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2015.08.21 01:00 NovaRagnarokOnline Nova Ragnarok Online

Welcome to our private Ragnarok Online server NovaRO! Episode 17.1 Renewal Max level 200/70 24/7 uptime, open since 2014 4k+ online Rates 25/25/10 (renewal drop penalty removed) Webpage: Discord: NovaRO wiki:

2023.05.30 14:11 _devalias I built a Beeper password reset tool for 'login with email/code' users

I built a Beeper password reset tool for 'login with email/code' users
This week Beeper's support has been a little busy and unable to help reset my password; so with a few Matrix spec pointers from the Beeper Community chat, I hacked together a PoC Beeper password reset tool for the email/code (JWT) flow.
With this, you can reset your Beeper password (or set one if you never had one) by using Beeper's new 'login by email/code' method (you don't need to have your old password set/know what it is to use this)
You can find the code and other notes over on GitHub:
Crossposted announcements:
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2023.05.30 14:11 MrStewartCat Fish the conqueror

Fish the conqueror
Proudly attacks my giant shark, Plays my keyboard without asking (Hotel california btw), Sunbathes "Innocently" (she knows she has committed dirty crimes), then goes as far as attacking me and using my hair as her own nest.
Fish is menace, she is wanted alive for a £1256341 reward
(ok but can we appreciate the lighting and colours on the 4th photo for a minute?)
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2023.05.30 14:11 Dense-Dot8079 Oops looks like your on the go locked out of MS rewards

Oops looks like your on the go locked out of MS rewards
Anyone else had this issue and been able to resolve.
Backstory, was abroad for work in Belgium and used some rewards points for spin to win and to browse. Now after this I can seem to get my rewards points back to normal. Contacted MS Supports, they said to close down my VPN (which I don't have) and they then closed my support request.

Seems unfair for using their services when I was abroad belgium for work. I live in the UK.
Any advice or help would be appreciated.
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2023.05.30 14:09 boyahmed Best Approach to Support Both Social Logins (OIDC) and Username/Password Authentication in a Web Application

I'm a junior developer working on a Single Page Application (SPA) and an API. We plan to support OIDC for social logins (Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) but also want to include traditional username/password authentication.
The motivation for offering username/password authentication comes from the understanding that some users might not feel comfortable sharing their real social identities with us or may not wish to have their social accounts associated with our website.
Here's where the disagreement lies:
As the junior developer, I've proposed using the OAuth 2.0 Resource Owner Password Credentials Grant to handle username/password authentication.
The typical security concerns may not apply since we own the client and the Authorization Server. Furthermore, we don't need features like multi-factor authentication, which this grant type doesn't support. I read the "OAuth 2.0 Security Best Current Practice" specification draft, and the reasons they list for omitting the password grant type from the OAuth 2.1 specs don't apply here for this scenario ( in my opinion, which might be mistaken, and I would be more than happy to be corrected here)
On the other hand, my senior is leaning towards the traditional approach: having a users table with hashed passwords and handling the authentication ourselves.
My questions to the community are as follows:
  1. Is my proposed use of the OAuth 2.0 Resource Owner Password Credentials Grant a good idea in this scenario?
  2. If not, why? Are there mitigations that would make it a better fit?
  3. Is the traditional approach suggested by my senior the most secure and reliable in this situation?
  4. Are there better or more modern approaches to securely provide social login and username/password authentication?
Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this matter.
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2023.05.30 14:08 SDG_Den crafted weapon levelling is... getting mildly ridiculous.

with season of the deep we now have well over a hundred craftable weapons. each one already taking quite a grind to get (especially neomuna ones).
however, the real grind does not start until you craft the weapon, generally with terrible perks because the "default" perks are absolute trash 90% of the time.
on most weapons, you'll want at least one of the "max level" perks, with WQ, VOTD, risen and haunted weapons that's level 13, for everything else that's level 10.
this means you need to get the weapon to level 10 before you can get the roll you want.
that's 1450 kills on a primary, 1K kills on a special weapon. not sure how many for heavies.
this is only aided minimally by activities giving you deep sight progress. a playlist strike gives you only 35% for (on average) 10 minutes of your time, a raid only nets you 12% per encounter, nightfalls give you 44%.
you have to do these activities *with these garbage roll weapons* in order to get them to level up, or you have to sit at shuro for 1450 kills per weapon (which is actually the most efficient way to do it, allowing you to do 1 weapon per hour)
it is a MAJOR slap in the face to spend an hour in a raid with garbage rolled crafted weapons, only to get a total of 48% on your weapons. especially for heavies since the way they level up is exclusively through kills but you don't really use your heavy weapons to slay ads most of the time (with the exception of machine guns)

now, it's time for some math.
lets say that, based on the split, it's on average 1K kills to get a weapon to the level you want, that's pretty generous since the oldest crafted weapons require closer to 2K kills on primaries but oh well.
to get every weapon to the level where you can get the perks you want on it, you'd have to get over 100K kills with these trash weapons.
alternatively, I've looked at my average kill count in KWTD raids, it's around 200. with 1K kills for level 10 you get 1 kill equalling 1%, so if you run only one crafted weapon for the whole raid you can get the equivalent progress to 248 kills, with a full set of 3 crafted weapons you get the equivalent of 344 kills in terms of progress.
you'd have to do 300 raids with a full set of crafted weapons to get all your weapons fully levelled.
assuming you do DSC, you can do that in around an hour with a semi-decent team, meaning you're looking at around 300 hours of DSC clears to get your weapons levelled.
optimal strats shuro farming can net you 1K kills in around an hour, meaning you're looking for 100 hours of shuro farming.

and to reiterate, those 300 DSC clears or 100 hours of shuro farming are *with full sets of garbage roll crafted weapons* just so you can get the normal perks unlocked.

this system was... fine, i guess, when there were only 25 weapons to craft (VOTD, witch queen and risen weapons) since at worst you were looking at a combined 25 hours at shuro chi, but at this point, why?
the intention is CLEARLY for the weapons to level in normal use, that's what bungie keeps tuning the system for. however, this will never be how the playerbase does it because *nobody wants to use a polygonal/steady rounds/no distractions/moving target defiance of yasmin for 1K kills*

IMO, there needs to be a much, MUCH less grindy way to unlock the normal perks. the enhanced perks can stay the way they are since you're unlikely to want to get enhanced perks on every gun, just on the ones you actually use (which will end up with high levels anyways, my deliverance that i actually use is at lvl 130 right now)
either they need to be unlocked by default, or normal perks should unlock when a version of the gun with those perks is dismantled. if you dismantle a chill clip deliverance, you should now be able to put chill clip on your deliverance.

alternatively, changes need to be made to the way weapons are levelled.
first of all, certain activities should reward much, MUCH more XP. if you finish a whole raid, that should give you at least a full level, not just 48%. maybe if you finish a final boss without using a checkpoint they can give you an additional 52%?
same for nightfalls, 44% is fine for the lowest tier one, but doing a GM with a crafted weapon should give it at least a full level, if not two.
weapons should also get more XP for killing higher value target, as well as getting XP for assists and for hits on bosses. this helps with ad clear weapons levelling significantly faster than heavy unit killers like rocket launchers. this holds true ESPECIALLY for raid bosses. there currently is no incentive to try to use your crafted rocket launcher on (for example) nezarec because only the person that lands the final blow will get 1% progress on their weapon, everyone else gets nothing.
also, PVP percentages need to be raised AND account for assists. who in their right mind would want to get 500 final blows with a garbage rolled crafted weapon? if you get 30 kills each game, you only have to get around 300 final blows aka 10 games but that's still 1 hour and 40 minutes of crucible where you have to perform pretty well with a weapon that is likely quite mid.

personally, i believe the normal perks should just be unlocked by default. we've already grinded out 5 deep sights, let us have the roll we want. chances are that it already dropped on a non-crafted roll anyways.
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2023.05.30 14:04 Direct-Chocolate3591 I’ve become a truly boring main character

I can’t put my annoyance with this webcomic into words. Its simply unfathomable. I’m in too deep and I’ve waited too long so I can’t quit now. I’ll tell you what I sure as shi didn’t read 36 chapters to land at payoff with him saying “it truly is a dazzling sight” this story has me dry heaving. I just want them to show signs that I’ve read 36 chapters. I am really sad and disappointed to be honest because it started off so strong and this was one of my favourites but I can’t with this slow burn. Slow burn is good because there’s usually a massive payoff that is so rewarding to read that its worth the wait. At this point I don’t care that much about their relationship. Seria is a mess every time anything remotely romantic happens she gets flustered and is like oh well I’m sorry I’m quirky so like not ready for this. Thats not payoff its a stupid bitc- I mean its a girl that can’t express her feelings 😁 😇 🔫
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2023.05.30 14:01 Objective-Paper-1819 OhMySpins is doubleing your deposit + 200 Free Spins! Get it NOW

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2023.05.30 14:01 televis1 Not happy with the experience in setting up PS5

I guess, this is a ranting session for me.
So, I just got a PS5 disc edition.
I found the setup process is a convoluted process and I think could be improved.
Bear in mind, I work in IT (and have been doing home automation myself, so I know scripting, networking, docker and IT related stuff), so I know the intricates in setting up account, link PSN account with EA, etc; but I think it could be better - especially for general non-techie population.

What I have found could be improved:
I wish it is as simple as accessing the PS5, put in the game, install it and just play...
At least, gives the option for people to play/setup offline to begin with - and if people wanted to play online, they can setup at later stage
My 2 cents


Relatively-young-in-heart parent
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2023.05.30 14:01 Theonlydipper Regret Migration

Has anyone been in a position where you migrated on a SOC account (using 40+ passports) and regret it right away?
For some context I was in one of the top imperium SOC KDs, however cut back my spending and I decided to leave for a lower seed kd. It seems much more boring in the off season and I am regretting my move a bit. I wish I stayed in a kd with high spenders so I can collect some rewards when I don’t have time to play.
Has anyone else migrated and regretted it right away? And what’s your perspective on SOC KDs. Would you rather play in a high spending, high seed KD, or play in lower seed kd with more familiar faces? What’s better for a low spendef2p in your opinion?
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2023.05.30 14:00 AutoModerator [Meta] Scamming Methods & How to Avoid


Message ModMail if you encounter any scams! Be sure to record/screenshot any scam attempt as this is needed for scam list.

Youtube Thumbnail / Flexing items

  • Scammer will ask you to put some cool items in a trade and ready up in the final trade window when they do for a YouTube thumbnail (some may offer credits/items for helping) or flex items for a screenshot by telling you to cancel trade after readying up.
How to Avoid:
  • Do not ready up / accept a trade offer unless you are fine with the outcome.

Item Swapping

  • Scammer will put a valuable item (such as TW Octane) in the trade window with a bunch of junk items (over 8 items so it doesn't show colocert). Once you make your offer, the scammer will ask you to add more items (or some sort of question) to make you click the open chat screen to hide the trade window. While you're distracted, scammer quickly swaps that item to a different color (such as grey octane or nothing to hide it) and ready's up in trade hoping you don't notice. This works the same way with certifications and items both painted & certified. The scammer would put a striker tw octane with a bunch of junk and swap to a regular tw octane. This is hard for scammers to pull off with the new trade accept screen but please be wary as some may still attempt.
How to Avoid:
  • Do not accept a trade unless you verify the trade is everything you want. If a scammer changes the trade offer, you will have to ready up again and accept the trade so please verify the trade is what you want. Scammers commonly remove credits in hope you don't see them in the final accept screen so watch out for that!

Item Begging/Trust

  • Scammer will ask you to try on items you have or request items for a YouTube video etc. and claim to give them back or want them for trust and promise to give them back with reward etc.
How to Avoid:
  • Don't give anyone items and expect them to give it back. all trades are final.

Phishing Rewards/Tournaments/Other

  • Scammer will send you a link to get stream fan rewards, participate in a tournament for rewards, or make your trade requests by logging into a website.
How to Avoid:
  • Enable 2 step verification. If your account is compromised by falling victim to these sites, 2 step will slow them down. Never log into a website for fan rewards unless it's and verify other trading/tournament sites by looking it up via google. If you decide to sign in anywhere, make sure you are on your platforms website ( and check if the sites SSL connection is secure. If you fall victim to these sites, go here.

DLC Car Pack Codes

  • Scammer will claim to have DLC codes for premium rocket league packs (like the GTR Skyline) which were discontinued back with the blueprint update.
How to Avoid:
  • 99.99% of these trades are scams. The only possible way for someone to legitimately have a code is if they used the gift feature on xbox back when they were available, and did not redeem the code of-course (these codes can only be redeemed on the xbox marketplace). DLC packs were discontinued unannounced so the odds of someone actually owning them is extremely low, but is still possible so always use a trusted middleman. If you're wanting a old DLC car, you'll have to wait for Psyonix to give us more information for if they'll return via item shop.

Fake Middleman

  • Scammer has a friend using an account to impersonate an official middleman or reputable trader by having a similar name (ie. 'ALum' shows as 'Alum' while Aium shows as 'AIum')
How to Avoid:
  • Use the Official Middleman List (located in sidebar or about tab) or reputation thread to verify who you are talking to. Put a number in chat and message the middleman on reddit to verify.


  • Scammer will get your IP address to then threaten you with your location to hack or shutdown your internet unless you give them free items.
How to Avoid:
  • Do not join party chats on xbox/psn of people you don't know or click on links you do not trust as it could be an IP logger. Rocket league is all server sided (not Peer2Peer) so no one can get your IP address in-game or in a lobby. You cannot be hacked from someone knowing your IP, location is not 100% accurate (to the public at least) but they can flood your internet and have it go down. If you ever get hit offline, unplug your modem and/or router for 5 minutes and see if your internet is back. If you still do not have internet, you will need to request an IP change from your ISP (internet service provider).

Fake Reputation

  • Scammer will create a reddit account similar to another traders reddit who has reputation to make the victim go first without using a middleman.
How to Avoid:
  • Double & triple check the user who you are messaging is the owner of the linked rep thread. Make sure you are still on and our subreddit when viewing rep. Make sure the reddit account does not have low karma/activity. If you have concerns about a user, feel free to contact the moderators. Read this post for more info on spoofed reputation.

PayPal Invoice/Chargeback

  • Scammer will send you a money request on PayPal with a note making it look like they sent you a payment and ask for the items to be traded. In rare cases, the scammer may actually send you the money but open a dispute as unauthorized charge (any payment can be disputed, even as friends & family).
How to Avoid:
  • Do not accept the payment as you will be sending them money. Invoices will popup as requests. If a payment is sent, it will go straight into your balance (unless PayPal is directly holding the money for varies reasons which they will tell you it's on hold). Recommend selling to reputable sellers and avoid new reddit account or accounts with little to no activity. If you take a risk with someone new, always research their platform id to make sure it's not an alt account.

The Duplication Glitch

  • Scammer will claim they can duplicate your items if you give it to them.
How to Avoid:
  • There is no duplication glitch.

Over 24 Items

  • Scammer will want to trade you 24+ items for your item and ask you to go first. Once you do the first trade, they leave.
How to Avoid:

Fake Overpay

  • Scammer will claim someone is offering more for an item they have to make you raise your offer or use multiple accounts to trick you into making that trade.
How to Avoid:
  • Don't pay more than what you are willing to spend on an item. Make a [PriceCheck] post if you would like to hear from other traders on the value and/or situation.

Fake Trade Offer

  • Scammer will claim their item(s) are in the trade window and send you a fake screenshot (or stream with fake overlay) showing a different trade that what is on your screen.
How to Avoid:
  • The trade window will always show the correct item(s). If you believe it's bugged like they claim, use an Official Middleman (located in sidebar or about tab) or cancel the trade entirely. Only accept a trade if you are fine with the outcome.

Certification Glitch

  • Scammer will claim their item has a certification that is not showing in the trade window. Some cases, the scammer will send you a fake screenshot (or stream with fake overlay) showing the certification.
How to Avoid:
  • Do not trust this. As of 10/26/20, Psyonix has fixed certifications not showing up (used to be an issues few years ago). If this becomes a bug in the future or you start to believe it, use an Official Middleman (located in sidebar or about tab) to verify the item is in fact certified. Only accept a trade if you are fine with the outcome.
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2023.05.30 14:00 eliyah23rd A thought inspired by Tuesday’s Daf (page) in the Talmud, Gittin 14

A thought inspired by Tuesday’s Daf (page) in the Talmud, Gittin 14
Pay it forward.
This post presents a philosophical idea inspired by the text of today’s Daf. The Daf is one page in the Talmud that tens of thousands of people study each day. I explain the connection to the text in a comment below. My purpose is to show that there are underlying philosophical assumptions in the Talmud that can have great significance for anybody today trying to understand our complex reality.
The concept of "pay it forward" has ancient roots. It involves responding to a kind act done to you by behaving kindly to someone else, rather than repaying the person who helped you in the first place.
Parenting is a paradigmatic example of this concept. Many parents give endless time, effort, and love to raise their children. When parents grow old and need help, it is only natural that their children, who are now hopefully able adults, become the primary source of care for their parents.
However, seeing the parent-child relationship as a transaction designed to benefit both sides presents an incomplete picture. Parents often give so much to their children because it is part of their essential makeup. Whether this is framed as biological instinct or core ethical behavior, parenting is can be seen as selfless giving.
A third motivation for caring parental behavior is the knowledge that the best way to repay the kindness they received from their own parents is to pay it forward to their own children. Such parents know that their grandparents' earnest wish was not just for a safety net when they grew old, but for the love to continue to flow through time. They could want no greater reward for their own efforts than to see their children pay kindness forward.
Assuming that paying it forward is an important motivation that characterizes human social behavior, can this drive be understood only as an instinct or an ethical imperative, or can it also be explained in terms of rational self-interest?
Imagine a mathematical game where many people are playing. The goal is to accumulate as many goods as possible. Goods are gained in one-on-one transactions. In each transaction, you can choose to play fair, in which case both players gain a tiny amount of goods, or cheat, in which case you gain a large amount of goods while the other player loses heavily. If both players cheat, they both lose a small amount of goods. The catch is that everyone in the game receives a record of all transactions. Throughout the game, you make transactions with other players, and all transactions are voluntary. You can choose who to make a transaction with based on their history.
What is the best strategy for playing this game? Assuming that instinct and ethics play no part in your decision-making, what style of play is likely to maximize your goods?
How does the game change if each time you cheat, it costs you a little more to be fair in the next transaction, and each time you play fair, it costs you a little more to cheat in the next transaction?
The purpose of thinking about this game is to suggest the possibility that paying it forward is the best strategy for each person in society, even if they are only looking out for themselves. All we need to do is structure the rules of our society in such a way that paying it forward becomes the most best strategy.
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2023.05.30 13:59 Exciting_Ad_5685 [Recruiting][Code: B9VWD9NJ][Bonus for Light Data Center]

Hello. Here is the recruit-a-friend campaign page:\_recruit you can find what you will get by using my friend code. In addition, if you are playing on Light Data Center, I will give you 2 mil gil if you use my code.
Recruitment code: B9VWD9NJ
Please make sure to enter the code AFTER you purchase the game but BEFORE purchasing your first subscription to get the rewards
How to redeem:
Login to mogstation (
Click on "Manage Service Options"
Click on "Enter Recruitment Code"
Enter code: B9VWD9NJ
Alternatively, you can click the "Enter Recruitment Code" panel under the "Registration Codes" section in the main mogstation page.
And 1 more time. If you playing on Light Data Center - Dont forget to reply in this post once you used code, i will give you 2 mil gil.
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2023.05.30 13:57 fuckoffyagoose I'm so tired of asking for everything

I just got my grades a few days ago, I was one of the highest students in class with a 1.00 on both semesters. I tried so hard and even sacrificed all my time and energy, and I just asked for P2000 because I wanted to buy books for all my hard work and effort– and I know my mother can give that, it's not that big compared to how my family spend on things so I thought it's not that bad. But I just heard that I wouldn't be able to because I lost a thousand accidentally and they think I used it, so they're not going to give me anything at all.
it's not that they wouldn't be able to give it to me that makes me upset about it, it's that they can't even trust me or even understand how much I did to get that. I always feel like I have to ask rather than they can just give it out of courtesy or a reward. I feel like I have to negotiate for everything even if I know they'll be able to give more than enough for what I need. I always feel guilt for buying things while I see my siblings being able to be given money without having to be asked why they need it. It just hurts.
My father always reward me for things he knows that I tried my best with, even just as small as giving me pancakes or making me go out with him. But when he died, I always feel like I have to always ask even money for fare and they always feel exasperated when I do, and so I don't.
I am not someone who wants to ask for anything, I just want them to do even the smallest things for me because I always do for them. But they don't, they never even consider me for anything if I don't ask. I'm so tired. I don't even know why I'm even trying. I really, really tried my best, and I don't even know if they acknowledge how much I did.
It's not only things like this that makes me feel this way, I just feel like I always have to ask, even on things that supposed to be given. This is just what's upsetting me right now. I hate feeling as if I'm a burden, but I always felt that way. It's not as if I am not a part of the family, so why do they treat me this way?
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2023.05.30 13:57 lmntrix_itsecurity Unmasking QakBot: Analyzing the Evolution and Sophisticated Tactics of a Leading Banking Trojan

Unmasking QakBot: Analyzing the Evolution and Sophisticated Tactics of a Leading Banking Trojan
QakBot (a.k.a QBot) is one of the leading banking trojans, it still continues to grow and develop, with more capabilities and new techniques. Its main purpose is to steal banking data (banking credentials, online banking session information, victim’s personal details, etc.). However, its developers have also developed functionalities that allow QBot to spread itself, evade detection and debugging, and install additional malware on compromised machines, such as Cobalt Strike, REvil, ProLock, Egregor and Black Basta ransomware.
The research delves into the intricate details of how this malware operates and how it has evolved over time.
#QakBot #QBot #Malware #Research #LMNTRIX #XDR #MDR
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2023.05.30 13:55 ItalloDuarte RSS Feed Trigger Stops Working After One Day

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2023.05.30 13:54 Dressedbythebest Last day to win $150 for shein

Last day to win $150 for shein
The only game I won on was the shein game and it gone tomorrow 🥲🥲🥲 can y’all help me run it up one last time l‼️IM ONLY PLAYING THIS SO ILL CLICK YOUR OTHER GAMES‼️THANK YOU❤️
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2023.05.30 13:54 ir0nuckles Trying to do FI and making progress, but S.O. is doing the opposite

My S.O. is unhappy with their job and has been saying they plan to make a career change for years now. Their current job earns around $50k. My own job is around $200k I am saving to invest and to own a home in our future, so we have similar spending habits.
Our finances are very different. I have about $750k in investment, $110k in a short-term fund for potential home purchase, and about $15k in an emergency fund. S.O. has far less and only started investing recently. I've been helping them get setup with retirement accounts recently and it's been a rewarding experience that has brought us together.
However, their target new career would be a 50% paycut. We live in a HCOL city. I don't know how they plan to survive let alone save money earning $25k when rent for a 1 BR here is $1800. Note they also have student loans ($20k) and a car loan still. when I do the math I don't see how anyone could live on that pay, unless maybe you're a student.
I suggested looking at other options since this sounds like a recipe for disaster, unless they are planning to rely on me financially for the foreseeable future, but I anticipate this becoming a big conflict if they go through with it and I end up supporting them. I have my own "dream career" that I am working toward but I am saving now so I can CoastFIRE or something similar once I have more stability. I have plenty income and don't need my S.O. to support me, but I want to make my own careelifestyle changes in the future and I am afraid they will take that from me through their poor choices. What advice do you have for navigating these questions for a relationship? Do you think everyone has to be at a similar place financially for it to work?
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2023.05.30 13:53 JasonWasara Shared access to artist dashboards?

Hey guys! I'm considering migrating from TuneCore to DK, but ran into a bit of an issue.
As I play in a number of different bands & projects, the Ultimate Plan is the only one that makes sense. However, as there are other musicians involved with some of my projects, is it possible to grant individual access to other band members per given band/project, assuming of course that they have a DK account of their own or are willing to subscribe?
DK's revenue split mechanic seems pretty simple & functional, but I'm mainly wondering if it's possible to have different "collaborators" with admin access to a specific band's DistroKid dashboard (without giving 'em my login details, har har).
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2023.05.30 13:52 AlanFord_2011 Flea market doesn't need to be removed from the game, just from the menu.


Recently, there has been an influx of Tarkov YouTubers criticizing the mechanics of Tarkov FM. Many suggestions have been thrown around, such as removing the Found in Raid (FIR) status within the current Flea Market, implementing a myriad of flags or outright removing FM. These proposals seem hastily devised, lacking a deep analysis and understanding of the root causes. They fail to consider the importance of emergent gameplay in a sandbox environment and instead introduce more cumbersome clicky clicky menu stuff. As a player with limited time and real-life responsibilities, I cannot afford to spend my day clicking and sorting meaningless UI elements and please god no more of this shit.
Attempting to address the issue by applying more superficial solutions to the Flea Market is akin to getting a hair transplant without considering the necessary medication. It may temporarily fix the problem but fails to address the underlying issues, resulting in a shallow experience where PvP encounters continue without their meaning.

The Issue

The primary concern lies in the excessive convenience offered by Tarkov's Flea Market:
  1. Zero Travel or Risk: Unlike MMO games, accessing the Flea Market requires no physical travel. It is readily available in the menu, regardless of the chosen extraction point. This eliminates any risk associated with using it. In contrast, even a casual in Tarkov's player mind game like like WoW Classic, player is required to travel to a capital city, find a specific NPC, and even physically visit a mailbox after making a purchase. Such a process feels more natural, organic, and intuitive.
  2. Instantaneous Item Delivery: The Flea Market allows for instant delivery of purchased items. It serves as a fast and easily accessible interface between players' in-game stashes. When we consider this conceptually, it seems implausible. With a simple click, a player can unblock their progression and instantly possess any item they desire, without even visiting a relevant in-game character or leaving their hideout.
These aspects result in an abundance of easily tradable loot between players. Want some BT ammo? Just a few clicks, load it into your Kalash, and you're ready to go. There's no need to embark on a journey or face any risks. No need to venture out to a specific place to find specific loot. No need to adapt and learn where to loot what you want, only learn to loot where items have artificially high resale value.
Imagine if players were required to physically carry cash or barter items to a designated Flea Market location. This would introduce a risk factor and significantly impact the gameplay loop. Players would embark on raids solely to reach the Flea Market and sell their loot or get what they couldn't find.


To address this issue and restore depth and immersion to the gameplay, I propose the following solution:
Remove the Flea Market from the Menu, but keep it in-game
Make the Flea Market accessible only through a specific location on one of the maps. This change would reintroduce risk and strategic decision-making into the trading process, enriching the overall gameplay experience. Players would need to plan their journeys, carefully manage their inventory, and make conscious decisions about when and where to engage in trading activities. This modification would reduce the abundance of easily tradable loot, making each transaction more meaningful and adding a new layer of gameplay depth and immersion.


The convenience offered by Tarkov's Flea Market undermines the core elements of the game. By removing it from the menu and making it accessible through a specific location, we can reintroduce risk, strategy, and immersion into the trading process. These changes would foster a more engaging and rewarding gameplay experience for all.
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2023.05.30 13:50 jcrandall6 Account Activation

I signed up for Xfinity internet and picked the modem up at the store, self-installed with no issues on 5/21. Has been active and working since. My online account is weird, it looks like I don't have internet service online (only active service is "Rewards"). The bill says not available or failed to load, but also shows past due. I'm wondering if my account didn't fully activate as I was told the first bill generates in just a couple days after you start service.
Can a mod check into my account to see if it fully activated or if there is an issue?
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2023.05.30 13:49 SireSweet How do I redeem KFC to get the Diablo 4 rewards?

I've already put my stomach through nightmare mode ordering a few sandwiches. I've gone ahead and checked KFC and I don't see a way to redeem or link the accounts together for the rewards.
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2023.05.30 13:48 GuardBreaker What do you want from Entropy Zero 3, if it ever happens?

What do you want from Entropy Zero 3, if it ever happens?
(Image credit: davingussfm on Twitter)
Personally, I'd hope for the Wilson ending to be canon and for Bad Cop to sign up with the resistance. A bad guy turning good in my opinion has always been a great arc. However, I don't see BC teaming up with Lambda, so maybe he'll find a different faction to align with?
I'm super hyped for a third game, considering how much fun the last two were. I loved the dialogue no matter how campy it got, it was funny. I loved how the game rewarded you the "best ending" for BC was bringing Wilson along with you. I wouldn't mind him having the same amount of spot light in the sequel game.
I loved the amount of weapons that we got to use, and how fun the gunplay was. I honestly would be for adding more unique weapons like the Xen grenade.
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