Bds 4 inch lift silverado 1500

28M, Having abdominal pain for around 7 days now.

2023.05.30 11:24 Cin-999 28M, Having abdominal pain for around 7 days now.

About 6 or 7 days ago I was using the restroom and went to wipe, on my left side of my stomach about 3-4 inches from my belly button it felt like I pulled something and it hurt quite bad for like 2 seconds. I didn't even notice it until a couple days later. The pain isn't strong it's just annoying, I don't notice anything if I press around, lift, stretch, carry stuff etc. It's just a slight pinching feeling in the area, it goes away at times for hours and at other times it's like an every 10 second pulse for an hour or two. Sometimes it moves to basically right on my belly button too but on the right side of it, I have no idea what is wrong. I haven't really eaten much all week as I made the number 1 mistake of googling it and my nerves are shot from the 50 different things it could be from hernias to diverticulitis to cancer etc. I am morbidly afraid of doctors for some reason and needles and I haven't went to the doctor and always fear the worst, the pains not terrible though. I am not sick or having a fever or chills or nausea or throwing up/diarrhea. I am not sure what could be the issue and I don't have insurance and am currently unemployed so I would need to go to the ER but want to make sure it is worthy of a visit that might cost who knows what. Honestly just want to break down and cry at times because I have legit been fine for ever. I have never had anything wrong with me warranting doctor visits. (I don't take any medications, I don't drink or smoke etc.)
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2023.05.30 10:01 Latter-Ad-1523 should i be concerned with the weight the battery, motor and my fat ass puts on this frame?

i have a 20 year old full suspension mountain bike. its a schwinn s30, not the good version from he 90s but not the total crap ones sold a target for $150 in the mid 2000s
i posted a pic on the ebike sub:
i have a modular battery, meaning i have six 6s 22.2v 20ah lipo batteries. i made several custom wire harnesses. i have what i call my short little trip config which is simply two batteries wired in series 12s1p, and then i have another config for thrashing around and its 18s1p.
this next and last config is the one that concerns me: 18s2p for 3kwh. i am using wooden bracket that i made that straddles the top bar. it stays right where i put it, painted it black before hand btw and looks good.
then i used a heavy duty panier bag that normally would go over the rear tire but it hangs on that bracket i made. i made the wooden bracket tall enough that it raises the panier bag up off the top bar about 4 inches and it lets me still pedal if i should choose. personaly i think it looks good btw
i should upload a pic, in fact i did a few days ago on the ebike sub, but in that pic its only for 12s1p
i say all that so i can say this, should i be concerned about weight? i have this huge battery strictly for long smooth road trips to work and back. all the other rides i slim down to the minimum battery. my thinking is that these mountain bikes were made to take off road abuse and if a dude weighs 200lbs he might be exerting many times more than that at times when mountain biking.
my shocks do a fantastic job smoothing out the ride so im hoping i will be good, but tonight i was trying to see if there was a way to shove some lipo chargers into this panier and there is room for three isdt q8max 30 amp chargers on the left side pocket of the panier bag and exactly just enough room for one 1500 watt 120vac to 24vdc rectifier psu on the right side pocket.
which lead me to thinking why not just put all six of my chargers and three 1500 watt psu's in a bag and strap it to the the giant mound that is my battery pack.
i run the usual 72120 and qs205.

is my frame going to crack? as i said when its loaded down with all the batteries its only for long smooth continuous road riding.
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2023.05.30 05:53 NaimaChan Trip Report: Tokyo, Kawaguchiko, Kanazawa, Kyoto, Yokohama, Kamakura

Just got back from 10 days in Japan and wanted to type up a trip report to hopefully help others that are trying to plan a trip!
Our trip was 5/16 - 5/28 including travel days. This was my 2nd time in Japan (first time was study abroad for 5 weeks in May/June 2016), but it was my mom & sister's first time, so the goal was to include as many must-see activities as we possibly could in the short time we were there. Our days were packed to the brim however all 3 of us are fairly active and healthy so despite being absolutely exhausted by the end of each day, in retrospect we wouldn't have changed a thing in our itinerary.
That being said, our itinerary would be much too busy for the average person's first trip to Japan so keep that in mind if you use this information to plan your own trip. For example, we usually only had time to sit down and eat for one meal per day and had to eat on the go for the other meals in order to have enough time to go to all the places we wanted to go to. There was very little downtime in our trip.

Tourist Tips


Daily Itinerary

Day 1 & 2: Travel

Day 3: Imperial Palace/Ueno

Day 4: Shibuya/Akihabara

Day 5: Asakusa/Ginza/Omoide Yokocho

Day 6: Harajuku

Day 7: Kawaguchiko

Day 8: Kanazawa

Day 9: Kyoto Day 1

Day 10: Kyoto/Nara Day 2

Day 11: Tattoo

Day 12: Yokohama/Kamakura

Day 13: Travel

Trip Cost

Cost Breakdown

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2023.05.30 04:54 Physical-Contract496 Working on 180gr federal hst loads for my xten. I settled on 14gr aa#9 at 1.250”. They shoot damn good. And feel great

Working on 180gr federal hst loads for my xten. I settled on 14gr aa#9 at 1.250”. They shoot damn good. And feel great submitted by Physical-Contract496 to 10mm [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 04:13 Unlucky-Nectarine484 First time #1 in Peach Chart!! 🍑

First time #1 in Peach Chart!! 🍑
I didn’t even notice it at first because somehow they weren’t winning in music shows?? So I didn’t look at their chart until the end. But now they are rank 1 in streaming in my single rank with a big gap 😁
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2023.05.30 02:04 Forsaken-Suspect1270 I'm being followed... except I'm following him.

I'm a 20 year old college drop out and I still live with my parents. After I dropped out, I started working at this place near home. I don't have my license so I don't have a car.
My parents and I didn't have the best, most ideal relationship and considering I dropped out after this last semester, it's safe to say it isn't any better. Luckily, the job I have isn't too far but isn't necessarily close either. It's about a 30-40 minute walk, depending on which route I'd take. I stuck with the shorter one for obvious reasons.
Asking my parents for rides to work just seems a little awkward in my eyes and chances are they won't do it anyways. They have jobs of their own, my fathers usually gone for the majority of the day, working 6 days a week and my mother works from home, in meetings all the time. She tends to snap at me when I come to talk to her while she's in these meetings so I've learned my lesson. Not to mention their little golden child they prefer to take care of and look after and give the world. My 16 year old sister, honor student, athlete, already has several scholarships waiting for her and colleges accepting her left and right. I'm not surprised they care about her more than me. I'm almost 21 anyways.
A little more insight on my parents schedule, my father works Monday - Saturday. He leaves around 5 am and doesn't return until about 9 pm so I rarely see him. My mother works from 8 am to 4 pm and usually spends the rest of her day cleaning, cooking, and spending time with my sister.
And then there's me, working from 7 am to 7 pm every single day as a waitress at a local restaurant. I live off tips and work everyday in hopes I can take my drivers test, buy a car, get a better job and move the hell out.
I've been working at this restaurant for a little over a month now and have been saving up ever since. My main issues aside from making very little at work is how I will ever get to my DMV to take my test. But I choose not to worry about that right now. I always feel bad for asking people for help because I don't want to be an inconvenience.
When I first started walking to work I've always been alone considering how early I have to wake up. I would usually be out of the house by 6:15 to try and make it to work early or leave time for any inconveniences that come my way. I did that everyday for the first month of working. But after that, I started noticing there would always be the same person way ahead of me.
It never really scared me or anything but I always found it pretty unusual that someone would be up and out around this time (aside from myself). I started coming up with possibilities on why I would see this person. Maybe they started a new job and also walk to work. Maybe an early morning walk? Who knows, it's none of my business.
A few days later after this stranger caught my eye, they seemed to be closer in distance to me. Like they aren't as far ahead as they were a few days prior. Am I walking too fast? Are they walking a little slower? Have they left their home a little later? It wasn't too out of the ordinary but I find myself pretty antisocial. I'm not the biggest fan of being close to people or partaking in small talk... especially not when I'm alone at 6 o'clock in the morning so I prefer to keep as much distance between us as possible to avoid potentially walking side by side or anything.
Since I've been closer to this stranger I realize that their route is very similar to mine. They take all the same turns as me which is strange because I swear I've never seen them in the same area as the place I work. I assumed I've just never paid much attention. They are still too far to make out any distinct features.
More days go by and it seems like they went from being 500 ft in front of me to being about 100 ft (if I had to guess). They're close enough to make out clothing and such.
The figure is very very tall, I'd say no shorter than 6'5 or something. They always wore all black. Black, rundown, long-sleeve shirt. Very dingy black pants that appear to be way too big for him, even at his height. Huge black boots that looked like they were falling apart.
All in all, the man basically looked homeless, like he hadn't showered in months. I even noticed a slight limp and he looked severely underweight. But I still can never tell where he's headed or where he's coming from. He's just always on the same path as me.
Thoughts would constantly rush through my head about why he seems to walk with me everyday. It was like he was following me but... in front of me? I don't know, it didn't make much sense to me. What started to really freak me out was the pattern at which he walked, however. It was so similar to mine if that makes sense. When I slowed down, he slowed down. When I stopped he stopped. When I sped up he sped up. I blamed the darkness of the early morning for possibly messing with my eyes and thought I was just thinking too much. I hate to admit it but I was scared, not at the fact that there was a homeless man walking the same trail I was everyday, but the fact he moved the way I did. Or at least that's what it looked like.
On my walk back from work I scout my surroundings to make sure I'm not being followed or in any potential danger. Not once have I ever encountered that man walking behind me so that was a good sign. My family and I live in a pretty small town so that puts me at ease on my dark walks home.
Over dinner with my mother and sister, I brought up the fact that there was this strange man walking my usual route to work. "There's this man that I see every day when I walk to work. It's pretty weird but he's usually very far away from me."
My mother paused for a second then responded, "Have you spoken to him?" She asked.
"No, I haven't. He's too far away. If I want to speak to him I'd practically be yelling." I said.
"Well go up to him and hello! Maybe he's nice and needs a walking buddy." My sister said. She's so naive and young.
"No!" My mom said back, quickly. Her body seemed to have reacted as well, almost as if she were in a panicked state. She cleared her throat and continued. "Um... just..... What does he look like? Have you gotten close enough to see his clothes?" she asked.
"Um... yeah, I have." I said hesitantly. "He wears all black. Super tall. Long and very dirty silver hair I think. Can't see much of it though."
My mom paused for a minute or two, felt like hours though. She looked like she was thinking. "Please, Reagan, whatever you do, don't speak to him... if he ever gets close".
My heart sank. What the hell did that mean? Does she know?! How? I couldn't get a word out for some reason. She just got up and threw the rest of her food away without even getting halfway through her plate and went upstairs.
"What was that about?" my sister asked. And I didn't have an answer for her.
It was the next day and I was about to leave for work. I barely got any sleep because I was thinking so much about my mothers reaction to what I told her last night. What does that reaction mean? Has she been aware of this strange man this whole time? I think it stressed me out more because she still expects me to walk to and from work everyday. This is actually pretty terrifying.
As I get ready for work, I keep my mothers advice in mind.
Don't speak to him.
That one sentence was running through my head like crazy.
I decided to take the long way to work to avoid a possible encounter so that mean leaving earlier.
I opened the front door and my heart sank into the ground. I stood, paralyzed with fear as I saw the man down our porch, slightly off to the left side on the sidewalk, facing the left. He was just standing there, not moving, as still as.... I was.
I stood in the door frame for what felt like an eternity, waiting on the strange man in black to move but he never did. Not until I took that first step out of the house. When I lifted my right foot up, he lifted his. He mimicked my next few steps after I slowly made my way down the steps.
Once I made it down I paused again, so did he. I couldn't fathom what I was experiencing. My heart was racing, 200 beats per minute. I was probably no more than 15 ft behind this dirty old homeless man. I was close enough to smell him and he reeked. I couldn't even describe the smell but it basically burned my nostrils. I moved my hand up to cover my nose and his hand goes up with mine. I think I've accepted the fact that he mimics every single one of my movements.
He continued to face forward, never turning to look at me so I had no idea what this man's face looked like.
I didn't realize how much time had gone by as it was almost 6:30. There wasn't much time for me to take the long way but what use would it be if he was here in front of me.
I started on my journey a lot slower than I would like. I considered going back in the house to steal my mother's keys and drive myself but would that mean he could follow me inside my house? I wasn't going to take that chance.
5 minutes into the walk it had been apparent that the man was harmless for the most part. he never turned around or even spoke. There were a few cases where he twitched violently causing me (or us, rather) to stop abruptly. Aside from that, it was just a dirty old man walking to the same destination as myself presumably. Being behind him I could really get a gist at how tall this guy is. Probably way taller than 6'5, maybe pushing 7 ft
I made it to the restaurant. I walked toward the door but it seemed like he walked way past it. I turn to go through the door and he turns and faces the brick wall to the left of me and just stands there. I continue to move forward slowly but the man hadn't moved, assuming he couldn't keep walking because of the barrier. I took this as an opportunity to tell my boss about the man following me since it became very clear he was.
I ran to the back in a panic and rushed my boss to the door in hopes he would do something about the strange man in black.
"He's outside to the right! He's been following me for days now!" I said frantically.
My boss stepped outside and looked right. Then looked left. One more look right and he walked back in, shrugging his shoulders. "I don't see any old man in black."
Is he serious? You can't miss him, nor his smell. I rushed out the door and looked both directions, he was right. The man wasn't in sight. And I couldn't smell that odor at all, like he had never been there. No, there was no way I imagined it.
"You have to believe. I've seen him for days, weeks even. I was just behind him my entire walk here he has to-" I was cut off by my boss.
"You told me he was following you. Now you mean to tell me you were behind him? Reagan, your story isn't making any sense. We're opening soon, please hurry up and clock in and get to work. I'm not in the mood for your games today." He walked off back to his original location.
I couldn't believe he didn't take me seriously. What was there to lie about? I know what I saw, I know I'm not a liar. I couldn't have imagined any of that... right?
I sighed. Before I walked back to clock in, I turned to the door one last time. I screamed at the top of my lungs to see the man standing in front of our glass door. He appeared to be slouched down because of his height to get a view inside. His hands were cuffed around the glass but his head was turned... like mine was. His body faced the glass and his hands were positioned as if he was peering through but turned when I did.
My boss ran out of the room one last time, yelling at me, "What the hell is wrong with you, Reagan?! What's with all this screaming?!"
"The door! He's at the door-" I turned back to the glass, and to my surprise, the man left. Am I going crazy? Did I just imagine all that?
"Are you out of your mind?! There's nobody at that door!!" he snapped.
"B-but... Mr. Q I-I promise you, I'm not making this up, I saw him I really did I-" I stuttered over my words before he spoke up.
"Is this supposed to be some game or something? Some joke, because I don't find it funny! You've got one more time or you're being sent home for the day, I don't have time for this! Get to work, NOW!" He stormed off one last time.
I stood in the middle of the restaurant for a minute and turned back to the door. He wasn't there.
I have a million thoughts racing in my head, but I can't think about my tasks or duties for the life of me.
About 3 hours ago go by and after a few spilled drinks, several dropped plates, and many messed up orders, my boss took the initiative to send me home for the day. I was supposedly "letting my imagination get the best of me" and "needed to rest for the day", but I know what I saw... no one was going to make me seem crazy.
Before I left, I asked if he or one of my other coworkers could at least watch me walk away to lessen the chances of this strange man in black following me, since he doesn't seem to appear when there's other eyes on him. He said he couldn't go himself but he would send one of the cooks who was getting off to watch me walk before he went on his way.
His name was Rodney. Rodney was a quiet guy, looked to be around my age. It was an awkward silence between the two of us so I decided to break by telling him the story about the strange man in black.
Before I could finish my story, Rodney seemed to panicked. "Wait... you said he's really tall and wears black?" He asked
"Y-yeah," I responded hesitantly, "why, what's wrong?"
"Does he smell like a mix of road-kill and sewage almost?" he asked. He was incredibly spot on.
I froze and stopped walking, so did he. I looked around to make sure I was still safe.
"Dude.. you shouldn't have told me that..." Rodney's face goes red and he looked very scared, looking around like he was running from something.
"W-why not... why can't I tell you?"
"It.... he..." He stuttered over his words, and at this point he looks completely freaked out.
"Rodney, you're scaring me, why shouldn't I tell you that? What's gonna happen." Now he's got both of us freaked out. I'm shaking while I wait for him to respond.
"He gets a little angry when you talk about him. Just a little more aggressive, kind of." He said.
"What the hell do you mean 'aggressive'?!"
He paused, "How many people have you talked to about him?"
"My mom, my sister, Mr. Q, and you..."
"Holy shit... okay uh.." He said, "did you bring up his smell to anyone?"
"N-no, not his smell. I only just started smelling him today." I mention.
He sighed a sigh of relief, "okay... okay that may be okay. That means he's close to you but he won't be too aggressive just....." he paused again.
"Just what?"
There was a small silence between us for a few seconds.
"I'm sorry, I can't. I can't walk with you anymore. I will watch you go from here but you're gonna have to walk the rest of the way yourself. He won't show up if I'm watching you so you should be fine for the most part. How long is your walk?" He asked me.
"About 30 minutes..."
"Oh man, you're fucked. I mean-! You're not, I think you'll be fine just.... whatever you do, don't speak to him. And don't look at him."
My heart was through the ground at this point, beating out my chest. This is now the second person to tell me not to speak to whoever this strange man in black is.
I didn't speak to him again, I just started to slowly walk away. "Good luck.." he said faintly as I put distance between us.
I looked back at him every 8 seconds, he was always still there. He really was going to watch me walk away. Unfortunately, I was coming up to a street where I'd have to take a left.
I crossed the street and turned left, my head still looking left and back across the street where Rodney slowly started to disappear around the corner, giving me one last wave.
I didn't want to face forward, it was like my face was stuck looking to my left.
I felt a slow breeze brushing through my hair which I found strange considering there wasn't a breeze anywhere else.
I turned my head forward and what I saw made my heart rush so fast I couldn't even tell it was beating anymore.
To my right, was a long, wrinkled, dirty face only a few centimeters away from my right cheeks. From the very corner of my eye I can see that the strange man in black was walking right beside me, not making a single sound with his steps. Body facing me, torso slouched down to be at the same height as me. He was walking sideways in a way, still keeping up with my steps, never missing a beat. His smell filled my nose and I was so close to gagging and throwing up.
I felt his breath on my face and it sent chills down my spine every 2 seconds. My head and heart was racing. I almost passed out. My body felt heavy and lifeless but was on auto-pilot. Just walking even though I felt I couldn't control my limbs. Those two rules were rushing through my brain at the speed of light.
Don't speak to him. Don't look at him.
It felt like I had been walking for hours but I probably didn't get any further than a few feet.
Don't speak to him. Don't look at him.
I can still see everything in my peripheral, the man's large wide eyes hadn't blinked since he started walking next to me.
Don't speak to him. Don't look at him.
My mind couldn't fathom the amount of dread I had for this walk home. It was going to take a million years with the strange man in black next to me.
Don't speak to him. Don't look at him.
When I thought it couldn't get any worse, he spoke. "Why won't you speak to me?" His voice croaked, deep, hoarse, and slow.
Don't speak to him. Don't look at him.
I didn't dare to open my mouth to speak back.
Don't speak to him. Don't look at him.
"Do I smell bad?" His voice changed, Everything about it changed. It was higher, like a woman, not a hoarse or scratchy."
Don't speak to him. Don't look at him.
"Hey, look over here." His voice changed again. I was a child's voice. But more distant, like it was coming from past him, between the trees. And I noticed his mouth didn't open when he said that one.
Don't speak to him. Don't look at him.
"You can trust me, don't listen to what Rodney and Mother said." Still in a distant child's voice.
Don't speak to him. Don't look at him.
"I'll go away if you look at me and say 'hi'."
This was going to be a long walk....
About 30 minutes passed and I was sweating bullets, shaking. The man hadn't moved from my side at all. Not an inch from my face. He spoke to me the entire walk. I felt like I was going crazy.
I unlocked the door and walked in. My sister was sitting on the couch watching TV. I stood in the door frame, unable to move.
I could see my sister smiling from the couch. "Hey big sister." she said cheerfully, not looking at me.
"Rachel.... whatever you do, don't-" she cut me off.
"I already know Reagan. I know about it all." her gaze never left the TV. "Why did you think I told you to go up to him and say hello." Her smile dropped. "But I see you're not as stupid as you seem."
She knew... everyone knew. My family knew. She wanted to sabotage me. Get me kidnapped or fucking murdered... She knew! That little brat. Not only did fear run through my body, but so did anger.
"What will happen... if I look at him?" I asked. She didn't respond. "Rachel!" I yelled, not loud enough to disturb my mothers work.
"Just look at him. Say hello. He's nice." She said smiling again.
"Just look at him. Say hello. He's nice." that sentence echoed to my right. Same pitch as my sisters voice and everything.
I was stuck. I didn't know what to do. What was there to do?

It's currently 11:04, that same morning. The strange man in black is laying in my bed with me. Still close as ever as I lay and type this. I'm numb to the smell of him, and I'm no longer scared. I feel nothing and everything at the same time.
He keeps speaking to me. He sounds like my mother, my father, my sister, my boss, everyone I know. He says whatever he can to get me to look.
Maybe one peak won't hurt, right?
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2023.05.30 01:04 MoonboardGumby What exactly will it take to go from 2019 Moonboard V5 to V8 (based on my strength metrics)?

I would classify myself as a V5 moonboarder on the 2019 set but I want to be stronger.
About me: climbing age 4.5 years, over the last 8 months moonboarding twice a week I have done all V3 and V4 benchies, 47 of the 86 V5's, and 4 of the 35 V6's. The V3's and first half of the V4's went easily, then I quickly plateaued and have been limit bouldering to squeak out 0-2 benchmarks per session on average. Have only recently sent a few of the V6's (Flowers for Dayz, No Dream is Just a Dream, Das Moon Hard, Troubadour).
My goal is to consistently send V8 benchmarks, and would like to know from other people on this same journey, what exactly did it take for you to get there? Below are my strength metrics (and some videos) - what weakness(es) do I need to work on to improve my moonboarding?
Personal stats: 5'8", +3 inch ape index, 135 lb
Strength metrics:
-Weighted pullup: BW+80lb x4 reps
-No hangs 20mm edge: half crimp 100lb per arm x5 reps, 3 finger drag 75lb per arm x5 reps
-Less relevant metrics: bench press 145x5, military press 100x5, squat 175x5, deadlift 245x5. I lift ~1-2x/week to maintain some strength/health, but do not try to increase my lifts much as I suspect my antagonist and leg strength is sufficient for climbing
-Flexibility is okay, I hope above average as I stretch every other day
Don't record much so only videos I have are from a few months ago. I think I'm stronger now as I've since sent these two problems relatively easily, but hopefully the videos will give a general sense of my climbing level:
Neon Knights V5:
Roaming V5:
I suspect finger strength is my main limiting factor but could just be naive. I also think I'm not really good at "trying hard", but am working on that as well.
One big weakness I've recently run into is small crimps, both in terms of edge size, and hold width. Edges I consider thin include I14 and F6. I tend not to be able to move off them. K11 is an example of a "small" hold for me that I have to use with 3 finger half crimp (no room for pinky). Small holds where I can't keep my pinky on tend to be terrible for me. I've also noticed my 3 finger drag is significantly weaker than my half/full crimp. I've started ending my sessions climbing a few V3's only with 3 fingers, and it seems to be helping my open hand.
If you've read this far, thanks so much! Any and all advice is appreciated.
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2023.05.29 22:51 r3crac ALIEXPRESS Deals (29.5.2023)!

ALIEXPRESS Deals Compilation (29.5.2023)!
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-21- Baseus PD3.0 QC4.0 Car Charger 45W
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-22- Xiaomi MIIIW Wireless Mouse
📉 Price: 9.91 USD USD
-23- Toocki GaN 40W USB C Charger 2 Ports
👌 Price: 10.38 USD USD
✏️ Coupon: $4 off on $4,01 coupon "TOOCKI73"
-24- Mini Bouquet Building Blocks Flowers
🚨 Price: 10.48 USD USD
-25- FCOB COB LED Strip Light 480 LEDs/m 5m RA90
💣 Price: 10.75 USD USD
-26- ORICO SD Memory Card Storage Case
🚨 Price: 11.70 USD USD
🖍 Coupon: $2 off on $2,01 coupon "PHCDUSD2"
-27- UGREEN Lifting Phone Holder Stand
✌️ Price: 11.81 USD USD
📌 Coupon: $2 auto discount in cart + $5 off on $5,01 coupon "PAAA9W"
-28- Essager 65W USB Car Charger
💰 Price: 11.95 USD USD
-29- Hiseeu 1080p No Card IP Camera
📉 Price: 14.07 USD USD
🖍 Coupon: $5 off on $5,01 coupon "8FUCSFFWKJ3F"
-30- ORICO Strong Heat Dissipation M.2 SSD 2280 Heatsink
👌 Price: 15.74 USD USD
-31- AUXITO 2Pcs H3 LED Headlight Bulbs
📉 Price: 17.83 USD USD
-32- Gan 356M Magnetic Speed Cube 3x3
🚨 Price: 20.73 USD USD
-33- Realme TechLife Buds T100 Bluetooth 5.3 AI ENC
🥇 Price: 23.36 USD USD
-34- Youpin Adyss P1000 Portable Retractable USB Charging Fan with Ring Light
📉 Price: 51.88 USD USD
-35- AJAZZ AK873 Hot Swap Mechanical Keyboard 87 Keys
💰 Price: 74.63 USD USD
✌️ Coupon: $2 off on $68 coupon "21FZE5XINYSU"
-36- ORICO UFSD 411MB/s Pen Drive Type-C 512GB
👉 Price: 83.44 USD USD
✂️ Coupon: $3 off on $59 coupon "ORICO5FANS3"
-37- TP-Link 2.5G Ethernet Switch 8 Port 2.5GBASE-T RJ45 2500Mbps
👉 Price: 112.60 USD USD
-38- Anker Soundcore Space Q45 ANC Headphones
〽️ Price: 117.94 USD USD
-39- Reolink IP Camera Argus PT Dual Wifi 4MP with Solar [EU]
✌️ Price: 132.15 USD USD
🔖 Coupon: $25 off on $129 coupon "REOLINK924"
-40- Xiaomi Sound Move Speaker BT5.3 Speaker HARMAN AudioEFX
🚨 Price: 132.84 USD USD
-41- Teclast T40 Pro T618 8/128GB 10.4 Inch Tablet [EU]
〽️ Price: 137.10 USD USD
👌 Coupon: $41,77 off on $164,86 coupon "T40PRO038"
-42- Zhiyun Smooth 5 Gimbal
💲 Price: 164.83 USD USD
-43- 4Pcs for Tesla Model 3 18 Inch Hub Cap
🥇 Price: 182.20 USD USD
-44- 700W Portable Power Station 576Wh AC 230V [EU]
🚨 Price: 289.66 USD USD
🔖 Coupon: $11,36 auto discount in cart + $11,36 off on $71 coupon "1AQRHSTQCICD"
Products compilation image: or
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2023.05.29 22:48 RouletteSensei M36 - Ita - Weird answer from the medic after the echography

My own doctor, after I said It was a possible inguinal hernia, explicitly told me:
Don't friggin touch weights or anything that can make it worse
On the other side, the doc who did the echography told me, you better do gym, or else doctors won't take you seriously to fix it
Result is been my inguinal hernia is 1 cm in size ( I tried to convert in inches, 0.4"?)
So, my doctor told me to don't even try to lift or do weights, the other doctor said, well, if you want to reach the point of surgery, you must push it further or doctors will laugh ( that's my thinking he was aiming at)
But what if I want to get that easy surgery, who I have to believe, MY doctor and wait it will casually get worse without trying to make it happen, or force to make it happen?
I sooo want to go back and do gym stuff, but this is triggering me so much
Can you offer me a suggestion?
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2023.05.29 22:41 RedBirdSLO Help with sub box.

I need to make a box for a sub, some old SPL 10 inch, 1000w rms as the box i got it with is weird shape, with less air space than needed(probably) and 100mm port diameter. Anyone willing to give me dimensions, or recommend a good site, and give me some pointers, id very much appreciate. I tried site, first thing i noticed it recommends a 75mm port to tune it to 38.5hz, so thats what i bought. Trunk space is not a problem, i was thinking a square like box with port forward. I just want the best, optimal box for this sub.
This is all the specs i have of the sub 10" (25-cm) 2*2ohm-os
10" SUB Potenza: 1000 watts rms Potenza Max: 1500 watts magnete 180 OZ 3" Voice coil Impedanza: dual 2 ohms Sensibilit?: 89 dB Risposta di frequenza: 26-1200 Hz Fs,38.50,Hz Re,4.10,ohms Qt,0.57, Qes, 0.62, Qms,7.30, Mms,187.07,grams Rms, 7.324871,kg/s Cms, 0.000093,m/N Vas,25.95,liters Sd,444.88,cm2 Bl,18.635969,Tm ETA, 0.26,% Lp(2.83V/1m), 89.17,dB Le,2729.23,uH L2,5326.74,uH R2,26.77,ohms
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2023.05.29 22:06 toomanytoes24 Lift/Level Options

I just bought a '15 Sierra 2500 with 60k miles on it. It's extremely well taken care of and I'd like to keep it nice for as long as possible. That said, I'd like to level out the front and rear, but don't want to sacrifice ride quality or front end durability. I really don't like the big lift kits, and I've been told several conflicting theories about leveling kits. Some say you can go up to 2" without sacrificing ride or durability, others act like anything involving the keys will ruin the front end.
Out of these options which would you suggest?
-Kryptonite leveling kit with UCA's and fox shocks + 1 inch drop in the rear (effectively +2 in the front -1 in the rear)
-full 4 inch lift kit
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2023.05.29 20:30 Aya0112 [Middle school level physics: not light, 8 grade] [ordinary level]

8th grade physics
[Middle school level physics: not light] [8 grade] Task 1. 20 J of work was done by pulling the load with a rope passed through the pulley, and 15 J when directly lifting it. What is the utility of this stationary mechanism
Task 2. A car of mass m = 1500 kg is towed on a trestle with base length 1 = 7 m and height h = 2 m. What force F is needed to pull the car, if the efficiency factor of the inclined plane is n = 30%?
Task 3. A load of mass m = 77 kg is lifted by a stationary plane. What force is needed to pull the rope (g=10m/s²). Ignore friction.
Task 4. Muscles act as levers on bones when they pull. The figure shows a human hand holding a 100 N bucket. The distance from the rim of the bucket to the elbow OB=32cm, from the elbow to the muscle attachment point OA=4cm. With what force are the muscles stretched?
Task 5. A person, having placed 1 m long boards at an angle, pushed a 60 kg wheelbarrow of stones with them to a height of 0.5 m. It did 0.75 kJ of work in the push. What is the efficiency of the inclined plane?
Task 6. Leverage is not only used in technology, its principle of operation also manifests itself in living nature. Apply the leverage rule to the human hand, foot, and head (Figure 1.26). Draw the levers, noting the fulcrum and the forces acting on them.
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2023.05.29 20:10 Aya0112 Please help with physics

Task 1. 20 J of work was done by pulling the load with a rope passed through the pulley, and 15 J when directly lifting it. What is the utility of this stationary mechanism
Task 2. A car of mass m = 1500 kg is towed on a trestle with base length 1 = 7 m and height h = 2 m. What force F is needed to pull the car, if the efficiency factor of the inclined plane is n = 30%?
Task 3. A load of mass m = 77 kg is lifted by a stationary plane. What force is needed to pull the rope (g=10m/s²). Ignore friction.
Task 4. Muscles act as levers on bones when they pull. The figure shows a human hand holding a 100 N bucket. The distance from the rim of the bucket to the elbow OB=32cm, from the elbow to the muscle attachment point OA=4cm. With what force are the muscles stretched?
Task 5. A person, having placed 1 m long boards at an angle, pushed a 60 kg wheelbarrow of stones with them to a height of 0.5 m. It did 0.75 kJ of work in the push. What is the efficiency of the inclined plane?
Task 6. Leverage is not only used in technology, its principle of operation also manifests itself in living nature. Apply the leverage rule to the human hand, foot, and head (Figure 1.26). Draw the levers, noting the fulcrum and the forces acting on them.
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2023.05.29 19:36 Barley03140129 Sway bar links

All four of my sway bar links are done for. Like so far done it’s not even funny😅 anybody have recommendations on ones that are good but not too expensive? I have a 2003 TJ that’s lifted 4 inches
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2023.05.29 19:32 gaikravik Best Discounted Offer On 2 Slice, Extra-Wide Slot Toaster with 6 Shade Settings, Black

About this item:
  1. 2-slice toaster for toasting one or two slices of bread at a time; 6 shade settings accommodate individual preferences
  2. Extra-wide slots for bagels and thicker slices; each slot measures 5-1/4 inches long by 1-1/4 inches wide
  3. Bagel setting for toasting just the cut side; Frozen setting for defrosting bread; Cancel function ends the session at any time
  4. Extra-lift lever for safely removing smaller pieces; 37-inch power cord (when routed out the back); cord wrap; removable crumb tray (located in the back)
  5. Buttons illuminate to indicate selected settings
Buy Best Discounted Offer:
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2023.05.29 17:31 dfuhr666 Lift kit suggestions

2008 SE 4.0 4x4
New to the lift kit scene and looking for suggestions on a 6 inch kit. I have the knowledge and tools required to install but don't know where to start when it comes to actual kits and brands.
submitted by dfuhr666 to nissanfrontier [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 09:11 Burningresentment Unable to keep house clean, feeling down :/

Vent/rant but also minor BLEUGH.
So my mom is...gross. It's probably a bit of an understatement, but it's hard to explain because she isn't exactly a hoarder, but just has zero regard for the environment around her.
Finish eating food? Dust her hands on the sheets and bed type stuff. Refuses to wash hands after eating and uses her phone with sticky fingers and refuses to clean her phone. Not hoarding, but seriously disgusting. Toddler levels of gross! But I can't tell her anything because her go to excuse is, "leave me alone! I'm getting old and I don't need to be told what to do."
She's even started jokingly calling me, "mom" which I don't funny one bit. I actually, genuinely hate it. (Totally off topic, but I got reminded just now)
So here's the deal, I started cleaning my bathroom and taking out EVERYTHING because my mom is talented with decorating and loves it. But she DOES not clean and will sometimes decorate even if the surfaces haven't been cleaned. (Wildest part? Mum was the opposite when I was a baby, when dad left things went downhill. I miss when my mom was a clean person.)
With that in mind, I've made it my job to clean everything and she just comes and decorates. Prior to this, I had completely given up on keeping the house clean for about 3/4 months. I only kept the necessary facilities (toilet, bathtub, sink, living room, and kitchen) clean because I figured it was time that mom learns to live with the consequences of her actions and I was plain BURNT OUT.
But as a person, I deserve a clean place to live. I'm unable to focus and relax when there's clutter everywhere, so now that I have more time on my hands since I'm between work, I decided to start tackling other areas for both cleanliness and aesthetic. Its bad enough she's raging nearly daily, I can't deal with both mess and her attitude.
As you imagine, that went as well as you think: POORLY. The double whammy? I get blamed for not cleaning, and she also trashes when I do clean! She even PRAYS about it? The religious abuse makes me want to scream.
Back to the story, I cleaned almost the entire bathroom but a small section on the countertop was filled with odds and ends (pins, hairclips, sewing needles, etc. That I found on the floor while cleaning other areas of the house). So a small portion of the counter wasn't wiped off because those items were on it. (This is super necessary to add: my mom has a weird rule where I can't remove everything in a single go and wipe it all at the same time. I have to work in sections. I tried to do it my way but she gets seriously unstable. I do it to keep the peace)
So with that said, I felt good because she today she was...okay for the most part. She finished decorating the bathroom! I was so happy that she cleaned off the counter and assorted the odd items.
She got really nasty (figuratively, LOL) a handful of times today and did a few terrible things, but not as Godawful as throwing things like she did earlier this month. Progress, I guess 😬
So I got up just a little while ago, took a shower, and saw a tub of cleaning paste out. I picked it up to put it in the cabinet and when I opened the cabinet I saw the handsoap from the counter and her hair dye beneath it. I had a bad feeling but didn't question it.
After putting the paste away, I opened the drawer a few minutes after to get my acne medicine.
LO AND BEHOLD: all the pins, scrunchies, rubber bands, hairclips, and a few other odd items were on top of my medicines. This included some dirt(? I honestly to God had no idea what it was?) On top of it.
I started to cry because I was a fool for being happy and giving her the benefit of the doubt. I immediately moved the clean towels on the countertop and cleaned it down. Makeup and other debris lifted from the surface and appalled that she put clean towels on top of the counter with no decency to even clean iI.
It's so small, but it brought back so many bad memories and made me realize just why I gave up on cleaning. My mom would get angry because things weren't done her way and would trash the entire house because she felt like it.
Then she plays victim saying I'm lazy and don't help her in the house and she does everything.
I reorganized some linens and housewares in the closet and because I wrapped the vases in newspaper and put them up in a bin a few months ago, she spitefully threw everything down and consequently ended up breaking a few pieces. On another occasion afterwards, she shattered a floorlamp and broke a huge glass vase, too. Guess who had to clean it? Me. I had to pick every glass shard FOR DAYS.
In the past when she did things like that (break stuff, trash the house, throw things she didn't like all over my bed and the floor) she would say, "if you don't want this to happen then make sure you finish cleaning before I get home (or before she wakes in the morning.) Cleaning must be done out of her sight, while she simultaneously does NOTHING to upkeep the house aside from decorating.
I feel so hurt because I think she did it (today) deliberately to teach me a lesson. When I was a bit younger (up until a few years ago) she would do it with glee. For example, when I was like 20( I'm26now) I had a laundry basket in my room that had comforters and curtains at the bottom and clothes on top.
It was my midterms season, and when I got home my mom cooked, we ate, and afterwards she told me to, "go upstairs and see the suprise."
She had taken all the dirty laundry out the basket and put it back into my drawers and trashed my closet. She used to plan those things often and it was daily. Funny part? I wasn't allowed to use the washing machine and I had to hide to wash stuff at night (and still do) so that's why the basket was half full.
Another example is her putting my sneakers on my pillow because I left my shoes by the doorway. I take off my shoes as soon as I walk in because we get mud due to sprinklers going off.
I'm so angry right now. This brought back so many bad memories and emotions. She couldn't take 3 minutes to put all the little items in a basket and wipe the remaining 8 inches of counterpart? She had to lay the freshly washed, brand new towels on top of the dirty countertop? Did she do it spitefully? Was it unintentional? Was she trying to "teach me a lesson?"
Is she trying to provoke me into a fight? Does she want me to bring it up so she could use ammo?
I've now stopped crying since writing, but I'm simmering in grief. I realized why I gave up on keeping the house clean, now. She does stuff like this all the time. If my mom undertakes any kind of cleaning task, she'll always have a "major" accident (usually breaking something medium sized).
I try to clean at night while she's asleep and while she's not home to avoid her joining me and having a rage induced fit. I can't keep up with the apartment because of restrictive rules and her refusal to assist in cleaning.
I'm going to keep cleaning and hopefully tomorrow is better :( I really hope I can get everything organized and (discreetly) do major downsizing to get out of here.
Tl;dr: I cleaned the bathroom, didn't finish a small section of unorganized items and she threw it inside the organized bathroom drawers and under the cabinets. I didn't find out until I went to put away some cleaning products, and started crying because I can't tell her anything because she'll mock me and say, "Well you should've ducking finished everything and that wouldn't have happened."
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2023.05.29 07:22 Public-Local4385 Free pfSense Firewall and Limiter configuration for Nintendo Switch

Hello all. This post is to help the thousands of readers of my previous post get started using pfSense. This guide can help you reduce bufferbloat and lag spikes while playing Smash Ultimate or other Nintendo games online.
My previous post can be found here:

In my other post I discuss various ways to mitigate online lag in Smash Ultimate. In this post I am providing a set of pfSense firewall configuration .xml files so readers may engage themselves with pfSense, view my settings and optimize their Nintendo Switch connection.
This post and firewall configuration covers Firewall Rules, Port Forwarding as well as limiters which combat bufferbloat with CoDel and fq_codel.
Please note, this is probably not worth your time if your Internet Service Provider's (ISP) router already has QoS features, or if you have a gaming router, with "gaming mode" or a different router which uses fq_codel automatically. Since pfSense doesn't do these things automatically (neither does my AT&T router at home), I have done them for you, and have added extra security to the router via this configuration file which I will discuss more below. If your ISP or gaming router still has lag spikes, even with the gaming mode enabled, perhaps this hands-on approach can help or inspire you.
The configuration files are stored on dropbox, the link is attached to the posting and can also be found here:
Download -
Dropbox File -
Let's get started.

"One of the key insights in the design of CoDel is that there is only one parameter that really matters: how long it takes a packet to make its way through the queue and be sent on toward its destination. And, in particular, CoDel is interested in the minimum delay time over a time interval of interest . . .
Less time spent in queues is always better, but that time cannot always be zero. Built into CoDel is a maximum acceptable queue time, called target; if a packet's time in the queue exceeds this value, then the queue is deemed to be too long. But an overly-long queue is not, in itself, a problem, as long as the queue empties out again. CoDel defines a period (called interval) during which the time spent by packets in the queue should fall below target at least once; if that does not happen, CoDel will start dropping packets . . . Dropped packets are, of course, a signal to the sender that it needs to slow down, so, by dropping them, CoDel should cause a reduction in the rate of incoming packets, allowing the queue to drain. If the queue time remains above target, CoDel will drop progressively more packets. And that should be all it takes to keep queue lengths at reasonable values on a CoDel-managed node.
The target and interval parameters may seem out of place in an algorithm that is advertised as having no knobs in need of tweaking. What the authors have found, though, is that a target of 5ms and an interval of 100ms work well in just about any setting. " - The CoDel queue management algorithm []

Edit: Due to the nature of virtual machines, you may need to reassign your IP addresses to your interfaces after loading my config.xml file and assign them to the correct interfaces. My vm's interfaces are vtnet but yours will definitely be different unless you use virtual proxmox bridges. You can reset them with Option 2 from the console menu. Introduction — Interface Naming Terminology pfSense Documentation (

I hope you enjoy this experience once you get it set up and working. It is very much a functional, budget setup for those who don't feel like buying a gaming router. There are many other ways to customize the limiters such as with source or destination dynamic limiter masks (I still don't know how to use these, but they seem to be a legitimate way to automate optimizing the limiter settings.) If you have any suggestions to improve the setup for gaming + home security let me know! If you have other questions, I will answer them as I correct my grammar and formatting at my leisure.
I added all of the firewall options because internet downloads are inherently pretty sketchy, and I couldn't bare sharing a router configuration file without maxing out its security as much as possible. Please note, that this setup works and was tested on a virtual machine using one CPU core and 1 gigabyte of RAM. It hardly uses more than half a gigabyte of RAM, if ever.
If anyone is able to extract CoDel and fq_codel settings from an actual gaming router, please do post and I will update the Limiter.xml files and give them a try myself!

submitted by Public-Local4385 to SmashBrosUltimate [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 07:07 ColoradoCattleCo 2" lift for '21 Ram 1500?

I have a '21 Ram 1500 with the off-road package and towing package. I was told that since it already has the off-road package that it is leveled and a 2" lift isn't available... only a 4" or more. Anyone know if this is correct? And what are the largest size tires I can put on without rubbing at it's current dimensions?
submitted by ColoradoCattleCo to DodgeRam [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 02:36 StructuralGeek Any quality 5th gen suspension kits that can be adjusted for no lift?

I have a ‘23 non-KDSS TDR ORP and I’m looking at changing out the suspension for more control and ride quality on- and off-road. The reduced spring rate of the 4R is more comfortable than my prior F150, but the shocks seem to just let the body bounce and roll too much.
The thing is, I don’t want to lift it. I want maximum wheel travel for off-roading, and lift kits usually just offset the spring equilibrium point downward while effectively removing that much up travel due to spring compression force. That, and my wife is short and already hates the stock height.
I’ll accept some lift if I have to, like if it’s half an inch or something, but most of the kits I can find either don’t state a range (just a flat 2.5in lift for instance) or the range is like 2-4”. Do you guys know of any kits I haven’t considered that can be adjusted for zero lift, or if any of the kits I have considered are just stating the maximum for an adjustment that can actually go down closer to stock?
Bilstein 6112/5100 seems like they can go down to roughly factory height, but are valved more for on-road than off-road priorities. Probably what I’ll go with if no one has a better suggestion.
Eibach and Dobinson kits seem to start at 2 inches minimum. They seem to be better valved for off-roading, but the added height is a deal breaker.
Ironman Foam Cell are highly regarded but seem to only have options for 2.5 or 3 inch lift springs.
submitted by StructuralGeek to 4Runner [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 00:37 MyBloodTypeIsQueso Why is there a gap at the top of this garage utility door?

Why is there a gap at the top of this garage utility door?
The gap is almost a full inch. Every townhouse in the development has a similar gap. Door material is wood, original door (1980).
The opening is only 1/8” out of square. The left side of the door is 1/4” shorter than the right side. The door is equal widths at the top and bottom. It will not latch unless you lift up on the handle.
What the hell is going on here, and is it going to be a huge pain in the ass to replace it with a door that latches appropriately and fits the opening without the unsightly gap?
submitted by MyBloodTypeIsQueso to Carpentry [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 22:19 Pretzelballs Sektion rail wall cabinet MINIMUM space to ceiling

I wanted to hang my 40” Sektion wall cabinets as close as possible to the ceiling at the lowest point. I googled and searched and found some “advice” on the minimum gap space between the ceiling (lowest point) to the top of rail and all I could find was a rule of thumb of 20mm or about 3/4”.
I decided to measure myself to confirm, and also to measure the gap based on hanging the rail as high as possible but still being able to hang the cabinets, and provide the info for anyone else in who may find the is useful.
I built the wall cabinet and turned it to its back, and used a section of rail to find the MINIMUM height needed in order to lift the cabinet and hang on the rail. The bare minimum appears to be just at 1/2”, but this means you must butt the cabinet against a flat ceiling to hang it onto the rail. The 3/4” guidance is a good rule of them.
After the cabinet is on the rail, there is a 3/16” gap between the top of rail and highest points on the cabinet (the 2 sides). So using the 3/4” height at the lowest point of the ceiling, minus 3/16 to top of cabinet high points, the gap above the cabinet at the lowest point will be 9/16”.
I measured the crown piece (forgot the name but it’s for the Axstad white) at 3/4” on the flat side, so if you’re putting in the crown piece you’ll need to lower the rail an additional 3/16” to just fit the crown into the lowest section in the ceiling.
ABSOLUTE min to hang cabinets: 1/2” from top of rail to lowest ceiling point, but use 3/4” as ikea and every other site advises.
Hung cabinet top of rail to top of cabinet: 3/16”
Gap if hanging rail at 3/4” below lowest ceiling point: 9/16”
If using 3/4” thick crown, hang rail at 15/16” to fit into the lowest spot in the ceiling.
NOTE: make sure you find the lowest point in the ceiling!!! I used a laser level and measured every 6 inches, and my ceiling varies up to 1/4” at the lowest point along the wall where cabinets I’ll be hung, so this is where all measurements need to be made.
submitted by Pretzelballs to IKEA [link] [comments]