noticed while I was doing that MIDI editing: First, the synth has a note range of four octaves. It's not velocity-sensitive. However, do you remember how in the sequencer mode there are accented and unaccented notes? If you send a MIDI note on a message that has a velocity greater than 96 it will send that out as an accented note, so it's sort of almost velocity-sensitive.

Overall, I'm pretty impressed with Donner. Obviously, this is a very specific kind of synth. You have to want that 303 sound, but it sounds really good which meant that as I was making this video I really look forward to playing with it, which is always a good sign in terms of the sound.
I wouldn't hesitate to use this in a track right now. Also, given that it's analog I think it's priced really fairly I'm always happy to see bargain synth options show up. Everybody loves an underdog. Especially, I like seeing brands that are just getting into the synth market. I really hope we'll get to see more analog synth offerings from Donner.
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2023.03.24 06:44 Catvac-u-um_adnase Lewisville pawn shop murder suspect turns himself in to police

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2023.03.24 06:19 Hobbescrownest Formulas

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2023.03.24 06:08 froginabottle Where is the best places to find movies cheap?

I go to the following - Goodwill - Game X Change - Vintage Stock - Walmart - Helping Hands
And various online retailers like Mercari and Thrift Books. I have heard good things about pawn shops but have never been as well as I see a lot of Best Buy hauls on here.
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2023.03.24 03:49 emonkey1219 Will PawnAmerica barter prices?

I see many posts pertaining to haggling or bartering with pawn shops but none on pawn America specifically. Is this due to them being a chain store? Has anyone had success/failure bartering with Pawn America?
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2023.03.24 02:45 AGS02- Pawn shop find, Para3

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2023.03.24 01:22 nodakskip Question on Eaglemoss

Is there a list of the most sought after ships ST and non ST from Eaglemoss? I am asking for two reasons.
  1. I have been thinking of selling some of mine and wondering if Ebay is even worth it or going to a pawn store in my town?
  2. My local comic store still has a bunch of eagle moss stuff. He might have more then I think. He had a customer that was a truck driver and he saved a lot of Eaglemoss stuff for him, but I do not know if the guy ever came back and picked it up. Thinking of suggesting to him to sell some on ebay.
I am not looking to get high prices or anything like some did on ebay. But for my local comic shop guy the building they are in is going to be torn down in a year and he will have to move. And his store is FULL of stuff. If I had money and room I would buy a lot, but I do not.
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2023.03.24 01:04 Stallion28902 What's your favorite pawn shop?

I rarely go to pawn shops. I'm not selling or pawning anything, I'm shopping for a used Bluetooth speaker, and that seems like a thing a pawn shop would carry. Where should I go?
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2023.03.24 00:47 Rellgidkrid Used Skis and Boots

Is there a good resale store that sells used skis and/or ski boots that are in decent condition? Didn’t know if there was a decent used ski specialty shop, or if a pawn shop or garage sale was my best bet. I’d like to take up skiing (just moved to Michigan) and gotta think some people sell their stuff in the Spring.
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2023.03.24 00:41 Ambitious_Edge_6065 [QUESTION] Unison bends sound crappy?

On my Jackson Kelly my unison bends sound like absolute garbage, it's like the not that I'm bending the other note too just goes flat and out of pitch. Is it a common problem with the Floyd Rose trem? I got it at a pawn shop so I figured it might be just not set up properly. There's some fret buzz on the 15th and 1st frets as well.
I don't have this problem on my Gibson SG, so I figure it's the trem? It's driving me nuts.
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2023.03.24 00:39 Specialist-Tutor6899 You've caught these two shoplifting in your pawn shop. But instead of calling the cops, you decide to tie them up and ball gag them in your bdsm dungeon. Who do you sodomise first?

You've caught these two shoplifting in your pawn shop. But instead of calling the cops, you decide to tie them up and ball gag them in your bdsm dungeon. Who do you sodomise first?
Lorenza Izzo or Ana De Armas
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2023.03.24 00:30 12frets Yelp: Tennessee’s best barbecue shop is in Memphis.

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2023.03.23 23:28 Mango_chico [In Progress] [4213] [Mystery/Fantasy] Murder Woods.

Day 1: Field Trip
My class went to a campsite in the woods today. We’re going to camp there for a week, to learn about the environment or something. Julia, Jack, Athena, Luka, Jesse, Charlie, Erin, Annie, Ellie, and Alton are there. Our teacher, Miss Klover, is also staying with us.
I don’t like any of them. How am I going to stay here with them for an entire week? Jack is the closest thing I have to a friend, and Jesse loves to annoy me, but she is a great baker and loves to bake muffins for our class, so it makes up for it.
Athena creeps me out sometimes and is obsessed with dark magic and stuff. Luka is a walking ‘jock’ stereotype, like the ones you see in every high school teen drama. Charlie is a bookworm and is terrible at doing anything physically. Julia hopes to be a doctor when she grows up, yet she hates the sight of blood. Erin gossips all the time – nobody knows how he knows everything about the students at the school.
Annie is obsessed with ghosts and astrology. She wants to be a ghost hunter - or something like that. Ellie is a streamer, and she got special permission to take photos and record us over the week - it's for the school yearbook, I think. Alton and I used to be friends, but over time, we began to drift away from each other. We stopped being friends a few months back.
Max was a troublemaker. He was always making trouble, and he always had detention. But he didn’t care at all. Over time, people just got used to the fact that Max was a troublemaker.
Miss Klover is our supervisor. She wanted to stay with us since nobody else wanted to stay with our class. She’s not that good of a teacher. She separated our class into different tents.
Tent 1 has Athena, Luka, Jesse, and Alton.
Tent 2 has Annie, Jack, Julia, and me.
Tent 3 has Erin, Ellie, Charlie, and Max.
Whatever, it’s getting late. Jack wants me to help him set up his tent.

Day 2: Murder
Holy crap. Miss Klover was murdered last night. She died. Someone killed her. Julia said it was a bear. There are no bears for miles. One of us killed her. Now we’re stuck here. There are no other teachers. Miss Klover’s compass is broken. We can’t do anything anymore. We’re trapped here. We have to find the murderer.
Jack and I stayed together. Everyone else stayed away from each other. Jack said he thinks the murderer was Luka. He said that Luka could easily kill Miss Klover – which I guess is true. But Luka was terrified when he heard that Miss Klover died.
I hope we can find a way to call 911 soon.

Day 3: Suspicions
I woke up at 4 am to see Julia breathing heavily, staring at me in horror. She was scared that she was going to die tonight and was staying awake to spot the killer. She thought it was me when I woke up but then realized that she has probably woken me up.
Julia and I talked about who we think the murderer is. She said she thought it was Ellie. She thinks Ellie did it for fame. I told her that I think it might have been Alton, but Ellie called me out for still hating Alton after all these years.
She was right. I had no reason to suspect Alton.
Then there was the scream.
I will never forget it. How loud it was. How afraid it made me, how everyone around us woke up when they heard the scream.
Annie, Julia, Jack, and I quickly ran out of the tent. We saw a body lying on the floor, and a figure crouched by it. It was very dark. We couldn’t see a thing. But I could make out it was a girl.
Suddenly, Ellie came out of nowhere, shining her phone’s light on the figure. It was Jesse. She looked terrified, and her hands were bloodied. Then I noticed who was on the floor.
Jesse was the one who screamed, I realized. She was pressing onto the wound, trying to stop Max from bleeding. Julia pushed Jack and me out of the way. She pushed Jesse onto the floor and tried to save the victim.
But it was too late. Max was dead.
We went back to sleep. I couldn’t stop thinking about Miss Klover and Max’s Murder.
In the morning, most of us didn’t talk to each other. We just stayed in our tents trying to save our sanity.
If we didn’t lose it already.

Day 4: Curse
Athena’s going insane. She’s been chanting something in her bed all day now. Her eyes are wide open, but it doesn’t seem like she’s awake. I don’t know what it is, but it sends chills down my spine.
Annie doesn’t like it either. She says it's a witch's curse. But if it were a witch’s curse, who is the witch? And why Athena, of all people?
Athena has been the least bothered of all of us. She wasn’t fazed by any of the murders. I think she finds them funny. And now she’s cursed. Jack says he thinks the murderer was Jesse. Maybe she was killing us off to put us into her food.
Luka and Alton have been staying up on guard. Nothing’s been happening, so it seems that the murders have stopped for now.
But it’s always calm before the storm.

Day 5: Disappearance.
She’s gone. Athena has disappeared. Luka and Alton had fallen asleep and then Athena wasn’t there. They both said she was still chanting during the night and wasn’t doing anything else. She didn’t even get out of her bed.
Jack, Ellie, and Julie went out to the forest to look for any clues. They hadn’t come back yet. I don’t think any of them died. If they did, then one of us would have gone missing as well.

Day 6: Lost and Found
They came back screaming in the middle of the night. Jack, Julie, and Ellie. They found Athena, they said. They said she was running around the forest with a strange book in her hand. They said that they were following her for a while, but then she disappeared.
Charlie has been treating this like a fairy tale. He’s acting as though nothing had happened. He barely shows emotion anymore.
Jesse’s been cooking food for us with whatever resources we have left. She’s an amazing cook, and she’s keeping her calm pretty well.
Luka and Alton have been keeping us safe as we slept, but Luka has been working especially hard. I offered to take his role, but he said that he and Alton could do it alone.
Julia says that the murder wasn’t a murder. She said it was a bear attack. She said the wounds on Miss Klover and Max matched that of a bear. Ellie believed her, and I did too, because I didn’t want to believe that one of us was a murderer.

Day 7: Dark Magic
Jesse had a mental breakdown. She began yelling during dinner and threw her plate on the floor. She ran out towards the forest, crying.
Along with everyone else, I got out of my seat and began to chase after her. I lost track of her and found myself in the middle of the forest with nobody around me.
I heard footsteps behind me and turned around. It was Athena. She had this… maniacal look on her face and was holding a book open. She looked at the book and then looked up at me. She began to chant.
I began to get dizzy. I felt my soul leaving my body. She was removing my soul from my body. Then, I felt myself floating. I looked down. Athena was staring at me, laughing erratically. I was beginning to feel weak.
Then I fell back down. I heard a bunch of grunts and groans from Athena and someone else. I looked up and saw Luka. He was beating the hell out of Athena. Deserved. He punched her in the face, making her bleed. Athena began to move her arms toward Luka, and she flung him across the ground.
I gasped, then acted quickly. I ran to Athena’s book and took it away from her. She scowled, then yelled out in fury as I held the book away from her. Without the book, she was powerless.
All the fury in my body took over. I held the book high above my head and swung it down on her face.
There was blood everywhere. I remember that. I remember she was bleeding from her nose and had a black eye. I also remember that when she was passed out, her eyes were still open wide, but they were completely white.
I helped Luka up. He wasn’t too severely injured; just a minor cut. We roped Athena to a tree and promised not to tell another person about where we put her.
We didn’t need to; someone was watching us.

Day 8: Book
Jack and the others managed to find Jesse and helped calm her down. She was stressed out that she was going to die next, and wanted to find civilization. They told her that we were going to find a way to go back home safely.
But it brought up a good question: why was nobody coming to save us?
Luka and I went back to Athena that afternoon when everyone else was going to collect resources and look for a way out of this campsite.
Athena didn’t speak. She just grunted and moaned. Luka had brought some food and water with him to keep her alive. We didn’t want to kill her. We just wanted answers.
Luka keeps the book hidden in a tree. We looked at it a few times, but it was just gibberish and random meaningless symbols. At least to us. To Athena, it seemed, she could read it well, and cast spells – or something. Luka said it was dark magic.
Something that we did make out from the book was the name Annie written on the cover. But what she had to do with dark magic, we had no clue.
I want to confront her about it, but I don’t think it is ever a good thing to mess with magic. Especially when it's dark magic.

Day 9: Secrets
Julia had been killed during the day. We were all doing our usual things – Jesse cooking, Ellie and Jack looking for a way of communication, Charlie and Erin getting resources, Alton performing maintenance on the tents, and Julia collecting berries and fruits to make a stew for Luka.
She was killed by someone on her way back to the tents; we found her bloody body lying down on the grass right by the forest.
While everyone else was talking about the murder, Luka and I headed to Athena again.
We told her that Julia had died. Athena didn’t look too surprised, but I thought I saw a tear rolling down her cheek. She still hasn’t spoken to us. But she’s getting more aggressive.
The book is still illiterate. I want to ask Annie about it, but Luka keeps shutting me down.
Erin has been a bit suspicious of us since Luka and I was never really close in school. He didn’t outright say it. We just kinda noted his behavior with us around. He huffs, grunts, and sometimes tuts at us whenever Luka is near me.
We didn’t tell anyone what happened to Luka. We just said we got lost, then Luka fell on a rock and got hurt. We didn’t mention Athena, and in my opinion, the less they know about her, the better.
At least for now.

Day 10: Discovery.
Annie followed us into the forest today. She said she was watching us all this time. She discovered Athena on Day 8. She asked us what we were doing to her now. Luka and I had to explain what happened between us. Annie was skeptical, but we had the book, which was evidence enough.
I handed her the book, despite Luka telling me not to. Annie was surprised. She said this was her book when she was younger. Her mother had given it to her, trying to get her into Dark Magic. Annie said she wasn’t. She said she was interested in Light Magic instead. Annie said that she lost the book on the way here. She said she wanted to burn the book in the forest. Annie also said that the more Dark Magic you used, the more your brain burns up.
Athena was growling at Annie. Annie wasn’t fazed. She took the book and opened a page. She translated the words. She said that the book was talking about puppet masters and summoning demons with sacrifices. About controlling people.
Annie asked me if I ever saw Athena with white eyes. I told her what happened that night, and Annie informed us that she was indeed under the Puppet Master’s spell. She asked us to tell her if we knew anyone who can suspect.
I couldn’t think of anyone. But Luka went pale.
I don’t know who he was thinking of, but I know that at that moment, I realized that it was one of the campers.

Day 13: Magic
Nothing eventful has happened over the past few days. Nobody died, and Athena is still in the forest. Annie has been visiting Athena a lot ever since we gave her the book.
Annie found out that there is a way to snap a puppet out of a puppet master’s power. But it requires a few things: Highlighter ink, blue poison – made from mushrooms mixed with poison ivy – and a mixture of fire extinguisher foam and blood called “Floam”.
We spent most of the day collecting the ingredients. It was easy to find highlighter ink – we had highlighter pens in backpacks – and mushrooms. Since I helped Jesse find mushrooms before, I knew where to find them.
So we split up. Me to get mushrooms, Annie to collect Floam, and Luka went to collect Blue Poison.
It was surprisingly casual, collecting the mushrooms. Annie and Luka said that it was simply collecting their items too. Annie was a bit worried that Luka had touched the poison ivy with his bare hands, but Luka said that he hadn’t.
Now, however, we had to free Athena from the Puppet Master, whoever they are. Luka still won’t tell us anything, and Annie and I are trying to find clues.
But by the time we reached Athena, we were too late.
She was passed out, and the book was missing.

Day 14: Passcode
Annie and Luka freaked out, which was understandable. I didn’t react at first. I believed it was a prank. It had to be. Right? No. I was wrong.
Soon, all three of us were freaking out.
I tried to reason that it was probably a wild animal that took the book. But Annie said that animals didn’t like witches’ books. She said that animals will do anything they can to avoid witches’ books.
Luka, Annie, and I returned quickly to the campsite after that. We didn’t talk to one another; we didn’t even bat an eye at each other.
We went to sleep, and in the morning, Ellie was dead.
Of course, Ellie always keeps her phone on her. Or so Jesse said. Jesse went to Ellie’s body and reached into her jean pocket, pulling out a phone.
But a good streamer always puts a passcode on her phone.
The rest of the day was trying to write codes into Ellie’s phone. Her finger was bloodied, and we didn’t know if the fingerprint sensor senses bloody fingerprints, but we didn’t have time to try.

Day 15: First Words
Athena said her first words today. Luka, Annie, and I headed to the forest, as usual, making sure nobody was following us. Then, we headed to Athena’s tree.
She was still there, roped to the tree. But she looked tired; worn out. She also was more cooperative today.
She even said hello to us. And she also said a word. I heard Charlie. Annie heard Neptune. Luka heard Murderer. It's confusing. But after she said that, she passed out again.
Nothing interesting happened for the rest of the day.

Day 16: Puppet Master
Athena spoke yet again. She said three words this time. Charlie, Puppet, and Master.
Annie and Luka looked shocked. I did too. Did this mean Charlie was the Puppet Master this whole time? The quiet kid?
We should have expected it.
Luka ran straight to the camp. Annie followed closely. I followed them both, leaving Athena in the forest.
When I reached the camp, Luka was beating up Charlie. Annie was searching through his stuff, and Jack and Erin were watching in shock. Alton and Jesse were nowhere to be found.
Jack and Erin tried to stop Luka from punching Charlie, but I told them to let Luka let his anger out. I explained what happened to Jack. He was understandably mad about me keeping a secret from him, but he was glad that we found the killer.
Then Luka stopped punching. Because someone, somewhere out in the woods, had screamed.
All of us ran towards the scream, except for Annie and Luka, who had decided they wanted to interrogate Charlie – and Annie wanted to find her book.
We arrived in the forest to see Alton standing over Jesse’s body. Jesse was stabbed in the chest in multiple locations. Alton stabbed Jesse once more before he noticed us standing right next to him.
But he didn’t look scared. Instead, he ran straight toward us and charged at Jack. Alton hovered his knife above Jack’s head, before bringing it down. I was about to watch my best friend die. I didn’t realize it until the moment that Jack looked up, and Alton began to bring down his knife to Jack’s face.
But Erin pushed Alton out of the way. Alton lost grip of his knife. His knife landed on the ground by Jack. Jack stood up and grabbed the knife. Then, he limped towards Alton.
I ran towards Erin, who was fistfighting Alton. They were both very aggressive and it looked like Erin was going to lose. I then sneaked behind Alton. I extended my foot underneath Alton’s leg. He lost his balance and fell over.
Meanwhile, Jack was still limping slowly toward us.
Erin was punching Alton as I held Alton down, making sure that he couldn’t fight back.
Jack walked up to us, knife in his hand.
Then he stopped in front of Alton.
And stabbed him in the chest.

Day 17: Good and Bad
But it wasn’t over yet.
As we raced towards the camp, I had a gut feeling that something was wrong.
And that Charlie was innocent.
I don’t know what it was, but I felt so sure that Charlie was innocent. But that would mean Annie or Luka were evil.
We entered the Camp to see Charlie’s body lying on the ground motionless, with a hole in his chest. I looked up from the body to see someone tying somebody to a tree, with someone else standing by them. I couldn’t see anyone’s face, but I just knew what was going on.
Annie was tying Luka to a tree with the rope we used to tie Athena to the tree in the forest. And Athena was watching both of them. Annie was the Puppet Master. And Luka and I were just pawns in her plan.
She needed us to believe it was Charlie so that she could be deemed innocent. She needed us to find Alton standing over the dead body to clear her name. We had a Puppet, a Puppet Master, and a murderer. But the Puppet Master wasn’t Charlie.
It was Annie.
I didn’t have time to think before I felt a cold sting on my left shoulder. I refocused on real life to see Annie by the tree, holding a pistol.
A pistol was pointed at my left shoulder. Before I knew it, I was disorientated and lying on the floor, the taste of blood filling my mouth.
I don’t remember what happened after. But what I recall seeing was everything was in slow motion. Erin and Jack were trying to unarm Annie. They kept punching and dodging her bullets successfully. Jack eventually disarmed Annie as I groaned out in pain, crying out for help.
I remember seeing something else, though.
Blood. And I remember seeing blue and red lights flashing. I also remember hearing sirens.

Day 18: Aftermath
I woke up with a bright light burning into my eyes, soft fabric pressing against my back. I felt like I was on a plane through turbulence. I saw the trees of the woods moving away from me through a window in front of me.
I looked to my right to see Jack sitting there, half asleep. He looked exhausted Erin was sitting next to him, holding an ice pack to his bleeding nose. I looked down and saw my entire body covered by a white sheet.
I still could feel the pain in the bullet hole. I saw that it was patched up with a bandage, but I wasn’t sure by who.
I sat up on the bed. There was a white wall behind me and a green plus on the wall. I saw a first aid kit hanging on the wall. Looking down at the bed, I could see that I was laying on a gurney. I was in an ambulance. Erin noticed me standing and smiled at me. He was happy that I was still alive.
Jack was fully asleep, though. I wanted to thank him for disarming Annie, and I wanted to apologize for not telling him about Athena.
But then I noticed that Luka wasn’t in the ambulance. I asked Erin about it, but he didn’t respond.
I was scared that Luka had died.
The ambulance came to a halt – eventually – and I got to meet my savior. Her name was Doctor Maples, and she was a nurse who was taking care of me.
She thanked Erin and Jack for staying in the ambulance. I learned quickly that Jesse had broken into Ellie’s phone and had called for help – because Ellie had airplane mode switched on, and had internet the entire time we were in the forest.
Either she was very stupid, or she wanted the content to upload on her Channel.
Probably a mixture of both.
Anyway, Dr. Maples was telling me about my full recovery, and when I can expect to go back to doing sports. She also was telling me about how I needed to not use my shoulder much.
But I didn’t care. I wanted to know if Luka was okay.
I asked her. She said that he was shot in the chest twice. She told me that she doesn’t know if he will make a full recovery or not, but he’s in another ambulance right now.
To be honest, I felt kind of guilty for having both Erin and Jack in my ambulance while Luka had nobody.
Dr. Maples informed me that they had found Athena. She was shot in the chest twice by someone and might not make it.
To be honest, that was fine by me.
Dr. Maples rolled the gurney out of the ambulance trunk. I was relieved to see houses. And other people. Shops, supermarkets, the park, I was even happy to see my school!
But most of all, I was happy to see my house.
My parents were out on the porch already. They immediately began to hug me and reassure me. My brother was happy to have me back. He said he missed me and told me never to go on another field trip again.
Dr. Maples helped me out of the gurney, Jack was startled awake by the sunlight. My parents thanked her for ‘saving’ me, even though I was sure that I would have been alive whether Dr. Maples had helped me or not.
Before I entered my house though, Jack had caught up to me.
He told me something I would never forget. He told me that Annie wasn’t found when the police searched for her. She vanished.
A week later, Jack and Erin went to the Hospital to check on Luka. They invited me, too. Luka was okay. Sure, he had a bullet hole in his chest, and his lungs had taken most of the damage, but other than that, he was fine.
Now, three years later, I sometimes catch glimpses of Annie in the woods behind my house. I’m not sure if it’s her, but I see something that looks like her. Jack and Erin are always by my side though. We four are ready for the day that Annie returns. If she ever does.
But for now, I think I’ll make sure not to enter any woods without bringing a gun with me.
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2023.03.23 23:11 Disneapolis And the Carmen goes to…

Best Album: 1. 🏆Norman Fucking Rockwell 2. Ultraviolence 3. Honeymoon 4. Born to Die 5. Paradise 6. Chemtrails
Best Video: 1. 🏆Ride 2. FILY/Greatest 3. Tropico 4. National Anthem 5. Freak 6. Shades of Cool
Most Chaotic Song: 1. 🏆A&W 2. Dealer 3. Off to the Races 4. Lolita 5. Noir 6. Black Bathing Suit
Horniest Song: 1. Freak 2. 🏆Stargirl 3. Burning Desire 4. Cola 5. Gods & Monsters 6. Cherry
Best Tearjerker: 1. The Greatest 2. 🏆Hope is a Dangerous Thing… 3. Love Song 4. Pawn Shop Blues 5. Terrence Loves You 6. The Grants
Most Cinematic: 1. Salvatore 2. Born to Die 3. 🏆Honeymoon 4. 24 5. Young & Beautiful
Best Tweet: 1. U little fuckers 2. 🏆I won’t not fuck you the fuck up 3. $79 lipstick 4. Surgeon & psychiatrist 5. Nice to me 6. You little bitch
Genre & Sound: 1. Baroque Pop 2. Lanitaesque 3. SoCal Gothic 4. 🏆Alternative 5. Indiepop 6. Sadcore
Dreamiest: 1. Bel Air 2. 🏆Venice Bitch 3. Yayo 4. Cinnamon Girl 5. Once Upon a Dream
Most Luxurious Lyrics: 1. 🏆Salvatore 2. Young & Beautiful 3. Old Money 4. Money Power Glory 5. National Anthem 6. Art Deco
Least Skips: 1. 🏆Norman Fucking Rockwell 2. Paradise 3. Born to Die 4. Ultraviolence 5. Honeymoon
Unreleased: 1. Velvet Crowbar 2. Hollywood 3. Trash Magic 4. I talk to Jesus 5. 🏆Yes to Heaven 6. Pale Moonlight
Best Cover: 1. 🏆Doin’ Time 2. Blue Velvet 3. Once Upon a Dream 4. Summer Wine 5. The Other Woman 6. Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood
Collaboration: 1. Lust for Life 2. Tomorrow Never Came 3. Hallucinogenics 4. 🏆Summer Bummer 5. Beautiful People Beautiful Problems 6. Summer Wine
Underrated: 1. 🏆Heroin 2. Florida Kilos 3. Fucked My Way Up to the Top 4. Black Bathing Suit 5. Living Legend
Best Outfit: 1. 2018 Grammy Dress 2. 🏆2018 Gucci Met Gala - Heavenly Bodies 3. Lust for Life Album Cover
Saddest Song: 1. 🏆Blackest Day 2. Yosemite 3. Old Money 4. Terrence Loves You 5. Flipside 6. Is this Happiness?
Spill the tea, biggest snub? Biggest upset?
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2023.03.23 23:10 Pystawff Pawn shop score, thoughts?

Pawn shop score, thoughts?
Just got this Kizer Vindicator from a local pawn store for $100. Not overly fond of the craftsmanship on the anodizing but I don't think it would be very hard to polish and redo. Curious what y'alls thoughts are, this is the first nicer knife I've owned.
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2023.03.23 22:01 jobobgeorge Today’s haul from my local pawn shop (10* for $5)

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2023.03.23 21:41 Mexicalidesi AITA for housing my daughter by not my stepdaugher?

Original posted on AITA on 2/25/23, update posted on AITA on 3/5/23, both by
Hi everyone, This is a doozie and I think I might be the AH, but I wanted some opinions. I'm a (48m) who inherited a beach house from my grandfather. The house has been in my family for generations, and it has a lot of sentimental value to me. I am now with my long-term girlfriend for seven years after a divorce from my first wife which ended on good terms. She has a daughter from a previous marriage, and I have a daughter from my marriage as well. Our daughters are each 17 with mine being basically three months younger. Kara, the oldest will be 18 in May.
Kara has been in my life for seven years and we have a good relationship however she has an active father in her life so I did not fill that role. I was in her life 50% of the time so I have no doubt I played a large role in her life, but I wouldn’t say father, but others do say a nonlegal step-father. I have my daughter, Emmy, half time as well aside from Summers where I had her more due to my and my ex’s lifestyle. With that said, my ex and I have a good relationship as does our daughter with all of us. Kara and Emmy have gotten along, and they are friendly. They have made plans independent of myself and my GF but they don’t consider themselves sisters or best friends.
Now to the issue. Kara will be going to school near the beach house and has asked if she can live in it to save the money which would be significant. Emmy approached me and has said she wanted to live there after the Summer but wanted to live alone while also in school. The home is more than big enough for two, but she pointed out that they have very different lifestyles and would be far more comfortable alone or with a friend if I insisted she live with someone. It was a frank conversation and she brought up the fact that the home will be hers one day, so it made sense, and she’s right, the home will be hers by law in a few years as I will pass it to her.
My GF and Kara are very upset and calling it favoritism and pointing out that she will already be set for life between having a free ride to school via scholarships and housing while Kara will be using loans. And may have to take a gap year or attend another school altogether. They are asking me to reconsider, and I think I’ve damaged my relationship.
AITA for this decision? I agree that it’s favoritism, but Emmy is my daughter… Of course I’m going to favour her, right?
Top Comment: “NTA. You're Kara's mom's boyfriend and not Kara's stepfather (seeing as you're not married). Kara's dad needs to step up and support her if money is an issue.”
Other posters agree/OP is NTA:
This is not in any way favoritism because you aren't married and you do not share assets. You haven't legally adopted Kara and the house isn't some asset the girlfriend will ever be entitled to. Girlfriend and Kara are acting entitled and are 100% in the wrong. I would put the house in your daughter's name as soon as she turns 18 and let them know you have no say in what she chooses to do with her property. Again they were never entitled to any part of this lake house.
“exactly! since its mentioned that her bio dad is actively in her life.”
“Chances are that neither Kara's mom nor dad have that kind of money. But that doesn't change the fact that the daughter who is in line to inherit that house doesn't want to live there with Kara, and apparently has non-petty reasons for that wish. OP is NTA. But this might still be the end of the relationship.”
“Shes not trying to steal inheritance. She's trying to get help from someone who's been in her life for like half/third of her life. He may not have married her mom yet, but he has been dating her for like 7 years.”
Fence sitting posts:
“They are not ah for asking, but they are ah for not accepting "no" as an answer and finding it unfair that he treats his own daughter differently than his not-even-stepdaughter.”
“She wants to go there for school, not live there permanently. He's still not the asshole but I dont think she or her mom are either.”
Posters disagree/OP is TA:
“Not the point. Op has the ability to help Kara out. A child who's life he's been in for 7 years who's mother he is dating at little cost to himself. The girls living together as a roommate situation during school is hardly uncommon and learning to deal/live with people who live different lifestyles and whatnot is a valuable skill.
I have to go against the mob here and say YTA, OP. It’s still your house, not your daughter’s. You’ve admitted that the area is barely affordable for a middle class family, let alone a student, and that neither your partner or her ex would be able to contribute enough financially to make finding secure housing feasible. Ultimately, it’s your call to make. Your bio daughter would like, but certainly doesn’t need, a whole ass house to herself, whereas the girl who has been in your life for the past seven years needs safe and affordable housing. Give in to your bio daughter’s demands, and you’ll be showing your partner exactly how much she and hers mean to you: very little. This could be a relationship killer.”
UPDATE POST by on AITA 3/5/23
I spoke to Emmy and her mom and let them know where I stood, and that was beside Emmy, but I also felt that Kara and her mom deserved a genuine conversation. The conversation was this past Friday.
The talk started out ok. Obviously there were some emotions, but I started the conversation with telling everyone, there would be no yelling and tears would not be used to influence anyone. After it was all said, and we began I just proposed the situation as:
“This is a second home that I own fully and outright. It will be Emmy’s fully legally and in name in a few years, but as of today, it is mine- however, like the house, Emmy is mine and my responsibility. No one but us is entitled to it, and make no mistake, Emmy is indeed entitled to it. It may not be fair in your eyes, but it is what it is.”
“Emmy I can see why they may think it’s selfish as the house can accommodate you both, but I will support whatever you want to do. This is not a discussion to change your mind but to better understand it. “
It started pretty bluntly from Emmy and her mom saying they didn’t understand why she didn’t want her to live there as this would dictate a huge part of her future. The answer was half expected, and the other half hard for everyone to swallow.
Emmy said she didn’t trust Kara to actually focus on school and not make the home into a party house. She point blank asked Kara if she could actually accept not having guests over. Kara said something like “a few people two or three days a week wouldn’t be a problem.” The answer should have been “yes.” Emmy said she wouldn’t feel safe with her bringing over strange men whenever she wanted and her dad would want to visit, and she doesn’t trust him at all. She said School was her main focus and staying safe would be a worry if Kara was there.
Kara and her mom got defensive, but I told them it didn’t matter. She can’t say she won’t bring people over tells me all I need to know, and my daughters safety is paramount, and kara focuses were blurred. Socializing is fine, but perhaps I was wrong and it had gotten out of hand. I told my GF that as her mother she would have to address that, and that whatever the plan would be for Karas schooling had she not ever met me would have to be her course of action,
As for Emmy after the conversation I told her she would have a roommate as I felt it was important. She was ok with that and asked if she could ask a friend. I told her yes so all is good there.
As everyone guessed, GF is now ex-gf. She asked me to stay somewhere else for a week while she found somewhere to stay. I reminded her that this was also my house, but she was free to leave whenever. She ended up going to stay with a co-worker, but something happened. She asked to come back, but I told her it wouldn’t be wise.
That’s the update. Daughter is happy, I’m better than I thought I would be, todays a new day!, Ex will figure it out, and Kara has time to learn and grow.
To make a very long story short, this was not the full conclusion that I thought it would be. I’m not super familiar with Reddit and I thought that update was deleted or not post by the moderators.
Kara is now in jail. She was picked up in a stolen kia by some friends and they used the car to break into a pawn shop. I couldn’t tell you what was stolen or how much was stolen, but some football cards were taken and I guess they were worth more than the car and building damage. I understand people will say a lot about this, but I can honestly say she never did anything remotely like this. The worst I think I saw her do was break a dish on purpose when she was 13.
My ex.. well, she’s living at a shelter now. She was not cheating on me, and I never thought she was. That was just people making leaps. Unfortunately the woman she was living with asked her to join her and her husband for” activities” after moving in. She felt she had to do it for a place to live and she regretted it. She told people at work and was terminated after refusing a transfer.
My daughter and I are good, but mentally shook.
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2023.03.23 19:36 drhman1971 My wife found her lost/stolen ring at a Pawn shop and had to rebuy it. Any recourse?

We live in Illinois. My wife was dining out a restaurant several months ago with some girlfriends and took her wedding ring off to wash her hands in the bathroom. It has some texture and grooves that she didn't want to get soap in. She left it on the shelf by the mirror in the bathroom. It was right before closing and by the time she realized an hour or so later what had happened they were closed. She went back next morning when they opened to see if it was there or if anyone had turned it in and no one had. Presumably another patron or someone from the staff took it and made no "good faith" effort to return it. Also, my wife is a nurse and typically has to remove her ring for work so it's not unusual for her to have to take it off. (Some people feel naked without their ring, but my wife can't wear it at work so it's not unusual for her to remove it).
She filed a police report on it with pictures. They told her not to go to pawn shops or jewelry stores looking for it. They would "handle it".
We attempted to file an insurance claim with our homeowner's insurance, but they said we didn't have a specific rider for it and wouldn't cover it. My wife has been beating herself up over it for months.
We were looking into getting a replacement done but the ring was very unique and we hadn't done so yet as we were having problems finding someone to make a replacement. It was an art deco style with lots of small stones on a riser on each side that went up to a central larger stone. I think I paid around $1800 for it in 2005. The jewelry store that originally made it closed and has been out of business for years.
Today, some 3 months later, my wife was at a pawn shop and they had her ring for sale. She told the pawn shop that she believed it was her lost/stolen ring and that she had filed a police report. She showed the pawn shop pictures of it on her phone. They agreed it was likely her ring, but they would not return it. She asked who brought it in and they refused to tell her. They offered to sell it back to her at a discount. They were asking $1500 but offered to sell it to her for $1200. She was concerned that if she left to get the police involved (which could have taken hours or days) then the ring would be "gone" when she returned. She ended up rebuying it for $1200. I told her she probably should have called the police before rebuying it, but what's done is done.
Is there any recourse for us to get the $1200 back? Or, should we chalk this up to a (very expensive) lesson to be more careful in the future?
Her ring is very distinctive and unique and is clearly not a different similar ring. It's 100% her lost/stolen ring. We have pictures of it going back to 2005 when I bought it.
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