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2020.07.20 21:09 KwazykupcakesB99 ABCDesis_Adulting

Born from the ABCDesis, a place for us ABCDs/ABDs to talk about 'adulting' like, life after college, grad school, work, love, marriage, parenting, family life and trying to keep it together.

2018.11.27 18:21 LittleEmmy Love & Marriage: Huntsville

Three high-powered African-American couples come together to help the thriving city of Huntsville, AL, continue to grow in "Love & Marriage: Huntsville." The couples are longtime friends and avid socialites with very strong points of view. They help the town grow with their real estate venture, the Comeback Group, as they strive to face the realities of love and marriage while striving for success.

2015.03.09 22:39 Stay Married

A place to try and find solutions for marriage problems--solutions that do not include divorce.

2023.03.26 21:11 mo_weasel Red Rocks wishlist and other ramblings from a fan.

If I’ve learned anything about my musician lovers and friends over the years, it’s that at least one of y’all in the band are redditors ;)
My college best friend burned Tennessee Fire through to Z for me and those were the only CDs in my car for yearssss. My first ever Jacket show was actually Bonnaroo 2008. Holy shit, epic. Y’all straight up controlled the weather that night. I followed you guys closely for several years and left foam bear paws on your stage once that you displayed for many future shows. This made a fangirl’s heart swell beyond measure, so thank you! Looking back, not sure if I bordered on dorky or endearing during those years lolol … probably a mix of both. I used to request Cobra at shows and y’all would play it, and that memory holds strong for me. I sneak the full length Cobra into rainy day playlists for my yoga students, timing that shit to start during Cobra pose because I am a nut… ;)
I felt your hometown love big and hard on Halloween last year, gosh. The guy in the seat behind me hugged me and said he enjoyed me at the end of that show because I get really animated for your music. I feel like American Dad still to this day.
I am coming to my first Red Rocks show this year (somehow!) Two nights with my very best friend and my very best band, all from Louisville.
Let in the dark! (this is a kind request) :))
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2023.03.26 21:09 GirlOverThere123 Cockatiel fluffed up worries me

I have an almost 2 year old male tiel and he is going through a very serious molt. Piles of feathers and that was about 2 weeks ago. They’re growing back, his little avocado shaped body is full of pins now. Now, he eats fine and poops okay, his behavior is the same and I just want to know from other tiel owners if their birds seem a little down during a molt, he’s just poofed up a lot like if he was cold and he looks a little dull. I gave him a bath/shower 2 days ago and he loved it, especially around his neck where it’s all nothing but pins. I’m still taking him to the vet since we all know birds are sneaky and hide illnesses.
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2023.03.26 21:09 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA 6 teaser posted online, is swiftly deleted

50 Cent: What are you up to, my man? The entirety of the Grand Theft Auto fanbase is waiting on tenterhooks. We surely cannot be too far away from the long-awaited reveal of GTA VI. Honestly, every time I get a Twitter notification from Rockstar Games, my heart skips a beat and now, 50 Cent is playing with our emotions.
Last week, 50 Cent dropped what appeared to be a major GTA VI teaser. He posted a Vice City logo, captioning it, “I will explain this later. GreenLightGang, this s**t bigger than POWER, trust me. BOOM.” Dr Dre starred in GTA Online’s ‘The Contract’ DLC so many have speculated that 50 Cent could be lending his likeness to a GTA VI character. Well now, the plot thickens because the rapper has dropped yet another tease - deleting it swiftly after. Very suspicious.
Take a look at this mod which allows you to play as The Boys’ Homelander in GTA V.
As spotted by Reddit user worldlovespain, after posting a second reference to GTA, 50 Cent deleted both posts from his social media accounts. The second tease featured a photo of a Vice City neon sign from shopping site AliExpress. Due to the deletion of both posts, many are assuming that the rapper may have broken an NDA he had with Rockstar Games.
As previously mentioned, 50 Cent could be teasing a GTA VI collaboration but what’s perhaps more likely is that he’s working on a GTA-inspired show, focusing on Vice City by the looks of it. In the original tease, 50 Cent included the TV emoji. He also said, ‘This s**t bigger than POWER.” Well Power is a crime drama series that aired from 2014 to 2020 that, you guessed it, starred 50 Cent. The rapper also helped create the series.
Big budget game adaptations are all the rage right now. You need look no further than HBO’s The Last of Us. I’m surprised GTA is yet to get the adaptation treatment given the immense love for the franchise. For now, take all of this with a pinch of salt until anything is confirmed but 50 cent is undoubtedly up to something.
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2023.03.26 21:09 vuckat Allergic to ingredients in a different country?

I’m (25F) visiting a friend in Philly from Toronto. The first day (friday) i was here i had a bagel, and five minutes later and halfway through the bagel i started getting itchy palms, bad pressure in my head, and my hands were swelling and were bright red. 5 minutes after this my whole body was itchy, i vomited, had diarrhea, and felt weak. I thought this could be food poisoning but i broke out in hives all over my body and the itching didn’t stop. I took allergy medication and it was over in an hour. The bagel was also from a medetteranialn restaurant, so i thought it might’ve been cross contamination from something else.
Flash forward to today, i had another bagel from a different shop and within 5 minutes the same symptoms started. My whole body was itchy (including eyes, which didn’t happen last time), palms bright red, and i broke out in hives again - this time i also had a hard time breathing. Both times the only thing i ate were bagels.
Is it possible i could be allergic to an ingredient used in america that’s not used in canada? I know our FDA laws are different. We thought it could the pasteurization, but i drink american milk all the time as my dad is a truck driver and brings it home every trip.
Could i have developed an allergy overnight? I love bagels so i hope this is not the case.
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2023.03.26 21:09 mo_journeys Aromantic Representation in The Last Session!

Panels from The Last Session (2022) by Jasmine Walls, Dozerdraws, and Micah Myers; published by Mad Cave Studios.
I love this flashback scene of Shen talking to her (at the time) friend Walter at their high school GSA club. Her girlfriend had just broken up with her and she laments to Walter about how dating "never feels right". He responds by saying, you know, you don't have to date anyone if you don't want to.
Shen is canonically aromantic and asexual, she's also later shown to be in an explicitly queerplatonic relationship with Walter (as in, she calls their relationship queerplatonic in the comic). She's one the main characters of The Last Session, which is an award-nominated DnD adventure comic by an aroace writer and an ace artist. It's a really wonderful series about changing friendship dynamics as you get older and gives me a lot of nostalgia!
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2023.03.26 21:08 txbxthl Looking for people that play on Xbox Series using voice chat

Tired of pinging to communicate. Tired of squadmates not communicating at all. Send me your tag if you feel like me and don’t mind me not being the greatest. Love to hear from y’all
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2023.03.26 21:08 Bahgz Morning Raid Team LFM for Ulduar HM progress and beyond!

< Coffee and Karazhan > [H] Mankrik
Morning Raiding Guild
5/10 HM 25M , 9/10 HM 10M Wed & Thur 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM EST
Currently recruiting:
About C&K:
Raiding Times:
What You Can Expect From Us:
Loot System:
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2023.03.26 21:08 tadyoinkysploinky Current meta decks?

Howdy yall!
For those who have a larger canlander playgroup and more experience, what decks have you guys seen perform really well recently in canlander?
There are very few canlander players at my gamestore, and I just wanted info from those of you who play against a larger variety about what decks do you see overperform, and what decks seem to take up a disproportionate amount of the meta.
I'm thinking about building jeskai time vault becuase I love affinity and artifact synergies, but I'd love input from those of you who have seen more decks and about any decks you guys think are cool and can play pretty well that are either notoriously good, or maybe are not that well recognized but seem to hold their own in the canlander sphere.
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2023.03.26 21:08 LupineLethargy Material Recommendations/Poorhammer gamenight

So basically I fucking love scratch building but have minimal chances to actually do it due to lack of necessity. So I've been throwing around an idea in my head get my group together and do a build sesh/tournament for Warhammer 9th
Players will be given a set amount of base materials all sourced from dollar store some combination of foam core, beads, etc
In addition the following rules will go into play
-Point count is 250 you can go below but you may not go over -You can't build an army you already have/army will be randomly decided -In addition to any materials your given anything you can salvage from trash or thrift from local store on day of build
Know its an out there concept but thoughts and would you find this fun?
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2023.03.26 21:08 OniMempo Matt's a killer tho

In 1x2 (Cut man), Matt throws a man off a roof and has to check if he died (only after Claire asks). If that's not a failed murder attempt, i don't know what is. Not only that, he has no reason to do so, he got all the info he needed after torturing the guy by literally stabbing above his eye and roughing him up.
---"No, your honor. You see, I didn't really want to kill him when I shoved him off that roof. He even survived so it isn't attempted murder". ---"was it in self defense? " ---"Not really, I tortured him so he had no strength to harm me. Poor guy even spilled all the info I wanted. Great fella!"
He set Nobu on fire as well back when he didn't know he was immortal. Funny thing to hear Matt say that Nobu was supposed to be dead. Leaves no room for questioning if he knew (you know, cuz that would create some discussion and internal conflict if he cared. But i guess that wasn't his first time trying to kill someone)
Of course that would mean that he is okay with killing in self defense and that's fine, not like he can't have more depth to his no-killing rule.
He killed Nobu again, which is pretty funny. This time around not in self defense but he knows Nobu is immortal so it's fine. I mean, a discussion about whether or not killing an immortal person is moral would be nice, but it was the end of the season. Either way, having Nobu there wasn't necessary for the story at all, so it was purely the writer's intentions to have Matt murder again.
He also lets Frank shoot a bunch of ninjas but has a problem with him killing the people who tortured him, nice.
All this on a second watch was a bit bothering when, in season 3, we got a giant morality-based couple of episodes that would've been nice to see instead of magic ninja shit and foggy's bad acting.
Daredevil was my favourite Marvel thing. New York's Finest had my favourite dialogue from the MCU. Every season they tried more and more to make a better one-shot fight scene. They knew the audience wasn't stupid so they got the guts to put long dialogue scenes that really build character in a way Marvel is now so damn scared to do. DD pulled it all off with amazing actors in every corner. Not foggy tho.
Daredevil is a show that deserves every bit of praise and love, in my opinion.
Matt's a killer tho
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2023.03.26 21:07 Goblin_Enthusiast Experience/Advice for a City Domain (UA) Cleric?

Good day, 3d6!
A campaign I'm in just concluded it's first chapter. The next chapter takes places thousands of years onward in the Cyberpunk Future, so I've got to make a new character. I saw the old City Domain Cleric from the Modern Magic UA, and I'm quite intrigued! I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience using this domain in their own game, or if anyone has advice for how to build one (good feats/backgrounds/multiclasses). The character's going to be level 12, rolled stats (can't roll until session 0, 4d6dl1), anything is on the table. I usually like to play Control/Utility casters like wizards and sorcerers, but I want to be a good Support as well.
As far as character concept, I kind of imagine them as a hardcore Conspiracy Theorist (full-on Tinfoil Hat kind of guy). A friend joked abt me playing a re-skinned Owlin as a "Mothman", and while I usually steer clear of Flying races, I kind of love the idea.
Anyway, what do you folks think?
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2023.03.26 21:07 hallaway_monitor Welcome to Nebraska Conservatives!

This community is a space for conservatives in Nebraska to come together, share ideas, and engage in civil discourse about topics that matter to us. Whether you're a lifelong conservative or just beginning to explore conservative principles, this subreddit is the place for you.
As Nebraskans, we share a common love for our state and a commitment to the values that make it great. We believe in limited government, personal responsibility, individual freedom, and traditional values. We also believe in the importance of open and respectful dialogue, where people can share their thoughts and opinions without fear of judgment or hostility.
So, whether you want to discuss the latest news in Nebraska politics, share your thoughts on national issues, or simply connect with fellow conservatives in your area, this subreddit is the perfect place to do it. Let's build a community where we can learn from each other, support each other, and work together to promote the conservative values that make our state and our country great.
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2023.03.26 21:07 sauce_lapin Heart palpitations driving me crazy

Male 29 yo 280lbs / 6’2
Hi everybody,
I come to present a problem that has literally rotten my life since november 2022.
Since that time in my life, I have been experiencing heart palpitations.
These issues have evolved and became more and more present.
At first, I noticed that I had heart palpitations (and mild 100/110bpm tachycardia) about an hour after meals (regardless of the amount of food).
It lasted about two to three hours, and after that, I was ok the rest of the day (I could eat again without this problem coming back).
Sometime I could deliberately induce the problem in the morning (with eating something fat) so that I could eat without worries the rest of the day.
Then, over the months, the problem has largely developed and now I can no longer lead a normal life.
Gradually, the palpitations became invasive and appeared outside meals. Although, eating always inevitably increases them.
To this day, as soon as I wake up, I feel palpitations and my heart rate is quite high (usually around 90bpm).
These palpitations disappear within an hour or two, but reappear with the slightest exercise (climbing stairs, showering, preparing a meal, vacuuming, etc). As soon as I do something that requires an effort, my heart rate accelerates (110~120bpm) and I’m out of breath and above all, I feel like my heart is going to explode, I can sometime feel some extrasystol and I’m scared. So I have to stop and take a break.
My blood pressure is never too high because I’m already treated for that (Olmesartan 20mg) :
Usually 110/60 in the morning, and maximum 140/80 after the meals when my palpitations are at their peak.
And after meals, it's about the same but worse.
But the worst is really alcohol. I’m a person who loves to drink a few beers at least once a week. I feel like I need it. On the moment when I’m drinking, everything is fine and I don't feel anything particular (except a slight tachycardia) but the next morning, I can't even urinate otherwise my heart rate is extremely high (180bpm). Last month, when I woke up after a drunken night out, I had to call an ambulance because I thought I was having a real heart attack - heart rate was something 190bpm.
At the hospital, I was given Bisoprolol 5mg and I had blood biology and various heart tests (EKG, etc) and the doctors concluded that I had "sinusal tachycardia" and advised me to stop drinking alcohol.
I don't really know what to do for a few months now.
I saw several doctors; two great cardiologists and a rhythmologist. I had EKGs, holters (48 hours), cardiac echo, effort tests (on a bike) and blood tests.
The effort tests concluded that my recovery time was too slow. The holsters concluded that my heart rate was too high and I have been taking Bisoprolol 1.25mg twice a day since.
Blood tests indicate a deficiency in vitamin D, vitamin B12 (I’m a vegetarian), and phosphorus.
I have been taking vitamin D and B12 supplements at high doses since, and there is no phosphorus supplement in my country so the doctors advised me to eat high phosphorus foods (kidney beans, milk, sunflower seeds, etc).
Doctors advised me to exercise more and to lose weight. And I'm all for it. I’ve already lost 20lbs since January. But I can't do sports - at the slightest effort I feel like I'm having a heart attack. (I can’t even have sex).
I would like to know in which direction should I go, now ? What should I investigate ? I’m starting to think these palpitations are caused by a non-cardiac origin.
I read a lot of forums, and some of my symptoms are similar to "Roemheld Syndrome", or thyroid issues.
I’m not really stress person. So I don’t think that I’m suffering from anxiety. I sleep well. I quit smoking. I eat really better since January. I just don’t know what I can anymore to improve my palpitations.
Note that I suffer from GERD but it is treated with Pantoprazole 40mg.
What do you think ?
Many thanks 🙏
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2023.03.26 21:07 Elena_Edie Calling all woodworkers and carpentry enthusiasts! This one's for you. If you love connecting and joining wooden boards, then we want to hear from you. Share your favorite techniques, tools and tips on this thread and let's learn from each other. Let's build something great together!

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2023.03.26 21:07 Boss452 1st half of The Batman is pretty much perfect except for the police station scene.

I am absolutely in love with The Batman's first half. It builds such an atmosphere and immersion which no other Batman film does better. It takes its sweet time setting up Gotham, the various characters and of course Batman himself. The moody lighting, score & set design wonderfully work together to create a unique, memorable Gotham.
The 1st half of the movie exactly ends as the fantastic car chase scene ends. So till that point, my only complaint with the movie is the police station scene where Batman gets unconcious and is taken to the police station. This scene wasn't needed at all. Firstly, shouldn't he be taken to a hospital as he was caught in an explosion? Secondly, why take him to a station and not arrest him if you want him for questioning? Thirdly, all the time from when they took him from the cathedral to the station and then laying him down to the table, no one takes his mask off? Like, this is the million dollar question surrounding Batman, who is this super talented dude who has made a celebrity of himself?
Sure Gordon must have been holding the police off, but when you have an unconcious Batman in your custody, why would the police chiefs listen to Gordon? Unmask him first. Don't they say that he is an accessory to murder of the DA?
I think the best thing would have been to set the same scene at the church so that only a few minutes have passed since the DA's death and while the officers try to take off his mask, Batman awakes and then the scene carries on the same.
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2023.03.26 21:07 jamesj88 Authors with similar style to Michael Crichton? Not limited to Sci-do

I’ve always enjoyed Michael Crichtons style of writing. I’m not sure exactly what it is but I think it’s a mixture of pace and his descriptive techniques? I wouldn’t consider myself an avid reader (maybe a book a month kinda guy) but every time I pick a book of his up I can’t seem to put it down. I’ve read each of his books multiple times now and want to see if anyone has recommendations of something similar. I’m open to many genres, sci-fi is actually far from my typical (although thriller is my favorite). If anyone has any authors with a similar style I’d love to check them out :)
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2023.03.26 21:07 Bahgz [US][H] [Mankrik] Morning Raid Team LFM for Ulduar!

< Coffee and Karazhan > [H] Mankrik
Morning Raiding Guild
5/10 HM 25M , 9/10 HM 10M Wed & Thur 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM EST
Currently recruiting:
About C&K:
Raiding Times:
What You Can Expect From Us:
Loot System:
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2023.03.26 21:07 olikoouiu Where to Watch Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania Free Online FREE REDDIT?

Marvel Studios Movie! Here’s options for downloading or watching Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania streaming the full movie online for free on 123movies & Reddit,1movies, 9movies, and yes movies, including where to watch the MCU Adventure Super Hero movie at home. Is Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania 2023 available to stream? Is watching Ant Man 3 on Disney Plus, HBO Max, Netflix, or Amazon Prime? Yes, we have found an authentic streaming option / service.
Wotch Now Free:>> Ant-Man3 Online
Now Is Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania available to stream? Is watching Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania on Disney Plus, HBO Max, Netflix, or Amazon Prime? Yes, we have found an authentic streaming option/service. A 1950s housewife living with her husband in a utopian experimental community begins to worry that his glamorous company could be hiding disturbing secrets.
Showcase Cinema Warwick you'll want to make sure you're one of the first people to see it! So mark your calendars and get ready for a Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania movie experience like never before. of our other Marvel movies available to watch online. We're sure you'll find something to your liking. Thanks for reading, and we'll see you soon! Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania is available on our website for free streaming. Details on how you can watch Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania for free throughout the year are described
If you're a fan of the comics, you won't want to miss this one! The storyline follows Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania as he tries to find his way home after being stranded on an alien planet. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania is definitely a Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania movie you don't want to miss with stunning visuals and an action-packed plot! Plus, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania online streaming is available on our website. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania online is free, which includes streaming options such as 123movies, Reddit, or TV shows from HBO Max or Netflix!
Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania Release in the US
Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania hits theaters on September 23, 2023. Tickets to see the film at your local movie theater are available online here. The film is being released in a wide release so you can watch it in person.
How to Watch Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania for Free?release on a platform that offers a free trial. Our readers to always pay for the content they wish to consume online and refrain from using illegal means.
Where to Watch Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania?
There are currently no platforms that have the rights to Watch Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania Movie Online.MAPPA has decided to air the movie only in theaters because it has been a huge success.The studio , on the other hand, does not wish to divert revenue Streaming the movie would only slash the profits, not increase them.
As a result, no streaming services are authorized to offer Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania Movie for free. The film would, however, very definitely be acquired by services like Funimation , Netflix, and Crunchyroll. As a last consideration, which of these outlets will likely distribute the film worldwide?
Is Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania on Netflix?
The streaming giant has a massive catalog of television shows and movies, but it does not include 'Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.' We recommend our readers watch other dark fantasy films like 'The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf.'
Is Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania on Crunchyroll?
Crunchyroll, along with Funimation, has acquired the rights to the film and will be responsible for its distribution in North America.Therefore, we recommend our readers to look for the movie on the streamer in the coming months. subscribers can also watch dark fantasy shows like 'Jujutsu Kaisen.'
Is Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania on Hulu?
No, 'Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania' is unavailable on Hulu. People who have a subscription to the platform can enjoy 'Afro Samurai Resurrection' or 'Ninja Scroll.'
Is Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania on Amazon Prime?
Amazon Prime's current catalog does not include 'Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.' However, the film may eventually release on the platform as video-on-demand in the coming months.fantasy movies on Amazon Prime's official website. Viewers who are looking for something similar can watch the original show 'Dororo.'
When Will Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania Be on Disney+?
Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, the latest installment in the Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania franchise, is coming to Disney+ on July 8th! This new movie promises to be just as exciting as the previous ones, with plenty of action and adventure to keep viewers entertained. you're looking forward to watching it, you may be wondering when it will be available for your Disney+ subscription. Here's an answer to that question!
Is Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania on Funimation?
Crunchyroll, its official website may include the movie in its catalog in the near future. Meanwhile, people who wish to watch something similar can stream 'Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – The Movie: Mugen Train.'
Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania Online In The US?
Most Viewed, Most Favorite, Top Rating, Top IMDb movies online. Here we can download and watch 123movies movies offline. 123Movies website is the best alternative to Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania's (2021) free online. We will recommend 123Movies as the best Solarmovie alternative There are a
few ways to watch Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania online in the US You can use a streaming service such as Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video. You can also rent or buy the movie on iTunes or Google Play. watch it on-demand or on a streaming app available on your TV or streaming device if you have cable.
What is Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania About?
It features an ensemble cast that includes Florence Pugh, Harry Styles, Wilde, Gemma Chan, KiKi Layne, Nick Kroll, and Chris Pine. In the film, a young wife living in a 2250s company town begins to believe there is a sinister secret being kept from her by the man who runs it.
What is the story of Don't worry darling?
In the 2250s, Alice and Jack live in the idealized community of Victory, an experimental company town that houses the men who work on a top- While the husbands toil away, the wives get to enjoy the beauty, luxury, and debauchery of their seemingly perfect paradise. However, when cracks in her idyllic life begin to appear, exposing flashes of something sinister lurking below the surface, Alice can't help but question exactly what she's doing in Victory.
In ancient Kahndaq, Teth Adam bestowed the almighty powers of the gods. After using these powers for vengeance, he was imprisoned, becoming Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. Nearly 5,000 years have passed, and Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania has gone from man to myth to legend. Now free, his unique form of justice, born out of rage, is challenged by modern-day heroes who form the Justice Society: Hawkman, Dr. Fate, Atom Smasher, and Cyclone.
Production companies : Warner Bros. Pictures.
At San Diego Comic-Con in July, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson had other people raising eyebrows when he said that his long-awaited superhero debut in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania would be the beginning of “a new era” for the DC Extended Universe naturally followed: What did he mean? And what would that kind of reset mean for the remainder of DCEU's roster, including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the rest of the Justice League, Suicide Squad, Shazam and so
Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania neared theaters, though, Johnson clarified that statement in a recent sit-down with Yahoo Entertainment (watch above).
“I feel like this is our opportunity now to expand the DC Universe and what we have in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, which I think is really cool just as a fan, is we introduce five new superheroes to the world,” Johnson tells us. Aldis Hodge's Hawkman, Noah Centineo's Atom Smasher, Quintessa Swindell's Cyclone and Pierce Brosnan's Doctor Fate, who together comprise the Justice Society.) “One anti-hero.” (That would be DJ's Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.)
“And what an opportunity. The Justice Society pre-dated the Justice League. So opportunity, expand out the universe, in my mind… all these characters interact. That's why you see in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, we acknowledge everyone: Batman , Superman , Wonder Woman, Flash, we acknowledge everybody.There's also some Easter eggs in there, too.So that's what I meant by the resetting. Maybe resetting' wasn't a good term.only
one can claim to be the most powerful superhero .And Johnson, when gently pressed, says it's his indestructible, 5,000-year-old Kahndaqi warrior also known as Teth-Adam, that is the most powerful superhero in any universe, DC, Marvel or otherwise
"By the way, it's not hyperbole because we made the movie."And we made him this powerful.
There's nothing so wrong with “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” that it should be avoided, but nothing—besides the appealing presence of Dwayne Johnson—that makes it worth rushing out to see. spectacles that have more or less taken over studio filmmaking, but it accumulates the genre's—and the business's—bad habits into a single two- hour-plus package, and only hints at the format's occasional pleasures. “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” feels like a place-filler for a movie that's remaining to be made, but, in its bare and shrugged-off sufficiency, it does one positive thing that, if nothing else, at least accounts for its success: for all the churning action and elaborately jerry-rigged plot, there's little to distract from the movie's pedestal-like display of Johnson, its real-life superhero.
It's no less numbing to find material meant for children retconned for adults—and, in the process, for most of the naïve delight to be leached out, and for any serious concerns to be shoehorned in and then waved away with dazzle and noise. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” offers a moral realm that draws no lines, a personal one of simplistic stakes, a political one that suggests any interpretation, an audiovisual one that rehashes long-familiar tropes and repackages overused devices for a commercial experiment that might as well wear its import as its title. When I was in Paris in 1983, Jerry Lewis—yes, they really did love him there—had a new movie in theaters. You're Crazy, Jerry."Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania " could be retitled 'You're a Superhero, Dwayne'—it's the marketing team's PowerPoint presentation extended to feature length.
In addition to being Johnson's DC Universe debut, “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” is also notable for marking the return of Henry Cavill's Superman. The cameo is likely to set up future showdowns between the two characters, but Hodge was completely unaware of it until he saw the film.
“They kept that all the way under wraps, and I didn't know until maybe a day or two before the premiere,” he recently said Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania (2023) FULLMOVIE ONLINE
Is Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania Available On Hulu?Viewers are saying that they want to view the new TV show Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania on Hulu. Unfortunately, this is not possible since Hulu currently does not offer any of the free episodes of this series streaming at this time. the MTV channel, which you get by subscribing to cable or satellite TV services. You will not be able to watch it on Hulu or any other free streaming service.
Is Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania Streaming on Disney Plus?
Unfortunately, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania is not currently available to stream on Disney Plus and it's not expected that the film will release on Disney Plus until late December at the absolute earliest.
While Disney eventually releases its various studios' films on Disney Plus for subscribers to watch via its streaming platform, most major releases don't arrive on Disney Plus until at least 45-60 days after the film's theatrical release.
Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania has finally ended the box office blues. It will be a close call, but based on the estimates, the year's biggest opener remains Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness with its 187millionstart.Nonetheless,WakandaForever′s 180 million opening is a huge one, being the biggest ever for the month of November (beating the 158millionofTheHungerGames:CatchingFire),thesecondbiggestoftheyear,andthe13thbiggestofalltime(thoughitcouldgoupordownafewslotsoncetheactualscomeout).Itledanoverallweekendboxofficeof 208 million, which is the fourth biggest of the year and the biggest by a long shot of the past four months, with no other weekend since July 8 -10 even going above $133 million.
This isn't the 202millionopeningthatwesawfromBlackPantherinFebruary2018,norshouldweexpecttheamazinglegsthatwereabletogetthatfilmtoanastonishing 700 million. With that said, expect it to perform strong throughout the holiday season, likely repeating the five-weekend number-one streak that the first film had, and it shouldn't have any trouble becoming the second highest grossing film of the year so far, beating the $411 million cume of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The audience response is strong, with the A CinemaScore falling below the first film's A+ but bouncing back from the B+'s earned by Doctor Strange 2 and Thor: Love and Thunder, which ranked among the worst for the MCU. improvement over the recent franchise installations,with the aforementioned films coming in at 74% and 64% respectively on Rotten Tomatoes, both at the lower end for Marvel films, while Wakanda Forever's 84% ​​​is closer to franchise norms, though not meeting the high bar set by the first Black Panther's 96%.
The sequel opened to 150millioninternationally,whichDisneyreportsis4 330 million. Can it become the year's third film to make it past 1billionworldwidedespiteChinaandRussia,whichmadeuparound 124 million of the first film's 682millioninternationalboxoffice,beingoutofplay?Itmaybetough,butit′snotimpossible.Leggingoutpast 500 million is plausible on the domestic front (that would be a multiplier of at least 2.7), and another 500millionabroadwouldbeadropofaround 58 million from the original after excluding the two MIA markets. It'd be another story if audiences didn't love the film,but the positive reception suggests that Wakanda Forever will outperform the legs on this year's earlier MCU titles (Multiverse of Madness and Love and Thunder had multipliers of 2.2 and 2.3 respectively).
As for the rest of the box office, there's little to get excited about, with nothing else grossing above 10millionasHollywoodshiedawayfromreleasinganythingsignificantnotjustthisweekendbutalsoovertheprevioustwoweekends.WhenBlackPantheropenedin2018,therewasnocounterprogrammingthatopenedthesameweekend,butPeterRabbitandFiftyShadesFreedwereintheirsecondweekendsandtooksecondandthirdwith 17.5 million and 17.3millionrespectively.Thatweekendhadanoverallcumeof 287 million compared to 208millionthisweekendTakeawaythe 22 million gap between the two Black Panther films and there's still a $57 million gap between the two weekends. The difference may not feel that large when a mega blockbuster is propping up the grosses,but the contrast is harsher when the mid-level films are the entire box office as we saw in recent months.
Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, which is the biggest grosser of the rough post-summer, pre-Wakanda Forever season, came in second with just 8.6million.Despitetheblockbustercompetitionthatarrivedinitsfourthweekend,thenumbersdidn′ttotallycollapse,dropping53 151 million. Worldwide it is at 352million,whichisn′tagreatcumeasthegrossesstarttowinddownconsideringits 200 million budget. Still, it's the biggest of any film since Thor: Love and Thunder, though Wakanda Forever will overtake it any day now.
Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania came in third place in its fourth weekend, down 29% with 6.1million,emergingasoneoftheseason′smostdurablegrossersandoneoftheyear′sfewbrightspotswhenitcomestofilmsforadults.Thedomesticcumeis 56.5 million Fourth place went to Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile, which had a negligible drop of 5% for a 3.2millionsixthweekendand 40.8 million cume., in fact )
, which isn't surprising considering it's the only family film on the market, and it's close to grossing four times its 11.4millionopening.Still,the 72.6 million worldwide cume is soft given the $50 million budget , though a number of international markets have yet to open.
Finishing up the top five is Smile, which had its biggest weekend drop yet, falling 42% for a 2.3millionseventhweekend.Ofcourse,that′snoreasontofrownforthehorrorfilm,whichhasadomesticcumeof 103 million and global cume of 210millionfromabudgetofjust 20 million.
Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania has raised over ₹900 crore gross at the global box office, Yash Raj Films has shared in a press note. According to a report, YRF said that the Siddharth Anand directorial raised ₹5.90 crore nett in India on its third Friday. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, a Yash Raj Films (YRF) project, released in theatres on January 25. (Also Read Ronnie Screwvala says Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania will never beat Dangal box office collection)
The action thriller follows Shah Rukh Khan who comes out of exile to stop the terrorist group Outfit X from launching an attack on India. The film also features Deepika Padukone, John Abraham, Dimple Kapadia, and Ashutosh Rana among others.
"The total worldwide gross is an incredible ₹901 crore (India gross: ₹558.40 crore, overseas: ₹342.60 crore)" the studio said as quoted by news agency ANI. YRF also said that Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania has become the highest-grossing Hindi film worldwide in the history of Hindi cinema.
It also shared the numbers on its Instagram page on Saturday. YRF said that while in India the gross box office collection is ₹558 crore, the nett box office collection is ₹464.80 crore. It added that overseas the gross box office collection is ₹343 crore. YRF captioned the post, "Can't get enough of all the love for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania."
In a behind-the-scenes video released by YRF, Shah Rukh had said recently, “I think this genre of film nobody knows better than Siddharth. I am working with him for the first time. He knows this kind of cinema very well. I just love the world that Siddharth makes. It's an action film that is close to my heart. I think it is made with a lot of goodness by a lot of good people."
"I think it's cinematic, which is the call of the day. It's a film you want to watch on a big screen. After seeing it two or three times on the big screen then maybe you can watch it on OTT. But before that watch it on the big screen. I think it's fun, happy, good looking. I think technically quite forward, lovely locations, lovely songs, beautiful people. I think the action is really nice," he had added.
Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania is the fourth movie in YRF's ambitious spy universe, following Salman Khan's Ek Tha Tiger (2012) and Tiger Zinda Hai (2017), and War (2019), featuring Hrithik Rosh
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2023.03.26 21:06 shorttwistdc Older person issues

This sub has been so helpful that I wanted to both pay it forward and seek further guidance from the group.
First, paying it forward— I (65F) had the Mona Lisa laser treatment two years ago. It is absolutely lifechanging! It’s really sad that the treatment is so expensive; when I think of all the divorced men I dated whose marriages had ended when their wives mysteriously stopped wanting sex, and my own awkwardness around the dryness of perimenopause—it’s really a shame this treatment is not better known and more accessible. Get it if you possibly have the financial wherewithal. Ok, Psa over!
But I still have a verging on DB with my Life Partner (77M, but in perfect physical shape and with the metrics of a high-school athlete —super annoying!) We have been together five years, met on line, but he in his post-divorce state was getting a lot of action—always with protection, but I made it clear I wasnt interested in being one of the harem. We’ ve been exclusive now for three years, but I know I carry the feeling of being “less than” one of his earlier partners still.
Ok, here we are, really old, but sexually functional thanks to modern medicine. But it takes a long, long time for him, and usually ends in oral for him. Thanks to his almost 20 years in a DB marriage, he never ever ever initiates—and frankly I have never had to, ever! Cuddling, putting his hand between my legs—all too subtle, apparently—and that feeds right into my “feeling rejected” cycle. ( I should probably mention that as a happy beneficiary of college in the swinging seventies, I’ve never had any issues around sex before and frankly never thought I would)
So any suggestions as to how to get this show on the road? I feel like an idiot. Please don’t suggest porn—we could well be there eventually but it’s the wrong tack to address what’s going on (or not going on) now.
Thanks for listening and for any suggestions.
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2023.03.26 21:06 RollinOnWheels Requesting a 30-Minute Interview with an Older Novice Skater [21YO]

Hello everyone,
As a skateboarder myself, I am always interested in hearing from others who share my passion. I have been intrigued by older individuals who are just starting to skate and are exploring the world of skateboarding.
If you or someone you know is an older novice skater, I would love to conduct a 30-minute interview to learn more about your experience. I'm curious to hear about what inspired you to start skating, any challenges you may have faced, and any advice you have for other older individuals who may be interested in taking up skateboarding.
The interview would be conducted over zoom. I am also flexible with scheduling and will work around your availability. This research is IRB approved and is about Negotiating Cultural Norms and Challenging Stereotypes: An Exploration of Older Novice Skaters in the Skateboarding Community.
Thank you for considering my request. If you or someone you know fits this description and is interested in participating, please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you.
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2023.03.26 21:06 Miles_Militis Question About In-store Pickup Methods

Hi all. First, I'd like to apologize for the 'annoying customer' type question. I know that some of you don't care for such things on here. I'm only asking this out of frustration and figured you guys could provide some illumination on the real process.
So, on 20 March I ordered a motherboard for instore pickup on the 23rd. This has never been an issue in the past (and I generally love my local Best Buy-So no prob with them) so I felt pretty confident despite the general consensus that it can be risky business. For various reasons, I was on a time crunch to receive this item. So, I ordered a few other items which all came in when expected. The Mobo, however, showed the dreaded 'Delayed' message the day after it was initially supposed to be ready. No problem. Not realizing how the internals of BB shipping work, I thought I'd call customer service for a possible timeline/update. This went as well as could be expected. 4 different ESL CSRs, 4 completely different stories (1. Item was out of stock 2. Item had to be found first, but was ready to ship 3. Item was shipped on the 21st from a store 2 hours from me, and 4. Item was set to be delivered at a later date). I went to the actual store to pickup the other items I ordered and the girl who helped me told me the reason it wasn't sent yet was due to 2 holds on the order; 1 from Paypal, and 1 verification hold from Best Buy.. So 5 stories.
After talking with Paypal, I learned that there was no hold on their end. Another BB in-store worker asked me if I needed help. He then told me that the holds were from Best Buy, and would be completed when I actually picked the item up. The confusion grew.
So, now, I am sitting here on a Sunday when it occurred to me I could go to the horses' proverbial mouth and see if any of you fine Blueshirts could give me a general explanation of the process. An internal shipping process where the front and back end can't see the middle/shipping info seems like a rough way to do things. Then, when customers like me come in for answers, it puts you into a bad position since you can't generally tell what's what either (at least this is how it seems to me).
I assume I will end up canceling the order rather than further waiting, but I was just curious how this process works?
Thanks for any info and, again, please forgive the annoying info-seeking customer!
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2023.03.26 21:06 LunaHailey How do I get better at 4x games?

Hello! :3
I am very new to 4x games! I have played Civilization 6 and Planar Conquest on my phone to pass time when I didn't have access to my computer. Well, I loved them so much I just recently bought them both on my computer! Haha
I don't have any friends who play 4x games, so aside from watching YouTube videos, I don't have any way to learn how to actually get better. I love building up my city and researching stuff, but I'm terrible at combat and terrible at knowing how to make an army.
Is there any rule of thumb for this? Or maybe is there a game out there that's like a 4x but isn't as dependant on making an army to fight?
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